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I’ve uploaded 3 new stills of Taylor Lautner as Jacob in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′, the final installment of the “Twilight” movie series.

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26 Responses to “3 New ‘Breaking Dawn Part II’ Stills!”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Thank you George for all the updates. You have done such a great job!! Taylor/Jacob in a flannel shirt yum.

  2. Emily Says:

    OK. . .I just got home from seeing the movie, after 28 MINUTES of previews, lunch, and a stroll through a bookstore!!! The theater had about 75 people in it–pretty good crowd for 10:30 AM matinee. No annoying teenagers, thank goodness.

    I’ll try not to give any real spoilers about specifics, but stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything at all.

    My first reaction: It was pretty good. Taylor gets to have a couple of good one-liners (not nearly as many as I expected) and he plays off of Mackenzie beautifully. There is nothing in his performance with her that anyone would be able to take inappropriately.

    I did NOT like when Bella attacks Jacob about the imprinting. That’s all I’ll say about that right now.

    I DID, however, like Jacob’s phase scene, but don’t look down or dig through your purse, or you might miss it. I’m already imagining myself hitting the pause button on the DVD countless times to be able to fully appreciate the beauty and drink it in. ;) Billy Burke was really great, as always.

    I will admit that I, along with everyone else in the theater, did gasp very loudly during the “twist ending.” I will not say anything else right now, b/c I’m glad I was able to be surprised by it. I’ll just say, don’t freak out. . .just hang on.

    There’s a very short shot near the end that gives a tiny nod to Jacob fans, but I repeat, it’s very short.

    Unless you are a huge Bella/Edward fan, I don’t think the end will make you tear up and cry, as many have said. I know I didn’t.

    I felt like the movie was very short on dialogue and very long on action. There are no long conversations or really drawn-out scenes. Don’t expect anything if you’re a wolf pack fan. All the new vampires have some screen-time, but much less than I was expecting. I think Mackenzie may have 5 lines in the whole movie, but even I will admit she was completely adorable, when she wasn’t being CGI-ed.

    I’m going to see it again on Sunday, with my mom. I think it was a good end to the franchise, but New Moon is still my favorite, by far. Probably has something to do with a certain gorgeous werewolf that gets lots of screen time in that one! ;)

  3. kia Says:

    Thanks Emily.. I’m seeing it tomorrow with a big group of people which includes my Mom. Yes my Mom is coming,things are about to interesting.LOL

  4. chanda w. Says:

    So the end is dedicated to Edward and Bella, didn’t they do that in part one…near the end……is the wolf pack even in the movie???? Luv ya Tay Tay.

  5. Emily Says:

    chanda–Sam is shown a couple of times–think he has 1 line. Leah and Seth are shown once, but have no lines. Very quick shot of 3 new baby wolves–no lines. Rest of the pack presence is just the CGI wolves. I missed them.

  6. kia Says:

    I just came back from seeing it and I must say it was actually good movie. I went to the 7pm showing. So here’s my Review.

    Jacob was hilarious! some of his one liners had me choking on my drink. There was two parts I hate.the one Jacob tells the fairy couple they look great (I actually almost screamed BULLSHIT) and second when Bella attacks him and Eddie was loving it Grrrr.

    CGI Baby Raneeesme creeps the hell out of me! Clearly her head was to big and she really looked like the garber baby not cute at all. Sorry.

    I really like some of the covens Benjamin ,Kate and Garret (Loved Him) and the amazons was my favorite and I like how Jake was so amazed by Benjamin powers ,I can see them being bff’s a little though.
    The battle scene was shocking! I screamed there was alot of holy shits that came out of my mouth like really that’s how crazy that scene was and coarse the twist will have you gasping like Emily said.
    And lets not forget the scene that had every woman moaning and groaning in the theater when Jake phase infront of Charlie DEAD! I can’t even comment on it, my mind jump right in the gutter. Over all i give it about 3 out 4 stars.Will I see it again hmm maybe but I will truly get the DVD thats for sure.

  7. Emily Says:

    kia–Glad you got to see it. I hated the part when Jacob said the “perfect couple” looked great together, too. I was grumbling out loud, “No they don’t and Jake would have never said that.”

    I am glad the Bella attacking him scene didn’t last any longer b/c I was actually getting really angry about it. So glad I don’t have to deal with Bella’s character anymore. I was surprised that I liked some of the other vampires and was also surprised at my reaction during the battle scene with what was happening to certain people. Didn’t realize how much I liked some of them.

    Needless to say, I wish the Jacob strip-tease had lasted longer—WHY was it so fast????? They actually showed more than I was expecting. Glad they didn’t take it as far as it looked like they would, b/c I wouldn’t have survived. Like I said before, will definitely have to get the DVD for that. By the way, I thought Taylor looked completely gorgeous in every outfit/scene/shot and I think he did a great job with the limited role he had in this. It seemed like more of Taylor’s personality and natural charm and all-around preciousness came through. Even with the abysmal story line he had, I’m really going to miss Taylor as Jacob Black. He took a character I loved and made him into so much more. I have to say thanks to Catherine Hardwicke for casting Taylor in the first place. He was perfect for this part.

    My question is—how did your mom like it??? I’m anxious to see how my mom likes it. We’re going tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure she’ll have some great comments. She hates Bella and Edward anyway, and she’s mad I won’t tell her what the twist is at the end. She hasn’t read the books, though, and she was laughing at how ridiculous my synopsis of the plot sounded. I just said, “That’s Twilight for you!!” Eventually, you just stop questioning and trying to make sense of it and just go with it.

  8. accv Says:

    I agree with you ladies. All the lovey dovey E/B scenes just made my eyes droop. And the whole, “You guys look great together.” I seriously muttered, “FUCK NO, YOU LIAR,” right after.

    Then the scene with the cottage…. MORE SNOOZEFEST. The ending? Like seriously… I get it, but freakin… they should’ve changed that too and kept it at the other scene instead. In fact, everyone in my theatre thought that WAS the ending, then that disgusting scene ruined it :p

    Also, whatever happened to Jacob’s dad? I honestly don’t remember Charlie and Sue… you know. I was like… WHAT THE?!

    Yah… I amused with the beating Jake up scene, but the after the first few minutes, I was getting annoyed. Then when Seth gets hurt on accident, I was like… YOU BITCH. LOL. The little whimper and the eye shift was too cute. Seth is so precious in wolf form. Not that he isn’t in human form… but you get the idea. LOL!

    And yes… that twist. I was getting pouty… and even moreso at some other points. I didn’t realize how much I liked them either. I surprised myself. And remember how Eddie falls into the abyss? I got all giddy. Does that make me evil? :p

  9. chanda w. Says:

    O.K. now I’m excited, so Jacob does get shirtless one last time?? Yeah, hate to hear the wolf pack is MIA they were all FINE. Can anyone tell me does Jacob kiss the older version of Nessie? I plan to see the movie , but I still want to know. Thanks.

  10. Marianne Says:

    I posted this on another thread but I thought the CGI of Lochness was awful. Not to mention, they never get the wolves right IMO. I took a bathroom break when I saw the cottage—knew it was going to be a snoozefest. Glad to hear accv confirmation of that. Personally, I hope New Moon stands as the highest grossing because of Taylor. He has overcome so much—not knowing if he would be back after Twilight, having to put up with all the Robsten crap (third wheel blah blah blah), and the ridiculous way SM treated his character. Oh, and I find it so annoying with Kristen and her mouth open through a good portion of the film. (I know I’m picky) Hangs head…I will probably see this piece of drivel again just for Jake.

  11. Jenle Says:

    Some lady in the theatre was screaming, “Yeah Bella, Kick his ass!” during the Jacob/Bella argument. I wanted to reach behind her and pull her hair and tell her ‘leave Jake alone B*tch’. Lol. And then after Seth got hurt, she was like “Aww shit Bella, you hurt the damn boy”. And during the Jacob/Charlie scene, she was like “Mmmm…”. Jacob’s scenes had all the reaction from the audience. Good job Taylor. Will miss you as Jacob, but I can’t WAIT to see whats next from you. Oh and wasn’t Nessie so cute blushing over the bracelet Jacob made her? So cute. What a beautiful woman she grows into. Hope Bella is jealous and comes to her senses even as a vamp. And I hope Jake says to her “Too late bitch” Lol. Sorry if that is harsh, but umm…

  12. Emily Says:

    accv–No, that doesn’t make you evil. I was giddy when Eddie was falling in the abyss too. I was mad when he clawed his way out. :(

    I love Seth in both forms, but agree about his wolf. He’s just a cute puppy. Thought the same about Bella when she hurts him, but was even madder at what she was doing to Jacob. I missed Billy Black in the movie, too. Charlie and Sue are alluded to at the end of the book, but that’s all.

    chanda–No, he doesn’t.

    Marianne–I agree that the CGI of DemonSpawn was horrible, especially the very first part when she was the smallest. You can’t tell me that they couldn’t have found a real baby with a similar face as Mackenzie to use, since they didn’t have her saying anything as an infant like she did in the book. You could get a baby to touch someone’s face. The wolves have never really bothered me, I guess just because I like them and am glad whenever the focus is on them and not the bloodsuckers. I agree so much that I want New Moon to keep the box office record. Team Jacob forever!!!! Ha. (Kristen’s mouth gape has always bothered me too.)

    Jenle–Way to go! I think we could all be pushed to the point of defending our favorite man/character!!

  13. Olivia Says:

    I’m so happy that New Moon and Eclipse, the movies that Taylor had big roles in have grossed the most so far. I hope this doesn’t gross anymore, so then the movies focused on the couple will have grossed the least out of all of them. Ha! Very satisfying. I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m debating whether to go, I don’t want to shell over money if Taylor only has a few scenes, I could find them on Youtube and not give them any money for pushing Taylor to the sidelines. But part of me wants to experience it in a movie theatre with other people, so dilemma. I don’t know if it’s worth it:/

  14. chanda w. Says:

    So no Jacob/older Nessie kiss….Summit blows lol….I still want to see the movie because of Taylor, but I don’t want to sit looking at the couple for the entire time…and no wolf pack either…wth. Glad to hear New Moon had the biggest opening……..we all know why. Sorta sad the saga is ending…no more Jacob Black, but happy for Taylor to move on….alone…lol……….and the fans of the couple should support him too because despite how it seems….the media wants ALL three of them to fail Tay, K and Rob. U know….they want that rehab or riches to rags story to say….told ya so. One article described Tay as staying in the super jock, super hero role……which is cool with me…………..he’s only 20….he has plenty of time to venture out into other roles…………..can’t wait for Grown Ups 2. Luv ya Tay.

  15. accv Says:

    @Marianne…. I wish I had left right at that scene because I was needing a bathroom break pretty bad… then I let myself sit through that crap. I only went once it was Bella and Ness together in the room. Big mistake. Should’ve left during cottage poo.

    @Emily… OMG, yes. When he jumped out, I was like… OH BUT OF COURSE, he can’t die. It’s SPARKLEPANTS. ugh.

    And I forgot… what happened to Billy Black? I only read the book once so I forgot already, that’s why I was confused with Charlie and Sue during the Xmas scene.

    Also, I’m glad there was no kissy face time with Jake and Ness. Sure, they’re “cute,” but no. Sorry. LOL!

  16. kia Says:

    Emily- Sadly she couldn’t make it (went with my cousins) but were going Friday evening. Can’t wait to hear your mom comments on the movie especially on Eddie boy& Miss dumbass.LOL

    I miss Billy Black too and mostly the wolfpack, sad that Seth,Leah only had one scene and didn’t speak and barely see’s there faces.Sam only had two small scenes,looks like my mother will be dissapointed Him and his velvet voice makes her have moment.LOL

  17. kia Says:

    One more best scene. ARO”S creepy laugh had me laughing my ass off!! Using it on my ringtone!

  18. Emily Says:

    kia– I want to hear what your mom thinks next week. My mom’s reactions: (These are her words.)
    When I asked her what she liked best she said, “Jacob turning into the wolf in front of that dumb Charlie (she just thinks he’s not much of a policeman if he’s clueless to all the weird crap going down in Forks) and actually anything that Jacob was in. He is just so sweet.” “Now let me tell you what I didn’t like–anything with that #@$ch Bella in it. I hated her as a human and as a vampire and I do as a real person. I DID NOT appreciate her beating Jacob up and yelling at him. And what kind of an idiot WANTS to turn into a vampire??”

    Her reaction during his stripping scene—“Oh. my. God. That shouldn’t be legal.”

    Her reaction (my favorite) during the vampire lovin’ scene–muttered loudly–“Don’t get too cozy Edward, she’s gonna cheat on you with her director pretty soon.”

    Her reaction to the twist at the end: “Bull!!!”

    We had a good time. Her reactions were pretty much what I thought they would be. She was glad I didn’t tell her about the twist beforehand. She did say afterwards, when she saw my wolf-charm bracelet (Yes, I have one and it only comes out on occasions like this) “Do you realize you are a ___ year old woman who despises a fictional character (Eddie) and is totally in love with another one??” I added, “and don’t forget totally in love with the 20 year old who plays that character!” She said, “Well, everyone needs some kind of escape from everyday life and I can see why you love him.”

    Olivia–I think you should go see it. There is something really different about watching them in the theaters with other fans. Taylor does get good audience reactions, even from the “SuperCoupleFans.”

  19. Marianne Says:

    Emily…LOL at your mom’s reactions!! I agree with her on Charlie–some policeman not noticing all the weird stuff as well as not getting his daughter psychiatric help after Sparklepants left.

    Nikitajuice dared to view BD and has reviewed it on her tumblr. Great read.

  20. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I just read Nikitajuice’s review and thought it was great too. I didn’t react as negatively as she did, but I agree with 90% of what she said.

  21. Olivia Says:

    Emily -I’ll go if people think it’s worth going. I do love me some Taylor on the big screen. What do people think? Worth it?

  22. kia Says:

    Emily- LOL I think your Mom and my Mom should hang out and just talk Twilight. That would be hilarious!

  23. Emily Says:

    Olivia–If these numbers are right, it looks like New Moon still holds the box-office record for opening weekend!!!

    Also, if I were you, I’d go to a matinee showing–cheaper than a nighttime ticket so you’ll only be out a few dollars and a couple of hours, and really, can you put a price on the happiness you feel when you see Taylor 20 feet tall???

  24. Jenle Says:

    Yeah, Aro’s laugh creeped me out too. It’s the best creepy moment of the decade.

  25. Emily Says:

    The people in my theater laughed about it, but it made my skin crawl. He was a great psycho nut.

  26. chanda w. Says:

    Finally saw BD2 , it was great, Taylor did an amazing job. He was funny, sexy and cool at the same time. My total review of the movie is in the Abduction section, but I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would.