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Check out even more outtakes from Taylor Lautner‘s 2011 Seventeen Magazine photoshoot. The gift that keeps on giving.

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» 2011 Photoshoots: Seventeen Magazine Outtakes

53 Responses to “More Taylor Lautner Seventeen Magazine Outtakes (2011)”

  1. Emily Says:

    Oh, good Lord!! More pictures………I just can’t!! But I’m sure I will in a minute…..

    By the way, has over 1000 high quality screen caps from the Bench shoot….if you scroll slowly with your mouse by rolling the wheel, it’s like you are watching the whole video in slow motion…’s very nice……….

    I’m glad we had a chance to catch our breath today. Clever TV had a short story on Tracers filming–has anyone else noticed that the girls on that show are the only hosts on any show(except I think Jimmy Fallon says it right, too) that actually pronounce Taylor’s last name correctly?? I wonder if he is ever going to try and correct people??? It’s probably too late in the game for that, though…..

  2. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Thanks so much for the pic tip on!! I didn’t even know that site existed!! (((Hug)))

    Wowww….yea you were right, looking at those pics is like seeing the video in slow motion.

    Speaking of which……
    THIS picture is everything!!!!!

    O.M.G. Taylor has the cutest butt!! O_o. And I don’t even even usually pay attention to guy’s butt’s like like that lol! :)
    Gosh he’s so hot!

    I’m going to have sweet dreams tonight! ,^_^

  3. Mystique Says:

    Btw, after seeing all of these new filming pictures, I’m so glad to see that his newer buffer physique wasn’t just my imagination!! Our boy has been working out!! ^_^

  4. Emily Says:

    You’re most welcome! I only discovered it myself a couple of days ago……his arms when he’s taking off the jacket and doing the PULL UPS (for some reason I feel the need to put that in all caps)—just too much!! And the butt, of course, which I notice most when he’s staring at the rope and just seems to think, I think I’ll climb this now—-his vertical leap is AMAZING!!!

    He looks so wonderful in his everyday t-shirts and jeans, but it was so nice to see him in some of these other outfits–just a change of pace, I guess……….That sweater at the end—-kills me!

    I don’t understand how the entire female population of the planet is not going bananas about these pics like we are………….they don’t know what they’re missing!!!!

  5. marianne Says:

    Emily…Mystique…I just want to pinch his butt!! It’s great seeing butt appreciation pics all over Taylor tumblrs. I liked the pics of Marie and Taylor in the truck. Since she is older than him, I wondered what they would like together but they look good. I’m curious about the one where she has her fist up. Btw did the reunion with Maika take place or was it another twitter false alarm? I think I’m ready to be overloaded with more Taylor pics!

  6. Johanna Says:

    @marianne i havent seen any reunion pics yet but she did tweet “happy to be back in NYC” or something like that but thats it and so far not a lot of twit chatter about it i guess we will see in the next few days if they meet up

  7. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Omg…YES when he’s taking off that jacket…..Yummmm….sexy SEXY!!! ^_^ It should be a sin to look that hot while doing ordinary things lol.

    Oh and the ROPE! YESSSS!! Hahah! *sigh* Just…HOT! I’m running out of adjectives to describe him lol…. Those pull-ups too…omg. He just made it look so easy!

  8. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I remember having to do pull ups for fitness tests in PE in elementary school—I could never even do ONE!!! He looks like he could do about a thousand!

    marianne–Yes, I have properly recovered from the earlier deluge–bring on more pics!!! Also–the pic of Marie with her fist up–I like to think he said something cheeky or was teasing her and she was just pretend-threatening him–it didn’t look like a gesture that would actually be in the movie.

  9. Emily Says:

    New fan pic in a different shirt–ooohhh–he looks sweaty….and a set pic with a crowd…and a couple of really short videos of him walking to/from his trailer….

  10. Mystique Says:

    Emily—YEs…I was never good at pull ups in school EITHER! I think I could only do maybe about 3 of them in a row lol. I don’t think women can really do them all that easily because we just don’t have the natural upper body strength that guys have. It’s a lot easier for them I think.

    Aww I love the fan pic! He DOES look kinda sweaty! LOL! Hmmmm….. Taylor + sweat = HOTNESS! ^_^

    I’m not even going to pretend anymore. I’ve already broken the “Gutter Saturday” rule anyway lol… So, since we’re in “Gutter Summer” I can freely say whatever whenever hahahaha :-p I don’t have to keep holding it in until the weekend in other words lol! ^_^

    I have a LOT of free time today (our office is moving), and there’s practically NOBODY here lol, so I’m going to take this opportunity to catch up on my “Taylor Viewing” heehee! =)

  11. Emily Says:

    Enjoy your Tayfest, Mystique!!

  12. joanie Says:

    Johnny Wu born in my hometown, Cleveland, tweeted this would be his first day on Tracers set.

  13. joanie Says:

    Johnny Wu born in my hometown, Cleveland, tweeted this would be his first day on Tracer’s set

  14. joanie Says:

    rumors say TL will be in Manila for Bench’s celebration of their newest global rep sometime between august – october

  15. kia Says:

    Emily..Marianne..Mystique- Yes! I’m ready for some more pics! Bring it on!!!

    Seeing pics of Marie is making me have a girl/crush on her right now. Just hope when she and Taylor do a um “a certain scene” she doesn’t interrupt saying we should get some food! Side eyeing you LILY!

  16. Emily Says:

    kia–LOL!! I know it was part of the script, but I think she should have just taken creative license and kept going, or at least had a serious talk with John Singleton and should have told him that no woman in her right mind would have stopped what was happening there, on the run from a Russian assassin or not……. ;)

  17. Mystique Says:

    Emily–“Tayfest”! I love it! Thank you! :)

    Joanie–Wow that’s awesome! More cast members are arriving! Woo hooo!! ^_^

    Kia–YES Who are you telling? If I were Lily in that scene….getting “food” would be the LAST thing on my mind you hear me?? LOL! Ummm…no. I can’t even imagine if it were “REAL LIFE”. Food?? FOOD?? Who can think of FOOD at a time like that?!?!? O_o Hahah!

    I hope that Tay-Mari “scene” is more ummm…how shall I say…”realistic” with the script….ykwim?? LOL!

    I honestly think though that that scene in Abduction was cut short because (IIRC) Taylor was still a little underage when he filmed that movie. I think you have to be more cautious with just how much you can show….especially if you still want to get a PG-rating? Idk…I’m just guessing. Plus, who knows?? Maybe Taylor too wanted to get more experience in the acting dept before doing a “love scene”. That is daunting in and of itself! LOL! ^_^

    I wonder how far they will take this one? *Curious…* lol

  18. accv Says:

    @joanie… SO jealous of my fellow filipinos. ugh. :/

  19. chanda w Says:

    The people of Manilla are very lucky. Tay is such a perfect fit for this campaign. Can’t tell what all he’s mixed with , u just know it turned out beautifully.

  20. marianne Says:

    Joanie…If I suspected my bf was cheating, I would employ you as my investigator. Thanks for all the new info.

    Mystique…Emily…kia…”get some food”….JS couldn’t come up with a better line?? I just hope there isn’t a threesome in this movie like Twilight with Taylor being on the losing side. After seeing those pics of Marie and Taylor in the car, I can’t see her not wanting to be all over such a fine piece of ASDFJGK’KLJDFH. Mystique, I think you are right about getting more experience in filming a love scene and Lily wasn’t that experienced either. Here is a link to a panty dropping look. …….

  21. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—I know right?? We ALL knew where THAT scene was going… They could have made someone interrupt them….that food line = #FAIL! lol!
    You’re right, Lily didn’t have much experience either. Wasn’t Abduction like her 2nd movie?? She’s only done about what….3 movies? and now she’s going to be in Immortal Instruments right? Wow…she must have a good agent. O_o

    Oh, and I don’t know how Marie is doing it either. I’d be SO tempted if I were working opposite him on a movie. Goodnes! Lol! ^_^

    That picture that you posted…. @$^#*!!!! #DEAD #oopstheregomypants

    Goodness! I literally had to hold myself in here at work….I almost screamed out (again!) lol… Even though there’s barely anyone here, I’m still self-conscious lol. I don’t want anyone running over wondering why I’m screaming out loud like a crazy woman lol!

    Good lord……. lol….. He is SO photogenic! I just want to do a photography session with him one day. (I do photography on the side) ;)

  22. kia Says:

    Marianne- That look in that pic is saying “Go upstairs get undressed I’ll be up in a minute” LAWD
    Let me stop!

  23. Mystique Says:

    KIAAA—–YES!!! ROTFL! If looks could make you pregnant, THAT right there would be the look that would do me in!! LOL! ^_^

  24. kia Says:

    Mystique- If that pic would get me pregnant. I’ll be having Twins,Triplets and sextuplets! LOL I’m really on a roll today!

  25. Johanna Says:

    more pics of Taylor
    On another note looking back at his bench pics remember the red pants he wore wen he was put with Maika i think they may be the ones he wore at the shoot

    off topic i dyed my hair purple today its so awesome

  26. Emily Says:

    joanie–Do you know how much an apartment costs wherever those are? Anyone want to go in halfsies with me??? I would LOVE to look out my window and see those billboards every morning…………..

    marianne, kia, Mystique–If Taylor ever gave me THAT LOOK, whatever came out of his mouth next, I would follow without hesitation………..such as…….Him–“Run over that pedestrian” Me–Foot hitting accelerator………..Him–“Rob that bank.” Me–pulling pantyhose mask over my face………….Him–“Jump off that building.” Me–“Swan dive or cannonball?” HA!! Not that he’d ever say such things, of course, but I would be a quivering mass of incoherent goo if I was the recipient of that look….

  27. Johanna Says:

    One word: Perfection

  28. Emily Says:

    Johanna–That girl said they’re filming IN FRONT OF HER HOUSE??!! Life is so unfair!!!!!!!

  29. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Gah! Every time I post something, you’re posting something new….I can’t keep up!!!

    That last picture—there is no other word to describe him…..I don’t know how it’s possible that he just looks better and better all the time… shouldn’t BE possible….but I’m so glad it is!!

    BTW, I watched the Bench video on youtube, just to read the comments—-I usually hate doing that, b/c people are so crude, illiterate, and insane, but when I watched it this morning, there were something like 136 comments (I read them all!) and only ONE was negative. Now granted, some were in other languages, but they were in all caps or they had exclamation marks, so I’m assuming those were all positive, too. I’m just so glad he’s getting some positive attention for a change.

    Since he’s in NYC, I keep hoping he’ll just pop in at Sirius Radio (Hits One) or on Jimmy Fallon, since they seem like good buds when they get together…….

  30. Johanna Says:

    @WHAT!!!!! thats infront of someones house not fair :'(

  31. Johanna Says:

    @Emily sorry im literally stocking twitter and other websites for Taylor info.
    O by the way that last comment was directed at u too.
    I wish Taylor would pop into my room right now

  32. Emily Says:

    No, Johanna–don’t stop, keep them coming—I love it!!

    Here’s a new one I haven’t seen yet………….

    He’s just sitting there, by himself, doing nothing, and ……………………..he could be on the cover of some freakin’ bike magazine or something……………..

    If you haven’t checked that tumblr above, I highly recommend it–her comments are always pretty funny!!!!

  33. Emily Says:

    I keep seeing new things and I have to show everyone here…………..

    This is a really fast new kind of GU2 preview with lots of Taylor in it………….

  34. Johanna Says:

    I really wish i could share with u guys the thoughts that are going on in my head but they are even far past rated “R”

    All i will say is that Taylor is very very beautiful

  35. kia Says:

    Emily- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can July hurry up!!

  36. marianne Says:

    Emily…You are a brave girl reading all those comments. I admit on TL sites like France etc. I have used a lot of copy and paste on google translator. I like shadowlynxbehr tumblr too. Her pics are large and her comments are funny. I have so many from this past week I can’t keep up. We have certainly been rewarded for our patience!!

  37. joanie Says:

    Daily Mail has pics from today’s shoot; the tow truck passenger is Johnny “born in cleveland” Wu that he’s pleading with
    (if this works make sure & scroll up to get the full picture)
    It claims it’s posted by lautnerverified -this isn’t TL (it’s a hoax) – twitter verifies its accounts on request & if it’s true they mark the user name with a blue circle with a white chk mark in the center – but it’s a nice picture

  38. Layfan Says:

    I live in NY so hoping to run into him….bump!

  39. Meh Says:

    Emily, Kia – I read an interview about the ‘food/kissing’ scene in Abduction, it was actually extended rather than cut shot. It was just meant to be a kiss but Tay said the director started shouting thing like ‘keep going, push him against the wall….’ Etc lol

    Johanna – they prob are the same trousers, bench prob gave him a bunch of stuff to say thanks , plus it’s a walking ad for them.

    No mention of if Maika and Tay are together in NYc but I think it’s likely, they are both there and she doesn’t seem to be involved in the movie. Have seen a lot of ppl starting to get a bit nasty on Twitter now that she keeps posting pics from NY.

    There has been no mention of GU2 coming to the UK? I wonder if it is going to get released here? I can even view the trailers as it won’t let me view from outside the US :(

    The Taylor Lutner Indonisia page is good at posting fan pics and stuff on Facebook. They have a cute pic of him streaking this massive white dog, looks cute.

    Apart from the odd fan pic and the daily mail pics, the number of pictures coming through has slowed down now…could do with some more! Totes ready now hehe

  40. Meh Says:

    Lol stroking! Not streaking haha

  41. Catherine Says:

    @meh – I think we get GUP2 on 9th August. Huh. So I’m depending on our US friends on here to fill us in!!!

    I just can’t get past that ‘jacket off’ moment in the Bench video…

    Credit to the photographer/director – what a great job. I know Taylor makes it easy for them, but even so. Very nice work :)

  42. Layfan Says:

    Lol at typo from meh. Have to wait until early August I suppose. : (

  43. Meh Says:

    @Catherine for me it’s the part he does that ninja spin on the platform in the Bench vid *swoon*

    When does Tracers come out next year? I’m going to be travelling, I don’t want to miss him on big screen again

  44. Layfan Says:

    Tracers must be next year. Just watch it travelling!

  45. Meh Says:

    @Layfan defo! Or trying work out if I will be in LA in time for the premier ….you know, in case Tay is on need of a date to take ;)

  46. joanie Says:

    @Meh no domestic or international dates have been set…..right now the word is that it will open at Cannes Film Festival 2014 (but it’s early in the game & depending how the movie comes together & what movies are already scheduled will dictate when it will premier.

  47. Layfan Says:

    Haha…it’s ok when ya single…my bf may have to be dumped! I would so cheat!

  48. joanie Says:

    @Meh no domestic or international dates have been set….right now the only thing being mentioned is that it will show at Cannes Film Festival 2014 (but that is just a rumor). It’ll depend on how the movie comes together, what dates are open and what movies are already scheduled (you wouldn’t want it to open against a blockbuster movie – at least I don’t think you would want to do that) – so probably this fall/winter would be when we would hear about premier dates (that’s just a guess on my part).

  49. marianne Says:

    There are some new pics on Team Taylor Lautner Fan Page. The set of pics where he is saluting, there are two where he is just walking and looking right at the camera…asdfhjklhgfkaldfj. I’d follow him off a cliff!! What a way to start Gutter Saturday.

  50. chanda w. Says:

    Fast and Furious 6 was even better than I thought. Hope rumors are true about Tay being in part 7. Too perfect. Once again Daily Mail has some of the best photos of Tay. Guess it isn’t hard , his skin up close is flawless. Time to get/see him on the covers of some magazines. Miss that face at the supermarket check out.

  51. Emily Says:

    Layfan–you’re so lucky to be living where he’s filming. If you DO “bump” into him, you MUST report back with all the details…………….

    marianne–Is that the Team Taylor Lautner facebook page?? I don’t see any of those pics you mentioned…..

  52. Meh Says:

    Thanks for the info Joanie

  53. Emily Says:

    Nevermind, marianne–I wasn’t logged in…….duh!

    Now they’re here anyway.