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Taylor Lautner has been nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards! In addition, Taylor’s movie “Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ was also nominated for an award. View his nominations below and make sure to tune into the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 11th.

Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
“Beautiful Creatures”
“Iron Man 3?
“Oz the Great and Powerful”
“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2″

Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Tom Cruise, “Oblivion”
Robert Downey, Jr., “Iron Man 3”
James Franco, “Oz the Great and Powerful”
Taylor Lautner, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”
Robert Pattinson, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Choice Male Hottie
Justin Bieber
Liam Hemsworth
Taylor Lautner
Harry Styles
Channing Tatum

Choice Smile
Selena Gomez
Taylor Lautner
Demi Lovato
Harry Styles
Taylor Swift

Vote for Taylor & Twilight HERE

39 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards”

  1. Mystique Says:

    WHOO HOO!!!!

    YAY for our guy!!!

    I wonder which awards he was nominated for??

    I guess I’ll have to check out the TCA yet again this year lol! I only watch for him mostly lol.

    At least the TCA are “classy” though….compared to the TRASH that was MTV Awards smh….lol

  2. accv Says:

    AWESOME. Totally deserves all of them, although Hottie and Smile especially ;p

    But dangit… only teens can vote. Bleh. C’monnnnn teen fans of Taylor — VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Make us older fans proud ;p!

  3. chanda w. Says:

    He does so deserve Every award he was nominated for, but if he only wins Best Smile…..I will be over the moon. Remember last year when they gave the cast….well …the trio……….that amazing send off? Hope Tay walks the carpet this time………he better have his cute butt there.

  4. Emily Says:

    I’m very tempted to create an alter ego, just so I can vote for him. I would say that my innermost fangirl is about 17…….well, I’ll be honest and just leave it to the real teenagers.

    Taylor definitely deserves to win “Choice Smile” and “Choice Hottie,” but those One Direction fans are pretty intense, so Harry would probably be his biggest competition—-and don’t forget the “Beliebers”–ugh (I hate that name!). I do usually enjoy watching that show, even though my teen days are far behind me. Taylor usually does pretty well at this show, but it’s been so long since BD finished filming. Don’t let us down, teen fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Emily Says:

    Here’s a pic from the press conference that I haven’t seen anywhere else. So cute!

  6. kia Says:

    Doesn’t matter who win. Taylor will be forever the 1# Best Smile in hollywood period! Congrats..

    Emily- Don’t you just wanna hug him in that pic. Just wanna cuddle him!

  7. accv Says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to say this… but let’s hope those crazy Swifter fans come in handy again :p!!!!

    @kia… for sure. but we all know him actually winning those awards just makes it even more worthwhile ;p

  8. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies im going to try my best and vote everyday for Tay in these awards I don’t turn 20 until the 26th of this month so I think i can still vote and hopefully afterwards
    And i agree that he deserves everyone of these awards

  9. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the pic Emily…………….he was lookin’ hella good! I don’t really care if he wins either…. we already know he has the best smile and is the hottest…….and is the only reason I saw BD2………………….. ……just wanna see him on my tv.

  10. chanda w. Says:

    Yeah Johanna, vote for our cutie………..guess I kinda care ….a little…lol!

  11. Emily Says:

    Kia—Yes! And fold him up and put him in my pocket and take him home and……..that’s where the innocent thoughts stop. ;)

    Go Johanna!!!!! Vote your fingers off!!!!!

  12. marianne Says:

    He certainly deserves all of these but in some ways I hope he is filming and can avoid all the media drama of him, Velveeta C, and Harry. Taylor is too classy for all that silliness and you know they’ll put the camera on him just to see his reactions.

  13. Mystique Says:

    Yes @Johanna, vote vote vote! Lol!

    Actually, I’ll admit…..I’ve voted before online for the TCA’s and I haven’t been a teenager for years lol. I just fake my birth year lol. Shhhhh…..HAHA don’t tell anyone!

  14. Mystique Says:

    @Emily–awww! Nice pic! I’ve never seen it either. Cute!

  15. *Vickey* Says:

    I didn’t know about the age limit so I put in my email and tried to vote and everything and then it dropped the bomb! LOL. I turned 20 las September! So yeahhh. LOL. I’ll definitely have to make a fake account or something. Haha.

    Your secrets safe with us @Mystique ;)

    IDK, the TCA’s are just like the KCA’s that disclaimer of even if the person has the most votes, they’ll still choose from the top 4. I’m still gonna try to vote for Tay. Anywho, he is in some good categories, Iron Man 3 was REALLY good to me though, but I’m just being biased I love RDJ. Haha. I think Taylor can pull through though! I have faith in him.

    Especially for BEST SMILE, out of that entire category he has the absolute best smile! No one can deny that. :D

    @Emily Right (re: 1D) I didn’t think about Harry and 1D until now, they’re pretty intense, but Taylor had a loyal fanbase. :)

  16. joanie Says:

    I would say probably the BD2 gang will pass –

    Taylor won best smile b4 & ruffled a few feather with his rather sarcastic thank you (I wouldn’t mind hearing him thank his orthodontist again – I thought it was pretty funny)
    & I do believe he knows everyone else nominated in that category personally

    I really hope he’s filming something & can’t make it

  17. chanda w. Says:

    Sorta understand if some don’t want Taylor to attend…………esp…..with all the side drama ……………I just adore Tay so much ……….anytime I’m able to see his handsome face………is a plus. But , like I said before we already know he’s hot, and has the most gorgeous smile…………and that he’s close to perfection. The best reason for him not to show up ……would be if he’s filming. I would luv that.
    But, Tay cares for his fans…….so even if he did not show up……..if he won an award………he’d make a thank you video. So I’ll go with that option.

  18. Mystique Says:

    *Vickey*—Thanks for keeping my TCA Voting secret safe! LOL! ^_^
    Btw, what did you mean that even if an individual has the most amount of votes, TCA will still choose from the remaining 4? What does that mean? You mean, they don’t give the person with the most votes the award? :-/

    Joanie–Ha! Taylor won “Best Smile” before? Which year was this? I don’t remember him winning it I don’t think. Anyway, he DOES have a gorgeous smile. It’s the sexiest thing about him actually imo. :) I bet he was voted “Best Smile” in high school too lol! I wouldn’t be surprised in the least!

    Chanda—Yeah, I don’t mind if he shows up and at the same time, I don’t mind if he doesn’t. I of course would LOVE to see him in person (that’s just selfish me talking), but if he can’t make it for whatever reason (hopefully filming!), then I’m pretty sure Taylor would make a video acceptance speech if he has the means. That just sounds like the very thing he would do. ^_^

  19. accv Says:

    @Mystique… woman, now you make me sound like a goody-two-shoes! i thought about entering a fake year but i was like… i dunnoooo. :p oddly, i think i’ve faked it before. *shrugs* i can’t remember.

    and yes, taylor won best smile before. whenever the category was first added, that’s when he won… or has it been there from the beginning? bah, can’t remember now. actually, wasn’t it last year that he won? he better win again then because we all know if he gets robbed of the award, it’d be a great injustice to his ortho :p!!!

    and as usual, he won male hottie alongside megan fox as the counterpart. remember that? lol. he almost said something like… “i’ll just stay back and enjoy the.. speech.” i swear he almost said view, but i’m sure he knew fox’s hubby was there so it’s like… be careful, tay :p

    and although i seriously want him to attend also, i see what you guys mean about skipping it as well. it might leave the door open for more intrigues, etc. like… he takes a pic with one of the gals and BAM! are they or aren’t they? :p but i miss his beautiful everything. just wanna see his face and body. but if he doesn’t attend, just like ya’ll, i hope it’s for filming purposes. gosh i miss him already. taylooooorrrrrrr… come out darlin’!

  20. accv Says:

    has anyone seen all those HQ stills/BTS from abduction? if they’ve been posted to the gallery already, my apologies… but i swear i haven’t seen a whole buncha them. and they’re adorable!

  21. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the pic @accv. He’s a sexy beast! In that second one…….with his hand up……you get a close up of his eyes………they are light…….almost hazel looking………..I’m sure he looks amazing in person.

  22. Emily Says:

    OOOOHHHHH! More Seventeen outtakes! I know we’ve seen some of these, but others do not look familiar to me–linking just in case they’re new!!!

  23. Johanna Says:

    hey ladies so i noe we have all said that nothing can do Taylor’s beauty justice but i do think that this girl Heather Rooney is just an incredible artist she really did do a great job on this color drawing of taylor (its actually my all time favorite pics he has ever taken) also check out her channel for a black and white drawing she did of taylor its so GOOOD!
    enjoy the vid (hope it works if not just google her)

  24. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I had to google her–didn’t see a link here. She is amazing! I watched the video of her drawing Taylor–I’m so jealous of artistic people. Have you seen nikitajuice’s tumblr? She does some similar things–she’s amazing, too.

  25. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique Yeah because 20 years old or not, I love Big Time Rush and I was told by someone who read a disclaimer saying that. Yeah, I didn’t know how true it was until I was voting on the KCAs, votes were counting and it was clear 1D had lost the counter said it and all, but they still won the award. So IDK, they’re a little fishy, I just enjoy watching the award shows for the people I want to see like Taylor. ^.^
    I STILL think Taylor will pull the win for all that he is nominated for though.

    @Johanna- I had to look her up too. Her work looks really good! Saw her drawing of Harry Styles, T.Swift, and Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. :) My friend is a Fashion Design major and she had to take a few drawing classes and I was always so jealous to see her come out with really nice designs and such. I’m like,” Yep, that’s exactly why I’m a double major in film/tv and theatre.” Hahaha. Anywho the Taylor one loks really nice!

    @Emily Yes! I always try to keet up with Nikitajuice! She does some nice work too.

    @accv Thanks for the pics! He does so much with his eyes without trying! Haha. Love it! :)

  26. litebrite Says:

    Would love to turn on my computer and start with some happy news – and what do I get – KS and her overworked middle fingers – the gesture has lost all meaning it’s been used so often – and so will she if she doesn’t get her sh…..together.

    I’m starting not to give a rat’s patoot about hollywooditis anymore…..they choose to be there and dealing with obsessives, stalking and personal attacks go with the territory…..not just the money and sane fans
    with all the horrific disasters occurring in the past 3 months both man-made & mother nature caused has made me less patient with these prima donnas who want you to cough up your money but publicly display their utter disdain and elitist attitudes towards the public in general (not just papz in case you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt)….all the while you get the fools who cheer them on not even comprehending that they are first in line for this “screw you” attitude (which they actually deserve, but too many celebs aren’t making the distinction between the good & the bad anymore).
    So the pressures of making millions on public stage is tough,trying to supporting a family on minimum wage is tougher. Off my soapbox….except
    If the pressures on the job are too much then find something else to do…..that goes for everyone….or like most average every day people suck it up & deal with it.
    You’re supposed to provide entertainment, a release valve for every day pressures, not mock & denigrate people who cough up money to provide you a living – your not brain surgeons or even as valuable as a plumber, in other words you can easily be replaced.
    People who admire & support individuals who they eventually find out are laughing
    & ridiculing them behind their back will become the one’s who eventually will destroy the house of cards your career is based on.

    I hope Taylor learns how not to behave by the antics of some of his peers. rather than crashing & burning they should take a break or vacation or like I said find another line of work….
    being so close to the issue, makes me more sensitive. my friends and family come from both sectors so I know what I’m talking about – the more successful often have the most difficulty in relating to how fortunate they are. Sorry if I’m being a downer, but I’m not known for kow-towing to self serving prima donnas no matter who they are or think they are. That’s why I won’t live on the coasts – too many phonies….who think their crap smells like cologne….and I can do my job just as well if not better from middle america. RANT I think that’s what you people here would refer to what I’ve done…..I probably shouldn’t send this …just delete, but…

  27. chanda w. Says:

    I never understand celebs that hate the paps one day then they call them to follow their every move. The paps don’t have ESP………someone is tipping them off and it is normally the staff of or the celebs themselves. It is sorta sad that KS seems to be headed on the Lohan train too…………known more for antics than the work. So many of them are ungrateful…………………ok your picture is snapped and you are asked dumb questions at times……small price to pay … be worshipped and rich. Which is why I adore Tay so much……………I’m sure he has his bad days too……….but you never see him acting like a brat………in public……….carries himself with such class……….always has.
    These award shows more than likely aren’t always legit…………….I get the feeling that JB (who was booed at the Billboard awards) and the boy bands are only popular with young teens……so their time is almost up, but with not much competition they are stil gonna get pushed on award shows .
    Sure the media tries to force us to like who they think is in at the time……..obviously their taste and the publics does not always match.
    I thought the vid of the girl drawing Taylor’s face………was amazing……..just like him.

  28. kia Says:

    New GU2 stills

  29. kia Says:

    Damn he is so sexy in them stills!!! Lawd the things I would to him Mmmmmm

  30. marianne Says:

    litebrite…KS and her “overworked middle fingers” is silly and juvenile anymore. You can tell BD promo is over and she is back to her old behavior. I remember voicing my opinion on a Twi site that I thought it was uneducated etc. and got pounced on because Kristen is just edgy and a rebel and blah blah blah.

    kia…Thanks for the link to the stills. He is so fine.

    Don’t know if anyone is on twitter that posts on this site. I no longer use my twitter because it was becoming a waste of time for me and I keep in touch with close friends via email etc. Sara is back on twitter and of course the hate has been rolling in.

  31. Emily Says:

    I’m so over Kristen and her “woe is me” disrespectful attitude. As with all things and people who really annoy me, she is going to cease to exist in my world. I will not give her another thought (unless she does something involving Taylor, then…….)

    kia–That picture in the car with the “mad face….” I……just…..I can’t.

  32. Emily Says:

    Oops–forgot–litebrite–I enjoyed your rant and agree with you 100%!

  33. marianne Says:

    Emily…I love that pic in the car with the mad face too!!

  34. chanda w. Says:

    Luv all of those new GUPS2 stills………….Taylor , Taylor, Taylor……….July12th hurry up!

  35. kia Says:

    Marianne,Emily,Chanda W- He has that “don’t “F” with me look in that pic! Fanning myself..

    Marianne- Yeah I heard about Sara back on twitter and the hate. Seriously if you don’t like her, why do you stalk her twitter ,facebook,instagram. Hating Sara on won’t change Taylor’s relationship with her.rather there BF/GF or just friends.

  36. accv Says:

    because most of the hate towards sara probably stems from the brats that are the swifters. it’s all for their precious princess swifter. she needs to grow up so they can. sorry but my blood tends to boil whenever i see such an immature swifter attack anyone that has anything against her. sad to say darlings, your princess isn’t perfect… not everyone will like her. GET OVER IT. she’s human just like everyone else. UGH.

    RE: hollywood celebrities that are ungrateful, etc… welllll… i just laugh at them. i find them amusing in the sense that, they can keep up those antics and see where it gets them. you can only be “in” for so long. you can only get work for so long. nothing’s permanent in this world… so being ungrateful and rude will only make whatever they made of themselves shorter. most of them are definitely replaceable. only time will tell.

    as for those that are so artistically gifted, bahhhh… wish i had 1/4th of their drawing talent! i minored in design but i’m definitely stronger in digital art rather than illustration :/

    and do i have to reiterate how sexy he is in those pics? of course! :p

  37. Emily Says:

    marianne, kia, chanda–You know how in some movies, an on-screen couple gets mad at each other, then they start an argument, then it escalates to yelling at each other, then, all-of-a-sudden, they switch gears and start going at each other, making out, then……..?!?!?! Note to Taylor—Ummm, I’d like to see you do that on the big screen please, like, SOON!!!

    He has to have the most attractive “angry face” I’ve ever seen. Swoooooonnnn!!!

  38. kia Says:

    Emily – That would be the death of me!! You know make up “s” IS THE BEST, the fantasy is running through my head……………………………………………………………..

  39. inayya Says:

    OMG!!!! 3 NOMENEESSS!!!!!
    god! the choice movie, the choice actor, male hottie, choice smile…
    although there’s iron man3?, R-patz, JB but I believe taylor lautner will be the winner… Amiiin
    anyway, why ‘the swift’ also nominated as the choice smile??? I’m oppose she got it