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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner on set of ‘Grown Ups 2′ with a couple of his fans 2 days ago.

Gallery Link:
» On Set » Grown Ups 2 : On Set – July 26th

50 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner with fans on Set of ‘Grown Ups 2′”

  1. Emily Says:

    Thanks for all the new pictures George! We appreciate it!

  2. george Says:

    No problem Emily! :)

  3. kia Says:

    Not jealous of these fans at all:ok I’m lying right now!

  4. Olivia Says:

    I’d love to get some more Taylor news this year, but I fear we’re not going to get any:(

  5. Marianne Says:

    Olivia…GU2 came out of the blue, so I will remain positive and hope for news. BD2 promos and interviews will give us some info on what he plans for the future. Speaking of BD2…I have a theory on how the promo is going to go. I predict that there will be pics of Robsten together(arranged by Scummit) and Scummit will release a statement saying that Rob has forgiven Kristen and they are trying to work things out. The fandom will rejoice the epic love blah, blah,blah. TL will be painted as the third wheel again and forever alone. After promo is finished and a few months after the film is released, Scummit will release another statement saying that Robsten tried to put their relationship back together but couldn’t. There is a lot of money riding on this last film so I am prepared for all the smoke and mirrors that will be done to hype the fandom. The reason Rob will cooperate is that the trio gets a percentage of the profits and he won’t want to hurt Tay or anyone else who shares in a percentage. Just my theory.

  6. kia Says:

    Marianna Even if they get back together the fandom won’t be the same . They been fighting with each other and split into two fandoms now.

  7. Olivia Says:

    Marianne.. I hope so about the news. Between now and November with nothing to talk about with his professional life would be agony. But I’m honestly not sure about R/K. Yeah scummit needs the money, but if they push them back together and they don’t look happy, it’s gonna look so fake and (smart) fans aren’t going to buy it. Maybe if it had happened towards the beginning of the year… The Robsten fandom seems truly devastated over this (which if you ask me is what happens when you hype something to ridiculous levels). I don’t think Rob is going to let himself get pushed into something that isn’t real. It would just be too painful for him. He knows Taylor would understand. I know for sure Taylor wouldn’t blame Rob for anything. I think they’re all gonna show up on the red carpet, but all three will be photographed alone. It certainly wouldn’t suprise me if your theory came true. It’s a completely sh*tty thing to do to R/K but this is Scummit we’re talking about. I’m just going to be over-optimistic for now and assume it won’t happen. It will make everyone look stupid. My main hope is they stop f*cking with people’s emotions. Haven’t they got enough money yet?

  8. ana Says:

    Do you know anything about the rumor that the three are going to host the VMA’s this year? That can’t be true or? Would be too awkward.

  9. Emily Says:

    ana–I read something somewhere yesterday that Rob and K were scheduled to PRESENT something together at the VMAs in September. I haven’t heard anything about hosting. What do they really have to do with music videos? Since MTV practically tried to eliminate them from the MMAs, I can’t see them giving them that much screen time, but who knows? I would love to see Taylor as a host, though. He would do a great job. The other 2–reading lines clearly would be required, so, that would eliminate K. I think Rob could do well if he could stay focused. He never seems to pay attention when the camera’s on him.

    Marianne and Olivia–I honestly don’t know how Scummit’s going to overcome this one. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I am guessing separate promo by all 3 with all media forbidden from asking about the “drama” and all 3 of them forbidden to answer anything about it. Taylor will have to answer more shirtless/workout questions and defend baby-imprinting. I think R & K might focus on talking about working with Mackenzie or something. None of us know how strict their contracts with Scummit are. They might be obligated contractually to keep up the “everything’s forgiven, all’s right with the world, puppies and rainbows” charade until after BD2 comes out.

    I will also be interested to see if BD2 makes as much at the box office as the other movies have. Will the Robstens support it or not? Will it be too painful for them to see their “beloveds” on screen together again? Since I’m going strictly for Taycob and Taycob only, it won’t affect me at all. I hate for Scummit to get a dime from me, but if Taylor is onscreen, I feel totally obligated to shell out some cash at the theater (and for the dvd too).

  10. kia Says:

    All three was supposed to scheduled to present at the VMA’s then following a promo tour so I heard, this was before this mess started.

    Emily I think it’s finally opening there eyes and seeing these two are not Edward & Bella….

  11. kia Says:

    Oh and seeing all these Robstenators fighting each other is very popcorn worthy its getting ridiculous…

  12. Emily Says:

    kia–It IS pretty entertaining, but, at the same time, it’s pretty pathetic and sad. Some are still adamantly refusing to admit it’s true.

    Reason 5,000,001 I love Taylor—He may stay out of the news and go ninja more than we’d like, but he’s never given his fans something like this to obsess about and agonize over:)

  13. accv Says:

    Emily, what’re you talking about? Yah he has… HIMSELF. WAHHHHHHH. :'(

    Kidding. :p Sorta. I totally didn’t see this coming… Kristen cheating on Rob like that. LOL! It shouldn’t be funny, but somehow it is considering how awkward she can be. It’s like… wow, she’s attracting more men than just Rob? :p Maybe her “lapse in judgment” was more like… “OMG, someone else found me attractive… goodness, I wonder how this feels.” *sigh* Wellll… I just heard that one lyric in Cry Me A River. “Well, the damage is done so I guess I be leavin’.” As much as the Robsten fandom gets on my nerves, I pray for their “recovery.” Their lives shouldn’t revolve around those two. And if that’s the case… they need to see psychiatrists. :/

  14. Marianne Says:

    Emily…accv…kia…Kristen flipped the paps off one too many times and they returned the favor. It has been entertaining how they go from “how could she” to “it was a mistake and we need to forgive her and the pics were photoshopped”. “Taylor better support Kristen through this”…yeah, like you Robstens supported him? The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2, the most awkward film promotion in history.

  15. Lilome Says:

    I have the solution for the BD2 promos. Summit needs to send out only Rob and Taylor. Maybe add some randon wolves and vamps- but no Kris. Then they announce that Kristen is in rehab for sex addiction. Tiger Woods and David Duchovny managed to save their careers that way. Now she’s not a tramp, she has a disease. And we must all feel sympathy and rally to support her through the healing process. (I’m dying just writing this crap). Can you imagine how her male fan base will increase?

  16. Olivia Says:

    Has anyone seen the film America’s Sweethearts? The characters are famous actors called Eddie and Gwen and they’re getting a divorce, but they still have to promote a movie together and it’s all hell behind the scenes. This totally reminds me of that. I hope it won’t be like that. I hope Rob and Kristen don’t actually hate each other. If you’ve never seen the movie, watch it. You’ll see what I mean:)

    I just want to get some professional news on Tay and I hope they don’t drag him into this personal mess. That is something he absolutely would not want.

  17. Lilome Says:

    Olivia…OMG! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS! I love me some Hank Azzaria- he’s such a mess.

  18. Lilly Says:

    @Marianne:”Taylor better support Kristen through this” yeah, like you Robstens supported him – some people are so ridiculous and hypocrite. I read this too and you don’t even know how it made me mad Lol It’s like: Leave Taylor out of this mess!

  19. kia Says:

    Marianne,Lilly If this was Nikki and Paul the Robstens will be laughing and joking.Not only are they hypocrites but they have become the most delusional fandom out there … sorry Beibers and ,Swifters you can take a seat right now!

  20. carrie Says:

    I don’t think Rob’s going to play any games for Summit. A new article on People said he told Kristen to move her stuff out of his house and that “sources” are saying he’s not going to get past the cheating. I think it’s over. I’m sure he’ll be professional and do his appearances, but this is going to be one awkward promo. It may be good for us since Summit will probably use Taylor more. But I think the press scrutiny will be twice as crazy as it normally is during promo.,,20616369,00.html

  21. vera Says:

    I’ll probably be here the only who does not believe that Kristen has changed her boyfriend, because I never believed that they were a couple in love.
    I think it’s fake relationship.
    The saga comes to an end, and their relationship were to end next year.
    But if they ceased to meet after the end of the Saga (no wedding, no golden child), all would have to say that it was just PR.
    Now there is an official reason to leave.
    Kristen is easier to play the bad girl…
    And Robert is the image of a devoted and loving boyfriend, he was for many, almost Edward.For his reputation and future acting career, it would be disastrous, which is why the first “cheated” – Kristen.
    Hopefully, the entire Twilight cast in the know,and the promotional tour will take place smoothly and without complications.

  22. meg Says:

    has anyone else seen the new picture of taylor on set he is in the car with that delcious smirk im melting :)

  23. beth Says:

    They’re a real couple. There are countless accounts and pictures of them going back years. They spent holidays/birthdays together, they visited film sets, they attended weddings, they live together. And Kristen would NEVER put herself through the bad press that this is bringing her. And they wouldn’t drag 2 innocent children into this mess either.

    I was just thinking about how they usually do a Twilight EW after Comic Con. I wonder if one might be coming. AWKWARD.

  24. Olivia Says:

    Just thought I’d post this here, in case any of you hadn’t seen it. Such a perfect gentleman;)

  25. vera Says:

    beth..Nevertheless, there are lots of nuances, indicating that they are just friends, nothing more.Friends who play a couple for 3 years.and I believe that this is so.
    Who is right and who is not – judge time, in any case.

    Olivia ..Thank you.this is so cute :)

  26. meg Says:

    just in case anyone is wondering this is the pic of taylor on set in the car aswell as some more with the cast .

    enjoy :)

  27. kia Says:

    Olivia:thanks for the post, He such a sweetheart.

    Meg: Agree! He looks like he’s about to kick some ass and take some names…

  28. Mattie Says:

    The person that mentioned that Taylor should be left out of all that mess is absolutely correct….. anyone that supports someone cheating with a married person is not a good friend if they’re not honest with them about how they really fell about it. Forget about Rob he’s freaking single.. it makes me sick as hell when people mention him and not the family that was broken up. And if I hear Taylor support her one time, my come back is going to be “so it’s ok with you if some “trick” do the same thing to your family”. All is forgiven in Hollywood. I was enjoying the comments until this subject came up.

  29. ana Says:

    Just read this:

    Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz and even Taylor Lautner have ZERO intention of giving KStew a shoulder to cry! According to our source:
    “They’ll rally around Rob. He is the nicest guy. They can’t believe Kristen did this to him.”

    If it’s true, I can’t blame them.

  30. Marianne Says:

    ana…I don’t put too much belief in “sources”. So much of this situation rests on whether it was a fauxromance for PR purposes or whether it was the real deal. To me, the way people handle themselves in past circumstances is a measure of how they will act now. We saw Taylor treat Miss Velveeta Cheese (TS) with kindness and I think he will be decent with KS and will do what needs to be done to promote Breaking Fail. What will change is his respect of her. Chris Brown may be getting his career back but everyone still thinks of him as a beater of women. KS is going to be tagged with this affair.

  31. kia Says:

    there so many sources out there ,I don’t know who to believe ,its becoming more ridiulous day after day. Personally I don’t think Taylor is that type of person to turn his back on somebody.I’m sure he’s dissapointed but he’s seems like a forgiving person… He forgave Swift (AKA Miss Velveeta Cheese) Marianne I’m laughing at That name!!LOL

    Taylor I’m hoping your using your time off by doing some Photoshoots right now cough GQ,Esquire,Details,VMAN, Mens Health,Seventeen………………………

  32. Emily Says:

    Summit released a statement saying BD2 promotion is continuing as planned, but didn’t mention anything specific yet. I’m so over this scandal stuff. Can’t wait for the press to latch on to the next big story and move on, as I hope Rob does.

    How many times has Taylor talked about how important “loyalty” is to him? I think this has probably affected his feelings toward Kristen in some way, but he is too classy to say or do anything about it publicly. He also seems to take his real friendships very seriously and will probably offer his support to both Rob and K (Just can’t bear to even type her name anymore.) in some way.

    kia–Maybe all this mess will work in our favor. If Rob or K can’t be civil or comfortable enough to make an appearance on some big show or at an event, you know Scummit won’t pass up the chance for promo. Solution–send Taylor. I SO don’t want him to have to talk up this stupid story more than he has to, but Taylor screentime on anything is always a plus.

    Marianne–I think you’re right about this following K, but I doubt it will really hurt her career. Just look at all the other stars who have done the same and worse and how their careers are going great. Case in point, as you mentioned–Chris Brown. It sickens me that his popularity only keeps rising. That’s why I am against Taylor doing a movie with Rihanna–continuing to see someone who beat you to a bloody pulp–I cannot fathom it.

  33. beth Says:

    I agree that this might be good for us. Like the VMA presentation that R/K are supposed to do? I’m sure one or both of them will drop out, so we’ll probably getting to see Taylor looking great and mingling with everyone there. Maybe they’ll have him present with Nikki or Ashley.

    And I think we’ll get great premiere pics like we did for New Moon. R/K won’t be posing together all lovey-dovey, so Summit will want SOMETHING to excite the fans. Hence T/K.

  34. Lilome Says:

    Taylor…. where are you? Don’t blame you for hiding, but couldn’t you go to the beach with Makena or something? I hate ninja- mode.

  35. gaby Says:

    hey >>
    Tay & Makena! ♥

  36. Emily Says:

    Lilome–I would LOVE some Taylor beach shots. Can you imagine? Emerging dripping from the water a la Daniel Craig in that James Bond movie. . .Gahhhhhhhh! I must stop myself before I get carried away.

    gaby–Thanks for the link. Is there anyone sweeter than he is anywhere? I’m seriously beginning to doubt it.

  37. kia Says:

    BABY GOT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lilly Says:

    @gaby: thanks a lot for the cute pic! Aww they’re so cute <3

    @kia: Yes! Love your comment Lol

    And about Kristen…I was reading some comments and people were sympathetic to her because she is really young and is allowed to make mistakes. I was really surprised because she's not a kid, she's a 22 years old woman! Well whatever..

  39. Emily Says:

    kia–I actually had a sentence in my comment about a certain part of his anatomy in that picture, but I thought “No, I’ll focus on the sweetness of the picture instead,” and erased it before posting. But, literally, that was the first thing I noticed too! ;)

  40. kia Says:

    @Emily @Lilly I swear the way he’s posing, it looks like that shirt has been painted on him UNF GREEK GOD INDEED!

    Taylor is so sweet.You can tell he’s very protective over her. I pity the guy that breaks Mekena heart…..

  41. Marianne Says:

    gaby…Thanks for the link. He seems like such a great big brother.

    kia…Emily…You naughty girls. LOL ( I thought the same thing!)

    Lilly… The Kristen sympathy is hard for me to understand too. She sure knows how to make a mistake on a grand scale!!

  42. ChuckTaylors Says:

    Who cares about this “Robsten” suff???
    If Taylor isn’t involved in it, then who cares…………. why bring him into they’re sh**y romance life, people just need to enjoy the moment, and be happy about his future projects, and be glad he’s not involved in this f**ked up situation.

  43. Lilome Says:

    Traveling this weekend, passing through Indy. Is it wrong for me to want to swing by St Elmo’s ( the steakhouse he went to every night during his Superbowl visit) and rub my behind in every seat? Yeah, I think they might throw me out. Wonder if he left an autographed picture for them? St Elmo’s just made the list of Best Restaurants in the World, so maybe I can make up some lame excuse for going.

  44. chanda w. Says:

    Luv all the new pics of Taylor on the Grown Ups 2 set…… as ever……..can’t wait to see him in more projects. He doesn’t need a scandal to stay relevant…………wishing him all the best. November is coming soon …..more Tay. ……hopefully shirtless, but clothed is ok too…LOL!!

  45. Marianne Says:

    Lilome…You made my day with “rub my behind in every seat” LOL. Hope you have a great time and try not to get arrested.

  46. Emily Says:

    Lilome–Just explain what you’re doing and why–at least all the women in the restaurant will understand. Some may even join in. :)

  47. kia Says:

    Lilome I’m cracking up now! You know we all would be doing the same thing LOL…Have a fun and safe trip!!

  48. chanda w. Says:

    Some are speculating that Taylor could be on the list of potential guys that ………..oh nevermind……..I was just happy to look through some magazines and see Taylor’s picture…….even if it is being linked to this PR stunt….story.

  49. accv Says:

    @ Chanda.. I saw that too. Linking him to K as a potential “fling.” Damn media.

    Also, I noticed in the picture of Taylor and Makena, I totally see like a sliver of Sara behind her. Awwwwwww. Gah dangit, I hate her! :p Lucky biatch… oh well, she’s gorgeous and if she’s lasted by him this long, who are we to object? *sigh* I swear, one day… I will meet him.. anddd… yah. *snicker*

  50. chanda w. Says:

    If Taylor is still with Sara…….I’m actually happy for him………since she was with him BEFORE ….the Twilight madness……….it probably makes it easier for him to know she loves HIM….not the attention. But , she is lucky …cause he is FINE as hell….lol!