Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Tracers (2014)
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Release Date: 2014
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87 Responses to “‘Grown Ups 2′ Clip: ‘Handshake’”

  1. Emily Says:

    “Quit pervin’ on our ladies.” That’s cute. :)

  2. kia Says:

    Talk about a long “Handshake” LOL. He’s such a cutie.

    Taylor you have no idea how many ladies perv on you!!

  3. Catherine Says:

    @emily – aw, don’t feel bad!!! You made me laugh! As for Prince Harry – he’s a bad lad ;)

    I wonder if we’ll get TV interviews soon?

  4. chanda w. Says:

    Can’t wai to see this movie………………every scene Taylor is in ….looks like it will be funny. I think he totally nailed this frat boy part. I was laughing through the entire clip…………..too excited!
    And Tay’svoice……….pervin’………….just the way he said it…………..
    Kia, I was thinking the same thing …..does he realize how many of us perv and drool over him on a daily basis? That boy so fine!

  5. Emily Says:

    And how many MORE women who will perv on him after seeing this movie–those who may not have seen him in anything before. They just don’t know what they’ve been missing, do they?

  6. firereign Says:

    Casting Director (CD) – job is to find & hire any “characters” that have a speaking role (even a line or 2) and all extras. Lead roles frequently are ones that have been chosen by the director & producer – the CD will defer to their choice. In choosing actors for specific roles he will be looking for actors that mesh with the direction the director and/or producer have expressed. I understand that (excluding xtras) the main hiring concern is/was for a new role that had been developed. So the casting has basically been completed.

  7. firereign Says:


    will be providing wardrobe for Tracers – (interesting company)

  8. firereign Says:

    if you check hood….. out, I think you will recognize some of the backdrops from Tay’s video shoot.

  9. joanie Says:

    Saw them on twitter & their header had some of the backdrop pictures from the warehouse shoot. So his clothing shoot ties in with Tracers. They have some great looking clothes… those hood(ies)

  10. firereign Says:

    Greenefilms did the video for the hoodclothinginc promotion which is coming out soon. You can check them out on Youtube to see some of their work.

  11. chanda w. Says:

    Wow!! The clothing line seems to tie into the movie so well……………(the concept).
    Things seem to be moving pretty quick now………..thank goodness……………those living in New York are too lucky. They are gonna get to see Tay’s fine butt jumping around all over NY. lol.

  12. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor and Tracers got a shout out from Hood Inc on twitter. Yessssssssss! It is serious now. And I am now currently seeing if they have stuff my son can wear, because I am in luv with this clothing company……..just because they are linked to Tay……..sad , but true.

  13. Lexi Says:

    This might be a rumor, but some website called Hollywoodlife is saying that taylor and maika went on a double date with that edi guy from twilight and his gf. You all can just look it up to see the story. And they are saying this happened June 6…….. I don’t know, I first heard this on twitter :S

  14. janet Says:

    This clothing company doesn’t charge an arm & leg for their clothes…..refreshing
    checked out some of Greene’s video’s – and they did the clothing shoot….I can only imagine what the movie itself is gonna be like……rough gritty & tough

  15. Lilome Says:

    Thanks Firereign! You’re awesome!

  16. marianne Says:

    Taylor’s Hood….a name for all his fans. Sorry, I’m a little slap happy from work etc. So glad to hear things are moving along.

    I saw part of Adam Sandler’s interview with MTV and he said how Taylor’s sport wasn’t basketball but he is “weasley” enough to beat taller opponents.

  17. Lexi Says:

    Do you guys remember awhile ago when he did this photoshoot for some boots? Anybody know when they’ll release those? :D
    (I dont know if they were boots… was probably something else LOL)

  18. joanie Says:

    @lexi this is the one their talking about. Nobody really knew what clothing line it was for. The picture of the boots was off a stylists twitter who was at the taping. So it’s for hood clothing inc (and ties in with Tracer’s movie) & will be released soon. I think somewhere firereign said he did a photoshoot for a magazine (no info on that yet) . We’re rolling now…………
    and as for HL (I won’t even mention their name) hell will freeze over b4 they get anything right….this is a commonly held opinion not just my prejudice

  19. Lexi Says:

    @joanie aaahhhhhhh ok i see i see….
    and I LOVE your comment on HL hahahaha, thanks for answering :))

  20. janet Says:

    They were there w/Edi but then they all moved to another part of the restaurant to sit with a group of other people.

  21. Catherine Says:

    Video ‘unavailable in your country’. Gaaaaaaaah. Why do I live here?!

    I like that he’s still close to Edi. I loved Taylor’s interviews with Rachelle too. Funny lady.

  22. Lilly Says:

    @joanie: I agree about HL but this time they were right! At least according to eonline they were really at that restaurant.
    “Taylor came super early,” a source said. “He and Maika came through the back.”
    I’d like to see pics though

  23. chanda w. Says:

    I wanna see the pics too. Tay seems to be showing this girl off. Maybe he’s in luv(lol). Perez now has the story……so they ain’t trying to hide that they are indeed a couple. My handsome baby boy.

  24. marianne Says:

    chanda w…how does entering through the back of a restaurant mean he’s showing her off? Meeting up with other people could be the cast and crew get-together before filming. When we see the cast and she is not part of it, then maybe I’ll believe they are an item.

  25. Lexi Says:

    Marianne…… They could be an item. It’s a possibility…….. And you think Ashely Greene may be in the cast? She was there…….

  26. marianne Says:

    Lexi….Yes, they could be an item. I don’t care who Taylor is with. I’m one of those people that doesn’t believe everything reported by gossip sites. I do care about his career and I hate when studios which have ties to certain gossip sites push certain scenarios which they want the public to believe. When I hear who he is involved with from his own “fine” lips then I believe it. We never heard anything from him about LC and, shazam, after the premieres etc. they are no longer an item. It’s all too convenient. I really hate him being labeled as someone who always gets involved with his costar.

  27. chanda w. Says:

    Marianne(is your nick name Sara Hicks?? lol)
    I know u support Tay too, but is there something about Maika , that you really don’t like? I had my doubts at first, but Taylor seems really happy and considering some of the crap he has gone through with critics and so called fans………and exes…………..he deserves to enjoy himself. So if this is real, PR or imaginary………if he likes it, I luv it. I so hope Ashley is not in this cast. We’ll know soon enough who is all on board…………..Tracers starts shooting in a week.

  28. Johanna Says:

    @marianne i think u are somewhat right. They only thing that is ticking me off right now is i understand if this is the real deal and he like her fine. But i dont like that they would hold hands in public then use a back door to go to a restaurant. If the really wanted to be private they would never had been so close at that game where they knew ppl were watching. If hes with her i say show her off dont all of a sudden go from holding her hand to trying to be quiet about it NO ONES GONNA JUDGE
    (okay im lieing cuz a lot of ppl will and i would probably be one of them)


    sorry about all the caps im supposed to get my period in like 2 days and im just really hormonal but i feel like it needed to be said i think its wrong they should be able to go out at bf/gf and not care
    but if this is pr then im not really sure how that stuff works sooo yeah…..

  29. Lexi Says:

    @chanda, LOL it does seem like marianne dislikes maika for some reason eh?
    but, she did say she doesnt care, so lets leave it as that :)))

    @Johanna, PREACH GIRL HAHAHAHA, I couldnt agree more with what you said. I mean gosh……It’s pretty obvious he ditched sara, and he’s been seen with maika IN A PUBLIC PLACE….HOLDING HANDS….and then now they sneek in a restaurant so they can avoid getting their picture taken? OH LAWWDD.

    And this is similar to his relationship with sara. They were seen together too during twilight and after….. and they didn’t dare show ANY pda in the open….If they are thinking of having a future together, they have GOT to get over that. And i know he’s famous…and sara isnt all that famous……but dang LOL!

  30. Lexi Says:

    Oh yea, and that’s just my opinion on the sara and taylor thing. I just feel that if they are scared of showing they love each other out in the open……then how can they progress? And when i say “love each other” i mean a simple holding hands….looking at each other with love (awww)…not… know HAHA

  31. chanda w. Says:

    I think Tay took the private entrance because if he goes through the front and gets snapped coming in (oh he wanted his photo taken) he’s a celeb it’t gonna happen and if he goes through the back………..(he’s trying to hide something)
    Either way he’s gonna get criticized. He held Maika’s hand in public……….for Taylor that is major…………..he has never done that. So I believe they are a couple and as I said before I am happy for him. Just wish there were more pics. But he does have the right to a private life……..he has never been one to flaunt his business in front of his fans….just because. I’ve never met him, but he appears to be a sweet guy, honest, loyal, and hard working. And I admire that .

  32. marianne Says:

    chanda w… I give up…I guess I just don’t explain myself very well. They’re a couple and will be picking china next week.

    Johanna….I know you said you watched the videos and so have I. Maika interacted with the Danny guy more and something seemed strange about the whole eve. I agree with you that whoever he is with he should put on his big boy pants and live his life accordingly. Sara does have a problem because she has a job which immature girls tweeting and pestering her employer isn’t a good thing.(I saw the tweets) Threats to her well-being makes it difficult for the Clippers to use her in public promotions for her safety. The organization might just think she is too much trouble and not use her. Sara and Taylor can have all the pda they want behind the scenes so why rock the boat imo

    I’m off to watch the Penguins and Bruins. I have a feeling the Pens will be playing golf next week.

  33. C Says:

    The girls from ClevverTV spotted Taylor and Maika walking together
    pic 1
    pic 2

  34. Kathy Says:

    Does anyone know when Tracers start filming?…

  35. Lexi Says:

    And to add to my comments, maybe that’s why taylor and sara have always been off and on EVER since he was casted in twilight…..cause they might be afraid :/
    now im not an expert, but i just now thought of this……

  36. Emily Says:

    Has anyone watched the movie “Vampires Suck?” It’s a parody of Twilight and New Moon and it’s actually pretty hilarious, in a very juvenile and sometimes crude way. There is nothing else on TV tonight.

  37. Lexi Says:

    @emily, yes i wacthed it hahahahaa
    I love the part when jacob transformed into his “wolf form” and he turned out as a chihuahua
    and the part when the wolf pack started dancing to some song…..i forgot what the song was called, but it was hilarious hahaha ;D

  38. Johanna Says:

    @Emily yeah ive seen it. i really like it and i think that the guy that plays edward in that movie would have been better in the real twi movies then rp
    plus the guy who plays jacob i swear can be Taylor’s bro cuz the look very similar maybe they can be in a movie together that would be nice

  39. kia Says:

    Emily- I’m actually watching it right now on FX. LOL
    Lexi – I think the song called “Raining Men” or something like that.LOL

  40. Emily Says:

    Yes, I laughed out loud when all the “wolves” started dancing to that song. Yeah, this Edward is cuter than Rob, IMO. This Jacob is really cute, too. Nothing to Taylor, of course. I also laughed when he ran off with his tail sticking out of his pants. This just reminds you how ridiculous the story actually is, at times.

  41. Lexi Says:

    @kia Yea that’s it!! Haha, I just LOVED the whole scene ;P

    NEW SIGHTING!! Taylor and maika walking together drinking coffee on a sidewalk! And this time there’s a pic LOL

  42. Emily Says:

    Team Jacob, bi$&@!!! Loved that ending! I’m going to have to catch the beginning and watch all the way through next time.

  43. Johanna Says:

    it blurry guys

  44. Johanna Says:

    why is he wearing red pants?

  45. Johanna Says:

    one more

  46. vera Says:

    Johanna,what do you mean?in the same pants he was in the promotional tour in Brazil.if I’m not mistaken, they maroon..

  47. firereign Says:

    Re: Clevver news pictures
    if you tweet them b careful – spam has been associated with them – checking them out here from the address above should cause no problem. but just check your twitter they’ll message u b4 you send if they sense spam

    For the sensitive souls who worry about infringing on privacy (good for you) but you in no way would be strolling in this area of LA if you didn’t want to b seen; which means they wanted to b seen….

  48. Lexi Says:

    @firereign…….so what do you mean? Are you saying that this outing was just PR?
    (im kinda dumb so…… LOL)

  49. vera Says:

    so.. you can say about any pair & relationship – it’s just PR…
    Tom Sturridge and Sienna, Miley and Liam, Jenn Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, Angelina and Brad, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ..

  50. marianne Says:

    firereign….This is the problem with pr relationships and movies. It becomes more about the relationship and not the movie. A good movie should speak for itself.

    vera…Tom and Sienna have a child, Miley and Liam are engaged, JL and NH said they are just friends, Angie and Brad are engaged and have a pack of kids and Jennifer A. and Justin are engaged. How do those relationships compare with these pics?

  51. chanda w. Says:

    Everything can’t be PR. Yeah, hollywood is full of b.s. but Tay is a 21 yr old cutie pie, he’s gonna date and a lot of times he might fall for someone he works with because maybe that is the only way he and other actors can meet people. So what he’s very public with Maika, good, that is actually normal. I’m just glad we are seeing more of him!!

    Marianne, you know I was joking right? You explain yourself very well and I got your point. Don’t take me seriously, I’m just a nutty fan.
    Pretty sure , if that was Tay in that extremely blurry pic, he was wearing red shorts, don’t think he’d wear red pants. I would hope not…lol.
    Wonder if he’s moved out yet???

  52. vera Says:

    marianne..I know all this.

    yes, almost all of them have children, engaged or married, and so on ..
    but in the media I see almost daily reports of paparazzi about where they go to eat, and visit shops, visit gyms and stuff ..
    all these photos of excellent quality and them are good aware that theirs shoot at the camera ..
    If believe a photo report, Nicholas & Jennifer continue hung out between shots to keep fans in suspense, and I would not be surprised if Liam will get together with Lawrence to sell the film,and Miley will get Bonnie Wright fate ..
    I have a question for firereign.
    you have a wholly-owned information that Maika Monroe will represent the love interest of Taylor Lautner’s character in the movie “Tracers,” or you’re one of those people who inform after the fact, when the names of the actors already known on IMDB, and then you just simply correcting a hastily information allegedly received from insiders, according to the reality, as do a Robsten insiders, Lainey, Ted Casablanca, is wishful thinking?
    I remember on this website is one of the insiders who shared a truly exclusive information, long before it appears in the media, it seems, it was – “savwy”?..
    But if you do not have such information, he behaves as a few stars in Hollywood – he’s not trying to sell high themselves by scandals, he does not pursue fame to 7 times a week, get on the cover of magazines and newspapers, he does not impose the surrounding details of his private life, as do Robsten, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and many others, he does not do anything wrong, for what he can be to despise and condemn.
    After all, celebrities are not obliged to reclusive live , and if it is his personal life, he is free to live as he want, while remaining modest and non-irritating.
    Even if Maika will be his co-star in the film, it does not preclude the fact that Taylor little falls in co-stars and combine pleasure with profit, if it is so necessary to this fucking show business.
    Lily was with him during the shooting and Kristen’s birthday in Vancouver, she was there because she not paid for it or it was profitable for the movie, but primarily because she wanted to be there with him, I’m sure.
    ..same Taylor Swift …
    In any case, if it’s PR, necessary for the promotion of the film, I do not care if it will be a PR, but if it is needed – let it be a beautiful and delicate PR, whom pleasant to watch from the sidelines (there are examples of this- its Nina and Ian), and Taylor, in any case, will remain a gentleman, I’m sure of it.

  53. Nicole Says:

    Gosh guys. It seems he can’t win for losing. If he’s public with his friendship/relationship (whatever), touching, not touching….it seems to cause a stir. If he’s too private, goes through a back entrance of a party or hides from cameras, he’s being disingenuous. It all just seems…silly.

    Noone feels the same way all the time. I would imagine when cameras can and will follow you around all the time it alters how you will behave, whether it’s personal or professional. In human services we call it hawthorning. When your presence alone changes the otherwise normal behavior of the people you’re observing.

    I say give the kids a break. I don’t care what the deal is, it’s just nice seeing him. Im hoping to get some great pictures of him shooting in NY.

    He’s 21, the women in his life will come and go, well until one sticks around. And that’s the one I’ll really pay attention to. But that’s just me.

  54. firereign Says:

    @lexi the Miracle Mile is very public (google it) heavily travelled & populated. it’s just about a certainty someone would get a cell pic (papz hang out at high profile celeb hot spots in Bev Hills & downtown LA like restaurants, groceries, events – unless they’re tipped). In LA you have a large # of everyday people who come in contact with celebs almost on a daily basis through either their job or that of someone they know. These pics are cell no doubt (not pricey high power papz lenses) so I guess I should clarify – either they wanted to be seen or they didn’t care if they were seen together but not spread all over the glitzy gossip sites/mags but rather by fan/fans — what does that mean – I don’t know – but they are well aware their being seen together will generate discussion – are they a “couple”, are they just hanging together, are they possible castmates getting comfortable with one another prior to filming, are they friends, are they all or a combination of some of the things I mentioned…..are they leading up to some kind of announcement…
    I just try to give background info – so anyone who’s interested can better put it in context
    my area of interest is the professional aspect …period ……so that’s the focus I tend to see things in.

  55. chanda w. Says:

    Thanks for all the info firereign.
    Vera, agree with most of what u said concerning Tay………….he’s not a famewhore.
    Just pursuing his dream .
    From the info I got off of twitter it does seem that Maika is part of the Tracers cast…… with me……….just glad the movie is actually happening .
    Oh my, Tay was actually wearing red pants………lol! He’s lucky he’s a handsome guy, he can still pull it off, buy why???
    Filming is mostly gonna be in China town (info from others on twitter)
    There is also a part for a 30something female
    Firereign is any of this info correct ?
    This is second hand information…… I’m not 100%.

  56. chanda w. Says:

    Meant to say but why??? Why was he wearing red pants……….in public??? lol.

  57. Nicole Says:

    Lol. O think we’ve seen him in these pants before right? They’re like maroon or burgundy or something like that. In fact I think they were one of those jeans that he repeated like a MILLION times.

    Like my son. I swear sometimes I think the jeans will walk away on their own.

  58. firereign Says:

    @Chanda from what I’ve heard, the storyline has been revised but the original main focus remains “action”; permits have been taken out for Chinatown filming and the new role that has been a major goal for the CD has been narrowed to 2; also filming is firm for June 17 (monday) but I don’t know whether that mean the principals will be on set starting then. That’s all I know.

  59. Lilome Says:

    You actually noticed the color of his pants? All I saw was how his were as snug as hers- oh baby! It’s gutter Saturday, right? Thanks for the info Firereign- you’re always helpful with being condescending.
    I wonder if maybe Taylor came in the the back door because it was safer for them at the restaurant? He’s clearly not trying to hide.

  60. Catherine Says:

    @Nicole – I agree with every word in your earlier post :)

    Chill. We’re getting a new movie. That’s all I care about. It was looking shaky for a while there.

    Lighter subject. As for fashion choices…the only thing I dislike is the backwards baseball cap. On anyone. Forwards, fine, backwards, noooooooooo ;)

  61. Catherine Says:

    Meant to say – @firereign, your posts are much appreciated. The industry stuff fascinates me.

  62. chanda w. Says:

    Gutter Saturday!!! But with Tay….that’s everyday………..cause my thoughts about him and that body are never clean! OMG , those pants were pretty fit…lol!
    Maika needs to tell him to let his boys….get some breathing room. Just to think , she might be enjoying Taylor’s (boys) at this very moment. Hate her (lol).

  63. nicolefair Says:

    Oh maybe…and I shutter to think this, but what if the tight pants are one of those “she chose them for me” things. Gaaaaaaaaah!!! I swear I have made men where some terrible things just to make me smile. Its funny what happens to the brain post-orgasm.

    Could explain EVERYTHING. ROFL (runs and hides)

  64. Johanna Says:

    woooooow i go shopping for fathers day and i come back to all of this. Jesus :o

    first: to the hole red pants thing i didnt mean it in a bad way i just noticed that they were very bright i dont noe if there the same ones hes worn before im just not really a fan of guys wearing colored pants it was always strange to me and he usually wears his dark jeans which i just like better but it doesnt matter.

    second: the whole relationship thing wat i had said earlier about the restaurant wasnt an insult i was just mad that he cant walk through a main entrance with his date cuz of the photos and paps and stuff i just wanted him to feel like he could do it and not care wat ppl said.

    third: I have some theories about this relation ship
    one: if this is real and the are together then a) he deiced that he just wanted to get coffee with his girl and do something normal. b) he finally realized ppl are gonna talk and just decided to say: “F this im going out” or c) both a and b

    two: if this is pr then maybe this was scheduled i dont really understand pr relationships its just really bizarre to me

    Fourth: he needs to start filming really soon cuz im getting impatient i just really want to see him in something GU2 can not come any faster.


    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) be happy :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    (if u haven't noticed already im a very weird person)

  65. chanda w. Says:

    Nicolefair………u might have a point…………she coud be picking his clothes and he’s gladly going along with it. Lol!!! Maika better not try to dress Tay like a clown.
    Johanna………….we’re all obsessing over a guy most of us will never meet………safe to say we might all be a lil’ weird (in a cool way).
    I am looking at new graphics……………..don’t know if a hit a wrong key or what but I like it.

  66. marianne Says:

    Great job on the site George!!! Coloring is nice and bright and the comments are easy to read. Thanks for all the hard work you do on the site and for keeping us up-to-date on our favorite guy. (And for putting up with my questions when the site is down)

  67. Meh Says:

    Yay! So my comments wouldn’t get posted before, but this new layout seems to like me :) sorry if you have read this before but I am going to post what I’ve said before!

    First lets get one thing clear PR and publicity for a film are two very completely different things! I work in PR and never does it mean I have to make my clients bonk one another so their product makes money :P Public Relations is working with the public/ telling a message to the public (or for the sake of b2b pr) to another organisation. Being seen in public is technically advertising (if we want to be specific) being seen in public for free or of own free will is a publicity stunt!

    Right now we have THAT cleared up….the one thing that makes me think the whole Mailor thing is PUBLICICTY is that on her Instagram she started getting very chatty with Just Jarde gossip site man. The conversation soon got deleted, but this happened AFTER his site posted THOSE photos of the hand holding and then he invited her to his partaaaayyyy and suddenely there are like hundreds of photos. Also it worked, cos no one knew who she was until then!

    Also, before all the other pics started appearing of he with his friend and KS friends, I did think, well in short clips of hr with ZE she her body language is very touchy feely, maybe she just a comfortable kinda girl who is a bit touchy feely and doesn’t think about hand holding as anything ‘romantic’ but yeah, now it’s like she is with Tay Lay 24 hours or summit the amount of pics and vine clips she is appear in with his friends. I do find it odd how friendly she is with his friends so quickly….,abbé that’s how she met him?

    I do find it odd how she keeps on posting pics and vids of them though….like everyone know who’s they are….maybe it is publicity. But then the pics of her and Tay getting coffee….

    Bascially my conclusion is, for whatever reason, I think her and Tay are the real deal, she seems down to earth and fun and I can see why he likes her. I don’t think he would of held her hand if they weren’t in a real relationship. Goodness know how they met has it was literally like….’hi I’m taylor lautner and I’m single’ and then like two months later it was all ‘hi I’m taylor lautner and this is my girlfriend who has appeared from thin air’.

    Either way they are both young, so it won’t last forever, and if she isn’t in Tracers with him, then I can’t see how the relationship is going to hold while he is in NY filming all the time.

    It also annoys me that even though the relationship is real, she is kinda using it to help her publicity (it doesn’t hurt right) but its annoying, and people use to have ago at Sara about it all the time but when Maika does it everyone is all like ‘awe your so beautiful’ blah.

    And yeh, Sara does seem sad, eating lots of ice cream and hanging with Tariks sis. I feel sorry for her, cos she is a pretty girl, and although her and Tay have been just friends for a while now, I think deep down she may have always felt like they would get back together…even if she didn’t, it’s only natural to feel a little jealousy.

    AND………rant overe! Yay thanks for letting me post! :)

  68. Nicole Says:

    Okay Meh, interacting take on this whole thing. I think you’ve maybeseen way more pics of them together than we have. If so…SHARE!!!

    I’m nnot sure what they are bit I’m enjoying all the speculation. I think she’s pretty edgy looking, sporty kick ass looking girl…and Taylor istransferring some of that KS love onto her. Either way where 21 year old guys are concerned …it’s all have dick will travel anyway. So I guess we will see.

    You’re job is interesting tho thanks for sharing!!

  69. chanda w. Says:

    I agree that despite the fact Maika is in Tay’s new movie and that she was virtually unknown and that she has gotten extremely friendly with Tay’s friends might fast……………..something tells me too, that they are really into each other. Don’t understand why I was surprised………look at Taylor………who wouldn’t be all over that. But, from just the pics I’ve seen and the vid of her and Tay at the game/games…..she does seem to have a personality similar to KS. Maybe that is why Tay has gotten into her so quickly.
    Sara is posting pics of cookie dough icecream(who’s fav) and reaching out to some of his friends. Think she’s missing him but who wouldn’t.
    Yeah , I think this girl M is putting out and Tay can have his cake………and eat it too!!
    On the latest Vine vid……….they seem to be celebrating something(I might be speculating, but hoping I’m right). Wish they’d actually put Taylor in one of those mini vids. Guess that would be too much of gift to his fans.

  70. chanda w. Says:

    Meant to say mighty fast. Maika has gotten close to Tay’s friends mighty fast.
    And once again Zac Efron is more popular than Tay…………yet, Maika wasn’t getting any traction from her association to Efron, but she seems on the verge of blowing up because of her connection to Tay……….interesting.
    And how does Tarik have time to make and star in Vine vids……….he better make sure he’s doing his job and finding Tay the roles he wants…lol.

  71. Meh Says:

    Yes, they were defo celebrating (big bottle of champers on the table) I jumped to conclusions and thought maybe he got the Fast and Furious 7 gig (cos that’s kinda what Tarik was saying right?)

    @Nicole, I was being really nosey, maika posted a vine clip, but if you go to her account through the vine app she is following everyone and they all pretty much too vids at that party, Danny (guy who was at the game with them) Edi and another guy, Andrew plus Tarik and Maika have clips of that party. There is also the clip that is of Maika blowing out her birthday candles as seem from the other side of the pic she posted on Instagram. They were spotted getting coffee together a few days ago (think the pics are above) and the whole FF7 clip is rumoured to have been taken at KS house according to another clip posted by that CJScissorhands dude but I haven’t seen the clip, just the stills. Which makes sense cos maika posted a pic of her and him and vise versa on Instagram

    ….bit stalky ha

  72. chanda w. Says:

    I so don’t want Tay hanging too much with KS and her famewhore friends………they tip off the paps and probably sell stories to the rag mags, but if KS enjoys that…good for her…. Taylor needs to stay far away from that.
    He has to pump up excitement for his new projects , but he does not have to go that route with that crowd.
    Know he’s a grown man and has a good head on his shoulders, still worry about him concerning KS, she seems to be his weak spot. I wonder why Tay isn’t closer with the wolf pack guys…………except for the guy that peed on himself… (Bronson)……the rest seem well adjusted and stable minded.
    One more week, one….more ….week!

  73. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Tarik is Taylor’s assistant not his agent. Thor is his agent in charge of his career roles.

    Meh…Hollywood Life could use someone like you. Sara’s tweets are no different than they were two years ago. She has always tweeted pics of her eating ice cream and going to events with the same friends.

  74. Lexi Says:

    @marianne, well…….that sounds a bit harsh about meh LOL
    And I also can’t help but agree with her either…….it DOES seem she’s a bit sad ;/. Now, she’s not gonna make is SUPER obvious that she misses taylor like… “Omg I miss him so much” or “I wish he would come back to me”. And notice how her latest ice cream picture she said “if you are feeling down, this will cheer you up” and then she mentioned one of her friends, and then she hashtagged #onceaweek

    Now, I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a sign she is sad. Because she’s on a diet, she’s only eating ice cream once a week, not everyday. Like I said before, she’s not gonna make it obvious….but……come one

  75. marianne Says:

    Lexi… I REALIZE she would not make it obvious. Good grief. Like I said, people are reading too much into her comments. I eat ice cream or chocolate when I’m sad and my bf and I are just fine. She could be sad because her mother was sick (she tweeted about that), she said she missed her sister(she tweeted about that). It could be any number of things. People making up stories to fit a scenario of which they know nothing about is getting tiring. This is a fan site not Hollywood Life that pulls things out of their a**es to suit a situation. NOBODY knows anything until Taylor says something.

  76. vera Says:

    @Meh I think you’re right.
    and to the same knee in maroon pants, left, on that video may belong to Taylor :)

    i am glad ,Taylor still continues to communicate with the people who truly became friends over the years of Twilight filming – Edi, Kristen,Nikki..

  77. chanda w. Says:

    I like that Tay is still friends with twi- cast members too…….I just don’t want him getting caught up in the side drama that surrounds some of the former cast members. Yeah , this is a fan site and we are just doing what we normally do………overanalyze everything about Tay or people connected to him. Not that serious. Just giving opinions doesn’t mean we are right or wrong. Just observations.
    Tarik , still has too much free time (lol) Thor’s been quiet.
    Come on Tracers.

  78. janet Says:

    I think I’m worn down. ….it’s fun discussing things & giving opinions and it’s only human nature to like to hear people that have opinions that are similar to ours….but this is sorta “been there done that” & ok time to do it again is starting to get old. If I steer clear of the personal & stick with is he really going to make a movie & stay with that I’ll probably be more content. All these vine, twitter, instagram pics, videos are all over the place and this past week there are a huge # with maika, tarik, cj, scout and the guy from the bb game popping up all over the place (with Tarik it’s hard to believe TL isn’t close by) maybe I’m jealous, but don’t they do anything but play or party, like maybe cut the grass or wash a car. or sweep a floor….of course not, I’m being stupid. I’m now pretty sure they don’t give a rat’s a** on what I think but I”m starting to not give a rat’s a** on who or what they are. OK yell at me – but that’s the way I feel…

  79. Johanna Says:

    Okay @Meh im just a bit confused by ur comment maybe im reading it wrong do u think they are dating or do u think its “pr” (lets just call it that for now until we find a word more suited) cuz half of ur comment was like shes talking to ppl and like leaking stories then its like yeah their the real deal. I just want to understand and make sure i get it. Plus thanks for explaining the whole pr situation its cool to have someone on here who noes somewhat of wat goes on in that industry.

    Second @chanda are u saying Maika is in Tay’s movie like was that confirmed do we actually noe thats a fact was it a typo u wrote like is there a cast list now
    wats going on! Is there anything else u noe

  80. Lexi Says:

    @marianne…..damn…..OK, I kinda sense the anger in you. I didn’t mean to make you mad. Its just that when you said she could become one of the staff for HL, then i though it means she is just talking random rumors. THAT’S IT. so….I’m sorry ;/

    And the sara thing is JUST MY OPINION. We r not saying we are one hundred percent correct! Shoot, we may not be even close. We are just speaking our minds … a FANSITE supposed to be :)

    So sorry if I made you angry c:

  81. Meh Says:

    @marianne of course it’s just speculation….but isn’t the majority of what’s being said on here? It’s fun to share ideas with people but apparently ….not.

    @Johanna I kinda think its a bit of both. I think they are together as a couple but I think she is using it to help get noticed a little. I don’t think she is doing it on purpose, but the whole thing certainly hasn’t harmed her career, In fact it has defiantly helped give the exposure she needed.

  82. Meh Says:

    @Johanna like take the whole Just Jarde thing….maybe they knew each other before. But when she posted the pics of her at that 20’s party which he was also at, he commented saying ‘I didn’t realise that was you’ he then left a message asking for her email address so he could send her an invite to that beach party. Which she went to and there are lots of pics of her. I would question, if they didn’t know each other before then he certainly knew who she was from the pics with Tay because he has them on his site! And therefore he knew who she was and wanted her at the party. That’s what I mean by this has helped her career…..but before I get people go off on one…yes this IS speculation!

  83. brodie Says:

    How can I watch the vid in the UK. I can’t find it anywhere.

  84. *Vickey* Says:

    @brodie possibly Youtube! :)

    @Kia Right? He has not idea! (Re: Pervin on Taylor)
    @Emily Love seeing him play this role, can’t wait to see it! :P
    I LOVE Adam S.’s response to him too. Hilarious.

  85. *Vickey* Says:

    And by the way showed my mom this handshake clip a second ago and she died. Haha. Especially when they do the “what what!?”

  86. accv Says:

    Hey @brodie! You’re back :) Welcome back!

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