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I’ve uploaded more portraits from Taylor Lautner‘s “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference that took place on April 19th.

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» 2013 Photoshoots: “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference

89 Responses to “More Taylor Lautner “Grown Ups 2″ Press Conference Portraits”

  1. marianne Says:

    I just love this photoshoot…his skin coloring, hair, eyes… asfhgjkdislf… have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

  2. kia Says:

    His arms!!!!! I just His hair!!! I can’t His smile! DEADDDDDDD!

  3. Catherine Says:

    I have had two rather large glasses of red wine, so I’m not saying a word.

    Ohhhhh my. Just stop it.

  4. vera Says:

    …it hurts so much to be in love with the masterpiece… ©

  5. Catherine Says:

    Btw, from the UK…why don’t we have Cinnabon?!!!

    Tipsy commenting now. Goodnight ladies!

  6. *Vickey* Says:

    Le Deadddddd
    Marianne– Pass me a napkin to wipe off my keyboard too! LOL.
    God, he’s perfect!! His smile and skin, just amazing. This made my entire weekend. I can always count on TLN to do that. ^.^

    Catherine– Haha! Loving your tipsy comment.

  7. chanda w. Says:

    Beautiful boy, his skin tone is just perfect! I was at the mall today with my son and nephew………..I saw the Cinnabon cafe and smiled …………caramel, sweet and desired……..sounds familiar.

  8. Mystique Says:

    Awww……I love these pics! :)

    BTW, Idk if anyone watched the 20/20 special on tonight where Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, etc interviewed some of the nominees for the billboard music awards, but I just happened to turn to the video right as Katie C. was interviewing Taylor Swift, and of course she was asking her about some of her public relationships lol. I came in towards the tail end of the interview, but Katie asked her something and Taylor remarked how SOME ex boyfriends weren’t too thrilled that some songs were written about them after the breakup. Some even called her up and weren’t too nice about expressing their unhappiness lol. I immediately started thinking about OUR Taylor and his feelings. I’ve always wondered how he really felt about the song she wrote about him. :-/ I know it was basically an apology, but still….. TL seems like a pretty private person, and I’m not too sure he wanted some of those details put out there like that.

    I wish I could find the entire interview online or something because it was pretty interesting. I’m always wondering what goes on in her little head sometimes lol.

  9. Emily Says:

    OK, it’s official.

    These pictures have just become my favorite pictures of him. EVER………………….
    He just looks so relaxed and happy and at-ease and beautiful and luscious and tan and delicious and lip-smacking good.
    I need a thesaurus to come up with some new words to describe him.

    I still do not understand why there is not video of this press conference. It’s really starting to infuriate me. I want to KNOW what is being said to cause him to make these expressions.

  10. Mystique Says:

    I agree @Emily. He looks VERY relaxed in these pics. Can you imagine when they start doing promotions and premieres for the movie?? *fangirling* ^_^

    Btw, just in case anyone is also posting on a tablet (like myself) and couldn’t view the new trailer/TV Spot for GUPS2 due to not being able to download Flash player on their tablet, here’s the YouTube version:

    Enjoy! :)

  11. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, I luv the new trailer………Tay is just too much….Lookin’ flawless, “Where u work out…Cinnabon?” His voice …omg………..just the total package is everything…..can’t wait for the promo tour. I still find it ………hmmm worthy………that someone listed uncredited /cameo…….would play such a huge role in promoting a film. NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL………………just never saw anyone else do that……………..I know Sandler has to be the one pushing it……….which is great to me………….but, either Taylor is extremely nice or he has a secret financial stake in this movie…………….I’ m gonna go with both (just my opinion) He seems very business savy.
    On a different topic …saw a recent pic of Sara with her cheer group…….she’s a pretty girl, but not someone I see on Tay’s level of hotness…………..he say’s he’s single anyway…………..just when he does finally admit to dating someone or has another serious relationship………..if not a model………..her features should be similar to Lily’s. Not really a fan of hers anymore, but she’s beautiful……..and her and Taylor’s chemistry in Abduction was (one of Tay’s favorite words) amazing.

    Like when Jennifer Aniston (spell) and Brad Pitt got together ….they were adorable……she was a cute girl and he was so handsome……….but when Pitt and Angelina got together……… was……….oh ok…… that’s a super-couple.
    I’m going on and on about looks………… Taylor is just such a beautiful guy inside and out……….hope he finds his true love to be on the same level.

    There was a lot of mentions of Steven Strait and Taylor on twitter………….I was wondering does Strait have a new project coming out? Sudden interest. I’ve always thought Strait was drop dead gorgeous……….Convenant , 10,000bc, but then he just sorta fell off……………….he was like on the verge on being the new it guy …and it never happened. I don’t want Tay’s career to follow that path………but Tay was already the it guy……………..he’s surpassed a lot of guys twice his age, but I wanna see him ALL OVER THE PLACE AGAIN! Because I wasn’t invested the first time around. He doesn’t have to hit #1 on the starmeter again……..but just wanna see more of him……………so much so that others will say……………”there’s Lautner again………he’s everywhere!” And his fans could say……….”Yeah , he is!!” Come out of hiding cutie!!

  12. accv Says:

    Yah. He’s perfect. Kill me now. Sometimes, I feel it’s so unfair when someone as perfect as he is is born into this world and then becomes this huge, amazing whatever and it’s like.. a big fat tease. jsaflakjsdfasl. It’s like, “I exist, and you can’t have me.” BAH. Thanks for NOT making it any easier, Hollywood :p

    @Mystique… I totally watched that last night. And because I wanted to… looked interesting. I’m addicted to celebrity news, so yah. And yes, I saw Swifter’s part. And the whole time, I just had the look of “whatever” on my face. She’s so… I dunno. It’s like, obviously some of of your subjects wouldn’t be happy with a song written about them, especially one airing some part of their life they want kept private. And her reaction is still, “WELL, I hit the nail on the head then.” Uhhhmm… you have an issue with someone in your life… you take it up with THAT PERSON. The world doesn’t need to know. Sure, it’s her music… but she can just do songs that are inspired by the situation and not necessarily revealing the situation. Honestly, I think Taylor’s BTD song was the most obvious. The subject wasn’t hard to guess at all because the lyrics were so transparent. And despite it being an apology of sorts, it was still slightly detrimental to her because she kind of put Taylor in this helpless light… as if she destroyed him. But definitely not. The way she sings “You gave me roses and I left them there to die…” Uhhhhh… subtle, Swifter. SUBTLE. Way to say sorry to Taylor. Ugh. Just a lot of what she said annoyed me. And lately, I feel like she’s trying too hard to come off “sexier.” Or is that just me? :p And I’m sure Taylor’s too much of a gentleman to say much about the song… but you never know if he gave her a mouthful in private or perhaps some choice words. *shrugs* Like litebrite said, Taylor’s much more than what we see on-screen… he’s a developing novel :p

    @emily… same here. wish we could see these press conferences. makes me wonder what questions he’s answering, too. he’s such a model, though. different emotions and expressions in his face. tyra would be proud. he just needs to smize more :p!

    @mystique… i wonder if it’s because of the material of the movie that he’s working with that’s making him look much more relaxed than usual. the questions resonate with the movie, so maybe that’s why he looks the way he does. yay for relaxed taylor! and hopefully there will be more promos with him later on! and of course, another project actually announced or started. i know he mentioned “in 2 months” during his ryan seacrest interview… so hopefully it’s for real. i won’t believe it until he makes it official or we see pictures of something.

    and of course, he looks so smooth in these pictures… so alive. the lighting and coloring just do so much justice to him. i kind of wish his hair was shorter… but w/e. he pulls off this hairstyle, too. gah, he looks incredible!

  13. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Re: Sara…Some of the candid pics of Sara out with Taylor are more flattering imo because the makeup she wears for dancing is heavy. She has beautiful eyes. I have a feeling that Taylor isn’t going to pick a girl that has “been around the block” so to speak. Someone who is natural and not high maintenance, athletic, sweet personality, friendly (Sara was homecoming queen), and most importantly imo a virgin. He strikes me as a guy that wants to be the first and only.

    accv…Mystique…I saw that interview with Miss Velveeta Cheese and whenever I see her lofty attitude about exposing people in her songs, I think good luck with being alone with your cat.

  14. chanda w. Says:

    Uhh….Marianne……..r u saying Sara is still a virgin??? If so that is great……..but I’m pretty sure Tay is not. Guess I didn’t realize he was so religious………if this is the case…………makes me adore him even more………..he would seem like that type………….who wasn’t into sloppy seconds. As for Swift, that BTD song does come off like she’s bragging about hurting him……and she wonders why her relationships don’t last? She has burned so many bridges……the only guys that would date her now………would do so ………just to get fame recognition and to get on the LIST…………she’s gonna have a hard time finding someone who actually cares about her………..and Gomez is following the same pattern. But Tay is so sweet………..if u ask him about them he’ll say………they are great girls………..when he really want’s to say………….girl, u a ho………lol.
    accv…u r so right………she’s making money off of embarrassing her exes……..ALL of them…….good or bad…………at least give some of the money to charity or the guys themselves. A lot of people write about their personal life……..but we don’t know who they are talking about…………Swift sorta goes out of her way to let u know which guy it is………giving heavy clues………then pretending she wants to keep the names private. So phony. Maybe one day Tay will crack and chew her out in public………….he did state that he wants a girl who doesn’t pretend………….so that could be his CLASSY way of telling her off.
    I think Tay has a lot of pressure off of him………now that the Twi series is over………..think he held on and is still holding a lot of secrets. I complain about not seeing him much ………just miss that handsome face on mag covers…….but I know he is taking his time and picking projects he is sincere about……..not just a paycheck. GUPS2 was a smart move ………….u could tell he had so much fun…….it just radiates off of him.

  15. carrie Says:

    So, the Golden Couple (gag) broke up, and less than 24 hours before the press dragged Taylor into it.

    I for one hope he stays away. I don’t care for Kristen and her friends. Stay away from the Funk Bunch, Tay.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    Why is Tay’s name always attached to this PR couple. Dang it! Twilight is over and apparently so is the fake relationship. Do they really think Taylor wants KS………..? Please………he has taste and if they are hanging out………..she begged him too. I do hope it is not true………..I don’t want Taylor anywhere near the Funk Bunch or the pretend couple. He has a movie to shoot and his fans are waiting……………NO DRAMA.

  17. Emily Says:

    Maybe she’ll set her sights on some scientist/explorer next and follow him to Antarctica. Then we wouldn’t have to hear about her anymore. She could walk around scowling with the penguins. I saw “the news” last night and wondered how long it would take for Taylor to get inserted into the headlines. Please just let it really be over so we don’t have to hear about their every move.

  18. marianne Says:

    chanda w….I only “presumed” that Sara is a virgin basing it off the books she said she reads. ( I am familiar with the books.) Before she stopped posting on twitter she use to post scripture and she also has friends that are active in Young Life. As far as Taylor, who knows but I think his parents have raised such a gentleman that I don’t think he would treat sex cheaply.

  19. marianne Says:

    Carrie…Emily….”Maybe she’ll set her sights on some scientist/explorer next ” LOL Rupert is divorced now, so let’s hope she’s with him. I am going to miss the gas station dates.

  20. kia Says:

    I can care less about the “formal beloved Couple” but don’t drag Taylor in this mess. I don’t want Kristen to use Taylor again , I don’t need to see photo op’s of him hanging out with the OG funk crew!

  21. *Vickey* Says:

    Ughh the funk crew. ://
    Yeah IMDB felt the need to inform me of their breakup. Haha.
    They are bound to get back together though, IDK they just are.
    As for why they’re bringing Tay into this, I have no idea, it obviously has nothing to do with him. Lol.

  22. vera Says:

    Thor (Taylor’s agent) spends time with CJ ,Tarik spends time with CJ and Scout (there are photos in instagram and tweets), I conclude that Taylor also somehow communicates with KS, especially if he knows the couple was fake .. who knows what will happen next?he is a big boy now, let him do what he wants,if he wants to continue, it will communicate with her .. but he should not forget about work.

  23. chanda w. Says:

    Vera , who is CJ?? And true, Tay can spend time with whoever………truly his business, but he doesn’t appear to like confusion so if he is comforting KS…it is because he truly cares about her…………and she seems to take advantage of the situation. Taylor’s name does seem to get put in the middle of mini dramas…….whenever Swift dates or ends a relationship………his name is inserted……the fake couple news and now Demi L. and SG……..are mending a broken friendship and our Taylor and Swift were sited as part of the reason they were having a feud in the first place. Don’t even understand how Tay could be involved in ending a friendship. Just wanna see more attention focused on him and his work ………not these petty side stories. Still doing the countdown to Tracers……….less than a month away!!

  24. Mystique Says:

    @Chanda—Yeah, whatever happened to Steven Strait?? Lol…it’s like he came and went so fast rotfl! I think the fact that 10,000 BC didn’t do too well at the box office was the cause for his popularity not really going anywhere. He’s a cute guy too. I’m sure he’ll have another chance in the future.

    Accv, Marianne—RE: TS’s interview…..oh *barf* thank goodness I didn’t see the entire thing! She sounds so clueless! ROTFL @ “Good luck with your cats” lol!! Right! She thinks she knows men, but she has NO clue whatsoever. Most guys don’t find a woman who “kisses and tells” all that classy at all. :( The only thing I like about Taylor Swift is her fashion sense. She seems to always look great on the red carpet…I’ll admit that lol. :) Other than that, she’s a little dense.

    @Marianne—I agree, Sara is MUCH prettier when she’s not wearing her “performing” makeup. In fact, she strikes me as a girl who doesn’t really need TOO much makeup really. Actually LESS is probably more for her. She does have beautiful eyes. She’s probably also prettier (and TINIER!) in person….most people are lol.

    @Chanda—Idk if Sara is still a virgin, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Judging from some of her tweets, she seems pretty religious.

    Speaking of the V-card…How do you know that Taylor isn’t still holding on to his? I’m just wondering.. You seem pretty confident that he’s NO longer a virgin lol! I mean, I wouldn’t know personally….OBVIOUSLY (I WISH!) lol, but I’m just wondering what gives you the impression that Taylor’s not a virgin?? Just curious…. ^_^

    @Carrie—Hallelujah!! Robsten have FINALLY split up! LOL! Gosh….Stevie Wonder could have seen that coming a mile away lol. It was SO obvious. Maybe they will get back together in the future, but at least for right NOW, they needed to break up. It was so obvious that they weren’t happy…..Or, at least Rob never seemed all that happy ever since the “scandal”. :-/

    Chanda, Kia, Vickey—I don’t care for Taylor being around the “Funk Crew” again either, but I think I agree with @Vera. Taylor is grown, and I think he still has a friendship with Kristen, no matter what happens with Rob. So…..I guess he feels like she’s a friend in need if they ARE indeed hanging out together. Again….I’m not too sure if this is even true, because where are the pics???? Anyway, I trust Taylor’s judgement, and even though I don’t like the prospect of he and Kristen hanging out again, I have to realize that she may just need a supportive shoulder to cry on.

    She just seems very destructive in love for some reason. One of those “leave me and I’ll die” type of girls. Idk…. I think what’s really eating her up is the GUILT. :(

  25. Mystique Says:

    *Sidebar*—– But I swear, if she USES Taylor in any way that is NOT “kosher”, I will NOT be pleased at all! >:-(

  26. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, I don’t know first hand if Tay is a virgin (a girl can dream). He just carries himself in a very mature manner, a gentleman with a lot of sex appeal……so I just think he may have been around the block at an early age. He gets even better looking as he gets older and his skin is flawless………….someone is getting that “d” ! Lucky……(Taylor brings out the bad girl in me), but we are all grown so it’s cool.

    So thankful that the pretend couple news is not as major as it was last summer…………most folks could care less……….think only their fans want updates.
    Hollywood l and x17 have both inserted Tay’s name as a comforter to KS……….I’m sure he’s being a good friend, but I don’t believe he is getting in the middle of anything. Actors, so insecure, they get paid to pretend, which is probably why most can’t be real for long…………………glad our Tay has a good head on his shoulders. Good parents.
    I might have been harsh on Sara…………don’t know her……….and if Tay is still involved in her life………….he must really care for her. Saw a clip on You Tube……..Taylor interviewed by Jeanne Wolf s……….(Eclipse) It was a cool interview…..she asked some good questions and he was quick to answer…….smarty. Still don’t know how to post anything.

  27. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Mystique…I have avoided HLies and x17 for so long that I forget they are still in business. I saw on a few tumblrs that they were claiming Taylor was consoling KS. Rupert is free and they can have roadside dates whenever they want now. All three need to move on.

    vera…Tarik and cj and scout…that’s an interesting group. Is cj a client of Thor’s?

  28. Mystique Says:

    @Chanda—Btw, going back to a comment you made earlier about Taylor and finding a girl on “his level of attractiveness” lol….look, I know that simple physical attraction or good looks do NOT a good bf/gf make BUT…..have you ever thought about Ariana Grande for him? I’ve always thought that Ariana would make a nice future co-star opposite Taylor, and also even a nice girlfriend lol.

    I think she’s gorgeous, and they even seemed to have a little bit of chemistry together when she interviewed him last year for BD2. Idk why, but I just sensed something during that interview. They were so cute together! :) Idk how old she is, but I could totally see it. ^_^ I think Taylor usually goes for girls a little older than him lol, but I think Ariana would be right up his alley lol. Here I am playing matchmaker haha. ;)

    Here’s the clip of their interview together:

  29. Mystique Says:

    Seems as though Ariana is pretty talented also, and sings pretty well! :)

    Here’s her latest single apparently….but bad on the vocals!

  30. Mystique Says:

    I meant NOT bad on the vocals lol!

  31. accv Says:

    chanda, marianne… sara really is a beautiful young lady. and her more candid pics (yes, like the ones with taylor) reveal a much more natural sara… thus, more beautiful. i personally find her beautiful even with all that heavy cheerleader makeup on but i get what you mean. then again, she’s way better off with less. WAY better. she’s a natural beauty. even her instagram pics when she’s just being silly in front of the camera… so much more appealing than when we see her in clipper girls photo-ops and stuff. and chanda… funny you say if or when he finds someone, she should have features like lily. YUP. those two were adorable together. i dunno why, they just were. but i gotta say… lily’s annoyingly beautiful. she has such classic, delicate doll-like features… seriously like a modern-day combo of audrey hepburn and elizabeth taylor. phil collins and lily’s mom jill tavelman sure got lucky with their offspring. :p

    oddly enough, i’m tired of brangelina. i really did like aniston and pitt together, though. angelina just has this inconsistent vibe about her. *shrugs*

    RE: steven strait… i remember when he was considered for the role of jake, right? or it was speculated that he was… althoughhhh, glad it didn’t happen :p taylor’s was jake through and through. no denying that. twilight wouldn’t have been the hit it was if taylor hadn’t been jake. period. and steven strait’s alright. he looks better with shorter hair, that’s for sure. i remember some parts of the covenant trailer and thought he looked great with the short hair. although, i admit, i was more interested in chase crawford :p at the time, of course. i still think taylor’s hotter. :p chanda, didn’t 10,000 bc flop, though?

    and chanda… taylor’s STILL the new “it” guy :p at least, for me he is.

    RE: the golden couple’s break-up news… bleck. did they REALLY have to drag taylor into it, again? they couldn’t have made up something else? :p eh… grab’s people’s attention, figures. oh well, comes with the territory. pitfall of having to work in the business… you get dragged into issues that have nothing to do with you but because you worked with the subjects or good friends with them, you’re part of it anyways. lame. however, it isn’t far off if taylor ever did want KS at some point. i’m sure he has had some sort of crush on her before. and she was always herself with him… and that’s one thing taylor never fails to point out about the ladies he’d date. be themselves. that’s one thing i will admit to… i do appreciate KS’s way of being true to herself. that’s all :p don’t hurt me. *cringes* :p

  32. accv Says:

    haha.. RE: taylor and sara’s virginity, naturally we can only speculate. we can only assume from what we read and see through body language. i think i’d LIKE to believe taylor is a virgin. and sara.. perhaps she really is. but just because you’re generally nice, really good people doesn’t mean you can’t succumb to it. never know. :p besides, sex shouldn’t be taboo. we’re all here because of it, exceptions apply, of course. :p

  33. accv Says:

    @mystique… PLEASE look up ariana’s rendtion of “i believe in you and me” by whitney houston. it’s acapella. beautiful cover, really. ;)

  34. accv Says:


  35. chanda w. Says:

    interesting pick of Ariana…Mystique……….I liked her interview with Taylor too……….at the end she tried to high five him………….. and he was like no……give me a hug…………..(sexy) She was caught off guard….and u could tell she luved it. They definitely have chemistry, but she sorta strikes me as another one of those girls screaming to get their heart broken………….in a few years………she’ll drool over a guy like Tay. I think that is why he has such devoted older fans……………his manners are appreciated.
    Accv………don’t get it twisted…………Taylor is forever my “It” guy……………just miss getting constant news…..on him. I do have to agree that KS does seem to be herself…….very tortured soul seems…….but didn’t she grow up in the business……..don’t understand the source of her being so unhappy. Tay does seem one of the few that can make her smile………..says a lot about him.

    Didn’t realize 10,000 bc flopped………..I went to the theatres and just melted over Strait……………I expected to see him everywhere…………but that was not the case……………he’s still in his twenties……who knows what will happen?
    Speculating about Tay’s sex life…………something to continue to ponder on………lol!
    I agree he doesn’t seem the type to take physical intimacy lightly.

  36. Lilly Says:

    If you’d like to read something fun tonight I suggest you all go to the Blind Gossip site. They talk about the couple and it’s really interesting to realise it was a fake/pr relationship.But I feel bad for their fans though.

  37. litebrite Says:

    Yes, it is not uncommon to have contracts (agreements) between 2 individuals. and yes this is quite common in el lay. (oh no, and you’ve been blaming Summit all these years). well, you’ve been partially correct.

    You ( or your lawyer/legal team) draw it up –quite simple
    1) full name of both parties, the type of contract, and the date
    2) reason/purpose for the contract (both individuals involved must have an obligation to fulfill – can’t be one sided) it can be regarding a product, monetary value, or (ta da) a service. example: 1 gets $$$ & the other gets a service or they share the headlines or whatever their little deal between the 2 of them is
    3) there must be an exact stipulation of dates (duration – when it starts & ends)
    4) if there is a breech of contract, there would/should be a clause that stipulates what type of penalty will be enforced ( or even a lawsuit -but they really don’t want this to see the light of public opinion -).
    5) They each get a copy of said contract with an original signature- so they must sign both copies -line one is their signature, line 2 is their name printed in full and line 3 is the date

    No it does not have to be notarized (a notary is only verifying that the signatures are real) but this is not going to be filed with the courts, it is going into the legal reps or personal file of the contractees – and yes it is legal

    So – I solemnly swear I know nothing about nothing, but all of the scoffers who hoot & holler that phoney baloney relationships don’t exist don’t know nothing – although they think they know everything about the personal behind closed door lives of people they have never met…….

    actors act and it isn’t always on stage or screen – Damn what can you believe in anymore….but at least on this site you’ve had a few in the know who’ve been giving you hints not to believe everything you hear or see coming out of el lay.

    Now if I had an opportunity for such a contract i would willingly do so for – hmmmm-
    a jag, season tickets for the Cleveland Indians – some of the best fans in the world there (no matter how often their teams suck) – some designer duds – and a vacation in Costa Rico – for my part I would be a premo escort to fancy restaurants or crappy bars, would trek through grubby airports with backpack filled with hemp, and get custody of any varmints mutually adopted during said duration of contract if need be – would I really do this – Hell NO – I’m no actor – what you see is what you get…
    and neither want or need headlines. TA DA

  38. litebrite Says:

    Forgot to mention – it would be wise to have witnesses who then put their John Hancock on said document – the janitor, the parlor maid, mom, dad, or your legal team rep or publicist.
    It is legal commitment/document – and if one does get fed up & tells the other to stuff it – then said crack legal reps start negotiating (and usually there is a whiff of blackmail (nahhhh) just kidding; but if you want to play hardball, it would be “you hold up your end of the contract for it’s entire agreed upon date” or people will know why you …..

  39. vera Says:

    @Chanda..CJ is a KS friend ,he is the funk crew member,he is on the same photos..
    marianne.. =Is cj a client of Thor’s?=
    i don`t think so.CJ is hair stylist, though ..
    Ashley Benson ,she is Thor’s client , she is hang out now with the KS friends too .

  40. firereign Says:

    @not so bright litebrite been at the Paul Hobbs Cabernet I see – and I take it wasn’t a glass or two but rather a bottle or two – who footed the bill for that you sweet talking con (like I didn’t know). I’m terminating our contract as of now – I’ll walk my own dogs and feed my own cat and you can buy your own wine – and for anyone thinking I flounce & bounce when I walk……you’re wrong (and neither does dim bulb) – or do we???? or is he just a stupid jack ass relative????

  41. Catherine Says:

    Maybe it’s too early in the morning for me to understand some of this ;)

    Anyway. I’m in the minority, but I hope Taylor IS hanging out with Kristen behind the scenes.

    They’re longtime friends. That counts for a LOT. (I still love the Eclipse interviews they did together.) Whatever else you ‘fake’, you can’t fake genuine chemistry. No, I don’t always like her, but if she’s upset, and he’s the decent guy we believe he is, he’ll be there. We just won’t be seeing it. Taylor and KS’s friendship was the most consistent thing about Twilight…

    Right. I’m getting on a plane to Portugal! I want cast lists, location details, filming dates and set photographs when I return!!! Fingers crossed :)

  42. Lilome Says:

    Firereign I thought it odd we hasn’t heard from you, commenting on certain remarks. If I’m reading your cryptic message correctly, my hunch was right! Sometimes these posts have ulterior motives. I’m glad you’re back.

  43. joanie Says:

    OKKKK – so individuals can have their own little business contract between themselves is what your saying (& does not necessarily have to be a part of a studio contract).
    So I could have a contract with Bilbo Boggins Jr that says for 5 months or 5 years & 13 days – we will imply that we’re a cuddly twosome – I will bat my eyes – you will wiggle your nose and let the morons run with it – so we can get headlines.
    and for safety’s sake we decided to add a third party in a codicil to our contract at a later date (all with the consent of our advisors who probably came up with this dog of a deal to begin with –
    the now added third parties obligation would be to act as a buffer when one or the other of us (the original twosome) get’s fed up with our deal & would like nothing more than to knock the other’s a$$ into the next century – their obligation would be to remove bat from the hand and hide it – and to eloquently jabber & stand between us to prevent overt punching or uncouth talk about one another from making it out over the open mic. also the third party will play travel nanny for one or another of ticked off twosome when we refuse to be in the same state or country as the other 1/2 of our twosome –
    Wow – just think of all the rumors we can start with this new knowledge……
    I love all this melodrama – they should make a movie about it – a documentary.

  44. marianne Says:

    vera…Thank you for answering my question re cj.

    joanie….I can see someone from the Twilight cast (not the big three) writing a book for the right pric

    I feel like Lilly on the breakup of the epic couple…bad for their fans. Some of those girls are young and want to believe in true love. They project all their feelings about love onto “famous couples.” I have always felt RK were a pr couple and in the early days, when I was on Twi sites I would point out why I thought they were. They would pounce on me with all the epic reasons they were in “lurve”—shared clothes, similar gestures in interviews, the love bubble, blah blah blah. So many pic manips and when you would tell them that they wouldn’t have to be photographed in airports etc. if they used the vip entrances and that the photo ops were set up, they just went on and on about their lack of privacy ugh. As a Taylor fan, it was so annoying how they went on and on about him being the third wheel etc. when RK was such a sham. Nice that Taylor is out of Twi and his fans can just watch the meltdown. ( I am going to miss all the fuzzy pics with red circles from RK fans.)

  45. marianne Says:

    oops…forgot the e on price.

  46. Lilly Says:

    @marianne: I’d buy that book for sure lol The fans keep saying that Nikki R. would be that person but I bet on Ashley Greene.

  47. marianne Says:

    Lilly….Nikki R. didn’t hold out for more money but Ashley and Kellan did. I would go with Ashley or Kellan if the price was right. Kellan seems to enjoy fame so if Hercules doesn’t shoot him to superstardom, I would bet on him.

    I am thinking of opening a tattoo removal parlor for all that RK/BE ink that is no longer relevant.

  48. joanie Says:

    I would go with a lesser known member of the cast or someone on the crew – depends on whether they signed a confidentiality agreement that would mandate a penalty or payback of compensation.
    Keeping up a charade for the length of time as implied would be unbelievably difficult given their popularity & obsessed following. We have the couple & we have the trio & Taylor even though young did seem to eventually be the spokesperson of the group.
    The pressure valve – and he did seem to be quite comfortable with the other 2 and they both appeared comfortable with him alone or when the 3 were together

  49. chanda w. Says:

    There was this show on CW I think…..that showed the “real” side of LA entertainment scene and they had an episode where they talked about how common dating contracts were in hollywood………the show was cancelled(it wasn’t very good, but I remembered that storyline. I think some tried to put Taylor on that path, but he was smart enough……….to keep saying…..I’m single. Guess he had first knowledge of all the fakeness and did not want to participate.
    I told you so………… longer seems appropriate………… one cares anyway.
    Maybe now fans will stop wasting their lives fawning over celebs and watching their own opportunities …..fall by the wayside. I think it is fun to act silly over someone you admire, but being so invested………….knowing EVERYTHING…….home address, phone #’s, personal info of friends, family………that is not ok.
    Lily……….. Nikki R……..tried to give clues………she once called RP a liar and said that she had a hard time reading about her friends and “fake” drama. She was dropping hints……..probably because RP had to drop her to get with KS. And I have no doubt Ashley G. or even Kellan L. would gladly spill the beans for the right price…………they both seem sorta shallow.
    Once again …..this makes Taylor shine……………such a good friend…………..he could have easily told everything……….but he did not say a negative word. Luv him!!

  50. annie Says:

    Holy aunt jemima pancake mix -how in the blazes can they keep coming up with these things – just when you think things have finally been put to rest – this crap rises again and is plastered all over the place – somebody needs to stick a fork in it, cause it is done, over, finis (the cookie has crumbled….move on……
    I wouldn’t care if it were just the twosome but they haul in Taylor….no wonder he says he’s single….I would to if I had a front row seat to the neverending train wreck like he had

  51. kia Says:

  52. kia Says:

    New Grown Ups International trailer.

  53. *Vickey* Says:

    @chanda w. I see what you’re saying, what was the name of that show?
    IDK, I love Kellan and Ashley, not referring to them as a couple, but as people. Kellan seems pretty humble to me, with all he does for charity and all. :)
    I agree, I don’t blame Tay for not getting involved in that kinda stuff, it always ends up pretty bad.

    @annie “Holy aunt Jemima pancake mix” <—— LOVE it! Hahaha.

    @kia Thanks for posting! Love the handshake bit! Can't wait to see that movie. :P

  54. kia Says:

    Vera- Me too! Its funny when you see the frat boys & the old guys running towards each other to fight and you can spot Taylor on point. Look at boy .being the ringleader. HOT

  55. chanda w. Says:

    The new trailer does look funnier than the others…………….the movie is gonna be so good. @kia……………right…………..Tay being a ringleader……….nothing new……….sexy boy. Can’t wait for this movie! Saw Star Trek……….entertaining……….but overrated………Chris Pine is a hottie. And Fast and Furious next weekend………oh yeah!!
    And in a couple of weeks Tracers starts filming………..good summer!!

  56. joanie Says:

    thanks for the trailer -loved the raft

    @annie holy aunt jemima ……. got to me. Now I want bacon…..all this recycling of are they, aren’t they, will they, won’t they added to the fact I’m getting as old as dirt waiting for taylor to make an announcement has unhinged me a bit…….that plus the fact that it seems if you are a Taylor gal pal you have to seek out the other xxxxxxx’s (don’t know about Sara probably not an xxxx just an ongoing thing) why would they do that, cause he has such secret talents that the only one’s they can talk about it with is another xxxxx – or gal pal (one of the hobo league drove KS over to Taylor’s (Swift that is). …. everybody says he smells so good I bet he smells like bacon sizzling…..he’s probably so hot they cook bacon on his chest – that’s why they all come together – they’ve all had a “menage a troi” event with him……it was them , him and a pound or 2 of bacon – they’re’ probably trying to figure out which one of them made him the hottest (it was really the bacon but we won’t tell them)>
    Am I losing it or have I lost it…….I’m like lost in the desert dying of thirst waiting for taylor to announce whatever a commercial a infomercial a movie……do it sooon.

    Hey on twitter they had a picture of pre teen Tay with pre teen Victoria Justice & they have the same nose………anybody else see it??? he stuck with his, but it looks like hers morphed into a bit of a different one.

  57. chanda w. Says:

    Joanie, u r not losing it………………I was thinking the same thing about Swift now being involved in this fake drama……………….now Tay’s name will definitely continue to be linked with this garbage. I don’t understand any of it………………….how are these people all friends…………..I don’t think I could be best pals with someone who dated a guy I dated………….I don’t think I could be friends with someone who broke my other friends heart………………………….Seeing KS and TS linked as good friends……….makes me feel sad for Taylor……….I don’t know why…………..maybe he’s cool with it…………maybe they all are good friends……..but I have my doubts…………which is why I worry about who he can trust. Why in the hell would anyone want advice from TS……………..she had a good guy in Tay and was too stupid to realize it. Telling her business to anyone that will listen………….. how can KS go from being so secretive about her life to now………..she basically poses for the paps and her “friends” are constantly giving exclusive interviews……….what happened?? Taylor , cutie , now this might be your cue to leave KS alone………..if she is besties with TS………this will not end well……………….and your loving fans don’t want you anywhere near the fallout………….you are too precious………let those two crazies……….seek comfort together. As we are patiently waiting, you have a movie to promote and another to start filming……………..unlike them……….you’ve got stuff to do.
    Saw that pic of Taylor and Victoria days ago……… cute……………..Tay’s glorious features haven’t changed at all………….Victoria , guess was nudged into changing some of hers………….too bad I thought she looked great then too. (If that was really her).
    Tay was too smart to mess with perfection.

  58. marianne Says:

    What is up with KS and Miss Velveeta Cheese?

  59. joanie Says:

    @marianne one of the “hobo brigade” chauffeured her over to swifty’s mansion a giggling & a laughing for whatever the reason girlie talk or whatever, or so the newest quirky internet gossip is saying. so we have swift, selena, lily, and now kristen intermingling (Sara is still on her own) but like I said its gotta be the bacon…..yum, yum , yum what else do these feather brains have to talk about (I have to admit I sorta like Lily).

  60. kia Says:

    Marianne ,Chanda- I find it hard to believe that Kristen and Swifty aka Velveeta being all buddy buddy all of sudden. Plus ain’t TS on Tour? Its just gossip,until there pics of them together with Swift surprise reaction “OMG she’s my new BFF” Then I’ll believe it.LOL But right now I’m just gonna sit here and what for Tracers news. That’s more important then this “Drama going on…

  61. accv Says:

    @chanda… it seems taylor just prefers to give hugs as a personal way of thanking others for giving them their time to him. appreciative/courtesy hug. but not complaining. that’s very sweet of him. of course, that’s for the ladies.. the high fives are likely reserved for the men. not that he hasn’t given hugs to the men :p also, i get what you mean about being the “It” guy has its perks of seeing him everywhere. ;p and yes, KS does seem to be herself despite Hollywood trying to mould her into something else. and i’m sure that’s one of the reasons why taylor and her are still friends. he wants to surround himself with real people. and although KS is still quite the opposite of taylor… she’s still herself.

    @Catherine… I agree. I like Tay and KS’s friendship. Just seems very candid.

    and admittingly, i think Nikki just has this quality of honesty about her. like she really wants to speak her mind. so if anyone were to write a tell-all about the cast, it’d be her… with likely input from ashley and kellan. :p

    wellppp. i guess i feel bad for the fans because i’ve been in their shoes. and marianne, i know what you mean because i used to be so invested in this young, beautiful filipino showbiz couple because i projected my desires for true love onto them (i was young, had a rocky household… needed an outlet). but i was lucky because they weren’t PR. it seems filiipinos love easily, and when you work with someone for so long on projects (their tv dramas… called soap operas or telenovelas were literally novels being adapted onto the boob tube) they develop feelings for one another. however, things went downhill for them… things went downhill for me. kinda like what chanda said… being so invested is NOT ok. which is why it’s a good thing taylor doesn’t have a “set partner” because then i’m only obsessed with him and fantasizing about being with him. what? :p

    the fact that it’s not uncommon for hollywood to have fake relationship contracts is just wrong. i get it’s part of marketing/pr, but that doesn’t make it right. in fact, a lot of the entertainment business is effed up. blah. so whoever can manage to be in and come out themselves anyway, i salute you!

  62. accv Says:

    “kristen and swifter hanging out” – YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME, SMALLS.

  63. kia Says:

    accv- LOL .one of my favorite movie quotes from my favorite childhood movies! Gotta love The Sandlot!

  64. marianne Says:

    kia…joanie…Swift and KS sharing boyfriend stories….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….KS swearing will melt Swift’s false eyelashes!

  65. Emily Says:

    If any of the Twi cast ever did a tell-all, I would want it to be Anna Kendrick doing an interview AS JESSICA from the movies. You know she would have the best scoops about EVERYONE.

    All this PR relationship stuff is just sad to me. Having to be with someone just to further your career—-I could maybe understand it for a few months, but 4 YEARS?!?! If it has been a sham the whole time, not that I really care either way, I hope it was worth it to them. There were many reports that Taylor and Lily were a PR couple. I don’t know, but at least they did seem to genuinely like each other—can’t say that about R/K all the time.

  66. Mystique Says:

    Accv–Thanks for the recommendation of Ariana’s song! She sounds just like Whitney eh? Ok I definitely have to check that out lol.

    Chanda–oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who could possibly see Taylor and Ariana together lol. :)

    ‘re: The “Golden Couple” and recent gossip…..
    Wowwww….all of this is news to me! I mean, I know there have been rumors for years of R and K being a PR couple,but I just always shrugged them off as mere tabloid fodder. To this day I STILL think that they were a real couple, but that Rob liked Kristen more, and he was urged to hold out as long as he could after her cheating scandal. But the whole thing being a scam for 4 years??? Naaaa….I don’t believe that…not in the least.

    I’m not saying however that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in Hollywood, because I’m sure it’s VERY prevalent in the industry…but I’m not sure I believe that everything was a scam with R and K. :-/

    Does anyone have that link to the Blind Item/Gossip stating that this relationship was just PR?

    Emily–Lol it’s funny you mention Taylor and Lily, because honestly….(and I know I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for saying this but…..) deep down I’ve always kind of felt that his relationship with Lily WAS a PR ploy….you know, something to help Abduction get more “buzz”. What’s more “buzz-worthy” than two of the hottest young stars from a new movie dating each other? I’m even wondering if the Taylor Swift romance/fling was also sort of “set up” in some kind of way. I’m just saying! You really can’t trust anything in Hollywood lol! I saw that first hand when I went to a TV show taping lol! There are so many “behind-the-scene” secrets that you come to realize…and this was just a measly TV show taping!!! Lol :) You can’t trust anything you see on tv. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that NOTHING is real in Hollywood, just that you can’t always believe what you see.

    I’ve always found it interesting how Taylor always comes back to Sara. My guess?? He’s probably always been in a relationship with her for years off and on, but he’s been asked to sort of start on screen romances with his costars from his other films in order to sell the movie. Of course, he couldn’t do that for Twilight because NOBODY and NOTHING was supposed to outshine the “Golden Couple” lol.

    Idk….I’m just wondering….I’ve always had that sneaking suspicion. If this is indeed the case, then maybe Sara is cool with it because she knows it’s all “work”….it’s all part of “the job”.

    Again, I’m not saying Taylor’s past relationships in the media have ALL been PR, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be too surprised if some of them were.

  67. Lilly Says:

    @Mystique: I agree with everything you said about Taylor and Sara. And in my opinion his relationship with Swift was pr.

  68. carrie Says:

    I hated Robsten, but I think believing blindgossip is pretty silly. Their blind items are always either total fiction or taking in the conspiracy theories of fans. Of all the blind items online, they probably have the worst track record. And there’s way too much personal stuff about Robsten from all these years for me to buy it was fake…holidays, weddings, personal pics leaked from their house, their dogs.

    I do think after the scandal it was PR and Rob was probably pushed into reconciling to help BD2 promotion and to help save Kristen’s reputation. The vibe between them has been off since they “got back together” imo.

    And no way do I believe Swift and KS are friends. That’s just KS’s PR team desperately trying to sell her as some happy girly girl who’s just not bothered that she got dumped at all.

  69. marianne Says:

    carrie….I agree with you on the blind gossip items being more fabrication than truth. I think Robsten might have had some feelings for each other in the beginning and so some personal pics were available. However as time went on, it was just pr.

    I keep coming back to what Angelina Jolie said about how studios push younger actors and actresses to act like they are together in order to sell the movie. Since Taylor has a new publicist since ABD, I’m hoping that will no longer be the case. It doesn’t seem like a good thing to always be dating your leading lady. Although, you can’t help what gossip rags write about you. Sara is the only one who travels with the family, is alone with him in his car i.e. no bodyguard, pr people etc. and he travels to see her sister’s games etc. I agree with Mystique, she knows it’s work and he has probably assured her as much. It’s probably been peaceful for them the last few years since he hasn’t been linked with anyone else. He’s not kissing his sister on NYE!

  70. Mystique Says:

    Lilly, Marianne—Yeah, the more and more I look at things from an objective point of view, the more and more my brain tends to hint towards my Taylor/Sara hypothesis. It’s the only thing that actually makes SENSE! lol…

    And you’re right @Marianne, he’s ONLY pictured with her alone and with HER family. Now, I’ve seen him pictured with Swifty alone as well, but I never really saw pictures of her with him and his family, and vice versa. Plus, it so short-lived too, so that right there kind of hints towards POSSIBLY being a “PR Relationship”. Also, Taylor Swift seems like an opportunist anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought he was cute, and asked her agent to contact HIS agent and get them on a date together. Since he was young at the time, I’m sure being pursued by an “older woman” seemed pretty appealing at the time. (Little did he know she was a little nutso! lol)

    Now with he and Lily C, I think there may have been an attraction on set, and they probably played it up and decided to “date” in order to get “buzz” for Abduction. Funny, how almost as SOON as Abduction came out they suddenly “broke up”…… Again, MORE buzz for the movie. Look, in Hollywood even NEGATIVE press is STILL press. And the industry knows that. That’s the way the whole game works. Be very afraid when nobody is even INTERESTED in you enough to even write NEGATIVE press about you! LOL! ^_^

    WIth Sara though, he ALWAYS comes back to her eventually (very interesting!), and she’s been pictured not only with HIS parents, but also with his sister, etc. I’m sure someone could argue that the two of them are just “good friends” and are simply hanging out since she “knew him when”. Okay….yeah….that might be true, but ummm….didn’t he have OTHER friends while growing up in middle school and high school?? I’m sure Sara wasn’t his ONLY friend lol. So…why do we only see pictures of him with HER?? Why is she the only “token friend” that made the “cut” even AFTER he got famous?? Duhh….because she must be someone special in his life. ^_^

    Plus, if Sara is just Taylor’s “friend”, how come we barely if ever see pictures of her with another guy or “boyfriend”? Think about it… If Sara were JUST Taylor’s “friend”, she would feel perfectly comfortable hanging out with Taylor and bringing her boyfriend along with them, and he would feel comfortable doing the same (bringing his gf). Vice versa. Come to think of it, I’ve never even seen Sara around when Taylor has hung out with Kristen Stewart in all these years lol. Hmmm…interesting. Sooooo….the fact that we’ve never seen pictures like this already signifies in MY mind that they are more than “just friends”. Plus, something tells me Taylor wouldn’t be too happy seeing Sara with another guy…lol….that’s just a feeling I get, don’t ask me why lol! So, if he would get jealous about that, then that would mean to me that they’re more than just friends.

    Oh, and I’m almost 100% sure that he only says that he is “single” so that his female fans won’t be too upset lol. It happens all the time in Hollywood….especially when the star is younger. Look at Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears back in the day lol. Yeah…”single”….okay lol! But who knows…maybe Taylor and Sara DO have more of an “open” relationship and they realize that right now maybe both of them are too young or too busy to have a REAL serious relationship so they just keep things “open” for right now.

  71. vera Says:

    Mystique, Lily and Taylor broke up before the premiere of Abduction, at the first premiere in LA she was not, she appeared in London, just after the press rumors that they broke up bad .. I do not believe that this is just a PR .It seems to me, except for PR, there was also a flirting,with Lily, and with TC ..Remember, the agents brought Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt for PR, and they fell in love,so anything can happen.
    As for Robsten, I think they had a mutual attraction only at the beginning, but they have long been good and close friends, if they were not a friends, they were not to be so convincing these 3 years.
    But apart from that, I’ve heard and read the views of many people, professionals in PR strategies and PR management, who believe that the July scandal was stunt, risky, but is beneficial to all the participants of this scandal.
    it happened just in time – the premiere of Cosmopolis, On the road premiere , selling DVD of Snow White, the premiere of the latest and most important part of the Twilight franchise … such coincidences in show business almost never happens.
    despite the fact that there was a lot of negative, profit from it can be in the millions $$$, and to cover all risks.
    Recent photos of RP,in the car with the dogs, most likely the invited paparazzi… sorry, but I just laughed …

  72. vera Says:


    I do not believe that this is just a PR .It seems to me,including PR, there was also a flirting,with Lily, and with TS

  73. Mystique Says:

    Vera—Re: Abduction… Yea that’s what I meant, that Taylor and Lily broke up right around the time Abduction came out.

    Again, I’m not saying that there weren’t feelings whatsoever invovled with Lily and TS… (actually, he seemed more into Lily imo lol), but that these “relationships” may have been ENCOURAGED by PR.

    Re: Jennifer & Brad….. Yes, the two of them were set up by their agents.

    Oh and re: Rupert Sanders and “The Scandal”…. I’m not too sure I believe that this was all PR though, because Kristen sure sounded “BUSTED” after it happened, AND Rob separated from her for a while, Oh….AND their relationship never looked “the same” after that…..OH and lastly, Rupert’s wife divorced him!! So ummm…yeah….I highly doubt this was all just some “PR” scheme that was cooked up in order to get “buzz” for everyone’s movies. :-/ If that were the case, why wasn’t everyone involved in the so-called “scam”?? It just doesn’t make sense.

    I think Kristen got busted fair and square. I dont’ beleive that part was cooked up. I think Rob was encouraged to get back with her after the scandal–YES–but I don’t think it was some type of “PR Ploy”. That came waaay out of left field. She even had to cancel some appearances right after the “incident” took place. :(

  74. chanda w. Says:

    PR or not……….thank goodness it is over! I was actually able to watch BD2 without fast forwarding………I can enjoy the movies now. And Taylor needs to pump out more movies quick………..cause I can’t have a Tay movie night just watching Twi movies ……..Abduction is cool but, I’ve paused on the train scene so much….it isn’t funny……………new movies Taylor!
    Mystique, I think that Tay had an attraction to Lily, but it was pumped up during filming, but he ended it so it wasn’t obvious. I will say that ………..just my opinion…………that he truly cared or even loved Swift. They were dating before most people knew …..the summer of 09’………they didn’t go public until after the Kanye incident ….Sept. of that same year. After that public diss…………it may have been PR on Swift’s part to publicly announce that her and Tay were a couple…….and I often wonder if Kanye did not do what he did…………….would the two Taylors still be together. Tay was only 17…… I believe he was truly in love with her and she broke his heart to move on to Mayer(gross) I think the spotlight that caused her to believe the hype. And Taylor was on his way to becoming the superstar he is now ………because of New Moon…………not his pairing with Swift……….at that time he was a bigger deal than her……………before the Kanye thing…………I DID NOT KNOW WHO SHE WAS. So basically I’m saying , I think his feeling for her were genuine.

  75. joanie Says:

    Has it escaped your attn that the teen choice awards are in august & that voting is to begin about now and of course BD2 is leading the way…

  76. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-Hmmm……interesting take on Taylor and TS’s relationship @Chanda!

    I never thought about it this way. I always just thought that it was more so like “puppy love”. Idk for sure if it was PR as well, but he just always looked kind of shy around her. Definitely not as comfortable and relaxed with Swifty as he was with Lily. With Lily he had more PDA with her, and seemed overall comfortable around her. With Taylor Swift he seemed kind of shy….just a little. He was always smiling around her though lol. Maybe that “shyness” was actually more so him being into her and kind of young haha. Idk….. It DID seem like he really liked her though, especially when I listen to BTD. Plus, he did seem a little hurt when they broke up so….who knows?? Maybe it WAS the real deal? I still say if anything it was just strong infatuation. 3-6 months is a really short time!

    Joanie–Thanks for the reminder about the TCA!! I had completely forgotten lol!! So happy for him! He seems to be getting even more nominations than his other cast mates! What’s up with that?? lol! hahaha! I think he’s just a likeable guy across board. :)

  77. chanda w. Says:

    Tay is young and gorgeous………..he’s gonna get a whole lot of awards and noms in the future………….and he’s just getting started. I was happy for him too……………..seems the public does have good taste……….lol! As long as he wins best smile……….I’m cool……….because……….come on ……….just like the shirtless award……….how could you not? Is it funny that him and TS are nominated in the same catergory? Along with his other ex Selena and TS’s ex Styles…………………too funny. And Tay and Selena were totally a couple………they did travel together……….there’s a vid of them and Tay’s dad at the airport…….going through security. Wonder why neither of them wants to own up to it……….they made a cute pair………., but Tay looks good with anyone.

  78. accv Says:

    you know, i really love our novel-like responses. we’re all so analytical/thorough, it’s great! :) shows just how much we love our guy ;)

    @kia.. YES. one of my fave movie quotes but only cuz’ it amuses me. the sandlot’s ok. i wasn’t too fond of it. to each their own :p sorry! haha. but seriously… soon as i read about KS and Swifter “hanging out,” i couldn’t help myself. it just screamed needing me to quote the sandlot :p just sounds too wack to be true, and if it is… like, REALLY? of all people? i swear she was there to comfort taylor when that whole thing with him and swifter went down or something like that. i considered those 2 at the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of personality, so to find out that one of her friends drove her to swifter’s house is like WHAT??? then again, katy perry seems to be a mutual connection. her stylist, right? she’s good friends with selena and taylor… then kristen hangs out with katy’s stylist… so put two and two together, i guess? bleh. hollyWEIRD for real.

    @marianne… are we sure swifter is as pure as she seems? :p swifter doesn’t swear, eh? she could possibly be like taylor… it’s hard to believe he DOESN’T swear at all. :p but w/e. she’s just too weird herself.

    @Emily… omg. it totally didn’t think of that! anna kendrick SHOULD be the author of that tell-all. or like you said, a 20/20 interview maybe as her character jessica? would that be weird, though? :p and i agree, certain aspects of public relations is just wrong — too risky to try and fake something for the sake of promoting your work. :/ i mean, maybe… shorter months isn’t too bad but YEARS? yikes. people and money, right? anything for that check. then again, it’s a little hard to believe faking feelings for that long. like, really? if you can, that’s messed up. at least to me, it is. but if the contract is to appear like you’re a couple in public and sort of fake it in more private places in case paps show up… then maybe that’s easier? *shrugs* as for Tayly… they did seem to genuinely like each other. but i’m biased because i genuinely liked them together, too :p

    @mystique… no problem. but no, she doesn’t sound just like whitney, unfortunately. but she sounds beautiful nevertheless. very few singers these days can sound like whitney houston. whitney houston is whitney houston, that’s why. ;p and interesting you say rob liked kristen more… i think so, too. also, what was it that you saw BTS at that TV show taping? you’ve got me curious now.

    and whatever it is that he has with Sara, at least we all know she’s a great match for him. well, more like enviously know :p

    @chanda… i’m still disgusted by swifter’s blatant disregard for taylor to get with mayer. it’s like…. grodddyyyy.

    but i agree, taylor seemed kinda down after the whole thing happened with swifter. and he did go to chicago to watch her concert… so as much as i’d want to deny he had any real feelings for her, the proof is in the pudding.

    and mystique… i really liked that he looked more comfortable and relaxed around lily. he did mention how open she was with him from the start, soooo seems like he really appreciated that.

    and damnit… we’re too old to vote for the TCA’s. i REALLY want, to, though. is anyone gonna fake it and vote anyways? :p

  79. accv Says:

    @chanda… tay looks good with anyone? you sure about that? :p honestly, he didn’t look good with swifter. of course, that’s just me. lol.

  80. *Vickey* Says:

    Anna Kendrick doing a Tell-All, that would be insane. Haha.
    IDK the only thing I got a kick out of when Swift and Tay dated was the fact they were both named Taylor and I could call them T-Squared. xD I wasn’t really an advocate of them dating either @accv Eh.

    I do agree with you @Mystique about Sara being more than just a friend to Taylor, I mean he always goes back to her. :) they think they look great together.

    As for the whole Lily thing, I was a little surprise with the whole break up happening around the Premeire of the film. I did enjoy their chemistry on screen though.

    @vera Yeah! I do believe Robsten really had something, but broke it off a while ago as friends and then it just became entirely PR ran for the Twilight Saga as @Marianne said earlier.

  81. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Oh lol…regarding TV show tapings lol…. I’ve been on quite a few talk shows in the past few years, and there is a lot of “movie magic” going on behind the scenes lol.

    For example, at time I didn’t know/realize that “Late Shows” aren’t really taped at night (they’re not “live” in other words), they’re usually taped earlier in the day/afternoon lol.

    Also, one time I was on a talk show (won’t mention which), and they had to switch my seat during commercial breaks so that when the next segment came on, everyone who had a “question” to ask the guest for advice would be able to be called on easily.

    Well, when one of the girls came back to her seat I was like: “Wow…your story was amazing….how have you been able to deal with that?” She looked at me and laughed and said that the experience she was sharing wasn’t even HERS! It wasn’t real at all! I was SHOCKED! I was like: “So you mean to tell me that was all fake??” She said: “yeah, they just came around during the commercial asking if we would feel comfortable speaking on television, and I said sure.” They gave her a card with a “scenerio” or an issue that she was supposedly going through at work, and she basically brought it to the guest’s attention. The guest on stage was asking her all of these questions, and (at the time) I though it was REAL….little did I know she was making it ALL up on the cuff!! O_O

    That made me wonder…hmmm….just what OTHER stuff is “fake” on TV and in Hollywood in general?? O_o I mean, I KNOW the reasoning behind why TV shows have to do things like this (don’t want to run out of time, keep the questions short, don’t want to have an audience member asking for advice on anything TOO embarrassing/controversial or whatever lol), but I was just SHOCKED that some of these things that I see on TV aren’t real at ALL! LOL! ^_^ It certainly openend my eyes. Idk how she did it. I would have frozen lol.

    Oh, and I agree too @Accv….I didn’t think he and Taylor Swift looked all that amazing together BACK THEN. I mean, they were “cute” together of course, but I think the fact that he was kind of young kept throwing me off. But if he and Swifty were dating NOW??? OH yes…..I think they would look like a MUCH “hotter” couple. For one, Taylor has grown a little bit, and he looks older and more mature now days lol. So it looks less like “I’m out with my brother/guy friend” and more so like “This is my boyfriend, and we’re on a date” lol.

    Shoot, they actually should have started dating NOW instead of back in 2009 lol. (Was it 2009? Or 2010? I forget lol) Maybe NOW she would have actually appreciated a “good wholesome guy”….especially after going through the walking venereal disease that is John Mayer. :-/

    Oh well! I guess you live and you learn! :-/

  82. kia Says:

    Mystique- I’m sorry but they didn’t look good together back then and they don’t look good together now. She just don’t fit the type of girls that his into. Lily and Selena fits it,Sara is DEFINITELY his type.

  83. accv Says:

    i love anna kendrick but something tells me she doesn’t kiss-and-tell, no matter what the price. but if she did SNL as jessica :p and perhaps did a skit on the BTS of twilight. haha.

    @vickey… that was the only remotely amusing part about swifter and tay getting together… the fact they’re both taylor, were nicknamed t-squared and i can’t believe i’m saying this… but the whole if they were to get married, they’d both be taylor lautner. o.O :p and yes, tay and sara definitely look great together. as do he and lily.

    @mystique… yikes! i can’t deny i’m disappointed somewhat that these TV shows are like that. as for the late shows not being taped at night, that one… i think isn’t too much of a shocker. usually when we see arrival and departure photos of guests of these late shows, they’re during daylight. so i think the only reason why these shows have “late” in the titles is because of their timeslot on TV. just my speculation, of course.

    otherwise, the other stuff… uhhmmmm WOW. that actually irritates me a bit, getting duped like that. although there’s “valid” reasoning behind the “fakery,” we could use more honesty in this world. *sigh* how bout the guests? like the celebrity guests especially… did you discover two-faced celeb guests? or ones that were actually quite nice as compared to what the media portrays them as?and what about the hosts? anything off about them as well? just curious.

    and sorry to say, taylor and swifter still wouldn’t pass for me today. he’s out of her league. BAHAHAHA. she’s too… mousey? sorry! just don’t feel her at all. don’t find her particularly pretty. way too overrated. i’ll give her some credit for the height and hair… otherwise, nope! it’s still sara, lily or selena for me. orrr someone else as beautiful as them :p but no swifter. nope, nope, nope. lol.

  84. accv Says:

    @kia… judging from his celebrity crushes… jessica alba and megan fox, it seems he prefers the darker-haired ladies? i mean… more attracted to them, at least? jessica alba seems to be aging beautifully… despite the less-than-arm-candy she has as a hubby. haha! sorry… cash warren isn’t well… you know. maybe in some weird way he’s handsome? i dunno. i just hope their daughters don’t grow up looking like him. i hope honor is going through a phase, too. she’s looking more like her dad right now. :/ lol. i don’t mean to be rude… just noticed it.

    also, it’s too bad for megan fox. she was actually quite beautiful back then. then i dunno what she did or if something else got to her but she’s not as striking as she used to be. just in my opinion, though.

    as for sara… she has that mixed latina/european/native american appearance to her. and she has a slender/athetetic body type. she’s a beautiful girl.

    although lily doesn’t have that exotic look to her… she’s just… beautiful. she’s this classic english beauty.

    ok, i need to stop. i have like… girl crushes on these ladies. HAHA! :p

  85. chanda w. Says:

    Tay does seem to crush on the stunners Alba and Fox both breathtaking(well agree Fox use to be…too much injections) and Lily’s features very delicate. Swift is sorta mousy………she’s able to pull hot guys because of her popularity……….notice she keeps getting dumped. I did hear rumors that Tay had a thing for blondes, but by his own account he seems to like the very dark haired girls. He’s gonna make some beautiful babies with someone …… day.

  86. Mystique Says:

    Kia—Re: Swifty…. Well, I’m not going to be too quick to judge Taylor’s taste in girls, because I don’t know him personally, and I’m not in his head lol. But yes, he usually seems to date/be attracted to girls with darker features. But at the same time, he DID still date Swifty, so sometimes it just depends on the girl I guess. If I had a dime for every guy who dated a girl who was not their supposed “type”, I’d be rich by now LOL! :) Sometimes if a person clicks with another individual then, they just click!

    Accv—Lol….yea it’s an eye-opener isn’t it?? Oh, and by the way…..I am now almost thoroughly convinced that “reality TV” isn’t all that “real” lol. Don’t get me wrong, SOME things/feelings are completely real, but you best better believe that they stage a LOT of stuff. At the end of the day, it’s still a TV show and they NEED ratings. A lot of things are hyped up or made into “big deals” because it’s “reality TV”.

    Nope, didn’t notice any fakeness in guests or TV show hosts. Everyone has been pretty cool! It IS still however, first and foremost a TV SHOW….so, everyone is going to be on their P’s and Q’s. A lot goes into taping a show and there are many things going on behind the scenes. If you haven’t been to one yet I would HIGHLY recommend it! They’re usually really fun and light-hearted :)

  87. accv Says:

    @chanda… funny you mention fox had too much injections. i remember seeing her post pictures on her official facebook awhile back trying to prove she never got botox by moving her face in different ways and showing parts of her face and writing stuff like…”if i had botox, i wouldn’t be able to do this” etc. :p and if she DIDN’T get injections, well, shiet… stress has certainly gotten to her :p that’s too bad. she used to be such a beautiful girl. oh well. doesn’t matter… she has brian austin green now. lol. that aside, alba is absolutely deserving of being touted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. i’ve rarely seen a bad picture/angle of her. even without makeup. damn her and her exotic yet delicate features. lol.

    RE: swifter… i guess i gotta give her SOMETHING. although WE think she’s sorta mousey, there are definitely others out there that think she’s beautiful, so as much as i don’t want to say it… i’m sure the guys she’s dated found her beautiful. the being dumped part… well, she makes it obvious why she gets dumped so quickly and easily.

    so whatever tay’s true “type” is, he’ll definitely make some beautiful children one day… with the lucky biatch :p

    @mystique… definitely about chemistry and “clicking” even if there’s a slight attraction. :p i remember when swifter talked about how the director for valentine’s day (forgot his name already) asked her about being paired up with taylor and she was like, “OH YES! SO YES! DEFINITELY!” well, gotta give her credit for being so enthusiastic about their pairing. :p but c’mon… whoever isn’t is crazy. haha.

    RE: “reality TV”… i’ve come to realize it’s more about DEPICTING reality because a script is still involved, but yes… some things are still genuine because you can’t have reality TV without some aspect of reality :p. like you said, things are overblown for ratings. but i have to admit that there are still times i get carried away, believing certain people are a certain way and certain situations are as what they seem on TV. take top model for example… i need to remember that personalities and situations are overblown for the sake of ratings :p

    and also, what’s P’s and Q’s? sorry… i’m being sorta daft today. :p

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