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I’ve uploaded 200 more photos of Taylor Lautner on set of his 2011 movie ‘Abduction.’ Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
» Movies » Abduction (2011): Behind the Scenes

19 Responses to “200 More Behind the Scenes ‘Abduction’ Photos”

  1. kia Says:

    I don’t what anybody say, I still ship Tayly(Taylor/Lily)

  2. kia Says:

    oh bad typo. I mean I don’t care what anybody say, I still ship these two. There cute

  3. Mystique Says:

    Yea Taylor and were cute together. You can sort of see from these pics that they liked each other and seemed close.

  4. Mystique Says:

    Oops I meant Taylor and *Lily* were cute together lol

  5. carrie Says:

    Did anyone see this? GVS is working on a superhero movie. Wonder who might be a good choice…

  6. Emily Says:

    Why couldn’t we have gotten all of these pics during the long and hard Taylor drought from November 2011-November 2012?

  7. Lilly Says:

    @carrie: hum…this is interesting.

  8. kia Says:

    Carrie- this sounds like something Taylor would be into…hmmm could it be another project?

    Emily- Well get ready,we maybe in for another long drought..unless Michael Bay have another Hollywood Holiday Party (Wishful thinking). Sigh

  9. Marianne Says:

    kia…Emily…I agree we may be in for some serious ninja TL. I did see a list of 10 overexposed celebrities and R/K was number one. I would have said the Biebs and R/K number ten. They should have a list for 10 rarely seen celebs!!

  10. kia Says:

    Marianne- If there’s was a list of rarely seen celebs then Taylor would of been number 1 through 10! LOL Not surprised that epic “love couple” was number 1. I mean kstew wearing Rob’s dirty shirt was even breaking headline news..LOL

  11. Mystique Says:

    Carrie—Wow that’s exciting news! I really do hope Taylor gets to work with GVS in something because he’s a pretty well respected director in HW. Plus, I’ve always wanted Taylor to be part of a film that allows him to use his natural athletic talent and martial arts skills so this would be good for him. Abduction was a good start, but I want to really see him doing some crazy martial arts moves.

    Re: Taylor’s Ninja capabilities….
    I may be in the minority, but to be honest with you, I’m kinda glad that TL isn’t out publicly on the HW scene 24/7. For one, I think it really keeps him grounded. He seems to surround himself privately w/ppl he can really trust and depend on, and I think that makes a big difference. Second, I think it also keeps him out of trouble lol. I’m kinda glad his name isn’t plastered on the front page of US Weekly or People magazine being involved in the latest scandal, drunken brawl, DWI or similar…..unlike SOME of his young peers in the business today. How embarrassing! And lastly, I think not being TOO open and seen everywhere not only keeps us appreciative of the times when we DO see him lol, but it also allows audience goers to really see HIM as a character onscreen instead of…..”did you hear he was busted for drugs in his hotel room?”. :-/. That’s something actor Leonardo DiCaprio has fought hard to do himself. He always said that if ppl knew TOO much about his pesonal life, or if he was seen out 24/7, then it would be hard for ppl to make the transition of seeing him as a certain character in a film.

    So, as difficult as it might be at times not to see him as often as we would like, I think it’s working out well for him in the long run. People can’t even really have anything negative to say about him lol….

  12. Marianne Says:

    Mystique…I agree with everything that you said. I kid about Taylor being such a ninja. Some of us are like mother hens and want to know that he is alive and well. I do think there is a fine line that celebs walk in this tech age of knowing too much or too little. Too little and the gossips will beat a drum that defines you and discourages your fan base.

  13. Emily Says:

    I am ABSOLUTELY glad and thankful that Taylor stays out of the limelight whenever possible, especially from the gossip sites, thought I don’t think he’d do anything bad enough to make a story. I think it’s great for HIM that he can still have a private life and do some normal things.

    I was only thinking of myself and my painful withdrawls when he’s undercover. ;))))

  14. Emily Says:

    Look, look, look: Taylor Lautner Italy site has more baby Taylor pictures–one where he can’t be more than 2 years old. I LOVE seeing these. So cute.

  15. chanda w. Says:

    I like that Tay is so grounded too. Some of these celebs become obssessed with staying in the limelight….they don’t even enjoy their lives, trying to keep up with the next person. Hollyweird will lift u up then knock u down hard, without blinking. I think Tay learned his lesson early on. He seems to enjoy his life going shark diving, hanging with family and friends. Smart guy. I was sorta wishing to see his face on the small screen though, just wanted a glimpse and then to my surprise….a repeat of Jimmy Fallon with Tay Tay…… omg….I was floored and smiling like an idiot.

  16. accv Says:

    @kia… you’re not alone. i’ve shipped them since they started filming abduction. just too bad it didn’t work out. i wish there were BTS photos of them during the makeout in the train. but maybe that would’ve been awkward. LOL!

  17. accv Says:

    it’s likely because many celebs find that they’ll have a hard time separating their real, normal lives from their careers, thus their careers become their lives. being an actor/actress doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a celebrity. you can be an actor/actress and not be followed 24/7, nor be well-known. once you really start sharing your life with the public, you become a celebrity.

    and i like that he knows where that boundary is because like he said on… oprah? he has his career, which is one part of his life… then he has reality, taylor lautner the person. if you can’t find a way to separate the two early on, it’ll likely get harder as time passes.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Marianne–Yes, don’t get me wrong lol….I would love to see more of Taylor myself (just for my own selfish reasons lol ;-) ), and I think it WOULD be nice to see him more out and about “around town” so to speak, but at the same time….I’m kind of torn because I know that no matter WHAT some actors/actresses are doing, or who they’re going out with, the rumor mills ALWAYS start churning. You could be going out to dinner, or lunch and people will make assumptions based on that. And I know that I would not want to see Taylor become a celebrity for sake of being a “celebrity”……like say the Kardashian’s are. :-/

    Emily, Chanda—Yeah, I like that he can pretty much still stay so grounded and live a fairly NORMAL life still. I think he deliberately tries to keep his private life separate from his public life as much as possible, and so far I think that works for him. :) You are so right….HW will chew you up and spit you out in a heartbeat faster than you can blink. You really don’t know who to trust in that industry. Not everyone in HW is like that, but the industry itself can be very cut-throat, overly critical and very fickle. It really is a fine line to walk at times.

  19. Mystique Says:

    Accv–Good point about the difference between an “actor” vs. a “celebrity”! I agree completely! I would say that people like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, etc. are “celebrities”. But people like Matt Damon, Daniel Day-Lewis, James Franco, etc. are more so “actors” in the fact that their FAME doesn’t ever really overshadow their body of work. Now of course, there are SOME times when an actor’s work may get overshadowed temporarily due to a HUGE amount of popularity and interest in the actor or the particular piece of work during a certain period of time. I’ll use the example of what happened to Leonardo DiCaprio with “Titanic”. He got massive amounts of fame from it. But I don’t think he ever wanted his “celebrity” status to overshadow him as an ACTOR, so he fought hard to keep that popularity down and went into hiding at times. Now days, he’s gained the respect of many fellow actors, directors, and audience goers BECAUSE he didn’t continue to try to “be seen” 24/7 and cater to everything and everyone during that time.

    I honestly think that SOME in HW simply want fame……and others, actually want recognition for their WORK. I think Taylor is the latter. It’s getting more and more obvious that he wants to be known as MORE than just a “pretty face” or “the guy w/the great abs in Twilight” lol…. You can tell in interviews that he wants to do MORE as an actor and really challenge himself, and I think that’s a good thing! :) If he just wanted fame & popularity, he would easily just push for more shirtless scenes in movies (cuz trust me, I’m sure he’s had scripts come his way that are nothing BUT “eye-candy” roles lol!) and wouldn’t be embarrassed when people mention his “six pack abs” ROTFL!!

    But you can tell that Taylor wants to do more, and I think that’s a MUCH better place to be in the long run if you’re going to be in the business for a while. :)