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I’ve uploaded new photos from Taylor Lautner‘s Global Benchsetter photoshoot. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
» 2013 Photoshoots: Global Benchsetter

54 Responses to “New Global Benchsetter Photoshoot Photos”

  1. Johanna Says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Johanna Says:

    pressed summit to fast i was gonna say my fav: is the one where is is sitting one the roof

  3. Kathy Says:

    @Johanna That’s my favorite pic too.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Hard to pick a fave Bench shot, but, @Johanna – I like the orange jumper one too. Gorgeous shot. Photography is my hobby/other obsession…I always have a HUGE, cumbersome, weighty camera to hand!

    Taking a photo in the early evening, with a touch of sunflare, as this one was, (most photographers love to shoot at this time of day) means the light is always soft. That shot is perfect in every way!

    Taking his jacket off in the video though…get me an ambulance!

    I miss him smiling and talking though…

    Can I say again – the last thread?! That was great. When I typed the original comment I wondered if anyone would bother…and my word, you did!!! So nice to learn more about you all! xxxxx

  5. Meh Says:

    @Catherine, yes nice to know who everyone is :)

    @Accv Yes, following on from your question on the last thred. I did my maters straight after my degree, I passed, but it was really really hard. The majority of people in my class were older than I was (21 then!) and they had already worked in PR and had jobs to return to. I really wish I had gone and worked in the industry a year or so and then done it so I had a better understanding. My partner has just completed his masters which he has done part time as well as working full time. So although I haven’t actually seen much of him (hiding behind his laptop) I think it has been a benifit as he has been able to do his dissertation to match what he is focusing on at work. Although I do think that maybe it helped me get my first job as they could get that I was a fast learner and had an undestanding of the industry.

    Absolutly you would be fine if you studied journalism. I didn’t do any kinda PR in my degree, the closest I got was marketing and journalism and found that the journo bit did help as you do have to work with a lot of journalists so having an understanding of what they need is defo a good thing. A lot of people I have worked with in PR started in journalism and then either found it hard to get a job or found that it paid really badly and so went into PR. In fact I think when they closed News of the World over here there was some stat somewhere that a lot of the journalists that lost their jobs went into starting their own PR firms. Basically, journalists are short on time and paid really badly, so they really appreciate a PR who understands their pressures and can deal with them and get them what they need quickly without any fuss.

    It is different for different firms, as you could be working with B2C clients or B2B clients, I also think PR is changing, but it hasn’t really worked out how. You may have to cold call a journalist you have never spoken to before to ‘sell in’ a client story, but hopefully, overtime you will build a relationship with that journalists (I hated having cold call, thankfully I dont have to do that anymore.) There is no sales involved, but sometimes a PR pitch to a journalist can come across as a little salesy but ultimatly they aren’t buying anything, you just want them to write and spend time telling your ‘story’ as it were.

    It can be tough if you work for a big agency as there will be a time that you have to work for a product or client that you don’t believe in. I had that at my last place, I hated it so much and it made me so misrable. In the end I left, but luckily I was able to use the excuse that I wanted to move in with my partner and so was looking for work closer to were he worked.

    Sorry for the essay!!!! But hope what I have said had helped somewhat Accv! My main advice would be to intern somewhere or get some work experience at a firm over the summer. I did so much work experience and interning before I landed my first job, I actually really liked the variety of it all, certainly kept it new and interesting. But this is the best way to find out if you are going to enjoy it and also test the waters to find out what size firm/sector etc you want to work with. If after a couple of months you don’t like it then at least on your CV it doesn’t look like you just ‘gave up’ it looks like you just fulfilled your internship/experience and decided that it wasn’t for you :)

  6. Magda Says:

    Hello, George

    I can not comment?
    What is the cause?
    It makes me upset :(


  7. George Says:

    @Magda, you should be able to comment now.

  8. chanda w. Says:

    That orange gets me everytime. Tay’s beautiful features just pop out, but I’m also enjoying the profile pic. So strong. I knew he’d get even cuter as he got older, those dark exotic looks are nothing to play with.

  9. Emily Says:

    I agree that the orange is my favorite—why does he not wear that color or red ever??? He looks so amazing in bright colors, but he sticks with the blacks and grays…..:( –not that he doesn’t look great in those, too… in point–the black-and-white profile picture is pretty close to perfect itself.

  10. Mystique Says:

    Ooooo! New pics!

    Omg…I’m so glad I’m able to get on here while at work. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms! Lol…… I’m in the process of moving (just started this past weekend) and so my internet and cable have all been shut OFF! :-/ I feel SOO disconnected with the rest of the world right about now lol…

    I’m so glad to come to this nice haven here while at work lol… ^_^

    @Meh, @Catherine, @Accv—YAY!!! So glad to see that I’m not the only one who writes “novels” on here rotfl! I can be pretty wordy at times too lol..

    @Catherine–Such a great game you came up with! :) It DOES make this board more “human”, especially since we can’t have avatars like on a message board.

    You’re into photography?? Cool! Me TOO!!! I’m like obsessed with photography. I do some on the side as well. So awesome! I’m sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous “getting to know you” post. I was typing really fast since I didn’t have a lot of time, so I didn’t put down everything I wanted to say I guess lol.

    These pics are just…..gorgeous. I especially LOVE B&W photos! Taylor looks AWESOME in them. One of my FAVORITE B&W photos of Taylor is this one right here… *swoon*

    Taylor just looks so YUUUMMMMMMY and sexy in that picture! ^_^ One of my faves!

    I love the orange jumper shot too :) Those pants…… #dead lol

    Chanda—I knew Taylor would be good-looking when he got older too lol. Sometimes you can just tell.

  11. marianne Says:

    I LOVE all these pics….l agree with Emily on the orange. We hardly ever see him in bright colors and it’s a nice change. He looks good in anything and even better without….oops, mind in the gutter.

    Catherine….Robsten fans have always claimed Taylor had preteen fans but your post showed that we are of all ages.

    Chanda…Mystique…I knew he was going to grow into his “cojones”(to coin a KStew phrase) and become a hottie too.

  12. accv Says:

    @Meh… no need to apologize for the “essay-ish” post. I post essays myself, only because I’m a talkative chick :p It’s so odd, actually… I’m not as articulate verbally but when it comes to writing, I get wordy. lol. I suppose it’s because I really have to think when I write stuff out as oppposed to speaking, I kinda lose my train of thought and being impulsive doesn’t help, so I’m not as clear when speaking. :p Anyhow, thank you so much for the info. I originally was a design major, but was encouraged to go a different route. I was told it’d be much easier to go into another field that is more flexible and once I realized that I certainly had a journalism background from high school, I was advised to go into that field instead and just minor in design. This way, I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my passion for design and I could strengthen my skills in writing. And after my experience designing/producing school newspapers, I realized I preferred the feel and aesthetics of magazines. That’s when it dawned on me that my father is a magazine hoarder :p Sorta. But we have magazines everywhere in the house so I put two and two together. I also used to receive Filipino entertainment magazines from relatives back in the Philippines and would sometimes purchase them at Filipino grocery/specialty stores. I came to love how smooth, glossy and colorful they were, so I thought… magazine layout, design and production! That’s what I want to do! But you’re right, jobs in the journalism field are pretty scarce. I suppose it’s because you need to have that special something or have extremely good connections… plus, I’m not like your average 26yo. You know the saying “women mature faster than men.” Welp. I believe I’m an exception to that saying. I could likely try my luck in Southern Cali or go to another state with publishing houses/media outlets, but I’m nowhere near ready to take that risk. I think that’s why my parents keep repeating that I should do something else in order to gain more work experience and get the ball rolling with income. They keep mentioning medical assisting or BTS medical stuff (office admin, etc.) or web design/developing or whatever else that involves technology/computer. They notice how much I’m on the computer, especially my Dad, so he keeps trying to get me to think about going into the previously mentioned. Perhaps I will. Don’t know just yet. But thank you for addressing my “concerns.” I have several friends who are in the PR field (graduates, entry-level PR people) and I just thought, since PR is under the same “roof” of journalism, then they’re related in some way or another. Although, I have to ask… is PR more of the marketing/salesy approach to communicating? Like, PR is public relations… and you know how celebrities have publicists. Are those the same? Like when I read about a star’s “PR agent,” would that be someone in the public relations field? Journalism… I believe is more recognized as a field that finds stories to communicate to the public as opposed to marketing/selling a product/brand to the public. Often, journalism is even considered the more honest field because of the “investigative research” and reporting involved. Anyhow, thanks for giving me some down-low. Very much appreciated :) And one last thing… where’d you complete your Master’s? And when you said “really, really hard”… how so? Just curious.

    RE: Taylor’s orange top… honestly, I think it’s hard to pull off orange. It’s such a bold color that you have to make sure it works with everything else you’re wearing. Then again, perhaps it depends on the tone of the color. But usually, orange is something that people kinda stray from wearing. It’s a hit or miss. He seems totally fine, so that says wonders about his versatility with fashion. Truthfully, if I wear anything orange, it’d be a blouse or accessory. I had an orange blouse… a hand-me-down, so still kinda loose on me. But it was a nicely styled blouse. Anyhow, orange is one of those individualist colors — does its own thang :p

    And I find it amusing that every time I read all your comments about how gorgeous he is, I always find it unnecessary for me to comment about his looks anymore because everything you ladies say, you take it right outta my mouth. :p Thanks for doing all the work for me! :p

  13. accv Says:

    @marianne… I wonder, he seemed clueless when Kristen mentioned “cojones” back then. He most likely was pretending or he really didn’t know… perhaps he knows now? :p His reaction was too funny though when she said that. Then again, process of elimination I guess. “Grow into” is basically saying “your goods have yet to bloom.” :p

  14. Mystique Says:

    Accv—By the way @Accv, I meant to say how sorry I am for your uncle’s tragic death which I read about in the previous thread! :-/ SO sorry to hear that! That sounds so unreal…almost like something you would read about or see in a movie or something. Smh….there are some real crazies out here in the world trying to do harm sometimes. :-(

    Btw, anyone know how long Tracers is filming? Or….at least filming in NYC? Anybody??

  15. marianne Says:

    Mystique…Taylor is suppose to be filming in Brooklyn, NY today. Apparently, he is wearing the coat of invisibility as there are no pics yet.

  16. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Thanks @Marianne! Lol @ “cloak of invisibility”!! ^_^ Yes indeed lol!

    Btw…..Oh, how much I would LOVE to see him play in a Super Hero movie! :)

  17. Mystique Says:

    Awww bummer….. Too bad not many people post here during the day. :( During work hours is the only time I have internet connection right now these days since my move. :-/

    *sigh* Oh well….gotta leave the office!

    Ttyl ladies!

    I guess I’ll be ready bright and early with my cup of tea tomorrow morning to read what transpired on here last night lol!!! ^_^

    #missingmywificonnection :-/

  18. Catherine Says:

    @mystique @marianne – it’s just popped up on twitter that they are filming in Brooklyn, but it’s a closed set. This was from OnLocationVacations, a reputable source, as far as I know. No invisibility cloak ;)

    @mystique…I’d keep you company, but it’s night time here now!!! The time difference is a pain! (I believe we’re 5 hrs ahead of New York). Nearly 11pm, so I’m logging off :)

  19. *Vickey* Says:

    Loooove these pictures. :)
    Marianne— I really believe he has a CO Invisibility. Haha.
    Mystique—- Yes!!! He’d be great as a super hero. I can see it now….
    accv—- You’re welome! :P ——> “doing all the work for you” and I think it was you who mentioned you majored Graphic Design. That’s really nice! What did you do with it? ^.^

  20. nicolefair Says:

    YAY! Its back up and I can get in on the fun. I already posted this at the .com site, but I know this is where everyone usually ends up. Johanna I answered your questions at the other site! You’re sweet to be interested, I’m so boring. Haha

    O. M. G. I’ve missed SO MUCH!!!!

    I’m really busy man and I HATE IT.

    Okay, quick blurb about me (btw thats so much fun, you guys lead facinating lives!)

    Okay I’m a 41 year old mom of 1 son, his name is Noland. I have another kid, but he’s just sort of adopted into the family he’s 15 and his name is Howard. Right now I’m a full time mom and caretaker for my aging parents. We all live as one big happy, slightly dysfunctional family here in Richmond VA. (US for those of you not in the states).

    I use to be a Mental Health Clinician. Meaning I worked very closely with people with varying mental health conditions (Bipolar, Scizophrenia, Intellectual Disabilities,Autisum etc) and I suppose I still am. I go around diagnosing people all the time (very annoying), but I no longer practice…at least not for now. I had a mini breakdown a couple years ago (job stress, blahblahblah) and decided the best thing I could do for myself was walk away from a job I seemed to love TOO much and was robbing me of alo of joy.

    Now I go to school full time in the fall and spring months, I help out at my sister’s consignment store (Bianca Flair), based here in Richmond. I bake TONS of cookies and make jewelry (sometimes, that’s a new thing). I love to cook, watch movies and read, I’m a total music snob and judge people horribly when it comes to thier music tastes. I love skeevy paranormal romance books, the sleazier the better and have been known to fake a stomachache so I can hide in the bathroom from the kids and read.

    I’m getting back into drawing. I use to love it and its just one of those things I let go of to “grow up”. I do it for myself and will probably take an art class in the fall because I’ve lost so much of what use to be really natural.

    And, that’s it. I can’t think of anything else right now. But this was cool guys.

    OH! And um, first really noticed Taylor in New Moon, like most of you. I usually like really subtle scenes and a favorite one of mine is when Bella comes to Jacobs house to deliver the bikes and he runs from the garage and swoops her into a big hug. He says “Where you been looka!”

    I just melt. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!! And it make me crave a hug from him ever since. I was an Edward girl back then and I was like…Mmm….yeah, I might have o switch sides. LOL

  21. nicolefair Says:

    Yup! Just read that they’re filming in Red Hook, which is an area in Brooklyn. HOOOOOO, my stomping grounds!!! Red Hook is a very urban area, lots of factories, train depots and general urban city life. Lots of TV shows based in New York use Red Hook because it looks amazing on film. Very gritty in a beautiful way. Love it

  22. Johanna Says:

    @Nicolefair u are not boring i would much rather have a conversation about books,movies, music, mental illnesses, and of course Taylor then talking about how drunk or stoned someone was the day before.
    Also i think its really wonderful wat u did for ur other son we need more ppl like u in the world.

    I also saw that Taylor was filiming in Brooklyn too maybe they are doing some indoor scenes

  23. Emily Says:

    nicolefair–When he runs and grabs Bella and hugs her–YES!! That’s one of my favorites, too. The look of pure delight on his face when he sees her is so precious….and the way he hugs—actually, the way he hugs her every time throughout the whole series—ughhhh….no wimpy, one-armed, half-hearted hug guys usually do–it’s two arms and he just melts into her and holds her so tight…. I think I would die a happy woman if I could have one of his hugs!!!

    And kudos to you for working in mental health–some years I feel like I do too, depending on the kids I have in my class….some of them have some really deep, psychological issues and other mental health conditions….I feel like a teacher/parent/counselor/psychiatrist all rolled into one. Working in any field with people is so emotionally draining and you can never really shut your mind off and “leave your work at work”….I understand why you had to get out…..

    I know we have already been spoiled beyond anything I was expecting with set pics, but, is it bad that I’m longing for some more?????

  24. chanda w Says:

    It’s is good to sorta know everyone a lil’ better. Kinda cool.
    I keep hearing that Tay is filming on a closed set now…………..and my mind is so one tracked when it comes to him. All I can think about is……….are they filming the love scenes yet…………lol…………..but really I’m gonna need to know that info Ha, ha. Week and a half and GUPS2 is here. Yes! So ready.
    So that black and white pic is part of the Bench ad or another shoot? Just wanna see him in the magazines already. His fine butt needs to be displayed everywhere.
    Guess I got spoiled on those daily set pics, now with a couple of days without them , it’s like ………I want more already.

    @Accv, sorry about your family member and your idol. I’d go loco if something happened to Tay……….he’s up there on the level with my fam/friends.
    @Mystique, try to stay connected as much as possible if u can. Good luck with your move.
    peace to all.

  25. chanda w Says:

    @Emily I didn’t see your post. I’m missing the set pics too. Think fans got kinda cocky. But u know with Tay we can’t take anything for granted. Cause he’ll go into “ninja mode’ quick. LOL…..luv that boy!!

  26. kia Says:

    Chanda- I think about the same thing. Everytime I here closed set I’m like love scene. LOL

  27. marianne Says:

    chanda w…kia…Great minds think alike….love scene!!

  28. Emily Says:

    Maybe they’ll wait and film the bedroom “fireworks” to coincide with the 4th of July! :)

  29. Meh Says:

    @Accv, If you love magazines, then you will defo like PR. You need a good knowledge of what would fit into what publication. With regards to you question. Not really, it depends! It’s so hard becuase it depends on what field/sector you work in and who your clients are. It can be, but I work for a lot of Business to Business clients now, it is kinda like being an online journalist as I supply copy and load it to the internal websites for the news pages of my clients website. Also, I don’t know what it is like in the US, but over here in the UK, there are less and less journalists as our economy is pretty rubbish at the moment. So I find that editors of some publications dont have any staff any more, so I end up having to write the articles for the publication on behalf of the editor becuase they don’t have a staff writer anymore! But Marketing and Sales are both very different to PR but at the same time, they all adopt the same kinda process…I know that makes no sence. PR is closer to Marketing and Advertising not so much sales, I have very little to do with sales. Like I said before, the only thing ‘salesy’ is having to ‘sell in’ a story to a journalist, but that is simply writing a press release, sending it over and if you get no reply, giving them a call to ask if they got it ok and if they needed any information. If they say they havent seen it you end up having to explain the press release…that’s kinda a verbal sales pitch of your release I guess!

    PR agent for a celeb is very different. I did it for a minor TV celeb over here in the UK at my last place. It is more make sure you team up with the PR team for say the product they are working with to make sure they don’t say or look stupid and chip in with giving them contact of who to send their releases too etc and helping setting up ‘PR’ meeting for them. Like the guy I worked for working in the helth industry and would do radio interviews saying ‘If you suffer from hayfever use this product’ and I would be responsible for helping become an endorser of the hayfever product say. And then if he had any merchandice say you would help do that, or if he was linked to a charity you would put out stuff about that… actually….it is kinda the same! …but different lol

    Basically, I am very secptic about what I read, becuase behind every journalist (unless it is breaking news/factual news etc) is a person in PR feeding them their stories. So yes, journalism does communicate to the public…and so does PR…through a journalist. It is knida a suttle way of marketing becuase PR may use ‘case studies’ they give these to the journalist to form their story and that case study will say ‘I used this, it worked’ and people reading might think ‘hey, they are jsut an average person like me and it worked for them’ – but this is only one of many aspects of PR.

    I did my Masters at a University that specilises in Media on the south coast of England. It is very renouned and if you study media you kinda wanna be at that uni. When I said I found it ‘really really hard’ its cos I went to a much smaller, personal Uni to do my degree and knew all the teachers really well, of course I was there for three years. I thought my Masters would be like another year of Uni when I did my degree, but it wasn’t, it was like the last two years all squeezed into one year. Its just a lot of hard work, and have a lot going on at the same time and the teachers are far more ‘take a step back’ appraoch. I guess that is why people say ‘I am reading for a masters…’ as there is a lot of THAT!

    SORRY! Written another essay! Just tryin to help! PR sometimes has a bit of a negative rep, but I think that is cos ppl dont reallt understand what PR is. And it is SO wide, it isn’t all press releases and being nice to journos :)

  30. Catherine Says:

    @vickey @nicolefair @accv @meh…and everyone else…people are still getting involved in the ‘getting to know each other’ thing! Great! I still can’t get over what a mixed bunch we are! When Firereign mentioned Tracers being aimed at an older audience…well, they’re making the right move, given what I’ve read on the last thread or so!

    No easily startled preteens here, bring on the NC-17 rated movie ;)

    (@Mystique – I’m never parted from my camera. Maybe one day I’ll post a link to my photography site, but I’m not feeling that brave right now!!!!!!!)

    Oh oh oh! Another random fave moment – when he punches the truck in New Moon. A taste of what he’ll be like in Tracers, maybe? All mad and angry, in a close fitting tshirt?!

    Alone in the office today, with boring admin to do. Not that you’d guess ;)

  31. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—Lol…yeah too bad there’s such a time difference here. It’s about 10:45am here…so I assume it’s about 3:45 over your way?? I’ll have to remember that lol….5 hours ahead of us. ^_^

    *Vickey*—Yes! Bring on the cape for Taylor! Cape and tight rotfl….. Hey, I wouldn’t mind! *blush*

    Kia, Marianne, Emily—Omg….I almost FORGOT about the “love scene”! Dun dun dun…..LOL! ^_^ Lol @Emily and your comment about the fireworks in the bedroom coinciding with the 4th of July fireworks! LOL!!! Hilarious! Haha…

    Gosh…I’m like sitting over here in a corner rocking back and forth because it’s finally HIT me that he might actually film a love scene! O_o Aaaaaack! *freaking out* I don’t know if I’d be able to handle seeing Taylor in a love scene on screen! O_O OMG!

    *fans self* Gotta get prepared lol…. *rocking in a corner back and forth*

  32. Mystique Says:

    Catherine–Btw…I’m here at work doing a bunch of boring stressful Admin work as well…so feel free to post if you get bored! I’ll be checking this site periodically throughout the day….as always lol. ;)

  33. marianne Says:

    Apparently, Taylor is in the Cine Magic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn today. Hope there’s lots of “loving” going on in that studio!

  34. Emily Says:

    Catherine–You and I must have very similar thought patterns—I also LOVE it when he slams the door/hits the truck in New Moon—-also when he throws the wrench across the garage so hard in Eclipse–what is it about “angry Taylor” that is so HOT??????

    Mystique–I can’t think about a love scene too much, I just CAN’T……….if they actually shoot one and it is in the movie, I don’t know how I’ll be able to get through it….the train kissing in Abduction and the stripping in BD2 were just about too much for me to handle….maybe I can sit in the very back corner seat of the theater so I can rock myself back and forth when I start majorly freaking out!!!!

  35. Meh Says:

    IS THIS REAL?! – ?!?!?!

  36. Johanna Says:

    @Meh i saw that yesterday and im not sure if its real and to be honest i dont even noe wat the top pic is! wat is that?!?!

  37. Meh Says:

    @Johanna – no idea? want to say tummy or back maybe? the left part looks like underwear…

  38. Emily Says:

    I really don’t think that’s real….I saw those pics mixed in with a collage of pics from Tracers that were made by a fan….I’ve also seen those before on other things, before Tracers ever started filming. The top pic is some guy licking what looks to be a girl’s back (or front)–hard to tell.

  39. Emily Says:

    Here’s where I saw those most recently:

    See–made by a fan………..anyway, I doubt we’ll be getting any pics from indoors filming, since there are no paparazzi or fans looking on……….

  40. Johanna Says:

    @Meh @Emily it is probably a fan made pic
    have you guys seen this it is soooooo funny

  41. Meh Says:

    I didn’t think they could be real but then I like doubted myself and was about to like fall over and have a fit of some sort at the possibility that it could be real….

  42. Mystique Says:

    NicoleFair—Ohhh….Jacob tells Bella “where you been looka”?? I thought he asked: “where you been loca”? As in….the spanish word for crazy…lol

    Emily—I LOVED the door slam scene in NM too! ^_^

    Lol…@Emily I think you and I are going to need some type of moral support if a love scene DOES make it to the final cut in the film “Tracers” lol! I already know I won’t be able to handle it! Which is weird, because I watch cute guys doing love scenes all the time! O_o But something about watching TAYLOR do one is just……like…..OVERload for me I think lol! ^_^

    Like you, I could BARELY handle the kiss scene in “Abuduction”! LOL!

  43. Emily Says:

    Johanna- That WAS really funny. Here’s one for New Moon–I liked it even better :)

    Mystique–Yeah, we’ll have to get each other through it, whenever it happens….I’m sure it will be glorious though…..normally, love scenes don’t really affect me that much either, but, like you said, when it’s him doing it…..I don’t know–it’s just DIFFERENT……

  44. kia Says:

    Meh..Joanna..Emily-That Manip is from the 30secondof Mars video.

    Emily,Mystique,Marianne- Seriously when he lift Lily up like that in that scene! I swear I couldn’t take.
    If there is a love scene,I think the studio should put out an emergency warning lable before the scene happen.

  45. accv Says:

    Oh wow.. thanks @meh for the essay-ish answers. Quite thorough, me likey :)

    Anyhow, that manipulation… almost gave me a heart attack. :p But for some reason, I dunno… I feel like it’s still a bit much for Taylor? Or… maybe it’s a bit much for me still. :p I’m also sure Abduction’s was tamed down for the sake of his parents, too. Just speculating. :p I suppose, when a steamy scene happens in Tracers, and they go the bolder route by having some clothes off… that the scenes will be edited in a way where it’s cuts rather than a full-on love scene. Like, you’ll see naked parts of their bodies but clothes will still be on to cover the privates? You’ll just see shots of his back maybe? Or shots of her tummy? *shrugs* Yah, I’ll admit, I don’t know if I can handle seeing him do a full-on love scene yet. I know he’s already 21, but there’s just something about him that I can’t see him doing one JUST yet. Maybe when he’s 25? :p

    RE: the Abduction love scene with Lily… I think I already died when he grabbed her butt before lifting her. I was totally taken aback by that. Like, was that really Taylor grabbing a girl’s butt? :p He’s just such a wholesome personality that even him acting in order to grab a girl’s butt was crazy. I mean, awesome for him, for showing that range… but my eyes were like… “Is he about to grab her butt?? OMG… he is!” And I gotta say… Lily’s got quite a butt herself. Considering she’s already petite… her butt shape isn’t bad. :p Besides, if you’ve got a petite frame like hers, you wouldn’t want your butt sticking out too much. I think it’s just right for her, though.

    RE: New Moon Jake scenes… haha, I loved his angsty scenes as well. His hotness amped up when he got angry.

    @Mystique @nicolefair… that line, I have to admit, came off a bit funny only because he added that “loca” part. I was like, really guys… LOCA? :p And I guess I can understand why you thought it was “looka” rather than the Spanish word for crazy :p

    Also, that scene in Eclipse where Popsicle Stick drops Bella off to Jake’s car and when she walks over to him after that gag-tastic thing they called a kiss, he says, “Hey there beautiful”… I melted inside — especially with the way he looked at her when he said it. It was so sweet and swoon-worthy and I basically wanted to throw my cellphone at her face when she tried to get out of his super tight hug for Popsicle Stick’s sake. *eye roll*

    And did anyone have this urge to say, “He doesn’t need one like you do,” after Edward sarcastically said, “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” :p I was like… psh… don’t hate because you can’t pull off your “birthday suit.” :p! If not, it’s ok… I’ll bask in my own Eddie insults :p Kidding.

  46. accv Says:

    @Emily… considering that part with the underwear is lifted in an arc… it seems to be the shape of a butt. So that’d mean… the rest of it is some girl’s backside. And I see a concave there which could indicate her spine? Not sure there can be a concave on a girl’s front-side, even if she has a taut tummy. But perhaps I’m wrong. Then again, it’s been said to be stills from a 30secs to Mars vid… so those images just became irrelevant :p

  47. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Yea I know what you mean! Part of me isn’t ready to see Taylor in a FULL-blown love scene just yet. Idk…..I think 25 would be perfect though! It’s not that I DON’T want to see it lol…it’s that I don’t think I’d be able to handle it! Like I said already, I couldn’t handle the Abuduction train scene….how would I be able to handle a full on love scene? O_o

    Plus, like you mentioned…something about Taylor already seems so wholesome and NICE…it would just be so SHOCKING to see him in THAT type of scene. I already mentioned on here that I struggle with the good/bad side of Taylor ALL the time lol! It’s almost like he has a bad-boy twin brother or something lol! One’s the good twin, the other is the EVIL “bad-boy” twin lol!

    hahaha! ^_^

  48. Nicole Says:

    Okay I only have a minute, in the middle of a remodel and I’m about to go insane. Regarding the ‘looka/loca’ thing. I just watched new moon again yesterday because I just wanted to see taylor in action and I still hear “looka”. It’s a term of endearment I hear often because my dad says it all the time. “Your Mom’s a looka” blahblahblah. He’s pretty cute that way. Also guys say it all the time “What’s up looka” it basically means pretty. So it fit for Jacob crushing on Bella.

    Now, the love scene. Sigh….girls… body is READY!!!!!

    I could live with some taylor thrusting in my live.

    *runs to hide in the pervy corner*

  49. Meh Says:

    Lol at Nicole ‘I could live with Taylor thrusting in my life’ ! Haha yup

  50. Johanna Says:

    @Nicole dont worry i live in pervy corner ;P

  51. accv Says:

    @Vickey… hey! sorry… i got lost in the posts and forgot to answer your question. i actually minored in design, but majored in journalism. and i developed a brand for myself as a project for one of my classes the year i graduated. so i freelance with that brand — have had several “projects” since graduating. moreso with family. i just did a logo for this start-up magazine’s editor-in-chief’s company. its the parent company of the magazine which i was recruited to last summer as design and beauty editor… remote positions. i designed the brand for the magazine alongside the corresponding website interface. so we’ll see how that goes.

  52. accv Says:

    just a random question, ladies. would it be easier to keep addressing me as “accv” (my initials) or by my nickname “ac” (or aicee)? either, or is fine by me… just wondering if using my initials gets confusing. ’tis all! :p

  53. accv Says:

    Oh @Mystique… thank you for the condolences :) It certainly was surreal. Naturally, I’d never want to experience that again… especially all the theatrical-like emotions that went down (and I’m not exaggerating), but anything can happen. We even had a DVD of the day we buried him. Just like watching a soap opera episode unfold. Crazy. *sigh* Those types of deaths, to me, are the most painful… harder to move on from. It happened 2008 and it’s already 2013. In fact, 2013 is already a little over halfway over. Time freakin’ flies. And the pain has subsided but still digs deep.

  54. Magda Says:


    OK, I understand
    Thanks for your reply
    Greetings :)