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I’ve uploaded portrait photos from another one of Taylor Lautner‘s “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conferences. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Photoshoots: “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference #2

17 Responses to “Taylor Lautner’s “Grown Ups 2″ 2nd Press Conference Portraits”

  1. vera Says:

    amazing face. and i love his hair so much!
    but what happened with his chest hair ?! O_o

    press conference GU2

  2. Mystique Says:

    Vera–Haha…. Aww…poor Tay Tay…he got so embarrassed (you could tell) when the guys kept on gushing about him and how he carries a crowd of screaming fangirls wherever he goes lol. He started getting so shy lol! Awww!

    Re: his Chest Hair lol…
    Haha…you know I hadn’t even noticed until you guys said something! It DOES look like the chest hair is absent. But, then again, this shirt isn’t all that low-cut lol.

    Okay….fess up… Which one of you ladies gave Taylor a chest waxing?? C’mon…admit it….who waxed his chest hair?? *evil-eye*

    LOL!!! ^_^

  3. chanda w. Says:

    @Mystique, wish I could take the credit…………………….for waxing his chest hair and doing anything else to that sexy body. His face up close is killer………just drop dead handsome. I like how Taylor is so shy at times……….makes u want him more. He took a pic with Jaime Foxx at the Mtv awards….they’ve taken several through the years. He’s got Oscar winners wanting his pic…….cause they alread know. I think he took one with Mike Tyson too, but it was from a back angle. Can’t wait for GUPS2!

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor says he’s getting his own place soon too. Wonder who’s gonna decorate it for him? I’ve got some ideas in mind as if I’m ever gonna be invited over……….but ya never know. I think he should get a condo or townhouse………he most likely won’t be home too much anyway. Bet his bedroom will be painted baby blue and he’ll have a room for sports memorabilia….lol.

  5. Emily Says:

    vera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you find this?? I’ve been trolling youtube and every other site I could think of for days trying to find this. It doesn’t look like the background for the one that all of the recent dreamy pics came from, so they must have done at least two while in Cancun. I wonder where we can find the rest of this???

    I am now more of an Adam Sandler fan. Anyone who has nice things to say about Taylor improves themselves in my eyes immediately.

    I love Salma’s accent.

  6. marianne Says:

    Girls.. make your plane reservations for New York June 17. I saw a tweet that said Tracers starts filming. There’s also new pics on

  7. Emily Says:

    marianne–You’re kidding!! I don’t believe it. . . seemed like that day would never come!! Does anyone know what the story is about? I can’t remember anymore. I know he was going to be a bike messenger, but then didn’t they decide they had to do something else b/c of that movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt as a bike messenger?? I know there is supposed to be lots of parkour stuff too. . . New York though. . . :( No chance of me being able to visit that set to catch a glimpse–why couldn’t they be filming about 700 miles south of that??? :(

    He loves that Yankees cap, doesn’t he?? I thought those were old pics, b/c he’s worn the shirt and hat several times.

    Looking at those pictures at the very top of this thread, I had 2 thoughts.

    1) He looks really thin and tiny in those with his arms crossed. Maybe it WAS just the cut of that other shirt that made it look like he was bulking up again.

    2) I really want to put my thumb in his chin dimple. . . like really bad.

  8. marianne Says:

    Emily…It seems like we should have a party post….many of us have been coming to this site for the last 3yrs. and waiting for news etc. Taylor should reward us for being such loyal fans. Umm what could he reward us with???? I thought these pics looked a little distorted to me. Maybe it’s the shirt or the angle of the pic. The other pics which I love, he doesn’t look as thin. I bet Shazam and kia are responsible for the chest waxing.

  9. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-YES! Taylor IS drop dead gorgeous in person! So cool to see another fan who has met him in person too! :). I beg ANY ladies, if u can get a chance (even a glimmer) to catch a glimpse of Taylor in PERSON, I say GO for it! You won’t be disappointed!

    Yea Taylor has taken a few pics with Jamie Foxx over the years. Seems Jamie is quite fond of Taylor too. I’ll never forget what he said when he met Taylor for the first time lol. To my knowledge I don’t think Taylor has ever taken a pic with Mike Tyson before. I think that picture may have been of Jamie Foxx (from behind). He has a tattoo on the back of his head lol (Jamie), so maybe that was the confusion?

    I don’t care who does the decorating of Tay’s new place, I just wanna help “christen” it lol….

    Emily—Yea oddly enough I’m beginning to like Adam more and more as an actor too lol. I always kindof liked him as a person when I first saw him on Oprah years ago. He was SO different from the characters that he plays in his films, and he was actually getting choked up while talking about how much he loves his wife (or was it his daughter?) and I just thought that was so sweet. :).

    Marianne—OMG!! SHUT.UP!!! For real?!?!??? First of all, I’m freaking out because Tracers actually has a date when it will start filming (YES!!), but also two… They will be filming in NYC!! Yay!!! That’s where I met Taylor back in November last year!!! Wow! Soooo much stuff goes on in NY. Is NYC the only filming location they have? Do you know?

    Emily—you’re right, the pictures up thread DO look distorted…..almost fish-eye like. It could be the setting on the camera. He DOES look thinner than usual…hmmm :-/. So much for my “bulking up” theory lol!!
    Wow…I guess what you wear can really make a big difference lol.

    Marianne—-omg, maybe you’re right. Lol maybe @Kia and @Shazam ambushed him, tied him up to a bed, and proceeded to wax off all of his chest hairs!!! O_O. *gasp*. Oh for shame!! Lol!!! Ladies?? Are you here to defend yourselves and your actions?? Lol. :)

  10. Emily Says:

    marianne– I don’t think I’ve been coming here for quite 3 years, but I am excited he’s moving on to something new.

    As for how he could reward our loyalty, I could rattle off a list of options right now, but I don’t know how willing he would be to carry some of them out . . . . .

    Mystique–Have you seen the video on youtube of this girl and her friend waiting outside the Today Show to meet him? Was this the same time you were there? Can we see you in this? (I’m going to find the link right now. . . )
    Here it is:

  11. Mystique Says:

    Emily—yes I’ve seen that girl’s video! It was so cute…. And Taylor looks so hot in it. But unfortunately nope…I wasn’t there that day. I met Taylor last year back in November 2012 coming out of the Kelly and Michael show!! :-D.

  12. Catherine Says:

    New film – at last! Glad he’s starting a project where he’s the lead – I’d hate to see him hidden in supporting roles. As for looking slimmer – maybe he’s running as opposed to lifting weights. Looking good, either way.

    The conference is great – I love that the older actors seem so fond of him. They’re certainly talking him up. The whole thing serves as ‘Taylor Advert’! Such a nice change to see him with an easy going crowd.

    You’ve probably seen it, but YouTube Taylor/Holly Willoughby. She hosts the biggest daytime show here, and interviewed him for BD2. She’s very popular here, and rambled on about him on the show for days afterwards :)

    This site is fast becoming a guilty pleasure ;)

  13. Emily Says:

    Catherine–I LOVE the Holly Willoughby interview. He also looked so perfect in that white shirt.

  14. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—-Omg… *thud* @ that interview w/Holly and him in that white shirt! omg…. Lovely! I LOVE that interview and I’ve watched it over and over again before lol. I like how she fantasizes lol. Didn’t she interview Rob too?? Are we talking about the same interview?

    Anyway….Taylor looks good in WHITE I’ve noticed. I mean, he looks good in blue, in black, and just about ANY other color honestly lol. But something about him in white makes him/his coloring stand out or something. He just looks so GOOD in it!

    Check out this older interview with Regis and Kelly (if you haven’t seen it already). He looks good in EVERY interview imo, but THIS one literally took my breath away (he was that gorgeous lol) when I saw it for the first time:

  15. accv Says:

    Ok, just saw that YT video of his interview with Regis & Kelly, and that picture of him with the giraffe and its tongue, kissing it…. GAG. Lol. It’s like, “TAYLOR! NoooOooOooOoo!” :p Also, I dunno about you… but I’m actually feeling a little jealous of those animals. Dang, something’s wrong with me. Like, seriously… we’d be lucky to get a peck on the lips like that. Are fans even able to kiss him on the cheek?!

    And now, I just watched the press conference… IT WAS CUT OFF!!!!! WAHHHH!!! Ok. That’s over. ANYWAYS :p And yes, it was wonderful hearing the praise towards Taylor. And then Kevin James joking around about giving Taylor advice about the ladies. We all know he doesn’t need it ;) Then David Spade’s anecdote again about the fans clamoring for him and his reaction about how he’s not even on set. HAHA! I sorta don’t blame him for wanting to tell the fans that, but then again… makes you beam with pride hearing him AND the rest of the cast speak so fondly of our guy.

  16. Emily Says:

    accv–I’ve seen a couple of pics/videos of fans kissing him on the cheek over the years, but they were really quick. Since we don’t see more, it’s probably NOT encouraged by his bodyguards. I just watched a video recently of some premiere where he was signing autographs, and one of his security team (not his regular bald guy) kept knocking fans’ arms/hands off his back when they would reach around for the pictures. He wasn’t very nice about it. They weren’t grabbing at or trying to molest Taylor or anything, I think that’s just what your arm naturally does when you take a pic with someone close–you put it around the other person. He does get really close to fans, sometimes with heads touching for pics, so maybe that is enough for them. I think even that would be too much for my heart to handle, if I ever got that chance. I KNOW my face would be making some horrible expression of shock/elation/giddiness that would look so ridiculous I’d want to crop myself out of my own picture. : /

  17. kia Says:

    Sorry me and Shazzam went a little to overboard. LOL