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I’ve added photos of Taylor Lautner leaving lunch at Toscana in Brentwood, California earlier today (December 6th).

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» 2012 Candids: Lunch at Toscana – December 6th

69 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner has Lunch at Toscana (December 6th)”

  1. kia Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! New pics on my Birthday!! BEST BDAY GIFT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lucy Says:

    Who is that man behind him? A director maybe? :-/

  3. kia Says:

    Lucy- Well Gossip-net said it was a business lunch meeting so maybe a director ,producer or screenwriter..I really don’t know.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Someone knows who is the other guy ??? maybe a producer???

  5. Marianne Says:

    kia…Happy Birthday to You!!! Maybe it’s an executive from Scummit telling him they are going to make a movie about Jacob and Nessie.

  6. lucy Says:

    I know it now! The man is Erik Feig (President Of Production of the Lionsgate Motion Picture)
    Here he is with Taylor at the BD Part 1 Premiere in LA last year (the man on the right)

  7. Mystique Says:

    @Marianne–Lol @ “Scummit” lol!!! ^_^

    Awwww!! Nice to see new pics! I guess he hasn’t gone completely Ninja Stealth Mode just yet lol.

    At first I thought it was a fan lol, but now that you guys mention it, it probably IS someone in the film industry and they may have been having a business luncheon.

    I hope it’s to discuss a new film opportunity/venture. :)

  8. firereign Says:

    Yes, that is Eric Feig.
    Yes Van Sant has agreed to write a script for Taylor based on the mag article Taylor found. and yes Bryan Singer has had conversations with Taylor about this and other things. the timing at this time is still very fluid. and Tracers still is at the top of the list.

  9. Mystique Says:

    Thanks for the update Firereign :)

    Do you know what the GVS film is about? Does anyone know what article Taylor presented to GVS that is now being made into a movie? I just want to know what the genre/plot might be!

    I wonder who is directing “Tracers”?? I’m excited about that one because Taylor will (hopefully!) be able to use his natural athletic talent and ability in it. :)

  10. Emily Says:

    He’s ALIVE (and looking wonderful, as always)!!!! :)))))))))

    I don’t know if I’m remembering this right or I may have just dreamed it or made it up, or have it mixed up with an episode of Law & Order or some show like that (it was a long time ago), but I seem to remember it was something about male models who had this kind of underground “fight club” thing going on. I don’t remember if I read it from a reputable source or if it was just speculation. I may be way off the mark, so please don’t quote me on this or take it as fact, but that’s what popped in my mind when you asked, Mystique.

    Happy birthday, kia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Emily Says:

    Aww, that looks like the same flannel shirt from the MTV (or Teen Choice) awards a couple of years ago. He’s worn it several times. I LOVE that he’s not a clothes snob and wears things more than once, like a normal person. :)

  12. annie Says:

    @emily it was supposed to be an article in either The New Yorker or the New York Mag (2 different magazines) based on a true event. There was a lot of speculation about what story it could have been…(was it a current article or an archived one) so they just randomly went through current ones & came up with the one you mentioned (male model types participating in fight club against bareknuckle fighter and boxers in Chinatown). Beautiful Disaster is a book highlighting this bareknuckle fight club phenom. But no one really knows…other than if it’s Van Sant it won’t be a comedy.

    Tracers….I heard they were reworking the storyline but it still is parkour based.

  13. accv Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kia! Sorry I’m late! :) Anyhow… yipee… he isn’t totally in ninja mode, although he said he’d be on a long hiatus for the holiday season after Twilight is over. And I’m just as curious as you all are about this article Taylor found/read. Look at him utilizing his creativity ;) Taking an article from a huge newspaper or magazine and trying to run with it and make it into a film. Whatta guy.

  14. Lilly Says:

    @kia: Happy Bday! What a nice gift, right :D

    So he’s going to work with Lionsgate again. I can’t wait to hear more about Tracers!

    @firereign: Thanks for the news :) hum.. Bryan Singer I’m intrigued now.

  15. kia Says:

    Marianne,Emily,accv,Lilly- THANKS!!!

  16. firereign Says:

    Erik Feig was brought over from Summit by his former bosses Rob Friedman and Patrick Weichsberger (they now run Lionsgate). Lionsgate bought Summit so they now are one even though they are keeping their individual names. Being president of production Erik is responsible for the production and development of films for both Lionsgate/Summit.

    Tracers – would be a Summit/Lionsgate production – one of the producers is Wyck Godfrey

  17. firereign Says:

    wanted to add – Lionsgate is the owner of Summit, so
    Lionsgate is the studio whether under their own name or under Summit’s

  18. Shazam Says:

    NEW PICS!!!!!!!!! Just what I needed to cheer me up today! :D
    He looks delightful as usual and happy which is a bonus, those pearly whites could make the sunshine anywhere!
    @Kia HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNI! Hope you have a fabtastic day and celebrate in style this weekend. I ordered you Taylor for Saturday night so keep it free! ;)
    Hope you are all well guys! Intrigued now…want to know more about his future projects!!
    @firereign Thank you for all your info, it keeps us going! :))

  19. Emily Says:

    annie–Thanks for your info. I’m glad I really DID read that somewhere and it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination.

  20. Emily Says:

    Hey Shazam–My birthday is in April–just wanted to let you know so you could maybe line me up the same present kia is getting tomorrow. ;))))

  21. kia Says:

    Aww Thanks Shazam! And thank you for letting me have him tomorrow night.. I promise I won’t hurt him.WINK WINK..
    fireregin- Thank you for all your positive information about Taylor , can’t wait to see what he has in store in the future.

  22. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Wow…..male models who are involved in an underground fightclub? Lol…..that is interesting!! Lol…and yet, so ironic at the same time hahaha!! Who would think male models (who.get paid for their facial features and good looks) would want to risk getting their faces punched in and possibly damaging the very thing that makes them money?? Hmmm….lol very intersting indeed.

  23. Shazam Says:

    @kia You are more than welcome and oh no, please don’t be gentle…he’s a huge fan of a certain shade of Grey ;)
    @Emily So is mine!!! Perhaps we could have a joint party and share him? I’ll tell him to keep April free hehe! :D
    I kow it is going to be a while before these projects will be ready but at least we can look forward to a glimpse of him next Summer! :)

  24. accv Says:

    Ahhh!!! Count me in on the April babies joint party!!! :D

  25. chanda w. Says:

    My baby is always looking good. Did any one else catch him on TMZ……he was coming out of this meeting and he was asked about his school……a staff member of TMZ went to the same high school as Tay…….at a different time. He was so energetic and cute. Luv him…..hope his meeting went well…….can’t wait for GU2!!

  26. Mattie Says:

    All good with me.

  27. annie Says:

    Maybe this is just the beginning. Building up for some announcement?? Toscano, Brentwood draws Alist actors on a daily basis, paps are always lurking….you don’t go there if you don’t want to be seen….but since there are so many celebs going in and out on a daily basis, it isn’t an “in your face” type of headline grabbing establishment, much more business oriented then simply a photo op.

  28. lucy Says:

    but that happened so often now.. first the meeting with Gus van Sant and Dustin Lance Black and we got nothing new, then the meeting with Nicholas Sparks and again we got nothing, then the appearance at Michael Bay’s Holiday Party and we got nothing. I don’t want to be a pessimist but I don’t think that we can expect something from sightings like this. :(

  29. Marianne Says:

    If I owned a private investigation business, I would want all you gals working for me!! Since it was a Scummit exec he was lunching with, I just assumed the exec was giving him a bonus check for putting up with all the Robsten drama and coming out of the Twi “Sigha” with his sanity and not becoming an alcoholic!! LOL Whatever is in development, I hope it’s what Taylor wants. He looks happy. It’s endearing that he wears a shirt that he has been photographed in multiple times.

  30. Lilly Says:

    @Marianne: He really deserves a bonus check! For this and for all the people that hate Twilight and went to watch the movie just to see his strip scene :P

  31. Emily Says:

    Ok, everybody, we need a new topic. I know there is no new news on the Taylor front, but it’s been 3 days since the last comment. I’ll get us started:

    This is cute. Looks like a “bonding moment.”

    I’ve seen lots of comments other places where people say Taylor looks nothing like his dad. But, looking at this, you can see where he got his prominent brow and eyes and his lower lip. Their profiles are very similar. Also, look how they’re sitting exactly the same way. I’ve never seen his dad smiling before–always looks so serious. I’d like to see and hear him really laughing. Wonder if it would sound like Taylor’s?

    Ok, comments/thoughts. . .anybody. . .?????

  32. kia Says:

    Emily- I did see a pic of Dan smile before and it’s very similar to Taylor. I agree He does has his Father’s eyebrows and lips but he have his mother’s ears LOL…

  33. kia Says:

    Has anybody heard of any GU2 news lately? I’ve been searching and found nothing.

  34. accv Says:

    Taylor’s a mix of his parents. He definitely gets his beautiful tan from his mother…

  35. annie Says:

    New Topic: sounds good – I’m not into bromances. How about can someone tell me how in the heck he shimmies into those pants of his – looks like they have to pour him in them — how he manages to sit down in them and cross his legs is fascinating. Remember all those pap pictures of him (poor guy) trotting to his car after a workout dressed in his sweats and they focused on his “willy” (at least this year they’re scoping in on Rob’s zipper gate) and he’s stopped wearing sweats. You know I named my cat Willy – could that have been a Freudian slip – hmmm – my thoughts are heading south fast. Maybe Taylor wears spanx (they have them for men now), I hear they will flatten just about anything out.
    Seems like the new Hollywood wardrobe malfunction is deliberate – anne hathaway flashed the paps ala brittany spears at the Les Mis premier while scooting out of the limo. I guess they figure you see one, you might as well see mine. @ least Kristen does her lady godiva on the big screen, although her unbuttoned short shorts and shrinky tops are flirting with “look at me”. somewhere I think I lost my train of thought – oh well – Taylor just wear something under in case you split a seam. Hey, in BD2 I didn’t have long peek at the strip scene – but did my eyes decieve in the fact that if he had boxers on he had them on backwards (no opening if you get my drift) or maybe they were just gym shorts, no sense in having Billy and the camera crew get more of an eyeful then they bargained for. Time for bed….with Suki, Willy, and my #1 Freddie (all cats, folks) I really need to spice my life up a little bit.

  36. Marianne Says:

    Glad the site is up and running again…it was MIA for me for two days. I agree with accv that Taylor seems to be a mix of his parents. IMO he has the best eyebrows for a guy. That is one of the things that bothers me about Rob. Whenever I see pics of him I remember the Mad Mag spoof that said he needed an eyebrow wrangler. Tan from his mother which makes other guys “pale” in comparison!!

    It is strange how there are a lot more Hollywood wardrobe malfuntions. The ZacE. condom slip on the red carpet was goofy. All the guys I know carry them in their wallets and there is no way they are going to just happen to drop their wallet. annie…I thought Taylor had longjohns on but the scene went so fast that I missed a few things. I am going to have to watch the heck out of that DVD. Saw that it was to be released Feb. 16.

  37. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I was just about to look up when the dvd comes out. Happy late Valentine’s Day to us!!

    Regarding the wardrobe malfunctions: I’m tired of them. I have a solution for Anne H., Britney, etc—WEAR SOME FREAKIN’ UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!! or at least some Spanx if you don’t want lines to show. You know there will be cameras on you, you know you’ll have to get out of a car. . .THINK, PEOPLE!!

    annie–Yes, I do remember the infamous Taylor “sweats” pictures. Poor thing. There are some more in some outtakes from Abduction during the boxing scene where. . .um. . . he had the same sort of problem. . .:)

    In BD2, he DID have on either boxers or some sort of shorts. I only noticed this afterward on some gifs and screen caps I saw. Was going to put in a link to one of them, but tumblr seems to be down for some reason.:( During the movie, my eyes were otherwise engaged–first on the jacket and shirt removal (polite applause), then the shoes and socks, then my mind began frantically processing the fact that he was unbuttoning his pants (something I didn’t think I’d ever see), then, Oh good God, he’s pulling them open and down (something I REALLY never thought I would see.) Needless to say, I didn’t notice if there was a slit in front. I was actually mad at their very existence, since the wolves supposedly went “commando” in the books. Wouldn’t have minded if Taylor had had a “wardrobe malfunction” of his own right then. :)))))))))))

    I can answer your question completely on Feb. 16. I plan on finding out for sure with some very careful scrutiny and several hundred pauses of the dvd.

  38. Emily Says:

    tumblr is back!! Here, annie, judge for yourself. . .



  39. Mystique Says:

    Kia–You’ve seen a picture of Taylor’s father smiling?? Lol…by all means can you post it? I have NEVER ever seen a picture of him smile, which to me is kind of odd since Taylor (and his sister) smile ALL the time! lol!

    Re: GU2… Yeah, I haven’t heard anything much either. Which, is kind of odd since the movie is coming out in July next year. Oh well…I suspect that we should be seeing at least a Teaser Trailer by Feb. at the latest. Don’t you think?

    Accv–Yeah, Taylor definitely tans very well :)

    Annie, Emily–What “sweats” picture is everyone talking about? I don’t think I’ve seen any picture like that….

    I agree w/you guys….the “wardrobe malfunctions” coming out lately are truly getting ridiculous. Seriously, idk how some women who are celebs go out in public w/out any underwear on!!!! O_O I’d be SOO self-conscious and worried the paps would happen to snap me at any moment w/out my panties on lol. Sometimes I wonder if SOME things are done simply for publicity. :-/

    Emily—Lol…YES I’ve seen that gif too!! ^_^ *blush* Is this the one you’re talking about?

    It’s working fine for me….. :)

  40. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Yes, that’s one of them. My comment number 38 has been “awaiting moderation” since last night–also have a link to the more recent “sweats” picture. The first one was from probably around 2009. I didn’t see it then–wasn’t a Taylor and/or Twilight fan ’til late in the game, but I saw it somewhere. No idea where, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to find. You could probably just google his name leaving gym or something.

  41. annie Says:

    Speaking of wardrobe malfunctions – I remember when he and Kristen were in South Korea promoting (I think it was Eclipse) and they had video of him walking off stage with suit coat flapping and well something musta popped cause tight pants & all emphasized that either something had made him very happy or he had a (I’m trying to be classy, bare with me) …………just fill in your own (I can’t think of any classy way of saying it) shoved down his pants. I felt very guilty replaying it (at least a few times) – poor boy – but it certainly wasn’t like Annie’s”Oh big premier time , I’m gonna get all dressed to the tens since there will be a million photogs shooting from a million different directions, I want to look my best but not get overheated so I’ll just leave my panties off. “How dare they expose those photos of me exposing me while I was scooching out of the limo – because it was such an accident – yep – we ladies all know how trying to get out of a car with a skirt on can be a challenge yet alone with a front slit that reaches up to the groin crease. Inadvertent mishap – yup. I figure Taylor’s was more of a peering down from the stage to the front row of all the gals sitting with their bouncing legs crossed and short skirts that caused the blow up….
    I’ve tried to find it again….it has to be somewhere…..have to do something with our time till he shows up at another restaurant.

  42. joanie Says:

    @annie I remember. Like a light colored suit and if I remember correct Kristen was either “flying” or really, really tired. On all these press things, she seemed to always look to him for support. The movies weren’t what drew my interest in him, it was the talk shows, interviews and promotions, awards shows….he came across as so genuine and NICE. I just liked him. Have no idea about the private lives, but being together for 5 yrs making a movie, most of his scenes were with Kristen, very close scenes, being hauled around in the arms of a bare chested guy for hours, days, years is pretty close contact and in front of scads of cameras and people they looked very comfortable with one another. But I think all this attention and a lot of the craziness took a toll. I know he’s older, still very nice and charming, but he doesn’t seem as carefree and open. I miss that. He’s still so young, I hope he’s been able to do fun things during this 2 year break. Well that’s life, as we all get older we deal with stuff. hopefully we keep a sense of humor and don’t let the bad times drag us down. and at least we don’t have someone with a cell camera trying to get a picture of us blowing our nose, slurping our soup, or adjusting our undies that somehow got lodged in our crack . Since he claims to be eating again, maybe you’re right we’ll see him out and about – eating a nice juicy hamburger on a bun, none of this pecking at a salad – he can go work out an extra 10 minutes. my son can take him to his Crossfit classes (hearing about these classes makes me go into muscle spasms and ache), I just talked myself into wanting a hamburger. My daughter is trying to lure me into becoming a vegetarian. I like my veges and can make a meal out of them, but I’m still a carnivore at heart, she has to work on me harder.

  43. Emily Says:

    annie–I’m not familiar with that one, but now I’m intrigued. . .Ha!

    Taylor–you have to give us something else to talk about—see where our conversations wind up when you don’t?????? :)

    joanie–I agree he’s not as open any more–probably can’t be with the media as it is and so many unscrupulous people around him in the business. But, I did think he was more like his old self in this round of BD2 promo–at least better than BD1.
    I already loved the Jacob character from the books, then loved Taylor playing Jacob in the movies, then saw how precious and wonderful he was as a person and have been completely enamored with him ever since.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Emily–My oh my!!!!!!!!!! O_O *gasp*. Wowww….. *ahem*. Thanks for those umm… Pics! Wow, okay…..yes, you do see something there lol. *blush*. Lol…..

    Annie–lol…I haven’t seen the South Korea “wardrobe malfunction” either (I guess I’m behind lol!). Is that on YouTube or something?

    Yea I agree with you, that dress Anna Hathaway was wearing didn’t even require her to go panty-less! I could see if it was a dress that was very thin material and fit her like a glove or something, but it wasn’t! It was black even! Smh…. I really hope it wasn’t done in order to get more publicity, but these days you never really know!!

    Joanie & Emily—You guys think Taylor has changed and is more guarded these days? Hmmmm…. In which way? Or, what gives you that impression? To me, he seems the same in interviews pretty much…. Just seems older that’s all. He’s not as goofy as he used to be lol…I just thought that was a sign that he’s growing up. Unless, you all are referring to something else you’ve noticed? To me he’s always seemed open and genuine with the fans, and easy going in interviews. I do think however that he’s received more training now days in how to conduct interviews. He’s more poised now I think. Back when Twilight first came out and he was doing the interview circuit, he would say whatever lol and it used to be so funny lol! His publicist must have told him how to be very PC in interviews lol.

  45. Marianne Says:

    Mystique…I thought the same as you, that Taylor seemed the same in interviews just older. Everything with BD2 promotions seemed a little off to me due to the Kristen escapade. The premiere in LA seemed flat and of course the shippers were all looking for signs of their epic love at every photocall. I remember at the Madrid press call and they had Taylor’s name tag between Rob and Kristen, the crabbing from the Robstens was pathetic. The constant harping on him being the third wheel etc. has had to have affected his interviews. I do like how he put that one interviewer in her place when she asked about Rob/Kristen’s relationship and the movie and he said he doesn’t talk about people’s personal lives and thanked them for coming.

  46. Marianne Says:

    I forgot to mention that a girl from Germany created a facebook page supporting Sara Hicks. There are some very nice pics of Sara as a Clipper dancer and some young ones with Taylor.

  47. chanda w. Says:

    If Tay is more guarded, he should be. Hollyweird is weird and some of the Twilight fans are hateful and kooky. How can fans of a franchise dislike other characters of that same franchise….I’ve never heard of that before and all the nonsense with the PR stunt couple………..Tay is very strong minded and classy. That’s why I luv him. His parents should be very proud and his Dad….. needs to lose some weight……..but he and Taylor look alike by the eyes. He has a beautiful family. And his dad had him into all kinds of sports and activities……..that’s love. I am glad that Tay doesn’t consume himself with the Hollyweird scene…….he needs to be around the reality of family and good friends….not la la land. So many are built up and knocked down so quickly because they begin to belive the hype. Tay isn’t like that…..he’s wise beyond his years and I wish his real fans would support him and stop trying to compare him to what other celebs are doing. Luv ya Tay.

  48. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I don’t think he’s really changed much and I do think he’s matured, but like you said, in early interviews I’ve seen, he’d just say anything and I thought that was pretty funny. Now, when he makes the talk show rounds, he kind of repeats the same stories and just doesn’t seem as spontaneous. You can definitely tell that a publicist has gotten a hold of him. That’s all I meant. Of course, I don’t want him to always act like a hyper kid, but it was just fun to watch and you could tell he was really enjoying himself. He’s still very likable and relatable and so darn cute, whatever he says or does.

  49. chanda w. Says:

    Tay really should get on twitter. There are so many fake accounts. Maybe he will soon.

  50. firereign Says:

    Pics are out & about from Sunday’s (yesterday) touch football game with Taylor &: his friends including (Pat (Schwartzenegger) Tarik and yes Sara was there too).

  51. annie Says:

    See they have the pics here. But they don’t have the good one of him running full tilt that defines his posterior. I’ve given up being discreet, just involved in a roundtable discussion with 11 and 12 year olds regarding sexuality and what they know puts me to shame and also made me turn just about every shade of red in the spectrum…thanks to the almighty internet ((this is under the sponsorship of medical, religious and education auspices), You can have rules and filters and most importantly conversations at home with your children. But guaranteed they will be exposed to it through friends, neighbors, older siblings , classmates etc so keep that door open for them to talk to you. Ignoring it and pretending it doesn’t exist can be dangersous. Have one more scheduled this week with 9 & 10 year olds….I’m already cringing. This is a voluntary roundtable and a parent(s) or adult the parents designate must be present (some of them admittedly said they hadn’t a clue as to what their children are aware of). We did clarify misconceptions and misinterpretations some of the kids had. Kids don’t seem to be kids for very long anymore…but handling sexuality comes with maturity and no matter what they appear to know they still don’t have the ability to grasp the seriousness .

  52. chanda w. Says:

    Tried to post on the new pic with Tay and Patrick…..OMG!!! Taylor is looking so good……..his career is on point….TRUST. Patrick is lookin’ kinda right too!! Taylor S. is a nut she messed up with both of them?? If I ever had Tay ….I would hold on for dear life…….I said life. lol! Glad to see the new pics….he looks so relaxed……I knew the ending of the Twi madness….would actually help him. Happy Sara was there too. Tay Tay , cute boy!!

  53. Emily Says:

    annie–You should hear what some of my kindergarteners and first graders know that they shouldn’t. It’s really sad that kids don’t get to be kids much anymore.

  54. Emily Says:

    George–what’s up with the comments section of the two newest posts?? Won’t work.

    Football pictures–So glad he was out having fun with friends, doing something he loves. Very happy for him.

    And. . .leg muscles. . .YUM!!!

  55. Emily Says:

    annie–I belive this is the picture you were referring to:


  56. kia Says:

    Emily..Gearge- I thought I was the only one that had a problem with the comments section.

    I’m glad that he gets to do normal things.looks like he’s having fun. And yes Emily them legs,arms and even that pic of him drinking that water was UNF…..

  57. Emily Says:

    For those of you who have gotten into it, there is a new chapter of “Crave” that was posted today. It is good.

    kia–I’m just going to go ahead and admit it–everything he does, from the most mundane task to the full-on smolder to the camera, looks freakin’ hot. He just has this innate sexiness that shines through whatever he is doing, wherever he is, whatever he’s wearing. He’s just unbelievable. Sighs. . .

  58. Marianne Says:

    Christmas came early for us girls!!! Love the new pics…asdfgjkljgh…feel sorry for the nasty tweets Sara is getting…what is wrong with people. I think it shows that TL has no problem keeping a long term relationship while Miss Velveeta Cheese is becoming the female John Mayer.

    Emily…annie…sad to hear how kids are growing up so fast. It doesn’t help that the fashion people make such grownup looking outfits for young girls.

  59. Lilly Says:

    It’s so nice that we got new pictures already! I thought we’ll get nothing until next year.

    @Marianne: I feel bad for Sara too, people are so mean to her.

  60. joanie Says:

    What goes round comes round. Since Homeland Security instituted new rules – tweets aren’t anywhere being anonymous – if they cross a threatening line – knock/knock – I don’t know anything other than he’s known her a long time, he has admitted she is a good and close friend of his and his family and I know it would burn the hell out of me if someone attacked a good close friend of mine who doesn’t even know me but wants to dictate how I should live my life. (I’m just talking about the really mean nasty attackers, not someone just expressing an opinion in a discussion). OK, anyone know about the shoes – gotta be an advantage to having him wearing them & they do look new.

  61. Lilome Says:

    Seriously …. shouldn’t a pick-up football game be shirts and skins? What tbe hell….

  62. Emily Says:

    Hear, hear Lilome!! I totally and completely agree!!!

    joanie–I giggled a little at the shoes, but they ARE his favorite color and close-up, look like some special type of cleats. As with everything he throws on, he sort of pulls them off and makes them look good.

    Regarding Sara–She’s known the family a long time, she’s put up with a lot of abuse from raving lunatics, and she’s still around. Regardless of what their “relationship” is or is not, if she makes him happy, I’m all for her (but a part of me will always be insanely jealous of her–ha!!). She seems like a sweet girl. It’s a shame that some people are complete idiots.

  63. kia Says:

    Marianne..Joanie-Applauds to both of your comments. I laugh at some fans who’s hates Sara but then would follow and stalk her page for 24 hours and then bitch about it. LOL

  64. kia Says:

    Lilome ..Emily- YES!!!! I know I wasn’t the only one that wishes he pour all that water over him after drinking it! Fanning Myself now.

  65. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Yeah I see what you mean about his interviews these days lol. A lot of it are the same stories over and over again lol, but I just thought that was because I was watching waaaay too many interviews!! Rotfl! But yeah, his publicist definitely got a hold of him because I remember he used to say some off-the-wall stuff when the Twilight franchise FIRST came out, and it was funny to say the least! Maybe after all of this Twilight stuff is finally OVER he can feel more relaxed to show more of his spontaneous side again. :)

    Chanda—Yeah I agree…it’s great to see these new pics of him relaxing, having fun, playing football w/friends, etc. He looks SO happy, and I like that. :) Maybe now he can breathe easier now that the Twi Franchise is finally over lol.

    I can never figure out what the deal is with him and Sara… Are they? Are they not? Just friends? Or more? I think what always throws me off is that I never really see them engaging in PDA or ANY type of affection that would signify “bf & gf” to me (besides the younger pics of the two of them), so I really can’t tell honestly. Idk…he DID say that he was always friends w/his exes, but from what I can see, he spends more time with THIS ex (Sara) than any other lol. Either way, I think it’s good to see them together again. :) I actually like her for him. She’s known him the longest. Much better than that Taylor Swift. Pffft….

    Emily—Yea, I thought it was just me having difficulty w/the commenting section. I guess not!

    Btw, yes I completely agree with you. I’m just going to come right out and say it. Taylor is mad sexy! Omg…these pictures! Do you see the muscles in his legs?? lol…. *ahem* OKay, I’m back to normal again. But yeah….something about him is just so raw, genuine and sexy and I can’t quite put my finger on it! I think what it is is that he’s sexy without even trying…and THAT in itself is sexy lol.

    Am I even making sense?? Lol… :-P

  66. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Oh I completely agree w/you. Everything was kind of odd/awkward this time with BD2 Press junkets and promotions due to the Rob & Kristen drama this time around. :-/ *sigh*

    I’m actually kind of glad that he won’t be doing TOO much promotion with them anymore because I always felt like he was somewhat of a third wheel when with them. I love Rob too (don’t get me wrong), but I just don’t care for Kristen all that much (especially now sad to say… :-/ ), so I’m kind of glad that all of the promotional tours and press junkets are over for the 3 of them. I’m sure that deep down, even though they will miss it, they are probably somewhat relieved in a way as well. :)

  67. joanie Says:

    Yeahhhh hairy legs…no more waxing, shaving , wipe nair on wipe hair off. I heard when they were de-hairing him for one of the movies…said waxing specialist nipped a corner of his upper lip – that was when they had Imax screen – so beside the pack’s belly buttons looking like manholes we were trying to figure out what the hail was wrong with his lip (cold sore/herpes, he bit it, someone else bit it).

    I remember when they were doing promo for Twilight, he was with Nikki and Eddie, he was so cute and “cheeky” (I believe your right someone got a hold of him – mom/dad/publicist & booted his tushe). anyway he was doing back flips, wiggling his eyebrows, winking and on one talk show the babe had Pattinson “bite” her neck and he said something like “when’s my turn”. To her credit she blinked OMG your too young. Anyway even with all our lovin his chivalry, charm and good manners, methinks behind the scenes there is a bit of a ball of fire.
    @annie saw the picture of him running, now that is one perfect a$$. Crave here I come.

  68. George Says:

    Comments on the 2 latest posts are now working. Thanks Emily for letting me know they didn’t work!

  69. Mystique Says:

    Thanks George!! :)