Grown Ups 2 (2013)
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Release Date: July 12th, 2013 - Trailer
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I’ve uploaded 2 new stills from Taylor Lautner‘s upcoming movie “Grown Ups 2,” which hits theaters this Friday, July 12th! Enjoy!

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35 Responses to “New ‘Grown Ups 2′ Stills”

  1. Emily Says:

    Catherine–I’ve stayed up late to watch Adam Sandler on Jimmy Fallon. It’s 1:20 AM here right now–I wish he came on earlier…..I can’t always tell when Adam is serious and when he is joking. I think this was just a joke, but I’m not sure. Anyway, the very first story he started telling was about his mom. He said that she kept telling him “You better not give that Taylor Lautner a ticket to the premiere.” She kept saying it and he asked why and said he was great, etc. Then she said, “If he doesn’t have a chair, he can sit on my face!” There was a little bit more to it, but I just CAN’T type it on here. He was actually pretty crude during most of the interview–the side of him I don’t really enjoy. I’m sure you can see it on Jimmy Fallon’s site tomorrow. I just checked and it’s not on there yet.

  2. Logan Says:

    @ Johanna, Thank you thank you thank you for being ON TOP of all the – to die for- pics of our sweetheart!
    I was tossing and turning at first just knowing I would be missing all the action. I was about to get up and sneak downstairs just to have a peak. But then again I knew I could trust you lovely ladies and superman George to not miss a single thing. THANK YOU ALL

  3. Logan Says:

    It’s kind off funny but from my POV this premier seemed to be all about Taylor….with him flying across the country and everything. I mean it was ‘ just a cameo ‘….
    @ Emily, Maybe that’s why Adam was upset ( with even his own mother going on about Taylor )

  4. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor is getting the attention he deserves, and some people just do not like that.

  5. Meh Says:

    I wake up and look what’s happened while I’ve been sleeping! Good job George!

    I don’t know where to post? *walks around lost and confused*

    Tay is looking mighty fine, it’s actually made me feel a little depressed. I know that sounds like the most stupid thing ever, but I have finally had Taylor over load (like when you eat to much and are sick and feel really bad kinda overload) I’m kinda sad because I’m a very determind person, I work hard to get what I want the other side, and always achieve what I set out to do….but he is one thing that I want and will never ever ever have…and it’s horrible. I know that’s a really spoiled thing to say….

    There, all go think Im mental or summit. I think I need to step away from this site for a bit, my fiancé had ago at me yesterday for spending too much time on my iPad

  6. Logan Says:

    @ Meh, I hear you. Woke up at 7 grabbed the pad and the next hour I spent going from this site to youtube etc etc. OVERLOAD…. But in a good way. My hubby cannot complain because he’s an candy crush, word feud addict.

  7. Catherine Says:

    Aw, @Meh. Don’t feel bad! There are far, far worse vices! I agree this is addictive – it’s turned into a lovely chat-site as much as a fan site. @Logan – my husband works horrendously long hours, and I have a job where I’m left unattended with a computer, pretty much all day. My colleagues are sport/music obsessives, they ‘get’ my weakness for movie stuff. As long as I wade through my work, I can check the sites I like – this, twitter and sometimes tumblr.

    Anyway, nice new pics. Now I want a proper interview!

  8. Johanna Says:

    @Logan ur welcome

    here another vid taylor is towards the end

    u guys are right sweaty Taylor is good Taylor

  9. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for the recap of Jimmy Fallon’s show! I dont’ like the crude side of Adam either smh…but maybe he felt a little more “free” since Fallon’s show comes on so late. Idk… I think his “mother story” was probably just a joke rotfl!

    Logan—Lol…I’m not surprised that the premiere focused a lot on Taylor. I don’t want Taylor to be the MAIN draw (don’t want another “accusing Taylor of box office failings” incident smh), but at the same time, I’m not surprised that he IS one of the main draws to this movie. Isn’t Shaq also a “cameo”? He was also at the premiere. I’m surprised I didn’t see more pics of Patrick S. This would be the time fo rhim to get his name and face out there.

    Also, don’t worry @Logan….Taylor didn’t need to “fly across the country” for the premiere. The premiere was in NYC, so Taylor was already in NYC for “Tracers” filming! ^_^

    Will they do an LA premiere too though? If so, I wonder if Taylor WILL fly out for that?? Just curious….

    @Meh—Awwww…girlie, don’t feel depressed! Taylor should make you feel happy! ^_^ I know how discouraging it may feel…. but don’t get sad. :-/ Idk where you’re located, but I always say….where there’s a will there’s a way! Just keep the faith that one day you WILL meet him in person! ^_^ This site is such a great resource too… Filming and premiere info is on here galore! It’s one of the best fansites on the net imo. Thanks again @George! :)

  10. Logan Says:

    Mmmmmmm sweaty Taylor reminds me of these lyrics: ” you bring the body and I’ ll bring the heat ” ( East17 – Steam )

  11. Johanna Says:

    god i just want to bury my face in his neck and mark him as mine :)

  12. Logan Says:

    @ Mystique, sorry my bad. Where did I get the idea it was in LA?
    And I’m loving this look on Taylor sweaty and hairy but not dirty, it gives him an edge and adds to his age.
    Even though he is sweatin’ I’m sure he smells delicious…..
    Sweet that he still wears those shoes

  13. Emily Says:


  14. Mystique Says:

    JOHANNA—-OMGGGGGG….that “sweaty interview”…..WOW!!! O_O Why are sooooo many GM thoughts running through my head right now?? :-/ #puretorture

    Oh MAAAAN! Will he STOP being so sexxxxxy!!?!??!??!?! SMH Just STOP it! I can’t take it any longer…. :-/

    Btw…I LOVE that area by his clavicle…lol… I’m weird…I know… but I’ve always found that part of him really hot…. ^_^

    @Logan—’s cool…It’s hard to keep up with all of the premiere locations haha..

    Btw..I see the “dirty shoes” are back lol! I call them the “dirty shoes” (even though they’re probably “vintage” shoes that are made to look like that on purpose), because he used to always wear them lol! They always look worn lol…

  15. Emily Says:

    Maybe some of us have read too many “Jacob and his inner-wolf” fan fiction stories–maybe those have caused us to become preoccupied with his neck area and his smell. :)

    I like that he loves his “dirty shoes” and wears them all the time. It shows he’s not pretentious.

  16. Logan Says:

    OMG @ Mystique, I just scrolled back a couple of threads and all of sudden BAM
    That close – and I mean close – up of Taylor just had me licking my ipad. Those lips are unreal!

  17. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique u are not weird i have always found a guys neck really attractive its actually one of the things i first notice and Taylor’s is just__________ well u guys can fill in the blank

  18. Johanna Says:

    on set today

  19. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Thanks for that update Em! Something told me to watch Fallon, but just ended up watching a movie. Haha. :)
    Yeah I believe it was a joke. Lol. I agree with Mystique, I’m guessing since Jimmy Fallon is a bit crude himself (not entirely or too much) and that fact the show is on pretty late, he felt it was okay to make that kind of joke. IDK sometimes Adam has a very very convincing voice when he’s telling a joke that it’s very difficult to tell. Lol. I’ve had that moment with him several times, but if his mother did say that, she does not hold back. Lol God, I can only imagine Taylor’s face had he heard that?

    Johanna- Is that our new slogan? “A sweaty Taylor is a good Taylor” LOL

    George— You never cease to spoil us! :)
    Thanks for getting all of these photos, etc! And dude, following you on Twitter is the best thing I could’ve done a while back! Haha. Seeing your freak out about his arrival on my TL was perfect! Lol.

    Mystique– Haha, I love those shoes, they probably are made to look that way on purpose. Which brings me to the topic of fashion in general, like the jackets that have the patched elbows already on them. xP

  20. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks Johanna. :)
    You know that must be great, although he has a set wardrobe for this film, it just looks so comfy! Sweats, vnecks, sneakers..

  21. firereign Says:

    they are vintage style shoes & stylist feels the look is notched up a bit more than just wearing Nikes (men’s loafer/moccasins don’t quite do it either) – and it’s memorable (you associate them with him).
    advise you to skip reviews – T used this as a stepping stone to illustrating he’s more than just someone roaming the beach in Forks….it’s a movie to make $$$ and with Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade (add in Selma as a counterpoint with her sanity & looks) the previous Grown Ups and “frat boy antics” who needs a reviewer to pontificate on content….it’s a given…..raunch, mayhem, and a non twi demographic that T wants to get to “see” him (for you here – it’s all T – which will bring a non typical audience for this type of movie & add to the audience base). Taylor fits well with the comedic cast for he is know off screen to have a wicked sense of humor and also being a cameo at least where he is concerned he will/should not be the focus of a totally raw crude raunch stand-up comedian late night blow out (same for all the other young guys……never hurts to show you’re a “guy” too -and if you’re going to act moronic what”s better than doing it in a “movie”)

    Ref: Jimmy Fallon – yup, with the successes of the Hangover, Bridesmaids & &other R rated movie comedies expect more & the “bar” to be lowered more & more. no – his (Adam) mom certainly didn’t say those things – but the fact that he used mom as a prop shows in the comedy world nothing is sacred (not even mom) & yes even watching the tv you could feel the shock value of the tittering but mosly uncomfortably quiet audience reaction to linking T (who has a rather wholesome young image from previous appearances on Fallon) with his (Sandler’s) mom’s nether regions – and an act that bill clinton described as “not sex”……times are a-changing (and some parents have added in my opinion a new twist to exploitation for profit)….anyone see Willow Smith’s new music video (and she’s 12).

  22. Johanna Says:

    here are more pics of him on set

    also check out tl-life live journal
    BTW Marie just said on her twitter that she will be at Comic-con next weekend i think its for her new show “100” maybe she will talk about tracers

    @Vickey that should be our slogan :)

    Okay ladies i now have to go to work now :( and i wont be able to check stuff til 9 tonight but i will come on wen i have the chance so keep me posted

  23. Emily Says:

    firereign–Yeah, I’ll admit, I was a little shocked and uncomfortable with what Adam said about Taylor and his mom. I was 99% sure it was a joke, but I didn’t think it was funny. I also noticed the audience didn’t laugh very much. THAT’S the Adam Sandler I have never cared for–the crude, juvenile, gross guy who’s never grown up….but, he’s made millions off of that persona.

    Now, granted, we say all sorts of “things” on here that could border on the raunchy side, but, somehow it’s different than saying them to a live audience on national TV, especially after all the nice things he’s said about him during all this promo….I just think it was a joke that he thought would be hilarious, but not many others did. It wasn’t just his Taylor reference–everything else he talked about had a crude bent to it. Anyway, I’m not planning on reading any reviews–I am going to see this for Taylor and Taylor only and I hope it broadens his appeal to more moviegoers. I’m sure he didn’t lose any sleep over what was said, so I’m not going to worry about it.

    Here’s the link to that part of the show if anyone else wants to hear and make your own conclusions:

    RE: the Smith kids–No offense to anyone who may like them, but, to me, they give off an air of defiance and thinking they are better than others and their parents seem to support that… a 12 year old girl singing about a “summer fling” is just sad to me.

    I wish we could see more of Taylor’s “wicked sense of humor.” :)

  24. Catherine Says:

    Am I right in hearing that Marie has broken her ankle? Eeeeek, that could be a problem. But cue ‘gentlemanly Taylor’ helping her out and making us all melt/howl in frustration/weep ;)

  25. Emily Says:

    Oh no! I hope she’s OK.

  26. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna- I can definitely see her getting asked questions about Tracers. :)

    Catherine— Really? Awe man that sucks, hope it’s not as bad as it seems.

    Emily— I feel the same way, IDK Willo just grew up entirely too fast for me. Like she shaved her head and all these other things. Eh. I love Will and Jada though, but I completely agree with you about them.

    firereign and Emily— Yeah, I just watched and the audience didn’t seem to impress with that joke! Lol. I wonder if he beat himself up about it during commercial break. smh. I agree with you most of the stand specials I see nothing is off limits and something is sacred anymore. I like Adam, but that crude joke was the line for me I guess.

  27. Evelyn Says:

    You know, I actually love Tay’s sense of humor. He is pretty funny when he is being a meanie, but a hot and sweet meanie. lol. I think he the potential to do any film genre roll, and really broaden his horizons as an actor.

    Also my mother approves of Taylor, and she never likes the guys that I like. lmao.

  28. Mystique Says:

    *Vickey*—-“A sweaty Taylor is a good Taylor” …..I love IT! That’s a cool new slogan lol heehee!

    It’s so RARE that I see a picture of him “sweaty”…..I was beginning to think he didn’t have any sweat glands lol! He’s always so cool, calm, and collected during interviews.

  29. Evelyn Says:

    Also, I am fully grown, but my mom still approves anyways.

  30. Mystique Says:

    @Emily—-WHOAHHHHH……I just saw the Jimmy Fallon clip you posted. WOW… O_O Okay, now when I view it, Adam’s “joke” takes on a WHOLE different meaning. :(

    Ummmm…yeeeeeaaaaa….that was actually pretty crude. :-/ Maybe I’m just being a little “over protective”, but that joke went a bit far. The “sitting on my face” part was okay I guess…but when he started talking about “downtown” I was like: O_O Uhhhhhh……. Smh…. :-/ I didn’t find that last part funny at all.

    I think even Jimmy Fallon felt like the joke went a little too far lol. Look at Jimmy’s face at Minute 1:59 and Minute 2:20!!! ROTFL! I think he was trying to subtly change the topic or something. He almost looked a little uncomfortable. I think even the audience was okay with the FIRST joke, but when it kept getting more and more vulgar they were like…. “Ummmmm……” :(

    Wonder why Adam would joke about his co-star like that? :-/

  31. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–Nice new set pics! ^_^ I like seeing him barefoot lol….

    We never got HALF of these set pics when Twilight was filming!

  32. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Jimmy was actually covering his face at one point, in what looked like sort of embarrassment, but he idolizes Adam so much, he probably couldn’t do much….

    Evelyn–My mom approves of him, too, but she does ask my pretty often, “You DO realize how old you are and how old he is don’t you?”…… :)

  33. Evelyn Says:

    My mom never asked that age question. Besides, I am really not that much older, and Taylor’s very mature for his age. So. . .

  34. Evelyn Says:

    Alrighty, I am off to see GU2! It starts a day early here. :)

  35. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn–YAY @Evelyn!! You’re so fortunate! Enjoy the movie! Make sure to pack a bib for your Taylor drooling! :)

    I can’t wait to read what u thought of the movie… :)