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Check out a photo of Taylor Lautner with fellow actor Madison Pettis.

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83 Responses to “Photo: Taylor Lautner Poses with Fellow Actor Madison Pettis”

  1. Shazam Says:

    He is looking fab as per usual! *sighs* Yep ovaries, you know it’s coming…KABOOM!!

  2. kia Says:

    Shazam.. Julia Jones (Leah) said today at a Twilight Convention that Taylor likes to use his standard sexy eyes and Oh Boy she ain’t lying! He truly can undress a women with those eyes in 5seconds maybe less….Sigh

  3. Emily Says:

    kia–Is there footage of that online yet? I’d like to hear her talk about this.

  4. Shazam Says:

    @kia He can undress me with his sexy eyes ANYDAY…OH WAIT! He already does that on a daily basis. Now, we need to figure out a way for us to get him to do it with his hands yes? :P
    @Emily I’d love to hear her say that! Hope there is somewhere!! :)

    He is just too yummy and that’s just the bonus. He is so charming, polite, smart, sweet…I’d go on but I will kill myself by drowning in tears and choking on envy. *sighs* I just hope whoever he is with now and in the future tretas him right and appreciates him because he really is a rare diamond. Wish there was a bit of him for everyone, we could all use a Tay in our lives!
    Anyway, I’m actually starting to get excited about GU2. Even if it is not going to be the best thing he is involved in and it is not a HUGE role, getting to see him and hear some things about him are A ok in my books!
    Looking forward to some set pics and BTS stuff. Oh, and hopefully some new project news? I know it won’t come until later in the year if he does indeed have another project (or 2…or is that wishful thinking?) but still, I’m excited to say the least!
    As much as I love seeing him do interviews and press junkets since he is the only one out of the trio that I can tolerate when it comes to public speaking, I am hoping he takes a step back from the promo duties in October/November. I think he needs some space from the Twiverse. Hope he can dive into a meaty project and have the perfect excuse not to be there at all times but I reckon he will be there left, right and centre as always. The powers that be will know that he attracts A LOT of the fans (even if the Robsteners don’t like to admit it) and media attention so they will want him there.
    When do they start filming GU2? Next month?
    Oh and is it me or did someone say he was in Michigan this weekend?

  5. kia Says:

    @Emily @Shazam Twilight Lexicon was doing updates earlier,no word on a video yet.

  6. Skylar Says:

    Damn, I really want to see footage of Julia saying that! We all here dreamed of him using those sexy eyes on us at some point. ;)
    Where did you hear that from?

  7. Emily Says:

    @Shazam and Skylar–Why does the line from Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” keep going through my head?? “When he give me that look, then the panties coming off!”
    Kidding, of course,(I think) but that’s immediately what I thought of when I read Kia’s post. I swear my mind isn’t always in the gutter like that. Something about him just sends it there.;)

  8. kia Says:

    @Emily @Skylar @ Shazam If he gets us with his eyes what in the world would happen if he do his first love scene LAWD HELP US ALL!

    I think the studio should give out a warning or give a list of rules.

    Rule number 1.bring an extra set of panties.
    2.have a oxygen tank by side.
    3.Have somebody with you that knows CPR.
    4.Have 911 on speed dial.

  9. 13 Says:

    the gals in the pic. I know one of them is Madison Pettis, another disney peep.

  10. accv Says:

    i believe madison pettis is a team jacob gal. i dunno. i’m having a moment of recalling reading it somewhere, but NO clue where :p unless i heard it. :p

    ANYWAYS. funny story. you know how we all forget that taylor is ONLY 20? my cousin is nearing her last year of teenhood, and whenever i like GUSH over taylor in front of her or in front of my cousins and siblings and boyfriend (uhhhh… :p!!!), she ALWAYS manages to remind me, “YAH. and he’s practically MY AGE.” then i automatically go, “he sure doesn’t look like it… and whatever… call me a cougarita!” LOL! *sigh*

    @kia… if THAT ever happens, i wouldn’t be squirming and giggling and dying in the theatre – i’d do that at home. i’d PRETEND to be “bored” during that type of scene, especially in front of my bf. but i’ll go all out at home. OHHHH MANNN.

    and ya’ll know that song that comes on during “the lucky’s one” trailer? HEHEHEHE. imagine that song playing in the background with taylor taking off your clothes. oh my god, bringing upon my own death again…. -_-

  11. kia Says:

    @accv DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (+___+)
    GU2 will start filming in the first week of May and will wrap up in Aug.9 ..Wow looks like Tay will be busy this summer with GU2,MMA’s and maybe Comic Con and TCA plus not to mention a possible photoshoots in the fall well Tay looks like your vacation is over….

  12. jasmine Says:

    Speaking of The Lucky One. Does anyone remember when Taylor had dinner with Nicholas Sparks? I was really hoping something would come of that.

  13. Emily Says:

    @jasmine-YES, I do remember that. I think he would be great in that kind of story. The first time I saw the trailer for that, I thought that it would have been a great role for Taylor in 2 or 3 years. Wouldn’t he look great in camo? . . . and the boxer-briefs that ZE has on;)

  14. Lilly Says:

    I wonder how many days Taylor will shoot GU2. I guess just a couple of weeks, right?

    Like I said before I hate his books, they’re so cheesy but I LOVE the movie The Notebook.

  15. Marianne Says:

    Our paper had an interview with Nicholas Sparks and there was no mention of what he is working on just talks about his previous books Notebook etc. I was hoping there might be a hint of something.

    Lilly…I’m with you on just a couple of weeks for GU2.

  16. kayla Says:

    Love Taylor. You know so much here. I heard he might be filming something in England, is that true?

    maybe you can help me; there are books called Clockwork Angel & Prince (victorian ancestors of the Mortal Instruments series that Lily Collins & Jamie are in) we’re imaginary casting the characters & my cousin says I need to checkout Hudson Thames for Will (I’ve never heard of him) does anyone here know him??

  17. joanie Says:

    Taylor in England – heard something a couple a months ago he was going to spend some time there, but didn’t say why.

    that guy Hudson is from tv. but funny thing I just saw a VW commercial with a father son & searched it out. it was him. really pretty blue eyes. have to check those books out, I like victorian set stories.

  18. wiffleball Says:

    Had to come back- the Oops saga continues-not a HG on Rodeo Dr just yet, but
    Jimmy Kimmel & the Zac had a race to who could get off a layer of 3 bras off his sidekick Guillermo the fastest (done with humor or a little feigned embarrassment it really could’ve been funny) but add in the previous stunts…tacky tacky tacky
    Next step: (still too soon for Rodeo Dr) how about:
    candid photos of ZE tucking dollar bills in the g-string of an exotic dancer at a charitable event for wayward publicists. Manly and benevolent at the same time.

  19. CF008 Says:

    Holy Crow, never thought I’d get sucked in on commenting. This is just too good to pass on. My contribution for Efron’s publicists:
    candids/video of him getting a tramp stamp.

    Young Mr Lautner stick w/narrowing those eyes, that smirky smile that efficiently strips a gal down to her victoria secrets/hanes/calvin klines whatever, it’s much sexier, just like your fans here seem to know. Less is always MORE.

  20. jackie Says:

    Just spent my break time & more catching up (friend told me I needed to check you out). Really got a chuckle & better info than I get from my overpriced therapist. Only know Taylor from tv. A good looking seemingly nice kid. Now I think there’s a lot more to him & I’m old enough to be his grandmother (have some nice granddaughters can use them as an excuse). Lunchtime I’ll check out the net on him.

  21. joanie Says:

    @CF008 I know Taylor believes in equal opportunity – so where’s the line form
    I’ll put on my “bestest” fruit of the looms – they may not be vera wang but with my assets (in my dreams) I don’t need a pricy gift wrap. I’ll pick out a color that brings out the “sparkle” (strike that) brings out the gleam in my eyes.

  22. Lilly Says:

    Just because we’re talking about ZE here:

    “Interesting: Taylor Lautner, Channing Tatum greeted fans for at least 30 mins before doing carpet at their premieres. Not so Zefron.”!/AmyKinLA/status/192075318402613249

  23. Shazam Says:

    @Skylar I just thought I read in one of the comments on another thread something about him being there but maybe I was seeing things!
    @CF008 @jackie Welcome!
    @Lilly Interesting indeed. Tay and Channing have a lot in common. Channing had the same pretty boy rep after Step Up but he has worked really hard over the past few years to get rid of that and really step up himself. I read he is now the next big thing that Holllywood are waiting for since the big guns are getting on a bit. Hopefully Tay will keep on challenging himself to different roles and have a great future in the biz.
    I can’t wait for some new photoshoots! My droolbox is getting low…need some scrummy yummy pics to keep me going until we see him in the cinemas again! :P

  24. Marianne Says:


    Shazam…I remember that THR gave TL a great review for Eclipse and he was on their list along with Channing for up and coming leading men. Personally, I can’t wait for some of the older stars to move on and give the younger ones a chance. Maybe Taylor and Rob could go surfing together in Malibu so we could have some new pics. Taylor would probably wear a t-shirt!!! “My droolbox is getting low”…love your comments.

  25. samantha Says:

    no one can look at him and not get lost in his sexy eyes

  26. Sanj Says:

    Hi everyone! i have to agree….those eyes are amazing!! oh why isnt he older (or i younger) hahahaha

  27. firereign Says:

    @Lilly entertainment writer for the LA Times said that, wow. Agree Tatum is a force.

  28. kia Says:

    @Marianne I’m sure alot of Taybert/Roblar fans would love to see that! LOL .

    THR is the only one that I respect because they don’t go overboard with there reviews ,even when Abduction was getting trash by everyone who was bashing and throwing dirt in Tay’s face THR played fair and wasn’t even harsh on him,mostly blame it on the script and not his acting..

    @Shazam I think its time for a new photoshoot too! How about DETAILS or VF I heard somebody said she would like for the Twilight cast to do a Vanity Fair shoot together since its the saga is coming to a end but of coarse some R/K fan said no only Rob and Kristen..Sigh only a Robsten fan would say that…………………….

  29. Emily Says:

    Welcome CF008 and jackie and Sanj!

    jackie-Let us know what you found out on your internet search. I would recommend checking Google “images” first. You can see what all the fuss is about more quickly that way.

    We don’t let Taylor’s age (or our’s) interfere with our comments/wishful thinking on here.
    As he/Jacob said in New Moon, “Age is just a number, baby!” Hotness is hotness, at whatever age.

    Marianne–You’re right about Taylor probably wearing a t-shirt at the beach. I think he likes to tease us just that much. Actually, since he says he’s afraid of sharks (Really SHARKBOY???), maybe that’s why he’s never seen at the beach.

    Taylor in England–I still have a dream of Taylor+Emma Watson=movie I would love to see!!!

  30. Lilly Says:

    I remember watching the movie She’s the Man and thinking to myself: Wow, Amanda Bynes is so much better than this guy (Tatum) He’s a horrible actor Lol
    And now look at their careers!

  31. jasmine Says:

    If anyone out there wants a piece of Taylor, they’re auctioning him off ;)

  32. Sanj Says:

    @Emily Thanks for the welcome. I’m ashamed to say it, but if Taylor was in England filming, i would so stalk him! lol. ok maybe not stalk! lol. but yeah i would like a taylor + Emma movie! lol

  33. Sanj Says:

    @jasmine wow if i had the money!! hahaha

  34. Katrina Says:

    Welcome CF008, Jackie and Sanj. You’re going to love this site!

  35. Emily Says:

    Oh my Lord! I just got my tax refund today. I may have to do some bidding. Owning something Taylor actually wore would be the closest I’d ever get to meeting him. But what would I DO with them? I don’t think I could get them on my life-size cardboard cut out of him that lives in my closet. I’m so sad. Acutally, I’m thinking of some uses for them now :)

    So, he wears a size 31X30 in jeans, small or medium shirts, and a size 9 in boots. Interesting. I don’t know why that is interesting to me, but it is.

  36. kia Says:

    Dammit I actually thought they auction Taylor himself!!!! LOL

  37. Emily Says:

    @kia–IF ONLY!! I think we could all pool our resources and get in on that together. If we won, we’d have to come up with some way to share. That would be hard:)

  38. kia Says:

    @Emily That would be so much fun though. I can see both of us at the bidding war wearing sunglasses on so nobody know who we are but then we spot Marianne,accv, Skylar,Lilome,Lily and Shazam all wearing sunglasses doing the same thing were doing..that would be so hilarious! But it sure would turn into one big group party!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Tay he’ll be so tired after were done with him…..WINK

  39. Marianne Says:

    kia…if we keep him well hydrated, he should be able to handle us all !! Although, we may have to threaten Shazam as she may want to hold him hostage and not share.

  40. Lilome Says:

    Kia I love your plan! As for the sunglasses, I suggest Aves!

  41. jamie Says:

    Both Rob and Kristen will have films at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The press about this is going to be so annoying.

  42. Marianne Says:

    jamie… There is a side of the Twi fandom that is annoyed that the BD reshoots and the “Robsten” PR pics from Vancouver coming before Cannes will take the attention away from Rob’s film. They think the paps will only be interested in the Robsten relationship in Cannes.

    I saw a tweet from SH that she was babysitting and it reminded me of a tweet from Chris Weitz when asked who from the Twi cast would he let babysit his son—-Anna Kendrick or Taylor.

  43. kia Says:

    Jamie, Marianne I have a feeling that the newly engaged Brangelina would be getting the most attention at Cannes.

    Of coarse Robstens,Ted.C, Courtjustice and HL would be shoving Robsten down everybody’s throats

  44. jasmine Says:

    BD reshoots are weeks before Cannes, so I don’t know why anyone would worry. I doubt they’ll get any real attention in the media.

    The trailer for Rob’s movie is out too.

    I don’t know. I don’t like it, but I do hope Taylor gets some opportunities like this in the future.

  45. vera Says:

    Fans of Taylor most pleasant & not envious, I always knew it.
    None of the sites dedicated to Robert and Kristen, I have never seen the “Abduction” trailer, or anything else connected with the news about Taylor career steps or on his successes…

  46. Lilly Says:

    @vera: and people think that Taylor fans are teenagers and immatures…

    I have nothing against those 2 but I choose to ignore them because the majority of their fans are so annoying.

  47. kia Says:

    There’s aleast about 55 films being screened at Cannes star’s like Nicole kidman,Zac Efron,Brad Pitt ,Reese Witherspoon,Bill Marry and Matthew Maconorhay all have films at the festival . But of coarse when you hear comments like who cares its all about the Golden Couple there’s 2 thing that comes to my mind even William and Kate gonna attend or Taylor and Me! make an appearance JUST KIDDING!!! LOL.

  48. Olivia Says:

    Can’t say Rob and Kristen have ever interested me. I just don’t find them appealing.

    The trailer wasn’t very interesting. Sex and violence to get attention has never impressed me.

    Have to say I’m really looking forward to set pictures Grown Ups 2. Taylor’s beautiful self can make any day brighter. Can’t wait for May:)

  49. Marianne Says:

    Nikitajuice has a new manip of Taylor. For some reason I have been unable to make a link. I think we all wouldn’t mind posing for the camera he is holding. Apparently, Taylor is playing his usual game of ninja.

  50. Emily Says:

    @Marianne–I will try to make the link.
    Sorry if it doesn’t work.

    @Olivia–I’ve never cared for Rob and Kristen either. I only like Kristen when she’s with Taylor. She seems like a different person then. Rob can be funny on his own. They are just both so socially awkward to me, it’s hard to watch them. Onscreen they are ok together, but I’ve never understood the worship they receive from those rabid Robsten fans.

  51. accv Says:

    @kia… hmmm, I’d have to say, I’d be like Shazam and steal him away for myself. :p I realize sharing is caring, but with Taylor – SO. DAMN. HARD. *sigh* Miss our guy. But I can be patient. May is almost here. ALLLLLLMMMOOOST.

  52. Shazam Says:

    @kia @Marianne I’d only hold him hostage for a little while…but it would be a game!
    @accv He is hard to want to share but I wouldn’t hesitate in sharing him with you ladies one bit! ;) We all deserve a bit of his perfection.
    Yep, ninja mode again folks. Not to worry, hopefully we shall have some brand new pics and things VERY soon! :)

  53. *Vickey* Says:

    lol! I really thought you meant they were auctioning him off too! Haha. You know for like a date or to raise money for a charity or something. Ahhh so close. :P
    @accv Agreed he is gonna be sooo busy.
    @Shazam Love your optimism! New pictures would be nice. :D

  54. kia Says:

    @accv @Shazam I know it is so hard to share something that is beautiful but like Shazam said we all deserve this delicate dessert!

    I remember were getting onset pics about almost everyday when he was filming Abduction lets hope we get some new onset pics Finger Crossed!!!!!!!

  55. Lilome Says:

    Kia enjoy the time in France with Taylor! And since you’re in France (where the desserts are decadent) l suggest cream filled eclairs. You can find something to do with them…..

  56. Marianne Says:

    Lilome…I will never look at a filled eclair the same again!!!

    Emily…Thank you for putting the nikita link up. My computer was not happy editing.

  57. kia Says:

    @Lilome ASDFGHJKL at your comment ! Yes we cannot wait to be chilling on a Yacht enjoying the sun on the beach on the French Riviera going to the restaurants hitting the sexiest clubs.I’m already packing Bikinis,shoes,sunglasses skipping the Victoria Secret I mean why would I buy something when its gonna be rip off in 2seconds!!!

  58. sanj Says:

    @kia ….quit making us jealous!! lol

    @katrina …im loving the site already!

  59. kia Says:

    @Sanji Sorry I got a little carried away don’t worry even I’m getting jealous of my own imagination LOL

  60. sanj Says:

    @ kia our imaginations can run wild when it comes to TL! lol

  61. Shazam Says:

    @Lilome ROFL!!! :DDDD Ah yes, the cream filled eclair. You can enjoy them in so many ways… ;)
    @kia So shall we say tomorrow at noon in the Champs Elysee? Tay can take care of bringing the eclairs… :P
    @Marianne Hahahaha, me neither! I think I’ll enjoy them even more now!!
    @Sanj My imagination is is SAVAGE!

  62. kia Says:

    @Sanji @Shazam He’s the only one that make our imagination wild!!!!

    Wonder how Tay felt last night since Nashville beat the Detroit Red Wings in the playoff’s..Feel like I wanna hug him right now..

    @Shazam nothing like a good Sunday afternoon having fun and enjoying Tay’s and his eclair Wink

  63. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Cooling off the hotness!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  64. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks @Jeanne! You just made my night… well morning its 1:44 AM here in TX. LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture. Haha. Have a stuck smile on my face. I think I might join him, I need a nice swim. been stressed from my last 2 weeks of college, freshmen year. Lol! :P

  65. Emily Says:

    Since Taylor has gone ninja again, I was looking up some things about David Henrie and have found out he and Taylor have a lot in common. He grew up in a strong Catholic family. He says he has strong morals and wants his roles to represent that and doesn’t want to go the gratuitous route just to shock people.(Rob!) He is well-spoken and seems mature for his age (23, I think), he has his own production company, and is also interested in “behind-the-scenes” aspects of movies and television. He even wrote some of the episodes of WOWP. Also saw that he’s in a movie with Kevin James. Maybe that’s a reason he’s been cast in GU2. The more I read, the more I liked him. I hope he and Taylor hit it off and become friends. Nice people in the business seem pretty rare these days.

    On the flip side of that, there was an article in the latest People magazine about ZE. The more I read about HIM, the more I dislike him.

  66. Skylar Says:

    Woah, they do have a lot in common! Like they were destined to become friends! I have a strong feeling that while filming they would hit it off as best buds, hope w get some pic of him and Taylor on David’s Twitter.
    I used to love Zac when he was all Disney with HSM and loved him in The Miracle Run and Charlie St. Cloud. But now he’s been trying to hard.

  67. Lilly Says:

    Oh this is nice! I hope they get to hang out and maybe Selena can join them (without JB, please :D)

  68. kia Says:

    Maria Bello played Kevin James wife in the first Grown ups film wonder if she come back for the second? It be nice to see a little Abduction reunion.

    @Lilly is it me or do JB always feel a little jealous when it comes to Taylena..remember the VMA’s backstage footage when Tay and Selena was standing there having a conversation waiting to go on stage and all of sudden Bieber creeps up behind them like a creepy boyfriend LOL

  69. Marianne Says:

    Does sound like Taylor and David have some things in common. Does anyone remember some angry outburst that David had a while back?

    Skylar…I agree with ZE trying too hard. Drinking and swearing doesn’t make a grownup for me.

  70. sanj Says:

    @jeanne love that pic!

    honestly, ive never been fond of ZE (don’t tell me neice who happens to love him!) lol.

  71. Emily Says:

    @kia–I think I read somewhere that all the original cast of GrownUps were coming back, so maybe Maria will be there. Also–why WOULDN’T JB have some jealousy? I think he’s cute in a little puppy sort of way, but knowing your girlfriend dated Taylor before you, and that was before his complete “transformation” into mega-hunkdom– even the Biebs must have some insecurities.

    @Marianne–Don’t remember hearing anything about any outbursts, but I just became aware of his name recently, so if I did hear/see a headline, I wouldn’t have known who it was.

    @Lilly–I would love to see some Taylena again. Don’t have anything against Justin, but I would LOVE to see them get back together. However, don’t know if nature could handle such beauty in one couple. It might upset the balance of the universe or something.

  72. kia Says:

    @Emily I remember after the 2010 TCA almost everybody was predicting that Taylena was back after the pics of them hugging (this is before we new about Tayly) even I was but after BTD was release my shipping dreams came crashing down because there was no way that Selena would that her BFF ,even had feelings that T2 was gonna happen again well I guess I was wrong in that department LOL. Aleast there still friends right. Sorry for ranting…

  73. Lilome Says:

    Kia….glad you’re enjoying the eclairs! I knew you’d find a way to use them. LOL

  74. jamie Says:

    Who would people like to see Taylor date? I’d love to see him with Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale. Of course he and Kristen will always be my OTP, but I don’t see that happening, especially as Twilight winds down and they won’t spend as much time together.

  75. Lilly Says:

    @jamie: Emma Watson. I’m not even a fan but I think they would make a beautiful couple.

    @kia: I remember about this VMA moment…and JB looked just like her little brother next to Taylena Lol

  76. kia Says:

    @Lilome Girl!!!!! me and Shazam had a good time with them eclairs but he keep asking about you so he wants me to tell you that he’s on his way and he’s bringing the whip cream……Oh it looks like you gonna be his dessert this time WINK!!!!!

    Wow I’m very naughty tonight LOL

  77. Skylar Says:

    I’d love to see him with Ashley or Lucy too! I always thought him and Victoria Justice would be cute. Others would be like Ariana Grande, Phoebe Tonkin, Shenae Grims, or Shailene Woodley.

  78. Emily Says:

    @Lilly: I agree. If he’s with somebody famous, and it’s not Selena, then I vote for Emma Watson too.

    I will say again, whoever she is/will be: If he cares about her and she is loyal and treats him well and is good to him, I don’t care who it is.

  79. Lilome Says:

    I must be really old because I don’t know who any of these young ladies are. So today the office at work is empty. Everyone gone but me- perfect day to watch Abduction on TV supposed to be used for training. Win!

  80. accv Says:

    That’s what I keep saying!!! Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale… they’re both Team Jacob! ;) In fact, I was watching Lucy Hale’s TV movie “Another Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song” and there was a reference to Team Jacob in the movie. Yay!

    But Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars (Caleb) could pass for a relative of Taylor’s in that Native American sorta way. And he’s paired with Ashley’s character Hanna. I could DEFINITELY see Ashley and Tyler together. But also Lucy Hale, since apparently people think her and Selena Gomez are almost twins. :p

    Victoria Justice and him…. that would’ve happened by now but she doesn’t see him that way. LOL!

    @Skylar.. the only one I could possibly see in that list is Shailene. Maybe. :p

  81. kia Says:

    Wow most of everybody pick Lucy Hale which I actually agree with but since were picking I guess I have to go with Demi Lovato or Ashley Benson and Dakota or Elle Fanning…

  82. Marianne Says:

    I agree with most of the famous picks that have been mentioned. My personal pick is Sara because she knew him before he was famous, they share the same values, she’s loyal and she seems like a sweet girl. I’m a sucker for the hometown girl.

    Lilome… Hope you weren’t abducted at work today.

  83. sanj Says:

    yeah i reckon him and emma will make a cute couple! and him and sara will/are (whatever it is) make a cute couple too!