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I’ve uploaded some additional photos from Taylor Lautner‘s Global Benchsetter photoshoot. Enjoy!

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» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

110 Responses to “Additional Global Benchsetter Photoshoot Photos”

  1. Mystique Says:

    OH MYYYY!!!! O_O

    This picture right here is EVERYTHING!!!! #sexy

    #fangirling #DEAD *_*

  2. Meh Says:

    Love the floppy hair in that picture Mystique! But my two favs are the one in the strip top and the one in the bright bluey/green jeans – YUM

  3. Emily Says:

    I like that one a lot, but I’m liking the striped shirt and the plaid shirt ones even more….don’t know why, I guess he just so rarely wears colors and prints, it’s nice to see him in something other than a black or gray t-shirt….

  4. marianne Says:

    Love all of these pics!! Taylor in plaid has always been my weakness but I do like the one against the orange door thing and the one of him laying down…like I said I LOVE them all. I saw on a tumblr the pic with the Bench web site reference was on the back of a bus. How awesome is that!

  5. chanda w. Says:

    All of Tay’s pics are sexy. Luv the way his jeans fit and the arm veins.
    Yummy! Stripes, plaids, solids, he’s working every one of em’. Normally not a fan of stripes, but he even makes that look good.

  6. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique, I’m with you. That shot with the rope and floppy hair…nearly had me passed out across my desk!!!

    I think it was you who suggested he needs to film something else this year…I totally agree. Keep the ball rolling. I suspect F&F 7 is on the cards, which would be a good ‘man-film’ to lead up to Tracers release. Maybe after that he could make a ‘girl-film’ for us? Please, Nicholas Sparks, write something for him! Even better, write him a character that has to wear a uniform of some kind ;)

  7. Emily Says:

    Catherine—on the uniform—YYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Catherine Says:

    @Emily – I’m thinking junior ER doctor, maybe?! Young George Clooney-esque.

    Nothing that requires a brutal haircut…

    Yes, I’m at work, yes I’m bored ;)

  9. kia Says:

    I can’t choose because they all looked good. But I agree with @Meh the one with the strip shirt.Sexy!!
    Them eyes can certainly can do things.

  10. johanna Says:

    God my husband is so handsome :)

  11. Emily Says:

    Catherine–doctor, police officer, fireman, military–I don’t really care–ANY uniform would do for me!

  12. marianne Says:

    Emily…Catherine…How about a pilot uniform i.e. Top Gun 2?

  13. nicole Says:

    Oh dear lord. That stripe shirt is doing lovely things to my lady parts.

  14. Catherine Says:

    @marianne @Emily – Any uniform except a police uniform…

    …my dad is a policeman. No no no no no. That would mess my brain up!!!

  15. Layfan Says:

    Just catching up on all this stuff. Couldn’t get on yesterday. The person who mentioned in an earlier post about their fiancée looking like his double… are lucky…dark hair and dark eyes always a winner!

    Lol @catherine about police!

  16. Meh Says:

    Ahaha Nicole! But yes, I agree to that! Lol

  17. Meh Says:

    @Layfan, think that might have been me. He does in the face, but my guy doesn’t have muscles. I did mention it to him and he got a little defensive ( he’s a little jel that I have a crush on Tay hehe )

  18. Layfan Says:

    Well @meh that’s understandable…he probably wants you to show him as much attention as you do Tay! My bf is the same…need to remind myself how good my guy is!

    Keep up the good site guys!

  19. Catherine Says:

    @Layfan – yeah, kind of kills the police uniform thing for you when you’ve spent your entire life around your dad and his colleagues wearing them! Urrggghhhh :-/

    @Nicole – excellent comment :)

  20. Meh Says:

    @Layfan yeah, bless him, he’s a slim thing which I’m sure when we hit our 50s will be a blessing.

    I’m defiantly see Tay playing a mechanic, seeing those pics of him in the overalls, add in the floppy hair, a little car grease….yup defiantly would be a good ‘uniform’ lol

  21. Layfan Says:

    @meh… If you like muscles find someone with em and go back to ur currant guy when he is 50! Mind you slim is good…think muscles turn to fat when they get older!

  22. Meh Says:

    @Layfan unless they belong to Arnie Schwarzenegger lol! Aww love him too much for that but if Tay were to walk into the room…well I might have suddenly found my guy with muscles hehe

  23. Layfan Says:

    Lol @meh yes arnie! Lets hope ur lovely guy doesn’t have to suffer Tay walking in then! Your guy probably has the personality tho!

    @catherine yeah dad as a policeman does kinda ruin it haha

  24. Mystique Says:

    Meh, Emily—You know what…I’m not usually a stripped shirt fan, but even Taylor makes them look nice. ^_^ LOVE the arm muscles…..yummmm…. :-P

    Chanda—Yeah, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that just about all of Taylor’s pictures are sexy in some way lol. He’s just got that je ne sais quoi! ;)

    Catherine—A uniform….YEAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!! I co-sign on that one 100%! Uniforms on guys are my WEAKNESS! OMG! It can take a guy from a 5 to an 8 in my book lol. Just imagine what a uniform would look like on Taylor goodness….. #*$&@^@! He already looks hot, and his body would be looking good and perfectly fit in it too….whoooo…*fans self* I better stop….I’m at work! LOL! *_* *melts*

    Dr? Naaaaahhh…. Police man? Naaah…..most of the police here in my area act like jerks, so that would be a turn-off for me unfortunately. :-/ But now….a FIREFIGHTER?? OH EM GEEE YESSS!!! O_O Lol! I even see construction worker for some reason. Shoot…I might as well just say the whole YMCA crew lol!

    Pilot uniform?? YES!!! He should play Tom Cruise’s son if they ever did a Top Gun sequel movie lol.

    I also agree that Taylor doing F&F7 would be a good career move for him. Idk….I just get this “vibe” that he needs to film another movie and have it open aside from Tracers next year. Just a gut feeling that I have. :) It needs to be a BIG cast too. An ensemble cast. I’ve always wished he would be cast in something like the X-Men Saga or something. Something with a hot young cast.

    THEN…after he’s gotten all the testosterone out…I agree with you @Catherine, he needs to then do a romantic film as well….Something a la Nicholas Sparks would be PERFECT! Just something “lighter” for the ladies lol…. Then, back to action. We’re like mapping his career lol…. But it’s just this hunch that I get. Don’t ask me why! No more comedies for a while, but maybe a dramatic romance would be good after the testosterone flicks lol. :)

    @Meh—btw, if you love seeing Taylor in a mechanic’s uniform, then you’ll LOVE my fanfic story lol.. Heehee! ^_^ *hint hint*

  25. Meh Says:

    Haha, ok, could you send a link to it Mystique? Will have a read. :)

  26. kia Says:

    Remember when Nicholas tweeted about having lunch with Taylor and we all had a fangirl moment yup I’m still waiting and hoping for a Sparks movie to happen!

  27. Mystique Says:

    @Meh—Here you go! ;)

    Kia–YES! A Nicholas Sparks film would be a dream come true for me with Taylor as a lead! ^_^ I want a GOOD Nicholas Sparks film though….one like “The Notebook”. :)

  28. chanda w Says:

    I believe Tay already has FF7@Catherine. It probably won’t be confirmed until Aug. since filming starts in Sept. But, if that isn’t the case I’m with @Mystique, he needs to get attached to another big movie ASAP. Just to keep that momentum going. Tay basically has Hollyweird in the palm of his hand. He’s young, attractive, gracious and not a lot of guys his age have the mental toughness and discipline that he has. So the focus may hope back and forth to different people , but they are always coming back to Taylor. He’s a good bet.
    Seems , Tay is working with some top notch folks with Tracers, aside from the director, that cutie pie stunt double ….Gabrielle Nunuez (spelling) is at the top of his game, he’s been a double for Colin Farrell more than once and he seems to be pretty respected. I hope a Sparks movie happens, that would be a great look for Tay too. Maika’s moving up fast. Some will say because she was opp. Efron, but I know once those pics of her and Taylor were all over the place, it was on. Good luck to her. Tay always giving someone a boost.
    @Johanna, I don’t think the guy from BB15 looks like Tay (no , my baby is gorgeous) but I like the fact that Tay’s name was referenced and now when some watch the show and see this guy ,Jeremy, they’ll think of Tay too.

  29. Emily Says:

    marianne–a pilot??? Swoon!!! Top Gun 2???? I think it could be really epic or a really big flop—you know how Hollywood doesn’t always get it right when they try and make a sequel to a really popular movie (or movie version of a popular TV show) from a long time ago—but, Taylor in a flight suit—absolutely!! His call name could be “Hot Stuff” or “Pantie Dropper.” LOL!!!!! That’s actually the only movie I’ve ever liked Tom Cruise in, and they could definitely pass as father and son on the big screen….

    Catherine–Ha, ha! I don’t personally have any negative association with a police uniform, so, I would still be fine with it, but I get what you mean………

  30. Emily Says:

    OMG, go here and scroll down and listen to the interview Ryan Seacrest (and some woman, I don’t know who) did with Adam Sandler–they all say great things about Taylor!

    My opinion of Adam Sandler has completely changed since Taylor has become involved in his movie–I used to just think of him as this adolescent-acting buffoon, but I really like him now!

  31. marianne Says:

    Emily…”Pantie Dropper” LOL I agree with you on sequels. I don’t think that TC would do it with Taylor because he would be seen as older and I’m not sure he is ready to give up his leading man status. At some point a lot of these aging leading men are going to have to give it up for the younger guys. I just saw where Stallone and Schwerzenegger are making a movie together. Ugh.
    Thanks for the interview link…it’s great hearing nice things about our guy even though we all know he’s the best. I like Adam Sandler maybe because the Hollywood establishment is hard on him. He seems like a family man.

    chanda w…I never knew who Maika was until Taylor was seen with her. I think that was the whole idea of the outing. He did that for Ashley B. when her movie Spring Stinkers came out. The thing I don’t get is why Ashley hangs around with the funk bunch.

  32. marianne Says:

    Emily…I forgot to mention I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor dancing in a movie.

  33. Emily Says:

    marianne–just STOP!! First you get the image of Taylor in a flight suit in my head, now you have him dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much!!! LOL! I would freaking LOVE to see that!!

    I never got the appeal of Arnold or Stallone, even when they were in their “prime.”

    The interview–I don’t know who that woman was, but I would have loved to have seen whatever Taylor was doing with that silk rope, wouldn’t you?? And Taylor coming over to Adam’s house to play basketball–how cute!! The more he works with “big names” in Hollywood, and charms them as he does everyone else with his wonderfulness, the better, in my opinion. If enough good things are said about him by more and more “respected/successful” actors in the business, more people are bound to give him a chance……I hope.

  34. chanda w Says:

    Heard the interview w/Sandler. He was so sweet to Tay and sorta explained the jealousy thing w/other guys. And Seacrest seems to adore Taylor , cool. Thanks, @Emily.
    @Marianne, just wondering what is Taylor getting out of sorta helping put the spotlight on Maika, Ashley B. and Patrick S. (He has two famous parents) and his name didn’t jump off until he was photograghed with Taylor. He sorta helped out KS too. Hanging out with her and making her seem desirable, when the media started to portray her as lonely. I know he’s still friends with these people, it just seems that the friendships become less visible after they’ve gotten the attention that they needed. Maybe that isn’t the case. Don’t want him to be used, but he’s smart so sure he knows what he is doing.
    I wish more of the older actors were like Adam too, willing to share the spotlight without being intimidated. Cruise and Taylor in the same movie, oh my that would put Tay over the top and keep him there. But Cruise does seem too vain for that. And noone want to see Stallone and Arnold S. washed up , overblown bodies on the big screen. Just no.
    But the door is wide open for Tay , so he doesn’t need Cruise.

  35. kia Says:

    Marianne- Thanks, now I’m imaging Taylor thrusting his hips in a army uniform!! I always liked Adam and I honestly think him and the rest of the cast of GU2 have shown Taylor more respect then the some of Twilight cast.

    Emily- “Hot Stuff and Pantie Dropper” LOL Well the name don’t lie.

    Mystique- IKR! he’ll be perfect for it! Taylor+Sparks film= Pure gold!

    Damn I forgot about “the funk crew” I guess after Robsten split there stock went down.. Shrugs

  36. Johanna Says:

  37. Lexi Says:

    @johanna that picture………………………………………………… that is all

  38. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—OH I sure hope you’re right about Taylor and FF7. I may just have to watch FF6 if Tay’s going to be in FF7 lol! I stopped watching after part 5 think lol.

    I am a firm believer that he needs to be in a “big” film that is already an established franchise with a popular young cast. Nothing TOO “fluffy”, but something that can have grit, but also a few light-hearted moments here and there. He needs that AND Tracers.

    Emily—Awww thanks the interview link! Bummer, I’m here in the business office in my apartment complex, and I can’t listen to the interview without disturbing anyone, and I forgot to bring my headphones (darn!)..but maybe I can listen to it while at work tomorrow lol. I’ll try to sneak it in….lol.

    Also, I agree with you @Emily…my opinion of Adam Sandler has DEFINITELY changed ever since I saw “Grown Ups” Part 1! I was actually pleasantly surprised that that movie was so good, and relatively clean! Usually Adam’s movies are kinda uhhhh…. But that one was cute, funny, and I could half-way stand him in it lol. Just the fact that he has said some really nice things about our guy Taylor also gives him brownie points. ;-)

    Btw… it just ME, or does “Tracers” sort of remind you of the sort of film that Shia LaBeouf would do a few years back? For some reason, I’m getting an “Eagle Eye” vibe from this movie! That’s a GOOD thing! Idk whatever happened to Shia (is he having a quarter-life crisis lol…as Accv coined the term…or something??) , but I think Taylor has (no offense) taken his spot for young, action star lol. Let’s see…Shia had Transformers, as well as Disturbia and Eagle Eye. Indiana Jones and the Lost Skull or whatever as well….with another “older actor” Harrison Ford! So since Shia is off doing goodness knows what, I think HW has had Taylor take Shia’s place. Lately, Shia was looking like a hobo on the street, and the last thing I heard, he had actual sex on screen with his co-star for some movie that was basically PORN lol…sooooooo ummm……. *looks around*

    I’m just saying…. We know there’s only ONE Taylor, but I wouldn’t mind it if HW starts giving Shia’s roles to Taylor lol. THose roles skyrocketed Shia and made him a household name.
    I think the same will happen with Taylor. People already know who he is thanks to the Twi franchise.

    Chanda—I too wonder what Taylor gets out of being “seen” with these up and coming actors/actresses! I just hope he’s not being used either. :-/ I mean, he’s such a nice guy too…. Maybe he doesn’t even realize it?? Idk…maybe he’s not being used, maybe it’s just coincidence. Yeah….I’ll believe that…. :)

    Emily—YEah, I think the more and more respected actors work with Taylor, the more and more they will like him. HW will start to LOVE him, and then in turn the general public will follow suit I’m sure. :) I don’t see how anybody CAN’T like him when they meet him! He’s such a sweet heart! Very respectful to everyone too. Even if you don’t think he’s your “type”, you have to at least respect his cool personality. :)

    Johanna—OMG…why did the song “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt” come to my head as soon as I saw that picture?? LOL!!! ^_^ HE looks like he’s posing for the camera! Modeling! :)

    He’s so beautiful. *Swoon* *sigh* =)

  39. Johanna Says:

    sorry @mystique and @lexi for not commenting sooner i was recovering from a mild heart attack but im back its all good.
    @mystique Taylor is too sexy for his shirt hell hes too sexy for his own good.

  40. Emily Says:

    Johanna/Lexi/Mystique–That’s what I have meant in the past–like the picture on the bench with the bike–he’s just standing there, doing NOTHING and he looks like he could be in some modeling portfolio….I have 2 reactions when I see a pic like that:

    1) I hear a sound like a heavenly choir of angels singing and I thank God for his wonderful creation and then hear song lyrics like, “You are so beautiful to me…” or “….beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy………” (from Mr. Holland’s Opus)
    2) My mind goes completely to the gutter and I hear a whole slew of racy and inappropriate lyrics going through my head………….(insert your own favorite risque song here)

    Now, this all happens simultaneously, so I’m usually dazed and confused for a few seconds–it’s like having the old cartoon angel on one shoulder and devil on the other……that boy is going to be the death of me…………. :)

  41. Meh Says:

    I agree about the whole Ashley and Maika thingy, I didn’t know who either of them were till they were photographed with Tay. I understand that Ashley has the same manager as Tay, but I still dont really understand where Maika came from?! She is still in NY and not in Tracers so their relationship is obvs more than just for press, but if he is filming FF7 straight after Tracers and she has got a movie that starts filming soon, I can’t see it lasting, they would never see one another!

    Yeah, Tay does remind me of Shia!

    Yes, Tay needs to be in a film with a big cast, as pretty as Marie is, she wasn’t known until Tracers, he needs to be in the next…IDK like the next Great Gatsby of its time with a relativly young and well known cast.

    Thanks for the link Mystique!

  42. vera Says:

    Maika is a good friend a Gregg Sulkin`s girlfriend,Gregg is a friend of Patrick S, maybe they just met each other one day in the same company, at a party?..

  43. marianne Says:

    The Maika outing accomplished a lot imo. It got the hate away from Sara as she starts into tryouts for the Clippers and can be back on twitter like her teammates. People look to Maika and not Marie which is so much better for filming. No silly gossip stories about “he flashed his abs” and she melted. It’s all about the film and not a relationship which I like. Maika goes off to film soon and falls off the gf radar. Remember, two weeks before the Maika outing, Taylor was at Sara’s sister’s game. Tarik isn’t even on this film shoot like he was during BD in Vancouver. The gossip sites can’t say he has his “secret” bf on the film set with him. A film shoot with no drama makes me happy.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Emily—-ROTFL @ your inner scenario going through your head lol! That’s how it is with me too! Sort of…lol…. I don’t usually hear music or angelic choirs lol, but I just get a nice warm fuzzy feeling all over whenever I see his pictures. ^_^

    LOL @ “good angel” vs. “devil” on the shoulder hahaha! I get what you mean! I struggle with that too with Taylor allll the time. It’s like, I go back and forth. I can see him in pics and interviews and think: “Awww….he’s so sweet and respectable. I just want to hug him tight, and sip hot cocoa with him by the fire.” :-D And THEN…I can see another pic of Taylor that makes me want to drop on my knees and start praying to God confessing my sins ROTFL! *blush* It’s so confusing! Sorry, if I’m not making any sense lol. I’m not sure I even quite know what I’m trying to say lol. O_o

    I think I FINALLY now understand how guys felt with the whole Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video lol! *face palm* ^_^

    PS–I REMEMBER that song from “Mr. Holland’s Opus”! Omg…that took me back! lol…..that was one of my fave movies back in the day lol. I’m a classical music lover. :)

    Meh–You’re welcome girlie! :) Hope you enjoy it so far…
    I think you’re right in the fact that Taylor and Maika won’t be able to really spend a lot of time together if they are going to be filming opposite filming sites back to back like that. I never really saw Maika as long-term anyway…..but again, what do I know?? lol.

  45. Mystique Says:

    Speaking of yet ANOTHER movie Taylor could do…. (I feel like we should start being his casting agent or something lol)

    Idk, maybe it’s just me, but I have ALWAYS wanted to see Taylor in the Chris Nolan Batman franchise as Robin opposite Christian Bale’s Batman. I kept crossing my fingers that he would get cast (or at least LOOKED at) for that role because he basically is almost perfect for it. He’s young, he already has the acrobatic skill as well as the martial arts training needed, so his form is impeccable, AND, he’s not TOO big of a star to give Christian Bale a run for his money. I don’t think Christian Bale is insecure like that anyway, so having a younger guy playing opposite him wouldn’t have been a problem.

    Talk about a GREAT ensemble cast for Taylor to have joined! BUT….when I heard that TDKR was going to be Nolan’s last Batman film, and that Bale was hanging up the Batman suit and cape, all of my hopes and dreams were dashed to bits. :-/ That movie would have certainly given Taylor MUCH more respect, notoriety and props in the public AND HW field. It would have done for him what Inception and TDKR did for actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. Ykwim??

    OH well….. *kicks rocks* :(

    @Marianne—-WOW…I think you have hit the nail on the HEAD! O_O Taylor’s “outing” with Maika did a LOT if you think about it. I mean, the timing was almost a little TOO coincidental lol. Just think…. being seen at that baseball game together:
    -took the focus OFF of Sara
    -gave Maika more “buzz” since she was rumored to be dating Taylor
    -gave Taylor more “buzz” RIGHT before he started filming his new movie and his new bench photos came out
    -derailed any rumors that TAYLOR was the reason/cause for the split between Rob and Kristen (even though, the media STILL tried to say that Kristen ran to Tayor’s arms for “comfort”—pics or it didn’t happen! lol)
    -fended off “gay” rumors, etc.

    SOooo I think you’re on to something there Marianne. Usually I don’t believe in “PR Romances”, but if I see people only going out maybe once or twice together, then I start to get suspicious. But if I see someone out with someone on a CONSISTENT basis, on multiple different occassions, for YEARS, THEN I believe that it’s NOT PR. ie. Rob & Kristen, Taylor & Sara, etc. Even Taylor and Kristen have been spotted out and about off and on for YEARS. So, I think they probably really ARE good friends IRL (In Real Life). But seeing Taylor with Pat. S., Ashley B., Maika M., on different sporadic occasions, I start wondering if maybe it’s just a PR thing or maybe a “we should hang out” type of deal that only happens once in a blue moon lol. I’ll be VERY interested to see if Taylor and Kristen hang out anytime in the future even though she and Rob are split. IF they do hang out, then I’ll know that they are truly FRIENDS….even despite hard times.

    Btw, @Marianne—Tarik has been rumored to be Taylor’s “secret bf”?? REALLY?? O_o That’s a new one to me!

  46. Lilly Says:

    But Maika is there in NYC. If it was just PR I guess we’d get some pics at least. idk Taylor’s life is so complicated sometimes :)

  47. Catherine Says:

    That Seacrest/Sandler clip is nice. Thanks for posting, @Emily. Proper gentlemen there, nothing but complimentary. We were wondering where he’d been hiding. Adam Sandler’s house, by the sounds of it…

    ‘He’s like a spider’ haha! Enjoyed listening to that whilst stuck in a traffic jam from hell :(

    Btw – someone needs to give that stunt double a proper role in the movie! Great ‘buddy’ chemistry with Taylor, a nice smile and an obvious sense of humour…he’s certainly a star of the on set shots!!!

  48. Meh Says:

    I know Lilly, I really don’t understand it all. I’m actually surprised they haven’t been snapped together….

  49. kia Says:

    New actors in Tracers: Rafi Gavron(Dylan) Luciano Acuna Jr(Tate) Josh Yadon(Jax).

  50. Lexi Says:

    @marianne yea I agree with you on the taylor/maika thing. It really did take some hate off of sara :)
    BUT, isn’t it kinda suspicious that maika is in NYC, the same time that taylor is filming his movie? Idk, I kinda think they are the real deal, it’s just we are not seeing any pics!
    But I agree with Lilly, his life is so confusing it makes my head hurt LOL!
    and that sara/taylor outing….I just think they were really good friends, because keep in mind they were not by themselves! Tarik and Hannah’s bf was with them

    BUT @marianne I think you are on to something :o I don’t think maika/Tay is gonna last hahaha

  51. Johanna Says:

    @Kia how did u find out there are more actors

  52. kia Says:

    Joanna- Via @TL_Life tweeted it.

  53. kia Says:

    Luciano twitter name @LuckyLuciano112

  54. Meh Says:

    A girl met Taylor yesterday off the set of Tracers, apparently she was told she wasn’t aloud to touch him! Lol she apparently replied ‘what am I going to rape him?,’ but in the pic he’s got his arm around her haha. He’s wearing the bluey/green chinos from the bench shoot and his (or maika’s?) NY hat. Thought it was funny that he was aloud to make contact with her but she wasn’t aloud to make contact with him! (Got all this from Instagram and Twitter)

  55. Catherine Says:

    @kia – just the kind of info I’ve been after, thank you very much.

    Rafi Gavron I know (he’s a cool one to have on the cast, thank you Mr Casting Director!!!). A couple of us had spotted him in Taylor shots a while back. I’m pleased for him :)

    Off to google the others now!

  56. chanda w. Says:

    Yes, more actors on Tracers. I’ve never known a movie to start filming without a full cast. I think it is actually a smart move. So Taylor is extremely wise and sexy, nice combo. I thought he was getting played with the PR stuff, but he’s doing the playing, I like that. Sometimes I think the way Seacrest gushes about Tay, he may want to do a show about him, lol. He is the king of reality tv.
    Tay just needs one amazing movie and he’ll be set. A few years ago Joseph Gordon Levitt was struggling , Shia LeBouf was getting everything. Now Levitt has garned enough respect to sorta sail. But he still doesn’t have the appeal of Taylor. Levitt does best as part of a group. Not leading man. Taylor can do both. And LeBouf has gone off the deep end, but he still gets roles, don’t know how. Anyway 2 weeks until GUPS2, I’m so ready.

  57. chanda w. Says:

    Oh my, just looked up Rafi Gavron, he is HOT!! The entire cast seems to be lookers. Who knows, Tay may not need the help of others. Tracers may do it all, lol.

  58. kia Says:

    Catherine- No problem.

  59. Johanna Says:

    @kia thanks
    Dylan is set to play Nikki’s bro according to TL-life

  60. marianne Says:

    kia…More cast news…love it! Thanks for the info.

    Lexi…How about all the times Taylor picked Sara up from her game (alone), the trip with his family to Makena’s volleyball game, the trip to Cirque de Soleil for her Bday, pics of them leaving a restaurant just the two of them, tweets about going to the ranch, her appearance at the BD2 after party, plus any others we don’t know about. There’s a lot of “friendship” going on.

  61. kia Says:

    Joanna..Marianne- No problem. I hope we get some more casting news. I just came from Luciano Acuna Jr. Tumblr and good lawd that boy is fine!!! They all look like Greek Gods and Goddesses(Maria). I guess Taylor is the Zeus of the crew. HeHe

  62. marianne Says:

    kia…As much as we’ve been wondering who is in this movie, I’m kind of glad that they’re releasing this info at the last minute. The decisions are made and no time for second guessing. “Taylor is the Zeus” LOL.

    Meh…Since Taylor has different people doing security, they seem to vary in their dealings with fans. Sometimes I think Taylor needs to know. He is friendly and knows his fans are responsible for his success.

  63. Lexi Says:

    @marianne yep yep true….. but if you think about it, all those times are when they both were trying to have another go on the dating life. And the lastest volleyball game that taylor went to was there in cali which was before tracers, but sara wasnt there…… So my point is…YES in the past they were probably secretly dating, but now….it’s like they are only good friends. Now, like i said, i dont think maika/taylor is gonna last, so once they are done, i think sara and taylor are gonna have another go ^_^

    And you said taylor picked up sara in alot of her games? I only remember one time, and that was back in January of this year??? when were the other times?? :O

  64. *Vickey* Says:

    Meh— LOL! I can see why he would be defensive (your fiance). Annnd lucky you! :P
    I just fangirled all over this thread! LOVE these pictures and thank you @Mystique for killing me with that photo you posted at the top of the thread! *fans self*

    Kia— I hope we get some more casting news as well! I really excited about this. :))
    “Taylor is the Zeus of the crew” best comment I’ve seen all day! Lol. It is so true and yes Maria is gorgeous (Goddess) :)

    Mystique— Yeah, I’m one of those people who has always been a fan of Adam S., but yeah I do agree that he has had a couple of films where I was like,” ehhhh. That’s not… that’s nasty.” xD But yeah, when I did watch Grown Ups 1, I originally watched it for Chris Rock, but I ended up really liking it! Which is why I can’t wait to see GU2.

    Marianne— Hmm I agree with you that is alot of “friendship” going on (Sara). Top Gun 2— YES PLEASE. Images of a pilot are flooding my brain. Haha. And you guys are killing me, I would really like to see him in a N.Sparks film, it would be great!

  65. Catherine Says:

    I want this to be a success. I really, really do. A money spinner that shuts the critics up and (whispers hopefully) creates an opportunity for a sequel.

    I know, I know, one step at a time…but still.

    I quietly suggested a role with a uniform way, waaaay earlier on in the thread. Look how that went down!!! You ladies make me laugh!!! Dirty girls ;) Now tell me a movie with a young (dancing – whoever suggested that is a genius!)) Taylor-pilot (in a hat…why do I neeeeeedd to see him in a hat?!) wouldn’t sell tickets!!!!!

  66. Lexi Says:

    @catherine hahahaha i TOTALLY agree with you ;)

    BTW, does anybody know when tracers will be finished? like i dont mean an exact date but, like wat month?? :)

  67. Meh Says:

    @Lexi apparently it takes 3 months to shoot a movie…so August – September time?

  68. chanda w Says:

    I haven’t looked up the other cast members yet, but like I said before , Gavron, is lookin’ good, some girl posted that she was on the set, don’t know if she was just an extra or what , but she was pretty. Nice looking young cast with Tay at the center. Smart. Have a feeling Tracers is gonna do better than expected.
    Whoever Taylor is with is very lucky, indeed. But, I hate that he feels he has to be so secretive. Yeah his fans will act up in the beginning, but most of us just want him to be happy and not get hurt. After Swift, it’s easy to sorta second guess the girls that come into his life. In the end he knows best. I’m trying to get Wendy Williams to interview him. She does good interviews. I was thinking this movie could have a sequel too, even a third, if it is successful enough. Who knows. Just excited to see his fine a$$ back on the big screen, where he belongs.

  69. Mystique Says:

    Lexi–I’m wondering that too! What month does Tracers stop filming? And is it ONLY filming in NYC? Just curious. :)

    Marianne–YEah, sometimes SOME body guards can be a little “extra” lol. For the most part I think Taylor’s bodyguards are cool, but it really all depends on the situation too. For example, when I met him in NYC last year, his bodyguard kept telling us not to scream or get too crazy because he would “leave”. Of course, I know he woudn’t just leave abruptly, but I think the BG was just trying to keep the crowd calm so mass pandamonium didn’t erupt lol. The same thing happened when I met Russell Crowe in person when I went to CA earlier this month. HIs body guard was trying to keep the peace, and even Russell was trying to tell the crowd to calm down because he would just leave. Sure enough, the crowd kept getting more and MORE rowdy and unruly, so eventually, RUssell had to jump in his SUV and leave. :-/

    So, on one hand I totally get the BG’s position in having to guard someone. They are responsible for the safety of their client. IF anything bad happens on their watch, or if their client is ever put in danger in ANY way….then that could be the kiss of death for them AND their career I assume. :-/

    But I’m sure Taylor is very gracious for his fans. :) I’m sure he’s VERY appreciative. I think he also realizes too though that not everyone is going to be your friend. THere are some real CRAZIES out here! Lol…. I don’t get the “don’t touch him” comment from his BG…what is he?? The QUeen of England?? O_o lol! I never got that “don’t touch” vibe at all…. That’s so weird lol. I’m now wondering just WHAT that fan was trying to touch on Taylor ROTFL! ^_^

    THe more and more I hear about this movie, the more and more I”m EXCITED!!! :)

    Chanda—I’ve always wanted to see Wendy Williams interview Taylor too lol! I’m not a huge fan of her show like I am with Ellen’s, but I can just see her gushing all over him lol. HEr show is much more laid back and “anything goes”, so I would like to see Taylor on that type show where he probably doesn’t have to feel so “scripted” with his interviews lol.

    I saw Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight franchise) on her show once, and it was too cute…and funny! ^_^

    *Vickey*—You’re welcome for the picture! ;) Don’t thank me though, thank Taylor and his fine self lol ;)

    Kia—wow! looks like Tracers is going to have some real EYE candy eh?? Lol! Niiiiiice…. :) Is the official cast list up on yet? Does anyone know?

  70. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—-I agree….idk why Taylor feels like he has to be so secretive w/who he’s dating these days! :-/ I never understood it. Okay, maybe when you FIRST break out onto the scene I can see you wanting to keep your love-life kind of hush-hush. BUt once you’re pretty established and a house-hold name, I don’t see the need to continue to keep the secrecy. I’m sure he’s not dating EVERY girl he’s photographed with, but when you see him out with a particular person on a CONSISTENT basis for YEARS…I don’t see the reason to keep referring to her as a “friend”. FRIEND??? Riiiiiight…… Anytime you’re spending more alone time with your “friend” Than your own significant other, I start to wonder lol. Taylor and Sara have been spotted out so many times that if they really WERE only “just friends” to each other, I wonder when they would ever meet someone else to date, because they’re always together! lol

    Oh, and I agree….*crosses fingers* I think that Tracers is going to do better than expected too. I’d rather Tracers be a “sleeper hit”, rather than have SOO much pressure put upon it BEFORE the movie even opens up, and it be considered a “tank” simply because it didn’t perform to “expectation” at the box office. Smh…. :-/ That’s what happened with Abduction I think. It’s not that Abuduction was a failure, it’s that the bar was set so high, and the expectation was so monumental, that the only way you can go from there is down. :-/ I’d rather Tracers have LOW expectations, and be a surprise HIT, rather than be expected to make 20 million at the box office opening week and then go downhill.

    Btw, GUPS2 is opening up in a couple of weeks. I say we go out in droves and make this GUPS film higher-grossing than the FIRST film! ^_^ Maybe then critics and the media will shut their mouths and realize that Taylor IS a big box-office draw lol. :)

    Btw….in case anyone is interested…I added another chapter to my story/fanfic!! ^_^ This will be the LAST update you guys see from me in a while. :( I”ll be moving tomorrow and then going out of town the weekend after that, so I won’t be updating for a few weeks. I may not even have internet connection at my new temporary dwelling for a while. So….this month and next is going to be quite jam-packed! Aaargh! :-/

    Anyway, I figured I would leave you guys with at least one last chapter before my long hiatus. Hopefully you all won’t forget about my story while I’m gone! I’ll be back……I won’t forget about the story, I promise lol. :)

    Enjoy :)

  71. Lexi Says:

    @mystiique, yep you’re right, i dont think they were just friends when they were spotted all the time last year, and a little of this year.
    BUT, the question is…………………………….. after everything that has been happening lately (holding hands pic, coffee date, taylor dooley’s bf’s party, tracers), do you still think they are together now?? dun dun duuuunnn
    and honestly, that question will never be answered……. because he’s so secretive >.> <.<

  72. Mystique Says:

    Lexi—Lol….do I think who is still together now? Taylor and Sara? OR Taylor and Maika?

  73. Mystique Says:

    I think you were referring to Taylor and Sara, so if that’s the case then…no, I don’t think they’re together anymore. :(

    Her going back and Twitter and the cryptic Tweets she sent out right around the time Taylor and Maika had their “public outing” always gave me the impression that he dumped her. Or…if he did’t dump her, then they certainly split up…and it wasn’t mutual.

    What if…….(this is just a theory), Taylor and Sara decide to cool their “relationship” (WHATEVER it is they have going on…..friendship, dating, FWB, WHATEVER) whenever Taylor has to work on a new film? This is just a thought….. I think with Twilight he probably didn’t feel the need to split up from her as much, but maybe with these newer films, maybe they always go off and on because of his schedule, on-set temptation, not wanting to incite fans to jealousy, etc…who knows?? This is just a guess…not truth or anything. I’ve just been noticing a pattern.

    Either way, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again……Sara needs to start dating another guy STAT. SERIOUSLY. I’m sure she and Taylor will give it one more go around again eventually (don’t they always??), and I DO like them together…. :) BUT…at the same time I do wonder….if you have to break up and make up again all the time, maybe there’s a reason?? O_o

  74. Johanna Says:

    okay ladies this is my rant on the who Taylor/Sara/Maika/ other girls rant

    first: this is from just a women pov not as a fan of taylor Sara needs to realize there is a reason for all the break-ups i mean if this was me i would not be okay with this i mean shes being left by the same guy on numerous occation for some unknown reason whether is cuz he likes someone else or doesnt want to hurt her cuz of temtation WE. to be honest it kinda a douge move hes doing especially if hes dumping her to be with someone else she needs to stop being he back-up she needs to see if she can be with someone else. And i noe i probably really hard for her i mean we love this guy we dont even noe and she known him for like 5+ years and i noe she loves him there is no way she doesnt but shouldnt do that to her self.

    Second: as a fan of taylor i wanna believe its cuz of work and he doesnt want to hurt her cuz i noe he loves her too theres no argument about that but if he really loves her like i think he does he needs to let her noe she can move on and be happy with someone else and to stop going back to her if he feels lonely cuz its not good for either of them

    i do believe they need to noe what life is like with out each other and see if they like it but going back just makes it harder for them cuz there is love there and that wont go away but its not healthy it like a fat kid tryin to lose wait but he still makes chocolate cake and expects he can handle the temtation to eat it. Again i noe its cliche but “if you love something let it go, and if its meant to be it will come back” i think thats true

    now this break-up they just had i noe was really bad cuz even wen Taylor was daiting lily we never saw him holding her hand or anything. That whole holding Maika’s hand is now statring to maybe look like and “F” u kinda thing but i hope not
    As for Maika/Taylor im starting to think maybe it like a summer fling type thing nothing too serious just two ppl having fun

    Sorry for the rant, also sorry if im annoying to be honest i’ve never been in a relationship so i have no idea if im even right in wat im saying

  75. chanda w. Says:

    So agree with @Mystique and @Johanna, and u don’t have to be in a relationship to know what u want and don’t want. I see that Luciano is quite atttractive too. How am I gonna get through this movie? All of my focus will be on sex on two legs , Taylor……..and now the side guys are hot too. Whew 2014, come on, come on. Watched Cheaper by the dozen 2 last night, Tay, even then he was too much.

  76. Emily Says:

    chanda–I just got finished watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 a few minutes ago!! He was too cute–even then, you could tell he was going to grow up into a fine specimen. I wish we could see him now in those white shorts and baby blue shirt–I bet he would look AMAZING!!

  77. Catherine Says:

    @chanda – ‘how am I going to get through this movie?’ – haha, I feel the same! My brother-in-law wants to see it with me…he admits a ‘man crush’ on Taylor (despite being a father of two…see, that boy appeals to everyone!!!)

    Saturdays are always a little quiet on here. I’m skulking, avoiding family at a ‘gathering’ ;)

    We should play a game, or something…first time you ‘noticed’ Taylor? A random fact about yourself, in the name of getting to know each other? Favourite Twilight moment? What do you pretend you’re doing when you check this site?!

    Ohhhhh I’m bored. Help!

  78. marianne Says:

    Emily…Chanda w…. I remember thinking what a great smile Taylor had in Cheaper by the Dozen2 and how cute he was trying to put his arm around his date. Baby blue looks good on him!

    Catherine….I have a friend who always coughs a lot at family gatherings so her relatives will be afraid of catching something. I’m a business major and work in financials so I have to check stock prices throughout the day. I always pretend I’m checking a price and log on here! I have several computer screens which I work from so I have to be careful I don’t bring one of his sexy pics up on one of the huge ones!!

    Here’s something that will help with the boredom… TS needs to get a new bf so her fans can put a stake in this relationship. Ugh.

  79. chanda w. Says:

    I’ll go first, mother of a teenager, health care worker, luv movies, wannabe writer and in luv with Tay. First time I noticed Tay. I saw the first Twilight on DVD. I sorta missed the first wave of the phenom. But by New Moon I was hooked on Taylor . Everyone gasped when he took his shirt off. I’ll never forget that, so cool. Fav. twi moment(besides the kinda beautiful moment) when Jacob and Bella finally had a real kiss. It was so romantic. Of course I’m checking my e mail daily, not on a fan site gushing about my 21yr old (pretend) boyfriend. lol
    Your, turn @catherine.
    @emily, seeing Taylor in white shorts and a baby blue shirt, my goodness. I’m still recovering from seeing him in that orange pullover , in the Bench ad. He looks so good in bright colors.

    I’ve been coming to this site for almost a year. It’s almost like a form of calming therapy. Well just staring at pic of Tay is calming, but this site is good too.

    @mystique, read some more of your story. Very entertaining. Good luck to you.

  80. Catherine Says:

    @marianne – yay! You joined in – excellent!

    Ok, random fact. I used to be a nurse. HATED it. First Taylor sighting – my sister told me to watch New Moon. I usually like weird indie boys, which explains my Rob/Jamie Campbell Bower weak spot, but Taylor’s eyes and smile (not muscles, note!) drew me in. Lost cause ever since.

    I have a dull office job. Twitter is tolerated. They don’t need to know I’m checking this ;)

  81. Catherine Says:

    @chanda – yay! You too! Wondered if I’d be shouting into the abyss with this ;)

    Fave Twilight moment? The mountain top kiss. Also – Jacob dropping to his knees imprinting. Beautifully done, but we lost ‘Jake’ as he was after that :(

    Random fact, apart from hating being a nurse? I went to see BD2 with my sister. We’re both in our early 30’s, well and truly ‘attached’, still are, yet we had MANY margaritas before, and giggled and swooned through the whole damn thing ;)

  82. Emily Says:

    Well, I guess I’ll go next. Random facts–I teach first grade (kindergarten last year), live alone so I don’t have to hide checking in here–rarely have time during school year, but can now do a quick check from my phone if I have a spare minute, and, other than Taylor, have never been obsessed with any other celebrity, besides Elvis–he was my first love–when other girls my age were into boy bands, I got into him.

    First time I noticed Taylor– I, too, missed all the initial Twi hoopla– my cousin gave me the first book–thought I might like it. I waited a while before reading it. If I read the first book in a series, I HAVE to read them all. I think I did this right before the BD book came out. Never liked Edward–loved Jacob from the get-go. Before last book came out, I watched the 3 movies. Thought Taylor was a cute kid—loved his smile but that was about it. Didn’t see how he would pull off the “transformation ” ……….then watched New Moon, and as I’ve said before, my life as I knew it changed when Taylor was walking in the rain with his real hair. Became obsessed, then researched him and fell in love–the rest is history….

    Fave Twilight moment–I have several–all involving Jacob–probably the scene in Bella’s bedroom in NM or when he danced with the idiot at her wedding.

  83. Catherine Says:

    ‘Danced with the idiot’ – excellent, @Emily!!! That ‘dance with me?’ line? Oh my.

    So much for Taylor having a teen following!!!!! Some professional, grown up people ‘fessing up here.

    You lot are great :)

  84. Layfan Says:

    Haha yeah the dancing with the idiot! @Emily lol. Can’t get over the long hair he had at the start of the twilight films. Is it healthy to obsess over a celeb!? Suppose it is ok if you are single…may effect your relationship with partner otherwise! Funny how we fancy people who we have never met or know what their personality is like…we can all agree Tay is very hot looking tho! Let the dream continue…always better than the reality that he may not live upto expectations…

  85. Emily Says:

    Catherine–every time I hear him say that line, I melt a little….and when he puts his face right on her neck…I die a little inside.

    Layfan–notice I said I lived alone?!? Wonder if my Tay-obsession is to blame? Ha! There’s nothing wrong with loving someone as great as Taylor!

  86. Layfan Says:

    @emily definitely nothing wrong at all hehe : )

  87. Johanna Says:

    Okay i guess if we are all sharing
    random fact: Im 20 a college student, Latina, im a buiness major and im terrified that o wont get into a good university (if u havent notice i have severe mental issues) :P

    Taylor: the first time i feel in love was actually after the first movie during the promos is wen i couldnt keep my eyes off of him :)

    Favorite scene: i too love the dance seen i love wen he put his face in her neck everytime i see that scene i always put myself in there and idk y but i love it wen bella tells him shes gonna have a wedding night and he looks at her and he tells her shes being stupid his lips looks sooooo good wen he says it

  88. Johanna Says:


    LOOK AT THOSE ARMS_______________________________________DEAD!

  89. Emily Says:

    Johanna–oh, to be wrapped up in those arms!!!! … sighs…..

    Also, his lips are extremely distracting, as is his neck……..

  90. kia Says:

    Johanna- I just wanna put some BBQ sauce on his arm and just BITE IT!!! LICK IT!! AHHHhhhhh

  91. kia Says:

    I know I’m not they only one that wanted to scream DAMN! in the theater when he show up in that white button down shirt BD. Literally that dancing scene between Him&Bella was way more sexy then the Zzzz honeymoon with Mr Frozen cup.

  92. Mystique Says:

    Hey ladies!!!

    OH BOY! What a long, TIRING day of moving!! :-/

    I just HAD to sneak on here again though one last time before the weekend ends lol.

    @Johanna—I completely agree with you re: Taylor & Sara. I don’t call it ranting or being too “harsh” at all. I think your points are valid, and you don’t have to be in a relationship in order to be observant or wise. I agree that they should just take a break from each other for a little while. I completely agree with the “if you love it, then let it go. If it comes back to you, then it was yours to begin with” logic. It may be tough (and I don’t doubt for one minute that there are feelings there between the two of them), but I DO think that they were very young when they started dating, and that sometimes, when you’re going through your “Growing” stage (ie. late teens/early 20’s), you DO need some time to grow as a person, and to “EXPLORE” other options before just settling down with your HS Sweetheart. SOMETHING keeps pulling them back to each other (For sure), but there’s also a reason for breaking up as well. I just don’t think the constant on-again/off-again relationship is healthy in the long-run. :-/ I think they may need a LONGER break in between in order to realize how they truly feel about each other, and if they want to have a serious relationship. Just my 2 cents.

    @Chanda–Thanks for reading my story! It gets even BETTER! ;)

    Chanda, Emily—I loved “Cheaper By the Dozen 2″! :) I thought Taylor was so adorable in that film. :) Such a sweetheart.

    Catherine—Cool Game!! :)

    Okay I’ll play….
    “Getting to Know You”….

    About me:
    I’m single, no kids, not married. In my early 30’s. Lover of movies (definitely!), love music, etc.

    First noticed Taylor: Wow….I can’t remember the first time I really “noticed” Taylor, because it seems like he was always sort of “around” I think due to the Twi phenomenon lol. I came kind of LATE to the whole Twi franchise. JUST saw the movies last year in fact lol! I never saw any of them in the theaters.

    Taylor first caught my eye though when I saw this Matt Lauer interview for NM I think?? He just seemed so mature, poised and confident for such a young guy! I even liked his personality better than ROb’s, which was surprising since Rob got much more of the attention imo.

    I didn’t really pay much attention to Taylor until I saw “Valentines Day”, and after that, I was kind of hooked. I just thought he was a cute guy though…. Nice smile. Thought it was cute that he and TS were dating (back THEN lol). It was when I saw ABDUCTION that I realized I liked him a little MORE than just a “cute actor”. I had a dream about him that night after the movie! ANd let’s just say, it wasn’t rated PG! O_o LOL!

    That’s when I was like…I gotta know more about this guy! I started doing research,looking at pics, etc… But watching interviews of him was when I REALLY fell in love. ^_^ I Just LOVED his whole spirit…his personality, EVERYTHING.

    Fave Twi scene: I LOVED the dance scene in BD! OMG! So sexy! I thought he and KS had AMAAAZING chemistry in the entire franchise, but THAT scene right there was just so sweet….so BITTER sweet, and Taylor played it well. I really felt his pain. OH man, let’s just say…if it were ME and he came to MY wedding looking like THAT…I would have had to tell my hubby….”hold on a sec…I just gotta take a little stroll with my friend here…lol”. hahaha!

  93. Emily Says:

    kia–I didn’t scream it, but I DID say that out loud in the theater when I saw him in the white shirt–the people around me chuckled!!

    Mystique–I would have strolled right on through the woods with him all the way to LaPush, or wherever he wanted to go and would have never been seen again!! ;)

  94. *Vickey* Says:

    Okay! I see we’re sharing things! ^.^

    Well my name is Victoria
    -I’m also a 20 year old college student, stay at home when I’m not at school. Gonna be returning this fall for my junior year. I’ll be 21 on the 21st of Sept. Haha. I double major in Radio/TV/Film and Theatre working towards being a screenplay writer and an actress. My backup plan is sound design. I LOVE movies and plays. I’m that girl that has seen any move you name off the top of your head, mostly because I use to have too much free time. Lol!

    Taylor: I first saw Taylor in Shark Boy and Lava Girl, not in theaters, but on TV, this was around the time Cheaper By the Dozen 2 was on TV. ( WHICH I LOVED @Emily :)) and I just thought Taylor was the cutest thing ever in those movies, not even realizing were the same age! Haha.

    Twilight: I am not gonna lie I was not into Twilight or cared for it when I first begin high school probably because I wasn’t that muh of a reader of things like vampires. Kinda stuck to my Gossip GIrl. LOL. So while everyone else was around me reading Twilight and fangirling over the books and complaining about Stephanie Myers, I was just kinda out of the loop. Haha. I didn’t care at the time. The first movie came out, I had no idea Taylor was in it. It wasn’t until my Junior year of high school like around the time New Moon was gonna come out and I finally decided to read Twilight xD It did pull me in and so I had to go see New Moon with my friend. After seeing New Moon and falling in love with Taylor’s acting as Jacob. I bought Twilight on DVD along with New Moon and FINALLY watched Twilight! Haha. So yeah I was little late, but after I saw New Moon jumped on that train and haven’t gotten off yet. :)

    Favorite Twi Scene: I agree with Mystique I think the dance scene in BD was one of my favorites, so was the scene when Jacob thought Bella was dead. So much pain watching it, but my FAVORITE scene definitely has to be after Jacob gets his arm dislocated and he’s back at his place in his room. Bella comes in and he just has this conversation with her. Maybe its because I just love Tay’s portrayal as Jake, but I really loved the way he approached the scene after such a traumatic event. It was damn realistic.

    chanda w. —- that is also one of my favorites *the imprinting scene* Taylor has alot of strong moments in BD. :)

    Back on Cheaper By the Dozen, random, but it still blows my mind that Kevin Schmidt, who played Henry Baker looks so different now. I always see pictures of him joking about how he used to be the heavy set kid in CBD. Lol.

    Emily—– I AGREE!! If I could I would choose to be wrapped in his arms forever! ;)

    Johanna—- I agree with you and see exactly where you’re coming from as a woman and as a fan of Taylor.

    I love how we can come on here and give our opinion of things and not jump down each others throats like some do on other boards. Makes me feel great when I come on here. :)

    OH!! I saw the trailer for GU2 last night when I went to go see This Is The End. Saw it for my friend and of course James Franco, but if you do’t like SUPER vulgar then I don’t recommend it. Lol. No spoilers (solid believer in that haha), but the ending is the best thing about the film, but yeah, it was pretty crude, which I had alot of moments when I was laughing, but it was REALLY vulgar, but what do you expect when you have Seth Rogan and Danny McBride in the same film.

    ANYWAY about the trailer, the handshake, I still can’t get over it, people had a great reaction to it, even one of my guy friends was excited to see Taylor in the film. Tay’s winning over more male fans. :)

    Mystique—– About to read the add to your story right now! Got the email earlier! :) Can’t wait to read it.

  95. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh God I posted a novel lol. Sorry guys.

  96. Emily Says:

    Ooohhhh, I feel like I know y’all so much better now–great idea Catherine. Anonymity is great on the internet, but it’s also nice to know a little bit about each other. We’re definitely an eclectic group–funny how one kick-a$$ young man brought us all together!! Hugs to all!!

  97. Lexi Says:


    On here my name’s Lexi, but my real name is Alexis :)
    Im 19 years old, and im a college student. Im majoring in biology, but i have no idea what im gonna do with my life LOL! I work in a movie theater, so i get to watch movies for free :D

    I’m like Mystique, I only REALLY noticed taylor until valentine’s day. He was pretty hot in that movie ^_^.
    My favorite jacob scene was the tent scene, when he said, “I am hotter than you” or something like that. Classic hahahaa ;P And he was so caring for bella, even though she was a bitch throughout the whole entire series!

  98. Catherine Says:

    This is SO nice – and what a diverse group of fans he has! I reckon Taylor would be pleasantly surprised if he read this thread.

    @Emily – spot on! Anonymity is usually wise, but a few details have suddenly made you all very human! How lovely.

    Unfairly, I didn’t really share much, so, here goes. I’m married to a tolerant guy who finds my movie/book obsessions amusing. He’s music obsessed…we all have a ‘thing’! I live in a PAINFULLY quiet village, in a very green part of central England, but would emigrate to the States, given the opportunity…it can feel pretty stifling here, with it’s CONSTANT rain and Forks-type climate!!!

    @Vickey – ‘oh god I posted a novel’…haha! I agree with you about this site – I actually enjoy the friendly debates, everyone’s respectful, even if we disagree!

    @Mystique – Taylor’s interviews were what really drew me in. The Australian Eclipse ones with KS in particular…talk about putting yourself across well, and he was so young, looking back!

    I reckon we’ve occupied ourselves very nicely during the lull in on-set photos (twitter states they’re filming indoors at the Cinemagic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn at night now).

    All good fun :)

  99. vera Says:

  100. joanie Says:

    @vera this must be the magazine photoshoot that was mentioned…(besides Bench)
    Looks like the same shirt he wore at the CanCun GU2 press conference, so maybe we get a July magazine that features him???? promoting GU2

  101. Meh Says:

    Am I too late to play? Busy weekend so just catching up. Although I feel like I’ve talked about myself a lot on this board already lol.

    26 live on the south coast of England but was born and raised in Edinbrugh, Scotland (but I have no accent) half Greek Cypriot so I’m a bit of a mutt. Studied film production, script writing and media studies at uni and then went on to do a masters degree in PR which is now the field I work in. However, getting married in September and my fiancé and me are going to go backpacking round Asia, Australia, NZ, US and Canada when we return from honeymoon. After that, goodness knows what I’ll be working in or where we will be living as would like to live abroad for a year or so.

    Didn’t watch the first Twi film, and everyone kept on going on about it. When the second came out, I bought the first on DVD then went to the cinema the next day to watch it. It was then that Tay started to take my interest as it were lol.

    Agree to all who said above, fav scene was the dance at the wedding, the tent scene was another good one. But also like it when he was on the beach telling bells about the wolves for the first time…it was that smile!!

    Then I started to read the books before BD pt 2 came out.

  102. chanda w. Says:

    So hoping we do get Tay on the cover and in some credible magazines. Luv seeing that handsome all over.

  103. accv Says:

    My turn, then? Sorry I’m late!

    Although I use accv on here, my name is actually Angelica — nickname is AC/Aicee (Filipinos have a weird thing about spelling :p). I’m 26, majored in magazine journalism and minored in graphic design. I reside in California with my parents. I know, I know… terrible -_- I’m an addict of all things entertainment… although most of it is Taylor-related :p And unlike Mystique, I’ve never had a dream of him, so I’m majorly jealous of her right now :p Closest thing I could have of him, but has never happened. Bleh.

    Some more stuff about me: I love aromatherapy. Lavender is my fave. I love earrings. I love sweaters. I love mini backpacks, purses and wristlets. I love sunglasses. My current fave shows are on ABC Fam — Switched at Birth and PLL. I’m also into reality TV shows, but mostly the ones with competitions like those model shows and the singing shows. Music is everything to me. Also, I LOVE noodle soups — pho is one of my faves.

    Sad tidbit: I had a major crush on this Filipino actor back in the day. I also loved/had a girl crush on his movie/show partner who eventually ended up his gf in real life. I was OBSESSED with both of them individually and their relationship, until tragedy struck — they broke up (but both parties were completely mum about it, as well as friends and family) and he passed away in his sleep at age 27. He was on vacay with friends at a popular getaway in the Philippines and he was found dead the morning after a restaurant party he attended. I’ve never felt so much for an actor before and never cried as much as I did for him until I lost an uncle a few years ago and my aunt on New Year’s Eve. This uncle of mine was assassinated after winning the election for mayor in my mom’s province. Politics is way too dirty. The odd coincidence though is after discovering Taylor (his transformation in New Moon was what got me), I never thought I’d feel for another actor like I did before. Although Taylor does things to me the first actor didn’t… fantasize about him :p The first actor didn’t have sex appeal… just a boyish charm. Taylor is both. lol! But definitely similarities with both… both very well-bred gentlemen, both very good-looking (but I have to give it to Taylor for being cute and sexy at the same time :p), well-loved by peers and industry pros… and both having iconic characters on their repertoire. Taylor with Jake and this actor (name is Rico Yan… look him up if you’re curious :p) with his most popular piece of work, his character’s name was Gabriel. And both had/have to prove themselves acting-wise.

    When I first noticed Taylor: I will admit, I was into Rob first. Taylor took me aback in Twilight with his wig. lol! Like I said, not a fan of long hair on guys. Also, just something about his looks was off for me at the time. *shrugs* Perhaps it was his nose and mouth. He hadn’t appealed to me yet. And boy would I be eating my words later on. And I honestly didn’t know about Twilight until my bf told me about it. Then the trailer for Twilight came out. I saw Rob and said, “OK, we’re watching this.” Liked Rob the whole movie… Taylor not so much. But Twilight seemed to be everywhere at that time… wherever I went online, Twilight had something going on. Then the reports about Taylor being replaced. Didn’t care. BUT.. BUT… oh MY lawd. I dismissed Twilight, but I remember seeing the trailer for New Moon on my TV one night. And I was like…. O.O!!!! I go, is that that one scrawny dark dude from Twilight?! WHAT THE?!? My jaw DROPPED. The transformation was just incredible. So it was basically, “Rob WHO???” :p Taylor turned out gorgeous. ‘Nuff said. And like what some of you already said… “and the rest is history!”

    Fave Twilight Scene: Anything and everything with Taylor? :p Kidding. Almost. Hard to pick. For New Moon — the scene in the rain when his real hair was finally shown and he looking absolutely delicious :p, the window jump and being in Bella’s room and the rest of his scenes in the movie because his real hair was showing :p For Eclipse — everything up to the ending scene. I’m sorry. It’s Taylor and he just… looks so good in every scene he’s in. I just hated the way the confrontation between Bella and Jake went down, so bleh. BD 1 & 2 — everything with him in it. Again, it’s Taylor. He made the scenes he was in.

    BTW, @Meh… you have a Master’s in PR? DAMMNNNN. I thought about doing a Master’s, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet… or if I ever will be. If anything, I’d likely consider enrolling in a publishing program. But I know how hard it is to find a good publishing program… the best ones are in NY apparently. Anyhow… I asked this in a different thread, but will repeat it now. Let’s say I was considering getting a job as an account coordinator for a PR firm, would I be qualified for it? I majored in journalism, which of course, ISN’T public relations but is under the same “roof” of journalism since it’s communications. I’ve looked up the profession but it seems duties vary for different firms. Can you tell me exactly what it is to be an account coordinator? Like, would there be cold calling involved, sales? I’m really not a sales person unless I TRULY believe in what I’m selling.

    Anyhow, I just wrote a novel. Dangit. Sorry ladies! I can be quite talkative. :p ‘Til next post!

  104. accv Says:

    BTW, that picture of Swifter and our guy… PLEASE tell me that’s a manip. Because… it made me gag :p

  105. Emily Says:


    His profile is just so……………..hhhhhhmmmmmmmm……..
    That little spot between his jawline and his adam’s apple—I’d (as in my lips) would like to live right there for about a month………………… :)

  106. Emily Says:

    Oops–I put in an extra ‘d in there–I hate when I have typos. :(

  107. Emily Says:

    Scroll down for an interview of Taylor by himself from Cancun for GU2—also part of the press conference there that I haven’t heard before–but nothing really with Taylor–questions for other cast.

  108. Johanna Says:

    Finally we can see and interview God is voice is sooo soothing imagine waking up to that in the morning

  109. kia Says:

    Joanna- IKR! His voice is just Mmmmm. Is he human or just all our imagination and fantasy? Seriously I can’t!

    Accv- Don’t worry its a manip.

  110. *Vickey* Says:

    Oooh I love reading all of this! Everyone’s from everyone, we have a good age range going on. Yeah I agree @Catherine Taylor would be beaming if he read this thread! Lol..

    Accv- I always wonder what accv was or what it stood for? :) And you know what, believe it or not that happened with alot of people who love Taylor today. I have a friend who’s a huge Taylor (Jacob) girl and she originally loved Edward more up until she noticed Taylor as Jacob. Haha. Oh man forgot about that scene, but I love that part and props to him for acting in that freezing cold water. Haha. I listened to the commentary (dork) and I love how Chris Weitz sees Taylor during that part and he goes,” Dayum.” xP

    Kia— I was wonder if that was a manip too! Haha.

    Emily—- Yayy! Thanks, could really use a Tay interview. :) And Hugs!!! I know, glad I stumbled onto to this site a couple of years back.

    Meh— Oooh that’s so cool! I’ve always been fascinated with Greek! And Scotland? Stop, I’m jealous now. LOL.

    Lexi— Lucky! I’ve been trying to work at a movie theater just for that reason! I love watching movies. ^.^ And don’t worry you’ll find out what you wanna do with that Bio degree soon, I have a really good friend who’s a bio major and she’s going through the same thing. What year do you graduate undergrad school? I graduate 2015 and I don’t need graduate school, so I’m good afterwards, just gotta start looking into getting work and an agent or something. Haha.