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I’ve uploaded 200 more photos of Taylor Lautner on set of his 2011 movie ‘Abduction.’ Enjoy!

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» Movies » Abduction (2011): Behind the Scenes

170 Responses to “200 More Behind the Scenes ‘Abduction’ Photos”

  1. Lilome Says:

    It’s my lunch hour and I find these pictures- the rest of my day will now be wasted on my little fantasies. Sorry, boss.

  2. Mystique Says:

    Lilome—-It’s okay! It’s a regular occurence when it comes to Taylor lol.

    I’m @ work now, and I’m sneaking on here lol….. *sigh*

    Btw…I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know what Taylor might look like with long hair in a more “scruffy”, gritty and dirty role, because I’ve always thought he would look so sexy with it. Welllll….now, thanks to Nikitajuice, I can gratefully have THIS picture in my head….

    ***GOSH he would look so hot with slightly longer hair for a movie role….

    *drool* *_*

  3. Emily Says:

    Lilome–Missed you! I try to keep my phone in my desk during work hours, but any time I get a free minute, I come on here to read comments. It used to kill me to have to go all day without checking in until I got home every night. Praises to the iPhone!!!!!

  4. accv Says:

    Ehhhhhh… not feeling it still. Even that length is bleh. He looks best with the hair he has now or like what he had in New Moon. It seems that was the shortest he’s had it. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. :p But if it’s required for a dirtier, scruffier, grittier role than he’s done so far, very well. Although perhaps he looks better than how Jake Gyllenhaal did in the Prince of… err… something. :p Then again, Taylor is still better looking than Jake anyways. HAH! I don’t even see the appeal with Jake :p

  5. Fannie Says:

    Not sure how old this is, but so cute. I’ll take that smile Taylor!

  6. Mystique Says:

    Ehh…I didn’t like his wig in New Moon at all! :-( But I agree that his short hair is perfect. :) I just wanna see him with shoulder length hair!!! Just once! :)

    I think the SHORTEST I’ve ever seen his hair for a movie role was in “Abduction”. His hair was pretty short in that one.

  7. marianne Says:

    As I was walking into our local grocery store, TS’s BTD was playing. Ugh. I always wonder what Sara or Taylor’s mom think when they hear that in a store. Our Kohls store is always playing her songs and that one is played a lot. They should give out barf bags when it comes on.

    accv…I think Taylor has better skin coloring for that Prince of whatever movie than JG did. I’ve never understood the appeal of Jake either.

  8. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Yea….even though I actually have TS’ song downloaded to my iPod, I usually skip it or turn it off when it comes on, NOT because I hate the song (mind you)….but more so because it makes me kind of sad and I feel bad for Taylor. :( It’s not everyday that a song is written about you and your past relationship. Smh… :-/

    Btw… has anyone ever seen THIS picture before??? I KNOW I had not lol. I would have remembered this one… O.O I just found it online. The….. ummm….pants are uhhhhh….Very interesting….lol…. Wowzers lol… *blush*

    Poor Taylor lol…. :)

  9. Catherine Says:

    Regarding the the last thread…the image of fans on either side of the Atlantic, bored at their desks, daydreaming about a chained up Prisoner Lautner does amuse me ;)

    We need news. Was it ever confirmed that ‘Tracers’ is next? I’m wondering what rating it would get. I’m guessing violence (from the teaser trailer) would knock it up to a ’12 A’ or ’15’ here, which would mean a new audience. I love the thought of him depicting a serious adult. Taylor fighting and swearing (why do I find that so appealing?!!!) would stamp on the teen image.

    Btw – google ‘Gus Van Sant superhero martial arts movie’. Go to the GeekTyrant article at the top. November 2012. It’s apparently at the scriptwriting stage (Imdb rumour). If Taylor isn’t involved in that I’d be shocked.

  10. kia Says:

    Lilome..Mystique..Emily- I always check this site for updates on my lunch break.

  11. Catherine Says:


    Both ‘Tracers’ and ‘Incarceron’ are coming up as ‘in production’ on Imdb now.


    It’s 12.50am here. Must. Turn. Laptop. Off.

  12. kia Says:

    Marianne- I feel like if my child got his/her heart broken by someone and then that person tells the whole world how it happen. Lets just say I wouldn’t send that person a Christmas card. Matter fact I wonder what all her exes moms think of her now.O _o

    Catherine- I read that article also..

  13. marianne Says:

    Mystique….I never saw that pic of “Little Taylor”.

    Catherine…Hoping that info is true.

  14. kia Says:

    Mystique- the “Dragon Slayer” wanted some attention too… oops I went there didn’t I ??????

  15. Emily Says:

    Mystique, Marianne–I HAVE seen that pic before–one of the reasons I love him in suits–they just give us a little MORE than the skinny jeans, especially when he sits the way he sits on talk shows. ;))))

    His hair–I think it was shortest in Abduction. My favorite is how it looked in New Moon–longer on top. I’m also really loving it right now (Cancun pics).

  16. Emily Says:

    His real hair, not the wig–just to clarify.

  17. kia Says:

    Emily- He loves to spread them legs out ,how can you not look down.

  18. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my! That tumbler pic of Tay with longer hair. Too sexy! His facial features are so strong….those bedroom eyes just pull you in.

  19. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—-Oooo!! Tracers and Incarceron are in “production”?? Wow! That’s awesome! Idk which one I would like for him to do next first! I think I’d prefer Tracers to start filming first. I’m getting excited! I feel like I’m watching a kettle trying to boil, and it will NEVER boil if I keep watching it like a hawk! Lol….. Perhaps I need to take a break from Taylor for about a month….(no wait, that’s too long!)…..maybe 2 weeks? Maybe then when I come back, everything will seem new since I would have missed so much stuff! Lol. This watching the pot getting ready to boil type thing is driving me INSANE!!! O_o.

    Marianne, Kia, Emily—LOL!! Yes… That picture took me by surprise lol!! *grin* I had never seen it before so I wasn’t expecting to see that at all! Lol I was like…”well HELLO there…..” :-P Lol. ^_^. Now that I think of it, I’ve seen quite a few….ahem….”sightings” on him by now, that these days it’s starting to become a regular occurrence lol!! *blush*. :-)

    Chanda—-Yessss….I LOVE that manip of Taylor with longer hair. It’s not the greatest hairstyle lol, but at least it gives me a good glimpse of what he COULD look like with longer hair….and boy is it ever a sexy look on him….IMO. :-)

  20. Emily Says:

    kia–I KNEW you all would know exactly what I meant, without even having to describe anything at all!! ;))

  21. Catherine Says:

    Both films are definitely showing ‘ Project status – in production’ at the tops of their pages on the Imdb app. How reliable is Imdb? I’m not sure.

    ‘In production’ doesn’t mean filming, but SOMETHING is happening…

    He’s on the cast list for Tracers. It says ‘Taylor Lautner – rumoured’ on the Incarceron one. No other details.

    …and the hair. Now it’s just right. I prefer him leaner, and looking scruffy. A little older too – hell, I’m old enough to be his big sister. It feels wrong looking at him like that in early shots :-/ When the Cancun pics appeared…sigh…perfect.

    Taylor. Do NOT let ANYONE near your hair with scissors.

  22. Emily Says:

    Catherine–The Cancun pictures just may be my favorite pictures of him–ever. That’s saying a lot.
    You’re right, they.are.perfect.

    I STILL want to see video of that press conference!!!! I know someone must have taped it…>: l

  23. Lilome Says:

    Mystique I hate to say that not only have I studied that picture, I’ve seen several that aee even more “graphic”. ( Cough….gym shorts……cough) There is one that recycles because he has sunglasses on, but another pair in his shirt, then there’s some smartass comment about a dork with 2 pairs of glasses. I always want to respond “what sunglasses?”! WTF are you looking at! Look it up- you’ll see what I mean.

  24. Lilome Says:

    Google “taylor lautner sunglasses fail”. Sorry, sent my last post without completing my thought. As for the pic Mystique was linking, did anyone else want to sing “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”?

  25. Mystique Says:

    Catherine, Emily—-There’s something very relaxed and appealing that I like about his look in Cancun. He looks great with perfectly coifed hair don’t get me wrong, but the more scruffy and longer look is nice too. I don’t want him to cut his hair for another 6 months lol… :). Just HUMOR me Taylor….no scissors for another 6 months…. I’m just curious!! ^_^.

    Lilome—-Omg!! I’ve never seen the picture with the sunglasses! Lol…….he was wearing sunglasses in that picture?? Hmmmm…..for some reason I didn’t even notice lol..*blush*. When you said “gym shorts” I thought you were talking about yet ANOTHER picture that I know of lol

    Lol @ “if you’re happy and you know it” haha… :-D

    Awww…. well, he can’t help it lol. :)

  26. Lilome Says:

    Yes, I’ve seen that pic as well…… I should be ashamed…. but I’m not. Can’t really justify it either. I’ll make an insanity plea. Need Taylor to make an appearance soon so we don’t have to resort to old photes. Please Taylor – you’ve spoiled us this year. Don’t go ninja on us now!

  27. joanie Says:

    Is Taylor in New York?

  28. Emily Says:

    Lilome–you’re not insane–just remember–all we’re doing is “admiring God’s handiwork. ”

    And Mystique–you know that one of him lying down shirtless drinking from the water bottle(GQ I think)—take a REAL close look….. Poor boy, look what we’re resorting too!! Help us!!

  29. Mystique Says:

    Lilome—rotfl! Yes….I can’t justify it either lol. We NEED another appearance! I know I sound like a greedy fan (I’m sure Taylor’s probably like: “haven’t you guys had enough?? I was JUST in Cancun!”) lol, but I don’t care. I want MORE!!! Bwahahaha! Lol :)

    Joanne—Taylor’s in New York?? What? Where? When? O_O. Do tell!!

    Emily— Yes I remember that shoot! I often fantasize that I’m the water bottle lol. But noo I’ve never looked THAT closely! Whaaa? Now you’re gonna make me dig up old pictures lol.

    Speaking of “old pictures”, have you seen behind-the-scene shots from a particular “boxing scene” in the movie “Abduction”? Look at some those closely and ummm…yea….those sweat pants….lol…yeaaaaaaa….haha.

    I SWEAR I am not going around online looking for these *ahem*…shots or “sightings” at ALL! I just happen to be browsing photos innocently, and occasionally….”ooops! There it is!” Lol :) I SWEAR!! Lol

  30. kia Says:

    Emily..Mystique- Or the outtakes from RollingStone. you know the one he’s sitting near the window ,shirt open ,jeans OK OK let me STOP!!!!

    Lilome- Don’t be ashamed!!

    Joanie- Where you hear that?

  31. Mystique Says:

    Kia— Omg! Whaa? Which Rolling Stone outtakes? I’ve never seen outtakes from that shoot….I don’t think!

    Lol…Wow….gosh, seems it seems as if there are more of these than I previously thought lol. ^_^ Who can forget the best one of them all though…the “strip scene” in BD2! *blush*

    Wellllll…one thing is certain, he’s definitely a “healthy guy”, so that’s good lol! *giggle*

  32. marianne Says:

    I’m reporting all of you to the Dragon Oglers Police…now where are those pics….

  33. chanda w. Says:

    There are fan pics of Taylor at a soccer game and w/fans ….they look recent. Hopefully someone can post them here. So he’s not trying to hide……thank goodness.

  34. kia Says:

    Marianne- If were all sent to the “Dragon Oglers police” does this means we get punish by the “Dragon himself” LAWD THE GUTTERNESS I can’t!!

    Mystique- Try Google. That strip scene..little Tay look more alive then Bellaville& ShovelFace Zzzzzz love making.. Yup I went there!

  35. kia Says:

  36. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I wasn’t going to mention the Abduction boxing ones, but YEAH…….
    I don’t deliberately seek them out either, but when I see a pic, I have to take him all in, from head to toe, and if something happens to catch my attention on the way down, well then….so be it!!! I think Kia is talking about that pic that you’ve mentioned that makes you feel guilty—lying back, propped up, shirt open—basically a close-up of his crotch area and then the rest of him… but maybe it’s a different one—will have to investigate when I get home.

    BD2—I honestly didn’t notice THAT one until I saw screen caps later on–I think I was in shock that he totally stripped on camera—which was a very unexpected surprise!!!!! There was just so much to take in so fast in the theater!!

  37. firereign Says:

    UCD (University of California, Davis) soccer game around 2pm
    this afternoon
    w/ Sara, Sara sisters boyfriend & etc
    (Sara’s sister plays on the team)

    (there are other fan photos)

  38. firereign Says:

  39. firereign Says:

  40. kia Says:

    there’s another one

  41. kia Says:

    Oops didn’t see @Firereign post. Thanks for the update Firereign.

  42. firereign Says:

    @joanie some people probably heard his make-up/grooming consultant was in NY.
    she has other clients besides Taylor -

  43. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—*covers head in shame* I’m sorry!! I can’t help it! It’s not that I’m actually searching for it lol, it’s just that sometimes it’s just THERE! How can you NOT notice it?? Lol >_<

    KIA— Omg your comment did NOT (I repeat, did NOT) help my mind get out of the gutter! Rotfl!! Oh and yes, I completely agree with you that there was more "hotness" in Taylor's 10 second stripping scene in BD2 than there was in all of the "love scenes" with Bella and Edward combined. Smh lol. Maybe they were trying too hard or something idk… it just came off as a little cheesy at times. There was more "intensity" in the other previous Twi films if you ask me.

    Kia, Emily—oh yesss….I DID Google it! Oh my oh my! Yes….now I see what you meant @Kia lol! You were right @Emily, it WAS the RS photo shoot where he's lying down with his shirt unbuttoned. That is one of the photo shoots I started to avoid once I found out that he wasn't QUITE legal at the time, so I always have a hard time with that one lol. No WONDER I had never seen the outtakes lol! But umm yeaah…..Very interesting! Heehee!

    Firereign—Thanks for the pics @ UCD! Glad to see him out and about with friends again….REAL friends. :) Re: The picture….Wow! Those girls must either be some kind of tall, or most ppl in Hollywood are pretty tiny, because most of those girls are towering over Taylor! O_O. Wow! Even Sara is looking a lot taller next to him! Usually she's tiny next to him….hmmm…..

    That's so cute that they both support each other in attending each of their little sister's sports games :)

  44. Catherine Says:

    On a FAR more innocent level, (I simply can’t google those pics now, you’ll get me fired!!!) you know what works for me? The one raised eyebrow thing he does. Every time…

    …and let’s not even mention the blue shirt at the last ComicCon ;)

    Emily – yep, we need that press conference. Salma makes me laugh – she repeatedly strokes him. Almost subconsciously! He doesn’t seem to mind one little bit either :)

  45. Mystique Says:

    Catherine–Now you know you can’t go and mention “the eyebrow raise” thingy without at least giving us an “example” by posting a picture or a gif or SOMETHING! Rotfl!! I THINK I know what you’re talking about, but at the same time I’m not sure. I need a “sample”! Lol

    Oh and blue shirt at Comic con was….omg just so awesome lol… That was the FIRST time I noticed the “chest hair” lol. I was like: “Whaaa?? Since WHEN??” Lol…

    Check out this video from comic con…. I fell in love with him all over again the first time I watched this… ^_^

    He’s So sweet…. :) Can that shirt get any lower than it is already? Lol. :)

  46. Mystique Says:

    More clips from comic con that I like….

    He and Nikki have good chemistry lol

  47. Mystique Says:

    One last video from comic con…..

    As I look at these old videos again, I have to admit that l am kind sad that the cast and crew will never all work together ever again, but at the same time I’m glad and excited to see Taylor doing something different with a new cast for a change :)

  48. Emily Says:

    Yay!!! I’m glad he was back out with Sara! How sweet that they support their sisters!!

    Catherine and Mystique–Thanks a lot–I had kind of forgotten the blue shirt. Do you think he initially intended for it to be open THAT much?? I’ve seen lots of pics with the top 2 buttons open, but at least 3???? Not that I’m complaining ONE BIT, mind you!

    I love how he answered that guy seriously–one more thing I love about him. He always tries to answer questions and seems to take them seriously. Can’t say that about ALL that cast!

    Marianne– So sorry. . . My name is Emily, and, yes, I’m a Dragon Ogler–albeit accidental, but not ashamed. Maybe we could form a club or support group, wear buttons, come up with a logo?? I nominate kia as President, Mystique as V-Pres, I’ll be the secretary–you wanna be treasurer???

    I like to think I am just extremely observant and pay close attention to detail–it’s a character trait–not my fault!!! :)

  49. kia Says:

    Emily- LOL I’m honored . I think we should have “Gutter Saturdays” we definitely let it all out today!
    Good for him supporting Hannah ,Sara supported Makena Volleyball games.

  50. Mystique Says:

    Emily—I know, I wonder too about that shirt!! Lol! I don’t think he intended it to be THAT unbuttoned low like that, because I’ve seen OTHER pics of him in that same shirt taken at Comic con, and his shirt isn’t buttoned down that low.

    I’m guessing that the third button on his shirt just accidentally unbuttoned by itself sometime during the day lol!! :-). I mean….any lower, and you’d be able to see his belly button!! O_O. Lol….I kid, I kid haha. I don’t mind it at all, in fact one of my favorite candids of his is when he’s in this red plaid shirt while out and about, and it’s buttoned down so LOW! Whooo…it’s such a tease, but I love it lol.

    Oh and I’d be honored to be Vice President of the “Dragon Oglers Anonymous” Club (or whatever the club’s name is) lol!!! Haha. Funny how the acronym for Dragon Oglers Anonymous is the same acronym “DOA” for Dead On Arrival” lol!! How fitting lol… :-D.

    Kia—Gutter Saturdays…lol I love it!! Haha. Afterall, Saturday is better than Sunday lol. I think on Sundays I would feel too guilty haha! Plus, on saturdays most of us don’t have to work…(yet another added bonus), so you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the boss posting on here lol.

    Cool idea! I’ll def post on Saturdays if there is anything of the “gutter quality” I feel that I need to mention or umm…*ahem*….point out (no pun intended). Lol ;)

  51. Emily Says:

    “Gutter Saturdays” it is!! I think we’re off to a tremendous start!

    Mystique–The “eyebrow raise” Catherine mentioned–I know he does it in NM in Bella’s room when he says “I WOULD run away with you, if I could.” I’ve seen it other times–he also does it in BD1 when Rosalie has just walked away and right before he says, “Since when are you and Blondie bff’s?” Those are the only 2 specific examples I can think of right now, but I knew exactly what Catherine meant when I read her comment.

    Let’s just be honest–any and everything he does is swoon-worthy and groan-inducing to us. . . :)

  52. chanda w. Says:

    Glad Taylor is back hanging with Sara. Don’t think she was ever completely out of the picture ,which is a good thing.

  53. Catherine Says:

    Yeah – the eyebrow moment in BD1 is EXACTLY what I’m on about. Those Comic Con clips… *faints*

    I suspect he’s been with Sara all along. Probably protecting her from the abuse she’d get from ‘fans’ – he rarely (if ever?) talks in detail about his family either. Taking care of the people that matter most, I’ll guess.

    Some so-called ‘fans’ send jealous abuse, rather than just ramble on joyfully about gym shorts, eyebrows and unbuttoned shirts! I don’t blame him, and good for her..someone else might have sold him out years ago.

    I would love his future interviews to be a LITTLE more personal though. He sounded jaded and VERY rehearsed during the BD2 promo. The Seacrest interview was great – not invasive at all, but it was about ‘him’, not the Twilight machine, and worked perfectly. I bet we see more like that now he’s ‘going solo’.

  54. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Catherine—haha, great now you guys are going to make me go back and pull out New Moon and ‘re-watch’ that bedroom scene! Lol…. I’m surprised I don’t know already what you ladies are talking about! I tend to study him quite closely lol (I’m working on my Tayology degree you see haha), so I’m surprised that I haven’t picked up on this yet! Or, maybe I HAVE but I didn’t realize it was something he does w/his eyebrows lol.

    RE: Sara…..
    You know, I’m not 100% sure if Taylor and Sara are romantically involved or not to be honest with you. She has been “MIA” it seems from a lot of important milestones in his life recently, but then again, maybe they’re doing things privately idk. I can’t figure these two out lol! But one thing I WILL say is that she’s the only “gal pal” from his past that he seems to spend CONSISTENT time with OVER the years (attending sports events and family events with her, etc), and I’m SO happy he’s spending more time with her again. :)

    Catherine—I agree w/you 100% regarding Taylor and interviews. I always figured that he was kinda restricted with what he could say or share due to the fact that Scummit was the force behind the Twi-saga films. Now that he’s branching out on his own, and doesn’t have sooo much at stake, I’m really hoping too that he will open up just a LITTLE bit more, and realize that his fans have also grown up some, so he doesn’t HAVE to be squeaky clean ALL the time lol.

    Don’t get me wrong, his “clean” and respectful image is one of the things I like most about him (to be honest), but it would be nice to see him divulge more without being TOO “out there”. Lol…. He could share some embarrassing moments, or even share the fact that he IS dating someone (he doesn’t have to say who). Idk….I just feel (and I say this all in love for Taylor) that him saying the same rehearsed answers in interviews all the time is starting to get a little old. :-/ Again, I’m just hoping that this was due to the fact that Twilight was so huge and Summit had a certain image they wanted to portray. Well….that image was tainted after Kstew’s affair anyway lol!
    Anyway, I’m just hoping to see a more relaxed Taylor again. He was SO much more forthright and open (just saying anything really lol) when he was younger, and the franchise FIRST started, and I LOVED that witty and fun side to him! I know he’s still got it, but idk if it was due to the fact that he was trying to keep his job in NM or what, but it seemed as the years went on, he got more and more rehearsed and less open.

    So hopefully, we’ll see a different side to Taylor in upcoming interviews in the future! Again, he doesn’t always have to be open in interviews, but every once in a while it’s nice to let your guard down a little bit so that people see that you’re just human after all. :)

  55. marianne Says:

    He’s not with the funk bunch so that makes me happy. It’s nice to see him with people who knew him when. Aren’t “gas station” dates the new measure of the seriousness of a relationship?

    Mystique…Hopefully, as Taylor matures, we will see a different side of him during interviews. People say how funny he is so I’m hoping he will let that show. No more Robsteners to keep whining about him being a “co**blocker” etc…

    Emily…I plan on becoming head of Quality Control….measuring, evaluating the goods etc. Much studying of the subject will be required.

  56. Emily Says:

    Marianne–Can I be your assistant???? We want that data to be accurate, you know!!! ;)

  57. marianne Says:

    Emily….LOL…I’ll have to think about the assistant position since some jobs require a fine touch and too many hands spoil the inspection.

  58. Catherine Says:

    Mystique/Marianne/Emily – regarding interviews…he’s VERY funny. Friendly. Entertaining. But he’s been on a leash for has Rob, to be fair, although I think age gave Rob the confidence to push things a little. English humour – I get that, obviously, we’re weird over here ;)

    KS is the one that bewilders me. Anyway.

    Taylor – you’re over 21. You’re allowed the odd mistake. No one is perfect. It makes them more interesting. The ‘top’ Hollywood stars have an edge to them. Does anyone resent George Clooney/Johnny Depp/Robert Downey Jnr. having a girlfriend/the odd wild night?! No. Good for them.

    If Sara makes him happy – as a girlfriend/best friend, who cares? At 21, you shouldn’t be sat at home with your parents.

    As long as he gets himself in front of camera, pronto, I don’t care ;). My brother-in-law just said he’d see ‘Tracers’ with me anyway ;)

    Get him interviewed alongside Chris Rock. Can you imagine?! Pleeeeaaase!!!

  59. chanda w. Says:

    I think in older interviews when Tay was paired with Edi and (the redhead…can’t think of her name ) he seemed more carefree……..he seemed to say whatever. As he started doing press with the couple……..they all had great chemistry, but he became more restrained and later he seemed to be over it altogether. Being polite , but saying the same thing over and over. ( thinking the NM replacement talk made him more gaurded) it should’t have the franchise was a success in large part because of him) . Abduction was gonna be his ticket to a new franchise…so he’s been over the Twi -craze.
    The interview with Seacrest was great….it just flowed and the girls were in sync with him. He did say that he laughed more on GUPS2 set than he ever did on the Twi set….so now he doesn’t feel the need to keep the “act” up. I believe he only hung around the “we need a bath” group as a favor to K…to help her image…….he might be too nice………..but his kind heart will be greatly rewarded. I’m thinking Sara is his main chick….not only………which is why he can say he’s single…cause he isn’t really tied down to anyone. But the way he supports his family is so cool.
    I’m sure he has a crash pad, but hasn’t completely moved out of the family home. Sure he is concerned about fans staking out his new place. Luved how he was so encouraging to the fan that lost weight because of him. He had nothing to do with the scandal , but suffered some from it. The BD2 promo tour….seemed he just wanted to get it over with and because he was so attached to the couple storyline wise………..he wasn’t allowed to go to the fan conventions which I’m sure he enjoyed. But, as I said before he’ll be rewarded for how he handled all of that crap…… such a classy way.

  60. kia Says:

    Marianne- YES! Lets all be happy.( ^-^) I just couldn’t fangirl with CJ in the background with his neon mitch match clothes.

  61. firereign Says:

    To clarify – the group of ladies with Taylor is the soccer team & the girl on your right is Sara’s sister (Sara is still a blond for now) – the other picture is T with a fan.

  62. kia Says:

    I hope we get some Tracers news next week. Casting news. Who’s playing who, If filming really start in June then we should be hearing more news right now. Sorry I’m just a little patience.

    Is Taylor attending the Met Gala in NYC tomorrow night? I know he’s not but it just wishful thinking.Sigh

  63. Emily Says:

    Re: Taylor being so guarded in interviews—Yes, he has been, but there have been a few times when I think his humor and “real” personality were able to come through–for example, whenever he talks about football–he gets really excited—and, when he was telling David Letterman about knocking out his costar in Abduction–he sounded just like a normal 20 year old kid. Also, when he was talking to Jay Leno about pranking Stephenie Meyer in that restaurant and then later his reactions to that mind reader guy–acutally, when he wasn’t having to talk about Twilight, he was much more relaxed and animated.

    I just had a thought–maybe the Scummit “powers-that-be” saw how much more comfortable, relaxed, relatable, well-spoken, and personable Taylor was early on than “the golden couple.” And, I’m not trying to start a bash session about them–it’s just the truth. They both just acted so awkward and uncomfortable (they got better over time, especially Rob), but Taylor always just seemed to be totally in his element–he just likes people and relates to all types. Then, Taylor had his physical “transformation” and got even more popular. Then, he started having to do all the press with both of them. Maybe they were afraid he would outshine R&K and eclipse their popularity or take some attention away from them, so. . . they put the kebosh on him and told him to tone it down. . . I’m sure there are many contributing factors, but it makes you think. . . Just random, meandering thoughts on a rainy Sunday evening, while I’m putting off schoolwork.. .

    Marianne–What if I just promise to observe and take notes??? Pretty please?????

  64. accv Says:

    @lilome… when i searched up taylor and the sunglasses fail on google, i also saw another guy’s back in the picture. it appeared to be dan, his dad. the bigger built look like his dad from the back. but it’s too funny how he’s wearing one pair yet had one already hanging on his shirt. i wonder if he forgot he had a pair on his shirt or knew he did, but thought he misplaced it so he put another one on out of habit? :p silly taylor… although the photo(s) is old, it’s still funny.

    and HOLY SMOKES, POSTS :p i honestly adore you ladies. such a charismatic, humorous bunch.

    anyhow, let’s see… taylor at UCD with sara and her sister plus the bf. whether or not they’re “together-together,” it’s obvious she’s a special lady in our guy’s life or else he wouldn’t be spending this much solo/group time with her. as for that image with him and the girls, i don’t… think that sara is in that picture. no offense to the girl next to him, but sara is by far prettier than her. actually, sara is prettier than all of them. and i’m not just saying that because she’s likely one of his best friends, but because i’ve seen a lot of her pictures on her Twitter and FB. the gal is really gorgeous. she could model and be an actress, if she really had the passion for it. i can definitely see her being in movies and TV, just by her looks alone. she could even compete for “SYTYCD”, especially since she’s got such a background in dancing. also, from what i remember, tyler posey… that werewolf from teen wolf apparently had a thing for her too BUT.. *drumroll*… taylor got to her first. :p but hey, can you blame her? ;p also, if taylor’s so in love with jessica alba… and despite being married, she seems to see him only as some cutie patootie in that brotherly way. then again, you never know… taylor’s 21 now :p i remember her saying how cute she thought taylor squared was in valentine’s day. *gag* i still love jessica though. she’s certainly one of the most beautiful women in this world, and I THINK sara has that similar mixed heritage vibe going on (especially the hispanic blood). anyhow, she’s a damn beauty and i’m super jealous. she has similarly perfect teeth to taylor… long, luscious hair and that skin, plus her lean, athletic body. AND she’s God-fearing, which we know taylor grew up in a roman catholic household. yup. so i can see why our guy keeps going back. she’s obviously loyal to him despite the fame. and she’s not in it for the fame… if she was, she’d like to be publicly around him more. so yes, total upvote for sara hicks ;p and before i make THIS post into a novel, i’m going to submit it and continue with a new comment. :p

  65. marianne Says:

    kia…You don’t like the matching knotted tshirts that CJ and KStew wear? Do you know what CJ does for a living?

  66. marianne Says:

    Emily…If you promise to just observe…no measuring, handling etc.

  67. kia Says:

    Marianne- I have no idea,but I know he don’t work at a clothing store.LOL Everytime I hear “Thrift Shop” it reminds me of them.

  68. Emily Says:

    marianne–I’ll try my best, but temptation may get the better of me!! :)

  69. joanie Says:

    @accv you missed firereigns comment telling who was in the picture

  70. litebrite Says:

    @firereign natalia was in NY grooming Leo for the Gatsby premier – who was the sylist on the TL clothing gig?

  71. Catherine Says:

    Kia – we DO need some news this week! Enough teasing now…

    accv – Agreed. A lovely bunch of girls on here. He attracts a certain ‘type’ I think…sensible, decent fans (who drift into fantasy land when they should be doing work!!!)

    Emily – your random meanderings are spot on. He’s been ‘media friendly’ from the start. Bet Summit had a long list of rules though. Can’t imagine Adam Sandler telling him what he can/can’t say…anything he does for GUP2 will be relaxed, less restrictive.

    I love it when he gets the promo talk out of the way and starts to be himself. I bet you’ve seen the Australian Nova FM interview for Abduction…that really makes me laugh, especially the quiz bit. He obviously enjoys being interviewed by those guys – they are hilarious – and it’s a really natural, fun, chat. More of that, please :)

  72. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—Yes, Taylor IS funny! lol… I always smile/giggle like a little school girl whenever he’s in interviews. Idk if it’s just because I like him a lot, or simply because he’s funny in an endearing sort of way. He doesn’t even TRY to be funny, and he’s FUNNY! I can’t explain it lol! And I LOVE his interviews! Even if he’s saying some of the same things over and over again lol, I still LOVE his nature. I’ve even tried liking some other hot new and up & coming actors on the screen, but whenever I watch their interviews I’m like…..”Awww man….they don’t compare to Taylor”…… :( and I quickly lose interest lol.

    I think Taylor just has a natural charm/charismatic personality that makes me smile, and I wish that part/side of him would show MORE through his films. I think I saw it the most in New Moon. All of his other roles have just been so serious and angsty, that it’s hard to see his REAL self in some roles. Sometimes I just wish he would do something a little more light-hearted for a change. Maybe GUP2 will be that light-hearted role, but I think he’s playing an antagonist in this one, so yet again…not his good-natured funny self. Oh well! lol… Maybe some other time lol.. Oh, and in the DOG bowl scene which was DELETED from BD, I saw his natural charisma shine through too! I see it sometimes coming out, but because his roles have been so serious it’s hard to always sense it through his characters at times. :-/

    Btw @Catherine, Is THIS the eye-brow raise thing you’re talking about that he does?

    Emily–You’re right! I”ve been able to see his natural personality and charm shine through when he’s in those interviews you mentioned also! :) Funny, he’s usually more himself when he’s NOT talking about Twilight lol. I think after that interview he did with Rob on the Tyra Banks show (lol), that’s when I think his PR people or handlers got a hold of him and tried to limit a little of what he says/does. If he was THAT open and forthright when he was THAT young on the show, you can only imagine what he’s REALLY like now that he’s older lol.

    And you know what @Emily?? I usually don’t believe in “Conspiracy Theories”, but I have thought for the LONGEST time that Summit didn’t expect his popularity to be THAT huge after NM, and so they tried to do “damage control” in a sense lol. Especially when their two star-crossed lovers weren’t as “eloquent” off-camera in interviews as they were ON screen. Yet, Taylor has ALWAYS been relaxed, poised and very respectable off AND on camera, and so I think he was a stark contrast. In fact, I FIRST took notice of Taylor after NM (I hadn’t even seen the movie!) and he was doing an interview w/Matt Lauer on the Today show. I just noticed how mature and poised he came across compared to Rob and Kristen on the show when they did their separate interviews. It was one of the first things I liked and noticed about Taylor. :)

  73. Mystique Says:

    Accv—hahaha…that’s funny you mention that “sunglasses” picture, because the double sunglasses in the picture were the LAST things I took notice of! Oooops! lol…. Oh well, I AM the Dragon Ogler’s Anonymous Vice-Prez afterall lol. Heehee ^_^

    Firereign—Thanks for clarifying who all was in the picture! I was about to say! Sara grew a few inches! LOL! I always remember her being so tiny….especially next to Taylor. Okay, so wow….that makes sense it’s Sara’s SISTER. Wow, they look a LOT alike! :)

    I can’t WAIT to see Taylor being interviewed along with the GUP2 Cast. I hope he’s in some of their interviews. Can you just imagine?? Taylor, Adam, Chris, David, Kevin ALL on one show? wow…talk about FUNNY! lol :D

    I think he would be MUCH more laid back for sure.

    I also notice that he’s more laid back on Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon and some of the other late night shows. His LAST appearance on Jay Leno was hilarious indeed lol.

  74. accv Says:

    @joanie… oh, there ya go. i see his comment.

    @marianne… who’s CJ?

    @catherine.. it’s called mutli-tasking ;) you can have this up on a tab then go back to work once your boss starts checking on your work. :p which you’ve llkely been doing already :p also, i agree with you about the eyebrow thing he does. it’s so cute.

    @chanda… the redhead’s name is rachelle lefevre (spelling?). and i agree, he was definitely much, MUCH more open when doing interviews for the first movie. i suppose they asked him to tone it down, but i loved those interviews, too.

    actually, i really like his interviews with kristen too. just them. especially when they were in australia. there’s a compilation of their funny moments together on youtube and kristen is just so much more relaxed around him, so it helps her become more relatable/likeable. but yes, he was definitely more candid back then. i remember one of his interviews with tyra banks for twilight. he and rob guested on her show. oh my. he was such a boy. when tyra asked him if he’s dating anyone, he goes.. “i mean, yah… i date.” :p. oh dear. then the team jacob and team edward thongs… and how much he laughed at it. silly boy. and do you guys remember that interview with edi and nikki? when he and edi got up to sing a bit of miley’s “see you again” and started shaking his butt while having his back to the audience because he was shy/embarrassed? what a dork. i have to say, he grew into his looks. he was only cute then, even with the shorter hair (wig off). now, he’s beyond beautiful. i wonder how he’d look if he was big. not buff, but big.

    and i wonder if the reason why his twilight interviews since new moon became more scripted/rehearsed is because all the movies were heavily leaning towards “the golden couple” as the main attraction. why else was his role whittled down like it was? sure, he was in the last 3 movies. new moon… thank God for chris weitz giving us all that jake in new moon. although technically, it was supposed to be all about jake and his budding relationship with bella, as well as him becoming a werewolf. and thankfully, chris weitz didn’t disappoint. but anyways, i feel that could be it. Scummit likely had him take a step back so the other two could shine. figures.

    and i must agree that taylor is so silly when he starts to be himself in interviews. i love that… he puts his guard down and it’s like… WAH! HERE I AM! :p it’s adorable when he loosens up. as for taylor interviewing next to chris rock, he needs more interviews with that cast, period. but yes, an interview alongside chris rock would be awesome.

  75. marianne Says:

    Patrick Schwarzengger was kicked out of the Sayers Club for threatening to beat up the dj. Now I have to include him with the funk bunch as not being suitable people for Taylor to hang with.

    accv…kia may know what the cj stands for. I have just seen him referred to as cj in pics. I agreed with everything in re: to Sara. She seems like a loyal girl and Taylor said that is a quality that he values a lot. Thank goodness for Chris Weitz. He at least did Jacob justice. Although it wouldn’t have hurt for them to let Jake say Bells a lot more than they did!!

  76. Emily Says:

    marianne–I was JUST about to inform everyone about Patrick. Apparently, he used someone’s ID to sneak in, started throwing ice cubes at the DJ, and then went on an “f-bomb” tirade when he was kicked out. I watched the video on TMZ. He was really acting like a little punk–very “Bieber-esque.” Agree–Taylor–stick with Sara and Edi.

    I wonder how different the rest of the Twi movies had been if Chris had stayed on as director??? I know that was never the plan, but he was the best, imo. Maybe he would have had Jacob say “sure, sure” at least once. When did he say “Bells?” I’m drawing a blank. . .

    Catherine–Are you talking about the interview where Taylor starts quizzing the guys with questions about karate, then he and one of the guys start ragging on the other one??? I DO really like that one–I’ve watched it several times.

    accv–Is firereign a guy?? So sorry–I think I’ve referred to you in the past as “woman”, firereign–didn’t know!!

    Mystique–I am going to try and find the “eyebrow raise” for you. You need to see it…..

  77. Emily Says:

    I meant “would have been” not “had been.” Oops.

  78. Emily Says:

    Ok, Mystique–watch this at 2:58. . .

  79. Catherine Says:

    Mystique – eyebrows. Can’t link, but the very end of the Taylor/Rob Ellen interview, he holds up the boxers in front of him and looks straight ahead…ohhhhh THAT face!!!

    This interview stuff – interesting. He sounds keen to get started on the next thing. When he said this project will be ‘very different’ for him, you sense excitement…I want to hear him talk about THAT, not ‘the end of Twilight’.

    ‘Different’ how? Because it’s a dangerous story? More adult (eeeeeeeeeek!) content? What type of co-star? Just watched the teaser trailer again. I hope that’s true to what they’re making, it’s cool. If only he was one of the guys taking their dark hoods off and staring into the camera.

    Perhaps not. We’d all pass out.

    …and I bet the director knows that ;)

    Getting a little impatient here, Mr Lautner.

  80. accv Says:

    @mystique… i knew i couldn’t recognize sara in the picture (because she’s not in it; maybe she’s the one taking the picture :p), but i had a feeling the girl on the far right had some sort of resemblance to sara. i was like… hmmmm maybe that’s hannah. i almost forgot her name until i read it somewhere here… so to whoever reminded me, thanks. and OMG, you didn’t just link a eyebrow-raising gif of taylor here. gosh, his unconventional beauty just makes him all the more beautiful, then he does things like that and it’s just…. KJDFLDJAFJLD. :p

    and it doesn’t help that’s he’s smirking a little, either. ladsfasldjfdk.

    and yes, mystique, his latest interviews have shown the lighter side of him. although sometimes he still can’t figure out another way to describe us fans other than “passionate,” his answers have been a bit more candid and so has his behavior. to be honest, i’m a little tired of that “they’re just really passionate. we’re/i’m super blessed and thankful” answer he always gives. it’s like, really taylor? that’s all you can say about us? granted, yes, we’re passionate about you, but change it up sometimes. likeeee be spontaneously sarcastic without coming off proud or whatever. OR… those reporters and talk show hosts need to stay away from that quesiton. it’s like, how many times do you need to ask what a celebrity feels about his/her followers? obviously, thankful. and if not, well… eff you :p but we all know that taylor is one of THE, if not THE, most grateful celebrities/actors out there. i forgot who has that blog of celebrity encounters but she has a Twitter account. unfortunately i rarely get on Twitter, so i can’t remember it. she apparently has this obsession for finding celebs and getting their pictures. she has claimed that, without any reservations, taylor is the most gracious/grateful/nicest celebrity you’d ever meet. ;) and she said, she’s met quite a bit of celebrities… so that’s saying a lot. then again, whatever we’ve seen from taylor so far, i don’t doubt her claims. no matter how tired he is, he does his best to entertain those that see him and wanting his autograph/picture. honestly, that kind of personality, i’m sure it’s because of his parents.. his upbringing. his mother especially must’ve told him… you may be this and that, but without those fans, you wouldn’t have made it this far. and it’s true. to make it in the business, you have to have people wanting to watch you or have things you’re on, etc. if not, you’re kaplooie.

  81. chanda w. Says:

    That fake People magazine cover had pics from the EW(New Moon) wrestling shoot. Someone has family that works at EW……….hmmmm. Guess if Taylor and his team don’t care enough to look into who was responsible, I shouldn’t care either.

    Tay has worked with some really cool actors, Steve Martin, Kevin Costner, Christian Slater, George Lopez, and now Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James…good group to learn from. I saw the cast of Fast and Furious 6……..damn Vin Diesel……( and Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese, Paul Walker……..that entire cast is hella fine) if they added Taylor ( I hear there will be a 7th film) I would just explode.

    accv….I thought Chris Weiz was the coolest director ever….not just for NM, but he just seemed he really enjoyed and understood the cast and fans. If he had directed the last three……….interesting thought.

    Patrick is acting up…………(with GUPS2 on the horizon) think he’s trying to get a bad boy rep. so Hollyweird will notice………good luck to him………..and I agree he is so off the list to hang with Tay. Saw another fan pic of Taylor………..he’s such a beautiful boy …inside and out…..can’t wait to get more news on him.

  82. Mystique Says:

    Omg Taylor in an interview with Chris Rock would be hilarious! It would probably be as interesting as his interviews are with Jimmy Fallon lol! I love when Jimmy interviews Taylor. They have good chemistry. :)

    Accv— I agree, I think Taylor’s interviews with Kristen even made KRISTEN likeable for me lol! She just seemed sooo at ease and girly around him! She was ALWAYS smiling around Taylor lol. I’ve always gotten the sneaking suspicion that had Taylor been 25 years old instead of only 21, I think Kristen would have had a “thing” for him…even though Taylor is not her usual “type”. Don’t ask me why, but I have ALWAYS gotten this impression!

    Speaking of the Tyra interview….
    HAHA! YES, that’s the interview I’m talking about! He was SO much more relaxed and himself. Such a guy too lol! Do you remember the part when Tyra asks Robert to bite her neck, and then she compliments Taylor on his gorgeous smile and teeth, and he asks her: “would you like them to bite you too?” Lol! I was like oh snap! O_O. Rotfl, even Tyra was taken aback lol….like boy you aren’t even legal yet lol! HAHA! :) Yes….I’m sure his “people” got to him after that interview and probably said something to him about being flirtatious with the host and mentioning the fact that he likes to “date around” lol. Let’s face it, there was a certain image they wanted him to portray for the Twi series.

    I remember even an old panel interview done back around the time New Moon came out where he says something about checking girls out on the beach (so I guess he does go to the beach after all lol!), and then he kinda catches himself, but the crowd just dies laughing because it’s too late! He’s already alluded to it lol!

    Here’s the interview right here lol:
    FF to minute 3:20 if you want to see the panel interview I’m talking about lol.

    Part 2 was funny too! I forgot just how goofy he used to be in interviews lol.

    I miss those goofy days sometimes! :) Part of it though too I think is just the fact that he’s simply grown up a little over the years, so he’s not going to continue to act like a teenager lol.

    Oh and I agree….back then he was only cute looking….almost in a sort of dorky kind of way lol. But now days he is so handsome….I always knew he would be, but gosh I think the facial hair just takes it to a whole new level. :)

    Marianne–wow I’m a little surprised to hear that about Patrick! He doesn’t strike me as the fighting type at all! Hmm….sounds like maybe one of the DJ’s may have said something rude you think? Some people just like mess with celebrities sometimes. Idk….either way,I agree with you….I don’t Taylor needs to hang out with anyone who will give him any negative press. :-/

  83. accv Says:

    lol, @emily… wouldn’t we all like to know what gender firereign is. just curious though, what prompted you to ask ME (i’d do italics if i could — not shouting :p)? not that i’m mad or anything but just got taken aback a bit because it seems to be coming out of left field :p it seems, though, a couple other “insiders” that post on here… they know who they are… know who firereign is, unless i’m wrong. just the way they respond to each other, i get the sense they know each other off the computer screen. honestly, for some odd reason, i have an inkling firereign is a guy. that’s just me though. hey @firereign, am i right on THAT, at least? :p

    although for me… i’m a woman, in case you were unsure :p accv can be intials for anyone, obviously. but then again, i say things about taylor like the rest of you ladies on here… so it’s either i’m gay or a woman. it’s definitely the latter ;p just clarifying!

  84. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I can’t find the clip I want of BD2 on youtube. Do you have that movie–if so, I can tell you exactly where to look.

  85. Catherine Says:

    Emily – yep, that’s the one. That interview turns into a natural chat, they’re all enjoying it :)

    Chris Weitz. He let Taylor shine, and they had a great relationship. He’s writing rather than directing now, but how cool would it be to see that pair re-team one day?

    I keep getting sucked into this, but the time difference kills me! 12.54am here. Night all ;)

  86. Emily Says:

    accv–I asked you b/c of your post that said this:

    “@joanie… oh, there ya go. i see his comment.”

    You said “his” comment, so I thought you knew.—It doesn’t matter to me who anyone is on here, I just thought I had missed something and had referred to someone incorrectly and didn’t want to offend him or her.

  87. Emily Says:

    Catherine–Can you put a link here to the Tracers teaser trailer??? I don’t think I’ve seen it.
    Good night!!! Sweet Taylor dreams to you!!

  88. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Catherine—OH-EM-GEE!! I saw the NM clip you posted lol! Wow….for a second there I honestly had to render what I was watching this scene for lol. I got so mesmerized by his body in that scene, that I almost forgot to look at his face so that I could catch the eyebrow raise thing lol! No lie!

    But now that you ask point it out to me, yes…I know what you’re talking about now. :) He does it right when he says “if I could…” doesn’t he? Oh and yes the Ellen interview when he’s holding up the boxer briefs or whatever…yep! I remember seeing an eyebrow raise there too! :)

    Marianne, Emily—oh wow….now that I’m hearing more about this Patrick incident, the less I’m caring for his personality! :-/ I hope this was just a bad day or something because that type of behavior is uncalled for….especially if it was unprovoked smh… :( Yes I think Taylor should chill on the hanging out with Patrick for a little bit. :(

    Chanda–What’s up with the fake people magazine cover? I don’t understand the connection I guess. Has something recently come out about it?

    Accv–yes, Taylor really is one of the sweetest celebrities you’ll meet in person. Hand down….and I’ve met a few m half. Not half as many as that girl on Twitter has, but I’ve seen enough in person. You get a vibe about someone very easily, and Taylor gave me a great vibe….even among all of the chaos lol. He was SO easy going and tried to get to as many fans as possible, you could just sense his nice vibes. Idk , it’s hard to explain. You’ll know when you meet someone who is genuinely NICE. It almost seems to seep through their pores lol.

  89. Mystique Says:

    **Sorry for all of the typos! Lol… I’m Swyping on my Kindle, and sometimes the words don’t Swype accurately lol!

  90. Mystique Says:

    5/3/13—Lol!! I didn’t know Firereign was a guy either! No biggie, I just didn’t know lol. Well, just in case you all were now wondering, I’m a woman too! Lol :)

    Emily–Aww, unfortunately I don’t own BD 1 or 2. :-/ Which scene was it in again? Maybe I can try to remember? Lol.

  91. Catherine Says:

    Emily – stupid iPhone won’t link. YouTube ‘Tracers Teaser Trailer’ and it comes straight up. He’s not in it, but it’s easy to imagine him as part of it. At 1.30 they take hoods off…just imagine Taylor at that point. Try and stay conscious ;)

    It is dark, gritty. Very cool. I love the music. Apparently the (Spanish?) director, Daniel Benmayor, made it for his website a year ago.

    1.23am. I’m done :)

  92. Mystique Says:

    Ugh….this Swype feature! Aaargh! Anyway, I meant to tag @ACCV in my last post….not put the date! Rotfl

  93. accv Says:

    @mystique… PSH, kristen can’t sit there and say with a straight face that she was never attracted to taylor as soon as he got back for new moon transformed both physically and mentally. i remember, during their australian interview, when the interviewer showed them their bella and jacob dolls… kristen goes, “oh wow, that’s pretty good.” but then she adds, “but it’s not as defined.” and we all know she’s referring to taylor’s built.

    i have a feeling she has seen him as more than friend at one point. but of course, there’s rob already. however, when she’s around taylor, there’s no denying how much happier she looks. i honestly don’t get it. it’s like… is that how you are when you’re in a relationship? she usually looks happier around taylor than she does rob. it’s weird. sorta. :p

    also, regarding that part of the interview.. yup, i know what you’re talking about. watched that awhile back. that was funny :p it’s like.. WOOPS, that slipped out. can’t retract it, now! and whatever.. he’s a guy. a normal, single guy. i thought it was cute. but it’s sad because it’s like he wants to be more candid but can’t or is afraid of “tarnishing” his image.

    as for patrick. that’s too bad. but maybe he was provoked? *shrugs* then again, just walk away. unless that person throws the punch first or strikes first, self-defense is natural. but knowing taylor, i doubt he’d put himself in that sort of situation in the first place. but if ever, i’m sure if a fight broke out with him and someone else or others, it’s likely him defending himself or someone he cares about and i wouldn’t blame him at all.

    also, check this out — lauryn hill has some choice words to say about the business that is quite powerful: “There were veiled threats, there was blacklisting,” she said, without giving specifics. “I was told, ‘That’s how it goes, it comes with the territory.’ I came to be perceived as a cash cow and not a person. When people capitalize on a persona, they forget there is a person in there.”


    At the time of her arrest last year, Hill wrote a criticism rejecting pop culture’s “climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism.”

    “Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual,” Hill wrote. “I did not deliberately abandon my fans, nor did I deliberately abandon any responsibilities, but I did however put my safety, health and freedom and the freedom, safety and health of my family first over all other material concerns! I also embraced my right to resist a system intentionally opposing my right to whole and integral survival.”

    I say, if Taylor ever reaches a point where they start seeing him more as a cash cow than a person, it’s not fair nor healthy for him… he should leave. As much as I wouldn’t want him, too, though… he’s first and foremost, a person.

    and in case you’re all wondering, these excerpts came from an article on Yahoo! about Hill not paying her taxes.

  94. kia Says:

    Damn Patrick CHILL!!! You sound like a spoil brat right now in that video. That’s embarrassing. Stick with Edi and Tarik Tay!

  95. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Yes, you’re right. I had to watch it three times to zero in on the time to look, b/c I kept getting distracted by his chest and I always have to pause it to look at his back. So, you’ve finally seen it. Thanks for posting that link of cute moments–I watched it and the Part 2–he was so incredibly adorable–I just wanted to crawl through the screen and hug him so tight!! :)

    When I watch stuff like that, it makes me really want to talk to him. How amazing would it be if all of us on here could just have an “audience” with him for the afternoon and just TALK. . . if he would let his guard down and could trust us and be himself. . .we could ask questions no interviewer has had the good sense to ask and get the real answers we want about stuff(and keep the answers to ourselves). . . I know we all talk about other things we’d like to do with/to him (LOL) if we were ever in the same room, but I would be perfectly happy just having a real, down-to-earth, in-depth, long conversation and get to know the real him. . . he’s just the kind of person you want to spend time with. . . I would also love to be able to say something funny and make him laugh. . . just once. . . .oh, well. . . .

    While trying to find the BD1 (not 2 like I said above) clip I wanted to show you, I got pulled into watching the Jacob/Bella dance at the wedding scene again–he was just so perfect in that–and the comments from people were overwhelmingly positive toward him–that’s rare. I believe there are a lot more Jacob/Taylor fans out there than we may think. They’re just not as vocal as the crazy Twihards.

  96. accv Says:

    @emily… omg, i’m sorry! i totally forgot about that. sorry been super out of it. i suppose i was assuming firereign to be a guy, so i said “he” out of whatever. never intended to make it seem like i knew… i should’ve put “firereign” instead of “he”. my bad :p

  97. accv Says:

    OK, after reading about Patrick’s scene at that place… wow. so HE started it. yikes. wonder what was up with him. he isn’t usually like that… or rather, he’s looked pretty mellow when he was around Taylor. Huh.

  98. accv Says:

    btw, is everyone cool with just posting comments here no matter how long it gets or would we rather have a forum? then again, posting here is faster. :p

  99. Mystique Says:

    Accv–Ha! Yea I wouldn’t be surprised either if Kristen were at least a LITTLE bit attracted to Taylor in some way. I think she just probably feels guilty about it because…..Well, there’s Rob….and also because Taylor is younger than her. She probably just views him as a brother….but there’s definitely some chemistry there because it’s so obvious on screen and in interviews! Even on camera she would touch him every chance she got lol! Just that bedroom scene alone had her touching him on several occasions, and sometimes I wonder just how much of that stuff is written in the actual script, and how much is mere “improvisation”. Lol…ykwim??

    I’ve been in a situation like this before…. Actually I’m in it now lol! O_o. There’s this guy friend of mine who’s younger than me, and he is already taken, but deep down I know that if he were single and a tad older, he’d definitely be the type of guy I would like as a bf because he’s so attentive, NICE, and funny! In fact,I find myself smiling a lot around him, SO I know there’s some attraction on my part. But it’s one of those situations where you definitely don’t even dare cross that line because you know the person is taken and you know they are younger. So,I do refer to him as my “younger brother” lol. When I see him,I’m not secretly pining over him or anything (no way lol!), but deep down I arm well aware that if circumstances were different, he would definitely be the type of guy I would want as boyfriend material. I suspect that’s probably how Kristen might feel too. She’s too giddy around Taylor to say she’s not attracted to him in SOME way….whether physically or simply personality-wise. There are some people who just draw you in with their personality. It has nothing to do with looks at all.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed how DIFFERENT Kristen is in interviews with Rob compared to how she is with Taylor! Lol! I know that prior to the scandal, she used to almost act as if she were embarrassed or annoyed by Rob and his British humor! She would sometimes treat him so poorly imo. I’m like….that’s your boyfriend! But yet with Taylor she was more relaxed, laughing, and she never seemed annoyed with him. It was SO weird! So no, you aren’t the only one who had noticed this lol! Plus she’s always complimenting Taylor on his dancing skills, his athleticism, etc. Lol….

    Wow @ Lauren Hill ‘s quotes! I’ve always known the HW industry to be a very tough industry to be in quite frankly. If you’re not careful you can end up being used and abused smh… I think that’s why so many parents of child stars stick so closely to their kids and have a right reign over them. Unfortunately, not everyone out here is your friend or has your best interest in mind. If Lauren can feel this way, and she was practically a young adult when she first got big, then I can only imagine how some younger people in the business might feel. :-/ Her words were profound, and I agree with you, as much as I love to watch Taylor and hope for his next project, if he EVER felt that this wasn’t what he wanted to do anymore, then by ask means I would be fine with it because ultimately I just want him to be happy…….and have the best. :)

  100. accv Says:

    @emily, just like you, would want to just go somewhere private and have a candid, yet meaningful conversation with Taylor… and DEFINITELY make him laugh at least once. i know he stated before that he looks for a good sense of humor, someone who can make him laugh. not to have to mention her again, but Swifter seemed to have a sense of humor he really enjoyed because many of their pictures together (candid, pap ones), he’s in the middle of laughing or about to laugh or just looking quite amused.

    awww, i love it when he laughs. it usually sounds so genuine :p

  101. Mystique Says:

    Emily– Omg yes! His back is delicious in that scene lol!
    Oh and yes those old interviews made me want to hug him too! He was SO adorable! ^_^ I agree that he would be an interesting person to talk to. He just seems down to earth and easy to get along with and talk to. Very rarely do I have a crush on a celebrity guy that gives me the urge to want to actually have a DEEP meaningful conversation with him , as much as I also wanna _______ him. <—– Oops!! Maybe I should have saved THAT comment for "Gutter Saturdays" lol! *blush*

    Aww…..the J/B wedding dance scene in BD always breaks my heart! I feel SO bad for Jacob! That scene was soo bittersweet, but you're right….it was one of those scenes where I felt like Taylor was being truly HIMSELF. Idk what it is, but you can sense it when you watch it. It wasn't forced, it wasn't rehearsed, it was just natural. :) Do you have a link to the video clip? I'm curious to know what other people had to say about that scene! You're right, it's so rare that he gets POSITIVE commendation from the general public, it's a breath of fresh air when he does get some.

    Accv–hmm…..good question! You know, I think I'll probably always long for a message board on this site,since it's easier and more organized. BUTTTT…… at the same time however, I'm kinda liking how our comments always evolve into something different the longer you scroll down lol. Plus, if there were a new mssg board created on this site, it would be cool if they kept the picture posting feature on the front page of this site, so that we could ALSO be able to comment on new pictures added to the site. :)

  102. Emily Says:

    I don’t know exactly how a message board works, so I don’t really have a preference. If it’s where you talk just about certain topics, I’m sure I’d have an opinion about all of them and have to post on every one.

    Mystique–You’re not the only one who’s noticed the difference in Kristen when she’s with Taylor. I’ve always said that the only time I really like her is when she’s been interviewed with just him. There’s no way she couldn’t have the slightest bit of attraction towards him. No one touches someone else that much if they aren’t drawn to them. I felt bad for Rob sometimes b/c of the way she treated him–very stand-offish–not like a couple supposedly so “in love” and that was before the whole cheating scandal.

    Here’s the link to that scene–don’t expect any really profound comments–it IS youtube, you know (grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation don’t seem to matter to most), but just keep going down and clicking the “show more” button. There are no “he’s so gay” attacks and most people are saying she looked happier with Jacob. I like the one who said that the movie was shown at her school and that was the only scene where people weren’t laughing out loud (in a bad way), b/c it felt “real.” And the one who said he/she didn’t watch Twilight, but that R & T have 100 times more chemistry than R & K.

  103. Emily Says:

    OOOHHH–while finding that, I saw this little tidbit I hadn’t seen before—probably should have saved it for Saturday, but………. it’s pretty innocent–the problem is where your mind goes after he says what he says……………

  104. Emily Says:

    OOOOPPPPSSS–I meant “K” and T, not “R” and T—sorry!!

  105. kia Says:

    Whew.. Reading these comments is like reading a long essay “lol” love you guys!!!

    accv- From what I heard Patrick got into it with the DJ , then the DJ got fed up and call security and apparently they found out that he’ only 19 so they kick him out because his underage. So of coarse he had a “diva” moment outside. I know him and Taylor are still buddies ,I hope he have a good long talk or a least smack em on top his head and tell how stupid he’s acting right now. I hope his mother set his ass straight! I’m a little disappointed of Patrick

  106. marianne Says:

    kia…Didn’t Patrick get kicked out of a bar in Europe a while ago for being underage?

  107. vera Says:

    When New Moon started in theaters, the chemistry between Taylor and Kristen was so obvious.
    I do not know exactly who was behind it, but the creators of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn movies did everything possible to have shown a little interaction between Bella and Jacob ..
    it angers me very much, so far.
    between T and K there is a clear mutual sympathy, and I’ll bet – she is not always considered him only a “little brother” ..It is this chemistry that really between them, and pretty much (but it seemed not to notice and deliberately try not to talk about it, because the chemistry, according to the set course, should be only one, between B and E, P and K) has always been the main cause of hatred toward Taylor from robstenfans…I love Chris Weitz, and I wish to Taylor necessarily work with him again, maybe it will Inkarceron, who knows? ..

  108. vera Says:

    I mean, Incarceron, of course ..

  109. Catherine Says:

    Random thoughts. Back at my desk ;)

    Chris Weitz, obviously the Jacob fans’ fave. I really liked David Slade too. I read that he favoured Taylor over the other two.

    Photography is David’s ‘thing’ – google ‘Taylor Lautner by David Slade’. A beautiful shot.

    KS/Taylor? Who knows? I would LOVE to know what his gut reaction was when he was first told about her ‘indiscretion’. Anger on Rob’s behalf? Maybe. No-one is THAT nice…and Taylor was let down. Big time, as was his friend. Don’t forget that he and Rob had a bond too…anyway.

    The wedding dance. Best bit out of the last two films. Perfect.

  110. chanda w. Says:

    People who hang out with Taylor seem to get noticed rather quickly. Patrick, Ashley, Taylor Scout…..I know Patrick’s family are notables, but I hadn’t seen much about him until he started getting snapped with Tay. (guess he enjoyed the attention and wants more) Same for Ashley, ok she’s on a hit show……..I’ve never seen it or had heard of her until …her and Taylor were in pics together. And Taylor Scout or is it Scout Taylor….anyway, a longtime friend of KS, hadn’t noticed her until she was linked with Tay. So hanging out with him gets you noticed.
    Of course KS

  111. chanda w. Says:

    (try that again) Of course KS was/is attracted to Taylor. I never completely bought that …little brother stuff…..not after NM. They had a lot of chemistry which Summit should have exploited…..(they exploited Tay anyway) and it would have made her choice of Edward more compelling.
    David Slade did a good job too. He didn’t seem to want the attention, just very artistic and straight forward. Focus was on the movie as a whole instead of being a fangirl. Condon on the other hand……..went out of his way not to show any sexual chemistry between Taylor and KS… although it was still there…..that was unfair to the storyline and the fans.( and the scenes he deleted , with Taylor , would have really gave more depth to the movie) ( and he totally left out the Natives in the last movie…really?? Beat that horse to death , but he was an ass.)
    @mystique I can’t remember if u or someone else was talking about conspiracy theories….that is why I mentioned the fake People magazine cover story again. Not saying that anyone is out to get Tay, but it is Hollyweird. No offense to RP fans on here, but I thought it was (hmmmm worthy) that after RP kissed Taylor………the gay rumors were all thrown on Taylor (he was just sitting in the audience) Then Abduction comes out….a couple of months later………..and some who aren’t into Jacob/Taylor might think………so he wants to be an action star….isn’t he gay? Then a couple of months after the movie was out….another gay rumor…with an extremely professional looking cover……….it’s like the timing of it all was questionable and who would dislike Taylor that much to do something so hateful? (and at the time he was so young) Summit and his team….should have protected him more. I just think RP is sorta insecure (he plays it off well), but it seems his ego has to be stroked ….which is probably why she stopped hanging out with Tay once her guy came back……….if they are all truly friends why would it matter? And you could tell when she kissed Taylor …..she enjoyed it.

  112. vera Says:

    chanda w …I absolutely agree with your last comment.
    And as for supposedly ” funny ” pranks when RP a kissed Taylor .. so,any means to an end.Taylor was unexpected and a very strong rival for the adoration of the public in the Twilight franchise,and in general…so that was a very good opportunity to try to influence the situation,and it is well used …

  113. kia Says:

    Marianne- I didn’t know he was thrown out in a bar in Europe. Seriously this kid needs wake up call. Its not like he’s really famous ,he’s most know for being Maria&Arnold son ,Miss Velveeta rumored fling and Taylor ‘BBF, his not up there with A-list yet.

    Catherine- David favorite Taylor and Kristen the most and favorite Rob the least because of his lateness on set during reshoot’s.

  114. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for the Youtube link to the “wedding” dance scene. That is still one of my favorite scenes from BD. :) It’s just so sweet and gut wrenching at the same time. When I saw that scene I told myself that Taylor would probably do well in a romantic drama. :)

    Thanks for the other YT link too! I’m going to have to watch that at home though, since I’m in the office!! :-/ But I can’t wait to see what it is! :)

    Oh and YES! I have ALWAYS sensed more chemistry between Taylor and Kristen in the Twi films…. Twilight, New Moon, and BD definitely. It was only Eclipse and BD2 that I didn’t sense any chemistry between them much. :-/ Actually, I thought that Kristen finally had more chemistry with Rob in Eclipse. I felt bad for Jacob the entire time in Eclipse, and Bella kept pushing him AWAY, so it was hard to feel chemistry there. It was like, she already made her decision! But that kiss on the mountain top WAS pretty hot though. :)

    Kia—Ugh…Patrick needs to take it down a notch. He better watch it…he’s not even an “A-Lister” yet lol. The general public will go off on you if you’re already acting like a spoiled brat and you’re not even a “Somebody” yet lol.

    Vera—I think you’re right, I think that whoever directed Eclipse and BD2 tried to ENUSRE that there wasn’t a lot of chemistry between Taylor and Kristen…..for sure. It was so obvious on AND off-screen that there was more chemistry between the two of them lol. Meanwhile, Rob and Kristen looked like they were practically trying to hide their relationship w/each other 24/7 smh…. Whereas she could just relax and be HERSELF around Taylor. I think that was what everyone was sensing.

    Catherine—Did you get ANY rest last night dear?? My goodness…I know I can be on here FOREVER and not get ANY sleep lol!

    I wonder too what Taylor’s first reaction was when he heard “the news” of the scandal. :-/ I’m sure he was shocked….and he probably was a little sad about it, but I don’t think he felt strongly either way. Idk….I think when it involves 2 friends that you really care about, you almost take it with a grain of salt and realize that they have to work out THEIR issues. It’s THEIR problem, not yours. I could see if maybe one person was consistently treating the other person badly, THEN maybe he would have a stronger reaction. But I don’t think he felt TOO differently either way.

  115. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—Oh yeah….I don’t FULLY believe the “he’s like a brother to me” line either. Riiiiiiight Kristen. I don’t act like she does around guys I view as my “brother”. Especially NOT when I see pictures like this:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Bill Condon went out of his WAY to not show any sexual chemistry between J&B in the film! Which film did he direct again?? I forget! I’m losing track! lol Anyway, yea I wouldn’t be too surprised if that was done. Remember it’s E & B that are supposed to end up together, NOT J & B! lol. I think maybe Summit was afraid that if there was TOO much chemistry shown onscreen btween J & B that the fans would want J & B to be together instead, and unfortunately that’s not how the story goes, so if they wanted to have more films come out, they HAD to ensure that the fans would be HAPPY with the decision of E & B together. I don’t think they expected Kristen and Taylor to have SO much chemistry on and off screen lol.

    Oh, and yes I was talking about Conspiracy Theories, and so was @Emily. My comment was actually a response to something @Emily had brought up regarding a “conspiracy”. You’re right….the timing of those “gay” rumors did seem pretty “convenient”. I mean, people have been saying stuff since 2009….but I figure that’s only because Taylor is HOT and a lot of girls like him. Before 2009 you heard NADA!! ANY guy in the industry who is nice-looking and has a lot of girls that like him are GOING to get the “gay” rumors. That’s just it in a nutshell. That’s actually how you know you’ve REALLY made it! When you start getting questioned about your sexuality, consider it an honor, because then that means that you have TONS of adoring fans lol, and a lot of popularity. Who knows? Maybe those who ARE gay want to know if you bat for their team? Yet MORE proof that you’re popular! ^_^ ;-)

    I find it pretty interesting too how ROB was the one who kissed Taylor, yet….Taylor ends up with most of the gay rumors. Rob has been questioned before too, but I guess because he’s European he doesn’t get as much flack as Taylor….who’s American. idk..

    Gosh, speaking of all of this…I sometimes wonder whether or not people in OTHER countries put as much emphasis or curiousity into the sexual orientation of others? @Catherine??? Care to enlighten us? Is the questioning of an actor/actresses sexual orientation fixated upon over there in the UK where you are? Or do people not really mention it much? I’m sure there are some that are, but is it a big deal over there? Is it speculated as much? I feel like over here in the USA someone’s sexual orientation is ALWAYS being questioned! Especially if they are in the public eye. Idk…it just seems to be a fixation with some people for some reason these days.

  116. Mystique Says:

    Oh! And I also meant to add that I’m wondering if maybe Kristen always tries to refer to Taylor as a “brother” in order to be respectful to Rob? Even when asked about the kiss scene in “Eclipse”, Kristen said that it was like kissing her brother! O_O So….idk if she just SAID that because she didn’t want to make Rob feel bad, or if she truly meant that.

    All I know is that your mouth may lie, but your body does NOT. So her body language has ALWAYS given me the impression that she’s attracted in SOME way to Taylor… in WHICH way, I don’t know really lol, but I’ve ALWAYS gotten that impression. I think I’ll believe what my EYES tell me and not what she says, because you can always lie or tell a half-truth. But your actions and body language don’t lie.

  117. carrie Says:

    The People cover was made by a gay fan of Taylor’s. There used to be a thread about it on ATRL. He made it as a joke and posted it on tumblr, then it got picked up everywhere. He deleted the thread bragging about it once he realized major outlets were picking it up and he thought he’d get in trouble.

  118. Mystique Says:

    Carrie—Thanks for the solved Mystery of the People Magazine cover. Was it really as a “joke”? Or was it done to start something? I’m just wondering…. If it was really a “joke”, why not just STATE that at the outset? Why post it like it was something REAL?

    Hmmm…..idk if I completely buy his story. :-/

    At any rate, I’m actually kind of GLAD ( play on words) Taylor and his “camp” didn’t say anything about the cover to tell you the truth. Not only would it have made people talk about it even MORE, but People magazine already came forth and stated that the cover was a FALSE one. There was no need to mention anything else further. It could have been messy, because if Taylor HAD said something regarding it, maybe SOME fans or the media could have twisted his words or made it seem like he was in some way “homophobic” or not appreciative of his gay fans. It just could have been really messy…………. I’m just saying…… :-/

    Sometimes the best thing to do is just stay silent….especially if the “joke” was squashed quickly anyway.

  119. meg Says:

    im from the uk and honestly not a lot of people here care about your sexual orination as we ourselves have a lot of gay celebs gok wan,alan carr to name a few.

  120. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Bill Condon directed BD 1 and 2.

    That picture you linked totally looks like K and Taylor are the couple and Rob is the 3rd wheel. They always look like they’re in their own little world together. I’ve never seen R/K look like that.

    The second video isn’t that big of a deal–I just like the way he answered the question. :)

    Eclipse–I liked David Slade pretty well, too. That’s my 2nd favorite of the series. But, I DID think Kristen and Taylor had some good “chemistry” scenes together in it–at the graduation party when he gives her the wolf bracelet–the way he looks at her–eeeeppppp!!! Also, when he’s carrying her in the woods and says “I make you nervous”–now come on, you can’t tell me she didn’t enjoy being carried by him all day–please. . . and the tent scene–the way she just melts into him—and the kiss, of course. . . It was downplayed a lot, but it was definitely still there in that movie. . . Now I’m getting mad, as I always do when I think of that dope Bella and her idiotic decision. . . grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

    meg–Glad to hear every country isn’t as nosy and obsessed as the US about celeb private lives–I wish people would just let people be who they are and not try to make them feel bad about themselves–live and let live, people!!

  121. accv Says:

    @kia… rob was late to set during reshoots? hm. interesting. where’d you find this out? and lol at “Taylor’s BFF” — too bad it’s not even close to the truth, i’m sure :p

    as for the question about posting comments on each post, i don’t mind scrolling to see the new comments. i was just curious about what everyone thought — wondering if ya’ll are ok with the comments section getting longer and longer. i mean, it’s kinda fun seeing the comments build up :p and it seems easier to stay on one topic or venture off into another without having to post it elsewhere, like a new thread. this way, we can read everything in one place then comment as we want. soooo i suppose although organization is helpful, you can say it’s more convenient to comment on different posts to add to the “discussion” without having to go back and forth between different threads. it’s interesting how we go off topic then back then off again. :p

    @Catherine… i’d have to say that wedding dance scene alongside the scene where he’s imprinted on renessme and steps in-between the wolf pack and the cullens in order to keep the pack from hurting her. that was one of his best deliveries. OH! and of course, the dog bowl scene. darn scummit for deleting it. i mean, seriously, what would a few more minutes of taylor done? wouldn’t have hurt the movie at all — would’ve helped it, even :p we all know how boring “the golden couple” is, although… gotta give some credit to kristen for livening up bella a bit more. she was much more tolerable being a vampire :p and i just realized that she was only a vampire in the 2nd film. bahaha. my bad. oh well. still works. :p

    as for Patrick, Ashley, etc… they better not be using him to get noticed. And Patrick needs an attitude check if he’s acting out just to fit in. Or if that’s even it. It’s odd because his mom, Maria Shriver, seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Or at least, appears to have a good head on her shoulders. But she usually looks so prim, proper and professional, so I’d say that’s a safe guess. Shriver aside, Ashley doesn’t need the attention. She already has PLL and that lame SB movie. She has a large enough following at the moment. Ugh.

    RE: Taysten… definitely more chemistry than with her and Rob. You could feel the intensity and passion between Jake and Bella, even just as friends. So I’m glad many noticed it. And you wanna know something I noticed about David Slade? He was quite serious when discussing Eclipse. Like one of you mentioned, very straight-forward in creating the film. Sometimes, it was a little off-putting. Like, the way he promoted Eclipse wasn’t like how Chris Weitz promoted New Moon. Then again, different strokes for different folks. Slade and Weitz have different personalities. And I have to remember that Weitz was a director of the American Pie series so his personality with New Moon was much lighter than when Slade promoted Eclipse. Or is that just me?

    @chanda.. Until someone mentioned Scout was with Kristen in The Runaways, I was like…. oohhhh, no wonder. She really became close with those co-stars, most likely because they’re all similar :p I noticed though she’s not as close with Dakota anymore. OR, they hang out but we just don’t see them/get pics. and i agree with you about the little brother/big sis relationship between taylor and kristen… never really bought that either, especially after new moon. even during new moon promo, i could tell how impressed kristen was with taylor’s transformation and i appreciated that she noted to jimmy kimmel how he not only transformed physically, but mentally, as well. because kimmel kept asking about taylor’s body, and kristen actually added, “yah, but i think his mental transformation is just as impressive..” something to that effect.

  122. Catherine Says:

    Mystique – interesting question. Here goes.

    I honestly had NO IDEA there had been any rumours AT ALL, until I saw YouTube comments a while back (and YouTubers are mental, so that’s all dismissed).

    I don’t think actors are scrutinised as much in the UK (however, Tom Cruise is assumed to be insane). Not until they mess up. Kristen was torn to shreds. That’s still happening.

    Rob has a LOT of support, but why not?! People want to be proud of someone from their home country if they’ve done well. Hence the Harry Potter crew being so well liked. I can’t remember Dan Radcliffe EVER being criticised, to be honest. Taylor isn’t as high profile, but the gist of comments on UK online news articles is ‘bloody hell, he grew up! Look at him!’…or ‘he’s a nice kid’.

    I think Taylor’s new stuff will be well received here. There aren’t preconceptions, he’s simply ‘the other boy from Twilight’…and a handsome one at that. It might not be such a battle.

    Remember, ‘Abduction’ made a fair bit of it’s money in Europe.

    My problem? We don’t get the talk shows (the Twilight cast aren’t overexposed here). No movie announcements. No behind the scenes info. Small indie movies aren’t widely screened outside big cities – London is a 2 hour drive away for me!!! We have to dig for info. That’s how I ended up on here ;)

    So I’m counting on you girls to keep me up to date :)

  123. Brodie Says:

    me too! im 5 hours away from London so any info that gets to Devon is at least 5 months old by then ;)

  124. Emily Says:

    accv–I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Eclipse promo with David Slade. I know they didn’t go to ComicCon that year, but did he do other stuff? I saw the actor promos but nothing with him. Did they do press conferences???

    Don’t worry, Catherine, we’ll be glad to keep you informed on all things Taylor! :)

  125. chanda w. Says:

    Emily, I sorta want to watch Eclipse tonight…when I go home. I luved that graduation party scene too( well any scene with Taylor in it was good) but that was so cute…how he apologized and he gave her that piercing look………like he was imagining her naked or something………he’s just sexy!
    Can’t believe a fan made that cover……..they had to know it would go viral.
    Carrie……did the fan get in trouble? What a crappy joke to pull on someone you claim to like. Mystique, liked the pic( they were such a nice looking trio…..too bad the fans didn’t/couldn’t root for all of them and their careers)……….and who kisses their brother with an open mouth?………. I’ve watched that kiss scene in slow mo…….her mouth was open the entire time! Hell yeah……she wanted the “d”….lol. I know you know who Condon was…….just wanted to get press for himself and get every actor he knew in the last film………….and he was pushing K. Lutz so hard………( which is ok, but Tay was one of the main draws) why not push him too. Boo boo Stewart seems to be doing well………Tay wanna be………he’s built his body up nice too……….cute kid. Summit/Lionsgate are backing him too…………why couldn’t they show the same support to Taylor? After Abduction (which was so unfair to put all that pressure on a teen) they had him fending for himself………..not cool. Wonder when more info will come out…….June is just around the corner……………wishing I stayed in New York.
    Poor Lauren Hill………she had a great voice……….guess she was too real for the fakeness of the music biz…………almost like Prince….but he kept his mind and money…..together. Thinking random stuff, but I kept imagining Tay looking for condos or townhouses ( then I watched a clip of Taylor on Kimmel….when Tay said he still lived at home………..and he said he was looking for a condo……..but I got the feeling……….he wasn’t in a hurry to move. I’d like to see him on one of those home shows where they help you find a home. They could have like a celebrity edition………know that will never happen , but I can wish.

  126. chanda w. Says:

    Accv…….I sorta thought the same thing about Patrick and Ashley……….r they trying to use Tay’s status to bump up their own? Maybe they did ……….Hollywood is full of phony friends………but sure Taylor isn’t naive……….he’s aware. So hopefully that is /was not the case. Any way Patrick’s dad is a (total loser) but also an action icon…….and his mom…political royalty…………..he couldn’t use either of those connections to pump up his name before now? Idiot……………Taylor might need to stay away from him too………not mature enough yet.

  127. accv Says:

    @Emily… oh my gosh, yes! the way he looks at her when he arrives at the grad party to give her the bracelet and apologize. frick! he can melt someone with that stare. and yes, when he carries her through the forest and the tent. bahhh, why couldn’t it have been jake and bella??? :p then again… if she had changed it up, the edward/bella fans would wreak havoc on stephanie meyer :p

  128. Emily Says:

    Stephenie Meyer deserves some havoc wreaked upon her for what she did to Jacob!!!!! But, you’re right. . . . it was her story, she had every right to end it like she wanted. . . .too bad she just did it WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. marianne Says:

    Emily….I think SM has received some havoc since BD received so many bad reviews. So many of her characters were out of canon in BD, it finally caught up to her. You can’t keep having one of your main characters condemning imprinting and its lack of choices, hating vampires throughout 3 films and then oops…he imprints and it’s all happily ever after.

    accv…to hear the EB fans, 5 movies of just them sucking face would have been a hit.

  130. chanda w. Says:

    SM is paying for bailing on Jacob and letting Summit cater to B/E fans only in the last two movies. Those true blue fans did not show up to see THE HOST. She could have also been more vocal about imprinting………she let Taylor take all the heat. I was so excited to see that Christie Burke was gonna play the grown up Nessie and her and Tay were gonna share a kiss in a flash forward scene. But instead it was cheap CGI covering the face of every actress(beside Foy) that played Nessie. They had enough money to give them a decent sum….we could have seen their faces. I think that would have been nice to see Jacob sharing real scenes with an older Nessie………it would have made the imprinting thing understandable. She wasn’t even mentioned again or seen anywhere. So they dropped the ball on that. Maybe Tay should have Burke as his love interest in Tracers……….too cute.

    Patrick and Perez are twitter buddies …..big surprise…………(wonder if he was told to act crazy in order to get more hits on the gossip sites….it worked……..from Tay’s sidekick to a bad boy) If he and Taylor are still friends…he must act totally different around him.

  131. marianne Says:

    chanda w… Using a fake id carries a 1yr. prison term in CA so Patrick S. could get more hits than just on gossip sites. I agree that PS must act really different around Taylor. You have to work so hard and so long to get a good reputation back.

  132. Mystique Says:

    Emily— I finally saw the clip you posted. Awww he’s so adorable!! ^_^ I love seeing him being interviewed! :) I’ve never seen that clip before either! I couldn’t hear everything he said because the crowd was screaming so much, but what did he mean by he thinks Jacob would have been able to control himself more? I mean,I know they were taking about the love scene lol, but what did he mean by that? Maybe I didn’t fully hear the woman’s question lol. Her voice was so low and muffled, I couldn’t hear everything she was asking him. :(

    Btw now you’re gonna make me look at that graduation scene again lol! I just watched the wedding dance scene again. Was it just me, or was there quite a bit of sexual tension in that scene between J & B? Or, maybe it was just me who felt it lol….I mean, it’s her freaking wedding to Edward, and here she is seemingly more happy to see Jacob lol! I just sensed a LOT of tension there….in a good way :)

    Meg–Thanks for the insight into other parts of the world lol! Glad to know that not every land is obsessed with the sexuality of others lol. It seems ppl are more obsessed about the lives of celebrities for some reason here. When I have visited other countries, I’ve noticed that this wasn’t the case. Other countries in Europe have their actors and actresses as well, but the general public doesn’t seem to obsess over them as much as we do here. Correct me if I’m wrong! Lol.. In fact, I’m wondering if more go crazy over the American celebs simply because they know that Hollywood is in the USA.

    Catherine, Nicole—Thanks guys for giving us a little insight into the movie world over in your neck of the woods. Over here it’s crazy! There are soooo many preconceived notions about actors, or just celebs in general, and I honestly think that the American public is harder to please. We can be very critical at times I think. That’s why, if you notice, when a new boy band or group starts out,a lot of times the American boy group will go to Europe FIRST and gain popularity and buzz, and then once they’re”hot”, THEN they come back to the USA and get introduced to the American public. So I’m not surprised at all that abduction did better over seas than it did here at home. Plus, there’s just so much competition in the movie industry period, it makes it hard to do well at times.

  133. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–did you get to watch eclipse when you got home this evening? Lol….you guys are making me want to watch that graduation scene all over again! Maybe I can find it on YouTube somewhere hmm…Lol.
    Yea, who kisses their “brother” with an open mouth? I know I sure don’t lol! Eww!
    Yes Boo Boo is a cute young guy. He’ll definitely have heart throb status when he gets older if he continues in the biz.
    Yea I’m not sure why Taylor wasn’t supported as much as he could have been. Oh well, I’m just hoping that the future for him continues to be bright!

    Accv, Emily–Lol yes I keep banging my head against the wall (not literally lol!) wondering why Stephanie wrote such a crazy plot…..especially for Jacob! What would have been awesome is if she had made Edward and Bella get married, have Bessie, Jacob NOT imprint on anyone, but then after a few years Edward dies in some freak accident (can’t they die if you drive a stake through their heart? Lol) and then Bella gets with Jacob and they seem love happily ever after lol. That way fans could have both Edward and Jacob both get Bella….in a sense….Lol

  134. Mystique Says:

    ****EDIT: Sorry, in my post #31 I was actually trying to thank Catherine and BRODIE (not Nicole lol)…sometimes this Kindle “corrects” words that I didn’t need “corrected” smh. I hate when it does that… :(

  135. Emily Says:

    Mystique–In that clip, the interviewer asks him what would have happened if Jacob and Bella had had a sex scene in the movie–she asked if the bed would get broken like with Eddie. . .

    Y’all have made me want to watch Eclipse again, but tonight was NCIS, NCIS LA, The Voice, and DWTS, so, needless to say, I didn’t have time. However, I’ve watched it and NM so many times that I can pretty much just play them in my head. . .

    I tried to find the video for you, but can’t. . . this one has music over the sound, but at 2:16, you can see the LOOK…….

  136. kia Says:

    Grrrrrr at SM for what she did to my Jacob! Did she ever tried to defend to whole imprinted thing? Because I don’t remember her doing so. I hate that my boy had to take the heat from the bloggers,media Robstens and even his some of his cast mates(Especially Rob) and it was nothing he could do about it. Let me stop because I’m pissed all over again!

  137. kia Says:

    accv- I don’t know if its true but bloggers was reporting that Rob was parting at the bars all night and then the next day when it was time to shoot,he would always show up late and sort of annoyed David S. So that’s what I heard.

  138. Brodie Says:

    there are a few more! x

  139. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-OH! Thanks for clarifying the question that the interviewer asked him lol! YES….I can definitely see how that comment could take someone’s mind to the gutter lol! ^_^

    Oh….and that clip from Eclipse when he gives her the bracelet……OMG! That brought back memories all over again lol! Wow that LOOK! Omg I know EXACTLY the look you all are talking about now. *giggle* Talk about smouldering! WOW! O_O For some reason though, I liked NM a little better than Eclipse…maybe because Edward wasn’t in NM that much lol. Idk….I just felt SO bad for Jacob in Eclipse. I mean, she punches him the first time he tries to kiss her (did this happen in the books?? I didn’t read the books) , she was always sort of pushing him away, but then played with his feelings and told him to “kiss her” on the mountain top.. Ugh…I just got SO fed UP with Bella in Eclipse! *pulls hair out* :( I’m like “make up your mind girl!” Ugh…smh…. Plus Jacob stopped being as happy and care-free in Eclipse….He was sooo angsty…and FRUSTRATED most of the time lol. Idk…..don’t get me wrong, I LIKED Eclipse (especially that “tent scene”! lol) but I just hate the way the characters were portrayed in some scenes. Idk….But then again, I never read the books, so maybe that’s how the characters were SUPPOSED to act. Who am I to say?? lol

  140. vera Says:

    Mystique, I agree with you-a scene from Eclipse where Jacob gives Bella bracelet is amazing, “Taylor Lautner smoldering eyes”, oh,its true ..
    and further, when Jacob finds out about the newborn army of vampires and Bella is trying to prevent him from participating in the battle, this look … Kristen said that she could not look him in the eyes in this scene, because he was truly merciless and she was too sensitive ..If you have not read the Eclipse book, please read only two chapters-“Needs” and the moment of the kiss on the mountain,you will see the differences between the book and the movie are , as well as in the scene in the tent, between B and J in the book much more intimate, even passionate moments of interaction, and in the movie everything is reduced to a minimum, ugh..

    New.Taylor Lautner leaves L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills

    He looks good, and he really started to gain weight again?

  141. joanie Says:

    So Taylor needed a jump…..better that than Kristen’s fender bender.

  142. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks Vera …..for the pics…………Tay lookin’ so sexy…………what happened to his car? Maybe he left the lights on……..oh cutie. Kia, i pretty much said the same thing about SM and the imprinting thing……..she was on plenty of talk shows……she could have easily explained and defended what imprinting was all about…..instead she was promoting her new movie………and basically dissing the book series that made her a household name. I also heard that she said not so nice things about the main cast……..hopefully that isn’t true because all three of them propelled those movies to international status.

    Finally watched the Harlem Shake with Taylor………..I luved it…….he’s just so chill and sexy…af! I couldn’t stop laughing. Mystique, thanks for encouraging me to watch it and no I didn’t watch Eclipse when I got home, but like Emily………I’ve watched Eclipse and NM so much…..they can easily come to mind.

    Marianne, didn’t realize CA laws concerning fake ID’s were so strict…….sorta feel bad for PS….seems unable to handle the spotlight………good luck to him. He can learn a lot from Tay on how to stay classy and dealing with fame…..flawlessly.

  143. Mystique Says:

    Vera—Awww man! I don’t have any of the BD movies. :-/ I wanna go back and look at that scene again! lol… ^_^

    Oh, and thanks @Vera for clarifying the Twi Books! You’re not the first person who has said that the books were a lot more “involved” and really showed the STRUGGLE Bella went through because she actually loved Jacob too….just not as much as Edward. :-/ You don’t really GET that from the films, but I’m guessing in the books that they show more of that.

    I always think that Books are better anyway. The Book adaptations always give you SOO much more than the movie adaptations can. :( Plus, you sometimes get to actually READ what the character is THINKING, and you can’t always get that conveyed onscreen in a movie.

    Oooooo and thanks for the new pics! :D *grin* You know what, he DOES look like he’s put on a little bit more bulk, but then again….with him you can never quite tell lol! Awww…poor thing, I hope his car is okay. :-/

    Btw….speaking of “bulk”, it’s funny because last night I just happened to watch a litlte bit of NM and lingered on the movie theater scene (the awkward 3-person date w/Bella lol), and gosh, when Taylor was walking with Bella (after Mike gets sick) and tries to hold Bella’s hand, I kept remarking….”GOOD lord, Taylor was JACKED back then!” LOL! I think I kind of forget just how BIG he had gotten because I’m used to seeing his more slimmer and lean physique now. But boy…I was like goodness! O_O His arms, his shoulders, smh…. Okay let me stop because I’m at work. Ugh….I can’t even save some of this talk for “Gutter Saturdays” lol! *blush*

    *Ahem* Anyway, yeah…..I just thought I would mention that. He really worked HARD for that body boy!

    Joanie–Kristen got into a fender bender recently? O_o

    Chanda—Ha! Taylor ALWAYS looks sexy to me….especially now that he’s older. :) I feel like a broken record sometimes when referring to him, because it’s the SAME thing over and over again lol! :)

    So glad you watched the “Harlem Shake” video! LOL! Wasn’t it funny?? Hahaha…. I swear, if the acting thing doesn’t work out for him, Taylor should seriously consider being a stunt double lol. He seems to like that kind of stuff anyway haha.

    I completely agree w/you too about SM. I didn’t quite like the way she handled the whole “impriting” thing either. :o/ Plus, The cast always had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Stephanie. Now here she is bashing them AND the franchise that even put her name on the map?? Oh puh-leeze! She needs to go somewhere. I’m so glad her other movie “The Host” didn’t do well haha. Hope they won’t try to make it a “saga”.

  144. carrie Says:

    Oooh, L’Ermitage Hotel? That spells meeting or press to me. I’d prefer meeting, because I NEED a new project announcement.

    I guess this article has twitter all up in arms, but I think it’s an interesting read. A breakdown of Kristen’s career and what issues she’s having rn.

  145. kia Says:

    Oh Taylor I can be your mechanic. What’s this you left your wallet at home? Don’t worry we could figure something out….. “BO CHIKA WA WA”

  146. kia Says:

    Carrie – I’m hoping meeting! As much as I despise Lainey ,she has a good point.

  147. marianne Says:

    kia…We can give him a jump (start) and a ride or a ride and a jump whatever we oops he needs!!

  148. litebrite Says:

    @mystique “Host” sequels have been shelved

    release of 2 movies this year will take much of the focus off twilight trio and yet keep them in the news because of the inevitable comparisons of these movies to twilight -but it will distract the “zombie brains” from focusing all their time & obsessions on the actors they can’t seem to distinguish from the fictional characters that played in the twilight saga but will refocus it on the new “arrivals”

    The HG sequel – is one

    The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones is the other.
    Saw early rushes of this movie & it is impressive. Has a large very attractive cast like twilight but thank God not the love triangle. several of the TMI characters are vital to the story & have their own side stories paralleling the central story. Besides the female lead character there are 2 other strong female main characters – Clary, Isabelle, Jocelyn (no bella type here). as far as the male characters go – all lookers naturally, you have about a 1/2 doz major characters to choose from. (Jace, Simon, Alec, Jordan, Magnus, Luke –
    and since Book 2 City of Ashes has been greenlit you will be able to add Raphael (Taylor would fit this role) and Sebastian).
    …. the movie going public is fickle, so it will depend if the cast clicks with them – I have to say I dig the “Magnus” character
    and Jace (Jaime Campbell Bower) has a “great” voice better than the looks….
    Time will tell how successful the movies are & how the cast will handle the attention
    (which the twilight trio did impressively).

  149. litebrite Says:

    ….forgot to mention TMI’s pivotal character Valentine…

  150. kia Says:

    Marianne- SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. meg Says:

    Mystique I think your right in that maybe te uk general focusses more on the americans because Hollywood is in America , I know that we do like our fair share of celebs and its only the miniorty that obess over them sorry for any spelling mistakes.

  152. Lilome Says:

    Marianne and Kia -you sign me up to jump Taylor and/or give him a ride. I’ll even drive the 2000 miles to get there! I mean, anything to help, right? We are such great fans- willing to go to such great trouble to help our guy out. Truly a self-sacrificing bunch. I’m sure he’s honored. As for the black BMW, isn’t that the car he got at 16? How pathetic is it that I even knew that bit of trivia?

  153. accv Says:

    @Mystique… funny you mention “The Host.” My sister-in-law and brother gave the book to me for Xmas. She goes, “You don’t have that, right?” And of course, I have to be polite and say, “Oh, no, no… thank you :)” But honestly, there’s a reason why I don’t have it :p But I dunno… maybe the book isn’t too bad… then again it’s no Twilight, which gave us Jake and Bella. Right now, though, it’s tucked away in my drawer :p And if Stephanie is badmouthing the team that made Twilight a success… I say she deserves to be boycotted. I don’t understand why she would, though… especially when without them, she wouldn’t She used to say how much she loved her team and how proud she was of everyone, so if this is her way of detaching herself from Twilight to make way for The Host, how gracious of her *eyeroll*.

    also… yes, taylor certainly worked his ass off for that body. and i think, to be fair, his win on “best shirtless performance” or w/e it’s called :p… well-deserved. he didn’t originally have that body, but he worked SO hard to get it there that, in a way, the award serves to recognize that hard work. it’s not even about who has the better bod… i really believe his dedication to getting it there is what makes him the outright winner.

    you know, i kinda wish that harlem shake video had them dancing instead, especially taylor. we’ve barely seen him move and it would’ve been great to actually see him shake. although the pretend jumping on and elbowing that guy (forgot his name already) was still pretty funny. it’s like, see? taylor can pretend being a jerk in real life. :p and it’s amusing.

    AND YES. the books showed the struggle bella faced with jake and edward SOOO much more than the movies. in the movies, it’s like… ok. whatever.

  154. Lilome Says:

    Ok, so I just pulled up the pics of Taylor needing his car jumped and all I can think is “we were robbed!” I mean seriously! Come on Taylor, you couldn’t bend over to jiggled the battery cables or something? Geez! You need a 2 hour course in basic car mechanics so we can get more interesting candids. Jacob would have tinkered with engine for us…. just sayin’

  155. chanda w. Says:

    I’ve never really read the books………….glimpse through breaking dawn to see what happened at the end………..and I read the kissing scene in New Moon……….that was so hot……………..I thought the kiss in the movie was cute………but the book gave so much more detail of what Bella was thinking………..and Jacob was forceful………oh my……..a forceful Jacob/Taylor….sign me up please. Maybe one day I’ll get all the books and actually read them. Tay has some pretty nice rides, such a boy, likes spending his money on cars…not clothes…lol. accv……….Taylor so deserved that shirtless award…….I think it was more for the entire series……….it did work his butt off to get that smokin’ body………and I am forever grateful, but he looks great slimmed down too…… either way it doesn’t matter………his ass is still fine!
    I think SM got a godlike complex for a minute……….she might have felt her books put those actors on the map……….which they did……but it worked both ways. If they would have gotten the wrong actors in those roles…….it would not have worked. So many book to movies….don’t work………so when it does everyone involved should be grateful.
    I can’t get into Jaime Campbell…..not that hot and he always needs chapstick, but the books sounds like they are worth checking out, litebrite.
    Didn’t see ur post earlier Brodie, thanks for the pics too.
    Just realized Taylor has played bullies before………the voice of a bully in Charlie Brown, on My Wife and Kids and now Grown Ups 2. Tough, sexy and sweet…..yum!

  156. accv Says:

    Also, this topic I’m bringing over from a previous thread… about

    I used to go on there a lot myself to look at movie and actor/actress’ profiles, including Taylor, but I rarely looked at his board. In fact, when I did go to Taylor’s profile/board… I’d get JUST as frustrated as most of you going to his board and defending him. They are tenacious and seem to think he’s done something horribly, horribly wrong to deserve any sort of respect from them. Then again, we’ve all seen Taylor’s quick rise to super stardom… which may take much longer for the average newcomer. And let’s face it… when New Moon came, he was a newcomer. As an actor, he still could be deemed as a newcomer. As a celebrity, he’s already an A-lister because of his following and how in-demand and bankable he’s become since Twilight. So perhaps it stems from the, “Why him? How’d HE get from here to there in a matter of several years when it takes a newbie longer to get anything?” So yes, it’s jealousy and frustration. A super nice “kid,” has talent but has yet to really develop it, extremely athletic and fit, humble, extremely handsome, rich, passionate, determined and eager to learn. Am I missing anything? Maybe. But generally speaking, he’s a target for those that want but can’t. Common? Yes. It does come with the territory, and as long as he can stay himself in the business and have that support system he’s been receiving so far, he shouldn’t have too much of a problem remaining unaffected.

  157. accv Says:

    @chanda… oh my goodness. the kiss in the eclipse book had so much more passion than in the movie. for sure. that’s why i was like… we were so robbed from the movies. not fair. but whatever. it was all about edward and bella. in fact, the books were better altogether in terms of jake. having taylor as jake in the movies just made them easier to watch. :p

  158. litebrite Says:

    RE: IMDB info can easily be manipulated if you have a premier membership….that’s why you have the “razzies” listed under awards for T….and the movies listed & their status is something that is picked up from other sites…legitimate or not (this information isn’t posted by authorized agents).

    I read nothing but the classics –
    I am a movie “junkie” – if the movies Storyline is good, I go read the book (usually not). the movie’s characters belong to the script, the director & the actor…if they gain my attn I follow them…not the author
    Movies based on books, short stories, mag articles always state……”based on…which means liberties have been taken….fact is it would be almost impossible to literally translate 500 pages of a book into a movie or a 2 pararaph article or a 35 page short story. So when the author’s work is picked up, if they’re smart or at least their rep is smart they at least maintain the right to demand the movie ( or series) be focused on what they consider to be the focal point of their story. In twilight….it was a decision (SM’s) the Bella/Edward relationship was the focal point; Jacob was there to give a semblence of a story…..and the Jacob as described in the book (what was it 7 ft tall, 400# would actually make most viewers think the giant escaped from Harry Potter & landed in Vancouver & certainly wouldn’t be someone a human gal could relate to unless she were a Kardashian so they changed his look. The curveball thrown here was they picked a cute kid who ended up being extremely charismatic & “hot” – which actually the series benefitted from. So nope “based on” will always make the book loving viewer unhappy.

  159. accv Says:

    and jamie campbell bower has a cool voice in the mortal instruments. at least from what i heard from the trailer. otherwise, he’s w/e to me, too.

  160. marianne Says:

    accv….JCB’s looks don’t do it for me either. A problem I have with the Lily and JCB pairing is that he supposedly left his fiancee for her the minute he was cast. If they aren’t a couple irl and just pr, then the fact he would let a studio manipulate his personal life like that is a turn off for me.

  161. accv Says:

    @litebrite.. i figured IMDB is easily manipulated. anyone can post, as long as you’re registered. i think i was able to login once before but i can’t remember the details. but w/e. i do get amused by IMDB for the discussions on shows, movies, celebrities, actors/actresses aside from taylor. i’d read some of the stuff RE: taylor on there and it’s like.. baaahhhh. i’m sure it’s the same for other fans of other stars, shows and movies on there. i read all sorts of criticisms, shallow posts, outrageous posts and surprisingly, some in-depth posts on there. although many of its users are at extremes sometimes, some of the stuff is intriguing to read. i don’t contribute to the discussion, but i do find them interesting. and sometimes, i get a little “WHAT THE?!” myself reading bogus posts, but i just go to a different, more positive post to ease out of the negativity :p

    and to be honest, i wondered about that. why they chose to get an actor the total opposite of what was in the book. there aren’t that many actors out there that are 7 ft tall and weigh a TON, except maybe the rock. *shrugs* but true… a huge giant isn’t very relatable to a human teenage girl, so they did go the smarter route by changing his look and having such a charismatic, gorgeous guy to play him. for sure, the series benefitted from it. and interesting you say “based on” will always make the book-loving viewer unhappy. i think unhappy isn’t the right word. more like… unsatisfied. but it depends on the book. in our case, most of the team jacob members (i say most.. because maybe not all of the jacob fans out there felt robbed) because we felt his role wasn’t given the importance it deserved. although he was only there to give a “semblance of a story,” we felt without him, there would be no story worth following. also, the edward/bella fans sure were given edward/bella galore. naturally, they’re the focal point of the story. but yah, you can’t please everybody. i admit, that i actually liked edward and bella together in the first movie. that was until taylor’s transformation created this unbelievable jacob for new moon and the rest is history. that’s when we (team jacob) saw this incredible chemistry between the two characters — something real, and well, not to sound cheesy, but to quote the book, “as easy as breathing.”

  162. accv Says:

    actually, i’d like to add “saw AND FELT this incredible chemistry..”

  163. accv Says:

    @marianne… i think it’s his face shape and whatnot… he has this alien-like face. eyes are big. big forehead to chin ratio. :p and his hair. :p i don’t like long hair on guys AND it’s messy, too. plus, he’s pale… not like an attractive pale, either.. rob barely makes it. i have to admit, rob’s a handsome guy, but still nothing on our guy. and his hair is messy, too… so ick. :p when i found out about him and lily, i didn’t know what to think. actually, i kinda did… was like, really lily? REALLY? you had taylor then suddenly she goes to JCB. it’s like, you go from VAVAVOOM to boo. :p and also, i thought… well, he and lily can’t get together. he has ginny weasley :p then suddenly, news breaks that they call off the engagement and a few days later, he’s with lily. and i’m like… OH NO THEY DIDN’T. and then i’m thinking… grody. :p and then i’m annoyed with her, yet not because i still find her absolutely beautiful and still somehow charming. fail though, so much fail. :p

  164. Mystique Says:

    Carrie–Oh gosh I sure hope you’re right! A “meeting” to discuss future projects sure would be nice! I hope that’s why he was there at the hotel. :)

    Kia, Marianne–Ooooooooo…you naughty girls! I’m gonna sic Taylor on you two! Lol oh wait…..that didn’t sound right! Ha! Rotfl… :-D.

    Litebrite–No offense, but I’m kind of glad to hear that “The Host” has been shelved lol. I hate when HW tries to make “one-size-fits-all” type movies. Just because a lot of ladies loved the Twi Saga doesn’t automatically mean they will just love ANYTHING Meyer’s puts out, or anything that resembles the Twilight plot. Puhleeze…

    I’ve heard of TMI, and I think this one will actually be huge….Very huge. I just sense it. THG had a lot of hype, but in the end,I didn’t really care for the movie too much. :-/ It was a tad depressing imo. I’ll probably see the second one though. Something tells me that part 2 is going to be bigger than part 1 was.

    Meg–Yea that’s kind of what I figured. I mean I know that you guys obsess over celebrities too, but I think here it’s too a whole different level. The paparazzi here can be nuts too! Smh… Idk I just feel like there a fixation with celebrities here that is not seen all over the world. There’s nothing wrong with being a huge fan, but when it gets to the point where you’re invading that person’s privacy or chasing them down just to get a picture, that’s crazy to me. :(

    Accv–I agree with you….out of all the other nominees, Taylor deserved the award the most since he was coming from not having a body like that at all! The other guys seemed pretty muscular from the get-go, and had been for years. But Taylor did a total body transformation!

    Oh yes I agree…just one day I would love to see Taylor FULLY dancing lol. Kristen’s comments have sparked my curiosity lol!!!

  165. Mystique Says:

    Lilome–Lol omg! Yes, Taylor should have given us something right? Lol haha… ;)

    Chanda–WOW the NM book had a hot kiss scene eh? Wow! That’s interesting because I don’t recall ANY J/B kiss scene in NM at all! Talk about being cheated! :( The only scene I remember was the scene where J&B are in the kitchen and he gets real close to her and they ALMOST kiss, and he whispers something in his tribal language in her ear, and then…EDWARD calls…(womp womp) O_o.

    Marianne, Chanda, Accv–Yea JCB doesn’t do a thing for me either. Then again, I’ve never seen him act before. Sometimes ppl can surprise you when you see them act. But either way, his looks are too strange. Like, they aren’t consistent or something lol. In some pictures he can look actually cute! In others he can look freakishly weird :-/, and still others he can look downright ugly! Lol….so it’s weird. Idk….he would have to have a LOT ( and I do mean a LOT) of charisma in order for me to take a second look in his direction lol.

    Litebrite, Accv–Yea I’ve basically given up on…the people there are way too weird and negative. .com I think your right @Accv, I think most of it seems from jealousy. They wonder how Taylor got famous so quickly lol. In actuality, Taylor has been in tv shows and in films behind the scenes for years! Just because most people never heard of him before twilight doesn’t mean he just walked off the street and became a movie star! I’m sure in his mind it took a long time! He was 8 when he first started right? So that’s almost 9 years before he got his “big break”. But exactly “over night success” imo. Oh well, no sense in even trying to reason with ppl on imdb, they are beyond reason lol!

  166. vera Says:

    carrie…article about Kristen`s career problems .. interesting..and again author not Lainey, it writes her friend Sarah, so in the article not only the bile and evil, but a little sensible))
    .. in 2011 Sarah wrote an article in Lainey site about Taylor and his prospects too, here it is -

  167. accv Says:

    @Mystique… nope, no hot kissing scene in NM. Just the two that almost happened. The one you mentioned and in Bella’s truck when Jake tried to lean in, but Bella stopped him. I believe Jake said he loves her in his tribal language.

    Mystique… you’ve never seen JCB act before? He plays one of the Volturi vamps. The blonde one. Yah, maybe I was a bit harsh on his looks. He has his moments, but a majority of the time, he comes off weird-looking. :p

    You know, it’s interesting you mention Taylor’s earlier days because all I know is Sharkboy and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. And I was able to catch him in an old episode of My Wife and Kids. He was probably around the age he was in Sharkboy — it was pretty cute, honestly, him trying to be a bully :p But with that type of personality and charisma, it’s hard to take him being mean seriously. :p Even him being angsty in Twilight just made him mysteriously appealing, not intimidating. An effective actor would be able to make us believe he is this or that, no matter what kind of person you are in real life. So far, he IS Jacob. No one can take that away from him. But the rest is still a work in progress, yet I know he has such a great work ethic, so he’ll get it eventually.

  168. accv Says:

    I think the “over night success” part is him coming out of nowhere (and I just remembered seeing him in a few episodes of My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater) in the sense that he only had a voice role before he won the role of Jake. I had no idea about the voice role either until I read about it more in his bios and stuff. I even forget at times about his previous voice work. But despite getting those small roles before Twilight came, he really was a newcomer. Then shortly after Twilight, New Moon happens and his transformation is ridiculous and everyone wants a piece of him. Perhaps that contributed to the frustration and annoyance from anti-Taylors. It’s like, just because he bulked up, he’s the new “It” guy??? Well, HOW the world works, huh? :p

  169. Lilome Says:

    Accv, we know he surely didn’t come out of nowhere. Maybe they’ve forgotten. Or maybe they didn’t recognize him as a hot sexy young man! Either way, it really aggregates me that the haters don’t recognize (or care) how long and how hard Taylor has worked to get to this point. They dismiss his success as if it’s an accident or a freak occurrence. Grrrrr. He deserves better.

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