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Thanks to TaylorLautnerWeb we have scans of Seventeen Magazine October’s issue featuring Taylor:


56 Responses to “Seventeen Magazine – October Issue (Scans & Video) & Shoot”

  1. evie Says:

    video of photoshoot

  2. Liz Says:

    it’s already been posted =)

  3. olivia Says:

    Breathtaking. Thank you for all the updates guys.

    I almost pretty much cried into my hands when I saw these. Beautiful.. so so beautiful. He really is one of the few most beautiful guys I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. And he turns me into a miserable, quivering wreck. ;p I was out of town a whole day yesterday and what a treat it was to come back to this. The video = cuteness on an epic scale=)

    Am I the only one turned comatose whenever they see Taylor?

  4. lynn Says:

    @evie OMG Ahhhhhhhh!!! From hot dark sexy “older” Taylor (VMan, Total Film) to sweet smiling teen Taylor – and he loves his pooch. THUD!!! (savvy said more than 1 -@savvy anymore, I don’t know if I can take it).

  5. lauren Says:

    the vids aren’t working now, for some reason. i think someone leaked it too early. :(

  6. eliza Says:

    beautiful photos! but I really enjoyed the interview!

    Taylor about keeping his relationship with Lily in private
    Seventeen magazine: Why is it important to you to keep details of your relationship with Lily private?
    Taylor: I think there are some things that you really want to share with everyone, and then there are some things that you want to keep to yourself, because it feels more special if it’s just for you. :)

  7. lizzie Says:

    it’s gone everywhere…they were keeping it under wraps & they even have a fake cover story on their website about the Oct 2011 issue. Dang it!! only 2 minutes sooner..Oh well something to look forward to, on shelves sept 23, it says.

    @savvy: like @lynn said – anymore??? so far this is 3 and counting….

  8. accv Says:

    surprising, but cool. i always manage to forget taylor’s 19. god i want him SO bad. i just wanna wrap my arms around his neck and smooch up a storm on those lips. ok. i’m done. LOL!

  9. Liz Says:

    hey i’m sure more is going to come out. i’d have money on GQ or Rolling Stone or Men’s Health again. Yeah I saw they put the cover up on Seventeen that’s why I figured it was okay to post it, or else I wouldn’t have. They are a VERY strict magazine with photos and posting them early is bad news.

  10. Lilly Says:

    @eliza: I love the interview too! He’s such a great guy.

  11. Seventeen Magazine Out/11: Taylor Lautner « Rabbit do Jacob Says:

    […] Fonte: | via […]

  12. paola Says:

    guys, the video isn’t working!! =//

  13. kia Says:

    I love the fact his girl type is jeans,sweatpants,tee-shirt kind of girl funny I’m wearing sweatpants now LOL.

    Its ridiculous how everyone trying to investagate when he did the interview does it matter.

  14. eliza Says:

    And they’re all wondering when was this interview! I think if they were not together, they would not put this part of the interview!

  15. Shazam Says:

    Amazing photos and the BTS video was so cute!! He talked about his little Malteses and how he makes sure she visits him on set because she misses her *cries* HOW CUTE!! Could he be any more adorbs?! :D
    And yeah, safe to say that the whole Lily/Taylor thing at least was a relationship if not still.
    I couldn’t help but observe (don’t kill me, I’m just being moi) that the navy blue shirt and the red and blue/black plaid shirt were the same for the Funny or Die skit he did. Wonder if the shoot was shot around the same time? Like I said, only an observation. Could be complete coincidence of course! ;) Well, whatever the story and whatever is, one thing is for sure: HE’S HAPPY!! :) And that makes me and I’m sure all of us here happy too!
    @kia Yeah I know, I’m a jeans and T kind of girl LOL and I love my sweats. *sighs* We are all his perfect girls LOL! :P

  16. paola Says:

    I wanna see this video too!!! is that something I can do or a another place I can see it? please, someone answer meee!! =////

  17. marianne Says:

    “I think there are some things that you really want to share with everyone, and then there are some things that you want to keep to yourself, because it feels more special if it’s just for you.” I read this quote from Taylor months ago on a girl’s tumblr. Could they be recycling some things?

  18. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @marianne, maybe or maybe not. He might repeat certain things, like the “giving 110%”, he said that before during a Shark Boy interview when he was about 13.

    BTW, I did my usual – you know, kissing his pics.=P

  19. marianne Says:

    Shazam…I agree that this seems like it could have been done around the same time as the Funny or Die shoot. The scenery seems similar too. I hate when celebrities come clean about their relationships because it seems to be the “kiss of death”. I hope that isn’t true for them.

  20. Tayfan4ever Says:

    The shoot was around the end of June & was released around July 6 or 7. I know that Lily was back in LA during the July 4th weekend, that’s how she might have been there at the shoot, like it mentioned in the interview.

  21. Tayfan4ever Says:

    When I said the shoot, I meant Funny or Die.

  22. rain Says:

    sorry I have to wake somebody up. do you girls really think he was talking about the KIND of girlS he wanted to date? He was talking about LILY’s style re:sweaters and jeans! She’s a sweater lover. Stop dreaming girls!

    Adding to my wickedness, I turn to someone’s relating Easy A with them. Virginity? not sure, but definitely a mature relationship. So I guess no oxygen tan is left for you girls, they are all for lily;)

  23. savvy Says:

    @lizzie it really wasn’t a fake cover story. there is a cover contest winner. it’s a double cover, Taylor on one side and 19 yr old Zoe Damacela on the other. There’s a pic of her on the front (w/Taylor) with an arrow directing you to the other side.

  24. aden Says:

    Outtake & quotes from Seventeen cover shoot.

  25. giada Says:

    @aden thanks.

    @liz maybe you can get the ones we don’t have here

    you need to scroll down to outtakes & quotes. I liked: him tossing the football w/his tumtum showing &

    the one with with the husky(?) & Taylor’s wearing a brown jacket with the white shirt

  26. jmt Says:

    @giada I’ll go with the unbuttoned jeans shirt. his quotes on Let’s Talk About Love – interesting

  27. marianne Says:

    It seems so out of character for Taylor to engage in some PDA with Lily at a photoshoot when they have taken great care to keep things under wraps for a year. Does anybody else wonder why the sudden change?

  28. Alyssa Says:

    @Marianne it does seem a little weird that he would go to that extent and show her off infront of MAGAZINE people who He knows are going to put it in the spread. I dunno it seems suspicious but I can see taylor as a lovable boyfriend sweet little kisses here And there. But he is just sooo uber private it seems off for his fans. And everyone has a opinion on Lily, I have mine but I’m not going to share with everyone.
    But yeah the amount of photos we have got this week is Great!

  29. gale Says:

    from what I’ve read, I thought u guys wanted him 2 fess up. so he gives ya a hint & now everythings “suspicious”. damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. let me give u a hint – guys don’t like u dumping on their girl – it really pisses them off. never knew there was so much h8 out there. he’s getting hammered; fans squeezing him on 1 side, haters on the other..guess he really is a somebody – all that wouldn’t b wasted on a nobody. time for a young action stud instead of the 50 yr old 1 with 18yr old arm candy. so in spite of all the girlie stuff I’ll see his movie. never saw him till his movie trailer. surprised he’s the 1 from the candy ass twilight stuff. looks like a normal real dude; but a lot more coordinated.

  30. tlautnerlover27 Says:

    just last month taylor said he was single? im confused…

  31. Tayfan4ever Says:

    He never said he was single, he said “If I were single” & stuttered on the “single” & Taylor does nt usual stutter.

  32. vera Says:

    @tlautnerlover27 He did not say this … this interpretation of his words tabloids, a video from Australia (if you’re about it) he just said that he felt lonely journeys, and with him so his family, that’s all … .
    I do not understand some of the reviews, sorry … why many are surprised that he now admitted, but had not done it?
    he meets with devshkoy for a whole year, for it is certainly the first full adult and serious relationship, why would he shout it to the world?
    He always said he wanted to leave something of his private life away from human eyes, and it turns out, he told at least that many would like to know he is in a relationship with this girl, but this is so many people knew …
    Their photographers were shooting very seldom together, but she was with him in Canada if they had had a PR relationship, they would not descend from the different covers of magazines with stories about how they feel good together, but they do not, and I think do not do it, though, it would seem that summer was the most opportune moment for the promotion of joint film, but some, and it does not convince, so be it …
    It reminds me of an anecdote, that all gay men think all men on earth meet, marry and have children solely because of one reason-to hide their true orientation …
    may be, to some extent such recognition is done to not worry(Lily) about Taylor Swift, as her fans are very active and assertive at times.
    In any case, it is well done.
    Recognition of relationships, including public should always come from men, not women, he took this step, the answer to Lily.
    I’m happy for him and for them, all photos and videos, he looks calm, happy, grown-up even more sexually attractive … it including its merit.

  33. vera Says:

    he meets with devshkoy – I wanted to write ” with а girl.” I apologize for the error.
    I hope my English is still not bad ..

  34. Beth Says:

    Your english is beautiful Vera. And I agree whole heartedly. I think he has been very shy to let people know, until he was really sure she felt the same way. accv gave us links to pictures from a long time ago where he looked so embarrassed to have cameras watching when Lily turned up. I know how I interpreted those pictures. It is hard for a young man to hide certain things, but I think he has been a big fan of hers for a long time.

    I couldn’t believe how happy I felt when I read the 17 article, as I just want him to be happy. Even if they can’t travel together, it feels so good to know there is someone waiting for you to get home.

    And yes, he has really looked like a man since June/July. He has grown up this year.

  35. nikii Says:

    i dont get celebrities! u spend all that time hiding your relationship and finally u let people know like that and for what?????.. wth.

    i hope they know that we as people are fans but were not stupid. yes i think taylor is hott but i know ill never be with him i can dream about it but i know i wont. u dont need to hide ur relationship like a little kid in kindergarten . and dont give me that crap about the paparazzi being in ur business all the time look at brad pitt and jolie fine as a pea

  36. accv Says:

    @beth…. wait, i did? LOL! refresh my memory… because i don’t know what links you’re referring to.

  37. marianne Says:

    nikii…Brad Pitt and Jolie are twice as old as Taylor in dealing with the paps in their business. TL amd L probably didn’t know where their relationship was going in the beginning. Lily has already experienced a lot of hate from Swift fans etc. so I’m sure Taylor was trying to keep that at a minimum.

  38. jessie Says:

    he’s being a malicious little devil…now you still don’t know if its the “real thing” or the opportune time to add a little more seasoning to the movie promo. why don’t you just drool at his photos, go see his movies and come home and dream a little dream that you have something like him to come home to. you should file questions of who he’s shacking up with, how many x a day he pees and whether he snores or farts when he’s asleep into the none of our concern’d be a lot happier..and I’m betting so would he. crude but it needed to be said.

  39. Beth Says:

    I don’t really think he could care actually. As long as he and his friends all know the truth, that’s what really matters. And sharing his happiness for the fans now that he’s sure something is going on is cool by me.

    accv, if it was’t you, then Tayfan4ever?? One of you gave three links to pictures where Lily turned up unexpectedly to an Eclipse premiere or something. The first two he had his hands clasped down low, the third he was clearly embarrassed and trying to turn away from the cameras. Lily was being her usual vibrant self, touching his arm, laughing at him.

    Please don’t fret about it. All long gone…

  40. accv Says:

    @beth… ohhhh those. now i remember. ya. it was me. i was just confused about his reactions, is all. especially the picture where his face was so tense. i seriously LOLed the first time i saw it. i was like… what the?!

    crude it may be, but we all take everything in stride here. at least i hope we all do. i personally think everyone should be able to speak their minds but need to chill out, too. however, i’m putting my open thoughts to rest and just commenting here and there. considering i can control what i type on here, i’ll bite my tongue and release it elsewhere, but truthfully… i feel this is an open forum where everything that is taylor should be open for discussion. unless someone is clearly being rude and disrespectful, then everything should be fair game. ya’ll probably know this; it should technically go without being said… but i had to say something anyways. so for those of you who freely speak about taylor-related subjects beyond our control… i just want to say, don’t forget – chill out a bit too; it’s his heart, not ours. let him love, lose and repeat the cycle in some peace. that being said… peace, <3 and taylor :)

  41. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @Beth, it was not me.

  42. accv Says:

    boy’s got taste! ;)

  43. Lilly Says:

    He already has such a great style! :) I can’t wait to see what he’s going to wear at the LA premiere!

  44. Shazam Says:

    @accv Is SPOT on! This is a place for Taylor fans to come and support him and his career. We are all entitled to our opinions and entitled to express them on here. We are not always going to agree but it doesn’t matter, we are all fans and look forward to seeing this amazing young gentleman’s transformation from Teen Supernova to respected young actor. :)
    I myself disagree with some views on here and I do bite my tongue out of respect but there are times when I feel the urge to rant!
    The premiere is only a couple of weeks away and I am so excited to hear everyone else talk about the movie. Can’t wait to see some interviews with Weaver, Molina, Isaacs and of course Singleton! :D
    This means lots more Taylor related stuff which will put smiles on our faces yeahhh!

  45. marianne Says:

    Shazam…Amen… Always appreciate your comments.

  46. accv Says:

    @Shazam.. thanks dear :) and yes, the premiere is in a couple of weeks already and i CANNOT wait to see everyone in the cast lookin’ fab and talking about their great experiences on making the movie (and of course, our beloved taylor :p). but honestly.. i wish the movie came out this weekend. it’s labor day, afterall :p

  47. accv Says:

    errr *the movie could come out

  48. accv Says:

    errr don’t know which thread to post this in… buttttt we finally get more promo from the vets of abduction!

    alfred molina and sigourney weaver to promote on the late late craig fergie show :)

  49. *Vickey* Says:

    Ooh, thanks for the link @accv! :)
    And I agreed with @Marianne, I really love hearing what @Shazam has to say and some others and same here, I am pretty low key, quiet myself when it comes to some things said on here, but I keep thoughts to myself, but it is good that we all can come on here and freely discuss things such as his career and things of that nature.

    I am uber excited for the movie! :D
    I’m already planning a group outting to go see it for my birthday :P

  50. accv Says:

    @vickey… HAHA! it’s coming out the weekend before my bf’s birthday. since i’m doing a review on it for my campus paper, i’ll be seeing it friday or saturday. it’s hilarious cuz’ my boyfriend was all, “is that my bday present?” HAHAHA! he doesn’t mind taylor… just gets a little jealous when i talk about him every now and then. :p

    guys are SO much hotter when they don’t mind taylor and let the girls fangirl over him.

  51. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @accv, I agree about the guys are so much hotter… This is why Abduction should do pretty well, all the fangirls and their boyfriends who dont mind seeing it with them.

  52. Tayfan4ever Says:

    Thank you, Liz, the link is working again. I watched it so many times!!

    I love it when he did his signature move, reminds me of his Sharkboy days.

  53. *Vickey* Says:

    @accv Yay! September! :P
    Thats cool, its great to see guys who actually don’t mind Taylor or actually like him. Yes they really are, I just need to find one! lol!
    Yeah, my last class Friday is at like 2. So got my roommate wanting to go see it too haha. Off campus and home for the weekend for it!

    @Tayfan4ever I agreed with you on that, it should do better. Looking forward to everyones reaction to the film.

    Loved the video, finally got to see it too, I was smling like an idiot until my roommate goes,” What are you smiling at?” Haha.

  54. accv Says:

    TAYYYYLLAAAAAAHH i’m SIMPLE AND i’d be completely myself! :D i’m gonna have to duke it out with someone. *snicker*

  55. accv Says:

    oh… and i just want to rant about something i saw on twitter. some guy mentioned how taylor isn’t tough and shouldn’t be doing action movies and stick to his lame twilight. sadly, taylor could probably pound that guy into the ground… or take a pen/pencil and kill him with it. sorry that sounded so violent.. but it bugs me how they say he isn’t tough when CLEARLY he can black someone out. even jason isaacs said taylor could take the whole crew with his hands tied. guys need to get a grip and realize jealousy won’t get them anywhere. ugh. ok. rant over :p

  56. Lilly Says:

    @accv: And those people forget that Taylor is suppose to be a 17 year old in the movie too. How tough a teenager can be???