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I’ve uploaded photos of Taylor Lautner on set of his movie “Tracers” in Hackensack, NJ earlier today (July 11th).

Gallery Link:
» On Set » Tracers: On Set in Hackensack, NJ – July 11th

60 Responses to “Taylor Lautner On Set in Hackensack, NJ (July 11th)”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    wow, that man is getting sexier and sexier every day. How is that even possible? I am having crazy, horny thoughts at the moment. Sorry George.

  2. Meh Says:

    *sigh* …’s all to much. Been so spoiled. Why did he have to be so good looking?

    @Catherine @Logan @Mystique , thanks, think I just got outta bed the wrong side this morning and am have a strop! Lol

    Mystique – I’m based in the UK (he is like NEVER over this way) but I’m going to be in the US and Canada next March-April….so you never know.

    Logan – my fiancé is into that football manager game! Ahh! The hours spent on that!

    Catherine – yup, I too am left alone at a computer most of the day at work! It’s a dangerous thing! Hence why I felt I needed to step back a bit……I lasted till the end of the day! Lol

    How good does his bum look good in those joggers?! Also….why no shoes?! Lol

  3. Meh Says:

    Also Re: Marie, she said on Twitter that he will be at comic con with a broken ankle! Ouch! Also, don’t know how true this is, but was reading another story about Tay on the 4th with Marie. Someone in the comments said that she actually saw it as she was there that night and sawn them kiss…..but this could. VERY easily be a lie….but then again….might not?

  4. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn—-GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! lol! :-D I can’t believe we’re thinking the same thing.

    When I see these pics….is it WRONG that I want him to take his shirt off….just ONCE while on set?? Rotfl……

    @Meh—Awww…glad to hear you’re feeling better. :) It’s just one of those days I suppose…

    Wow, someone actually SAW with their own two eyes Taylor and Marie KISSING?? O_O Ehhhh…..idk….I’m not so sure I believe all of that just yet. Taylor is usually so PRIVATE about his love life, I just can’t imagine him kissing someone in public like that. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a pic of him kissing ANYONE in a candid shot aside from the pics of Sarah when they were young. That’s it.

    I’m not saying it’s not feasible, I’m just saying that I don’t believe things by hearsay on the internet. People can EASILY make up stuff, and unless there are quite a few people who are saying they saw the same thing, I usually don’t even believe rumors or gossip. Pics, or it didn’t happen lol. I’ll have to see with my own eyes I guess.

    I DO ship those two though! ^_^

    Sorry to hear Marie broke her ankle! Yikes! Hope it wasn’t due to a stunt gone wrong… :-/ I wonder if Taylor is going to Comic Con?? Probably not…the Twi franchise is over…. But still…makes you wonder! :)

  5. Emily Says:

    Meh–It looks good, very good. :)

    I remember reading a LONG time ago somewhere (no idea if it was true or not) that the only thing that Taylor didn’t like about his karate days was having to practice without shoes and socks on the mat and that he didn’t like going barefoot. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without shoes and/or socks, except for his strip scene in BD2. Be careful on that ledge!!!!!!

  6. Layfan Says:

    @meh yeah blame wrong side of bed….but your poor fiancé! You should be pleased to have worked hard to get him. If not maybe you shouldn’t be with him….he should be your world. Then again he may have a crush on a someone!

    Some great pics coming out.

  7. Evelyn Says:

    @ Meh maybe taylor arrived late to the set?

  8. kia Says:

    Ouch I just heard about Marie broken ankle . So sorry to hear that,I hope she feels better.

    Taylor ,Taylor,Taylor, I can just eat you up with a spoon.

  9. chanda w. Says:

    Don’t know why I want to see him barefoot. Again , his butt is back, lol. It does a disappearing act once in awhile. Glad to see it is sticking around. Jogging pants and the Diesel jeans make it more noticeable.
    Tracers is looking more and more interesting. Tay is such a hard worker and getting better at what he does. I know it will pay off.

  10. firereign Says:

    if you’re interested in exactly what a “traceur” does – you should check out YouTube footage of Josh Yadon (Jax in Tracers) he’s the guy with the red hair that you’ve been seeing with T recently in a lot of the shots……if you check out his vid(s) on YT you’ll see why he’s close to T in a lot of those shots (advice he can give)……

    as they say ,,,,,—-….happens & you work around it

  11. firereign Says:

    a few other pics (premier/after party) – from his solid Latinamerica fan base….
    (hit translate if you like)

  12. firereign Says:

    I missed playing with my computer……withdrawal can make you jittery……so 1 more for those who have a weakness for “chest hair” ……I give you….

    (and he is still scheduled to be filming in N Jersey Friday)

  13. nicolefair Says:

    Soooooo, OMG. I go away for a few days and things get BANANAS!! Up in here!!! Jeez Louise!! I gotta reread and ponder and freak out and reread and scream…then come back and comment for real.

    And okay…first thing I thought at the idea of Taylor actually seeing the comments on this site was “I cuss TOO MUCH!! F–K”

  14. chanda w Says:

    E! news interviewed Taylor and he said out of his own mouth, that he wasn’t seriously seeing anyone and focused on the work. So until he says different in my mind he’s single. Did everyone see Sandler on Jimmy Fallon and what he claimed his mom said about Taylor ? Vulgar, but I did laugh. My goodness….seems sexual situations and Tay go hand and hand in the mind of many women. lol.

  15. Mystique Says:

    YIKES!!! O_O Critics (in true form) are slamming GUPS2! What else is new?? Smh…. I haven’t read one single good review all day today. :-/ Oh well…..I’m STILL going to go see it tomorrow evening. This really makes me want to go buy 50 tickets just so fans of all of the actors and cameos can prove those negative critics wrong!!!! >:-(

  16. kia Says:

    Mystique- I really don’t listen what the critics have to say. So its not stopping me from seeing it. I think GU2 will have a solid debut this weekend.I’m seeing it this Saturday.

  17. Mystique Says:

    Nicolefair–Welcome back! :)

    Chanda–Yes…I saw that E! News article about Taylor’s dating life too lol! Well, judging from his response and his comments, I think it’s safe to say that he IS indeed dating some girls, but nothing serious as of yet…he wants to primarily focus on his work. :) So…there you go! Right out of the horses mouth.

    It’s interesting though how now at least he’s admitting that he IS dating someone. Before…..(aside from Tylor Swift) he would always swear that he’s single and almost give off the impression that he wasn’t dating anyone at all lol!!

  18. Mystique Says:

    Firereign– Yay! The chest hair is back! Lol….idk why I get so excited to catch a glimpse of Taylor’s chest hair lol

  19. Mystique Says:

    Kia–Yea…I’m not letting those silly critics deter me either. A lot of times I actually LIKE movies they have bashed to death smh!

    It just makes me.sad for Taylor… :( I so want him to have some more POSITIVE press with things that he’s associated with… :-/

  20. chanda w Says:

    Don’t be sad for Tay , Mystique, he always pulls through with flying colors. But, I understand. I worry about him too. When in reality his life is a gazillion times better than Anyway I think audiences will like it……..seems a fun summer movie. We all need to laugh. The critics bashed the first one and it was a success so. Most critics are hateful and jealous anyway, they want us to see foreign movies, no one gives a crap about or understand.
    Yeah, Nicolefair, I liked that Tay admitted to dating too. But he made sure to say he isn’t serious with any one person. So I’m sure his lady friends are aware…….he gets around lol. Just joking.

  21. marianne Says:

    I was at meetings all afternoon so it was so nice to have more new pics of our guy!!! I do worry about him and his safety as well as the pressure on him for this to be good.

    Mystique….I remember how they slammed Identity Thief and it had a decent opening. I’m hoping that happens for GU2.

    chanda w… Emily….I watched that Adam S. interview and I wish I hadn’t. Yuck!

    kia…I never listen to critics either. There are actors and actresses that I don’t like on principal so I wouldn’t see anything they were in no matter what the review. I’m going tomorrow.

    I still think he’s with Sara but says he’s single which technically he is, just so people will leave her alone. There’s too much “friendship dating” going on with those two. I don’t really care who he’s with…just want him to be happy.

  22. chanda w Says:

    So Richard Roeper…..the movie critic partner of Roger Ebert( the best movie critic ever, God rest is soul) said Tay did a good job. To me Roeper is legit , because he, just like Ebert was, just want to give info to the viewer. It’s all about the entertainment . So our baby got high praise from one of the best critics out there!
    Marianne, I am starting to believe you , about Sara and it shouldn’t matter cause it isn’t my biz, but I so wanna know, lol. Whatever he has to do to stay happy is cool with me too.

  23. Lexi Says:

    omg omg omg omg omg, growns ups 2 is coming out TOMORROW!!!! I cant wait to see it, i may see it tomorrow, it depends on how my sister feels (uhhgg)

    Im looking at all these pics……it’s just AMAZING how every single pic he gets hotter and hotter *_*

    Oh gosh, somebody already beat me to the eonline article about tay’s dating status. This is not suprising. Right now he’s filming and he has that deal with bench, so i dont think he really has time to settle for a girl right now. And if im reading correctly, he is saying he IS dating, but not really THAT serious. And i dont know if eonline just added this in for the heck of it, but it says he said “some lucky LADIES”. Ladies is plural……… so honestly, i think one of them is maika from the past, and i dont think one of them is sara for maaany reasons……..

    BUT im glad he’s not settle for anybody, he’s needs to work on making more movies so then when can see his handsome/sexy/goodness self on screen ;)

  24. Lexi Says:

    btw, i am so glad i work in the movie theater! I get to watch grown ups 2 for free :D !!!

    I swear, one regular ticket to the movies is TEN DOLLARS. And Now, keep in mind, im a college student, that’s alot of money for a student HAHAHAHAHAHA

    And to add to that sara thing that i posted above, please dont be upset with me on that. This is just what i have been observing for the past 3-4 months. The only way that would make me believe that they are together is if they do something. (Like what taylor and maika did). So that’s why it’s very hard for me to believe LOL! So yea, please dont be upset ^_^

  25. Mystique Says:

    Chanda, Marianne–Yea….you guys are right….I shouldn’t feel TOO sorry for Taylor…especially since he’s got a lot going for him right now! It’s just hard to hear constant negativity come his way for no.good.reason most of.the time.smh.

    Chanda– On the flip side….I’m so glad to hear Roeper’s positive review! ^_^ I think that’s why I always really appreciated Ebert, Siskeil, and Roeper’ critics. Most of the time I felt like they were giving you a fair, balanced, UNbiased critique of a film. They would give you the good and the bad (if any) presented in a fair way. But THESE days, it seems like the newer critics really put the “CRITICAL” back in their “critiques smh. :( These days it’s almost considered “en vogue” as harsh and condescending as possible when reviewing The harsher the some people’s minds. :-/

    Re: Sara…..
    I’m not too sure if he and Sara are still an item actually…. I like them together (of course), but judging from some of her comments and actions as of late, I’m not too sure if she and Taylor have something romantic going on right about now. Plus, he’s been photographed with a few girls lately, and I’m not sure if Taylor would be doing that if he knew he were with Sara. I think that for the time being, I’m just going to believe his comments and assume that he is dating other girls right now.

  26. Johanna Says:

    i saw the jimmy fallon clip and it was a bit much but i will admit i did laugh sorry

    Taylor Dating: it was surprisingly weird to hear him actually admit that he is dating even if it means just going on dates with girls

    Sara: i also dont think they are together because i want to believe Taylor would not want to hurt her like that even just to try to protect her but also on her part i dont think she would like that to much knowing ur dating someone and he is seen with someone else even if u noe nothing is going on. Im sure they decided to call it quits for now.

  27. Emily Says:

    Here’s a link to the eonline interview:

    Is it just me or does his voice sound the slightest bit deeper than it used to???

    By the way, I think he should do all interviews in hot, sweltering conditions from now on!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Johanna Says:

    @Emily yes his voice does sound deeper and so sexy might i just add :)
    A sweaty Taylor is a good Taylor :)

    BTW how sexy does my new twitter look (hint there is certain someone we love lingering in the background)

  29. Lilome Says:

    Wow! I’ve been away too long! I missed the true confessions from last week, the new outdoor Tracers shoot and the GU2 premiere. Let me start by saying our boy is like wine- he just gets better with time.
    As for today’s pics, I get that he was barefoot, but I would name that set of pictures as Nipple Appreciation. I know….. I know. I’m pathetic.
    To let you know how pathetic, I will come in with my true confession about a week too late. I’m fifty-something. Been married to my first and only hubby for 30 something years. I have 3 kids- all older than Taylor. I’m a grandmother, too. Born and raised in the midwest- like Tay. Only I’m still here.
    While trolling some of the tumblr sites, I ran across some pics that would make me think Taylor is very “happy” on the set of Tracers. Sweatpants….. that’s all I’m saying. Don’t think the boy’s wearing underwear, and that’s ok with me. Ok. Awkward. Just surprised the filming director hasn’t noticed and tried to change the focus. Oh wait….. maybe that was my focus, not his.

  30. firereign Says:

    …..meant to mention that the stylist (Samantha McMillen) for his Bench/ shoot, dressed him for the premier (dolce-gabbana leather & all saints jeans) ….and the shoes well not like we haven’t seen those b4…..I recommend she give some pointer to the young lady wearing the white strapless, backless sideless apron stickied (stuck) glued….whatever to her ahhhh “front” (but I must say he coulda skipped the leather….it was hotter then Hades….so maybe that gal wasn’t off the mark – she hadda be coooler than him)……the things one must suffer to look good – keeling over from heat stroke is but a small price……and he toughed it out & stayed on his feet……the order of the night was forget the parfum & cologne just remember the deodorant (if you get a shot of the photogs they were all wearing shorts)

  31. Evelyn Says:

    I seen the movie tonight, and it was hilarious. And Taylor was omg, HOT. He plays a bratty frat boyI could not stop drooling, and laughing. By the end of the film, my lungs were hurting, and my shirt was soaked, lol. There was an unfortunate thing that happened to my baby near the end (yay! first claim!), but I am not mentioning anything else! You need to go see it.

    I went to the midnight/evening showing and my town happens to be Sandler people (lol. don’t ask), so that is why I got to see it a day early.

  32. Emily Says:

    Evelyn–I am going in the morning at 11:30. I will try and check in before I go and will give a spoiler-free assessment after I’m done. I’m wondering if I should take a notepad with me. I want to remember everything for when we discuss each second of screen time in-depth on Sunday. I’m almost on Taylor overload for today, but it’s SUCH a nice feeling!

    Johanna–I don’t do Twitter, but it looks really nice!

    Lilome–Welcome back! I really like the jeans he was wearing for the scene when those goons beat him up, but the sweatpants–gotta admit, I’m becoming a fan! ;)

    firereign–Two thumbs way up to Samantha McMillen for the Bench shoot styling–he was looking all kinds of wonderful…..glad he stuck with the leather jacket—look how he suffers for us!! I doubt any of the women around minded too much that he got a little “hot under the collar.” I’ll say I enjoyed it quite a lot!

  33. Evelyn Says:

    I am on Taylor overload too. Such a great thing! ♥

  34. Logan Says:

    Taylor definitely sounds huskier ( is that how you say it ) maybe due to the screaming fans the whole cast sounds like they have to speak up louder than usual. It’s nice to hear Patrick talking and a bummer that they cut out the part where Shaq is coming up behind Taylor…..

  35. Logan Says:

    @ Samantha McMillen, thank you for styling Taylor the way you do. Now I don’t mind the sweaty look! And he looks like he totally owns it but he must have been uncomfortable. The jacket actually helps hide any sweaty spots. How is it that his shirt seems to remain dry….so wishing for a wet shirt over here……

  36. Emily Says:

    Logan–nice image you put in my head there!

  37. Evelyn Says:

    I have a photo of him wet, but it ain’t shirtless. Will post tomorrow.

  38. Catherine Says:

    @Logan @Johanna @Emily – I thought the same about his voice. Those beaten up boots and the way he seems to own three tshirts and a jacket? I LOVE that! I’m a Cons/skinny jeans/hoodie girl, so designer stuff doesn’t do much for me. Yep, he looks smart in a suit, but give me scruffbag Taylor anyday ;)

    I peeked at the Josh Yadon YouTube clip. Cool! Professional sportsdude! They’ve casted well. The guy I work alongside was mighty impressed…Tracers will be a hit with lads, I’m sure. (Did anyone get a Jake flashback with the car-fixing photo btw?! Awwww!)

    @Lilome – confess away! I’m early thirties…old enough to be his big sister…equally, I have always, always had the BIGGEST crush on Clooney. The way he talks, looks, his humour and intelligence – and there’s more than a decent age gap between me and him ;)

    *my boss just announced he’s off out all day. Just manning the phones now, we don’t have much work to do anyway. I forsee a YouTube/twitter/caramel latte Starbucks Friday, yay!*

  39. Meh Says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the video on that E! article, but I read what they wrote. I laughed at “I’m sure the tabloids have me with a few different people,” -haha *cough cough* Yes Taylor, I wonder why?! ahaha. I think they might be a little sommit sommit going on with him and miss Marie after all.

    I too don’t think he is with Sara at all. I don’t think they have been together in a long time. I think last year when they were seen out and about a lot, I think they were more ‘friends with benifits’ type.

    Not that I particularly liked Maika, but much be a bit of a kick in a teeth to be titled ‘nobody seriously’

    Just hope he doesn’t get too much of a rep, I have already started to see fake roumers about his past love life and how he cheated on Swift and was a bit of an arse to Lily. Funny how they seem to be saying this now like YEARS later.

  40. Catherine Says:

    @Meh – pleeeeaaase don’t throw rocks at me…but I kind of like the dirty-dog-Taylor rumours, to my shame!!! I don’t want him to be a teen star anymore, he needs a slightly rougher image now. Not along Colin Farrell lines, urgh, but just a bit edgier. I always wondered if the wholesome image was the whole story…if not, it makes him more interesting, not so ‘cardboard-cut-out actor’.

    But I know a lot like him because of the squeaky-clean thing. Different strokes for different folks ;)

    Btw, someone mentioned ‘Identity Thief’ getting mauled by critics…I loved it. A few of us girls went, adored Jason Bateman and laughed a lot. Critics are too keen to be ‘cool’. Some things are just for pure, simple enjoyment :)

  41. Catherine Says:

    Gaaaaaah – forgot to say, if you want fair reviews, look at Film School Rejects. One of my FAVOURITE sites. It doesn’t give GUP2 a glowing review (it got a B-) but it seems fair…

    …and the headline? Just what I wanted to see. ‘Taylor Lautner Upstages the Kings of Lowbrow Comedy’.


    (Warned you I didn’t have anything to occupy me today!!!)

  42. Meh Says:

    @Layfan – I’m not stupid lol

  43. Meh Says:

    @Catherine, no rocks thrown! :) Also agree with you on George Clooney – YUM, even though he is technically old enough to be my dad! :S

  44. Logan Says:

    @ Lilome, I bet that in your fantasy world age is not an issue. I know that in my dreams I make Taylor’s head turn…yep
    He can’t get enough of me LOL

  45. Logan Says:

    Any updates on Marie and her broken ankle??? Sure hope it doesn’t affect the movie too much. Hate to see her replaced or – and I don’t know which is worse – Tracers being postponed aaaahhhhh

  46. Emily Says:

    His expression in the first gif is really cute.

  47. Johanna Says:

    so Marie posted that E news was gonna be on set today looks like we will be getting interviews very soon. :)

  48. Johanna Says:

    Taylor in a tank top

  49. Johanna Says:

    GU2 interview

  50. Johanna Says:

    on my original statement about e news its not e news its EW some pop culture thing in new york

  51. firereign Says:

    @johanna EW (Entertainment Weekly Magazine) is the 1 that did all the Twi covers
    an important widely circulated magazine on entertainment news

    GU2 – LA premier – July 12/Friday (today)

  52. Mystique Says:

    Emily–Lol…yes I think you’re right! His voice DOES seem a little more raspier/huskier than usual lol!

    Meh—Wow…rumors about how Taylor cheated on TSwift? A jerk to Lily?? Whaaa?? I have NEVER heard of those reports or rumors. They can’t possibly be real lol. Otherwise, why would Taylor Swift go through all that trouble to write an Apology SONG to Taylor, basically spelling it out that she wants him BACK?? I wouldn’t want a guy back if he cheated on me. Lol…Sometimes these rumor-spreaders on the internet need to use common sense haha.

    Re: Lily…. Now, I don’t know everything that went down between the two of them, but I have ALWAYS gotten the impression that their relationship probably went south the most. I just read too much negative body language when they finally split up. Again, Idk what happened with them, and I didn’t even know they were DATING until like maybe a month or two before they split up! lol!

    Catherine—I agree. While I do LIKE Taylor’s squeaky clean image (it’s one of the BEST things about him imo), I TOO feel like he should be given some liberty to grow, expand his horizons, and just live LIFE outside of a sheltered bubble. I’m not saying he should just go out willy nilly and become Justin Bieber #2 (ugh…), but I’m just saying that I think his fans should give him SOME freedom to be a little “rougher” these days. (Okay..that didn’t sound quite right lol!! ) But you all know what I mean!

    I don’t want him to get a negative rep either along the circles, but he’s no longer a teenager anymore, and I think that if he wants to date different girls, or have a drink once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with that at all imo!

  53. Mystique Says:

    Catherine—Yay!! A Great review about GUPS2 and about Taylor! Whoo hoo! I hope they were meaning in the article that Taylor’s ACTING upstaged the other guys in the film…NOT that his “gorgeous looks” brought all the girls flocking to the theater in droves and upstaged the other actors in THAT way lol. I want Taylor to get more acting cred in the business. Maybe GUPS2 will be winner?? :)

    Btw…@Johanna I meant to say that I love your Twitter page! You’re gorgeous! :) I especially love your tribute to Tay in your background. ^_^

    Oh, and thanks @Johanna for the tank top pics! *swoon* I don’t usually see Taylor wearing them! :) You are on top of things! (as always lol) ;-)

    Thanks @firereign for the heads up about the GUPS 2 LA Premiere today! :)

  54. Layfan Says:

    @ I never said you were stupid!? Lol.

    Wonder how she broke her ankle if true!

  55. Layfan Says:

    @meh sorry to dizzy on Tay

  56. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique thank you so much <3

    Im going to see the movie on monday so i have to wait a while but im sooo excited

    @Layfan she just said on her twitter that she was just being clumsy so maybe she pulled a kristen and fell on a rock or something

  57. *Vickey* Says:

    Kia- I feel the same way, I got an IMBD alert for a new review of the film and it wasn’t realy a shot at Taylor more as a usual shot at Adam. The title was “Is Every New Adam S. Movie His Worst?” Lol. Smh. I’m still gonna see it no matter what though. :)
    Going to see it at 5:00 pm today EXCITED!!! Need a good laugh this week. Taking a summer class so I’m swamped. Haha.

    Evelyn/Mystique “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” ——> I couldn’t agree me! LOL. I was thinking the exact same thing, he just gets more and more attractive every time we see him. I think this needs to be closely studied, so I’ll go visit Taylor, any takers? Then I’ll come back with a solid thesis as to why he gets more and more attractive each day. Haha.

    Emily- I love his expression in that gif! :P
    And thanks for posting the interview and I agree his voice does seem a litter raspier. Which I DON’T mind. Lol.

  58. Emily Says:

    Me either! Our baby’s growing up!! :)

  59. Lilome Says:

    Logan everytime I look in the mirror, it breaks my heart. In my head, I’m still in my 20s.

  60. Emily Says:

    firereign–I finally watched the Youtube footage of Josh Yadon—He’s amazing, but good Lord! He scared me to death! I was gasping with every other breath. He seems to have no fear and/or concern for personal safety–I hope we don’t see footage of Taylor doing any of those crazy moves–don’t think my heart could take it. I bet he’s loving it, though. Seems to be right up his alley. Sure hope he’s careful!!!