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38 Responses to “Video: Taylor Lautner Shares His Favorite Holiday Traditions”

  1. litebrite Says:

    BD2 > $800m

  2. Emily Says:

    Wonder how long they stay in Michigan and how he’s able to visit without ever being caught on camera???

    Does Rob ever answer ANYTHING seriously??

  3. Emily Says:

    I have no idea if there is any truth to this or not, but, if it is true, my heart is completely melting. Read the post entitiled “Blind Items.”

  4. kia Says:

    I thought that was sweet of him and Anna ,I hope its true. Usually BI always focus on the scandals but they did a 180 here.Good for them.

  5. kia Says:

    Emily- Lets not forget he’s the #1 ninja.

    I couldn’t understand WTH was Rob saying. All I heard was IUYTRRFVSHQB family WHAT!?

  6. Emily Says:

    kia–Rob said he usually gets in a huge fight with all his family and falls asleep at like 3 pm, without opening any presents. (That’s a paraphrase, not a direct quote.)

    I thought that BI’s were always negative, so I don’t trust it, but it sounds like something he would do.

  7. chanda w. Says:

    If this article is true and is about Tay……first of all he isn’t B list………..let’s just get real………A list all the way………he would do that without fanfare, because he’s a sweetie. I read somewhere once that he went out with some friends, a couple of them got rowdy and rude to patrons nearby………he apologized for the behaviour of his group and paid the tab for the table that was offended. Classy and sexy.

  8. *Vickey* Says:

    @Emily xD I don’t know, he just approaches everything with humor! It’s definitely not a bad thing, but I didn’t think about that until you said it. Haha.

    @Kia Yes, and dont’ forget it! ;P (#1 Ninja)

    Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to just run into him just once? Michigan or anywhere. :)
    And about the article if it is, sounds soooooooooooo sweet, amazing.

  9. Emily Says:

    Vickey—I was just being sarcastic. I think he’s really funny sometimes. You can always count on him for a funny and random answer. I like him when he’s interviewed with Taylor or by himself.

  10. TERESA Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Marianne Says:

    Emily…I always wonder how he visits Michigan without someone taking a pic. Does he wear a burka?? Rob has diarrhea of the mouth sometimes and I never know what to believe. I like his offbeat humor and Taylor has said he makes him laugh a lot while filming. I saw that BI and did a double take since BIs are usually so full of crap. Hope it’s true.

  12. *Vickey* Says:

    @Emily I getcha! Lol and I completely agree.

    @Marianne Haha as soon as I read burka, the image the vividly popped in my head.

  13. Mystique Says:

    Awww I don’t see the post entitled “Blind Items” on that tumblr site. Where is it? Did it get taken down?

    What did Taylor do that was so sweet? Fill me in somebody please!

    Thanks! : )

  14. Marianne Says:

    Mystique….I have been having trouble getting things to post tumblr links so here is a copy of the BI.

    This actress had a chance to get to A list. She was this close and was in a movie that got her nominated for one of the big awards and everything was going great. Then she had a personal tragedy which she does not discuss much and since that time she has worked on her career but other things in her life are more important. For her, she has been focusing on kids, especially those who are terminally ill. Her favorite thing to do which she does at least once a week is go to a children’s hospital and sit and meet with kids and they watch some of her most famous movies. The movies that still make kids scream with delight when she comes visit them. She has tried to get her castmates to come with her because the kids would even love it more but they always say no or they will come some other time. There is one castmate who invariably comes. Apparently there is nothing quite like the smile of a kid who is suffering from cancer when this B list all movie actor walks in the room and sits down and watches the movies with them. If smiles could heal, there would be no sick people when he comes along to visit with our actress.

    Anna Kendrick/Taylor Lautner

  15. Emily Says:

    I don’t know what’s happening to all my links????????

  16. litebrite Says:

    Anyone know why nikitajuice tumblr is gone, and everything from devianart also?

  17. Emily Says:

    I noticed I couldn’t get to her tumblr last night. OH NO!!! I hope she comes back–I love her stuff.

  18. meg Says:

    shes back on its just worked for me

  19. lucy Says:

    The first Still of Grown Ups 2 was released. Without Taylor but I guess that means that the Trailer will be out soon, hopefully. :)

  20. kia Says:

    Emily- Don’t worry she’s back.Thank goodness! I was hoping that Taylor would show up at the PCA’s tomorrow night but I guess not. oh well.

    Lucy-I’m betting next month or March there will be a trailer. There also rumors that Tracers will begin filming this spring but I’m not sure. Keeping my fingers crossed we be getting some news.

  21. Marianne Says:

    kia…I kept thinking that the Twifans would win PCA for best fandom and the threesome would show.

  22. kia Says:

    Marianne- Maybe their surprise us,you never know. Remember the MMA’s last year ,still thinking about that night.

  23. Emily Says:

    I’ll probably end up watching anyway, just in case, but I don’t want to. The show is usually not that great, but I’d be furious if I missed him. We need some news or another appearance or another football workout or something. . .

  24. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Thanks for copying and pasting the BI on here. WOW! That’s so sweet! :) I really hope that it’s Taylor. It would just make me love him even more. :)

    I didn’t know Anna Kendrick had some tragedy in her life recently. :-/ What were the clues that this BI was possibly about Anna/Taylor? Usually they have some pretty obvious clues in Blind Items, but with this one it’s not really too clear!

    Lucy–Thanks for the update on Grown Ups 2! I can’t WAIT to see the trailer, and more screenshots! :)

    Kia—-Omg, I HOPE Tracers starts filming soon! I’m REALLY looking forward to that one.

    Emily—Lol…I agree! More Taylor sightings please! :)

  25. Lilome Says:

    Ok folks, our beautiful boy has a big birthday coming up and we need to celebrate. Any suggestions? I thought about a party beginning at midnight on Feb 10th- which just happens to be a new moon! I’ll bring the ice cream and chocolate syrup.

  26. annie Says:

    Whipped cream!!!

  27. kia Says:


  28. kia Says:

    And there will be some games at the party. So I’ll bring some blindfolds..

  29. joanie Says:

    Bring his favorite Hudson’s Birthday cake ice cream, too.(now how do I know that…OMG i’ve becoming a worse peeper than I thought)…oh well…
    Whipped cream always makes things taste yummier

  30. firereign Says:

    Taylor was at the Clippers game yesterday. Met with Chris Paul & Lil Chris (star Clipper player). …he’s with Sara, of course (good samples on twitter of why she’s staying away from it). and this is rather different for Taylor, he’s driving a SUV. He’s happy folks…and you get pics of him (don’t need the awards shows)

  31. firereign Says:

    should have mentioned Pat Schwarzenegger arrived at same time and waited patiently while T took some pics with fans (they met up with a couple of other guys inside. Adam Sandler also showed up (after getting his PCA) . T left with Sara. There is a bit of video.

  32. Lilome Says:

    Thanks firereign, You rock! I’ll go look for the pics NOW!

  33. Marianne Says:

    firereign…thanks for all the info. I have a bit of a rant re Sara…why don’t fans celebrate the fact that whatever these two are to each other that they have maintained this relationship for years. I think that should be applauded. I even saw a tweet of a Tsquared shipper that said even if Miss Velveeta Cheese was married to someone else, she wouldn’t mind her having an affair with TL!! She can’t maintain a relationship for longer than 3mos. Glad for the pics and to see he is alive and looks happy. Sorry for the rant.

  34. firereign Says:

    taylor lautner italy has all the pictures.

    very good reason why TL doesn’t have a twitter (at least under his own name)
    also why they take it with a grain of salt, these people mean nothing to them, likewise their opinions.
    also why security agencies now have computer programs scanning like messages, anything construed as threatening that meets particular criteria is flagged. all messages are kept for at least 3 months and the cloud makes it possible to keep them for longer periods. just a price everyone pays for anonymity and the proliferation of social media – your everyday teen is also targeted, just that anyone in the news receives buckets more. So goes the world – dumber and meaner (someone wondered what a guinea fowl is and was told it was a cross of a guinea pig with a chicken – they believed it – dumb de dumb dumb).

  35. kia Says:

    Yesterday I woke up thinking “You know what ,the only thing that would make my day is to get new Taylor candids and New Justin Timberlake music” and bam! It happens. Today has been a good day for me…

    Marianne- The funny thing I heard from a (Lautner)fan comment is that “ew he’s with Sara again ,I’m so done with Taylor no really I’m done with him”. LOL then go! nobody is forcing you to stay in this fandom and we know your lying your ass off! Sorry I to speak out on the stupidity..

    You don’t have to like Sara (I don’t like Swift so I can’t tell you who to like) but its his life.if he wants to be with her then fine.

  36. Jenle Says:

    Aww, Taylor’s so nice–not even denying anyone an autograph or picture. Just saw the vid of him leaving the game. And what a lucky woman Sara is right? I don’t know much about her, but if she’s anything like Taylor then she must be awesome. Can’t wait to see more work from Taylor.

  37. joanie Says:

    @kia right attitude. if he’s happy, it don’t much matter what anybody else thinks, especially someone who he doesn’t know from Adam. Everyone can have an opinion but it isn’t worth a hill of beans especially if you don’t know them personally.

    He is looking good. the navy jacket is back and he be wearing his fav scuffy shoes

  38. Emily Says:

    joanie–I agree!! I LOVE that blue jacket on him. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Sara in a skirt. She looked nice. Lucky, lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl!!!