Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Tracers (2014)
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» 2007 Photoshoots: Rena Durham [HQ]

44 Responses to “High Quality Photos: Taylor Lautner’s 2007 Rena Durham Photoshoot”

  1. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    What a difference 5 years makes. From cute kid to gorgeous young man. Thanks for the pictures! J♥

  2. Lilome Says:

    Cuteness overload! So people are talking about youtube vids from years ago with nikki and various others, but I can’t find them. Can someone throw me a bone here?

  3. chanda wiltz Says:

    Oh my! Cutie pie . Luv that kid. Looking at some other pics, I didn’t realize that Tay’s eyes were a lot lighter than I thought. Nice pics.

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my! Cutie pie . Luv that kid. Looking at some other pics, I didn’t realize that Tay’s eyes were a lot lighter than I thought. Nice pics.

  5. joanie Says:

    @lilome I looked up: nikki reed, taylor lautner 2009 concert, on google (it was Jackson’s 100 monkeys). There’s also video of Rob with Taylor on a different outing, and someone mentioned NM afterparty (TLlooks older and nikkis feather dress doesn’t cover a whole lot). He’s like 16-17 at this time. I would say there was/is a special connection between them (there are a lot of pictures of them together). some mentions of Ashley Green after she broke up with Kellan and a producer’s niece and a… (anyway i would say if he had any wild oats to sow, he did). Actually it makes him look more like a real person, a teenage boy behaving like a teenage boy. and so in the past 2 years he’s probably getting back to reality, getting his 2 feet back on the ground and taking control of his own life that was controlled by others and circumstances for many years.

  6. Mystique Says:

    Awww! So cute! Such adorable pics. ^_^ You know, even back when he was MUCH younger, he was still a very handsome kid lol. I’m not even surprised in the least that he turned out to be a handsome young man. :)

    Joanie—Omg, I saw the pics you’re talking about after doing a search on Google! You’re right! O_O lol….he and that brunette girl looked pretty close! I also noticed that he, Nikki, AND Kristen used to spend a lot of time together (saw them in various pics all together), and Rob used to be nowhere around lol. Interesting…..

  7. Emily Says:

    Why are we seeing a photo shoot from FIVE YEARS AGO???? Where is a new one????

    Attention Taylor’s “team”—I believe we, as fans, have been patient enough. Number of photo shoots in 2012??? Nothing I’ve seen except a couple of trio things for the last movie. Please make a New Year’s resolution to remedy this problem.

    THIS is what I would like to see much more of in 2013:

  8. annie Says:

    Cross-fit training son checked out the pictures of the football game, thought he recognized the back of one of the players, prowled the web till he found more pics, and this is what he told me.
    1) not a pick-up game (cleats and gloves and full out sprinting shows this)
    2) one of the guys we don’t see playing is Sergio Agearo, 24 yr old striker for Manchester United in the British Premier League and who many regard as their best player.
    3) Taylor is in great physical condition (based on tank pic) to produce both strength, speed and agility.
    4)the new fitness workout breaking out is studios using traditional circus equipment and technique (wire walkers, trapeze/rope artists,acrobats, jugglers). Primary purpose not weight loss, but to develop strength, agility, balance, muscle. Pumped up muscle bulk is great for pictures, but in reality and functionality you want a lean mean muscle machine.
    TRACERS – wonder if any of those other guys may show up in the movie.
    I wasn’t too sure this was a “real” film – my son makes me think it is.
    Still feel yuk – cooking chicken soup with hopes of a cure.

  9. joanie Says:

    Interesting. I’m putting things together here. All the Cirque trips. The pic of Taylor at one with David Beckham (I think they were spotted at other events talking); I’m sure he would know this Sergio. Taylor has definitely trimmed down, but even I could tell he didn’t lose muscle. Looks like Tracers is for real…plus they did say it wasn’t bike messenger anymore…what could it be….soccer (I don’t think so) but if it is well made, there is a target audience for it (not big block buster, but targeted indie).

    Chicken soup, wash your hands often, stay away from crowds and you’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time.

  10. chanda w. Says:

    I can’t wait to see more of Tay on the big screen…….indie, blockbuster… doesn’t matter…..I’m a fan …..always.

  11. Emily Says:

    Good info, ladies. annie–Thanks to your son. Porcupine hair picture–ha! I thought the same thing!! I’ve wondered about all the Cirque trips myself. Always wondered if his interest was more from the standpoint of maybe getting to try some things out behind-the-scenes, just for fun. I’ve never seen a show in person, but have seen snippets and lots of it looks like scary, daredevil, thrill-seeking things that he would like doing.

    He’s also said that he’s glad he can now play more sports b/c he’s not trying to keep all that muscle. Maybe this “game” is part of some new workout routine??

    chanda–Agree–I don’t really care what he’s in, as long as it’s SOMETHING!!

  12. Marianne Says:

    We really do NEED a new photoshoot…5yr old photos…good grief. I nominate Emily, kia and Nikita to choose the poses and clothing.

    I thought the Cirque trips were a “bridge” gig that celebs do until they start filming. Scummit got Kristen and Rob the Balenciaga gig before promos. Rob wore some of the Balenciaga men’s line during one of his photoshoots for Cosmopolis. Whatever the gig with Cirque was it was a good decision for Taylor since the artists do some really awesome stunts. I love the shows.

    Hope everyone has a Happy New Year. At least we don’t have to worry that Taylor will be on the gossip pages drunk as a skunk.

  13. kia Says:

    Marianne- I be happy to help out. Whatever Taylor does in 2013 ,I’m supporting him no matter what.

    Hope everybody have a safe Happy New Year and thank you George for everything you done for us fans.(*u*)

  14. Mystique Says:

    I’ll just be happy to see Taylor in s

  15. Mystique Says:

    ^^Oooops!!! Looks like I unfortunately hit the “submit” button way too soon lol!! :-P. I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to type using your phone!

    Anyway, what I meant to say is that I’ll just be happy to see Taylor in something new and challenging. Something different from the Twilight franchise would be awesome. Tracers sounds like an awesome concept.

    Marianne–I second your sentiment. Yep, so thankful we don’t have to worry about Taylor being in the tabloids due to drunk behavior ….. he shouldn’t even be drinking just YET! Lol

    Emily–I like that pic u posted. Very handsome. What event was he attending in this picture? It looks like the red carpet.

    Joanie–I think you’re right, I think the cirque du soleil trips may have all had something to do with this Tracers/ parkour movie he’s in the process of working on.

    Whatever it is, I’d like to see him in a different role. I think even playing a different type of character would be such a nice treat. You know, like instead of playing the protagonist all the time, it would be cool to see him play the antagonist for a change. Anything new and challenging I’m definitely up for…….within reason of course lol!!

  16. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I would be more than happy to offer my stylist services to Taylor’s next photo shoot. I have TONS of ideas and suggestions. . .;)

    Mystique–I’m not sure what event he was attending, but it looked like it might be to a premiere for Abduction in another country. I just really liked the expression on his face and I LOVE that blue shirt on him.

  17. janet Says:

    Had to say how entertaining this site is. Definitely not your typical run of the mill website. and I am amazed how you find things out. when everything is so slow it never fails you guys come up with something hot, sexy or unbelievably funny.
    I hope for something different too…comedy/adult, gritty drama…you prove that there’s a lot more to his fan base then the bubble gum chomping, training bra crowd the so called critics foist off on him. I’m proud to be a mature minded age is only a number gal…..I keep thinking how would he come off as the target of Mrs. Livingston (anybody remember THE GRADUATE – dustin hoffman,ann bancroft .
    Happy New Year.

  18. chanda w. Says:

    Have any of u heard of a movie adaptation of the book HUSH , HUSH…being made…..anyway Tay’s name was mentioned on twitter, just wondering if it was a project of his ? Can’t believe he’s only 20. Most men with dark features get hotter as they age, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery………. as if Tay could get any sexier……ahhh the future.

  19. Lilome Says:

    Janet, unfortunately I do remember The Graduate. I think you mean Mrs. Robinson – Anne Bancroft just got sexier with the years. THAT woman aged to perfection. I’m just getting old and squishy. Sad…. I have the theme song by Simon and Garfunkel on my ipod. “So here’s to you, Mrs Robinson” . I honestly think i would die if Taylor did a remake. If one of us can’t be cast, who would we want? Not Demi, that’s too close
    to home. How about Ellen Barkin or Sela Ward?

  20. Lilome Says:

    Julianne Moore or Michelle Pfiefer? Maybe Susan Sarandon….

  21. annie Says:

    Diane Lane, Catherine Zeta Jones, Cate Blanchett

    Here’s to you Mrs Robinson as you walk The Bridge Over Troubled Waters to the Sounds of Silence. You’re right Anne Bancroft really got better with age.

    Loved Simon and Garfunkle, The Smothers Brothers, The Kingston Trio, Limelighters

  22. Emily Says:

    Does anyone know the trick of how to see comments when looking at this from an iPhone??? I just got one today, and naturally, this was the first site I tried. The pictures come up, but when I try to “skip to comments” nothing happens. Maybe I just didn’t have a good enough signal???

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a great time tonight. I will be having an exciting time here at home, alone, and will count down and watch the ball drop while on the phone with my mom. . .not exactly my idea of an exciting start to the new year. :(

    Happy New Year to you all!!! To Taylor—may 2013 be a year full of wonderful things for you, both personally and professionally, and one in which your fans get to see you. . .A LOT. . .hint, hint!!!

  23. kia Says:

    It’s 2013!!! To Emily,Marianne,Lilome,Chanda,Accv,Joanie,Mystique,Janet,Annie,TDL_jeanne,Firereign,Lucy,Lilly,Shazam ,Nikita and of coarse George.May you all have a wonderful and healthy New year..

    And Taylor I hope 2013 will bring full of joy in your life and career and your fans will support you no matter what. GOD BLESS

  24. *Vickey* Says:

    I’m all late to the party, but Happy New Years to you guys! I say 2013 needs to be FULL of new Tay candids, etc. :P
    And that’s so sweet Kia! :D

  25. *Vickey* Says:

    @Emily: Call me silly, but the same thing happened to me when I got this new android! Lol. I would come to the site from my phone since I had go relaly busy with school and such.

  26. Lilome Says:

    Annie my dear, you might actually be as old as I am! Maybe I can quit feeling guilty everytime I come to this site. And you forgot Peter, Paul and Mary!

  27. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    Thanks for the New Year wishes and Here is to a very visible Taylor year for 2013 for us all! J♥

  28. chanda w. Says:

    Happy New Year to u all! Here’s to the New Year bringing everyone prosperity and wisdom and to Tay a girl as beautiful as Angelina Jolie and with the luv for him that his fans have.

  29. Emily Says:

    @Vickey–Still no luck with the iPhone and comments here today, even when I had a 5-bar signal. Oh, well, hopefully I’ll eventually figure it out. :(

    Thanks, kia!!!

    Does anyone else find themselves rooting for Michigan now, b/c they are the favorite team of our favorite boy?? I am a die-hard SEC supporter, but was watching and yelling for Michigan today when they were playing S. Carolina. Felt bad when they lost at the last. Anytime I see them, I think of Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel talking about his “Go Blue” posters on his bedroom wall. :)

  30. Emily Says:

    Attention, Taylor!!! We, as your ever-supportive and loving fans, would like more of this in 2013. . .please!

  31. Emily Says:

    Oops, the link didn’t go where I thought it would. Scroll down to the black jacket and white v-neck picture once you get there.

  32. kia Says:

    Emily- That was one of my favorite red carpet premiers ,even Robessed were saying Damn! Yummy.

  33. annie Says:

    @Emily I was born & raised in “Blow Blue” territory (Ohio)…it is genetically impossible to cheer for Meeeeeecheeeeegan in our family. But I can love that boy from Michigan & enjoy a frolic at the Grand Hotel (Somewhere in Time) and give a thumbs up to the Detroit Red Wings.

    @Chanda I bestow a gold star on you at the start of 2013 – you are fearless in entering the dens of gossip garbage sites that attract snarky sharks & you always are putting in a heroic good word for the “apple of our eye”. (yes, I do lurk around if only to confirm my view that these sites “suck”)

    New Years Resolution #1 – to be amiable, good humored & less critical of snarky sharks.

    Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start.

  34. annie Says:

    Probably should have mentioned…college football.. in our family is OHIO State, 11-0 this year (no invite to a bowl, they being punished cause some players sold their uniforms or rings & things — that’s a no no –bad bad boys; so we sit on the sidelines and cheer “blow blue”. Not nice, but satisfying if your a script Ohio fan.

  35. Emily Says:

    kia– Which red carpet was it for and in what city?? I can’t remember. I’m thinking BD1. I really like the outfit, but like the look on his face (and tongue action) even more. ;)))

    @annie–I grew up in a “house divided.” My dad graduated from Auburn, but all my mom’s family are die-hard Alabama fans. I sided with her when I was young. Needless to say, I guess you know who I’ll be rooting for in the BCS game on Monday. I can only root for Michigan when they play a team I don’t care anything about.

  36. kia Says:

    Emily- It was the Abduction London Premier.

  37. Emily Says:

    Thanks, kia!!

  38. joanie Says:

    I remember that Premier. I remember thinking WOW not too many guys could get away with that look, he looked gorgeous. The British fashionistas gave him a 10/10
    saying he was the right age & the right shape to pull off wearing a $10k suit with a t-shirt
    (some of their followers said “you’ve never given a 10 before & someone wearing a $10K suit and a hanes undershirt gets it). I’m sure that wasn’t hanes and they also did agree he did look gorgeous, daring and well put together and pulled it off perfectly. Amen to that

  39. chanda w. Says:

    My baby Tay, could wear work out clothes and get a 10 out of 10. He looks good in anything. Nice pic…and his tongue…….the things he could do.

  40. Lilly Says:

    I’m a little late but Happy New Year!

  41. *Vickey* Says:

    @Lilly: Its cool! Happy New Year to you too! Hope all was good. ^.^

    @Emily: Awe man! Hope you can figure it out. And I’m not gonna lie, I do! Even though, I’m not supposed to, my Uncle’s like: Its Texas, no matter what sport, or nothing. And my friends are like,” Why the hell are you routing for Michigan ANYTHING… is it Taylor? Is it?” Then I just give the sliest smile! Lol.
    In regard to college football, even though I don’t go to A&M College Station in Texas, I go to UNT, I do route for Texas Aggies College Football team of UT Austin’s Longhorn’s football team. And even though they SUCK, I still route for the Dallas Cowboys with professional football. Haha.

  42. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for the clarification on that red carpet pic! :)

    Btw, I couldn’t find which picture you were talking about on that tumblr site where he was wearing a black jacket & a tee shirt?

    Kia–Thanks for the well wishes!! ^_^ It’s so hard to believe that we’re in 2013!! WOW!

    Btw….. I’ve never actually SEEN “The Graduate”, but I’ve of course heard many references to that movie before, and I personally think that actress Diane Lane would probably nail that role. ;-)

  43. Emily Says:

    Mystique–There have probably been posts added since then. Just go to Google images and look up something like “Abduction UK Premiere” and you’ll see them.

  44. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique The Graduate is a GREAT movie! I recommend it! :P And I agree about Diane Lane! Lol