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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner leaving and arriving at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night (January 9th).

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» 2013 Candids: Staples Center – January 9th

23 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner at the Staples Center (January 9th)”

  1. kia Says:

    First candids of 2013! YAY PARTY!!!!!!!!

  2. Shazam Says:

    Ooooooohhhhh!!!!!! *SQUEALS* HOT!! :DDD Well, he looks as dashing as ever, that much we know. Sooooo…car show? He does love his cars! Anyway, I’m sure we will find out but for know, I am going to sit back and drool over him whilst drinking some tea :)
    @kia Happy New Year gorgeous! <3 x :)

  3. Shazam Says:

    Clippers game…DUH! Just read the previous post…I am a tad slow on weeknights! :P

  4. Emily Says:

    I feel so monotonous with my comments regarding his appearance. . .the same words always apply. . .gorgeous, beautiful, hot, delicious, etc. . .and my reaction is always the same. . . chin in hands, staring intently at the computer screen, and just sighing and shaking my head in disbelief. I think he should be required to wear that jacket at least once a week.

  5. kia Says:

    @Shazam ..Happy New Year to you too gorgeous!!

    Emily..Shazam- Lets not forget “our minds in the gutter reaction” because there so much gutterness in my mind of him and that jacket!!!!

  6. franklynn Says:

    hey firereign said something about a video of this outing. has anyone seen it or could tell me where it is?

  7. Mystique Says:

    YAY!!! New pics!!! ^_^ I always feel so giddy whenever new pictures are posted lol.

    Like a giddy school girl! :D

    Well! I think it’s pretty much official. He and Sara seem to definitely be a couple again. Actually, I’m not even too sure they ever really “broke up” to be honest.

    He looks happy, and chilled back…that’s good. :)

    Btw, where did Sara disappear off to in the pics where he’s walking?? O_o

  8. accv Says:

    I think it helps that Sara’s been there all this time and has known the real Taylor Lautner, even before Twilight happened. Not saying the other ladies he’s dated don’t, but there’s just something more honest about Sara’s relationship with him. And it seems that the family approved of Sara even before Taylor became the superstar that he is today. Winning combo, indeed. I’ll admit, I’m still insanely jealous, but I’m also happy that he has someone that can love him for the real him.

  9. accv Says:

    also… adonde el video????

  10. vera Says:

    accv, I really like your words!

    Here are links to videos:

    Taylor is incredibly nice, friendly, and he’s so damn good looking in this jacket!
    Patrick was also very nice ..

  11. jenle Says:

    For the person who asked for the video:

  12. firereign Says:

    @mystique Sara is on the Clippers “Spirit Dance Team” (2nd year) so not arriving with Taylor; guess she probably preferred leaving with him anyway. and to clarify, yes that’s Patrick walking in front of TL, and no they didn’t arrive together, they each drove themselves and does it mean anything that TL, Patrick and Adam Sandler were all there….I don’t know. I know it’s getting old that you have to get your TL fix by peeks of him at a restaurant, a game, a workout, in a car , in another car, in a car … about a movie set (coming sooon…maybe) I know you hate me…I normally don’t like piddly sitings but since you always accept them like a person dying of thirst would accept a drop of water, I shall raise the TL alert signal as if it were def com 4 if I get the chance.

  13. Mystique Says:

    Thanks for the video @Jenle.

    For some reason, watching that video made me kind of sad. :-(. Like, he can’t even go to a freaking basketball game in peace! O_o.

    I’m usually just seeing the pictures of Taylor sightings, so I rarely see video clips of him being photographed unless it’s at a movie premiere (which is understandable). But during his private time, I guess it never really dawned on me that he’s probably hounded by paps when we’re seeing the cadid shots. :-/

    I mean, I know it def comes with the territory for sure, but I just felt kinda sad for him in this clip, and I don’t know why. :-(. He may have wanted to just walk into the arena quietly, but he couldn’t even walk longer than two steps without getting snapped and having fans come up for pictures lol!! I think it’s so sweet for him ( and all celebs really ) to take the time out and be gracious to the fans. I know sometimes he probably just wants to walk in anonymously and not be bothered, or risk being late for a game. :-/.

    Oh well….he handles it really well!! :-). *sigh*

  14. Lilome Says:

    Kia darling….. where else would our minds be? :)

  15. chanda w. Says:

    OMG!! My handsome baby, out and about. I personally hope that he and Sara are truly together. She knew and loved him before the insanity and I’m sure it is reassuring to him to have someone that is real……..and they still look cute together. As far as the bits and pieces of info on Tay. I’ll take what I can get….I’m not trying to know his every move……..and it is great to see him enjoying his life away from the red carpet. I love that he not just a hollywood zombie……….he actually seems to enjoy his life…………that’s why I luv him.

  16. Emily Says:

    Went to Cold Stone Creamery tonight. Had no idea what kind of ice cream to get. Then I saw cake batter ice cream and, immediately, my choice was made!! It’s funny how my Taylor obsession–I mean “admiration,” influences my daily life. It was delicious, by the way!! He has good taste:)

  17. annie Says:

    picture on a movie set….yes,yes,yes…I would have to pinch myself that I wasn’t dreaming.
    I think:
    1) their waiting for the big “21′, and he can appear in some ADULT roles
    2) all the fringe lunatic haters will turn on someone else a) petra/gale (josh/liam) mockinjay is when the triangle kicks in (and we all know too many can’t read, which means interpreting the meaning of a sentence, not just words. Gale is already labeled evil by some) – and even more, City of Bones, simon/jace (robert sheehan/jamie) ** anybody else think Jamie don’t look so healthy…maybe just me. Taylor can then just slip under the radar & make some movies while they stop hammering him for the sake of hammering him cause they’re busy elsewhere (think some Kristen fans wailing over here getting hammered and turn around & are mercilessly attacking Jennifer Lawrence).
    3) the gossip rags will finally catch on and use a current picture of Taylor not one from 4 or more years ago.

    I like to think he took the break he needed to do a lot of things teens do (what good is money if you can’t do fun things ..real fun things…not like some young wealthy celebs who sadly think drinking, snorting and acting like a doorknob where everybody gets a turn means fun; they needed to regroup and really make a plan for his career and what he really wants in the future. Getting to spend more time with established longtime friends & sorting out which of the new “friends” are real and who you really want to be around. Celeb world & limelight is not the same as the “real” world….you can choose which is dominant, which is work and which is personal.
    He is a great guy from all I’ve seen and heard, and I firmly believe he is making behind the scene connections that will benefit him far into the future.
    In 5 years if he stays on track, he is going to be so “yummy” there won’t be words to describe him…..and Sara….good for her…whatever her relationship with him is…she’s always been there but she also went ahead and was living her “own” life. Enjoy it now and let what happens down the road take care of itself.
    “mommy” lecture now over…..I need some ice cream!

  18. chanda w. Says:

    @annie, I couldn’t agree more. It confuses me that some Twilight fans became so hateful to him….after all he did for the franchise. And even some Tay fans seem to question his every choice…from why isn’t he constantly making why isn’t he dating another celebrity….some don’t want him to date at all. I think the Team Jacob/Edward..may have been taken too far. Tay is still quite young…while RP is a grown man …..and was when the franchise started. It isn’t fair to try to compare their career paths. In five yrs. Tay will still be in his twenties, while RP will be in his thirties…(so he has to get while the getting is good), Tay has plenty of time…..and let’s be honest….RP is on full blast because he has become the male Jennifer Anniston…some will always feel sorry for him. Tay got packaged as a trio. Hard spot he handled well….esp. when the other two are a real couple. He never seemed out of place .. mature and wise. He isn’t flaunting his wealth, acting like an a- hole to get attention……..he’s classy all the way and I think true fans respect and appreciate that.

  19. kia Says:

    Wishing my favorite fiction character Jacob Black a HAPPYBIRTHDAY!! Your the only reason liked Twilight,you made the story exciting and not like that boring piece of glitter cardboard they called Edward. Sorrynotsorry

  20. Emily Says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know it was his birthday today. I committed February 11, 1992, to memory a long time ago. Jacob, I’ve failed you!!!! Even with the tremendous truckload of crap he goes through ($#mn you Stephenie Meyer!!), Jacob Black is still in a three-way tie for my favorite male fictional character of all time.

  21. Emily Says:

    I think they have finally decided the official release date for BD2 dvd–March 2 in the US. I know there was some speculation before. Here is an article about the different versions.

    I am buying this for one reason, and one reason only–Jacob’s striptease!!!! ;)

  22. Marianne Says:

    annie…chanda w…high fives to both your comments! annie…I agree that many of the haters will move on to other people…Miley/Liam are going to take a real beating since Miley can’t help reacting to paps and negative articles. JCB will look reasonable in the movie but I have seen some real life pics and he looks rough. YES…a current pic of Taylor by the gossip rags! I think Taylor fans have to realize that gossip sites like eonline are in the R/K pocket and supposedly Kristen has a cousin that works there. They get lots of hits from their fans so it is in their interests to keep it coming whether made up or real.

    chanda w… Some Twi fans can’t seem to separate “dog” Jacob as they often refer to him, from Taylor the person. When I read some of their comments, I think they could use some meds. Taylor brought a lot of fans to Twilight for his body in New Moon and the fandom may not recognize him but the movie execs know. RP ,the male Jennifer Aniston LOL Fans comparing RP and Tay’s careers is silly due to the age, looks, athleticism etc. I agree that TL is a classy guy. I first realized that when the rumors of Jacob possibly being recast and that d**che Michael Copon was trying for the role. He kept putting TL down and Taylor never responded and just kept on doing his thing.

    Emily…The only reason I will be buying BD2 is to profit Taylor and slo-moing that striptease!

  23. *Vickey* Says:

    @Marianne, YES! That’s what I love about Taylor he doesn’t have to drop to a low level. The whole Copon thing was ridiculous though. -_- #ClassyGuy Haha.

    @Emily I was actually wondering about the date! I was gonna save money, but CANNOT pass up a Tay striptease on DVD! ;P

    @Kia *very first post* My exact reaction! 2013 candids, let’s celebrate! :D

    @accv I agree! I’m not gonna lie I was a little iffy about Sara about first, only because I was jealous too, but I’m glad he’s happy and has someone there for him through all the craziness he endures. :hearts: