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I’ve uploaded 200 more photos of Taylor Lautner on set of his 2011 movie ‘Abduction.’ Enjoy!

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» Movies » Abduction (2011): Behind the Scenes

56 Responses to “200 More Behind the Scenes ‘Abduction’ Photos”

  1. Emily Says:

    Second page.
    Bottom row.
    Third picture.

    Cue the heavenly angel chorus!!!

  2. chanda w. Says:

    Luv Abduction…wish the script could have been stronger….Tay and Lily had really good chemistry and that make out scene on the train………smokin’! The action scenes were cool esp. at the end. Wish they could continue the story… a mini trilogy… we could see his I think I know who the actor was…recognized the voice. Does anyone remember the super cute friend from the beginning of the movie? If this movie would have done a bit better at the box office…..I think it would have been a trilogy. Taylor is the total package……he’ll have the opportunity again. The banter between …Nathan and his pretend father was pretty good…..the two of them boxing in the back yard, too cute.

  3. carrie Says:

    I miss getting pics of him in other projects. I hope we get some news about other roles soon. I did see that Gus Van Sant is working on something else with Tom Hanks next, so it doesn’t sound like his project with Taylor will be happening anytime soon :(

  4. Emily Says:

    chanda–I liked it too. His dad was Dermott Mulroney (don’t know if I spelled that right) from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and other movies I can’t think of right now. I wanted them to maybe revisit it in about 5 years and see Nathan as an agent like his dad–with a better writing team. I liked the boxing in the backyard also, especially when he got all mad. Mad Taylor is HOTTTTTT!

  5. kia Says:

    Emily,Chanda- I agree,he is so sexy when he’s angry.I would love to get in a argument with him and pissed him off just because I know the make up would be sooooo right! fanning myself..

  6. Emily Says:

    Thanks a LOT kia!! I don’t need anyone putting any more images in my head. I’m bad enough on my own. ;)

  7. Emily Says:

    ATTENTION OLIVIA!!!! This is especially for you—incentive for you to go see BD2 in the theater.

    If you’re able to stay away now, I bow to your superior self-control. :)

  8. Jenle Says:

    ugh, wow. Shouldn’t have viewed that above link right now. Still at work and having thoughts…

  9. Shazam Says:

    PLEASE tell me this IS him and not a manip!!!!!!! :DDDD What a brunch between this and Emily’s little appetizer…*DEAD*
    Anyway, I still haven’t seen BD2, been really busy so hopefully get to this week! Ahh, all those interviews and pics…we have had Christmas come early this year for sure ladies!

  10. lucy Says:

    It seems like there are already pre-screenings of Grown Ups 2. Basically all of the tweets I saw were very positive. They said it’s very funny and even better than the first. They also said that Taylor and Milo did an fanstaftic job (they have most of the scenes together).

    “frat boys were in it for a lot of the movie, lautner was really really good! very funny”
    “Never thought taylor lautner could do a comedy, i was wrong. He was so funny. Loved him in it”
    “Ugh milo and taylor were perfect”
    “Taylor lautner never disapoints ever omggggggg”

    :D sounds promising!

  11. Emily Says:

    Shazam–I’ve never seen that before. It does look like him, but some people are so good with manips. . . Hope it is though–maybe it means a new photo shoot?????

    lucy–Glad to hear about the good feedback about GU2. I’m happy to hear that he was in a lot of the movie–he keeps saying it was a really short cameo. I really wasn’t looking forward to sitting through a whole Adam Sandler movie just to see a glimpse of Taylor–but of course I would anyway– just to see a glimpse of Taylor. Question—If it’s already in pre-screenings, why do we have to wait until JULY to see it????

  12. chanda w. Says:

    I already knew Grown Ups 2 would be funny, but putting Taylor in the mix just adding some sexiness…lol. Tay is a quick study…..I think he already has comedy down packed, Twilight proved he can be the reluctant hero and give him two or so years…he’ll have the dramactic scenes on lock down too. Like I said before TOTAL PACKAGE.

  13. Marianne Says:

    Well that gif really made my day!! That scene was so quick in the movie. I really hope that pic isn’t a manip. It’s nice to hear good things about the GU2 pre-screening. I am somewhat of a Debbie Downer on these things since the tweets for ABD were good too and I know how the critics hate Twilight. I keep thinking it will take some time for the trio to distance themselves from it.

  14. Lilly Says:

    I’m just glad that it’s not just a cameo. I guess I’ll watch GU2 just because I’m not going to see BD2 so til July it’s a long time without seeing him :)

  15. Jenle Says:

    This was from that El Homergo show or something last year. Never seenthe full show. At 23 minutes, Taylors reaction is hilarious!

  16. Emily Says:

    Jenle—I think you’ve found the full show. This was when he was promoting Abduction last year. This is one of my favorites of his appearances ever. He’s so funny and animated and they get him to do such weird, random things, but he’s always up for them. I liked when he was singing the wolf song in Spanish. His reaction to the stripping wolf was really funny. He also looks really great with the sword near the end, when his hair gets all messed up from the goggles. It was much better with just him, instead of having to share the show with Rob and Kristen this year–although he still beat them in the random challenge.

  17. accv Says:

    GU2 has reactions already?! ERMAHGERD THEY’RE GOOD?! AND he’s really funny in it? Or is he funny because his fans love him and will laugh at anything he tries to make sound funny? :p Kidding. I hope. I REALLY want him to do well. GAHHHH he’ll be the death of me.

  18. Emily Says:

    Just want to wish everyone who is celebrating today a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

    I am certainly thankful for:

    –George, for keeping up this site for us.

    –All you wonderful ladies who make me feel better about my preoccupation with a certain amazing young superstar.

    –And, most of all, Taylor himself, for bringing us all together and giving us so much to smile about!

  19. chanda w. Says:

    Happy thankgiving everyone, hope u all are blessed, Luv ya Tay, may God bless u and your family.

  20. Marianne Says:

    Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful day with loved ones and friends. I’m going to try and not eat too much. (Mostly a lost cause when I see stuffing) Wishing Taylor and his family a Happy Thanksgiving and some rest for George who has done an outstanding job on this site.

  21. kia Says:

    May everyone and their families have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Lilly Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  23. Olivia Says:

    Lol okay I’m convinced. Remarkable how a flash of Taylor’s underwear can convince me to go see a movie. That GIF should really just be displayed all over the world at all times. Then everyone would be happy and there would be no more sadness.

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US;)

  24. Emily Says:

    Olivia–I’m glad you liked it! ;) Make sure you pay close attention when the scene starts, b/c it goes really fast in the movie. That was definitely the highlight of BD2 for me, but he’s also got a few other good moments. Just try and disregard everything else—that’s how I got through it.

    I believe you have stumbled upon the key to world peace—everyone seeing Taylor undressing. I know I’D be happier seeing that everywhere I went every day. Ha!

  25. chanda w. Says:

    I saw BD 2 today and I luved the entire movie!! I heard from some sites that Taylor was barely in the movie, but that isn’t true…..he was basically on throughout the movie except the big fight scene where he was …in wolf form….so I was pleasantly suprised. Bella’s beat down of him wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought either and the strip down scene………worth the price of admission alone. I laughed as nearly every word that came out of his mouth……so funny, he did a great job!! They did show the scene I hoped they would near the end…luv luv.
    And the nods to the EVERYONE was very classy. I yelled when they showed his name at the beginning and end. And the strip down scene…….one kid was saying …oh no don’t don’t…..and I said oh yes…all the way baby. I heard some giggles. Shocked , but I enjoyed the WHOLE movie, can’t wait to see it again …and the DVD is mine …as soon as it comes out………..Tay Tay sexy beast for sure!!

  26. kia Says:

    Emily- I went to see BD2 yesterday with my mom so I’m giving her review bare with me on this..

    She thought Vamp Bella is The most useless vampire out there and that the chick from “Underworld” can still kick her ass! She got piss of at Eddie boy for telling Jake that” he only thinks about himself” and yelled “yeah because because he left his pack and family and almost die for the selfish BITCH your standing next to because you don’t care of all the shit she cause because your to (Excuse my french) P*ssy whip! DEAD!!
    She thought baby Reneesme looks like one of those ugly baby dolls that you use in nursery class LOL.
    She lost some her ovaries when Sam appear,thought Dracula 1&2 could be lovers .Hated the battle and the twist . And of coursewhen Jake strips she whispers OMG Kia I see his OK that’s it won’t go farther. So that’s her review ,yup my My mom is crazy but I love her..

  27. kia Says:

    Oh we saw the previews of TMI and Beautiful Creatures and she said people needs to stop writing books about kids falling in love with the supernatural because it’s not healthy next thing you know there be a book about girl falling in love with a Zombie and I told her there actually is a book and a movie about that. She look at me and rolled her eyes and said everybody’s going to HELL. LOL

  28. Emily Says:

    kia– I’m glad you and your mom got to go and see it. Your mom is HILARIOUS!! I think she and my mom could be good buddies!

    There was a preview for that zombie movie in my theater before BD2. It looked very creepy and gross. I don’t get the allure of zombies AT ALL. At least some of the vampires and all of the wolves are good-looking. Zombies are just disgusting!!

    We both got mad when Gagward was calling Jake selfish. He’s the most unselfish character in the whole mess and gave up basically everything for that #@$ch Bella. Can’t stand either one of them!!! SO glad I won’t have to deal with them ever again!!

  29. kia Says:

    Emily- LOL yes! Them two should have there own movie review show.LOL.. I wonder does eddie boy ever mean it when he thanks Jacob probably not because he always looks annoyed when he does. I know Bellavile doesn’t she never does! In Eclispe when she went to see injured Jake ,she never thank any of the wolfpack members or Jake but she always running to Edsparks like he’s the hero like none of the pack or the Cullens had anything to do with saving her ass!!! End of rant..

  30. Emily Says:

    kia–They could call it “Twi-Moms Take Over Tinseltown.” :)

    I have spent a leisurely afternoon watching every appearance I have of Taylor on every talk show and awards show over the last 2 or so years. I have come to 3 conclusions while doing this:

    1) Why am I sitting here watching this when I have about a million other things I need to be doing?? Oh yeah, b/c it’s Taylor!!

    2) Is there anyone dreamier than Taylor anywhere on the planet?? My answer is “Definitely Not!” He’s gorgeous, sure, but what’s even better is how sweet, funny, adorable, and personable he is, even when he gives his canned, standard answers. My cheeks are sore from smiling so much. I am incapable of watching him without a huge grin on my face.

    3) I cannot express how happy I am for him that he is done with all Twilight promo and can hopefully, one day, be on a talk show without them showing some picture of him in that awful wig or shirtless and totally embarassing him. I do love how he blushes when this happens, but I feel so bad for him. He’s such a good sport about it, but you know he has to be ticked off inside.

    As I watched my last show, I became somewhat down wondering when and where we will see him next. This month has been so awesome, but I’m sure he’s back in super-stealth ninja mode again. I would give ANYTHING if he would get some guest spots or a recurring temporary role on some good tv shows. July is a LONG way off. :(

  31. Olivia Says:

    So I finally saw it and man, okay better than I was thinking mainly for Jake I thought they screwed him a little in the first one but in this one every one of his lines was funny, he looked amazing and was onscreen more than I expected. So here goes:

    Jake was soooo adorable the whole way through, I cannot think of a single other actor, not one who could have made the imprinting not-creepy, but Taylor managed it.

    The cottage scene was SO boring I nearly dozed off. I was like, seriously? It’s not even sexy, I came for excitement not to be bored to death.

    When Charlie said ‘She’s got your eyes’ I thought ‘She’s got someone’s eyes, cos they’re not hers’. That baby was creepy looking. I couldn’t even get mad about the Bella-Jacob fight because it was too silly. It’s so obvious in real life Jacob could literally crush Bella (or anyone else) trying to make her into a badass just didn’t work.

    So many times Taylor came on I found myself thinking ‘man, he’s gorgeous’, and I strangely lost focus and couldn’t concentrate on what people were saying.

    Every ‘romantic’ scene I just kept thinking how much sexier it would be if Jacob were there. No not with the two of them, lol. Not with BellaBitch, with some girl who actually deserved him… someone like me. Lol Ending – bleh kill me, thanks for reminding me why I never liked Edward and Bella, so incredibly bland, but even objectively, that ending was sorta underwhelming, can’t imagine even the Bellsparks shippers were happy with that.

    Overall, Jacob is just my favourite character ever, looking back on old clips from other movies, I actually like him even more, not only is the character just so much more human and passionate than every other character, but they couldn’t possibly have found a better actor to do this character justice, and elevate him even from what was written in the books. I’m not surprised Team Jacob was such a phenomenon after New Moon, if I could choose any character to be, it would obviously be Jacob, somehow a supposed third wheel story turned into the most emotional and unforgettable part of the entire series. I only saw this movie for Taylor and boy am I glad I did, he was so worth it, 10 or 20 or 30 years from now Taylor is going to be the only thing I remember about this saga.

  32. Emily Says:

    Olivia–I’m glad you finally saw it and weren’t disappointed after my little Jacob teaser. The cottage scene underwhelmed me as well and I actually started snickering when Bella started “glowing” during it. I guess that was supposed to mean something monumental was happening. Yawn!! In every “love scene” or even kissing scene of this whole mess, I always thought “This would be so much better with Jacob.” When Taylor does finally start doing love scenes in movies. . . all I have to say is Heaven help us, especially if his kissing scenes (Abduction-train-enough said) are any indication of even better things to come.

    I was trying to explain the whole Twilight story to this lady today (at church, no less!!). She asked me b/c she knew I was going to the movie when I saw her a few weeks ago. She’s clueless about pop culture things and really had no prior knowledge. I started laughing eventually b/c everything I was saying was so completely ridiculous and she was getting so confused. I finally just dug out my Jacob from New Moon key chain from my purse and showed it to her and said “This is all you really need to know.” Even though she knew nothing of the story, she said, “I’ve seen him on tv on one of those movies. He is very good looking and has a wonderful body.” (She is NOT the type of person to usually say something like that and is even older than me by about 15 years.) I then had to tell her how wonderful and precious Taylor is, in addition to his looks. I’m always trying to represent for Team Jacob and get others to join. :)

    I’m relieved it’s all over and I won’t have to explain the whole mess of a story to others. Taylor–How about being in something that makes some sense next time?

  33. Emily Says:

    BTW, for those of you reading “Crave” on, there is a new chapter FINALLY.

  34. Lilome Says:

    Hello my lovelies! Trying to catch up on all of the Tayfest posts and I just have a few comments (of course). First, a big smooch to George for all of the updates. Thank you so so much. Second bit of business – I saw BD2 last weekend. I refused to go opening weekend because I wanted NM to keep it’s top place for opening weekend sales. Yeah, I’m like that. My biggest problem was character continuity. I mean WTF! First, Jacob was never ok with Bella’s choice and would never say they looked good together or turn into the Cullen family pet. Also, explain why he wore jackets and coats? Was the costumer stoned? Maybe she didn’t see New Moon or Eclipse and missed the part where jacob doesn’t get cold. I understand Taylor was done with being shirtless, but t-shirts, flannels , or button downs (like at the wedding) should be the extent of it. In BD1 he had a leather jacket. Read the books, moron! Billy could barely afford shoes -how the could he buy a leather jacket. Next, why is Deward asking questions and why are people explaining things to him? He can read minds, remember? MR dropped this ball. If you needed to add dialog to

  35. Lilome Says:

    Hello my lovelies! Trying to catch up on all of the Tayfest posts and I just have a few comments (of course). First, a big smooch to George for all of the updates. Thank you so so much. Second bit of business – I saw BD2 last weekend. I refused to go opening weekend because I wanted NM to keep it’s top place for opening weekend sales. Yeah, I’m like that. My biggest problem was character continuity. I mean WTF! First, Jacob was never ok with Bella’s choice and would never say they looked good together or turn into the Cullen family pet. Also, explain why he wore jackets and coats? Was the costumer stoned? Maybe she didn’t see New Moon or Eclipse and missed the part where jacob doesn’t get cold. I understand Taylor was done with being shirtless, but t-shirts, flannels , or button downs (like at the wedding) should be the extent of it. In BD1 he had a leather jacket. Read the books, moron! Billy could barely afford shoes -how the could he buy a leather jacket. Next, why is Deward asking questions and why are people explaining things to him? He can read minds, remember? MR dropped this ball. If you needed to add dialogue to make things clearer, let some other character do it. Lame. And Bill, maybe you forgot that vampires sparkle. Eddie and Bella in the meadow with sunshine all around and no twinkling.

  36. Lilome Says:

    Part2: Nessie was creepy, but from the reviews, I was expecting Chuckie. Mackenzie was adorable. Hated the fact that the pack was completely left out. They got completely screwed in this last movie.
    Now for the good stuff. Dear God, did Taylor look FINE or what? I couldn’t see anything but him when his scenes were showing. He never looked better. As for the stripping scene……there are no words ……. and I can’t possibly put the thoughts on paper/screen. OMG! I thought the movie was ok. Not great. If I hadn’t read the books I would have liked it better. Hated that they left NM and Eclipse scenes with Jacob out of the flashbacks. I understand why, but maybe they could have shown some of those scenes when Jacob asked Bella if her feelings for him had changed. Just saying …..

  37. Lilome Says:

    @Emily…. and if you are not reading Crave, why not? This is the chapter we’ve been waiting for. I was late for work because of it! But I’m not sorry

  38. Emily Says:

    Lilome–I saw the update at 11:50 PM and was reading until after 1:00 AM and had to get up this morning for work before 6:00, but I didn’t care. It was so worth it.

    Jacob’s wardrobe in the movie bothered me, too. Now, don’t get me wrong, he looked wonderful, but he looked like he just stepped out of a L.L. Bean or Eddie Bauer catalog or something with all those layers. Thought the same thing about the leather jacket in Part 1. Part of the whole point of the shirtless and cut-off wearing wolves was that they couldn’t afford to keep buying new clothes every time they phased and ruined them. Maybe Alice started supplying Jacob with a wardrobe. :(

    I also thought they could have at least shown some B/J flashbacks too, since he was supposedly such a huge part of her life, at least in the books, but no, we must remember that NO ONE in the whole history of time has ever loved anyone as much as B loves E, so there was no room in her memory for anyone else. Gag!

    For anyone interested, here’s a link to the fanfic “Crave.” It is GOOD.

  39. Emily Says:

    LOOK, LOOK, LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found it on Taylor Lautner Italy–no idea where they found it, b/c everything is in Italian on that site, but this could quite possibly be one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life!!

  40. Lilome Says:

    I think that last picture from the link above was a peek into the future- our beautifully tanned boy hanging out with the pale kids.

  41. tdl_jeanne Says:

    @ Emily- I have been following the Crave story, too, and this chapter is so HOT I am looking for a snowbank to dive into! Whew! J♥

  42. Emily Says:

    tdl_jeanne–The author certainly does paint very vivid mental pictures with her words. . .Even though her Jacob is more of the enormously tall/huge book version, you know who I picture when reading it, don’t you??? ;)

  43. tdl_jeanne Says:

    @Emily- Oh Yeah! My mind makes adjustments to the other characters to ‘fit’ . LOL!!

  44. kia Says:

    Aww hey little cutie

  45. Mystique Says:

    Omg! O_O I think my eyes just got cavities lol. There is just way too much eye candy in this thread. First the striping gif, then that hot picture! *fans self*

    Btw, I think that bw picture might actually be him! It looks like him……..don’t ask me how long I’ve studied that picture lol *blush*, but it does seem like it could be him.

  46. Emily Says:

    @Mystique–Welcome! I have spent much more time than I’m willing to admit to anyone, other than you all here, studying Taylor’s face (and other parts 8D). I can even tell if a photo has been flipped b/c I know where to look for the chicken pox scars on his face. :( Am I too weird???

    The b/w picture does look like him, especially the neck and jawline. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s from some great photoshoot we haven’t seen yet.

  47. lucy Says:


    The pic on the right is from the press junket with Rob, kristen and bill for BD2 promo, its just zoomed, and the pic on the left in the rain is 100% manip and also a pretty old one. ;D

  48. lucy Says:

    *oh I’m sorry, It’s the opposite of course! On the right – manip and on the left – promo pic ^^

  49. Mystique Says:

    @Emily–Thanks for the welcome! And don’t worry, your Taylor “studying habits” are safe with me lol!! ^_^. I’ve been guilty of it myself actually…
    I didn’t know he had chicken pox scars on his face though…where? I’ve never seen them! Btw, in person his skin is like flawless! *drool*

    @Lucy–aww bummer! Well, that’s a pretty good manip because the neck and jaw line definitely screamed Taylor lol. I have to admit, the only thing that didn’t quite add up was the nose and the arms on that model. The nose didn’t look like Taylor’s at all, and the arms didn’t quite look like his either…although very close!! Whoever the guy on the right is, he’s got a hot physique!

  50. Emily Says:

    Lucy- That’s a bummer about the pictures. I thought a new photoshoot would be too good to be true. :(

    Mystique–One is on the left side of his face kind of even with his ear. Another is on his forehead, over his right eye. They’re very faint–you can only see them sometimes in face closeups at the right angle with the right lighting.

    More importantly, you said “in person his skin is flawless.” Does this mean you have seen him in person??? If so, I am eternally and insanely jealous of you and you must give details please. . .

  51. Mystique Says:

    @Emily–Oh interesting! I guess I’ve never really paid much attention to his face that closely! lol…. I’ll have to check that out now. Maybe I’ll become a Tayologist like you! lol ^_^

    Yep! I DID see him in person! My friend and I met him in NYC earlier this month while he was doing promotions. He was coming out of ABC Studios. He signed autographs and took pictures w/fans. I got a picture w/him and was on cloud 9 the entire week lol! He really is such a sweetheart honestly. Very nice guy…. And he is GORGEOUS in person! Like honestly, “beautiful” was the first word that came to my mind when I actually saw him in person lol. Pictures do NOT do him justice lol!

  52. kia Says:

    Mystique- Aww I’m so happy you got to met him!!! I seriously don’t know how to react if I got the chance to meet him.

  53. Emily Says:

    Ok, Mystique, you are officially the luckiest person I know of. Everyone says he looks even better in person, but I just can’t imagine how that is possible.

    Tayologist–ha! I wish that was a real career. If so, I would be close to completing my Doctorate by now. :)

    kia–I honestly don’t think I’d survive meeting him. Either my heart would stop or I’d forget to breathe, pass out, and konk my head on something.

  54. Mystique Says:

    Kia, Emily—Yea it really was exciting meeting him! So spur of the moment too. I’m serious, what ppl say is true, he IS better looking in person. I didn’t know he was going to be THAT good looking in person ha. He almost didn’t look real. He reminded me of a Ken doll lol! ^_^. I got a little nervous at first. It was so hard to believe it was really him!

    Emily–I really think you’ll be fine when (yes I said WHEN! Lol) you meet him in person. He’s nice looking that’s for sure, but he’s also so nice and gracious to the fans that it’s hard to be intimidated by him for long. :). He’s very easy-going and open with everyone. Definitely not a jerk. So yea, you’d be fine ;).

    Lol @ completing your “doctorate” in Tayology lol (<——my new fave word) :-D

  55. chanda w. Says:

    @Mystique, u got to see my husband Tay, in person?? OMG…lucky u!! I heard from other fans that he does look even better in person……..hopefully I’ll get to find out for myself one day. He always seems more than happy to hang w/ his fans and doesn’t seem to take the fame too seriously, which is a bonus. Looks and personality. mmmmmmmmmmm Tay , Tay!! lol!

  56. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—lol @ the “my husband” comment :-D. Yes, I met Taylor in person. Yea the others didn’t lie to you lol everything they’ve said is true! I can def vouch for that ;-)