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Check out candid photos of Taylor Lautner shooting a robbery scene for “Tracers” in New York earlier today (July 10th).
Update: HQ photos added

Medium Quality

High Quality

Gallery Links:
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – July 10th
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – July 10th [HQ]

55 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Shoots Robbery Scene in New York”

  1. marianne Says:

    Thanks for the new pics George. I think we were all getting a little dizzy on the other thread.

    When I first saw the mask, weapons, committing a crime, I thought prison time?? Love the pic of him sitting on the bench fixing his sleeve. I’m excited for the NY premiere and more pics!!! So greedy….

    Glad to see so many fans now posting.

  2. Meh Says:

    Loving the long floppy bed hair. He’s looking so fine in these pics….still don’t like the mask though…

  3. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique – I’d just replied to you on the last thread!

    Right, nearly 10pm here. I have an early start and I’ve been in this damn laptop for HOURS flipping between work and fun stuff. Time for bed…looking forward to seeing what comes up on here overnight :)

  4. Mystique Says:

    Meh—I’m loving the floopy hair look also! It’s so messy and dissheveled lol. It makes me wonder what he was doing beforehand that caused him to have such messy hair like that lol….. *naughty* Haha….. :-P

    The mask is….different… but it doesn’t creep me out or anything. Even with the mask on, you can definitely tell that he has nice features underneath. :)

    Btw, is it just me…or doesn’t the mask REALLY accentuate his lips?? ^_^ Lol…..I just stopped and stared at his lips with that mask on lol!

    I never really noticed them too much before… Hmmmm…….!!! *blush*

  5. Evelyn Says:

    LMAO He looks insanely sexy in that mask. And, Mystique, it does seem to accentuate his lips.

  6. kia Says:

    Thanks George!!

    Marianne- I know what you mean.That’s why I waited for a new thread to post a comment.

    Taylor being all Bada@#! I love it! His hair,I just wanna run my fingers through it..

    GU2 NYC premiere starts a 7pm est. got my fingers crossed that he’ll be there.

  7. kia Says:

    Mystique- Lips ,Lips ,Lips I wanna kiss those LIPS! That mask is making the gutterness return. Sorry can’t help it!

  8. Johanna Says:

    awww my fav is the one were he is sitting down i just want to go to him grab his face and kiss him.

    if u go on tl-life live journal u can see more pics og him on top of a building about to jump off looks kinda scary

    Thanks George :)

  9. *Vickey* Says:

    Yes being spoiled once again. ^.^ Thanks for posting Georgie!

    Marianne— I agree, IDK what it is, but I really like the photo of him fixing his sleeves on the bench as well. Maybe because its so simple? I also love the ones of him jumping out of the van, makes me that much more excited for the film. Ooh especially the one where they’re jumping on the back of the 18 wheeler. *nods*

    Kia— The hair!! Love it! And I agree the gutterness returns. Lol.

    God, I bet he had so much fun shooting a robbery scene! I think it would be fun! Haha.

  10. Emily Says:

    Mystique–YOU HAVE NEVER REALLY NOTICED HIS LIPS???????????????ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????? They.are.perfect.

    Sorry, I just think they are one of his best features and I hone in on them in just about every picture (if his neck isn’t showing). Kind of spazzed out on you there…..I am such a freak today!

    I have to go look at all of these pictures now.

    I think we still need to get to 300 on the last thread. It would be a milestone for us!

  11. Johanna Says:

    more pics

  12. Emily Says:

    Sigh……I just looked at all the pictures. He’s just………..I can’t………………..

    The one where he’s on the bench…………..don’t know why that one’s so,, ugh…………….I had a different reaction than wanting to grab his face, but, now knowing there is the slightest chance he may see it, I can’t bring myself to type it…………..same goes for that one with the crazy hair–I have a perfect caption to go with it, but I can’t say it now…..

  13. chanda w. Says:

    Tay’s sexy ass, trying to be a bad boy……it’s working!! Daily Mail came through …again…….the best pics. i notice Tay’s lips all the time…… I imagine them all over my body…….lol.

  14. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Thanks–the one working on the car!!!!!!!!!11 Eeeeepppp!!!! He’s all sweaty AND you can see his dimple…..GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, the one where he’s reading—I don’t know why, but I LOVE it!!!!!!!

  15. Emily Says:

    First picture. Just look of the profile–and not of his face.

  16. chanda w. Says:

    Let’s finish off the thread that is almost at 300. I didn’t finish reading all the comments yet , anyway.
    There’s a pic of Tay working on a car? Where?

  17. Emily Says:

    On Johanna’s facebook link right above.

  18. Johanna Says:

    guys im sorry but i havent found any site that i streaming the premier live put apprenelty Taylor has confirmed to go so i will post any pics that i see on twitter

  19. marianne Says:

    Johanna…Thanks for the link to those pics. Strange the one working on the car and the reading one didn’t show on any tumblrs.

    Emily….I’ll say it “dat a**”!!!!

  20. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna— Oh okay! Thanks for the updates! :)

  21. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Love those photos! Taylor is definitely not afraid of heights, all of the stuff he’s doing! Haha.

  22. Johanna Says:

    TAYLOR MADE IT!!!!!!

  23. Johanna Says:

    since we reached 300 on the last one another pic

  24. Johanna Says:

  25. Johanna Says:

  26. Johanna Says:

  27. Johanna Says:

  28. Johanna Says:

    another cast photo

  29. Johanna Says:

  30. kia Says:

    Aww Thanks Joanna! That last instagram pic you post. THUD…

  31. Johanna Says:

    Heres another one for u Kia

  32. Emily Says:

    The commenter under that last pic–“You are touching faces with Taylor Lautner. YOU ARE TOUCHING FACES WITH TAYLOR LAUTNER!!” LOL

    Johanna–Is smoke coming out of your computer? You are on top of it girl!!

  33. Emily Says:

    Well, picture #29.

  34. Johanna Says:

    @Emily lol at ur comment but yeah Taylo’s hotness is overwhelming my hard drive

  35. Johanna Says:

    *Taylor not Taylo

  36. marianne Says:

    Johanna…Thanks for all the pics! It’s so nice seeing him with a different cast…no Robsten drama. Although, I did see some girl hashtagged her pic with “still TeamEdward”. It’s a good thing you can’t punch people through your computer.

  37. George Says:

    @Johanna, thanks for the photos! Hopefully we get better quality ones soon!

  38. Johanna Says:

    He eyes its like he can see into ur soul

  39. Emily Says:

    All these lucky biotches!! I’m so jealous!

  40. Johanna Says:

    LORD JESUS JUST DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Johanna Says:

    GO HERE NOW!!!!!!

  42. kia Says:

    Joanna..thanks for all the pics you’ve been posting!! (^-^)

    Emily..IKR!!! I envy each of them right now. Sigh I guess I’ll go cry in the corner right now.

  43. kia Says:

    ASDFGHJKL!! Taylor & Ashanti in one picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t! THANK YOU JOANNA!

  44. Johanna Says:

    on set

  45. Emily Says:

    Those premiere pictures………………the tight jeans, the leather jacket, the bluish-grayish v-neck (I’ve missed you, my friend) that perfectly frames his perfect upper chest and perfect neck, the bluish background that makes his skin (and lips, Mystique! :) ) just pop………………..I think I’m going to go fling myself on my bed and thrash around in frustration that such a beautiful creature exists on this planet and everyone else is getting to meet him and I’m not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I signed up for Fanfiction just for you, and I THINK I am now “following” your story. :)

  47. Mystique Says:

    Kia—lol….maybe we should just admit to ourselves that ANYTHING about Taylor makes the “gutterness” return rotfl!

    Johanna, Vickey—I agree…I really like the “bench shot” too. :) I think it’s because it’s so simple. He can make even the most simple of things look so hot lol.

    Emily—ROTFL @ your reaction!!! LOL! :-D No, to tell you the truth I’ve never really paid THAT much attention to Taylor’s lips all that much! Which is weird because I think his smile is his best feature lol. NOW you’re going to have me looking at his lips more often from now on haha!

    Oh, and I LOVE his neck area too by the way!! ^_^ It’s the clavicle area that I love so much…. *sigh* :)

    Btw….nice “side profile” that he has. But then again….we already knew that lol! ;-)

  48. Mystique Says:

    Emily—LOL @ you thrashing around in frustration lol! LOL!!!!! I feel your pain girl… :)

    I SO wish I were there at that premiere!!! :-/ It’s in NYC for goodness sakes! Soooo close….yet so far….. :(

    Oh and CONGRATS @Emily for creating a account! Yay!!! ^_^ I think you’ll enjoy it. More perks….. lol…. ;) Thanks for “following” my story! :-D

  49. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Make sure to pay attention to those lips from now on–you’ll see what I mean. ;)
    Yeah, his clavicle area–I’ve never cared about it on anyone else, but his should have a permanent spotlight on it at all times!

    BTW, off topic– I know you’re in the middle of moving and really busy, but you must, at some point soon, watch the A & E version of “Pride and Prejudice” with Colin Firth. I PROMISE you will not be sorry. I was watching some of it last night and thought of you.

  50. *Vickey* Says:

    Johanna— You were really on top of things!!! Thank you girl! :D

    Kia— I just saw that! As soon as I saw your comment, I had to search for the picture! Haha. I’ve always been a fan of Ashanti! I love her! :)

    Emily— That description you gave of Taylor at the premiere killed me! ” thrash around in frustration that such a beautiful creature exists on this planet and everyone else is getting to meet him and I’m not!!” <—— ME TOO! Had the same reaction last night while sitting in my bed! Lol. I'm saying, we should still take a group trip to visit Taylor at some event!

    Marianne– *about punching people through the pc* Tell me about it! Haha. Its a good thing that doesn't exist.

  51. accv Says:

    I’m writhing in pain and wanting to cry so bad he’s so gorgeous. And OMG, saw the picture of him working on the car — his side profile and that DIMPLE!!!!! I had NO idea he has dimples. alsdfjalsdjfalsdal. LOVE dimples. He’s just so….. he needs to stop.

  52. Emily Says:

    accv–You can only see them from certain angles when he smiles really big or clenches his jaw.

    Why wouldn’t he have dimples too? I mean, he apparently has every positive physical trait a man can have, so what’s one more???? :)

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