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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner playing football in Calabasas yesterday (December 16th) with Sara Hicks and Grown Ups 2 co-star Patrick Schwarzenegger.

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» 2012 Candids: Playing Football in Calabasas – December 16th

92 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner Playing Football in Calabasas (December 16th)”

  1. tdl_jeanne Says:

    Thanks for the pix! Nice to see him out and about, and having fun.J♥

  2. Lilome Says:

    I have decided that when playing football with Taylor, I’d rather be a running back for the other team. Then he could tackle me. Just saying….

  3. Mystique Says:

    Joanie—(re: your comment from the previous picture thread)….. OMG lol…I remember when Taylor made that comment on that talk show saying: “when is it my turn?” to bite the host on the neck lol! I had almost forgotten aboht that hahaha! That was Tyra Banks if I remember it correctly. She looked shocked too, cuz I’m sure she didn’t want to look like some cougar/perv lol. I don’t even think he was 17 yet at the time was he? When asked about dating on that same show and episode, he said something about how he was now single because he wanted to “date around” lol! Well, at least he was honest! But yea….SOMEBODY grabbed a hold of him because he doesn’t say anything too spontaneous anymore :-/ . I kinda miss that side if him. It showed he was just a normal young guy. But maybe summit or his agents were worried he would alienate his fan base lol.

    Lilome—I like the way you think!! Lol ;-)

  4. Olivia Says:

    Damn does this boy get finer every day? Is there something in his water? Can I have some? Seriously. If I were as hot as Taylor my life would be so much easier lol. God gives some people perfection genes and the rest of us can just be average. Since he hasn’t gone into full ninja mode, we’ve actually seen him twice – twice! – since the premiere, I’m hoping we may also have some news just around the corner. Seriously Taylor it’s not fair the way you keep your fine self locked up and don’t give people any news to talk about when you know your very presence drives so many people crazy. I think you do it on purpose cos you’re a sadist.

  5. litebrite Says:

    @ Monique & joanie yep, I believe dad smacked him on the side of the head on orders from mom…. I’ve heard from people who worked with him when he was a 10-12 kid that he was nowhere close to being shy and could be quite provocative in what he said and when people would start to squirm he would practically roll on the ground laughing. That being said they also claim he was respectful, had a great work ethic and never did anything halfway. He was charismatic, was very funny and had an infectious sense of humor that sucked you right in and a maturity well beyond his years that often made him stand apart not only from other kids but many of the adult “kids” that inhabit the acting circuit.

  6. kelly Says:

    You know now im starting to think that hes dating that hicks girl, i dont think he ever dated the other girls hes been connected with i think he only dated sara

  7. Emily Says:

    litebrite–Saying provocative comments and then dying laughing when people got uncomfortable???–the little Stinker!! I would have LOVED to have seen and heard that!

    Thanks for fixing the comments, George!

  8. Marianne Says:

    litebrite–Taylor being provocative has certainly changed. His ears get so red when Rob says racy things during the Twi promos. I think once the studio found they had this potential money making franchise, the cast was no longer in control of their lives. Rob has said it has been difficult with so many people and money at stake.

    Thanks for fixing the comments George–I was getting dizzy from the ride down on the last one.

  9. Mystique Says:

    @Litebrite—Lol, that sounds like young Taylor!! Lol! I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was saying provocative things. He looks and seems like a practical jokester…and so competitive too! lol…

    I think though that @Marianne is right….. I think now that he has a publicist and that soooo much was at stake with these Twilight films, a lot of the cast members (including Taylor) probably felt slightly inhibited at times with what they could say/do. He DOES seem so embarrassed now when anything even remotely risque is mentioned lol.

    I remember one time during a press junkett I was watching (youtube), Taylor was answering some question about how it was to spend time with some of the Native American Indians on some of the reservations, and he made some comment (not even thinking really) about how he realized that they were young guys just like him, checking girls out on the beach, etc….lol!!! He then had to catch himself and was so embarrassed lol! The audience just started laughing lol…but he looked like: “Oooops…..didn’t mean to say that lol…”

    Honestly though, I’ve never gotten a raunchy or rude vibe from him…..not at all. If anything, he comes off as being quite respectable, in a boyishly charming sort of way. Lol…. Now Rob on the other hand….lol…I’m surprised he’s able to get away with half of the things he says in interviews hahaha!!! ^_^

    @Kelly—Yeah, I agree with you, I think he might be dating her and has probably been dating her for a while now. I don’t think his relationships with Taylor S. and Lily C. were fake though. I think those relationships were real too, but I think that the fact that he keeps coming back to Sara says a lot also. Even if they’re “just friends”, he must like her quite a bit because I don’t see him hanging out THAT often with other girls. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen her linked to another guy so…..Hmmmmm…….. yea, I wouldn’t be surprised. :)

  10. kia Says:

    Lilome- Maybe we can form our own team to go against his which include us pulling each others hair and fighting over the ball just to get tackle by him. LOL

    Mystique- even though I cringes 85% of Rob comments I do think he’s racy interviews sometimes makes the twipromo interesting. Maybe that’s the reason I like Taybert interviews then the trio because Rob always say the wildest things and Taylor just sit there shakes his heads and blush.

    *Thanks for fixing the comments George*

  11. litebrite Says:

    Sorry, can’t help myself.

    Simply because Taylor knows how to conduct himself in public doesn’t mean he is the reincarnation of St Francis and took a vow of celibacy when he was 10. He is 20, the big 20. If you haven’t had contact with any males say from 16 on up, I suggest you do so. They are beyond linking pinky fingers and skipping down the street with their gal. He is also involved in an industry where you automatically tack on 5-10 years on the maturity age. If you havwn’t had opportunity to peruse the cell/vids from say 4 years back when the twilight gang spent Friday nights at local live indy band bars in Seattle, take a gander.they’re out there.
    Like the one where Nikki is playing grabby (not with Taylor) Rob of course is feeling no pain and in this one Taylor has he arm around a tall drink of water of a brunette, listening to the band and moving her hand everytime she grabs his pkg –
    this kid was not phased – she grabs, he moves her hand, again and again they go through the ritual while he just keeps staring at the stage keeping time with the music. Get real. He keeps his personal life quiet, so don’t think he doesn’t have one because he doesn’t flash it all over the place. The kid’s got class.

  12. accv Says:

    @litebrite — it’s one of those situations where he’s just too good to be true on screen. he can’t be as “saintly” as he appears on TV. it’s TV, afterall. there’s taylor lautner, the actor, and there’s taylor lautner, the person. like he said on oprah. he wasn’t bluffing. he really knows how to keep that boundary there — and he’s got one hell of a support team to help him. the kid’s got class because he’s surrounded by it — give or take a few ;)

  13. accv Says:

    and lastly.. DAMN YOU, SARA. she makes it so hard to like her yet i can’t help it because i know she’s been there from even before this all happened. bleck. *tear*

  14. meg Says:

    i heard that sara was dating taylor bodygrard cant remember his name only that he begins with a t . i dunno they look like friends to me . glad taylors enjoying himself through x

  15. legoland Says:

    @meg tarik is the name, Taylor’s bud. 2 out of 3x he’ll be there. That’s him at the game, on the BD2 promo in Europe, at the talk shows ( he is also rather accomplished in marshal arts of self defense – like security wise). with Sara, NOPE (wishful thinking on the part of little girls).

  16. legoland Says:

    @meg that’s wishful thinking on the part of little girls. Tarik is close with Taylor and 2/3x will accompany him (like the game here, in Europe for DB2 promo, at awards shows and talk shows). he is accomplished in marshall arts (like personal security).
    sooooo, quite simply him (Tarik) and Sara, NOPE. and what’s the big deal like litebrite said if a 20 year old male knows his way around the block. he is a catch – just think of all the names he’s been linked with (figure more than 1/2 are false) but I guarantee there are double the number who you haven’t heard about. He is a gentleman in the sense of never revealing personal details, he will not step over the line , but with younger celebs there are also confidentiality agreements that are entered into, because it is in the best interest of the non-celeb who will become a target for not only the venomous mean girls but also the truly deranged.
    Welcome to the world of being taken to dinner by a young recognized celebrity.
    @litebrite yep the Friday night outings during NM were something.

  17. Mystique Says:

    Kia—Yea I agree lol. Rob’s racy comments sure do make for more “interesting” promos to say the least! He is hilarious! :D His goofiness is very endearing. It used to get on my nerves at first when I didn’t really know him, but now that I know more about him, I think he’s adorable. He’s also kind of on the shy side….or at least that’s how he comes across lol…. Ahhhhh Rob….ya gotta love him and his quirkiness lol.

    Litebrite–Wow….never heard of THOSE late night encounters lol!! But I’m not surprised…. Taylor’s a young guy…. a NICE-looking young guy. Do you think girls haven’t been all over him before?? Shoot….forget about girls….sometimes even grown MOTHERS! Lol…I just remember some of the stuff he’s said in interviews about “Twi Moms” lol. So yeah, I’m not surprised in the least. I’m sure he’s probably been exposed to some stuff. But he seemingly keeps a level head, so that’s good. I STILL think he’s still holding on to his V card though lol. Idk…just an impression I get. I could be wrong though. Either that or he’s faking mock embarrassment during interviews whenever something racy comes up! He just looks sooo embarrassed, and his face turns so red haha.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Meg—Hmm…..I don’t think I’ve heard about the bodyguard rumors. Isn’t Taylor’s bodyguard (or guards) too OLD for Sara??? I mean, not that age is a big deal these days lol, but still….the bodyguards I’ve seen guarding Taylor look a LOT older than Sara.

    I’ve heard rumors that she’s dating a Clippers player, but idk if that’s true either. Honestly, I tend to go by what I SEE more than rumors I read or see on the internet. Simple deduction can tell you a lot. Because honestly, if Sara WERE dating Taylor’s bodyguard or a Clippers player, I don’t know how “comfortable” her bf would be knowing that Sara tends to spend quite a bit of time with Taylor, who….oh by the way….used to be her boyfriend in the past. I don’t any guy who would be all that comfortable with that, no offense. They’ve been photographed spending quite a bit of time around each other this year, and every time I see pics of them, I don’t usually see anyone else with them. Plus, I’ve never seen Sara in pictures around another guy when with Taylor. She’s always around HIM. I don’t see her hugging or kissing another guy around him either. Hmmmm……that should tell you something.

    The ONLY thing that always throws me off is the fact that I don’t see Taylor & Sara acting like bf & gf in the traditional PDA sense. So, they could very well JUST be friends. But….something tells me that Taylor wouldn’t be too happy/comfortable if Sara were dating another guy, especially around him. Idk why, but I just get that impression lol.

    BTW, what is UP with all of these GAY rumors lol?? I saw these same pictures of Taylor playing foofball with his friends on another site, and people kept posting comments like: “you know he’s gay”, or “too bad he’s gay”, etc. I’m like….. Ummmm…has Taylor made some sort of statement lately that I don’t know about?? Lol… Or have pictures surfaced with him and another guy? Not that it would matter, since it’s HIS business, I just want to know where people are getting this idea that he’s gay.

    I think it’s so silly to speculate to death about someone’s orientation like that. I personally don’t think he’s gay, but even if he IS I would rather him confirm that before posting it online like it’s a confirmed statement. *shrugs* Idk….that’s just my two cents.

  19. meg Says:

    i heard the gay rumours too cant understand how people can percive that just because load of guys play football together that they are gay isnt that why guys do anyway . ani dunno whether it was true or not i just heard it down the grape vine appartly it was sara who said it . who knows . i dont mind who taylor dates as long as they are nice im happy for him.

  20. kelly Says:

    Its the hollywood syndrom ladies, whenever a real hot guy is not linked to some type of girl and hes spending time playing football with his guy friends they say “hes gay” if he spends time with taylor swift they are “dating”. when i hang out with a guy, no one says that and when i hang out with a girl no one assumes im gay but in Hollywood its crazy!!!! I think he might be dating sara cause they do spend alot of time together, but gay he is not. I’ve known a lot of gay men in my life, none of them i mean not even the manly ones like football.

  21. Marianne Says:

    Mystique…I don’t know how long you have been part of the Twi fandom but in the beginning gossip sites claimed Rob and Tom Sturbridge were more than friends and Kristen was lesbian. Even Kellan Lutz was thought to be gay. Nikki and Kristen were thought to be a couple in the early days as well. The Twi fandom is crazy and I feel sorry for the fandom that they move to. The same people show up on sites just bashing whoever they don’t like. Taylor was supposedly on steroids when he bulked up for New Moon, he used tanners, he and Rob hated each other. The internet gossip sites are a mess of people who leave their bridges unguarded and post.

    My two cents on Sara is that they are in a relationship. Angelina Jolie mentioned in an interview that studios often promote young stars in movies as being a couple to draw more interest for their film. I feel certain that is what happened with Lily. They seemed to be friends but we rarely saw them out as a couple like we see Sara and Taylor. Unfortunately, too many people believe what People Mag and other gossip mags print and they print just enough to make you think it could be true. I don’t think Taylor’s heart has ever left his first love and only time will tell if they go the distance. There are PDA pics of them from high school but I think Taylor does not do PDA since he became famous. (Sara has her own place now so they can have private PDA) As for Vcards…I’m all for it. To me it’s a committment that you make with someone you love and want to marry. It’s an old fashioned attitude I know.

  22. Marianne Says:

    Kelly…loved your football comment!!

  23. Mystique Says:

    @Meg & Kelly—Yeah, it’s so crazy….in Hollywood it’s almost like EVERY single male actor (especially if he’s nice-looking) has gotten the “is he gay?” speculation at SOME point or another in their career. Don’t let them be popular too! Oh boy…then it’s on. Smh…. I guess the idea is that UNattractive, UNpopular male actors in the industry can’t be gay?? (Huh?? lol)

    Anyway, Idk why many don’t question women, but oh well. I guess the rumors and the questioning are just a sign that our Taylor has made it “big” in the industry then lol. I could understand the questioning if there were some type of evidence (ie. pictures, first hand accounts from things people have seen, an old ex bf coming out of the wood work, etc) linking him to some guy or something, but I haven’t heard or seen nada. So, I just find it funny how just because he’s not linked up with some HW starlett 24/7 that some people just automatically assume that he likes guys. *sigh*

    @Kelly—Yeah, I agree with you. I think he and Sara probably ARE dating (or at least like spending time with each other) because I have seen them quite a few times together on several occassions this year. In fact, Sara and her family came to the premiere of the last Twilight BD Part 2 film in LA. So whatever their relationship is, they’re definitely CLOSE. I don’t know of any guy who spends THAT much time alone w/a girl who’s a “friend” if he doesn’t have SOME feelings for her somewhat.

    Kelly–LOL @ “even the manly ones” lol! ^_^ Haha! Well, Idk a whole BUNCH of gay guys like you, but the ones I DO know usually don’t like a whole lot of sports like that. Especially not ones where you could get hurt lol. But then again, what do I know?? There could be a bunch of gay guys that just happen to LOVE football….so, who knows?? Lol….. All I know, is that I’ve never gotten the impression that Taylor likes guys in that way. But only he knows for sure I guess lol. ;)

  24. vera Says:

    Sexiest men with innate sexuality and the masculine charisma is always being targeted for gay rumors.

    The many idiotic hater comments are that for them the “gay”- it`s most swearword. This is absurd.
    They always blamed him in this-“he’s gay, it’s horrible, hes sooo gay”,etc.,as if being gay is a crime…
    He’s not a thief, not a cheater, not a murderer, not twerp, he is not selling her private life as many his colleagues, he does not complain about his fame, does not contradict itself, is not involved in dubious PR-stunt of reunion, and so they hate him.
    They believe that it can not be as honest and sincere in the rotten place like Hollywood.

  25. Mystique Says:

    @Marianne—You’re right, I’m fairly new to the whole “Twi fandom” type thing lol. I haven’t even seen all of the movies! lol…

    Gosh, I didn’t know rumors were going around about Rob and Tom Sturbridge. Any reason why? Rob still gets the gay rumors at times, but it’s not really seen as often. I’m JUST now hearing rumors about Kristen being a lesbian. I had never heard of that before until recently. I’ve heard of the Kellan Lutz gay rumors as well….yet AGAIN….I have no clue why! I must really be out of it on the Hollywood Gossip Patrol, because I have no idea why these rumors start! Is there something in the person’s past linking them? Idk….

    Sounds like people have WAY too much time on their hands if you ask me lol…

    I like your take on Taylor and Lily….. I agree. Although I have seen more than one candid picture of the two of them together, I agree that I don’t think it was ever a real “relationship”. For two people to have been dating for a year, there should have been a lot MORE pictures I would think… Especially if they’re BOTH in the public eye. So yeah….. I think that one was staged. I think they probably had crushes on each other (Taylor and even cast & crew members on set have talked about their relationship in interviews), but I don’t think it was anything deep. :-/

    I agree, I think something keeps bringing him back to Sara, and I think it’s probably because they still have feelings for each other. When I say PDA, I’m not talking about groping or full on kissing….I’m just talking about a hug, or hand holding maybe….but I never even see that! But you’re right….maybe they do their PDA in private lol.

    Oh and I agree too….there’s nothing wrong with someone still holding on to their V card lol. I’m still trying hold on to mine until I get married some day lol….. So no shame in that!! ^_^

  26. Lilome Says:

    Ok…gay rumors…. I have a few theories, so bear with me. This did NOT come from Sara. She is one of the few people he seems to trust so I can’t see her ever betraying that trust. If she actually said that, we would never see them together again. People seem to want Taylor to be whatever they want- they see what they want to see. There are Tay websites run by gay young men who desperately want him to be gay- so that’s their spin. They will bash TSwift and Sara every chance they get. One even claims his assistant, Tarik, is actually his bf. Gay women don’t care. Straight girls want him to be straight. Straight guys bash him, probably because they can’t compete and they caught their wives/girlfriends/moms(?) looking at a pic of Taylor and using their electric toothbrush (but not brushing their teeth). Just my opinion. I say let Taylor live his own life and love whomever he chooses.

  27. firereign Says:

    To some individuals the only way to level the playing field in their minds is to throw out innuendo, name calling and the “gay” card. It has been used to label any good looking male celeb since time began. Now I don’t want to regurgitate all the politically socially correct jargon that seems to always be added as a sidebar whenever the term “gay” appears. It means nothing till it means something (in other words until the person themselves states it as fact). So ignore it.
    PDA : Taylor is a hugger, a toucher , a people person – did you ever think maybe his not following his normal touchy feely personality with certain individuals in public might mean something significant (no touchy, no gossip, no threats for the girls).

    Taylor turned magenta – for 2 main reasons – he’s hot (temp wise/turn up the air conditioner) and stress (you wouldn’t think it, but yep stress is a stumbling point for him – the more he feels it, the redder he gets). You don’t embarrass Taylor, however Taylor is quite adept at embarrassing you if he so chooses.

    For the “V” girls – good for you – (but just be realistic that in today’s world this is a personal choice (for various reasons) but it is also considered quite acceptable for people to choose otherwise). The real goal and virtue is to act and be responsible for whichever decisions you make.

    Tarik is not a bodyguard, he is a friend and associate. Most bodyguards were assigned by studios associated with Taylor’s films. He is responsible for his own security regarding personal ventures.

  28. joanie Says:

    Holy moosewinkle , I’m getting an education on the human psyche, football and screwball dingbats all in one place.
    My $2 (used to be 2 cents but inflation hurts) Sara went to AZ for volleyball tournement with Tay & his mom & dad, she’s at footie game sunday, pics eating yogurt, at a restaurant and at Cirque – hmmmm the fact he isn’t jumping her bones in front of a cell camera or pap doesn’t mean doodly squat. Let’s see if she heads up to Michigan with him for Christmas as he supposedly is doing this week – if so- I put that in the “aha” column even if he keeps a yardstick between them.

    Do you think Taylor & Schwartzie might show up at the Peoples choice Awards – maybe hand out the witless wonder award for most pain in the butt fans or something?

  29. Emily Says:

    Wow, we have a LOT to say all of a sudden!! It took me a while to catch up from just last night!!

    joanie–I’d love it if he would show up at People’s Choice, but, then again, not really, b/c it’s usually a pretty dumb show and I have only watched in the past to catch a glimpse of him. Twilight was completely left out this year, so don’t know why he’d be there. But, any chance to see him is fine with me:)

    Mystique–The gay rumors have been around for as long as he’s become well-known. I’m not going to rehash everything everyone has already said. The only thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the way he talks and gestures so much with his hands. I’ve read lots of comments where people have latched on to that as a “sign” that he’s gay. I know several guys who are completely straight and use the same kind of hand gestures. I don’t get that vibe from him myself. I just think that he has such wide appeal b/c of his personality and, of course, the way he looks, that everybody wants him on their “team.” :) I like what vera said. . .he has “innate sexuality and masculine charisma. .” Oh, YEAH, he does!!!

    His true fans just want him to be happy and will love and support him, no matter what. They aren’t the ones spewing all the hate.

    accv–As far as Sara is concerned, I said before that I’d always be insanely jealous of her, but it’s not b/c she is potentially his girlfriend. As much as I obsess over his deliciousness and fangirl ’till the cows come home, I know intellectually that I am way too old for him. What I envy is the closeness they have and the fact that, girlfriend or not, she knows him personally like few others ever will. I just think he would be a phenomenal friend and I’d just love to have one real conversation with the real Taylor, not the actor/celebrity. . . Sniffles, ’cause I know that’ll never happen!

  30. janet Says:

    @Emily good call on the “he talks with his hands”. This is often a technique people who are stressed, uncomfortable, self conscious etc. are instructed to use to deflect involuntary nervous tics (like wringing the hands, hitting their leg or chair, bouncing their legs, tapping their feet ) all of which are distracting and takes away from the conversation whereas “signing” draws you into what’s being said. For public speakers it gains attention and emphasizes their words. For Italians it’s genetic…so say my closest Italiano friends Dori, Carrie, and Tony.

  31. Marianne Says:

    I can’t imagine that Twilight won’t win the Crazy Fandom award at the PCAs. Since I insulate myself from the Robsten gossip, does anyone know if they are still “together” and therefore would be available to accept the award? I’m thinking they might send the second string actors to give them exposure since BD2 is waning at the theaters.

  32. Mystique Says:

    Boy, too bad this site doesn’t have a message board/forum eh?? lol….. ^_^


    Firereign–Interesting deduction you’ve made about Taylor the whole PDA thing. Hmmm!!! Now that I think about it, I think you may actually be RIGHT! The fact that it seems like he/they almost go out of their way NOT to touch/hug/or even LOOK at each other when in public at times lol…may give more hints that there is actually indeed something going on between them! It sort of reminds me of the Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dating rumors back in the day. They used to always DENY the rumors, yet would be photographed/seen together on occassion. Not to mention, it was always so OBVIOUS that *something* was going on between them, because anytime Nsync & Britney would be in the same vicinity, it was almost as if Justin and Britney went out of their WAY to be distant, and they were always so uncomfortable around each other, which was always ODD to me, since they supposedly were such close “friends”. Hmmmm…… If there’s NOTHING going on, then there’s nothing to “hide”. Yeah, so I think you’re probably right about Taylor & Sara. There’s more than likely something going on with those two, because they are photographed together on more than one occassion.

    Joanie—Yeah, that will be interesting to see whether or not Sara goes up to Michigan for Christmas as well….especially if she goes with him. *giggle* Come to think of it, she may very well go up there…..isn’t she from Michigan too?

  33. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Lol….yea, I’ve heard the “gestures” and the “voice” being used as a “sign” to prove that Taylor’s gay as well, but I’m just like…REALLY??? Seriously?? I didn’t know that who you’re attracted to could be determined simply by your voice and use of gestures. WOW…. That’s NEWS to me! rotfl…. I guess we’re ALL in trouble then lol. What ELSE will they be able to determine based on our voices and hand gestures?? Our mental IQ? Our yearly income/salary? *insert eyeroll here*

    I agree with you… I think Taylor is so likeable, and so sexy, that it’s no surprise that girls AND guys find him appealing lol.

    Yeah, Taylor looks like he would make a pretty cool guy friend doesn’t he?? lol….. After meeting him in person though, I know for me personally that I would NOT be able to be “just friends” with him lol. Everytime I looked at him I would just be thinking…”you are so beautiful”. So nope! Lol…..I already know that I wouldn’t be able to be “Friends”….. Not in the TRUE platonic sense of the word at least anyway lol ;-) He is so FINE in person! I’m sure the “novelty” would wear off eventually haha…. but I think I would have to stick to phone conversations with him or something, because in person face to face my mind would just drift off lol…..

  34. frereign Says:

    This is a serious game of touch
    Taylors shoes – Under Armour (UA) high top football cleats & gloves ( to protect the hands and wick moisture away to get a better grip & hold on the ball).

    Pat – also is wearing football cleats & gloves (don’t know the brand) as are the others, some of them prefer not to wear the gloves.

    Check out the shirts – Pat goes to USC (red shirt) & Taylors wearing their nemesis shirt (UCLA)

  35. Anon Says:

    I love Taylor. I really do. My friend showed me the above link once and ever since then…I’ve been starting to wonder..

    Still, I love the guy and will always support him. Won’t stop me from wanting to do things to him!

  36. Marianne Says:

    I feel compelled to give my two cents on all this gay talk which has suddenly overtaken this site. I graduated from a college which has a prestigious fine arts department as well as architecture etc. Many of the graduates work in TV, movies, stage etc. There would be so many students who if I judged them by mannerisms, talk, etc. I thought were gay. Most of the time I was wrong. There would be guys who were dancers that I thought for sure were gay and it turned out they were married. It’s a shame that instead of judging a person by how they live their lives, we judge them by characteristics that society defines. IMO Taylor has been growing into his “cojones” quite nicely. RPatz at TL’s age had some mannerisms which seemed gay. Have you seen his modeling pics and early movies but his fans don’t belabor them. I judge people by the way they live their lives. It has been so nice having new pics of Taylor at a time when we thought it was going to be a long dry spell. I intend on enjoying them and being a fan of a man who is beautiful inside and out.

  37. vera Says:

    Of course.
    This is ridiculous.
    By the way, Robert Pattinson has a lot of feminine gestures, which can also be interpreted as a very strange ..Although there are gay people who do not have these signs.
    Matt Bomer and Ricky Martin to do without them gestures..

  38. vera Says:

    Marianne,I like your comment.
    you’re absolutely right.
    I do not understand people who want to convince everyone that they love and respect Taylor just so, no matter who he is, but for some reason, trying to prove his hypothesis,using such a stupid way ..

  39. tdl_jeanne Says:

    This is just my observations..I think Sara Hicks is the best proof that Taylor is NOT gay. What girl, looking as beautiful as she does, with her nice personality would be in a relationship this long (at least 6+ years) if it were not mutual? As for any PDA between them…..they don’t dare show how they feel publicly. Anytime they are even in a picture together, the vicious little snots attack and threaten her. Of course Taylor wants to protect her from this kind of harassment, so NO PDA. I think she, along with his family, is what has kept him so grounded in realality. As I stated earlier..Just my thoughts….J♥

  40. Anon Says:

    Uh, yeah. Sorry, I shouldn’t have posted that link on this site, but wasn’t thinking. I’m nobody important so it doesn’t matter what I think and all, but I am actually a big fan of Taylor’s like you all. I may not be in the ‘cool clique’ because I don’t post my thoughts as much but whatever man. I respect the guy, though he is so much younger than me. He’s always pleasant and I wish I had the confidence he has. Just, when I saw the clip, it shocked me…doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t. He won’t ever be mines. But I’ll always support him. Too late to remove the link–I tried. Sorry guys :(

    And to try and change the subject now….
    (somebody help me out here please…)

  41. vera Says:

    Anon,it shocked you?are you kidding me? What shocking in this gesture?I’m sorry, but it just rubbish..
    if it was a video with the ordinary man, not a celebrity, not a Taylor Lautner, people would not even pay attention to his gesture ..

  42. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I know I wouldn’t actually be able to function coherently in a conversation with him, it’s just a nice dream I entertain from time to time. :)

    OK, new topic–Five days ’til Christmas and I’m nowhere near being ready or finished with shopping. Panic setting in. . .anyone else???

  43. Mystique Says:

    Anon—Oh yeah, I’ve seen that clip before too lol. I know people were trying to use that clip as “proof” too…. But honestly…..I STILL think it’s crazy to judge or try to speculate someone’s orientation using voice or gestures ALONE.

    Marianne–I think you said it best with your experience. You really can’t try to “guess” someone’s sexuality by outward “clues”….. I’ve been wrong myself on more than a few occassions. I say, UNLESS someone wants to sleep with and have a romantic relationship w/someone of the same sex, technically I don’t think you can accurately label that person as “gay”. Lol and I agree, Rob DOES have some questionable mannerisms as well lol, but I don’t think he’s gay. I think most people excuse his mannerisms though because he’s European. If you’re European, you can pretty much get away with everything hahaha.

    Tdl–I agree, I don’t think Sara would still be hanging around Taylor as often for so many years if the feelings weren’t reciprocated. It’s kind of obvious that she likes him. Plus, I could see if she were around him with her girlfriends tagging along, or if she was around Taylor and her boyfriend, but noooooo….it’s always Sara and Taylor alone basically. So, yep….there’s something going on alright lol. How “serious” they are, it’s hard to tell, but I can definitely understand why they wouldn’t want to be too “public” with their relationship. Some people out here are crazy! O_o

    I’m actually glad that he is still so close with her and other friends from his childhood. I think it keeps him grounded. :)

  44. annie Says:

    @janet my son-in-law is a psych major at OSU, he says your statement is correct. It is called Replacement. That is substituting an action to replace a less desirable one. I remember seeing Taylor on talk shows where he would constantly jiggle his leg or hit the arm of his chair.
    Agree with Emily time to put this baby to rest – anyone wanting to chew on this subject anymore go somewhere else.
    And where was your Elf on the Shelf this morning….
    no panic, I’m done shopping, but I think my kitchen table has buckled under the weight. I am designated Northern Ohio transfer point for Santa’s sack of goodies…just have to wrap them all, grocery shopping done for Christmas Eve & Day, Nativity scene in place, clean the house (yuck) but gotta do it, furballs under the kitchen table do not enhance the Christmas buffet. Favorite Christmas music – White Christmas (Johnny Mathis/Bing Crosby acceptable) O Holy Night by just about anybody, Ave Maria by Mario Lanza or Josh Groban and The Night B4 Christmas by the Brothers 4, The Holly and Ivy by Elvis. For me oldies are the best, a rap rendition of Silent Night just doesn’t pass muster (and for that matter neither does 1 Direction (been calling them 1 Dimension for months until I was set straight by the gaggle of girls who invaded my house to make popcorn balls for the Children’s Hospital Christmas party. HO< HO<HO

  45. Mystique Says:

    Annie—Interesting about your son-in-law….. I was a Psych major too! I always hated public speaking….still do to this day. I get sooo nervous, even though people always SAY that I look so “relaxed” and “calm”. HA!! If only they knew that inside I am a bundle of nerves! lol…..

  46. Emily Says:

    @annie–Actually, my elf on the shelf (named Elvis) was hiding in the Christmas tree in my classroom. It was his last day visiting before going home to the North Pole. Like your music pics. My fave is ‘O Holy Night and and I’ve almost worn out my Elvis Christmas CD, so anything by him is great. Yeah, I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid. You can see why my students may have been swayed to name the elf what they did. :) My kitchen table is clear, but I haven’t had access to my couch for several days. It’s buried under presents. Thought putting them there in the way would motivate me to get them wrapped asap. Apparently, I was wrong :(

  47. Mystique Says:

    Gosh, Taylor may have slimmed down quite considerably since ending the filming of Twilight, but he is STILL one very muscular dude! :) *blush*

    Wow……. #stunned

  48. kia Says:

    Emily- I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. But the only thing I want under my tree this year is what I’ve been wanting for 3 YEARS!!!!!!

    Well since I have only 6 minutes before the “WORLD ENDS” I just wanna thank you guys of all the fun times we had on here,so I guess I see you tomorrow peeps. GOODNIGHT.

    Sorry I just had to LOL

  49. annie Says:

    And as “The WORLD continues to turn…..I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS
    May Peace and Calm reign in our hearts if not in the world.

  50. annie Says:

    Ah dang it….just reread all the comments. We certainly were a vocal group this week, and I just gave away my age didn’t I in one of mine. Well I may not be “younger than springtime’ but in my mind I’m still not “older than dirt” either…and I unabashedly claim to have the experience to know a fine figure of a man no matter what his age; and just like appreciating the bouquet of a fine wine (which I don’t drink) I can much appreciate all the attributes of a fine man without partaking or fantasizing…Does that take me out of the ewwww! old crow category (plus I can honestly say I have not slipped into the wanna be 17 again delusion, you know, knee high stiletto boots – bustier corset stuffed with bubble wrap, false eyelashes that would put a daddy long legs spider to shame). And since you don’t know me, I don’t know you, I delete and empty history and can slam my laptop faster than a speeding bullet when someone walks in on me…where’s the harm plus it’s FUN!! So who cares about age – I remember someone saying “age is just a number”.
    My first grade classes elf is “Ralphie”‘. We took a field trip to the Christmas Story House (I watch that movie over & over every year) & the kids met Ian Petrella (Randy, Ralphie’s little brother). I know, I’m shamelessly manipulating little minds to my way of thinking; and NoI don’t have a leg lamp in my front window. so again:
    Frohliche Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas from me to all of you!

  51. Mystique Says:

    Annie—Lol @ your post! Lol… ^_^ How cute! It’s okay Annie, no need to explain. Age IS nothing but a number after a while lol. Plus, what’s NOT to like about Taylor? My mom thinks he’s cute too! :)

    As we have seen already, Taylor’s appeal seems to transcend age (as witnessed by his experiences he’s mentioned about Twi Moms lol), and it appears even gender ha! His personality is just so magnetic, you just can’t help but like him. :)

    So, no need to explain lol…. You can keep that laptop up ;)

  52. Emily Says:

    annie–I love “A Christmas Story!” My family and I can quote most of it word-for-word. There was a special on TV Guide channel about the stars and “Where are they now?” I saw that you can visit the house–how fun!!!

  53. chanda w. Says:

    My baby gets finer by the day. So happy to see Tay …….and he is lookin’ hella good!! Patrick ain’t too bad either………cute bromance. Glad to see Sara too!! Taylor Swift maybe a little nutso, but she has good taste in guys…..with the exception of Mayer…….too bad she couldn’t hold on to Tay or Patrick …..well bad for her good for everyone else. There’s a a pic that shows Tay’s butt outline…….OH MY……….Can’t wait for Grown Ups 2!!

  54. vera Says:

    Guys, I’m sorry .. but maybe some of you know this … just a question, who this person – aquarius64? She used to be really close to he`s entourage?

  55. chanda w. Says:

    Just wondering, Jack Reacher , with Tom Cruise is out, and one critic said that
    Cruise takes his shirt off like “Taylor Lautner”, anyway Reacher is going to open at 16 to 18 million. The studio claims this is above expectations…….this is a Tom Cruise action movie. Taylor’s Abduction opened at 16 or 17 million and made 82 mill worldwide. It took 35 mill to make…… that not a profit???????? So why was Taylor given such a hard time about a movie he made as a teenager and these action pros are given a pass……..I don’t understand?? Seems like he should have been celebrated by the studio…….I’ve never known a celebrity, so young, to have so much weight put on his shoulders. He has handled everything with class and grace, but it seems some were wishing for his downfall, praising him one minute, then ready to push him off the pedastal. It pisses me off, cause he is so talented, but I know he has plenty of time. I thought Abduction was a decent movie, better than a lot I’ve seen and he didn’t deserve the crap he got. And John Singleton didn’t even come to Tay’s defense…………he was the director. Another example……..far out but……..Ashley Greene was on the cover of a buttload of magazines recently, but her movie………..some scary movie………….came and went with barely a mention………….but she didn’t get grieve for that………she got magazine covers…… does that work???????? Most of RP’s movies outside of Twilight are rarely seen by movie goers, but he is still patted on the back, as if it matters not if his films make money. Even K seems she’s being rewarded for what she did?????? Things seems so backwards. Just venting……luv ya Tay!!

  56. chanda w. Says:

    While I’m on I want to comment on the gay rumors too……..know that topic is over, but I saw the youtube link …with the hand gestures……….I was laughing…………….I think Tay was doing that on purpose……..anyway . Taylor is a beautiful guy and so cool. I don’t believe he would lie to his fans. And those spreading the rumors want him to be , so they can get their hands on him. I remember Ted Cassablanca ….who use to be with E! news…….he was so hateful towards Tay…….a baby ………this old dried up man……..and Harvey Levin isn’t much better…….he’s out and about and tries to out others , whether it is true or not. Why ? Seems like self hatred. They hate their lifestyle and want others to join their misery. ANYWAY…….it wouldn’t matter……Tay is so fine………..who would care? But I think a major Twi star will an announcement soon….maybe sometime at the beginning of 2013………and it won’t be Tay. Just my opinion.

  57. Shazam Says:

    Hey peeps! :DDD I just wanted to come on and wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and hope that good old Santa is good to you all! I doubt he’ll have seen our crazy conversations and comments on here and highly doubt that he is seen the thoughts that go through our little heads regarding Tay so I think we should all get presents!
    He is looking INCREDIBLE! I personally think he looks healthier and happier without all the bulk. He is still in amazing shape *COUGH LEG/ARM MUSCLES* but looks au natural now. Nice to see him enjoying himself with his friends too! :)
    He is turning into a really beautiful young man (well, he always has been!) and I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for him…I sense great things!
    I hope next year is a fab one for all of you on here too! I miss coming on every day and laughing and panting with you all, hopefully get to do that more in the new year! Well, I did ask Santa if he could bring a certain someone for me but I have a strong feeling that we have all asked for the same sooooo yeah…whoever recieves him first better get sharing! I get cranky when I don’t get the toy I wanted! ;) Love and Hugs to you all!! xxx

  58. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—OMG…I’ve been saying for the LONGEST time that Taylor was unfairly criticized for “Abduction”. Smh…..

    If Tom Cruise is given some slack, then surely Taylor should be given some. Btw, since when did a film making 18 million opening weekend become a “flop”?? O_o Are we THAT desensitized to money these days that we can’t recognize the magnitude in that?

    I honestly think that the critics were expecting his film “Abduction” to make as much (or close to) the Twilight films, and that was highly UNREALISTIC! Twilight was a franchise and a book before it became a movie, so it would be highly unrealistic for ANY of the cast member to make a solo film that grosses THAT much money worldwide like Twilight did.

    I think John Singleton loved working with Taylor in Abduction (and vice versa), and can see his potential. He sings Taylor’s praise in many interviews, including the extra’s on the DVD. But I don’t usually hear of director’s “Defending” actors after critics have bashed/criticized the actor in the film 1) Defending just brings MORE attention to the criticism….instead of letting the negative talk die down and be forgotten. If a director were to get up and defend every actor he’s directed that gets criticized, he’d be defending a LOT of actors lol. Some people may not have even HEARD the bad reviews about the actor/fim, but if the director starts publicly defending his film or actors in it, it could then cause people to start looking up what exactly the critics said….which in turn yet again brings MORE attention to the criticism lol. 2) I think that sometimes if you defend someone TOO much, it can give off the impression that the person NEEDS defending. I say, let the critics say what they want to say….Who cares?? That’s their opinion…. And 3) Unfortunately, sad to say but Taylor is in an industry that is highly critical of a LOT of people and a lot of things. Unfortunately that’s the sad truth :-/ EVERY actor (good OR bad) has received SOME type of criticsm some time in his or her lifetime in their career. Whether it’s their acting talent, their career choices, or heck even just their plain looks…EVERY actor has received this type of bashing. So, directors know this. Actors themselves know it. It might not be easy to deal with, but unfortunately in that business it kind of goes with the territory. :(

  59. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-I’ll also add too, that many actors have been in the same boat as Taylor at times (receiving criticism), so we don’t have to worry…we know how great Taylor is! :)

    One actor that always comes to mind is Leonardo DiCaprio. I always use Leo as an example lol, because so far he’s the only other actor that comes to my mind that was in such a HUGELY popular film worldwide that got such WORLD WIde recognition (just like Twilight) and that catapulted him into teen “heartthrob” status (Just like Taylor) almost overnight. The critics used to DOG him soooo bad in almost every single movie Leo made after Titanic. Guys used to HATE on him and call him “gay” and “ugly”. Men would make snide remarks that he’s an “awful actor” yadda yadda yadda….. But I ALWAYS saw Leo’s potential and stuck by him no matter what. :) Maybe it was just cuz I was a school girl who had a crush on him lol, but whatever…I still thought he would eventually rise up above all the bashing! :)

    NOW LOOK!! Critics are singing his praises, fellow actors respect him, and NOW (finally) the male audience actually appreciates Leo and his work. Idk if it’s because he’s no longer that much of a “pretty boy” that really did it, or if it’s because it’s been so long since Titanic came out lol, that now critics don’t really associate him with that movie or what. Idk what changed?? Or, maybe he really grew more as an actor I guess.

    ALL I KNOW IS…. I think this is just a phase that Taylor’s critics are going through. If Taylor can continue to ride through this phase and stick through it with class and grace, then it will eventually pass. Trust me. I think in about 5 – 10 years critics and movie goers will be singing a different tune when it comes to Taylor. He’s still pretty young in the movie industry…. He has PLENTY of time to develop and fine tune his “craft”.

    He’s already very talented in a LOT of areas, and he definitely has the dedication and strong work ethic needed in order to succeed in this business. Many directors and other producers have noticed him and his dedication and love to work with him. He’s such a likeable guy and easy to work with on set (which can be very rare sometimes in Hollywood), so that goes a LONG way in this industry….trust me. Some directors don’t even want to work with SOME “great” actors because they’re so difficult to work with. Not with Taylor….Taylor seems eager to learn, and I think he has plenty of time to develop his skills. If he continues to take something from every director that he works with, he will definitely grow as an actor.

    So, I have faith in our guy! ^_^

  60. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-Oh lol….(boy, so many things to comment on! lol) I’ve already said all I’m going to really say about the gay rumors, but what’s this about a Twi star making an announcement in the new year?? What gives you that impression? And who are you thinking about? Just curious… ^_^

    Shazam—Good wishes to you too! :) Yes, I agree with you…Taylor definitely is looking AWESOME in this pictures! I think he DOES look more “himself” with the less added bulk. He may be slimmer, but he’s definitely still very muscular! *blush* :)

    I’m just glad to see him relaxing and having fun w/friends. I think now that this franchise is over, he’ll probably have a lot more free time to do more things, so that’s good. Before it was non-stop filming, non-stop promoting, every year! Whew! That’s a tough schedule to be on lol.

  61. chanda w. Says:

    @Mystique, I have complete faith in Tay , I know he’s gonna do well in the future….I think he’s doing fine now. I just get protective, like he’s a family member…….even though I’ve never met!! I was just venting, now back to wondering why the pic outlining Tay’s nice rear end isn’t on this site??lol! Tay’s body is so well defined, he still has muscles all over the place. The lucky girl who gets to love on him…Oh my!
    As far as a 2013 announcement, it is just an observation. Someone who jokes a lot about certain topics, but beyond the giggles , there seems to be something else going on. Just an opinion, but I’m normally dead on.
    Anyway, I luv the football pics. Showing him in his element, having fun and not realizes how sexy he is. Tay Tay , beautiful boy!

  62. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—I understand lol…. I tend to view him as a family member also. Well….not QUITE, because otherwise I shouldn’t be having the thoughts I have towards him lol…… #embarrassed :D But you know what I mean!

    But yes, I think we’re all a little protective of Taylor because he seems so genuine and such a likeable person. You really want that person to succeed well. And it sometimes hurts when you hear/read negative things about a person who doesn’t seem to deserve it in any way. So yeah, I completely understand! :)

    Oh man….and YES can you imagine who that lucky girl would be?? Or HAS been?? lol…. He has the body of an Adonis for sure. I’m gonna stop right there before my mind goes into the gutter! lol *blush*

    Hmm…interesting observation you have there! Maybe I haven’t really been following up with all of the Twi News and stuff to really notice anything. You think it will be an announcement that Rob and Kristen are officially OVER??

  63. Emily Says:

    Here you go, chanda–I put a link to this on another thread, I think, b/c I, too, felt we were missing something here ;)

    nikita’s comments always make me giggle.

  64. kia Says:

    Emily..Chanda- I swear everytime I that pic,I like feel like rapping to Salt-Pepa Shoop. Something like “Your pack and your stack ,specially in the back brother,wanna thank you mother for a butt like that..can I get some fries with that shake shake booty! Ok I’m done but you guys get the picture LOL!!!

  65. Emily Says:

    kia–I feel more like a few lines of “Bootylicious” by Beyonce. ;)

  66. kia Says:

    Shazam -Aww Merry Christmas to you also and hope you have a fab year too! I don’t know how Santa is handle it since most us want the same thing under our tree. LOL

    ****Wishing Everyone a Safe and Peaceful Holiday******

  67. kia Says:


  68. Lilome Says:

    Hope all of you have a safe and wonderful holiday season. It’s just sad that so many of us are going to be disappointed on Christmas morning ……. oh well. Hope Taylor has safe travels and a wonderful Christmas as well. Love you all!

  69. Emily Says:

    I won’t be able to comment the next couple of days, so I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and let’s hope that 2013 will be a great year for all of us, especially for the guy that has brought us all together.

  70. Marianne Says:

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Many of us have been commenting on this site for a very long time. What a loyal group of fans Taylor has!!

  71. chanda w. Says:

    Merry Christmas to my handsome baby boy , Tay and to all the cool fans on this site. God bless.

  72. joanie Says:


  73. franklynn Says:

    lol guys, my mom got me a jacob shirt and pillowcase:) she really knows me!

  74. vera Says:

    Merry Chrismas!!!

    Top List Of Hollywood’s Best Actors For The Buck
    Tay ranks 6th with a $29.50 return. ;)

  75. chanda wiltz Says:

    Did Tay go to Michigan to visit family? Hope he is having a great time. I bought T. Swifts CD Speak Now just to hear Back to December, I think the Story of Us is for him too. In Dear John ….she admits that her and Mayer were together when she was 19.
    She broke up with Tay at her 20th birthday party….overlap……..she’s a hypocrite. I actually like the album ….anyway………don’t understand how Tay could still act so polite to her, it almost seems that she was bragging about breaking this 17 yr olds heart and she seems to enjoy guys that treat her like dirt. I wish Tay could find a girl with the beauty of Angelina Jolie and the heart of his loving fans.

  76. Emily Says:

    This is totally off-Taylor topics, but, if you love the musical Les Miserables, you MUST go see the movie. Saw it today and it is OUTSTANDING!! If Hugh Jackman doesn’t win an Oscar, it will be a huge injustice!!! Will be singing the songs in my head for days!!! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

  77. joanie Says:

    @emily agree the movie was excellent (the play is my fav, saw it with Colm Wilkinson and also Michael Crawford (jean valjean role) – and at least 4 others- “Bring Him Home” just sends chills thru me.

    Also somebody must have touched a nerve or knew something. 2009 Youtube vids are all over with the twi gang, which of course in turn spurred all the pics of Tay with Nikki, the NM afterparty pics are interesting if you subscribe to body language theory

    Hope you all had a blessed, safe, happy Christmas!

  78. kia Says:

    Emily- Yes! I’m hearing good reviews and Hugh and Anne are a shoe in for Best actor and Best supporting actress nod..

    I had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Even though for the FOURTH TIME a certain someone wasn’t under my tree this year again Santa your slipping.LOL

  79. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor , sixth on most bankable star list. Hell yeah!! 2013…here we come.

  80. Emily Says:

    joanie–How lucky to have seen those actors!! Did you notice that Colm Wilkinson was the Bishop in the movie?? I freaked out when I saw him. I saw it in London in ’98 and have seen a couple of traveling shows. My goal is to see it (and Phantom) on Broadway one day.

    kia–I’ve decided this about Santa– HE may be able to make it to every house in the world on Christmas Eve, but he can’t figure out how to get Taylor to all the places he’s requested, b/c no one wants to let him leave–THAT’S why we’ve been disappointed the last few years :)))))

  81. chanda w. Says:

    And Hollywood finally admits Abduction did make a profit. So thank u very much.

  82. Marianne Says:

    Emily…I’m moving on to the Easter bunny since Santa continually disappoints me with no Taylor under my tree. He can cover him in chocolate and I promise to share. I love the music from Les Miserables so am looking forward to seeing the film. Glad to hear you thought it was good.

  83. Lilome Says:

    Another disappointing Christmas morning….. ah, well. Hope all of you are safe and having a wonderful holiday season. Maybe I should have asked for Hugh Jackman. He’s still too young for me, but the odds may be slightly better. He can sing to me anytime. As for Taylor, does anyone know if he went to Michigan? Snow has been deep in the northern midwest. Hope he gets to play in it if ge did!

  84. annie Says:

    @Marianne & Lilome , Emily, Kia (& everyone else who cares)
    It’s still too early to give up hope (remember it springs eternal) and don’t be too hasty hopping to Easter. There’s still:
    Happy New Year’s day – fireworks & Taylor wearing a 2013 banner…in your kitchen, living room, front yard or place of your choosing
    Valentines Day – Taylor covered in chocolate or nothing would be fine too.
    Presidents Day – Taylor and cherries from Georgie’s I cannot tell a lie tree
    St Patrick’s Day – everyones Irish on that day, & I believe he would look rather cute dresses in a couple of 4 leaf clovers (it would sure beat the proverbial babe dressed in nothing but 2 band aids & a cork that’s pictured everywhere these days)
    ****yep the “Cold Grinch” slammed me and i’m hacking & coughing & bored and we all know what an idle mind juiced up on cough syrup can be capable of.

    I like to think …with age comes innovation, patience and the eternal optimism of “never giving up” on ….THE Tooth Fairy…do you think if I put remnants of tooth filings under my pillow I might get a surprise,,,couple of seconds with CA (short for cute ass), quality is so much more important than quantity plus my ticker has more than a few years on it & couldn’t take too much. Well time to go, my nose is reminding me I need that box of tissue again. Probably a good thing b4 I get banned by George.

  85. Marianne Says:

    annie…I bow to your creativity while sick and hyped on cough syrup. You’re awesome.

  86. chanda w. Says:

    What is Hush Hush about?? A book that is now being adapted into a movie. I saw something about Taylor………does anyone have more info????

  87. Emily Says:

    annie–Feel better soon, Sweetie, but I like how your mind works, even under the influence of Nyquil!! ;))))

  88. kia Says:

    Annie- LOL your a genius! Hope you feel better. Honey&tea and soup is always good for the soul.

  89. joanie Says:

    @annie try chicken soup & it’s good for the soul. When I need to come up with a plan, I will contact you first & I’ll supply the Nyquil.

    Have you ever wondered what his mom & gram would think if they ever checked this site out. Like maybe chucking mini bowling balls at us or swinging a broom our way. If it were my boy that’s what I would do.
    Course now he’s 20 soon to be 21 & they know he could outrun us or at least me in a heartbeat – I proudly stand by the fact I was a born spectator and enjoy nothing better than watching; but I figure if he shows up anywhere in my vicinity I could unleash some of the younger “fans” to run him down till I caught up riding my segway. But then what would I do with him…I know what you would do with him (make him a chocolate sundae with whip cream and a cherry on top) but me, I talk the talk but would never walk the walk I am a CLASS A coward – guess I could tickle him till he yells “uncle”. Such is the story of my uneventful life.

  90. chanda w. Says:

    Does anyone know about a movie adaptation of a book HUSH HUSH and whether Tay has been cast in it?

  91. annie Says:

    I may have some insite on this game
    Go to porcupine hair picture, i think I just got a nosebleed from having to go so far
    down on this thread. We need more pictures.

  92. *Vickey* Says:

    Lol @annie, I second that! Haha. Love these photos!
    And @chanda w. You know what I actually have no idea, I wonder what’s going on with that?
    Does anyone know if Incarceron is a still a sure thing or a date yet? I got a chance to read the book and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t been on our baby (the site) in a bit and I was just wondering.