Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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Check out the trailer for Taylor Lautner‘s upcoming movie ‘Grown Ups 2′:

The movie is set to hit US theatres July 12th, 2013.

286 Responses to “Video: ‘Grown Ups 2′ Trailer”

  1. Mystique Says:

    Oh my GAAAAAAH just saw the trailer!!! LOL!

    Okay, this movie looks like it’s going to be silly funny. I was chuckling a little bit at some of the scenes. Taylor looked great (as usual)…..too bad I didn’t see any other scenes w/him in it. :( Anyway, I’m DEFINITELY going to see this movie when it comes out.

    Was it just me though, or did the trailer fail to really mention much of the PLOT?? O_o Like, I understood that the guys all moved back to their hometowns and stuff, but I didn’t understand if they were all going on another “family vacation getaway” trip like last time, or why the frat guys were there in the first place….Idk…

    I mean, I’m sure there will be more explanation in the movie, but I think the trailer could have been set up a little better. :-/ That’s just my two cents.

    But other than that, glad to see the trailer!! FINALLY! ^_^ And Taylor better be in the movie in a different scene! :D

    PS—–You think the frat boys get naked too?? Lol…… one can only dream lol… *giggle*

  2. Emily Says:

    Since Taylor was wearing a shirt while lots of the other frat boys were shirtless, I think it’s safe to assume we won’t be seeing any major skin from him. :_( I guess we’ll just have to be content with his arms. I’m just happy to see his beautiful little face in a movie again.

  3. vera Says:

    not bad :) I’m glad to see his comic side, it is always perfectly turned out.
    this film-workout before the big jump, I’m sure of it.
    go, Taylor! I love you and I believe in you.

  4. Mystique Says:

    Emiliy—-Yeah, I think you’re right Emily. Oh well…I’ll be content just seeing his arms lol. Let the other guys be shirtless lol. I saw Patrick S. in the scene too! I didn’t even recognize Milo! WOW!

    I hope they make another trailer closer to the date.

  5. marianne Says:

    Emily….Yeah, I think we can assume his abs are going to be covered in this movie…boo. Oh well, he has some awesome arms!!! We need a party post when this movie finally comes out.

    Mystique…The day TL gets naked on screen is the day the movie theater installs oxygen masks for his fans to survive.

  6. kia Says:

    I always thought he can do well in comedy. Since SNL,Funny or Die and the Movie Awards skits.
    Question? Does anybody want to learn “The Incredible Handshake?

  7. kia Says:

    Marianne,Mystique….. LAWD they would have to put out a warning sign!

    Party Post? I’m in!!

  8. Emily Says:

    Marianne–I doubt my heart could take it, even with the oxygen masks. I’m already trying to decide who I can beg to go with me to see this. But, heck, I’ll go by myself if I have to.

  9. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—ROTFL!!! I think you’re right! I can just hear the announcement coming over the speakers in the theater like they do for airplanes.

    Announcer: “Ladies, please fasten your seatbelts. In the event of a loss of oxygen while watching this movie, oxygen masks will come down from the ceiling. Please make sure to attach your mask to your face FIRST before trying to help anyone else.” LOL!! Rotfl!

    Kia–Yeah, I think comedy (or anything different) is good for him. :) Now I’m finding that this trailer is NOT enough! I NEED to see more! lol

    Marianne, Kia, Emily—I’m all for a Party Post/Viewing Party!!! We should choose a date to all go see it opening weekend (in our respective areas) and then come back here to the boards and discuss!!! ^_^

    The movie comes out (supposedly) Friday, July 12! I should be free that weekend to go see it.

    @Emily—I think I’m going to have to end up going solo as well. I don’t think anyone will be going to go see this but me lol. But oh well…I don’t care! Sometimes I actually LIKE going to movies by myself every once in a while, instead of with a big group lol. Big groups sometimes can be so distracting lol. I’ll be happy just by myself with my bucket of popcorn looking at Taylor on the screen lol.

  10. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I’ve only been by myself once and that was to see Abduction for the second time. I actually didn’t mind being alone. I’m in for the viewing party!

  11. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-Awww! I only got to see “Abduction” once in the theaters, and I went w/my sister and (believe it or not) my mom! lol

    I saw “Lincoln” by myself in the theaters. I didn’t think anyone would want to go w/me. Now look, it got all of these Oscar nods and awards. :)

    I’m perfectly happy going to the movies alone to see this. I’ve done it before quite a few times, so it’s no biggie for me. But maybe I’ll see if my sister wants to go. If not, then I won’t care. I’m STILL going to see it lol.

  12. marianne Says:

    Emily….Mystique….I remember several girls on Jacob related sites saying they went to see New Moon and Eclipse by themselves because they wanted to enjoy their favorite book character without distraction. The problem for me with the Twi movies is that there are always some hardcore Sparklepants and Belweird fans near me and their swooning over their kisses makes me want to gag. I have to restrain myself from smacking them senseless. I prefer watching the DVDs at home.

  13. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    This is sure another side of Taylor, playing the frat boy bully. Since it has Taylor in it, I will go see it. J♥

  14. Mystique Says:

    Marianne–Lol…yea I’ve heard that as a typical complaint while watching the Twi movies lol. Was it really that bad in the audience?? I’ve never seen the TWi movies at the theaters, I’ve always just seen them on TV or rented them. Sounds like the theaters for those films have always been pretty “vocal” lol…. I’m not used to that! :)

  15. Emily Says:

    The only ones I saw in theater were BD 1 & 2. I was worried about that, but was pleasantly surprised. Only real noise in 1 were catcalls and whistles when Taylor took his shirt off. In 2, same for his strip scene and then everyone (including me) was yelling and laughing at the end when we realized what the “twist” was. I guess I lucked out and didn’t encounter any obnoxious Robstens.

  16. accv Says:

    Yahhhhh… I’ve experienced my share of Robstens freaking out over w/e, but then Taylor always got something. Like the catcalls and whistles and some even yelled things out, including me :p And I mean, with such a gorgeous specimen such as Taylor, how could you NOT stay quiet when he gets on screen in all his glory? lol!

  17. accv Says:

    Actually, Kristen even got some whistles from the last movie because she finally became a vampire and well… you know. lol!

  18. carrie Says:

    lol, Kristen got booed at the end in my theater during BD2. But besides that Taylor got the most reactions during the movie.

  19. kia Says:

    I may go see it with my cousin since he liked the first one.Ironically he pick to see GUP1 when I saw Eclipse because he can’t stand twilight. LOL.

    accv..She became a vampire in the last movie? I though she just raided Alice closet and did a makeover.

  20. marianne Says:

    kia…”raided Alice closet and did a makeover” LOL. Bella was a more interesting character for me when she didn’t care that much about shopping and clothes and drove a truck. Kristen did receive a few boos in my theater too. I wonder what promos etc. would have been like if Kristen hadn’t got caught with Rupbert before BD2. Would there have been a special photoshoot of the cast since it was the last movie?

  21. carrie Says:

    I think promo would’ve been really different if Kristen hadn’t cheated with Rupert. We would’ve gotten an EW photo shoot, I bet. We might have gotten cast commentary on the DVD. But mostly I’m sure there would’ve been more barf-worthy Robsten photoshoots/interviews/MTV Best Kiss awards and stuff, so no big loss, imo. As Taylor fans, I think we came out ahead. I just wish Tay had done more solo photoshoots like he did for Eclipse and BD1 promo.

  22. accv Says:

    Hah! @ kia

    You’ve got a point. She started dressing more womanly, put makeup on and fixed her hair. Then she added red contact lenses. Such a big vampire transformation. WOOOOO. :p

  23. Mystique Says:

    Lol @ Taylor getting the most cat calls in the theater….. Lol!

    Hmmmm….I wonder why?? lol. ^_^

  24. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Isn’t it ironic that Rob/Edward is the supposed “perfect specimen of a man” (ha!), and yet, most of the actual viewing public just didn’t quite react to him in that way? I remember thinking when I saw the first movie, “THAT is who they got to play this guy that’s supposed to have the “most beautiful face”??? He is definitely not what I had pictured in my head when I read the books. (and when he took his shirt off in New Moon, I definitely didn’t have the same reaction as I did when Taylor did it) Don’t get me wrong, I think Rob is pretty nice-looking in real life ( only when he’s all cleaned up for a premiere or something), but I just thought he looked weird in the movies–probably had a lot to do with the pasty makeup and too-red lips. However, it probably has even more to do with my bias against his character and my bias toward a certain precious/beautiful werewolf and the guy who played HIM. :)

  25. accv Says:

    Funny thing is… I actually preferred Rob in Twilight than to Taylor in Twilight. I actually thought he was quite the stunner in the first movie. Then Taylor bulked up and became VA-VA-VOOM and blew Rob outta the water from then on. :p

  26. kia Says:

    I thought Edward was attractive in the first twilight also but through out the films they made him fugly to fuglier to WTH to ? As for Jacob they made him cute to sexy to sexier to SEX to DAME to MY OVARIES IS DESTROY…

  27. marianne Says:

    After reading Twilight, I was tired of SM having Belweird harp on how gorgeous Eduardo was that I was already starting to dislike him. When I saw the first Twilight, I was so distracted by Rob’s awful acting that his looks were secondary. Kristen’s acting was her usual “angsty” self so she didn’t seem too bad and Taylor was hardly in the first movie. After New Moon, I knew why I didn’t care for pale guys!!!

  28. Emily Says:

    accv–In Twilight, I just thought Taylor was a really cute kid with a sweet smile. He was definitely not on my radar yet. It wasn’t until New Moon that my eyes were opened and life as I knew it was changed forever–ha, ha, I know that was an overly-dramatic statement.

    I also have never cared for the gangly, slightly awkward, really messed up hair, more “artsy” looking guy, so I guess I wasn’t drawn to Rob/Edward anyway. I’ve always preferred sportier guys with a little muscle. . . hence you can see which “team” would appeal more to me.

    marianne–I agree that I got irritated by how much Bella harped on Edward’s “looks” in the books. He was also so conflicted and serious all the time and they never actually DID anything other than sit around talking about how much they loved each other. That probably did cause me to kind of be “over him” before I even saw the movies.

    I will say that I thought Rob looked best as Edward at the end of Twilight when they are dancing at the prom. I think that moment when he kissed her neck was the most chemistry the two of them ever had together throughout all the movies. Just my opinion, though.

    OK, Taylor, time to give us some more pictures of you doing something. I feel wrong discussing Rob on here instead of you!!!

  29. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-Lol…yeah, it IS funny isn’t it?? “Edward” was SUPPOSED to be everything, but Taylor ended up giving Edward a little competition. I wonder if the director(s) intended for this to happen?

    Accv, Kia–Lol, I actually didn’t mind Rob’s looks in the early Twilight movies. He looked pretty good in Twilight actually, but he was just weird looking. He was weird-cute (if that makes sense) lol! But at the same time, I thought Taylor was cute. I thought he was young… a cute, nice young guy with a sweet smile. It was weird, because I thought Taylor was cute w/the wig on in Twilight. He looked so adorable in his little winter hat lol. I even liked him towards the end of the movie at the prom scene (?) when Jacob comes to warn Bella…about the “cold ones”….he looked so cute!! Even though he didn’t go to their school. I thought his hair and him all dressed up was so cute. ^_^

    But when I saw him in “New Moon” I was like: “CALL the Dr!” O_O My jaw dropped! lol…. I hated his wig in “New Moon’ (for some reason it didn’t look like the one in “Twilight”), but when Sam got a hold of him and he cut his hair I was like “WOW….he’s hot!” lol… :)

  30. accv Says:

    OH GOSH. HATED that wig, just like Taylor did. The only guy/character I ever liked with long hair was the guy that played Selena’s husband in “Selena.” That popular Hispanic singer that was killed. Such a tragedy… she had great songs and a beautiful voice. Otherwise, long hair on guys… bleh. LOL! The fact that Taylor can’t even do it for me means something. p

  31. Emily Says:

    I hate long hair on guys too, accv! I didn’t like the wig on Taylor either, but I actually thought the one in NM looked better than the one in Twilight–maybe the hairline looked more natural, or something.

    Mystique–Yeah, when the wig and the shirt came off, it was a whole new ballgame! ;)

  32. firereign Says:

    Catherine Fisher author of Incarceron & Sapphique has announced they have just signed a new option with Amber Entertainment (producers of the Golden Compass, the new version of Romeo & Juliet are a couple of their projects) . A writer has been chosen to write the screenplay & she will be closely involved in its development. NO CASTING DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE!! (The original announcement a couple of years ago had Taylor attached but negotiations between the producers – publishers fell through – nothing having to do with Taylor). It is starting from scratch so keep in mind it will take awhile to get it into production. As far as casting – that will come later – so it is still possible.

  33. firereign Says:

    Should have said that much of these things are done behind closed doors & could be underway but we are probably not talking about filming in 2013 – (all this hinges on that the deal does not fall through again). The only certainty today that something will go into production (greenlit) is when a specific date is given for filming to start – but I don’t breathe easy until the cameras are actually rolling – times are tough.

  34. marianne Says:

    firereign….I enjoyed Incarceron and Catherine Fisher is a good writer so I was happy when I heard Taylor was originally attached to this. I know there was a lot of crabbing when TL was first cast but he is older now and I think he would do a good job. It would be nice if it was still possible for him to do it but I won’t get my hopes too high. Thanks for the info.

  35. Emily Says:

    Well, I will have to go back and finish reading Sapphique now. I read Incarceron when the news of Taylor maybe being involved came out, just so I would know what it was about. It took me a while to get into it (that genre not being my cup of tea, at all), but I enjoyed it when I was done. I couldn’t make myself finish the sequel–it was just really strange, but maybe I’ll give it another try this summer when I have more time to devote to it.

    Thanks for the info, as always, firereign!

  36. Emily Says:

    Here is a link to a really good one-shot story. I saw on a tumblr site I visit, this question–What if the only reason that Jacob didn’t imprint on Bella was because of her mind shield? She didn’t know how to let it down, so her mind was never open to the imprint. This, to me, is a much better explanation than he was always drawn to Bella’s “egg that would become Renesmee.” I’ll never buy that. I won’t ever be satisfied with the way the story played out, so I’m always open to better alternatives. If SM’s version of events irritated you, like me, I recommend this:

  37. joanie Says:

    Thanks firereign. Checked it out and saw Catherine Fisher made her announcement on March 25. Taylor talking to Seacrest at Childrens Hospital on March 22 was when he said in 2 months he should know about a much darker with romance project (maybe they are in negotiations???)…read the books & it is definitely dark and complicated with a lot of physical & athletic action. What I also liked was the fact there are several strong major characters both female & male.with a wide age range (similar to Mortal Instruments) . It encompasses fantasy & science fiction and like Emily says it’s quirky & very different. And the romantic part is not the main focus but interesting….if Taylor would be cast as Finn there are 2 very different girls to focus on….but the main thrust is intrigue, escape and role playing.
    Also shows don’t count on IMDB info.

  38. joanie Says:

    @Emily mind shield – that definitely makes more sense then the asinine idea that his inner Jacob just knew that virginal Bella was gonna get a bun in the oven in the future and it was written in the stars that he had to protect and stay chained to Bella till it happened and then he would be rewarded by being forever chained to a bit of pastry that wasn’t really a pastry but made up of a bunch of ingredients no one ever heard of before that would have the shelf life of a twinkie but never as good (I peg Jacob as a HO-HO man, wolf, man-wolf whatever. With all the delectables someone like Jacob could have he certainly wouldn’t want a prefab biscuit – he’d want the real thing & he could get it simply by a simple 1/2 crooked smile. Instead the HOSTess with the most est rewards him by taking away his freewill and condemns him to playing tea party and paper dolls for 10 years till the hybrid catches up with him maturity wise – ughhhh- this is twisted…poor guy.

  39. Emily Says:

    joanie– I loved your take on the whole imprinting thing–so funny!

    “HOSTess with the most-est”—-HA!

  40. marianne Says:

    joanie….LOL on your imprinting post. “Shelf life of a twinkie” “prefab biscuit” Imprinting will never be the same for me. Are you sure you don’t write for Mad Magazine? I agree with you on the main thrust of Incarceron not being the romance but the escape and intrigue. I know some of the objections to Taylor as Finn was his bulked up look in Twilight but since he has slimmed down, I think he can pull Finn’s prisoner look off.

  41. annie Says:

    @joanie “playing tea party and paper dolls for 10 years” – love it. You sure got things tied up there. HOSTess with the most ess – (HOST of course the book/movie but Hostess was the company that made twinkies, hoho’s, ding dongs that went bankrupt.

    @emily yes the mind shield would’ve been a lot better than the way it went down… (we could take this Bella’s “egg” thing really down the gutter path” – James & company are responsible for the shapeshifting & when he “changed” Jacob’s wolfie nose catches scent of Bella’s maturation & his sense of smell latched onto the egg – so we can blame James …. I never really could comprehend how Jacob’s wolf spirit knew but didn’t know about Nessie b4 Bella was preggers – like did the angel Gabriel appear in his dreams and inform him what was gonna happen-“stick to Bella & be her guardian for you are destined to imprint on the fruit of the human/vamp spawn (SM stole the St Joseph & virgin birth from the Bible is all I could think of) and so he needed to be a befuddled muddle headed tool that Bella could control with every “save me Jacob” snap of her fingers no matter how many times b4 she kicked him to the curb. The mind shield never thought of that one, but neither did the HOSTess.

    and Taylor no matter how frugal mom & dad brought you up it costs to live in CA…get a job son… we do miss you so….INCARCERON…pretty complex…It would be something I would want to see even if he wasn’t in it….here’s HOPING

  42. accv Says:

    Although I wouldn’t care if it was Tracers or Incarceron… Tracers seems to be the one in queue for Taylor. Whatever… as long as he starts something. But honestly… wasn’t he supposedly training for Tracers when those pics of him playing football surfaced?

  43. kia Says:

    Sometimes imb is not trustworhty so I’m not getting to excited about the whole Incarceron rumor.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-yea I HATED that wig also! But I especially hated it in New Moon for some reason smh :-/. It just didn’t look natural at all. Or maybe I didn’t really like how they did his hair (ponytail or half ponytail look). But the hair cut looked real nice. :-). Just goes to show that natural is BETTER! ^_^.

    Emily—you know it’s funny, cuz I actually don’t mind long hair on guys. Well, not TOO too long, but like, Johnny Depp’s hair length is fine to me. It’s ironic because even though I hated Taylor’s wigs in the Twi Franchise, I actually think he would look pretty hot with his OWN longer hair! :). It would be a different look on him for sure! Couple that longer hair with a little facial hair/stubble?? Oh man…he’d be hot for sure in my book.

    Hmmm…..@Marianne, @Joanie—does the characte in Incarceron have longer hair and facial stubble? Lol…..I’d love to see Taylor take on a role where he was more “gritty” looking, but then gets a makeover and looks “normal”. Lol!

    Firereign—thanks for the update on Incarceron! Glad to see that it hasn’t been completely scrapped. :).

    Joanie—omg, your explanation of imprinting was hilarious!! I’m over here cracking up!! Rotfl! :-D.

    Emily—That is so interesting….the whole “mind shield” theory. That would certainly explain a lot!!! I just think (no offense) that SM got really LAZY towards the end, and completely butchered Jacob’s story/destiny. :-/. Maybe she felt pressured to write BD1 & 2 and her heart wasn’t truly in it or something. :-(. Jacob imprinting on Renesme just seemed like such a HUGE cop out. Smh… Why couldn’t Seth have imprinted on Renesme?? He was younger lol. Jacob could have imprinted on ANY one other than “Nessie” (gag), but nooo…SM ensured that Jacob would be forever tied to Bella.

  45. chanda w. Says:

    OMG!! I luv this trailer………..I was only going to see my husband…Tay, but it looks like it will be a very funny movie. I’m glad Taylor is comfortable being in a group…………….cause he always stands out. Sexy @$$!
    Still don’t know how to post pics…………..
    @accv…………that wasn’t the pic………..of Slash…………there is another one………..he must have been very young……….I’ll try to get it on here.
    Tay went out of his way not to take his shirt off in GUPS2, so I doubt he’ll be at the mtv awards……….oh well , I wasn’t watching anyway. Darn it………..he looked good in that trailer.
    I also think if the PR stunt scandal did not happen…..Taylor would have been on more covers and Twi…..would have gotten a better send off………that is the only thing that bothered me about all of that pretend drama……….Taylor got hurt too……………even though he had nothing to do with any of that crap. Still think it was planned out…….how u gonna cheat outside in broad daylight?
    Bella got the best of both worlds………she was so in love w/Ed……..but it seemed she was saying ………if this $#!%….dont’ work out…….Jacob keep your fine butt close by.
    and that is what happened………Jacob never left her…………even after the marriage,baby, transformation……….he was right there. Yeah he imprinted on Nessie, but she still had to grow to a certain age……….in the meantime…………Bella had her cake……….and was eating it too.
    Tay would look hot with long hair…..right above his shoulders. It is clear he’s woking on something new. Even if he wasn’t……..think he’s set financially.
    With all the new info on Tay …………think his fans would be satisfied, but even with weekly updates, pics, interviews, now trailer clips…………some still complain.
    Remember when we were barely getting semi monthly fan pics…………..and everyone was so excited…..just to see his handsome face………..funny.
    Well I’m happy and doing the countdown for GUPS2.

  46. kia Says:

    Taylor where are you??!! I need to see your beautiful face!

  47. accv Says:

    @chanda… oh, sorry! yah. i just looked up slash early twenties poolside and came across that. i had an inkling it wasn’t the picture, but i figured why not ask. :p

  48. marianne Says:

    kia…Maybe he will go to the Clippers vs Lakers game tomorrow.

  49. Emily Says:

    He needs to be on his way to Atlanta– Michigan just won and is headed to the championship game Monday.
    Go Blue (strictly for Taylor’s sake–I couldn’t care less, personally)!!

  50. chanda w. Says:

    What …Taylor’s team is in the championship……….well that’s now my team……go Michigan!!

  51. accv Says:

    Bahahaha! Love how whatever Taylor is into, we get into. We’re such a loyal fandom. Gotta love ya’ll :)

  52. Emily Says:

    accv–Got into the Super Bowl, cake batter ice cream, and now, apparently, Michigan sports–all because of him!! :)

  53. accv Says:

    @Mystique.. That wig.. I don’t know what it was about it that bugged the hell out of me, but perhaps I just can’t stand long hair on guys, no matter how good-looking they are. Although that wig looked clean, kept and silky… just no. Still took away from Taylor’s beauty.

  54. accv Says:

    Oh, and another funny tidbit. At work, one of my coworkers was asking out loud if anyone knew what MMA is and I’m thinking… why does that sound familiar? lol! so I looked it up right away and was like… I KNEW IT! So I go… “mixed martial arts.” And she’s like, “Thanks girl!” Teehee.

    Then I was thinking out loud and I go… “Ahhh no wonder why it was familiar… Taylor was into it back in the day.” Yes, shame on me. “Into it” doesn’t begin to describe his involvement. :p But yah, my coworker laughed at me.

  55. accv Says:

    I honestly almost replied with “something movie awards.” Dear lawd. :p

  56. Emily Says:

    accv- I had to educate my dad (who is a car nut) about the Fisker Karma, not too long ago. I was telling him all about it and he said, “How do you know about this? I’ve never heard of it.” After some hem-hawing around, I said, “Well, a certain actor I really like has one.” He just laughed and said, “You and your wolfboy.” Yeah, he knows me well.

    I was thinking “MTV Movie Awards” right when you mentioned MMA first. :/

  57. kia Says:

    accv..Emily- LOL

  58. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Chanda, Accv—YES! Taylor’s team IS doing really well in the playoffs! Or, whatever they call it for basketball lol. My heart swelled up with pride when I heard the Michigan beat Kansas and is now one step closer to victory! I just KNOW he had to have been watching/keeping up w/the game this weekend!! ^_^. Go Blue lol!!

    And yes, it is pretty funny how we get into stuff Taylor’s into lol. It’s pretty cute actually. ^_^.

    Accv–yea I understand, I guess long hair on guys just isn’t some people’s thing. Plus, most of the time wigs never look natural to me anyway. I much prefer natural hair, but I would love to see Taylor with long shoulder-length hair ONE day. Even if it’s just hair extensions for a movie role or something. In fact, extensions would look more natural than a wig if he grew his hair out.

    Emily–lol that’s cute that you’re educating your dad on cars, all because of Taylor lol :). Hey, I see nothing wrong in having a degree in Tayology haha. I’m working towards my own as we speak! Lol

    Accv—yep! Taylor was involved with MMA….but was it my imagination, but wasn’t Taylor more involved with XMA (Extreme Martial Arts)? Or did he do both? From what I understand, XMA is a combo of MMA (or martial arts) mixed with gymnastics/acrobatic moves. I could be wrong, but I could have sworn Taylor has mentioned this in an interview before.

  59. accv Says:

    Hahaha! Emily… “Well, a certain actor I really like has one.” Your dad knows you well enough that he already knew so saying a “certain actor” just became totally pointless. lol! He was probably thinking… “yah… certain actor my butt… aka TAYLOR WOLFBOY.” :p

  60. marianne Says:

    Looks like our guy is still mia??? I read an article that talked about what the next Twilight movie will be. Apparently, The Host didn’t have the kind of monetary success that Twilight did so they are looking to the other YA films coming out. To me you just can’t manufacture a success by patterning it from something else which is what the movie makers seem to do. Twilight was fan driven and people liked the cast. They saw them having dinner together and hanging out in Vancouver. I am finding it annoying that everyone wants to crap on Twilight but are looking for the next one. Ugh.

  61. kia Says:

    Marianne- I agree ,I hate when there’s a new franchise movie the media always called the lead actors “the new Rob,Kristen and Taylor. Like “Bitch please!

  62. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—oh I know what you mean. I hate the fact that Twilight (or ANY sensation that GIRLS/women love) seems to get crapped on, yet in trailers or during promotions they’ll tout it as “the next Twilight!”, or “better than Twilight”…… Pfft!!! The fact that you had to compare the movie to Twilight in the FIRST place should really tell you something right there. Ha!

    I just hate how anytime there’s somethig that the majority of women like, people always criticize it, or it’s looked at as “fluff”. But yet when it’s something the majority of MEN like, it garners sooo much respect and praise. *insert eyeroll here*

  63. accv Says:

    @Mystique… ohhh myyyy. I’m ashamed. I can’t believe I mistook XMA for MMA. Yes. Taylor was the junior champion for XMA, right? Something to that effect. I knew MMA was familiar though, anyways. It’s got similarities to XMA… as in the last two letters :p

    @Kia and Marianne… seriously. All these new movie franchises are trying too hard to be the new Twilight. And yet, everyone’s so eager to crap on it. Hypooocrites. And no, there will never be a new Taylor. Maybe Robsten’s replaceable but not our guy :p For example, Josh Hutch.. he’s definitely no Taylor. Well, in terms of looks and overall personality, so not comparable. Then the second “love interest” in that Mortal Instruments franchise, Simon? Whatever he’s supposed to be. Yah. No Taylor. He’s just one in a bajillion.

  64. accv Says:

    @Mystique… sexism? Women are seen as soft (“fluff,” no substance), so then most “chick flicks” are seen as that, too.

    And I like how you said the majority of what men like, garners the respect and praise. Although, I have to say.. the Transformers franchise is one of the exceptions when it garnered mixed reactions. But then again, a lot of what the men raved over was seeing Megan Fox. Not an actress in the least, but so attractive that she “deserved” the praise. The first movie was hyped over the CGI because everyone was like, “ZOMG. PERSONIFIED GIANT TOY ROBOTS. AND THEY’RE BATTLING IT OUT. THINGS ARE COMBUSTING. GREATEST THING EVAR.” :p Yahhh… sooo deserving of respect and praise. Lame.

  65. accv Says:

    Advertisers would make boatloads on Taylor. Commercials, too. In fact, I wish he had some TV commercials, but I mean… he’s a movie star.

  66. Emily Says:

    I cannot believe that he hasn’t gotten some kind of endorsement deal to advertise something. Every time I see a cologne add, I always think, “Taylor would look even better than that guy. ” He could do some suit (or underwear–ha–just wishful thinking on my part) designers (Calvin Klein, anyone?) or even Gatorade( when he threw his t-shirt over his shoulder when the cast was on Ellen for BD1–it looked just like a sports commercial). Lots of big names do it. But, I know he wants success not just based on his looks, so it probably won’t happen. Not that he needs endorsements for anything–it would just be another chance to see him. :(

  67. Mystique Says:

    Accv—-lol it’s okay! You were close with the XMA/MMA thing. :). Yea Taylor did Xtreme Martial Arts which is a little different, but it’s cool. He still has a black belt, so hey…I think he’s fully capable of defending himself. In fact, he is one actor I would not want to meet in a dark alley…unless of course lol…But no seriously, he’s so athletic and has been doing that XMA stuff since he was like what….7 years old? So ummm yea… I know he always plays so humble and stuff in regards to his martial arts background, but something tells me that if he really needed to, all of that training would come back in a flash lol! Oh and add Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, and Jackie Chan to the list of actors I would NOT want to meet in a dark alley somewhere lol! :-D. Some people are just natural born athletes!

    And you’re right, nobody can compare to Taylor. Tay has the total package. :). It’s so funny that their trying so desperately hard to recapture the popularity (READ: Money) of Twilight, but it’s not going to work! You can’t continue to churn out films and use the same formula, cramming things down viewers throats hoping that they will give the same reaction. It has to happen NATURALLY.

    Yea I agree with you about Taylor doing TV commercials. Taylor is a movie actor, so if he did do a commercial I just hope it would be something worthwhile. For example, I could see him doing an Armani commercial for cologne for men or something. He wouldn’t even have to say anything, he could just be well dressed, and shown in the ad briefly. Lots of respectable actors have done ads for cologne AND perfume before (Brad Pitt, James Franco, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, etc).

  68. chanda w. Says:

    I would luv to see Tay in a commercial too……..we got to get our boy on the cover of something…….men’s health again………bodies r us lol………..anything….miss his face.
    No fans pics…….he must be in hiding…big time. Oh cutie.

    Michigan lost…….crap……….they are a great team, but Louisville had the storyline going and I was happy for the injured player..forgot his name………..his team went all the way for him. They had some nice looking players too.

    I wonder now if the new movie Tay is working on ….is Incarceron or Tracers………either one is fine with me/ can’t wait to see him back on the screen.

  69. accv Says:

    Awww FOOIE. I had previously typed something out on here on another tab and I just closed it without realizing there was still something being typed in this area. Fail :p

    Anyways… @Mystique.. I didn’t realize Matthew McConaughey and James Franco are respectable actors. :p Kidding. Sorta.

    As for Taylor doing TV comms… he could do sports apparel commercials, car commercials… yes, DEFINITELY cologne commercials. In fact, aside from models, singers and actresses doing high-end perfume commercials (Charlize for Dior, anyone? ;p), there HAVE been men’s cologne commercials with like… uhhh… can someone give me a name? :p Maybe David Beckham? I was trying to think of an A-list actor. For some reason, I feel like I’ve seen one with Matthew McConaughey but I didn’t think he was A-list :p And like you said @Mystique… he doesn’t have to say a word. Although, there are voiceovers. He could do a voiceover and let it do its magic while he acts out a script or models. I know Britney Spears has done her perfume commercials with voiceovers. At least it seems to me like voiceovers. She just acts out a script or w/e and models and the voiceover does its job. Funny thing is… she does better acting in her commercials than in actual films. “Crossroads,” anyone? :p I guess bad “actors/actresses” just do better in increments. Hah. And Megan Fox in that music video for Rihanna and Eminem’s collaboration. Anyway, I rest my case.

    This doesn’t mean Taylor would be better in a commercial, just pointing out that voiceovers are fine for serving their purpose as replacement dialogue.

    And that’s funny you say you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley because of his athleticism and black belt in XMA. But you know, I get the impression that despite being such a nice guy, do NOT mess with the people most important to him. I’m like that, too. I prefer to get along with everyone, unless I can tell right away that I won’t. Otherwise, we’re good until you mess with the people I love and care about. I can see Taylor being like that. I saw it in his face when he, Kristen and her posse left that Troubador club. He seems to have a quiet anger. It seems you really have to push his buttons in order for him to blow up and if that’s the case, he’s got long patience which can be both good and bad.

  70. marianne Says:

    accv….It seems like they are using fewer men celebrities to promote products. For instance, the last Armani fragrance ad I saw had a guy that resembles Taylor in a lot of ways i.e. dark hair, skin, built but they don’t need to pay them as much. The Brad Pitt commercial was a lot of money for a weird ad imo. I heard Rob’s fans talking about a Dior commercial he supposedly made. Anybody else hear that?

    Taylor looks like he is ready to pop a blood vessel when you see his jaw get tight and bulge. I’ve seen in it pics when he is papped with Sara. He has had a trial by fire with the Twi fandom and hasn’t really lost it like the Biebs. Although the Biebs seems a little staged since his bodyguards seem to step in.

  71. kia Says:

    Marianne- I’ve heard Rob’s Dior commercial is very provocative there’s supposed to have topless models ,foursomes and every hoopla. I know that Brad commercial got alot of flack.

  72. carrie Says:

    Jude Law does Dior. Garrett Hedlund does Yves St. Laurent. James Franco and Chris Evans do Gucci. Eddie Redmayne does Burberry. Alexander Skargaard does Calvin Klein. Aaron Johnson and Benicio del Toro do Prada.

    Those are some of the biggies I can think of. I know that like Kellan has done some lower tier campaigns and Zac Efron did something for John John denim. And yes, there are rumors that Rob is doing a Dior campaign, but nothing has come out yet. If Taylor wanted I think he could definitely do some kind of campaign, it’s just a question of if he’d be feeling the offers he’d get.

  73. accv Says:

    @Carrie… you know, I think you have a point about Taylor doing some kind of campaign. It doesn’t seem likely that he hasn’t received any offers since his transformation in New Moon. I’m guessing many of those offers wanted him to be shirtless or just ooze sex appeal and that’s not what he wants. Just too bad. I’d watch them over and over again ;p

    Also, thanks for the names. I prefer Chris Evans over Franco for Gucci. Chris Evans is another hot thang for me. Although most gals oogled over him in Avengers, there’s this movie he did with Anna Faris that just… omg. Cliche movie, but he looked absolutely delicious. He wasn’t even dressed to the T… quite laidback and he just.. oh man. HE reminds me of an actual Ken doll, whereas Taylor is the tanner version. Both unbelievably gorgeous specimens… but Taylor just has more oomph when it comes to attitude and personality.

  74. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—I know….I’m so sad Michigan lost. :( Booo!!! :-/ They were SO close too! Oh well…..maybe next year! :)

    Carrie—Thanks for the “stat’s”! Wow! You really know your stuff! I knew many of those celebrities did commercials and ads, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they advertised 9 times out of 10. That’s so cool you remembered all of that! Wow! :)

    Accv–Rotfl @ your jab to Matthew McConaughey & James Franco lol! Rotfl!
    Yeah, it would be SO cool to see Taylor in a commercial these days. A more recent commercial would be nice. :) He “technically” did a “commercial” a few years back but I don’t think it was aired in the US.

    Here’s the commercial(s) if anyone’s interested! Lol….at least it’s SOMETHING! :)

  75. marianne Says:

    Does anyone know why there is a sudden push to boycott the MTV awards? I know Taylor doesn’t matter to the Robstens but Kristen is up for an award and I thought her fans would support her. Also, what is the sudden appearance of Ashley Benson with the funk bunch? Has she always been a part of that group? Things I think about when Taylor is mia. Ugh.

  76. kia Says:

    Marianne- I’m a little surprise that Taylor didn’t go to kstew B’day party yesterday but Ashley was did. It seems that the Funkateers (Scout,CJ,Suzie) is loving the attention there getting from the shippers..

    Is people really gonna boycott?

  77. marianne Says:

    kia… Attention from the shippers…oh. Thanks. I’m kind of glad he wasn’t part of the Bday party because he can’t be blamed for c++kblocking the epic “love”.

  78. kia Says:

    Marianne- “Epic love” LOL It wasn’t that “Epic” when them exclusive pics came out last summer.. Maybe Taylor didn’t go because he got tired of telling them “make sure you wash before you go out”

  79. TDL_Jeanne Says:

    ASK the cast a question on Unscripted! Not sure whether Taylor will be on the panel or not, but…! J♥

  80. carrie Says:

    I think people wanted to boycott the MMAs when BD2 was snubbed for everything, but now they’re all cheating to win that Best Hero award for Kristen. Short memories since most of them said they wanted to forget SWATH existed. lol, it’s so funny watching the Robsten shippers freak out everytime Rob and Kristen go anywhere. It’s like they’re the only ones left who don’t find that couple gross. The day they break up will be amazing.

    Speaking of MMAs, I was thinking the other day, that Taylor’s the only one of the Twi-crowd who actually has a REASON to show up…both as a nominee (that wasn’t added at the last second) and to promote his new movie. I hope he goes.

  81. Mystique Says:

    Carrie—-I hope Taylor goes to the MMA’s too! :). I just wanna see his face again….. ^_^. That’s selfish I know lol…but I just wanna see him. ^_^. <3

  82. kia Says:

    Carrie..Mystique- Remember he showed up last year unannounced and nearly gave the fandom a heartattack! I’m keeping my eyes peel this year!

  83. Mystique Says:

    Kia—-You’re right!!! You’re right!! I remember I watched last year (wasn’t expecting anything) and I was SOOOO not expecting to see him there! But BOY he looked soooooooo good! I nearly fell out of my seat! LOL! :D


  84. Mystique Says:

    *Awaiting Moderation*

    Kia—-You’re right!!! You’re right!! I remember I watched last year (wasn’t expecting anything) and I was SOOOO not expecting to see him there! But BOY he looked soooooooo good! I nearly fell out of my seat! LOL! :D


  85. Mystique Says:

    Guh… He’s so handsome….

    I remember that day well because that was the FIRST time I saw him making an appearance with visible facial hair! *giggle* I was like: *thud* lol

  86. carrie Says:

    It’d be such great promo to have the frat boys present a category together. Or Adam and Taylor.

  87. marianne Says:

    carrie…I like your idea for promo.

    Mystique…kia…I remember how twitter went nuts with Twilight fans when there was a pic of him in the audience. If he attends, I hope he doesn’t sit with the funk bunch.

  88. joanie Says:

    MTV – has a lot of shirtless Taylor gif’s. I know I’m pandering…..but the one of him lieaning on the car just “breathing”…….WOWZAAAAAAA!!!

  89. janet Says:

    @joanie found it. googled mtv taylor lautner gif. It’s a promo for “best shirtless….
    the 1 you mentioned brings a lot of “thoughts” to mind….I also like the Taylor in the rain 1.

  90. kia Says:

    Marianne..Mystique- he caught all of us off guard. And that CHEST HAIR!!! oh boy let me stop!!

    Carrie- I know that Adam & Chris Rock are the only cast members presenting but I would love to see some hot frat boy action on stage.

    I don’t think we have to worry about the “Funkateers” since Coachella is this weekend and R/K is rumored to attend and wherever Robstens is at you know the buzzerds are going to follow..

  91. marianne Says:

    kia…Isn’t KS up for a Snow White MTV award? If she wins and judging from her fans, they are working hard for that to happen, isn’t there a chance for the funk bunch?

  92. kia Says:

    Marianne- If Kristen show’s up then Scout will prob go with her. She’s the only one allowed to go with her during events.

  93. Mystique Says:

    Carrie–YES! I hope the cast of GUP2, or at least Taylor and Adam make an appearance at these awards.

    See, that’s why I love Taylor. He keeps his fans guessing lol. You almost never quite know where/when he will show up next! Lol! :) That Radio interview/Ryan Seacrest COMPLETELY took me off guard! ^_^

    Marianne–Yeah, if he goes, I hope he doesn’t sit w/the “funky bunch” either lol. He should sit somewhere AWAY from ANY of the Twi cast I’m sorry. That movie is done and over with, and the sooner he disassociates himself from it, the better. No offense…..I loved the films and all, but the franchise is OVER. No need to milk it! I want Taylor to have his independence! I don’t want him forever being “linked” to THEM.

    Joanie, Janet—Yes! I know exactly which gifs you all are talking about. I don’t even have to look them up lol. Oh and yes, that one in the rain is just….sweetness. :) Can you say HOT!?!? Idk how Kristen was able to do her lines w/him looking like that in the rain. Omg….I would surely lose my concentration if we were face to face in that scene lol.

    Kia—Yes! The chest hair…….*thud*……lol. You know, usually I’m not all that crazy about guys w/chest hair lol, but Taylor’s is just perfect. Not too much….it’s just right. Plus, he can always shave it when he wants lol. Look @ me….resorting to talking about CHEST hair! omg….I’ve truly lost it lol…..

    Rotfl @ “funkateers” lol…. “The Funk Bunch”, “The Funky Bunch” , “The Funksters”, “The Funkateers”, lol…… We need to add to the list haha

  94. *Vickey* Says:

    Hey guys! :D

    Just saw the trailer, literally died at the overly complicated handshake. LOL. Love seeing Taylor like this. :) Can’t wait to see the movie, seems like a summer movie anyway, July is perfect!

    To Everyone: I felt the exact same way, I didn’t really like anyone in Twilight. I mean yeah there was Rob as Edward, but I was always drawn to Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, but as soon as New Moon came out, I was like: Oh definitely Team Jacob. Haha, but yeah in Twilight, I just thought Taylor was really adorable and a great friend to Bella. Still like Jasp. though!

    @Kia, I’m with you, I think she’s gonna bring Scout too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  95. firereign Says:

    I would say watch the awards or at least tape it.

    seats are assigned it’s backstage where the meet & greets take place where they may rub elbows

  96. joanie Says:

    just got a tweet with pics of the seating at MTV awards. Taylor next to KimK and Selena next to Adam Sandler (maybe T and selena will give us another hug pic)

  97. marianne Says:

    joanie….LOL Taylor next to KimK….You know the cameras are going to see if he can keep his eyes from her chest!!

  98. carrie Says:

    Here’s the pic of Taylor’s seat.

    He must have won!

  99. kia Says:

    Is it weird that I wanna see a pic of him rubbing Kim K baby bump?

    Marianne- At least it’s not Miss Velveeta. LOL

  100. accv Says:

    When Taylor and Kristen were doing that scene in the rain, I was shocked with how beautiful he became. The transformation was incredible. That wig was icky, so when he finally took it off for the shirtless confrontation, I was like, “Holy cow!” I really liked his body build back then too. The bulk fits him as well as the leaner figure. Rob seriously paled in comparison. There really was no comparison. And I found it funny how he had to “bulk up” for Eclipse’s fight scenes . Rob bulking up was weird. Bulk doesn’t fit Rob. Only lanky and pale. Bahah. In fact, he sorta came off looking like the Beast from X-Men, but white and not as mutant-looking. You know, with the spikey hair all over his body.

    And yes, I remember that scene in New Moon where he had to take off his shirt in Italy to make a scene. Oh my. I was like… “uhhhhhhhhhhh NO.”

    @Mystique… Matthew McConaughey is annoying. So is James Franco. They just don’t do anything for me. Although Franco probably has better acting chops, just something about his face bugs me. :p I think it’s also the way he talks and his voice. Matthew McConaughey just hasn’t shown any charisma for me to care. I’ve never seen a lot of his movies and the ones I have seen are his romantic comedies. I’ve seen “The Wedding Planner” enough times (J. Lo’s best aside from “Selena”). I’ve seen some of his movie with Kate Hudson. Ehhhh. Same old characters in his romantic comedies. Nothing new. NEXT! :p It seems James Franco’s done the same. Most of his roles are all about angst or w/e. Gets old quick. I wanted to punch him in the face in the Spiderman movies for being so whiny. :p

  101. joanie Says:

    right behind logan lerman and emma watson (best kiss – maybe)

  102. marianne Says:

    kia…While I was reading your comment re: Miss Velveeta Cheese, BTD started playing!!! Last nite, twitter was trending that she sang Today Was a Fairytale at one of her concerts and her fans think she is hinting they are getting back together. I practically ruined my keyboard with Coke!

  103. accv Says:

    At least we have our proof that Taylor will be there. And Sunday is my bday. That’ll be a nice lttle treat.

    @Carrie… it’d be nice if he won. Just hope that whoever else was nominated in that category with him aren’t present. Those are the only pics of MTV Awards seats at the moment so I guess we won’t know until Sunday. I almost commented that Channing Tatum’s reserved seat is behind Emma Watson, but when I looked again, it’s actually Tom Hiddleston from The Avengers. :p Woops. I suppose there are similarities, such as their face shapes, although Hiddleston may have a broader forehead.

  104. kia Says:

    Marianne- She sang a song about Joe last week and tweeted lyrics to Holy ground (which is about joe) So I guess she’s hinting she’s getting back with him also LOL. I don’t let the swifters bother me like they used to I just sit there and laugh..

  105. accv Says:

    @Marianne… wow, really? So she sings the song she sang for Valentine’s Day and suddenly the Velveeters are thinking it’s a hint of a reconciliation? Delussssionnnnal. Didn’t she just sorta come from that break-up with Styles? But every time. EVERY TIME. Unless the guy is really something special, they never fail to want Taylor with her again. Although extremely irritating they are, I give them props for knowing that their Queen Velveeta made a HUGE mistake in letting him go. They know his worth/value. DARN STRAIGHT! :p

  106. marianne Says:

    accv….Velveeters..LOL. Classy guys like Taylor are hard to find. John Mayer is single again. Maybe she can hook up with him again!

    kia…I try not to let TS bother me but she has a way of getting on my nerves, especially when it comes to TL. I may have to join a support group.

  107. Mystique Says:

    Firereign, Joanie—-YAY!!! Taylor will be confirmed at the MTV Movie Awards!! :).

    Marianne—Omg I can’t believe they put Taylor next to Kim Kardashian lol. Oh boy….. What an interesting night this is going to be lol

    So the awards come on this sunday? Great…I’ll be coming back from being out of town. I hope I can make the show in time.

    Accv–It’s funny, because I actually used to have a crush on James Franco, but over the years he’s just turned really weird…no offense. And he’s not aging well either. Maybe he’s smoking too much…yuck. I don’t mind Matthew McConaughey though.

    Marianne–Ha!! Velveeta’s fans WISH!! Lol! They need to just let it go. They are “never ever ever…getting back together”. Lol….

  108. Emily Says:

    marianne-I’ll join your support group. I change the channel every time she comes on the radio. Needless to say, I have to change the channel A LOT.

    Mystique–Taylor at the awards last year–there were lots of comments about him looking too tan– I didn’t get it. He looked scrump-dilli-umptious to me. :) But, I almost missed him. It was at the end and I was just about to change the channel. Then, they showed a glimpse of him and I screamed!

    I’m excited that Taylor will be at the show on Sunday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Emma Watson turns around and gets swept off her feet. Ha! I would like to see a real picture of them together. I hope he avoids Kim K. I can’t stand any of the Kartrashians!

  109. Emily Says:

    Here are the MTV gifs joanie and janet were talking about–I like whoever wrote that piece–abdominal awesomeness–so true!


  110. kia Says:

    Emily- Not only srump-dilli-umptious but lick-a-ble ,edible and just every little thing I wanna do to, let me stop right now!

    LOL Robstens think Taylor& his fans should boycott the MMA’s. I’m sorry but since when you cared about him or any of us! for the past fours ,according to you bi@#hes he wasn’t important. And you not boycotting if your going on there site voting and still kissing Josh Douchwaitz ass! ain’t he part of MTV?

  111. kia Says:

    Sorry for the rant.

    Emily- That third GIF my gutterness is starting!!!

  112. joanie Says:

    If … no…when he wins maybe they’ll put all those gif’s up on the big screen.
    You know how all the male celebs are winking at you with their abs now…..
    pshhhhhhh…..we’ve seen the best so they aren’t breaking new ground, just keeping up……
    he has the sexiest back I’ve ever seen….wouldn’t you like to run your hand down that…
    lost my train of thought…….

    what new trend can he start —chest, abs, back, veined arms, lips (mmmm) hair, he has pretty nice ears—been there done that…what we have left is…knees, ankles, feet, toes, legs, a$$ – what shall it be??? how crass and crude and rude I am..I am. At least I’m honest and not a phony baloney…..I know what I like and I like what I see….I vote a$$ .(like to see all these guys working out to get a solid rock hard a$$ like him ) If they’re over 25 and don’t already have it …they better just forget about it…..”curse you all to hell Lautner” will be their battle cry…as you can tell it’s a rainy boring night for me !!!

    I would prefer he sat next to someone else….like Brad Pitt

    and it’s legit-our little ray of sunshine will be there…..
    christina (mtv producer/reporter) posted it on twitter.

  113. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-YESSS Taylor looked SO hot last year on the show. Too TAN?? What?? What on earth are those silly girls talking about? He looked HOT! And so what if his skin is tan? What’s wrong w/have tan skin? He tans really well, and I actually love his skin tone. :-). I swear…some ppl have issues with every single little thing! :-/.

    Ugh, yes I can’t STAND the Kardashians either. :(. I don’t even know why they put him in her vicinity….they have nothing in common. She’s not even a movie actress. *insert eyeroll here*.

    Omg those gifs…. *drool*. I’m so torn!! On one hand I don’t want him to win because I want him to move on from the whole “shirtless” thing, but on the OTHER hand I look at those gifs and I’m caught breathless because he looks so HOT! Ugh!!! I can’t decide…. Smh… :-/.

    Kia—why do Robsten fans want Taylor fans to boycott the MMA’s??

  114. Mystique Says:

    Lol this is so funny…. It looks like other sites are rooting for Taylor to win “Best Shirtless Scene”!! Rotfl!

  115. Emily Says:

    Joanie—his back–YES! It’s almost as great as his front. ;) In New Moon, in Bella’s room, when he turns around and walks across the room—-I have to pause it there every time!! Also, the gif by the car. . . That line coming in from his hip and going down to . . . (don’t know what it’s called) . . . Yeah… that really does something to me!!!!

  116. joanie Says:

    who’s Robstens…..never heard of them….. (my selective memory has its own built in shredder for spam)

    I selected to exploit Taylor’s derriere (classier word than a$$). Now how do we do that. Wide belts w/big buckles (but he’d probably have a 10 inch waist) no. What kind of shirt would compliment a classy derriere, he’s already done t shirts, plaid shirts, dress shirts, hoodies, leather jackets, no shirts – what’s left – cowboy shirts, muscle shirts, sweat shirts….hmmmmm

    Just remember
    gentlemen that he is … if you bump into him, make sure and drop something, he’ll bend over to pick it up and you can run behind him and take a snap on your cell camera….then post it and we can have a contest … you know who’s derriere this belongs to…..(course if you do, that means your a stalker and you’ll be labeled as such on the security “watch out for butt stalkers list” -they don’t know french, so their much more simplistic in naming body parts. Good Night….been nice chatting….be back Sunday…so we can drool together!!!!

  117. joanie Says:

    @Emily I believe you are referring to the “obliques” (oblique muscles are on either side of the abdominal muscles); located in the pelvic area; IF he is in shape like you can see his 6 pack and his body fat is zilch – you get the V for victory shape which will accentuate the “treasure trail” if he has one. Most men settle for “love handles”.
    anyone a masseuse…. I think that’s right.

  118. kia Says:

    Mystique- I have no idea and don’t care no more. let them have there tantrums.

    Please let there pic of him and Peter Dinklage. He plays one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters.

  119. marianne Says:

    joanie…I’m a butt stalker!!! Now I have another 10 step program I have to join as well as the TS getting on my nerves group. I rarely hear guys appreciate other guys assets, but when Rob said Taylor had a nice a**, I couldn’t believe it. When he was doing those push ups at the KCAs ….asdfgkglmasdfghjh

    Mystique…Some fans complained that he was losing his tan skin when he was promoting Eclipse. He can’t win.

    On the Kartrashian connection…Sara knows Lamar (Khloe’s husband) because of Clipper promotions etc. Hollyweird is a small town and I think Taylor may know them from other connections. Remember when New Moon came out and the Kardashians were papped carrying Team Jacob water bottles. I think I need another support group because I pay attention to this trivia. Ugh.

    kia…Don’t be sorry for the rant. For me TS and rant go together.

  120. joanie Says:

    @marianne I bet flrereign can agree that just about every “celeb” who lives in tinsletown knows every other “celeb” whose the “cats meow”; it’s rather an incestuous kind of town (I don’t mean in the immoral or illegal sense of the word) just that many of them cross each others paths on day to day living outside of business. The Kardashians must have a bus pass to every awards show known to man – they’re always there (music, movies, fashion, sports, alligator wrestling) – so every past show Taylor’s been at so has a Kardash – and of course they’ve been chattering with one another at past events…..

    regarding Taylor’s tan (under house lights, stage lights) it can appear different shades of tan (not gray) and the lady who is doing his -make-up etc (whatever they call her) is really good….he hasn’t looked orange since she started going along with him and he stopped relying on the inhouse makeup people. she was the older lady with thor in some of those restaurant candids.

  121. janet Says:

    Hey, Selina is scheduled to sit between chris rock and adam sandler. They can talk about Taylor. Just guessing but this is the last twilight time at mtv and taylor shirtless has been a large part of twilight, I’m thinking that maybe taylor will be in for a big tongue in cheek razzing (he’s trying to put twi to rest & part of it would be to play it not seriously). How about the GU2 guys take their shirts off and hand out the award to Taylor (I’m hoping), he would be the only one up there with a shirt on. The audience could start chanting take it off, take it off and he could lift up his shirt and show his tummy & belly button, blush like only he can do (it would be a lot better than the “fumble bumble” smoochie duo). I bet we get to see a real kiss this year, too.

  122. Mystique Says:

    Boy, I can’t keep up with the posts! Hahha! That’s a GOOD thing! :D


    Joanie, Emily–Yes, Taylor’s back is delicious!!! Yummm….lol :)

    Marianne—Butt stalker! Lol! Funny :) Yea I was surprised Rob mentioned Taylor’s ummm derriere as well! Not usually something guys do haha. But then again, it seems Rob studies Taylor a little TOO much lol. Wasn’t he also the one talking about Taylor’s nipples on set of Ecclipse?? ROTFL! ^_^

    Oh and YES..those push-ups at the KCA’s. Omg…. *thud* Did he really do 1,000 push-ups?? Or was it fake just for the show? What do you think?? I couldn’t tell, because at first I thought it was just fake, but then I saw him sweating at the end, so I was like: “hmmm…maybe he really DID do 1,000!” lol :)

    Joanie–Yeah, everyone in Hollywood kind of knows each other or at least bumps into other celebs every once in a while. Plus, their agents probably can contact other agents and get something “brewing” if need be. A “meetup”, etc.

    Re: His tan…
    His prior makeup artists made him look ORANGE?? Really?? When was that?? O_o I’ve never seen Taylor look orange. :-/ Were they fake tanning him or something?? I always thought it was real.

    Janet—OMG! You are thinking EXACTLY what I was thinking! Just this morning I was thinking to myself: Just how WILD would it be if Taylor won “Best Shirtless Scene”, and at the end of his acceptance speech, he takes off his shirt, or gives us a little peepshow! LOL! Omg, I would die! haha It IS the MTV Movie Awards, so anything is liable to happen on that show.

    But, knowing Taylor…he would probably be too embarrassed to take anything off on STAGE lol. I’m sure us fans would LOVE it, but knowing him he’d probably be soooo embarrassed lol. I don’t think he would have the guts to do it. But it WOULD be nice if he would give us ONE LAST *treat* lol.

    *sigh* OH well…. a girl can dream can’t she? lol :)

  123. janet Says:

    I think Taylor has the guts to do a lot of things we don’t think he would ever do,

    Tan – people who see him in person almost always say he is “light tan”. I have seen him look orange – it is common for celeb prep handlers to use “spray tan” so they look all dewey and shiny and smooth colored for the photogs – some do it much better than others and have a better eye for palette to match someone’s natural coloring.

    KCA push ups = nope, no 1000 push ups – kids enjoyed seeing them tossing a bucket of water on him (sweat)

    stumbled on pics for the birthday girls party – don’t know ANY of the “group” personally so I’m judging strictly on appearance – God Bless Taylor and who he chooses for friends (individual) basis – as for that group – hope he sticks to being an individual and not a part of a “pack”, Also God Bless freedom of speech – if I read correctly they said the “che” tshirt RP was wearing is his favorite – who depending what side of the fence you’re on “che” is either revered or reviled. (and he was born in Argentina not Cuba). So RP has let us know by wearing that shirt where his sentiments lie (or is he just into pop culture)….suggest he not wear it if he ever finds himself in Florida. and Ashley Benson is a now a hobo pack hanger on ???? and they said Nicholas Hoult was there too…the Brits do tend to stick together… and I guess Jack & the BeanStock and the pr for the HOSTess with the mostess NEW blockbuster??? he’s in hasn’t exactly cluttered his calendar with appearance demands.

  124. Mystique Says:

    Janet—-True! Taylor may surprise us afterall and have the guts to do something “daring” like that at the MTV Movie Awards lol. *giggle*

    Re: Tan….
    Yeah, I’ve seen him in person too and I would say he has a “light tan” as well. But then again, I met him in the winter time. I think Taylor (like most people) tends to look darker in the summer (when it’s sunnier) than in the winter time. Because even when I look back at his younger pictures, his skin tone fluctuates, and I’m pretty certain it was more than likely due to what time of season it was. Both he and his sister have tan skin…even at a young age. I highly doubt they’d be using spray tan on a young boy….for what reason exactly?? So, I’m guessing that SOMETIMES maybe it IS a little light spray tanning, but that most of the time it just depends on the season. IIRC, I think he was also encouraged to do some tanning for the Twilight films, so that’s why he always looked so golden in the Twi films since he was playing a member of the wolf pack lol.

    Re: KCA’s….
    Omg, I didn’t know they tossed water on him!! Lol! So THAT’s why he looked all “dewey” and sweaty! LOL! I know he got slimmed something crazy though lol. That was funny lol.

    I can’t wait to see him at the MTV Movie Awards! Any promos/commercials??

    Re: Rob….
    I saw pics of Rob at KStew’s b-day party too. I didn’t notice his shirt though. I agree w/you, I hope Taylor doesn’t become part of the “pack” as well. For some reason I don’t trust Kristen’s friends, and I don’t know why exactly. :-/

    Btw, I will be VERY surprised if Rob & Kristen don’t break up before the end of this year. Their interactions (or, at least from what I’ve seen in pictures) these days just don’t seem to be all that “bf/gf” anymore to me. :-/

  125. Mystique Says:

    I’m doing a countdown to Sunday, because after the MTV Awards, this site will be FLOODED with new Taylor pics and sightings! Whoo hoo! I can’t WAIT! ^_^

  126. marianne Says:

    janet…I don’t know if you saw the pic of Sara, two of her friends, sister and mother at the BD2 after party, but the girls she has as friends are entirely different than Kstew’s. They tweet and have never said anything about Sara and her friendship with Taylor. Some people are able to keep people’s privacy. Kstew’s friends seem like they like the fame and I wouldn’t trust that kind of person.

    Mystique… Personally, sorry if I offend any of you on this site, but I think the Robsten relationship was hatched in a pr office after the first Twi film. After observing Robsten over these past years, I can say I would never want a relationship like they have. The breakup is coming but it seems like it will happen when it is most beneficial for them. Btw the pap pics of them in airports are ridiculous since most celebs use the vip entrances and exits. They parade through the airports because Scummit wants it.

  127. joanie Says:

    Saw Taylor twice in PA while he filmed Abduction. In Suttersville where he came out and signed about 3-4am after he cleaned up (it was a night shoot) and they were in the river a lot – and there wasn’t much light – flashlights & lanterns and 1 light pole – but he was right in front of me and he didn’t look ‘”dark tan”. At the high school – they were in make-up, he was tan but not dark. The spray tan is used for premiers & special events & for movies – some can take forever to wash off – and living in CA you get a lot of sun – but if you know anyone who had melanoma – you will agree spray tan is the way to go and cover up when you’re out & about. (& laying in a “coffin” for a tan is worse than outside w/sunscreen on.

    This let’s boycott the MTV awards…phooey…watch it or not, but boycott because Twi didn’t get nominated enough…..HELLO….it’s over…..nothing more to promote….that’s like flogging a dead moose (no one feels anything anymore)… If people were animals a lot of these pinheads would be squirrels, everyone knows “you are what you eat”, and Taylor is on because of GU2 and a bit of a salute to the saga that provided the entertainment industry with a lot through the years. But another poison kiss scene between piss & vinegar would have probably have the place implode on itself…..those 2 moved on ages ago.


  128. kia Says:

    Can someone explain to me what is Ashley B relationship with RK and the “funk Master Yuck” crew? I know she sorta met them through Taylor but what gives..

    Mystique- We should have a post MTV Awards after party discussion

  129. firereign Says:

    Saw some people mentioning the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare (the Victorian age Shadowhunters who were the ancestors of Mortal Instruments characters). Stephanie Sanditz is penning the script for Clockwork Angel and they are now looking for a director.

    Good idea to keep voting for Taylor – (if your interested-guess it’s better than nothing)
    word is that 1 reason he may be there is to give a wrap-up summary of the Twilight Saga – fact there have never has been a series other than Harry Potter who had such dedicated fans, set box office records & made $$$$. It would be fitting. (this is just a RUMOR going round). Guess we’ll see Sunday

  130. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Yea I MUCH prefer Sara and her friends to Kstew and hers…no offense. Sara seems real sweet (from what I’ve seen anyway), and on her Twitter feed she was always talk

  131. Mystique Says:

    **Oops! Hit enter too quickly…..

    Anyway, on her Twitter feed she was always talking about God and stuff, so that tells you something right there about the kind of person she might be. Idk…I just prefer Taylor hanging out with her as opposed to the Funky Crew. I think Kristen’s friends (no offense) just like being in the limelight. To me that signals that there’s nothing much going on, because if there WERE something brewing or going on, you would most likely keep it to yourself….like Sara’s friends. The fact that Kstews crew has to tweet every single little thing tells me that there’s nothing substantial going on. There would be no need to tweet it if there were. You’d more than likely want to keep things private.

    Oh, and no offense at all on my end regarding the Robsten theory. I think you’re right actually. In the past I used to scoff at the PR relationship rumors and brush them off as mere hogwash. But NOW days…I’m starting to wonder. I honestly think that their relationship was real up until the scandal. I think that after last year’s scandal, (and especially after Rob came back from filming in Australia), their relationship has been not only tense, but somewhat fabricated. I REALLY think that Rob wants out, but like you said….they will only officially break up when it is convenient for them, OR when Rob finds someone he likes more. A blind man can see that their relationship is on shaky ground. I wouldn’t want their relationship either….they don’t even act like a real couple or show any PDA at all. I’m not saying they have to sucking face or having sex in public in order to believe their relationship is real lol, but right now they act like they don’t even really LIKE each other too mich now days.

    Kia—you know, I’m not sure what Ashley’s relationship is to Rob or Kristen. I know that Ashley and Taylor both share the same agent I believe. But other than that, I’m not sure. I know lots of people in Hollywood know other fellow actors in the business simply because they’re always bumping into other actors either at premieres, award shoes, studio parties, etc. Especially if they’re around the same age. So, I’m not surprised that Ashley knows Kristen or Rob as well. For all we know, Taylor could have introduced Ashley to Kristen. Weren’t they both at Taylor’s b-day party??

    Count me in YES for an MTV MOvie Award discussion on here this Sunday!! ^_^. I’ll be coming back from being out of town, but I think I should be able to make the show at 9pm EST. I just wanna see what he’s wearing lol, and how he looks!! :).

    Fire—wow…intresting rumor! On one hand it would be nice to see Taylor do a tribute, but on the other hand, I kinda just want this saga to die a nice quick death instead of being drawn out like it has. :-/. Hopefully after this awards show they will not mention it. I really think the sooner they stop mentioning it, the quicker Taylor can move on to other, more noteworthy projects. I just don’t want him to get typecast or permanently labeled as “that Twilight kid”. For some reason I think Rob and Kristen will be fine, since they’ve done some edgier roles in the past. But I feel that Taylor will probably have more of a harder time if he doesn’t strategically maneuver things a certain way. Not sure if I’m making sense lol.

    Don’t get me wrong,I love the franchise and everything, but I think it’s time to put it to rest. :).

  132. Lilly Says:

    @kia: the boycott thing is just so ridiculous! So now we should skip the show just because BD2 didn’t received more nominations..ok then.

    I just can’t wait to see him Sunday! :)

  133. Lilly Says:

    I was reading this blind item and now I’m a little worried about his friendship with Ashley

    and about rk there’s this one

    I don’t know if they’re true but at least those blind itens are entertaining.

  134. carrie Says:

    I think a Twilight tribute at the MTV Awards would be really embarrassing, tbh. After it was snubbed in all the the major categories. Just let it die.

    Answers to a few questions…Rob t-shirt isn’t Che. It’s CHA. It’s a sort of parody of the CHE shirts, using Bob Marley. Still tacky, imo, but not a political statement.

    Ashley Benson is apparently friends with one of Kristen’s non-stop instagramming friends, and that’s how she’s connected to the crowd.

    Nicholas Hoult is dating Riley Keough, one of Kristen’s co-stars from The Runaways, so he was there with her and probably isn’t friends with any of the Funk Bunch.

  135. Emily Says:

    Riley Keough is Elvis’ granddaughter. I knew she did modeling. I didn’t know she was an actress, too.

  136. marianne Says:

    carrie…Thanks for the info. I agree on putting a fork in Twilight. So many of Rob’s fans are annoyed with his hanging with the Funk Bunch. Taylor must have be in charge of the Kristen rehab until Rob returned from Aus. I still don’t understand how K’s gang has so much time on their hands.

  137. franklynn Says:

    I really hope Taylor wears a vest on Sunday. He looked so good when he wore one that year at the KCA’s, but I haven’t seen him in one since!:( tht or something else we’ve never seen before hopefully.

  138. carrie Says:

    Because none of them have real jobs other than being paid friends. Nice work if you can get it, but it’s pretty telling that most of the people around Robsten are losers who are just using them for perks like travel, getting into clubs, and well, other things that I’m sure most of us have guessed at. They’re all at Coachella right now, in a house that Kristen rented, and I’m sure she paid for their VIP tickets and travel too.

    I’ll be more than happy if Taylor is never seen with that crowd again. IMO, Kristen used him for photo ops when interest in her solo candids was dying off. Now she’s back to kissing up to the Robsten fanbase. Funny that I think many would’ve predicted that Taylor would have the hardest time shaking off the Twilight stigma, but I think he’ll find it the easiest to move on, because he’s just off living his life and moving forward, not clinging to a dying fanbase.

  139. chanda w. Says:

    So glad that Tay will be at the awards show,only because I miss seeing his face. He’s sitting next to Kim K. That is too funny, Kanye dissed TS..when Tay was dating her, now Taylor is sitting next to Kanye’s baby momma…lol! I so hope Tay does not get tangled up in the KS crowd, they don’t seem to have jobs and they do look dirty. I think Taylor is a good friend to KS, don’t know if she’s such a good friend to him. He may feel he owes her for supporting him for New Moon….but he has to know, he worked hard to stay in that franchise and it paid off. It seems KS uses Taylor to make RP jealous, that’s not cool….she’s skanky. Still don’t trust MTV, I’m not watching the show, sure I will see plenty of pics and info.
    I was sorta hoping Tay would rub Kim’s belly….I think she is having a girl…..and the baby gets attached to his presence…….@kia.
    @carrie I know that Taylor will have an easier time with his acting roles, than most predicted, because he’s mature,talented and humble…….he’s professional , but he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he luvs his fans………sorta like Tom Cruise……..there is a sincere appreciation for the fans. And that GUPS2 trailer shows he has great comedic timing. Good luck on getting a moon man Tay….but we all know you’re a sexy beast.

  140. marianne Says:

    carrie…”he’s just off living his life and moving forward, not clinging to a dying fanbase” –great comment.

  141. Lilome Says:

    Hi folks! Geez it’s been a while. Catching up took forever- I really hate the new job- it’s a life-sucker. Anyway, Happy Birthday to accv . I hope our golden boy wins a golden popcorn bucket for you. Also accv said Rob “pales in comparison “. LOL! I see what you did there :) As for the MTV awards and sitting next to KK- gross. He should be aware and use lots of sanitizer. And please please please dont let him rub her belly. Can you imagine the twitters about it? It is too soon to the BD/ imprinting and will be all over place . “Is Taylor Lautner imprinting on Kim’s baby girl? ” It would be the next big story in HL. Just don’t. I also don’t think he will flash his abs if he wins. I think he’s too classy for that- but we can dream anyway.

    I’m glad he didn’t go to Kristen’s birthday party. Stay away from that circus, sweetie, you don’t need it. Taylor could pull off the grunge look, but it’s not who he is.

    As for the salute to Twilight- that seems weird to me. Why would you honor the franchise after you slammed the door on the last installment? I don’t get that at all. But I’m not watching it it anyway cuz I don’t have cable/dish/etc.

    Now about the long hair- yes, the wigs were crappy. But i do LOVE me some Taylor with long hair! And the furry chest is just fine, too. Sorry folks but I’m a child if the 60s and 70s. Nikitajuice has an amazing sketch of Taylor with shoulder length hair and I can’t even image seeing that in real life……my mind is wandering now.. gotta go….

  142. Emily Says:

    LILOME—WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree 100% with everything you said. . .except the long hair, but if anyone could convert me to a “long hair on guys fan,” it would definitely be Taylor.

    11 hours and counting, everyone. I will be watching with my laptop on my lap to give any scoop as it’s happening, for those who may not be able to see it. I will put a spoiler alert warning first, so be aware!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet he won’t be on until late in the show, so MTV can keep us hanging around watching the rest of the crap. Can’t wait to see him!!!

  143. chanda w. Says:

    What happened to the movie The Host? It came and went……..and the the guys were considered the next Taylor and RP…….don’t think so. One of the guys would go on about not having to take his shirt off….saying it did not take all that (when the media was comparing him to Taylor) then he turned around and said if there was a sequel…he told Stephenie …he’d gladly take his shirt off. Stephenie was trying so hard to play this movie up as…..not a love story………it had more depth than Twilight…..she and the actors claimed. Although the only thing I like from Twilight now is Taylor… can’t insult your own fanbase and expect them to follow you….into your next project. But it also seems maybe the fans are trying to bully her into doing more Twi- books. Not watching the awards, but I still can’t wait to see the pics of ….how he looks, what he’s wearing and who he interacts with. So addicted to that boy .

  144. Lilome Says:

    As for the long hair, well Emily I’m a child of the hippie era. I keep telling you folks I’m old as dirt! Anyway, I realize guys with fine/thin hair can’t pull it off, but our boy seems to have a full head of thick, gorgeous ……. oh shit… train just jumped the track again. Where was I? Oh yeah, hair. That. Um, yeah, so Taylor can totally pull that off. Other actors who I love in long hair: Brad Pitt (even though I don’t like him personally ) in Legends of the Fall, Orlando Bloom in Pirates, Hugh Jackman in ANYTHING (or nothing:) Patrick Swayze in North and South, Thorsten Kaye as Patrick on One Life to Live, Heath Ledger in 10 Things i hate about you and A Knights Tale. Rob would look like shit with long hair- as would Leonardo DiCaprio. Jake Gillenhall couldnt make it happen either. Just saying some guys got it and others dont. Oh yeah….. Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson ……..omg!

  145. kia Says:

    Lilome ..Welcome back!!! we miss you!

    Emily- I think when there’s an award event Taylor’s attending ,you should be our correspondent because you give good updates on our boy.

  146. marianne Says:

    Lilome…Missed reading your comments. Glad you’re back.

    Emily…Looking forward to your updates. I think his team should hire you as his roving reporter and “close” assistant.

    chanda w….I remember when Alex Pettyfer was promoting I AM Number Four and saying he was the next TL because of his fitness and Chord Overstreet saying he was TV’s TL. When you go after being famous for fame’s sake it bites you. Hope TL continues to run his own race.

    Some of Rob’s fans ( not the hardcore Robstens) aren’t too pleased with him at Coachella. Apparently, they don’t like the Funk Bunch any more than we do.

  147. kia Says:

    Marianne- Coachelle use to be about music&art now its which celebs are at Coachelle wearing the most ugly and silly outfits. We barely here about the artist & musicians playing there.

  148. Emily Says:

    chanda–Re: The Host–I was reading an interview someone did with SM, asking her if she was sad Twilight was over. She said something to the effect of “I kept waiting to feel sad/bad, but when the last movie was finished, all I felt was relief. I haven’t missed that world at all.” I wanted to tell her that if it wasn’t for “that world,” no one would know she existed, she wouldn’t be a bajillionaire, and she wouldn’t be having a new movie out. That was about the last straw for me with her. I do not plan on following her next endeavors, whatever they may be. I think it’s kind of amusing that “The Host” was touted as the “next big thing,” but it just seemed to fizzle like an untied balloon.

    kia and marianne–I would quit my current job in a heartbeat if I had an offer to be Taylor’s roving reporter and “close” assistant! Although, if I actually knew him, I wouldn’t share anything I knew, b/c I would want to be trusted. :( (Note to Funk Bunch)

    Three and a half hours and counting, people!! I have to go get my work done so I’ll be ready!!!

  149. Mystique Says:

    Only a few more hours until showtime!! :).

    Carrie—yea, that’s what I’ve been saying too…I think they should just lay the Twi Franchise to rest now. Any further mention would be a bit too much right about now. It had a good run, let it go away in peace.

    Chanda—interesting connection u made with Taylor and Kanye!! You are absolutely RIGHT!! I almost forgot about that! I’ll never forget his SNL skit either rotfl! Hmm..I wonder if Kanye will be there at the awards tonight? That would be hilarious lol.

    Lilome—Welcome Back!! :). Congrats on the new job!! Oh yes……I completely agree with you on the Taylor & long hair thing. I am ALL for him doing a movie which requires longer hair. I don’t just go gaga for any man with long hair, but the ones you mentioned ( Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, etc) all (TO ME) looked sexier with longer hair. I’ll say the same thing about Chris Hemsworth. I actually think Leo lolied pretty good with longer hair….NOT in Gangs of NY, but while he was growing it OUT for that role. Oh man..he looked good! ESP when he had the facial hair with it. Taylor is already hot, so I can only imagine how hot he would be with longer hair. ^_^

    Marianne, Chanda, Emily—Rotfl @ how some silly actors thought that they could be the “next Taylor Lautner”. HA!! Seriously?? Oh please….lol. Ppl keep forgetting that it’s not just Taylor’s abs that fans of his like. He’s got something special, and these other actors trying to compete to be like him just haven’t figured that out yet. Funny, The Host didn’t do so hot….hmmm…gee, wonder why?? HW always tries to stick with the same formula, but you can’t try to “recreate” something! Either it’s popular, or….it’s not! Plain and simple lol….

  150. Mystique Says:

    Btw, @Emily…I’ll be trying to post my comments during the MTV Awards tonight too!! Guess I’ll see you on the boards! ;-)

  151. *Vickey* Says:

    I’ll be here during the MTV Awards too! :)
    Look forward to seeing the conversation we start!

  152. Emily Says:

    Oh, crap. There was a red carpet segment. I missed that. Don’t know if he was on.

  153. Emily Says:

    Intro with James Franco, an Iron Man parody. Three minutes in and Rebel Wilson’s already mentioned her lady parts 3 times. Now she’s singing “The Climb.” Now some guys singing/rapping. Don’t know who they are. Think it’s Eminem’s song. Now several other songs in a mash-up. Wasn’t really funny to me. Now her first f-bomb. Just showed Kim K, but some girl beside her. Didn’t see Taylor.His name wasn’t mentioned in the announcements. Just showed Emma Watson. Still didn’t see Taylor.

  154. Mystique Says:

    Emily—I watched a little of the red carpet show….I didn’t see Taylor. It was kinda boring, but maybe I caught it late when all the “big names” had already gone inside lol.

    Ummmm that cat suit Rebel had on is going to tie me nightmares tonight…. :-/. Oh and her intro wasn’t all that funny… Sorry. :-(. Haven’t seen Taylor yet

  155. Emily Says:

    Don’t read any more if you don’t want to know who the winners are until you watch.

    Best Male Performance–Bradley Cooper

  156. Emily Says:

    Sorry. I put much more space between my spoiler alert and winner, but it didn’t show up that way.

  157. nicole Says:

    Hi all I hats award shows but I’m monitoring ontd for the play by play. On the lookout for our boy AND Henry. Cavill. The two sexiest men alive.

  158. Mystique Says:

    Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are on stage!

    The camera looked like it panned to Taylor’s seat but a bunch of girls (probably seat fillers) were there instead. I’m guessing Taylor will probably be presenting or on stage soon maybe??

  159. *Vickey* Says:

    Yeah it was online, I tried to see if I saw him, but I didn’t. I could’ve possibly missed him? Did anyone else see if Taylor on the carpet?
    When Adam Sandler and Chris Rock presented that they would just show a glimpse of Taylor int he audience. Haha.

  160. *Vickey* Says:

    Ignore my post! LOL.

    I should’ve refreshed before I posted. Epic fail!

  161. Emily Says:

    Adam Sandler and Chris Rock presenting for favorite WTF moment. Why is Taylor not up there???

    OK, now I’m glad he wasn’t. They were crude and bleeped out. Jamie Fox and Samuel L. Jackson won.

  162. Mystique Says:

    Nicole—ooo! Henry Cavil will be there? Wow!!

    Honestly, I hate most of the MTV Award shows….(too lewd and crude for my taste) so I’m only watching to see Taylor. That’s how much I like him….ifI I’m watching this lol

  163. Emily Says:

    Me too, Mystique!! The things I do for that boy!!! :)

  164. nicole Says:

    LOL you’re brave I cant deal. I heard Henry would be there to present a new Man of Steel trailer. Noones spotted Taylor yet that boy is good at hiding man.

  165. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-lol!!! Yes! What I do for that guy! Lol. :).

    Aww…I like Emma :).

    Btw, I haven’t seen Tay yet. My guess is that he will be on stage soon, that’s why we don’t see him in the audience :)

  166. Emily Says:

    Best Fight– Avengers

    Trailblazer Award–Emma Watson–I just love her! I want to see a picture of her and Taylor together. She is so pretty, and he’s well, you know. . .

    I feel like I’m straining my eyes. I keep squinting every time they show the audience, trying to find him.

  167. Mystique Says:

    Awww Emma is so cute. I love her acceptance speech. She just seems so cute and lovely :)

  168. *Vickey* Says:

    @nicole Yes! He’s so a ninja! xD
    And I agree the MTV Awards are very crude, but I can’t help and check it out each year. I may not watch the entire thing or watch it the day of, but I do try to catch it. I do agree, I’m glad Taylor wasn’t up there with them. I do adore Adam and Chris, but they were on a roll. Lol.

  169. Mystique Says:

    Nicole—awesome! I hope Henry comes sooner rather than later, because after Taylor comes on, I’m turning this mess off lol.

    Emily—lol I know!! I feel like any minute he will pop up on screen or on stage somewhere and I’m going to miss him! :-/.

    Ugh….why does MTV have to CUSS so much?!?! O_o. Ugh….it’s just so inappropriate for an award show IMO.

    Btw, is this show taped live? Or is it pre-taped? Does anyone know?

  170. Emily Says:

    Mystique–See, wouldn’t she and Taylor be great together? I ship them a lot.

    Why do most actors in Hollywood think it’s so funny to swear into the camera as much as possible? I don’t see the humor in it. : /

  171. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique— Me too, Emma seems like such a sweet girl! :)
    I’m glad she was chosen, she deserves it, she’s been working pretty hard in the past decade. Haha.

    Yes! I’m gonna go with what you said @Emily, he’s probably backstage?

  172. *Vickey* Says:

    @Em and Mystique they would look amazing together! Emma and Taylor! :P
    I don’t know, I think sometimes people do it because they don’t know what else to say. lol.

  173. Mystique Says:

    Lol!!! Rebel’s skit in Les Mis IS cracking me up…. I have to admit lol!!

  174. Emily Says:

    I haven’t seen her in any movies, but I do NOT like Rebel Wilson. Why is she so obsessed with talking about her private parts? This just seems like a time filler with her in all these movie scenes. Ok, that was just gross. Yuck.

  175. *Vickey* Says:

    I know! I laughed so hard at that one, the Les Mis one was the best out of the bunch. :P

  176. *Vickey* Says:

    Yeah I see where you’re coming from Emily. IDK I though the Les Mis skit was pretty funny. I do know what you’re talking about, I guess its just Rebel’s style.

  177. *Vickey* Says:

    Are they really letting Snoop Dog… I mean Snoop Lion and Ke$ha smoke inside? Okay MTV, MTV.

  178. Emily Says:

    Best Kiss–Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

    She wasn’t there.

    I really like his dimples.

    Oh, gosh, I didn’t know Snoop Dogg really goes by “Snoop Lion” now. I thought that was just a nickname that someone started online. Why did he feel it was necessary to bring a cigar/cigarette of something and smoke it onstage?

    Taylor, please hurry up so I can stop watching this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Vickey—lol….yes Emma seems like a sweet girl. :). Idk if she would be good w/Taylor (never seen them together, and I haven’t seen her in interviews much), but I wouldn’t mind seeing them date. :).

    Omg no they are not smoking onstage!! O_o. Gosh, when did the MTV movie awards become the MOVIE equivalent of he MTV VMA’s?? :-/. Gosh, I haven’t watched the MMA’s in a while, so I’m just surprised at how DOWNhill this show has gone smh…..

  180. *Vickey* Says:

    Yeah it was a blunt, classic Snoop. Lol.
    Come on Tay!

  181. Emily Says:

    Which one is Macklemore and which is Ryan Lewis? I do like this song, kind of. And who was the third guy?


  182. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique I have no idea what’s happening, they were so nonchalant about it too.

  183. *Vickey* Says:

    @ Emily, Michael More was the one in blue, Ray Lewis was the other white guy rapping with him. I actually really like this song, heard it on a commercial first and didn’t realize it was Macklemore. YES!!!! Best shirtless performance bring it!

  184. *Vickey* Says:

    Typo *Macklemore *NOT Michael More* :x

  185. Mystique Says:

    Vickey—lol yes that les mis skit had me cracking up!! Lol!!

    Emily—-*bangs head against the wall* lol ugh ME too! I just wantthis show to be over with smh… Show Taylor soon PLZ!!

    Did I hear correctly?? Are they really going to have a shirtless scene tribute performance?!?!??!! Omg! Led by Channing Tatum?? Lol…. Okaaaaay this could either go seriously well, or seriously WRONG lol. :-/.

    *praying* Taylor has NOTHING to do with this “performance”. PLEASE!! Lol

  186. Emily Says:

    I can’t believe that little girl is in the audience. She doesn’t need to be hearing all that crap!!

  187. Mystique Says:

    Oh lord….where is that kuala going?? Rotfl!!

    I’m nervous for Taylor!! Lol

  188. nicole Says:

    Say it ain’t sooooooooooo

  189. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-Right! That poor little girl is being subjected to so much filth!! Smh…. :-/.
    And to play that trick on her too! Smh

  190. *Vickey* Says:

    I was wondering if she would find him and go up to him with the Koala. Not gonna lie Chris Evan’s looked so uncomfortable! xD

  191. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I didn’t hear that part. I had to run get clothes out of the dryer. Maybe it will just be a video montage. Oh, God, my stomach is in knots now. Maybe Taylor is just staying backstage until his award b/c he doesn’t want to sit through this stuff either.

    If he doesn’t win after all of this, I am going to be royally TICKED OFF!!!

  192. Johanna Says:

    guys im starting to think that taylor might not show
    im getting really sad :(

  193. Mystique Says:

    Will Farrell is getting the tribute award???


  194. Emily Says:

    I loved him on SNL and in “Elf,” but I haven’t seen his other movies. Not really my thing.

    I really like watching something like this with you all and being able to post comments as we think of them!!

  195. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I’m having the same feeling. : /

  196. Johanna Says:

    Emily i really really really hope we are wrong

  197. Emily Says:

    Oh, gosh, those kids are really cute. I hope they don’t get that they are being made fun of. :(

  198. Mystique Says:

    Emily—yea I will be ticked too. Smh….I could have been watching smthg else, or gone to bed lol. Yep, I heard about a shirtless “performance” smh.

    Johanna—you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor decided at the last minute NOT to come. If he doesn’t win, I don’t see any reason for him to even BE here honestly. I wouldn’t be mad at him lol.

    ORRRR…..Taylor may be hiding like he did last year and will just pop up on stage when he’s ready lol.

    Okay Will….your speech is getting a tad long smh…

  199. Emily Says:

    OK, Will, time to get off the stage.

  200. Emily Says:

    Has it not been 12 minutes??????????????????? Will’s speech seemed at least that long!!! Now they didn’t even mention his category going to commercial.

    Mystique–I would respect him even more if he DID skip this freak show. But I kind of still want him to win. . .

  201. Emily Says:

    Have y’all noticed that there don’t seem to be that many celebrities in the audience? They keep showing the same few over and over again.

  202. Mystique Says:

    Emily—I LOVE posting live during the show too!! :)

    Zac Efron is coming up. Haven’t heard Taylor’s name being mentioned yet, so either he is a “surprise”, OR he’s not there. Maybe he decided last minute not to come lol. I mean honestly, none of the other Twi cast members are there so…..

    My guess?? If Channing Tatum is leading the “shirtless performance” (as I THOUGHT I heard), then I’m guessing they will give the award to Channing. :-/. It just doesn’t make sense to have Channing perform and NOT win….does it?

  203. Johanna Says:

    im seriously hallucinating im watching the show on my lap top and on tv and i swear every time i see a guy with spiky hair and either a black blazer or leather jacket i think its taylor
    this is not healthy

  204. Mystique Says:

    I want the Life of Pi actor to win

  205. *Vickey* Says:

    I feel like the whole Will speech was just filler. Taylor’s smart it is possible he’s hiding out!

    And gosh why is there gonna be a Fast and Furious 6? -_-

  206. Mystique Says:

    Of course…..he didn’t win. Rebel Wilson?? Really?? O_o

    Emily–Yea at this point I would actually respect him more if he didn’t come

  207. Emily Says:

    Mystique– That wouldn’t make sense.

    Best Breakthrough Performance–Rebel Wilson

    That little girl is there and she didn’t even win!!!

    I was hoping to watch Selena sing, but this is going OFF as soon as they do his category.

    Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Mystique Says:

    Awww!! Zac Efron! Haven’t seen him in ages :).

    Best shirtless performance!!!

  209. Mystique Says:

    Omg… they are not taking off their PANTS!! O_O.

  210. Emily Says:

    OK, this is just embarrassing. . .

  211. Emily Says:

    WHO has written this material????

  212. Mystique Says:

    Omg. Taylor won!!!

  213. Johanna Says:


  214. chanda w. Says:

    I’m not watching the show, but looking at twitter and checking this page to see if Tay even showed up. He probably said screw it……think he’s so over the shirtless stuff and mtv does not seem like his crowd……….he’s classy. Want him to win because …….he deserves it for all the twilight movies and the fact that he got his body ripped and had women begging for more.
    I don’t know why I feel nervous… I was nominated. Hope Taylor shows up only so I could see pics of his handsome face. MTV still sucks. Promoting bad behavior as entertainment.
    Taylor where r u?

  215. Mystique Says:

    Lol at Taylor’s beer belly!!

  216. *Vickey* Says:

    agjaklgjal! xDDD Taylor stuffing his shirt! Perf!

  217. Emily Says:

    OMG, I can’t believe he did that. He is still amazingly hot, even with a fat belly. Yeah, right, Taylor, we know how much you’ve been drinking. Ha. I love the backwards cap.

  218. Mystique Says:

    Awwwww!!! *swoon*.

    He was hilarious! LOVED IT!!! :).

    He looked hot even with a beer belly! Rotfl!

  219. Johanna Says:

    OMG!!! I cant i really cant im laughing so hard
    i love him sooo much
    he is sooooo sexy even with that beer belly
    I F***ing LOVE HIM!!!!!

  220. *Vickey* Says:

    Love the sarcasm he used to the whole,” this is the Oscar for the shirtless guys!” Haha. He’s so over it, but he’s still was very appreciative and thanked everyone. It was amazing, aside from Seth Rogan and D Bri. It was a good set up. My roommate goes,” He must’ve known he was gonna win. Haha.

  221. marianne Says:

    I was getting sweaty palms over what was going to happen!!!! This has been such a gross show. The things we do for Taylor!!!

  222. Johanna Says:

    if its possible to fall in love with someone even more i just fell incredibly hard to the point were i cant breath
    the fact that he got an award that he probably didnt really want and handled it with such grace is amazing <3

    please dont make fun of me im just a 20 year old in love

  223. Emily Says:

    OK, for those who didn’t see, he had on jeans and a denim button-up shirt that had something stuffed in it so it looked like he had a beer belly (but his shirt wasn’t pulled down enough–you could totally see what it was). He also had on the Yankees cap backwards and was carrying a huge cup of Coke or something. He had candy wrappers coming out of his pockets. He was saying he turned 21 and had been doing some drinking and some eating and more drinking. All to say that he doesn’t look like that anymore, but we all now differently, don’t we??

  224. Mystique Says:

    Okaaay I am officially Youtubing this and watching this acceptance speeh over and over and over again lol. I think I temporarily lost hearing or all senses when he won….I didn’t expect him to win! Lol! :-D.

    I’m glad he took it in stride and had fun with the win lol.

    Omg….he is so adorably handsome! I just wanna pack him in my pocket and take him home w/me lol. ^_^

  225. chanda w. Says:

    Where r the pics……………I still refuse to watch MTV………… please………OMG!!
    So he won?!! Breathe Chanda………breathe.

  226. Emily Says:

    Johanna, don’t feel bad. We’re all totally in love with him to some degree. It’s a hazard of being his fan. We would never make fun of you! :)

    OK, Taylor, haul your still-fine a#@ out of that place as fast as you can, and don’t look back!!!!!

    “You could bounce quarters off those things.” Can we all please give it a try Taylor, just to make sure it’s still true????

  227. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—YES this has been such a gross show smh…. Glad it was worth it just for Taylor…. :-/.

  228. Emily Says:

    I can’t find any pictures yet, but usually posts things before any other places I check.

    Gosh, Selena Gomez is so PRETTY. As soon as she’s done, I am turning this off!! Ooh, her voice sounds kind of off. Most people don’t sound that great live. She sounds out of breath.

  229. Mystique Says:

    Emily—lol yes Taylor should head for the hills from this place lol!! Smthg tells me this isn’t really his “scene”. :-/. Where was he during the first hour of the show?? O_o.

    Were they deliberately HIDING him so that ppl would be surprised at his “beer gut”? Lol!

  230. Mystique Says:

    Aww…Taylor took some pics backstage w/Will Farrell and company :)

  231. Emily Says:

    They just showed him backstage posing for a pic with those who presented his award. Crap! I had stopped taping!!!! The beer belly was gone, but he was still holding the drink cup!!!

  232. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique I agree! I think they were hiding him now that you mention it. :)

  233. Mystique Says:

    I think we’ve created a new record!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen 200+ posts on one thread on this site!!! Yay!! Did we create a new record?!? Lol. ^_^

  234. Emily Says:

    Actually, I really have no idea who he was posing with. My eyes went straight to him and only him. :)

  235. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I think we HAVE!! I don’t ever remember there being this many.

    Ha, ha! Kristen lost to a Hobbit!!

  236. Johanna Says:

    he is still there they just showed him

  237. Mystique Says:

    So glad Rebel took off the cat suit

    Omg!!!!!!!! Her nipples!!

    Omg….they panned to Taylor, and he was smiling in the audience lol

  238. Emily Says:

    Oh, jgrhgerjgaigjz!! He was back in the audience without the hat and his hair looked great!!!

    Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stopped taping and missed that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  239. Johanna Says:

    hes sitting like 2 seats down from Jaime Foxx hes wearing all black

  240. Mystique Says:

    I wonder what was going thru his mind lol

  241. Emily Says:

    Now I’m going to have to keep watching to see if they show him again!!!!

    Taylor, why didn’t you just head to Valencia????????????????????????? Darn you!!!!!

  242. Mystique Says:

    Aww Jamie Foxx :)

  243. Emily Says:

    Alright, I’m about to start cussing like those on the show if I miss him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking down typing and saw a glimpse again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, thank goodness, there he is again. I’ve started typing again.

  244. kia Says:

    Even with a beer belly I’ll still hit it!!!!! Gosh he is to cute.

  245. Emily Says:

    I meant “taping” again.

  246. Emily Says:

    I thought this went off at 11, but aren’t there still several awards left? :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    There he was again!!!!!!!! Oh, he is so incredibly beautiful. Tarik is sitting to his left. Some lady to his right, def. not KK.

  247. Emily Says:

    chanda—Here is a pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Mystique Says:

    Emily—yep they showed him again lol!! The camera man loves him lol…

    Yea He’s sitting next to some woman and his staff member… Is that Tarik?? I see that guy with Taylor often.

  249. Johanna Says:
    more pics

  250. marianne Says:

    Emily….so glad he isn’t sitting next to KK. Why do I just want him out of that cesspool??!!!

  251. Emily Says:

    Because he is too good and classy to be surrounded by such common indecency.

  252. Mystique Says:

    Here are more pics!

    I saw these on twitter! :)

  253. Emily Says:

    OMG, Johanna–That one of him squatting down–if he hadn’t been wearing the fat suit, you could have totally seen his a@#!!!!!

  254. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Yes, so true.

    I just want this show to be over!

  255. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I think Tarik is a staff member who has become a friend over time. He IS with him a lot, especially at awards shows.

    I think MTV has shot themselves in the foot by snubbing BD2. The crowd is very subdued compared to past years, nothing at all interesting has occurred (except for Taylor, of course), and it has really just been nothing but raunch–much worse than in past years. I hope the reviews are bad. It would serve them right.

  256. Johanna Says:

    Emily-omg yes you could i just want to grab it and hold on to it :P

  257. Emily Says:

    Oh, thank goodness–last award.

    Hey, Lilome–Brad Pitt’s hair is long.

    Best Movie– Avengers—-I really did enjoy that. I’m glad they won.

  258. Emily Says:

    Brad looks like he’s thinking, “What the heck am I doing here?”

  259. Emily Says:

    Aside from Taylor’s 2 or 3 minutes, that was uncomfortable and painful to watch.

  260. Mystique Says:

    Man!!! I missed Brad Pitt! What did he look like??

    Thank goodness this crap of a show is over. I didn’t really know this show was going to be THIS lewd and crude smh… :-/.

    Glad to see Taylor!! <3 <3 <3

  261. marianne Says:

    Emily….Brad probably enjoys a break from all the kids!!! The irony of all these stars that are swearing on stage, is that they probably wouldn’t let their own kids watch.

  262. Emily Says:

    107 comments since the show started!! Yes, we’re awesome!! Taylor, I wish you knew how dedicated we are to you!!!!

    It’s been real, ladies, but I have to get to bed.

    Hey, George, hope you can find some pics to post tomorrow. I think we’ve set a new record on here!

    accv–Hope you had a happy birthday!!!

  263. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I didn’t pay too much attention. Couldn’t tell you what he was wearing. He still had the goatee, I think. His hair is about shoulder-length and was pulled back in low ponytail. I mainly just noticed b/c Lilome mentioned she liked his long hair in Legends of the Fall.

  264. Mystique Says:

    Good night Emily!

    I’ll be going to bed myself soon. Watching Jane Fonda on Oprah now lol… Her story got interesting lol…Plus, I was just flipping channels and felt like I needed to was my brain out from the MTV Movie Awards show ugh…. Rebel was barely funny. I think she was the worst host… I bet the reviews tomorrow will be scathing :-/.

    Anyway, night night ladies!! It was fun! ^_^.

  265. kia Says:

    Taylor is still trending!!! YAY!!! Can Taylor and Brad take a pic together? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. kia Says:

    I hope George post some pics tomorrow cause strolling down this comment section is giving me a whip lash!
    Goodnight everyone!
    Happy sweet TayDreams….

  267. marianne Says:

    accv…. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoyed Taylor’s appearance as much as we did. I need to take a shower after that show. Night all.

  268. firereign Says:

    Hope you ttaped it. MTV channels will be rerunning at least another 2-3x tonight. and again later this week. when he came backstage he took a few pics and then went to the dressing rooms switched to his black suit and was interviewed in the backlot by Josh b4 coming back to sit in the audience.

    WoW you ladies have been busy tonight, I think I just scrolled my way to China.

  269. chanda w. Says:

    @Emily thanks for the pic…………and to everyone else with the updates………..I didn’t have to watch MTV at all………thank goodness. Still excited for Tay……….know it is just a silly award…but it is kinda like saying Tay’s abs are the standard for all future shirtless performances……… sorta is like getting an Oscar and having to have the acting skills of Robert DeNiro. He was on the stage alone…… cool. More awards to come. Going to sleep. This was sorta fun. Tay do u know how much ur fans luv u… u really know…lol!

  270. joanie Says:

    I need an oxygen tank….have there ever been this many comments before????

    Love him…..and he didn’t mention Twilight once!!!! Fade to black ,,,,and a new chapter in Taylor Lautners life begins.

  271. Mystique Says:

    I’m getting dizzy scrolling down so fast for so long lol…..This is truly a new record ladies!! :).

    Anyway, it was so glad to see him at the show tonight, and I LOVE seeing his funny comedic side lol. He was simply adorable! I like that he doesn’t take himself TOO seriously. That’s good. :).

    Oh boy, I need to wash out my brain after that show. :-/. I also need a cold shower…..but for other reasons lol…. :-P. *blush*.

  272. janet Says:

    egad…..I didn’t watch much of the show and I still feel like I need to decontaminate my eyes & ears. and that little girl in the front row…..I would have felt better if she had had earbuds & and Ipad. and that intro for Taylor winning …..Efron should have told them to blow it out their ear he wouldn’t be a part of it…..and I think Taylor’s “acceptance” demonstrated his view on this “award”….a good sport and such a sweetie for showing up. I watched the 2 towers (LOTR)…taped MTV & was able to fast forward through most of the muck. But I’m still looking forward to Taylor’s man in black pics.

  273. *Vickey* Says:

    God! As soon as Seth Rogan dropped his pants my roommate looked at me like I was crazy because I shouted,” There’s a 9 year old in the room!!!” xD Then they showed her front row shielding her eyes with her Mom.
    Glad Taylor picked up the win and that we got to see him and all of his Beer Belly glory. God I’d still do things to him xP

    Happy Birthday accv!!! ^.^

    And yayyyy I think we might have made a new record!

  274. Mystique Says:

    “Even with a beer belly I’ll still hit it!!!!!”
    “Glad Taylor picked up the win and that we got to see him and all of his Beer Belly glory. God I’d still do things to him xP”

    KIA!!!, VICKEY!!!—-ROTFL!! Omg…lol….. That is TOO funny! I guess that just PROVES that we don’t like Taylor SOLELY for his abs lol, because tell me why I too had the distinct urge to wanna “do things” to him too after seeing him last night?? Lol! Even w/a beer gut! ROTFL!

    Well, guess that proves that it’s more than just the abs lol…. ^_^

    Janet—Oh you’re so fortunate that you missed the show. It really was CRUDE and low-class to the core. I could tell that many of the celebs that were there were just “there” because they HAD to be (either to perform, present, or accept an award) and didn’t really want to be there smh…. I’m just so surprised that MTV has stooped down to this LOW level! The MTV Movie Awards were NOT always like this. :-/

    You did yourself a favor in NOT watching last night.

  275. Mystique Says:

    Wow…just looking at the number of posts on this thread…. Can we actually make it to 300 posts?? O_O WOW! lol! That would be UNREAL! rotfl! :D :D

  276. kia Says:

    Happy Birthday ACCV!! \(*-*)/

  277. accv Says:

    You all are too amusing. And thanks for the bday greetings :) So sweet of you ladies.

    Seeing Taylor win was a definite bday treat for me. Although I admit, every time they showed Kim Kardashian’s area, my eyes were peeled for Taylor on her left side, then I see her friends there and I’m like… “Wait, I thought he was supposed to be seated next to Kim’s guest.” I just kept seeing the audience being panned a bit at the front, and kept looking for him. Nothing. So I thought he didn’t win either nor did he show afterall. Then again, I didn’t see Channing Tatum and I feel like I would’ve seen him already. Usually the winners are located near the front so they’re close to the stage. Then again, I think we were still allowed to vote up to the last minute of the show? Not sure. But anyhow, I was repeating to myself, “Watch, Channing takes it. Watch, Channing takes it.” I think, in a way, I wanted to jinx Channing’s chances. To be honest though, I like the guy. I really liked him in “Step Up” and “She’s the Man.” If Taylor weren’t in the category, I would consider Channing. But TOO BAD, Taylor is too special for any of the guys in their category. Ted can’t even beat him, no matter how cuddly he is. In order to be extraordinary, the guy’s gotta be BOTH gorgeous AND have an out-of-this-world personality. And we all know that’s exactly what Taylor is. I wonder how much he won by. Like, if it was by a landslide. Because I know that Channing’s got quite a following himself. Anyways, my jaw dropped when his name was called because I was getting pretty convinced that if he wasn’t there, he wasn’t going to win. Then he’s called and suddenly, he’s sitting in the audience like that. And I’m like… what… where… WHERE’D HE COME FROM?! :p Then he got up and had this prosthetic beer belly and a drink in hand. And I’m like… oh my… he’s gonna do something, be silly or w/e. But yah. It was definitely silly… but absolutely adorable. Stumbling with the golden popcorn, his speech.. blah blah. All too cute. I like how he poked fun at it as his way of saying, “Thanks but please move on now…” :p! Then seeing him in the audience afterwards. AHHH!!!

  278. Mystique Says:

    Accv–LOL! YEah, I honestly thought that Channing Tatum was going to win that award! Especially when I kept seeing the camera panning to his seat and….NOTHING. I figured he must not have felt the need to show up since he didn’t win the award anyway (so I THOUGHT lol), so imagine my surprise when his name was called and he was sitting in the audience!

    Even after Seth Rogen and Zac Efron called out his name, I STILL thought (for a split second): “Aww too bad guys, he’s not there so someone else will have to accept the award for him” lol! I was SO happy to actually see Taylor in the audience! ^_^

    I believe that the fact that he could be nowhere to be found was also a “set up”. That was supposed to be a “Surprise” lol…that’s why he wasn’t in his “seat” for most of the show lol.

    I also like how even though he IS legally 21 and CAN drink, he brought up a soda drink instead… He very well could have brought up some cans or bottles of BEERS in order to continue along with the “skit” of getting “fat” off of overdrinking and over eating, but no…Taylor (always the classy guy that he is) brought up a bunch of candy spilling out of his pockets lol, and a soda lol. :)

    I thought his speech was adorable also ^_^ But yes, I agree, I think he’s ready to move on from all of that now lol.

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    Video: ‘Grown Ups 2′ Trailer » Taylor Lautner Fan // Taylor-Lautner.Net

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    Video: ‘Grown Ups 2′ Trailer » Taylor Lautner Fan // Taylor-Lautner.Net