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Speaking at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun, where he came to promote his new movie Grown Up 2, Taylor Lautner tells me that he is worried about the multiple Twitter and instagram accounts that have millions of followers who think that it’s him. “I’m not on Twitter or Instagram,” he stresses, shaking his head. “The only thing I do have is a Facebook page, which is just” Even his best friends were fooled by the the multitude of fake accounts, commenting on pictures that he supposedly submitted on Twitter. “It’s crazy,” he laughs.

He then proceeded to tell me a story about a wild rumour that once circulated on the Internet, purporting that he had died. “It was the craziest story,” he giggles. “I was pretty proud because it wasn’t like a simple death. It was out at a club late at night in LA and these exotic dancers drugged me and brought me back to their hotel and ended up killing me at the end of the night. It was something insane and people believed it.” It turned out to be an April Fool’s thing, but it didn’t stop the deluge of frantic calls from family and friends, who were concerned for his well-being.

“I am just a simple guy,” he says shyly. “I like to relax at home and have quiet days or go to the ranch wherever.”

The 21-year-old actor became a teen idol following his starring role in the vampire franchise Twilight, which has completely changed his life. “The privacy and just the normal life that I live is different but I don’t let it affect me much and you really just treat life the same.”

To eschew the suffocating attention from the millions of fans, the Michigan-born actor lives outside of LA with his family. “But whenever we travel anywhere, everybody knows where we’re going to show up somehow and there’s certainly people camping out everywhere,” he laughs. Soon, however, he will be moving out of his parents’ house to his own.


24 Responses to “Taylor Lautner: All my Twitter accounts are fake – Exclusive”

  1. nicole Says:

    I swear sometimes I just want to hug him. Like smush him in close. LOL

  2. Emily Says:

    nicole–I have that urge a lot, too. I would also just love to pinch his cheeks (on his face, not the other ones, but I’ve had that urge too) when he smiles. He is just too cute for words sometimes.

    What did it mean about “go to the ranch?” Was something lost in translation??

  3. marianne Says:

    Emily…A fan said that his family has a ranch outside of LA. She said his sister has a horse. I know there are pics of Taylor riding a horse there.(picturing him riding a horse…sigh)

  4. Emily Says:

    Oh, God, now picturing him in all sorts of “cowboy” scenarios!!! Help!!

  5. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—HOLD UP! HOLD the phone…. HE knows how to ride a HORSE??? *gasp* *thud* O_O

    I’m with you @Emily, all of these “cowboy” scenarios are popping up in my head too! lol! Especially when I see pictures like THIS:

    Guh……Sooooo many *naughty thoughts* are going through my brain right now lol :-P

  6. Emily Says:

    Mystique–stop!! It took my heart a long time to recover from that Fallon appearance. I nearly ruined my VCR because I kept watching it over and over and pausing it over and over. The cowboy hat, the chaps, the way he just vaulted up on that bull, the muscles in his arms when he was holding on. . . . I would not be opposed to a western cowboy/bull rider/ranch hand role in his future. . . . . . let’s just think about that for a little while. . . . . :)

  7. Catherine Says:

    Ranch? Bull riding role? ‘The Longest Ride’ by Nicholas Sparks has a young bull rider in it – and Wyck Godfrey’s producing the adaptation. Yep, book geek here!!! Wonder if I’m reading too much into all that..?!

    Both authors I’ve mentioned (Catherine Fisher being the other one) are hugely popular over here (in cold, rainy old England!) so movies would appeal to an international market, I’m sure.

    On a shallow level – Taylor Lautner in a cowboy hat? Oh, go on then…why not? ;)

  8. Mystique Says:

    Emily—OMG!!!! YES!! Stop it please! I’m at work and can’t concentrate anymore because of that visual you have put in my head! LOL! YEs…that Jimmy Fallon episode was SO drool-worthy. I didn’t even see it live when it aired, I just saw it online on Youtube a year ago. Oh man, I almost about DIED when I saw him dressed up as a Cowboy. *_*

    Oh man, and then when he got up on that bull I was FLOORED. That was IT you hear me?? >_< Oh boy….. I am TOTALLY down for Taylor playing in a cowboy/western/ranch hand role!!!!

    Catherine—Welcome to the boards! ^_^ It's great to see another fellow Taylor fan. It's cool having someone from "across the pond" as well. :)

    Omg, I LOVE Nicholas Sparks and his books! I haven't read "The Longest Ride", so now you've got my interest peaked. I may have to google that book to see what the story is about. If they ever turn that book into a movie, I HOPE HOPE HOPE they look in Taylor's direction. Omg, seeing Taylor in a cowboy uniform…..I don't think I would be able to take it! LOL! He looks GREAT in cowboy hats.

    Now I'm thinking…….if they even did a movie like the film "Legends of the Fall" and had a young cast with Taylor in it as well THAT would send me over the edge for SURE! :-D

    I would be NO good…lol…

  9. marianne Says:

    Catherine….Nicholas Sparks…he tweeted about a year ago that he had met Taylor and what a nice guy he was. We can hope…

  10. Catherine Says:

    I think we might be on to something ;)

    ‘The Notebook’ was a huge hit over here too :)

  11. Emily Says:

    I like Wyck and I like the sound of that story, but Taylor said his next role was much “grittier” than anything he had done in the past and that it had a lot of action. I don’t know about y’all, but when I hear Nicholas Sparks, I don’t immediately think “grit” and “action.” Sappy, gut-wrenching angst, and love stories come to mind. But, if it involved Taylor as a cowboy, I already give it two thumbs way up!

    Catherine–I insist you watch this clip(if you haven’t seen it before). Seeing him put on the cowboy hat is just the beginning. Enjoy!
    The bull-riding starts at 7:20.

  12. Anon28 Says:

    I’d like to see Taylor Lautner in a grittier role as well. Angry, facial hair, dirty, tatted up…and possibly a sex scene or two where he’s all roughed up…

    Yep, I’m gonna go make good use of my hand now…

    To make cookies of course.

  13. Catherine Says:

    Emily – I will get absolutely nothing done today…and I’m blaming you! ;) That hat looks really lovely on him :)

    English chat shows are so serious – you’re lucky to get fun stuff like this! Rob’s appearances are reported on in British newspapers (Rob, Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe are the big deal here, being home-grown stars) but rarely Taylor. He was all over the Daily Mail with the Ashley Benson/Kristen clubbing/Oscar party shots though.

    I’ll be wasting a morning on YouTube now, instead of getting my work done…oh dear ;)

  14. Emily Says:

    Sorry, Catherine! :) That’s just part of being a Taylor fan. Look for other Jimmy Fallon appearances–he always has him doing crazy things. I also recommend looking up the Spanish talk show El Hormiguero (think that’s how they spell it). The one where he is on by himself, not w/ R/k. They got him to do several funny things.

  15. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Is that the episode where they had Taylor doing some martial arts stuff and weilding a sword and all?

    If so….I LOVED that episode! LOL! ^_^ Oh man…he looked so sexy weilding a sword. Or, wait…maybe it wasn’t a sword…but it was definitely some type of rod.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    Another handsome pic. I can’t believe how many fans still think Tay has twitter. I have to admit………….the fake Taylor …….twitter account that was recently suspended…..did have pretty good up to date info and nice pics…lol! But there are so many fakes.
    Welcome @Catherine……….more Tay fans…….cool. @Anon28 I can’t wait until Tay starts doing sex scenes……….OMG! He already seems like a great kisser……….can u imagine even more……….he needs to get filming pronto……….if only to satisfy my selfish urge to see him nude………!

  17. Emily Says:

    Mystique–YES!! He sings some wolf song and howls, and then takes part in these strange science experiments. The sword. . . yeah, fanning self.

    chanda–If his love scenes in the movies are just half as good as the ones that often play in my mind, we’ll be in business!!! ;)

  18. Mystique Says:

    Welcome Anon28!! Yea I can’t wait to see Taylor in a few grittier roles myself. Nothing overly crazy or beneath him or anything, but just something that challenges him a little more as an actor.

    Chanda, Emily—-Omg….I don’t think I would be able to handle seeing Taylor in a real steamy love scene! O_O. I could barely handle the “kiss scene” on the train in Abduction lol!! ^_^. That scene was when I realized that I liked Taylor as MORE than just an “actor”. *blush* Oh boy… And if it’s anywhere half as good as the scenes in my head, then WOW!!! Lol…. I know of course EVENTUALLY he’s going to do one. I’m pretty sure he’s gotten asked to do some in some film scripts already… Just look at all of the scripts that called for him to take off his shirt! Sheesh! So you can’t tell me he hasn’t been asked lol. He probably just turned down those roles. I think Taylor was raised very well, so he’s probably just waiting for the right role and script that might have a love scene in it. :).

    Emily—-Oh ok yes that’s the show!!! But wait a second…I don’t remember Taylor singing or doing any science experiments!! Hmmm….maybe I never saw the entire show? I think I only saw the sword part. Is the rest of the show on YouTube somewhere?

  19. Emily Says:

    Mystique– I think this is the whole show.

  20. Emily Says:

    I meant to say–the translator is really loud, but you can still hear what he says if you listen closely.
    And, I really like the jeans he was wearing that day. ;)

  21. Mystique Says:

    Omg THANK you Emily!!! (((hug))). I have never seen the show in its entirety! =).

  22. Lilome Says:

    Mystique said she doesn’t want Taylor to do anything “beneath him” . I will happily volunteer for that job- I’d love to do things beneath him! Did I just say that? I know I thought it but…

  23. Emily Says:

    Yeah, you said it, and I totally agree!!! ;)

  24. Mystique Says:

    Lilome—HAHAHA!!!! Omg! Well… that you put it THAT WAY, I wouldn’t mind Taylor doing me “beneath” him either lol! Oops….did I just say that out loud? Rotfl! ;)