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Check out some behind scenes footage from “Breaking Dawn – Part II.” Make sure to purchase the DVD/Blu-ray on Saturday, March 2nd!

12 Responses to “Behind the Scenes of “Breaking Dawn – Part II” (Video)”

  1. Emily Says:

    Watching the first part makes me despise Melissa Rosenberg even more. One of her favorite parts of the book is when Bella beats Jacob up?? Really??? How typical.

    Well, it looks like, yet again, Taylor fans get shafted on how much he’s included in the BTS footage. Don’t blink too much or you’ll miss him.

    Bill Condon, on the other hand, just needs to become the president of Kristen Stewart’s most obsessive fan club and be done with it. His near-worship of her and everything she does borders on the ridiculous, in my humble opinion.

    I thought it was funny how he was saying that Kristen brings so much to Bella’s character and how alike they are. No wonder I can’t stand either one of them.

    There are a couple of really cute, but very short, moments with Taylor and Mackenzie.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Emily…Bella beating Jacob up is ridiculous for me since SM keeps telling us how beautiful imprinting is…not icky at all. The hardcore Twifans love Bill Condon because he focused BD1&2 on EB. I think that is why the last two films weren’t as well reviewed by critics because there is NOTHING to that shallow relationship.

    I remember Chris Weitz being asked if he had to pick a cast member to babysit his boy who would it be— his reply was Taylor or Anna Kendrick.

  3. kia Says:

    Emily,Marianne- I remember doing the LA press conference I notice there was alot of Kstew ass kissing from Bill and the producers and least with Taylor&Rob..

  4. accv Says:

    I’m in love with that girl. She’s absolutely precious. Yah, and too much ass-kissing for the KStew. It’s like rah rah rah… Kristen this, Kristen that. But luckily, Mackenzie was too adorable to notice Kristen much in the rest of the BTS footage. And I love how everyone else manages to say how funny Taylor is and he considers himself otherwise. ;)

  5. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Marianne, Kia, Accv—-Yeah, I noticed that there was a whole LOT of Kstew adoration in these clips. I was like geez…enough about Kristen already! :-/

    I saw some quick clips of Taylor but that was it. :( I haven’t seen BD1 or BD2, but I didn’t like how Bella basically beats Jacob up. Smh….. Poor Jake! He can’t help it if he imprinted on her daughter! :-/

    But one thing I DID notice however is how good of a stunt man Taylor is! He’s got a real skill if he knows how to fall down like that without getting hurt. :) He’s naturally gifted athletically……

    Btw, I just thought the clips of Taylor and Mackenzie were so cute!! Taylor would make a really great dad if he ever became a father one day. ^_^ I LOVE seeing guys w/kids….oh, and dogs…. lol. :)

  6. Emily Says:

    Mystique–You must watch BD1, if only for the dance between Jacob and the fool at her wedding and when he’s crying at the end. I think those 2 moments are some of the best bits of work Taylor has done to date. He’s so sweet and vulnerable and you just really want to hug him tight after it.

    Now, for BD2, I can only recommend it for 2 reasons–Taylor is seen holding a baby/little girl–preciousness overload, and for his glorious striptease in front of Charlie–hotness overload. :)

  7. chanda w. Says:

    I could understand the character of Bella getting angry at Jacob about imprinting on her……..because she is so young……..but if SM claims it is something beautiful………….they should have shown more of what would have happened in the future with Jacob and Nessie……… fans could see the whole picture. I had picked up on Bill Condon’s …….extreme fondness for KS……… showed in the movies……… of the best scenes in the book ….the dog bowl scene was left out because…………Bella wasn’t in on the joke….claimed Condon……….SM wrote the book…………she created Bella and yet, that scene was in her book……so why wasn’t it in the movie……..too much air time for Tay?? I liked BD2……..Tay was gorgeous and so funny, but the wolf pack was MIA……..and attention was focused on vamps…..noone cared about. Like I said Condon…..showed his focuse was truly on one person………and that should not have been the case. Still gonna jump to get my copy on the 2nd……….cause I luv me some Tay.

  8. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Awww…yea I heard that the wedding reception scene with Jacob and Bella was so heartbreaking. I also heard he did a good job in his crying scene at the end. Maybe I’ll have to check it out or watch it when it comes on tv or something lol. Idk……the whole premise for BD1 has always creeped me out lol! From the half vamp half human baby, to the imprinting, to the bloody birthing scene, it has just always given me the creeps lol. *shudder*. But maybe I’ll have to skip those parts lol.

    Chanda–So they didn’t really show much of the wolf pack in BD1? Mmmm….bummer

  9. Emily Says:

    Mystique–You really need to watch those parts, but feel free to skip all the rest. The only parts I have watched again involve Jacob. Haven’t felt the need to see any of the rest of it again since suffering through it in the theater.

    Regarding the wolf pack, they are in Part 1, but evil Melissa Rosenberg and KStew worshipper Bill Condon decided to completely rewrite the book and have this big fight scene between the “Dullens” and the pack that never happened and never would have happened. I hated how they made the pack look so vicious and awful.

    It’s BD2 where they are completely MIA. You see Sam for a second and I think he may have one line and you only see the backs of Leah and Seth’s heads for a minute at Charlie’s house and >8/ I really missed them.

  10. kia Says:

    Emily-I hate that the Wolfpack don’t get much credit as the Dullens. But the fact that Melissa&Bill made them as villians in BD1 just angers me.

  11. Jenle Says:

    When I watch the Bella hitting Jacob part…I usually twist my mind to thinking that Bella is just jealous that Jacob imprinted and no longer wants her. That is why she gets so mad in my mind…otherwise, I couldn’t take it.

  12. Emily Says:

    Good thinking, Jenle. I’ll try to remember that the next time. Bella is just that selfish–it could be true.