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Check out a preview photo of an upcoming Taylor Lautner photoshoot. No word on when it will be released, what it is for or who the photographer is. Stay tuned for details.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: Behind the Scenes of Unknown Photoshoot

53 Responses to “Photo: Behind the Scenes of Unknown Photoshoot”

  1. kia Says:

    I would love to be a fly in that room right now. Can July come any quicker?!

  2. chanda w. Says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. I wish the best of luck to Taylor ….he deserves it.

  3. marianne Says:

    kia…”fly in the room”…I thought the same thing. I’m hoping this isn’t one of those photoshoots where the best are outtakes and the ones they publish are weird and have goofy poses. Fingers crossed.

  4. kia Says:

    marianne- ILR?!?! Ahhhh the suspense is killing me!!

  5. kia Says:

    Oh type-o what I meant IKR!

  6. kia Says:

    Detroit Red Wings are in Anaheim CA tonight for the Stanley cup Playoffs. Wonder if Taylor going?

  7. Emily Says:

    From the last thread (I can’t scroll that far down again):

    Catherine–I’m glad you finally decided to speak up and start commenting. I agree, I can’t wait for more info!! I’m dying of curiosity!!

    Marianne–And why does it take YEARS to get those outtakes??? And why are those usually better than the ones they pick (same for deleted scenes)?? However, I think picking outtakes from a Taylor photo shoot would be a most difficult assignment. I would just publish them all. Do you think there is a vault (or more likely, computer) somewhere that contains every picture from every photo shoot taken of him? Can you imagine how great it would be to get lost in there for a while?

    chanda and kia–Taylor has proven time and again that he excels in all things physical. I have every reason to believe that any “under-the-sheets shenanigans” would be no different. Remember the push-ups at the KCA’s?????? .. . .the speed, the stamina. . . ;). . . . . . . . trying to stop the visions in my head, b/c I have to focus on NCIS right now. . .

  8. nicolefair Says:

    OMG I’m just getting home and am about to start my NCIS recording. SURVIVE TIVA!!! SURVIVE!!!!

    And kiss each other clean before the EMTs get there. LOL

    Oh and Taylor’s hot blahblahblah LMAO

  9. Emily Says:

    nicolefair–Yay—another Tiva shipper!!!! Don’t worry–they’re OK, but unfortunately, no kissing!!

  10. Mystique Says:

    Emily–On boy…..did you have to put that image in my mind right before bed when talking about Taylor’s appearance at the KCA’s and doing all of those push ups?? Oh boy….talk about hot!!!

  11. Catherine Says:

    Anyone else think that this site needs up-to date-header pics? The BD2 ones are nice, but I see ‘Jacob’ not Taylor! It’d be good to have non-Twilight photos to gaze at when you check in! I don’t think it gets much better than the GU2 portraits myself…whoever took those did a fantastic job – although the pretty face is all Taylor’s work ;)

    * A minor irritation I simply HAVE to get out of my system – sorry! – Rob’s accent. That’s not an English one. It was, early on, but now he has a fake, transatlantic drone. We don’t talk like that!!!!!!!!! If people want a new British actor with a VERY cool sense of humour, Jamie Campbell Bower (who Taylor seemed to like) is stepping up, especially with ‘The Mortal Instruments’ out in August. He’s great. Move over RP! *

    Ok, done with that.

    I’m DESPERATE to find out who’s on Tracers cast. A surprise big name would be good (even more publicity) someone who has chemistry with Taylor, someone he could do promo with. Not necessarily the ‘love interest’, maybe one of the ‘mafia’ guys involved. I’m enjoying seeing him interviewed/interacting with new folk.

    Lack of info is making me twitch ;)

  12. Nicole Says:

    I actually hope they keep Tracers small and indie-like. I know as his fans we want him to have huge blockbuster success, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a long career. Which is what I truly wish for him. Also, although I feel like I should watch out my window for an angry mob for saying this, I still like Rob (not as much as before, but still). He seems like a good guy, makes decent movies and is charmingly hoboish.

    Taylor’s a different sort, charming in that “meet the parents” kind of way, you know? Like a girls Dad would be picking out china patterns with her after one night of football talk with Taylor. He’s confident, polite, level-headed, respectful, funny and seemingly immune to the lure of Hollywood bullcrap. Which unfortunately is why he’s less popular than Rob. I get the feeling Taylor knows how to play the game….he just won’t. And the people who employ you on movies want someone a bit more….pliant? Maybe?

    Anyway. I don’t get all the Rob hate. Yep he’s a big fat idiot for taking Kristen back in my opinion, but what twentysomething guy isn’t. Love will out. Like the truth. And I’m all for people being in love. If anything him taking her back made me take a second look at her (and that saying something because she is SO annoying to me), she must have some redeeming qualities. Or a super-snatch. Either way it’s interesting to watch. And don’t get me wrong I’m totally a Taylor convert, I just can’t understand the Rob stuff. Twilight’s over, that “team” stuff is so 2009. ROLF as my niece would say.

  13. Catherine Says:

    I do like Rob. He’s a clever, funny (if only he would use that) guy. It’s down to him dropping his accent for me, feels a touch disloyal. Oh well.

    Whether Tracers is a huge deal, or a cool indie, what I’d like out of it are some great reviews and respect for Taylor. He’s earned it. It’d be nice to see him sign up for more stuff straight after, keep things rolling.

    I hope someone ‘in the loop’ keeps an eye on the chatter on here. How great it would be if he knew the support he gets from you girls :)

  14. carrie Says:

    I guess it’s the opposite for me. Rob still being with Kristen made me give HIM a second look and feel like maybe he’s as selfish and full of himself as she is. I don’t think she’s the least bit sorry for what she did and they both just look smug to me now. A relationship with a cheater and a guy with no backbone isn’t the least bit sweet or romantic to me. It’s just sad.

    But ugh, I’d rather talk about Taylor, since his career and image AREN’T depressing. I looked up the “204″ in those pics, and it’s just a studio, so that’s no help. I really hope we don’t have to wait until July.

    I was also thinking about how we heard about Tracers last year right before Cannes so they could sell the rights there. It’s that time of year again, so I’m hoping for another new project to be announced.

  15. nicolefair Says:

    I had to post this:

    I don’t usually care all that much for utero-Taylor, but this was just GAH. Ovary explosion.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    I want Tracers to stay small budget too and no other big names. I personally don’t care if Tay’s movies go straight to dvd…..I’m a fan. But, of course I want him to get the kudos he deserves. He’s one of the rare guys in hollyweird who is talented, handsome and has a deep appreciation for his fans. Confident not full of himself….like so many are. @nicole I think most Taylor supporters…….aren’t jealous of RP’s popularity…….it is the lack of respect shown to Taylor… those who claimed to be fans of the series. I remember how the audience reacted when Tay first took his shirt off in New Moon (oooohs and ahhhs, omg, nervous giggles) and Eclipse when Jacob and Bella kissed (everyone clapped) that is what we go to the movies for….to be drawn into another world……..and Taylor was a big part of bringing that world to life.

    So I don’t understand the hate he gets and some actually wanting to ruin his career…that is a far cry from just commenting on someone’s appearance or bad dating choices. I also hope that he or someone close to him…will check this site and know that Taylor has a lot of fans that luv and support him dearly.

  17. marianne Says:

    Catherine…I vote for new header pics too. I’m sure George is busy so I hate to complain. You mentioned JCB and I have observed him during promos for Twi and didn’t care for him. He smokes, swears, drinks and he may be funny but it is a lot like RP’s humor–crude. I think he and Lily are a pr couple and if they aren’t then the fact he dumped his fiancee so fast for Lily tells me a lot about his character. Even if they are a pr couple, I still think the fact he would let a studio push him into something is a turn off for me.

    chanda w…The Robstens ruined Twilight for me because it became about their real-life relationship (are they dating or not) etc. and not the rest of the cast. Their fans are so rabid that they bully people if they don’t agree with them. So glad Taylor is out from that mess.

    As far as movies for Taylor go, I will support what he is in but could understand if at some point he decided to work behind the scenes. Hollyweird has a way of ruining personal lives.

  18. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—Omg…I KID you not, I was JUST thinking the EXACT same thing re: the Site header just the other day!!! I was thinking about how nice it would be to see a NEW (maybe brighter??) header and picture of Taylor on the front page of this site. While I DO like Jacob, I think that now that Twilight is over (the BD2 DVD has LONG since come out), it would be nice to move on from it and have other pics of Taylor (maybe photoshoot?) on the main page. Or…even just a nicer (happier? lol) picture of Jacob would even suffice for me lol.

    But, ultimately…it’s no biggie. It’s just a wish. :) The site is great either way.

    Nicole—I think I agree with you that “Tracers” should be more of an “indie” sleeper hit type of film instead of a “big” blockbuster. I REALLY want Taylor’s acting chops to be challenged, and I think the public would even be able to see him in a different light if he did more of an indie film. I thought that was why he was meeting with GVS and Dustin Lance Black last year. I thought they were coming up with an indie film of some sort. Oh well…Anyway…I’ll be glad no matter WHAT studio picks up Tracers, and I DO think that there should be at LEAST another big name in the film. We need the film to rest on someone else’s shoulders….NOT Taylor’s imo. I think Taylor should be a MAIN character in the film (no doubt), but I think it would be better to see Taylor OUTshine an acting “Great” or “legend” and get his acclaim THAT way, instead of him (yet again) being the FOREfront big name character in the film and the ENTIRE film resting on his shoulders like it did for “Abduction”. We already know that people just want to see him fail anyway, so if the movie “Tracers” had a good well-known actor that people like and WANT to see, then I think Taylor would be an added bonus. It needs to be an ACTOR….NOT an actress though….unless we’re talking like Meryl Streep level or something. I say this because if Taylor wants to gain more respect from the male audience, it will need to be a MALE actor..Maybe a Deniro/Nicholson/Freeman/Cruise/Washington Type that people already know and respect in the industry.

    I also agree that Taylor DOESN’T play “the game”, and I think that sets him apart from a lot of the HW drama in in the industry today. It also (unfortunately) can cause SOME people to get upset at you for not being so “compliant”. Oh well! I hope Taylor stands his ground and continues to gain fame and notoriety the true and honest way. He doesn’t have to stoop low and resort to shameful things in order to gain popularity. We already know that.

    Re: Rob….
    Awwww….It’s okay @Nicole! I don’t mind Rob either! I think he’s silly for taking Kristen back lol, but overall I don’t mind Rob one bit. He’s a good actor (I LOVED him in “Water for Elephants”! ), and I think his personality is endearing as well. I just wish he would get a backbone when it comes to KS. Smh….. :-/

  19. carrie Says:

    The reason I lean more towards an indie feel for Tracers is that I think that’s much less pressure on Taylor. If it can be done for under $20-25 million, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make a profit. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still entice some good actors. Obviously not Will Smith level, but strong supporting actors like Anthony Mackie, Michael Pitt, Miles Teller, guys like that.

  20. Catherine Says:

    Ok girls, you’ve talked me round!!! Tracers to be lower budget and indie it is then! Much as I want Taylor to kick the criticism into touch with a big successful movie, I see your points about pressure/responsibility. I love the discussions/debates on here :)

    If you’ve seen Hugh Jackman interviewed, he’s hilarious. Older, but a GREAT personality match for Taylor. That might work someday. Jamie Foxx? There seems to be a mutual appreciation thing with Taylor going on already…

    Can you imagine the day they make actual announcements? I think my phone might explode ;)

  21. Emily Says:

    Catherine–Regarding people “in the loop” reading our comments and passing them on to Taylor–on the one hand, I would love for him to know the depths of our devotion, but on the other, I would be highly embarrassed for him to read some of my comments about him. :)

    I really like Hugh Jackman too. Somebody like Matt Damon, since he’s been big in the action genre that Taylor seems so interested in. . . or someone that guys really like would be a great costar for something. . .

    I agree that I hope Tracers (or whatever is next) is lower budget and kind of just sneaks under the radar, but has some success–a sort-or stepping stone. I don’t really want Taylor to be a part of a huge blockbuster for a while. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want him to be as successful as possible, but he’s had to take part in the huge media circus circuit for the last 5 years. I think it would be nice for him to do some smaller things, develop his skills, start getting some critical praise (not that I care about that, but I know he wants to be taken seriously in the biz), and be able to do lots of different projects and be able to move on from them when he’s done.

    nicolefair–”Utero-Taylor” was how he looked when I first fell for him. I made myself feel not as guilty by telling myself he didn’t LOOK like any normal 17 year old I had ever seen–comparing those pics to how he looks now, he does look like a baby, but he was still perfection. . . AND millions of women world-wide felt the same way. . . which doesn’t make it right, but. . . how could we help ourselves???

  22. litebrite Says:

    been awhile – see it they’ll let me in

  23. Mystique Says:

    Nicole—Thanks for the tumblr site with the “utero”-Taylor shots. Btw….what does “utero- Taylor” mean exactly?? I’m sort of out of the loop I guess!! Lol

    Emily—yea I completely agree….I think Taylor’s next couple of films should be intentionally SMALL budget. GUPS2 doesn’t count lol. He needs to get in the indie film market for a little bit, really hone his craft somewhat, and allow people to sort of forget about his role in the Twilight films somewhat. That franchise was HUGE!! He needs something smaller. I like the idea that a smaller budget film will automatically have an easier time making a bigger profit since the cost to make it wouldn’t be so huge. He should do a few lesser-known, smaller budget films for a little while, and then come back to the mainstream market. I think critics (and the male movie-going audience) would start to see him as a more serious actor, instead of just a heartthrob.

    Leonardo DiCaprio had to do the same thing after Titanic catapulted him to a world-wide frenzy of fame and success. Oh the guys used to hate on him SO BAD! But Leo stuck to his guns, stayed relatively private (he BARELY does televised interviews even!), and did more lesser-known indie films after the “Titanic Craze”. It took a while, but now he has the acclaim from critics, AND the male audience, and he’s been doing indie films AND blockbusters throughout his career now without any trouble. Of course, no movie he does will ever have the success of Titanic, just like no other movie Taylor does will have the frenzy and popularity that the Twi-saga had…and you know what?? That’s OKAY!

    Oh, and I also agree too, sometimes I have a little bit of a hard time going back looking at older pictures of Taylor BEFORE he was 18 lol. I feel so guilty! I’ve already mentioned here on this site that there are two photo shoots in particular that I have a hard time with. One, is the Rolling Stone photo shoot….especially the shot of him laying down with his shirt unbuttoned….aaaaaaccck!!! Lol. But at least he LOOKED at least l8 in that one (even if he really wasn’t), so I don’t feel TOO bad. But the one I always have the HARDEST time with is the older shoot where Taylor is on top of some type of tire swing. Omg…..I can’t even look at the pictures from that shoot because I feel so guilty…..he actually LOOKED young in those, so I just force myself not to even look at them anymore lol cuz it’s just…..ummm yea….Lol. *blush*

  24. litebrite Says:

    someone needs to at least look at the productions that have tapped Logan Lerman
    - – he is not a one note actor – the roles demand versatility & he appears to be meeting the challenge
    TL needs to get back in the saddle – going it his own is probably not the best way -
    there are some that hesitate to tap him because they feel he would be a distraction that would interfere with the production – others because he hasn’t shown acting chops in a variety of roles – however there are others that would jump at the chance at having him a part of their ensemble –
    He has established a rep for having an excellent work ethic and great audience appeal, but he is still only 21 with basically one role (all be it a huge moneymaker) -
    whatever his next project – he must show growth & versatility – whether it be a low key production or a block buster

  25. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor doesn’t need to take cues from anyone else, he’s capable of creating his own niche. He needs a director that truly believes in his talents-not just the scream appeal. Last week his ranking was up , but now he’s fallen out of the Top 500. I don’t understand how his numbers go back and forth so much. He has a very loyal fanbase, but apparently not as vocal as others.
    The fact that his fans are so excited for GUPS2 and he’s barely in the movie….just be a clear sign to studio execs that he is missed from the big screen. Doing parts to please critics, that might work, but it is best for him to do projects that he’s excited about. I think he’s financially set where he can pick and choose. He pulled out of a couple of projects to do Abduction ….so some might have hurt feelings. Abduction didn’t pay off like he’d hope, but he had confidence in himself-that’s a good thing.
    I think when naysayers claim he can’t act……even though it is not true….someone who hasn’t worked with him , will hear it enough and believe it. But, he has to break down that barrier himself. Keanu Reeves has had a pretty good acting career despite constant jokes about his skills. So he can jump over that hurdle. A lot of these other actors have done more movies than Taylor so he has to put more work out there. Tay should do projects back to back instead of having too much time pass by. Overexposure is always an issue, but that seems to be the “in” thing today. Mark Wahlberg seems to have a movie out every month(LOL) some are hits and some aren’t and he just keeps going. But he has a relationship with certain directors. I just want Tay to do well ….in this next phase of his career…….not to be the most popular, but to enjoy success on the level he wants. And of course I want him to do more stuff for my own selfish reasons. A Taylor movie night with movies starring….just him.

  26. Mystique Says:

    Welcome back @Litebrite!!! Long time no see! :)

    ["Last week his ranking was up , but now he’s fallen out of the Top 500. I don’t understand how his numbers go back and forth so much. He has a very loyal fanbase, but apparently not as vocal as others."]

    Chanda—You know what, I’m HONESTLY so glad for this site because sometimes I feel like I’m the only lone “Taylor Fan” in my group of friends….or even on the INTERNET! Of course, I know that’s not true at all (Taylor has thousands of fans around the world), but at times I feel like people think it’s almost “taboo” to like him or something! Like it’s not “popular” or “cool” to be a fan of Taylor. *insert eyeroll here*

    I’ve already ranted ad nauseum on here about my disdain for the boards, and I’m really kind of sad that there aren’t MORE fans on that board to take up for Taylor and post more positive things on there. Of course, I’m happy for the few that DO post over there (don’t get me wrong! lol), but I’m just surprised that there aren’t MORE fans being more vocal about their “Fandom”. I feel like I’m some “underground” Taylor fan club or something sometimes lol! ^_^ Like, I see all of these screaming girls and fans on TV and stuff….even “Twi Moms” scream and crowd the bleachers just to get a glimpse of him. But yet, I wonder…..where are all of these supposed “fans” online?? O_o

    This site is GREAT too because although I know of other Taylor fan boards, a lot of them don’t have DEEP in-depth conversations about Taylor and his work. They only tend to drool over his looks or stay mainly surface-level. Here, I feel like we can actually discuss his work, our likes and dislikes, etc. while still being respectful of HIM, and respectful of OTHER fans as well. Don’t get me wrong, we drool over his looks too!! LOL and there’s NOTHING wrong with that at all haha….but it’s just nice to be in a place where you can also discuss more “deep” subjects regarding Taylor. He’s more than just a nice-looking face or great abs.

    I just feel very protective of this site….like it’s our own little private Mecca where we can share our Taylor love and devotion in PEACE lol. That’s why I don’t tell anyone else about it. I don’t thinK I would, UNLESS I knew for SURE the person was a “true” fan of Taylor’s. I don’t want any “Crazies” or “negative Nancy’s” joining this site. Taylor already has a TON of those over on the forum smh…. *insert eyeroll here* :-/

    Again, I don’t get it…. But you know what?? I’m going to continue to stick to my guns and remain a huge fan of Taylor’s. I get the impression anyway that he’s going to completely surprise everyone with a GREAT role in the future, and I just have this feeling that all of a sudden all of these fans will start coming out of the woodwork. But we’ll at least be able to say that WE were the TRUE fans and were loyal to him from the beginning! :) We saw his potential long time ago. I’m guessing soon it will be “cool” to like him again lol, but we’ll be able to say that we liked him no matter what…even during the “drought” lol.

    Anyway……let me get off of my soapbox now before I get too winded to say anything further lol.

  27. marianne Says:

    chanda w…I agree with you. Taylor has to run his own race. After Twilight there was so much overload of the trio and backlash that a step back never hurts.

  28. Catherine Says:

    Cast your minds waaaay back, just for fun…

    A handsome young actor, from the biggest franchise ever. Bigger than Twilight.
    The one no-one expected to be the breakout star.
    The one with the female fanbase, who longed for action roles.
    Yup, the one whose acting skills took a few knocks early on.
    The one who kept a very low public profile.
    The one who worked hard for years, at a long, successful career.

    Hello there, Harrison Ford.

    Maybe there’s a pattern. A fellow franchise escapee’s career path to take note of. Or maybe I’m just trapped in a boring office, wondering what Taylor would look like in an Indiana Jones hat.


  29. litebrite Says:

    He needs investors (producers) to believe in his talent – (directors are hired just as actors are).

    Why he hasn’t had more projects in the past 3 years – was his decision (based on his advisors or personal circumstance for sure). – the wider your experience, the more diverse your roles the better your opportunities will become. Finding a niche is very limiting and you will eventually paint yourself in a corner – there is a glut of male actors in his age group with more appearing each & every day – each & everyone of them with a team of professionals (whose payday depends on their finding work for their clients), A strong devoted fanbase is an asset, however it is only 1 link in a long chain of requisites –
    One item that has attracted attention is the fact that Taylor appears to have a highly intelligent, mature and less typical legion of fans that one expects for someone of his age -
    many of them grasp the fact that his fame is derived from 1 character role that now he must overcome – his future projects must be strong enough & divergent enough to do that & to establish these “new” character identities & be accepted by the viewers. Don’t dismiss the value of observing both the successes & failures of peers (ages 18-25) – it is a template that can help avoid the most common pitfalls and also at the same time engender a plan of action to achieve the goals & successes that must/should have been part of an overall long term systematic litany of goal oriented achievements. There needs to be a co-ordinated effort to launch this new phase (which appears to be happening) – but it is not going to come easy, he is not an unknown, he will need to overcome to some degree the mindset of those who already have dismissed his abilities and at the same time establish positive opinion in those who are unfamiliar with him….the plus is that he already has a positive group of supporters in the business. This is only the initial restart – if he successfully gains prominence in the next 3 years then his chances of a long career will have increased markedly…this is a fickle industry with many ups & downs – time will tell – but first he must survive the infancy of reestablishing a newer more mature identity to industry insiders & most importantly the public consumers.

  30. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—lol….great “flashback” Catherine! :) Wow, yeah I didn’t know all of that about Harrison Ford, but I’m pretty sure that he probably (at the time) wasn’t expected to be the one who broke out and did the most successful work of the majority of the Star Wars cast. Talk about interesting! lol!

    Yea, I think Taylor is the same way. It will just take some time. He just needs to do something different that’s all.

    Litebrite–I agree….he needs to do some more diverse roles so that he doesn’t back himself into a corner….or worse yet…OTHERS don’t try to pigeon-hole him into a corner. I can tell already (by the number of scripts he has said that he has had to turn down or request less shirtless scenes) that he already has his fair share of directors/producers who would just like to paint him in ONE typical Role (the “hunky heartthrob”) for the rest of his career. Smh……

    But I don’t blame him if he doesn’t want to be typecast like that. That is VERY limiting. It doesn’t allow you room to grow either. :-/ I personally think that he needs to take on a role where his looks (ie. hair, physical build, or even just his way of dress) has changed DRAMATICALLY, so that way people see that he’s not always playing the “cute guy” in high school, or the “heart throb”.

    It would be interesting to see him playing in a role where he had his hair cut short, or even longer hair. Or, even a more rough and gritty look would help. Shoot, I’d even take a role where he’s set in a different time period! Just SOMETHING different that allows the audience (and directors) to see tha the IS very versatile. :)

  31. Emily Says:

    Mystique– I would volunteer to help you defend Taylor on imdb, but I just get too mad and upset over things the idiot posters say, not to mention the complete and utter cluelessness of how to spell or punctuate anything correctly. . . and correct grammar—forget it!!! I just can’t do it. I’m a stickler for those things and I just can’t read comments on most sites without cringing, becoming very depressed at the state of illiteracy in the country, and wanting to throw my laptop out the window.

    So. . . I come here, where people are sensible and intelligent. It’s just a waste of time anyway. People who go out of their way to spew hate can’t usually be reasoned with like rational people. Nothing you say will convince them that they are wrong.

    I would LOVE to see Taylor in something from a different time period, preferably the past for me–I’m not really into futuristic stuff, for the most part. I can’t decide what time period, though. . . except for the Old West (since we’ve established we’d love a cowboy role). . . I’ll have to think on that for a while . . .

  32. kia Says:

    Emily- Of coarse we would all love to see him in a good old western.. I would like to see him in a sports like movie or a WW II type film. Just something I fantasize of him doing something like that.

  33. marianne Says:

    kia…I’d love to see him in a sports movie. If they were doing a Top Gun II, I could see him as Tom Cruise’s son. Cruise would never do it because he is still a leading man and once you are in a movie with a younger guy, the age comparison comes into play.

    Emily…I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to toss her laptop at the stupidity of posters. In the New Moon days, there was this poster named Nikki who managed to spew on every Taylor post. Occasionally she would miss one but not very often. They are so tenacious and irrational that I lose patience. Taylor must have kicked their puppy for them to be so hateful.

  34. chanda w. Says:

    I just checked out Incarceron and Sapphique, so I really hope Tay sticks with this project, cause I would not read them otherwise. I feel better about his choices now, I know he took much needed time off . Glad I wasn’t the only one who realized some of his fans just think he’s a cutie with a hot body……they’ll scream and jump to get a pic, but have no real interest in his career. Thank goodness we can talk honestly.
    @litebrite, I am so glad that Tay has a backbone and isn’t just taking the money, ya know.
    I know he gets plenty of scripts wanting him to just show the “goods”, but he’s smart enough to pass.
    @catherine, it is funny how Ford is now more famous than the other two characters from Star Wars…..he’s gotten better with age. But it goes to show u that guys have a forever career in this busniess if they really want it……….so Tay has plenty of time.
    @marianne, @mystique, @kia ,@carrie, @nicolefair and @emily…….Starting to think you all like Taylor almost as much as I do………almost. lol
    P.S where the hell is @firereign with more info??

  35. Emily Says:

    Kia– a WW2 role…….he could be a soldier……liking where my thoughts are going…..

    Chanda— yeah, “like” doesn’t even begin to cover it. :)

  36. kia Says:

    Emily ,Marianne -There something sexy about a man in uniform. Taylor+Uniform= Ovaries explode!!

  37. joanie Says:

    OK guys – World War 2 movie – was gonna suggest “Fury” (Brad Pitt, Shia Leubauf)
    There was a part that would have been a good fit with Taylor (went to check on it – they just named Logan Lerman for the role -

  38. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-It’s cool! IMDB has a bunch of haters and losers on the site anyway. It’s probably filled with a bunch of disgruntled, and bitter posters who never quite made it into the acting business like they wanted, so now they’ve gotta bash and hate on every newcomer or popular actor in the mainstream public now. Maybe it makes them feel better I guess smh.

    Oh and yes, Taylor in a western would be awesome! We’ve already established that he looks hot in a cowboy hat! Lol

    Kia–oooooo I can see Taylor in a sports role or even a war movie too! Omg, Taylor in a uniform would be my weakness! I have a thing for men in uniforms lol. :)

    Chanda–oh if only you knew! ^_^

  39. Catherine Says:

    Emily, Mystique…I took a peek at Imdb and got scared! Is there anyone on there who isn’t utterly demented?!

    Chanda – Incarceron would be a great, GREAT move for Taylor, The original option expired, but as of late March, scripting, budgeting and casting got underway, according to the author (a reliable source). She says Taylor was part of the original deal, is no longer officially attached, but that his production company loved the book, so you never know.

    The groundwork is done. It’s a guaranteed hit (Incarceron is a bestseller with a strong following. Critically acclaimed, unlike Meyer’s work!) and the Incarceron book geeks (I can call them that, being one myself!!!) are on the case for us ;) They REALLY want a movie, and the majority are backing Taylor to play Finn. Even those who were originally unsure seem to have come around. They write fan fiction, make trailers, create fan art and have tumblrs – Taylor’s handsome face is all over that stuff! If you’ve ever seen Nikitajuice’s artwork, she did a gorgeous piece with Taylor as Finn.

    Check out the author’s website. Catherine Fisher. Go to the Q&A section – she stated (very recently) that she’s had a ‘stack of enquiries regarding Taylor Lautner’ but can’t say more. Interesting.

    No, a book set in a ‘futuristic prison’ didn’t grab me at first. But it’s a great story with strong, already much-loved characters. With a sequel already published. The book fans are already onto who will be cast in minor roles. They are taking Taylor as a given.

    The book opens with a dirty, disorientated Finn chained down on a filthy floor. Needless to say, that image kept me reading…

    It’d be a huge movie. But would take time to make. That would give Taylor time to get an indie or two under his belt first.

    A huge maybe. But one hell of a role to secure.

  40. marianne Says:

    Catherine…I’m a fan of Incarceron so I would love it if Taylor was attached. It seemed one of the objections when he was first cast was his buffness and since Finn is in prison, he is lean. I think fans can see that Taylor’s real build is much leaner. Thanks for the info. I’m going to visit her website. Filthy, chained Taylor….oh my…..

  41. Lilome Says:

    Taylor already has that experience. Chained …on my floor… and it was definitely “dirty” ;)

  42. Lilome Says:

    And the dirt you see is actually chocolate syrup

  43. kia Says:

    Lilome..No strawberries?

  44. marianne Says:

    Lilome…whipped cream?

  45. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—-Yeah, is crazy. O_o I’m so sad that this is what “the main public” sees as far as Taylor though. Fansites aren’t “viewed” as much as, so I just HATE that Taylor is getting such a bad rap over there. Smh… :-/ Anyway….Oh well…… His haters will be silenced eventually. :)

    RE: Incarceron….
    Wow…I’ve heard of this novel-turned-(hopefully!)-movie, and I know Taylor’s name has been attached to the project before in the past, but I’ve never read the book! It’s really good huh??

    I’ll be honest, “fantasy” and “science fiction” aren’t my FAVORITE genre’s of books to read, but I DO like sci-fi films. :) What is the general gist/book about? I know Finn is imprisoned, but is there a reason WHY? What is the book basically about? Is it sci-fi as in WEIRD sci-fi? Or, is it more so fantasy and light-hearted sci-fi? I’m just trying to get a feel for whether or not this is a book I should pick up and buy at Barnes & Noble, or download to my Kindle lol. It hasn’t grabbed me yet I guess I should say. What would make someone pick this book up to read?? Besides Taylor’s name being attached of course lol :-P

    That’s AWESOME that fans and readers are so happy to have Taylor’s name attached to this film! ^_^ Wow! I’m glad so many are rooting for him! I wonder what the character of Finn is like.

    Marianne—Yeah, Taylor has definitely slimmed down and leaned out since his Twi days. I think that was one of the reasons why he was keeping a slimmer figure. I thought he was trying to show that he could be “lean” enough to play a prisoner. He could definitely pull it off I think.

    And yes…the imaage of a dirty chained Taylor is VERY tempting indeed! :)

    Lilome—OMG! Lol! HAHAHA!!! I hope you go easy on your “prisoner” there. Don’t “hurt” him TOO much! Lol! :)

  46. Emily Says:

    Mystique–The only reason I bought Incarceron was b/c I heard Taylor might be in the movie. If he wasn’t, I doubt I’d even give it a second look–definitely not my usual reading material. It’s definitely not light-hearted. It’s pretty serious. Finn is told he was born in Incarceron (the jail that is sort-of alive), but he remembers “outside.” I’m going to have to reread it this summer. I won’t lie–I thought it was extremely weird, but it is well-written and I did eventually get into it. I never finished the sequel, so I’ll have to finish that one, too. However, STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT A SPOILER…………………………………………………………

    He does eventually escape and goes to this “outside world” that is made to be like (if I remember correctly) an 1800′s aristocratic area. The warden’s daughter helps him and then they think Finn may be a long-lost prince. . There are lots of other things going on too, but I can’t really remember specifics. I don’t know what happens after that. So, we may get “down and dirty” Taylor along with “another time period” Taylor in the same movie. I would recommend going the Kindle route first. You can always buy it later if you really like it.

  47. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I think has a few pages of Incarceron you can read to get a flavor of the writing. Emily is spot on about what it is about…Finn being told he was born in Incarceron but having this idea of an outside world. Trying to escape. It’s not really a romance unless Saphique (the second book) brings more romance. I haven’t read that one yet.

    Emily…Weren’t there horses on the outside of Incarceron that Finn and the warden’s daughter rode?

  48. Emily Says:

    I don’t remember exactly. It’s been a out 2 years since I read it. But, the warden did ride in a carriage, I think.

  49. chanda w. Says:

    I’ve read the first four pages of Incarceron……the words don’t exactly flow……seems it’s a book that needs to be made into a movie to really understand it. I keep seeing Tay as Finn, so I’m pushing through it. I finally saw Hansel and Gretel….I actually liked it…….didn’t think I would…..seems there will be a second movie.

  50. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Marianne—-Thanks for the brief synopsis of Incarceron. It sounds kind of interesting!! I even did a search on Google, and it looks as if quite a few people have favorable things to say about it.

    To be honest though, idk if I’ll actually check it out unless Taylor is DEFINITELY attached to this film. Something tells me that the reading is very tough. I don’t tend to like books where the reading doesn’t flow smoothly, or it’s difficult to understand what’s going on in the book. Maybe that’s why I threw “The Hobbit” and “Gulliver’s Travels” against the wall when I had to read them for middle school lol!! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind some sci-fi, but if it’s very abstract reading, idk if inwould be able to stick with it lol.

    I like easy, straight forward reading if it’s for pleasure lol. :). Maybe I’m just a Jane Austen girl I guess lol. But, at the same time it would be cool to see Taylor take up a role like this. It sounds real gritty, and gives the impression that it would definitely flex his acting chops tremendously.

  51. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I adore all things Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy is my other fictional love, besides Jacob Black.

  52. Fannie Says:

    I read Incarceron and Sequel years ago and would love to see taylor as Finn. Catherine fisher posted on her site that no casting decision had been made. This was in march 2013. Not sure what to make of it. Just hope taylor comes back in a strong film and good acting.

  53. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-Yesss! Pride & Prejudice! :) One of my faves. Who doesn’t love a good “Mr. Darcy”? Lol ;)