Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Role: Frat Boy Andy
Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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Tracers (2014)
Role: Cam
Release Date: 2014
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I’ve finally uploaded some high quality ‘Grown Ups 2′ stills to the gallery. Enjoy!

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51 Responses to “High Quality ‘Grown Ups 2′ Stills”

  1. chanda w. Says:

    Those arms!!!!! Sometimes I think he wants to be molested…… broad daylight. Just making me more excited for this movie! Whatever amount of time he’s on the screen will be worth it……..just to see that handsome face.

  2. marianne Says:

    How can someone be so cute, beautiful and sexy all rolled into one!?

    chanda w….How did you find out they start filming Mon.?

  3. chanda w. Says:

    Marianne, honestly I don’t know………I’m just going on the soft date of June 17th….that’s Monday. That’s the date that was on the twitter info when Tracers was first announced. And since Tay has already had a fitting………it’s likely by next week things are getting underway.
    Incarceron is also on Tay’s IM it now says announced. I didn’t realize he was still attached to the project……… More Taylor!!! Now I have to check out the book again and actually read it.

  4. Catherine Says:

    @Marianne – Wyck Godfrey is retweeting start date announcements for Monday. I’d certainly say he’s a reliable source!

    Incarceron. Who knows? I gave up on that a while ago. But, Taylor, seriously. If ever there was a part written for you…Finn is it.

    Dark, grimy, dirty. Chained up. In a cell. A romantic hero. I read the book!!! Christ almighty, sign the bloody contract.


  5. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Catherine….Thanks for the filming info. I hadn’t seen anything. I’ve liked Incarceron for Taylor from the beginning. I don’t know what happened to the first set of script writers.

  6. Lexi Says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo………. when are they gonna announce the cast list???? LOL
    honestly, that’s the only thing im curious about ;o

  7. Johanna Says:

    new GU2 vid

  8. Johanna Says:


  9. Johanna Says:

    So this website wont let me post pics but go to @QuliyevaNarmin1 she has these pic of Taylors eyes and the are the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES I have ever seen

  10. Johanna Says:

    Found one

  11. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is muy guapo!! Gotta get my baby on some magazine covers……miss that face.

  12. chanda w. Says:

    Saw an old post of Tay and Lily (after they split) well it was a late interview with Lily about Tay, on HL. she was complimentary……… had almost 500 comments………that was in April 2012 after Abduction…………three months before the scandal…….Tay was more popular than KS and RP combined lol! Like I said , I wasn’t a major fan like I am now…………so I missed all of that……..but I’m here for the ride now. Most of the comments weren’t really about the break up. A lot were debating about his career and what decisions he should make ……..when choosing future roles. I knew Lionsgate/Summit sorta dropped the ball with Tay, but I had no idea how they totally threw him under the bus. Lionsgate publicly listed Abduction and some other movies as a reason why they had a loss ……….uhh Abduction made a profit. And I could never understand why ANY studio would put that much pressure on the shoulders of a teenager? He was a baby and they were expecting his movie to open at 60 -100 mil…really.
    Everyone who was involved in that shadiness………well karma.
    I think that is why Tay is pushing for an international audience with Tracers.

  13. chanda w. Says:

    I think that is why he is looking to join franchises that are already hits and he can join in as a cameo or a side character in the mix. This gives him exposure and cool points for being in a hit without dealing with the pressure of being a lead like in Twilight/Abduction. Then he can star in smaller movies and still do what he wants that way. I’m explaining this wrong, but he learned his lesson quick and he’s making some smart moves. I’m proud of his determination and his toughness…………along with being so sweet to his fans.
    Some of these fans though………….claim to support him, but goodness…….constructive criticism is one thing but are the fans or foes? The things they say…..almost waiting for something bad to happen. But, Tay is a tough cookie so whatever goes down he can handle it and come out even better.

  14. Lexi Says:

    @chanda, i agree. Taylor knows what he’s doing now :))
    So i really hope this movie will show what he’s made of ^_^

  15. chanda w. Says:

    I also was sorta right about Twi fans needing to support the trio.
    Some wanted to hate on Taylor …….thinking he’s Jacob…..and all of that silliness, not realizing that the media …….luvs to lift celebs up and quickly knock them down and whoever can keep getting up is deemed worthy.
    They went after Tay’s acting abilities and he’s just the shirtless heartthrob.
    Then KS……..painted as a cheater……..who screws directors for parts.
    Now RP, at first the most desired guy ……..coolness overload………on and on.
    He’s now being shown as a too nice guy, first KS humiliates him to the entire world, he takes her back. Moves on…….maybe to Katy……..who runs back to(gross) Mayer. So RP might be stuck w/KS because he can’t trust or get anyone else. Not saying any of this is true………..but it is the picture the media is painting. And I believe Tay and KS are good friends because they are both stronger than RP………they can handle the backlash…………not so sure RP can.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    Lexi, Tay just strikes me as someone who can handle a lot ………more than some think and yet he’s still so gracious. Which is why I see such a bright future for him, because of his talent and his heart. He’s a special one…………I just don’t obsess over any ole’ body. (I’m watching my 3mth old nephew…so I’m up for the night, might as well comment on my handsome guy)
    Anyway I can’t believe………Tracers is almost in production…………I’m trying to be paitient and wait for more info next week , but goodness , just hoping Taylor is careful with those stunts………he likes that over the top stuff. His doubles better be on their JOB.

  17. Mystique Says:

    Woo hoo! We’re getting close! :) Pretty soon we’ll be getting pictures from the filming and the set! I know it seems like it’s taking forever right now lol, but smthg tells me this filming is gonna go fast! It will be here and then over before we know it lol! So let’s continue to enjoy it while we can!! :)

    Chanda–Awww you’re babysitting? How cute! ^_^ Well, I was so exhausted from Friday night (went to “The Package” Tour–Boy II Men, 98°,and NKOTB ) that I went to sleep around 5pm, and now just woke up again around 2am (aaarghh!), so I’m open to staying up with you on this board lol.

    I too saw that article and those posts on HL a while back. I think I even posted on some as well (maybe not that one in particular). Imo, it seems a lot of the girls on that site are a little harsh on Tay….no offense. :-/ I mean, on one hand I understand their frustration with regards to his career at times, but at the same time, I’ve read some other article comments that left me wondering if some of them were even true fans of Taylor!! O_o.

    Anyway, I completely agree with the fact that Taylor’s movie Abduction was NOT handled as well a it should have been, but tbh the thing that ticks me off the MOST about Abduction is the fact that for SOME reason, the media has tricked ppl into using this movie as the barometer for his ENTIRE CAREER!! That annoys me to no end! :( I’m like, give the guy a break gosh. Even if abduction was a flop, people are acting like other actors haven’t made flops before! Trust me, EVERY actor in his or her career has made made a flop….yes, even the Meryl Streeps and Tom Cruises of the world lol. It’s really no biggie! You just move on to the next project!

    I’m not surprised either that Taylor has chosen to promote mainly to the international market. It’s already a well-known fact that Europeans are a much easier crowd to please than Americans, hands DOWN! Lol.

    I too hope that Taylor stays safe while on set…I know him, he wants to do it all, but sometimes I DO worry about him hiding himself or something! Especially when I saw some of the behind the scene footage from abduction! O_O. BUTTT… the same time I know that Taylor is a gifted athlete, so he even knows how to fall gracefully lol. I just hope he allows his stunt doubles to actually work on set lol!

    There’s gotta be a joke somewhere about what do you call a stunt double who barely has to do any stunt work? Answer = a Taylor Lautner stunt double. Rotfl! ^_^

    I just want him to SAFE lol. I don’t care if it’s not not really him in EVERY scene. :)

  18. Mystique Says:

    I meant…sometimes I DO worry about him *HURTING* himself or something! (Silly auto-correct feature! Grrr) lol

  19. chanda w. Says:

    Mystique, Americans are so fickle……… minute they praise u the next off with your head. The overseas crowd seems more loyal. And I don’t get the Abduction thing either. The critics really wanted to just end Tay’s career with one movie………….that made money. The go to boy Zac Efron , has flop after flop and yet he’s still considered bankable. Taylor has one movie that didn’t make the same amount as Twilight and they tear him apart. And noone stood up for him…….after. On the dvd they were all praising Tay, but I didn’t realize that the dvd commentaries come out before the movies open. So after the movie had a soft opening in the states……….they turned on him………….a teenager. But the movie did great worldwide. Wasn’t fair.
    Goodness, the stunt double for Taylor , will basically get free money………cause Tay will try to do EVERY stunt possible himself…..he luvs danger. lol
    But, I want him to stay safe too……….that’s my cutie.
    Wait a minute……..Mystique , u went to an NKOTB concert………those were my boys……….I went to their concert in 91 and again in 08……………….the one in 08 was so ooooooooo good. They give u your money’s worth. Donnie was my fave ……tough guy, but sweet. And Jordan was the cutest, then Joe the baby, Jon the shy one and Danny…..well he was built…….let’s get real not many paid attention to Danny but ……..they were all cool. After all these years they look and sound great. And Donnie has done so well in acting…….opened the door for Mark. Bet it was a great show.

  20. chanda w. Says:

    Wonder what Tay is doing now? Hopefully getting some much needed sleep.
    Does he wear pajamas to bed? Maybe just boxers and a tshirt……….now I’m thinking what kind of sheets does he sleep on , what color are the sheets. Is he alone……….doubtful…….lol. I’m just all in his biz..
    I so wanted to go to the Package tour……comes here in July, but my cash flow ……….wasn’t flowing lol. I liked a lot of Boyz to Men songs too, never a fan of 98 degrees, NKOTB were basically Tay level for me. So many said in five , ten yrs…………noone will remember who the New Kids were……….here it is twenty plus yrs later and their fans still support them. That’s heart, fight and grace.
    That’s what Taylor has. Drive to succeed.

  21. Mystique Says:

    Chanda– Omg…did you have to bring up what Taylor wears to bed??? Rotfl! Great…now my mind is in the Gutter and it’s not even Saturday anymore lol! :-p. It’s funny, I have never actually wondered what he wears to bed until you mentioned it lol!

    Oh the Package tour was AWESOME! If there are a few nose bleed section seats left at a cheap price I say grab them lol! Especially since you’re a fan of Boys II Men and NKOTB! They both did an amazing job! :) I even liked 98° too but they just weren’t as iconic as the other Two groups were, so I found that the audience wasn’t as into them…probably because not too many people knew a lot of their songs lol.

  22. Mystique Says:

    Hey ladies! I just got finished coming from the Superman movie, and guess what? In my theater before the previews, they showed this cute little segment on Grown Ups 2!!! :) They showed some clips from the movie, as well as some behind-the-scene material! I was trying to keep calm since I was with my friends lol, but inside I was so excited!! They interviewed Salma, Adam, Kevin, Chris, and David. They were short mini blurb interviews here and there. Unfortunately, they didn’t interview our guy, but Adam DID mention “we got Taylor Lautner in this”…Lol he sounded so proud. There are going to be a TON of cameos ladies. More than I even knew about! I saw clips! Some cameos haven’t even been mentioned lol! Oh and I saw a couple of clips I don’t think I had ever seen before, so that was cool. I found myself chuckling at quite a few scenes. This movie looks like it might be quite funny! :-D

    Btw, Superman was pretty good. Although, it wasn’t AS good as I was hoping to be and I’m not sure why! Well, I have a few reasons but I don’t want to give any spoilers lol. Anyway, it was enjoyable, and I think that if you’re a huge superman fan then you will probably love it regardless. The acting was really good, and the story is pretty engrossing. The only thing that bugged me was the violence…..especially towards the end!! At one point it just got to be almost ridiculous. :-/ I’m not really a fan of gratuitous violence that is way over the top and lasts for a long time, so there was like a 3 minute portion of the movie towards the end that they could have cut out as far as I’m concerned! It was actually almost a little uncomfortable after a certain point. :(

    Overall though it’s a pretty decent movie. Henry Cavill is absolutely gorgeous and has a body to die for! Lol! :) Too bad his personality off-camera seems so dry and boring. :-/ Idk, there something about him that seems a little TOO serious when iI watch him in interviews. He’s a good actor though….perfect for this role. I guess ANY guy compared to Taylor would seem kind of dull in personality lol. Taylor is just so open and outgoing in interviews it’s kind of hard to compete with him lol! :) I never realized just how much I love that aspect about him until I compare him to other actors. They just don’t measure up in that regard! I’m now even MORE convinced that I like Taylor for more than just his looks and his body…..because Henry Cavill is pretty much high in those areas too! But NOTHING can touch Taylor’s personality. Even when he’s saying something for the umpteenth time, he still manages to make it sound brand new and exciting lol!

    I love him…. ^_^

  23. Lilly Says:

    New Yorkers weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the beautiful weather in the city this weekend. Rob Shuter reports that Twilight star Taylor Lautner had a sexy night out. He was spotted dancing the night away at an exclusive club and even shaking his booty with an unnamed brunette. But Rob tells us he went home alone.
    Meanwhile, Lautner’s latest gal pal, Maika Monroe, was nowhere to be seen. –

    WHAT??? Where’s Maika and who’s this brunette?

  24. chanda w. Says:

    VH1 is reporting that Tay ….was at a nightclub in …NYC…dancing with some dark haired chick. No Maika. But that he left alone. Think he was just having a good time. So more Tracers news should be coming soon……..I’m pretty sure they have the cast in place.

    Mystique…………I hadn’t planned on seeing Superman . The last remake was a snoozefest………..I rented it on DVD and kept falling asleep. Cavill does seem to have more of a presence like Reeves had…… glad to hear this one was good.
    But I think I’ll catch this one on DVD too. The only movies so far………I will pay 10 bucks per ticket to watch are…………….The Purge (my son) , Fast and Furious (me) and doing the countdown for GUPS2(meeeeeeeee). Yeah, they are showing trailers of Grown Ups 2, less than a month , and my baby is back on the big screen!

  25. chanda w. Says:

    Too, funny…………..Lilly, we are reporting on the same story………at the same time……….lol.
    I luved hearing about Tay being out and about………but I am wondering what is the deal with him and Maika now? They are both really young and very friendly, so maybe she has enough confidence to let him have breathing room. She seems that type……..and he doesn’t appear to be someone who gets jealousy easily either. He can have his pick………… ………. honestly I still can’t figure Tay’s love life out……..I have no idea who he is or isn’t really dating. But, I do think that he and Maika make a striking pair. Just don’t think he would publicly hold someone’s hand he wasn’t serious about…… well, that’s Taylor………..forever a puzzle to figure out………..part of the reason I luv him!!

  26. marianne Says:

    Lilly…pics or it didn’t happen is my motto. Funny how no one’s phone camera seems to work with these reports.

    Mystique… Glad to hear you enjoyed Superman. I’m kind of blah when it comes to all these superhero movies but I’ll be seeing it with a few friends that like them. I know what you mean about the personality thing. Just kind of there.

    How long can it take to get cast info and filming out????!!! Some of the natives are getting restless.

  27. nicolefair Says:

    I doubt we’ll get alot of NYers taking cell phone pics of taylor hanging out unless theyre fans. The average NYer see’s celebrities almost daily so they mostly don’t care, its usually enough to Tweet and FB a sighting and they move on. I think we’ll get alot of pics from paps though, once the movie starts shooting or if Taylor does something considered scandalous.

    Thats just how it is there, especially in Manhattan. Noone cares. Well, they’ll take a pic if he’s somewhere strange for a celebrity…or if there’s a really nice encounter and a non-fan wants to let people know he’s pretty awesome. That happens.

  28. marianne Says:

    nicolefair…I was referring to the reporter of the story getting a pic. They obviously knew who he was. I realize that the average NYer is pretty disinterested.

  29. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—Ooops…missed your previous post further up! Anyway, yea I agree with you…the American public is VERY fickle! I’ll be the first to admit that one day we can love you to death, and then the next minute, you can be dirt. Smh… :( I honestly think that’s why a lot of child actors or young people in the entertainment industry go bonkers and can’t take it anymore.. :-/ Look at what happened to Britney Spears! :-( Total complete public meltdown. Macaulay Culkin anyone? What about Amanda Bynes?? I’m not going to even mention Lindsay Lohan. I mean, it’s just really truly sad! Now true, SOME of those mentioned already had previous home-life issues to begin with, and money and fame just aggravated it. But on the same token, the entertainment industry can be a pretty crazy and stressful industry to be in because they will TEAR you down and try to make you feel so insecure. You have to be TOUGH in that industry. Once you’ve made it to the top and are become like the “tefalon man”, then you can rest a little easier.

    I think that Taylor is pretty tough, and I think he has a pretty GOOD support system without “yes men” around, so I think he’ll do fine. He may just have to shrug off future critics of his films/acting, but I think in the long run he’ll be fine. I think that also in addition (if he hasn’t done so already), he should take another 6-month break (don’t pelt me just yet! lol) and get some additional acting lessons in order to help him in his career. I think someone else (I forget who) mentioned this too as well a while back. I think it would certainly give him more of an edge.

    I think the only thing saving Zac Efron is the fact that he’s gone to the indie route and that’s why it’s okay for him to have flop after flop.. I’ve predicted that Taylor should go the indie route as well in order to fine tune his craft without the pressure of trying to have a movie “open high” on the blockbuster food chain, but hey….if he wants to continue to do the bigger films for right now, then so be it lol. I just think that eventually he should try to do some indie films. It would definitey give him more clout and respect probably quicker. So far though, he seems to be doing fine. I’m sure most people will forget about Abduction eventually. Btw, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….Abduction was NOT that bad of a movie! Idk why the media has brainwashed us into thinking that! I watched it again not too long ago and tried to view it without any “attachments” whatsoever to Taylor, and honestly, the movie was NOT a “flop” like critics claimed it was. I think some people OVER thought the movie, and it was never intended to be an overly SUPER serious movie. It was just supposed to be a cool action/popcorn flick. Plain and simple.

  30. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–Re: NKOTB….Yep! I saw them! This is now my 3rd time seeing them in concert! ^_^ I saw them twice back in 2011. I was quite young when they were popular (I vaguely remember them), but I definitely got more into them when their single “Summertime” came out. :) You’re right, they put on an AWESOME show! Btw Donnie?? He kissed some fan in the audience on the LIPS at my show! LOL ROTFL! EVeryone gasped! lol O_O

    Btw, did I say they could have cut out 3 minutes from the end of Superman? Sorry…that was a TYPO. They could have cut out 30 minutes from that ending! It was just too violent for my taste. Smh… :-/ After getting slammed into building after building, it just got to be a bit redundant imo. :(

    Lilly, Chanda–WOW! Taylor’s getting his groove on in NYC eh?? LOL! That is too funny lol. I would have paid to see that. :) So glad to hear that he’s having fun in the Big Apple. ^_^

    Re: Taylor and Maika….
    I haven’t really commented on her/them for a while, mainly because I honestly don’t know what to say. I mean, maybe that girl was just a friend…who knows?? One thing is obvious to me though….he and Sara don’t seem to be together anymore. :( Unless…that “brunette” was Sara LOL! *giggle* But yeah…who knows?? Maybe he just wants to date around right about now. He may have just been having fun at the club. If he IS indeed with Maika, I don’t think it’s serious.

    It’s funny because right now I’m not too worried. I guess I’ll focus more on her if he makes an actual statement or brings her on the red carpet or something. Idk…

  31. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—If you go see Superman with your friends, come back and report here how you like it! lol…. I’m curious as to what your take on it will be. :)

  32. Lilly Says:

    I think maybe the brunette was his co-star. And I agree with you @marianne, pics or it didn’t happen :)

  33. Lexi Says:

    i probably said this before….but maybe maika’s not even in NYC
    because she did posted a pic of her with her surfboard and her surfing attire…and that is most likely in cali……and that was after taylor boarded the plane to nyc…..BUT maybe the pic was an old pic….(i dont think so, but who knows?)
    and @chanda if you’re right on this, taylor is supposed to start filming TODAY! wooohooo ^_^

  34. chanda w. Says:

    Now , thinking the brunette was Marie. That would make sense. She’s his co-star so they are blowing off steam before filming starts. The club was said to be really exclusive, so most in there probably wouldn’t want pics taken.
    I don’t think Maika is in NYC. It is good for him to have someone that has a life of their own. Tay could have any girl, so if he was being affectionate to and showing Maika off to the world, I think they are a couple, but they give each other breathing room.
    Mystique, Abduction wasn’t a bad movie, critics just had a field day because it didn’t make a gazillion dollars. But it made a profit…….so I stil didn’t understand any of the doom and gloom that was pointed at Tay. Jealous bastards. That’s all it was. Doesn’t matter he gonna be just fine. Infact, I’m watching it tonight………he and Lily had great chemistry.
    Lol, Tay shaking his butt ………..yes, please!

  35. Mystique Says:

    Lilly–Good guess…..maybe the brunette girl is his co-star? Idk… Could be some random stranger for all we know lol!

    Lexi—Yeah, I don’t think Maika went to NYC either. At least, not at the same time Taylor flew out. In all honesty, I’m STILL not 100% convinced that they are 100% an item….yet. I’ve only seen a couple of pictures of the two of them together so far. For all I know, they could be friends. *shrug* Either way, he seems happy right now, so that’s all I care about. :)

    Filming today WHOO HOOO!!! ^_^

    Chanda–Yeah, the media thinks that if a movie doesn’t open up at $85 Million Dollars, then it’s a “failure”. Smh…. :-/ When did movies become all about PROFIT and not about storyline, acting, and writing? :-/ I mean, goodness….. No offense, but I think the “Titanic” Craze started this whole “beat the box-office” obsession that seems to now permeate almost every opening film. Smh….

    I’ve enjoyed MANY films that were NOT “blockbusters” (weren’t even trying to be), and I’ve also enjoyed blockbusters. TO me it’s no biggie as long as the movie is enjoyable. :)

    Btw, I thought he and Lily had amazing chemistry in Abduction onscreen, but for some reason….OFF-screen I didn’t sense much chemistry between them in interviews! O_o HE looked happy to be around her, but she….she looked very distant. :-/ Did most of their interviews take place AFTER they broke up with each other? Because in the DVD Behind the Scenes, she seemed MUCH more open around him and HAPPY. Just something I’ve observed. :-/

  36. Meh Says:

    Tay in a nightclub lol he always states that he’s not a ‘party animal’ and into that sort of thing. Same, pics or it didn’t happen.

    @Chanda I agree, think the brunette was Marie.

    I am still not 100% sure that him and Maika are even an item.

  37. Catherine Says:

    The box office thing – the recent Matt Damon movie (Promised Land) was deemed a flop, but I LOVED it. Damon himself said it’d slowly make money over time, and that mega ticket sales wasn’t his aim when he made it. Good for him, a bit of integrity. Talking of flops…The Host disappeared without a trace, but it was awful.

    Man of Steel? Too much pointless violence. Sigh.

    Abduction – it was fine. Am I alone in thinking Sigourney was the worst one in it?! She read her lines like a flippin’ robot! I didn’t like the music either, but Taylor did well, and I like Maria Bello. A ‘starter’ movie rather than a career shift…which is what Tracers is likely to be :)

    Nightclubbing? I hope so. He’s 21 and in NY…go for it! Just give us some on-set shots, pretty please?!

  38. Meh Says:

    Marie has just posted that its her birthday, so that might explain the nightclub!

    According to the article of the link she posted ‘Cam get pulled into a love triangle with a member of her gang’….maika?

  39. marianne Says:

    Speaking about critics…I read an article that talked about how critics influence a movie’s success. There are very few critics who have been doing it very long i.e. Siskel, who just died, Rex Reed etc. Many of them are bloggers who are courted by studios with perks to influence their review. The article said that there are two people in Hollyweird that the critics like to continually dump on and they are Tyler Perry and Adam Sandler. Didn’t say why

    Catherine…Glad I wasn’t the only one that thought Sigourney was off. It was like she was on a bathroom break and had to fit her role in. I like Maria Bello too.

  40. Lexi Says:

    @meh You might be right. IT COULD BE MAIKA! :D
    I guess maika went on a separate plane then!

  41. marianne Says:

    Just saw on the OLV facebook page “they just did interviews for stand ins on thurs and fri so it might be a few more days before filming officially starts”.

  42. Johanna Says:

    @marianne yeah i read somewhere that auditions are talking place on thru-fri but Taylor is gonna start doing some stuff on set now im not sure what but he is starting to work on stuff now IM SOOO EXCITED and im happy that at least the cast list is starting to grow :D

  43. marianne Says:

    I saw this tweet and couldn’t help laughing….”Kim Kardashian thinks her pregnancy was difficult? Someone needs to show her BD1 and then have her get back to me.”

  44. litebrite Says:

    No.8 (nyc club)
    good luck on getting in – except for a private party – unless you’re known
    the fried oreo(s) yum, the drinks pricey (gin & tonic 20$) & tableside champagne$$$$$$$$
    you will see a-list not professional party goers & they will all be
    good looking, 20-40ish, dressed appropriately (meaning expensive)
    and you will never get a picture from inside unless it’s for a benefit or private party
    papz know to keep their distance outside unless specifically (invited) don’t hold your breath
    top time to get there midnite or later
    it is crowded & if you’re claustrophobic or hate crowds skip it (at private parties you get breathing room) (
    and there goes you’re hope for a younger co-star (she’s 27) but wait there is another femme in the movie is there not????

  45. kia Says:

    I’m glad Taylor is having fun in NYC.You only live 21 once.enjoy it!

    @Meh- I hear the love triangle involves Taylor(Cam) Marie and another guy. Haven’t heard anything about Maika yet.

  46. kia Says:

    Marianne- LOL

  47. nicolefair Says:

    Yeah I was thinking why are we assuming the love triangle is between Taylor’s character and two other girls. The Marie character sounds like she’s be someone’s girl already in the crew and begins to fall for Taylor’s character.

    Sounds good to me.

    Say they pull him in as a “patsy” then she can’t go through with it…dundunDUNNNNNNNN!!!

  48. Mystique Says:

    Catherine, Kia– I agree. I see nothing wrong with him being in a club. He’s 21 for goodness sakes lol. I’m sure this isn’t the first club he’s been to, and it won’t be his last. :) I also think that while he was with summit, he had to keep a lower profile.

    You guys are right….the love triangle may be between Taylor,a girl and another guy. It sounds more plausible that the girl ends up falling for Taylor character. :)

  49. Emily Says:

    Yes!!! I’m back home, have just had a bath, now my laptop is literally on my lap, I’m checking in here finally……aaaahhhhhh……all is right with the world.

    I’m glad nothing big happened while I was gone.

    I would love to see Taylor shaking his beautiful little booty!!!!! I’m sure it’s quite an enjoyable sight!

  50. Mystique Says:

    WELCOME back Emily!!!! :-)

    It’s good to have you back. Wow….seems like just yesterday you were taking about visiting family out of town lol! Whew time flies fast!

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