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15 Responses to “New ‘Abduction’ Still”

  1. Ronnia Says:

    Sexy! (using my deep female voice)lol

  2. Brodie Says:

  3. Brodie Says:

    if that doesnt work

  4. vera Says:

    @ Brodie Thank you! Taylor is a little thinner, but still very, very beautiful and sexy …
    He was there with Sara? O_o

  5. michelle Says:

    Yes, that is definately Sara….not dating? really? I don’t think so. I like them together. I thought that was the back of her hair in the first picture that was tweeted…..but now I know that’s her next to him. Would love to see more pics of them together.

  6. Emily Says:

    He’s pretty brave going to a place like that with so many teenage girls! I didn’t see the ever-present bodyguard either. Didn’t look like he was trying too hard to blend in sitting on the front row. How sweet that he supports his sister!!!

  7. Marianne Says:

    Glad to see him supporting his sister. Of course Sara is already getting hate. What is up with that?!! Sometimes I think Tay should go into sales because he is always promoting something i.e. Majerles on his hat.

  8. kia Says:

    Marianne its ridiculous the hate this girl get for no reason. Good to see him doing normal things.

    I’ve notice Tay is not wearing his usual shoe attire LOL rocking some new Vans..still a UNF!

  9. meg Says:

    from what i can gather the hate is because of what sara is saying on her twitter account and fans of taylor are getting annoyed because she says cryptic messages about taylor and when people ask she doesnt reply or just ignore people . i think some fans she comes across as using taylor and they are not happy with that .

  10. accv Says:

    sssaarraaaaaa. i hate her. :p not. prefer her over the others right now. least they’ve had history. unlike the others who… yah. whatever. but i do still sorta hate her because i feel like, i will never get the chance to meet him and i’m in love with him…. and.. that… what IF. ugh. i hate those what-ifs. i’m happily with someone. but you know that feeling, right? it sucks. oh well. glad to see he’s happy. taaaayyyllaaa! hot damn, he makes it a little difficult to be completely, 100% happy with my SO. hate him for it. lol!

  11. Skylar Says:

    I agree it is ridiculous the hate that she gets! I mean like she doesn’t really do anything to deserve it. Those tweets are nothing just a normal girl tweeting, people jump on her for nothing but jealously and envy. Look at all those girls tweeting and posting pics of them and their boyfriends every single day but that’s okay, but when Sara tweets something cryptic or something that can relate to Taylor is all bad. Its not like she’s shoving Taylor in their faces; if they don’t like her then stay off her Twitter and leave her alone!
    As for the volleyball games, I feel so sorry for Makena! It must hurt her that it was supposed to be her moment but everyone was all on her brother. I know he must feel worst only because he wanted to see his only sister play and support her, but instead he caused a huge chaos of about 7000 teenage girls all over him.
    But the same time he shouldn’t be surprised I mean he’s Taylor Freaking Lautner, you can’t just go into a stadium with thousands of teenage girls and expect to not get mobbed.

  12. kia Says:

    I feel like I wanna give her the biggest hug after seeing that pic . I can’t imagine how Taylor is feeling right now I know its hurting him to see her like this,all he wanted was to support her and he can’t even sit through a game without getting mob.

  13. Lilly Says:

    He tries to live a normal life but it’s not that easy, right? I’m glad that he was there to support her though.

  14. *Vickey* Says:

    Yeah! Hate that he had to leave. Hope everything is OK with them both and that she had a great game in the end. And I am sooo happy he was able to get a bit of down time so he could go support her! Very sweet of him because as you guys said he was getting mobbed.
    And yes so many “what ifs” @accv lol.
    Just glad he’s happy with someone. Obviously there’s something about her that makes him go back. She better cont. to be good to our Tay. :)
    And yeah she’s getting ALOT of hate. :/

  15. *Vickey* Says:

    And thanks @Brodie! I follow that blog on Tumblr too! ^.^