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Day 2 of filming ‘Tracers’ has commenced. Peep a few photos of Taylor Lautner walking around and filming in sweats, thanks to TLL. More photos to follow soon!

Gallery Link:
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – June 19th

59 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Filming ‘Tracers’ (June 19th)”

  1. Emily Says:

    Gah!!!! I can’t keep up with all this new stuff!!

    Filming in sweats…..Abduction taught us that that’s a very GOOD thing! ;)

  2. marianne Says:

    Emily…sweats are good for a** viewing. I noticed he was wearing my fav red plaid shirt from the Seventeen shoot on the way to the set this am. Taylor the clothing recycler.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Awww apprently Taylor got a little hurt filming I volunteer to help take care of him ;p

  4. chanda w Says:

    Sweats, I can work with that, but why is he adding more layers of clothing. Summer he should be taking things off. lol.

  5. Emily Says:

    Johanna–I’m SO afraid our sweet daredevil is going to really hurt himself on this film–he seems to have no fear and no regard for his physical safety!! I would hate for his perfectly beautiful body and skin to be scarred or damaged in any way. Let’s hope these stunt people know what they’re doing.

    I would be happy to play “nurse.” Heck, I’d even volunteer to be one of the awkward “umbrella holders” that have been shown.

    marianne–Well, you’re right…..I was thinking of the OTHER thing we got to see in the sweats (hee, hee, hee–I’m so bad, but I can’t help it…), but looking forward to some nice a$$ shots, as well.

    chanda–I agree–let’s see LESS layers, not more!! ;)

    joanie–You mentioned this morning (I think it was you) that there would be a video of the photo shoot later today?????? Any leads on that???

    Now I have to look at all these new pics and decide which ones to start printing!!!

  6. kia Says:

    Marianne Emily- That was the first thing I notice when I saw the sweats. Red Face

  7. kia Says:

    Somewhere Monday night Taylor was having a evil laugh. He knows what he’s doing to us!

  8. chanda w Says:

    Starting to understand some of Tay’s fans that are cautious of his attachment to the wrong girls. Not jealousy, just concern. He’s a sweetie, many would take advantage…….even those who have been in your life for awhile.

  9. Nicole Says:


    Oh….and I see you Rafi Gavron in the background. I knew he’d be in his movie! Love him…it’s official, Tracers is gonna be Effin Awesome!!!!


  10. Johanna Says:

    @Emily i do get concerned that Taylor could hurt himself cuz he is a bit of a daredevil but Tay is a big boy and i dont think a few scars are too bad and im sure that the crew will make sure that he doesnt attempt a stunt that they noe could end with him being severely hurt plus his dad is there and i dont think Mr. Lautner will let anything happen to his son.

    @Chanda i kinda get why some people get concerned but many take it too far i just saw someone tweet “@MaikaMonroe please dont turn into Sara Hicks” wtf does that even mean its rude its not like Sara is mean on tweeter she the complete opposite i mean im not her biggest fan but o would never been rude like that. And i do get concerned with him hanging around people that dont really have his best interest at heart

    new pic

  11. Emily Says:

    I wish Taylor had some legitimate online place where fans could post messages (positive ones only) that he would actually see…………I know he’s not interested in (and probably doesn’t have time for) twitter or facebook—he likes his privacy too much…..but I would just like him to know how happy we all are for him and how much we’re loving all these new shots and the fact that he’s filming something new and the photo-shoot and everything else……

    firereign—You would probably know about this–Is there someone on his (or any celebrity’s) “team” that may read/check in on fan sites or other places to see how fans are feeling about his/her career/projects, etc??
    I’m just curious……………

    I just saw on “Inside Edition” this segment on this famous bowling alley in NYC—think it was called Brooklyn Bowl—that has lots of celebrities come in…..wonder if Taylor will visit it while in town??? You know how he loves to bowl!

  12. nicolefair Says:

    There are so many amazing pics I can’t keep up. Anyone see the pics of him jumping up onto then off of the HUGE boulders in Central Park? Or the ones of him doing flips off a tree??

    Man I have got to get to New York STAT!!!

  13. marianne Says:

    Johanna…Those girls that are going after Maika are mentally challenged(trying to be nice) since before they ran Sara off twitter they had a chance to get to know the kind of girl Taylor likes. She would share some of the things they were doing i.e.bonfires, playing football, trips to the ranch. They had a chance to have a glimpse into Taylor’s regular life. Instead, they let jealousy rule and attacked her. I just don’t get that. I want him to have the love of his life and to be happy because love is what really matters.

    Emily….I would think there would be lots of stalking of that bowling alley.

  14. chanda w Says:

    Off topic ..Johanna…..Sara is friendly with Tyler Posey….just thought the timing of her getting in touch with certain people , was peculiar. Then she’s reaching out to Patrick S. Tyler admitted that he and Tay were sorta friendly rivals as teens, over parts and Sara. Tay won. It just sorta bothered me. And Maika. Don’t know . If Taylor was my guy…….I’d post pics of him or if not, I wouldn’t post pics hanging with too many other guys. I’d let the world know he was mine. Maybe they aren’t really a couple. Like today, no tweet of congratulations to him, yet she tweets any and everything else. Hmmm.
    I agree w/ Emily. Sorta wish Tay had like a twitter or some fansite that his team was over. Instead of fans following people we think are his friends or companions and NONE of them ever tweet about him…… what’s the point.
    Maybe he asked them not to……..ok ………but still …………he does need some kind of twitter account. To update his fans on his projects. All celebs get spam he wouldn’t be the only one. OK done with that.

    I have a good feeling about Tracers. Tay is such a hard worker and he seems to soak up a lot of knowledge. He has had a lot of success and been through some silly stuff at such a young age, but he handles it in a very classy way.
    See Papa Dan is back on the scene. Think it is good his dad stays close, but not in the way. There is a difference.

  15. kia Says:

    I swear some of these fans are never satisfied! They were kissing Maika a$$ a few weeks ago,Now that she’s not his costar and they may or may not have something going on,oh that’s a problem! And maybe if you should stop stalking her and Sara’s IG & Twitter you life would be a lot better! Just shut up and enjoy the fact that he’s filming and were getting set pics a photoshoots Jeez! I’m glad I don’t be on twitter that much.

    Ok done ranting. Now back to having gutter fantasies of Taylor and his bike messenger costume..

  16. Lexi Says:

    @kia I KNOW RIGHT!
    I swear, i remember the day when the dodger pics was all over twitter, and one fan was like “awwwwwww I’m so happy for you babey!!!”
    AND NOW THAT SAME GIRL TWEETED THIS TODAY “she’s starting to act like sara with her ambiguous tweets.” And that girl was talking about the plane picture maika posted on instagram.
    The sad part about this? The girl thought maika was jumping on a plane to spend some time with taylor, but nope…..she went to brazil. Fans on twitter are crazy LOL

  17. *Vickey* Says:

    Kia— Yes, a good huge evil laugh. Tssh Tssh Taylor LOL. And yeah my TL on Twitter had quite a few Maika asskissers soon turned attackers. Lol. I just can’t understand it. The costar thing probably the reason some of the people who were kissing up to Maika were quick to change their behavior towards here.

    Johanna— Why would someone tweet that? I can’t stand things like that, I get secondhand embarrassment from behind the screen when other fans do that. I mean I do get that we’re very cautious of what goes on with him and all, but that’s a bit much.

  18. Johanna Says:

    @Vickey i agree with u i will admit that i dont like Maika or Sara because of pure jealousy and im man enough to admit it but i would never tweet someone hate because i noe i would never say it to there face and i just think it wrong i mean i noe bullying first hand and no matter how strong u try to be its still hard to here some of that stuff. So these fans are just crazy either u say only positive things about Taylor and the ppl he noes or u shut that hole in ur face some of these ppl need to get there a$$’s wiped

    I also wish Taylor had some type of twitter account even if he didnt manage it but at least if someone would update it to give us info on like new projects or meet & greats but he has said in interviews that if he does go online he likes to go on fan websites so maybe he has been to this one. If so

  19. marianne Says:

    Does anyone know if Marie, Taylor’s costar, is receiving twitter hate?

  20. Emily Says:

    Johanna–the thought of Taylor actually coming on here and reading my comments is both exhilarating and completely embarrassing at the same time! :)

  21. joanie Says:

    Preview of the giant Bench billboards of Taylor in Cosmopolitan Phillipines
    There are already pics (not very good) on twitter from people who watched them erecting them on? or near Bench Tower – and many saying drive by EDSA tomorrow

  22. joanie Says:

    sorry it won’t work….I put it on twitter & it works fine….sorry again. They are BIG
    (This is in Manilla I think)

  23. Lexi Says:

    @marianne, right now, no. People or so called fans are still fed up with the maika thing. And people STILL are talking crap about sara. LOL
    I dont know if this may happen, but wouldnt it be interesting if taylor and marie dated for real? I mean shes REALLY pretty :)
    And yea shes a lot older….but i learned that once you get out of high school, it really doesn’t matter who you date, regardless of age…..(except if your 28 and the other is 76 hahaha)

  24. Lexi Says:

    I forgot to add this—–“it really doesnt matter who you date” as long as you love each other :)

  25. Emily Says:

    marianne/Lexi–I don’t belong to twitter and don’t see all of these tweets you talk about, but it really baffles me why people who claim to be his fans would say hurtful things to people Taylor potentially cares about—I don’t get their mindset—what are they accomplishing—other than to make him even MORE guarded about his private life in order to protect his “special someones” from hate? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I would think he would be upset if people he cared about/loved were upset and I would never do or say anything that I would think could possibly hurt him……all of a sudden feeling really guilty about my KS rantings from the past……but anyway…..whatever…’s just crazy. I guess it’s just that “mean girl” mentality of trying to make yourself feel better by tearing another girl down, because she has something you don’t have………………….

    Now, after bringing the mood of today WAY down–sorry, didn’t mean to, I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow? These last 2 days have been beyond amazing and I’ve had a smile from ear-to-ear.

    To lighten the mood, this picture proves why I would never be able to actually be in his presence–seeing him in that position, I am convinced I would have lost all touch with reality and would have just swan-dived right on top of that, subsequently being hauled off by security and sent to jail or the psych ward–but it would be worth it!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))

  26. marianne Says:

    Lexi…Thanks for the info. Would be nice if this cast escapes the personal drama. I guess 28 and 76 might work if the 76yr. old was rich and not long for this world. LOL

  27. marianne Says:

    Emily….If we’re like this over a pic, imagine what we’ll be like when he does a love scene!! We may have to call a Taylor L Support Group meeting tomorrow because I saw on one site that they may be shooting interior scenes the rest of the week.

  28. johanna Says:

    @Emily not if I got there first :P
    I swear he is just asking for it.

  29. kia Says:

    Marianne- “Taylor L Support Group”? where can I sign Up?

    Emily- asdfghjkl He loves spreading them thighs. I know I shouldn’t be looking at it but I can’t help it. And you know what I’m talking about. Wink

  30. Lexi Says:

    i hope the link works, and i dont know if someone already posted this….BUT….this is a video of taylor doing the bench photoshoot :))))
    and him…..taking off the jacket…………………………………… done.

  31. Mystique Says:


    Gosh, you leave for a few hours and you come back to MORE AND MORE GOODNESS!! ^_^ I don’t think I can take it anymore lol!

    Btw, I wanted to add from the last thread…. .Thanks @Johanna for the username and pw to the LiveJournal site! I will definitely be checking out those LOADS of pics one by one lol. ;)

    I just want to ask: Is it possible for someone to overload on pictures? What do you guys think?

    I’m like, in Taylor Heaven right about now! :-D :-D

    All of these pics behind the set!

    Btw, #DEAD at picture #19!!!

    Well hellooooooo there…..Taylor….. ;-)

    Kia, Marianne, Emily—You ladies aren’t the ONLY ones who noticed…..TRUST me lol. ^_^

    Chand—Yeah, I understand Taylor’s fans feeling concerned about which type of girl he dates. I get that. I feel the same way. I think because he’s such a nice guy, you really want him to get with a NICE girl. Someone who will treat him right.

    I DO agree however, that some fans take it TOO far. :-/ Feeling kind of protective over him is one thing, but being downright mean and nasty towards ANY girl he’s rumored to be linked with is just plain immature imo. :(

    Emily—I agree, I would feel bad for bashing people that are close to Taylor too. That’s why I agree with @Johanna…. EVEN IF I’m feeling jealous about it, I would NEVER publicly bash any of the girls or peope he’s friends with, dating, or doing WHATEVER with. What’s the point?? O_o That’s just so mean. :-/

    Bottom line…..I just want Taylor to be happy, and to be in a GOOD relationship with someone who loves him and treats him right. :)

    Besides, I only focus on his “relationship” status if it involves me lol…. :-D Otherwise, I try not to think too hard about it. Call it, “selective amnesia” lol… ^_^

    Marianne–Omg I know! If we’re THIS excited already, I wonder what it would be like if they actually shot a love scene!!! O_O Indoor shots tomorrow eh?? Does that mean we won’t see anymore set pics?? :-/

    Btw. does anyone actually know just how long Tracers is filming? And are they filming in NYC the ENTIRE time? Just curious….

    Lexi—-You know what…I actually woudln’t mind Taylor dating an older girl. I mean, he already has before (Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, etc), but even a girl in her late 20’s would be cool.

    Emily—Oh my god…..that POSE in that picture!!!! O_O *squealing* WOW! Okaaaay…..I’m going to have a HARD time lol. Right before bed too? GREAT!!!!

  32. Mystique Says:

    LEXI!!!!!! *Can’t breathe* Omg that video!!! WOWZERS!! lol!

    Omg…..he is SOOOO freakin’ HOT! I can’t stand it!

    His athleticism just amazes me. He makes it look so effortless too!! Just EFFORTLESS! Goodness!

    My mind is SO going gutter places right now….smh…… :-/ Just imagine! IF he’s this “athletic”, strong, and “flexible” in tight pants during a photoshoot, just IMAGINE when……………….. *_*

    GUH!! It’s not even SATURDAY YET! Ugh……Saturday can’t come quickly enough! Smh…… :)

  33. Emily Says:

    Lexi–You are my new best friend for ever and ever until the end of time for posting that video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am glad no one could hear me while viewing that little gem–I just said about every cuss word I know–and I promise, I do not normally swear really at all in my everyday life–something about him just makes me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………

    The jacket removal, the spinning on the turntable (can I have one of those installed in my bedroom and have him just stand on it???), the running, the jumping, the PULL-UPS, CLIMBING THE ROPE, all the clothes, HIM IN RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my Lord, I shouldn’t have watched that right before trying to wind down to sleep……………..not happening now….Yeah, I need to go watch that again……..then add it to my “Favorites” list…………….

    Mystique-I think we’re just going to have to extend our gutter thoughts to any day of the week, if we keep getting stuff like this…………….

    kia–He is definitely the king of the “crotch shot.” ;)

    Taylor L Support Group meeting—just tell me when and I’m there…………..

  34. Emily Says:

    marianne–I also meant to say–I kind of hope they DO shoot inside for a few days…………I seriously need a while to recover from all this goodness…………..and I can marinate in the wonderfulness of everything we’ve gotten so far until they move back outside……….

  35. firereign Says:


  36. firereign Says:

    1 more try –

  37. Catherine Says:

    I don’t look at the demented stuff ‘fans’ send to the girls (he’s chooses, he’s sensible, so Sara/Maika must be good people. Do these idiots want him to be friendless/lonely?!)

    However, if you look at

    #tracers, #taylorlautner or #globalbenchsetter

    on twitter, there’s HELL of a lot of support! LOADS. Some of it’s really funny, not dissimilar to comments here. Most yesterday were people claiming the long awaited TaylorPhotoOverload was actually going to finish them off. Death by fangirling ;)

    Look at the right feeds, stay away from the nutjobs :)

    Marie. Now, I like her and I don’t know why. Because she’s kept quiet, seems professional? Not sure. I haven’t seen any negativity towards her. Good.

    Now, 8.30am, I’ve had tea, checked all the sites, and I’m going to work. Taylor, please shoot indoors today, I have stuff to do :)

  38. Meh Says:

    I don’t get why people bother messaging Maika and Sara mean things. I see the rumours cos I check out ‘Taylor’ news via Twitter and it comes into the feed.

    Would I be jelouse if it turned out Maika and Tay were an item?…OF COURSE! She gets to kiss those lips, unbutton his jeans….sorry had to go there! But what’s the point in sending hurtful messages. If anything she will just tell him and he will have a really negative view of his fans. It’s not going to STOP them being together. Let them live their life. But I was just intrested in the ‘plane’ pic cos I want to know if she is in this film or not…

    OMG that vid of the BENCH shoot…..Amazing! How HOTT… when he just casually starts doing pull ups from the bar. And when he’s laying down doing the ‘crotch shot’ Im just thinking ‘urgh I wanna lay inbetween those….’ (Sorry).

    I think someone must check fan boards every now and then to see what peoples perception of Tay is. If his PR team are doing their job they will have Google alerts and a cuttings agency that pulls things up. I also heard him say on several occasions that ‘family’ members have sent him links to things before.

    I wonder who is doing the PR for the press tour of Tracers. Whoever did Abduction was rubbish. When he came over to the UK he was on BBC Breakfast and Fern Cotten of BBC Radio one. They are not great primtime shows. If it were ME doing his PR I would have got him onto Graham Norton and BBC Radio breakfast show/Capital. Either that or the UK just didn’t care about Abduction…have to say it completely flew past me, I had no idea about the premire here…but that’s the fault of whoever did the PR.

  39. Meh Says:

    Forgot to say I am totaly ‘team Marie’ Being half greek myself and a year younger than her, I envy her so much. But she so pretty and seems so normal and fun. She’s the kind person that I would be friends with, she reminds me of my cousins.

  40. Catherine Says:

    @meh – yesssssssss! He HAS to go on Graham Norton!!! He gets the best out of the big Hollywood stars, diverts them from rehearsed answers completely. Even Tom Cruise had fun! The campaign to get Taylor on the Graham Norton Show starts here!

    Also, who under 50 watches BBC breakfast? He should be on This Morning, or (agreed) the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. I’m sure Nick Grimshaw interviewed him for Twilight.

    I’m not here. I’m working, honest.

    No self control…

  41. Meh Says:

    I know that Grimmers interviewed Rob and Holly from This Morning did them all but they didn’t have him on the show, it was at the press junket so all pre records.

    A certain English actor who was in Love Actually was on This Morning a few years back ….not saying anything…may of had something to do with me :P

    I think American PR teams struggle with UK press. I did this thing with a Glee actor when they came to the UK. (not working for them I was like this ‘competition winner’) they had Sky news and a few blogs and that was it. It was rubbish. Think they should employ a UK press agency to do the UK work…but that’s just my view. They are prob a large agency that have London office but something goes wrong. You would think they would work up more hype.

    Catherine, did you see Graham Norton last weekend? He totaly had an exclusive on Man of Steel! No one else had all three actors promote the same film at the same time. And look at Will Smith….everytime he is on that show he goes viral!

    Talking of work…yes must get back :P

  42. Meh Says:

    Sorry, I should of said that the team that did the glee thing was a UK office of an agency and it was them that seems to struggle not the US team as that isn’t fair to say they all struggle, just some seem to, but on reflection, so do some UK agencies! haha

  43. Catherine Says:

    @Meh – (Hugh Grant?) I didn’t see the MoS episode, but Norton’s booking team certainly know what they’re doing. Graham’s coped with a drunk Mark Wahlberg, and held his own against Russell Brand (no mean feat, haha!)

    The wine flows on that show, and I like the way the guests aren’t interviewed alone. Taylor would be great, it’s a very relaxed, sociable one. This needs to happen!

    If his PR team peek at this…pleeeeeeease! Don’t stick him on a serious, dull, news show at 8am ever again :(

    Right, I’m done.

  44. marianne Says:

    WOW…I’m glad I didn’t watch that video before bed!! Those billboards are awesome. I noticed We are Proud of Lautner was trending on twitter yesterday. So happy for Taylor.

    Speaking of ABD promotion…I think Scummit was still a separate studio and had not merged with Lionsgate. Several movies under their banner were promoted poorly at that time…Three Musketeers and a Hugh Jackman movie with a child and some robots (sorry forgot the name…I think Taylor overload has affected my brain cells). The female lead from Three M complained in the media via twitter etc. and of course that was a bad move on her part. I was glad Taylor’s people took the high road and said nothing. He is young and doesn’t need to burn any bridges. Supposedly, he took copies of The Hunger Games to give out during the premiere of ABD in Britain since Scummit needed that to do well in Europe and few people there had read the book. Some Rob fans thought he was used by the studio but I’m sure he didn’t have much of a choice considering he was under Twi contract etc.

  45. Mystique Says:

    Emily—YOu’re right! I think we may have to extend “Gutter Day Saturday” to OTHER days of the week if we keep getting picture goodness like this! Lol!!

    Catherine—I know what you mean! My work production here at work SERIOUSLY goes down when I’m seeing all of these gorgeous pics of Taylor. Yesterday?? Oh forget it! I Didn’t get NEARLY half as much done as I should have lol. :)

    I also second the motion to have Taylor on Graham Norton’s show. I don’t think I”ve ever seen his show before, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor on ANY show right about now. Pictures are always nice, but video and interviews is where my heart just melts. :)

    Meh–I agree….I like Marie too. I don’t know much about her at all, but you’re right….something about her seems very professional and “drama-free”, and I LIKE drama-free. Maybe it’s because she’s older than any of the other girls we’ve seen him “linked” with?? Idk….Whatever it is, I hope she can maintain a quiet life after starring in this movie with Taylor lol. I won’t be surprised if some of the more “cookoo” Taylor fans will start hating on her too JUST because she’s in a movie with him. :-/

    Ugh….I HAVE to get work done today!! Aaaargh!

  46. chanda w. Says:

    Everyone on here is grown. And diffference of opinion is just that. Plenty on here have insulted TS and KS both who Tay is still friendly with. So , this is a board where we talk about everything Tay related, not just how gorgeous he is. Which we already know. Twitter and stalking…lol………it’s twitter , it is designed so people can see others info and most of the information on this board comes from twitter.
    Jealous, of two girls I don’t know….not at all. And I support Tay and whoever he is with. I just don’t want him to be used. Not saying that is even the case.
    Trollers have come on this board and insulted Taylor……..and there was silence. I know because I was normally the first to say anything about it.
    Tweeting magazines this week Us and People, yesterday both had pics of him.
    Coincidence, maybe , maybe not.
    To me that’s being a fan…support, letting the industry know we want to see more of him. Not a bandwagon supported. I’ve been here when there was NO news to report and no projects on the horizon. So no need to attack each other.
    But , I’m here for Tay anyway, so it’s all good.

  47. kia Says:

    Mystique…Meh – I’m sure they will. Look how fast it took them to turned on Maika. The same thing happen to Sara and Lily C.

    Mystique- I’m declaring “Gutter Saturday” into “Gutter Summer”! Because one day is not enough..

  48. marianne Says:

    kia…something tells me those girls are equal opportunity turners. Since Marie is older, maybe she will handle it better. I’m on board for Gutter Summer!!

    chanda w…I’ve been expecting some trolls since we have had all this news.

  49. Mystique Says:

    Chanda, Marianne—What trolls?? Where? Where are you guys seeing these trolls?? I know they’re on FULL FORCE over at (I haven’t even been to Tay’s board in AGES! :-/ ), but I haven’t seen them too many other places. Twitter is FULL of trolls no matter what unfortunately. So, no surprise there. :-S

    Kia–YES I am FULL on board for “Gutter Summer”!! LOL! Why not?? He’s filming in the summer, AND Grown Ups 2 comes out this summer!

    Speaking of “Grown Ups 2″, does anyone else realize that we have LESS than a MONTH before the movie comes out?!?!?! *FREAKING OUT!!!* O_O ^_^

    I declare we should have a “GUPS2 Viewing Party” and each respectively in our own cities and towns go to the theater and watch it on the same day and then report back here what we thought!!! What do you guys say?? :)

    I know right now that I probably won’t be able to see the movie on Saturday, July 13 (I’ve been invited that evening to a party :( ), but I COULD possibly do Friday, July 12th OR Sunday, July 14th.

    Just let me know if anyone else wants to do a “GUPS2 Viewing Party”!! I’ll most likely be going on my own (maybe incognito??) to the theater lol, because I doubt any of my friends would want to go see it. Plus, I want to be able to drool over Taylor (even if his scenes are short) in PEACE and quiet lol. ^_^ :-p Now if one of my friends asks me to go, then I’ll go with them, but if not…I’m just going to go by my lonesome and have myself a good time! Sometimes going to the movies by yourself can be sooo freeing. I may even catch a matinee movie if my schedule permits. :)

  50. Johanna Says:

    Who ever said that they hope Tay films inside for a few days im with u i noe before we have been upset wen he goes into his ninja mod then pops up and we feel like its a monsoon but this is like a tsunami i mean im trying to gasp for air trying to keep up with all the pics and vids. I just need a few days to get my energy up then we can go for a second round.

    by the way idk if this is wat ppl were tring to post before but there are pics of Tay and Marie in a car( she looks really pretty with minimal make-up)

  51. Johanna Says:

    By the way that vid mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i died so good i loved everything he was in no complaints

  52. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I’m all up for a GU2 viewing party–don’t know when I’ll see it yet, but, like you, I’ll probably go alone, and if I do, it will probably be a matinee. We’ll hash it out closer to the date.

    kia–Gutter Summer!! Great idea!!

  53. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–I know how you feel about gasping for breath and needing a little bit of a break lol… Who would have thought we would actually want a BREAK from so much Taylor-Goodness?? lol ^_^ I feel like if I don’t get one soon though, I’m liable to explode.

    Btw….love that pic you just posted with his co star Marie Avgeropoulos . Niiiiice….he’s looking SO delicious. :)

  54. marianne Says:

    Mystique…I haven’t seen any trolls here. I just meant that I was surprised we haven’t had any because of all the new pics. Sorry I didn’t explain myself very well. I gave up on IMDB a long time ago because there aren’t boots high enough to wade through all the crap.

    Johanna…Thank you for the link. I love those pics.

  55. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Okay yay! We have one more taker for the “GUPS2 Viewing Party”!! ^_^ Yes, I guess we’ll know closer to the date the movie comes out what everyone’s plans for seeing it are. :)

    Marianne—Ohhhh okay I see what you’re saying lol. Well, I HAVE seen a couple of trolls on here, but they usually don’t stay long (thank goodness). I mean, I guess I can understand because that’s not really a “Fan Board”….. (I guess), but here is a FAN BOARD. A FAN site. So, if there are people whot aren’t fans, then they probably won’t have too much “fun” here anyway lol, because we LOVE Taylor. :)

    Plus, I don’t tell anyone about this site… OR on-line. I would only tell if someone were a TRUE blue fan of Taylor’s like us. I think the fact that it’s not broadcasted also keeps the haters and trollers alike away.

    I like our little Taylor “retreat” lol…. ^_^

  56. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— Yes, I plan on seeing it with one of my friends probably a matinee, although I love going to see movies the night it is released (I know annoying haha) she likes seeing them the morning afterwards or like Sunday. Meh, either way, I just want to see it! :))

    Johanna- Right, I don’t know how many times I’ve died in the past few days because of the photos, that video! And thanks for the picture you posted. Taylor’s breathtaking. :)

    Emily and Kia—- Gutter Summer? Sounds like a plan! Lol.

    Marianne- I can’t lie, I’m a little surprised too, but I’m glad we haven’t had to deal with any drama or hate on our site. I love it here!

  57. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna- Oh yeah, definitely part of me wishes Taylor had a twitter or something too.

  58. Mystique Says:

    *Vickey*—Woo hoo!!! ^_^ Yay…we have yet another taker for a “GUPS2 Viewing Party!” :)

    Yeah, I’m probably going to see it as a matinee as well….unless of course…I go see it Friday night. That weekend is pretty limited for me since I can’t go Saturday, but maybe I’ll just do a matinee on Sunday instead. I guess I’ll see! :)

  59. Layfan Says:

    Wow just catching up on all these threads and what people are saying. Very good site. Someone mentioned about PR and stuff…not sure his movies get much PR apart from twilight. My friend works in PR so she feeds me stuff about it and stuff. Haven’t seen much put there about GUPS2.