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People Magazine have released a collector’s edition for Breaking Dawn, which is on stands from October 14th.

After three years of exciting twists and turns since Twilight first hit movie screens, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen finally make it to the altar in Breaking Dawn – Part 1, in theaters Nov. 18. PEOPLE magazine celebrates with a special collector’s issue, The Stars of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, featuring a sneak peek on their wedding and honeymoon, plus the real-life stories of the Twilight actors (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz) who are fan favorites. This special newsstand-only issue of PEOPLE is loaded with 126 photos from the movie, behind the scenes, and much more.

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70 Responses to “People Magazine – Breaking Dawn Collector’s Edition”

  1. olivia Says:

    Jacob: Encouraging sexiness (and kicking lame vampire ass) since 2009.

  2. savvy Says:

    Grauman’s Chinese Theater confirms Twilight Cast Ceremony
    November 3, 2011 – Thursday
    10:00 AM

  3. marianne Says:


  4. accv Says:

    hey… saw a tweet from DJ Qualls re: Taylor. Anyone see it and know what it’s about… as in the back story?

    “If Taylor Lautner ever encourages u to do something physically challenging, remember he works out, like, EVERY day. My back is KILLING me!”


  5. firereign Says:

    @accv jd said they were in a vineyard & TL decided they should go down a steep ravine. no idea why they were there, but jd also said he was wearing a $3k suit and dress shoes, haven’t a clue what TL was wearing.

  6. accv Says:

    @firereign i wonder if there’s a project brewing with DJ in the mix :) that guy’s funny! loved him in “The New Guy.”

  7. Lilly Says:

    Maybe they were at Nikki Reed’s wedding…I don’t know :)
    And I remember this actor from Lost. I loved that show!

  8. annie Says:

    @ Lilly Vineyard – has to be in California. Too bad Memphis Beat was cancelled.
    To me Lainey is like a train wreck, you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself. Last couple of times she hasn’t hammered Tay into the ground, what’s up? And what’s this Junior Mint she’s calling him now?? Anyone know?

  9. Sana Says:

    Taylor Lautner for People Choice Awards 2012 :


  10. abbie Says:

    David Letterman Weds Oct 19 rerun w/Taylor

  11. Lilly Says:

    @annie: I stay away from Lainey the most I can. That woman is just embarrassing herself. It’s sad and pathetic to read her stuff.

  12. marianne Says:

    Lily..Annie…It seemed to me that Lainey only became relevant because of the inside info she used to score re the Twi film sets. When she dislikes someone she just never stops pounding on them.

  13. kia Says:

    Once Twilight is over no one would care about Lainey and her cute little site so she better enjoy it.

  14. savvy Says:

    Abduction Box Office Totals – Domestic $ 25,876M International $ 39,600M
    TOTAL $ 65,475,970

    Grauman’s Chinese Theaters will livestream the Handprint/Footprint Event
    Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 10:00 am

  15. olivia Says:

    Abduction has made $65 million. Let’s all go and see it one more time this weekend to get it to $70 million :D

  16. Tayfan4ever Says:

    Yay!!! Savvy, if it makes enough money, will there be a sequel?

  17. GQ Says:

    Not sure if you’ve all read this but it seemed that GQ Australia has responded to Justin Lance Black comment regarding their interview with Taylor.

  18. tdl_jeanne Says:

    PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: To vote, go to:

    If Taylor or Abduction or Twilight-Breaking Dawn1 are not listed, vote for OTHER and type them in. In the appropriate categories, both Abduction and Breaking Dawn 1 can be typed in the OTHERS …that will count as two votes, though…Thanks BTW, you can vote more than once a day evidently… ♥♥♥♥♥ Thanks for the heads up, Sana!

  19. Tayfan4ever Says:

    Just curious though, while I know we can add in the OTHER section, I’m wondering why Breaking Dawn I is not already listed anywhere.

  20. tdl_jeanne Says:

    @TayFan4ever-You may be correct. I cannot find any rules and reg about who you can nominate, but since it has not been released yet, it may not be eligible. However, It seems that Abduction should be, and it is not mentioned anywhere, either. Since I would like to see Taylor walk the stage, I am going to continue putting both movies. After all, BD1 will be released in 2011.♥♥♥♥♥..and if not, there’s always next year!

  21. olivia Says:

    I think Abduction will make $73 million. I’m putting down my prediction now :D Of course I’ll be way off ;p<3

  22. vera Says:

    GQ..Thank you.
    I hope that this statement is finally shut up dirty mouths for those who loves to swim in the gossip ..

    olivia..I hope you will be right.
    65 million, this is a remarkable result.
    Keep it up!

  23. Lilly Says:

    It’s great that GQ have apologized. It was really an unfortunate question.

    And I’m glad that Abduction is doing so well worldwide!

  24. marianne Says:

    Great to hear that ABD is doing well worldwide!

    vera…I wish it was so easy to shut up dirty mouths. Seems the yellow journalism is what sells magazines.

  25. marianne Says:

    US Magazine reported that DJ Qualls was at Nikki Reed’s wedding. I think we can conclude since his tweet mentioned how dressed up he was that Taylor was at the wedding too.

  26. Lilly Says:

    It would be so sweet if Taylor was really at her wedding! I love their friendship :)

  27. savvy Says:

    Nikki and DJ are very close. So close she designated him her “Man of Honor”. The wedding was outdoor in Malibu (known for some fantastic vineyards). So if you add that to DJ’s tweet, I would say one of her closest friends of the Twilight cast was there.

  28. Lilly Says:

    I’d love to see a pic of Nikki and Taylor now. He’s such a great friend :)

  29. Tayfan4ever Says:

    Taylor’s stock price on went up over 3% today. Does anyone or Savvy know why? Any insider info? New project announcing soon?

  30. Emma Says:

    @Tayfan4ever, there’s a stock price for Taylor? Lol, I didn’t that :)

    Regarding Box Office for Abduction, it’s great to see its doing so well o/seas. But no sequel please.

  31. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @Emma, is a website where registered users can buy & sell stocks of stars, movies and I think TV shows. I’m not a registered user, I just go there to check the prices. I dont think buying & selling involve actual money, though. On this site, users would analyze box office and star power very seriously. There are movie stocks and star bonds. Taylor’s would technically be a bond not a stock.

  32. accv Says:

    I wonder who else among the cast was invited to her wedding. Certainly she would’ve invited at least Ashley, Jackson & Kellan, right? Perhaps even Elizabeth and Peter and fam? I’m thinking the other two weren’t present. Considering whatever transpired between the three and due to KStew’s filming, they probably weren’t there nor invited. :/ And I’m sure Taylor was there… she had always been close with Taylor :)

    Speaking of “Man of Honor,” reminds me of “Made of Honor” with Michelle Monaghan and Patrick Dempsey. LOL!

  33. savvy Says:

    hsx – Hollywood Stock Exchange (an internet game where predictions are made. buying & selling shares related to films and bond values related to actors, directors). I think its part of the Cantor Fitzgerald (UK) conglomerate & they use it in conjunction with their gambling operations.
    @Tayfan4ever the new boxoffice #’s released yesterday – like you said it’s a bond – they take the boxoffice from the last 5 movies an actor makes & average them, then use this to determine a bond value. way out of my understanding.

    @accv guests for the wedding were family & “close friends” (about 125 total); so a lot of acquaintances & casual friends & business associates weren’t close enough. trying to limit guests for anything can be a real headache.
    TRIVIA- Nikki has a bros named Nathan
    Anybody figure out (or care) which actor played Nathan’s real father in Abduction?

  34. Tayfan4ever Says:

    someone on said it’s Dermot Mulroney.

  35. Lilly Says:

    Dermot Mulroney for sure. I remember him from My Best Friend’s Wedding. Great movie!

  36. kia Says:

    Guys the 2012 MTV Movie Awards will be on June 3 I know thats far away but of coarse we need to support Abduction.

    @accv you know me and you are gonna be voting hard for a certain scene umm for a special catagory LOL.

  37. accv Says:

    @savvvy yaahhhh i know the headache of guest lists. my brother’s wedding was a headache in that sense. LOL! especially with the filipino culture. he married an american lady, so yah… it was frustrating accommodating people.

    nathan’s father HAS to be dermot mulroney. i can recognize that mouth anywhere! plus, his voice. that scar is so distinguishable. :p

  38. accv Says:

    @kia LOL! at first i was like.. why’d she pick me out of everyone. then remembered what i posted before about their chemistry. bahahahaha! yahhh… they should at LEAST get nominated.

  39. Lilly Says:

    They will be nominated but are they going to win? I don’t think so :(

  40. marianne Says:

    Since Taylor turned down The Three Musketeers and it was released today with no prescreening, I thought I would share what our paper said about the movie. It calls it “le pits” and refers to Logan Lerman as an actor in search of a performance. Only gave it one star.(Gave ABD 2 1/2 stars and liked Taylor) Will be interested to see how this movie does at the box office.

    Miss seeing our ninja.

  41. Emma Says:

    Guys, don’t forget to vote for Taylor at People’s Choice Awards? He have to win something.

  42. Tayfan Says:

    I know this might not be the right section to say this but I gotta say it. I have a feeling that Swift & Lautner might have been trying to get back together or he’s giving her some hope of reconciliation but now (and I reckon it’s around the time he’s in Europe for Abduction premier), seemed like there’s some kind of a fall out between them. Have a bad feeling that Swift next song about TL won’t be a good one. Swifties will hate him for it, just like Joe. I hope Taylor hasn’t done something bad cos I will hate him for it too if he did.

  43. marianne Says:

    Tayfan…Taylor Swift and TL are okay. He went to her concert at the Staples Center along with Ashley Greene etc. and they even hugged. When the gossip rags went nuts with the pic and said they were getting back together, TS told Ryan Seacrest that they were very close friends. If anything, look for a song about how TL sat next to her at the TCAs!

  44. kia Says:

    @Marianne that would be one short song because all he did was sit next to her for 5 minutes.

  45. kia Says:

    @Tayfan what makes you think they had a fall out?

  46. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @Marianne, 3 Musketeers opened to an estimated $8 mil for this weekend, quite weak. Abduction as of Oct 20th: US – $26.2 mil, WW – $65.8 mil

    sources : &

  47. marianne Says:

    Tayfan4ever…Thank you for the info re 3 Musketeers. Orlando Bloom was even in the movie…ouch…it had a lot more promos than ABD.

  48. Tayfan Says:

    @marianne & @kia, I know what’s been written and said or shown in the media but I don’t think that’s the whole story. When TS told Ryan Seacrest that they are very close friends, I believe she was telling the truth back then but at the time, I think they were also trying to get back together. The fallout I believe is very recent, like I said prob towards the end of Sept or early October. And after seeing her interview on the Ellen Show, I’m worried. Seemed like TL has done something bad or not right and TS is angry & ready to expose him. 

    Let me try to explain and you might think I’m crazy, but I’ve been following them cos I loved both of them (but mainly for TL though, thats why I’m worried about her writing bad songs about him). TS has never been afraid to show her feelings and she usually does it with music (we all know that of course). At every Speak Now concert she always have lyrics written on her arms and also covering other famous singers songs. I believed she used this as a subtle way to tell her feelings about her current relationship.
    Before the TCAs, all the lyrics and songs she covered from May or June (to me) seemed like a subtle way of telling TL that she wants him back. E.g. she changed of lyrics for BTD, then at next concert TS was covering songs such as  “Jack and Diana”, “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5 and sang mainly the chorus bit, then follow by “You Belong With Me”. 
    Between TCAs and that LA concert on 28 Aug, I think something is happening behind the scene between the 2 of them. From TS arm lyrics and songs she covered, seemed like TL first didn’t want to come back, then changed his mine. Right after the TCAs, TS was singing “Just a Dream”, Lyrics on her arm lyric “And the hardest part was letting go, not taking part”. But closer to LA concert, thing seemed more hopeful. Some of her arm lyrics are “Hey brother, we’re all learning to love again”, “Don’t worry baby Everything will turn out alright”, “Love actually is all around” and she was covering the song “I’m Yours”.  On the night TL was there, she gave shout out to him during BTD, covering songs such as “Sweet Escape” and “Realise” by Colbie Caillat. Arm lyrics was “I wish that I could have this moment for life”.  
    After that LA concert, “For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while” and she covered song by Mat Kearney “Closer to Love”. So to me, seemed like they are becoming very close friends and getting more or TL is leading her on?
    At Abduction premier, both Selena & Justin turned up to support TL. Sel is closer friend to TS than TL, so if TL & TS are not close, I believed Sel wouldn’t turn up with Justin at all. Now although TS was not there (can you imagine the medias going crazy over Taysquared instead of Abduction if she did), but at her concert the next day, she’s written on her arm “Be a best friend, tell the truth and overuse “I love you”. 
    After the LA premier, seemed like TL is slowly retreating and prob not calling or texting TS as much as before. TS starts to cover sad songs like “Lucky” by Britney Spear and arm lyric  “Love, save the empty and save me.”  Just before TL left for London premier, TS start to sing her song “superman” for the very 1st time on tour. Check the lyric out yourself. But it seemed like TL stopped calling or texting her after he started promo in Europe.  And her arm lyrics are getting really sad “It’s easy saying nothing when there’s nothing to say”, “She’s out there on her own and she’s alright”, “A little voice inside my head said, “Don’t look back. You can never look back” and “Memories fade like looking through a fogged mirror”. So looks like she’s finally letting go but with great pain and the way she talk on The Ellen Show got me worried. She was referring to TL (subtle) when she was talking about the bf bit with Ellen. The last time she spoke about TL on Ellen was in 2009 when they were dating. Just compare the way she talk between the 2. Seemed like TL hurts her very much, maybe he was leading her on and using her for publicity then dumped her in the cold. TS may be wrong before, but she has apologised and seemed like she is sincere and has waited to get back with him. She doesn’t deserved to be played by TL and I hope that he’s not that kind of person. But if this really is true, then I will be very disappointed in him and hate him for it. He will also be losing millions of fans. Sorry for the long spills, but that’s what I think. Oh, the latest song she covered recently in concert is “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot, seemed like a fallout song to me. Some of the lyric in this song are “Welcome to the fallout, Welcome to resistance, The tension is here”. So I think they were in like “some kind of a bf/gf relationship” before TL decided to stopped calling.

  49. marianne Says:

    Tayfan…WOW…you have really analyzed this relationship. First, you have NO IDEA about how often TL texts anyone so you can’t go there. I thought her arm lyrics applied to the cities and the artist or group associated with it. Not necessarily a message to anyone. Let’s face it, if they were going to get back together, they have had two yrs. to do that. Selena was there to support Taylor and because she is starting a movie career. TS would have to be a complete blockhead not to see that Lily and TL are an item. TS dated Jake Gyllenhaal for a while and if anything she will be writing a song about him using her when he had a movie coming out. TL has been to several of TS concerts, what has TS supported of his? TS has said that she will always have a crush on TL and counts him as one of her closest friends. She said she doesn’t write bad songs about close friends. That is my take on this relationship but none of us will know until TS puts a new album out. Personally, I feel sorry for her because she missed out on a great guy and I have faith that Taylor L has treated her with respect.

  50. olivia Says:

    Everyone go and see Abduction one more time this weekend! This might be the last weekend it’s in theatres.

  51. kia Says:

    @Marianne I agree you.

  52. accv Says:

    *blinks twice* In the words of Taylor: “/Oh boy/”

  53. kia Says:

    Taylor will be on Jay Leno on Nov.2nd.

  54. Lucky Says:

    Just want to mention that Abduction is up to $65,811,599Worldwide.

  55. savvy Says:

    instigator, provocateur, agitator, malefactor, gremlin, scalawag, rabble rouser, mischief-maker all synonymous for “Perturbateur” (French) – they crave attention and love nothing more than starting a fire & throwing gas on it (think Casablanca & his “followers”)- smart people don’t encourage arsonists by responding – but that’s something everyone must decide for themselves.

    @kia & Kristen is scheduled for Nov 3

    Lionsgate stopped tracking Abduction on a daily basis last week – new boxoffice totals will be available on a weekly basis when international receipts are in (usually on Wednesdays). Miramax, New Line, Sony never track their daily box office (sites can make a guestimate on their own in order to fill out their lineup – top ten/top twenty if they choose.

  56. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @savvy, that would mean stopped tracking since Oct 20th, right? Because boxoffice,com & did nt indicate “estimate” for receipts up to Oct 20th.

  57. savvy Says:

    @Tayfan4ever typically the sites that report box office, get their info from the studios – so like they have the #’s for Friday & the box office sites estimate what Sat & Sun are going to be and they project what a pic will take in for the weekend. But the solid #’s usually aren’t in till Monday. (weekends are when the “big” #’s come in)
    Lionsgate stopped daily tracking of Abduction on October 14 (domestic). So the $65M total is Oct 14-18 (domestic) + the new international $ from Oct 12-17/18. The next total we see should be the $65M + domestic & international box office receipts from Oct 19-24/25 and that would be announced Oct 26. Now they can shift a day or 2 depending if there are any premiers or sometimes they will report Mon-Sun rather than 1/2 of 1 wk + 1/2 of the following week. The bulk of the
    box office for Abduction this past week & the next 2 is from the international side (domestic will probably be under $1M). I can tell you that behind the scenes they have taken notice – this international box office can be tied directly to the effort of Taylor (Lily was at 2 premiers & did some interviews, but 90% of the international promo was all Taylor). It will gross over $70M – and remember the international promo didn’t start till after the devastating domestic results were known). Taylor demonstrated unmistakable courage & follow through and his international fans responded and it paid off handsomely. Some highly critical sites are admitting as such, “he may have been rebuked for leading man status at this time, but he has proven he is a draw & money maker”. If he’s a draw & a moneymaker, I don’t know how he was rebuked, but he did “good”. I hope this isn’t too confusing – but the numbers will lead up into the BD promoting – and all the while he was promoting Abduction he was also doing BD – he’s done more than his share.

  58. tdl_jeanne Says:

    I commented on one of the earlier posts in anoither thread about him answering Breaking Dawn 1 questions while he was promoting Abduction…especially overseas. There were very few interviews that he was not asked about BD 1.
    Yet, he is still going to promote in London and Berlin with Rob and Bill Condon. No one can say that he has not done his part and more in PR for BD1. ♥♥♥♥♥

    @Savvy- Your omitted ‘troll’ in your definition. :p)

    Has anyone heard from Emily? She has not been posting for about a week +/-.
    Hope she is all right.

  59. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Bruno Mars to debut video “It Will Rain” first release from the Breaking Dawn 1 soundtrack on MTV October 26 @ 7:45 ET. Click on the following for details of other things in the plan.. i.e. Tweet questions to Bruno, etc,.


  60. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @savvy, thanks for the information, so glad to know he’s being recognized for his hard work. He said he always put in 110% and it’s paying off. About the domestic #s, I think that it did nt do that bad. Many movies have done way worse. I also noticed that right now, not a lot of movies are opening so well each week, lots of disappointment at the box office, lots of underperforming movies. I think partly because of economy. People will only see movies that they think will be worth their dollars.

  61. vera Says:

    @savvy…I am delighted with your words ;)

    Guys, how nice to read you!
    I’m glad for Taylor!
    but I missed it …

    It is excellent that he will visit Leno show, but I was hoping that they will appear there with Kristen …
    they always, when together, very relaxed and funny, but I fear that it would Robsten fans did not like it …
    Taylor has already received too much negativity lately ..
    then it would be better if he came to the show without Kristen )

  62. accv Says:

    @vera YAH I KNOW! Taysten ALWAYS amuses me. I wish they could do interviews again together. I miss them. But noooo, freakin’ overly-obsessive fans will go “rah, rah, rah” again.

  63. Emma Says:

    @savvy, I noticed that the taking from Brazil is pretty high amount the international box office taking but it said the result is as of 2nd Oct. So did they only show for 2 weeks? What happened after 2nd Oct?

  64. Lilly Says:

    @Emma: They are still showing the movie here in Brazil so I think that this site just hasn’t updated the brazilian numbers yet.

    “he has proven he is a draw & money maker” It’s really nice that they are recognizing this.

  65. Emma Says:

    Thanks @Lilly. I was curious since other countries have updated their results but not Brazil and I’m sure the takings from there should be pretty high :)

  66. Shazam Says:

    Hey peeps! :) I’ve missed you all!!

    Well, I finally got to see Abduction last night and I have to see I REALLY enjoyed it!
    I wasn’t expecting to to be honest as so many negative reviews have been floating around but I was pleasantly surprised.
    I went with my best friend who, like me is in her twenties and my dad who is in his sixties.
    Now, I saw it here in Spain in Spanish of course. This is the second week here and it is currently number 3 behind Contagion and another movie.
    It was in one of the smaller screens this week (loads of new releases) but there were 130 seats out of 150 filled and that was at the midnight showing which for a second week on a Saturday night is impressive! :)
    The audience consisted of all ages and there were as many men as women.
    My bestie is NOT at Twihard or a demented Taylor fan like me but she LOVED it! Her words: WOW! Impressive guy, great screen presence, likeable to the audience and VERY talented. Thouroughly enjoyed the movie. I have seen loads this year and this was one of the more entertaining ones. If he can do that at 19, I look forward to seeing him in his twenties.”
    My dad is obviously NOT a Taylor fan LOL and HATES Twilight! Cringes every time I stick New Moon in the DVD player but he enjoyed it and the best bit, my dad doesn’t speak Spanish! He got dragged along (extra ticket for the BO total!) and was enthralled. He kept asking me what was going on. I knew he would enjoy the action so that’s why he agreed to come and see it, He loved all the fight scenes and was impressed by Taylor and the rest of the cast.
    His words: ”I’d like to see it again in English but it was a great on the run action film. Taylor did really good and was charming. Good at bringing the emotional scenes to life and the kiss was hot!”
    My thoughts ladies: I really did enjoy it. I thought Taylor did really well and that is not me being biased. I genuinly enjoyed his performance and the emotional scenes were touching, the fight scenes were badass and the kiss was…Yeah! My droolbox was full! ;)
    I have a few things that I didn’t like. We never found out who Paul Rasmus was (maybe intentional in case a sequel comes along) and I noticed some faux pas with the lighting and little things that as a future film student tend to notice but all in all, it was one of the more entertaining films I’ve seen. The critics have been HARSH and WAY OFF! I have seen much worse this year!
    The whole cast did amazing, Jason Isaacs and Maria Bello were great, awesome chemistry and very cool.
    Molina was exceptional as per usual and Weaver rocked!
    Nqvist was a good baddie, nice to see him in a different role.
    Lily was good but annoying sometimes and her character was in some ways hard to like (not because of the kiss LOL but she is still on my hitlist! ;) ) but she did good.
    I look forward to seeing Taylor evolve and make more movies. He has IT and IT will only improve with time. He puts in 200% into everything he does and deserves respect and the chance to prove himself. Can’t wait to find out what his next move is and so glad people are taking notice and realize how hard he works despite all the hate he recieved.
    Oh! Did anyone else spot John Singleton in the movie? I saw him twice! :)
    Shall DEFO see it again and can’t wait for the DVD!!

  67. kia Says:

    @Shazam I’m so happy that you finally saw it! Oh did you use the oxygen mask lol.

  68. Shazam Says:

    @kia Thanks hunni!! Oh yes, I had spare oxygen tanks and 911 on speed dial just in case! ;)

  69. Lilly Says:

    @Shazam: Great review! “Lily was good but annoying sometimes and her character was in some ways hard to like” I totally agree with this comment. Her voice was so whiny in some scenes I was like “just shut up, please” lol
    And I did not spot John S. in the movie at all! I think I just need to see it again :)

  70. marianne Says:

    Shazam…Thank you for your great review. I agree with you on some of the filming being off. I think I noticed them more because it was filmed where I live and I was noticing landmarks etc. The one funny for me was when Lily and Taylor were motorcycling on the bridge and suddenly went from the bridge to a woodsy scene.

    Lilly…I’m with you on Lily being a little annoying.
    John S. in the movie?