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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner leaving the Bowling alley in Berlin, where he played with Kristen and Robert Pattinson.

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» 2012 Candids: Bowling in Berlin – November 16th

14 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner Leaving Bowling in Berlin”

  1. firereign Says:

    At the BDP2 premier in Berlin after they went inside and were on stage and received their “Berlin Bear” trophies Bill Condon told the audience that they were going bowling that night compliments of Taylor…

  2. joanie Says:

    Hate to give them the hits, but HL is spreading their manure again and finally some Taylor fans are sticking it to them (not hysterical name calling) but with facts’ OK maybe a bit of name calling, but not hysterical. About time people stick it up these rags tails dismissing Taylor as a third wheel….(that goes for all these crappy sites…E, Just Jared, Huffington Post…etc etc they’re all in a narcisstic relationship anyway). They can all kiss my petunias, they’re worthless since nothing they report seems to have any truth…

    Sorry, for the venting…on.a brighter note …. going to see BDP2 AGAIN…another shot of Taylor will make me a cheerier if not better person.

  3. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor handles this nonsense with such grace. That’s why I luv him.

  4. franklynn Says:

    i think it’s so sweet taylor paid for them all to go bowling together. it seems like he’s the only one of the trio that really cares that its ending.

  5. Lilly Says:

    While filming ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2′, youngster Mackenzie Foy (who plays half vamp/half human freak child Renesmee) kept a swear jar on set.
    Naturally we quizzed Kristen Stewart about this, and the star told us which ‘Twilight’ star has issues with swearing.
    “It wasn’t me. It was Taylor Lautner. He looks like a good boy… but he’s not.
    “To be honest with you though, I don’t think I’ve heard Taylor say anything worse than crap or darn.”
    However, when our chums at omg! caught up with Lautner, he insisted he literally never swore during the shoot. “I did not give Mackenzie any money for the swearing jar! She made a tone of money and her price was pretty steep!”
    One of them is lying…

    Lol Oh boy, are you lying Taylor?

  6. Emily Says:

    She’s lying. Even Mackenzie said so. He’s so sweet. :)

  7. Marianne Says:

    I agree with Emily…Mackenzie mentioned in an interview that Taylor, SM, Ashley and a few others didn’t give her any money.

  8. accv Says:

    Although, I do wish Taylor would let some slip occasionally. :p It’s hot when he’s bad. LOL!

  9. Lilome Says:

    Accv- I hate to admit it…..but I agree with you. Can you imagine if Taylor pulled a Zac Effron and dropped a condom on the red carpet? OMG! None of us would survive!

  10. Mattie Says:

    Drop a condom on the red carpet.lmao! I think Taylor is to cute, sweet and modest to even try Besides I kind of think he’s still holding on to his V card.

  11. chanda w. Says:

    I would not mind helping him get rid of that V card (if that is the case)!!! Forever the gentleman.

  12. Mattie Says:

    Ha, ha, ha! Only thing is… “His” V card is kinda like the last living human in a zombie movie. All of us is after the first bite!

  13. Mattie Says:

    Ha, ha, ha! Only thing is… It’s kinda like the last living human in a zombie movie.

  14. Mystique Says:

    Lol! Yea I honestly can’t see Taylor pulling a “Zac Efron” lol. He seems way too private and classy to let something like that slip…..on the red carpet of all places lol!!

    Aww, Taylor still has his v-card? How cute! He does give me that impression lol. Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wait. I’m trying to wait until marriage myself lol. I wouldn’t mind helping him though if he wanted to ditch his card…….I would have to throw my card out the window too come to think of it lol!!! ^_^