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I’ve added photos of Taylor Lautner at the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards a few moments ago. Additionally he won the ‘Favorite Buttkicker’ Award…congrats Taylor!
Update: Video of Taylor getting slime-ed added.

Gallery Link:
» 2012 Award Shows: Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards – Show

80 Responses to “Video + Photos: Taylor Lautner Attends Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards”

  1. kia Says:

    Congrats Taylor!! so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Olivia Says:

    He looks GORGEOUS! And he got slimed! ;D Thanks Taylor, you just made me day!

  3. litebrite Says:

    Well, the kids (not just the little ones, big ones too) loved him. He went over to the
    wall of kids & was shaking himself like a wet pooch throwing the green goo all over the place & they loved every minute of it. Been awhile since we’ve seen him laugh so much. Some backstage photos should be out soon.

  4. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Congratulations Taylor! And to all those who voted, good job!♥♥♥♥♥

  5. gaby Says:

    My baby win! eu amo vc Taylindo ♥

  6. Emily Says:

    Oh. My. God. Was I the only one who’s heart rate kicked into high gear when he started doing those push-ups so fast? Then, the sweaty look. Then, just as I predicted, he even looked gorgeous covered in green slime. It made his clothes clingy in all the right ways. Yum! I did feel bad when they shot him so hard right in the face.

    I’m so glad he won. OK, Hollywood–he has people who like him and want to see him in things. Get busy signing him to something NOW!!!!

  7. Lynise Says:

    @Emily IKr!! my heart rate was off the charts! im ever so proud of him!! he was so excited to get slimed (even though it was really hard)and did ya’ll see him go to the side and shake it on the kids? that was so cute. Like i said mad proud <3

  8. Emily Says:

    I forgot to mention—the way he always yanks his jacket off so fast–in Abduction, on Jimmy Kimmel before throwing the footballs, in some photo-shoot I saw, in the airport going to the Super Bowl, now this. I don’t know how in the world he can make such mundane things make me want to pass out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kia Says:

    My shouldn’t be in the gutter while I’m watching a kids awards show Damn you Tay!!!

    Emily Agree ..The fact that he’s getting props from Will Smith and Robert Downey Jr makes me so happy and so proud of him!

  10. Skylar Says:

    OMG! I’m so happy for him! You could tell he was so happy there, he really enjoyed himself with winning and getting slimed and all. It blasted him hard in the face it must of hurt but he still liked it and played so cutely with the kids at the side.

  11. accv Says:

    awwww that made me chuckle ;p i would’ve just jumped over that railing and smacked myself into him and SQUEEZED him! *snicker* he can slime me all he wants. oh yes.

  12. jamie Says:

    He’s so adorable. And even more proof of how popular he is. I just wish we’d gotten some K/T moments.

  13. Lilly Says:

    I still need to find a video of him accepting his award. But the slime thing was so funny! I’m just glad that he had a great time yesterday.

  14. Anon Says:

    @Lilly here you go:

  15. Emily Says:

    How funny that he beat out two of his most favorite people–Tom Cruise and Jessica Alba!!

  16. Marianne Says:

    Congrats to Taylor. Who wouldn’t enjoy being slimed by Taylor!!!

  17. Emily Says:

    @Marianne-I volunteer right now!

    This picture just makes me happy and I wanted to spread it around:

    Sigh. OK, Taylor darling, you’ve given us all a glimpse of you again, and as always you didn’t disappoint, and you’ve helped my withdrawl symptoms immensely, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know what you are doing next.

  18. #13 Says:

    NEXT PROJECT: Michael Bay has announced Taylor Lautner will play the role of Leonardo (leader of the ninja turtle pack). Now we know he looks good green – and also he will continue to walk into a buzz saw…the ninja purists are having a cow that the film is being remade (although it’s been done over & over again already) and the Taylor “bushmaster” screamers will be all over this…so Taylor fans you’re gonna need to keep the shields up & be ready to smack down the “death eaters” (mea culpa – yes I stole them from Harry Potter – but it fits).

  19. Anon Says:

    IT’S A APRIL FOOL JOKE! Scroll down and click “concept image of Taylor Lautner’s Leonardo.”

  20. litebrite Says:

    already had it figured out.

  21. joanie Says:

    Saw a picture of him sitting in the audience (w/Thor) b4 going on stage. Looked a bit nervous. I remember reading where Kristen said she’s a basket case in front of an audience & Taylor steadied her; but b4 getting on stage it’s Taylor who is a bundle of nerves.

  22. Narmin Says:

    He is so funny! We love you, Taylor!

  23. Lilly Says:

    @Anon: Thank You! Aww he’s always so adorable! It was a little bit awkward that Swift stood up but he just ignored her :P

  24. Marianne Says:

    Lilly…I missed the Swift moment….what happened?

  25. firereign Says:

    Off topic, but it rubs me the wrong way when someone comes in & cops another persons user name (deliberately so their comment appears credible). Not kosher at all!

  26. jasmine Says:

    Did he and Kristen really not take any pics together? :( I wonder if they even saw each other.

  27. tdl_jeanne Says:

    I love where he is sharing the slime with the kids. Too funny! In that one where he is holding up two fingers on each hand to the audience, are we seeing the backs of Thor’s head, Randy’s(?) head (security), and Dan’s head? I wonder what the procedure for getting the slimed stars home is. Cannot imagine Taylor sliding into any of his cars covered in slime….I have this vision of Dan et al riding home in Taylor’s car with him running behind, leaving gobs of green slime down the boulevard, heading for home LOL!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  28. Skylar Says:

    Haha I noticed that too! When he got up to get his awards you could see Swift standing up clapping and smiling at him but he didn’t even payed attention lol :)
    Do you have the link to that picture or where you found it?

  29. Anon Says:

    @Skylar I think its this one (Taylor and Thor):

  30. accv Says:

    ROFL! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, that was HILARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing when I noticed Swifter standing up and clapping for him then he totally flies by, hitting the kids’ hands and completely ignoring her. Thas righ’ Swifter, he be movin’ onnnn up! ;)

    Oh. and YES. He always seems to win KCA’s. And a certain someone doesn’t even get nominated. :p TBH, I was rooting for Emma to win Fave Movie Actress. Thought she’d bag it this time since HP is already done… but no. Hella messed up. I think HP got snubbed on every level. :/ And I’m surprised Taylor didn’t mention how odd it feels to win against his ultimate crush :p

    And lastly… aren’t kids supposedly the most honest critics? So then, if you please the kids, you must be doing SOMETHING right.

  31. accv Says:

    Speaking of Jessica Alba… I’m still interested in seeing him doing a movie with her where they’re actually INTERACTING. Maybe in a few more years, he could play her love interest ;p

  32. accv Says:

    And I wish Taysten sat together :/ I miss them. Hope there are backstage pics of the two at least.

  33. Marianne Says:

    accv…I missed some Taysten pics too, although I have a feeling they keep in touch in other ways. He sent her pics of Australia when he was promoting there. Whenever I see Swiftie I always think “you fool”…you blew a chance with such a great guy.

  34. kia Says:

    I didn’t even notice Swift because I was to busy staring and drooling LOL… I notice her fans are making a big deal out of it so whatever don’t care ,moving on .

    accv …I was looking forward for some Taysten pics and Taylena but I guess it happen,maybe they hungout backstage…

    Oh did anybody thought that Taylor was the celeb mystery voice, I was guessing that it was him or Justin Bieber. LOL

  35. accv Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Hey ya’ll, check out the look on the First Lady’s face! :p!

  36. accv Says:

    Question… why was there a celeb mystery voice and the other surprise celeb? JW.

  37. accv Says:

    Just saw on my twitter TL from a Rob fan about how EDWARD CULLEN looks good in GRAY. LOL! As we all know, our beloved guy wore the same color at the KCA… soo yeah… :p

  38. Skylar Says:

    Thanks Anon! You could see he was nervous, but he didn’t need to be, kids love him!
    Wow, that must of been a shocker for him to really meet the First Lady covered in slime! But she understood it was fun for all of them.:)

  39. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I don’t think Lilly answered yet about the TS moment. I’ve been waiting for someone else to mention it. I have made a vow never to type her name here. accv and Skylar did give most of the story. It was hilarious and I saw it live and then had to rewind my tape and watch several more times. She stood up as soon as his name was shown as the winner and started clapping. He took off running and was high-fiving kids on his right and ran right past her on his left without even glancing that way. Now, I don’t think he would ever be deliberately rude to her or anyone else. I think he was just making sure to pay attention to the kids, but it was still hilarious to me.

    I never had a problem with her until BTD came out and I just decided she has to be the biggest idiot in the world to give him up by choice. She made her apologies and Taylor seemes to have moved on just fine and they may be friends now, but I have to be loyal and somewhat dislike her b/c she hurt our beloved. I wish her no ill will in life, but she should have had enough sense to appreciate what she had when she had it.

    Did anyone notice Katy Perry’s face when the camera shot to her and TS while he was getting slimed? She looked really concerned for him when they shot him in the face so hard, like “Oh, poor thing.” I thought it was funny.

  40. Marianne Says:

    Emily…Thank you for the Swift info. I looked for the video and I agree with you that I think he was just paying attention to the kids. I used to be a fan of hers when she first started but got tired of all the songs about guys. BTD should have been sung to him privately. I am close to starting a rant so I will shut up.

  41. accv Says:

    @Emily… I thought that was Selena. I don’t remember seeing Swifter with them until other pics came out with that boy band performing. In fact, it looked like Selena was smiling a little. I’m sure they knew it was in good fun.

  42. Emily Says:

    Marianne–You’re welcome. We all need to rant sometimes, and I always agree with your’s.

    Sorry for typing so much everyone, but I forgot to ask before:
    In the push-up picture at the top (#12/30, I think), did anyone notice that Taylor is wearing the same boots he wore to the hand/footprint ceremony? Acutally, he seems to always be wearing them. If so, they’ve been through a lot–cement and now slime.

    I never thought I would be jealous of an orange carpet, but in that push-up picture, if the carpet had eyes, oh what a beautiful sight to see that coming at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. accv Says:

    @Marianne… I have to admit, I only noticed her after the whole “Taysquared” thing started. I got curious about her so I started looking her up and watching things. She seemed like a cool, silly girl. I even tweeted to her that I loved “You Belong With Me.” And then I saw the SNL gig. I was amused. Then news broke out about their break-up and John Mayer in December… and I was like… “Youuuu… DIDN’T.” And then I disliked her. :p

  44. Emily Says:

    accv-You’re right, it was Selena sitting there. I’ve looked at so many pics, I get mixed up. I’m sure they knew it was in good fun and he was fine, I just think Katy’s expression was funny. Maybe she was remembering what that slime-to-the-face felt like, b/c I think it happened to her last year when she was presenting.

  45. accv Says:

    @Emily I know this is gonna sound SO bad, but that’s one of the closest moments we’ll ever see with him uhhmm…. on top of… somethin….. :p I don’t know why I can’t type out the actual action. It’s weird. HAHAHA!

  46. Olivia Says:

    accv.. If I’m right, I believe what you’re referring to is as Ross Geller would call it, ‘the physical act of love.’


  47. Tayfan4ever Says:

    @Emily, that pair of boots is his very beloved pair. That’s why he always wears them. =)

    And yeah, he got hit pretty hard, and I’m sure he loved every minute of it.

  48. Marianne Says:

    accv…I think TS was pretty full of herself then and despite all the warnings from various people in her life she went for John M. and I knew she was going to be sorry. She needs her “guy” picker examined. I think that is why we are fans of TL because we know what a class act he is and back when TS broke up with him, I remember saying to myself “you are going to be sorry girl.” I wonder if she is thinking that since he and Lily are not together, there might be another opportunity.

  49. kia Says:

    I’m sorry but that opportunity has be thrown out the window a long time ago…

  50. Emily Says:

    @accv–I know what you mean. What’s wrong with me? I was watching a KIDS award show and I felt so bad that my mind just immediately went there and then he started out so fast and I just thought, what stamina he must have for, you know, running and stuff. . . ;)

    I’m so sorry Taylor. I really do love you for so much more than your looks/sex appeal, but God, you’re not helping when everything you do is just so “unf.”

    @Olivia–Ha! I love Friends and quote those characters all the time.

  51. Skylar Says:

    I feel the same way! Now that he’s possibly single (we don’t know him and Sara yet), she probably still hopes there’s a hope for them. We all now her fans would love that :/
    I don’t know what it is but something about her just irks me, maybe its because of how she always seems to cling to him not literally but like what she did at the KCA’s; poor girl dreaming.

  52. kia Says:

    Emily he’s the first celeb I know that made slime look sexy! … Lets not forget when he was doing his pushups my mind was like Damn he has the tightest ass I have ever seen!!

    Skylar…There also could be a chance that him and Sara maybe back on….

  53. Skylar Says:

    Kia, I know I’m secretly hoping they are back on… Is that bad?

  54. accv Says:

    one thing i noticed was after lily and him broke up during the LA premiere of abduction, that interview in paris… in fact, all of the interviews in paris where they were together, taylor seemed so… dorky and giddy? just about every single interview they had together, he would stare so intently at lily during most of the interview. i don’t recall him doing that with kristen. and well, we never actually saw the two taylors do an interview together – thank GOD for that.. but yah, i noticed… and others on youtube noticed that he was definitely staring at lily during most of those interviews. and it wasn’t those usual like, “i’m being respectful and paying attention to you while you talk” stares, but like… an admirable and longing gaze.

    not that i’m trying to say that there’s something… but i feel like taylor has never looked at any of his women co-stars like that before. the staring was almost in this wistful, regretful way. i dunno. just hard not to notice when i watched those interviews. and because he never had any interviews with swiffer, we never really saw any behaviors like that. w/e. i believe that taylor thought he knew her, but after the whole breakup and then her rendezvous with the notorious mayer, he realized they weren’t really on the same wavelength afterall. of course, this is me just speculating… but that’s my view on it. i could go on about what i feel about her, but ANYWAYS. taylor belongs with me. what? :p

  55. Lilly Says:

    @accv: I noticed that Taylor was different around Lily in those interviews too. It was so nice to see him like that :)

    I found this gif of Tay and Selena at the KCAs. It’s really small though :(

  56. Lilome Says:

    Well tdl-jeanne let me tell you how Taylor got home with the slime- I wrapped him in a large blanket and drove him back to my hotel. There was a hot bubble bath waiting and I scrubbed him down. Bwaaahaa!
    As for the boots, I’m guessing he has more than one pair.
    Does anyone know where I can find a clip of him doing the pushups?

  57. nameless Says:

    Backstage wasn’t the usual jam packed scene like most shows. crew & presenters. A few credentialed photopgraphers. Did see Taylor talking w/Gomez, Justice, Miranda Cosgrove & Katy Perry (didn’t talk to Swift but pulled her hair when he walked by her)..Robert Downey, Will Smith & his kids, couple of others who had their kids in tow (all b4 he took his seat, didn’t see him after they hosed him down). Best bet is if someone posts their audience pics/videos on facebook, twitter or youtube. Don’t expect KS/TL, pretty certain she was already gone b4 he got there.

  58. Jennie Says:

    Where can I watch Taylor ignore Swift ? :)

  59. Lilly Says:

    @nameless: so he pulled her hair ..he’s such a kid!

    @Jennie: it was when they announced him as the winner but it was not a big deal :)

  60. Marianne Says:

    I bet Swiftie wishes she could pull something on Taylor LOL.

    accv…I agree with you on the Lily and Taylor interviews. Hard to know what their relationship was. I only paid attention to her and her projects because of Taylor but she really holds no interest to me otherwise.

    lilome…You were a sneaky girl to take Taylor back to your hotel and not share him.

  61. Olivia Says:

    Lilly.. aww that’s cute. I love the little Tay/Sel interactions, even though they barely see each other anymore. I love how mature they are with each other after their breakup. Unlike someone else..

  62. kia Says:

    Lilome I bet that was good ass scrub down wasn’t it..Did you dry him off Wink…LOL

    I think Taylor shows that you can be on good terms with your ex and be friends without any grudges even if it ended badly,you certainly can move on.. Maybe Swift can learn from that.

    Skylar: There’s nothing wrong with that. Sara seems ok with me its just sad she gets flack from fans for no reason.

  63. joanie Says:

    Razzies are out of the way – Adam Sandler won all 10 – even worst actress (for movie/Jack & Jill )

  64. Skylar Says:

    Wait nameless, were you there?!?!? Or was it a video you saw!

  65. accv Says:

    hahaha @Skylar… my thoughts exactly. like, wait.. WHAT? and i want taylor to pull my hair :( i’d grab his butt right after. ROFL!

    and i love that little gif of taylor and selena. *sigh* what could’ve been! damn you bieber and taylor’s management…. alsdfjalskfj.

  66. kia Says:

    How the hell did pull her hair?? @accv I think everybody is tempted to his cute tush hell even Rob said he has a good ass! LOL

  67. Lilome Says:

    Never thought I would be jealous of a carpet! Dear Gawd…..just so many thoughts ….none appropriate to post…..what’s wrong with me?!?
    Kia you know me too well. I read an earlier post about towels and I thought “towels?
    TOWELS? Amateurs! “

  68. Anon Says:

    there are 4 new Backstage pics:

  69. kia Says:

    DEAD!!!!.. How do he manage being sexy and cute covered in slime all at the same time!!!!!
    He is not Human!!

  70. accv Says:

    i would’ve been like.. to swiffer picker upper… “Did it hurt Swiffer? Did it hurt… when he didn’t go back to December… did it hurt?” ROFL. I’m sooooo corny! Sorry!

    And speaking of gay rumors… why is it that Taylor gets all the crap when Rob is the one making the moves?! Psh. I’ve got gaydar on Rob! :p

  71. accv Says:

    OH… and can I just say that if Taylor and Lily are nominated for Best Kiss in June… we HAVE to ROCK THE SH*T out of those polls. Taylor deserves it AT LEAST this once, and those other two can win again next year with another lackluster whatever they call it. :p It just sucks because I’m thinking that because there are many who DON’T like Lily, won’t vote for them anyways because it’s with her and let Robsten slide yet again. Well, w/e. At LEAST it isn’t the other girl! So whatcha guys say? Let’s join forces and vote the heck out of that category so our beloved guy can win a much-deserved award for his hard work.

  72. Marianne Says:

    Aww…Taylor said that he always wanted to be slimed and he got his chance. He is such a kid. (A sexy one at that)

    Accv…I know there are various Robsten sites that were so fed up with voting like crazy so they could win best kiss that they are moving on to the HP kiss. I think Taylor and LC would at least give the audience a great kiss not some sparkle suckface.

  73. kia Says:

    accv OF COARSE!!! I don’t care what some of his fans think about Lily , I rather seem them then seeing the same people on stage year after year ZZzzzzz….

  74. Anon Says:

    Do you know when the MTV Movie Awards nominations will be announced?

  75. Emily Says:

    @accv–I will vote for him until my fingers bleed!!! Not really, but I will do it as much as possible when voting opens, IF he’s nominated. I hope you don’t have to vote for all the categories every time like the KCAs. That got really annoying. Only for you Taylor!!!!

    @Lilome–I think I mentioned bringing some extra towels to help someone else clean him off, but I only said “towels” b/c I didn’t have the nerve to type what I would REALLY like to do to help him clean up ;)

    @Anon–I just looked it up and the MTV Movie Awards will be June 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It said that the nominees are usually announced in early May.

  76. Lilome Says:

    Emily, I didn’t have the nerve to type it either! I assume the towels are for his hair and boots, right? And am I the only one who feels guilty and slightly creepy for voting so often in The Kids Choice Awards?

  77. Emily Says:

    Lilome–You’re right–his hair and boots needed the towels. I think I would have found some other way to help with the rest. And, yes, I also felt a little strange going to so often, but I was determined to do my part in helping him win. I bet I voted about 100 times.

  78. kia Says:

    Lilome ,Emily I’m just is guilty as both of ya’ I voted like everyday just because I wanted to see him.

  79. Marianne Says:

    Did anybody hear about TL being in Adam Sandler’s Grown Up 2 film?

  80. jamie Says:

    I just read about it.

    I’m really not loving this move.