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I’ve uploaded some low quality (small) stills of Taylor Lautner in the movie ‘Grown Ups 2.’ Enjoy!

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205 Responses to “Stills: Taylor Lautner in ‘Grown Ups 2′”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Greetings from sunny Portugal and a poolside Internet bar ;)

    Can’t read all the previous comments, but oh my god! I have a few days offline and it all kicks off!

    New girlfriend? Good!!! As I said before, he’s handsome, 21, and a movie star. I’d be worried if he was sat home alone!!!

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed though. I always thought the chances of him rocking up in rural rainy England in that BMW looking for a slightly older girlfriend (with baggage) were good ;)

  2. chanda w. Says:

    These GUPS2 pics are so cute……….look at Tay being angry…..still hot! Now we need to get him on some magazine covers………not the gossip rags………but real magazines, Men’s Health again, GQ again……….. Time magazine………doesn’t matter. Ahhh,,,,,the cuteness.

  3. Mystique Says:

    Catherine– So glad you were able to join us for a quick spell even all the way in Portugal! Awesome! Yes, the same thing has happened to me before as well. Just a few days away from the boards and you miss so much! Btw, how’s your vacation going so far?

    Totally Random: I just wanted to say how HOT he looks in that car!! Yummm! ^_^ He looks so sexy when he’s mad. :)

  4. Lilome Says:

    Wow! Frat boy Andy, huh? A few days ago someone posted she could only be Taylor’s costar if they remade The Graduate. Funny, because my first thought was wanting to play Mrs Wermer from Animal House! Sad but true. Then I wondered what sigourney weaver and maria bello thought when filming Abduction. Poor gals!

  5. *Vickey* Says:

    @Catherine So lucky! Hope you’re enjoying Poolside wifi, bar and all in Portugal! :P
    @Chanda w. That’s what I keep saying! He looks so cute/sexy as one of those Frat guys you see. Haha. :)
    @Lilome Haha, that’s funny. I guess I can’t really say much since I’m 20, but still can imagine how Maria and Sigourney felt during the filming of Abduction. I always enjoy watching them on screen!

  6. Catherine Says:

    Briefly checking in – you girls have been busy!!! :)

    @Mystique @vickey – it’s now raining in Portugal!!! Wtf?!!! Back to sunny England tomorrow ;)

    Just have to say…@nicolefair – you’re great. Keep it light, yes, enjoy it for what it is. I agree with every word you write. He’s soooo pretty, the girls here are lovely, the site is fun. It killed my twitter habit, that can only be a good thing, ha!

    @Emily – you always make sense.

    Stick at it ladies, don’t take any of it too seriously. Buy the movie tickets, eat the popcorn, daydream about the handsome dude when you’re bored at work ;)

    Ignore the killjoys xxx

  7. chanda w. Says:

    Ya’ll my dream might be coming true. I’ve always been a fan of Vin Diesel. And I always thought Tay would be a good fit for any of the Fast and Furious films………now I hear…………..Taylor wants to be in Fast and Furious 7……………………..I can’t take it!! Him and Vin in the same movie……………my goodness.
    He’s going out on dates………….getting props from Jaden Smith…………and now throwing his name in the ring to star in cool film franchises. Anyone who says he isn’t serious about his craft………………is full of it. He’s 21 and has had more success in film than some twice his age……….he could easily do a bunch of indie films ………to stay away from the pressure cooker, but he doesn’t …………he takes chances……………he keeps it about the work……………..and appreciates his fans…………………….that’s why I adore him so………………….classy, sexy , cool.

  8. Emily Says:

    Catherine—Glad you’ll be back home and checking in more often—as far as always making sense—I TRY, but if this boy gets any better-looking and/or keeps popping up everywhere and actually decides to start filming something new, I may become a little unhinged. :)

  9. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—SO glad to hear from you! Sounds like you’re still having fun even despite the yucky weather. :-/ You’ll be back in London so soon?? Wow…Idk why I thought you were going on an extended vacation lol.

    Chanda–OMG! Are you serious about Vin Diesel and Taylor wanting to be in Fast and the Furious 7??!!? O_O WOW! Where did you hear that news?! That would be awesome! I haven’t watched a F&F movie since part 5 lol….so I would definitely check out part 7 if Taylor’s in it. :D

    I think Taylor is a Jack of all Trades. I think he wants to do it all, and take chances. That’s what I love about him. :) He’s so confident. And confidence is sexy…

    Emily—I’m going to need to be restrained as well when he starts filming his next feature film, because GUPS2 (although nice) didn’t give us HALF as much “behind the scene” filming shots as they COULD have. In fact, I have yet to see too many clips from the movie at all! Weird… Anyway, I cannot WAIT until he’s filming again. June was it?? Only a week left in May, so hopefully we’ll be seeing and hearing even MORE news SOON! ^_^

    How cute about Jaden Smith wanting to be like Taylor lol. Aww…. That is too funny. They always say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :) Guys are STILL wondering how Taylor was able to buff up so nicely lol…

  10. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, Hollywood life and another source………….had articles that Taylor wants to get cast in Fast and Furious 7…’s on twitter too. I hope it is true……….he would blend in perfectly………… know most of the cast is mixed with a bunch of stuff……….and Tay…………u can’t really pinpoint what the heck he’s mixed with…………you just know the outcome was BEAUTIFUL!!! Good choice.
    Yeah, I thought Jaden Smith giving Taylor his due……….was so cool……….since Jaden seems kinda cocky at times…………..there was a vid with the article………
    Can June 17th get here already?
    And I should not know this ………..but I knew Maika would get a good bump from Taylor………….(well besides that one……yummy) She started out with fewer followers than Sara, now she’s over 6200………………..and Efron is suppose to be more famous than Tay…………….hmmmmmmmmmmm….lol!!
    Welcome back Catherine.

  11. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–Thanks for letting me know about the HL article. Very INTERESTING!

    I agree, Taylor would fit RIGHT on in for “Fast and the Furious”. Definitely! If he could showcase some of his martial arts skills (another fight scene maybe??) then that would be even MORE awesome!

    You know, he would actually look pretty good/believable playing Jordana Brewster’s kid brother lol. They look somewhat similar in the exotic features department, and might be believable as siblings. A VERY younger brother she never mentioned before lol….. OR, maybe even one she never knew about! LOL!

    Lol…look at me, I’m already writing scripts and casting Taylor’s role for F&F7! hahaha! ^_^

  12. accv Says:

    Not to toot my own horn ladies, but I also mentioned the HL news (Fast and the Furious) in the previous thread because I found out from IMDB yesterday :p Not to seem like a whatever, but just saying! :p It’s all good though ;p

    And just like you ladies… I’ve actually really enjoyed that franchise. The whole cast is practically gorgeous… just… so much sexy going on :p So to add Taylor to the mix, OH. MAH. LAWD. I can totally see it, too. Also, @mystique… Jordana Brewster’s character is the sister of Vin Diesel’s character (I already forgot their names… shame on me :p) so that’d make Taylor and Vin siblings in the movie, then, too. Even if they go the “half-sibling” route, they’d still be related. Haha! But yah… I watched all the movies, except the latest. I almost passed on Tokyo Drift because I heard it sucked. Actually… wait… I might’ve passed on one of them… maybe the 2nd or 3rd. It had Eva Mendes in it, I think. Oh. 2 Fast 2 Furious. Yah. I think I saw some of it and just changed the channel. Hah :p But if Taylor is in it… according to IMDB *groan*… it’s supposed to be Vin Diesel and Jason Statham (!!!!!!!!!!).

  13. chanda w. Says:

    I would so luv for Taylor to get cast in Fast and Furious 7, but he is very professional…………….I don’t believe he would publicly announce that he wants to be in a movie without talking to Vin or the director of that franchise. So I hope this isn’t another………….Fifty Shades of Grey…………where Tay’s name is being thrown around just to get more traction for that film………………….although Fast and Furious is extremely successful……so….I don’t think they would have to go that route. Still just wondering………………… a couple of more weeks for Tracers…… goodness.

  14. Mystique Says:

    Accv–Lol…aww, you want some props too? Thanks Accv for pointing out the HL article too. :) I didn’t even see that posted until this thread.

    Oh and that’s right…Dom (? aka Vin Diesel) is the brother to Jordana Brewster’s character..that’s right. Actually, Taylor and Jordana look more like brother and sister and Vin and Jordana do lol!

    Chanda–I don’t think Taylor would just toot his own horn and put info out there like that either. Who knows, maybe someone just casually asked him what he thought about the new Fast and Furious movie coming out and he just playfully answered that he would love to be part of FF7 if they made one. Maybe he wasn’t serious…but of course, gossip mags go by any single piece of info they can get! Smh……

    They will turn a mole hill into a mountain! Haha!

  15. Mystique Says:

    I just found another candid shot taken from the Dodgers Game this past weekend.

    Good LORD! Look at Taylor’s arms! HOTTTT!!! :-P I definitely think he’s been buffing up some lol. I haven’t seen his arms look like that in a while lol.

    Click on the picture to enlarge it:

  16. Mystique Says:

    OH MY!!!! O_O I’ve never seen THIS gif before! lol….

    ***Maybe I should have saved this for “Gutter Saturdays”, but oh well lol!***

    Smh (in a GOOD way lol)….. My my my my my my my my my….lol

  17. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, I was sorta laughing at your post on the other page……about Efron and Maika’s movie. You were so sincere that it might help to boost Efron even more.
    You, like many others were totally unaware that the movie …which was indie………had already come out . LOL Guess barely anyone saw it, but I can’t figure how Efron is touted as being more famous than Taylor……….when I’ve never seen an Efron movie. And most of them seem to be indie……..he goes the safe route.
    I like that Tay took a chance with Abduction………he has confidence.
    What was that last gif from? He is just …………..delicious!!!! Now I dislike Maika again……….bet she’s having fun eating chocolate off of those abs!
    Well, If I had him………….that’s what I would do………YUM!!

  18. kia Says:

    Mystique- OMG!! That arm! Just let me borrow him and some honey for about 3 hours MMmmmmmm.

    This is cute

  19. kia Says:

    She’s the little girl from grown ups.The one that said “I wanna get chocolate wasted.

  20. chanda w. Says:

    Well, whatever b-day celebration Maika had…….she isn’t giving up any info or pics as to whether Taylor was involved. Why won’t his friends/companions post pics of him??? Is he asking them not too…………don’t do that Tay ….how else are we gonna spy on you? lol. I will just say go to Sara’s twitter and see what message she is sending ……….and to who? She is a pretty girl….
    Tay has good taste in girls.
    Kia I saw that pic on twitter……………too cute……Tay is such a sweetie.

  21. Emily Says:

    That pic of him in the towel (oh, to BE that towel!!) is from behind the scenes stuff on the BD1 DVD. Some of the only about 30 seconds of footage he got. :(

  22. chanda w. Says:

    I was trying to laugh at ….Mystique………..I need to laugh at myself……………..I’ve seen reviews for At Any Price, so I thought it already came out in April………now some articles are saying it comes out this weekend………so maybe it had a limited release at first and is now nationwide……..I don’t know.
    I still stand by my statement that Efron plays it safe with indie movies and Taylor has more courage.
    Now I’m starting to question the timing of this new relationship? Is Maika trying to play Taylor? He’s very gaurded, so I don’t see him letting anyone in too easily……..unless he has built a foundation. The timing is still shady. And why would Sara get back on twitter now? Maika must be Taylor ‘s new co-star……..that has to be it. That would make more sense that he fell for someone he’s working with.

  23. chanda w. Says:

    Emily, I have a copy of BD1 and I don’t remeber that scene on special features.

  24. Johanna Says:

    So i just saw TL-Life’s twitter and apparently Taylor has done a recent photoshoot
    they think it could be for GU2 but they are not sure here’s what they said:

    “Since the Grown Ups 2 promo is about to start, TL-Life has some exclusive informations just for you. Taylor did recently a photoshoot for unknown magazine and TL-Life has the opportunity to tell you a few glimpses, since we’ve already seen the pictures.

    Fact no. 1 – It’s highly possible, that this is the second photoshoot he already did for Grown Ups 2 promo (we’ve informed you about one photoshoot already – x). There is also a chance, that it’s the same photoshoot, we don’t know, but it will be known in a few weeks

    Fact no. 2 – Taylor already did a photoshoot with this photographer, but since these pictures can’t be published yet, we won’t publish even the name, so everything can be fine till the publishing time

    Fact no. 3 – It was an indoor photoshoot

    Fact no. 4 – Nothing new on the pictures. No martial arts skills, no tools or anything, just standing infront of the wall, portrait pictures, some sitting on the floor

    Fact no. 5 – Expect some “shadows game”

    Fact no. 6 – Taylor is wearing typical clothes for him – grey/white t-shirt, several suits (in baby blue and navy colour), and so on

    Hopefully we will see them in a magazine soon!”

  25. Johanna Says:

    on another note do u ladies ever think of Taylor wen u here the song Halo by Beyonce
    i noe i do…….its…. he like a perfect angel.
    O and if guys haven’t heard the song DNA by little mix go listen to it u’ll noe y Taylor comes to mind

  26. Mystique Says:

    Chandaaa!!–Lol!!! Idk what is up with that indie film “At Any Price” lol, all I know is that I certainly haven’t seen previews for it or heard anything about it since now lol.
    I guess a lot of indie films are like that though.

    Oh and WHY did you have to mention chocolate and Taylor’s abs in the same sentence?? Great! Now I won’t be able to concentrate the rest of the day at work. I was ALREADY having a hard time after seeing that gif….now YOUR comments and @Kia’s comments are putting my mind in the GUTTER! At WORK! O_o And it’s not even Saturday yet! ROTFL! ^_^ Aaaarrrggh!!!

    Kia—lol…Okay so Chanda has the chocolate, you have the honey, and I guess I’ll take the whipped cream, and we can ALL have a “Taylor session” HAHAHAHAAAA!!! He would be so “chocolate wasted” after we got through with him hahaha! LOL!! Oh my….I better stop. It’s not even Saturday yet! ugh! LOL

    Btw, that picture is too cute! ^_^ She’s adorable. I thought that little girl would have grown some by now lol, but I guess she’s still young and cute haha.

    Emily—Yes, ohhhh to be that towel lol….

    Chanda–I’m starting to think that maybe she IS Taylor’s new co-star too. Maybe he DID fall for his co-star again lol. It’s funny to fall for a co-star when you haven’t even really worked together yet though. Isn’t that a little odd? Or, maybe they were just trying to get to know each other beforehand?? She IS a relative unknown. Now I’m starting to wonder if this is another theory that (gosh I forget who!—We seriously need avatars or SOMETHING lol) one you mentioned on here about Keanu Reeves and how he’s a “method actor” at times when it comes to his female costars lol.

    Johanna—Thanks for the info from TL Life and the new Photoshoot! Whoo hoo!! ^_^ Wow! I can’t believe it! We’re going to have a Taylor overload this summer yay! A new movie, a new filming, maybe even some interviews?? I can’t wait! ^_^ It’s so funny that he didn’t even do a photoshoot for the last Twi Film….and that was a huge FRANCHISE! But yet, he’s doing one for his cameo in GUPS2 lol. Funny how things work out sometimes.

    Oh and yes, I LOVE that song “Halo” by Beyonce! I think of Taylor when I hear it too!! OMG! What are the odds?!?! O_o That is such a beautiful song imo….especially for a woman to sing to her special guy. :) It’s so deep. Very beautiful.

    I’ll have to listen to DNA and see if I’m reminded of Taylor in that one too lol. :)

  27. Mystique Says:

    Oh and just wanted to add to…..

    Chanda–After your last comment I was thinking too that the timing of this “venture” or “outing” DOES seem a little “interesting” to say the least as well. Is it just a coincidence? Zac’s movie is coming out soon too. She’s in the movie with Zac. You don’t think???…… But wait, that wouldn’t make sense…. They would just have ZAC and Maika go out and have a “date” if that were the case. That would be definitely for PR imo. But as far as I know (as of right now), Taylor is in no way really connected to Maika. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if she truly is his future co-star/love interest in a movie. Hmmmmm…….

  28. chanda w. Says:

    Goodness, Mystique, honey, chocolate and whip cream…………….lol……..Tay can handle it……………..nice visual!
    I don’t smoke, not really a drinker, never been much of a club person ……..not goody, goody, but my vice now is obsessing on Taylor………………….sometimes, when things aren’t making a lot of sense…………it’s a good vice to have.
    Johanna………I like that song Halo too…………….never put Tay with it……….I will now…………has a whole different meaning.

  29. accv Says:

    Otherwise, fame-wise… I don’t see how he’s more popular than Taylor. Wouldn’t Taylor be more popular? Then again, Efron has his own franchise too with Disney… he really burst onto the scene with High School Musical. :p Although Taylor had somewhat of a following before Twilight started… he also didn’t fully catapult into superstardom until New Moon. So I dare say that Taylor and Efron are on a level-playing field at this point… or rather, Taylor has more of a following now because he has proved his likeability factor? Not to say Efron hasn’t… but it seems he has a tiny bit of baggage now what with the condom on the orange carpet thing and his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens before… the whole thing with her and the leaked nude photos? Perhaps Taylor’s more wholesome image likely has him ahead of Efron already? It seems… children love him more than Efron now. Granted, Taylor’s… younger. Anyway, I’m slightly biased but based on that… I’d say Efron has some catching up to do now. :p

    Also, I did state that Maika did come out of left-field for me. Well, for us she did… likely not for him nor the rest of Hollywood but for the fans, she did. We’ll see where this publicized outing goes. :p Oh, and Keanu Reeves was such a STUD back then. I especially loved him in Speed with Sandra Bullock. I used to fantasize about marrying HIM back then. Haha! Believe it or not, I had a thing for the older actors when I was younger. I think I was barely in middle school and I already loved Keanu Reeves. When I saw him for the first time in Speed, I fangirled. And I JUST realized… I’ve been into the tall, dark and handsome actors. I mean, I’ve been into a few of the lighter-skinned ones, too… Ryan Philippe and Paul Walker to name a couple, but I also did like Freddie Prinze, Jr. WOW. I like the exotic, yet Ken-looking types. o.O I think it’s coincidence though because I’ve had crushes on schoolmates and classmates that aren’t tall and dark. Weird. lol. I totally trailed over my point for Reeves… Taylor and he have similarities… tall, darkish and DEFINITELY handsome… mostly though back then for Reeves. He hasn’t aged as well as I thought he would. Maybe it’s the ‘stache/beard :p I’ve never liked guys with that much facial hair unless it truly works for them, and right now, no one comes to mind.

  30. accv Says:

    CRAP. Wrong post. Ok… I meant to post it all, but I only copy-pasted one part because I forgot I only highlighted that part.

    Sorry… here’s the first part…

    You know, even if I were just an acquaintance of Taylor’s… geez. I mean, from there we could become better friends. Never know. alskdfjaklsdjfalsd. But who am I kidding? I gotta get in line, don’t I? Blleeeeehh. :p

    And interesting how we went from going bonkers over those pictures and analyzing them to suddenly thinking perhaps it’s all a coincidence or part of a marketing plan… WELP, we’re getting more Taylor sightings, so I’m not complaining. The more Taylor, the better… obviously :p Then again, the more Taylor… the more annoyed the anti-Taylors will be like, “OVEREXPOSED!” Screw ‘em. But what am I babblin’ about? He’s usually in ninja mode… we get more Kristen and Rob sightings than our guy. He’s so far from being overexposed. Besides, he can expose himself anyday… :D Oh gosh… I think I just had my own “Gutter Saturday” moment and it’s not Saturday yet. Dangit Mystique, you’re rubbing off on me… :p

    Like all of you, I’m excited to see this new photoshoot of his. Long overdue, don’t you think? ;p

    RE: At Any Price… I saw the trailer before but thought nothing of it. Just another Efron movie. And for me, Efron’s overrated. In the looks department. But I will admit… Efron can emote better than Taylor at this point. He was pretty good in Charlie St. Cloud.

  31. accv Says:

    @Mystique… Taylor’s a special cameo ;p That’s why he gets his own photoshoot… well, that’s if the photoshoot is related to GU2.

  32. chanda w. Says:

    accv, I use to have a thing for Keanu too……………he use to get crap for his acting skills too, but he was so nice to look at, but after MATRIX…think he was treated with more respect. Saw a recent pic of him at some film festival……………..sad to say …………he was lookin’ all kinds of crazy………..bloated and sloppy clothes……..I know he’s getting older, but keep it together. I’ve always thought that Sean Connery and Tom Cruise have aged well……….
    I imagine Taylor will fall into that catergory of taking care of himself and becoming more desirable as the years go by.
    At this point I doubt anyone can say Taylor has been overexposed……….this year………….more sightings……….yes, but nothing close to overkill………………
    remember at the beginning of the year when we got excited about fan pics…………….look how far we’ve come……….

  33. marianne Says:

    chanda w…You asked why Taylor’s friends never post pics of him etc. One of Sara’s friends moved back to LA and she posted a tweet about all these people cheering for Taylor during BD2 promo in Europe and how Sara and Taylor were such a good friends to her. Well, some girls who don’t like Sara started asking her all these questions and all of a sudden she stopped tweeting anything about Taylor. He seemed to protect his friends during twilight and I guess it continues.

    accv…Over “exposed” Taylor is always a good thing.

  34. Lilome Says:

    Luv me some Keanu- loved him from the Bill and Ted days! However, as an older broad, let me say I would rather have a good guy who doesn’t age well over a douche-bag who does. Just my opinion, but Tom Cruise and Sean Connery are both ugly to me because of the kind of men they are. Both are sexist and controlling. Regardless of how Taylor ages, if he stays true to who he is and doesn’t lose himself in Follywood, he will always be beautiful to me.

  35. Johanna Says:

    @accv i looked up ur twitter are u the one with the black and white pic with the word ninja on ur mouth i dont want to follow the wrong person

  36. Emily Says:

    chanda–I’m almost positive that pic is from BD1 bts stuff, but I’m too tired to look tonight. I’ll check this weekend and let you know for sure. I bought 2 different “special edition” ones, so maybe that’s why I have it.

    What about the photoshoot that firereign told us about and that we saw the glimpse of a few weeks ago? Could that be the one mentioned above, or is this something new? Whichever–I don’t care, as long as we get to SEE them ASAP!

    I’m off to itunes to listen to “Halo.”

  37. Johanna Says:

    @Emily go listen to DNA by little mix u will LOVE IT! and totally think of Taylor

  38. Mystique Says:

    Chanda– Yes I like that combo too: chocolate, honey,whipped cream, and TAYLOR = Yummm!! :) lol

    Accv–lol yes Taylor is a “special cameo” indeed! :) I’m definitely not complaining if he’s doing more photo shoots. I’ve been dying to see some newer Taylor shoots now that he’s older :)

    Oh and I’m sorry @Accv if my “bad habits” regarding Gutter Saturdays are rubbing off on you lol, but sometimes I just can’t help it! It’s like with Taylor I don’t have a censor lol. Sometimes I’ll see a pic or a gif and will just lose it! Rotfl! @&#!

    Marianne– Wow that is crazy that even Taylor’s platonic friends get stalked online! That is crazy! O_o. Smh….now I know why Taylor stays somewhat guarded at times. There are some crazy ppl in this world smh…. :-/

  39. Emily Says:

    “Hit me like a ray of sun
    Burning through my darkest night
    You’re the only one that I want
    Think I’m addicted to your light”

    YES! I AM addicted to his “light.””

    Johanna–Yes, that song (DNA) really fits him, too.

    I’ve written about the song that I think totally fits him before, but it’s more of the “Gutter Saturday” variety. However, it was a while ago before some of you were posting and I don’t know if we’ll be talking about songs this weekend, so I’ll link it again. I first heard it as the background music of this fan-made youtube video (it was made back in 2010, so he looks younger, but not “I should feel ashamed of myself” young)–but really listen to the lyrics and see if you don’t agree with ALL OF THEM……….

  40. Johanna Says:

    OMG Yes that song suits him but that all im going to say cuz….umm…….you noe…….i just cant………..cant………wont………….must not…………………too inappropriate even for this site
    but great song ,great song
    yeah cant do it………ugh if only u ladies could see wat goes on in my mind…….yeah not al ALL appropriate
    O God i think i need help

  41. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I’m sure whatever goes on in your mind is nothing that hasn’t gone on in most of our’s too, from time to time. ;)

  42. Lexi Says:

    So i see that sara started back twitter, facebook( kind of) AND instagram…..
    Do you guys think that it’s because she’s not really linked to taylor anymore? :o

  43. marianne Says:

    Lexi…The way I look at it Sara will always be a part of Taylor’s life since just two weeks ago he was at her sister’s game. Taylor seems like the kind of person that keeps in touch with people that are important to him. Just because we don’t see him with certain people doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Who knew he kept in touch with Edi G. until paps got pics of them having lunch together.

  44. chanda w. Says:

    lilome…………I am not a Tom Cruise fan……….but I think he has aged well………….and I think Tay will do the same………..nothing wrong with keeping yourself together, but I do get your point.

    marianne……….Thanks for explaining about Tay’s twitter friends and the non-posting………….I figured it had something to do with ….us……….out of control fans…lol…………..just wanting all the info on Tay we can get…………guess that is why Ashley would post pics of Taylor ….then delete them…………….which made no sense……………’ve already posted it………..she wanted to be harassed…
    Tay does seem to enjoy staying friendly with whoever has been in his life…………such a sweetheart.

    lexi………….I saw that new pic on Sara’s twitter page……….one of those in the pics looks like the guy who plays on Young and the Restless…….the other girl looked like she acts too…………….anyway……………I thought the timing of her posting these pics of her sitting next to another guy was interesting………….since Tay was seen around the world with a new girl. Who knows?

    Two more weeks…….come on Tracers!!!

  45. chanda w. Says:

    I also like the new song Clarity by Zedd………….when I think of Tay……….more about the over the top fan thing……… just going and staying gaga over someone……with no real explanation.

  46. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-Thanks for linking the song DNA! I’m going to have to listen to it at home when I’m not at work. Booo…. :(

    Johanna—LOL! TRUST me girl, you have not had a thought that I’m sure many of us haven’t had already! LOL! Don’t be ashamed. EMBRACE the gutterness lol! Just kidding lol….but see, that’s what “Gutter Saturdays” are for lol! ^_^ You can unleash it all here then if you feel like doing so lol.

  47. Mystique Says:

    RE: Tom Cruise & Sean Connery…..
    I guess I must be the minority here on this board, because I actually LIKE Tom Cruise….AND Sean Connery! :) I hope that info about their personalities isn’t true though. :-/ I would hate to think that they are undercover jerks. :(

    No amount of good looks can overcompensate for a guy who is a jerk. I’m sorry. :(

    To be honest though, I don’t know too much about Sean Connery, but from what I’ve seen throughout the years, Tom really appears to be a sweetheart deep down. I mean, he might be a little quirky (or crazy??) sometimes…… But aside from his personal relationship fiasco’s, he’s always come off as being one of the more nicer celebrities in Hollywood. He reminds me sort of like Taylor in the sense that he’s always smiling, always happy, and always seems appreciative and open towards his fans. Even in interviews he’s very energetic and has personality. Unlike SOME celebs who come on TV talk shows acting like they are “too cool for school” and better than everyone else. Tom always comes off as being pretty humble and just all-around light-hearted.

    Of course, I don’t know him *PERSONALLY* lol, so all of that could just be a huge old act/facade for all I know HA! But I will say in Tom’s defense that he is one of the few actors in the industry that I would feel perfectly comfortable just going up and saying hello to or asking for an autograph. Taylor of course also being on that list! :)

  48. Mystique Says:

    [“So i see that sara started back twitter, facebook( kind of) AND instagram…..
    Do you guys think that it’s because she’s not really linked to taylor anymore? :o “]

    Lexi–I had to quote your comment because I’ve been saying this from the outset as SOON as I realized that Sara came back to Twitter! That imo is a HUGE sign that she and Taylor are probably over…or, at the very least, taking a “break” lol.

    I’m just going to break it down…. *DISCLAIMER*: I’m no expert on relationships or anything like that, but I HAVE been 21 before lol…AND I have a degree in Psychology…, here goes MY little analysis lol… (Take it or leave it)

    You know what I *think* might be going on here?? I THINK (of course this is all just speculation since we don’t really know any of them personally lol) that like @Marianne said, Taylor and Sara will ALWAYS be close and have a “connection” because they’ve known each other for a long time.

    BUT…I’m also getting the impression that Sara might like Taylor a little more than he likes her. The reason I’m saying this is because this is just what I sense. I think they dated when they were younger, and will always be close friends, but I also think that Taylor is a GUY….who’s in an industry that has tons of beautiful girls around left and right…..and who knows…he probably just wants to date around (so-to-speak), and doesn’t really want to be tied to ONE girl. At least not for right now. I think he knows that Sara will probably always be there, and so he wants to venture out some and date other people (as he’s already done in the past). He just wants to be free to date other people, that’s what I think.

    I think now that Sara is no longer “attached” to Taylor, she feels free to go back on Social Media outlets again. Plus, that picture on Twitter of her and that guy?? Ummm…yeah…. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know what that’s all about lol! I have NEVER seen any picture with Sara next to ANY other guy other than Taylor lol. I’m not saying that they don’t exist, it’s just that I’ve never seen them.

    Btw, Sara looked dropped dead GORGEOUS in that picture on Twitter too, and that guy next to her is pretty nice-looking also! I think that after those pics came out of Taylor and Maika at the ballgame with him holding her hand, etc. Sara decided to share some pics of her own on Twitter and instagram lol….. Come on….we girls have ALL done it before lol. Especially after a breakup with a guy. She’s looking good too! So basically it’s sort of like her saying: “look at what you’re missing Taylor! I’m not crying over you!” LOL! :D That’s the BEST I think I’ve EVER seen Sara look! It’s more clear now that Sara is definitely prettier than Maika lol.

    Of course, I’m sure Sara and Taylor are STILL very close friends and I honestly think that deep down they both really do love each other. But when you’re young, you really DO need to explore and date other people before giving your whole heart to someone else. YKWIM?? Just think if you had ended up marrying the FIRST person you ever dated?? Not saying they were each other’s “firsts”, but they WERE pretty young when they started dating.

    I don’t think this is the end of Taylor and Sara, but I do think that he fell for another girl and that they’re taking a break from each other right about now. That’s all.

    And if Sara is SMART, she will start dating other guys too. In MY personal experience, if a guy is really into me, I’ll know it if they come back to me…..especially if they start seeing me with another guy. For some reason a guy seeing his “ex” with another guy just stirs up competition or something! It turns on the “hunt mechanism” lol. I have ALWAYS said that I don’t think Taylor would be all too happy seeing Sara w/another guy. That’s just what I sense lol.

    I’m just saying!

    So anyway, there goes my “analysis” from “Dr. Mystique” lol.

    Young love…it’s so cute lol… :)

  49. marianne Says:

    Dr. Mystique…The one thing I have always appreciated about Taylor was that he was not a player. He has never been overtly flirtatious when signing for fans and knows what it takes to have a long term relationship. If this Maika(sp?) turns out to be his costar then it is pr imo but it will annoy me that he has to put up with this crap. I know Lionsgate seems to push its young stars to look like they are the real deal like their movie and that a lot of money is at stake, but I hate that they think we are stupid. I have been a fan of Taylor’s for a long time but if this kind of hooking him up with his costar continues, I’m out.

  50. Mystique Says:

    Marianne–Yea Taylor isn’t a “player” imo either. Quite the contrary actually. A player will go behind your back and cheat on you. If Maika IS indeed his new co-star (we don’t even know for sure right now), then maybe he feels that it would be better if he NOT be in a relationship with Sara during the filming of it perhaps? I’m just saying….

    We don’t even know if he and Maika are a PR relationship or not. For all we know, they could be the “real deal”.

    All I was speculating on was what MIGHT have happened between Taylor and Sara. And honestly, that probably would have happened anyway (or HAS happened) whether Maika was in the picture or not.

    Please don’t cease being a Taylor fan due to inconclusive facts or media speculation. We really don’t know who that girl is to him, but if there’s one thing I DO know about Taylor, it’s that I don’t think he would just be frivolously engaging in such a public display of “coupledom” if he didn’t have true feelings for the girl. That just doesn’t seem like him at all. I barely saw him behave this way with Sara, so I highly doubt he’d be doing this “show” now SIMPLY for PR or buzz for a new movie, which….oh btw we don’t even know if Maika is his new co-star or not.

    I think things would make more sense if we knew, but right now we don’t know 100%. Unless someone here can clarify some “inside scoop” and knows the cast list for his new movie that will be filming soon, I think the most any of us can do right now is just speculate.


  51. Lexi Says:


    *throws chair*

    Sorry people….had to get that out of my system hahaha

  52. Catherine Says:

    PR or not? I don’t care.

    Remember when he disappeared, and we were left tearfully clutching our tattered copies of New Moon?!!!

    I love seeing photos of him everywhere. No, I wouldn’t feel duped if it was PR. I don’t think it’d be a cruel attempt to ‘con’ his fans, more an attempt by his team to rev up his new movie.

    More attention on ‘Tracers’ = more Taylor pics and articles. Yay for us!

    If it’s the real thing – even better. Entirely possible too. Face it, she’s probably his new co-star (look at her athletic record, she’s perfect for the job!) which NEEDN’T mean it’s fake. Who here hasn’t had a crush on/dalliance with a work colleague?! Be honest, ladies ;)

    For the record, I do believe he had a crush on KS. The way he looked at her, the body language?! Come on!!! He was a hormonal teenage boy working closely with a pretty, older girl. Sure, it went no further than that, but the chemistry when he kissed her in ‘Eclipse’? The closeness in interviews? His loyalty? To be fair, I don’t think she ever treated him badly, and despite everything, I hope they’re still close friends behind the scenes.

    There. I feel better for that. God knows why…


  53. marianne Says:

    Catherine… I respect your opinion but I hate movies that become more about the relationship of the actors and not the movie(Robsten). As for a KS crush…smoking, swearing, middle-fingering Kristen…I didn’t see it. ACTORS promoting a big franchise with lots of money at stake–yeah. Looks and body language will be used by actors to accomplish what the studio requires. I’d say he enjoyed Nikki’s company more since he spent a lot of his down time during filming jet skiing and sharing meals with her.

  54. nicolefair Says:

    Okay, took me a while to get back here. Busy busy busy!

    Ummmm…yeah, I’ve been stuck for the last 10 on the wet, shirtless, cocky Tay gif…the one in the towel?

    Yeah…screw the towel, I have never wanted to be droplets of water so bad in my LIFE!!!!

    I think my lady parts just swooned.

  55. Emily Says:

    Mystique–it’s actually a link to a different song, but, yeah, don’t listen at work;)

    Nicolefair—“my lady parts just swooned”…….. HILARIOUS!!!!

  56. Catherine Says:

    Marianne – I hear you…and do agree with you in some respects. Maybe my desire for new Taylor pics willingly blinds me to the morals of Hollywood tactics ;)

    Nice to hear the opinions of other real fans though – even if we’re coming from different angles! :) Ventured onto IMDB earlier – what is with that site?! Mad trolls abound…

  57. nicolefair Says:

    Catherine, I’m with you. I don’t care under what circumstances we get to see Taylor, as long as we see him. With a girl, without one, hanging with friends, taking meetings or walking the red carpet…I just wanna see him.

    Its rare that you find anyone in young hollywood who actually has some class. He’s kind and accessible to his fans without removing the veil, which is really hard to do. Most celebs overshare, so there’s no mystery and you eventually get super bored, or they don’t share at all and seem too disgruntled with fame that you lose interest.

    Taylor is really similar to old Hollywood stars, I’m talking Cary Grant…Gary Cooper, even Paul Newman and Burt Lancaster. Beautiful, smart, talented and understand the “brand” they’re trying to sell and they knew how to keep their real lives seperate from the Hollywood hype. Its the best way to be famous, that way you have to give up as little as possible.

    That’s why all this hoopla doesn’t seem to bother Taylor I suppose, because the angst, pouty, bothered version of stardom isn’t a part of his particular brand. He’s humbled by his fame and works at maintaining it.

    I dig it man.

    BTW, I’m a HUGE classic film fanatic. Lol

  58. Catherine Says:

    Nicolefair – indeed. The other one I think of is Clooney. Hard working, likeable, down to earth, with a wicked sense of humour. Yes, he’s photographed with girlfriends, but I’m struggling to think of any bad reports or sleazy stories. Doesn’t reveal a lot, just ticks along. He’s well liked, by the public and in the business, and has a steady career. That’s the kind of path I’d like to see Taylor take over the years…

    Anyway, nearly 1am here. Night, girls!

  59. marianne Says:

    Nicolefair…Catherine…I vote for Paul Newman…said he had “steak” at home in his wife Joanne Woodward and had a steady career and pretty normal home life since he lived in Conn. I want Taylor to have a happy personal life as well as career.

  60. kia Says:


    Nicolefair..Emily- Taylor is the King of swooning lady parts! Screw the towel, I would loved to be the water coming from his shower head…….

  61. Emily Says:

    kia—O.O Unf… Are you starting our “Gutter Saturday” discussion a few hours early????

    nicolefair/marianne–I agree–I want Taylor to have a successful career, but I want him to have a happy life even more than that.

  62. *Vickey* Says:

    @Emily|@Nicolefair|@Marianne- I couldn’t agree more. I feel like in a way your career can be successful without a happy life, we’ve seen other celebrities crash and burn doing so unfortunately, but I believe having a balance is a great thing, Taylor has it uncontrol. :)

    @Mystique Was NOT ready for that gif of Taylor. Love it, “Gutter Saturday” came early. Lol.

    @Marianne/Mystique Yes! Taylor’s not a player, but he still gets all girls like us chatting away about him on websites. Haha. :)

    @Lexi LOL. I am about ready to throw a chair too, want to see that cast list!

  63. kia Says:

    Emily- Sorry I couldn’t help it. I’ll be at the beach all day tomorrow,so I started Gutter Saturday a little early.
    Marianne- I love Paul Newman. He’s a down to earth type of guy. Something you don’t see in Hollywood these day. Hope Taylor follow those footsteps.

  64. accv Says:

    @Johanna… yes dear, that is me :p I was trying to channel Taylor with the whole ninja thing. I’m so pathetic. lol.

    OH yes… Keanu Reeves was smokin’ back in the day. And although Tom Cruise is aging well, he was in his prime back in the day too.. Top Gun anyone? Same with Jerry Maguire. I crushed on him too. A lot of these actors looked their best back then. I think I’m just overly critical though. I dunno why. I’m not in any position to be, so I should shut up. HAHA!

    Speaking of the gorgeous Sara, she posted a pic up of her family back then and OMG, her mom is STUNNING. No wonder SHE’S so beautiful.

    And Mystique… the player thing can go away, right? It CAN be a per basis, right? Like, “players” can change their ways once the right one comes along? I just feel like perhaps maybe it’s unfair to tout someone that has cheated in the past, as “once a cheater, always a cheater.” I mean, I’m not perfect… I’ve cheated myself in high school, but I was truly hurting and felt a little vindictive at the time. But I would never do that again. I’d get out of the relationship before repeating that mistake.

  65. Mystique Says:

    Glad you all liked the wet gif ladies!! ^_^ I had never seen it before so my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw it! O_O. I I just HAD to run back here and share! :)

    Catherine–oh pshhht…

  66. Mystique Says:

    Lol oopps! Hit enter too quickly on this silly tablet lol.


    Catherine–oh pshhht…I gave up on recently lol. The ladies on here can attest that I used to always go on Taylor’s board and come back here so frustrated and irritated with the posters and haters over there smh. :-/ I just don’t get it! Taylor has loads of fans! All around the world! I don’t see how fans have allowed his board over at imdb to turn into some crazy circus house smh. :( I don’t blame them though.. I stuck out for as long as I could, and then I just gave up.

    Why try to reason with obvious trolls and jealous idiots?? Plus, when I found the lovely (SANE) ladies on this site, the less and less I felt the urge to go over to the dysfunctional boards. Just about every board on is full of haters. Some more than others of course. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while I’ll stop by Taylor’s board on imdb, as Nicolefair an Chanda can vouch for me, but over here is paradise compared to over there lol!

    Emily– yes, we’re starting our “Gutter” session a few hours early this week aren’t we lol? But to be honest, I think I started Gutter Saturday on Wednesday or Thursday for me this time rotfl!

    Accv–yea i saw the pictures Sara posted on instagram too. Her mom WAS gorgeous! Sara looks just like her mom imo. Her dad wasn’t bad looking either.

    Oh and Re:cheating….
    Oh yes I am a firm believer that people can always change. Plus, I wasn’t trying to say that a cheater was necessarily a player. No way… not all cheaters are players, and not all players cheat.

    Also, some aspl make mistakes and things just went further than they should have. It happens. I was just stating how Taylor was NOT a player, because if he really wanted to play games, he could have continued to date Sara while at the same time hanging out with Maika. The fact that he didn’t do that lets me know that he’s not that type of guy.

    Gosh we need some new news this weekend lol…..I hate resorting to speculating about Taylor’s dating ventures lol. Come on we need new news! The maika thing was nice, and I’ll take anything just to see more of HIM, but I need some new filming news asap!!! Lol….I sound like an addict looking for their next fix ha! O_o

  67. Johanna Says:

    @accv okay im following u and i like the pic its cute. so u noe my name on twitter
    (dont laugh i was 17 wen i made it and i piked my two favorite things and made a name) its purplecupcake17 and my pic is worst i just look sad and depressed

    okay i really have to say this:
    i noe that we have all been trying to figure out wats up with Taylor and Maika and i feel like a horrible person for even trying to do this i feel like im invading thier privacy, i dont noe her, and i really dont have the right to judge but every time i look at a pic of them and i look at her i get this very bad feeling like something just isnt right. i dont noe wat it is maybe its nerves, jealousy, maybe craps idk but its just a feeling i get and i cant shake it
    this happened wen he dated lily and it only lasted like a couple of days and then i was over it but i just cant shake this bad feeling and i dont why
    but i just had to say it……maybe some of u feel the same idk its just kinda weird

  68. marianne Says:

    Johanna… I understand how you feel about something not feeling right. Other than the hand holding(maybe her hands were cold) they just don’t seem that into each other. It seemed like an assignment that they were required to do imo. Hopefully, we’ll have some casting news and that will replace a lot of speculation. You have a right to your opinion and you aren’t invading their privacy since they were in public and knew they would be photographed. Taylor’s young and there are going to be other relationships before he settles down.

  69. Lilome Says:

    Ok kids, I just can’t let this go, so allow me one final rant. Or don’t. You can remain blissfully ignorant and skip this comment. I can be very opinionated – but I can ALWAYS back it up when I am. When I say I hate someone, I can always tell you why, so here goes….
    I f**king HATE Sean Connery! Why? Reason #1: Playboy Magazine interview 1965 (told you I am old as dirt) “I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with hitting a women- I just don’t recommend you do it the same way you hit a man”. Oh good, glad we cleared that up!
    Reason #2: Barbara Walters interview 1987. She gives him a chance to clarify his statment. And boy does he! He suggests you should use an open hand, not a fist. Then he continues, talking about how some women just won’t shut up. Look it up on YouTube. Doesn’t exactly help clarify his statement the way Babs expected him to!
    Reason #3: no surprise here- his first wife claimed emotional and physical abuse. After his public comments, I have no reason to doubt her.
    Sorry if I burst anyone’s bubble. He’s a misogynistic pig- plain and simple. And you really don’t want to know about Tom Cruise. He went to high school with my friend’s brother in Louisville Kentucky.

  70. firereign Says:

    Volleyball Game 05/31/13

  71. firereign Says:

    sorry won’t work..

  72. Catherine Says:

    Well, guess who got a twitter reply from Wyck Godfrey this morning?!!!!! (This stupidly made my day!)

    Not regarding Taylor, but I replied to his tweet about ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – his next movie. Wyck recommended I read the book ‘Sorta Like A Rockstar’ if I liked the John Green one.

    I said I’d read it whilst waiting impatiently for ‘Tracers’ news…

    No harm in nagging the nice, friendly, producer-man, is there?! ;)

  73. Lilome Says:

    Firereign -I hope you have news for us! Please……please….please.
    Catherine, you’re a clever girl. Stay on top of that and report back. We clearly are in need of a new Tay fix cery soon. Anyone else find it sad that this site is my first task every morning?

  74. vera Says:

    Tracers got stunt coordinator Gary Powell, according to IMDB.
    he has a great track record, the work on the stunts in the films -007: Coordinates Skayfoll and other James Bond films, Harry Potter franchise , Titanic, Saving Private Ryan and others ..
    fingers crossed…

  75. marianne Says:

    Catherine…way to go girl… in my family we call in the “drip-drip-drip effect” until you get what you want.

    vera…nice if Taylor gets to work with someone who knows his stuff.

  76. nicolefair Says:

    I got the volleyball pic to work. Its Taylor in the audience at a vollyball game. Blue LA Dodger hat on backwards, grey shirt, dark jeans. Sittng with a few blondes, some older, some younger, don’t think is Maika. Picture’s kind of blurry, but you can definitely tell its him.

    Hope that helps.

  77. nicolefair Says:

    Okay, apparently he’s at his sister’s volleyball game and sitting with his family, I don’t recognize anyone, but I’m really bad at that sorta thing. His hair is still really long. Yum. lol

  78. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my…………the cutie at another volleyball game………….I’m checking twitter……..I know they’ll have a pic on there.
    Like I said before I am a die hard Taylor fan…………….so any news on him is cool with me…………because he is always in ninja mode………….I like seeing stories about just him! Not Velvetta cheese’s ex boy friend or him being inserted into drama of his co-stars…………just Tay. I thought it was smart for him to let the world know…………without saying ………a word…………..that he has a life…………and was not involved in anyone’s break -up…………he did all of that with some pictures at a Dodgers game……………sexy and smart.

    Lilome………I had no idea about Sean Connery………………..oh well……….he’s off my list……………and Tom Cruise……… day ……………u need to share ………..but I have issues with him because he doesn’t seem supportive of his son’s (Connor’s) acting career……………….and some have suggested that Connor might be Tom’s biological son………….even though Connor is mixed…………..he and Tom do look similar………….anyway………………….another father/son team Will and Jaden Smith……………..I approve of………….The movie After Earth was so good…………..everyone clapped at the end.
    Mystique……………I haven’t posted on the IMDB boards in awhile either, but………….I do think it is important for us to show our support on that board…………………or else……….idiots will continue to just post crap………….just because…………..I’m sure it’s like that on most boards……………..because true fans……………….get tired of trying to defend the actor/actress……………but we can just post something positive………….every week…………….and not pay attention to anyone else.
    I know I was getting caught up in replying to ANYONE that tried to insult Tay, but I have to stop that…………….his work will speak for itself…………..and I just need to be a supportive fan. So he does still need our support on that board.

  79. Emily Says:

    Catherine–Way to go! I really like Wyck. Maybe you can keep pestering him and he’ll let something slip… couldn’t hurt to try….

    Lilome–not sad at all. I literally just got up about 5 minutes ago. When I’m not working, it’s get up, bathroom stop, get something to drink, check in here, then start my day. :)

  80. Emily Says:

    See if this works…

  81. chanda w. Says:

    I want to hear more about Tay being at the VB game…………….sorta wondering if some fans were right about Sara………………is she kinda shady……………..just the timing of her getting back on twitter…………maybe it is just her showing him what he’s missing.
    Catherine I think it is cool that u tweeted Wyck……………….I tweet mags……..that I want to see more of Taylor in…………and talk shows I want him to be on. So the more support the better. I also have tweeted Summit and basically told them they were butts for how they treated Tay………….I might have crossed the line………lol!
    What’s the use of all this technology ….if we don’t enjoy using it?

  82. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the pic Emily………….. …………..where did firereign go?
    We need more updates.

    I’m working on two fanfics about Taylor ……… is called When All Was Well (story about friendship) and the other is Protective Hearts(romance and very short………I doubt it will be twenty pages)

    Tay has taken away my writer’s block.

  83. chanda w. Says:

    Once again ……….info I should not know………….Maika has a pic of her and two guys…………………….If she is trying to play Taylor………………….I will call her out on twitter…………….not even joking. First Sara, now her……….these girls………no wonder Tay is always in ninja mode.

  84. marianne Says:

    chanda w….In defense of Sara, she left twitter this past year when she and Taylor were spotted everywhere together and the trolls starting sending all kinds of disgusting stuff. It was pretty bad. Some were threats to harm her. Her basketball season is over and Taylor will be filming soon and IMO the studio can push the relationship he has with his costar. Sara can be on twiiter and people can now hate Maika. Most of the Clipper girls tweet and she needs to be a part of the team so to speak.

    Emily…thanks for the pic. He’s such a family guy.

  85. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies regarding the VB pic i believe the women towards the bottom in pink is his mom and the guy in red next to him could be his dad but im not sure idk who the blond next to him is.

    @chanda as for Maika and the two guys the one all the way to the end is James Maslow from Big Time Rush and he has a girlfriend and the other is Damon Grey and he was in Friday Night Lights and hes also in the new Percy Jackson Movie idk if he is single or not but i think they are just friends

    Okay off to go stock ppl on twitter to see if i can get more info
    report soon :)

  86. nicolefair Says:

    I swear you guys are awesome detectives. I love it!

  87. Lexi Says:

    Im not sure who said this….but Sara should start dating other guys. I mean, no offense, but it seems like she’s DESPERATE. I mean im not saying she’s a bad person, but you know……

    Also, i see that she went to san francisco with her family :). And I think Taylor went to his sister’s volleyball game on the same day! I dont know…..i just feel like sara and taylor are not really linked anymore :(

  88. chanda w. Says:

    marianne…………..didn’t realize how bad it was for Sara…………I have seen some pretty horrible tweets about her………guess some Tay fans…………taking it too far too.
    johanna………Maika’s tweet did say besties………….so I assumed they were all just friends…………….still her and Sara posting pics with male friends back to back…………maybe I’m more suprised at Sara……….the other girl seems to like posting pics a lot.
    A simple joy…………….I was at the store thumbing through OK magazine and I kept thinking Tay’s handsome face should be in here…………..and boom……………saw my beautiful boy (old pic w/his dad) under Stars who still live with their parents………lol!! I didn’t care…..just happy to see him and apparently J.Lawrence and B. Cooper live with their family too……………so Tay’s in good company.

  89. Mystique Says:

    Lilome– Omg…..THANK YOU for giving me the 411 on Mr. Sean Connery! Ugh! >:-( What a huge TURN OFF! I had no idea he even gave any of these interviews, let alone said the comments that he made! Ugh! What a douche. I’m sorry…. I have VERY low tolerance for men who feel like it is “okay” to hit a woman or “put her in her place” so to speak. :( Ugh…I don’t think I will ever see him the same way again smh…. :-/

    Oh, and what’s the deal with Tom Cruise???? :-/ Please don’t tell me he’s also an undercover jerk also! Smh…. he’s one of the few celebs that I usually actually find nice and respectful towards fans. :(

    Way to go @Catherine on your Twitter “inquiry”. Hey, I see nothing wrong with a little “nudge” here and there lol. ;)

    Firereign, Emily–thanks for the Taylor pic at the volley ball game. That’s def him! :) I also like the fact that he’s not afraid to wear the same shirt twice lol. :)

    Chanda–you’re absolutely right about, and this was how I felt for a LONG time too…..but Idk if it’s just the fact that I’m pms’ing, or whether I’m just truly fed UP with all of the negativity on that board (or site in general), but I don’t even have the urge to go there much anymore smh. I tried doing the ignore tactic (in fact I think I pm’d some of you to ignore a certain troll user), but after a while I guess I just got tired! :( Idk….I just wish MORE fans were on there rip defend him! Those jealous fan boys are brutal! :-/ *sigh* BUTTTT….since you’re sticking with it,I guess I’ll go over there again and stick with it too. After all, I think I was the one who encouraged you to join that board lol! Smh… :( Oh well…. I’ll post again soon…..I just get tired of all the negativity :(

    Marianne–yep you’re right, Sara left Twitter last year because fans were being utterly cruel and brutal towards her smh! I’d leave too!

    Johanna–WOW!!! I think the detective of the year award goes to you! Rotfl! I love it! We ladies on here are like the freakin’ FBI! Lol! Wow! O_O. We’re slowly putting the pieces together it seems lol. The TL-FBI Team……I love it! ^_^ lol

    Lexi—[“I’m not sure who said this….but Sara should start dating other guys.”] Lol I was the one who said that. I definitely think she should seriously start dating other guys. NOT to make Taylor jealous (nooo…that would be playing games smh), but because she WANTS to. It’s always good to get out and meet other guys after a break up. Plus, if Taylor really does care about her (like I think he does), then maybe eventually he will be moved to try to rekindle things with her again in the future. But no guy really wants to know that you’re waiting at their beck and call all the time. :-/

    I know this is all JUST speculation and everything, but I really do think they have broken up. I felt that even back in Feb when she wasn’t at his birthday party. Plus, on her Twitter acct, she posted a few days ago: “Bachelorette Night!” Now….either she had a friend who is about to get married soon, OR she’s talking about herself. Personally, I think she’s talking about herself. :-/

  90. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–btw, you’ve written some fan fics about Taylor? Cool! What are the odds? :) I have too! Lol. I’ve even put some of the chapters online already, but it’s so amateurish I think. I’d be so embarrassed to post them here lol. You guys would probably just laugh at how inexperienced I am haha. It’s my first story that I’ve written and actually posted! Also, it’s the first story I’ve written about Taylor. *blush*

    Is yours online? Can I read it? :)

  91. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique I saw where the tweet that sara posted, and i think she’s talking about the SHOW, The Bachelorette :)

  92. chanda w. Says:

    Cool , Mystique………….u write too??!! I use to write all the time……….in high school I was called Miss Creative…………………mostly poems, but I wrote a play called Books -N-Stuff…………I would take it around and show certain people, but I never did much with it………………it’s now been in a box since before my son was born………….once in awhile I would type up a poem or mini story, but not often………recently after the ongoing craziness in the news…………..I sorta got inspired again, but I wanted to write about Taylor………..because I knew it would keep my focus.

    So I am still working on both of the fanfics……….they aren’t finished.
    Now where is your fanfic…………Can I read it……….lol! Don’t be scarrrrrrrrrrred…ha ha. No, but I would like to read it……… know we’ve all got your back on here.

    If it is Taylor inspired………….it is gonna be good……………..cause he is quite inspirational……………..those bedroom eyes, that compact body…………he wants to drive his fans…………mad. Heard Tracers has a stunt coordinator………………finally coming together.
    P.S I wonder if Tay has french kissed Maika yet…………………….that lucky biotttttttttttch!

  93. Lexi Says:

    I saw the tweet****

  94. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I don’t think Sara not “being” at a BDay party reported by gossip mags is proof of anything. After all, Makena wasn’t there either. I imagine there was a family and close friend celebration so he could have privacy.

    My eyes have been permanently scarred from seeing a fan manip of TS holding a baby and TL looking on!!!! YUCK!!!

  95. chanda w. Says:

    Can anyone post this pic………pic.twitter.comZvQbdE2gg8?

  96. Emily Says:

    chanda–I couldn’t get it to work. I tried doing it just like the last one.

  97. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique thanks for the comment yeah i will admit im kind of a stalker its gotten to the point were all i really need is a persons name and i can find them on facebook or twitter its pretty bad but you noe in life if all else fails i can just go to the FBI and probably become some kind of detective so im set

    ps idk if one of the tweets u guys were raffering to was the one she posted like 4hrs ago but apperently she tweeted none other then Pat Schwarzenegger ( god i really feel bad for this kind having this long-ass last name) it went like this: “@PSchwarzenegger I had big chill! Safe to say… I’m obsessed.” idk wat she ment by it

  98. Johanna Says:

    @marianne WAT manip of Taylor and Swift and a baby can u please post
    seriously at first i read it wrong and thought they had some secret love child
    i almost exploded

  99. marianne Says:

    Johanna…It was a tweet which I found accidentally looking for something else. I’m having trouble finding it again but I think if you type in Taylorsquared on twitter it will show up on a few of the more recent tweets. I had to go wash my eyes out.

  100. Emily Says:

    marianne–It’s funny–when I saw a manip a long time ago of Taylor and Selena walking together and Selena was holding a baby, I thought, “Oh, how cute!” (Not for a long time of course, but one day he’ll make the most adorable daddy!), but if I saw that one, I would feel the same as you.

    Of course, after all her Bieber shenanigans, I don’t really like Selena for Taylor anymore, but…..they would make some beautiful babies, to be sure.

  101. Johanna Says:

    saw the pic ewwwwwwwwwww it looks so weird and uncomfortable plus TS looks like she has man hands idk if those are hers but they look more manly then TL

  102. Johanna Says:

    the context of this picture may cause: nausea, heartburn,stomach bleeding, discomfort, panic attacks, blindness, dizziness, severe headache, madness, crazy mood swings, can cause you to throw chairs and scream at complete strangers, can cause confusion,total loss of control and in dire severe cases can cause unexpected death.

    Please view at your own risk

  103. Mystique Says:

    Johanna, Mariannen—WOW! Oh my EYES!!! I’m scarred for life! What has been seen, cannot be unseen! O_o. Lol! Ugh…… It’s funny, while TSquared were dating, I actually thought they were cute together…you know, back when TS was all young and innocent. Ha! Now days she seems like she has some really bad choices in guy’s. Almost like she deliberately chooses the bad boy over the good guys smh. :-/ Oh and yes, that was a really bad Photoshop job lol. Those man hands and how tiny her shoulders are lol!

    Emily– I agree, I don’t min Selena, but after her long-term-link to Justin Bieber I kind of wouldn’t want her for Taylor either. I mean, I think she’s a sweet girl and everything, but I think the Jelena romance has just left a bad taste in my mouth. :-(

    Marianne–no I wasn’t saying that Sara not being at his b-day party was “proof” of anything. I know he had more than one bday party. All I’m saying is that ever since then I’ve been kind of wondering about them as a couple…that’s all. I’ve been getting the feeling ever since his 21st birthday that he’s been split from her and idk why. Maybe it was also because I saw him spending time with Kristen, Ashley, the funk crew etc. Idk, just this feeling I’ve had. I can’t explain it, and it could be way off base. But I’ve been getting that feeling ever since February. But like I’ve been saying, we don’t know what’s truly going on, or what WILL happen tomorrow let alone months from now. Who knows, next week we could see pictures surface of Sara and Taylor out on a date….who knows? Lol

  104. Lexi Says:

    I saw tweet too! And i also read a tweet from a fan that after she tweeted that to patrick, he UNFOLLOWED her :O
    I even checked myself to see if her name is in patrick’s “following” list….and it’s not there!
    And i remember her name being there too….
    Im telling you guys, SOMETHING is up … LOL

  105. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—Ohhh okay, so you’re still writing your story! Gotcha. It sounds like it will be very interesting! :) You sound like you’ve been writing for quite some time! That’s awesome! I’m sure your stories will turn out great. :) I’ve always wanted to be a great writer, but I don’t think I have the natural talent for it like others do though. :-/ For some ppl writing just comes so easy and naturally for them. That is NOT me lol!

    One day over a year ago however, a story line about Taylor just popped up in my head out of the blue. This story kept swirling in my head for over a year and a half! I finally one day just decided to start writing it down online so that I wouldn’t forget the progression of the storyline, etc.

    Then, after a year of not publishing it for outside eyes…I decided to just post it online one day on a whim. I’m no where near done with it (it’s going to be a long story) , but I kind of know where I want the the story to go. I’ve posted some chapters on already.

    Lol ….I can post it on here for you to read, but I’m warning you, it is VERY bare bones. It’s definitely not a masterpiece like “Hands On Me”… fact, my fan fic has NOTHING to do with Twilight whatsoever (sorry to burst anyone’s bubble lol!), and mine is like G-Rated compared to “Hands On Me” rotfl! ^_^ My story is a twist sort of….because it’s a novel with a “cast”. I can’t explain it. It’s just different than most fanfics I’ve seen because it’s not based on any movie he’s done, or anything in his personal life really. This is all made up. A “screenplay” I guess you could say.

    Omg I can’t believe I’m doing this (so embarrassed!), but I’ll go ahead and post my story in progress on here if any of you are interested in reading it. I really appreciate input and feedback that will encourage and help me to be a better writer in the future! ^_^

    Here’s the link to my story:

    Feel free to review/critique on there lol. If you have any ideas on how you would like the story to progress, let me know! I may even add some of your ideas to it and dedicate a chapter to you or something lol! The story develops slowly, but it definitely “heats up” as time goes on lol.

  106. Mystique Says:

    Lexi—Re:Patrick UN friending Sara….WOW…. O_o. Are we SURE they were ever Twitter friends to begin with though? I’m just wondering, because you can mention someone on Twitter who is not your “follower”. I’m just curious….before jumping to any conclusions….wondering if Sara was even ever friends with Patrick on Twitter. She JUST got back on Twitter herself! Lol. We’re they “followers” of each other LAST year before she took a hiatus from Twitter? Just curious! Lol

  107. johanna Says:

    I just saw another tweet which read ” currently eating my feelings”
    I don’t she is okay with wat is going on I cant say I blame her

  108. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique now that i think of it, maybe i saw her friends with tarik NOT patrick LOL FALSE ALARM (sorry ladies)
    but like @johanna said, “currently eating my feelings”. NOW i think something is up hahaha

  109. vera Says:

    So…Maika Monroe with KS friends..

  110. marianne Says:

    According to TeamTaylorLautner fan page Tracers has a casting director…Richard Mento. For the middle of June filming schedule it seems kind of late to be just getting a casting director? At least things are moving along.

    vera…Maika and KS friends…how weird is that.

  111. Lilly Says:

    They are all friends with each other. There are pics of him with Thor and Ashley B. as well.

  112. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique anyways you were right. I dont think he actually friended her on twitter :)

    ANYWAYS, i hope they bring news for the casting list??? I am dying overr here haha
    And once he starts filming, that means more pictures!! *confettii*

  113. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–WOW….those tweets are somewhat cryptic aren’t they? :-/ Anyway, I hope Sara is okay. In this world of social media and increased technologyyou can almost guess what someone might be going thru based on their comments on social sites. I still have the feeling that they broke up somehow, but it seems as though they are off and on anyway, so I’m sure they’ll get back together eventually. :)

    Marianne–woo goo! More casting news! YESSSS!!! :-D. I can’t wait to see the cast list! :)

    Lexi– Oh ok thanks for clarifying! Lol…yea that didn’t sound like smthg Patrick would do, but I guess sometimes you just never know lol.

    Oh and more pics of Taylor filming are always nice! :-D

    Emily–Aww thanks so much for the review of my story on!!! This means so much to me, you just don’t know! ^_^ I’m currently working on another chapter. It’s going to get interesting as the chapters go along lol.

    If you guys want to see the pictures of my “cast”, you can click on my livejournal site. Same intro, but this site at least let’s you post pictures so you can see the pictures I have of Taylor and the rest of my cast! :)

    Enjoy!! ^_^

  114. chanda w. Says:

    Emily…….thanks for trying to post that pic…………..Amy McCulloch, the writer of a book call Oathbreakers………….she posted a pic on twitter of Taylor and the character on the cover of her book………..they did look alot alike…………she was complimenting Tay and basically saying he’d be a good fit. She wasn’t getting any support from those she tweeted the pic to……………one guy……………….James Smythe…@jpsmythe……………was especially helpful(not)……… McCulloch kept saying Taylor was dreamy……………………and Smythe……..well u can check his tweets…………(may 30th) and she his thoughts. Anyway I wanted to post that pic………..he would be a good choice………..if and when they make a movie.

    Sara , sounds depressed………………..reaching out to those she thinks are friends with Tay………..something major happened……….maybe this break up is the real deal…………….can’t be easy trying to get over Taylor…………gosh!

    So Maika is friends with friends of KS………………that is not a good sign………….I adore Taylor ………………..and I am begging him to distance himself from KS…………..she is clearly high out of her mind half the time……………….and no matter how cool he thinks she is……………………she seems self destructive…………………u saw how fast RP………….high tailed it outta there. I really don’t want Taylor with that crowd…………….they might get attention………..but it is the wrong kind!!
    Taylor needs to surround himself with some positive people……………..and I am still iffy about THOR…………………..didn’t he respresent Corbin Blue………….u said who……………..exactly…………………not trying to see Tay go that route………………..he needs a team that is hardcore for him and his career.
    Well countdown to Tracers……………can’t wait!!

  115. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique…………kudos for getting your work out there………………I have to take some time to read all of it, but from what I did read……………it gone be good! lol!
    And KeKe Palmer and Tay……………..I could so see them together…………….do u remember that pic of Tay , Lily and Keke……………also they did a Seventeen photo shoot toghether…………..I can’t remember if it was right before the first Twilight movie came out or a little after…………..but it was a group of young up and comers.
    KeKe also implied that her and Taylor were actually friends…………….so that isn’t too far fetched. He is a white boy……..california talker……………but his cute nose and that sexy body and those dark features make him Universal…………he can blend with anyone.

  116. Mystique Says:

    Chanda– wow kudos to Amy! Any admirer of Taylor is pretty much cool in my book! ;)

    I’ve never heard of Oathbreakers, but I may have to do some more research on it! I really hope Taylor gets a variety of scripts handed his way…blockbusters AND indie films combined.

    I foresee great things for his future if he plays his cards right! ^_^

    Aww and thanks too for taking the time to also read a little of my story. I really appreciate any feedback you all can give. :) (((hug)))

    Re: Keke…
    Lol YES that Seventeen shoot was what prompted this story actually lol! When I saw them in that shoot together I started thinking… “hmmm….what IF?” Lol… Ideas just started flowing from there. Plus I think Keke is a pretty cool young actress, always bubbly, always friendly, very talented vocally, etc. So I figured I would cast them for my story. :)

    PS–if you already think the story is good NOW…wait until you read future chapters I will be writing lol! ;)

  117. Lexi Says:

    I just read the first chapter!! It’s good so far!! I can’t wait to read more :D

  118. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique Sooo good! Glad you posted. The first chapter is really good. Gonna leave a comment on it. And I really love your use of a cast and that fact you used Keke Palmer, I love her. Can’t wait to read more! :) How long ago did you start writing it?

    And I I agree Sara’s tweets are sometimes hard to decode. LOL. I hope all is good with her. And IDK if these means anything to anyone, but James Maslow from Big Time Rush posted a picture, he was recently at Maika’s birthday celebration and she wasn’t there with Tay or anything just flying solo with her friends.

    @Lilome Yeah! I don’t like Sean either! I knew he was crazy, but I didn’t know about that interview where Barbara tried to get him to “clear” up what he said. -_-

    @Marianne I agree it is a bit late, but like you said at least Tracers is in motion. :) I just looked Mento up and he has some good things under his resume. Warm Bodies was pretty good and No Strings Attached was funny. :)

    Is it just me, but I would love to see Taylor play the lead in a scary movie. It would be different and I’m sure if he didn’t survive, I’d throw a fit. xP

  119. chanda w. Says:

    Okay, if I had a guy as HOT as Taylor…………………I’d show him off………….every chance I got. I understand the crazy fans……….thing, but surely if they are a couple they can attend birthday parties and take pics together.
    I mean they were holding hands in a very public place………………..why play coy now?? Maika , if he’s yours…………u better act like it…………because ………now I feel he’s back on the market…………and the hunt begins again…………lol!
    Vickey, Tay would be great as the lead in a scary movie……………he has the comedic timing and everything……….the best scary movies are the ones that have a little (not too much) comedy in them. I also heard something about the Ninja Turtles reboot………but I don’t know if that is from an old article or what……………he’d do great in that too.

  120. Mystique Says:

    Lexi, *Vickey*—-Awww thanks you guys for reading my story. I feel so honored. ^_^ Really. Any reviews/comments you can provide on would definitely be awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it so far! :)

    Oh and @Vickey, I actually started writing this story like last year, but I just never posted anything online until recently. I already have a few chapters written already, but I usually have to tweak them and check for grammatical errors before posting them on This is going to be a long story (I feel lol), so I have some cahpters already in development, but others just in the “bare bones” stage…Idk if that makes any sense.

    Oh RE: Taylor in a Horror film…
    I could actually see that! lol… I’ve never thought about him in that genre before, but now that you mention it, I could probably see it! I didn’t know he was going to do another comedy after Twilight, but look…now he’s doing GUPS2! So, I think he’s very versatile.

    Chanda—lol…..yeah, I don’t know if Taylor not being at Maika’s b-day party really means anything or not, but I know what you mean about wanting to feel like he’s “back on the market” again lol. How crazy is it that I actually had a DREAM that some media outlet on TV was commenting on the pictures of Taylor and Maika at the Dodgers game and were “confirming” that the two of them were “just friends” and that they were only holding hands because during the game one of the players made a homerun. LOL!! How crazy is THAT?? O_o Talk about writing your own script! hahah….

    Anyway, whether friends or MORE, I just want to see more pics of Taylor. Heehee ^_^

    Oh and I wanted to see Taylor in the TMNT film too! But not if it’s going to be done in a cheesy way. Idk what it’s going to be like, but I’ve just heard a few fans of the TMNT claim that they think this version is going to be cheesy. Idk….. Personally, I’ll probably go see it anyway just for nostalgia I guess lol. But technically and athletically-speaking, Taylor could definitely do a movie role like that becaue he is afterall, a “ninja” lol. :)

  121. Jenle Says:

    Hope Taylor films something soon. Love him, but getting a little bored lately.

  122. firereign Says:

    In case you haven’t heard…Tracers

    Robert Mento – Casting
    Daniel Benmayor – Director
    Wex Wechsler – Ass’t Director
    Gary Powell – Stunt Co-ordinator
    Marty Powere & Wyck Godfrey Producers
    TJ Scott – Credits
    Cat Stone – Product Placement Co-ordinator
    David Eckstein – Story
    Temple Hill Entertainment – Studio
    WME – Distributor (USA)

  123. firereign Says:

    In case you haven’t heard…Tracers

    David Eckstein – Story
    Richard Mento – Casting
    Daniel Benmayor – Director
    Wex Wechsler – Ass’t Director
    Gary Powell – Stunt Co-ordinator
    TJ Scott – Credits
    Marty Bowere & Wyck Godfrey – Producers
    Cat Stone – Product Placement Co-ordinator
    Temple Hill Entertainment – Studio
    WME – Distributor (in USA)

  124. Lexi Says:

    @Jenle lol, welcome to the club ;)
    @firereign, i guess no news yet on the cast list? *sigh*

  125. kia Says:

    Mystique- I just started reading your story and I’m already loving it. Two Thumbs up! Can’t wait for the story continue.. I notice one of the characters (Latonya) play by Zoe Kravitz. I’m thinking she’ll be perfect for Tracers. Not only is she’s gorgeous and exotic looking but she’s been in some good films ( X-Men:First Class,After Earth,The brave One) also will be starring in Divergent.

  126. Johanna Says:

    I noe taylor has said he does not have twiiter or instagram but who ever this person is has some pics of Taylor i have never seen idk if u guys have but check it out
    theres one where hes with apprently some make-up artists from BD and one where he is sitting one like a cliff or boulder on set and yes he is SHIRTLESS :)

  127. Mystique Says:

    FireReign—WOO HOO!!!!! NOW we’re talking! ^_^ Things are coming together nicely! I cannot WAIT until they start filming Tracers. OMG…. :)

    Thank you sooo much for this update!

    NEXT UP: The Cast…
    I hope it’s a good one! (*crosses fingers*)

    Kia—Thanks girlie for the compliment! (((hug)))
    Wow… I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I’m actually kind of surprised you guys are enjoying it because to me it feels no where near on the level of other fan fics. But I will continue to write regardless lol. I’m just doing it for fun anyway. Nothing serious lol. I’m not a “born writer”, but it’s fun to just put your ideas down on something concrete instead of having a bunch of thoughts just swirling around in your head aimlessly lol.

    Thanks again for the feedback! It will definitely spur me on to continue to write more chapters! ^_^

    Re: Zoe…
    Oh yes, I’ve seen her in X-Men First Class and that’s pretty much it. I’m not too familar with her work, but from what I’ve seen so far I think she’s pretty cool! She’s also in “After Earth”?? Wow cool! Someone else on here (I’m sorry, I need reminding who!) mentioned that “After Earth” was actually a pretty good story. I may have to check it out. Especially since Will AND his son are acting together again in the same film lol. I think that’s so cute. I wasn’t going to check it out originally, but since I’m hearing pretty good reviews I may just check it out!

  128. Mystique Says:

    Btw Ladies….In a few days I will be in Sunny Southern California on vacation! Woot woot! I cannot WAIT! I soooo need a vacation. You just don’t know lol.

    But anyway, I’m going to miss you all here! I don’t think I’ll have any internet connection. :-/

    Hopefully, by the time I come back, a cast list will have been added! *crosses fingers*



  129. Mystique Says:

    Johanna! Omg thanks for the Instagram link! Unfortunately, I didn’t see the picture. :( I may have to check it out when I get home. About to leave work!

    But thanks for the heads up!

    I’m telling you, the TL-FBI is alive and well lol. :)

  130. Catherine Says:

    Sounds like Tracers is coming together nicely. Being a Taylor fab certainly teaches you how to be patient… ;)

    I’m certainly impressed by the stunt co-ordinator’s credentials. Bond?! Bourne? Saving Private Ryan? Potter? Indiana flippin’ Jones?! Great Stuff!
    Bet Taylor can’t WAIT to get started with him. Am I the only one who suspects they’re throwing big money at this? Makes me even more desperate to see a cast list if they’re hiring crew like that.

    @Mystique – have a wonderful time, soak up the sunshine :)

  131. Catherine Says:

    *apologies for the typos. Panic-typing at work with bosses lurking ;)

  132. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Just what part of southern California will you be in???? Maybe you’ll run into a certain someone…..just make sure to sniff him this time so you can tell us what he smells like…LOL!

  133. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I looked at your link. I HAVE seen all those pics before, except for that one with the makeup artist. I highly doubt that it is kept up by his “team” or I think he would have mentioned it before in interviews when he’s asked about those things. Whoever it is picks some nice photos, though.

  134. marianne Says:

    Mystiique…Hope you have a great vacation. Have started reading your story and am enjoying it.

    Johanna…Thanks for the link… I have seen the pic with the makeup artists. As I recall the pic with the makeup artists was taken when they went bowling during BD2 promo.

    So glad for more movie info. Many of us have been developing “rigor mortis” waiting for him to start filming!

  135. chanda w. Says:

    Finally……….firereign with the info……………..thanks. Cast should be soon.
    And ya’ll don’t be so hard on my baby Tay……………………….he’s getting ready to film,
    has a small part in a film coming out and seems to have a new chick(she better watch her back)…………….so he’s doing his part……………..remember when we weren’t getting ANY news at all? Catherine is right…………….luvin Tay teaches u loads of patience.
    Mystique…………..u going to Cali………………….stalk Taylor’s house………lol………………I know by then he’ll probably be in New York…………but……….u still could. No, I hope u have a great time. I had mentioned After Earth………… is getting slammed by critics, but it was truly one of the better movies I’ve seen in awhile…………….the theatre was packed and everyone clapped at the end……………. anyway……………..I noticed Zoe too…………..and since I like playing matchmaker/co-star for Taylor…………..I thought they’d make a great pair on a movie set………….one day……….she’s breathtaking…………like my cutie!

  136. kia Says:

    Mystique- Have fun!!! And this time if you see Taylor. Kidnap him!!! LOL Enjoy your vacation.

  137. joanie Says:

    Well it looks like they are going to make this movie – I wonder if they changed the storyline at all? I would say they already have the “parkour” actors (some will probably be real life enthusiasts) – this isn’t something you pick up in a month or two. so if mid June is the start for filming we should be hearing something soon. and not to be greedy – that would leave enough time for him to be in another project this year…..he’s young he should be able to do it, I really shouldn’t jinx it – a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

  138. Lexi Says:

    @chanda, @Mystique– I forgot to mention this to you both, but i think that Taylor was at his sister’s volleyball game….which was in Florida the same week as maika’s birthday. So maybe she wanted to spend her birthday…you know….HER way…..and you know about taylor, family first :)

    So yea, maybe that’s why he wasn’t at her birthday party!

  139. Mystique Says:

    Catherine–Thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to soaking up the sun. :)

    Chanda– Yes, Taylor has a lot of GREAT things to look forward to this year. :) And who knows? MAYBE @Joanie is right! That would be awesome if Taylor had time to start working on another project at the end of this year. ^_^
    Haha….stalking Taylor does seem like a pretty tempting idea. It goes right in line with Kia’s idea to kidnap Taylor lol. Hmmm…. *buys night goggles, duct tape, rope, and….* Oh….oops, I forgot where I was for a second lol! Haha

    Marianne–Thanks so much for the compliments on my story! Feel free to post your review on! ^_^

    Emily–I’ll be coming into LAX, but I’ll be staying with some friends of mine in Orange County. I have a friend of mine who’s also coming with me on this vacation. We’ll definitely be touring LA and San Diego while on our trip. I can’t wait! I love Southern California. :) I will CERTAINLY let you ladies know if I happen to run into a certain “special someone” (yet again) while on my trip! ;) Idk, can lightning strike the same place twice?? Lol

  140. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique if God is good to use and lets u meet him again take a shit load of pics and vids and anything else u can manage.

    But have a great trip i hope its nice and u have fun :)

  141. Johanna Says:

    OOOOO by the way i did some research and the VB game was in cali it wasnt in Florida so idk if he just didnt go to Maikas b-day cuz he maybe was celebrating with his sister but yeah he was still home wen she had her party

  142. Lexi Says:

    @johanna ooooh ok… gotcha :)

  143. Lilome Says:

    Mystique when you go to places where you know Taylor either lives or frequents, put out a trail of strawberries and hope for best! Good luck and have fun

  144. Mystique Says:

    Johanna—Thanks for the tidbit on the VB game. WOW! You truly are the FBI Head Honcho on this board lol! Idk how you manage to get the “Top Secret” Info that you get, but keep it up! lol!

    I love how informed we ladies are on here about him. That’s how you can tell that we’re TRUE fans. :) I always chuckle to myself when I go to other boards and HATERS always want to claim some false lie about Taylor smh lol. Ha…they don’t even know HALF of his whereabouts or upcoming projects like we do here. I just chuckle and shake my head thinking: “Silly rabbits…tricks are for kids!” LOL! :)

    PS–If I do (by some miracle) happen to run into Taylor, I will CERTAINLY take a ton of pics, and will do my best to sniff him so that I can tell you ladies what he smells like ROTFL!

    Lilome–Hmmm….strawberries….sounds good! :-P

  145. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique u noe it baby! anything about Tay im gonna find it. We ladies love Taylor and we just want the best for him its not our fault we are so invested we are all just full of LOVE for a beautiful creature <3
    Taylor has brought us together like family :)

  146. chanda w. Says:

    @Johanna, could not agree with your last statement more. Adore that boy, luv this site!
    Don’t want to start rumors , does anyone remember Tay being considered to play David……… a movie version of David and Goliath? Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) name was thrown around to play Goliath. Heard this back in 2011, just saw an article stating the same thing a couple of days ago. Think it is just a rumor, but Taylor playing a biblical character……..too perfect!

  147. accv Says:

    @Mystique… perhaps a trail of steak tips would be better? :p Kidding. If only we knew Taylor’s fave fruit. Although who doesn’t love strawberries??? Then again, there ARE people out there who don’t like ‘em… oh well. :p Orrrr allergic, which sucks.

    @Johanna… hmmm, you’re doing so really good detective work there, but haven’t most of Makena’s VB games been in Cali?

    I know there are away games… I’m thinking, though, that one we saw pics from with Sara tagging along was in Cali as well. Not that I doubt it, but I dunno about Sara flying to another state with them to attend a game of Makena’s. I know Sara and Taylor have history… and the fam is cool with Sara, but I don’t know about flying to another state with them just for a volleyball game. Or I could be wrong. Sorry. lol. I’m being weird. Ignore :p

    And RE: this Instagram… probably some stalker who’s looking at every nook and cranny of the Internet to get these images. People need to stop pretending they’re someone they’re not, unless they’re getting paid to do it :p

    Also, @Mystique… do enjoy SoCal :) I’m sure you’ll find WiFi SOMEWHERE. It’s SoCal, anyways.

    And yay for Tracers news. Now the cast list needs to be divulged.

    RE: who Taylor’s friends with… let’s think of it this way. He’s smart enough to know who to trust, I’m sure. And you know the saying… keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Perhaps that’s his strategy. *shrugs* I realize KS (he’s been with her since Twilight, so I’m not too worried about their friendship) and her friends being around Taylor is worrisome, but he’s got such an amazing support system behind him… I doubt he’ll turn out like any of them… or worse, Bieber and Amanda Bynes. Or LiLo. Amanda is even such a surprise for me. What a waste… she was adorable back then and has the acting talent. She’s such a natural comedienne. Guess her “support system” effed her up :/

    As for TMNT and Taylor… not sure how I’d see him be attached to that. But if that ever does get considered, I’d actually want to see him and not in some costume or prosthetics. Err… well, maybe. To really test out his acting chops. But I remember when Ernie Reyes was in one of them. I don’t remember his role exactly/how extensive it was, but he definitely showed off his martial arts skills. His parts were some of the more entertaining parts of the movie, even.

  148. marianne Says:

    chanda w….I remember the David and Goliath rumor. Taylor in a loin cloth!! I thought Wyck G. said that Taylor wanted to remain “current” so who knows. Daivd is an awesome character and would be such a challenge. After all, he “was a man after God’s own heart.”

    accv… Steak tips…LOL. Sara traveled with the family to Phoenix for Makena’s volleyball tournament. They were there overnight so I’m thinking she got to see him when he wakes up…umm now my mind is starting to go into the gutter.

    Johanna…Love your comment on our wanting the best for Taylor.

  149. chanda w. Says:

    Marianne, ( Tay) (lion cloth)……….now my thoughts are going to all kinds of places and all of them are filthy……!
    Accv, I use to like Bynes too……her last tv show….where she lived with her sister was so good, watched it all the time. I thought she was a child actor, success story……..oh well……………she fell apart out of the blue.
    But that is what Hollywood likes……..they seem to prey on their young crop.
    That is why they want at least one member of the trio to get on the Lohan/Bynes crazy train. First they went after Taylor with the (rumors) remember the fake People cover? That didn’t work, now they try to insult his acting skills, but soon they won’t be able to use that either. So he’s too strong for them.
    The scandal happened and they went after KS hard , but she managed to bounce back, still not a fan, but she’s tough (high most of the time, but tough) and RP,
    he had the (rumors) and questions about his acting skills too, but I think his accent keeps some from being too harsh on him.
    Anyway at some point they have all been attacked, but so far they’ve all weathered the storm.
    Taylor has proven himself especially strong-minded and forgiving. The pic he took with Kimmel and McFarlane (spelling). He seems like a peace maker, puts the past behind him and moves on.

  150. marianne Says:

    I realize this isn’t related to Taylor but some people on the site said they were thinking of moving on to JCB and I noticed some candids of LC and him on Anyone want to see Taylor in the shorts and finger rings?

  151. Emily Says:

    marianne—It’s been a long day and my brain is fried, so I’m not all with it, but what is JCB????

    Also, y’all please don’t mention Taylor in a loin cloth and seeing him when he first wakes up so close together again…..that was just too much!! :)

  152. kia Says:

    Marianne- Taylor + Shorts = we get to see his muscular legs……Heading to Gutterville…

    People moving on to JCB? really? My honest opinion,I don’t see the attraction in him,maybe because I’m not a huge TMI fan but if people are on to him then more power to them.

    New GU2 clip tomorrow on MTV 7:55pm. not sure if Taylor will be in the clip though which I don’t think he is.

  153. Johanna Says:

    JCB is Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins boyfriend
    i think he really cute; but just cute he doesnt have anything on Taylor like nothing at all but hes not ugly

  154. kia Says:

    I do laugh when people say that Lily has upgrade from Taylor to Jamie. Seriously like NO!!

  155. Johanna Says:

    By the way ladies i have noticed you guys using the phrase/word “imo” wat does it mean or stand for
    sorry im not very good with things like that
    alos what it TMNT

  156. marianne Says:

    Johanna…imo-in my opinion or imho…in my humble opinion. TMNT….Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    kia…Lily upgraded….LOL

  157. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–Awww…what sweet words. ^_^ Yes, Taylor has definitely brought us all together to this site like family. :)

    Chanda–Yea I heard about that David & Goliah rumor too! That was a few years ago wasn’t it? Anyway, I think it would be cool if they made a David & Goliath movie, butttt…. (don’t pelt me with stones!) Idk if I can see Taylor in this type of role…..yet. I can see him in a loin cloth for daysss…lol, but I’m not sure if I can see Taylor playing such an iconic biblical character… least not RIGHT now in his career. I can just hear the backlash from haters now. Smh….. Taking on ANY character from the bible is going to have a bunch of critics. I think Taylor is doing good to slowly (but surely) start building up his MALE fan base and respect from his male audience FIRST before taking on bigger challenging roles such as this.

    Accv–Hahah STEAK tips!!! LOL! Yes! I think some pieces of steak left on the ground as a trail would be a good “bait” for Taylor. After all, he LOVES steak. As long as we’re “baiting”, we might as well give him what he wants right?? lol :-P

    Oh and I’m also surprised at Amanda Bynes too. I had NO idea she was going to turn out like this smh… I never knew her past history/family life, but I find that a LOT of child actors/performers who had troubled or dysfunctional households/families (ie. Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, River Phoenix, etc.) tend to mask their pain through drugs, alcohol, wild partying, or other addictions and vices.

    THANKFULLY, I think the main thing helping Taylor is the fact that I think he appears to have come from a very stable, loving, functional and HEALTHY family/home life. THAT in itself can make a world of difference. Plus, it also appears as though they instilled in their kids not only good manners, but good morals. I”m not saying that Taylor and Makena are saints lol, but it appears as though they at least TRY to do what’s right.

    I feel so sorry for those who have had such a troubled life/childhood, because if you don’t get help or counseling, it alwas seems to come back to haunt you in the end smh. THat’s why so many OD on drugs, alcohol, or live such reckless lives. :(

    Chanda—Re: Hollywood and the young….Very INTERESTING!! O_O Wow! I never put two and two together like that! Are you saying that you think there is some kind of conspiracy going on in Hollywood? You think they prey on young ones DELIBERATELY so that they will go off the deep end?? :-/

    Marianne–I’m lost too…Wha is the JCB site??

    Emily–LOL!!! Taylor and loin cloth! Taylor and loin cloth waking up in the morning! LOL! ^_^ Hahaha……Sorry, was that too much for you?? :-P

  158. Lexi Says:

    @mariane when you said sara traveled with taylor to makena volleyball tournament, do you mean JUST RECENTLY? like…..what was it 3-4 days ago?
    Or do you mean last year??? (cause i remember her being there last year) :))

  159. Lexi Says:

    And the reason why i asked that is because on that same day that taylor went to his sisyer’s volleyball game, sara was traveling with her family to san franciso. So yea….im confused LOL

  160. Lexi Says:

    WOW, im dumb LOL
    ignore my 2 comments hahahaha

  161. vera Says:

    firereign..thanks so much for info!

    Мaika, Taylor, Tarik, Danny (the guy from the stadium) and Edi Gathegi were at the birthday party Taylor Dooley`s boyfriend, somebody else heard about this?
    screens from Vimeo

    Tarik & Maika dance :)

  162. vera Says:

    firereign..thanks so much for info!

    Мaika, Taylor, Tarik, Danny (the guy from the stadium) and Edi Gathegi were at the birthday party Taylor Dooley`s boyfriend, somebody else heard about this?
    there is screencaps from Vimeo

  163. vera Says:

    Taylor background

  164. vera Says:

    Tarik & Maika dance :)

  165. vera Says:

    I’m sorry, I meant Vine,not Vimeo,of course.

  166. Lexi Says:

    Well i thank God he’s still alive (lol im joking)
    But really, im glad he’s out with his old co-star again :) (taylor dooley)

  167. Catherine Says:

    Given those (very candid) pics, I’m leaning away from the PR theory. She’s partying with him and his friends at what looks like a private get-together…no-one can accuse them of hanging out together for the cameras :)

    Future roles…TMNT?!!! No no no no no no! David & Goliath? Errrr, very unsure. I’m happy with him in contemporary stuff (for now). Tracers sounds perfect, and after that…I don’t like Fast & Furious type movies, but that franchise is a massive hit. Good career move, should it happen.

    Jake in Eclipse – where he was angry, full of attitude? In the school car park? In the garage after? (Stay with me, girlies, don’t let memories of that tight black tshirt distract!!!) …
    That makes me think he could step away from ‘nice guy’ roles and play menacing. Easily.

    That said, I’m a soppy, girly, wuss who would love NOTHING more than to sob into a bucket of popcorn at a Taylor/Nicholas Sparks collaboration!!! Ryan Gosling’s role in The Notebook…I really neeeeeeed Taylor to do something like that. A hormone-wrangler type movie, haha :)

  168. marianne Says:

    Catherine…I’m still waiting for who his costar is before I believe it’s not pr. Taylor and Kristen hung out in order to get to know each other well before filming New Moon. I watched the game videos and Maika seems like a blond KS. She was chomping gum, slouching and acting like a tom boy,(not that there’s anything wrong with that) interacting with Danny(guy from the stadium) like she knew him better. She is the opposite of Sara as far as feminity and while it’s possible for Taylor to change his taste in girls, I’m still not convinced. I’m cynical when it comes to Hollywood and what studios require of its young stars. Maybe they will do some pics of them surfing…Taylor in a wet suit(since he is trying to move away from being shirtless). Taylor’s a** in a wet suit would be a good photo!!!

  169. Sunbeam Says:

    I saw one of the Vine clips but didn’t see the one with Taylor and Maika in…had anyone seen this rather than just the stills?

    I think Taylor and Maika are together, posting that pic on Instagram with KS matey and now in that MASSIVE house with all Taylors friends during that Vine clip that the stills show. Also Maika posted a pic of her blowing out Birthday candles and you can see Taylors arm in the pic (next to the girl who was also in the ‘hand holding pics’)

    I also think this is why Sara is back on Twitter, not because she doesn’t feel like she is connected to Taylor any more (she always will be) but I think she is feeling down.

    My theory is that since Taylor turned 21 he is going for a bit of a ‘bad boy image’. I read somewhere that all his money from Twilight went into a trust fund that he wouldn’t get till he was 21, and also heard that he is move out into his own place soon (could that be the massive house in the vine clip? perhaps it was a moving in party?) The long hair, the unshaven face, being more public with his feelings about his gf in public, wanting to be in films like F&F7?!

    The ONLY thing that makes me think that this is PR rather than real is that Maika got friendly with the Just Jared guy via her Instragram (comments which have now been deleted) and then got invited to that party he hosted (and there are a LOT of pictures of her). But before she got friendly with him, the same website that he owns posted the pics of her and Taylor holding hands! Also, not to mention that no one knew who she was till THOSE photo’s appeared and now she has loads of Twitter and Instargram followers!

    Either way….it wont last….

  170. chanda w. Says:

    I wasn’t able to see the twitter pics…………are they recent ? I’ll go on twitter and see if I can get it there. Was Maika in another pic w/Taylor?
    That is so cute Tay is still friends with his Sharkboy co-star.
    Real quick….JBC…….no thank u, seen his pics up close, pale, pasty….and in need of chapstick, but best of luck to Lily……..she couldn’t pin down Tay or Efron…….so hope this works for her.

    Now back to my baby…..if Maika is hanging out with Taylor and his friends esp. Tarik and Edi…………it must be the real deal. I just don’t see Tay as playing a game when it comes to romance. And as far as his taste in women………he does seem to like the delicate type……..very very girlie girls. But , I think he’s always had a crush on KS, so I’m not surprised he’s attracted to someone with her personality.
    Maika’s a lucky girl! Imagine waking up to Tay in the morning………..and coming home to him at night……………..YUMMY!!!

    Marianne, Tay in a wet suit, lion cloth, shirtless…………….I’ll take them all please!!

  171. Emily Says:

    Good Lord!! I come back, having somewhat recovered from the “Taylor in loin cloth” and “Taylor just waking up in the morning” images that jumped in my head last night, and right away, here come “Taylor in tight black tee shirt in Eclipse” and “Taylor’s a** in a wet suit!” I DO have to get some things done today! You ladies are killing me!!!

    Catherine– (How did you know my mind went straight to the wet hair/black tee when you mentioned Eclipse????) I agree that he could pull off a menacing role, b/c who looks hotter when he’s mad???? But, like you, I would also love a sappy, romantic (where he actually GETS the girl) role. Either would be great with me. Regarding TMNT, I am almost positive that I saw on Entertainment Tonight, or a show like that, that they are already filming, and it showed 4 guys in these high-tech CGI suits being filmed, so I’m thinking that already has a cast?????? As far as Taylor being in it…..bleh–my brother liked them when he was young so we had to watch (back in the days of 1 tv in the house) and I always thought it was really dumb, but, if Taylor WAS in it, I’d see it anyway.

    A Sharkboy and Lavagirl reunion!! How cute!! I wish we could see a pic of them together now…
    Maika getting along with Tarik, knowing Edi–real or PR, that’s a good sign……

  172. Emily Says:

    Oh, I forgot!!! People (I’m assuming Twilight or Lily “fans”) moving on to Jamie Campbell Bower instead of Taylor?
    Jamie Campbell Bower being a “step up” from Taylor?

    Jamie Campbell Bower, the skinny, dirty-looking, blonde guy who played the skinny, creepy-looking Volturi and is now playing a skinny, dirty-looking, tattooed Shadow-someting in TMI?!?!?!

    They CAN’T be serious…………………..really?!?!?!?! I have no other words……………………….

  173. Johanna Says:

    So the reason we cant see the pics is because their account is protected to at the moment we cant see it unless someone else has it and tweets it
    the vine video if its the same one im thinkin about is on Tarik twitter but im not sure cuz only that Danny kid is in it.

    im going to try and see if i can find anything

    ps to chanda im not trying to be mean but just cuz Taylor brings Maika to meet his friends does not automatically but them competely together maybe he wants to see if she meshes well with his group of friends to see if she is the right girl or just maybe he brought her cuz there friends; we still dont whether this is real or not
    and i do agree with @marianne like i said before something about Maika is off she didnt seem to excited at the game i get that they didnt want to draw attention but even the hand holding and turning her knees closer to him did not seem genuine again we dont know all we can do is speculate with the info we have on hand

    okay off to do my research hope i have something for u ladies wen i return

  174. Johanna Says:


  175. Lexi Says:

    @Johanna you kinda have a point, but maybe maika wasnt really into baseball? She’s a kite boarder….
    And also up to this day, i STILL don’t believe that taylor would hold maika’s hand just for pr.
    And i cant help but look at sara’s tweets, but honestly you can tell they arent really linked to each other. and if you look on sara’s twitter account, you can see she might be trying to get over taylor by hanging with some new friends :)

    so yea….that’s how im seeing it. But @Johanna you maybe right. But we really cant speculate anything until we see that darn cast list >:(

  176. marianne Says:

    Emily…Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel about JCB…LOL. There’s another pic of him on Bellas Diary…you’ll be swooning.

    Lexi…While I no longer am on twitter, I checked Sara’s and those are the same people she used to tweet before she took her break.

  177. Lexi Says:

    @marianne, ok they may not be “new” haha, but you get what im saying? People hang with friends after a breakup, or a fight etc. because they need to calm down and things like that :)
    but like i said before, im only just guessing all of this.
    Hopefully sometime this week will get some news on the cast list! :D

  178. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for the pics Johannna.
    Why are they so blurry? Shouldn’t these people have top notch phone cameras?
    Sara does seem sorta …..sad…………like she’s trying to make herself happy. So Tay’s relationship with Maika, might be legit. She might have looked bored at the game, but if they had been too affectionate…………we would complain about that too so ……..time will tell……………I just hope he is happy.
    Mystique, (I’m responding late to one of your posts) about the Bachlorette.
    I don’t really watch the show, but caught some of it………guess the same night u did. I thought my Taylor obsession was going overboard. Every other guy on there looked sorta like Tay. But, I read a blog, can’t remember if it was Cosmo or Glamour, that pretty much said the same thing. That some of the guys looked like variations of Taylor . Too funny………..can’t beat perfection.
    Marianne, we do not want JCB ,lol. He can’t compete with my handsome dark boy! Patiently waiting for more Tracers news.

  179. Lexi Says:

    OMG, wouldn’t it be soooo cute if taylor dooley and taylor lautner started dating??
    They would be so cute like…… aahhhhhh ^_^
    But i dont think it will ever happen, but, i swear if they did….. i would support them 100% :)

  180. accv Says:

    HAH. JCB an upgrade from Taylor? Then again, to each their own… although we know who has the better taste. :p It’s just too bad… Lily’s such a beauty but she has wack taste in guys… well, when she was with Taylor, obviously… wasn’t bad, but now, yah… wack :p

    I’m also thinking Taylor needs to add at least one scary/horror movie to his repertoire. Actually, make that scary only. Perhaps a thriller instead? I can’t stand gory movies. No blood shed, please. I will NOT watch… don’t care if Taylor is in it, I will not.. and cannot. *shivers* But thriller… perhaps psychological, definitely. I think… if he ever does one, I’d love to have Kristen and Lily there too, or either of the ladies.

    As for other genres like TMNT and David & Goliath… ya’ll know my stance on TMNT already. But a movie like David & Goliath… not sure. It seems like a big-budget production with a complicated storyline. Taylor needs to build up his acting skills first and experience. Then again, if The Rock was rumored to be a part of that movie… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad :p I dunno, I’m on the fence when it comes to The Rock’s acting chops. But yes, I’m so for a Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

    RE: Taylor and Maika… we’ll have to wait and see. I mean, if she IS the real deal, then I have no choice but to be happy for him. Taylor knows what he wants and I should trust his judgement. Naturally, all the better if they’re just co-stars and she’s his love interest. :p

    But those pics… is Maika on the left? I think Taylor Dooley’s hair is a dark brown and wavy… so I’m guessing that’s her on the right? Who is the boyfriend? Was he in the video?

    @Emily… YUP. Taylor looks yummy when he’s happy and all smiles, but when he’s angry…. totally different story. He just oozes sex appeal when he does menacing.

    RE: Taylor and Sara… there’s no permanence in this world. You never know… if Maika’s the real deal then it doesn’t work out? Maybe Sara is the one? We all don’t know. Neither does Taylor… which is why he’s single and experimenting. I guess it’s true… you’ll know when someone is the one. When will you know? That, can’t say… it’s all a mystery… but you’ll just know I guess?

    @Lexi… I have a feeling you’re right about Taylor showing PDA for the sake of PR. He seems above that. At least, I hope he is… I mean, I wouldn’t stop supporting him because of it, but I’d be disappointed in him a little. But if that’s his only “vice,” then it’s something I can look over.

    I have to admit, though, if Taylor ever went that wild child route… I think I’d still have a hard time “dropping” him. I came to love him that much. But I have faith/confidence that he has too much of a support system for that to happen.

    @chanda… now that you mention the candidates on the Bachelorette are like variations of Taylor, I’ve GOTTA look. :p

    RE: JCB again… I have to admit, I liked him before. He’s an ok guy but I’m still a little bitter that he dropped his fiance from Harry Potter and started dating Lily when filming started for TMI.


  181. Emily Says:

    marianne–SORRY, I did go a little overboard about JCB… I honestly don’t have anything against him personally…..he DOES have the British accent going for him…..but I just can’t fathom anyone seriously believing he is a STEP UP from Taylor in any way, and I’m not just talking about looks.

    accv–I don’t think Taylor would ever go the “wild child” route—-he’s too sensible with too good of a family for that to ever happen—but, I would have trouble dropping him too. He would actually have to do something REALLY bad for me to stop being a fan, and even then, I’d probably be making all kinds of excuses for him….

    Has anyone considered that Taylor and Sara may have just been best friends (I know they DID actually date some in the past) who spent lots of time together, instead of a couple up until all this Maika business started? My best friend of over 15 years is a guy (and no, he isn’t gay, not that there would be anything wrong if he was). People always assumed we were a couple in college, b/c we were always together. But, I just don’t see him THAT way and he doesn’t see me THAT way, and we never have. We live far apart now, but we still talk about every other day. Maybe Sara’s sad, not because they “broke up,” but b/c he’s now spending time with Maika and not her. I said I refused to speculate about Maika anymore, and here I am speculating about Sara. Now, granted, I have never followed her on twitter or read lots of her posts, so I don’t know what she’s been posting lately, but it’s just another possible scenario we haven’t considered and I was just thinking about it today…………………

    Now I have to go and try to find pictures of Bachelorette contestants to see if I agree that they favor Taylor…………………………

  182. chanda w. Says:

    I’d luv to see Tay in a Sparks movie too, he seems to be good at romance. Thought he would have made a great David, but it seems he passed on that, Wyck said Tay wanted to stay current. Know that someone else’s,on here, posted that too. Still wish Stretch Armstrong would have worked out. They could have gone the action/comedy route. See that Incarceron is still on his board. Hmmmmm.
    Saw on twitter that some were saying fans aren’t getting enough info on Tracers from the entertainment outlets. Well if we really want it……..does it hurt to ask? I tweeted HR, Gossip Cop, and some other ent. show……….and this week I’ll tweet more . One thing I do admire about KS fans………..they are hard core.
    She still gets a lot of crap(didn’t realize… many still hate her) but her fans defend her to the end…..and whatever morsel of news they get about her , they seem to relish. Sometimes I think some Taylor fans complain about not getting enough news on him and then when we do, we still complain. It’s like we want a 24/7 news feed on him. I like that he has a life. Cause these actors that are consumed with acting………usually end up in rehab or the looney bin.
    Tay is balanced.
    On a separate note so sad to hear about Paris Jackson, that money lovin’ family has took her over the edge. Michael was weird and probably some other (things) but he protected those kids.
    Thank goodness Taylor had a stable family life…….it makes all the difference.

  183. chanda w. Says:

    Emily, Sara and Tay dated in high school, once you’ve been ….romantic with someone, it would be hard to go back to just being platonic. I mean romantic , kissing, holding hands …. to me she seems to be hurting, but covering it up by hanging out with family and friends, which is what we all do to get over a break up.

    I sorta feel bad for her she seems grounded in her religion. Sure that will help.
    Like I said before Taylor seems really happy lately and that is really all that matters.

  184. Johanna Says:

    so on the website i posted before go back there are some cute pic of Makena with some friends in one pic unfortunately shes with JB (but watever i dont like him) its really cute though its nice that she gets to meet cool people cuz of her bro

  185. marianne Says:

    Sara tweets don’t seem any different to me than before she took a break. She’ll tweet a pic of her and a clipper teammate, tweets about playing Mafia with friends, beach pic, favorite thing. She’s still in touch with Tarik and PatS. to the annoyance of some mental girl who thinks she is not allowed to be friends with them. The one tweet re:”eating her feelings” is something everybody says and does.

    Emily…I was just kidding you about JCB. I love your passion.

    chanda w….Gossip Cop is still a “gossip” site which ironically has a Scummit exec on its payroll. That’s how they always had so much info on Twilight and Robsten.

  186. Lilly Says:

    This is from a guy on twitter:
    ‘Auditioning tomorrow for a new movie “Tracers” with Taylor Lautner.’

    So apparently they’re auditioning for extras now. I just can’t wait to know about the cast and everything!

  187. firereign Says:

    film shooting in NYC – June & July

    June 6 – auditions scheduled for skateboard specialists

    parkour – auditioning is taking place now (there are a fair # of openings for “traceurs”
    Send ASAP:
    headshot, resume & reel to

  188. firereign Says:


  189. kia Says:

    Lily,firereign – Thanks for the info. Can’t wait!

  190. Mystique Says:

    Whew!!!! What a whirlwind of posts omg! I’m so behind lol I’m going to have to catch up with all of these posts when I get back! :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye to all of you lovely ladies! I have an EEAAARLY flight to southern California tomorrow! So, I have to get in the bed stat lol! But I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll def miss Taylor and reading new updates about him while I’m gone. :-/ I’ll try to see if I’ll have any internet connection while I’m out there and I’ll see if I can sneak on here for a little bit while I’m away lol.

    Anyway, ttyl! (((Hugs))) ^_^

  191. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique, byeeee! have a good time! :D
    @ Emily, now emily, that’s a good sceniario and all….but…..come on…
    you KNOW sara wants to be more than best friends with taylor (like in high school)….i mean….who wouldnt LOL. This is why i said (somewhere in this thread) sara seems desperate. I mean, I dont even think sara had another bf after taylor. If she did, she would have had pictures of him and her somewhere…(like on her instagram. she takes lots of pics).

    And i dont know who said this (this thread is too long for me to look LOL), but, I agree that sara might like taylor more than taylor liking sara…….so yea…..

    oooooooooooooooooooo we are getting CLOSER to the cast list :DDDDD

  192. Catherine Says:

    188 comments? Anyone else getting dizzy scrolling? :)

    @accv – with you on the thriller thing. I can’t watch horror either. Screech.

    @emily – I’ll stick up for JCB (I think we’ve argued this before, haha!) I like him. Not in the same way as Taylor (obviously – he’s NOT a handsome chap) but I like his personality, humour, and will see TMI. I love the way you get mad about him – I feel the same about Brad Pitt. Irrational hatred, no idea why!!!!!!! :)

    When people say Rob/JCB/Potter kids get away with stuff because of their English accents, it makes me laugh. I always think we sound stilted, jolted, awkward. A soft, flowing American accent is nice…

    Before I get down to work, anyone else noticed that there haven’t been ANY pap shots of Rob since the break-up? I want to like KS, but suspect she tips them off, despite her protestations. Rob genuinely dislikes the attention, and now she’s not involved, he does a Taylor-style disappearing act. Can’t help respecting him for that.

    …and if there isn’t a cast list soon, I’m going to have to start hassling nice Mr.Godfrey on twitter again ;)

  193. nicole Says:

    Omg. So much to catch up on I don’t know where I’ll find the time! Great updates on Traceurs, cannot wait and may even have to get to my hometown to do some snooping? Its filming in NY right? Hmmm.

    You guys are hilarious when it comes to the dating thing. I don’t get it…but hey I love reading about it all. You should hear me cackling. Busy week, off to be obsessive about another gorgeous man I cant get enough of, Henry Cavill. Talk about yummy. Now he and Taylor in the same movie might seen me right into batshit crazy mode.

    Not pretty.

  194. nicole Says:

    Oh and @Mystique, I know this is late but have a wonderful time! @Catherine I agree with you kn the Rob/laps thing. I like rob. Always have, cant stand that ex though. Kristen and I share a birthday,so there’s hope for her….I guess. LOL

    @Marianne, I’m. With you on the Sara thing.

  195. firereign Says:

    a few notes: which you probably already know

    Taylor did do a photo shoot for a mag

    it is rather common for actors to prepare for roles months ahead of filming so they appear natural on screen (clothes & physical appearance usually) – hanging out with other cast whom they will have significant screen time with

    Makena is a 1Direction fan & has attended their concerts

  196. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Have a great trip, we’ll miss you!

    Lexi–I know my scenario isn’t very likely at all, my mind was just meandering while doing other things yesterday and it was an option that had not been discussed yet. I am forbidding myself from speculating about her anymore either.

    Catherine–I feel kind of bad now. I honestly don’t have any sort of “hatred” toward JCB. Like I said, I really know nothing much about him. It just blows my mind how people could think ANYONE would be better than Taylor, but, I will admit, I am a tad biased in that regard. :)

    British accents–I think it would be safe to say that the majority of American women would say that they really enjoy a British accent. You just sound so distinguished and, I don’t know, fancy! I love to hear it. When I traveled to England in college, I was in heaven listening to everyone talk, especially children! Then, if you put that accent with someone who is like, Prince Harry for example, and……………..yeah, as we’ve seen, he can get away with lots of stuff and we still like him. I may have even liked Edward better(but probably not) if Rob had been able to use his normal accent in the movies. I did enjoy listening to him in interviews.

    Thanks, firereign, for all the scoop. If we lived closer to New York, we could all meet up and go audition to be extras! Can you imagine????

  197. Lexi Says:

    @emily, im read reading my other comment, and I’m sorry, I think I sound kinda harsh. :/
    Your idea of them is possible, so it wasn’t right for me to say it was “wrong” :)

  198. Emily Says:

    Lexi–No, it’s fine. I wasn’t upset by what you said. I just meant I’m not spending any more time wondering about his relationships and/or non-relationships. I just want some movie news!

  199. Lexi Says:

    @emily ok good haha
    @catherine, I’m like you on the cast list hahahaha
    You would think they would’ve already announced the cast list. *sigh*
    Oooooooo I just can’t WAIT to watch the movie once its been made :)
    Lol I’m already excited for the movie, and the movie hasn’t even started filming LOL

  200. nicole Says:

    @firereign, I totally get the cast hanging out ahead of shooting for chemistry sake, happens all the time. I’m a huge Keanu Reeves fan and I know in his younger days he did that all the time. It wasn’t PR, or anything industry related. He just wanted the romantic moments to look really natural on film. He was also accused of dating his many female co-stars….(and of being gay) . All the speculation is just harmless fun, until it gets ugly I guess.

    Personally I think Taylor and Maika know each other as friends already (or at least associates) and have been cast in the same movie. Getting comfortable around someone enough to do a love scene maybe takes some time…especially if you’ve never done one. And we know Taylor hasn’t.

    Interesting. Can’t wait until the cast list comes out.

  201. chanda w. Says:

    Firereign , thanks for all the info!!! So I ‘m assuming we’ll be seeing Tay in some magazines soon??? Yes, please!!
    Saw those pics of his sis Makena, pretty girl, though it was cool sees into the same stuff as the other teens.

    Mystique have fun on your trip, be safe….stay calm and luv Taylor…lol!!

    Oh, my I didn’t even realize…… Tracers…….Tay is possibly doing a real love scene……….OMG!! I want this movie in the theatres already. Can’t wait!!

  202. Emily Says:

    Chanda–oh good God!! I had not even been thinking about a love scene, BUT I AM NOW!! This movie needs to start filming, like yesterday!!!!

  203. Lexi Says:

    why oh why did you guys have to say “love scene” ?????
    Now i cant stop thinking about it…. LOL!!!!!!!

  204. accv Says:

    Wow. This movie is really coming into fruition now… especially since someone tweeted about auditioning for it and mentioning Taylor. :)

    But not to burst anyone’s bubble, I’m glad Stretch didn’t go through. I just don’t think it would’ve been good for him. A superhero movie is fine, but not one that stretches :p Just comes off a little cheesy…

    And thanks to firereign for all the inside info. I hope Tracers really provides Taylor the opportunity to show those doubters what he’s truly capable of… Taylor should really put his all (acting-wise) in this project, but not go overboard.

    I have to admit, I felt bad for him in some of his more emotional scenes in Abduction (especially the one with him and Maria Bello in his room), not because of the situation but because I was slightly cringing at his efforts… as hard as they were :/

    @Marianne… really? Some chick is annoyed with Sara because she talks to Tarik and Patrick S.? o.O In this case, annoyance means jealousy. Besides, she doesn’t know Sara personally so why be annoyed with someone that could care less what she thinks? Also, WHAT?? Gossip Cop has a Scummit exec under its helm? Ugggghhh… no WONDER. There WAS a lot of Twilight going on at Gossip Cop and I’m like… no other celebrities/actors/actresses they can feature? Like, seriously?

    Oh dear… Makena’s lovely but her taste is icky. :p 1D?! Bieber??? Well, at least 1D isn’t full of themselves… yet. I still can’t believe Bieber wrote what he did in the Anne Frank guestbook. Like, dude… you’re definitely a talented kid… I’ve seen your YouTube vids, but him believing in his own hype is terrible. He’s developed hubris… and it’s too bad because I thought he seemed quite grounded in the beginning. I was hoping he’d maintain that. I was hoping his mom would help him stay grounded… same with Skooter? Whatever his manager’s name is… and then there’s Usher, who discovered him. Usher’s got confidence but I haven’t really seen or heard him being connected to anything scandalous or RE: ego. I hope he doesn’t get too lost in Hollyweird before it’s too late. He wouldn’t want to end up like the rest of the ones who went crazy.

    @Mystique… have a good time in SoCal! I reside up North… so although I’m a NorCal lady, I have relatives in SoCal and it’s pretty cool in SoCal. Don’t take too long… we’ll miss you, or better, just uhhh… find a WiFi spot! :p

    RE: Taylor not liking Sara as much as she likes him… makes me wonder who was the other way around. Like, among the ladies he was linked to and dated… who did he like more than the other? As much as I’d hate to admit/say it… I think the rumors of Taylor and Swifter may have been true… wherein Taylor liked her more than she did him? I mean, I dunno… I guess it was true. That song said quite a bit.

    @Catherine… hah, I know what you mean about English accents. Makes it harder for the people to dislike them if they do something “bad.” I will admit… the only reason why I’ve gotten annoyed with Rob is because of his fans… mostly the Robstens. I love listening to them do interviews though. I remember an interview before on YouTube with the Potter cast… and they were challenged to say certain proper nouns, adjectives and whatnot in their best American accent. The words were written on note cards and the interviewer would say the word first then give it to them to read and then say it. It was quite adorable. I’d have to say… Emma Watson trying to say Olive Garden was funny. You could still hear some of her accent coming through :p And yes, PLEASE bug Mr. Godrey some more RE: Tracers. Anything is better than nothing. I’m quite glad that he’s part of the project, too. Since he’s worked with Taylor on Twilight… he can definitely look out for our guy, too, and make sure his best makes it into the final production.

    @nicole… Henry Cavill? He’s the guy playing Superman, right?

    And judging again from what firereign has said… I’m really thinking perhaps Maika is truly just a co-star/love interest. But whatever… we’ll wait and see when the rest of the movie’s details come out.

    As for a love scene… NOT YET! Dear lawd. Not yet please. I’m not ready for a love scene from Taylor. He and Lily’s steamy scene in Abduction was the closest I can handle. Ish. I dunno. Maybe it’s not a love scene… possibly something similar to his scene with Lily in Abduction. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself that. Haha :p

  205. joanie Says:

    check out GU2 handshake – more info from firereign