Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Check out the (hilarious) new TV spot for Taylor Lautner‘s upcoming movie ‘Grown Ups 2.’ The trailer is set to debut during the American Idol finale tonight! The movie makes its debut in theaters July 12th!


*Click the photo to watch the TV spot*

38 Responses to “Watch: Taylor Lautner’s Hilarious ‘Grown Ups 2′ TV Spot”

  1. George Says:

    Hey guys, I see your comments about a new layout! I’m working on it, it just may take some time.

  2. nicole Says:

    I have never wanted to be kicked in the head so bad in my life. I kept thinking, I wonder if Adam could see his Burt on the way down. So.worth it.

  3. chanda w. Says:

    Damn!!! I don’t know what Tay is saying, but he looks sexy as hell!! Excuse the language………just kinda floored and excited.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Nicole – your ‘kicked in the head’ comment made me laugh!

    He’s awfully prominent in the trailer/promo for a supposedly ‘cameo’ role :)

  5. chanda w. Says:

    Being slow minded today……..clicked on the photo…………Tay the Ninja……..too cute…………luv ……….how he’s the center of attention………even though he isn’t suppose to be……lol!

  6. kia Says:

    Thanks George!!

    LOL at Adam ‘What are you raised by Ninjas” Can July come any quicker!!

  7. kia Says:

    GU2 TV spot will debut tonight during American Idol..

  8. accv Says:

    “Where do you work out — Cinnabon?” Although Taylor pronounced Cinnabon like “Cinna-bun” :p It’s all good. I can totally look over that. But GAH! Sexxxyyyyyy as hell! How does he make martial arts look so hot?? I read some of the comments on the page. “Taylor Lautner shouldn’t be in there…. he’s too much werewolfey/llama.” Too bad he’s the most beautiful werewolfey/llama ever? ;p But that roundhouse kick! THAT KICK THOUGH! Reminds me of his roundhouse kick in Abduction. Ohhhhh yah :D And yes, Adam… he WAS raised by Ninjas. ;p His accolades say it all.

  9. accv Says:

    And I’m going to stick with a cameo… he’ll probably be in the movie 10-15 minutes at most. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m sure they’re milking his cameo to lure the younger audience in. Or it could be… he’s a prominent cameo. haha. does that even work? w/e. TAYYYLLOOOORRR. @nicole… Burt? Is that supposed to be butt? haha!

  10. accv Says:

    And @George…. no rush dear! We’re just fortunate to have a webmaster like you to keep us updated on our guy ;) This is really my go-to Taylor site. I adore everyone here.

  11. accv Says:

    And WOW… are these frat boys really fighting these “old geisers”? :p seems like a low-blow to me. but it’s just a movie… sooo i digress. haha!

  12. chanda w. Says:

    Accv……..know u adore Tay too………so ur debbie downer moments……we all have em’…….are forgiven……………this movie looks like it is gonna be so funny……and Taylor is just blowin’ my mind ……….his physical skills are killer…………..can u imagine his OTHER skills ………..oh my! Seems he had a good time filming this…… glad for him and us…………..July 12th come on!!!!

  13. Emily Says:

    Oh, God………….blue and white plaid shirt…………..then THE KICK………….

    accv–To answer your question—How does he make martial arts look so hot?

    Simply because he IS sexiness personified, therefore, everything he does looks hot!!! :)

    Take your time George–I don’t care what the layout is like–as long as I can find the “Submit Comment” button.

  14. kia Says:

    The cutest moment when your watching commercials and you see GU2 onscreen then your niece yells ” Ooh Kia there’s your boyfriend (taylor) LOL I love her..

    Chanda- I know there’s alot of skills Taylor can do Wink Wink.

  15. joanie Says:

    @accv OMG if you call the GU2 guys “geezers” I hate to think what you’d call me.
    “Age is just a number” – remember that – i keep telling myself.

    Cinnabon (sin-a-bon – is the franchise name) but everybody around here pronounces it (sin – a – bun) You say to-ma-to , I say to – may – to) whatever…they’re gooey, sticky, messy & we all know Taylor has never even inhaled the fumes of one them in his entire life.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    That shirt is lookin’ all kinds of good on Tay……………….now I luv Cinnabons even more…….lol! Simply because those words came out of his mouth…..(addicted to that boy).

  17. kia Says:

    LOL Chanda.. I think we should add Cinnabon to list next to Meat Patties ,Calvin Kleins and the Olive Garden because they now all remind us of Taylor. LOL

    I notice in that clip some of the “frat boys is getting the butts kick by these “Old Guys” except Taylor aka Andy.

  18. marianne Says:

    EEEEK…He looks so good in plaid!! Can’t wait for July.

    joanie…”Taylor has never even inhaled the fumes of one them in his entire life.” LOL Maybe his abs covered in cinnabons….sweet…. On the previous post re:JLH…I couldn’t agree with you more. Taylor would have to wear a hazmat suit in order to work with her.

    George…You do an awesome job on keeping this site updated. Thanks.

  19. accv Says:

    bahaha! those who work out, find a way to get their sweet fix in… so i’m sure Tay has had his cinnabon fix. speaking of… i honestly pronounce it “cinna-bon.” to each their own, i guess? :p

    @emily… seriously. he does make everything look hot. i wonder if he could even make going bathroom look hot. o.O as wack as that sounds, apparently… hot women that model with that
    “dumpy” pose is hot. i dunno. haha! this is according to one of america’s next top model’s new judges. :p unless he was being sarcastic. i couldn’t tell… seems like he wasn’t :p i know he makes doing chores sexy… we all remember his funny or die skit.

    and same as you emily, i don’t care how the layout looks, as long as the site doesn’t go away and i can submit comments and discuss taylor with you ladies.

    @kia… too funny. your niece knows ;) unfortunately, i wasn’t able to catch the TV spot. i was probably in the kitchen when it came on. and honestly, i forgot it was showing during the AI finale. i mean, i was definitely watching it… i’ve been following american idol nonstop this season, so i definitely watched it. but it’s either i wasn’t in the room or it didn’t show. which is odd if they said the tv spot would debut during the AI finale. *shrugs* good thing it was posted here. this way, we can watch it over and over again. until someone takes it down.

    @joanie… haha, sorry. guess i used “old geezers” for lack of a better word or words. :p although they’re all likely over the hill already. just looked up sandler’s age.. he’s almost 50 :p but yes, age is but a number indeed.

    @marianne… what’s a hazmat suit?

  20. accv Says:

    @kia… true, some of the older guys are actually somewhat bigger built, so they’re still able to knock the younger dudes out. :p

    oh my, that kick was so… ajlskfjasdkfla.

  21. joanie Says:

    Adam Sandler was on Leno last night and they did mention Taylor – what a great good looking “kid” he is (Leno likes Taylor, as a matter of fact so does Kimmel and Fallon (Letterman probably can’t remember who is unless someone gives him a cue card – but no matter what he DL’s a big player on the talk show circuit, so you jump when you’re asked to be on a show).

  22. accv Says:

    so apparently this is Star Magazine’s list… Star is obviously not a reputable source, but I thought this was funny. check out who they’ve listed as the Most Hated Celebrities of 2013.

    top 20 most hated 2013 —

    not that it matters, but interesting nevertheless. :p

  23. accv Says:

    @joanie… our guy is just such a hit with the talk show hosts. even ellen and kelly ripa love him. i know taylor’s guested on live with kelly and REGIS… and now michael is the host for live alongside kelly… so… he has yet to guest? or have i already forgotten? *hangs head in shame if so*

    what other talk shows has he yet to guest on… at least the ones that are GOOD? the today show, he’s guested on. i’ve seen a listing on TV for a craig ferguson show. who’s that? :p i’d love for him to guest on tyra again… unless that’s over already. not sure about another oprah guesting on her OWN network.

    what other talk shows are there? the view? :p

  24. marianne Says:

    accv….a hazmat suit is a whole body suit that’s worn for protection against hazardous materials i.e. to clean up toxic spills etc. That list of most hated was a little weird with Matt Lauer listed higher than Chris Brown a convicted woman beater.

    joanie…Letterman has had some of the most awkward interviews with Kristen. I don’t think he knows who she is as well as a lot of the younger stars that he interviews. Taylor’s ears got red when he was on Jay Leno with Martha Stewart and she asked him if he had a girlfriend.

  25. kia Says:

    Marianne..accv- Chris Brown should’ve been #1! He’s a douche!

    accv- LOL my family likes to tease me about obsession love for him. But I can’t help it.

  26. kia Says:

    “The World Loves Taylor Lautner” is trending worldwide. Gotta love those Brazilians. It should’ve been “the World Loves Taylor Lautner and Cinnabons!!

  27. marianne Says:

    kia…How about Taylor Lautner is our Cinnabon!!

  28. kia Says:

    Marianne- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Emily Says:

    joanie–Even David Letterman seemed to enjoy Taylor’s visit. It was obvious that he didn’t know much about the Twilight movies, but Taylor did make him laugh twice–once with his comment about “The View” and then about his age.

    accv–He HAS been on Kelly and Michael–it was for BD2–he and Michael did a football challenge and got along really great. Kelly even commented that they were talking football during his movie clip (or maybe during the commercial break–can’t remember which). It was much better than his last appearance with Regis where he kept trying to get him to take his shirt off–it was pretty weird–and he called him the “vampire.” I think Craig Ferguson is on like the “Late, Late Show,” so I’ve never really seen him. Tyra hasn’t had her talk show for several years.

    Sometimes, I wish I could join twitter just so I could help Taylor “trend” around the world. I have no desire to do so otherwise.

  30. joanie Says:

    @emily last year when he was on with Michael & Kelly (the one you mentioned) when he was in the Green Room – Michael brought his little girl back to meet Taylor (I think she was 4) and he was so nice talking to her. He was standing in the doorway & you could see his Dad sitting behind him… I think this is where the girl gave him the NY Yankees hat outside the show. On several of these appearances outside the shows (mostly in NY) they try to make an effort that he meet fans with disabilities (he comes from quite a large extended family and I am aware of at least 1 member with special needs). Unless it is a promotional hospital event (Ryan Secrists) these visits aren’t reported except in-house (they’re usually done as a favor for someone) . I mention it because it helps illustrate maintaining privacy regarding his personal life is a way of maintaining control – that there are definitive boundaries between his public fan driven occupation and his off the clock personal life. To have a “heart” you don’t have to wear it on your sleeve, and by keeping it under the radar makes it much more meaningful than something that can turn into another photo op. Someone here compared him to a book, that there was much more to him then just the cover (the view the public sees) and that there are many more chapters of his life that are yet to be written.
    (I have to admit Kristen really touched me when she speaks of her pets – the 1/2 wolf dogs, her cats her rescue pets – I believe she still takes her 1 special kitty with her on film shoots – anyone who loves animals gets a thumbs up from me in the have a heart department). Unconditional love is what you get from pets & sometimes that’s what gives you the strength to go on when life unravels (very few people I have found are capable of “unconditional” love).

  31. Lilome Says:

    So let me be the first to start off Gutter Saturday with a suggested reading that is oh so sweet and only slightly gutter-y as written, but your mind will drag you the rest of the way! Chapter 28 of Spindle Tree by mint energy on just do it! You’ll be glad you did. …….oh, and you’re welcome.

  32. kia Says:

    Lilome- Thank you..Nothing like a good old sweet Jacob/Bella fanfiction. Have you’ve read Coming Full Circle By Toooldforthis? Chapter 26 the Halloween party if your wondering what’s Jake’s costume? Just think of Taylor’s bull riding costume on Jimmy Fallon. And it has some gutterness but come on its GUTTER SATURDAY!

  33. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is such a sweetie………I could get two scoops of Blue Bell vanilla icecream put one on each side of him and eat him up……….
    Tay Tay was trending on twitter……….well of course he was.

  34. Mystique Says:

    Omg! I miss a few days of being on this site and I miss a whole LOT I see! Rotfl!

    Omg omg omg…..he looks SO good on that plaid shirt! I busted out laughing when he returns and kicks Adam on the face, and then Adam is like: “what were you…raised by Nokia’s??? Lol! :) Btw @Chanda, I thought it was just me who wondered what OTHER “skills” Taylor might have after seeing that clip lol! Actually, I have ALWAYS wondered that….since he seems to be so athletic and all…Lol…. He seems like he has the stamina….if you know what I mean lol! ^_^ Let me stop lol….

    Joanie–awww I didn’t know Taylor had someone with special needs in his family! Awww….no wonder….he always seems very engaging with his fans who have special needs. I’ve seen him interact with them on more than one occasion. Plenty of pics online. I even saw him in person greet a fan in a wheel chair the day I met him outside the Kelly and Michael show last year! It was so sweet. :)

    Guh…..I just love that boy! :)

  35. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique I’m in the same boat! Haha. Had to catch up and read all of the comments! Dirtying up my mind with the Tay- stamina joke! LOL.

    The whole Cinnabon line? I saw the gif set on Tumblr and just flipped out xD it is crazy @accv the frat boys kicking the older guys’ asses, but God, seeing Taylor like this, I’ve gotta see this movie! And I love Adam S.’s line,” What were you, raised by ninjas?” I’m like,” Yes… yes he was. o.o.”

    Thank you @Lilome I need ot read the whole thing, I haven’t been able to yet. So glad you suggested it, becoming obsessed. :P
    Gonna read the one you suggested too @Kia! #GutterSaturday Haha

  36. Mystique Says:

    *Vickey*–Lol! Yes! I thought it was only me. Gutter Girls unite!! ^_^

    I wanna see these gifs on Tumblr! :)

  37. Emily Says:

    Lilome–Yes, I KNEW I had read Spindle Tree before—one of my favorites. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every girl could have a Jacob like that in their life? Sighs………………………………….

  38. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily– Don’t even! Haha! It would be perfect. *sighs*
    Mystique- I reblogged them from gayfortaylorlautner’s Tumblr page. :)
    Love his blog! Haha.