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Finally!! Taylor Lautner was spotted in New York earlier today filming scenes for his upcoming movie ‘Tracers.’ Enjoy the first round of what is hopefully many sets of on set photos.
Update: 151 more photos added, thanks to Stupid Famous People for some of them!

Gallery Link:
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – June 18th

55 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Spotted Filming ‘Tracers’ in New York”

  1. Mystique Says:

    OH MY GOSH….. He look sooo hot! ^_^

    We thought this day would NEVER come (we waited so long!—felt like forever!) but now it’s finally here. :)

  2. Nicole Says:

    This is like heart attack provoking. Dayum!

  3. kia Says:

    R.I.P KIA!

    Mystique- IKR! I feel like we’ve been waiting for centuries for this to finally happen!

  4. Mystique Says:

    Nicole—I KNOW!! Where’s my defibrilator!!?!?!? O_o Rotfl

    Kia—YES! We’ve waited SO looooong…lol. Now, finally a new FILMING and a new project that does NOT involve the Twilight cast. I love it lol… :)

  5. Mystique Says:

    It’s still blowing my mind that this is basically the FIRST movie he is filming in 5 years that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Twi cast and is not being filmed simultaneously around the same time as Twilight or ANY of the promotions for Twilight!

    Whoo hooo!!!

  6. Shazam Says:

    OMG…I had the intention of posting something decent and telling you all that I love and miss you and sorry for being a bad fan as of late but forgive me while I die instead…………………………………………/\……………………………./\/\/\/\/………………………….. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Ok…I’m good…reporting from high in the sky, this is Shazam! :) Just kidding ladies…you all know I’m on my way to hell!! ;)
    This is SOOOO exciting!!! I have missed so much!! Have a few days to myself and get Taylor overload…TOO GOOD!!
    @kia @Marianne @everyone UNF!!!!!!

  7. Emily Says:

    Holy Hell!!!!!! That’s really all I can say right now…………………….

    The one with his hand up his shirt—I believe my heart actually skipped a beat…………………..

    I’ll be back later when I can think more coherently…………………….

  8. Emily Says:

    Here’s a pic that shows another tattoo on his inner arm…………I seriously hate tattoos……………..but on him…………………….damn…………………

  9. kia Says:

    SHAZAM! ASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM!! I was just thinking about you! We missed you so much!

    I came back from the dead,now looking at these pics again I’ve died again! Thank you Taylor you’ve killed me twice today!

  10. kia Says:

    Emily – ……………FLATLINE…………………FLATLINE………………………………..FLATLINE………………………….

  11. Emily Says:

    Thank goodness!!!!! His a$$ is still there!!! It’s been hiding under all those low skinny jeans. Thank you VERY much camo shorts!!

    I have to seriously go and collect myself—Johanna–I may be screaming into my pillow today!

  12. kia Says:

    We are already going in a crazed because of these set pics just imagine when the movie comes out! LAWD I’m ordering my oxygen tank right now and having somebody go with me that knows CPR!!

  13. Mystique Says:

    *THUD* Too many pics! TOO MANY PICS!


    I ask again…..WHERE IS MY DEFIBRILATOR!?!?!?? O_O


    Emily—-GREAT day in the morning! O_O I knew his deriere had not gone anywhere! LOL! Hey…that rhymes! lol lol…. Okay, I’m now delirious with Taylor OVERLOAD….don’t mind me. *huddled in a corner rocking back and forth*

    I think I’ll join you in screaming in my pillow today as well lol. ^_^

    Kia—YES…If We’re already going this crazy because of set pics, imagine what it will be like during the MOVIE!

    @Shazam!—Welcome again! It’s been a while! :)

  14. Mystique Says:

    Emily—I’m the same way…I usually don’t like guys with a bunch of tattoos, but on Taylor it looks hot! ^_^ That’s saying a LOT for me lol…

  15. Meh Says:

    Loving his belly fluff. He’s so hot it hurtssssss

  16. Lilome Says:

    Emily: that pic! To quote Berta from 2 & 1/2 men “I’d like to bite that ass like an apple”!
    Shazam, baby, where have you been?!? I’ll meet you in hell one day, too.
    As for Taylor, how does he keep getting more sexy everyday? 21 looks mighty fine on him. He’s been out and about this year – how did we ever survive his ninja phase? Tay you don’t ever do that to us again! 2013 is spoiling us.

  17. chanda w Says:

    The Daily Mail might have a questionable reputation, but they have some of the best pics of Taylor. Big, up close and lots of em’. I can hardly catch a breath……….so many pics to look at……goodness. And the one where he is half showing his stomach is already my fave. Sexy without even trying. Like I said before………..he wants to be taken advantage of …………in broad daylight. I so wish this movie was gonna be out in the next few months………….I’m already planning to watch it twice at the theatres….and doing the countdown for the DVD………..the movie doesn’t come out until 2014!! The torture……………..well, Tay even makes torture feel good.
    Welcome back Emily.

  18. chanda w Says:

    Just saw the pic with his butt…………thanks Emily.
    How does it come and go like that? One day it looks round and firm … now and on other pics looks like it has gone somewhere. Think it must be the angles. Well whatever………………..his behind is looking edible today. YUM!!

  19. *Vickey* Says:

    Shazam!!! :D Missed seeing you on here girl! Best comeback post, love it. Haha.
    Mystique— Man now that I think about it, it has been while since he’s done something none Twilight related!! And the wait for these pics was well worth it!!!

    What is air? I can’t breath looking at these pictures! God help me! LOL.
    Kia—- Exactly the same thing I was thinking, we’re dying over the photos, Taylor will wipe out his whole fanbase with the film alone xD

    Chanda w— 2014 seems so far away though. Lol

  20. Catherine Says:

    @chanda is right! Check out the Daily Mail, their shots are great. The one where he’s looking straight forward, preparing to jump…those eyes. That expression.

    *faints* :)

    I like to think they’re spoiling us (very patient) fans with a deluge of first day shots. Plenty to keep us going if they disappear indoors for a while!

    How the hell did we get through 2012, with so little to go on?!!! We’ve earned this ;)

  21. annie Says:

    Daily Mail has a lot of great close up pics.
    He was wearing alternately camo shorts, black biker shorts with a black t and blackleggings
    So far 3 tats – L forearm, L back of arm, & L bicep has a bit of a tat peeking out (for the movie of course)

  22. annie Says:

    Sorry for the repeat or 3peat – yeah Daily Mail

  23. Lexi Says:

    i had to leave for a few hours because the pics from earlier almost made me faint. and NOW im seeing tay lifting his shirt halfway???????

  24. chanda w Says:

    Tay’s stunt double is almost as sexy as he is. The two of them in a pic together…….too much!! I can’t believe this is only day 1 of filming………how can I handle more?? Well guess I’ll have to force myself to.

  25. marianne Says:

    I’ve been gone all day and just logged on and ASDFJGLKLMNOPRSTUVWXYZ……I’m speechless….I’m going to go get a drink…………………THUD……

  26. Mystique Says:

    OMG…..I’m now looking at all of these pics FINALLY in the privacy of my own home (instead of while at work lol), and all I can say is %&$*#@!!!

    *thud* *_* #DEAD

    I think this picture is my favorite… ^_^

    His aarrrrrms…..his aaaaabs…. lol

  27. kia Says:

    Vickey ,Mystique- Seriously! I don’t know how I’m going to handle this!!

  28. Nicole Says:

    Some footage of the filming. I’m in heaven.

  29. Emily Says:

    Oh, Nicole–you’re not the only one! The pictures are great, but seeing him live and in motion is even better!!!

    Mystique–Yeah, that one is probably my favorite, too!!

    marianne–I was wondering why you hadn’t weighed in yet today! :) After you get a drink (and yourself back up off the floor), let us know what you think….

    Shazam—I meant to say before, welcome back!!!! I don’t know why in the world I couldn’t think clearly earlier!! ;)

    Lilome–I loved your (or Berta’s) quote–it DOES look juicy and edible, doesn’t it???

    chanda–Thanks, and I guess Taylor’s disappearing and re-appearing a$$ is another mystery about him that we’ll never figure out…….:) I wouldn’t mind doing some “hands-on” research about it though, if you know what I mean………

    Catherine–I don’t know how we did survive 2012. I also don’t know how we’ll survive if we keep getting pictures like these. And, what if he happens to start filming something else before the end of the year?? We may all have heart attacks…….

    I’ve just been so happy today—I’ve been grinning to myself like an idiot. I hope the pics keep coming–I know we won’t be getting this many every day, but, it’s like Christmas in June!

  30. Emily Says:

    I can’t believe I forgot to say this earlier……all hail the return of the aviators!!!!! Yes, yes, yes…..

    On another note, what’s up with the leggings?? I’m sure it’s some bike messenger thing I don’t know about……can anyone advise?

  31. Johanna Says:

    Im on Taylor overload i cant even comprehend wats going on but i Love It !!!!!!!

  32. joanie Says:

    @Emily Under Armour (brand name) is a type of material that wicks sweat away from the body & is used in all types of sports (biking, motocross, running, etc) the leggings would be something a bike messenger or other high action athletes would use to keep warm – and doesn’t hinder the knee action like long pants would nor get caught in bike spokes or car bumpers for that matter – anyone in NYC can tell you those messengers are scary as hell zipping in out traffic, close to buildings, and in between people full tilt; so for sure what they wear is close fitting or they’d find themselves hooked on something & lying flat on their back with their head cracked open.

  33. joanie Says:

    should of said that’s why leggings with shorts over top – without the bike shorts or cut offs over top he’d look like a cast member from NYC ballet instead of a bike messenger.

  34. kia Says:

    Emily- I’ve seen some bike messengers wear leggins before so I guess its there style. That pic is one of my favorite pics! them AVIATORS the things I wanna do to him I just can’t right now!

    My mind is in the Gutter!

  35. Emily Says:

    Thanks, joanie! I knew there had to be some reason behind them. I’m not complaining, heck, I wouldn’t mind if he were wearing hot pink leg warmers—I’m sure he could even pull that look off too.

    kia–I think my mind will be in the gutter for a while after all these pictures! :)

  36. Mystique Says:

    Vickey—LOL @ “Taylor will wipe out his whole fan base from this movie alone” LOL! :-D

    Well, if I have to die THAT way (hyperventilation and a lack of oxygen going to the brain based on seeing Taylor in “Tracers”) then…by all means, bring it ON! lol
    It’s better than drowning… :-/

    Joanie—lol…..come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor as one of the members of the NYC Ballet….hmmmmmmmmmm……tight……..leggings………..HMMMMMMMMM!!!! LOL! ^_^

    Kia—-Join the club….my mind is in the gutter too rotfl…

    Nicole–Btw, for some reason I can’t view the video! :(

  37. joanie Says:

    Daily Mail has more pics – some where he’s doing his flip – some on twitter think they’re pics of him falling – nope – just 1 of his flips
    (he does have 2 stunt doubles) but he’ll do as much as he can till the lawyers/insurers say NO Way

  38. joanie Says:

    scroll down

  39. Mystique Says:

    Idk if this is has been posted already (if so, please excuse the duplicate!), but here’s another AB ALERT!!!

    Hope you ladies have your oxygen tanks, paper bags, or breathing aparatuses ready lol!

  40. marianne Says:

    I was finally able to use a wet shop vacuum to remove all the drool on my keyboard. I think Emily described it the best…like Christmas in June. Because of all the Taylorsquared manips I have seen recently, the first thing I thought was EAT YOUR HEART OUT Miss Velveeta.(I know, I am a very small person) I knew when I first saw Taylor in Twilight that he was an awesome young man and not only is he awesome as a person, but he is becoming one sexy ASDFJGJKGHDSLA.

    Catherine…annie…those DM pics were beautiful closeups. Sort of beautiful.

    Nicole…Thank you for the you tube link. Some day I’d like someone to put together a video of Taylor’s walk with some sexy music.

    chanda w…There is a pic of Taylor with his arm around his stunt double which I love.

    Shazam…Glad you’re here for the party! Missed you.

    Mystique…Joanie…Taylor in tights…I think I would crap mine.

    He is free of Twilight and all the Robsten drama. He’s no third wheel now. YES!! Have fun Taylor. Your fans love you and are happy for you.

  41. Johanna Says:

    Okay ladies im off to bed it 12 in the mornig and i need sleep
    Sweet Taylor dreams i noe i will have a few ;P

  42. Emily Says:

    Goodnight everyone! Sweet Taylor dreams to all!

  43. Mystique Says:

    Yes!! Sweet Taylor dreams to all as well!

    It’s now 12:45am right now where I am, and I have to go to work in the morning. What on earth am I still doing up??!?! O_o

    I can’t sleep! I’m too excited! ^_^ Aaaaarghhh!

  44. Kathy Says:

    Is his tattoos real?

  45. Lilome Says:

    Tatoos real? No more real than the one for Twilight was. I think maybe it’s written in his contract that every character he plays must have a tat! But no, not real. Taylor is perfect as is. And what’s with the shorts over the tights? The costumer sucks! She screwed us out of visions of Taylor in biker shorts. I wanted the shorts that cyclists really wear……grrrr. Maybe it’s better this way- I’ll probably live longer.
    Bench endorsement pics are out!

  46. Lilome Says:

    I also think we should form a committee to look out for Taylor’s personal safety and well-being while he’s in NYC. It’s hot as Hades and he’s in black and running around, riding that bike, jumping, etc. Someone can be in charge of the gaterade station and keep him hydrated. Then weI need someone to have the snacks- strawberries, bananas to replenish his potassium, etc. Kia, Shazam and I will towel him down and help him into fresh dry shirts. ( The old ones will disappear, of course.) 9

  47. Meh Says:

    I saw a link to a behind the scenes vid of his Bench shoot…but didnt click and now i can’t find it. anyone else seen it?

    Also, is there a link to all the Bench pics in one place? I keep finding odd ones on Twitter, but I’m sure there are lots?

    Pics above hurt my head how hot he is. So wish I could meet him…

  48. Lilly Says:

    @Meh: I’d love to see the behind the scenes video too. Those Bench pics are all amazing!

  49. Catherine Says:

    Looking at Twitter, I’m guessing this Bench job is a big deal? But I’m not the kind of gullible fan that will spend money just because Taylor endorses something…

    …shall I pretend I’m not looking at the cool hoodies, debit card to hand?! Any excuse to shop…good work, advertising department ;)

    Seriously. All these photos. Each lot better than the last. The floppy fringe/black tshirt Bench shot? *faints*


  50. Nicole Says:

    Where are the bench photos I can’t seem to find them at all

  51. chanda w. Says:

    I don’t want Tay getting any real tatoos, but the ones he has for Tracers look hot on him. I don’t know what Bench is either, but if Tay is attached…….I’m gonna find out. It must be a Universal brand. He’s a cute smartie…….go worldwide.

  52. Meh Says:

    Will see if I can find a link to the Bench photos. We have Bench in the UK, its like a cool kind skateboard make….but I dunno if it is the same clothing brand? It would seem that they are based in the Philippines but have most of their marketing in LA from the looks of it.

    Those red trousers that Taylor was papped in with Maika when they got coffee, it looks like he is wearing them in the Bench shoot…so perhaps they gave them to him…or it is part of the partnership that he is like a walking billboard for them.

    This is a link to their Twitter, they have only given one picture, but there are more floating around.

  53. Meh Says:

    @Catherine hahaha I know how you feel! I am at work and I’m like ….’ahhh I’ll just take one more look at the pics’….really not helping! Does he realise the effect he has on us?!

  54. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique—- I think that’s the best way to go out, hyperventilating over Taylor. LOL.

    Emily—- Yeah, I haven’t been in the right mind set since the photos hit. Haha.

    Lilome— Right! Those shorts, I think they did it for our sake! I still love the camo shorts on him though! :)) And can I get in on that committee? Lol.

  55. Layfan Says:

    @meh no I don’t think he does!