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A few days ago, I posted the audio and photos of Taylor Lautner‘s appearance on Ryan Seacrest Foundation‘s Seacrest Studios. Now you can watch the video below:

84 Responses to “Video: Taylor Lautner Visits Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s Seacrest Studios”

  1. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    Aww! Taylor…gotta love him! Of the new crop of actors and actresses, to me he is the most REAL. A genuinely nice young man, no pretensions…what you see is what you get. Mwah! J♥

  2. vera Says:

    Oh, thanks for the video!

    Incredible Amazing Natural …I do not know anyone else who would be just as charming and charismatic … I see that everyone who was there, everyone was just crazy about him, they in admiration of him :)
    A pretty little girl, she has a great sense of humor :D
    Taylor is very comfortable and confident talking about his upcoming work, I cross fingers …

    Many thanks to Ryan Seacrest for everything!

  3. chanda w. Says:

    He’s such a beautiful man inside and out. Rare in Hollywood………..he seems to actually have some morals. Those girls were so happy and the whole room lit up with his energy.

  4. marianne Says:

    TDL_Jeanne…I agree—he is the REAL deal. chanda w…vera…He has a charisma that you have or you don’t and he is comfortable with all kinds of people.

  5. Emily Says:

    I just love him!

    I think that every time I watch him on something. Again, his laugh, his skin, his presence. . . he can even be wearing the enormous headphones and you don’t even notice. You’re just drawn to his
    face. . .and neck and chest. :)

    Did you see the huge smiles on EVERYBODY’S faces? I swear he could charm the honey away from bees.

    I don’t usually care too much for Ryan Seacrest, but I do like it when he interviews Taylor.

  6. accv Says:

    That girl is 17! OH NO! HAHA… quick, get Taylor! :p

    And ya’ll hit the nail on the head… he’s one in a billion. *sigh*

  7. Emily Says:

    What was up with the traffic that day?? Did he really have to drive a long way?? I know LA area traffic is nightmarish, but this sounded like something else.

  8. kia Says:

    How can anyone just stand there in front of him and be calm! Because I swear they would have to peel myself off of him! He is just….

    That little girl is so cute and hilarious. Dun Dun Dunnn LOL

  9. Mystique Says:

    YAY! Thanks for the video George! ^_^

    Awwwwwwww!!! My heart just melted! *sigh* I swear, I don’t know if I could ever get rid of my crush on him, because every thing he does is just so adorable lol! Omg……he would be a tough guy to get over if I had a close relationship with him in real life lol.

    I loved the genuine hugs he gave the girls at the end. Guh……He looks like he gives the BEST hugs! ^_^

    TDL_Jeanne—Yes, I agree with you! Out of all of the young up and coming actors out today, Taylor seems the MOST genuine, and the most down to earth. Like, it would be VERY easy just to talk with him and shoot the breeze….you know? He looks like he makes you feel comfortable just being around him. That shows that he must be extremely comfortable with himself.

    OMG I just love him to PIECES! :) He looks like he would just light up a room whenever he walks in it.

    Chanda—YES, he definitely seems like one of the FEW young people in Hollywood these days who has some ounce of morals. I think I respect that most about him. I know some people may look down upon that, or may call that living a “boring” lifestyle, but you know what?? Living a GOOD clean, moral life actually does WONDERS. It’s so much less stress. I hope he continues to at least TRY to live with good moral standards. Then he won’t have to worry about being the Lindsay Lohans or the Justin Biebers of the world smh…. :-/

    The audio was good, but the VIDEO is soooo much better. :)

  10. firereign Says:

    @Emily CA traffic is not for the faint of heart. Accidents, construction & even weather can make the freeways a parking lot. The hospital is located south of LA, close to Long Beach. they didn’t want to divulge exactly where he came from but the drive was probably more than hour less than 2 if there were no traffic problems, more if there were any.

  11. accv Says:

    well, that speaks loads about his character. going out of his way to drive about an hour to 2 hours just to visit the hospital, the kids and have an interview with ryan seacrest. he’s simply the best.

  12. chanda w. Says:

    There’s a Team Taylor FB site that has some really cool pics……one showed Tarik playing b ball at night, but I couldn’t tell if Tay was on the court too.

    I’ve written a Taylor fanfic, but it isn’t a love story…………….I was wondering how do I post my work……..not sure how to get started.

  13. Emily Says:

    firereign!!!! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the info. I just assumed the hospital was in LA and I know he lives a little outside the city. Didn’t know it was farther away.

    Mystique–If I ever got a real Taylor hug, I think I could die a very happy woman! I love his good morals too!

    chanda–I have no idea how to get you started, but I’d love to read your story when you get it posted somewhere. . . let us know how to find it.

    I’m off to look up Team Taylor FB.

  14. marianne Says:

    chanda w…I saw that pic and thought Taylor was maybe in the back left corner? Wonder why Tarik suddenly posts a pic?? I’d love to read your story too.

  15. Emily Says:

    BTW, there are some sweet pics of Taylor with patients at the hospital on that FB page.

  16. joanie Says:

    Funny coincidence – Cassandra Clare on her book tour (Clockwork Princess) had a private jet chartered by her publisher & it comes with a “butler”. In talking to him she says he’s had the boys from Supernatural” (who are funny & friendly) & the Twilight trio on a couple trips (liked RP) and also said Taylor was very nice & polite but shy & quiet & kept to himself.

  17. accv Says:

    nothing wrong with being nice, polite yet shy & quiet and keeping to yourself :p you don’t get that a lot from guys his age. it’s really refreshing to have a 21-y-o (back then, was younger, obviously) that’s so reserved. :p

  18. Mystique Says:

    Joanie—-lol….funny, “shy and quiet” and “kept to himself” seem like the LAST words one would use to describe Taylor lol! But hey…..maybe he was having a quiet day lol.

  19. marianne Says:

    Emily…Loved those pics of Taylor with the patients.

    joanie…it’s a good thing that Taylor kept to himself because if he had c**kblocked the epic love that is Robsten, there would have been h*ll to pay!!

  20. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Marianne—-can anyone post the links to the hospital pics on here? I don’t have a Facebook account :-/.

  21. *Vickey* Says:

    @accv Yes! That caught my attention the most! Driving that far for that. So amazing. Love Taylor

    @Marianne, TDL_Jeanne, and Chanda I AGREE! He really is one of the few people who has morals and thinks before he makes decision. I just have so much respect for Taylor. He’s so intelligent and humble, would love to meet him one day.

    @Marianne *on Robsten* YEAH! Haha. It would’ve been some crazy stuff if he would’ve c**kblocked. Haha. As I always said Edward did in New Moon when he came back. Lol. :P

    Off topic, but did anyone purchase BDII? I did. :)

  22. *Vickey* Says:

    And that smile can really… :D

  23. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I don’t know if this will work, but here you go:

    Vickey–Yes, I bought it the day it came out. I had to have it for the strip scene. I haven’t watched any of the rest of it again, though, except for Taylor scenes.

  24. kia Says:

    Emily- I haven’t touch BD2 in a while. Hmm maybe cause there’s only 19% of Jake and 200% of Bellathon&Shovelface lovemaking nest. YUCK!

  25. kia Says:

    In non-related things I watch spring breakers online(sue me) yesterday and I had never laugh in my entire life. Who ever wrote that plot must have been high as hell.

  26. marianne Says:

    kia….Are you saying I wouldn’t be missing anything if I don’t see Spring Breakers?

  27. kia Says:

    Marianne- Exactly! Don’t waste your money on this flick..


  28. Olivia Says:

    kia.. I wouldn’t sue you I watch everything online (except Taylor movies)

  29. accv Says:

    Shedding that “goody-goody” image doesn’t mean accepting a, for the lack of a better word, “trashy” script.. those gals should’ve known better. Especially Selena. Once I saw the trailer, I immediately cringed. They tried too hard to shed those images. Vanessa… well, she didn’t have to resort to it, although she already has a “scandal” under her belt. Ashley… well, she’s got PLL already. Her role on the show may not be gritty, but it’s no Disney channel role either. Selena.. oh dear. I don’t know what to say about that. The other chick in the movie… I think that says it all :p

    And James Franco.. wellllll. He’s had questionable career moves and behavior… but this was definitely one of his worst career-wise.

  30. marianne Says:

    accv… I wouldn’t last very long in the film industry because I would refuse any nudity or any “trashy” role. It forever lives on film and should you marry and have a family, it wouldn’t be something I would want my children to see. Ashley is the one I don’t understand either. She has a grown up role already and it would seem she could afford to be picky. Looks like James Franco will be part of the Oz franchise. I remember when he wanted to be in Twilight. LOL

  31. Emily Says:

    Did he really?? I’ve never cared for him in anything I’ve seen him in. He also seems pretentious to me. I just think he’s odd. I was disappointed Selena took that role. Moving on to more adult roles is one thing, but this seems like going a little too far.

  32. kia Says:

    Its nothing wrong trying shed a squeaky teen image ,just do it the right way instead of trying to do films that’s gonna make half of your fanbase feel uncomfortable.

    Marianne..Emily- I seen the Oz movie and it’s actually pretty good. I’m just surprised Franco took this Sh#*ty role.

  33. kia Says:

    Olivia- I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  34. Emily Says:

    This is a REALLY good video–I recommend it highly–you’ll see why.

  35. chanda w. Says:

    Besides Spiderman………I never cared for James Franco either. Use to think he was attractive, but that went away. He’s another of the line of so called “hearthrobs” that will quickly bat…for the other team. Sorry, I don’t see anything sexy about two guys making out. And SG…………another of the many disney and childhood girls that want so quickly to be taken seriously in the acting world……..they all feel they have to take off their clothes and basically do porn … prove that they are grown up….or….good actresses. Funny Meryl Streep and Angela Bassett are two of the best actresses around ……and they never seemed to do perverted sex scenes to be taken seriously…..oh well. These celebs are so easily brainwashed…………..yeah I’d want their paycheck , but never the lifestyle.
    @vickey……….I have BD2 and BD1 extended………………. Bill Condon is an @$$……….he should have kept Tay’s deleted scenes in the original movie….esp. the dog bowl scene……it was too cute……….and Tay was looking so yummy. I still don’t understand how or why he thought leaving out ….one of the most popular scene….from the book………was a smart idea? I wonder if he was trying to get back at Taylor because he asked to limit his shirtless scenes? Hmmmm………can’t trust anybody.

  36. kia Says:

    Emily- Thank you!!! Such a beautiful creature….

  37. kia Says:

    I like the song. Yes Taylor my body needs a hero COME AND SAVE ME!!

  38. accv Says:

    @kia… exactly. nothing wrong with wanting to shed a clean image.. especially selena.. but not like that. she could’ve waited for something more serious and meatier than having to resort to a story like that. in fact, i know she has other more serious, meatier roles that she accepted (ish) and could’ve just skipped this movie altogether. quite a disappointing move.

    is spring breakers even acceptable if you’re bored out of your mind? or so bad that it won’t even settle as a couch potato movie? :p

  39. accv Says:

    as for that video, i was mesmerized up until i heard velveeta cheese’s voice. LOL! kidding. sorta. but yes, that beautiful, beautiful man.

  40. marianne Says:

    Emily…Thanks for the video link. I visit that girl’s tumblr and missed it.

    kia…”my body needs a hero” LOL

    chanda w….IMO Bill Condon did the worst with the movies. BD1 was a yawnfest of a toooooo long wedding and snoozefest honeymoon. Although the EB shippers eat it up, the average movie goer was bored. BD2 with the bad CGI not to mention the imprinting and a lot of standing around with sullen looks does not a great movie make. I’m glad Taylor’s role in New Moon and Eclipse was the best and the worst films BD1&2 fell on RK’s shoulders. Unless the writing is excellent, books to film adaptions are never very good. Apparently, Bill Condon read the message boards at and wanted to please those fans.

  41. kia Says:

    Grown Ups 2 Trailer coming in 3 days! Lets hope Tay in it.

    Accv- a least didn’t see her face LOL , but she’s right he is HOT!

  42. Olivia Says:

    kia.. Yay I’m so happy about the trailer! I’ll just be rewinding for days to watch Tay’s parts (he better be in it) Get to see Tay being a jock/frat boy again At least he’s at just the right age to be doing these roles, it’s not too mature or immature for somebody his age. Then he can graduate naturally onto more mature roles when he gets older, no need to rush it

    Lol yeah I have no interest in seeing Spring Breakers. I like Selena but I don’t think I’ll be missing anything by skipping it. Now if it were Taylor half-naked that would be another story lol. But I think it would still be a shit movie.

  43. Emily Says:

    accv–I had the same problem with the video–I wish that part hadn’t been added at the end, but it was still worth watching. . . several times. I think the key to Taylor’s insane appeal can almost be summed up like this–he manages to be incredibly sexy/hot and adorably cute at the exact same time, both unintentionally and naturally.

    I wish that “Funny or Die” skit had been longer. It was really cute and funny, and he looked SO incredible in it–driving the tractor in the overalls with the aviators, the Gatorade bath, the arm muscles when he’s pulling up the goalpost—-gah!!!!!!!!!!

    Marianne–I agree about BC. BD 1 and 2 were my least favorite of all the movies, and my least favorite book. I even liked the blue-tinged original Twilight better.

  44. carrie Says:

    I have to disagree that Selena, Vanessa, Ashley made a mistake in doing Spring Breakers. It’s doing really well at the box office for the kind of independent film it is. And critically, it’s doing better than any of their previous work. And some of the critics who gave positive reviews LOVE it. And even think Franco is awards worthy in it. I would certainly approve of Taylor doing that kind of adventurous movie with a director as respected as Harmony Korine.

  45. Mystique Says:

    Gosh……u get side tracked and forget to check this site for a couple of days and the board is on FIRE!! Lol!

    Emily—thanks so much for the pics of Taylor @ The Orange County Hospital. :). Those pics of him and the fans are so sweet! He’s such a sweet guy…. #swoon.

    Kia—thanks for the heads up on the movie “Spring Breakers”. I wasn’t planning on seeing it anyway (it’s not really my kind of movie), but now I’m definitely not going to check it out. I’m sorry, but I agree. If those girls wanted to shed their “good girl” images, there are BETTER ways to do it. I just look at actresses like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, etc who all were able to shed their goody two shoes images as well, but in a more classy way. They’ve had gritty roles also, but theirs seemed more respected by Hollywood and didn’t have such a silly plot line. :-/.

    Marianne—–I agree with u too lol… I wouldn’t be able to last long in the film industry either, because I wouldn’t be doing any nudity, drug scenes or heavy cursing (sorry) lol. But I have a friend in the business, and although she’s not a “big name”, she’s been able to take small roles here and there without needing to go that trashy route. If others want to go that route, then good for them. They can do what they want to do, but for me….I just wouldn’t be able to do it. It wouldn’t feel right for me. :-/.

    Chanda, Emily, Accv—–Re: James Franco… I used to have a crush on him back in the Spiderman days, and I used to really appreciate him as an actor, especially in his TV role of James Dean. But NOW days, he kindof annoys me. I DO think he’s a bit pretentious, and he’s turned very odd and more eccentric over the past few years. Smh…. Plus, his career did NOT go the route that I expected it to….AT ALL. :(. I think he’s still probably a very talented actor, but his overall persona and choice in roles these days is just kindof questionable to me. I do think that he probably did a good job in Oz though. And whoa at them making Oz a “franchise”….REALLY?? Lol…..

    Kia—OMG the GUP2 Trailer is coming out on Tuesday???? Whoo hoo!! ^_^. I knew it wouldn’t be that long! Something told me that early April was the time frame. :). Omg I’m so excited! I think they’ll show him in the trailer. Afterall, Taylor is one of the main draws to this movie! Lol…

    PS–I’m also glad to know that it was Adam Sandler who asked Taylor to be in this role (contrary to SOME people’s popular belief smh….). I swear, some people spread so many false rumors smh. Anyway, I can’t wait!! :-).

  46. Mystique Says:

    “I think the key to Taylor’s insane appeal can almost be summed up like this–he manages to be incredibly sexy/hot and adorably cute at the exact same time, both unintentionally and naturally.”

    ^^Emily—You summed it up beautifully! That’s it in a nutshell lol! With Taylor you have a mix of adorableness and sexiness all wrapped into one lol. :). And he’s so “unaware” of his magnetism, and that makes him even all the MORE special and irresistible. ^_^

  47. marianne Says:

    Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates this day. Of course, Taylor is probably inside dyeing Easter eggs while Rob is out surfing in Malibu. Rob looks lonely. Thanks a lot Lautner for not managing to go with him. You could have been Malibu Tay and Rob. I’m sorry….I have been around too much dye.

    Don’t know if any of you have seen The Host. I wasn’t planning on it considering it’s another SM creation. One of the critics said what I have always maintained about SM—“lacks a decent story line.” I wonder if they plan on making it a franchise now?

  48. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Taylor was probably too busy watching Michigan’s basketball team today–no time for surfing with Rob. They won, by the way, and are in the Final Four.

  49. chanda w. Says:

    Happy Easter……….. I made the turkey and it came out great…… dotting on my nephew and missing my son. Tay’s team is in the Final Four…bet he’s jumping up and down….cutie.
    I hope Taylor doesn’t get into doing dark and twisted movies to prove he’s a good actor………he doesn’t need to. He has the appeal to be a solid action star, but I know he wants to break out of the ….just a body and pretty face…..image.
    How is it that he gets grief for doing something so tame ….as taking off his shirt………..and other actors basically have sex on film……….and they arent’ typecast?
    I sorta want him to stay clear of the other Twilight cast……… least publicly……..until he gets a new project out………just my opinion.
    Kinda lost some respect for SM…..she seems to diss her own franchise to build up another one………….she claimed she has more say in her new movie than she did with
    the Twilight franchise. Really? She was in two of the movies and was producer on the last few films. Just admit you sat back and let them screw over your story because you wanted the quick money too… honest.
    GUPS2 trailer…………hope my baby is in it. His part was suppose to be a secret, but that didn’t stay quiet for long.
    P.S. Patrick S…his girlfriend’s name is Taylor too……….interesting.

  50. kia Says:

    HAPPY EASTER!! (^-^)

  51. Emily Says:

    Happy Easter to all! I wonder if Taylor and/or his family ever go to a church service, especially on holidays like this? (If that’s even possible without getting too much unwanted attention.) It has been mentioned many times that he grew up in a “Catholic household.” Just curious about that.

    On a completely different note, those who have been following the fanfic “Crave,” the epilogue is finally up. I thought it was a great ending to a fantastic story.

  52. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—I wonder about “The Host” too, and wonder if they will try to make it into another “Twilight” franchise? Personally, I don’t think “The Host” will be as successful as “Twilight” was. I think more people had read “Twilight” first as opposed to “The Host”. Plus, when I saw the behind the scenes of the movie, there wasn’t anything that really drew me to the story, and I didn’t sense as much chemistry w/the cast. Idk… Maybe I’m just biased lol….

    Btw, I have a sneaking suspicion that Robert and Kristen are DONE lol. I’ve seen way too many “loveless” pictures of the two of them together in the past couple of weeks that lead me to believe that they will not be together for much longer. I will be VERY surprised if they are still together by the end of this year.

    Emily—I agree! I think Taylor was probably watching the Michigan B-ball game today! lol…. I thought about him today when I heard that Michigan got into the Final 4!!! ^_^

    Chanda–I agree, Taylor doesn’t need to do vulgar, overly gritty films in order to be considered a good actor or in order to shed his “good” image. I don’t mind him doing more gritty films, but just nothing that would strip him of his dignity you know what I mean??

    SM dissed the Twi Franchise?? :-/

    Also….Patrick S. gf’s name is Taylor too? Hmmm….how interesting lol. What’s her last name? Is she someone in the business too?

  53. accv Says:

    Oddly… I think Patrick S.’s girlfriend just may be non-showbiz. Just this feeling I get after watching that linked interview of him on here somewhere. He seemed interested in keeping a low-key profile. At least, that’s the impression I got from him.

    *after searching*

    I was right. She’s a classmate of his. Her last name is Burns. Welp, there goes her privacy. LOL! Kidding :p

  54. accv Says:

    By the way, her name is Taylor but she’s known by “Tootsie.” LOL!

  55. Gemma Says:

    Just thought to clarify that the host is one book so its just the one movie there isn’t anymore to it to become a franchise

  56. Mystique Says:

    I can’t WAIT for the GUP2 trailer tomorrow! Woo hoo! ^_^

  57. Emily Says:

    I refuse to get excited about it until I know Taylor is in it. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

  58. Emily Says:

    OK, I lied. I AM excited about this, even though I don’t know if Taylor is in it. Haven’t been able to find it yet, though. Somebody post a link when you see it, please.

    I went to imdb to see if it was there. Thought it was interesting that Taylor’s name is listed third in the cast list, right behind Adam and Steve Buscemi and before most of the other main characters.

  59. Mystique Says:

    Emily—I know, I’m excited too!!! ^_^ I don’t know for SURE if Taylor will be in the trailer, and if this is even the FULL-length trailer or just a teaser :-/ But, I have a STRONG sneaking suspiscion that Taylor WILL be in this upcoming trailer! Idk why, but I just feel like he will be in it. Adam knows that Taylor is a big draw. I will be VERY surprised if there’s not at least a GLIMPSE of him in this movie!

    I checked also, but nada…. :-/

    Maybe I’ll check Comingsoon…

    I hope someone can find that trailer and bring it back here for us to oogle! I just wanna know the PLOT of this movie to see if it will be funny lol! I’ll watch it regardless, but it WOULD be nice to see what the movie will be about, since I actually enjoyed Part 1. :)

  60. kia Says:

    Emily..Mystique – trailer to debut tonight on TNT during the Lakers game haftime and on Yahoo around 9pt. So basically if you live on the East coast like myself, it be around midnight. If you live in Europe you mines well wait to tomorrow or pull a all nighter.

  61. marianne Says:

    kia….Thanks for the info. My “spidey senses” tell me that if Taylor is in this trailer, it will only be a glimpse if at all. Hope I’m wrong.

  62. kia Says:

    Marianne- I have that feeling too because he’s not the main star of the movie but we all can hope.

  63. Emily Says:

    Thanks Kia. I’m off of work this week, so I’ll be ready at midnight! I bet it will be just a glimpse, if anything, too. But, if this studio milks his looks for all they’re worth like Scummit did, we may see more.

  64. Mystique Says:

    Kia—Oh WOW! Thanks for the update! During the Lakers’ game eh?? Why all the secretiveness? They don’t release trailers online before they release them on TV anymore? lol…

    Marianne—I think it will only be a glimpse of Taylor in the trailer also. I will be happily surprised if it is a speaking part in the trailer though! That would be awesome! But even just a GLIMPSE of him would be nice, because (unlike OTHER films) I have barely even seen set pictures for this movie! It’s really odd! Maybe they’re really trying to be secretive for this thing. Or….maybe they feel like this movie isn’t “important” enough to garner such pics. Idk….. :-/

    Anyway, I think I’ll probably wait until tomorrow morning since I can’t stay up that late tonight. :-/

  65. accv Says:

    Well, considering the storyline… Taylor and the frat boys are the rivals in this, right? So I’m hoping that BECAUSE of who they are in the story, they’ll be featured in both the teasers and full-length trailers. But you never know.

  66. accv Says:

    Quick question.. anyone else voting for Taylor at for the Movie Awards? Should I even care? I mean, it’s like… I’m on the fence. I want Taylor to win it because he deserves to win, but at the same time… the prize is being given to him for something he wants to dissociate from for once.

  67. accv Says:

    To clarify… I’ve been voting. It’s just… tiring to click :p

  68. kia Says:

    Accv… I feel the same way, I know he gets annoyed about the whole shirtless hoopla but I want him to win. I feel so guilty voting…..

    since the Lakers is a home game tonight I wonder will some of the GUP2 Cast will make an appearance at tonight’s game. is Patrick back from his family vacation yet Hmm..

  69. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-In answer to your question….Yes, I DID vote for Taylor (MTV Movie Awards)! I want him to move on from the whole “shirtless” thing too, but I figure hey…..he worked HARD for that body, and if they want to recognize him one last time, then why not right? I just voted once as a one last “horrah” for his Twilight body lol. Whoo hoo! I’m not doing multiple votes though, mainly because I’ve been swamped with other things, and two because I figure if he’s going to win fair and square, I don’t need to vote millions of times lol.

    He was the only guy I wanted on that list of “nominees” anyway. Although, a close second may have been Channing Tatum or Daniel Craig lol.

    But yeah, I figure it’s probably best even if Taylor DOES win, to have this be the FINAL ogling the media gets to do of his body lol, and THEN he can properly move on to other things lol.

    Although I LOVE seeing him shirtless, I totally understand why he would want to move on from that. I HIGHLY DOUBT he’ll have a “shirtless” scene in GUP2 (I’m pretty sure he probably REQUESTED that he wore a shirt at ALL times lol), so I think he’s already slowly but surely trying to move ON from all of that. lol!

    I’m sure he’ll have A shirtless scene again eventually in his career lol….but I think it’s smart of him to not want to OVERexpose himself (if he hasn’t ben overexposed already).

    Kia—-That would be SO cool (and a nice picture treat!) if the cast of GUP2 are in the audience for the Lakers game tonight! OMG! That would be SO cool! ^_^

  70. Emily Says:

    accv– I almost voted, the I decided not to do it. I really want to see him and, come on, let’s be serious–he has no competition in that category (Channing is good, but not better, IMO). But, then I don’t want to vote for something he’s trying to overcome. . . anyway, since MTV has chosen to forget about the franchise completely, they’ll probably give it to the stupid teddy bear.

  71. marianne Says:

    Emily….accv….kia….Mystique….I voted but it was with mixed feelings like the rest of you. At 19, when he finished Twilight, he is so much younger than the competition and I want him to be recognized for what he achieved. MTV essentially gave the franchise the finger this year so I kind of don’t want him to even attend. Go Ted.

  72. chanda w. Says:

    I’ll just watch the trailer online Wed. I think they are trying to keep it secretive because there are so many cameos. But, Tay better be in the trailers……I’m not even joking. I was gonna vote for Taylor at the mtv awards, but I don’t trust MTV …as it pertains to Tay………..they do seem to try to get a gotcha moment from him……..the kiss, when TS sang her song Never Ever………they zoomed in on Tay to see his reaction…….WTH….that song wasn’t for him……..he was only guy that actually treated her with respect. Anyway I did not vote…………..he said he wants to move on from that…………and even though I know when u say abs or shirtless…….his gorgeous face comes to mind…….he’s in a class by himself… they should just give him an honorary award, but if he truly wants to move on from that………he might not even show.
    They asked Nikki Minaj……….to pick someone for best shirtless scene………she picked Taylor………acting like she barely heard of Twilight…………(girl please, u know u were eyeing the underage Tay too.) Anyway, she said Tay had the best abs………then after getting coached by mtv…..she said Channing T was sexier overall (at first she did not even know who Channing was…confused him with Mark Wahlberg). Even after that she still said Tay’s abs were better. So I feel mtv is gonna give it to CT. When we all know who’s been holding it down since 2009.
    I noticed on my pinterest board of Tay………told ya…hardcore fan………….his eyes are really light…….hazel…………I bet he’s gorgeous in person. Also there is a pic of Slash (from Guns and Roses) …..he must have been in his late teens or early twenties…….he’s sitting by a pool shirtless………..looking straight at the camera………he looks just like Taylor (with long curly hair). Not like a slight resemblance like with Kris Humphries, but a dead on look a like …without the ab definition. Wish I knew how to post pics and links.

  73. accv Says:

    chanda… posting links is easier than posting pics. at least, i haven’t tried posting actual pics yet, but i mean… not that i’ve needed to. we’ve got george for that :p

    otherwise, if you wanna post a link of the picture, just copy the link from the browser bar then paste it in here :) that’s all. i just tried looking up slash early twenties poolside. didn’t get anything. meh.

  74. accv Says:

    or maybe i’m not looking hard enough :p

  75. accv Says:

    hey chanda.. is this it?

    mmm… i guess i see it, but gah, so hard not to be biased!

    is slash supposed to be that tan or is it just from being under the sun?

  76. Mystique Says:

    Aaaargh!!! I can’t even fall asleep? Is it nerves? Is it excitement over the new trailer coming out tonight? Idk…. But at THIS rate, I might as well just stay up since I only have an hr to go before the trailer comes out online. Smh lol…..

    I really wanna go to the gym tomorrow morning before work though! If I go to bed TOO late, I won’t be able to get up. :-/. *sigh*. What should I do???

  77. accv Says:

    Stay up? Watch trailer. Go to bed :p The trailer will only take a moment of your time. lol

  78. Emily Says:

    I am actually watching the Laker’s game, just waiting for halftime. They are supposed to retire Shaquille O’Neal’s jersey at halftime. Isn’t he in GU2 also??

  79. Emily Says:

    Literally just saw it seconds ago–Taylor is in it–couple of speaking lines–wearing green tank top/jersey kind of thing. Did this complicated/ridiculous handshake thing–looked pretty funny.

    They said you could see it at

  80. kia Says:

    I was going to see it just because of Taylor but it actually looks funny.

    Now I know I’m not the only one who mind went in GUTTERVILLE when he said NAKED! O_O

    Can I party with the Frat Boys?!

  81. Emily Says:

    kia–You are NOT the only one–I’d like to party with one frat boy in particular!! Can you guess which one? ;) I didn’t even recognize Milo Ventmiglia(sp?) at first, with the blonde hair. I hope that isn’t Taylor’s only scene. Shaq IS in it as well.

  82. accv Says:

    Seriously, that better not be the only part with Taylor in it. Althhougghhh, I do remember seeing a teaser picture before with Taylor in a car with some frat boys perhaps taunting Adam’s character and the others in their car. So hopefully Taylor has AT LEAST 5-10 minutes of screen time. And if he’s in there for 30 minutes, that’s a miracle. I’m hoping for 20. :p

    But oh my Lord… that green tank top/jersey whatever the hell it was… I was pretending he was shirtless :p Kidding. He could wear a paperbag sack and he’d still be gorgeous. His mouth was sexy, his face.. that wack handshake. lajfkasjdlfjasdkf. TAAYYYLLLAAHHHHH.

  83. Emily Says:

    I remember seeing a picture of the frat boys at some sort of luau, too. Maybe that’s another scene, so that would make 3. Hurry up, July!!

  84. Emily Says:

    There are already gifs out there.

    Ok, that’s all for me tonight, I need some sleep.