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I’ve uploaded a new still of Taylor Lautner in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2.’

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20 Responses to “New ‘Breaking Dawn Part II’ Still!”

  1. Lilome Says:


  2. Emily Says:

    This picture could not be more perfect! Those lips. . .

    Unless. . . he was wearing a little less. . .

    and he was standing in a secluded cabin. . .

    in front of a roaring fire. . .

    and I was with him. . .

    and we were snowbound for about a year. . .

    . . .Sorry–I just can’t help myself!! ;)

  3. kia Says:

    Emily- That actually sounds like a good old fanfiction .. should call it SnowBound, yup two people stranded in a cabin. Characters: Emily/Taylor Rated:M Contains Lemond and Lemons and more Lemons.. HEHE!

  4. kia Says:

    Lilome- There no words to describe him. just ahhhh

  5. Marianne Says:

    Sort of beautiful is an understatement!! All I want for Christmas is Taylor.

    Emily…kia…LOL Maybe we could share him in that snowbound cabin?

  6. Mystique Says:

    What are lemons? What’s up with all the lemons? Lol….

  7. kia Says:

    Marianne- Yes! with a big red bow wrap around him.

    Mystique- Well it’s hard to describe it on here so lets just say it contains “ADULT THEMES”

  8. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I’ve been asking for Taylor for Christmas for the past 2, now going on 3 years, but Santa just isn’t cooperating. Maybe you’ll be luckier than me. :)

    If you and kia and I all had to try and share, we might not be on such friendly terms with each other afterwards. Ha!

    Mystique–You need to read some good Jacob fanfiction. You’ll figure out really quick what “lemons” are. I know I did. We can recommend a few if you’d like.

  9. Jenle Says:

    Hmm…I write Jacob fanfics actually. Jenle is my author name on fanfiction. If yall are bored…pay me a visit. I have works in progress.

  10. joanie Says:

    OK….have never ever ever read FF; saw u regulars on another post raving about a chapt 14 (Crave). Hot damn!! How many times can u reread it b4 you risk being an obsessive perv? And actually the character development and story (Jake, the pack, Bella) had continuity and was far more interesting to me than the books). Speaking of “the books”, I did read them and early on I favored Jacob but never could quite put a face to him; saw the movie and well there it was….so for me at least there is only one face I see when they mention Jacob Black (I don’t care if they describe him as being 7′ tall or 5′ tall, huge or wiry/slender….for me there is only 1 face that will “always” be Jacob. and I can vouch that after reading ole chapt 14 “age is just a number”, at least in my imagination; in reality it would be whoaaaaa mama, they gonna lock you up and throw away the key you are way tooo old for this. I heartily recommend husbands/boyfriends forget Victorias Secret for Christmas – give your lady Chapt 14, nikitajuice’s photo it’s based on , and a ice block or (use your imagination fellows) she’ll thank you! You gals here get a nice big Thank You….from me.

  11. firereign Says:

    @joanie your comment that you will forever identify Taylor as Jacob is something I’ve heard before. Considering that character is basically the only credit to his movie profile do you think it would be advisable for Taylor to alter his appearance in some subtle manner to disrupt the comparison to Jacob Black? and if so, what would you recommend (I’m speaking specifically for character roles not personally).

  12. annie Says:

    @firereign not a bad idea. lighten hair color, glasses, hairstyle (longer for sure), should be used in combination 2 or 3, just changing one probably wouldn’t be enough.

  13. Mystique Says:

    Kia, Emily, Jenle—Lol!!! OKAY! Interesting! So “lemons” are code name for something ELSE I see! lol! :D

    Yes, I wouldn’t mind some FF recommendations. I don’t usually read FF (I’ve read a few, but in the past they never quite got the person’s personality right… :-/ ), but I’m open to reading some really good ones if you all know of any.

    I like stories that are longer, deeper, and take a little while to develop the “lemons” I guess if you know what I mean lol…

    Okay that didn’t quite come out right lol! :) *blush*

    Anywayyy….. In answer to Firereign’s question:
    Yea, I think Taylor should eventually change his physical appearance for a role. Not just physically (he’s already done that before), but facial appearance. Maybe a little scruff here and there, maybe some glasses, lighter hair, longer hair, ANYTHING really would be fine. It would be cool to see him with a new “look”. I’ve always wondered what he would look like with his own longer NATURAL (not the wig) hair?

  14. Emily Says:

    You’re welcome, joanie!! I’m glad you are enjoying “Crave.” Ever since I saw New Moon for the first time, I have, and will for as long as I live, picture Taylor’s face when I read anything anywhere about Jacob Black. I stayed away from fanfic for a while, b/c all I had found was basically smut with no story, but I did eventually find some written by some really talented people.

    I think Taylor would have no problem with changing his appearance for a role. Critics love when beautiful people make themselves look hideously ugly for a role, i.e. Charlize Theron in “Monster.” I don’t think he could do anything to make himself look bad, so bring on the changes or stay your perfectly gorgeous self.

    Mystique–Here is a link to “Crave” and the pictures that were inspired by it. Don’t know if you’ve read the Twilight books, but this is really different–very pro-Jacob/Bella.

    Here is a list of some pretty good ones, as well. You can see from the synopses what you’re getting yourself into.

    If you’re in the mood for a totally bad, and I mean BAD Jacob, I recommend “Bet on Me.” I usually like sweet Jacob, but this one is. . .um. . .well. . .yeah.
    Beware, though, that author takes FOREVER to update.

    Happy reading!!

  15. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for recommending “Crave”. That FF……omg. I read chap 1 – 14 all in one sitting last night and I’m telling you………..I swear I needed to take an ICE cold shower after THAT one!! Omg……O_O *blush*. Wow…..I have NEVER thought about Jacob like that before. It was so hottt omg…. I kinda wish the movies (never read the books) went a little deeper into Jacob and his struggle and how he dealt with being part werewolf like this FF does.

    My oh my…. That one had me on the edge of my seat! Lol…. And chapter 14!!! OMG is all I can say!!! *speechless*

  16. Emily Says:

    Glad you liked it–thought you would–winks.

    The books gloss over the whole werewolf thing. That’s what I really like about this story. They DO, however, show a much deeper relationship between Bella and Jacob than the movies. I think it was b/c Kristen and Taylor had such good chemistry that they couldn’t play it up much b/c all those watching would be like: Why the he#@ would she pick the pale popsicle over THAT???

  17. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor does not need to change his appearance to much. Plenty of actors are doing well without all that………Vin Diesel, The Rock……….they play in a lot of action and family movies and they don’t disguise themselves too much. Acting is just a job……… a good , high paying job, but it should not be his entire life. Some of these actors go so overboard with starving themselves ……Matthew Mc…… he trying to win an Oscar???? Is a metal statue really worth putting your health in jeapoardy??? I hope Tay never goes overboard , he’s a handsome boy and talented. Maybe he could do a couple of roles where he alters his appearance….but I would not want that to be an ongoing theme for him. I don’t want him to get to caught up in HOLLY WEIRD. He’s one of the blessed ones.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Emily–rotfl @ “pale Popsicle”. Hahahaha!!!! True! Although I like Robert Pattinson, he’s just no comparison when it comes to Taylor…no offense.

    If they didn’t want there to be too much chemistry w/Bella and competition for Edward, then the directors needed to find someone less good-looking than Taylor, I’m sorry. Plus he’s such a sweetheart and good-natured in real life, that it’s hard not to find him irresistible lol.

    I remember when I was watching New Moon wondering why Bella didn’t just end up with her friend Jake. It was obvious she cared about him in SOME way. But no….lol

  19. Mystique Says:

    Btw, @ Chanda…..yea I agree…I don’t want Taylor to go overboard with the changing of appearances either, but I think a little difference might be good for him. I’m not talking drastic weight loss or weight gain (although, he’s ALREADY done that), but moreso just little subtle differences here and there (ie. Glasses, hair dye, a different persona…..maybe the “bad guy” for a change perhaps?)

  20. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks George for the AMAZING photo! Love this one and enjoyed him as Jacob in BD2! Loved his connection with MacKenzie (s/p).
    And hmmm I don’t know it would be interesting to see him pull of something else, Taylor perf no matter what! :)