Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Check out MORE new ‘Abduction’ behind the scenes photos!

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» Movies » Abduction (2011): Behind the Scenes

16 Responses to “New ‘Abduction’ Behind the Scenes Photos”

  1. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Definitely my favorite action scene from Abduction! J♥

  2. Emily Says:

    If you enlarge the middle picture, look at the two women over Taylor’s right shoulder. They look like they are either a)very concerned for his safety or b)plotting how they are going to overpower security, kidnap him, and take him home. :)

  3. Emily Says:

    Happy 4th of July to everyone who lives in the US!!! Wish Taylor would appear on one of the TV specials they will have. That would be better than fireworks to me!

  4. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Can you imagine how hot that glass was? It was in the high 90’s whenb they were flming in Pittsburgh. Toasted buns comes to mind!!! J♥

  5. Marianne Says:

    tdl_jeanne…”toasted buns” LOL One of my favorite action scenes too. I remember Taylor saying that it didn’t seem too bad after the first few times down but after that he was starting to get bruised.

    Emily…I go with kidnapping him!!!

    Only a few more days until Comic Con and the Taybertfest. Taylor better have some comebacks ready for Rob. Happy 4th of July.

  6. kia Says:

    Marianne- Happy 4th of July to you too! Gosh I missed you guys so much!!!! its good to be back,Baltimore had a huge storm last Friday which causes major power outtages and of coarse my family was effected. We didn’t get our power back on until Sunday morning and didn’t have internet connection until today…

    8 more days left until CC!!!!!!!!!!

  7. fan Says:

    Those storms are still moving through, hope everyone is ok and gets their electric back soon (especially with the high temps 90-100).
    With the Twi series ending I’m looking forward to some behind the scenes stories that will probably hit the gossips. Keep reminding myself that the film industry is a for profit business, so anything that promotes a film, whether it be positive or negative and whets the appetite of the movie going fans is just part of the job. I see where that muckraker TC (I think that was his job) is leaving “E”.
    I came on late to knowing Taylor (Abduction) and followed up on him, I like him, and was amazed at the PR effort he put in; no wonder he needed to take a break and recharge his engines; escaping the Jacob id isn’t going to go away, but it can fade to the background. He is young and I look forward to seeing him.

  8. Lilome Says:

    Hope everyone is safe from the storms and the heat. Just got back from trek to Michigan (yep, I went to Michigan while Taylor went to Phoenix) and saw the mess left along I69 in northern Indiana. Really sad. Glad to have you back, Kia. Love these bts stills to hold us over until next week. Let’s hope his costars (cough, cough) and the media don’t treat him too badly. Almost makes me wish he couldn’t be there. I assume he’s finished with GU2. Anyone know for sure?

  9. Emily Says:

    Welcome back kia! I feel really bad for everyone suffering in these storms.

    fan-Welcome to the site! There are plenty of places to catch up on Taylor’s career before Abduction. I’m sure we could recommend some places to start, if you’re interested.
    You don’t know how happy I am to hear that the vile TC is leaving E! He is the very reason that I refuse to go on their site and watch their channel. I accidentally clicked on some of his articles a while back (on Taylor) and was disgusted by what he said. It is so sad that someone can make a living inventing stories and flat-out lies about people and then doesn’t even have the nerve to use their actual names (all his “blind vices”), probably b/c he could and should be sued. I hope he crawls back under a rock somewhere, but, knowing Hollywood, he probably got a promotion or is going somewhere bigger to spread even more lies.

    Lilome–Feel the same about Comic Con, but my desire to see him and hear him kind of overrides my desire for him to stay away from the inevitable “baby love” crap. How selfish of me!! But, he can handle it–just wish he didn’t have to. Wondering about GU2, as well.

  10. anon Says:

    Taylor was seen today on set in Boston again!

  11. kia Says:

    Thanks guys! its still a mess in my city some people still don’t have electricity….

    So as Twilight is coming to a end Mr.Douche says adios! I’m laughing not because he’s (actually I am) leaving but hearing some of the R/K fanatics are sad that he’s leaving LOL..

    Lilome,Emily,anon: I think Taylor has 3 weeks of shooting then he’s done.

  12. anon Says:

    Here a fanpic from set today:

  13. Emily Says:

    Oh, Taylor being patriotic! I love his red and blue shirt–God bless America!!!

    Another new member of the “people who are so much luckier than me” club. :)

  14. Marianne Says:

    kia…sorry to hear about all the storms in your area. Hope they can get the electricity back soon. When my internet is out, I feel like an addict without a fix. That should tell me something huh?

    Awww…the Bottom Feeder Teddy is leaving…I’m with Emily thinking he probably got a promotion.

    Saw that Mackensie Foy will be at CC too. Could be a tough day for Taylor.

  15. kia Says:

    Taylor sure love to tease us with a little chesthair huh? Lucky fan!!!

    Marianne- When I had a virus last year on my computer and couldn’t get it fix until the next day, I seriously had withdraws LOL.. My grandmother thought I was crazy LOL.

  16. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Maybe the fact that Makensie will be there will actually work in Taylor’s favor. Surely, surely, surely RP and others wouldn’t say anything about the Jacob/Renesme “relationship” that might embarass her too. She IS still a child, so maybe they won’t go overboard. Or, maybe I have too much hope that good sense and “maturity” will prevail. I guess we’ll see.

    I have no expectation that Taylor will be asked about anything of substance past the “describe the relationship” question and the inevitable “Will you be shirtless?” question. Nevertheless, we WILL definitely get to see him in all of his glorious physical perfection, so as long as he flashes a few smiles and smoldering looks, laughs a couple of times, and, fingers crossed, gives us a peek (neck/chest or forearms, depending on the type of shirt he wears) of that beautiful skin, I’ll be somewhat satisfied. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to hear a new story or two once he starts making the rounds on the talk show circuit.