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Taylor Lautner has been nominated for Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards for his performance in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2.’ Make sure to vote for him below:


22 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Nominated for MTV Movie Award!”

  1. Olivia Says:

    This category is ridiculous. I mean, obviously Taylor needs to win because no-one looks better without a shirt than him but still… ridiculous.

    They’ll probably force him to show up because he’ll win.. can’t wait to hear that acceptance speech.. ‘Yeah I know I’m hot, thanks guys’.

    Kinda cool this is the last one and the only thing that gets nominated is Taylor’s shirtlessness. The only thing that Twilight will be remembered for… Taylor Lautner’s hotness.

    I wonder if they’ll do a ‘Best Kiss’ thing and make him take his shirt off on stage. I hope not.. my poor baby.. that would be painful.

  2. Mystique Says:

    Olivia—-How ironic huh?? How is it that Taylor ends up being the most memorable from the whole Twilight franchise?? Heeheee!!! TEAM Jacob fans have been knowing that for years! lol! ^_^

    Oh gosh…I hope they DON’T make him take off his shirt on stage lol! Something tells me Taylor would be way too embarrassed to do that lol. He has never done it or even “faked” doing that for TV show talk show interviews….although he’s been asked quite a few times lol! :)

    Taylor should win :) Who is he even up against this year? Is this a new category? I mean, seriously?? Or is this something they’ve always had on the MTV Movie Awards??

  3. marianne Says:

    Mystique…He is up against Christian Bale- The Dark Knight Rises
    Daniel Craig-Skyfall
    Seth MacFarlane-Ted
    Channing Tatum-Magic Mike
    I’d rather Taylor be filming something and Ted win.

  4. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Wow! That’s a pretty impressive collection of shirtless guys!! Lol :) All of which, I thoroughly enjoyed lol.

    But yea I agree…..I’d rather Daniel Craig, or Channing Tatum win, and Taylor can just go there in peace and let that franchise die a slow death lol. I really think he wants to be considered a more serious actor, and its kinda hard to do if all critics remember you as is the hot guy with the abs.

  5. kia Says:

    Maybe MTV will give the Twi-Cast a tribute or some kind of special award.

  6. chanda w. Says:

    The timing of this is suspect. After all these years ….now they want to add a shirtless category. Tay has clearly stated that he wants to move on from that….so why would they nominate him for something he no longer wants to be associated with. Like I said before I don’t trust MTV’s motives when it pertains to Tay.
    If they truly want to show appreciation for his abs………which is fine by me………why not just give him an honorary award…………and leave the competition between the others. That would make more sense.

  7. annie Says:

    @chanda there is no room for appreciation – they don’t care what you did for them in the past., it’s what are you going to do for me today! These shows are all about getting sponsors to sign on which will be dependent on how large an audience they can draw (tv viewership), If they don’t draw a large enough audience, they lose their sponsorship because not enough people will see the commercials. The Twilight cast made their ratings high and in return Twilight promoted their movies . But Twilight is done – they have nothing more to promote – so the studios aren’t involved. This would have been done on an individual basis. They realize they are going to lose a good chunk of their audience – so their hope was to get the trio to be involved somehow. R & P have new projects but everyone knew they were through with Twilight. & they have other baggage. So that left Taylor, now he seems to be leading us up to some type of announcement, this keeps him in the eyes of the fans and MTV will get a bump in their ratings and he does have GU2; so I’m saying he will show up in some capacity , in a skit or as a presenter and if he doesn’t want to go through the shirtless deal – he will lose – but would anybody be upset over that -NO. we just want to see him. Everyone involved has something to promote – the winners – the presenters – and MTV. MTV promotes itself and gets revenue from the commercials, the participants are pimping their movie, or song, or tv show. These shows are basically a fun thing – does getting a golden popcorn really mean a whole lot…NO…unless your 10…it’s just entertainment.

  8. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-Hmmmm….interesting Chanda. I never knew MTV to have this reputation before when it came to Taylor. I guess I just never really paid attention to it much! But you’re right, they HAVE had some pretty weird things happen before on the show, and they like to pick on him a lot. Last year though, I thought it was pretty decent. The whole cast came on stage, and Taylor got to say quite a bit of “thank you’s” on stage.

    But I will pay closer attention this year!

    I’ll just be glad to see him at an award’s show again! Although I wish it weren’t MTV (MTV likes to push the envelope a little TOO much for MY personal taste), I would like if they would show some scenes from GU2 or something like that lol.

    Annie—-You know what, I think you’re right. MTV knows they’re losing a HUGE chunk of their viewers due to the end of Twilight, and so far….another franchise/movie hasn’t really taken its place yet. So…… Idk…it just looks like a desperate attempt from MTV to get viewers…that’s why they added this “new category”. Lol… Silly Rabbits!! ROTFL!! :D

  9. Emily Says:

    chanda– I agree with you about not trusting MTV where Taylor is concerned. They used the heck out of him when Twilight was huge–the skit he and Rob did with Tom Cruise, and Taylor opening the show the next year with Jason Sudeikis (sp?). The Rob kiss was it for me. It looked like R & K were in on the joke, but I didn’t find it one bit funny. Like Taylor needed any more ammunition for the “he’s gay” idiots—and why, by the way, do they not jump on Rob?? He initiated it and acts much more feminine to me–whatever. Then, last year, they ask him to do the interview with Josh Horowitz and then completely ignore him, cut him out of nearly every camera shot, then give him that smart-a$# t-shirt at the end.

    Mystique– I agree that MTV pushes the envelope too much, and this year, with Rebel Wilson hosting, I’m sure it will go even farther. It’s like nothing is sacred anymore and the ONLY reason I will be watching is to maybe catch a glimpse of Taylor. I am pretty much 100% sure he won’t be disrobing, whether he wins or loses the award. I think it’s a cheap tactic for ratings, b/c they know nobody really cares anymore and the biggest chunk of their audience will probably be boycotting the show b/c the “perfect couple” was ignored.

  10. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Lol, I actually thought that the “Rob kiss” was pretty funny lol. It just seemed silly… an amusing prank among friends. But yea you’re right though, the gay rumors that ensued from that “kiss” prank just ignited all over online. I don’t get it either! Rob was the one who kissed HIM!! Not only that, but ROB is the one always talking about Taylor’s bum, or his nipples lol…. Yet Taylor’s the one who gets the gay rumors?? Like seriously? O_o Rob has had his fair share of gay rumors too, but not as much as Taylor. I think some ppl just want him gay lol…..I mean, he IS irresistible and all lol.

    Anyway, I think he took the prank in good stride. I don’t even think it phased him much at all really. I didn’t see the interview with Josh…..what year was that? Maybe I missed the show that year or smthg. What happened? What was the deal with the t-shirt?

    I’m just watching for Taylor…..I cant stand MTV anymore these days. They just go too far! From the VMA’s to the reality ahows…’s just too much! :-/

    Anyway, I’ll probably be posting my thoughts here during the show lol. :)

  11. Emily Says:

    Mystique–You’re right–I don’t think Taylor was really phased by the prank, it just made ME mad! :) The interview with Josh was last year for BD1. It was just the three of them. Taylor was virtually ignored during the whole thing. Josh gave all three of them t-shirts. K and R’s were like “bride” and “groom,” I think. I don’t even remember now what Taylor’s said–I just remember that it annoyed me—I’d have to look it up on youtube–I will when I have more time and I’ll add a link.

  12. kia Says:

    Emily- I think he said “I only got a Lousy T-Shirt” Ugh I was so annoyed too! Josh is a douche and a A@# kisser to RK. That’s why I like Shawn Robinson& Ben Lyons better.

    Mystique- I’ll watch it just to see a glimpse of him. Maybe he’ll will present award (Hopefully to RDJ) I like Rebel Wilson ,she’s hilarious. If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect,then you should,its really good.

  13. *Vickey* Says:

    Kia- I agree! Pitch Perfect was amazing! :D And Reble Wilson is hilariously adorable! ^.^ And I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice Twilight Tribute at the MTV Movie Awards this year. Does anyone know who’s hosting?

    Marianne- And I would like to see Daniel Craig win if Taylor was off filming I mean I know we all love Taylor shirtfull and shirtless :P, but I think he deserves a better award than that. I mean I’m fine with him winning, but I just think he’s above that. So glad Twilight gave him the boost he needed, but understand as of late he’s been trying to free himself from it in order to pull in a bigger fanbase. :) And yeah MTV is really odd about things and that interview with Josh… ehhhhh. He’s a jerk. LOL. IDK.

    Speaking of the whole shirtless thing, I’m on a TV show at my college as an extracurricular right? And we did a movie review on Abduction I was so excited and what not and the guys ripped it to shreds and they kept saying all these horrible things about Taylor simply because of his past shirtless scenes in the Twilight Saga. I was like: -_- Really guys? Really? *pssh they’re jealous* :P

  14. firereign Says:

    For the ones who like “baby blue”

    google Lauties Indonesia on Twitter
    click on their twitter and you will find a tweet that will take you to their FB page & a picture of Taylor at the Sony Studio basketball court (fan pic) yesterday (03/07/13)

  15. marianne Says:

    firereign….Thank you for the link to the pic. Taylor enjoying his sports is a win.

    I don’t know how many saw Kristen’s interview in EW but it’s about her 5 favorite scenes from Twilight. “Stew, who recently signed on to star in The Big Shoe, says she’s been spending time with a certain Twilight costar. No, not that one–Taylor Lautner. It’s been so long since we’ve been in LA at the same time. I’ve been seeing a lot of that young lout.” (I’m surprised she didn’t call him a swear word since she’s given him the finger during promos) Of course, she lists the one last dance with Jacob as her #5 moment. After her appearance with him at the Marcus Foster concert, I think she is rebuilding her reputation on his good one. I learned from a Twi site that Kristen’s “funk bunch” (Kia- love that term) tweeted where they were. So now, TL becomes a famewhore too. Ugh. I’m going to stop because I feel a nasty rant coming on.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    Point taken @annie, your explanation makes sense…..guess I can get carried away where Tay is Emily………I so think RP goes both ways. He ran off the stage from his girl…to kiss another guy………he is always telling gay jokes and making advances towards Taylor. At first I thought it was just a joke too…….then I thought he was trying to “out” Taylor (why would a friend do that?)
    Now I believe RP is trying to “out” himself. Tay is the one bombarded with the rumors………..yet, unlike RP he’s never had a love scene onscreen with another dude………..anyway I don’t think the jokes………are really jokes………truth comes out eventually. And Horowitz………, but I was prepared for Tay to be totally left out…… the interview was actually better than I thought. It does seem like Tay is about to announce something soon……….hopefully it will be the date of when he starts filming Tracers or that he is starting another new project…………whatever the cutie does….I’ll be watching.

  17. joanie Says:

    @marianne wouldn’t be surprised that’s what happened. I wondered why Troubadour security didn’t block off the the alley in back (they’re used to having a lot of celebs). Plus I remember them saying how it was a last minute call from Kristen to Taylor to come to the Joan Jett movie premier – won’t go into why; there at least his team came with him, but here not a single Taylor person, probably would have kicked his butt around the block, I’m guessing he did this on his own because Taylor I think has a hard time saying “no”.
    Playing basketball – he looks happy – wonder who the gentleman is that he’s talking to. (glad firereign gave us a how to) tried to look at the pic here and all I god was a commercial.

  18. joanie Says:

    sorry “god” should be a “t”, the word is got

  19. annie Says:

    Love the “baby blue’

    TIME to really put twilight to bed. I’m tired of all the drama. and now they’ve sucked Taylor into it. ugh!! I will concede, they’re close friends, she had a major part in him not being replaced, and I think she may be close to a crisis & really needs some professional help. Hope she gets it. All this stuff really points out how much “celeb relationships” are not the best way to go, especially when you’re so young. The Rob/Kristen deal always seemed weird to me, Peter F dumping his by all I’ve heard great wife, Michael Welch’s divorce, the Selena/Bieb scene, now Miley/Liam are dunzo I heard. I try to keep my perspective by focusing on Taylor and not get too involved with his personal life (he has a lot of time to meet & make the right decision on a mate). my advice to him is “there’s plenty of time brother, take it” – but it is his life and his decision. but Taylor, love, don’t get too invested in other peoples problems it will solve nothing and only cause you heart ache – I speak from experience. You’ve tried now it’s time for the professionals.

  20. Mystique Says:

    Kia—–I guess we’ll be watching the MTV Movie Awards together then lol! ^_^ I’m only watching for Taylor really. It would be cool to see him present an award to RDJ. I love him lol.

    *Vickey*—-Yes, sad to say, but those college guys are jealous. It happens ALL the time. :-/ Whether you’re talking about boy bands, or ANY other hot young male actor, guys ALWAYS find a way to put them down. It happens to the best of them. It’s just Taylor’s turn right now unfortunately. I think that the “hate” goes away when the guy gets a little older or gets more of a MALE fan-base instead of a female fan-base.

    Guys…so insecure lol.

    Hey, Taylor can’t help it if he’s great. Let Taylor be great! lol :-)

  21. firereign Says:


    this was an instagram posted @littlecrysttal – she says it was sent to her by her mom.
    she says the man Taylor is talking to is her uncle & it was probably at Sony Studio because that is where her uncle works.

  22. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique True, that is so very true. They are insecure. :P Lol, but yes when he gets older some of those will eventually let go and embrace the greatness of Taylor Lautner. Lol.