Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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8 Responses to “New ‘Breaking Dawn Part II’ Still”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Taylor looks yummy as always. Whenever I see pics of Nessie and Jake, I get so annoyed thinking how Bella beats on Jacob for imprinting her daughter when SM told us it wasn’t skivey and was such a beautiful, pure and loving thing. Ugh. Also, Bella being annoyed with Jacob calling her Nessie is the heighth of hypocrisy considering she named her Renesmee!

  2. Emily Says:

    Was Mackenzie’s hair/wig really that long in the movie?? I don’t remember her looking like Rapunzel. . .Marianne–I could literally feel my blood pressure rising during the movie when she grabbed him by the neck and started screaming at him. I didn’t think it was one bit funny. Beating up and yelling at the one person in the entire ridiculous series that treated her better than anyone else, especially when she never deserved it. . .Oh, God, don’t get me started. From the moment after the phone call in the kitchen in New Moon through the rest of the movies, I LOATHED Bella Swan!!!!!

    Have been reading that Scummit/Lionsgate are yet again releasing different versions of BD2 with different Special Features. That’s so annoying!! I can never figure out which one to get, b/c I don’t want to miss anything. I have 4 versions of New Moon, and I still don’t have all the deleted scenes. I had to find those on youtube. :( There is supposed to be a deleted scene where it says Jacob is being a “nurse.” It was on an Italian site, so I’m thinking it may mean “babysitter” or something similar. Even if it’s just that creepy sister of Chucky-looking baby from the movie, possibly seeing Taylor taking care of a baby may be too much for my heart to handle. . . Dog bowl scene hasn’t been mentioned. I say, if they leave that out, we form an angry mob and march on Lionsgate headquarters until they put it in.

  3. kia Says:

    Emily- Different versions means more money for Scummit. I don’t understand why not putting dog scene (Which everybody hope for) but adding another snooze fest honeymoon scene on the DVD! It just piss me off!

    Marianne..Emily- I started my dislike of Bella when Edsparkle tells her that him and his family are leaving and then she says let me find a way to tell Charlie,I’m sitting here thinking BITCH you would leave your own flesh and blood for this sucker!? Please!!

  4. joanie Says:

    That franchise is done, stick a fork in it. This hiatus isn’t normal. If/when he comes back I hope they don’t stick him into a position where the movie will succeed or fail on his back. He needs to be part a good entertaining movie with some real superb actors carrying the load, he needs to polish his acting chops and continue to gain experience….Some of my very favorite actors aren’t headliners, but they are skilled and very successful….Michael Weatherly and James Marsden. I think they just plain burned this kid out and it took a heavy toll….he couldn’t do the work or he just plain had it and didn’t want to. You can yell it me…but that’s what I think….I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise….but like I said this not doing any film work for 2 years isn’t normal (especially for a hot commodity as he was coming off the twi saga) Abduction was a clunker and a poor choice, but there are any number of pics that would have cast him….something about this just smells….good or mediocre or stinky every movie is a job and his resume is very limited….I wish him luck him the best.

  5. Mystique Says:

    @Joanie–You might actually be on to something here. Has it really been two years since Taylor’s been working on a set? I thought he just got finished filming “Grown Ups 2″!!

    Anyway, whatever is going on, I’m actually kind of glad that he took a little break. Shooting 5 films in 4 years back to back like that is pretty stressful. I think he should take a little break, fine tune his acting skills a little bit, do some indie films and then come back to the more mainstream roles. Either that, or he just needs to be in a film that has a good ensemble cast….and it seems as if maybe GU2 is one of those films.

    We shall see!!! :-). I think that in the long run though Taylor will be ok. He just has to get over this awkward transition hump of “child/teen actor” to “serious adult actor”. Eventually he’ll be fine. Just about every teen/child actor went through this at some point in their career.

  6. annie Says:

    @joanie had a bad day did you….and yes it’s been a long time we’ve been treading water to keep our Taylor spirit going.
    @mystyque they finished BD around 04/2011, so it was about a year&half….the GU2 movie role is defined as a “cameo” role….so we really don’t know how much he will be in the movie, but he will be in it.
    I go along with the idea he should be in a film where someone else carries the burden…he needs the credits, the experience, and wider demographic audience exposure. Hey we all know he’s been offered roles but refused and there are certain to be more we never heard about and we can’t argue the fact that he has dropped out of site for long periods of time. Hope we hear something definitive in the next month or two.

  7. Mystique Says:

    @Annie—Thanks for the clarification. I guess it’s hard to believe that it had been almost two years since BD and GU2. I think having BD2 come out late last year kindof threw me off. At least he was still exposed since they filmed parts 1 and 2 together. That was good.

    I agree that he should be part of a more ensemble cast….one that doesn’t focus on him to carry the entire movie. That is a tough spot to be in. I’m hoping that maybe this role in GU2 will at the very least give fans/audiences a chance to see a different side to Taylor. I think he’ll pull off his cameo role great. At first I was a little skeptical (I’m not really an Adam Sandler fan), but now I’m quite optimistic. I think it was a gutsy but good move since it will be nice to see Taylor in a different genre for a change.

  8. chanda w. Says:

    I’m glad Tay is taking a break…..I’m sure he’s been offered plenty of roles…they might not be what he wants to do. I just can’t wait to see him in something ….anything. He’s very talented…….I watched Cheaper by the dozen 2……..he was holding his own with Steve Martin ……at a young age. He played Cristian Slater’s son in My Own Worst Enemy……….he was barely shown, but the episodes with the two of them were good. He played the role of Jacob to a perfect T. Wasn’t Jacob suppose to be a gazillion feet tall? Tay just added some muscle to his beautiful body and bam……….that was all she wrote! That is what I call charisma and talent…….he made the character fit him and it worked like a charm. I think after Abduction…..Tay is trying to take his time with projects. Like I said before….whether……..he’s the main star……..or part of a group…….whatever he’s in………I’m there!!