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Check out 47 more outtakes from Taylor Lautner‘s 2011 Seventeen Magazine photoshoot.

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» 2011 Photoshoots: Seventeen Magazine Outtakes

68 Responses to “More Taylor Lautner Seventeen Magazine Outtakes (2011)”

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  2. litebrite Says:

    nice to see all these outtakes but repeatedly releasing old photo shoots is beginning to raise the question as to why there’s nothing new to go along with them- – supposedly you’ve been whetting the appetites of fans by dribbling out glimpses over an extended period of time & to their credit his faithful fans have followed the “plan” diligently with great patience – the stage has been set for a pay-off – now professional publicity team show the faithful their patience hasn’t been squandered on an ill advised campaign – show that he is seriously embarking on the next phase of his career – if he isn’t ready to launch then you shouldn’t have squandered all the goodwill his fans have on a meaningless venture – and you need to clarify now

  3. chanda w. Says:

    litebrite………..sometimes u r kinda funny…………..don’t always get what u r saying, but……….I support Taylor strongly as others on this site do…………..old pics are fine by me………..cause we know he’s doing more in the future. If his new projects/campaigns aren’t ready to go …………sure he’ll have more chances ahead of him. Gotta have faith……….being jaded is only cool for so long.
    Taylor has a special calling on his life…………..he’s gonna be fine………and his true fans are her for him. Nice pics…he seems to look good in everything.

  4. chanda w. Says:

    meant here………….not her………..his true fans are here for

  5. accv Says:

    @chanda.. i agree. taylor will be fine. something WILL happen for him. i have faith as well for our guy.

  6. firereign Says:

    Dodgers Game

    chicago bulls hat at a dodgers game – “shrug”

    @(l-b) maybe KS wants to be a rapper like LiL john

  7. litebrite Says:

    @fire… did he find one of Manny’s old wigs in the dugout & decide to wear it……

    She might, at least it would give her an excuse (& it’s LiL jon)

    maybe someone better show him a baseball & remind him he’s still in el lay & not chicago (all caps look the same baseball, basketball, futball, football, the akron zoo so I’ll forgive him) wait didn’t he go to a batting cage with finger lickin – he should know better – but the way the dodgers are playing not too many people saw his faux pa

  8. kia Says:

    Taylor & Lil John, I thought I seen it all LOL.. Such a cutie.

  9. firereign Says:


  10. litebrite Says:

    Yeh………..someone used their noggin……….he finally donned an LA cap

  11. litebrite Says:

    they were expecting a large crowd tonight maybe even close to a sellout (have to check), honoring jaime jarren their longtime (spanish) announcer. Getting his face on the scoreboard for 1 and all to see is a good move if they’re getting ready to release an announcement, don’t you think (brite). Anybody know who was with him…I think it was all guys.

  12. Lexi Says:

    A lot of people were saying that he was sitting with a blonde, but she was not sara. Sara was there, but she wasn’t sitting beside him……

  13. joanie Says:

    @Lexi you can see blondie in the pictures & that isn’t Sara but I heard she was with the group like you said -

  14. Lexi Says:

    Ok, so somebody posted a video of Taylor leaving the field. And it showed the two girls. NEITHER of them were sara :(.
    I dont know how to post videos on here, but so far i have seen two videos of the outing. but it’s not the one where he’s taking pictures with Lil John.
    Gosh, I could have sworn it was sara. but it wasnt :/

  15. firereign Says:
    (think this will get you the pic)

    Maika Monroe
    (Bling Ring, At Any Price – w/Efron etc etc)

    the other guy (he was part of the pickup football game) & the other gal I don’t have info yet.

    Happy litebrite – and the LA bb cap was hers-so she shares

  16. joanie Says:

    @firereign are you telling us we have a cast. and blue eyed blond love interest is what we will be hearing about ……ding ding

  17. firereign Says:

    @joanie what do you think?

    and how about a brown eyed blond – (don’t know what color the hair might end up being but can assure you the eyes won’t be red)

    @litebrite don’t try taking credit for goosing things along – this was preset b4 you stamped your foot, you did say 11-26, you need to learn patience.

  18. litebrite Says:

    I’m content – for now

    when will we get the official announcement???

  19. Lilome Says:

    I saw a pic of them seated in the stands where she had her knees tucked towards him and they were holding hands. Odd because he usually doesn’t show any physical contact when he’s out with a lady. H-lies has been pairing her with Zac Efron. Maybe taylor wanted to make a statement? Idk. Just hope he’s not dating the costar again. Even more than that, i hope it’s not “arranged” for PR liked some others (RK) have been. Either way, she’s a lucky girl. I’d happily endure the torture that a baseball game inflicts to hold Taylor’s hand for a while!

  20. Mystique Says:

    Omg *breathless* I saw the pics on twitter!! Lol…. Okay, so it’s Taylor dating the bond girl he was with at the ballgame? Or is this a filming for a new movie? On the pics i Dawe on twitter he definitely had his hands interlocked with hers!! Hmmm!!!

    I’ve never even seen that with his outings with Sara! Lol what it’s going on? Now you guys are saying that Sara was there too? Wow….

    Ok I’m so excited. :) I hope he is dating someone…..or would be nice to see him happy lol.

    Hmmm….I wonder if this is why Sara came back on twitter! Hmmm…

  21. Mystique Says:

    Sorry for all my typos lol…I’m not only excited, but I’m also Swyping on this silly phone of mine lol

  22. Lilly Says:

    It’s so strange to see him holding her hand lol I think it’s because I’ve never seen him doing any kind of PDA ever before. Wow!
    She’s cute. For some reason she reminds me of Dakota Fanning.

  23. Emily Says:

    Does anyone have a link to the hand-holding pic??? I’m dying of curiosity here! The close-up of her dice reminded me more of Emmy Rossum than Dakota.

  24. vera Says:

    Emily…here –

    i don`t like her..

  25. vera Says:

    Emily… go to Taylor Lautner Italy, there are many photos with PDA.

  26. vera Says:

  27. annie Says:

    There are a couple of videos on youtube. Don’t know how many were with him altogether – but there were 4 of them on the field together – Taylor, Maika, a guy with a green shirt (firereign said he played with Taylor in that football game-the one where Sara was with him), and another girl.

  28. joanie Says:

    @vera thanks Vera….this connection has videos (taylor lautner Italy)…..and you see the 4 of them real well. Lexi and I said we heard Sara was there, but now I’m pretty sure that wasn’t so. Hope she’s prepared for the attention. Just have to say, he never casually held hands with Lily, Sara, Kristen, or Swift (other than a hug or helping them up and down stairs). She has a twitter – probably not for long. Now is she a “friend” or a co-star or both.
    Whatever, #1 on my list is still when is he gonna make his movie….can’t sidetrack me that easily.

  29. joanie Says:

    @Emily Close-up hand holding pic
    looks like he’s been in the sun a lot. He’s got a tan on his tan.

  30. Emily Says:

    Thanks Joanie and Vera. I don’t know anything at all about her yet, except for one thing. She is the newest member of the “Lucky B$&@h” Club.

  31. Emily Says:

    I just noticed in my comment #22–I meant “face” not “dice. ” Curse you, autocorrect!!!

  32. Mystique Says:

    Joanie-,rotfl @ the “tan on his tan” comment lol. Oh and you’re right, I’ve never seen him really hold grabs with a girl or even kiss his dates except Sara. There is an older pic I’ve seen of Taylor and Sara waking into done venue and from behind you can SE him holding her hand. This was right sind the time twilight first came out. But none of him and her lately.

    I think he’s definitely dating this girl if this is not for filming, because he’s usually pretty private lol. Awww how cute.

    I’m starting to believe that Sara wasn’t there either. That just seems so odd! I can’t imagine her being there if he’s openly holding another girls hand! How awkward! Lol….

    I’m sure we Tayologists well get to the bottom of this new story and these new developments soon!

  33. *Vickey* Says:

    Was just about to post <—- Pretty much the same thing Joanie posted.

    @Joanie, yeah about his tan skin! Haha.

    @Emily same thing I said haha. I'm looking her up, she hasn't really been in much which is probably why we're not 100% familiar with who she is.

    @Mystique some good points, I didn't notice Sara came back to twitter. And yeah it kinda took me by surprise too he doesn't really do too much hand hold, etc. when he's out on a date.

    @Lilome The statement thing sounds plausible. Hmm.

    Well if he is happy, I"m happy. :)

  34. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique Let’s coin Tayologist! Haha.

  35. chanda w. Says:

    OMG!!! OMG!!! Calm down and breathe Chanda………….there are pics of Tay and Lil Jon at some baseball game! Taylor is lookin Hella good…………… usual………the only down side………….he was with some blonde chick………who does not seem to be a relative……….lol!

  36. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies dont get mad at me but i’ve seen all the pics and the vids and NO im NOT happy for him im PISSED i HATE this i DONT like it. I DONT want him to be with anyone else but me but of course that will never happen and i noe that. My heart is just broken right now i really just cant……. even comprehend this im just……..ugggghhhhh.
    but im only 20 so of course i feel this way and dont try to clam me i dont want u to i just need to get this off my chest and dont try to tell me “O johanna just be happy for him” NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO i REFUSE
    im just gonna go in a corner and go cry for a bit then ill go to work
    ill see u ladies at 9 est time
    He better come out with some new soon ABOUT A MOVIE NOTHING ELSE or im gonna be even more fucking pissed (sorry about the swearing)
    ill be fine in a couple of days dont worry
    i think im gonna be sick
    please dont hate me :( im just sad

  37. kia Says:

    While everyone going crazy about the Tay&Makia pics. I’m still going ASDFGHJKL over Lil John. LOL How could we be sure she’s his new? We can’t assume anything yet.
    Emily- I wanna be a member of “Lucky B$&@h” Club. Were can I sign up!

  38. litebrite Says:

    I’m only interested in whether he’s getting back to work…so I’m still twiddling my thumbs waiting for an official confirmation if and with who and when it’s going to happen

    Her name Maika pronounced Mike a – (soft a,rhymes with the)

  39. Lexi Says:

    Do you guys think it maybe the picture was……….. photoshoped??
    Because I saw one picture that showed the 4 sitting down. From the left it was the blonde girl (who i thought it was sara but i was wrong lol), the guy with the green shirt, Taylor, THEN maika. So what Im saying is, Maika was on Taylor’s RIGHT side. In the holding hands picture, she was on his LEFT side……….

    Now i realize this, maybe they all got up and switched spots??
    Uhhhg i dont know…i just think it’s a possibility

  40. chanda w. Says:

    Can’t believe Tay was holding hands with this girl………………must be serious………I’ve never seen him show PDA with anyone. He is 21 now so……….maybe his line of relationships is about to start………….Ohhhhhhhh….my heart………!! Will admit I’m jealous……………..she’s a lucky #@$%!……..BUT, if he’s happy……….I’m happy for him………..he looks so tanned and good………he must be happy cause he is glowing all over! And did ya’ll see all the fan pics he took………he is so sweet. I highly doubt Sara was there……………who would want to see their ex…………………getting cozy with someone else. He looks good with this new chick. She better not screw up…………..cause I will gladly take her out on twitter…………lol!!

  41. chanda w. Says:

    Johanna…………….I hope u were partly joking………………..we all luv Tay………………and I for one would not mind ….hitting that………………but for the most part………….it’s all in good fun…………don’t get too serious about it.

  42. Mystique Says:

    Emily–lol…..yea she is so lucky. I hope he’s happy if he is dating her :)

    My guess? (this is just a guess) Maybe he and Sara broke up and are taking a break or something, and perhaps that’s why she’s back on twitter. Maybe she needs to vent or get done sympathy from her friends or something lol. I just find it very interesting that she’s back on twitter all of a sudden….why now?

  43. vera Says:

    Lexi ..look here :)

  44. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, I hope this is not the case……….cause she claims to be a Christian………………..maybe Sara is back on twitter to reel Tay back in??
    He’s very private…………and now clearly involved with someone else…………….maybe she’s keeping him on his toes………..threatening to spill some info……………..but what info could she tell. We’ve heard ALL the rumors…………and even if some were true………..would any of us really care……..NO! Still obsessed.
    But, hopefully that is not the case. Maybe she is back on to simply move on and sell her jewelry. Can’t imagine anyone being too angry at Tay….for long.

  45. firereign Says:

    Co-stars or just Friends –

    we’ll find out soon…………

  46. Lexi Says:

    @vera ooooh, i never seen THAT video hahahaha. Guess I was wrong again :P

    I hope he is happy :)

  47. Mystique Says:

    Awwww Johanna it will be okay. Look, I love Taylor to death, and I’m sure most of us on here do, but you can’t really expect a guy as gorgeous as him to be complety single forever lol. I know it hurts…trust me, I’ve been there lol! But at the same time I’m sure you want to see him happy. :) Plus, hes only 21….I highly doubt this girl well end up being his wife lol….so he’ll have many other relationships in the future. Who knows, they may only last for 3 more months for all we know lol.

    So….it’s okay (((hug)))

    Chanda–Oh when I said vent on twitter I didn’t mean Sara would say mean things about Taylor…no!!! I don’t think she would ever talk badly about him….they have way too much history. I think they will always be friend no matter what. But hey joining twitter again would definitely help…maybe she can get sympathy from friends and stuff. I’m just saying lol….if this is all even true. It will be very interesting to see what her new tweets will be like in the next few days, weeks and months.

  48. nicolefair Says:

    Okay. As much as I;d like to think these two are new couple, it looks really…boring? I dunno. They seem like co-stars. Or maybe two people getting to know each other? First date maybe? Hmm.

    Anyway, there’s no heat. And Taylor’s hot so…yeah, I should see it.

  49. joanie Says:

    OMG- such exciting lives we must have. A picture of taylor holding a girls hand and our frenzied frazzled minds have come up with more scenarios then Dan Brown did in “Angels & Demons”, and all our story lines are probably just as good if not better than his. If I were that gal, I would’ve needed a steady hand to keep me from shaking like a leaf…..maybe just maybe…..Taylor decided to hold her hand to give her a little security. Maybe he grew “a pair” as he was advised to do – and says to hell what people might or might not think (they’re going to do it anyway) so Taylor who’s been through the relationship wringer more times then he cared to be is stepping out being the thoughtful gentleman we believe him to be & giving her a little of his courage.
    I’m going with co-stars – finally a movie a movie (jumping up & down) – the fact he’s been hooked up with his leading ladies (Kristen had to have at least played tootsie tag under the table at some of those events with him, they’re just too comfortable with one another) we can handle that on down the line. He’s got longer hair, a tanned tan, friends we’ve never really seen before and his gorgeous mug plastered all over the dodgers jumbo tron – that smacks of the drum roll right before a proclamation (a movie a movie -we’re going to get a movie) or call me a monkey’s auntie.

  50. kia Says:

    Swifties are having meltdowns.. after 4 years there still waiting for T2 to happen again.LOL

  51. annie Says:

    somehow I missed all this drama swirling around “girlies”….I guess I just was all focused on watching Taylor run around 1/2 naked (the guys I were around in my youthful years weren’t speedo type specimens – more like the walrus variety) so I had to make up for lost time. It was what rejuvenated my imagination and speaking of that “playing tootsie tag under the table” can really get R ratings from what my imagination can picture those tootsies doing.
    Anyway I’m casting my vote with joanie – “movie buddies”

    I’m pegging Taylor more & more as a believer in spreading his “wealth” around.
    How you supposed to know what you like & don’t like if you never sample the buffet.

  52. janet Says:

    Finally something new & interesting to speculate about.

    I’m hoping this a sign that movie news is imminent.

    The Chicago Bulls hat (looked new) Taylor isn’t dumb when it comes to sports.
    WME his agency has a large sport clientele, bet as a favor or payment is why he’s wearing that hat (every time a camera is on him that bulls logo jumps at you & he was wearing it when he was on the big screen) that visibility is worth something (& I’ve seen enough comments – people noticed). Later all 4 were wearing Dodgers hats.

    There are tons of pictures everywhere. Some of the ones where he’s not really paying attention & not smiling – he looks darn dangerous.

  53. Emily Says:

    Goodness. I agree with joanie. If pics of him just holding hands with a girl get us in such a flutter, what in the world will happen when an actual announcement is made?

    Whatever their relationship is–business, PR, or real, I just hope she’s a good person–not trashy. Again, I’m trusting Taylor’s good judgement. He’s never disappointed me in the past.

    kia–Believe me, if I knew the answer to your question, I certainly wouldn’t be on here all the time. I’d be in California, enjoying all the “perks” of club membership. :)

    The pictures—his ARMS in the pics with Lil jon–!!!!!!!!! Mystique, they are definitely bigger than they have been just a few months ago.

    Poor Johanna—of course we don’t hate you!! Wanting to be with someone you know you’ll never have (celebrity or not) always hurts. :( I think most of us on here are just quite a bit beyond his actual age range, and we’ve accepted the fact that we’ll only be together in our fantasies). However, if Taylor ever goes through a “Mrs. Robinson” phase, I will be only too happy to be the first to volunteer for that job!!!!!!!

    janet—His smiling face is beyond beautiful, but his “non-smiling” ones send you to a whole other place, don’t they?

    Are movie announcements made on weekends???? I’ve never noticed before.

  54. kia Says:

    Emily,Mystique – I thought I was the only one notice the arm ! There’s a video of him meeting Lil John and I swear all I could see is his delicious back!! Talk about “SEXYBACK”

    Markia is already getting death threats. Are you kidding me?!?!

    Johanna – We could never hate you!

  55. Mystique Says:

    *Vickey*–[“@Mystique Let’s coin Tayologist! Haha.”] Hahaha, yes let’s! I’m all for it. :)

    Kia– I can’t believe that after all these years, Swifters are still hoping for she and Taylor to get back together smh. She blew it…get over it! Omg lol….

    Joanie–Okay I’m hearing speculations that this blonde girl is his girlfriend OR his costar. Did I miss something?? Has her name been announced as playing opposite Taylor as his love interest in his new movie? O_o. Maybe I missed that announcement! They DO look pretty close though to be “just friends”. Lol….

    Emily, Kia–Omg…my baby’s guns! Lol… look at them! Lol. Yes he’s definitely packed on a few lbs. I didn’t even notice (surprisingly) cuz I was too excited to see him take a picture with Lil John lol. How cool is that?!? :) Goodness, how does he manage to look so sexy even in “down” clothes?? Idk how he does it lol! Just by looking at the fan pics of him at the game, I can already tell that he already looks even older NOW in these pics compared to the pics I just took with him back in November last year! Wow! O_O lol. And as always…he’s all cheerful and smiling, taking pics with everyone under the sun….from teen girls, women to gramps, older guys and young boys lol. I love it! That’s our guy! ^_^ He really is approachable. Like the type you can just go up to and ask for a picture. Very sweet guy. I hope and pray he stays that way. :)

    Oh and I’m with you @Emily, no matter WHO Taylor dates now or in the future, I just hope that they are a nice sweet person, and will treat him right. :-) He deserves someone just as nice as he is. But of course…opposites usually attract so….. again…I just pray he finds someone sweet like him. :) He seems to have a good head on his shoulder so I think he will. :)

    Janet–Yes, omg those pics where he’s looking serious do something to me Rotfl!!!

    Kia–Maika is already getting death threats?!?! O_o. Omg where? :(

  56. Lexi Says:

    Yep she’s getting death threats. It’s kinda sad. This kinda proves that no matter who Taylor dates, the girl is going to get hate. It happened to Lily as well…… I just hope that Maika was aware of that before the game. :/ (probably not)

  57. vera Says:

    do not forget one more thing – the media have tried to attach him to the situation with Robsten. Now he just goes his way alone.Amen.

  58. chanda w. Says:

    Even if it is PR and she’s a co-star…………it’s good to see Taylor ……………’s real good to see Taylor ……………in public. And he is so sweet……….even in the midst of changing seats………..he was taking pics with fans………….he’s just …….heavenly.
    Never heard of this girl before……….have a feeling her attachment to Tay is gonna blow her up………….sorta like Lily. She’s getting death threats??????? Not funny (lol) but really???
    @joanie…………..u r so right………….just a pic of Tay with a possible girlfriend……….makes his fanbase go bonkers. If he wasn’t so charming……….none of us would care…………..all his fault.
    @annie……..I sorta think Tay spreads the ….wealth……..too……..he always says he’s single, but u know………….he’s getting PLENTY of lovin’ from someone…..or somebodies. Hey, he’s young and gorgeous………truly his business………but I’m sure he’s picky……..doubt he’ll hook up with just anyone.
    @emily, @janet………I would gladly take a non smiling Tay……………..his smile is priceless………….but when he seems pissed…………..that look is everything.

  59. chanda w. Says:

    Vera……………..very happy about that too……….distancing himself from that trainwreck………….told ya he was a smartie. Now focus back on his fine butt……..and this chick……….gotta look up her info. Countdown to Tracers… real …..yeah.

  60. Mystique Says:

    Lexi–where are the death threats coming from online? Twitter?? Smh…I swear, some “fans” really need to grow up. He hasn’t even announced that this girl is his gf (she could be a friend or a relative for all we know lol) and some people are already getting their panties in a twist! O_o

    You’re right…no matter WHO Taylor is linked with (whether true or false) it seems there will always be death threats. That’s so crazy! :-/

    Chanda–Lol Idk if it’s just because you’ve been saying it for so long or what, but I’m now starting to believe that you *MIGHT* be right in your assumption that Taylor is getting some “loving” on the side somewhere lol! I think you just might be right about that lol.

    Vera– I agree…..I’m glad he’s staying away from the Robsten drama for right now.

    Boy do we have a lot of pics for Gutter Saturday today lol! Rotfl

  61. Mystique Says:

    Oh and btw just in case anyone was interested, according to JustJared supposedly Maika is 19 years old.

  62. Mystique Says:

    Here’s the article on

  63. kia Says:

    Mystique – Yeah TS fans sending her hate. Its ridiculous.

  64. accv Says:

    Taylor’s charm, crikey. He even makes the “fans” go bonkers when he’s pictured unknowingly with his mother. HAHAHA. Remember that?! I think it was at an after-party of something. Was it the Weinstein one from like.. 2-3 years ago? Sorry. I know, not helpful :p

    Anyhow… Maika is such a pretty name, and I dunno if I’m being biased or not, but I’m not feeling her that much. That’s just me though. She’s only “ok” to me… but not on any of the other girls’ leagues that he dated… minus Swifter :p I noticed her style is similar to Kristen, Lily and Sara. Her hair especially reminds me of Kristen and Lily. That carefree look… although Lily’s is more groomed than Kristen’s despite her leaving it down all the time.

    @chanda… Wish I was the one he’s getting all that side lovin’ from :p!!! Well, in my head it is. *snicker*

    And hey… if there are cougars out there that’d go for Taylor, I’d most definitely go for him… he’s 21… I’m just 5 years older. :p Not bad at all. lol. Shooooottt, if he’d go on a date with Megan Fox (who just recently turned 27), I’m only a year younger! Then again, I digress, regrettably.

    Whatever she may be to him, good to know he’s happy… but then again, I call movie buddies as well… mostly because that’s what I’d rather believe. lol. I still find it out of left field for him to being affectionate with a girl like that in public. He usually prefers to keep special relationships private, so when firereign says “announcement” or “statement,” it must be work-related or he’s finally saying “Eff it… you’re my girlfriend and I’m not afraid to show it.” *shrugs* Tayyylor, Taylor, Taylor… just full of surprises, aren’t you? All good. We’ll take it… as long as we get to see your gorgeous face again. *mutters*…lucky biatch… What? :D

  65. accv Says:

    Those Swifters though, seriously… evil. What kind of role model is Swifter supposed to be? Is she secretly promoting little devilish brats? Maybe. Cuz’ she’s secretly one herself. lol. I’m so bad. :p

  66. Emily Says:

    accv–I think you’re on to something. TS secretly a devilish brat…. I like the way you think.

    I got the same feeling about Maika and her attitude/appearance. She’s definitely a very pretty girl, but it certainly didn’t look like she put much effort into how she would look, knowing her picture would be around the world the next day. But, I don’t get the whole “look” of lots of girls these days–Kristen, Lily, Ashley Benson, even Sara–all very pretty girls but with the long, unkempt-at-times looking hair, always the skinny jeans, tank tops and the over-sized shirts with enormous neck holes so they fall off their shoulders, baseball hats turned backward, never anything dressier….maybe it’s just the southern California look for girls their age—I’m certainly no fashion expert, so maybe it’s just me…

    I DO know one thing—if I was the lucky girl he decided to spend time with, for whatever reason, you wouldn’t be able to wipe the grin off my face and I would DEFINITELY be giving him my undivided attention and devotion—–and I would have put on some lipstick and brushed my hair.

  67. marianne Says:

    accv….Emily…I know what you mean about the fashion choices. This seems to be the “hipster” fashion in LA. Whenever I’ved visited, this seems to be what a lot of girls are wearing. If I was out with him, I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling either but if you knew that he was really in love with someone else(Sara) maybe it would be different. No… I’d still be smiling!!

  68. accv Says:

    @Emily… hard NOT to think that. It’s like she’s trying way too hard to be something she’s not or whatever… it’s weird. Watching her interviews, she’s like… the way she talks… as if she’s trying to sound like she deserves nothing but a fairytale. Granted, guys are frustrating and often, we feel like we can’t live with ‘em… but really… “Well, he knows not to wrong me..” Does she even know WHAT a real relationship is like? He won’t be screaming your name for an autograph everyday like your fans do… a real, normal, HEALTHY relationship isn’t supposed to be a fairytale. That’s how you learn, that’s how your partnership grows stronger, etc. Obviously, infidelity is a different story… but despite that, relationships aren’t fairytales. There is no such thing as “happily ever after.” It’s like she expects to be treated like a damn queen every. single. day. Of course, I’m not implying that she get beat up or whatnot on other days, but rather… experience what it’s like to sacrifice, compromise, really love unconditionally. And the fact that her fans… her little minions… can’t seem to get over Taylor Squared *shudders* splitting up and never, ever getting back together (HAH!) since then by threatening every. single. lady he has a picture or spends time with… perhaps it’s a statement to Swifter that she needs to get her foot out of her ass and stop pretending she’s Miss Prim-and-Proper, when we all know she was naughty enough to fall for the notorious douchebag, John Mayer. Anyways… HI!

    And contrary to what I’ve said about these ladies’ fashion… I have to admit that I like the “hipster” look :p I even do it myself. lol. I mean, not AS much as these ladies probably but I have my moments. I CAN say though… I actually comb/brush my hair. Haha!