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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner on the set of ‘Grown Ups 2.’

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98 Responses to “More Photos: Taylor Lautner on Set of ‘Grown Ups 2′”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Not so patiently waiting on a trailer for this. Not a huge Sandler fan but I’ll tolerate him for a glimpse of Taylor. And that’s saying alot. Believe me

  2. chanda w. Says:

    I watched some of Grown Ups and it had a lot of funny moments, I just couldn’t get into it, but I’ll be into Grown Ups 2. Seeing Tay taking fan pics is so cool. Down to earth.
    Sandler’s movies used to be funny, then he started just throwing crap together, but with Grown Ups and now the sequel, I think he’s just trying to make people really laugh. He’s actually a decent actor ….he was really good in Spanglish. Goodness Tay’s smile is everything.

  3. Lilome Says:

    Dearest Taylor, thanks to you I am failing miserably at my lenten sacrifice. How can I possibly give up impure thoughts when pictures of you keep finding their way into my life? I’ll try something easier next year- like breathing.

  4. marianne Says:

    Does he ever take a bad picture? His smile always makes my day.

    chanda w….. Sometimes I think Adam Sandler churns out some of his less than funny movies just to keep his friends employed. I agree– he did a good job in Spanglish. Maybe marriage and parenthood have taken a toll on his creativity….LOL.

  5. kia Says:

    He so sweet.never turned fan away for a picture.

    Lilome- You can do it,Its hard but YOU CAN DO IT!!

  6. Mystique Says:

    Awwwww!! He’s so sweet! :) He’s so good to the fans…I really like that. :)

    His smile is so sexy.

  7. Mystique Says:

    Okay…..I’m about to walk into the theater now. I’ll let you guys know if they play the GUP2 trailer before the Burt Wonderstone movie!! *crosses fingers*

  8. *Vickey* Says:

    @Marianne Right! I think its physically impossible for Taylor to take a bad picture! Hahaha! :D

    Yeah I don’t dislike Adam Sandler, but he’s not one of my favorites, but I just need to see the GUP2 trailer.

    @Mystique Let us know if its before the BW movie! ^.^

  9. Mystique Says:


    Hey all!!
    I JUST CAME BACK FROM THE BURT WONDERSTONE MOVIE…..and they did NOT show the GUP2 Trailer.. :-/. Bummer….. :-(. I was looking forward to possibly seeing it too. :-/

    *sigh*. The only trailers they showed at MY theater were for: “The Host”, “The Big Wedding” with Diane Keaton, “Kick-A** 2″, “Monsters University”, “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock, “The Hangover 3″, some movie/concert behind the scenes film about the group One Direction, and “The Great Gatsby”.

    I kept hoping that each next preview would be GUP2, but alas….they didn’t show it. :-(. Maybe they’re showing it before the Burt movie in SOME people’s theaters, but it wasn’t shown in mine.

    Also, I noticed that GUP2 comes out in July, and that’s still pretty ways away….so I think we’re probably going to see the trailer online first in the next month or so, before we see it in theaters…that’s just my guess lol.

  10. kia Says:

    Mystique- aw Maybe the trailer will be out next week. So how was the movie? is it any good?

  11. Emily Says:

    Thanks, anyway, Mystique. . . I was actually looking forward to a glimpse myself. Too bad. :(

  12. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I read some bad reviews for BW. How did you like it? Sorry no TL this eve.

  13. Nicole Says:

    Yeah I read earlier on a few reviews that the GU2 rumor was false. Sucks, typically trailers for new releases come
    out at least 90 days before the release and teasers way before then. I don’t know what the hold up is, my guess is maybe they’re waiting for spring break. I dunno

  14. Mystique Says:

    Yea….I was kinda bummed out. :-/. But oh well, I get th feeling the trailer will be coming out online soon though!! ^_^.

    Kia, Marianne—The BW movie wasn’t too bad. Honestly, my sister and I just went cuz we’ve been in need of a GOOD laugh lately lol. I’m a Steve Carrel and Jim Carrey fan, but if you’re not really a fan of them, then you might not be all that impressed with this movie.

    I don’t think it was as bad as some critics were making it out to be, but at the same time I think I expected it to be a little funnier. Don’t get me wrong, there were some moments where I was laughing out loud, but it didn’t have me crying laughing the entire movie or anything lol. Actually, I found Steve’s character to be not as likeable as I expected, at least…not in the beginning. He was funny, but I’m sorry….Jim Carrey basically stole the show lol!!

    So yea…overall I’d say it’s basically rentable unless you’re a huge fan of either actor haha.

  15. Mystique Says:

    Also….I forgot to add…
    Nicole—Based on your criteria for movie trailers, I’d say that we could probably expect the new GUP2 trailer anytime between next week, and early April. I won’t start getting worried unless I haven’t seen a trailer online by the 3rd week in April.

    By my “calculations” (lol), it’s actually right on target since it’s not like it’s a huge super hero/blockbuster film coming out. Sometimes THOSE films have a teaser trailer almost a year in advance!! O_o. I know “Man of Steel” certainly did!

  16. annie Says:

    Soap Opera intrigue: I hear RP is bacckkkkkkk in LA.

    So now the peeping begins …. will he or won’t he call/see HER…then again what IF he
    sees Taylor at a bowling alley first????? Oh what a tizzy that would cause….can you imagine what kinds of stories HL could invent with that one….

    Tomorrow “waxy” Taylor is unveiled in Berlin….what will he be wearing??? maybe a flannel shirt over a t-shirt /jeans & a bb cap (hope not, don’t cover up that perky hair)

  17. marianne Says:

    annie….What I find interesting is that RP managed to get in and out of the airport in Aus. and land in LA with no pics. ( No one’s cell phone seems to work.) And of course, the tweets about Robsten and their epic reunion makes me gag. They need meds!!

    I wouldn’t mind “waxy” Taylor having long hair.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Annie, Marianne—-lol @ the “epic reunion”. I don’t get it….why are fans acting like they’ve never been apart filming before?? O_o. I just don’t understand.

    If I hear anything else about their “mush-fest”, I think I’m gonna hurl lol. It’s like so what? Are people speculating that they will break up or something?

    Anyway……whatever it is, call me selfish or whatever, but I’m actually glad that Rob is back in town. Maybe now Kristen can spend more time with him lol. I know that’s wrong, but….whatever. I just want all of the speculation to go away. Are they? Are they not?? I mean honestly, the ONLY ppl who really know what’s going on are Rob and Kristen. I just wish SOMETHING would happen so that it can put the Robsten gossip and fans to rest once and for all! Grrr…..

    Re:Wax figure….
    I can’t wait to see what they unveil also!! :). I’ll be VERY surprised if his wax figure is shirtless….lol. Something tells me they would have capitalized on that when the Twi franchise was big, and thus far, I have YET to see a shirtless wax figure of him lol.

    It would be cool if they put him in some down clothes for a change…they always make him look like he’s on the red carpet lol. But, I guess that’s the point lol….you’re supposed to put yourself there I guess lol.

  19. annie Says:

    NOT shirtless – – it’s a waxy replica of Taylor Lautner not Jacob – I want plaid shirt but they could put him a hoodie isn’t that what he wore all the time when he was 16/17 (ala pretty little liars – maybe he’s “A”) or rolled up sleeves and a vest

  20. chanda w. Says:

    I’m so happy for Tay……..another wax figure. Have to admit I was hoping for a shirtless one too………but it is Taylor’s not Jacob’s. Whatever he’s in……..I know it will look great. The one in London looked so much like him. My handsome baby.

  21. *Vickey* Says:

    @chanda w. Yes! I was too. Hehe. I’m really happy for him, its not everyday you can say you got a wax figure made to represent you and also a character from a bestseller. Haha. Go Tay! :D

    And @Mystique Awe, it’ll be out soon. Hoping we can all see it soon. :)

    @annie OMG, that would be the best twist ever. Haha. Taylor being A this entire time. Nice!

  22. Mystique Says:

    Awww bummer…guess there won’t be any shirtless wax figures in the future then. :-/. Can you just imagine how it would be for the person trying to “re-create” a wax figure of a shirtless Taylor/Jacob?? Lol! They usually try to make the wax figure as life-like and true to the “original” form as possible!! Lol…. You think they have to study the REAL person first? Or do they have the person come in and take measurements? Lol…. That would be ummmm….interesting! ^_^

    Speaking of “shirtless” Taylor lol…. I was thinking to myself today ( •don’t ask me why!!• ), that of all the times I’ve seen Taylor with and without a shirt on, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Taylor wear a wife beater!! O_o. I’m not talking about a b-ball jersey, or a sleeveless shirt, no…I’m talking about a TRUE white wife beater shirt. I tried to think and think back to all of the pics I’ve seen him in, and I couldn’t think of one! Have any of you guys seen him in one before??

    Anyway, that was totally random I know lol :-p , but for some reason that thought crossed my mind today. I think he would look hot in one. :)

  23. annie Says:

    Why do they call it a “wife beater” (that’s a t with the sleeves cut off, right…not a “muscle shirt” I don’t care for those (and there is a pic with him wearing 1 of those in a magazine spread)

    and has anyone else heard all the speculation that KS was fronting for Taylor & Scout.
    They say he met Scout when Kristen made that Joan Jett movie. and they said she was at the dinner at the steak place but no Kristen and that the glasses he had on his shirt coming out of the concert wasn’t Kristen’s but they saw him give them to Scout in the car & she put them on and that Scout tweeted ” unexpectedly falling in love” the night of the dinner outing that tried to tie Ashley to Taylor….OK…my fingers just ran out of breath!!! I must be bored…..jumping into all these stupid rumors….
    I must say Scout was dressed to catch someone’s eye at the batting cages and Taylor wouldn’t hop over polls to impress Kristen (although I guess he is known for flipping around just for the sake of flipping around) and early on everyone used to say how brash he was and you would never use shy and Taylor in the same sentence. I’m nosy – is this all hogwash or is there something to it???

  24. Emily Says:

    annie–I refuse to even let my mind go there. . . :(

  25. joanie Says:

    I need a map, like a family tree kinda map or at least a scorecard. There’s Taylor >>>connected to>>>>(Selena, Swifty, Kristen, Ashley, Lily , & now giddyap Scout . Selena’s made a movie w/Ashley & BF with Swifty and Kristen & Scout are pals and Lily pals around with Selena and is now hooked up with Jamie who was in Twilight and…there’s only 1 outsider from this group that I know of who now you see her now you don’t and this is why I will stick with looking at Taylor and not get caught up in the loopy question did anyone get lucky enough to hit a homerun & score with him…cause it is much too taxing to just figure out who’s on first. I’ll simply wrap him up & take him home with me and petition Madam Toussauds to make a few more waxy versions of TL so each of the down and outers can take 1 home as a consolation prize. He better make another movie soon, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to comment on him (we’ve covered everything 9 ways to Sunday, even admitting to Sharkboy watching).

  26. cyn Says:

    To add one more thing to the Scout/Taylor thing, today Scout tweeted CJ that she missed him and he replied: “ahh I miss you too. The only normal ones. And T. Hhah” Might be reading too much into it, but I’m thinking he was alluding to Tay.

  27. annie Says:

    Berlin – it’s a white t shirt & jeans – and the girls are already lifting the t up.
    Still making my mind up on how much it looks like him -

  28. annie Says:

    Forgot to put – I saw it on Madam Tusauds Berlin Facebook page

  29. chanda w. Says:

    Where are the pics at ……of the new wax figure?? I bet it’s sexy.
    I hope Tay isn’t involved with any of KS friends…..he seems too classy.
    And I hear fans say that Selena is using Taylor…………I wasn’t aware they were hanging out……..did I miss a story? Maybe just more nonsense. Yeah Tay better make a new movie soon……….reading to see his fine on the big screen.

  30. joanie Says:


  31. janet Says:

    That closeup of his face. That’s him. and they didn’t forget the abs or the way he always holds his arms away from his body. Pretty good.

  32. Mystique Says:

    Oh gosh…here I am yet again sleep-deprived this morning due to surfing this SITE and reading posts and looking at pictures of Tay lol. I was even late to work this morning! *hangs head in shame* Oh boy…somebody help cure me of this obsess—ooops..I mean, PASSION! ROTFL!!

    Annie–Lol…they call it a “wife-beater”, because usually when you see “stereotypes” of men who beat their wifes, they’re usually wearing those types of shirts. It’s silly, I know…lol. I guess it’s just a name for a t-shirt that stuck. The reasoning behind the name is kinda weird lol.

    Re: Scout…
    Who is this girl? I saw two girls w/Kristen that day at the batting cages…didn’t I? I thought I did. Is Scout the tall girl who was wearing the tight black pants? You know, I don’t think everything we read online from “sources” is necessarily true. And even if she’s tweeting that she’s “falling in love”, it doesn’t necessarily mean Taylor’s falling “in love” with HER.

    I honestly think that he’s young, and single for the moment. He might be getting to know a few girls in the meantime, but I don’t get the impression he’s dating or seriously into any of them right now. For one thing, usually when he’s SERIOUSLY dated a girl in the past, he’s usually hanging out with her ALONE. Like, nobody else is usually around. Ykwim? Isn’t that how MOST guys hang out with their girlfriends?

    Soooo……all of these “group dates” or “group outings” seem to spell FRIEND to me, and not necessarily bf/gf. Now, what may happen in the future, we really don’t know. But for now, I believe that Taylor’s just friends with these girls. :)

  33. Mystique Says:

    Joanie—-Wow! That wax figure is surprisingly life-like!!

    OOOooo and you can lift up his shirt and reveal his six-pack abs!! hahah! So it’s the BEST of both worlds! lol…. I love it! ^_^

    He’s not shirt-less, but that was pretty darn close lol!

  34. marianne Says:

    joanie….Thanks for the link. It’s not a bad likeness but for me the skin tone isn’t right and of course, they got the abs wrong—he has an 8 pac!!!

    joanie…LOL your comment….”family tree kinda map or at least a scorecard”. It always amazes me what the gossips can come up with. I’m a simpleton when it comes to who people are dating etc. For instance, when there are lots of people i.e. publicists, friends etc. when they are together (RK cough) I view it as a relationship hatched in a publicist’s office. I remember what Angelina Jolie said how studios pair young stars with their costars to spark interest in their movie. So far, Sara is the only one that is in the car alone with him, travels with the family, he takes out on her birthday and that he makes an effort to attend her events. Taylor is young and lots of things can change. On another note, Ashley Benson has “supposedly” broken up with her bf. I’m sure the gossips will come up with a story about how Taylor flashed his abs and she fell under his spell. I’m dry heaving.

  35. joanie Says:

    regarding Scout – don’t know much other than she’s Kristen friend. and at the batting cage (I had to go look again, I only payed attn to Taylor) tighty whitey top with black pants. Now they’re saying she was at the dinner with Ashley, Taylor, Thor, Tarik and a bunch of others (how in the hay did they get this as an Ashley/Taylor dinner date when they had a bakers dozen of people with them???) They said E (I think they’re HL’s twin) even put a picture of Taylor & Ashley together to make it look like they’re leaving the restaurant together. Anyway you can see how desperate the fannie blogs are getting without twilight to slobber and harp about all the time – they’re on their knees begging for the Hunger Games and maybe the Mortal Instruments to start – they have a ton of people in that – and Jamie always has a whiff of controversy about him. By the way I just saw an old picture of Taylor and Lily promoting Abduction, and the way he is looking at her, this guy was “smitten” no doubt about it. I’ll see if I can get a link. And yep that new Taylor waxy is good!!

  36. chanda w. Says:

    OMG!! That new wax figure is gorgeous. Talk about giving the people what they want. His abs and even his underwear slightly showing over his jeans………..PERFECTION!! I have to say all three of his wax figures look so much like him…….but this one is THE BEST! Thanks @joanie.

  37. annie Says:

    @joanie I like your idea of a map or scorecard. It does seem like so many of Taylors’ “friends” get to know 1 another. I’ve seen some really nice pics of him and Lily together and I personally liked them. The rumor was that it was Taylor who broke it off (right b4 Abduction) because there was some talk of her hitting it off (too well) with Jamie when they were testing for Mortal Instruments in Toronto. At the BD2 premier in London when they introduced Jamie they caught Taylor on mic saying “I didn’t know he was going to be here” only fueled more speculation. The other rumor was that Taylor was quite captivated by Myanna Buring (and they caught that goofy picture of Taylor looking almost like he was going to bite her ear at the premier) when they were filming BD2 which rubbed Lily the wrong way…anyway whatever happened he seems to get along just fine with the ladies even after they split. And we really really need something other to “jaw” about than water over the bridge relationships that might or might not have happened…Make a film sooooon Taylor we’re getting a bit desperate here.

  38. joanie Says:

    Taylor Lautner Italy has more pictures & video of Madam Tusauds.
    If you click on the pics & enlarge the detail is really great – his fingernails & the veins in his arms – it is very good

  39. janet Says:

    Off subject – but since Ashley and Selena play a part in Taylor gossip – that movie they just made springbreakers R rated – this kind of movie was at one time reserved for almost over-the-hill gals who were desperate and couldn’t compete with the younger up & comers – I didn’t think they needed to resort to this at least just yet – but I guess they want to be listed in the Hangover, Bridesmaid, Ted – memorable movie hall of fame (for me I’d toss it in the circular file & light a match) I was there with 16 yr olds and wanted to leave and there were more than a few 10-12 year olds with what I guess was a “girls night out” with Mom.

  40. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Good point. Yes you’re right…Sara is the only girl so far that I’ve seen Taylor with consistently ALONE in the car, being with her during family events, and vice versa. Also, I noticed too that when he was dating Taylor Swift, they were usually ALONE, and even with Selena Gomez (whatever it was they had), they were usually ALONE too. So, I’m noticing a pattern.

    These NEW girls (ie. Scout, Ashley, Kristen’s girl pals, etc.) just all seem like “groupies” to me lol. They might want to be around him, but I don’t see any proof of him dating either of them….at least, not YET.

    Of course…. *insert eye-roll here* Why am I not surprised?? It was only a matter of time before THIS rumor would come out.

    LOL! Can you pass over the bag so I can heave as well?? LOL! :) Ugh…..

    Joanie—Yeah, all of the gossip doesn’t make sense to me either. Since the “stories” keep changing, that basically tells me that the rag mags and media really don’t know ANYTHING. They’re just trying to stir up something in order to sell magazines or keep people glued to their websites smh. :-/

    I’m sure they’ll be glad when HG comes out again.

    Joanie, Annie—-OH and YES please…if you find that picture of Tay/Lily at the premiere please post it here! I want to see it! I didn’t know the reason behind their break-up, I just remember hearing that it wasn’t too “amicable”. Hmm….. :-/

  41. Mystique Says:

    Oh no! Not sure how (or WHY) my text got italicized up there, but I meant to “quote” Marianne’s comments (below):

    “On another note, Ashley Benson has “supposedly” broken up with her bf.”


    “I’m sure the gossips will come up with a story about how Taylor flashed his abs and she fell under his spell. I’m dry heaving.”

    Sorry guys!! :(

    ****On ANOTHER note however….It IS pretty interesting that you can italicize something on this site. I didn’t even know they had tags like that you could add. Hmmm…. *****

  42. kia Says:

    Wow this looks better then the other two.Even almost got the underwear right! LOL.
    Marianne-You mean “12 pack”

  43. kia Says:

    Mystique-I heard Ashley is dating James Franco and her and Taylor are just good friends.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Kia—Yeah that’s what I thought too!

    I never see James out with Taylor and Ashley though. Idk… It’s weird..

    Anyway, I’m not really all that pressed about who’s dating who in all honesty. I figure that WHEN/IF Taylor starts dating someone, it will be pretty obvious eventually.

    I think the media are just keeping strict track on him because they’re salivating at the mouth to know who his next love interest will be. *insert eye roll here* They know it will sell papers, so in the meantime, they just make up a bunch of nonsense rumors in order to keep people “talking”.

  45. chanda w. Says:

    It is interesting that Tay is somehow attached to so many couples…and inserted into their breakups. KS RP is obvious….some looney fans see Taylor as Jacob and he becomes a threat to their “relationship”. When SG and JB ended…Tay’s name was thrown around as a potential love interest and he was also attacked by some JB fans….same story with Swift and the boy band guy…..Swift fans wanted Taylor squared back and Tay gets mashed by fans of the boy bander. Now this Ash girl and her dating situation…… If Tay and these chicks aren’t fessing up to sleeping with each other……stop inserting him into their dating life. But, I can’t see how any girl could stay just friends with Taylor……I mean at some point it would have to go down. Tay does seem good and kissing and not telling….so who knows.

  46. chanda w. Says:

    I meant to say….Tay seems good ….at ……kissing and not telling.

  47. accv Says:

    RE: Taylor and Lily… there was that one interview with them in London where Taylor just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lily. At least 75% of the time, when he’s not answering the interviewer directly (eyes on her, too), he’s staring at Lily.

    If curious, here’s the link —

    And yes, there were several pics of them together promoting Abduction in London that showed Taylor with facial expressions that suggest how into her he was. Unless that’s not among the pictures you speak of, and referring to something else entirely. I’d also like a link of the picture please :)

  48. accv Says:

    Also, I just want to see the darn trailer for GU2. lol. I wonder how much of Taylor will be in the trailer.

  49. accv Says:

    Sorry… I keep adding posts. I just remembered something. When they were promoting New Moon and they guested on Jimmy Kimmel, I found it funny how Kimmel mentioned him and Swifter and put a picture up of them hanging out. Then when Kimmel asked about it, Taylor just nonchalantly goes, “*laughs* Well, you’ve seen everything I’ve experienced.”

    It’s such a clever line. It’s like he’s alluding to the story behind the picture and rumors, but still being coy. It was also kinda funny when Kimmel mentioned that KStew and Rob are rumored to be dating and goes, “Alright, I won’t ask you guys about the real score between you two… so I’ll just go to Taylor, ‘Taylor, what’s going on between these two?'” LOL! But see.. even Taylor was coy about them… “Oh man, I wish I could tell you.” Then KStew just looks at him and nods, as if to hint her feelings toward the question. Sorry. Just remembering their past promos. And my how much Taylor has grown. It’s the interview with Tyra Banks… when he and Rob guested for Twilight. He was so young then and you could tell by his actions and words. *sigh* He’s grown leaps and bounds since then.

  50. accv Says:

    Goodness, he should have a movie or something with Jessica already… wonder if she’d be able to resist his charms. Bahahaha!

    Otherwise, never saw this interview. The way he speaks… *le sigh*

  51. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—I don’t see how any girl could be “just friends” with Taylor either and not get caught up. lol…I just don’t see it! Even if (EVEN IF!) you’re not interested in his looks (maybe his looks aren’t your type), just the very fact that he is so CHILL, and down to earth and NICE, would be enough to make me start falling for him with a quickness!

    I already know that I could not be “just FRIENDS” with Taylor….Ohhhh no… Not in the TRUE sense of the word lol! ^_^

    Accv–Thanks for the links! I’ve gotta check out those videos! :) I don’t remember seeing ANY promos for Abduction with Lily. Then again, I started liking Taylor right after I saw “Abduction” in the theaters, so all of the promotional stuff had ended by then.

    Accv—OMG YES! I remember that classic interview Taylor did w/Rob on the Tyra Banks show! Omg…that was such a funny interview! He WAS very young (and so much shorter!) on that show when it aired. YOu could tell he hadn’t been “trained” in PR and interviewing yet lol. But you know what?? I kindof MISS that side of Taylor….his wittiness and almost forthrightness with his words. Now days it seems he’s more guarded with what he says, and HOW he says it. Before, he was just telling things like it is lol. And was it just me, or did he get a little flirtatious with Tyra in that interview?? ROTFL! ^_^ I was like….”WOW!” I don’t even think he was 18 yet at the time lol.

  52. accv Says:

    Ok, last for now.

    I’m confused. Read the comments and thought, how would a guy answer this question? I don’t understand how it’s not normal for a guy to respond with “loyalty” first, or even just have it as a main trait. Opinions, anyone? But I do love his answer to this, although it’s been asked before. What’s better than someone wanting you for YOU?

  53. accv Says:

    Mystique.. no problem :) Interesting you mention him being a bit more uninhibited back then because of his lack of a PR trainer… kinda reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. LOVE her interviews. So genuine and just relatable… likeable. Not that Taylor isn’t, of course… but he has learned to control what he says to press and in talk shows. But there were some interviews where he’s still open.

    Parts of his interviews where he’s more open. Totally <3 his goofy side! Interesting how he doesn't find himself funny, yet there he is… being funny :p

  54. marianne Says:

    accv…As Twilight became a franchise, it seemed Taylor became more guarded because of all the Robsten fans dumping on him. Rob was older and didn’t care what the suits thought since he had a big fanbase supporting him.

    janet…I take it that you didn’t care for Spring Breakers and I could wait for Red Box? Maybe not even that? I had to sit through Ted and The Three Stooges because of my bf and was sorry for putting my brain through the experience.

    kia….Apparently the Robsten reunion didn’t happen since a pic turned up of Rob still in AU. Looks like we’ll have to wait for TGC.

    accv…I think Taylor learned to control his press more because there was so much at stake with the franchise bullcr*p and probably didn’t want to stir up the rabid RK fans anymore than they were.

  55. Mystique Says:

    “I’m confused. Read the comments and thought, how would a guy answer this question? I don’t understand how it’s not normal for a guy to respond with “loyalty” first, or even just have it as a main trait. Opinions, anyone?”

    Accv—I saw that clip, and I read the comments. I take YT comments with a HUGE grain of salt smh lol. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong w/him saying that loyalty is a huge quality that he appreciates in a girl. Remember, Oprah first asked him which is your ideal girl, and I think that kinda threw him off because I’m sure both he and Rob have been “trained” to not say “Oh I like blondes” or “I’m more into latina girls” or whatever because they don’t want to alienate their other fan base of girls who may not LOOK like their “type”. So, if you notice….guys who are in the limelight very rarely mention a specific “type” of girl they like….not only do you not always date your specific TYPE, but it could also alienate your fan base. Just saying.

    Plus, Oprah then changed her question to which type of QUALITIES would be important to you in a girl, or in a relationship. The fact that he said loyalty, someone who can relax and have fun, etc is perfectly good answer. That’s like a girl going on TV and saying: “Well…he’s gotta be 6’3, brown hair, hazel eyes, etc.” it’s just waaaay too limiting. But when you mention QUALITIES a person can have, ANYONE can fit those types.

    Also, I think women (especially) tend to underestimate just how IMPORTANT loyalty and respect are for men. It’s VERY important…..probably even MORE so than women realize for men.

  56. kia Says:

    Mariann- I thought TGC meant “The Gingivitis Child”. The sheeps have gone koo koo.

    Accv- It’s funny how Swifters are complaining about TSwift getting Threats from 1D fans when they were the same ones sending almost death threats to Lily.

  57. Mystique Says:

    Accv—OMG thanks for that video compilation of all of the Funny Moments w/Taylor lol!

    He IS funny! He always cracks me up because his reactions are so genuine and “off-the-cuff”… His funniest reaction is when he’s confused…he cracks me UP! He’s funny without even trying lol.

    I’ll never forget this one interview he did for a Radio show years ago, and his reactions to this trivia quiz was SO FUNNY! He’s so adorable.

    Here’s the interview clip! This video always cracks me up lol. SKIP to 3:12 if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

    Marianne–Why did all the Robsten fans dump on Taylor?? O_o What did Taylor do to them?? :-/ I don’t get how you can love a franchise, yet hate certain members of the cast smh.

  58. marianne Says:

    Mystique…Because they have trouble separating Taylor from Jacob and Jacob was competing with their Golden Couple.

    kia…”The Gingivitis Child” LOL

  59. Emily Says:

    My goodness!!! All the comments since just last night!!

    The wax figure–Agree that the skin color doesn’t look quite right, the face is pretty close, they need to rework those abs–there were DEFINITELY 8 and were much more defined—but the underwear peeking out from the jeans–squeeeeee!!!! Love that! All in all, pretty close. BTW, how in the world could I not know he had a figure in New York??????? I thought the Berlin one was the one and only until now. How did I miss that???

  60. Emily Says:

    OK, after closer examination, I think his hair is a little too short on top. Maybe that’s what made his head look a little off to me. The arms and hands are great, though. I love the redhead in the pictures and video–she’s my kind of girl!!!!

    I wish they would do one with him smiling—that would be even better!

  61. chanda w. Says:

    I don’t get the hate Taylor gets from looney RP fans either………it is so bizarre. Why would u dislike someone that is a major part of a franchise , u claim to like. I never understood it and still don’t, but RP and KS played on the fact that their fans were slightly insane. On this last promo tour………Tay sat between them at some press junket and they were behind his back ……talking to each other. It was so rude and I’m sure whatever they had to say could have waited. So the talk of them hating fame is BS. And I think Angelina Jolie had a point……….these movie heads are so focused on money…….if throwing a couple together will get the job done…………that is what is gonna happen.
    Look at the Hunger Games cast……some of them have ended long term relationships and are now single……….I think to open the door for romantic rumors among the cast.
    Many claim to hate Twilight , but they are all trying to use the same formula. But, Twilight worked because all three of the leads had chemistry with each other. That is rare…..and that is why fans of the franchise should adore them ….esp. Tay ….since he’s the sweetest. Anyway…………..TMZ has an article on Tay’s wax figure………what TMZ……even they have to give in to his charms….lol!
    @kia……..I didn’t know Lily got threats………wow……..guess some Tay fans are passionate(looney) too……lol! But eventually he’s gonna get serious with some girl and we’ll have to be cool with it………….some day.

  62. Emily Says:

    Mystique–This is for you, because you were asking for it earlier–you can’t see it all, but. . . I’m pretty sure it’s real and not a manip, but not positive.

    Also, I’ve never seen this before–another “Taylor with a baby”–swoons, but, better than that, a baby in a METALLICA T-SHIRT AND A LEATHER JACKET!!

  63. Emily Says:

    Mystique–This is for you, because you were asking for it earlier–you can’t see it all, but. . . I’m pretty sure it’s real and not a manip, but not positive.

  64. Emily Says:

    Also, I’ve never seen this before–another “Taylor with a baby”–swoons, but, better than that, a baby in a METALLICA T-SHIRT AND A LEATHER JACKET!!

    I’m going to stop now.

  65. Mystique Says:

    Marianne, Chanda—That is so crazy!!! lol… .O_o Some fans take the whole E/J Rivalry of the Twi Franchise a little TOO far. The guys are both friends in REAL life, so ummm…..what’s the point in hating one? Can’t you choose both?? There’s room to like both imo. Some fans are so silly lol!

    Emily—-Thanks for the pic!! ^_^ Okay so yes, I have seen that one before lol. I wish I could see his whole body in the wifebeater though. :-/ OH well…

    Oh, and re: the wax figure….
    I agree, it does look nice, and it’s great seeing him in “down” clothes for a change, but at the same time….there’s something that doesn’t quite look like him! I think it’s the EYES! The eyes are NOT Taylor’s! I think it’s also because for some reason they have not figured out how to give people lashes….eyeliner on wax, so a lot of times the eyes look vacant. :-/ It’s almost like he has zero eyelashes! That prevents a LOT of wax figures from looking real to me a lot of the time. Especially if the person has darker hair, you need to accentuate the lashes in the eyes/bottom and top, because otherwise the person just looks bland. Idk…I can’t explain it lol! :)

    I’m also surprised they haven’t done more wax figures of Taylor smiling either! Lol…. As much as Taylor smiles?? His smile is his signature best feature imo. Next to the abs of course lol…. ;)

  66. janet Says:

    So far London, New York, Berlin…..ok what city gets the next waxy Taylor (liked the tops of his briefs peeking out in Berlin)

  67. accv Says:

    Mystique…. that was beautiful. Thank you for the link. Honestly, first time seeing that. Ahhh, I love when he opens up like that.

  68. Nicole Says:

    Regarding seeing Taylor with certain girls alone: I think something we don’t always consider as his fans because we’re always viewing him from one perspective (fandom), is ho’s age at the time of these relationships. Sara, Selena, T. Swift all happened when he was 19 and under. The photos we see of him and Selena (and others) on ice cream dates and playing around in the rain or going to a game with his dad or some other family member lurking in the background are totally appropriate for his age. I think we saw alot of dinner dates with T. Swift because he was old enough to take a lady out to dinner and elsewhere without someone lingering. But all age appropriate stuff.

    Naturally how you date evolves as you get older. 19 to 24 year olds do the group thing, you can never tell whose with who from the outside of the clique. Everyone seems to be extra friendly. I think Taylor’s dating has matured…as it should have, I don’t know the deal with him and Scout or him and whoever. I just know as someone paying attention to him as a mother of a teenage boy, I hope I’m doing half as good as his parents. They’ve raised him well and have never stolen the spotlight and if I were the mother of a Hollywood daughter I would be dying to hook them up.

  69. Nicole Says:

    Oh and about the wax figure: Ugh! I don’t like it! You’re right mystique, it’s not “him” it’s off, something with the brow and the jawline is just bugging me. Also I hope the NEVER do one where he smiles, they’ll never get it right, there’s just something about his whole face that brightens that can’t be captured in wax. So no…let it go wax figure guru’s. Just no.

  70. chanda w. Says:

    Someone said that Tay’s wax figure looked like Eddie C (i can’t spell his last name) but he’s married to Leann Rhimes…the country singer. I’ve always thought they sorta resembled each other…..both so handsome………and if that is how Tay is going to age…….Oh my! I adore the wax figure……..and I think it looks just like Taylor……….like I said before… of the best I’ve ever seen. They really took their time with all three of his. Of course nothing compares to the real thing……but it is close.
    Part of me hopes Tay meets a super model who loves him as much as his ….real ….fans do…….and part of me wants him to sorta play the field…well date different girls.
    He always says he wants someone that can be themselves…….which suggests that his former flames were…….sorta phony…….Swift comes quickly to mind……….I go back and forth on her. I try to like her because he still seems to, but then I sorta don’t because of how she treated him.
    Now she’s constantly whining about not finding a good guy………dumb @$$ you had a good one and look what you did. She likes being treated like crap….she should admit that and join Rhianna’s We Love Losers club. Be honest. But, Taylor’s older now and wiser…..I doubt he’ll let another girl … break his heart. Which is why he seems to have more walls up…….that (B) might have scarred him , but he’ll be ok. Anyway it has been great seeing him out and so happy………cutie.

  71. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Oh you’re welcome! So glad I could provide something you’ve never seen before! ^_^ I just love his whole ESSENCE, and that interview captured it perfectly. I love the way he says “what???” ,(as in disbelief—yes hun, you really ARE that popular! ) in the interview too. It’s so cute lol!

    Nicole—I think you’re right about the dating thing. Most tend to do things in groups. In fact, some friends and I STILL do things in groups…and yes, some of us may secretly like the guy, or a guy may secretly like a girl in a group. So, yes, it’s definitely plausible that there’s something “brewing”….I guess we’ll find out soon enough! lol…. I co-sign on the point that his parents did an EXCELLENT jo raising him, because there is so much *stuff* you can get into when you’re in that “business” and just in the LA area in general, so the fact that he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs, and has kept fairly level-headed and NICE through all of this whirlwind fame is just AMAZING!

  72. Mystique Says:

    Nicole—-Lol…..yeah, the more I look at the wax figure, the more I prefer the REAL THING! lol! I mean, the figure is nice (I’d love to lift up his shirt and touch his “abs” lol), but it’s just missing SOMETHING. It’s missing Taylor’s essence, that’s what it’s missing! And I think you’re right! If they did a “smiling” wax figure of Taylor, it probably wouldn’t look all that convincing. :-/ It might even look a litle scary lol!

    Chanda—I think you mean Eddie Cibrian (sp?)?? If he ages and looks like Eddie, Taylor is going to be SUPER hot! Just wait until he turns 25! *thud*

    I kinda would like to see Taylor hooked up with a NICE, bubbly, outgoing and level-headed actress in the business. Not someone who is SUPER famous or anything, but maybe an up-and-comer, or someone who’s been around for a while (maybe a fellow child actor like him?), but just hasn’t made it to rocket super stardom yet. :)

    I agree, Taylor Swift is a dork. She MUST be a glutton for punishment. LOL @ “joining Rihanna in the We Love Losers Club” ROTFL!!! ^_^ OMG YES….. I don’t get how women can be so attracted to men who are such DOUCHEbags…Smh…

    OH well, I guess they will learn when they get older. Smh….

    I hope Taylor doesn’t stay guarded just because some girl was too much of a ditz to realize the good thing she had before she lost it. :( I hope he remains open-minded. I WANT to like Taylor S also, but the way she did him (and her relationships after) have just left a bad taste in my mouth. :-/

  73. accv Says:

    Just looked up Eddie Cibrian… nothing special. It’s the eyes and eyebrows, perhaps, that are similar. Otherwise… eehhhhh. :p

  74. Emily Says:

    accv–I think that all the “Taylor-haters” should be forced to watch your video. I’ve seen it before, but enjoyed watching it again. How could you not like him after seeing how sweet and cute and funny he is ???

    Btw, I just saw on ENews or Ent. Tonight that a fan posted a pic on twitter of Rob and Kristen together with her in LA. They have supposedly reunited and he’s staying with her. Maybe the Robstens will relax and quit hating on Taylor for “coming between” the perfect couple.

  75. accv Says:

    Emily… truth be told, you really can’t please everyone. Besides, people will hate anyways… they even may take that video I linked and consider him gay just by the way he behaves because people are impossible like that :p Speaking of seeing it before, I think I’ve seen it more than once already. Although people have a lot of time on their hands to do stuff like that, I still appreciate that they do because it’s nice to have separate videos demonstrating different sides of our favorite celebrities/actors/actresses.

    As for Robsten, all the best to them…. w/e it may be.

  76. accv Says:

    BTW, who mentioned a Taylor and Lily picture during Abduction promos wherein he looked clearly smitten? And the video of them? I know I linked a video of an interview.. but I’m thinking it’s not the same one. @Joanie.. was that you? Do you know the link(s) yet?

  77. kia Says:

    Hmm now since Rob is back it be interesting if we still see new Taylor and Kristen pics of them hanging out or will we see the life imitating art thing happening.

    Don’t really care no more. Just sitting here waiting for some New Movie/Project news.

  78. marianne Says:

    kia….Isn’t this the RK trying to make their “relationship” work and Rob finding out he just can’t put the cheating behind him? If Taylor and Kristen hang out, I would prefer he do it privately to escape all the drama it starts.

  79. kia Says:

    Marianne- But according to insiders Kristen is doing all she can to keep The Love of her Life. Snort.
    I think Taylor is smart enough to stay away from the circus.

  80. accv Says:

    @kia… wah, wah… LOL. As long as Taylor is spared, they can be together all they want. Stinkin’ Robsteners.

    TOTALLY OT.. anyone else watching American Idol this season? I have to say… Candice and Amber knock ‘em out of the park. And if i have to be honest… Angie and Kree are also vocally very talented, although I’m a little iffy with Angie for petty reasons :p. Among the guys, I’m a Lazaro admirer… but that’s because he sings beautifully despite his condition and makes him come off so endearing. But vocally, vocally.. Devin and Burnell are the best. I prefer Devin’s voice and tone over Burnell’s, but Burnell is definitely more original in terms of arrangements and making the songs his own.

    But overall, Candice is the ultimate contender… her vocals have been practically flawless, it’s insane.

  81. chanda w. Says:

    Once again Taylor is used to stir up some jealousy……..RP came back quickly……….after seeing Tay and his girl……….they may all be friends…..offscreen………but Tay is a cutie and any guy is gonna get a little stressed knowing he’s around. KS played her hand well…………stirring up the loons and her “man” by inserting Taylor in the picture. I know Tay is a big boy and he probably agreed to play along, but all the “outings” and even the fact that KS showed at Taylor’s birthday bash………were all for her benefit. Either to rehab her image or to make her “guy” jealous or both. But Taylor was in on it so ……..whatever. I hope now he will continue to hang with his crowd…………or the crowd I’d rather see him with…….Sara, Patrick, Tarik even Edi……….basketball, football………all of that……….I luv seeing him in sports mode.
    Anyway Tay has so much potential as an actor………….I don’t want him getting side lined by fake drama. He’s gonna have an easier time than some critics are trying to predict because he is talented , sweet, but he’s a fighter too.

  82. chanda w. Says:

    I saw the video of Taylor and Lily………..the one where his hands get animated…………..I was laughing so hard……….I think he did that on purpose, but he’s just so full of life and energy…’s contagious. There was a little clue about ……I think …….about who ended the relationship. I think it was Taylor. Lily talks about having scars from the movie and Tay gently grabs her arm and shows it to the interviewer…….and Lily seems to quickly ease her arm away from Tay. Hmmmm . Sorta like saying…..u dumped me now u wanna touch me.

  83. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-I agree. You really can’t please everyone. *shrugs* Oh well….Different strokes for different folks. At least we get to have Taylor lol. *wink* ;-)

    Oh, and don’t worry……almost EVERY “good-looking” actor in Hollywood is considered gay….and Taylor is no exception…..because you know, like NOBODY can possibly be “straight” these days lol. *insert eye-roll here* Sometimes I wonder who starts these rumors??!?! O_o I mean, I could see if there were pictures out there of him kissing some dude or something else plausible like that, but when people have NOTHING to go by, I really wonder…. Oh well….let ppl think what they want to think lol. I just find it funny that ugly guys are never considered/rumored to be gay lol. Very interesting….lol

    Btw, I haven’t been keeping up with AI as much as in past years (the show has gone downhill IMO), but I’ve been watching off & on this season. I’ll watch tonight to catch up on what I’ve been missing! lol ^_^

    Kia, Marianne—Ugh, I really could not care LESS about Rob & Kristen! Ugh…. :-/ I just want them to BREAK UP already! Rob can do SO much better imo. Idk how a guy can take a girl back who PUBLICLY cheated on him. I just don’t see how…. Wow…

    Chanda—I’m kinda sad that Taylor’s name has been dragged through all of this R/K nonsense, but as long as she has her precious Rob back, I’m hoping I don’t have to see Taylor in their mix anymore. I like Rob….I just don’t care for Kristen all that much. :-/

    Re: Lily
    Yeah, Taylor dumped Lily…I think that was pretty much common knowledge. I wonder what went down? I get the impression that the split wasn’t all that amicable either lol. Maybe that relationship was all just for PR?? Idk… :-S

  84. Mystique Says:

    Btw…. Where has SARA been hiding lately?? O_o I feel like last year she and Taylor were hanging out fairly often, but starting this year I feel like I’ve barely seen her….especially at events I would THINk she would be at (ie. Taylor’s b-day party).


  85. marianne Says:

    Mystique….Sara has had rehearsals and games for the LA Clippers. Since Taylor had a b-day party with coworkers etc.,I would imagine on the day of his b-day, it was family and Sara. Every time she appears in public with him she gets lots of hate from the crazies. I’m sure she doesn’t want to bring negative publicity to the organization she works for. When she was on twitter and some girls found out who she worked for, they started sending comments to the LA Clippers about how ugly the girls were blah, blah, blah. Just like they maintained a behind the scenes relationship during his Twilight days , I’m sure they do now. On the Lily front, I would say from the pics and videos bts at the Vanity Fair party, they are just fine. IMO they were pr for the movie.

  86. vera Says:

    Mystique…”Taylor dumped Lily….Maybe that relationship was all just for PR??”,lol

    “how a guy can take a girl back who PUBLICLY cheated on him. I just don’t see how…. Wow…”-its true love,obviously))

  87. accv Says:

    RE: Taylor and Lily’s split… well, I was told she started sending nasty texts about him to someone (perhaps a “mutual” friend of theirs at the time) when she visited him during filming of Breaking Dawn. Or was it Eclipse? Naw, think it was BD. He found out, he got hurt of course and eventually ended it. There’s some other stuff I found out RE: Lily, but it’s all water on the bridge now probably. And based off what I found out, I don’t think they were PR.

    @Marianne… really? Fans harassed the LA Clippers girls just because of Sara? Wow. People CANNOT catch a break. And I’m sorry but those girls are far from ugly. LOL.

  88. accv Says:

    *water UNDER the bridge; pardon me

  89. accv Says:

    As for the gay rumors for straight, good-looking actors… it’s likely to diffuse the blow from KNOWING they will never compare nor have them. :p But again, that’s not always the case. Some just really dislike these actors for no reason. Just something puts them off :p

  90. marianne Says:

    accv….I think we both found out things from different “sources” that have influenced our opinions on whether they were pr. The important thing is that Taylor seems to get along with her. Sometimes I wish Sara would just tell these girls where to put it but she is too nice. I follow her sister and they even went after her!

  91. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Thanks for the update on Sara! Glad to know she’s safe and doing well.

    I can’t believe some “fans” sent her hate mail. Smh…. I swear….I don’t get that at ALL! If you’re fans of an actor, musician, etc, wouldn’t you just want them to be HAPPY? Why send nasty tweets/hate mail to someone that may (or may NOT) be dating the celebrity you claim to “love so much”? I have never understood that. Smh…. :-/

    As long as she’s good for Taylor, I’m happy for them if they are together.

    If what you say is true (that Taylor and Sara have cooled their public outings in order to avoid haterade), then I truly feel sad. :( It shouldn’t have to be that way. I think they should both just tell those “fans” to go jump in a lake and be PROUD to walk hand in hand together out in public lol. ^_^ Sometimes people just need to see it and then GET OVER IT.

    Vera—Hmmm….well, I hope this doesn’t get taken the wrong way or anything, but Idk if I agree that it’s “true love” just because someone takes someone back who has cheated. Sometimes that’s not always the case. :-/ But, as long as he’s HAPPY, I’m cool. I just don’t understand it, but hey…..oh well! lol

    Accv—I heard something similar (well…not nasty text mssgs) with Lily as well. I don’t know all the details, all I know or HEARD was that things did not necessarily end all that well between the two of them. I’m sure they’re cool friends now, but I just remember her saying some not-so-nice things (supposedly) in an interview. Idk if they were really HER words, so that’s why I say “supposedly”. But I def. remember reading the article. *shrugs* Oh well, I’m sure they’re both over that now. Taylor doesn’t look like the type to hold grudges.

    Re: the Gay rumors… LOL I think you’re right! Lol…. Plus, I consider the gay rumors an honor really lol. They’re like a rite of passage lol. That’s when you know you’ve REALLY “made it” in the business! Rotfl! That’s when you know an actor has made it BIG in HW! The popularity must really be high and mainstream now in order to get those rumors lol.

  92. kia Says:

    Wow they must be Victoria Secrets Models if they calling Sara and the Clipper calls ugly.

    If you hate Sara then why is you taking all your time to stalk her,her family ,friends and coworkers! I don’t get it?

  93. accv Says:

    @Mystique… really? There was an article on Lily that had not-so-good things to say about Taylor? Do you remember the link or where you read it? I’d like to see it. It’s sad, really… because I shipped them and still do. But it is what it is.

    *sigh* Gotta love crazy tweens, teens and adults that can’t let things be. They even go as far as harassing the others that have nothing to do with the situation.

  94. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-Yeah, I read it somehwere online! I feel some kind of way about posting it here on this site, but I guess I could do a search and see if I can find it again. :-/

    Again, Idk if she really said the comment, but it left me with a not-so-nice impression of her. :-/

  95. accv Says:

    @Mystique… oh. Sorry! I’m just really curious about what the comment was, whether or not it was actually her who said it or taken out of context or made-up.

  96. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-Ugh…I’ve looked all over for that article but I can’t find it! :( Grrr….

    Anyway, I’ll just paraphrase what I read. I read in the article that Lily (SUPPOSEDLY) said/alluded to the fact that Taylor needed to “grow up” and be more “mature” or something like that. She sounded bitter.

    I wonder if she remembered that Taylor is at least 2 years YOUNGER than her however?? *insert eye roll here*

    But anyway, I don’t know if she REALLY said those comments or not, but I do remember reading a comment like that in the past, but since then she has only had NICE things to say about Taylor…. so who knows….maybe her comments were taken out of context, or maybe she was talking about another “ex” and the article just ASSUMED she was talking about Taylor. I really don’t know!

    It was just something I skimmed through one day last year. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but I just remember not really having a good feeling about her when I read it. :-/

  97. accv Says:

    Thanks Mystique. You tried your best. Well, that’s unfortunate she said that, or rather IF she said that. Although I would prefer to believe it was misconstrued for the sake of the interview. Then again, funny that’s what was mentioned because Taylor doesn’t even act like he’s 21. He comes off like an old soul, but still youthful. I think it helped that he wasn’t “pitted” with someone for so long… so he’s had time to devote to improving himself rather than worrying about how to go about a franchised partnership such as Rob and KStew.

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