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I’ve added some nice new ‘Abduction’ behind the scenes photos!

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» Movies » Abduction (2011): Behind the Scenes

213 Responses to “More New ‘Abduction’ Behind the Scenes Photos”

  1. Shazam Says:

    Hey ladies! I hate to start a new thread on something negative but a lot of people on Twitter are saying that Tay has been fired from another project? Does anyone know anything about this?
    I really hope he announces something soo because it’s not looking great for him. Young Hollywood has LOTS of young, fresh faces that are breaking out. He NEEDS to stay relevant or someone will take his place.
    I hope this is just a rumour…I would hate to think another potential project has fallen flat. Or maybe he’s decided to go back to college? *sighs*
    Sorry for the negative comment…just concerned for him. :(
    P.S (EXCUSE THIS RANT BUT I CAN’T HELP IT) I know Abduction didn’t hit the high notes so to speak at the Box Office but if Lily Collins is getting cast in all these roles when her “performance” was so…lame, I think Tay deserves a chance to redeem himself too, right? :( Grrr! Again, I do apologize peeps, it’s just the thought that we were so excited about all these potential projects this time last year and now it seems like it’s all gone to the dirt.

  2. vera Says:

    I heard that the project “Cancun” was frozen at the stage of development, in 2010 …
    In any case, I do not think that something terrible has happened.
    Taylor is still very young.
    He has time.
    And if even now he will take a timeout, then it should be.
    Gordon Levitt, and many other great actors do a forced break in his career, and a triumphant return
    . And besides, I think that Taylor is now getting rid of all that has no real value, it does not need to be removed in the slag, I do not want to see him in such roles like Kellan Lutz, if only his name in the credits.
    In any case, even if Taylor would leave the world of cinema, I will not leave him.
    to me it is interesting as a person as an individual.

  3. #13 Says:

    note: someone else is a visitor…so now I’m just a #
    basically Taylor’s slate of projected movies from say 1 1/2-2yrs ago has been swept clean. I think someone was tweeting about Cancun – there really wasn’t a chance that was going to get greenllt.. Taylor team desperately needed to regroup and hopefully saner heads have prevailed & his career moves are now in the hands of the “pro’s” (without having their hands tied).& without major interference from amateurs (no matter all their good intentions & best interests they don’t have the clout nor the expertise to handle the “fickle” environment of Hollywood & especially movie/tv audiences which can shift everytime the wind changes direction). @Shazam you’re correct the entertainment world is chock full of young talent just waiting to be discovered & many have been waiting years & years. The saying “The King is dead, Long live the King” holds true. No one is irreplaceable… if you want to remain relevant you must get out there in the trenches & show them what you have (& for goodness sake don’t be the only one that the success or failure “hangs” on). “Ensemble” or at least “paired” casting doesn’t single out an individual as the reason the feature “tanked” (and if it’s a success, you share the spotlight) – your next project depends on success – enough of this baloney about artistic frufru….for a young actor it’s are you bankable…the lofty platitudes can come later once you’re established. he’s very young (any male under 35 is young – when they really hit star status is typically mid 20’s to late 30’s). This cooling off period is good – he needed to take stock & recharge the batteries (remember he isn’t in the position where he has to park cars or fill water glasses to pay the rent) so don’t give up on him – way, way too soon for doing that. If you want an attitude check & a healthy view on what it’s all about…listen to Channing Tatum’s take on the film industry. Taylor has a wide variety of venues to choose from & a lot is to be gained & learned from tapping into all of them (movies, tv, commercial, theater).

  4. Marianne Says:

    vera…I agree with so many things that you said. So many movies today don’t “earn back” i.e. Hugo took 200 million to make and every specialized artist in Hollywood and it has only made 100 million. Taylor’s film made back its cost, distribution, etc. Industry people are aware of these things. Also, parting ways with your publicist right before a movie release, doesn’t do one any good. It’s hard to know what damage she did. We know Taylor has turned some things down…Three Musketeers, Expendables2, David and Goliath…so there is something that his team wants for him. I personally think he has needed a break from all the twifandom hate. There are so many actors getting older i.e. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig that Hollywood is going to have to develop the young. He will get his chance if he still wants this career.

  5. kia Says:

    Cancun was similar to Abduction ,so I’m not really upset that is not getting greenlight.
    I do like to see him doing comedy ,since he did the funny or die and last years MMA’s skit it seems very fitting for him maybe romantic comedy.Or he can go on the smaller screen his costar’s Ashely Greene ,Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer (twilight) are starring in pilot’s later this year even Jason Issac(Abduction) has a new show out .so there’s other options out there. I still think he has chance out there.

  6. Emily Says:

    Ladies, I’m going to try to be optimistic and think that Taylor and his team are reevaluating and making a new game plan that will further his career in wonderful ways. He’s already had more success (even though he doesn’t get credit for it) and fame at 20 than many actors have over a whole career, so I can understand why he’s taking his time. I refuse to believe that there isn’t anyone in Hollywood interested in working with him. I think he is maturing and is going to take a more active role in decisions about his projects. I am putting my trust in him and believe he won’t let us down, whatever he decides.

    And. . . if worse comes to worse, I think we Tayholics around the world could unite and raise enough money to pay him to just sit in a chair in front of a camera for an hour and a half. I’d definitely go see that, wouldn’t you? I’d buy the dvd too:)

  7. jamie Says:

    Other than Kristen, I feel like most of the Twilight cast are having problems finding work right now. Nikki’s doing a lot of films that may never make it to theaters. Ashley had to go the tv route (and I doubt that was her first choice). Jackson’s not doing anything. Rob’s not doing anything.

    I’m not giving up on Taylor because unlike the rest of them, he’s still really young and has time. But right now, I think Kristen, Anna, and Elizabeth Reeser have the best careers.

  8. Emily Says:

    Everyone go look at Nikita’s tumblr!!! She posted a pic of Taylor HOLDING A LITTLE BOY AND SMILING!! I know that doens’t sound that exciting, but go look anyway. It’s in black and white and he’s wearing sunglasses. I swear, you will not be disappointed. I think my heart stopped for a minute!!

  9. Marianne Says:

    jamie…I believe Jackson is working on a film with Nikki. Rob’s film Bel Ami had some bad reviews in Berlin. His fans have a lot of hopes for Cosmopolis. I still think he is going to have trouble getting much of a male audience. Taylor has the best chance since he is athletic.

    Emily…That was a cute pic. I saw the video where that was taken and Taylor was so careful when he handed the little boy to his mother. He looked like he was afraid he was going to break him. I also liked her prompting for Taylor to stick his nose out. Taylor just take Sara somewhere so we can have pics!!!!

  10. Lilly Says:

    I think I’m in denial or something because even though things are looking bad I’m still optimistic.

  11. jamie Says:

    I agree that Taylor has a better chance at a career than Rob. Rob’s getting old and he’s not making any progress and men don’t like him. Plus, he hasn’t been hired in like a year now. But most of the Twi cast is having to take less than awesome work right now. Taylor just has more scrutiny and he’s too famous to take on tiny projects like the rest of the cast. He and Kristen have the best chances of making it in the long run so of course they have to look for more high profile work. But just like she was able to get studios to take a chance on her, I’m sure Taylor’s time is coming too.

  12. Emily Says:

    Marianne–do you remember where you found that video or what it was called? I’d love to see it.

  13. Marianne Says:

    Emily…Here is the link. It was the second video, but when I clicked on it “this video is private” came up. I guess you could try you tube pittsburgh, abduction videos and see if it shows up in another.

  14. tdl_jeanne Says:

    OFF SUBJECT: Another new Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 movie clip to release on March 20th. According to a new report from, The French Twilight Facebook page is going to debut a 10 second teaser trailer for the highly,anticipated Breaking Dawn part 2 flick on March 20th,which is just three days before the full trailer debuts at the big Hunger Games premiere on March 23rd.

    Also these French folks have another special treat planned as they will release the full Bdawn part 2 trailer online on March 26th,so if any of you guys don’t want to go see Hunger Games,you can wait about three more days to watch it.
    Source: ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @Emily, I saw that pic before, it’s sooo cute. When I first saw it, first thing that came to mind.. a big kid carrying a little kid. LOL!!

  16. focus Says:

    Don’t dismiss tv (network or cable) as a step backwards. Taylor has appeared in a monumental movie series making him an extremely wealthy person. If you take the attitude that he must continue making this type of salary & only headline movies think again. Worse if this is the thinking of Taylor & those close to him then Abduction wasn’t an enough of a jolt to wake them up to the reality of what he needs to do to attain a “CAREER” in the industry. Competition is fierce and for some anything goes to get an advantage for themselves or their charges. TV both network & cable & especially programming that utilizes the web programming to provide added info for their series is going strong & growing by leaps & bounds. Smart money is saying you need to be versatile enough & if you have the ability you need a foot in both venues.
    Glenn Close, Forest Whitaker, Nick Nolte, Dustin Hoffman and the list goes on & on are making their mark in the world of tv. Yes you don’t command the salaries like those movie roles but the number of movie roles are shrinking all the while the competition for those roles are increasing. You want to be a “star” – the odds are against you these days….you want to be a “success” than you better go where the audiences are and get some credibility and exposure.

  17. Katrina Says:

    @#13 @focus thank you for your information on the industry. It’s reassuring to hear that the picture is not as gloomy as it seems for Taylor’s career right now, provided he makes the right choices. Really hope he has the professional advisers he needs, and not the “amateurs” as you say… Having said that, I can’t believe that someone with his charisma and talent will be “resting” (isn’t that the actors’ term for not working?) for long… There may be a lot of other up-and-coming young actors around but how many of them have the “name” and following that Taylor does?
    @vera you’re right that other actors have taken a break after first having success in movies… the awesome Heath Ledger (God rest his soul) took about a year off just after he hit the big time, despite being told it would ruin his career – and came back to even greater success and acclaim.
    @emily LOL at all us fans paying Taylor to sit in a chair for an hour and a half. I’d definitely contribute!

  18. jamie Says:

    I don’t think he has to do only films as high profile as Twilight. I think he should be looking at smaller projects with good scripts and directors too. I would love if he took a smaller role in an ensemble. If he chooses to do television of course I’ll watch and enjoy it. But I think it’s obvious that that wouldn’t be his first choice. Feature films are still the ultimate goal for actors.

  19. Emily Says:

    Thanks Marianne! I finally found the video. The title was in some unrecognizable language, but it was still sweet. He’s so nice to and patient with his fans–lucky people!

  20. accv Says:

    emily! can you post the link please? :DDDD thankies!

  21. accv Says:

    alright, ya’ll… if you look at this and don’t laugh one bit, you need to lighten up :p but, really… this made me LOL. this is EXACTLY how we all feel. nikita just put them into animated gifs. :p enjoy!

  22. accv Says:

    oh, and i like taylor’s expression in those pics… because it’s like telling me, “damnit, why aren’t YOU in back of me, wrapped around my waist and leaning against me?” ;D

  23. rain Says:

    Well I always have the confidence in taylor. I can take it if he plans to finish his college and rebounce after that. I am not gonna leave him anyway.
    BTW, I am wondering if this new released pictures have anything to do with LilyC’s promotion of Mirror Mirror?

  24. Lilly Says:

    @rain: if those pics have anything to do with her they’re doing wrong cause Tay is all I can see jk :D

    @accv: Lol I’m that polar bear for sure!

  25. Shazam Says:

    @accv ROFL!!! Hahahahahaha I’m a mixture of the cat and the plar bear with a hint of Simon!
    @ #13 Thanks as always for your insight and positivity!

    Ladies, thanks for making me laugh and keeping me optimistic. I just get anxious LOL when my drug is nowhere to be found! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be fine and we shall have many many years of this fandom ahead! :) *TACKLES HUGS THE GROUP*

  26. kia Says:

    @accv I’m the person laying on the couch the cat and Kingsley LOL.

    @Shazam LOL we all need a huge Tay fix right now…

  27. Emily Says:

    accv–Yes, saw that yesterday and really laughed. I feel most like the polar bear.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know how to make a link and here is the address:
    Тэйлор с фанатами на съемочной площадке “Похищения” , so I know you probably can’t type that in.

    I went to youtube, typed something like “Taylor Lautner signing autographs in Pittsburgh,” then clicked on a video that said
    “Taylor Lautner With Fans For Movie “Abduction”- Pittsburgh” that was 38 seconds. From there, you can find it on the right about half-way down the page. He has his arm around a woman in white. It’s 2:07 and you only see him holding the little boy from the back, but it’s still cute.

    Good Lord, I reallly need to learn how to make links!!

  28. litebrite Says:

    hints for his next role – movies…stick him in a race care or have him busting ghosts

    tv – next big thing rolling around are nighttime soap ops – so teach him how to play a guitar & stick him in Nashville, Dallas, Gilded Lily or running from Zombies in Walking Dead….or make him a visiting warlock on the Secret Circle

  29. vera Says:

    Emily …if you let..Here’s a video with a russian title, which you said :)

    It’s easy – copy a line in the browser at the top of the page, and paste wherever you want.

  30. accv Says:

    thank you darlings! :) that was absolutely adorable. one day, i’ll have his babies. :p!!!!!

  31. Emily Says:

    Thanks, vera, but I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. I’ll try it again. Everyone please disregard, I’m experimenting.

  32. Emily Says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel like such an idiot. I don’t know what I was doing wrong before. Now I know and won’t have to send you on wild goose chases any more!!

  33. Emily Says:

    I love the girl in the white shirt that puts one arm around him tight and her other hand right on his abs. Don’t think I could be so bold, but way to go!! Actually, if I were ever that close to him, I think I would be making a scene b/c I would have passed out and everyone else would have to be stepping over my unconscious body to get to him. :)

  34. Olivia Says:

    Ladies, in terms of his career, there’s not much we can do but just sit and wait and hope for the best. There isn’t much we can do about it either way, so we may as well just remain positive and enjoy what we can. I doubt any his people come on here, and if they do I hope they read our comments and listen to what we say because I think there’s a lot of vaild advice to be found here. I’m not crazy about how it’s gone for the past couple of years, but short of contacting Taylor’s management to let them know what we think, there’s not much we can do. So we may as well just support him the best way we can and hope for the future. I’m optimistic. Just because he hasn’t had the success doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the potential. Someone with Taylor’s star quality doesn’t just disappear without a trace.

  35. rain Says:

    If I were lily in the 4th pic I would have kissed his neck already.

  36. vera Says:

    Guys, Thank you very much, very nice to read such good reasoning …
    I have a question for you – does anyone pay attention to the fact that Sara Hicks signed in his Twitter a few fan sites devoted to Taylor?
    I just checked some of them, and they are dead, maybe some of us will somehow let her (Sara) know about it , that there’s such a wonderful site like this, the site alive, he works, he is the best of all, where people genuinely worry about Taylor career and make a truly good advice, to which it would be useful to listen.
    Maybe I’m too naive, but at least it’s a good chance that Taylor will read this forum, or even that begins to make some of his management.
    In the end, common sense, savvy, which often is expressed on this fan site has always valued.
    And of course, Taylor is simply necessary portion of the positive, of which there are always plenty of here!

  37. andrea Says:

    I’m sure Taylor is getting plenty of advice. I think it’s just a matter of taking his time and making the right choices. I won’t worry yet. If there are still no new projects after BD2 is released, then I’ll be worried.

    This is OT, but did anyone see the video Nikki did with her husband? I’m sorry, I like Nikki, but I can’t help but laugh at how cheesy this is.

  38. Lilome Says:

    Vera.. Taylor has a Facebook page but no Twitter account.

  39. Lilome Says:

    Rain I would have kissed his neck in that picture too. And maybe in the 3rd picture my arms would be tired and my hands might fall a little… know….out of fatigue. Let’s be honest – if I was in any of these shots that would have to pry me away.

  40. vera Says:

    Lilome…Thank you, I know about it.
    I had in mind, Sara’s twitter…Probably, it was childish to write about it.. :)
    He is a professional and need the advice of professionals.

  41. focus Says:

    Sara personally doesn’t address any subject (including blogs, tumblrs, websites, fan pages) using “his name”.

  42. Katrina Says:

    @andrea thanks for the link to Nikki’s video. Didn’t realise she’d released a song. I like Nikki too but you’re right, it’s a bit “too much”… Can’t help thinking she’s really pleased to be married and therefore out of all the Twi-gang’s dramas…. Sorry this is really OT.
    Loving all the constructive comments on here. Here’s hoping Taylor’s team takes note…

  43. joanie Says:

    OT – THG & SW – The only reason I can figure all the hoopla about releasing a BD2 trailer 8 months b4 the movie is they want to suck in the twilighters to THG. So I will play their game (since I attend only movies that I truly am interested in – both time & money being a consideration). If Taylor shows up on the red carpet at the premier, I will find time & money come hell or highwater to show up at the theater to see it (I liked the first book, 2nd so so, 3rd ticked me off – and it’s a damned depressing series – but well written & developed – till that dang ending). Also the “howling hussies” are already using the frickin “team” term..”enough to gag a maggot” – I ain’t dealing with that crap again.

    Furthermore I have no interest in “snow white” either version (I am a traditional “Walt Disney” peep) however, if Taylor shows up at either “SW” premier I shall follow his lead & spend my hard earned bucks & only get a 1/2 tank of gas & find time by shaving a few hours off my “sleep time” to repay the powers that be for allowing me to get a glimpse of the now we see him mostly we don’t TLaut.

  44. Marianne Says:

    andrea…katrina…The video was okay but a little too schmaltzy for me. I like Nikki too and I’m sure she is so glad to be getting away from the Twi fandom crazies.

    joanie..You are a dedicated fan. “Now we see him mostly we don’t” TLaut LOL

    Since we have a support group-Tayholics- maybe we could also turn this site into a gambling site. What are the odds TL shows up to LC’s SW premiere? Isn’t she going to walk the red carpet this week? If he’s available I feel sure he will attend KStew’s but it’s such a hard call on LC.

  45. Emily Says:

    I’m not a gambler, but I would be overjoyed if he shows up at either one, just so we can get a glimpse of him. I still get annoyed that none of his supposed “really close friends” attended his Abduction premiere (that’s you Kristen!) when he has been really supportive of others’ projects. I may be falsely accusing her–she may have been filming far away or something, but it looks like someone could have showed up for him from the whole Twilight gang. Heck, even Selana and Justin went. But, maybe he was trying to distance himself from the whole Twilight dog and pony show.

    I wonder if the Twilight cast has been blacklisted from The Hunger Games premiere like they were for the casting. It will be interesting to see who’s there.

  46. jamie Says:

    I’l be shocked if Taylor doesn’t go to Kristen’s premiere. They’re such close friends and he went to her Runaways premiere. I think she would’ve gone to his Abduction premiere if she hadn’t been filming SWATH at the time.

  47. kia Says:

    Even though I wouldn’t mind seeing his sexy ass at the premiere tonight but I feel this should be Jennifer ,Liam ,Josh and cast night ,the spotlight should be on them .

    Marianne,Emily the only cast member that showed up was Boo Boo Stewart while the rest was at NY fashion week whatever. I don’t know if he will show at Lily’s Sw maybe because there ‘a possablity that Zac may attend so that would be a little awkward so I’m putting my money on SWATH but I feel like the sheeps will attack him for going prob because he’ll ruin the Beloved couple moment .Doesn’t matter if their close friends or not they still don’t think he’s important to her. sigh

  48. joanie Says:

    OKKK! Now I’m in trouble. Just watched “Pretty Little Liars” and they had “Mirror-Mirror” tv spot. Even dear sweet, hunky, gorgeous, comely Taylor with all his come hitherness showing up on the red carpet is probably not enough motivation for me to present myself at this, this, this (fill in the blank); & now with visions of “Uncle Walt” spinning in his grave…I am begging someone to take my place if necessary (remember I was only going to “see IT” if himself showed on the red carpet); I shall forever be in your debt!!

    “THG” studio is now Lionsgate(who swallowed Summit), if they are still collecting (Summit) fees from the “Twilight” gang, let it be Taylor who shows….remember they’re dangling the BD2 Trailer like a piece of raw meat in front of a hungry wolf as an enticement to get twihards to show…that won’t do it for me…Taylor will….and he can generously hand off the “maniacal” fan torch to the next “Gang of 3″…..and I will not shirk my commitment to show up & add to their boxoffice….but please, please someone step forward & agree to bail me out of my “MM” commitment if need be.

    And “Zac the Condom” is welcome to her….and after seeing that tv spot even Taylor couldn’t make it smell like a rose…

  49. joanie Says:

    Sorry, I really don’t mean to offend anyone….let’s just say my “movie taste buds” are “picky, picky, picky”, and limburger is not my thing…chocolate or gin n tonic is what seems to set my taste buds a quiver…I’d even settle for pizza….(different tastes for different folks) – May Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Sleepy, Bashful & Sneezy not have nightmares….”But what do I know…this may be the best movie since the discovery of sliced bread (:

  50. Lilly Says:

    Not even Tay can make me go to the movies this year. Actually I’m not a movie person at all and last year Abduction was the only movie that I went to see.
    And THG is already annoying me for some reason :)
    I don’t think Taylor will show up at the MM premiere and I’m cool with it because it’d be really awkward.

  51. kia Says:

    Even though I would go see THG , the only movie interesting to me is The dark night rises LOL . And maybe the Hobbit and the only reason why I’m seeing BD2 is because of Tay even though I’ll be sitting there calling Vamp bella all sorts of names and being torture seeing Jacob with Damon throne’s twin! O_-

  52. joanie Says:

    Scratch “The Hunger Games” from my dance card. No Taylor on the red carpet…The “twilight Tribute” was Peter Facinelli.

  53. *Vickey* Says:

    Hey guys!

    Yeah @Lilly I hear you loud and clear all though things are moving slow, I’m sure its all for a reason. Somethings quietly cooking up and its ready to surprise us all. :)
    Whether Tay’s getting some him/private time or whether he is working on more unnamed projects, we’ll still be here, rooting him on!

    Awe man! You too?!! @Kia, IDK I LOVE Tom Hardy and I can’t wait to see him portray the villain. I’m really looking forward to see The Avengers (more) though. I’m actually trying to read the Hunger Games before it comes out. I heard some good things about it. As for BD2, Yes, I’m ready for it, want to see what happens with Jacob and everything.
    Plus more interviews, pictures etc. :P

  54. Lilome Says:

    Totally random thought after getting caught up on the comments. Someone asked who we would lime to see Taylor with, besides us. What about the young lady who played Bree? I thinkhave her namea is Jodelle. She seemed so sweet and playful in the bts clips. Maybe a younger, lesser known lady would be better for him. Just a thought.

  55. Lilome Says:

    Sorry about the typos. I hate this auto-crap!

  56. rain Says:

    Wish Tay will show up at THG premier. THG is produced by Lion Gate. I remember one of the major administrators of Lion Gate has shown up in Abduction premier? So I assume they maintain a good friendship. Really wish taylor get invited and show up! It’s been too long taylor~!~~~
    As for the MM premier, I don’t expect taylor or Zac will show up anyway.

  57. rain Says:

    woo, just realised THG already had its LA premier. So taylor is still nowhere to be found. Where are you tay????? But I like THG. It’s better than twilight.

  58. legoland Says:

    Make a movie TL…but if you really want to get exposure & get some acting time in….head to the small screen…great opportunities await …and if you want a career there’s no better place to be in the near future ( at the same time you can get a film credit here & there), No matter what you do the critics are gonna blast you – too young, made too much money and boatloads of resentment that you were in the right place at the right time…but it’s not so much what you’ve done but what are you doing “for me” today (big roles, little roles & as long as they make money you will have work and be at the right place at the right time again). Don’t sit on your hands and let the hanger on shoot down opportunities for you by telling you “you’re too big, too good for a job” – you’ll be obsolete & replaced so fast your head will spin…you need experience, you need to stretch yourself – like to hear you with a Brit or Aussie accent or even a Texas drawl…get a move on son, “times awastin”

  59. Lilly Says:

    This is too much! Lol

  60. kia Says:

    All I have to say is O_O O_0 o_O LOL

  61. Marianne Says:

    Lilly…Every teenage boy’s dream—getting lucky with the teacher!!!

  62. #13 Says:

    Since you mentioned LC – August 15 – filming to start on “City of Bones”
    Book 1 of Mortal Instruments Series (this has potential of being a block buster series if done right). Jamie is still on board & casting is now open for other main characters, with Simon being the next major role to be filled & LC will have a lot of input on who gets it.

    Taylor is alive & well….

  63. #13 Says:

    @focus @legoland yes the small screen both network & cable are drawing huge amounts of interest and the competition between studios (most every major studio has a tv division), networks, actors, directors/producers is unbelievably intense – (I’m sure they already know here that the screenwriter they love to hate is part of it (MR) and at least 4 actors from the series are already there or soon to appear in pilots

  64. Emily Says:

    Just read on Access Hollywood that Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth are divorcing. I know there have been rumors for a while, but I was hoping they were wrong. I liked them together. Oh well, 11 years of marriage is a giant success in Hollywood, I guess.

  65. kia Says:

    @Emily I ‘m sadden by this such a beautiful couple hope they work things out…

    @#13 are you saying Taylor is in the running to play Simon? because Ive heard that Lily and fans wants Logan Lerman to play him ..

  66. Katrina Says:

    Wow, I’m really interested now!… @ #13 do you know something? Please let there be some Taylor casting news…

    I haven’t read TMI – can anyone tell me what Simon is like? Can you see Taylor in the role?

    Seems strange that LC would lobby for Taylor – others here have suggested Tayly ended badly and they are not on great terms…

  67. Lilly Says:

    Simon is my fave character in this series. It’s like Twilight all over again to me because everybody is in love with Jace and I don’t see his appeal at all.

    @Katrina: For some reason I can’t see Taylor in the role. I think it’s because Simon is supposed to be a ‘boy next door’ kind of guy and Tay is too attractive :D

  68. Emily Says:

    Another note on the Hunger Games. Lilly–I agree that I’m getting kind of annoyed at seeing it everywhere(probably how most of the world felt when T, NM, E, and BD came out) and am tired of everyone comparing it to the Twilight series. The stories couldn’t really be more different. And everyone is now jumping on the “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale” bandwagon–I’m “Team Neither.” I AM planning to go see it. I really got into the books–wouldn’t say I enjoyed them (too violent and sad), but they did get me hooked from the first chapter. I am just interested in seeing how they present the story in a movie, how close it sticks to the book, and the special effects.

    I am torn about how I want it to do. On one hand, I would like it to be super- successful so maybe the haters and critics can move on to these new actors and Taylor will have a chance to distance himself from the whole Twilight madness and may have a chance to be judged more fairly in his next project.

    On the other hand, even though I curse SM, MR, and occasionally Rob and Kristen, the series introduced me to Jacob (one of my favorite literary characters EVER) and Taylor (my favorite actor EVER) and I kind of want it to stay on top and be the most popular franchise in this genre (along with H.Potter) and have more success than THG.

    Like I said, I’m torn.

  69. Marianne Says:

    Emily…I so agree with what you said about THG. I have a feeling that the critics are going to praise the movie because it is a well written book and therefore the script will be better. The critics don’t read the Twilight books and don’t appreciate how well the stars portray the characters. It’s tough material.

    katrina… Can’t see Taylor being part of another franchise like MI. Considering the fact that LC and TL hugged and laughed at the Paris premiere, I don’t see how anyone thinks things are not good with them. The problem may be that they were never in a romantic relationship and it was the gossip sites that made it that way. I can’t imagine Taylor not getting along with anyone. He still goes out with his hs girlfriend and goes to a TS concert.

  70. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I agree, THG book is much more well written, but I have to give SM some props for completely sucking me in to her crazy dream story and making me want to read her books (or parts of them) over and over.

    I think the other problem with critics and people in general is that Twilight, aside from the love triangle, is pure fantasy with the whole “vampires with hearts (and eyes) of gold” and beautiful boys turning into giant wolves. Lots of people can’t suspend reality and get lost in the story. The Hunger Games is fiction, but it’s set in the future, where we don’t really know what will be possible and what the world will be like, so people can embrace the story better and are more accepting of the story line and probably wouldn’t be as embarrassed to admit they like the books (especially guys).

  71. Emily Says:

    Taylor–PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get to work on something new, so your loyal, devoted, and loving fans don’t have to get momentarily excited about a years-old story like this just b/c we see your face on the computer screen and have to click on the link:!

    At least they mentioned him, though. :)

  72. joanie Says:

    Re: MI series – not Taylor for Simon (Jewish, thin & gawky till he becomes a –) Shadowhunters are cool – male & female
    Jace is cool but I like the Infernal Devices series even better (Will, Jem, Tessa, Magnus) the ancestors of the characters in the Mortal Instrument series…and a big big connection between Will & Jace (both beautiful & Will “will” break your heart…but you also love Jem & he’s got his own problems that are heartbreaking & I really like Tessa) anyway until Taylor resurfaces…I’m going back to reading (if you get a chance get Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince on CD, the readers are excellent & things you miss in reading or interpret differently are clarified when you listen – all libraries have them if you don’t want to buy…i do both read & listen

    Just so you know – (I heard E interviews on tv) Liam thinks THG fans are so “passionate” and Josh had to put on 15#’s of muscle & it was really hard having to eat all the time…..sound familiar it’s gotten old b4 it’s even started. dystopian stories are brutal & a real downer…bleak dreary heartbreaking. Cheers to you.

    See you when TL takes off the 3rd Deathly Hallows that he borrowed from Harry (The Cloak of Invisibility)

  73. jamie Says:

    Even though it’s another franchise, I would love Taylor to do TMI. Doing more than one series didn’t hurt Harrison Ford. If an actor can make it through 2 series that shows a lot of range and longevity.

    But mostly, I just want him to sign on for SOMETHING. I have to admit, it annoys me a little that he seems to be getting the least amount of work of any of the cast. Is it just his age or what?

  74. litebrite Says:

    THG – a story about a post-apocalyptic society. the Games are killed or be killed entertainment for the “masses” 2 names are drawn from the 12 districts – 1 male & 1 female ages 12-18. besides trying to kill each other, there are gruesome boobytraps set by the facist government who provides this annual entertainment (projected live on enormous screens – this is the gist of the story (well written – but not for everybody)
    and what are we hearing….ooooooo!! Team Peeta or Team Gale and one mother on being interviewed, “my daughter & I talked about it so much, I even dreamed we were teamed together in the games (wonderful)……the love triangle is a side story….the real story relates the gruesome savage killing used to entertain the populace & the rewards the eventual winner brings to their district & makes their brutal life a bit more endurable…and we mustn’t forget the “rebels” fighting against the facists and the death & mayhem that results from this…it isn’t Twilight…and I am turned off by the gleeful representation of an extremely serious & potent story….Good Luck to the Actors,..wish them success…but I think their fans have the potential of making the most malignant of twihards look positively docile in comparison… this story is a brutal “survival of the fittest & the luckiest” – and yes things like this have happened before….when history was taught you were made aware that what you see here in these books has happened in a much segregated & smaller scale than this worldwide dystopian society, but it has happened throughout history & it is doomed to be repeated if it is not acknowledged & remembered. Sorry – just a story but with lessons to be learned…and all we’re gonna get is Team Peeta or Team Gale, yuk!

  75. Marianne Says:

    litebrite…early tracking numbers show more guys interested in HG than Twilight which is to be expected.

    joanie…JH looks like a younger Nathan Lane to me– #15 of muscle won’t change that.

  76. Lilly Says:

    @joanie: In the ID series I only like Jem. Will annoys me just like Jace. :)

    I think THG is bothering so much is because I’d love to see Tay in it as Peeta even though he’s not blond. It’s such a great character and the story is so much better than Twilight…

  77. andrea Says:

    Did anyone see the trailer for Kristen’s new movie? It looks pretty good. I wouldn’t mind if Taylor looked for something like this. Where he can take a smaller part with other strong actors and not have so much pressure on him to carry it all.

  78. happy meal Says:

    Clockwork Angel/Prince – Will —The human psyche is an amazing thing. Scars inflicted in childhood (under age 14) have great bearing on the adult an individual becomes. Physical abuse is potent, but nothing can match that of verbal, psychological & emotional trauma & abuse. With physical abuse you can’t visually see the scars of what lack of human contact & love does to an individual but not with emotional & psychological. Will age 12, leaves his loving family convinced he is cursed (the distorted bloated lifeless body of one of his beloved sisters cements in is mind that this is true). The curse, very cleverly worded states “if Anyone loves you, they are doomed to die”- & so his dilemma is how do you stop anyone from loving you….. the motivation from the beginning is that Will has such great empathy & compassion for others he sets out to make it utterly impossible for “anyone” to even be a friend of his because it could possibly turn to love & then they will be doomed to die. He goes against his nature and portrays himself as a sarcastic contemptible shallow figure; and with time it’s become easier and now he fears he is losing “himself” and actually is truly becoming the “monster” he believed necessary to portray to protect others. Jem “my greatest sin” was the only one who Will revealed his “true” nature to. Jem was confused by what he knew to be the true Will and the Will that was portrayed to the rest of the world…without Jem (along with Will’s books) Will admits he would have taken his own life….he calls Jem “my greatest sin” because he is aware that by letting Jem see who he really is & not driving him away and allowing Jem to be his friend & love him as a brother Jem is destined to die (in his immature child mind he believed that since Jem was already dying that his curse would not be the major reason Jem dies – Jems continuing to live makes him think he is right, just as everyone else he is cruel to continues to live proves he is cursed and he is protecting them) a very distorted view & if someone knew the story could have reasoned with him – but he told no one – just like most children he kept his dark nightmarish secret to himself & dealt with it alone . Will is trapped by what he feels he must do – a very tragic misunderstood person who now in book 2 is beginning to demonstrate what a noble person he is…but is only more heartbreak in store for him – is he already too damaged to ever recover …. he is a tragic figure (just as Jem & Tessa demonstrate their own caring natures & deal with their own life tragedies). Without having knowledge or considering someone’s background story often leads to wrongful conclusions…. good lesson in real life

  79. kia Says:

    Dear Taylor where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please come out and play!!!

  80. accv Says:,nur

    ROFL!!!!! Sorry but Taylor is the hottest one, hands down. I mean, obviously. ;p

  81. kia Says:

    accv LOL I think it would be bad if she pick them over her costar’s although I wouldn’t mind having a Taylor and Liam dessert .. Yum

  82. Emily Says:

    Liam and Josh hotter than Taylor? Please. I guess she had to say that.

    Has anyone seen pics of Jennifer, Liam, and Josh at both the LA and London premieres? It’s almost funny how much shorter Josh is than the other two. I’m sure Jennifer is in really high heels, but the disparity in their heights when they’re doing the “big 3″ pose together is pretty amusing. I hope Peeta IS strong from lifting all that bread, ’cause he sure doesn’t look too intimidating. He looks more like a friend for Rue.

  83. Emily Says:

    AARGH!! Now Nikita has gone underground. She hasn’t posted anything new on her tumblr in 3 days(hope she’s just been really busy). She usually posts several pics every day. If I can’t see my real Taylor, I get through his absences by drooling over her great manips and digital art. I can only handle so much, people!

  84. kia Says:

    Emily I’ve notice it too!!!!!!!!!Those pics help me to get through the day! LOL Lord I need help!!

  85. Shazam Says:

    Where is he?….. @kia AMEN! I’m free to play whenever!!

    This is torture….really, it is. And this is me…what happens when I see him and when he ninjas off -_-:

    *puppy eyes* Pretty please come out of hiding?? :(

  86. kia Says:

    Shazam I can’t stop laughing because it so true! That exactly how I look waiting for new pics of him….

  87. accv Says:

    awwww that’s adorable. i love dory. and ya, it’s true inside for me. i just don’t really show it outside. i mean, it’s not too puppy-eye-ish like that… but when i DO get new news of him, i squee like a little girl. LOL!

  88. annie Says:

    Jimmy Fallon Show – tonight – repeat – TL will be on (the one w/Adam Levine)

  89. Lilome Says:

    Kia…..about that dessert……if you are willing to share I’ll bring the cherries, Hershey’s syrup, rediwhip and pineapple rings left over from Fat Tuesday. LOL. All of the banana split toppings you need……

  90. Shazam Says:

    @Lilome ROFL!!! :DD @kia May I join you two ladies? A banana split with ALL of those toppins sounds amazing. So glad my thoughts are encased in my head…they’d be banned and people would not look at him without gasping! :)

  91. Marianne Says:

    Emily…I am missing Nikita too. I am avoiding certain tumblrs because of all THG stuff. I wonder if their fandom will get as ugly as the Twilight one? I know I’m prejudiced, but I think the Twi trio is better looking.

    Lilome…kia…Shazam…I am not very good at sharing so maybe I’ll wait til you girls are finished and then I’ll nurse him back.

  92. kia Says:

    @Lilome don’t forget the strawberries he loves them @Shazam of coarse you join us Tay keeps asking me about you Wink Wink Anybody else wanna join us for this tasty treat…..

  93. kia Says:

    Marianne Ok but it’s going be a little while before we finish with him.LOL

  94. kia Says:

    I feel like were in a Taylor drought right now…..

  95. Marianne Says:

    kia… at least Nikita is back to posting. She is trying to decide if a threesome manip on her tumblr is appropriate.

  96. kia Says:

    Marianne Thank god!! don’t know what we do without her…Hmmm a threesome manip?

  97. accv Says:

    THREESOME MANIP!!!!! with who though?

    OH… and apparently, the new season of Punk’d is premiering in a few days and every week is a new host. I found it hilarious when JB punked Swifter. BAHAHAHA! Now THAT’S a surprise face. :p!!! But then other stars like Miley, Zac Efron, etc. were punk’d. I think even Kellan is a host this season. But MAN, I totally thought… TAYLOR should totally get punk’d, and if not HIM getting punk’d, he should punk someone else. I know, I know… he’s too much of a sweetheart to do that, but come on, he’s admitted himself that he has a hidden animal in him. I think it’d be perfect! Something that isn’t too extreme, but funny at the same time. I think it’s all in good fun. I’d do it to him if I knew him personally.

    We should think up some scenarios, huh? Just kind of putting it out there since he’s not showin’ up. We’re stuck in the middle of Taylor Desert. We need some hints of juice flowin’…

    Maybe somethin’ to do with his extreme martial arts. Or the gym. Or his car. Sometimes, I kind of want to see the bad side come out of him… even just a little bit. I have to admit, him being so cool and collected and ridiculously nice makes me question how he’s even human. :p It’s like… I know there’s a little bad boy in there somewhere… come out, come out! LOL. Nothing evil of course, but like.. mischievous?

  98. kia Says:

    @accv He should punk Kristen ,I hear she’s a little prankster herself that would be hilarious!

  99. Lilly Says:

    Our boy is alive!!! And there’s a picture :) Is it just me or he looks really skinny?

    “Omg I just saw taylor lautner at Ralphs”!/MALerie_Grajeda/status/180797817722372096/photo/1

  100. annie Says:

    Wonder if he was shopping alone or with someone? Wonder what he bought…stuff for protein shakes, maybe? @Lilly looks about the same to me.

  101. Skylar Says:

    Wow! He does look skinnier than usual! Or is it just me? But nevertheless, glad to see he hasn’t disappeared! Loving the cap! :)

  102. Emily Says:

    He LIVES!!
    Lilly–Yes, he does look pretty skinny. He’s seemed that way to me (especially his legs, or maybe it’s b/c he likes those TIGHT jeans) since BD promotion. I know he definitely deserves to take a break from all that training, but Taylor honey, please don’t lose all of those delicious muscles:) Another picture in a hat–so cute.

    Does anyone know what Ralph’s is–a grocery store maybe? I see the sign for shopping carts. I’ve never thought about him doing mundane things like going to the grocery store. But, wouldn’t that be an unexpected treat to be pushing your cart and run into THAT on the cereal aisle?

    accv and kia–I would like to see him on something like that where he would laugh. I love his laugh, especially when he thinks something is REALLY funny and he never gets to do it in movies.

    Thank goodness Nikita is back, but I think NO to the threesome picture. I don’t want to see anyone but him. But she IS really talented. . .

    Woo hoo! Comment #100! And that’s when we have absolutely no news to talk about.

  103. Emily Says:

    Oops, just thought I was #100!

  104. kia Says:

    Yay he’s alive!!!!!! that’s all that matter!

  105. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @emily, Ralphs is a supermarket in Southern California. Not sure if it’s nationwide.

  106. accv Says:

    @kia OMG! i totally forgot about kristen. LOL! yes! that’d be AWESOME! them pranking each other.. *sigh* Like seriously, someone needs to call him about that. Call them both actually. Ahhh the hilarity :p

    @Emily… ya, see?! I want him being silly and laughing that adorable laugh in one of his projects. VDAY totally didn’t count – nothing hilarious, nor nothing cute about that role. All he did was swap spit with HER. ahhhh i can just imagine him being so openly silly. ;)

  107. accv Says:

    @Emily… OH and if i ran into him at a supermarket aisle, i would probably say, “hey handsome.” and look him dead in the eye, then wink. i read in different places on the internet that there are guys who prefer being called “handsome” rather than anything else. then i’d try striking up a convo totally unrelated to his career. LOL! why? because i’m sure he’d get that a lot anyways… why not get his attention by talking about real life for once? :p oh goodness.. wish thinking man, wishful thinking. *le sigh*

  108. Emily Says:

    accv– I would like to think that, if I ever saw him in person, I would have the clarity and sense to say something witty and make him laugh. Can you imagine being THE ONE to cause him to laugh?? I’ve also tried to think before what would be a good question for him that he’s never been asked by a fan but would be likely to answer. I don’t think “what’s your favorite fruit” would cut it. Maybe I could say, “Have you ever visited You need to take a look if you’re ever doubting your fans’ level of admiration for you.”

    In reality though, I doubt my brain would be functioning properly enough to form any sort of coherent sentence and I’d just stare from a distance.

  109. Emily Says:

    Thanks Tayfan4ever. I’ve never heard of that, so I don’t think it’s nationwide.

  110. kia Says:

    Emily ,accv I ‘ll stare and have a wild imagination running through my head…

  111. Marianne Says:

    So good to know he is alive…think he looks the same… apparently his ninja mode is capable of being breached. I know where fans will be stalking now. Sara H. has tweeted from Ralph’s.

    accv…it would be great if Kellan punk’d Taylor especially if it concerned one of his cars.

  112. Emily Says:

    After a second look, I’ve decided he looks smaller b/c he’s wearing such an oversized t-shirt, instead of one of his usual fitted v-necks. I don’t think his muscles are disappearing, thank goodness.

  113. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Check it out: ♥♥♥♥♥

  114. Shazam Says:

    Awwww!!!! HE LIVES!! I hate him…he even looks flawless going to the store! :P

  115. Marianne Says:

    tdl_jeanne…I loved Nikita’s comment ” honestly taylor you can’t hide behind caps forever”. Her artwork made my morning.

  116. kia Says:

    Shazam.. Amen to that! Marianne ..Apparently Sara was with him at Ralph’s..

    tdl_jeanne I don’t know what we would do without Nikita!!!

  117. Lilly Says:

    @kia: so he was with Sara… this is cute! I’m so glad that he can still have a normal life. :)

    I wonder if we’ll get some news next week because of the BD2 trailer. Fingers crossed!

  118. Zippy Says:

    @kia and @lilly Was that Sara with him in the pic or was that fan? If so they kind of look alike.

  119. Zippy Says:

    Okay Stupid question to ask! lol Wow she kind of looks like sara though.

  120. Olivia Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion Taylor needs to do a photoshoot like one of Nikita’s blogs. Specifically the second picture on the blog and the one with the coffee cup. I don’t care if its shirtless or not. That would really destroy our ovaries.

    He lives! This makes me happy. Though I do wish we could see him without the cap just once. I need to see those pretty eyes. Best part of him in my opinion.

  121. Katrina Says:

    I’m so happy he’s alive!!! And out doing normal things!!! And with Sara!! Yay Tay!
    God, am I over-excitable or what? Thank you Lilly.

  122. Katrina Says:

    I’ve just had a horrible thought. You guys don’t think this is deliberate, do you? There were some gross rumours doing the rounds of the internet last week, all connected to Peter Facinelli’s divorce. Just saying, last time he was sighted out with Sara was in the wake of those other rumours… Oh no, now I’m feeling sad and cynical again.

  123. kia Says:

    @katrina don’t worry the blogger who made up that story got fired and Peter is taking some legal action .Peter is a great guy and a good family man it just sad that a person can spread disgusting rumors knowing that this can affect his kids and have no shame! And to throw my Boo in the mix OH HELL NO ,Bitch deserve to get double slap!!!

  124. Skylar Says:

    Same here Katrina! I’m soo fangirling right now, I could just see it now. Him and Sara in the cereal aisle looking like a normal couple. How cute would that be to see!
    BTW, I’m on my Spring Break here in LA!
    Hoping to see a certain someone just walking around looking oh-so-handsome; and get my hair done by ‘someone’ at a certain hair salon. ;)

  125. Katrina Says:

    @kia, thank you. So relieved to hear that…
    @accv when did Taylor say he had a hidden animal in him? I wanna see THAT interview….; )

  126. Marianne Says:

    kia…Didn’t know Peter was taking legal action. Good for him although when you are a public figure, those actions are hard to win. Since our paper has so much HG promotion today–how it’s the next big franchise and so much better than Twilight blah blah blah—I always wonder if that cast will be subjected to all the nasty rumours that the Twi guys have had. I wonder who Teddy C is going to get hits with.

  127. Katrina Says:

    @Skylar I’m so jealous you’re in LA – can you be our eyes and ears please (suggest you hang out at Ralph’s, Olive Garden Valencia, Soho House…) and let us know when you see a certain young man…;))))
    @kia last time I looked Teddy C was saying the HG cast were vice-free because they had their moms on set. Hmmm… Funny how the fact that Taylor’s Dad was always on set with him didn’t stop TC from spreading rumours about him….

  128. kia Says:

    @Skylar go get him!!!!!

  129. Shazam Says:

    @Skylar Have a BLAST!! We’ll wait for your call and as sson as we know where and when, we’ll fire up that private jet of ours! ;)

  130. kia Says:

    Also Skylar go to Kisho’s ,forever21 and if they have another cirque solie show go!!!!!!!
    Damn were stalkers!

  131. Lilly Says:

    @Katrina: I don’t think this is deliberate. That girl only said that Sara was with him because someone asked her otherwise we’d never know :)

  132. crazywood Says:

    These rumors/gossip have reached the “pleassssse enough already stage…’s only a matter of time whoever or whatever is behind this gets a Headline of their own…this has been allowed to go on too long….allowing this to go on for so long is setting up a precedent to make another actor/actress a target of these vindictive malicious attacks.

    At least that’s what I think

    Glad to see you balance the scales with your positive attitudes.

  133. kia Says:

    It was @BiBisky67 that keep asking her was he with somebody and replied he was with his girlfriend .So there’s your answer.

    P.S BiBisky67 is aka @alright from HL.

  134. accv Says:

    speaking of Sara, I checked her tweets. nothing about Ralph’s. Where’d you guys see that? And when did that girl say Sara was with him? I saw her twitter too. o.O

  135. accv Says:

    sorry. didn’t see your post @kia. :p and i just rechecked that girl’s twitter…. she seemed to delete the photo of her and taylor and the posts RE: him. probably got annoyed with all the questions.

  136. accv Says:

    ahhh was just at HL looking up taylor. those two ringleaders just keep vomiting out the 4-1-1 like it’s exclusive 4-1-1. over-analyzing and whatnot. i noticed that almost every other post is either one or the other… and it’s creepy. makes me wonder what the heck those two do all the time. it’s like, they live on HL. :p

  137. Lilly Says:

    I can’t believe that girl had to delete her tweets about Taylor…some of his fans are too obsessed/crazy! That’s why I just search on Twitter for news but never send questions or stuff.

  138. Marianne Says:

    accv…I saw the tweet that Sara sent from Ralph’s and it was weeks before this siting of Taylor. She commented that Britney was playing on the sound system at Ralph’s. I feel sorry for Sara. She has had so much hate come her way for knowing Taylor.

  139. Lilly Says:

    I just want to know who’s that person that keep sending Ted C. those silly questions about Tay. He’s talking about Tay again today.

  140. Shazam Says:

    @Lilly That silly person is Alright on HL! She admitted once so I’m guessing it’s her. They are so sad, always focusing on the negative. Amen for this site!! :D

  141. Skylar Says:

    Hey, so I’m settled in my hotel! What a beauty California really is a little chilly but beautiful nevertheless.
    Thanks everyone! Crossing my fingers to spot him out, well not to obviously of course, ;)
    @ Kia-
    Planning on shopping till I drop! Hitting the malls soon, can’t wait! Also about to take a tour their the city and the city’s nightlife!

  142. kia Says:

    Ted is just a dumbass for answering that stupid question.

    @accv Aquarius64 also spends her time on Gossip Cop, Just Jared, E! online and Celebuzz lol.

  143. kia Says:

    Skylar have fun also don’t forget the hollywood Chinese Theather were his hand and footprints is at take alot of pics!!!!

  144. Marianne Says:

    kia…Lilly…Shazam…I always have to remind myself that when I see some of the same people posting on different sites that certain gossip sites “employ” people to stir up controversies and plant false info. They may change their name but they sound similar and to quote accv…they are vomiting out all kinds of ridiculous stuff.

    kia…”Ted is just a dumbass” LOL It’s funny how certain things just make your day and that made mine.

    Tomorrow is suppose to be a 10sec. trailer for the trailer that will be appearing before THG movie. I have a feeling it will mostly be Vampire Bella slugging Jacob just to feed the rabid fans.

  145. kia Says:

    @Marianne seriously he be answering those stupid questions , I see Robsten fans asking him do you think Rob/Kris love will survive and he would answer it like if I was Ted I would said no bitch they hate each other next question! But the again he wants hits LOL

    I’m really not interesting in that 10 second trailer tomorrow now if they show that sexy beast yeah I’ll watch it but if they just show Bella running in the woods looking for her lunch then I ‘ll pass …

  146. accv Says:

    wow, aquarius posts on those sites too?! where the heck did he/she get all that time?! rofl. unless he/she isn’t working or is just a great switch-tasker… like sheesh. cray crayyy.

    and i just look at those sites now as actual gossip sites. maybe not so much gossipcop, but it’s slightly leaning that way now that you mention aq-aq has been on it. and we wonder why twilight haters think we’re a cult! ROFL! so many fans are ridiculously… i dunno. it’s gross. :p and TedC? Should be TedCacapoopoo. Ugh. He feeds off of the sh*t. ;)

  147. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @accv, that’s what I’ve wondered all along. How come those two ring leaders have so much time to dissect Tay’s every move and the every move of his exes too. Maybe they do live on HL. hahaha!!

  148. Lilly Says:

    I’m not so optimistic about the BD2 trailer either. I guess we’ll get just a glimpse of Jake.

  149. browsing Says:

    For someone who browses the “comments” & has no opinion on the merits or interest in particular movies or celebs, the snapshot you take away from the majority of these sites is that there is “no difference” between the “rabid fans” & the “rabid haters”, they both are negative, bitchy unpleasant loud mouth know-it-alls who are under the impression they know everything even the most intimate thoughts of the actors. They have projected their beliefs & desires & attitudes & delusions on “actors” who they know simply through photos & film – not a cult just deranged. they take bullying to the enth degree…hiding behind anonymity they vomit out their bile, egged on by the likes of the TC’s of the internet and in the reality of every day life are definitely someone you would be wise not to turn your back on. Thank God for small favors….the majority of people DO NOT participate in this public display & are even unaware it is even taking place. Next up to be thrown in the shredder – the young HG stars…however as of now the twilighters/antitwilighters remain the demon spawn to be avoided at all costs.

  150. annie Says:

    @browsing if you’re still around, what opinion on how the twi actors handled all the twilight hoopla? and the HG trio?

  151. vera Says:

    Good day to all! Our guy has emerged as a ray of sunshine behind the clouds, and again made us miss him …
    Taylor * LEON * Lautner: D
    I hope you enjoy it!

  152. andrea Says:

    Teaser for BD2. Just 15 seconds. But there’s a glimpse of Jacob.

  153. Marianne Says:

    A glimpse of our sunshine made my day. They’re putting him in a flesh colored shirt now??!!

  154. kia Says:

    WoW didn’t expect to this!! God he sexy is as shit!!!!!

  155. Shazam Says:

    I HATE HIM!! Why does he do this to us? UNF! That shirt could not be any tighter…UGH! I have come to the conclusion that he will forever stun me…GORGEOUS!
    @kia Yes…I vagizzed slightly myself! Sexy is un understatment, don’t think there is a word that can describe his perfection in the Oxford English Dictionary yet! :P
    @Marianne It suits him!!
    Ok…must get back to work. Oh and mop up the puddle of drool under my desk.

  156. kia Says:

    @Shazam Vagizzed LoL! ….I’m at work right now ..wasn’t even thinking about this trailer this morning until my phone was blowing up with text mesg. LOL

  157. Olivia Says:

    Vote for Taylor:

  158. Emily Says:

    Good God! I’m LOVING the “couldn’t be much tighter” shirt and how sad is it that 5 seconds or less of hearing his voice in something new just made my day! I can’t wait to see the BD preview at the HG movie! I hope it has more of our boy!

    Vera- That was a great video. Here is a link to one I watch at least once a day during our “drought time.”
    I may have referenced it before, I can’t remember, but, here it is anyway. The song expresses EXACTLY my feelings for Taylor (the more inappropriate feelings, that is).

    Skylar–Any sightings yet?

  159. kia Says:

    Emily ..One of my favorites ,I think you referenced to my naughty song playlist I had for Lilome and her Tay dessert a while back LOL . Honestly if that 5seconds trailer had us going crazy then I can only imagine what the whole trailer is gonna be like! Lord I hope I don’t scream in the theather or just miss the whole THG movie for just daydreaming about him…..

  160. Lilly Says:

    So he’s not shirtless in the trailer but in a super tight nude shirt, those people are smart! :D
    Some fans were complaining that it was just Jacob and Edward in the trailer…I think it’s cute how those fans think that only Edward and Bella are enough to make people interested in this movie *sarcasm*

  161. Marianne Says:

    Lilly…I was wondering if the reason our gorgeous guy is in a tight shirt is that he is wired because Bella slugs him. I noticed there were several lumps besides the normal ones (yes I examined him very closely) and that would account for the style of shirt.

  162. kia Says:

    @Marianne Hmmm I didn’t see wire’s all I saw was nipple’s LOL …@Lilly they always complaining seriously the sheep’s needs to get over..

  163. Emily Says:

    Kia–I thought I had said something about it before, but couldn’t remember when. I do believe he’s “the finest thing in history!” :))

    Good idea, Marianne! I was wondering why he would wear something so different from his usual t-shirt/plaid flannel stuff. Don’t get the color though. Wish it was more of a contrast to his skin (or just off!).

    I’m saying right now, they (Summit, MR) BETTER NOT take out the “You’re a freak show Bella” line. If we can’t get “does my being half-naked bother you” and “sure, sure” they can at least let us have that. They left out all of Jacob’s best one-liners and sarcastic comments.

  164. accv Says:

    HOLY POO ON TOAST! I want to be vampire Bella RIGHT NOW! Dude, he said that line so….. DLAJDFLKDAJFAF. And the way he walked. And honestly, wasn’t feeling the color of that sweater either. But I don’t care! I VHANT HIM! NOW. ;D As for Eddie’s line… “we’re both the same temperature..” AWWWWWWWW… NOT. -_-

  165. annie Says:

    That shirt had me “gulping”. and i think they chose the color (almost a nude color) because it emphasizes all the right “bits & pieces”. “if you got it flaunt it”

  166. Skylar Says:

    Not yet, but I will be going to Downtown LA tomorrow! Yay! Will go to the Chinese Theater, and stalk,er I mean go to Ralph’s to shop, that’s what I mean. ;)
    Just saw that teaser and fainted… If only I could just go visit his house right now and demand him to put back on that shirt just to rip it off afterwards!

  167. Beth Says:

    Happy sigh. Thanks ladies. I have refused to check out Youtube. Was afraid of what I might find. But have bookmarked those. If anyone else has any recommended escape routines, please pass them on.
    I wish George would give us a little bit more on this site though. I was away working for 5 days with no access to the web, and although there were more than 100 extra comments on here when I got back, there were no new posts. We now have the Ralphs sighting and the BD2 clip (plus whatever else I’ve missed while skimming through the added comments), but no action from George… Sigh…
    Nice to be back anyway.

  168. Lilome Says:

    Hello lovelies! Thank you Emily for the video link. Made my day! The one from Vera says it’s not available on mobile. So sad. I can’t exactly watch it at work or at home with the hubs around. Blahhh. So I thought I would make a suggestion for tomorrow- which just happens to be a full moon- which is when we all went a bit crazy. In honor of the Full Moon which brought us together, I think it would be just mucho awesome it we could drum up some Taylor interest on the internet. Google, Bing, Yahoo Taylor all day, as often as you can. Search for him on IMDB. Let’s see if a newly generated interest sparks anyone else’s attention. Would it be awesome if we could get him trending on Google? Just a thought.

  169. annie Says:

    Feels like I just descended into the mines and may run into the 7 dwarves at work….

    George – stick up another photo or something….

    Even though he’s been missing long enough to have his pic on a milk carton…interest in him is still strong….HSX (starbond) remains “up” & he’s holding his own on IDB ….stay away from “gossipy e/ew) whoever visited here & blistered the twi/nontwi rocks for brains extremists and claimed the general public who browse the comments feel that they’re one in the same; – after skimming the most recent comments there – can’t argue with them – think a lot of them aren’t going to go away but simply transfer to THG for the time being (dredging up twilight – with an occasional swipe at TL (mostly he doesn’t exist to them) – nasty, snide, cheating remarks are already smearing THG trio and the movie hasn’t even opened – and the ones who say they like both are getting “dumped” on by both sides. Glad I come here – there really isn’t any other site to go to that is positive & i can get current news & tweets & twitpics.

  170. Marianne Says:

    Lilome…I would think that TL attention might not be such a good idea right now with THG coming out. When the teaser appeared yesterday, the THG fandom were all over it with how much better their movie is blah blah etc. The Twi stars probably want to lay low and let THG have their day and next week March 26 we will have the full trailer and lots of great gifs.

    annie…I think the Twi cast will find it a relief for the crazies to move onto THG trio. I applaud you for going to e/ew. You have to wear hip boots to wade through all the slime there.

  171. annie Says:

    @Marianne You’re right….”Alice” fell down a rabbit hole, but if you go to especially “E” you’ve fallen down into a sewer. Everyone is free to have an opinion, but they are really really bad…and E management is just as guilty as TC since he works for them for encouraging it. It isn’t just insults but lewd, vulgar and even threatening at times. I only saw maybe 2 posts mentioning Taylor (same person) probably…”why show Taylor, nobody cares about him….it should only be about ——–” Anyway THG cast better have thick skins – they’re on the firing line now (but they still won’t totally let the twilight cast off the hook, I bet).

    THG opens this weekend, maybe we get some “new” Taylor sightings next week.

  172. Lilly Says:

    @annie:”why show Taylor, nobody cares about him….it should only be about ——–” what really annoys me about this kind of thing is that those fans want to see Twilight break box office records but they really believe that it’ll happen with just Edward and Bella? A lot of people only go see those movies because of Taylor/Jacob.

    Do you guys think he’ll show up at the KCA’s?

  173. accv Says:

    you know, i have to admit… i used to be a robstener. not literally, but figuratively. well, maybe in twilight when i wasn’t into jake/taylor yet – but that’s besides the point. i know where those robsteners come from. especially when they’re close-minded.

    i had a beloved couple before. i did. i’m from the philippines, you see, and over there, loveteams are what the filipinos thrive on. he should be paired with her, she should be paired with him… and GOD FORBID, someone changes up or switches partners, oh LAWD… there will be hell to pay. i’m serious. it’s terrible over there. fandoms are just as nasty and do EXACTLY (if not worse) what the robsteners and other twihards/anti-taycobs do – make shit up and express their opinions in a vulgar manner. they claim to know the individuals involved – such this source said this, pics say that… i have an “extremely reliable, credible source” that i’m not telling you about.. all that jazz.

    i remember i used to visit boards… let’s say, the equivalent of e!online and all those sites. and i’d get into fandom fights for my couple. i’d say things like they do now. it was nasty. then someone who was a supporter of the couple (alias: r/c), but also another couple with the same guy (alias: r/j) – she was able to tame me and i learned. i became so much more open-minded and preferred to be peaceful. i admit, there were still instances when i’d want to lash out – but i kept my cool.

    so yes, i know where they come from. HOWEVER, i also learned that fighting fire with more fire only gives a larger fire. and that they aren’t your world. they aren’t your life. but i do know that they are entitled to feel that their “couple” is the best – that’s their passion, it’s cool. just… be fair about it. there’s no need for going below the belt. the whole comment about “why is taylor there, no one cares about him…. it should just be the other two” or whatever. ignorance. and close-mindedness. taylor is there because he’s part of the story still and imprints on renessme. good lord i think i misspelled that – i apologize. but anyway, that person obviously speaks for him/herself.

    anyhow, point is… something that should be universal among all fandoms – respect. love/like who you want, but what’s the point in being vulgar about the others? leave them alone if you don’t care for them. or be constructive and move on. no need to try and convince yourself and others that you know the 4-1-1 about certain people when you really only it from what you read and hearsay… and what you see. face it, showbiz is showbiz. hence, SHOW. sorry for being loquacious. :p what can i say? i’m a PASSIONATE friend of our beloved taylor. ;)

  174. Marianne Says:

    annie…Lilly…It’s funny how the Edward and Bella supporters think 5 movies of them sucking face would break box office records. LOL

    accv…you are so right about ships. It is even bad with soap operas when fans know respective actors are married and they want them to get a divorce. Good grief. A girl on a Twi board was posting all this nasty stuff about Taylor and his assistant being his boyfriend. When I told he was married with a child and I sensed from a lot of her postings that she wasn’t a Taylor fan and that maybe she might want to save her energy and move onto something she liked. Her answer was priceless… Taylor has a small p**is. LOL

  175. kia Says:

    If Rob and Kris split and both start dating other people then I fear for the threat level for the other half..especially Rob’s. Remember when Swift fans attack Lily C. last year for ruining their Taysquared reunion almost to the point of them giving her death threats on twitter. This is the reason why I don’t do the shipping thing.

  176. Lilly Says:

    @Marianne: so that was her answer? Classy! Lol And then Taylor fans that are teenagers…

  177. annie Says:

    @Marianne your comment jolted another classy comment over on “e” (they’re chittering about combining names ala Twilight (Peta + Katniss = Peniss). and pessimist mood that I am in, I expect it to go downhill from here.

  178. kia Says:

    LOL Peniss You guys are making my tummy hurt from laughing so hard

  179. joanie Says:

    I’m still dizzy from the ride down – how many more comments b4 george sticks up a new pic. At least it should deter anyone except the heartiest Taylor fans.

    Said I would only come back when Taylor emerged from hiding – loosely speaking that BD2 wink of him in “that shirt” I decided to count it as him giving us a peek. And I was afraid I might miss something here.

    Peniss – have to admit I choked on my ginger ale & it came out my nose – burns like hell. Now this is a gem – no Twi combo ever had me laughing – score 1 for the blankety blanks (do you think they realize what they did???)

  180. firereign Says:

    They don’t know how to spell — minor spelling correction….

    Peeta + Katniss = Peeniss (Panem spelling) agree score 1 for the blankety blanks.


  181. litebrite Says:

    Very little of Gale in THG (like Jacob in Twi), so Katniss & Peeniss need to do the heavy lifting in book 1.

    Very interested in seeing what Taylor’s next move will be.

  182. andrea Says:

    This is OT, but has everyone seen the teaser for Rob’s new movie? I don’t even know what I think. This looks disturbing.

  183. Marianne Says:

    andrea…saw the trailer…Guess Rob wants to get as far away as he can from Eduardo.
    I’m not a fan of those type of movies so I won’t see it but I have seen a few twi mom comments such as —–“Well Robert just went down the proverbial toilet :( If he wanted to be in porn movies he should have said no to twilight there are way to many teenagers that look up to him and for him to turn to this right away is not a good idea :( I am an unhappy TwilightMom :( Bad choice Rob. “

  184. meg Says:

    cosmoplis is a book and to be honest i dont blame rob for wanting to look at different roles to twilight he already has with wfe and remember me. i personally wont watch the film not my cup of tea but good look to him .

  185. kia Says:

    I think Rob trying to win with the Critics and Male audiance then teen girls and twimoms which its not a bad thing if you wanna get away the teen hearthrob ..Now will that work maybe with the critics but the verdict is still out with the male aud:

  186. Olivia Says:

    It doesn’t matter what RP does, I will never find him interesting. There’s just nothing there for me. Taylor is the only reason I still watch Twilight. But y’know, good luck to him.

    and I’m a little late to the party but man, that clip? “I didn’t know you’d be so… you”
    And I didn’t know you’d be so sexy Taylor.

  187. Emily Says:

    Andrea and Marianne–Not impressed, more disgusted by the Cosmopolis video. Whatever–I have no plans to see him in anything else, unless he’s ever in a movie with Taylor again.

    I’m going to see HG at midnight tonight. I don’t want to help them break any box-office records, but most of it was filmed about 20 minutes from where I live, so I’m excited to see places I recognize. I, however, was “late to the party” yet again, and knew nothing about the books when the movie was being shot here last year. Not that I care at all about stalking any of those stars, but it would have been kind of exciting to see someone famous, I guess.

    I will let you all know about the BD2 trailer when I get back. There BETTER BE MORE JACOB!!!!!

  188. jamie Says:

    I for one hope Taylor never does a movie like this. It’s just scary and crude to me. I’d much rather see him in movies that are an escape and fun to watch than just a bunch of lewd sex scenes and “cool” violence.

    This movie looks very amateur to me.

  189. Emily Says:

    Well, don’t go see the HG just for the BD2 trailer. There was no more Jacob–just the oh-so-tight shirt glimpse. Actually, there wasn’t even that much more of anyone. It was reallly short- not a full preview. Just a few more seconds of Bella hunting a deer and peeking around a tree with red eyes. I was quite disappointed. I think Lionsgate just built it up so more Twilight fans would go see HG. As far as the HG movie is concerned, it was well made and stayed pretty close to the book. It was loooong, though–about 2 1/2 hours.

  190. Lilly Says:

    So we’ll need to wait til Monday to see the full trailer? Well I hope to see more Jacob then.

  191. Lilly Says:

    A new pic and he was again at Paramount!!! Love that shirt :)

  192. Marianne Says:

    Thank goodness for fan pics. I am really pathetic since I recognize that shirt from the KCAs 2010.

    Emily…Lilly…I wonder if the March 26 trailer is going to be much longer than what was shown before THG. It seems like they would want to wait for a full trailer at the MTV awards.

  193. joanie Says:

    Recognize the shirt, too. Think trailer from THG movie is all we get. 8 more months till movie is released, if they promo it like BD1 we might get to see the whole movie b4 it’s released. Heard they’re still tinkering with it…a lot of CGI… more wolf and less Jacob the man…a grown up Ren….but maybe some Rosalie/Jacob scenes that didn’t make BD1.

    I personally think that Taylor & his advisory “team” decided to look at all their options & strategies; the movie fan’s interests are seemingly a difficult thing to predict these days, plus the economy has really put a damper on new projects getting the greenlight. Heard an interview w/Liam Hemsworth & he said “basically I don’t comment on my projects till a date’s been set for it to be released…I’ve had 4-5 projects in the last 2 years that I was scheduled for & they just disappeared…it’s really hard getting a movie made these days”….Taylor knows this first hand, don’t count your chickens b4 their hatched. I think we’ll be hearing something fairly soon, we know he hasn’t been sitting on his hands do nothing.

  194. Lilly Says:

    And that shirt is not so tight on him so he really is thinner now.
    As far as we know this is the 2nd time that he’s at Paramount so maybe this is a new project.

  195. tdl_jeanne Says:

    This is just speculation on my part, but Michael Bay is redoing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as an alien species this time)..and he was talking with Taylor about a project……and Taylor, with his ninja talents…HUMMMM???? Possibilities???? I hope not as he has already done the mutant thing..Sharkboy.♥♥♥♥♥

  196. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I don’t know about the trailer on the 26th. I hope we see more. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    How sad that I can’t wait for the Kids’ Choice Awards just b/c I might get a glimpse of him. I would be willing to be “slimed” myself if he would just make an appearance!

    I’m glad that he wears his clothes more than once. I like that he’s not pretentious and will rewear things even though he has enough money to buy a thousand wardrobes.

    tdl_jeanne–Please NO to Ninja Turtles! I remember how bizarre that movie or tv show (whichever it was) was when it came out in the first place. Taylor-Just NO!

  197. Marianne Says:

    tdl_jeanne…Emily….I thought the project he was looking at with Michael Bay was a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing only for teenagers? I’m not a fan of Michael Bay, seems kind of a jerk but if anyone can get along with him, it certainly would be Taylor.

  198. kia Says:

    Emily I’m with you on the ninja turtles project just a big fat NO!! I’m hoping its something else..

    But oh boy he’s looking very yummy in that pic!!

  199. joanie Says:

    So they’re bringing back Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael & Splinter…what can I say: spent many a year taking care of triplets (boys) who absolutely adored the ninjas & had me sweeping up broken lamps & just about anything breakable for years. they left a debris field that would put any city refuse pile to shame. Taylor definitely can look young enough to play to the kids….and if he wanted to get far enough away from Jacob that’d do it….but……….going from playing a wolf to playing a turtle doesn’t sound like a step up (I can hear the critics now)…..

  200. kia Says:

    When I f heard of the fan pic,the first thing that came on my mind was that @Skylar finally found him!! hehe hopes she having fun out there…
    This whole Ninja Turtle thing is bad idea even hardcore fans don’t want this project to happen what the hell is Micheal Bay thinking?

  201. kia Says:

    YaY!!! I’m the 200 commenter woohoo!!

  202. Olivia Says:

    I think he needs to steer clear of the action thing – for now. More boilerplate, standard action would give the critics exactly what they want: another opportunity to bash him. He needs to do something completely unexpected. Something with some brains in it.

    fyi.. Saw the Hunger Games.. pretty good I thought. No BD teaser in front of mine so no Jacob (boo – was kinda looking forward to seeing Jacob). Liked it more than Twilight. Apart from Taylor, there’s not much in Twilight for me. Katniss is a decent character. I think Taylor would be perfect as that kind of character. Strong, moral, protective, athletic, but sweet and vulnerable. It practically is Taylor already.

  203. accv Says:

    Tell me that getting defensive when I hear or read unnecessary Twilight references/bashing is justified. It’s become second-nature to me to defend it despite the knowledge that the series really does suck. Perhaps it’s because I know Taylor is a huge part of its success, and well… I’ll readily defend our guy’s passion and dedication to the role he portrayed. I was just on the blog of someone that graduated before me from college, and he notes some quotes from various sources about their reviews on HG. One such review mentions how it’s so much better than any of the Twilights and immediately my hands shot up and thought, “WHAT THE HECK?! This ISN’T about Twilight!” Tell me I’m not overreacting, and that I’m just defending the hard work our guy did to keep his role. :/ *sigh*

  204. kia Says:

    accv this whole Twilight vs THG is really annoying right now .From the fans bickering to the bashing I can’t take this no more. They both are different ,seriously!

    Although I do hear when BD2 trailer comes on before HG fans start booing but when Taylor appears the girls start going crazy! And they say that E/B are the only reason that the saga is a huge boxoffice hit HA!

  205. Skylar Says:

    Saw the HG today. It did live up to the hype, was a good movie and amazing book.
    Weird! Because when I went to the theater and the BD2 trailer came on barely any hype, but the second Taylor shows up there’s all the crazy and this is LA! Whistles and cat-calls flying around! I would love to see the look of some Robsteners who only thing Twilight’s a success because of the ‘Internal love of E/B.’

  206. Emily Says:

    Same thing happened at the theater I was in. Booing and groans when the BD trailer started, but some whistles and cat-calls when Taylor came on. Just groans and laughing at the other parts. “Eternal Love of E/B”–gag!!

    I desperately need some help. What does it say about me when I am distracted and staring at the about 15 year old boy who took my order at Chick-Fil-A today b/c his nose was shaped EXACTLY like Taylor’s? (Nothing else about him looked like him.) It says I need a major Taylor appearance, or news, or something, like NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Lilly Says:

    @Emily: I’m laughing because something similar happened to me a couple of days ago. I saw this guy and he was wearing a shirt that was showing his big arms and before Taylor I’d never look at that guy twice, not my type at all – sigh – but then he was tan and so ripped…Taylor ruined my life Lol

    I’m so happy that people are showing Tay/Jake some love! I think the only people that still can stand E/B are the book fans, general viewers don’t really care about that ‘epic’ love.

  208. Olivia Says:

    So many reviews I’ve read they say that Jacob gets the biggest number of screams/catcalls. Tells you something.

  209. Marianne Says:

    accv…I feel the same way about defending Twilight. THG is a better written book and they will be spending more on the movies right from the beginning. What I think is unfair is that the first Twilight was an indie film, small budget and it was the fans that started to make it big. THG has been billed as the next Twilight right from the start. I’m wondering if many fans will see it more than once like they do with the Twilight films. Personally, I’m glad for the gossip to move onto THG cast and give the Twi cast a break. It’s great hearing that our Jacob/Taylor gets love from THG audience.

  210. meg Says:

    to marianne i feel the exact same way . i think people ie critics forget that twilight was actually a small indie film and that nobody not even the cast for that matter expected it to get this big and that is why the films are successful and the cast are more grateful becuase they know it was the fans that got them there and not the media so to speak .

  211. Emily Says:

    @lilly–I’m glad it’s not just me! :)

  212. accv Says:

    funny how you guys mention taylor “look-a-likes.” i’ve been watching pretty little liars and one of the boyfriends looks to have native american blood in him. he could pass as a quiluete. crap, i forgot how to spell it, but yah… could totally pass for someone on twilight. so… kinda reminds me of taylor whenever i see him. he also plays a character similar to jake. tough on the exterior, but sweet deep down. sdkfjaldfjd. TAYYYLLAAAA!!!!

    as for twilight… i dunno. i have a like-hate relaysh with it now. it sucks, but at the same time, i see the appeal of the love story bet. the triangle. the feelings you get of first love, forbidden love, etc. i get it. but now, fans are taking it WAY too far and believing that eddie/bella are real just because kristen and rob are “together.” and jake is… well, w/e. i swear, the fans ruined it first. then all that e/b in the films… just too much. bleck.

  213. *Vickey* Says:

    Heyyy guys! :D

    @ACCV Haha I know who you’re talking about he does remind me of Jake.

    I love the pass convos, gotta jump back into them. About the trailer, IDK if I’m the only one that feels this way, but the teasers kill me! Lol. I know its a teaser and its suppose to be really short, but they bug me. Eeh. At least we got to see our man, he looks good! :)
    Can’t wait for the Second part.

    @ACCV I understand where you’re coming from some fans do take it to far with the whole Edward and Bella thing, but I just sit back and stay out of the arguments and all and try to enjoy the story.
    And @KIA about the whole THG stuff I had no idea some of that was going on until my roommate was like,” My brother told me the second book of the series was short, oh no another New Moon.” And I checked it out and ppl were comparing it and basing Twilight and I’m like,” Ummp, another Twilight vs. something fued.” -sits back- lol.
    And no, I just hope that doesn’t happen when I go see HG. I was gonna go the Friday it came out, but it was sold out, ugh, hate when that happens. Gonna try to see it this weekend with a friend though. :)
    I mean with Twilight shows alot of Bella and Edward, but I always do feel like they could show more Jake. Did love his scenes in BD though, just wish they would’ve kept the dog bowl scene with Rose. Haha!

    And Michael Bay does come off as a jerk to me too. -_-
    IDK, I like Bubblebee though. :P
    I’m not a big TMNT’s fan, but I guess we’ll just have to see what Taylor wants to do. I’m sure he’ll do something that’ll have a smile glued to our faces.

    Question guys: If Taylor didn’t do the Twilight Saga where do you think he would be right now? Or what would he be doing? :)