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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner at a Friend’s Birthday Party last night.

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» 2013 Appearances & Parties: Friend’s Birthday Party

100 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner at Friend’s Birthday Party”

  1. joanie Says:

    Thanks for clarifying….you’d think I was 12 the way I got all in a dither over the tweets…

    Who’s dog…maybe a birthday present….

    So Ashley, Taylor & Thor all ended up at the Happy Birthday…..

    Are they or are they not teasing us???? Gotta go watch the puppy bowl.

    Already spotted 2 SuperB commercials I give kudos to….The Budweiser colt one &
    the Budweiser scroungy dog one

  2. kia Says:

    Joanie-Its Ashely’s dog (Oliver) . Cute! apparently him and Ashely has been friends since 2001.Its good to see him out with his friends.

  3. kia Says:

    Joanie- I love the puppy bowl! so much cuteness!!

  4. joanie Says:

    @kia Me to, good to see him out & about .someone just told me more pics are hitting the web but they’re manips of him & Ashley (these pics here are real)

  5. Marianne Says:

    More pics…yippee…I’m waiting for all the crabbing about him repeating the same clothes blah, blah, blah. Just glad to see him. My favorite person–Creepy Thor. (shiver)

    joanie…kia…Love the Budweiser commercials and love the Puppy Bowl. Not excited about this Super Bowl since my team isn’t playing but will watch for the ads and will have an excuse, not that I need one, to stuff my face.

  6. chanda w. Says:

    Luv all the new pics of Tay…………he looks like he needed this break…….like that t-shirt, but my baby boy is wearing the same clothes almost back to back…lol…….a real guy …..he must be single cause if he was really dating someone…….the girl would have him on point whenever he was in public. You know how most guys are…….as long as the clothes are clean……they don’t care. Funny how he can’t take a pic with a girl without some fans claiming ……they’re dating…..really? I thought the dog was his………doesn’t he have a small one named Roxy…..anyway……..glad to see New pics of my cutie and happy that he is taking time for himself. Oh my that manager Thor……..does he seem shady to anyone else? I know he’s been with Tay a long time and now he’s on the girl’s coat tail……..guess if Tay thinks he’s cool that is all that matters. Sure by now ….Tay knows who to trust and who to tell to hit the door. Luv my Tay.

  7. kia Says:

    I kinda miss seeing thor. THE RETURN OF THOR!

    Marianne- My hometown team the Baltimore Ravens is playing so you know I’m rooting for them!

  8. firereign Says:

    It was a party celebrating “Iris” cirque du soleil” – if you remember, he did seem to like it.
    Ashley & Taylor have known each other for awhile – they are friends (as far as I know she still has the same BF)

    Guess she found out Twilight fever is still alive & took the pic off her twitter, she was getting inundated with are you, if no why aren’t you hooking up.

    Yes, I heard Kristen was there but I haven’t heard from anyone I know who confirms this.

  9. firereign Says:

    By the way “Iris” in LA has already closed ahead of schedule, a couple of weeks ago.

    the rumor mill is alive & well, so it seems.

  10. Emily Says:

    Has Taylor made a New Year’s Resolution to stop being a hermit?? These are great. It’s the return of the blue jacket in the pic with the dog!! I don’t know why I’m so over the moon about that jacket. If this was just last night, I guess that means no Taylor appearance at the Super Bowl??? :(( That was the only reason I was planning to watch—hoping to catch a glimpse of him. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all these “appearances” are leading up to some kind of announcement soon. . .

    On another note, we’re getting closer to the BIG DAY. I have noticed that my last few items have been based on something physical. I don’t want to sound completely shallow. My total list is split to about 10 physical traits and 11 personality traits—so I don’t just love him because he’s beautiful on the outside.

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #9–His lips. . .his perfectly proportioned, perfectly shaped, perfectly colored and smooth, perfectly kissable lips. . .and when he bites the bottom one. . .goodness. . .and when he licks them (which he does much more often than I first realized. . .I noticed when I started seeing all the “lip porn” gifs of him on tumblr). . .be still my pounding heart!!!!!

  11. accv Says:

    ROFL. Looks kinda like a pimp in that pic with Ashley and Thor. :p

  12. carrie Says:

    Ashley’s dating James Franco, so I’m sure this was just a friends thing. Be cool to know who else was there or whose party it was. Kristen was there? I can’t stand her but I guess it’s nice if she and Taylor are still hanging out.

  13. Emily Says:

    kia–Congrats on the Ravens winning the Super Bowl!! It was a pretty exciting game.

  14. firereign Says:

    her name is Olive.

  15. kia Says:

    Emily- Thanks! That was one of the best Superbowl games I’ve ever seen in my entire life! People celebrating in the streets ,Fireworks happening, The city is going crazy right now!

    Today was good day.Starting with new cute Tay pics this morning and now ending with my hometown team winning the Superbow, Going to bed with a huge smile on my face!

  16. *Vickey* Says:

    That really was a great superbowl game might I add too! :D So glad the Ravens won!
    Awe! Glad you’ve had an awesome day @Kia! :)
    Same here, this picture was great! So glad he was able to get out with his peeps and enjoy some time away from his stressful environment.
    Drooling over these pictures! He looks great.

  17. chanda w. Says:

    I wanted the 49ers to win…….only cause the quarterback Colin K. is hella fine…….next year. Tay did look sexy in that pic with his manager and Ashley………like I said before I think he is single, but he has this look …in his eye….like…Im hittin’ this. He’s 20 so I’m sure he has a “sleeping” partner or partners……maybe the ex Sara, but I don’t think he is in love with anyone. But, on twitter…..some were saying she deleted the photos………guess she was getting a lot of questions, but why put them up …just to delete them………and Miley did the same thing………well with a tweet. She tweeted that she wanted Tay and Taylor S. to get back together, then later she deleted the tweet. What are they SCARED of??lol. Not the fans …I hope…….think we’re all pretty cool…..just like Tay.

  18. firereign Says:

    Dog Whisperer – they all were just having fun….all young hollywood celebs of a certain age that have been on the circuit since they were kids…all know 1 another – crossing paths many times on the promo circuit events.

    even better than Tay w/Olive is the one with I think it might be Thor’s (French Bulldog?) same night….its’s a better quality pic & the pooch has huge fat rabbit ears –
    a lot of these pics get out when a friend of a friend reposts them – according to my friend this 1 is even more adorable (both dog & friend) all hail twitter & tumblr & the almighty Iphone

  19. firereign Says:

    @chanda just a little info…. Thor is known as the premier mngr for young hollywood talent, has approx 25 clients and really watches out for them. he’s been with WME for about 6-7 years.
    he & his companion Lars Gradel (interior designer/artist) are also known for their habitual designing/decorating of LA condo/lofts in the LA area usually ones with top floor rooftop venues that take in the LA skyline & in which they don’t stay very long before moving on to their next project – his clients – Taylor being the top prize, Ashley, Diana Agron & several Disney kids (he’s the go to guy if you want your kid to be on Disney productions).

  20. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks @firereign ………guess Tay knows who to hang with. The brazilian fans……..they are awesome…………….made a 21st birthday youtube tribute for Tay…… is adorable! They really love him too…….good taste. I’m not much of a computer pro…….so I don’t know how to post pic and clips yet.

  21. firereign Says:

    thought I would clarify on instagram pics. where celebs & those involved in the industry are concerned their accounts are universally private…someone who is given access sometimes, mostly without thinking or not realizing the sleuthing abilities of fans will repost & it gets out there (the pic, which is absolutely adorable with Tay & the french bulldog I believe was from Thor’s IG which is private). direct messaging is another tool to keep in contact on the personal/private side. open twitter, facebook accounts are meant for fans & general comments ( wise to take everything with a grain of salt unless it’s been verified) many, many fakers out there. I may comment on what’s out there, because it’s true & if your adept enough you’ll find it, but I won’t repost (I know it’s splitting hairs, but I also know that they really weren’t meant for public viewing). — the party was a “Iris” cast affair, a final good-bye, and they are members of the cast & friends/associates in the pics with Tay.

  22. Mystique Says:

    Awww!! Love these new pics of Tay Tay!!! ^_^ He’s so cute. And I loooove seeing pictures of him w/animals! Dogs especially…..since I’m a dog lover. Heehee! :)

    Nicole–Welcome Newcomer Nicole!! Welcome to the group! Glad you stopped lurking and decided to join us! lol…. :-P I know, I wish this site had a message board too….that’s the ONLY thing it’s missing, but oh well…. Maybe that’s for the best . Who knows….the bandwidth might get exceeded if we had an actual message board rotfl!

    Emily–I’m LOVING your lists! :D I love all those things about Taylor. :) But I need to check out this “lip porn” you’re talking about. I never noticed! lol! Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost Feb 11th already! WOW! I’ve been waiting and waiting for his next Bday lol.

    Kia–YAY go Ravens!! Glad to see another hometown girl on the boards! :)

  23. accv Says:

    Just wanted to add that he looks good with Asians ;D *AHEM* LOL!

  24. kia Says:

    Mystique- Yes!!!!!!!!!!! we hometown girls gotta represent!

  25. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Glad you’re enjoying the countdown.

    Here is today’s item:

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”
    #8–He is very close to his family.

    I love the fact that he still lives at home (I assume he still does or did, last I heard.). I think that has helped him stay grounded and on the right path. Case in point–Justin Bieber (not that I’m really comparing the two of them AT ALL, only that they are both about the same age, extremely rich, extremely famous, hounded by the media, etc.)–Once he turned 18, he’s moved out on his own and seems to be getting into more trouble every time you hear something about him. Sounds like he’s going wild after leading a pretty sheltered life–doesn’t seem to be making good, mature decisions about much of anything. Too much freedom too soon can spell “disaster.” Taylor’s parents seem to have raised him right, set good examples for him, and have a good relationship with him. I think that’s why he seems so well-adjusted and mature. I also love how close he seems to be with his sister–so sweet!

    firereign–Since you seem to have the inside track on the Hollywood biz, can you give some info on Taylor’s “team”? I know Thor is his agent and he is part of William Morris, I think. Who is his manager, publicist, etc?. . .and, what is the difference in an agent and a manager, specifically? I get what a publicist does, for the most part. And does Tarik (I think that’s his name) have an actual title or is he just a good friend that travels with him? It’s fine if you don’t know, I’ve just wondered before and you seem to know a lot about that world.

  26. Emily Says:

    Mystique–These are for you:

    Goodness, I didn’t realize I had put so many links. These are just off of ONE tumblr site. Needless to say, it’s a popular topic. ;)))

  27. kia Says:

    Emily-Amen to that. I wish Bieber would look at young stars in the past and learn there mistakes.Britney Spears is a good example. Look its ok to let loose and have a good time ,you only live young once but just be careful of the people who you surrounded yourself with because they sometimes drag you down into temptation. Especially you live in Hollywood.

    I glad Taylor is doing the opposite.

  28. firereign Says:

    @mystyque OK quick rundown (some may have changed)
    Agency: Wm Morris Endeavor
    Agent: Thor Bradwell
    Management Co: Management 360
    Managers: Peter Kiemon & Wm Choi
    Commerce Mngr: Carla Laur (used to be)
    PR Agency: ID-PR
    Publicist: Liz Mahoney & team (yep, same as Jen Lawrence)
    PA: since he’s been cooling his heels, let’s go with friend Tarik (the trio all had “assistants” on BD, Tarik Kanafani was Taylors & he still be around- T hasn’t really needed a super official PA for awhile since his business calendar isn’t crowded- there are others who qualify for this job when necessary & they can be called upon

    Agent & Manager have much overlapping. In either capacity you want someone who care about you. Some celebs have 1 or the other, some have both. Both are paid on commission. Rule of thumb: Agent 10% Mngr: 15% Other positions: are salary
    Agents: licensed by the state; has the authority to make deals, they’re the wheeler dealers who get the jobs for the celebs – sometimes in conjuction with the mngr – producers & casting directors deal with him, never the celeb unless the agent is right there. Mngrs: promote & market the actor functioning as an advisor & guide to his career (you see a lot of young actors with no agent but a manager – namely mom, dad, uncle charlie etc because they aren’t required to be licensed))
    Publicist: manages & promotes a clients image; and they act as the official spokesperson for their client–make them look pretty, be pleasant & handle any adverse publicity that comes down the pipe by smoothing it over
    PA (personal assistant) some have more than 1 at any given time (Taylor) everybody wants a piece of the “hot” celeb – at their party, at their restaurant, at their charity, at their opening, blah blah blah…the PA keeps things running smooth & it’s their job to make sure the celeb is happy happy happy (not the groupie, no matter how important or how big they are). make sure the celeb keeps to his schedule & if he gets pissed, it’s up to them to smooth things out & make him happy happy again.
    that in a nutshell is the “team”…..all the $$$$$$ that’s made ….there’s a lot of people that get their piece of it (that doesn’t include the tax bill)…..good for the economy…but you better be making big bucks

  29. joanie Says:

    @firereign mike szmanski @studiocitypatch had a picture of TL & TS at the Bistro Restaurant in Studio City supposedly 2 weeks ago 01/25 (Tarik was in the pic too). Do you know if that was legit?

  30. Marianne Says:

    Emily…Look forward to your countdown. Missed commenting on #9 his lips. Taylor has really spoiled a lot of otherwise good looking celebs for me because I always notice their lips and so many of them have tiny ones. Closeness and respectfulness with his family is such a good quality. I think when you respect your family (which should come from both sides) you don’t want to bring shame to them. For example, an instagram pic of your butt is not the way to go. Looking forward to your #7!

  31. chanda w. Says:

    Poor Britney Spears……she got messed up and has never fully recovered. @joanie……I saw that story of Tay and Taylor S. supposedly at a Bistro Gardens together recently , by, but the story was not confirmed by anyone so……I guess it wasn’t true. Why would they print it? The cutie’s birthday is coming up soon………maybe he’ll be like these other attention seeking celebs and post a pic of himself in the buff………..I can wish.

  32. kia Says:

    Joanie,Chanda- That pic was in 09′. Swift was in Europe during that week. Its just gossip.

  33. joanie Says:

    @Chanda @kia Thanks. Old pics, manip pics….gossip blogs/sites print anything – fan sites, especially here seem to give the real up & up info. I think some people just don’t care, they want to believe what they want to believe…and some just can’t read. Taylor “DOES NOT” have a twitter acct. if you’re following a celeb & you want to be sure it’s them, look for the blue check – like firereign said this tells you twitter has VERIFIED that they are who they claim to be – without it – it COULD be anybody, but some celebs just don’t want to go through the process.

  34. ItziarMR Says:

    It was Suzie Riemer’s birthday party, she’s Kristen Stewart’s friend. Christina Perry was also there. Check Suzie’s instagram for more pictures.

  35. Emily Says:

    firereign–Thanks for all the inside info!!

    Mystique–I tried to post a comment with lots of links to Taylor “tongue” pictures, but it keeps saying “awaiting moderation.” Sorry.

    Marianne–Thanks. Here’s today’s:

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #7–I LOVE his hair.

    Spiky or messy or actually combed–doesn’t matter. My very favorite was the mid-length “faux hawk” of the New Moon/Eclipse/BD era. It looks like it would just call to you to run your hands through it. I want to grab it like Kristen did in NM in Bella’s room when she says, “I hate what they’ve done to you.” I can’t imagine it longer, but I’m sure he could pull that look off too.

  36. firereign Says:

  37. firereign Says:

  38. Emily Says:

    firereign–I can’t tell what he’s sitting in in the first one, but GOOD GOD!!!! O.O

  39. firereign Says:

    a bath tub

  40. joanie Says:

    OMG firereign you trying to give me a heart attack?

  41. Emily Says:

    If only it were real!!!! I definitely wouldn’t mind a photo shoot like THAT!!

  42. chanda w. Says:

    Tay lookin’ all kinds of good. I luv the first pic…sexy.

  43. Emily Says:

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #6–I love his dimples (chin and cheek) and his jawline (when he clenches it too). I don’t think I really need to elaborate on why.
    #6, part B–His many varied facial expressions and the different ways they make you feel–smiling and laughing faces make you feel happy, serious, smoldery ones make you have goosebumps, and his really mad faces (which we’ve only really seen when he’s playing a character, not in real life) make you (or at least me) feel and think things you shouldn’t or think things you feel a little guilty about. . .

    Top 5 starting tomorrow!!!

  44. kia Says:

    Emily- Ugh his bone structure is ridiculous ,its insane! His facial expressions in all the twilight film is just ahhh. Favorite when he was carrying Bell and the look he gave her after saying ‘I make you nervous” . It was almost saying “I can do things to you that Eddie can’t do” DEAD!!!!!!! mind in the gutter……..

  45. Marianne Says:

    Emily…When Taylor was filming in Pittsburgh there were girls that were trying to find him to put their finger in his chin dimple!

    kia…Oh I loved his look during the “I make you nervous” scene. You make us nervous in all kinds of ways Mr. Lautner.

  46. Lilome Says:

    Geez I hate my new job- no time for you lovely people….. starting to feel like Shazam! Anyway, here’s to hoping Tracers starts filming soon. I’m dying for him to get busy. Apparently he played basketball yesterday with Patrick and friends. Anybody seen pics?

  47. firereign Says:

    @Lilome usually the only pics you see are candids of him with fans – those are their pics to use as they want. when he appears at public places/events then he is open to the paps (but if he prefers privacy, there are ways to circumvent walking through the main gates/front door most of the time). people have been quite good about giving him space since it has been evident he wants/needs his personal time vs his celeb spotlight. the fact he is frequently in the company of another spotlight getter who prefers to downplay it at this time (Pat Shriver (Schwartzenegger) helps (Pat’s family does have clout). much of the time they work out together & play pickup games (usually football & basketball) with friends on or around the USC campus. Concerning his professional aspirations, that is something I’m certain that has been discussed with both advisors & family and take in both his personal & professional needs (from what we know about him, we can be safe in believing that in most cases personal trumps professional. So on that subject all we can do is wait . It is amazing how patient and supportive his core fans have remained during this time.

  48. chanda w. Says:

    @firereign, Thanks for all the good info. Tay does have a luvin’ and loyal following on this board and twitter. I want to see him on the big screen too, but he is doing the wise thing, by taking a break from Hollyweird and the paps. He has been nonstop since Twilight began……..and even before then. I hope he is having fun with good friends, and good food and lots of good lovin’…lol!
    I also think it is cool Tay is cool with Adam Sandler. Sandler seems like someone who is sincere and knows a lot of the good and bad of the business. He (Sandler) is loyal to his circle of friends…. and I think Tay is now in that group. Glad that Tay and Patrick are so close , they seem to compliment each other. Luv my Tay!

  49. Lilome Says:

    Firereign : we are definitely patient and supportive. Forged in fire is probably more accurate. We had to withstand Taylor bashing since Eclipse came out. The Team Edward / Team Jacob promo made have upped sales but it was terrible for Jacob fans, and thus terrible for Taylor’s fans. We’ve seen/heard all of the slams (can’t act, looks like a llama, abs are cgi, gay, too short, third wheel, etc) until we wanted to scream for ourselves and cry for him being subjected to such hatred. Amazingly he handles it with grace and tact. As his fans, at least those of us here, we try to emulate his actions. Doesn’t always happen, and sometimes we have a rant or two, but we try to stay positive.
    And honestly, except for the cars, he seems to be very grounded and lives very simply. Good for him. He surely has enough money stashed to sustain his lifestyle for a few years if he chooses. I hope he just pops out once in a while to let us know he is healthy

  50. Lilome Says:

    And happy. We’ll be waiting.

  51. Lilome Says:

    Sorry- Taylor – bashing started with New Moon.

  52. lucy Says:

    Anyone else noticed that Taylor’s photo on IMDb is gone?!? :-/

  53. Emily Says:

    lucy–I am choosing to believe that there is no photo b/c his people are going to send in a new, updated one along with the announcement of several new projects–fingers crossed. There were listings for upcoming projects which listed “Tracers” and an unnamed project with Gus Van Sant and an unnamed project with Michael Bay–hadn’t heard about that one, if it really exists.

    Marianne–I’d love to put my finger in his chin dimple too!! You and kia are right about the look he gives right after the “I make you nervous” line. My heart still flutters EVERY time and I always have to run it back and play it several times. My 2 other favorite face moments are in Eclipse when he’s looking at Bella right after he gives her the wolf bracelet–it just radiates love and a promise of more to come (if she wasn’t so utterly and completely stupid) and in New Moon, right after she says “You’re sort of beautiful.” He looks serious, then his eyes look amused, then he smiles, all in a matter of a couple of seconds–my heart melts EVERY time. I have to pause it there too.

    I saw on one of my daily tumblr sites that the Yankees hat he has been seen wearing in the last few candids was actually given to him by a fan last year when he was on Regis and Kelly. It has his name embroidered on the side. How sweet that he would wear something from a fan!!

  54. Emily Says:

    Shoot–I forgot my countdown item!!! We’re down to the last 5–it was kind of hard to decide on the order of their rank. I’ve gone back and forth several times.

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #5–I love, admire, and appreciate (and envy) his skin.

    His perfectly tan, perfectly smooth (at least when he’s man-scaped onscreen), perfectly healthy and hydrated-looking, perfectly blemish-free, perfectly untainted with horrible tattoos, perfectly beautiful skin. I know sometimes that movie/tv makeup helps, but I’d say most of it is just naturally him and the healthy way he lives and the kick-a@# genes he apparently has. And I’m not just talking about when he has his shirt off. It looks great everywhere–face, neck, arms, ughhh—so not fair!!

  55. Marianne Says:

    Emily…His skin is gorgeous! I remember a guy from a band I didn’t recognize tweeted from TS LA concert that he saw TL at the concert and that his skin was flawless. Interesting comment from another guy. There’s another moment I like from Eclipse when he kisses Bella against her will and he pulls back with a look of satisfaction on his face. It was like “surely she will change her mind now.” Bella is such a blockhead.

  56. firereign Says:

    Reminder: IMDB is not the best source for info. IMDB pro member – you can add, delete, change to your heart’s content – by claiming you have the authority to do so

  57. chanda w. Says:

    I think Tay is getting ready to make some announcement about new movie project……there is an article on celebuzz about him ….being a power player under 30…….and Tracers is listed as an upcoming project. I am glad that his IMDb photo is blank….that means a new one is coming up………..with more info on my husband. There was also some talk about him being in the new Star Wars project………..I’m sure we wouldn’t hear such buzz unless something is abou to come through. @Lilome, as I said before some Twilight fans seem a pill away from being in a mental home….the nonsense unleashed on Tay was confusing since, he is a big part of the franchise , these same fans seem to love, but it boils down to jealousy and maybe some …racism. For awhile Tay was embraced by the public more than , RP and KS. Critics were banking on him to have a bigger career than the other two romantic leads…which is still gonna happen……….he has the looks and personality…and a lot of wisdom. So some may have resented that ….the Indian werewolf …was outshining the others. Tay’s features are dark and exotic………I know he’s classified as white………but he could kinda pass for a couple of other races. Some might have had an issue with that………… any case………….Tay’s fans luv him dearly and it seems some cool things are in store for this cutie.

  58. lucy Says:

    btw, his new photo is from a photoshoot like 10 years ago..
    I’m done with IMDb..

  59. Drew Says:

    @Chanda, sorry but no- love Taylor- but he is not gonna have a bigger career than Kristen and Rob. Kristen has and probably will always have the biggest career of the 3 of them. The fact that Taylor’s only projects as of now are a small part in an Adam Sandler movie and another (likely misguided) action movie speaks volumes. Taylor’s in awkward phase in his career where he isn’t a teenager anymore but no one would take him seriously as an adult either. Looking into TV probably wouln’t be a bad move.

  60. firereign Says:

    OK – IMDB straightened out – we have a Taylor looking his current age pic

  61. firereign Says:

    I must again give you & in particular this site a “thumbs up”. You the”loyal” upbeat Taylor fans haven’t gone unnoticed – take a bow – you’ve maintained his relevancy (even during the drought you’ve continued to support him in the most positive manner)- You aren’t intimidated by the stage left bashers & you counter them with energy & intelligence, and humor (which I find absolutely “awesome”) – and I say this in the most complimentary way, you demonstrate his appeal is geared more to the adult demographic .

  62. firereign Says:

    What do Burt Reynolds (actor), Jennifer Anniston (actress), Sheryl Crow (singer) and Taylor Lautner have in common?

  63. Lilly Says:

    “his appeal is geared more to the adult demographic ” Yes! Some people say that only the teenagers like him and it’s so wrong! I’m a lot older than him and I guess the majority of his loyal fans are older too.

    @firereign: about your question…I have no idea :)

  64. kia Says:

    Firereign- They all have the same birthday?

  65. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I like that part in Eclipse, too.

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #4–I love his eyes.

    Before him, I had always favored blue eyes and dark hair. But. . .as with everything about him, I have come to love his gorgeous brown eyes. Depending on the light, the color looks different. Sometimes they look really dark brown and sometimes they seem lighter. Either way, I like them, and his long lashes. My favorite thing about them, though, is that they always have this little sparkle and light, like he’s thinking of something amusing or mischievous.

  66. Emily Says:


    Gifs from the DOGBOWL SCENE IN BD1!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know where this came from, but if it isn’t on the deleted scenes of Part 2, I am seriously going to storm the Scummit/Lionsgate offices with a flaming torch!!

  67. Marianne Says:

    AAAAAGGGGGHHHH…the DOGBOWL SCENE…GRRRR…this should have been in the movie…up on the big screen!!!! I just want to punch somebody at Scummit. Thank you Emily for the link.

  68. kia Says:

  69. kia Says:

    I guess that link don’t work.

  70. kia Says:


  71. Emily Says:

    Here is a link to the whole scene I just found!!!

  72. kia Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess Nikki was right! He is indeed Sexy in this scene!! BIG F_U to Scummit for not putting this in the movie!

  73. Mystique Says:

    I’m glad to hear of Taylor hanging out and doing things with other fellow young celebs in the business. I think Pat S. must be a real cool guy. :)

    @Firereign—OMG…. *thud* I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw that drawing of Taylor in the bathtub. WOW!! O_O He needs a REAL photoshoot like that pronto! I LOVE seeing him all wet! lol *giggle*

    @Emily—Oh man, can I just say again how much I’m just LOVING your list countdown? Omg…. I get giddy everytime I read a new item! ^_^ I can’t even imagine what #1 will be!! I love his naturally tan skin too lol

    @Marianne—And YES, Taylor’s skin IS flawless. When I saw him in person he didn’t even look REAL! I thought part of it was just maybe TV makeup (he had just done an interview), but now that you say that another GUY who saw him in person attested to the same thing, then it MUST be true! HE just has naturally gorgeous skin! ^_^

    Hallelujah they have FINALLY Changed our Taylor’s pic. YESSS! I’ve been complaining about it for so LONG! lol! He finally looks his current age now. :)

    @Chanda—I sure hope you’re right about there being a new “announcement” perhaps coming soon! I just LOVE hearing new news about our guy. :) I hope he has a new project announcing soon. And WOW…STAR WARS?? OMG I would totally flip OUT if he were cast as ANYBODY in the new Star Wars film coming up. Not only would that give him a LOT more noticeability (is that even a word?? lol) but I also like the Star Wars franchise.

    @Firereign—Yes I agree. I love the “loyal” Taylor fans on this site. :) You ladies are awesome! =) I didn’t even know that there were some “haters” that called themselves so-called “Twlight” or even “Team Jacob” fans. WOW… very interesting! That’s so weird to me! How can you call yourself a fan of someone and yet criticize every thing they do? We know nobody is perfect, but that’s no reason to get upset at the person if you’re a so-called “fan”. There are so many other WORSE things to be upset about in this world these days. :-/

    @Emily–OMG The Dog Bowl scene!! That was too funny! Lol… They should never have taken it out! Did I sense some sexual tension there in that scene? lol.. Jacob & Rosalie should have gotten together lol..

  74. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    Big Thanks for that link! That is too funny. It really should have been included in the movie…would have made it all worth while. Just to see the guys giggling over their antics and Esme trying to keep a straight face and maintain the peace. Jake’s snarky little grin was just theicing! J♥

  75. firereign Says:

    How much is this scene worth to you???? wanna another copy of BD1

    Approx 8 min footage that Bill Condon chose as deleted fan favorites, including
    “you got food in my hair” dog bowl scene
    On BD-Part 1 (not 2) extended edition DVD/Blueray (REPEAT Part 1 not 2)
    Available March 2

  76. Emily Says:

    firereign–Are you serious???? Scummit/Lionsgate is truly evil!! If that is the only way I can get it, I’m sure I’ll probably buy it, but it completely infuriates me that I have to buy a whole different copy of stupid part 1, in addition to the cost of part 2, which I must have for the strip scene.

    Ok, I’m gathering the wood for my flaming torches. Anyone want to join me??

    Mystique–Good to hear from you again. Glad you’re enjoying the countdown. Agree with you about the bathtub picture. I said a couple of expletives b/c I was caught off-guard the first time I clicked on the link. Will definitely be printing that one when I get a new color cartridge.
    Taylor + water = always a winning combination!!

    tdl_Jeanne–I agree with you–his grin at the end of that scene was just priceless. Did anyone else like the way he ate that hot dog??? Goodness, the things I notice disturb me sometimes!! :)

  77. firereign Says:

    @Emily Yup, I’m serious. and that scene is less than 2 min @ the avg price of $20-$30 because it’s the super duper extended version dvd/blueray (maybe one of the big box stores will have a fire sale) –
    but of course along with that you will get the FULL, got that, the FULL Honeymoonie scene – that in itself is enough to gag a maggot – Shame on me, my favoritism is showing – of course – I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t a shameless Taylor cheerleader rah, rah, rah….
    hot dogs, bathtubs, dripping wet w/chest hair and dreamy eyes…..and with that good night to all and to all a goodnight

  78. Emily Says:

    “Enough to gag a maggot”– I love it! Will NOT be watching that part–of that I am completely certain. Is that 1 min. 58 second scene worth $20-30 to me?? Yeah, I think it probably is.

  79. firereign Says:

    @TDL_Jeanne I thought you created a new word “theicing” – sounded sorta dirty….then the grey cells clicked on ….. “the icing.”…..(butttercream or fudge)

  80. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique Thanks! I always hate when they don’t update his pictures to how he looks now. Haha. I mean he’s always has and always will look amazing, but its just the principal on keeping it updated. :)

    @Emily! I agreeeeee! Love his eyes! Can’t get enough of them, even though the silver screen, they just pull me in. Haha

    @Kia I’m with you 100% I don’t understand why Summit would cut that scene out, that was one of the main scene’s I was looking forward too. Bleh

    His birthday is in 2 days!!! Wonder what he has planned. I think we should all make a trip to celebrate Tay’s birthday with him. ;P

  81. annie Says:

    Just checked out comment 34 – very nice!!!

  82. Mystique Says:

    @Firereign—-omg are you serious? They are going to put the deleted scenes on yet ANOTHER edition of a BD1 DVD? Ugh…that’s just pure greed right there. Grrrrr! At this rate, you might as well just hold off for the BD1&BD2 Delux combo package, because you KNOW they are going to sell both movies as a combo since BD is really one book that was split into two separate movies.

    I agree with Nikki, Taylor was kinda sexy in that dog bowl scene lol. I think the sexiest part for me was when after he threw the food bowl at her, he gives this mischievous grin on his face! Omg that was so hottt!!! Lol…. Too bad that scene wasn’t longer. Like you mentioned @TDL_Jeanne, his smile at the end was “the icing” on the cake! Ha!

    @Emily–Lol……yea, I like the way he eats that hotdog too! Haha…he just devours it! So manly lol…..

  83. Emily Says:

    @Mystique–I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. I worry about myself sometimes, but, dang-it, EVERYTHING he does is just so . . .ugh!!!

    I’m going to be out and about for most of the day and busy tonight, so I’m going ahead and posting my item for today.

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #3– I LOVE his laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He actually has several different ones–a little giggle when he’s slightly amused, the rumbling chuckle like right before he says, “Age is just a number baby. . .” in NM, and the biggest “belly-laugh” when he thinks something is really funny. Most of you have probably seen this before, but in this interview, he does all of them (There are some really great smiles, too):

    I love the way he laughs, but also the fact that he laughs so much. He’s an inherently happy person. I think that is one thing that draws people to him. If he can make Kristen Stewart smile and laugh, then you know he has happiness to spare. Also, can you imagine how awful it would be if he couldn’t laugh at all the craziness that has gone on in his life the last few years?

  84. chanda w. Says:

    Damn , Taylor looks sexy as hell in that dog bowl scene…………….I still don’t get why it was taken out……….it would have given the movie a little more upbeat feel…….which it needed. And he had chemistry with Nikki…………maybe Scummit didn’t want to advertise that Tay has chemistry with all the ladies…….lol!! I thought this deleted scene would be on BD2 but , if it’s on BD1…………I’ll buy a new copy cause that is my baby………but Scummit should be ashamed and Bill Condon clearly had issues with featuring the wolf pack……………..they were MIA in BD2…..which makes no sense at all. He could have squeezed in screen time for them. Two more days and the cutie is 21. I ‘m gonna celebrate his birth by eating lunch at Olive Garden and getting some cookie dough ice cream……..later on.

  85. Mystique Says:

    @Emily—Awwww his laugh!!! Awwww….I love his laugh! :). You’re right, he DOES have multiple kinds of laughs.

    I just saw that interview and he is so funny! His laugh makes ME laugh lol. His personality is so magnetic, I don’t see how anyone can be in his presence and NOT like him. :). But…..maybe I’m a little biased lol. I also like the fact that he seems like a GENUINELY happy and good-natured guy too like you mentioned @Emily. He’s like a ray of sunshine lol.

    You know, it’s funny because I’ve had thoughts to like and have crushes on other hot young celebrity guys out here in the industry now, but anytime I go to watch their interviews or gather more info about them, I quickly lose interest because some of them either come across as: boring, dry, dull, slightly aloof, (or worse) a little on the stuck up side…OR, I hear reports of them in the media being rude to people, engaging in wild parties, doing drugs or just basically acting a fool, and I immediately get turned off! :-/. It’s almost as if it hits me and I then realize that those guys aren’t Taylor lol. :-( I instantly miss Taylor, because even if he’s not perfect, at the end of the day, he STILL manages to keep a laid back optimistic demeanor, and tends to treat everyone with respect and warmth. :). I really admire that about him, especially for a guy being so good looking and rich lol. Some guys can let all of that stuff go to their heads, but fortunately it appears as though he hasn’t let that happen to him…..not yet at least lol……and he seems pretty grounded.

    That just goes to show that looks aren’t everything! Taylor just has a certain “Je ne sais quoi” about him. ^_^.

  86. Lilome Says:

    It’s Taylor’s bday eve! Hurray! Wouldn’t his birthday be a grand way to have a big announcement? Ever the cock-eyed optimist …. Anyway, went to see “Hansel and Gretel- Witch Hunters” yesterday. Is it terrible of me if I giggled to myself when the troll said his name was “Ed-ward”? I’m just saying ….

  87. chanda w. Says:

    One more day to Tayday! I hope he has a blast on his birthday………….selfish, but hopefully more new pics for us…fans.

  88. annie Says:

    Taylor’s Birthday Weekend Begins

    Lucky Strike Bowling (“The Original) @ Hollywood & Highland

    Dinner @ a ‘AAA’ restaurant

    with who (these names are already out) Thor, Ashley, Kristen (others will probably surface later, pics maybe)

  89. joanie Says:

    @annie ashley tweeted a couple pics from last night at a bowling alley…”me & my boo @runroccorun. her boo was Thor and someone told me runroccorun is the twitter handle of someone named ben plascencia. no pics have surfaced of anyone else except a pic of Taylor with 2 gals supposedly outside the bowling alley…but he’s taken the hint from someone – wear the same clothes and no one will know when or where they were taken most of the time. (in this pic – a T and the usual yankee headgear – so this could have been from anytime in the last 2 weeks – I ‘m beginning to think he’s sleeping with bb cap on.

  90. firereign Says:

    Everybody likes to have a bit of fun..
    There’s also an Ashley instagram w/T;yler Blackburn (Caleb/PLL) gray T, black BB cap, stubble & a stache – who do you think he would look like from a distance,,check it out on her twitter if you can (AshBenzo)

  91. Emily Says:

    Here’s a link to the pics you were talking about joanie:

    My computer will translate that site from Italian to English–don’t know if everyone’s will.

  92. Marianne Says:

    Unless there is more than one Ella ‏@ellafraise on twitter, she is one of the girls that has been sending nasty tweets to Sara. She must have been stalking to get the pic. I’ve known some nasty girls but she and a few others that have tweeted Sara are in a class of their own.

    joanie…” I ‘m beginning to think he’s sleeping with bb cap on.” LOL

    Emily…can’t wait for your #1&2.

  93. Emily Says:

    Aw, I’m glad he got to do something he enjoys for his birthday.

    Lilome–I thought “Edward” was the name of ALL trolls!! ;)

    One more day until our sweetie is 21!!! I will feel even better about myself and my admiration when he reaches this milestone, b/c he’ll be “legal” in every sense of the word!!!

    “Top 21 Things I Love/Admire/Appreciate about Taylor Lautner”

    #2– I LOVE his smile.

    His smile makes me smile–every time. Actually, just like his laughs, he has lots of different smiles—the sweet one, the slightly amused one, the kind of cocky smirk, the one that’s really wide and lights up his whole face . . .I was going to find lots of links to all the different ones I could find, but that would have taken too long, and the last time I tried to put several links into one comment, it wouldn’t work.

    So, I’ll just add this one that has my favorite smile. . .I like to describe it this way: It usually happens when he gets out of a car at a big event, or comes onstage on a talk-show and the audience just goes crazy. It also occasionally happens onscreen, when he’s done something adorable, like in this link. He comes out a little serious, the screaming starts, the smile starts, he looks down, sometimes shakes his head, then he turns on the “mega-watt, light-up-the-world, we can see your dimple, I’m the happiest person smile.” It’s like he’s still humble enough to be a little embarrassed that people are making such a big deal over him, but then decides that having hundreds/thousands of women screaming for him as a young man is pretty freaking awesome.

    I hope he keeps smiling for a long, long time. #1 coming tomorrow!!

  94. kia Says:

    Emily- Not surprising ,his smile lights up the sun! Can’t wait for #1 tomorrow!

    It feels like new years all over again,every fan around the world has counted down to midnight in different timezones. Love it!!

    Marianne-You hit right on the nail! that person is a little to much stalkish. LOL

  95. firereign Says:

    You ladies catch on fast…good reason to have decoys on occassion

  96. Mystique Says:

    Omg I LOVE his smile too! His best feature IMO actually! :). It always makes me melt.

    Glad to see him out having fun with friends before his “big day” lol! Actually, I get the impression that this day will probably be just like any other in Taylor’s mind. Lol…. He doesn’t come across to me as a big huge party-goer. He parties, I’m sure, but I don’t think he goes overboard with it, because even when asked he usually doesn’t have much by way of huge elaborate plans.

    I’m excited for him and can’t wait for tomorrow! ^_^.

  97. Emily Says:

    20 minutes until the BIG DAY where I live!

    I wanted to post my #1 and birthday message right at midnight, but, alas, his birthday is not, as yet, a national holiday, so I must get to sleep so I can get up and go to work early tomorrow. I am planning on wearing baby blue for my own private tribute. I’m also going to try to use the words “amazing” and “passionate” a lot tomorrow. ;) I wish I could take off and have a
    Taylor-athon and spend the whole day watching every appearance and movie I have on tape.

    I also, for once, wish I did twitter, so I could be part of the world-wide “trending” topic. :(

  98. chanda w. Says:

    Happy Birthday to the hottest cutie on the plantet……..Mr. Taylor D. Lautner!! Luv, ya…Tay.

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