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This is certainly one way to get people to attend a release party. Target will extend store hours in nearly 500 stores across the country on Feb. 10 to host a DVD-Blu-ray event for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1, which hits shelves at midnight. Beginning at 11 p.m., fans will be treated to the exclusive world premiere of a scene from the fifth and final film, in theaters this November. The scene will not be available on Target’s exclusive Limited-Collector’s Edition DVD. That does, however, come with an authentic prop flower from Bella and Edward’s wedding scene. To search for participating stores, go to

And before you try to bribe Target employees into telling you which scene will be shown, EW is told that no one at Target will know the answer to that question until that evening.

31 Responses to “‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2′ Scene to Premiere at Target Stores”

  1. Marianne Says:

    WOW “an authentic prop flower” from Dullens wedding. You have to hand it to Scummit for squeezing every bit out of this franchise.

  2. kia Says:

    Sorry but I’ll be to busy with Taylor celebrating his Birthday all weekend. wink wink

    @Marianne Funny how scummit is doing this just as THG is about to start promotion,they couldn’t wait until June.

  3. Tayfan4ever Says:

    Sorry, I could care less about the couple. Hate to say this, but that one scene is very likely mostly about the couple. So, I’ll be joining kia, busy with Taylor celebrating his milestone birthday.

    Honestly, I wish Twilight was all about just Jacob.

  4. Emily Says:

    Taylor is going to have a busy night spending time with all of us who want to help him “celebrate” his birthday!:)

    I’m sure not going to be rushing to Target for this. Marianne- I like the “Dullens” comment.

    Just finished watching “Abduction” dvd I bought today. There are some good behind-the-scenes interviews with Taylor and I really enjoyed hearing the rest of the cast and crew saying nice things about him. Don’t hear that too often. And I know the script wasn’t great, but I thought Taylor was really good overall. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in almost every scene and really enjoyed not having to look at pasty-faced vampires!

  5. Lilly Says:

    Is that a flower? I was like ‘what’s this thing in the middle of the DVD?’ lol

  6. lilome Says:

    WOW! A REAL fake flower….from a REAL fake wedding! Sorry, but I just don’t think I’m worthy of such a treasure. If Summit REALLY wants to get my attention, how about giving us some of that gauze Taylor was wrapped up in at the end of Eclipse!

  7. Shazam Says:

    @Lilly I thought it was Renessme and her placenta…my bad!

    Shall only rush to buy this for Taylor and him alone.
    Yes, we shall all be at his service on his 20th Birthday!! :))))))

  8. kia Says:

    I nearly flip out when I saw the headline ,Taylor Lautner films steamy loves scenes with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart! Until I found out it was just fiction news from Gosh I wish that was real SHAME.!

    This is one of the cheeses DVD cover I’ve ever saw LOL.

  9. Brodie Says:

    I’ve uploaded the Gag reel up onto my Tumblr site guys if you want to see it. I never thought Taylor was such a klutz :)

  10. Lilly Says:

    @Brodie: Thanks!
    He’s just so adorable! But the gag reel is too short! I want more :)

  11. Marianne Says:

    Brodie…I think that after you do so many takes of a scene you have a few misses.

    Lilly…I agree with you on wanting a longer gag reel. Looks like they had a fun time. Taylor and Lily seem so different in the behind the scenes compared to the way they were at the premiere (except for Paris).

  12. *Vickey* Says:

    Yes I’m gonna pick up BD for Taylor! I can’t help but agree the cover does look a little cheesy lol.
    And @Brodie, Thanks for your Tumblr link! I’ll follow you. :)
    I wish the gag reel was longer, but I love the DVD overall.

  13. Brodie Says:

    @ *Vickey* THANKS!!

  14. Lilly Says:

    So apparently Taylor was at the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s OVO yesterday. And there are pics of all the celebs but not a single pic of Taylor. :(

  15. eliza Says:

    @Lilly are you sure that Taylor was there?

    Perez Hilton was there, and said nothing! Lol!

  16. rain Says:

    I am so tired of waiting for his next appearence.

  17. Lilly Says:

    @eliza: Now there’s a video! :D

    How hot he looks! And I think that car is new.

  18. eliza Says:

    @ Lilly thanks for the video link! *—-*

  19. kia Says:

    @Lilly I’ve seen that car before I think like when he was 16,but yes he is hot!!!

  20. Shazam Says:

    GULP!!!! :DDDD My Frbiday has just got that much better :))

    Ok so I ask: How many times has he been to Cirque and why oh why does he keep going? Business or pleasure or both I wonder? First pap pics though. Don’t reckon that was an accident. Maybe news on something is about to break or here’s hoping because I am getting impatient LOL!
    Joke, I hope he is taking his time but we all want to see him attached to something which is going to happen 100% instead of always hearing maybe this, possibly that. :(
    Anyway, good seeing him about and looking HOTTER than ever! Dressed down or dappered up he always looks amazing!

  21. vera Says:

    Lilly… thanks soooo much for the link!
    Guys, what do you think – in the car the same guy ,who in these photos? ..

    One of his friends, probably ..

  22. eliza Says:

    is yes, the same guy! should be a great friend of the Tay, he went to visit the Tay in Canada!

  23. tdl_jeanne Says:

    This show, OVO, in Santa Monica is a different show at a different venue. The other one he attended several times, IRIS, was at the Kodak Theater, if I remember correctly.
    There is a preview of the show at this site.

  24. kia Says:

    I love the fact that this is making all of us Lautner fans go crazy.I think I broken the replay button LOL

  25. Marianne Says:

    Okay, I’m thinking we need to make friends with the guy Taylor is with and have him sneak a small GPS on TL so we can monitor his every movement. I wonder if he fancies one of the contortionists in this show? I hear those girls are very gifted. Good to see him out and about. He looks great as always. I have been wondering if Bill Condon is doing any reshoots with the cast since none of the big three are shooting anything now.

  26. accv Says:

    My butt in that seat of that car. Yes. Gonna make that happen in the… near.. future :p As for the contortionists… psh.. I can contort for him whenever he’d like. LOL! The thing is @Marianne… if there was a small GPS stuck on him wherever he went… we may die a bajillion times. I mean, I don’t want to see if he’s foolin’ around with girls. Nor WHAT he does with them :p Unless I approve of the girl, of course, then I can be like.. “Awwwww they’re so cute!” But until then, nope!

  27. accv Says:

    OH. And that HAT. Good lawd. *sigh* He looks boyish, but manly. Tayyyllaaaahhh!

  28. Emily Says:

    I just saw on some other site that Christian Serratos and Edi Gathegi were at the premiere of OVO also. I remember hearing Taylor say that he and Edi were good friends that hung out some after New Moon. I’d rather he be there talking with them than scoping out some contortionist! :)

    Never been much of a fan of the backwards ball cap look, but on Taylor– GOOD GOD!!!!

  29. konablast Says:

    So his buddy is a guest – wearing an IDbadge/ticket lanyard. Not Taylor – guess they pretty much know him. and the guy w/glasses walking behind them was with them – you hear Taylor call him Randy. Maybe Taylor is an investor – he’s having a “Cirque Investment Party” – everytime he gets someone to invest some $$, he gets 10 free tickets or a swing on the trapeze.

    Ovo – this is one of their traveling big tent shows – the kids really really love it…and the high flying trapeze acts will leave your heart in your mouth.

  30. firereign Says:

    @Shazam be nice if we hear something about something….but at an opening night event like this the “paps” don’t need to be called – they stake it out – they have a red carpet & all for the ” wanna be seen” and they always hope to get a surprise shot (Taylor)…who was there “let me count …Perez Hilton, Kate Beckinsale, Hilary Swank,
    Neil P Harris, Liz Olsen etc etc etc.
    @kona Love it – either he has a vested interest or that boy is in a rut –

    but I have to admit a fire-engine red “whip” isn’t exactly invisible

  31. rain Says:

    I have to admit his friend is HOT toooooooo! But of course, taylor is hotter.