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Check out portrait photos from Taylor Lautner at the “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference earlier today.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference

46 Responses to “Photos: Taylor Lautner’s “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference Portraits”

  1. Mystique Says:

    Awwww!!! ^_^ I’m just loving all of these new pics. :)

  2. vera Says:

    Oh my…No words,really…

  3. kia Says:


    He’s trying to kill me!!

  4. Emily Says:

    Alright, this isn’t even funny. Hair, skin, smile, expressions, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, MMM…

    Why is Joe Cocker’s (I think that’s who sings it), “You Are So Beautiful to Me” going through my head right now????

  5. marianne Says:

    THUD….Sort of beautiful is an understatement!!

  6. Emily Says:

    Here’s the clip of the GU2 cast on Ellen. Salma says something about Taylor too. It’s all before the 6 minute mark of the video.

    I am now on a quest to find the press conference video. I know it exists somewhere!!

  7. accv Says:

    OH MY. Haha! I sound like Taylor. “OH. MY.” :p I was hoping for more on Taylor, but even a minute-ish of Taylor-talk from the cast is fine with me. And I love how Salma defended him from haters because of the whole, “He’s a hot guy… he’s not funny” or whatever she said (sorry, the audio was a bit hard to understand). Like, she didn’t even say.. “And to the haters..” She just went ahead and said that he really is great in the film.

    But Spade’s story is funny. They roll down their windows and it’s not Taylor then you hear this collective “aww.” HAHA! Yahhh… sorry guys! Taylor’s just something else! ;p

  8. accv Says:

    Yet I also find it interesting how none of the cast mentioned Taylor first as their “main attraction” cameo. At least to me he’s been promoted as it. I was hoping to hear “Taylor Lautner” first before the ones they mentioned. But it’s w/e. They had something good to say about him, anyways, despite it sounding more like, “WELL. How was it like working with Taylor? Let’s see… none of the fans want to see us, that’s for sure.” :p!

  9. accv Says:

    Oh and I think we will never get tired of stating the obvious when it comes to how gorgeous this guy is… he’s like a life-like man doll. I’d say “Ken” but even he’s not as unique as our guy. He’s just… perfection. Gah… I wanna clone him! So then Sara can have the real him and I’ll just have the seconds. I don’t mind… sorta :p

    @Marianne… you hit the nail on the head! He’s OUR Edward. HE’S perfect. You know, Taylor’s looks kinda… comes off as something you’d read in a mysterious romance novel. Or something like V.C. Andrews. She writes novels that have a lot of characters that ooze sex appeal and ethereal beauty. They’re so attractive even they cause the characters’ relatives to be attracted to them. Sure, disturbing and incestuous, but Taylor just reminds me of those types of novel characters.

  10. chanda w. Says:

    Does he ever realize how hot he is…………..these pics are just…………….delish!! He does look like he’s bulking up again………..fine by me ………either way………….I’m happy. He seems happier now…………..I mean he’s always showing those pearly whites, but he seems really relaxed …………I’m proud of him. He’s proven that he’s strong minded and very solid ………like a rock. I thought it was cool that Selma sorta took up for Tay…………..on Ellen…………..well not take up for ……….but she said how good he was in the role. I don’t think he’s a cameo………….think he’s a character…………great…….more Tay. Luv that boy!

  11. joanie Says:

    Somebody who has access should swap his IMDB photo with one of these.

    Question: who trimmed his chest hair??? (I’ll go with he did it himself) at least what would be peeking over the neck of his shirt

    Like his longer hair (head not chest) – I see it peeking out around the back of his neck

    I don’t know how much he is in the picture but they’re still stating it as a cameo (I’ve heard there is a fight scene between the frat boys & the townies & Taylor gets smacked right in the “kisser”)

  12. joanie Says:

    oh – forgot to snipe about a couple of “twilight” sites that show everyone else in the cast but never anything of Taylor (and this is a legit organized event) Kellan bends over to pick up a quarter & they have a dozen shots – not going to waste my time even checking those sites out anymore…..

  13. chanda w. Says:

    Stop checking twilight sites for info on Taylor ………..he’s considered a threat………as if he and KS had a fling or something………..whatever the case………it is beyond silly…………..yet , Taylor seems to be doing just fine without the support of the loonies.
    Can’t wait to see this film. There are some pics of Tay on twitter……..from this same photo shoot and he just looks……….mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..beautiful boy.

  14. marianne Says:

    joanie…I rarely go to Twilight sites for info on Taylor. The irony is that Robsten fans are in various stages of meltdown. Rob fans are hating all the papping with KS now and many are calling him a famewhore and flying the coop. All this time I thought his fans thought their relationship was the “ideal”. After all, they look so “in love”. Gagging.

    chanda…I think these are some of my favorite press conference pics and they aren’t associated with Twilight!

  15. Emily Says:

    marianne–I agree. . . some of my favorite pics. . . he just seems so relaxed and happy . . . and some of those expressions. . .perfection.

    And his HAIR!!!! Why can’t I get over his hair!?!? It’s not that different, just a little longer. . .

    I am so upset that I can’t find this press conference anywhere. I’ve checked all my usual sites, then justjared, youtube, google, Sony page, and NOTHING!! Please, if anyone sees it, post a link!

    joanie–Whoever has to hit Taylor in the mouth should be arrested for indecency or crimes against humanity–messing up his perfect face!!! Seriously, I know it’s just a movie role, but I am extremely fond of those beautiful lips and it will be very hard for me to see them injured, even if it’s fake for a movie.

    accv–I call “dibs” on one of your clones. You’ll definitely have to make several. :)

  16. chanda w. Says:

    One thing is for sure…….he’s getting plenty of lovin’ cause his skin is flawless up close. I don’t know who the lucky biotch or biotches are…….., but good for them.
    Tay’s role in GUPS2 is now stated as uncredited and his pic…..which was right behind Sandler some weeks back is now way down mixed in with other actors and uncredited roles. I know his role is stated as a cameo, but he has more than one scene in the movie…….so why would it not be credited? And why would they ask Taylor to help promote a movie (I’m not complaining) that he is barely in and not credited? Just wondering ….I’m still seeing the movie, just to get a glimpse of his sexy arse.
    Can’t get over how happy he seems……his smile just lightens up a room.

    Funny how he’s the only one promoting anything right now…….and MTV chose to send him out with an award…………interesting…lol! Luv my Tay.
    P.S. In one of those mtv pics……is Tay shaking hands with Mike Tyson?

  17. firereign Says:

    Cameo roles are typically “surprise the audience” roles – and most frequently they are uncredited. there are other reasons for an actor being uncredited – it’s a very small role with very little screen time, he did it for fun, someone asked him to do it as a favor or he asked them if he could be in it, they owed someone, they think it might be stinky & don’t want to be associated. If it is uncredited it won’t be used in negotiations with producers for future roles – often the only compensation is union scale (because in most instances it’s required ). When you are negotiating for a future project and contract your most recent appearances & salaries & profitability are all taken in to consideration, if it was uncredited it don’t count thereby not lowering your ability to negotiate.
    So they have been attempting to downplay expectations – this is NOT HIS film…..but once the cat was out of the bag, you do what you can with it….ignore it, emphasize that it is what it is (and headlines have overblown it). There are few cases if any where a cameo would be doing publicity for it…..since he is, it appears they’ve decided to use it to the advantage of promoting the picture (obviously he is going to be a draw).
    Stepping in for Chris Rock – travel arrangements were probably already made b4 he had to cancel & usually no one else steps in – so Chris Rock who IS one of the stars having Taylor sub for him is a nice gesture on his part & a nice thing for Taylor to do also. Why did Taylor do it…..I would say at least 1 reason is he thought it would be fun…..So please NO griping about the limited screen time (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hunting around on the cutting room floor looking for a few more of his scenes they could use.

  18. chanda w. Says:

    @firereign Thanks so much for the info. I figured it was something like that……..Tay did say Adam asked him to be in the film and it was a very small part. Still it is so cool that he’s being tapped to help do promos when this clearly is not HIS film. Chris Rock is cool and so is Adam…so I am sure they all had to agree that it was ok for Tay to step in……..and Taylor ….just such a classy guy. He probably basically did the movie for free and he’s promoting it…..part of why I luv him so.

    Just realized the woman who plays….I want to say Kevin (the heavy set guy) ‘s wife………is the same woman who played Taylors mom on Abduction………….I think or they really look alike.

  19. Emily Says:

    chanda–You’re right–it’s Maria Bello. She plays Kevin James’ wife.

    firereign–We’re really lucky to get your insights into the biz. You won’t hear any griping from me. If Taylor’s in it, even for 20 seconds, I’ll go see it, maybe twice, and will definitely buy it anyway, even if I don’t like it.

  20. firereign Says:

    Would like to mention that cameo’s are high profile recognizable people (or people related to them) or people closely associated with a film (authors of books movie is based on, the director, family members – sometimes simply appearing in group scenes, background shots, but also can play pivotal roles & there may be a contract involved with this type of cameo- the key is very limited screen time (an unknown with just as much screen time is an extra). (In “Abduction” the cameo was Dermot Mulroney

  21. chanda w. Says:

    I kept hoping that Abduction would get a sequel……….I know it was suppose to. It made a profit……maybe down the line. Still don’t understand how Tay was bashed so harshly for a film he did as a teen…..and he got all the blame. The film made 85 mil world wide…..that’s a lot of cash.
    I really did think Taylor and Lily had great chemistry.
    @firereign Do u know when filming for Tay’s next project is going to start? At first I thought it was Tracers but thinking …it is something else. Even Tay’s cameo is analyzed and seems complicated. Making it complicated …just because it’s Taylor.
    On a side note, seems KS has been dismissed from least one project…Focus. Will Smith is now the male lead. Her handlers claim she left because of the age difference…Will is 44. Wasn’t Ben in his forties too? Not buying that story. She either comes off as a hypocrite (RS 40 something) or a bigot……..which I don’t believe is the case. More than likely neither Will or Ben wanted to work with her. Maybe her fans should focus on why that is…..instead of trying to cut Tay out of pics and articles and all that other nonsense.
    I do wonder why he’s so loyal to her. She seems to use him as a PR gimmick to help her image and make her “boyfriend” jealous. I believe they are friends…,but it seems to benefit her more than Taylor. I just wonder why he would go along with the PR stunts……….when he doesn’t have to? Ur fans got ur back Tay…trust.

  22. carrie Says:

    I feel like his next film will be something we haven’t heard about yet. I think Tracers is probably dead. So I bet he’s looking at other projects. The more he can get his face out there, the better. If producers see how much attention he can bring to a project that he isn’t even a lead in, the more they’ll want to work with him.

    And yes, imo, Kristen was let go from Focus because they and/or Will Smith didn’t feel she was right for the role anymore. Will Smith has the power to say who he wants as a co-star, and I would not be surprised if dropping Kristen was a condition for him to sign on. Rob apparently has a new movie with Julianne Moore and John Cusack filming this summer though.

  23. marianne Says:

    carrie…As I understood it, there was financing for Tracers and Wyck Godfrey talked about it so it is out there. Now whether Taylor is still attached is anyone’s guess. He got out of the Stretch Armstrong contracts for a reason so I remain positive. There was no age issue when Kristen did WTR so I think that is some publicity bull.

    chanda w…It would be hard for Rob and Taylor to not feel a sense of loyalty to their leading lady after all those films. All three went through some strange experiences together that only they can understand i.e. Kristen and Taylor trapped in a hotel room in Brazil while fans are trying to break into the hotel. Taylor is a gentleman and I think whatever pr is necessary to rehab Kristen, he would do. Personally, I just want Rob, Kristen and the funk bunch to be out there for the paps.

  24. chanda w. Says:

    It just sometimes seems Taylor is the one getting slammed over and over. And I don’t think Tay and RP are friends..I think they are friendly and had chemistry,which is why the movies worked, but they aren’t buddy buddy and there is some kind of jealousy issue because once Taylor was thrown in the mix, RP was back in a flash. And no Bday invite to KS’s party? She made sure everyone knew she went to his bash. Yet AshBenzo was there…….since when are they friends?
    But, I’m just looking from the outside so I might have it all wrong. If he were a shady person..he could have totally used the scandal to his advantage…..I know plenty of mags and tv shows were calling him …to give a comment about the story…….he would have been front page news…just throwing out tidbits of info…..but he’s a classy guy……so he kept his mouth shut…….even though he probably knew some stuff. This is the thanks he gets for his loyalty……….her using him, Robsten fans wanting his career to suffer. He couldn’t even make a harmless joke at the award show without critics taking it to another level. And I doubt he wants Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez yet JB fans and the boy band fans attack him simply because he once dated them. He don’t want those skanks. I am on a little rant……..cause I won’t b on for a couple of days…so might as well get it out now. His Imdb was up last week, down this week……did compare RP and KS were down last week too…..RP wasn’t even in the the top 100. Haven’t checked again, but guess the constant pap shots aren’t as helpful as they seem. He needs to get away from her too. Just waiting for Tay to get the respect he deserves, but that is happening………he was tapped to help promote a movie…….he’s barely in. So those who matter………already know. Luv my Tay.

  25. Emily Says:

    I don’t remember who was looking for it, but I found a picture of Slash when he was young. They do look sort of similar.

    I’ve just recently discovered pinterest (and wish I hadn’t, b/c it’s just like youtube–it sucks you in and you can be trapped for hours before you realize it!!!), and was looking at Taylor stuff (of course), and saw it.

  26. marianne Says:

    Emily….I LOVE pinterest!! It’s so addictive. There are so many projects I would like to try but I have no time.

    Here’s a link to a new photo of Taylor with a fan at the airport in Mexico.

  27. Emily Says:

    marianne—I love it, too, but hate it at the same time. I literally CANNOT make myself stop looking sometimes! (Ha, ha, much like my Taylor sites!)

    I love looking at the faces of guys he is photographed with–they look just as excited as the girls!!

  28. chanda w. Says:

    That’s the pic I have on my pinterest account of Tay……well Slash….looking like Taylor (dead ringer).

  29. carrie Says:

    marianne, I never really believe financing is in place until there’s a shooting schedule and other casting announced. It’s been about a year since Tracers was announced, so my feeling is if it was going to happen, it would’ve by now. Or we’d at least be seeing movement on it. I just think the odds are better that Taylor’s next project will be something that’s already moving and that he’s joining, not something he or his team will have to build from the ground up.

  30. marianne Says:

    carrie….You may be right about Tracers.

  31. joanie Says:

    Finally found 1 of the YTube clips inside Vanity Fair Party w/Taylor & Lily
    It is very short – but interesting
    Can’t get the connection but if you go to YouTube & type in Vanity Fair Party 2013 Taylor Lautner & Lily Collins (it’ll bring up a list –
    The guy having his picture taken with them, someone told me that’s Lily’s agent.

  32. ukscreen Says:

    Taylor Lautner: All my Twitter accounts are fake – Exclusive

  33. Mystique Says:

    Oh boy…I’m SO behind on posts!!

    Anyway, I just love our Tay! He’s looking good in these press conference pics. :) I still can’t believe the video isn’t anywhere online! :-/

    The more and more I hear about Taylor’s role in GUP2, the more and more excited I’m getting! ^_^ Even if it’s a few couple of scenes, I will GLADLY watch the movie for him and him alone. *gush*

    Yes, Taylor’s skin is GORGEOUS. I’ve seen him up close and yes, he DOES look like a Ken doll! LOL! Now, maybe it was just “TV makeup” on him making his face look so “smooth”, but I doubt it. His skin is just naturally smooth like that I think.

    Carrie—Yeah, I’m guessing that Kristen was let go from the film “Focus” and her public agents or PR people just spun the story as her dropping out due to the “age difference”. Yeah…right…okay. A lot of actors have been signed on for this film but have dropped off all of a sudden. Actors like Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, etc. I’m just wondering what is wrong with this movie?? Lol… Oh well, looks like Will Smith has a hold on the lead now, so I’m sure once the lead actor changed, they wanted to go with a totally different lead actress as well.

    Emily—Lol….hmm…maybe he shaved his chest hair himself? Lol! I still saw a little bit of chest hair at the MTV Movie Awards… Especially when he was being interviewed by that Josh guy. Maybe he shaves a little off here and there every now and then. Or, maybe his shirt this time is just a little further up his neck?? HAHA! He DOES like to wear the V-necks you know.. lol! :)

    Chanda–Yea, I definitely sense your frustration with all of the bashing and haters on Taylor for no good reason. I feel bad for him too! :( It’s like all of the “negative press” is not even WARRANTED! You know what I think it is? I think what it is, is that Taylor probably comes off as being a little TOO nice, or TOO good to be true, and so people just automatically assume (erroneously I might add) that *SOMETHING* must be wrong with him. :-/ It’s really a STUPID way to reason, but that’s how some people think.

    It’s the same way people get jealous or start hating on someone for absolutely NO good reason. At the very crux of it, they probably WISH they were like him and can’t even fathom that a guy can be so “normal” and “nice” in this industry, so they try to bring him down or find fault with ANYTHING that he does smh. BTW, I didn’t necessarily hear the critics putting down his MTV acceptance speech. Actually, I read mostly positive reviews from critics and articles reviewing the entire show that night. I think it was the backlash from the so-called “FANS” that made things negative smh. :-/

    Anyway, Taylor should just ignore the haters and forget about them. Taylor really IS a great guy, and just because people can’t fathom that, that shouldn’t be Taylor’s problem. ha!

    Marianne–Omg, I LOVE the pic of Taylor at the airport with a fan! Awwww!!! So cute! And Taylor is looking just as handsome as ever. OMG! He can look so handsome…even dressed DOWN! I like him in hats too for some reason! He looks really GOOD in hats. Cowboy hats, baseball caps, etc…you name it! I just now realized this. He looks really sexy in hats. lol.

    Carrie—Whether his next project is “Tracers” or some other project that is coming out soon and has already been announced or one that is not announced yet, I really don’t care. I’m just excited to hear him doing something new! It’s such a breath of fresh air to see him out happily promoting other projects with a totally different cast. :)

    I can’t wait for the interview circuit to hit. I HOPE he’ll be “big enough” in this film to get interviewed. :)

  34. Mystique Says:

    Oops! JOANIE asked the question about the chest hair, NOT Emily! lol! Oops! My mistake lol ;) I think just thinking about Taylor’s “chest hair” got me all flustered and confused lol!

  35. Emily Says:

    Ha, ha, Mystique!! I was just thinking while reading that, “Now WHEN was I talking about his chest hair??? Chest—yes, many times—his hair– yes, also quite often, but the two combined??” I can understand why you got flustered. ;)

  36. Mystique Says:

    Emily—lol, yes….Thinking about Taylor gets me a little flustered at times *blush* lol

  37. janet Says:

    Off topic:
    Conspiracy theories abound, I know…..but

    I was checking out box office mojo – The Host (which has 2 young stars) bombed &
    is SM big next hit (at least listening to her gush) plus there were a lot of movies that have bombed) and not a whimper not from critics, not from entertainment sites – blogs & haters it’s a given you expect them to be garbage mouths (not all but a lot). But Abduction – even though it made a profit is still being lambasted – why ???? – and I mean it’s water over the bridge….

    And I am getting impatient with waiting for Taylor – everything seems like they’re just buying time – why – I don’t know, If they’re waiting for the “Perfect” offer to come along I”ll probably be playing a harp in the great beyond and Taylor will be older than dirt.

    – especially when some of those other frat boys in GU2 have like 4-5 pictures coming out (don’t know how big their roles are, but it sucks)
    Couldn’t they simply say Taylor is catching up with what he missed in his teen years & he’ll back when he gets back…..I BETTER hear something by next month like he said we would.

    Just being crabby today – love Taylor – but I don’t like being led down the garden path because they think were a bunch of half wits….. (probably not him – but whoever has his ear & is giving him advice – and IT sucks too)<

  38. Catherine Says:

    I quite often have a peek at this site – I am a huge fan, and although I have never left a comment before, I have to say your discussions amuse me! There’s a nice friendly feel to it all – a rare thing on the Internet nowadays!

    Anyway. Here’s a thought. He said he could talk about a new project over the next month or two. Catherine Fisher announced (in the same week, I believe) that Incarceron was being planned. Coincidence? I hope not! Her Q&A on her site has comments very much in his favour – maybe he’s been lying low before the next big thing gets underway. He’s looking different, has matured, and perhaps needed a low profile for a while in order to distance himself from the teen stuff? A clever move, in my opinion, than signing up to stuff left, right and centre as Robert Pattinson is doing. I like Rob a lot, but overexposure can put you off a person!

    All speculation, obviously, but here’s hoping…

  39. carrie Says:

    I actually saw a lot of articles about The Host bombing. It’s just that after the first weekend, they stopped talking about it. But there were a lot of “Twilight fans don’t come out to support Meyer” type headlines right after it opened. And everyone has said the sequels will never happen now.

    If Taylor has something in the works, we should hear about it soon. He’ll want to announce it before promo really kicks in, that way he’ll have something new to talk about.

  40. Mystique Says:

    @Janet—(((hug))) Awwwww….It will be okay!!! :) I hate to bring up conspiracy theories too, but you’re right…. “The Host” wasn’t anywhere NEAR as popular as the critics/the media EXPECTED it to be, but yet….you don’t hear too much out there about that movie bombing. Smh…. Maybe I need to go over to in order to read anything negative about that movie, because I swear, that place is a negative person’s junkyard or something smh…lol.

    Anyway…..I DO find it very unfair that “Abduction” (which was NOT that bad by the way!) was lambasted from here to kingdom come, yet OTHER films with other actors aren’t even given half the the same criticism! That’s SO unfair. The only reason I can speak of? Probably because it’s Taylor…plain and simple.

    As I mentioned a little further up thread, for some reason, SOME people have this sick crazy urge to knock people off a peg if they can’t find any fault with them. So, they go through many lengths to make the person look bad. To me it’s all about jealousy. I hate to use this age-old excuse, but to me that’s the only thing that can come to my mind. I could see if Taylor were a jerk, but he’s not. I’m not in the business of “hating” people who are NICE, but apparently other people are. They don’t care how “nice” or “gentlemanly” an actor may be. If they feel that the person doesn’t have any talent, or if they feel like the person is not “imperfect” enough (I guess) then they will chew that person out and will just wait with bated breath for that person to “fail” at something. Smh…

    It’s all craziness if you ask me.

    I don’t think we have anything to worry about though. I think something IS coming up on the horizons for Taylor. Something GOOD. I just have this feeling!

    Plus, I don’t care what anyone else says (or maybe I need to get my contact prescription re-filled or something lol), but he looks to me as if he’s definitely packing on a little more “bulk” than the latter part of last year. So I’m guessing that he’s been “training” for SOMETHING. *prays it’s an action movie* I just want him to do another “Action Movie” and succeed well so that he can finally put the “haters” to rest with their silly claim that he “can’t do action movies”. Puh leeze. LOL.

    I WAS calm, but now you’ve got ME all riled up! LOL!

    Anyway….I definitely understand the frustration, we just want to see him do well. But I think he’s got something special headed his way. :)

    Keep the Faith! ;)

  41. Lilome Says:

    I think our boy is bulking up, too. And I love the longer hair. New article says he will moving into his own place soon……. wonder if he needs help. I’d love to help him unwrap things….move things around. Ya know, put things where they should go. I’d even pay him to do his laundry. Geez I need help

  42. accv Says:

    God, he’s moving into his new place? Geez. Time flies. Our guy is growing up. He’ll be alone… in that new place… I wish… I knew where it is… :p!

    I have faith in our guy’s career. With that much bankability, it’s no wonder Adam Sandler tapped him to make a cameo in GU2. And if it weren’t for Taylor’s overall transformation for New Moon, Twilight’s success wouldn’t have skyrocketed like that. And honestly, I just looked at BoxOfficeMojo… New Moon and Eclipse (the ones where Taylor is the most visible) are the highest grossing of the Twilight films. Eff that BD2 was supposedly the “best one” because Bella became a vampire mom, wasn’t as whiny, was more “bad-ass” and had that unexpected twist in the epic battle… Taylor was hugely instrumental in Twilight’s success.
    Jealous haters can hate all they want. The proof is in the pudding.

    And for those that keep bashing Taylor, they just want to see him fail. Point blank. They notice how much he’s loved with his fans, peers and whatnot… they hear how nice a kid he is and it’s like… who is this guy? Gorgeous, talented, humble, etc… how’s it this guy has everything going for him? He IS too good to be true. But we all know he isn’t. He’s human, just like the rest of us. It’s just that he’s a celebrity… a movie star… his vices come out in private, because he’s trying to set an example for his fans. And just because WE think he’s perfect… doesn’t mean everyone he knows thinks he’s perfect. Only the people that know him personally know the real him. He may be touted as this really nice kid in Hollywood, but that’s part of his branding.. his image. Not saying he’s faking the more conservative/reserved image, but he’s also been packaged a certain way. Naturally, this is what everyone sees. And not everyone relates to “goody-two-shoes” perfection. Then again, when you’re more candid and show your vices to the world.. people bag on you anyways. Society has been warped that way. Why? I have no idea. But we live in a crazy world.

  43. Mystique Says:

    Lilome—Yes! I knew it wasn’t just me! lol…. He’s definitely bulked up slightly. Definitely bigger than he was at the BD2 Premiere here:

    Awww….he’s moving into his own place soon?? Awww!!! *sniff* Our guy is growing up lol. That should be fun and an interesting experience for him. To be honest though, I have mixed feelings about it. On ONE hand, I want him to definitely taste the freedom of being out of his parent’s house, and living life on his own lol. Maybe we’ll even see more sightings! ^_^ BUTTTTT…..on the OTHER hand, I feel like him buying a house, or getting his own place might put him a little TOO much in the public eye, which will yet incur maybe even MORE criticism smh. :-/ I just want him to stay on the right path. Hollywood and the vices of the business can entangle anyone. I just hope and pray he’ll stay grounded.

    Living at home with his family and close to his friends has all been a factor in keeping him grounded for sure, and that’s good. I just hope he can STAY grounded and level-headed later on down the line once he moves out. :)

    I have faith that he will, but I just worry sometimes you know? I just look at some of these other kid/teen actors of the past who STARTED OFF fine, but then years later down the line they allowed drugs, alcohol or the fame to consume them and have yet to recover. :-( I definitely don’t want that for Taylor. :-/

    Gosh…I’m not even anywhere near old enough to be his mother, but yet I’m worrying about him lol! Okay, I’ve truly lost it lol.

  44. marianne Says:

    Catherine….Welcome…so glad you posted. I agree with your comment on him laying low to give distance. I hope Incarceron is a go because I liked the book and the writing is better than SM.

    Mystique…I try to avoid IMDB as much as I can. It has become a cesspool of people who just spew garbage. When Swiftie first came on the country scene, I checked out some of her videos on YT and noticed there was a guy that continually dumped on her. Four years later, he still posts garbage on her videos. I’m not a fan but it shows the tenacity of some people with their hate. The sad part is that the bullies are slowly taking over the internet and all the sane people are leaving social networks.

    Lilome… We’ll relieve him of all those little stresses in life.

  45. Emily Says:

    Catherine–Glad you’re here. We are a pretty friendly bunch. We always welcome more into the “We love Taylor” fold.

    Mystique–Feeling “mother-hennish” towards our boy–it’s only natural, we all just want the best for him–age doesn’t matter.

    Ohh, getting his own place–how cute!! I’ve had experience decorating my own house and picking out all the things for my brother’s condo. I can have my paint chips and fabric swatches packed in a jiffy, if he needs some interior design advice. I’m just a phone call and a plane ride away and would work for free!

    Seriously, I just hope wherever he moves, he’ll still be able to have some privacy, like he has had with his parents. Taylor–learn a lesson from the Biebs–don’t let trashy friends stay at your place or take your cars–not that he’d have many of that type of friends. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing him moving in next door???? (Time to purchase the telescope and night-vision goggles, for sure!! Ha!)

    I’ve just thought of a great housewarming gift from us— a welcome sign or mat with an added note, “Funk Bunch Not Included!”

    accv–Isn’t it satisfying seeing the NM and Eclipse numbers??? People can say what they want, but Taylor is a (if not the) major contributing factor to their success. That’s just a fact.

    Regarding Abduction, I’ve said several times. . .it wasn’t that bad–I actually enjoyed it. The promo was just handled wrong. Taylor had all that responsibility on his shoulders when it should have been shared by all the actors, but he got 100% of the blame for it not being a blockbuster. It all boils down to pure, simple jealousy. . . of his looks, his personality, his success at such a young age (while being a good person)–whatever. . . it’s just jealousy.

  46. accv Says:

    Close-minded, jealous people won’t want to see the good things about Taylor. If they don’t like him, they don’t like him. We all have bashers. No one is liked by everyone. I know we’re all human and it can be difficult to ignore them at times to the point where we can’t help but fight back, but kill them by continually showing our support for him and ignoring the attention-seekers.

    RE: NM and Eclipse.. definitely satisfying seeing the numbers for those two films. If Taylor had not been part of the cast, I don’t think the franchise would’ve reached that type of success. His role was pivotal in providing more interest to the story instead of just the Sparkleweds. And of course eye candy for those that can’t stand hard, lank and pale. :p

    Abduction, bad? There have been worse films made. In fact, Taylor did the best he could with what he had. His acting wasn’t up to par.. definitely not. Even I can admit that. But it surely helped that he’s extremely athletic and his martial arts skills totally upped the ante. He CAN do action, he proved it. Many of his more aggressive scenes had me on the edge of my seat. I was really into those scenes. And his chemistry with Lily… do I even HAVE to comment on it? Like, it was hot. I mean, to each his own, to each her own, to each their own… but for me… I thought they were adorable together. ;) So Abduction was fine. It was definitely not garbage. People are just harping on it because they’re not on his level. ;p People that can’t do anything about their own lives but degrade others’ just shows they don’t want to put in the work to get the desired results. That’s their problem… not his.