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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner leaving “Street” restaurant last night in Los Angeles.

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» 2013 Candids: Leaving Street Restaurant – April 24th

110 Responses to “Spotted: Taylor Lautner leaving “Street” Restaurant”

  1. Mystique Says:

    YAY!!! More candids! lol…

    Okay, NOW he’s looking “buff” again! What on earth is going on?? Hahah… It must be the clothes he’s wearing I guess. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me lol. :)

    Anyway, glad to see him out and about. ^_^

    Is it just me, or does Taylor REALLY really like those pants?? heehee! :D

  2. chanda w. Says:

    Tay looks great…….can’t tell if he’s buffing up or not……..he still has some muscle mass and it just adds to the splendid package. He does luv those pants…lol! He’s a smart cookie……..knows he looks amazing in anything…….so why buy a new wardrobe every week. And he is a total guy… I doubt he’s into shopping. He knows what clothes work on that body!
    Who said that Tracers starts filiming in New York on June 17th? I saw that too, but the info was in another language…….so I did not want to post it……..not being completely sure. Now that others have seen it too………it must be true. Yeah!! So the cast must already be in place.
    Oh my……..Tay …… another movie…….ALONE(thank god)…….can’t wait!!!

  3. Mystique Says:

    “he still has some muscle mass and it just adds to the splendid package.”

    ^^OMG Chanda I read this sentence wrong, and I thought you said something ELSE!!! O_O ROTFL!! lol!! WOW….I gotta take my mind out of the gutter lol.

    Anyway, but yeah he looks “amaaazing” in these shots. :) He’s looking good. And you’re right…Taylor strikes me as a total dude, so I don’t see/hear about him doing a lot of shopping lol. I mean, he doesn’t care if he wears the same thing twice lol….He likes what he likes haha. He has a great stylist though, because whoever styles him always has him looking good for interviews and red-carpet events.

    But yeah, he looks good. He’s definitely stayed fit and trim that’s for sure. Ugh…I can’t even write a proper sentence after seeing these pics without my mind going into the gutter AGAIN! lol :)

    Let me talk about “Tracers”…yes…that’s better…maybe now I will be able to concentrate lol.

    It’s so EXCITING to see an official shooting date! Whoo hoo!! It’s only a matter of time now :) Any of you ladies who are fortunate to be in the NYC area during that day/week PLEASE come and report back to us what you see! ^_^

    I really hope that this information is accurate because I’m feeling a tad nervous since I looked on and saw that there are NO other cast members or even a director listed for this film! :( Everything is on IMDBPro. Does anyone have an IMDBPro membership?? I’m REALLY curious to know who is going to be in the rest of the cast, and who the DIRECTOR will be. They should have a cast lined up by now. Sometimes cast members are lined up months even a YEAR before filming even begins! I don’t know why they are being so secretive with this one.
    Is this an indie film?

    Anyway, I just hope that Taylor has a GREAT supporting cast and that this time, the film isn’t ALL on HIS shoulders. I like that he is again the lead, but I don’t want EVERYTHING to fall on his shoulders like it did for “Abduction”. They need another big-name actor in this film (no offense), otherwise….we run the risk of the same thing happening after Abduction. Smh… :-/ Some people just like to hate on him and be negative. :(

    Anyway, I can’t wait! :-)

  4. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I don’t think your eyes are playing tricks on you. It must be the photographer lenses and the angles etc. that makes Taylor look different. These pics look so different than the previous posting.

    chanda…I posted the info re: Tracers in the previous post. I hope I didn’t speak too soon. I had seen the info on several reputable sites so I thought it was legit. Keeping fingers crossed that it is correct. I’ve always thought it was endearing that he repeats outfits. All that money and he is like a regular guy.

  5. firereign Says:

    The wheels are beginning to turn – slowly
    Back to work in downtown LA (don’t jump the gun not a “movie set”

    and Wednesday’s dinner was another group affair

  6. meg Says:

    anyone seen this is harlem shaking with the grown up two cast taylor included adam put it on his facebook

  7. firereign Says:

    GO TO:

    Watch GU2 cast do a “Harlem Shake” parody

    “Grandma’s Boy” (allen covert) even makes an appearance

  8. firereign Says:

    YouTube – when the “likes” far outnumber the views it means that viewing exploded in just a few seconds & YT is checking to make sure it isn’t just 1 IP address that is stacking the deck (so they temporarily freeze it at 301+ views) while they’re checking.

    For those who don’t know: “Harlem Shake” is “passe” that’s why the only one bouncing around is the squirrel – the others are bored & finally spring into action & ##**?? him (watch David Spade on the chair) – this is a PARODY (some people don’t interpret well – think it’s legit)

    You can find it easily – I don’t usually give direct links

  9. firereign Says:

    wow – Spring is in the air – I guess everybody’s out & about

    Having a great time commenting – hope eventually someone will read

    Now OK for me to tell about today’s photo shoot in downtown LA
    it’s for an upcoming clothing campaign for local original designers

    (Christophe Loiron) MisterFreedom’s (which included vintage boots)
    KellyCole USA (originals)

  10. Emily Says:

    firereign–Just got home and I’m off to watch the video you mentioned, but first, do my eyes deceive me or did you just say THERE WILL BE A NEW PHOTOSHOOT???????????????? MODELING CLOTHES??????????????? I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You always get the best scoops!!!!

  11. Emily Says:

    firereign–Taylor could have a career in professional wrestling if he ever gets tired of acting. That was really funny. . . chuckling to self!!! However, I was a little disappointed he didn’t dance–was looking forward to seeing him shake it!!!

  12. firereign Says:

    @emily the photo shoot was today

  13. Emily Says:

    Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’m doing my own happy dance right now! Can’t wait to see new pictures!!

  14. nicolefair Says:

    Well this is just hilarious. Taylor and the GU2 cast doing a version of the Harlem Shake.

  15. nicolefair Says:

    Well I should really read the thread first huh? LMAO. And yay, firereign is back! Now I can lurk and get really great info while I snicker at everything these ladies say.

  16. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Yes, he DOES seem to love those pants. I wonder if there is a permanent impression of his phone in his right pocket when he takes them off?? He seems to enjoy the “skinny” fit. He must really love that Yankees hat, too. I bet the fan who gave it to him feels really great to see him wearing it all the time.

    nicolefair- What do you mean “snicker” at our comments?? We always have such sophisticated conversations on here about pressing matters of world-wide importance. . . Yeah, right! That’s one of the best things about this site–we’re always good for a laugh. No one takes things too seriously (except for our extremely high levels of Taylor devotion). Don’t be a stranger. More fellow fans allow for more interesting conversations.

  17. joanie Says:

    Hey “vintage boots” – you know what that means they’re gonna look like he’s been wearing them around the “ranch” kicking rocks for the past 3 months ….
    Remember those shoes of his that looked like he’d been wearing them everyday for the past 5 years through rain & snow & fire & ice – now we know that they weren’t old favorites but really “vintage” shoes. Do these designers have a line of underwear ???although if they were filming in downtown LA he probably wouldn’t be running around the streets or swinging from sign posts in boxers or briefs even if they’re part of the inventory – but you gotta admit that would be an awesome site….

  18. *Vickey* Says:

    @Emily CANNOT wait for new pictures too
    Taylor looks amazing in these. Think there’s a bit of drool on my pc screen. xP
    So its confirmed? Tracers starts filming in June?

  19. Catherine Says:

    I have a new habit – a mug of tea and checking this site when I ‘supposedly’ start work! With the huge time difference between the US and the UK, it means there’s a stream of comments to read by the time I get to it all :)

    Meant to say – I saw ‘Promised Land’ last week (Gus Van Sant/Matt Damon) and LOVED it. Really, really loved it. Classy, understated, great story, a bit dark – I do hope GVS is still working on something for Taylor. That’s certainly one I need to see made. Doing some GVS googling, I found an interview where he said (fairly recently, Dec 2012) that he’s writing a superhero/martial arts script. A ‘normal citizens in LA who rise up and fight a crimewave type’ thing. Who could possibly be involved in that, I wonder…?! Not many martial-arts-actor-types lurking around, are there…?! Roll on a string of new projects :) I’d love to know about possible future co-stars too.

    God, I need to step away from the laptop!!!!!

  20. Lilome Says:

    Firereign thank you the scoop- very kind of you to keep us up to date. Do you know anything about Tracers?

  21. firereign Says:

    The clothes are also described as “vintage” – (not just the boots) @joanie – you know vintage (classier than the “distressed” label)
    The shoot ran all day till sunset – several “action” shots – (this isn’t preppy or “red carpet” – these are real people clothes (there are some pics of locations where they shot on the web – (nothing with Taylor/ they would be most unhappy if there were).
    Don’t expect to see anything till probably mid June – July (depends on how they release them – billboard – magazine – tv etc – not privy to what’s on the boards regarding their campaign – GU2 release (I’m saying almost definitely b4 its release)

    Tracers – can’t say anything at this time

  22. firereign Says:

    Brief explanation: these clothing lines are unique
    Includes items collected from around the world – ranging from the mid 1800’s to the present day (we’re talking not just clothing but books, accessories, collectables) a “to go” place for people with individual, historical, and unique tastes. There is also a line of “originals” again traversing a timeline ranging from past to present.

  23. Emily Says:

    joanie–just STOP. . . I’ve finally been able to move on from constant “Taylor as cowboy” images playing through my head from the last thread, and now you mention Taylor swinging from signposts in underwear?? Thanks, thanks A LOT!!! :)

    Catherine–That’s interesting GVS news. You’re right, there aren’t many martial-arts-actor-types around. Don’t know much about him other than he’s an Oscar-award-winning director, but, then again, so was Bill Condon, and we see how that went. . . However, if he has better material to work with than BC (and how could he not???), it could be promising.

    firereign–This is just sounding better and better! FINALLY, a company smart enough to get him to model clothes. . . ’cause who looks near perfect just walking around in his everyday stuff?? Taylor, that’s who!!! I really hope we might see him in some older, period pieces, too. . . stuff we’ve never seen him in before. . . PLEASE keep us posted!!

  24. kia Says:

    Damn I been gone for a minute ,now all this news is happening! Photoshoot,tracers and the Harlem shake?! Taylor are you trying too kill me!!

  25. janet Says:

    OMG – MisterFreedom – never was there myself but friends were in LA and went to the store – some gal stuff not that much, but it took her a long time to get her husband out of there – she was afraid he was gonna give their credit card a hernia – the clothes are $$$$$$$ – but if you’re into that & you have the resources you’ll think you’re in heaven.
    My bro is a gem so next time they went back I had them look for some vintage levi’s & they picked up a couple pair (so when 1’s in the wash he has something to wear instead of sitting in his boxers till they’re washed & dryed). He already has gotten a lifetime’s wear out of them – I hate to tell you how much I paid (290.00 ea – crazy I know – but I owed him big time) took me 6mo to pay them off, but they did get a vintage T for 30.00) so I think the term vintage is synonymous with x-pensive.

    Saw one of the pics where they did some of the film shoot – a bldg with a lot of bright wall painted murals – now I can’t find it – and then saw a tweet from I guess the photog saying how talented & hardworking Taylor is and he’s a real super hero with his stunts.

  26. firereign Says:

    just been told that misterfreedom was a SMOKESCREEN for the real fashion shoot identity – hmmmmm (better not say anything more till I shake a few trees and see what falls out) – someone’s gotta be laughing their ass off it it’s true – butttttt
    there DEFINITELY was a film shoot – who for ?????? that is the question – Don’t you just love mysteries……..Dior, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein……we can go on & on & on. SORRY – if someone crossed me up – but don’t despair – like I said there was a fashion “shoot” the question is “for who”????

  27. chanda w. Says:

    Luv all the new info, thanks@firereign. My baby Tay, is gonna be in a clothing campaign? Print or media….I’d take either one, but would rather see him on television. Finally……I’ve seen so many other less notable celebs in commercials and I’m like………where’s my husband? He should be doing this. Seems like he’s getting all his ducks in a row. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!
    On another note 42 is a great movie……everyone clapped at the end. I thought it was interesting that the actor (don’t know his name) who plays Jackie Robinson……..made a comment about hollywood and jealousy………he said a lot of actors wanted to put him back in his place. Like he skipped the line (by being in a hit movie) and they didn’t like his newfound success (not a quote) but I always feel that’s what Taylor went through. People thinking how did this sharkboy kid skip the line so quickly?? (Let’s try to take him down)….good example James Franco. Type Franco and Tay’s name and you’ll see an article….he wrote about BD1. I knew there was a reason I did not like that weirdo.
    Anyway Tay seems to handle it all in stride. Oblivion w/ Tom Cruise is out…some family members wanted to see it. Maybe later. Think it is funny Taylor adores Tom. And in a recent review Cruise is said to have countless (Taylor Lautner) like shirtless scenes. Cruise is becoming the older
    @Emily …thinking about what Condon did to those last two movies…still bugs me. So Oscar nominee or winner doesn’t mean much……..they can produce crap too.
    @Mystique…I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Taylor in person. Didn’t mean to give the impression that I did, but on pics his skin looks so perfect….can only imagine how it looks in real life. Notice how professionals that work with Tay always compliment him. Photogs, cast members, exes, even the paps……..being nice eventually does pay off.

  28. joanie Says:

    Holy Hell @firereign – I have work to do…..I need to get an app on my phone for you…I can’t be tethered 24/7 to my computer!!! you’re teasing me tooooo much,,,but keep on I’ll survive.

    what did they call him in GU2 – Abercrombie (maybe…..damn…….I couldn’t fit in any of their clothes with a shoehorn and bottle of crisco oil – my skinny seductive bellybutton torso & fried egg sized boob days are behind me …….. way behind me; but since the guy models they have are all waxed & polished (no offense) a dark eyed dark haired tan skinned version would make all those prissy look alike beach bums look like cookie cutters………instead of making my “young” nieces avert their eyes when we passed the stores, I guess I would have to own up to teaching them how to be ladylike by scoping out the inside of the store…..
    swinging on a light pole and sign post would definitely fit with their naughty image…..
    what the hell I don’t care if he’s modeling for converse shoes, backward bb caps or shoelaces I’ll enjoy whatever or whoever it’s for no matter what.

  29. annie Says:

    I have tears rolling down my face. You guys are too much. @janet I know what you mean – when I get out of my shower I pray all the damn mirrors are fogged up so I don’t see my own version of the saggy baggy elephant. (although I do consider myself a fashionable matron who can hold her own – no self esteem problems here)

    @firereign as long as you get us in the right church I don’t care if you have the wrong pew – a clothing campaign – that’s been a subject of great discussion here for such a long time, it’s about time someone listened……(do you think…..)

    Notice references to this site popping up more & more….hope it doesn’t attract the “gag a maggot” brigade. Want to get this straight right now WE are Lautner fans, Taylor Lautner fans, Tay tay fans (although this is too cutsie for me – I’ll accept it with reluctance) – but never and I mean never use that perversion of a term called “Lauties” – I will puke all over my keyboard… be forewarned. (and then I will hunt you down and hex your keyboard so everything you type is redirected to HL).

  30. annie Says:

    @janet & joanie sorry I meant joanie not janet. too many “j”s confuse me

  31. Emily Says:

    firereign–Shake the he#@ out of those trees and find out what’s really going on, PLEASE!!!
    You’re amazing!

    joanie–I want that app too!! I check this site so many times a day, it’s not even funny!! Thank goodness I finally broke down and got an iPhone, so now I can check in wherever I am.

    annie–We need to come up with a suitable nickname for ourselves. . . agree that I don’t like “Tay Tay” or “Lauties” either. Maybe he’ll come up with a name for us one day. You know whatever he comes up with will be OK with us. Agree that I don’t want a bunch of nuts coming and taking over. I’ve really enjoyed everyone who’s posted so far–we seem like a very sensible bunch. Posters, be forewarned—no nutjobs or Negative Nancys wanted here!!!

  32. Mystique Says:

    Firereign—Omg THANK YOU so much for all of this awesome scoop!!!!!
    Ooooo a photoshoot eh? My, he IS keeping busy! :) I hope this shoot is a natural shot photoshoot and not TOO high-fashion and overly “pretty”. There was some photshoot he did a while back for some magazine (forget the name) that made him look so “perfect” that it almost came off as him looking a little strange. :-/ I prefer the guy next door type shoots. He’s gorgeous, but he’s not looking like a porcelain doll or something lol!

    If these are “action” shots, then this means that this is Taylor’s element, and he will be looking SUPER hot!! :)

    Btw, you ladies think that MAYBE (just maybe!) this photo shoot is the reason why Taylor was looking so “bare-chested” in Cancun? Lol…..could that be the reason why?
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the pics! Woo hoo! =)

    Emily—Thanks for the review of 42! I’m itching to see it! Wow…I didn’t realize that actor its already getting such a hard time! Smh….Hollywood is a VERY difficult place to be in. :( I think you’re right too…I think that’s what happened to Taylor as well. All of this random hate for him….why??? Whatever did he do to them? I was just on this morning, and btw…can I just say that I can’t STAND imdb’s, message boards! Ugh! That’s the only thing I don’t like about that site. I even broke one of my rules and actually replied back to a post. I usually dont even bother replying back to nonsense posts, but today I was just too fed UP! They caught me on a PMS week lol.

    Anyway, I HAD to defend Taylor, so I did. Smh…..I can’t stand giving trolls attention, but unfortunately it had to resort to this. I can take the criticisms of his acting or his looks in stride. To me I don’t care, that’s THEIR opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. But when you’re spreading FALSE claims on the internet about someone, THAT’S when I have a problem! >:-( There are certain posters on imdb that must be obsessed with Taylor or something because they’re always taking badly about him! Even resorting to going on other threads taking badly about him! I’m sick of it!!

    Chanda–what did James Franco have to say about Taylor? Ugh….I’m to the point where I really don’t care what that stoner (yes I said Stoner lol) has to say about anything anymore! Ugh…I used to respect him as an actor, but now he’s just plain weird and hooked on drugs smh. Ugh……he needs to leave Taylor alone and wonder about what happened to his own career.

    Smh, I’m sorry guys……they caught me on the wrong week lol. Usually I cab handle this silliness, but this week I’m just fed up. :( I’m tired of it all. :-/

  33. joanie Says:

    @emily yeah, the first time he refers to this site as being a den of “Passionate” fans we’ll know we crossed the line into flaky nutcase territory.

    Ok now we’ve pushed his career into “fashionista” land (why not take credit, plagiarizing has become a way of life on the internet) next shall come Taylor’s designer fragrances for the superlative avant women & men of today & the future –
    maybe we can bottle his essence since everybody says he smells so good —-

    hey @firereign does he really smell good??? I trust you…would hate to bottle something that would make anyones’ nose twitch & snort. Maybe I’ll check myself, just so when I take a good whiff of him my honker doesn’t blow a gasket & his assistant has to comb out green goobers from his hair instead of just “goosing” it up so it looks like gel heaven. Sorry – hope you didn’t read this while you’re eating. But I do have a sensitive nose as do many. Maybe we should just forget it, everyone including Bozo the Clown has their own chemical concoction – and it is a bit fru-fru for the “manly” image we want to promote…so let’s scratch that…ABERCROMBIE. they wouldn’t have been that crass even in GU2 to promote….or would they??

    I”m going with sporty casual wear….whoever that may be…

  34. firereign Says:

    @joanie ….last time someone complimented me on smelling good I didn’t want to admit it was my deodorant. Think if I went sniffing around they might mistake me for a bloodhound in heat…..

  35. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I’m with you on a photoshoot that is just the guy next door…Levis-tshirt on a horse, on a fence, on a car, on a wall, on a chair…he can do it on…oops sorry. I applaud your going to IMDB’s page. I gave up a long time ago. I thought some of them might move on after Twilight ended but I guess the “bridge guarding” doesn’t take up a lot of time.

    catherine…Did you hear that GVS was also doing Fifty Shades of Porn? Supposedly he was doing a screen test with Alex Pettyfer last week. I was surprised because I thought a director of his stature wouldn’t want to touch that mess.

    joanie…Whenever I see your name in the comments section, I am going to make sure I have nothing in my mouth!!

    kia…I KNEW you and Shazam were responsible for the waxing!!

  36. chanda w. Says:

    @mystique I guess I sorta think of Tay as family(awkward that I want to jump his bones) and I will defend my family nonstop. I know Taylor isn’t in the ….poor me.. category..I just sometimes get a little caught up in the crazy comments that are made……..but hey……all celebs go through that………(cough) (Franco’s a douche). (Franco said that Twilight presented Taylor as teen sex on a stick….so he was going after the franchise, not really Taylor but all Tay did was take off his shirt……Franco has done a hell of a lot more than that on camera to collect a pay check…envy)
    Still I feel I can be pretty honest here…….when it comes to Taylor………it’s clear we all strongly support him. So I’ll pretty much say whatever. He’s living the life.. rich, handsome and talented.
    Our sexy action hero…and only 21. Interesting that we discussed him doing a commercial and now…….that’s what is happening. I could see him with his own clothing line and fragrance too.
    Slowly building his empire. Now everytime I pass the Abercromie and Fitch store…….I will think of Tay……………it always smells good in there.

  37. kia Says:

    Marianne- Sorry! Taylor rented the whole spa just for me and him but Shazzam caught us so it became a party of three. LOL On the car ,wall and chair? Girl you nasty!!!

  38. kia Says:

    Thanks @Firereign for the updates..

    Why is 50 shades is still happening? If anything It should be on late night cinamax not in the theaters.

  39. kia Says:

    Emily- I agree on the whole “Lautie thing” apparently a Swiftie gave the Launter fandom that name Eww. About 96% of fans cannot stand that name!

  40. Catherine Says:

    Emily/Kia/Chanda – GVS – he’s directed GREAT films (saga-killing Condon? I’m with you on that! Chris Weitz was the man for me..)

    He’s backed cool actors – Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman, Joaquin Phoenix…he could send Taylor’s career absolutely soaring. It would certainly quieten the critics!

    50 Shades of Utter Trash….never read it, never will. Emma Watson (co-star for Taylor, pleeeeease??!!! She’s equally classy/professional, a great match!) shot it down in flames when she was rumoured to be cast.

    I hope Van Sant forgets that tacky idea (he’s not confirmed) and concentrates on the project Taylor talked about at his BD2 press conference. I LOVE Taylor being quizzed about him then – he ‘s put on the spot, yet answers smoothly, and OBVIOUSLY wants to say more when the female journalist presses him.

    The flirty grin he gives her – he even pokes out his tongue…ohhhhhhh help!!!

    The teaser trailer (although it’s about a year old) for Tracers is brilliant, btw. I hope they stick with Daniel Benmayor – he did a cool job with that.


  41. Catherine Says:

    Sorry – the press conference I’m wittering on about was for BD1. Dec 2011. Can’t link, but worth a peek for that moment at 2.05 ;)

  42. firereign Says:

    sneak peek – on location

    dad was there too – they work together – remember all those companies

  43. firereign Says:

    look carefully @ screen on your Left

  44. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I think you’re talking about the shoot for GQ Australia–lots of suits, but kind of strange–not my favorite either. BTW, chanda is the one who gave the 42 review, but I want to see it too!

    Catherine–Christ Weitz was my favorite too. Now I’m going to have to go watch that press conference. And Taylor and Emma Watson together—–YES, YES, YES! I’ve been wishing for that for a long time!!!

    firereign–I would love to know how you get all this great intel. . . but, I’d never pry. . . just thankful we have someone here with “connections/sources.” Does the number “204” on the chairs have any significance??? I can’t really tell what he’s doing on the left screen–it’s too small, but the shot on the right—-yes, please!!

    What do all their companies do?? Are they all related to entertainment? Are they successful??

  45. Emily Says:

    Here’s the press conference Catherine was talking about, it anyone’s interested. I could listen to (and watch) him talk for hours, but I can’t get pulled into the youtube vortex tonight!!!!

  46. nicolefair Says:

    firereign, you’re awesome. I see dad on the left, and the warehouse setting makes me think of the Tracers teaser trailer. Hmmmm…I can live with that.

  47. firereign Says:

    Just in case you aren’t aware – clicking your cursor over the pic will enlarge it most of the time

  48. Emily Says:

    firereign–I tried the clicking the cursor thing, but it didn’t work. To me, the one on the left looks like he’s either tied to a pole or pointing a gun with his right hand while coming around the corner–don’t think either of those scenarios are very likely. . .

  49. joanie Says:

    Hmmmm black T – come hither look (it might just be a check to make sure all things are go – would they really have him selling black T’s) anyway thanks firereign – all those spray paint backdrops & inside factory walls look like it might be a gritty shoot.

    as an side – I really shouldn’t snicker – but has anyone else seen (gulp)
    The Twilight Oath
    “And I”ll think of Jacob when my heart fills with remorse” – so it says
    (ding dong – Jacob’s not real, do you understand don’t waste your time thinking about him)
    have the lunatics really taken over the asylum this time round – or – am I just becoming a negative pain (like the ones I complain about – MEMO To SELF – if you don’t like it why did you read it – you should only read what you LIKE – yadayadayada – Shame on me. But hehehe, I can think of some cool things that might happen to you if you take the oath & then break it…..

  50. Catherine Says:

    Emily – thanks for finding the link!

    As for Emma W as co-star, I promise she’s not on my wish list for him because her accent is the same as mine. Honest ;)

    Their two accents would sound pretty hot together though :)

  51. Lilly Says:

    I’m so happy for him! And I can’t wait to see this photoshoot.
    I don’t know what’s going on in the left screen but it looks like he’s taking off a jacket or something.

  52. nicole Says:

    Hmm. I cant tell who that is. Will Smith?

    No, too short. And dressed too young. I dunno,but it looks like hes coming around a corner in on shot looking a little cautious and in the 2-shot Taylor is reacting to seeing him.

    Who could that be?

    Hmmm. Dangit!

  53. Emily Says:

    Here are some more pictures of some of the backgrounds of the photoshoot. Click on the words with the little arrow under the pic if your computer won’t translate from Italian.

    nicole–I’m pretty sure that’s Taylor on the left screen too–same shirt–just can’t tell what he’s doing.

  54. chanda w. Says:

    O.K I saw a pic of Tay arm wrestling someone that looked like Channing Tatum(insert dirty joke here)……and then a pic of Tay on the tv screen and a group including his dad watching. Didn’t see the other stuff………..that was surely enough. Can’t wait to see the campaign ad he shot and the filming of his new movie to begin.

    I personally like that Taylor is playing the lead role again. I think he can do both. Lead and sometimes supporting cast member. I don’t want any other big names in this new movie. Tay should be the head honcho. Abduction had Sigourney Weaver…….playing a support role, but I am sure they paid her a hefty sum to sign on………..and her role wasn’t crucial to the storyline. More money taken away from the profit margin…when an unknown actor could have easily filled that part. Abduction was taken too seriously…….the beginning w/ the parents was cute….chemistry w/ Lily was great and the ending w/ the dad helping and saving (Nathan’s life) was touching. The middle part was the issue………too many characters………and you couldn’t tell who was good or bad…..but it was the screenplay………not Taylor.

    So I hope that Tracers will just focus on Tay………and no other major celebs needed. He can do it. Got faith in the cutie.

  55. Brodie Says:

    Taylor does the Harlem shake….sort of :D
    Grown ups 2 promotion

  56. Emily Says:

    Catherine– I love British accents! (as I think most Americans do) If Rob had been able to use his accent as Edward, I might have liked him more–then again, probably not.

    I want Taylor to do something with Emma one day, b/c, like you said, she is also classy and professional, not to mention so pretty, and I think they would do well together.

    chanda–I think the arm wrestling pic was from a long time ago–New Moon behind-the-scenes stuff with some production or stunt guy.

    joanie–I’m too afraid to even try and find the “Twilight Oath.” It would probably just make me mad.

  57. kia Says:

    Emily – Not even a British accent will make me love Edward.

  58. marianne Says:

    Emily…thanks for the link to the photoshoot background. Fingers crossed they don’t make him too pretty.

    I guess searching for the “Twilight Oath” might be helpful if your stomach was upset and barfing would make you feel better. (Kind of like the shirtless pic of the Biebs and Selena) I think it’s amusing how Rob fans used to put Taylor down with he is too steroidal and tan while Rob is just so gorgeous being thin and pale. Now when pics come out some of their comments are: “he looks like he is getting a tan and is working out….he has pecs and abs! He looks so hot.” I ‘m so glad Taylor is out of Twilight!!

  59. carrie Says:

    I just don’t get worrying about Rob anymore. Twilight is done. Taylor is going after a totally different kind of career. And Rob’s popularity has plummeted lately anyway. I know so many people who really liked him who now just think he’s a total loser for letting Kristen make such a fool of him. I think he’ll be done a year from now. Taylor’s still young though and will only get better from here. And I think more and more people are seeing that he was always the best of the cast and have a whole new appreciation for him in the wake of how sleazy and sad R/K are now.

    I hope the info about Tracers filming in June is correct.

  60. Mystique Says:

    Annie—Yeah, I’ve never really liked the term “Lauties” either… :-/ It just sounds weird to me. I even prefer the term “Tayologists” to “Lauties” HA!! It sounds like a scientific term lol, but hey…..

    Marianne–Yes, I prefer the “guy next door” shoots. I think Taylor is sexiest when he’s not even trying….I think most people are. Not that Taylor ever “TRIES” to be sexy, but I think that SOME photo shoot photographers try sometimes to “make” him look a certain way, when he’s sexiest just BEING. I’m going to post some “guy next door shots” in the next few posts.

    Chanda—Lol at your “incestuous” comment about Taylor, your “family” member! ROTFL! ^_^ Hahaha! That’s funny lol…

    Kia, Catherine— Yea I’m feelilng kinda leery that they are actually making a MOVIE out of 50 Shades, and even MORE weirded out by the fact that GVS has been rumored as the director. I don’t mind him as a director, but this film just seems a little beneath him, no offense. Even MORE creepy is the rumor that actor Alex Pettyfer (sp??) made an “audition” tape for GVS by filming one of the sex scene that was supposedly in the book and sent it to the director. YUCK!!! Talk about gross!!! :-/

    Firereign—Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pic of the set! I’m so CURIOUS as to what it’s about and what this photoshoot will feature! ^_^ Also, I’m so glad to see his dad with him on set. I like that fact that he has his dad with him in various settings at times. It shows he really cares about his son’s future, and he can also be alerted to people who could possibly be trying to take advantage of him or something.

    Emily–Sorry! I keep referencing the wrong people in some of my posts lol. That’s what happens when I’m posting from my phone at times. When I’m posting from my phone it sometimes gets hard to see who posted WHAT because when I scroll down on there I’m also having to type, and the names are not in big bold print. I think if the names were in bigger, bolder print, it might be easier to track who said what. I wish we could “quote” posters on this site too. That would be cool. Oh well.

    Anyway, yes I think you’re right @Emily….it WAS the GQ Australia shot that I’m referring to. They did SOMETHING to him to make his photoshoot look a little TOO robotic. Maybe it was the way they coifed his hair or the overly tailored clothes they had him in. Idk…. To me, the guy next door look is MUCH more appealing to me than the super “en vogue” look on men. I LOVE a man in a good looking suit (dont’ get me wrong), and Taylor wears a suit VERY well….but I think the type of suit and the style of suit makes a BIG difference too lol.

    Marianne—RE: Rob…. Yeah….Funny how there is such a double standard lol. I think those Robert/Edward fans just wanted to hate ANYTHING that Robert DIDN’T have, so of course…they had to hate on Taylor because he looks nothing like Robert. Now that Robert’s putting on more muscle and getting more of a tan, now it’s like all of a sudden they LIKE that on a guy?? WOW…..really?? Seriously?? *insert eye-roll here* lol

  61. Mystique Says:

    This shoot from Seventeen Magazine is one of my faves…

    So natural…. so simple….. Yet, so gorgeous :)

  62. Mystique Says:

    Omg….this shot from his L’Uomo Vogue Photoshoot is so SEXY…

    Again, so simple….yet, so sexy!!!! :)

  63. Mystique Says:

    Mmmm…..I like this one too… :)

  64. kia Says:

    Marianne- LOL are they sure there not getting Rob mix up with somebody else? Cause I don’t see any tan,pecks or abs. all I see is a dude wearing a tight shirt with his nipples showing.there’s nothing buff about that,Rob fans need to take several seats..

    Carrie- Taylor did tell Ryan Seacrest that he start filming in two months back in March. Just hope I here some casting news soon.

  65. carrie Says:

    Mystique-Pettyfer didn’t make the tape and send it to GVS. Gus Van Sant shot the scene with Pettyfer in order to show it to Focus Features in a bid to get that directing job. It was GVS’s “audition tape” basically, and Pettyfer just agreed to help him with it.

    Rob’s just getting fat. Too much beer and pot, too little working or gym time. His fans are just trying to ignore the obvious, like usual.

  66. Emily Says:

    Mystique–No worries about the mix-up. I know it’s hard to see from my phone too. I’m always having to scroll back up and think, “Now who said that?” when I’m responding to someone specific. I think we are all on our way to earning our Doctorates in “Tayology.”

    I was JUST thinking about the Seventeen shoot when you were talking about a “guy next door” shoot, and then you linked it in your next comment–great minds think alike. :) I liked the other ones you showed, too.
    Taylor + water = always a winning combination

    I’m glad his dad is still involved too. Apparently they are business partners and he wants to be present for whatever he’s working on. I know he’s had his critics in the past, but he’s 50% responsible for raising Taylor to be the awesome person he is, so he must be doing something right.

    carrie–I was thinking the same thing about RP, I just wasn’t going to say it. I don’t know if it’s for whatever movie he’s filming now or just from what you said, but I’ve noticed it too. (I don’t deliberately look for pics of him, I just see them on a “Taybert” tumblr I check. ) While I never cared for him much before (just don’t see the appeal, other than the accent and his humor (sometimes)), but I thought he was an idiot for taking her back and kind of lost any respect I may have had for him.

    I want to see these new pics ASAP!!! I am so happy we’re getting so many tidbits, teasers, and pics of him out in the world, but instead of just being content, it is making me MORE impatient for some real, big, specific news on what he’s doing next!!! He’s an addiction (a good one) that I am drawn to more and more!! (I almost quoted Edward/SM there, but I refuse.)

  67. Catherine Says:

    Just sat scrolling through and thinking…

    I’ll admit something. When I first read he was doing GU2, I was disappointed. Thought it was a come down. I should have had faith, he’s a clever chap! This cameo role has changed a lot of people’s perceptions of him – especially male viewers. They don’t see him as a ‘mopey teen from girly Twilight’ any more. His own personality is BURSTING out of all the GU2 promo stuff, and hitting a wide audience. Have you SEEN the ridiculous number of views on that ace Harlem Shake clip?!!!!!!!!!! Not such a daft career move after all, Mr Lautner, I’m SO happy to admit I was wrong!!! Getting talked up by popular older actors too – people are listening!

    R&K are so desperate to be serious, worthy actors. The misery radiating from them is energy sapping. Taylor’s obvious desire to throw himself at a fun, mainstream audience is so refreshing.

    Tracers needs making, NOW! Much as I neeeeeeeeed to see him leaping off things whilst looking dark and dirty in black clothes (swoon) on the big screen, I want the chat show/press junket stuff! I imagine he’ll have SO much fun doing that this time round.

    A while ago I would have loved a Twilight 6 for Taylor. I wanted more Jacob. But now, it would be a MASSIVE step backwards. Hiding out for a (long!) while, reappearing with a fun new crew, looking older, and not being restrained by Summit…he’s playing a clever game.

    The fun Taylor we saw in solo Twilight interviews really is going for it, isn’t he? :)

  68. Mystique Says:

    “Rob’s just getting fat. Too much beer and pot, too little working or gym time. His fans are just trying to ignore the obvious, like usual.”

    OMG!!! DYING laughing at this comment you made @Carrie!!! ROTFL!!! ^_^ Idk if I would say Rob’s getting “fat”….I just saw some pics online from 4/24 and he doesn’t look bad at all…. Actually, I think he’s lost a little weight he had put on before lol. But you’re right, he doesn’t have muscle tone. NOT saying that ALL guys have to work out in the gym or have great muscle tone or anything, I’m just saying that he doesn’t really have a lot of definition. Maybe he’s like Leonardo DiCaprio lol. I love Leo, but he doesn’t have much definition either. I think for SOME guys, it’s easier for them to gain muscle definition if they work out and lift weights. I think for other guys it’s a lot harder or something. Taylor of course….it comes easily for him. He’s just naturally very lean and muscular. IDK if that’s due to his years of martial arts training or what, but he’s always been that way. It may be hard for him to put on “bulk” since he IS very lean, but when he DOES put on bulk (as we saw with New Moon and Ecclipse), it looks very NIIIIICE on him lol. :)

    Emily—YES! It is the hardest thing to be able to continue scrolling and posting on this site from my phone! :-/ Arrgh…

    Yes, I will gladly admit that I am working hard towards my degree in Tayology. It’s a “HARD” major, but hey…. as I’ve seen on here already, some of us are willing to put in the extra hard work! ;-) lol

    Catherine—-I think your analysis of your array of feelings RE: GUP2 is right on the marker! When I first heard that GUP2 was Taylor’s next “role”, I have to admit…I too was a bit disappointed. :-/ I thought that it was somehow a step backwards to be reduced to a “cameo” role. :-( Little did I know (at the time), that Adam actually asked HIM personally to be in the film.

    Not only that, but now that I’ve seen more and more promotion for the movie, and I’m hearing all of the great things OTHER cast members and older actors are saying about Taylor, the more and more comfortable I am with this. I think you’re right, I think Taylor is VERY smart, and I think that somehow deep down he (or his managers/agents) knew that if he wanted to do more action films, and draw in more of a “male audience” instead of just “teenyboppers”, he was going to have to do something a little more tongue-in-cheek or something that “brings him down to earth” for the guys. See, right now (which I’ve figured out already) guys are VERY intimidated by him because let’s face it….He’s hot, he’s humble, he’s nice (he’s not even a jerk lol), girls LOVE him, he’s RICH, and even OLDER women go ga-ga for him. So, what do guys do?? They can’t really find any fault with him, and he doesn’t have any “scandals” out there in Hollywood, so the ONLY thing they can do is either make fun of his looks, or claim that he must be “GAY”. *insert eye-roll here* It’s just JEALOUSY plain and simple. For some reason, guys get SOOO jealous/intimidated when a bunch of ladies fawn over a male actor…or ANY guy for that matter. Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Nsync, BSB, (Oh my gosh I could go on and on) etc, have ALL gotten this “label” on them at one point or time in their career.

    What do all of these men have in common…Gee let me think.. OH THAT’s RIGHT! They’re all nice-looking and (more importantly) women seem to LOVE them. Gee….I wonder why the “ugly” actors/artists aren’t ever labelled as “gay”?? hahaha… Very interesting.

    So anyway, I say all of this to say, that I think that Taylor showing more of his humorous and self-deprecating side (MTV Movie Awards) will start to put more and more guys at ease and then they won’t feel so “threatened”. I’m thinking that the GUP2 role is good because then a lot of guys will ASSUME that his career is toast, and so they won’t feel like he’s the “Golden Boy” anymore. Which…in turn will put even MORE guys at ease.

    I’ve always thought that the further and further away he can get from his Twilight days (without bashing the franchise of course), the FASTER his career will be able to take off. So I think that this “stepping stone” with GUP2 is a good move. :)

    PS—I ALSO agree that Rob and Kristen need to lighten up a little bit. When I say “lighten up”, I mean in terms of roles chosen. I already think that Rob doesn’t take himself too seriously (as we can see in interviews lol), but something like an SNL skit or SOMETHING would do him wonders I think. Kristen ESPECIALLY needs to do something more lighthearted….a role where she has more than 2 facial expressions I think lol.

  69. chanda w. Says:

    I’m so glad that Taylor and his dad are still working together too. Apparently his dad is pretty tough………which in business is a good thing. So I’m sure they are making smart choices.

    When I heard Tay was gonna be in GUPS2 I was delighted…… did not matter his role……….I had already assumed it would be a cameo. Sandler always has that in his movies…….so it was really an honor …..from the comedic world …..that they asked Tay to be involved. I think all the moves he has been making are smart…….you don’t hear about his personal life, not a party nut, he’s going to hospitals, his funny speech at the mtv awards, ad campaigns……..not taking himself too seriously. And he never says a bad word about anyone……….even when he probably should. Classy.

    I see a lot of us are alike………..the more info I get (instead of being satisfied) I get restless. Now I want to hear more about Tracers and wishing GUPS2 was already out. And that ad it’s gonna be great.

    Tay handles the spotlight so well. He was the only one out of the franchise whose role got bigger as time went on……..the other two were already leads. So that had to be hard coming from a supporting role…… almost carrying the next movie…………but boy did that work out …good. I’m sure there was a lot of jealousy thrown his way …….even from so called friends. He was teased a lot about being buff , tan and shirtless…… some of those same folks want to do the same thing. Glad his dad is there to have his back. And of course we’re always looking out for him too.

  70. vera Says:

    NEW: Taylor Lautner – Abduction stills in HQ #8 (200) + download

  71. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-So Taylor’s dad is pretty tough huh?? Where have you heard this? I mean, how do you know? For once I would LOVE to just HEAR his dad speak lol. I always SEE him, but I’ve never actually heard him in an interview. I just want to see him and his sister Makena speak as well lol. I just want to know if they have Taylor’s same mannerisms lol. It’s funny how family members usually do lol.

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m just glad that Taylor’s dad is still closely with him during certain behind-the-scene events in the business. I think it’s VERY important for parents to be there for their children when they are in the business. Who wants the best for you than your own PARENT? As long as he’s not a “stage-parent”, I think Taylor will be okay. :)

  72. marianne Says:

    I had to take a whiff of oxygen after scrolling down this thread….Catherine… I agree with your comment on GU2 and everything else you said. You said it so much better than I could.

    Mystique…I agree with your comment about gaining a male audience. One thing that I think is hurting Rob now, is that a lot of guys think he is a wimp for taking KS back especially since she cheated so publicly. Shippers love it but when they break up, they’re not going to be part of Rob’s fanbase. Aren’t we glad Taylor didn’t get back with TS after BTD?! I have always liked it that Taylor has his dad or Tarik with him when he attends events. He always has a witness so no one can make a claim that he was inappropriate with them i.e. touching their butt etc. (of course I wouldn’t object.)

    vera…thanks for the link.

  73. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Yea I agree…Rob imo is either REALLY stupid or “stuck” in a contract that causes him to stay with Kristen after that scandal. If it’s the former, then I just don’t know what to say. Smh…..

    I think he should have dumped her long time ago. Those are just my thoughts though…I mean, I don’t know the inner workings of their relationship. To me though, once someone has shown you who they are, you have to believe them the FIRST time. I’m not saying Kristen will cheat again, but the way that the scandal was even executed was SO underhanded and SHADY, I just don’t see how he could not have the respect for himself to DUMP her. smh…. When you’re on set with his WIFE and knowingly carrying on an affair with a MARRIED man….that is just a LOW blow. I could see if one thing led to another one day or something, and the two of them cheated and she confessed privately to Rob. But that wasn’t what happened! The two of them got CAUGHT! In broad DAYlight! O_O Who knows….if they had not been caught, they might have STILL been fooling around to this day! YIKES! Smh….

    I also agree too that I was glad that Taylor had the self-respect to NOT go back to miss Swifty after SHE dumped him. Smh…. True, they looked cute together (I’ll admit), but he must have seen something in her that signified that she was not someone to be trusted in the long-run. smh…. I mean, LOOK at her now! Smh… :-/ Maybe he also feared being put in another song if they ever DID break up again ha! She should have poured her heart out to him in a private letter or phone call instead of putting it all over the airwaves and making money off of it. It IS a sweet song (don’t get me wrong), and I DO get to see some of Taylor’s personality through it, but I think that if she REALLY had wanted him back, the better way would have been to do that PRIVATELY.

  74. joanie Says:

    these might be the same as Vera’s

    Good old Abduction – Flat tummy & arm veins

  75. joanie Says:

    Well there’s the bicep vein but the flat tummy # was Wrong – oh well – 1more try –

    Need new pictures or a fireman”s pole to slide down ( are stripper poles & fireman poles the same???) They both slide down & around – so fireman should make good strippers, but I don’t know if strippers would make good fireman. This is an eclectic site – would Taylor make a better stripper or fireman – whichever I bet he could make “you” hot – (just musing away the time…waiting for MORE news….)

  76. joanie Says:

    What the “hay” – just noticed “arm veins” – are waiting moderation….soooo now you get the tummy & not the arm veins. (@vera maybe your pics are the same; for some reason I couldn’t get to them – probably operator error – I’m a bit wonky today with my keyboard..

  77. kia Says:

    He soooo flexible. “Cough Kama Sutra Cough”

    Is it me or Him and Lily love eating eachother’s noses. LOL

  78. joanie Says:

    @kia it’s you – who loves him & Lily eating each others noses – They on the other hand loved eating ………..Snickers (bar)….that’s code for… did say “Kama Sutra….

    I just passed “Nemo” on my dive down to the ocean floor – twirling on the “fireman’s” pole. We need more pictures – Taylor –
    and now I shall quote another line from “The Twilight Oath” – whether you want it or not (you already got the remembering Jacob line when your heart fills with remorse).
    “I promise to remember Bella
    Each time I carelessly fall down
    And I promise to remember Edward
    Whenever I’m out of town
    (I should really give credit to the author — )
    I couldn’t resist giving you a bonus line. – & I shall only stop when we get ANOTHER picture to comment on……..Taylor Taylor you hear me……take pity…..
    another line…..coming soon………

  79. joanie Says:

    “I promise to obey traffic laws
    for Charlie’s sake of course
    (this is where Jacob/remorse line comes in)
    I promise to remember Carlisle
    Whenever I am in the Emergency Room (these friggin lines don’t rhyme…….)
    *****after falling off a horse****(glad to be of help…yes I added this line)

    Need to give the author credit……gotta take a break……another line coming up later…(unless Taylor goes out to dinner & we get a pic of him going to his car……..)

  80. Emily Says:

    Catherine–“R&K are so desperate to be serious, worthy actors. The misery radiating from them is energy sapping. Taylor’s obvious desire to throw himself at a fun, mainstream audience is so refreshing.”—YES, YES, YES!!! Agree 100%!

    joanie–I think he could excel at either career you mentioned, and would light fires with one job and put out fires with the other job. :) Whoever wrote the “Twilight Oath” should be embarrassed. Goodness–they could at least have made it rhyme. :(

    I, too, was at first disappointed about GU2, mainly b/c I didn’t like Adam Sandler movies. But, I’ve come around and am glad Taylor chose to do something small and light after such a high-profile role.

    I was doing some research last night on the companies firereign mentioned a while back that are affiliated with Taylor. After some digging and lots of googling, I did find that he is listed as the “President” of a couple of them and on the board of directors on others. I had no idea he had so many “irons in the fire,” so to speak. I only knew about the one production company he had with his dad. To be filming almost constantly for 4 years, not to mention maintaining the strict diet and workout routine, while being a part of all these actual businesses, AND finishing high school, all at the age of 17/18/19. . . . NO WONDER he needed a break! I’m so glad now that he took time to recharge and strategize about where he wanted his career to go. The drought was torturous while it lasted, but I’m glad he just didn’t keep going and get completely fed up and burned out. His dad is also affiliated with most of them. How smart of them to invest some of all those millions into lots of different things. Dan must have pretty good sense, or have some good financial advisers. Glad he’s there to have Taylor’s back!!

  81. chanda w. Says:

    @Mystique Taylor was dropped from a talent agent a couple of years ago because they claimed his dad was too demanding. I just took that as his dad is very involved and probably asked a lot of questions and wanted to give input. Tay was a teen then so that is very understandable that a parent would want to be included in certain decisions. He doesn’t appear to be a stage dad or itching for the spotlight himself(Lohans). Seems he just wants the best for his son.

    I wish he would do an interview too. I’d love to hear his voice and his opinions on Tay’s career so far. And what he thinks about rumors and the critics …….what advice is he giving Taylor? Whatever he’s saying ….it must be good…….cause Tay is such a gentleman…like I keep saying ….classy.

    Oh my I’ve gone back and forth on Swift. I think she was truly sorry for whatever she did to Taylor (I wish one day he would just spill the beans on what really happened) But I agree if she loved him…….a lot things would have been said in private and stayed there. When I hear the song now … seems less like an apology and more like she’s bragging that she was able to break the heart of a 17yr old boy. (you gave me roses and I left them there to die) Did he or anyone really need to know that? She even tried to make it seem like he was being heartless after she apologized…………(he said it’s too late to apologize). What did she expect him to do? Jump her bones and say let’s start over? Then she continues dating guys she claims treat her like crap…and going on about how she likes bad boys. Well Taywhore(as she is referred to on twitter) u enjoy being made a fool of ….no one wants to keep hearing about it. Glad Tay has a backbone…unlike some(RP). Taylor may be young , but he ain’t stupid.
    I just hope Tay meets a girl as beautiful as Angelina Jolie and as devoted to him as his fans.

    Luv the Abduction stills…………wish they had a director’s cut of Abduction….I’d buy that in a second.
    @Joanie , there is something very wrong with people who still mix Taylor and Jacob as the same person and acting out their anger against a character on to the actor. So sad.

    Still havent’ watched the Harlem Shake video……… Tay dancing?

  82. joanie Says:

    @emily those would be the “managers” (for Taylor & Dad) they’re the ones that advise on long term career goals (probably why they have at least a 1/2 dozen companies/corporations between them).

    ……and now I apologize to Twilight Oath author…..I have been scolded & called a callous unfeeling bully… with head bowed & contrite sadness I trudge away….ashamed of what I did (do little white lies also make your nose grow like Pinochio??) anyway they told me if I did the whole oath that would be the same as “taking it” and I would be required to follow it for the rest of my life or be turned into a sparkly smurf…..and so in closing….just the final line – ‘Twilight isn’t an obsession…
    It’s a way to live you know…….(NOT)…….

  83. Emily Says:

    Look at these pics of him at the Hollywood Foreign Press somethings in 2011. Makes me want to say a bad word in a good way. I don’t remember seeing these before. . . also, keep scrolling for him in front of the Coliseum in Rome–have seen that, but it’s been a long time.

  84. Emily Says:

    Also, I can’t really tell if these are new or old, but I’ve never seen them before, either.

  85. vera Says:

    @chanda w this talented agent, a girl named Robin Baum.She is a talented publicist, yes, but she often uses a rather scandalous to raise the popularity of their customers, and she is one of the best friends of Ruth Bernstein (Kristen publicist).So, most likely Dan Lautner were good reasons to refuse her services.

  86. Emily Says:

    chanda–No, he doesn’t dance, but I think it’s worth watching.

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for his dad AND mom (and sister) to do an interview one day. I’d just like to see who he is more like, hear what they sound like, and hear some cute stories about him growing up. Highly doubt it will ever happen.

    Every time I hear BTD, I have the urge to drive to Nashville and squash TS with my car. The “roses” line kills me every time. I just think, “you bi$#@!” I think he saw her true colors after that and had enough sense to stay away (Rob, you could learn something there.).

  87. Anon28 Says:

    Well, since we’re sharing our favorite Taylor moments. I like this one because you can tell just how much he cares for his fans. Such a sweetheart. I hope he never changes.

  88. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my @vera, maybe that explains some things. Baum and Berstein are friends……. (lift up KS and RP) and try to bash Taylor for no apparent reason……..and she uses scandals to promote her clients… Well we’ve seen plenty of that. Tay and his dad were smart to move on.
    @emily…….we’re on the same page when it comes to Swift….(total phony) some of her music is catchy, but I think many have had enough of her victim routine…..esp. when she had someone as loveable as Tay and screwed him over. She’s lucky Taylor is a sweetheart……….the stories he could tell. Thanks for the pics….sometimes Tay just looks ….damn good! I luv him casual , but when he dresses up……… is over.

  89. kia Says:

    Emily- That pic was in 09 when him and Swifter were dating. They were at some clothing boutique with her mom. Interesting everytime they had a date night her mom was always taging along.

    I hate that damn half-ass apology song!

  90. Emily Says:

    Chanda–glad you liked the pics. I’ve always been a sucker for a handsome guy in a great-fitting suit, but he takes it to another level. When I see him in a good suit,

    Kia–didn’t know the pics were that old.

    Anon28–I love watching him with his fans, but I don’t think I’d want to meet him that way. It just freaks me out with all those screaming, hysterical people. I would much rather run into him out somewhere away from any crowds and actually be able to say something to him that he could hear. That is of course assuming my heart had not exploded and my brain was still receiving enough oxygen to form a coherent sentence. : /

  91. marianne Says:

    vera…I was under the impression that Kristen has a cousin that works for E and guess who was always getting screwed over at E by catering to the shippers.

    kia…I imagine Swiftie’s mom was along because Taylor was not 18 and she didn’t want her “precious virginal daughter” looking bad. What has always bugged me about the so-called apology is that she made money from it. Personally, I never thought Taylor was that into her…just being nice and a gentleman and she embellishes all her experiences.

    Anon28…Emily…I’d rather run into him out somewhere too. Although I might scare him off wearing the drool bib.

  92. chanda w. Says:

    If Kristen is truly Taylor’s …..friend………..why would she go along with ANYONE trying to screw him over… even if it is a tv or magazine that your family member works at. He seems so loyal to her………..and I don’t know why??

    She totally threw Taylor’s fine butt….in RP’s face. That why he came running back to the U.S. If she’d screw a less attractive man twice her age……… know she tried to get with Taylor at some point. Little brother……my @$$. Maybe he’s realized or maybe it isn’t what I think. I personally hope I am over blowing it….and that she is a loyal friend to him too.

    I always wondered how TS was able to date the not so legal Taylor without looking like at jail time…………..I’m sure he wasn’t innocent……….but I wonder how far they actually went. She so didn’t deserve him……..he was and still is too hot for her.

    Twitter had a trending thread the other day …..something like… Taylor is our idol….
    had a feeling TS fans started it for her, but everyone kept sending pics and tweets about our Taylor…………..too funny.

  93. kia Says:

    Chanda – 1D fans (and some lautner fans) was behind that. Of coarse Swifties were piss. LoL

    Marianne- She wasn’t that virginal when she jump on John mayer “tour Bus” after she dump Taylor….

  94. marianne Says:

    kia….Swift’s mom must be so proud of the John M. hookup….Some of Rob’s fans are calling TGC Gasolina because of all the trips RK have been making to gas stations!

  95. joanie Says:

    in case anyone can’t get into LiveJournal (@vera’s abduction HD)

    here is an alternate (first column – item 4 – click on it)

  96. kia Says:

    Marainne- Robsten date night at a gas station or at 7-11 how romantic. Gasolina..PSML!

  97. kia Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the train makeout stills for a long time! But I have one question CAN I BE THAT RUSSIAN GUY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  98. annie Says:

    wow – all these comments –

    I wondered what everybody talking 7-11 date night was about – I need to check in more often

    Rob’s tight black tee – he’s certainly got bigger boobs (moobs as someone called them) than his gal – you choose – working out or 2many bags of chips, 7-11 donuts & beer (hope there’s no cigs in the bag)

  99. Emily Says:

    Joanie–thanks for the link. Couldn’t see the others.

    Kia–I would MUCH rather be Lily in those pics, but I also wouldn’t mind some wrestling around on the floor! ;)

    His leg extension (in jeans, no less) is amazing!!

  100. annie Says:

    just checked out the abduction stills –

    to me – Lily & Taylor were “into” those scenes

    look at that leg extension – “zowie” (stole that from “Some Like It Hot”

    if he wrestles around in bed like he does in those pics it better be on the first floor or
    it & it’s occupants will come thru the ceiling & end up in the middle of the dining room table -

  101. kia Says:

    Emily- I wanna wrap my arms around his thighs!!!!!!! Kissing coach my ass! Its looks like them two knew exactly what they were doing.. Forever shipping Tayly! I don’t care,she’s one of my favorite exes beside Sara . Sorry Selena you’ve been push back.

    Annie- They been hanging out at gas stations and 7-11 lately, it so funny that everytime there pics the media call’s it “Date Night” even if they sit on the bus stop and CJ and the funk bunch is sitting between them,its still consider a “date night” according to HollyWoodLife. Its hilarious

  102. annie Says:

    I was so tired when I got home – showered got ready for bed
    glad I grabbed my laptop & took it to bed with me
    flipped DWTS on the tv – haven’t seen that for so long – guys with open shirts & gals with a bit of tinsel – why don’t they have a charity dance off – if Taylor went on with one of them tinsel gals I’d pledge or donate (the winner wouldn’t have to be because of the dancing but whoever sucks in the most $$$$ – and everybody gets to donate the $$$ to the charity of their choice – I want to see some of those “abduction” moves on the dance floor -

  103. Emily Says:

    annie–I think the same thing every week when I watch it!

  104. carrie Says:

    Rob came back to L.A. when his film wrapped in Australia. I don’t think he cares if Kristen hangs out with Taylor. I think Kristen used him to get attention when Rob was unavailable and people stopped caring about her solo pics. It’s obvious with how often she gets papped that she’s setting up these photo ops. Paparazzi aren’t randomly hanging out at gas stations. Those types of “candids” are arranged ahead of time. I think she’s starting to panic since she’s had no work for so long, no films coming out in 2013, nothing scheduled to start shooting, her popularity’s in the toilet. And she’s dragging Rob down with her. He was signing on for all kinds of films last year. This year? Nothing. I think the public just wants them both to go away.

    Do we have any more clues about Tay’s ad campaign? I’m just wondering what firereign meant by “major label”. It would be amazing if it was for something like Gucci or Calvin Klein. But even something like John John or American Apparel would be cool.

  105. annie Says:

    firereign was going to get back to us….said someone claimed the info put out there was a smokescreen –
    I saw the tweet with the boots pic – and it said “they (the boots) were going to be used in the photoshoot clothing campaign and were from the companies firereign mentioned and she mentioned Natalia – that’s Taylors groomer (make-up, wardrobe etc) – and it would be coming out around July 1

    someone here also mentioned “204” on the back of all the chairs in the “on location” picture – and maybe that has something to do with the client – I couldn’t connect that with any major label – they all seem to go for really high profile celebs and Taylor’s aim seems to be to re-establish himself with a “new” public identity – so
    I would go with a new start-up clothing line or a major (sporty) label age appropriate line – I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a with either international label or a homegrown “made in the USA” which also would have global appeal

  106. Catherine Says:

    It’s funny – we’re given a few hints at what’s coming, and it’s driving us INSANE rather than calming us down!

    I hovered around the edges of this site for a while, so thank you, ladies, for making an English girl feel so welcome. Lots of others seem to have joined in – this ‘tease the fans’ strategy might just be working ;)

    I fear these threads may EXPLODE over the summer. Can you imagine?!!! The GU2 premiere night will crash the whole damn thing!!!

    On my personal wish list? A solo interview on Ellen. Wearing a scruffy old tshirt and jeans with his hair messed up….

    Aaaaaaaargh I have work to do!!!!!!!!

  107. Mystique Says:

    Brodie—Thanks for the Harlem Shake Video!!! WHOO hoo! Gosh, Taylor is so atheletically strong and flexible! lol!

    Kia—Yesss…Taylor IS pretty flexible isn’t he?? lol….Oooops…there goes my mind in the gutter….yet again smh….lol. *blush*

    Emily—Wow! I didn’t know Taylor was involved in SOO many projects and production companies! Wow! Well, good for him if he and his father are smart in investing his money in several different ways. That’s the smart thing to do.

    Chanda—Oh wow…I didn’t know Taylor was dropped from one of his agencies because of his dad. :-/ You know, I bet he probably wanted what was best for his son and didn’t like the direction that agency was going. Did he ever get picked up by another talent agent?

    Oh and I totally agree with you on your take of Swifty’s song BTD @Chanda. I’ve gone back and forth too on that song and I’ve had mixed feelings as well. On ONE hand, I think it’s nice that she says such sweet things about Taylor and how he treated her, but on the OTHER hand, it almost gave me the impression that she WAS kind of gloating or bragging that she had a good guy who seemed REALLY into her, and she just wasn’t all that into him like that. :-/ That song just makes me sad for him for some reason. I mean, it’s one thing to not have “chemistry” with someone (so she states was the reason why she broke up w/him), but it’s a WHOLE different thing altogether to just be so cruel! Why would you leave roses…..ROSES….that you get from your bf (or from ANYONE) to just sit there and wilt and die??? Even if YOU didn’t take care of them yourself, you could call your assistant, your manager, heck, even your MOM to take them and put them in a vase of water! Eeeeekk… something so pretentious leaks out of that song to me. The song reminds me of one of those underhanded ways to make herself LOOK good while pretending to make herself look bad. It’s like a girl who looks in the mirror and swears she looks “ugly”, so that all of her friends will say: “Oh no….you’re gorgeous!” :-/

    So no, I don’t feel sorry for Swifty at all. She had her chance. She blew it. Plus, I agree with @Marianne……I’m not 100% sure that Taylor was all that into her anyway. When I see pictures of them out together, I can tell that he’s somewhat enamored by her, but he seems more shy around her. Maybe it was just because he was young at the time, and she was definitely older and more “experienced” lol. When I see pictures or snapshots of Taylor and Lily, he definitely seemed MUCH more “into” Lily. Definitely a lot more PDA, more playfulness, and touchy-feely moments. Maybe Taylor Swift pursued TAYLOR and he actually went after Lily. That’s the only other way I can describe it. Idk how Swifty or Lily got into his life…who went after whom, or how they took things past the “friendship” level. I’m very curious to know lol!

  108. Mystique Says:

    Is it just me?? Or did that Harlem Shake video send anyone else’s mind in the gutter?? Lol….maybe it’s just me lol -_- Idk….something about seeing him flip over chairs and being so “rough” just gave me….some *interesting* thoughts… If he can flip like that on a chair…I wonder…………………………………………………..Okay let me stop right there. lol

    Carrie—-Yeah, if Rob and Kristen are SMART, they will each take a little bit of a break from film (like Taylor is doing), and then come back after a few months! At least Rob is FILMING something though….unlike Kristen. She’s been booted off of the film Focus, and who knows when SWATH2 is going to start filming. I’m just really surprised that she is STILL attached to SWATH after that scandal. Smh… So, I guess Rupert Sanders isn’t directing part 2. WOW..

    Catherine—I agree! You would think that MORE information would help quelch our appetite lol, but all it’s doing is making us even MORE excited and anxious as to what is coming up next for Taylor LOL! It’s doing the OPPOSITE! I tell you, he is an addiction! You can’t just get a little bit…you have to keep coming back for more haha.

    I WOULD like to see him do an Ellen interview!!!! Oh man that would be so nice! :) Has he EVER done one by himself?? I don’t think so! I’ve always only seen him on Ellen with Rob, or with the entire cast of Twilight. A solo interview would be nice. Ellen is funny, and I like the way she interviews guests. :)

    Speaking of the Ellen show, I thought this little behind-the-scenes clip of Taylor and Rob on the show was SO sweet! Maybe you all have seen this already, but I just LOVE the way Taylor interacts with the fans off-camera. I don’t think they knew they were even being filmed. GOSH he’s so sexy too! OMG! That poor fan at the end completely LOST it! Lol! Poor thing…… ^_^

    Here’s the clip:

  109. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the clip @mystique…………… Taylor……OMG! Sexy as f##%! And always so calm and cool. Lol….that girl at the end……………I would have reacted the same way…(I bet he smelled goo too)…..I bet she’s gonna have relationship issues….cause none of her boyfriends will compare…ha.
    I’m sure Tay did get with another agency…………and thinking now it was less him being dropped and more him and his dad not wanting to go along with whatever gimmick Robin Baum had planned. You know how hollyweird likes to spin stories.
    I actually liked SWATH. I saw it twice and I felt sorta bad for KS when some critics were slamming her performance claiming she was still acting like Bella…………and everyone praised Charlize (which I agreed with she stole the show as the witch) but I thought KS was good too. It wasn’t until after the scandal that KS started getting kudos from critics and now on the dvd….her name is first and Charlize second (hmmm) and I’ve wondered this before …why would she want to work back on the second part of that movie………would seem memories of the scandal would linger. Which is why I think her and RP set up that director. That’s why they are still together cause they planned the whole thing to help boost RP’s career. Who was going to see that new movie he Cos(whatever) before the scandal …..NOONE. After the scandal he’s a hot commodity ….the movie is released in ….what…..two theatres……twelve people see it…….and it is considered a hit????????? REALLY??? Set up all the way……….feel so sorry for that wife and the kids. (this of course is just my opinion)
    Thanks goodness Taylor doesn’t have to steep to that kind of garbage to keep his fans interested.
    Which is why he will have a long and sucessful career. No gimmicks needed. Still haven’t watched the Harlem Shake…’s like I’m hesitant . Can u imagine Tay’s moves in the bedroom?
    Talk about smiling for days. I still want to know who he’s currently with………….I know he says he’s single , but he’s hot and heavy with someone………single just means it isn’t serious.

  110. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—–YESSSSS…..omg I was thinking that too when I saw that video lol. I bet he smells good! ^_^

    I’m glad Taylor and his dad stuck to their morals/held their ground. I’m not for just going willy nilly with everything either…..especially not in THIS business. Smh… You have to really keep your ears and eyes OPEN.

    RE: SWATH….
    I never saw SWATH, so I can’t really comment on it really. I’m just so surprised that KS name is still attached to it since I could have sworn that right AFTER the scandal came out, the production company stated that both Rupert AND KS were going to be reprimanded and were rumored to no longer be a part of SWATH 2. Am I just imagining things?? I could have sworn that I heard/read this somewhere!

    Anyway….I’m just glad that Taylor doesn’t have to resort to these types of things in order to keep fans interested. Gosh, wouldn’t that be so CRAZY if the scandal was totally planned??? Something tells me it WASN’T though…. If it were, Rob wouldn’t be acting the way he is around KS. Something has changed in their relationship since that scandal, and so I think it was VERY real.

    [“Still haven’t watched the Harlem Shake…’s like I’m hesitant .”]
    Omg…..You have to watch it @CHANDA!!! Lol! It’s funny! It’s not what you think! lol…..

    [“Can u imagine Tay’s moves in the bedroom?”]
    Omg! I wasn’t going to go there, but that was EXACTLY what I was thinking!! *blush* ROTFL! I was trying to be elusive lol….but yep….I can definitely imagine lol. You HAVE to watch that video! rotfl