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Today is finally July 12th and you know what that means? Taylor Lautner‘s movie ‘Grown Ups 2′ is in theaters now! You can check out stills from the movie HERE.

Make sure to go see it in theaters and support Taylor! Let us know what you think about the movie!!

517 Responses to “‘Grown Ups 2′ is in Theaters NOW!”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’m in the theater and it’s about to start!

  2. Mystique Says:

    WHOO HOO! Today is “Grown Ups 2″ Day! Lol…. Too bad it’s such a rainy and dreary Friday here in my neck of the woods. :-/ Oh well…I”m STILL going tonight to help myself to some Taylor Pie lol.. :)

    @Emily–YAYAYAYAYAAAA!!!! Enjoy! Let us know how it is! ^_^ I’m excited FOR you!

    Only a few more hours until I’ll be out going to the movies this evening myself! :)

  3. vera Says:

    Yes, it finally happened!!but Russia will see the film not soon , only in August ((

    I’m happy that Taylor in an interview with E Online clarified with regards to his personal life, and put a stop to the spread of rumors.
    anyone read reviews of critics on Rotten tomatoes?
    Yes, the rating of the film is still only 8-9% , but nice complimentary things about Taylor acting and the character , there are even in negative reviews.
    Here, for example

  4. kia Says:

    Have fun Emily!! Mystique..Its rainy in my area also LOL. Have fun tonight! Enjoy you Taylor Pie! I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sigh.

  5. Logan Says:

    Emily, Kia and Mystique enjoy! and soak up as much Taylor as you possibly can and then tell us all about it. I have to wait another long week before it shows here.
    @ Vera, nice comments in that review. He deserves every bit of it I’m sure.

  6. Evelyn Says:

    I seen it last night, and Taylor. . .wow.

  7. chanda w. Says:

    I’m going tonight. So excited. Seems the movie already did well. I’ll add my couple of bucks. Got my Team Jacob shirt on…lol. ready to go.

  8. Evelyn Says:

    @chandra-I wore my Twilight Jacob shirt last night when I went to see it. lol. The stare everyone and their mother gave me.

  9. *Vickey* Says:

    Woop! Going in a few hours! :)

  10. Emily Says:

    Ok, I’m out and ready to review without giving anything away. That reviewer was actually pretty spot on, IMO.

    First things first–Taylor–hot, funny, obnoxious, and kind-of mean–I really liked him. I think he did a great job playing exactly what he was supposed to be! I’m proud of him. They also really capitalized on his physical abilities.

    I hope others enjoy it. It has some funny moments. Sadly, for me though, he was the one bright spot. Don’t get me wrong–I laughed several times about other things, but there was just WAY too much “gross-out” humor and guy humor for my taste. You’ll see what I mean. I was glad I wasn’t trying to eat any popcorn. The only other thing I really liked was the little boy who played Chris Rock’s youngest son–he was adorable! But, like I said before, I’ve never been a Sandler movie fan anyway. If you love him, you’ll probably really like it.

    Of course I will buy it on DVD for Taylor’s scenes…….

    Last thing–I think we should all adopt the catchphrase “Yeah, that just happened!” You’ll understand why when you see it.

    Have fun everybody! Can’t wait until we can discuss details!

  11. Evelyn Says:

    I am definitely getting the dvd as well. I thought the humor was the intellect of a 14 year old boy, but there were some good points in the film as well. There wasn’t any bad language, which I was expecting, but glad because although the f word is my favorite word (I’m bad), I really don’t like hearing it all the time. There are really crude comedians that are down right gross, but there wasn’t any sexual points, as far I can see. (IMO) And Taylor really did his role to a t and above beyond. He was hilarious, bad @ss, and sexy. And I know this is bad, but I kinda like it when he uses the word ‘crap.’ lmao. I better stop because I am getting turned.

  12. Mystique Says:

    Kia, Logan—Thanks guys! I’m definitely pumped to see it tonight! I’ll be going later on this eve. Only a few more hours left! I get off work in 30 minutes, so I’m DEFINITELY excited! ^_^

    Chanda, Evelyn–Lol…Good for you both in wearing your “Team Jacob” shirts! LOL! That’s too cute! ^_^

    I will soak up as much Taylor “sunshine” and scarf down as much “Taylor Pie” as I can tonight lol. I’ll post a few comments after the movie, but I’ll wait and give my FULL review on Sunday. :)

  13. Mystique Says:

    Off to see GUPS2! I can’t wait! :)

  14. Lexi Says:

    Ok ladies, i JUST saw the movie, and i gotta tell yea, it was A-Ok. To be honest, MOST of the stuff was kinda corny. I dont know if its because im very mature, or if the stuff was just too immature in general, i dont know…… but i agree with Emily on taylor. He stood out to me the most than anybody in the cast :). Ill wait for everyone else to watch the movie before i go deeper hehehehe Cx

  15. marianne Says:

    I heard that there is to be a GUP3 movie and to me, I think they need to shoot this horse and put it out of its misery. IMO the movie was a good bridge project for Taylor until he started filming Tracers. More experience and getting a chance to work with another cast was a plus. I’m with Lexi on the humor (Adam S has a slapstick humor which I find tiring) and Emily on Taylor being the bright spot in the movie. Can’t wait to read other opinions and discuss. I do hope Taylor’s appearance in the movie helps with the bottom line.

  16. *Vickey* Says:

    Although there was alot of gross moments, I laughed several times throughout the movie. Call me cheesy, but there were a couple of moments where my friends and I lost it haha. OF COURSE, I really enjoyed Taylor, his role had alot more speaking than I thought it would. He was great!!! I loved seeing him own a role like that! That handshake, just can’t get over it! For those of you who haven’t see it yet, you will love Taylor! Haha. As @Em said Taylor was definitely a bright spot and that’s not even coming from a biased stand point. :) He really did take on the role of an annoying, attractive frat boy and it was perfect! Haha. And yeah like @Lexi said sometimes Adam’s humor, it’s too much sometime. Also like @Marianne touched on you can get tired of it, but I guess it worked for this film because it was supposed to be a ridiculous film. There were moments like the first 3 mins of the film, I was like, ehhhh potty humor. Haha!.

    Marianne— Unfortunately I agree! There doesn’t need to be a GU3, its pushing it. Two was fun and had a nice storyline, but IDK about 3. You know I was kinda sad Rob Schneider wasn’t in GU2, he was one of my favorite people in the first one. Anywho, I really hope his appearance helps him as well. Out of my friends that went with me, about 3 of them don’t particularly like Taylor, so seeing him in this film really changed their opinion of him. One of my friends (guy) said,” It was nice seeing him in a comedy, I think it fits him.” :) Which made me really happy because not only is Taylor appealing to his female fanbase by being a lead frat boy, but he’s also appearing to the guys with his involvement in a different genre.

    Evelyn— I think I’m gonna purchase it as well. Now that you mentioned it there wasn’t any crazy language in the film. And yeah there were definitely some funny moments. I can’t wait until we can talk about it, I have a few parts that I just genuinely laughed. Lol.

    Emily— I AGREEEE the kid who played Chris Rock’s youngest son was sooooooo cute! I just wanted to kidnap him! Haha. And YES! I say we do it, “Yeah, that just happened,” is our new catchphrase. You’re right, they did display his physical abilities, which happened at the most hilarious times! :) There were about 3 cameos I really enjoyed as well!

    I know @Kia said she was gonna see it tomorrow, you’ll enjoy Taylor and all of his Lautnereque on the big screen!

  17. Mystique Says:

    TEmily, Evelyn, Lexi, Vickey, Marianne (did I miss anybody)—Yay!! Glad you all saw it too this evening! I just got back from the movie myself, and I’m now in my PJ’s in bed lol….

    My Mini Review:
    Overall…..I had a blast tonight at the theater! I REALLY needed a laugh after the week I’ve had lol. So I was glad that I went. :) There were some parts where I died laughing haha! Then….there were other parts (like Lexi mentioned) that were a tad corny for my taste. :-/ Some scenes (no offense), read like a bad SNL skit lol……But hey, that shouldn’t be TOO surprising since MOST of the actors in this film got their start on SNL lol.

    Taylor was awesome!!! I actually really enjoyed his role in this! It was something different, new, and more of a break-out from the norm for him. :) Oh and his athleticism never fails to amaze me. You’ll see when you watch the film! Gosh, Taylor is an athletic genius! I was floored while watching him! I just wanted to take him home and “practice” some acrobatics with him lol. I love watching him move….and I mean that in the most innocent way possible lol. ^_^
    My theater started off about 75% full, but towards the middle of the movie, I looked around and saw that the audience had increased in size to.being almost 85%-90% full. The demographic was pretty mixed, and there were mainly friends and couples in their teens, 20’s and 30’s, but then I also saw older ones too. In fact a group of 60+ somethings came and sat near me.

    I will say…..There were some DEFINITE Sandler fans in my audience. They laughed at practically everything Adam said or did lol. I’m glad that there were some fans of Adam in the audience….otherwise, I think the crowd would have been somewhat lackluster. I had the unfortunate experience of sitting near bumps on a log smh. They barely smiled or laughed about anything! Ugh they were so boring and dull smh. I felt like I was the only one laughing in my little section. :-/ I really should have sat further up with the younger crowd look. They were actually loud and howling with laughter during some parts lol!

    Overall the movie served its purpose IMO. I just needed a laugh, and boy did I laugh! I was surprised at how little profanity was in the film (compared to a lot of OTHER comedies). I will warn you however hat there is a LOT of crude material in this….much more than in the first movie.

    I’ll discuss more about the scenes, Taylor, and my general thoughts and audience reactions on Sunday!!! Can’t wait to read your reviews!

    BTW….the guy who played Chris Rock’s son WAS adorable! Real cute young guy. :) I also think the kid who plays Adam’s youngest son in the movie is adorable also.

    Oh and it must be known…..Taylor was hottttt in this movie! Even the few (4? I think) scenes Taylor was in, he basically stole the show lol. Not just “looks” wise, but also presence-wise. I’m actually surprised that his role was so big! No wonder he was doing more promotions! I’m actually a little shocked at how LITTLE Patrick S’s parts were. I don’t even recall him speaking! Lol….. Then again, my eyes were GLUED on Taylor whenever he came onscreen.

  18. Mystique Says:

    I’m going to have some sweet dreams tonight lol….. Seeing Taylor in this movie tonight has reawakened my “guttnerness” lol! Did it ever go away? I think not….. Hahaha…^_^

  19. Evelyn Says:

    I may go see it again just for Taylor, and there was a good group of people in my theater. They were Sandler fans; practically worshiped the man, lol. My heart went 360 then stopped when Taylor appeared everytime. Did anyone felt bad for him at the end? I was secretly envious.

  20. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— Our theater was packed! There were more people in there to see it than I thought! Haha. And yeah there were DEFINITELY some Adam fans in our audience as well! Yes! Hopefully I will dream those dreams as well! Haha.

  21. *Vickey* Says:

    Evelyn- “I was secretly envious” Hahaha! Right?! I did feel bad for him though, but it was funny, his face was priceless! :P

  22. Emily Says:

    There were only about 10 people in my theater, but I went to the morning matinee. No real big reactions–some laughs and groans at different parts. I couldn’t see everyone, but there were two pairs of teenage girls that I’m almost positive were there to see Taylor. I couldn’t really see them there if he wasn’t in it. I’m ready for Sunday!

    Evelyn–yes, I did sort of feel bad for him in the end and was also feeling some envy! ;)

  23. Evelyn Says:

    Hahahaha!! Okay, I will stop now.

  24. Logan Says:

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!!! Thanks for the slithers of info here and there. And I also checked out Josh Yadon WOW he really has no fear. I can totally see Taylor doing this with all his tricking experience. Time for some old school XMA videos byeeeeee.

  25. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn—Rotfl @ you feeling “envy”…lol!! You naughty girl you!!! Lol ^_^ Yes…his demise WAS pretty bad, but….a little nice as well lol. I’m wondering how they even did that scene! Was it computerized? Rotfl! :)

    One thing this movie taught me??? Taylor is one good little actor! ;) He hasn’t even been fully able to his highest potential I see!! He just needs a GOOD director who will take him under his wing (like the Leo/Scorsese pairing) to help fine-tune his craff that’s all! I thought John Singleton would be that director (since they seemed to.get along so well, like father and son lol), but “Abduction” got blasted and criticized so much that it’s a shame nothing progressed further. :-/ Oh welll….I think in the future he’ll have someone take him under their wing. :) That’s all I’ll say for now about Taylor’s acting until Sunday lol (don’t wanna spoil anything for.others lol!), but let’s just say…..I was pleasantly surprised! :)

    Vickey–Yes! I was actually surprised at how packed my theater was too! O_O I was like wow! Who knew??

    Oh and yes @Emily, there were quite a few girls there who I think came mainly for Taylor (I’ll explain why I got this impression in my review tomorrow! Lol) , and I didn’t mind being counted as one of them lol. I know hat I probably wouldn’t have gone to the theater to watch this movie ALONE had Taylor not been in it. Btw….am I the ONLY one here that went to the movies solo lol? *looks around* *crickets* lol!

  26. Catherine Says:

    Can I very quietly admit something? It really, really doesn’t sound like my kind of thing. At all. I feel like the most hideously disloyal fan ever. If I could just watch the Taylor scenes and not sit through the rest…I know I’m DEFINITELY not target audience, so can I just show my support buy buying Bench hoodies and wait for the DVD?!

    I can see WHY he did it, and I want such good things for him out if it, but…

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the guilt.

    To balance it though, I’m like a cat on hot bricks waiting for Tracers. Darker, with a story and proper characters. I’ll go and see that five times, promise promise promise.

  27. johanna Says:

    Wait ladies I’m confused how are u sad and envious at the same time wat happens I don’t get to see it til Monday I don’t mind knowing wat happens ahead of time its okay

    @ Catherine don’t feel bad I’m really sure his scenes will be put on YouTube soon

  28. Catherine Says:

    @Mystique – I do the solo movie-going thing occasionally. My husband works abroad a bit, my sister works hospital shifts and my best friend has kids, so sometimes I grab myself a Starbucks and waste away a couple of hours in the cinema, quite contentedly. That’s how this movie obsession thing started :)

  29. Mystique Says:

    Btw…..just wanted to give you all a heads up (just in case some of you were wondering and haven’t seen the movie yet), I stayed until the end credits were finished, and I did not see any bloopers, or “after credits” scenes.i stayed long after most had left lol! I just HAD to know lol.

  30. Mystique Says:

    Catherine–Aww don’t worry about it! There are plenty of actors that I’m a fan of which I haven’t seen their whole entire filmography lol! For example, I’m a huge Christian Bale fan, and while I have seen most of his films, there are some.movies of his that I just don’t have any desire to see whatsoever lol, AND there are some films of his that I didnt really care for to be honest with you….It’s really no biggie! I’m still a fan, and I still think he’s a phenomenal actor. IMO, You can STILL be a fan of an actor and not see ALL of their films. ;-)

    Oh and I’m glad I’m not the only one who can every once in awhile go to the movies by myself lol!

    Johanna–I don’t want to.ruin the surprise for you! Lol…..just watch it! It’s worth the wait….honest! Now if someone else wants to give you spoilers, then hey that’s cool lol…… But my lips are sealed on that part. Haha….it’s not even Sunday yet lol! :)

  31. marianne Says:

    Catherine….You should be flogged through the computer for being such a bad fan!!! I liked Mystique’s comment that some of the scenes were like a SNL skit that they just can’t seem to end well. Don’t get me wrong, there are some laughs and of course, a scene that Taylor has which until everyone has seen the movie, no one wants to spoil.

    Mystique…I have gone to the movies alone occasionally. Unfortunately, my bf doesn’t like to go alone and I have been forced to sit through TED and THE THREE STOOGES. Yuck.

  32. Emily Says:

    Mystique–I went by myself, too. That’s only the second time I’ve done that. The other time was when I went to see Abduction for the second time. Taylor’s the only person that could get me to go alone…..but, I have to admit, I haven’t minded it once I got there.

    Catherine–Don’t feel bad. I know what you mean. I wish I had had a fast-forward button for some of the scenes, but I’m glad I went. We just get so little “Taylor on the big screen” that I feel like I have to go to everything he makes. Plus, to me, any Taylor time is good time, so I’m willing to sit through some other “stuff” just to be able to see him. I did think several times during it that I am SO ready to see Tracers, and the wait is going to be EXCRUCIATING!!!

    Johanna–I’m not going to tell you exactly what happens at the end. I’ll just say, his character gets a little payback in a very unexpected and unconventional way. The envy probably just happens with people like us who are obsessed with him.

    Mystique–I wondered about any bloopers or anything in the credits, but I didn’t stay. I had to make a mad dash to the ladies’ room! Glad to know I didn’t miss anything.

  33. Emily Says:

    While we all went to see GU2, Taylor went to a Broadway show….

    He’s wearing his “dirty boots” and his Yankees hat and his “must-be-his-favorite-shirt-cause-he-wears-it-all-the-time” plaid shirt. Taylor–love you to pieces and love that you wear your favorite stuff and don’t care, but that poor shirt has seen its better days. It looks like he’s wearing it inside-out or the seam over the shoulder could come loose at any time. :)

  34. Emily Says:

    Forgot to say–middle picture–just one word—“THIGHS.” :)

  35. marianne Says:

    There’s a post on the TeamTaylorLautnerFanPage that says Pacific Rim and GUPS2 are tied at $40m on Fri.

    Emily…When I saw those pics I thought—he actually packed that shirt. “THIGHS”…yes!!

  36. Mystique Says:

    Woohoo! Ladies this is GREAT NEWS! GUPS2 it’s doing better at the box office than I thought! ^_^

    ‘Pacific Rim’ Won’t Crack $40M as ‘Grown Ups 2′ Steals Box Office Show


    :) YAY!

  37. Mystique Says:

    Ooops….try THIS link instead…this is the non-mobile link lol…

    Yay! I just knew Pacific Rim was going to topple GUPS2! Lol….let’s keep the box office numbers high ladies lol! This will probably be it’s only chance to be box office king lol

  38. kia Says:

    Emily- I just wanna wrap my arms around them!

    Mystique..Marianne- Yup GU2 is predicted to make 45/46million at the box office this weekend!

  39. kia Says:

    OLV: Tracers is filming today&tomorrow in NYC.

  40. joanie Says:

    ……for boys 12 and under this movie will make their summer….gross vulgar and no long boring parts…… was crowded…. couples (teens to thirties, groups of teen-college age boys, some families and several dad’s with sons. I was surrounded by the preteen boys and they were a blast to listen to. I found it a funny, kick back your heels movie.
    Taylor blended well with the cast, no smart remarks or giddy gals screaming while he was on screen, the audience just accepted him and laughed –
    for my part I felt he played the part well – you could accept him as the “ring leader”, held his own in the scenes with the stars and him & Milo made a good team…..definitely showed a different side of him to a largely new audience (no whiff of “Jacob” present) – and people left the theater chipper and non grousing (I think by now the people who go to see a Sandler movie know what to expect). the young kids babbling about their favorite parts – let’s just say the monkey left a memorable impression……….critics be damned ……(admit the only reason I saw it was because Taylor was in it & surprisingly I was entertained….) my fav part where I laughed so hard – the zonked school bus driver surfing on top of the bus in the inflatable

  41. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Well put about what happened to his character in the end without giving spoilers! Couldn’t have explained it any better! Hahaha. Awe he did! That makes my heart warm (Taylor and the broadway show). And yes, thighs is the only word I can get out right now. :P

    Marianne- I’m one of those people who adores Seth McFarland. Lol. I STILL didn’t see Ted when it hit theaters, I saw it on DVD at a friend’s house and I watch alot of my Family Guy, but even Ted was like Family Guy on level 26. It was a bit much. Haha.

    Kia— Thanks! Back on our Tracer’s game! :)

    Mystique- Wow!! Thanks for the link! You know how I have to know my box office results—the film major inside of me has to know! Haha. I didn’t think it would beat Pacific Rim only because Pacific Rim was directed by Guillermo del Toro. Love him, he wrote the new Hobbit and Hell Boy, directed Blade II and Pan Labyrinth. Some pretty bad ass Sci-Fi Films. Pacific Rim does have high ratings, but it’s one of the few science fiction films out in theaters aside from World War Z, but it’s been out for a while. At the theater I went to, Pacific Rim was up against Grown Ups 2, Lone Ranger, White House Down, The Heat, Despicable Me 2. My point is, if you were specifically looking for a comedy to watch you had about 2.5 choices! Haha. So I can see why it’s doing well. I’m happy about that! :DD

    Joanie- Lmao! That was one of my fav parts too! He was so out of it! Oh wow that was alot of testosterone in your theater. Haha, we had an equal distribution of males and females of several ages through the theater.

  42. chanda w. Says:

    Saw it! My beautiful husband, Tay, did not disappoint. He was perfect as a snotty, jerk frat boy.
    I enjoyed the movie more than I thought. A lot of gross, juvenille jokes, but Sandler knows his audience. There were a lot of dads with young boys, broader audience for Taylor.
    Overall, I thought the movie was about the bond of friendships and family.
    I laughed out loud at a lot of parts and when Tay came on I threw up my hands and yelled. I was making kissing sounds to the screen, just acting a complete nut…it was fun! I have to say Adam Sandler must really like Taylor…….he gave him the spotlight, big time, the other frat boys……..were just the backdrop for Tay.
    I agree with Mystique, I was surprised Patrick didn’t have a speaking part.
    I also enjoyed the Hunger Games actor, Ludwig, he was good, I felt afraid for David Spade’s character. lol.
    All the kids were good too……….Adam gave them all a moment in the sun too, that was cool of him. He likes letting others shine.
    I luved when Tay said, “not each other” and “that just happened” too cute. OMG the ending for him. Yeah I was kinda sad for him and envious of the (cause of his downfall) lol. Lucky animal!
    Even though there was an underline theme of women need to be hot , but guys don’t have too………….I liked it.
    Tay was in the movie more than I thought, I sorta understand him going the uncredited route, but he was a big part of the movie success too. Guess that is why he was a big part of the promos. So happy for him………..and our cutie is a good little actor.
    So know what? He’s gorgeous, kind, talented, and well spoken. Darn near perfection. And we knew it all along.
    Yeah, Joanie, Taylor and Milo were in sync and Tay is so agile……….yummy.
    The part when Sandler said ‘that kid just did 11 backflips for no reason”.

  43. Evelyn Says:

    I will wait until Sunday to share my favorite scene. I do not want to spoil for those who have not seen the movie. I am not a fan of gross comedies, but this one wasn’t to gross. If anything, it is a good belly laugh.

  44. Emily Says:

    I think Patrick S. did have one short line when they were up on the rocks. I can’t remember what he said, though, b/c I was just thinking, “Get the focus back on Taylor!”

  45. Evelyn Says:

    Damn. Does Taylor even have a flaw? @ @

  46. kia Says:

    Welp just came back from seeing it. Taylor I applaud you for playing not only a DOUCHE but an ASS@#$%! a sexy ASS@#$% I have to say.

    The movie was Ok.It was funny but it wasn’t funnier then the first one (honest opinion). I thought Taylor did a good job ,he was funny he was obnoxious and he literary upstages the main characters in this film. I don’t give to much away until everybody on here have seen it so I’ll end it here.

    Oh I know I’m not the only one that felt jealous of that toy monkey!

  47. Mystique Says:

    Marianna, Emily—Glad to see I’m not the only one who went alone haha.. Okay now I don’t feel too strange lol. I’ve been to the movies alone several times before, but I’m such a movie buff that I go probably more often than most people haha. So, I would say that 95% of the time I usually go with friends or family to the movies, but then there’s always that little 5% of the time that I go by myself, either: because nobody else wanted to go, or I didn’t feel like inviting anyone to go with me, I want to see the movie a second time, OR (as was the case last night) because I want to “drool in peace” lol!!! ^_^

    Emily—I wished there were a fast-forward button TOO lol! I would skip right to Taylor’s parts lol! Although, I will say that a lot of the main cast membors (Adam, Chris, Kevin, David) were all funny in their own little way (which is probably why I like them together as a team), BUT….some of the OTHER “side cast” members (the college & frat kids were okay actually) were the ones making the movie kinda corny imo. I think sometimes in Sandler’s films he (as a director) almost tries TOO hard to be funny, that it can come across as “trying too hard”, and for a comedic movie, SOMETIMES the funniest parts are the ones that don’t need to be harped on, or put “in your face”. For example, I didn’t need a 3rd reference to the “burpsnart” or whatever it was called lol… IMO A lot of funny parts in movies are very SUBTLE actually lol. Sometimes just the dialogue in itself can be funny. But Adam LOVES slapstick lol. A little here and there is fine, but in EVERY scene it can get a bit tiring. :-/ OOOPS!! Maybe I’m saying too much lol… Let me shut my mouth lol. :-x

    Btw…love those pics from the Broadway show! Seems like the show is called “Brute Force”?? Anyway…he looks hot…lol… I don’t even mind the dirty shoes or the shirt-he-wears-to-bed lol! I still love it ALL on him. ^_^ I just love this guy…. *Sigh* I’m wondering if the shirt has any kind of sentimental value? He DOES seem to wear it more than any other shirt I’ve seen him in lol.

    Oh and Yes….The THIGHS! I like the view from the back too lol…. (heehee!) ;-)

  48. Mystique Says:

    Joanie—YES…that monkey made “memorable” impression indeed! ^_^ And that’s all I’ll say about that! lol…

    Emily—Oh…Patrick had a line? OOooopps….I didn’t even notice. Guess my attention was elsewhere rotfl!

    Kia–Yeah, I was going to save this comment for tomorrow’s “Review”, but I think I actually preferred Grown Ups Part 1 as opposed to Part 2. If Taylor could have been in Part 1, I think I would have liked the movie SO much better. :) I’ll save the rest for tomorrow lol.

  49. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn—You know what?? I know NOBODY on this earth is “Perfect”, but Taylor sure does come close lol! Ugh…does he even have a flaw?? OF course, I know he DOES….but you know what I’m saying! Guh!

    We’ve talked on here about how certain songs remind us of Taylor sometimes, and I just have to say…. This song “See Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé is so BEAUTFUL to me, and it always reminds me of Taylor…ESPECIALLY when it comes to his love life lol. If you know the lyrics or have heard the song, you’ll know what I’m talking about. :) It has a male and a female part singing a duet.

    Here’s the link to the video:

    Whenever I hear the lyrics to that song, it always reminds me of Taylor. ^_^ I think there’s SOOOO much more to him than what’s on the surface. But I do think that he stays somewhat guarded at times (for obvious reasons) lol…

  50. Evelyn Says:

    God, he has thighs that can crack bricks. YUMMY. And I was envious of an animatronic deer and a toy monkey. Sad

  51. Johanna Says:

    Ummm so i was just on Taylorlautnermania and i think i saw the revenge scene go look ans tell me if it is. If it is then that is kinda sad and i understand why we would be envious. Dumb luck animal!!!!

  52. firereign Says:

    …..remember GU2 is an uncredited role for T…..1 major plus is the exposure he gets to a new demographic (quite different from Twi saga)….so no “disloyalty” in not attending….you are familiar with him already & support him in many other ways…..
    (the attn he garnered the movie was obvious from the fans response while shooting the film, the interest interviewers exhibited in him and the draw on getting more people in the seats

    Fuerza Bruta (has many of the thrills like Cirque) – it interacts with the audience so if you go dress comfortably you will be moving around, getting wet, get showered with glitter & probably be on you feet the entire time……(Argentina production…& I guess the literal translation from Spanish is like you said “Brute Force”……he was accompanied by a few others (and I hear Marie was one of them)

  53. *Vickey* Says:

    Evelyn— That monkey lol. Man! :P And no @Kia you’re right, you weren’t the only one jealous! Lol

    Mystique— Just listened to the song! I can see why it would trigger thoughts of Taylor! :) And I saw Patrick say his line, but I can’t remember what he said for the life of me because Taylor started talking right afterwards! Haha.

    I can’t wait until we review it. I have a few favorite parts I have to talk about. ^.^

    Fiereign- Umm hmm, I agree, I mentioned that earlier about the new demographic., I also agree with what you said about no disloyalty in not attending. :)

  54. Logan Says:

    Oh my where’s my imagination taking me…. Taylor….thighs…..brute force….with Marie or me…OMG!
    We are soooooo ready for some ‘ action ‘ by Taylor ( fyi: the Abduction kiss scene has over 5 million hits )
    Glad you all liked Taylor’s performance in GU2.

  55. Nicole Says:

    Omg I’m not going to be able to see gu2 until tues or weds this week!!!! But don’t worry ladies spoil away! I love spoilers and have already looked a few up. Haha

  56. chanda w. Says:

    Seeing Tay in GUPS2 did make me ready for Tracers. I already have the soundtrack playing in my head. Glad to see him enjoying the New York scene.
    That’s right Marie, stay close. Don’t let the toy monkey and moose/deer have all the fun.
    Yeah, that train, kissing scene, from Abduction has a lot of hits. I’ve noticed Abduction gets talked about a lot, good or bad, it’s still getting attention.
    Still don’t understand the point of Tay going uncredited. There were cameos with one or no lines at all that are credited. I know it has already been explained.
    Did Tay’s team think the movie wouldn’t do well? He did such a good job and brought more fans to that movie, I just want him to get credit for that. I know he isn’t the only one who was in the movie as a favor.

    KS’s team wants to put Tay back in the center of that catastrophe. I sorta hope he starts to distance himself from her.
    I send blessings to him and wish that he is surrounded by those that truly care about him and his career.

  57. marianne Says:

    chanda w….What’s going on with KS’s team?

  58. kia Says:

    Looks like I’m seeing it again Tues with my cousin. Him and his brother wants to see it now after his friends told him how hilarious it was.LOL

    I put the monkey/moose is on my envy list with Bella Swan(twilight) Karen(Abduction) Felicia(VD BARF) and I might as well add Nikki(Tracers) up there already.

  59. Emily Says:

    kia–Who is Felicia?

  60. Johanna Says:

    @Emily Taylor swift in Valentine’s day

  61. Emily Says:

    I was just about to say”never mind” because I just remembered.

  62. Johanna Says:

    awwwww i love him so much

  63. Johanna Says:

    scroll down its the pic where he is making a heart with his hands with one of his fans its so cute

  64. kia Says:

    Johanna- That last pic with the fan in the pink shirt. UNF!!!

    Emily- Still give me nightmares..LOL

  65. chanda w. Says:

    Taylor is so sweet. He has some of the best fan pics. Who is Cher Lloyd? I think she said that she was gonna be in Tracers too. Unless I was mistaken.
    Marianne, for some reason the break up of KS and RP is still making headlines and Tay’s name is back in middle. I always felt that KS sorta abused her friendship with Taylor to make RP jealous. I don’t think Tay and Rob were ever really friends offscreen, but they had chemistry and were friendly to one another.
    Tay clearly wanted to stay out of that, which is why I think he was so public with Maika. He wanted to show that he has a life of his own, which he does.
    So , I think KS’s team is trying to make her look less desperate by making it seems Taylor might actually want to be with her……PLEASE. He don’t want her, but I believe he does care about her , alot.
    We talk about everything Tay on here , so that’s why I mentioned it. He’s doing very well and he doesn’t need to go down that road again.
    I had forgot Swift’s name was Felicia in VD and Tay was Willie…lol Big Willie.

  66. Johanna Says:

    @Chanda Cher lloyd is a singer from the uk she sing pop music i really like her she is cool but she is not an actress so that probably wasnt true

  67. Evelyn Says:

    Awww! Taylor is such a sweetheart!

  68. Evelyn Says:

    I knew that Taylor had absolutely nothing to do with KS and RP’s break-up. He avoids the drama, and we all know he wouldn’t hurt anyone like that. The media and paps can be very cruel to everyone. All that you can do is try to slide right by it, and not add fuel to the fires.

    Taylor’s parents raised him very well, and I think he is the most level headed guy out there.

  69. Emily Says:

    All of these fan pics are KILLING me!!! I am so envious of them that I am seeing green!!! The half-heart-hand one especially…………………but, weirdly, I’m really happy for those fans that DO get to meet him….I feel strangely bonded to other true fans………we’re like “the sisterhood of Taylor-love”……………..Is it just me or does Taylor seem much more accessible to fans since he got out from under Scummit control? I know he’s always gone out of his way to take pictures and sign autographs, but it just seems like there are so many more fan pics now—maybe just because he’s been out shooting other things in public and not a completely closed set……but I’ve definitely noticed more fans getting to put their arms around him and getting closer than we’ve seen in the past……….

    BTW. Logan, I’m partly responsible for those 5 million hits on the train scene…..even though I’ve watched it so many times I have it practically memorized in my head, sometimes, I need a quick pick-me-up (and watching him pick HER up always helps)… was a GOOD scene, and, though still not wanting it to be TOO MUCH, I’m ready for a new scene that can maybe get 10 million hits………..

  70. chanda w. Says:

    One of Tay’s friends, the guy from Glee, Cory Monteith, was apparently found dead in his hotel room of a drug overdose. Not all info has been confirmed , so don’t know if it is real or one of those twitter deaths.
    I know that Taylor attended a Lakers game with Cory, Patrick and Connor Cruise(Tom Cruise’s son) back in January. If this is true , it is pretty sad , he was 31, still young. This is why I keep Tay in my prayers. If I ever heard news like this about him……..I just don’t know. Prayers to Cory’s family.

  71. Lexi Says:

    @chanda, yep its true…….. :/ and even his publicist confirms. Its pretty sad, and im not even a fan of glee or anybody that is on that show……….

  72. Kathy Says:

    I haven’t seen GUs 2 in theaters yet and I don’t know if I will so I might have to wait until someone upload it on a movie stream site or wait until the dvd comes out. :(

  73. Logan Says:

    Dead at 31 what a shame. I sincerely hope that his family and friends can mourne his death in private. So papps leave them alone!

  74. vera Says:

    @chanda w….The article about Taylor – it could be the work of a KS team or Rob’s team as well.Ruth Bernstein and Nick Frenkel (publicists and pr managers of Robsten), they are both still working with HL and with other tabloids.

  75. marianne Says:

    chanda w…Thanks for answering my question. R and K should be filming soon so hopefully the tabs will be moving on to another story line with them.

  76. firereign Says:

    Heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and fans of Cory Monteith.

  77. Logan Says:

    @Kathy, check out youtube: ashleycamachobieber she taped the last 15 min with her phone. That’s where the monkey and the moose come in…..Don’t have a link sorry

  78. Meh Says:

    I actually had lunch with Cory Monteith two years ago when he was in the UK………he was a sweetheart I’m so sad and shocked! Poor lea Michelle :(

    I don’t think Tay and Cory were close, I’ve never seen them pictured together and when he met lea he said in an interview that he found it odd that it took so long before they met. I am sure if Tay has met him and is sad just as I met him an am sad but I don’t think they were close in anyway

    I’m genuinely really sad. Cory was my major celeb crush before Tay….and I actually spent time with him. Such a shame

  79. Meh Says:

    Forgot to say, Tay is good friends with chord over street from glee (he was dating Emma R during valentines day) so if anything he will be sad for chord losing a close friend

  80. chanda w. Says:

    Oh, I was under the impression that Tay and Cory were friends too. Perez did an article back in January about , I’ve already said, Tay , Patrick , Connor Cruise and Cory arrived at a Lakers game around the same time. The story made it seem that they met up and sat together. There was a similar story by someone else, Just Jared maybe. Anyway, I thought they were friends, my mistake if they were not. Still very sad. I’m also hoping that more celebs, will admit that drug use, of any kind, isn’t cool. He did try to get help , but just couldn’t fight it, I guess.
    I keep seeing Tay in a movie with Eddie Cibrian, as his dad, and the dark haired guy from 1d , as his brother………and an older brother, but I can’t picture the face yet. Tay is like some kind of star athlete, football, basketball. He gets hurt badly and the dad realizes he favors Tay more than the other two simply because he thinks he’ll accomplish more. One of the brothers gets with the wrong crowd and the other one is very distant. The dad also has some other issues and Taylor has his own secret.

  81. chanda w. Says:

    @Meh, are you in the entertainment industry? Yeah, I know that Tay and Chord are close, so either way it has somewhat of an impact on Tay too.

  82. Emily Says:

    Finn was my favorite character on Glee. I watch for the music. How sad. Cory reminded me of one of my childhood friends.

    Meh—how were you able to have lunch with him?

    Chanda–I added Taylor to my nightly prayers a long time ago. I always pray for his safety(esp. when he’s traveling), health, and happiness. :)

  83. accv Says:

    I’m genuinely in shock. My eyes are a little watery from looking up the news and reading star reactions. I, in fact, really liked Glee… mostly for the music, though. But that’s just so sad. :/ Too soon, indeed. It really is painful losing a loved one… and although the pain subsides as time passes, it never really goes away. *sigh* My heart goes out to his family, relatives, friends, Lea and fans. Ay, yay, yay…

  84. kia Says:

    I can’t believe it. I’m sadden right now. My heart and condolence to his family,Lea and friends.

    My Heart also goes out to Trayvon Martin family. I feel like the past 18 hours has been to much.

    #RIPTrayvonMartin #RIPCoryMonteith

  85. Mystique Says:

    Oh boy….I am SO sorry to hear about the death of Cory Monteith! When I got the news this morning on Twitter I was in SHOCK…. COMPLETE SHOCK! :-/

    I had no idea he even had a drug-related problem! O_o Shows how out of it I am these days I guess. :(

    Anyway, I feel SO very sorry for him and his family. This was just so sudden… :-/ Losing anyone to death is such a painful feeling. :-*( I know it sounds bad, but as soon as I heard the news, I immediately thought of Taylor also. Like you @Chanda & @Emily if I woke up and heard news that Taylor had died, I’d be a BASKETcase! :-/ I know we don’t really “KNOW” these celebrities intimately, but still….it can be VERY sad when someone you’ve watched and enjoyed on screen falls away in death. :-( I don’t know what I’d do… It would be SO very sad. I’ve shed a tear for many celebs who I’ve grown up knowing who have died. It’s so sad.

    This news has just put a huge damper on my day today…. :-/ I feel that maybe I should write my Review of GUPS2 tomorrow. :-/ I think maybe tomorrow I’ll be feeling better. *sigh* :-/ This just reminds us that life can be so SHORT. You can be here one day, and gone the next. It’s good to live your life as it would be your last.

    Anyway, I’m about to go take my little cousins to the movies to see “Monsters University”, so I’ll probably be able to chat tomorrow!


  86. Meh Says:

    @chanda @emily – he did a campaign with Richard Branson and his charity Virgin Unite regarding youth homelessness (something he did after he did an interview about his past drug use as he himself experienced homelessness before he got the job in Glee) I was asked to help promote this with the charity The Albert Kennedy Trust. We had lunch with a bunch of others at Richards restaurant in London. Unfortunately the PR team in charge wasn’t brilliant and it didn’t get the PR it needed, dispute the fact that I also work in PR I was only a small part in it and didn’t have the power or authority to try and turn it around. So after the lunch, it didn’t really get going. Which is a shame really.

    Cory truly was so lovely the whole day though, generally put everyone else first and made sure everyone was happy. It was a really really hot day in the city and the PR team had him do interview after interview with some (rubbish) press, he could of easily got fed up and had enough but he didn’t, he kept joking and got to know everyone. The day before, me and my partner had gone to see the Glee tour in London, so we were able to chat about that among other things.

    I was surprised when he went into rehab earlier in the year as he always seemed so determind that he was never going to go back into all that. He had a bright future and you could just see how much him and lea were in love. I defo cried a little when I found out this morning. Complete and utter shame

  87. chanda w. Says:

    I feel sadness for Trayvon Martin’s family too. Things can happen so quickly. Gotta live to the fullest and luv what you luv. Can’t live for other people either,gotta do you and be honest about it. I’m starting to finally get that.
    That’s sorta why I’m drawn to Taylor, he seems to really enjoy his life and doesn’t try to change his personality to conform to anyone’s standard.

  88. Logan Says:

    Chanda you’ve hit the nail with your remark about why, can I say we, are drawn to Taylor. He is totally and 100% his own person. Doesn’t need to drink ( or smoke ) to have a good time, that’s how much fun he is to be around with.
    Living two seperate lives by not being online 24/7 and staying grounded with the help of close friends and family. There are plenty of other good looking and buff actors around but somehow they don’t come across as real as Taylor.

  89. Kathy Says:

    @Logan Thank you

  90. firereign Says:

    Taylor was acquainted with Cory – met him @ awards shows & had pics together –
    (he also was also a friend of Swift). She had her concert in East Rutherford NJ yesterday.

  91. Evelyn Says:

    I just got onto my computer and, I am sad to hear about Cory. Terrible. I cried a little. I knew about his drug abuse, but I really thought he was going to pull through. How sad, and I am a Gleek, so that just makes it a little harder. My condolences to him and his family and loved ones.

  92. Johanna Says:

    It is very sad that Cory has passed away and my heart goes out to his family, firends and fans. I never saw glee but i noe that ppl loved it and loved his character and even with the drug abuse he was pretty well respected he actually reminds me of Taylor i saw a few vids of him and he was always very polite and willing to meet fans and it is sad to see wonderful ppl like him go. I really pray that Taylor doesnt get caught up in this like that. I dont mind if he goes out he should again life is too short i just hope he stays smart about it.

    Also RIP Trayvon Martin our system is very flawed

  93. nicolefair Says:

    Today is such a sad day. It feels like I should be saying more, something witty, or silly but I just can’t find the words. I’m lazy at prayer and sometimes embarassed to have those silent conversations with God because of the length of time between talks.

    But, today feels like a day for that. For prayer, for understanding, for peaceful contemplation of other peoples heartache and my own blessings.

    Live well you guys and hug the people you love.

  94. Johanna Says:

    I noe that yesterday was a sad day but we are lucky that we still have the ones we love and i hope this tragedy never happens to u lovely ladies and we have to give thanks that we still have the person we idolize and that he is well, happy, and healthy and i pray that he stays that was for many years to come. #WE LOVE U VERY MUCH TAYLOR <3

    o and Marie posted this pic its not actually her and Taylor but its funny

    at least we noe they are working and okay.

  95. Msytique Says:

    NicoleFair, Johanna—Yeah..I agree… What a sad day yesterday was…on BOTH accounts! Not only Cory’s death, but also the Trayvon Martin verdict. Maybe that’s why I was feeling so down yesterday. That trial verdict just basically told the entire NATION that you you can be walking down the street, minding your OWN business, and be profiled by a local citizen (NOT by a police officer mind you), and be considered “suspect” enough to be approached and shot in cold blood. Smh.. :-/

    *sigh* Oh well…..

    I’m sure maybe this afternoon I’ll be feeling a little better…. maybe once this WORKLOAD dies down some. Aaaarrgh! I’m swamped today smh… :(

  96. Emily Says:

    Johanna–That was a cute picture. I don’t really know anything about Marie, but I really like her. Anyone who calls Taylor “fab” is good in my book. She seems like she has a good sense of humor.

    I know everyone was down yesterday because of news stories. I DO want to discuss GU2 before I forget everything I want to mention, but not until we’re all ready. And I think someone was going to see it today?? Don’t want to give any spoilers.

    Mystique–Good luck with all you’re work. You’ll get through it!

  97. johanna Says:

    @Emily I’m seeing it tonight 6 I’m very excited I don’t mind spoliers

  98. Evelyn Says:

    Yesterday was indeed sad. Not just for Cory, and Trayvon, but everyone else who lost their life due to a mental illness and incoherent violence. How about a comfortable time to discuss GU2? I am going to see it again, to fill in the gaps. That will be today.

    Have a great, Tay-riffic day everyone!

  99. accv Says:

    IMO… the best one out of that list, OOOOF COURSE ;) Goes from young cutie to matured VA-VA-VA-VOOM!!

  100. accv Says:

    I wonder if the TCA’s will have a tribute for Cory in August. Such a tragic demise and what a loss. I surely wasn’t a fan but I respected the guy, for sure. TBH, I’m STILL in shock.

  101. Johanna Says:

    if u havent seen it yet tracers fb page

  102. kia Says:

    I think yesterday was certainly a downer ,now its time for some happiness now.

  103. Msytique Says:

    Thanks @Emily… :) I’m hanging in there. This day has been no joke here at work! O_o I’m covering for another employee who is off work for 2 weeks. So, not only do I have my OWN work load and people to support, but I also have HER work load and people to support….for TWO whole WEEKS! Aaaarggh..

    Excuse me while I go pull my hair out now lol….

    Cute pic @Johanna! How come everyone who comes in contact with Twitter and Taylor, always resorts to teasing us fans?? LOL! Maybe it just can’t be helped when it’s Taylor I guess rotfl. It WAS a cute pic though….. :) Notice how she has the umbrella to shield from the sun, and he doesn’t lol! How cute! ^_^

    Evelyn—Mental illness and violence..what?? What happened?? Maybe I’m late on that news…. please explain! I know I’ve been “out of it” due to me moving and all, but wow…I didn’t know something ELSE happened yesterday! O_o

    Accv—Yay! Love that link. :) Of course, I’m definitely biased to Taylor lol… ;-)

    Kia—I agree….. I need some GOOD news lol. I’m just not used to the weekend being such a :-/

    @Emily—I’m free to discuss the movie tomorrow! Hopefully the office will have died down by then, and the news stories wont’ be as depressing lol. You’re right, I don’t want to forget anything about the movie!

    Johanna—Ooo….You’re watching GUPS2 tonight?? AWESOME! I’m so jelly! Enjoy! ^_^ I’m sure you’ll have fun. If anything, it’s good for a light-hearted laugh. Don’t take it too seriously, and you’ll be fine! :)

    I have the itch to see GUPS2 again…maybe as a matinee or something! I’ll see how I feel this week lol. ;) I want a second viewing if I can help it.

    Btw, does anyone know what spot GUPS2 came in on this weekend’s box office? Did we make #1?? :-D

  104. Evelyn Says:

    I live in Chicago, well the closest ‘burb to it, a white uppity town if you must label it, and there is violence downtown everyday. And most of it is children getting hurt. Very sad.

    Actually, Despicable Me 2 made #1, and GU2 came #2. Those crazy minions, lol.

  105. kia Says:

    Mystique- It debut at #2 with 42 million which beat Pacific Rim. I think Taylor definitely got the most buzz out of the whole cast since most of his parts was best out of the whole film.

    Is they seriously thinking about making another GU3? I’m sorry but that a big NO! Part 1 and 2 was good but they don’t need a 3rd one.

  106. kia Says:

    Accv- I think they will. The glee cast has been part of the award show for some time now,I’ll be shock if they don’t.

  107. Msytique Says:

    @Evelyn—Aww…so sorry to hear about that! Yeah I’ve been hearing lately about a lot of senseless violence and killings happening in Chicago lately. I don’t think it was always this way! Is there a reason why there have been so many random acts of violence in this particular area lately? Just curious….

    My heart goes out to you all and anyone affected by senseless violence. It happens anywhere and everywhere unfortunately these days. Nobody is really “safe” anymore…. :-/

  108. Msytique Says:

    Evelyn, Kia—Thanks for the Box Office Results! Number #2 isn’t bad I guess… I was SO hoping for #1 though…. :( So close! If that stupid…I mean…lol…Despicable Me had not been out, GUPS2 would have definitely been #1. Oh well! :-/

    Oh, and I agree with you @Kia….NO Part 3! It needs to end on a “high note”…whatever note that may be lol…. Part 3 would be milking it imo, no offense.

    I’ll give my review tomorrow once things have died down some. Others are seeing it tonight as well, so I’ll wait. :)

  109. Evelyn Says:

    Reviewing tomorrow then.

  110. Emily Says:

    Mystique–Maybe he asks people he knows NOT to post his picture on twitter. Maybe he just doesn’t want to have to deal with the craziness that would undoubtedly occur if people knew his activities and whereabouts. Maybe he has an aversion to all technology…..who knows? I’m sure Marie is probably getting lots of requests from her followers, so she had to give them SOMETHING.

    If there IS a GU3, and if Adam calls Taylor again, I think he needs to be busy………………..doing ANYTHING else……………hopefully, he’ll be working steadily from now on with his own projects and won’t have time……I really wish he would have something else lined up to film at the end of this year…..look at me–I’m getting so greedy!

    Tomorrow it is! I need to write down some notes so I’ll remember everything I want to say.

  111. Emily Says:

    This is a short interview he did the same day he talked to the two yellow-haired guys……

    I swear, he could not be any sweeter if you sprinkled sugar all over him!! This is one of those times when he is both adorably, achingly cute and sweet, but at the same time completely hot–my insides are so confused–I don’t know what to feel!! I hope he always keeps his cuteness to go along with his ever-growing hotness!

    Annnnndddd, he said he loves romantic comedies–that’s what we want to see after Tracers!!

  112. marianne Says:

    Emily…awww…thanks for the interview link. He has the cutest personality. I’m hoping that Taylor isn’t part of a GUPS3 too. Even though I think Taylor was partly responsible for the box office for the film, I was glad he wasn’t the “face” of the film. I read that GUPS2 was one of the highest grossing films for AS since 2005.

    chanda w….A fan took a pic with KS at a bowling alley in LA and she was with Rupert. Here’s hoping that the gossip sites will leave Taylor out of the Robsten mess.

    I liked that tweet from Marie. I’m looking forward to seeing how they interact in interviews.

  113. kia Says:

    Emily- “Sprinkled sugar all over him” up my mind is going there………………………

  114. Emily Says:

    kia–Ha, ha! I really didn’t mean it THAT way this time, but we all know that when you start being a Taylor fan, you always have a one-way ticket to Gutterville just waiting to be used at any moment, brought on by just about any occasion…..I always enjoy the trip there!!

  115. kia Says:

    Emily- I seriously need to go to a support group. “hi my name is Kia and I’m a gutter attic” LOL

  116. Johanna Says:

    Literally just got back from seeing GU2 “BOOM, Yeah that just happened”
    Taylor was amazing as usual i feel so bad that i cant come up with a different words nothing can do him justice

    Overall the movie was cute made me giggle.

    But Taylor being an a$$ was the sexiest thing i have ever seen. I noe it was a family movie but every time he came on the screen i just kept thinking dirty thoughts #sorrynotsorry
    is it wrong that i thought he looked so good wen he was being mean to that little girl in the end.

    BTW Taylor needs to be careful he needs to protect those precious jewles he has he cant be getting attacked like that.

  117. Emily Says:

    kia–I actually have a time share in Gutterville. Feel free to join me there when you need some extra support!

    Johanna–Glad you liked it! I’m having trouble remembering all I want to discuss tomorrow because I think I was doing the same thing when he was onscreen.

    And yes, he’s especially hot when he’s being not-so-nice! And double-yes—–he needs to be careful with all his “assets!”

  118. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Say WHAAA?? Get out! KS was out with Rupert at a bowling alley?? WOW….just WOW. Hmmm….coming back for seconds are we?? lol…
    I’m just glad KS isn’t dragging Taylor’s name through the mud with her “antics”. I don’t really hate KStew or anything, but her attitude and her behavior as of late just irks me for some reason.

    Emily—HA…yeah, being a Taylor fan will send you on multiple trips to Gutterville lol! ^_^ Actually, I own PROPERTY in “Gutterville” lol! #don’tjudgeme! rotfl….

    Kia—Welcome to “Gutter-holics Anonymous”!!! LOL!

    Johanna–Glad you enjoyed the movie! Yay! I wish I could go again…I don’t see when I’ll have the time to though. Ugh….everything with this move is just so stressful right about now. Hopefully in the next few weeks the worst will be OVER lol! Relocating out of state can be such a pain lol! :-P

    Yes, Taylor was so HOT as a “meanie” lol… I’ll say more during my “Official Review” tomorrow, but yeah….it was a nice side to him lol. :)

    I may just have to watch the movie again JUST to focus on Taylor’s scenes lol…. Before, I was just trying to take the WHOLE movie in (paying close attention to Taylor of course), but the NEXT time I go, I think I’ll just focus on Taylor’s scenes. Ooohhhh I sure hope someone makes a Youtube featurette of just Taylor’s scenes in the movie! *crosses fingers* :-D

  119. kia Says:

    Joanna- I didn’t know whether to slap him for being a jerk or just throw him against the tree and make out with him for being so sexy.. “precious jewels” YES!!

  120. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor was a very bad boy in GU2, that I just wanted to spank him. His badness just made him 1,000x sexier. And that deer better not have harmed his jewels, or else! Don’t worry ladies, my mind was already in the gutter before GU2.

  121. Logan Says:

    For everyone that’s in need for a pick-me-up:

  122. vera Says:

    marianne..there is no clear picture showing that it is Rupert, it’s all fantasy and imagination of Nonsten sites.
    a girl, who claiming that Rupert was there, she is a Rob fan, as well people often write about something on Twitter to become famous…

  123. Mystique Says:

    KIAAAA!!!—Omg I’m getting a visual of that lol….Your last comment…WOW! O_O HOTTTTT!!! Rotfl! ^_^

  124. marianne Says:

    vera…sorry my bad…I thought it was a legitimate tweet. I know there’re a lot of sightings from Robsten fans that are false but this one seemed to be from someone not in the fandom. Gotta love the Twifandom and all its craziness.

  125. Mystique Says:

    *~*My Official Review of “GUPS2″*~*

    *Warning…this is lengthy….hope you’re comfortable! lol*


    Okay….Well, since I don’t want to forget anything, I guess I’m just going to write my review here (even though I just KNOW George is probably going to start a new picture thread any minute now lol). Oh well! I’m getting ansty waiting lol….

    So, here it goes!

    Overall, I thought the movie was enjoyable! ^_^ It was DEFINITELY crude in several different scenes, but as was mentioned earlier, there isn’t a lot of language in it, so I guess maybe it sort of evened out a little?? lol….

    When the previews started, our theater only had about 75% people inside, but once the movie actually started, I was quite surprised to find that the theater ended up being about 80% – 85% filled up! It was pretty packed in there! More than I expected it to be. We also had quite a few Sandler fans, and college-aged kids and early 20-something’s in the audience sitting further back up higher in the auditorium, so they were the loudest (and most fun) bunch lol. I wish I had been sitting up there with them honestly, because I was sitting next to some bumps on the logs… 60’s-somethings on my left, and a couple who looked bored out of their minds on my right smh.. :-/ OH well…I laughed out loud heartily and didn’t care what anyone said lol. I was there to have FUN! :-D

    Overall, I actually LOVE this cast! They are a FUNNY group of people. One thing that I like about the GUPS franchise, is that the cast all has pretty good chemistry. Sandler, Rock, James, Spade, etc…ALL of them have good chemistry and great one-liners when they get together lol. I DID miss Rob Reiner’s presence in this one (what happened to him anyway?? Was he even referenced or mentioned in the movie??), but I think the drunk/druggie Bus Driver basically took the place of Rob’s eccentric role in this film. :)

    OMG…TAYLOR….where do I even begin?? Lol…. WOW…. Okay, first of call…can I just say, that when Taylor FIRST came on screen during the “Rock Scene”, there was like a collective gasp of girls and women sitting further back in the audience behind me lol!! Most of the girls gasped and I heard a few girls whisper excitedly: “Taylor!” Lol… :) I just smiled and chuckled to myself lol.. ;-) I guess maybe SOME girls didn’t even know he was IN this movie! Lol! I don’t know how you couldn’t have known…but, maybe they aren’t die-hard fans like us lol. But anyway, his appearance had a positive reaction in the audience. Nobody booed, nobody groaned, and during that whole sequence on the Rock, pretty much everyone was LAUGHING! lol

    I have to admit, even though I had already seen some clips of that scene, it was FUNNIER seeing it in action lol… The audience was dying laughing….especially when he was flipping around in the background Rotfl! Let me tell you ladies…..My eyes turned as wide as saucers when I saw him flipping around all physical and stuff. I was like FLOORED! O_O I knew he was good when he was younger, but JEEZ! I had no idea he was so….AGILE!!!! (Ohhh..there goes my mind in the gutter again lol!)

    He was all rough and tough too lol! I LOVED it! ^_^ I think he took most of the audience by surprise, because nobody is used to seeing Taylor command the screen like that. In the second scene (Frat house was trashed), let me tell you….I LOVED this scene! Hahaha….Mainly because I got to see another side of Taylor yet again! I liked when he said something like: “no…don’t fight each other!” lol or something like that. You know what?? I think Taylor is getting better as an actor, because his facial expressions varied so much MORE in this movie than it did in “Abduction”. I think that was the main thing that I noticed in GUPS2. He gave a facial expression in that scene that I don’t think I’ve seen him give before…. I think it was like an expression you give when you’re about to cry. It’s an expression that I’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio give MANY times in his films lol. I think the mark of a good actor is when your facial expression can convey onscreen exactly what you’re feeling. I think Taylor is definitely getting better at this. Twilight was a good stepping stone, but now he’s getting into the big leagues. Taylor has always had very expressive eyes….so I’m just glad that he’s using it more to the full now! :)

    OMG….tell me why that 3rd scene (“Driver’s Ed”) of Taylor cracked me up! OMG! I had no idea Taylor could be so FUNNY! Hee hee! :-D I wished they had kept his “baton twirling” scene in there, but maybe they felt that was a little too over the top lol!!

    OMG and the end scene….(“Party Crashers”)….Taylor was at his best! lol! I liked when he fought with Adam’s character rotfl. He really is an athletic genius omg! Hahah…I liked his little tease to the little girl lol… “Awww…hey little girl…” lol… Taylor was such a baddie lol… OH, and don’t get me started on the monkey! LOL! I didn’t know he was going to have such a crazy demise lol!

    I noticed (and this is just MY audience), that every scene that Taylor was in after the “Rock Scene”, the audience fell quiet. It was ODD!! It was almost as if the audience was trying to decipher how to take him. Do we hate him? Do we like him? Should I laugh? Should I NOT laugh? I took it to mean that his presence was very commanding on screen, and that people have never seen him playing a “bad guy” role before.

    Honestly, I LOVED seeing Taylor playing a “bully” in some respect. It’s so far removed from how he is, so it took GREAT acting on his part to convey it and be believable.

    I know this movie is just a comedy, but when I saw it, I realized just how UNDERestimated Taylor is. He did a really good job for a “cameo”. He’s actually pretty talented. He’s MORE than just a “pretty face”, and I think eventually people will see that. I think some have already started seeing that. He’s also not afraid to do something out of the norm…like get eaten up by a Deer lol….

    I definitely think that his role in this movie made a great impression, not only on MALE audience members, but also on other ladies who haven’t even SEEN the Twi franchise, AND on “recruiters”/directors who maybe thought he was too “twi-involved” to be doing OTHER types of roles. I’m glad he’s getting more visibility out there. :)

    Taylor should play a “baddie” more often. He played this role with just enough obnoxiousness and charm, that you didn’t end up HATING him. He had the perfect balance. He wasn’t TOO unlikeable…. Ykwim? He was bad “ENOUGH” just to be likeable and FUNNY. Lol… Plus, Taylor is VERY SEXY as a bad boy lol! He can play that role anytime he wants lol. I can’t WAIT for “Tracers” OH-EMM-GEE! ^_^

    The thing I felt was lacking in GUPS2 is that the plot was kind of weak. Also, in GUPS 2, the whole entire MOVIE takes place in a span of just ONE day (the last day of school). Very unbelieveable imo. :-/ Couldn’t Adam have thought of a better plot?? At least in GUPS Part 1, the movie moved along at an even pace, and took place over a span of multiple days during the summer.

    I’m just very surprised that GUPS2 had ALL of that “drama” taking place over the course of just ONE day. It was just very unbelievable to me. Almost like they were trying to cram everything all in one day. :-/ If the movie had had a slightly better plot, I think that it would have made it to #1 at the Box Office. After the opening weekend, I think the only people who will probably see this movie now are perhaps die-hard Adam Sandler fans, or fans of other actors in the movie.

    Plus, was it just me?? Or did the movie sort of drag on during the middle or latter part of the movie? It was like, there were tons of laughs in the beginning and middle, but then, AFTER the middle, it started to drag on and people weren’t laughing as much in my theater. Taylor was like a breath of fresh air in every scene he was in, because imo the movie only picked up again towards the end when the house party scene came on and the frat boys returned.

    Btw…was it just me, or was that “fight scene” at the end with the Frats vs. the “old heads” (lol) supposed to be a mini-tribute/spoof of the BDPart 2 end scene when the Vamps and Wolves go against the Volturi?? Lol…I don’t know why, but that scene looked oddly familiar lol! ;-)

    Although I much preferred GUPS Part 1 better than Part 2, I would watch GUPS2 again just for Taylor. ^_^ I want to see him again onscreen lol.

  126. Mystique Says:


    A couple of things I forgot to add lol…sorry!

    *Did anyone notice Taylor raise his eyebrows up and down really fast in one scene while he was talking to the “old heads” lol? I forget which scene it was exactly, but it was SO HOT!!! I think I kind of lost my train of thought when he did it lol. He was standing and said something with a smirk, and then raised his eyebrows up and down really fast…I was CRACKING UP! I’ve never seen him act that way before lol! All cocky and arrogant like that…lol. Usually cockiness and arrogance turns me OFF, but on Taylor…it’s HOT!!! LOL….I’m like @Kia now…. I need Help haha :-P

    *Also, was it just ME, or did Taylor seem to have SO much more CONFIDENCE in this role than he did in “Abduction”? I know he was somewhat younger in “Abduction”, but in THIS film, I just got more of a commanding vibe from him. He just seemed SOOO much more COMFORTABLE in his role, and had more confidence in his skills. I have definitely noticed a difference! I was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea he could act like that.

    If GUPS2 is any foretaste of what “Tracers” might be like, then I am VERY happy. ^_^ Those critics judged him too harshly WAAAY too soon imo. But who knows?? Maybe the backlash from “Abduction” only spurred in him a desire to fine-tune and improve his craft. Taylor is VERY dedicated, so I know he will work hard to deliver. :)

  127. Emily Says:

    I will do my review in a little while, but in the meantime:


  128. Emily Says:

    I always find things on other sites that I have to share….

    These are cute!

    I’ll put the other one in a different comment so I won’t have to “await moderation.”

  129. Emily Says:

    LOL at the girl in the second one!

  130. Johanna Says:

    Taylor had some fun last night and went to see the Blue Man group im so jealous i really want to go see them

  131. kia Says:

    Emily,Johanne- thanks for the pics. Lawd!! His ARMS!!!! I’m glad he’s enjoying himself in NYC while filming there.

    Emily- I think me and you would’ve done the same thing in that pic. LOL that girl is lucky!
    TCA update: GU2 is nominated for summer best choice movie & Taylor for choice hissy fit.

  132. Emily Says:

    Mystique–You did such a thorough job, that I don’t have that much left to say! Yeah, right!

    I think I’ll do my “CONS” first: Note: These are all just my opinions, and I realize that I may have taken the movie too seriously, but I’m a realist, and impossible feats in movies bother me. (And YES, a beautiful boy turning into a huge wolf living in a town with vampires is impossible, but that was a FANTASY movie and I knew that going in..)

    1) I agree that the plot was weak. Cramming all that stuff into one day was unbelievable. I didn’t really get why they chose the last day of school either.

    2) I didn’t get why they rode around in the school bus all morning. I also didn’t get why the drugged-out bus driver was basically used as a crash-test dummy but suffered no ill effects from all of the catastrophic incidents he endured. I also didn’t get the trip to K-Mart except for an opportunity to see Tim Meadows (who I forgot was in the first one) and Shaq.

    3)They focused too much on the adult men and not enough on the families. I really missed Chris Rock’s one-liners–he had a few this time, but I didn’t really find them that funny. I wish he and his mother-in-law had had some good banter. I thought that was pretty funny in the first one. Kevin James is by far my favorite of the four (I really liked his show “King of Queens”), but he didn’t have that many funny incidents either (I am over-looking his bodily function “talent.”) Sometimes, I like David Spade’s snarky comments, but he was basically afraid of his son the whole time and I didn’t really get him being involved with that woman who looked like Hulk Hogan.

    4) I wish that Cheri Oteri had a bigger role. I loved her on Saturday Night Live. She’s a nut.

    5) As I said before, too much gross-out humor for me–but, considering Adam’s usual demographic, I get why it was in there.

    6) What happened to Taylor at the end? Once the deer started having his way, the rest of the frat people just ran off! Did no one rescue him?!? :)


    1) I was pleasantly surprised there was so little foul language. That gets so redundant and annoying to me when people are cussing and dropping f-bombs constantly.

    2) I really liked all the kids—Kevin’s daughter with her “bedazzled” boots and dancing in the end-zone….and poor little Bean—I felt bad that his musical talents at the end went unnoticed by almost everyone…David’s son–the kid from the Hunger Games was pretty funny as the thug–Chris Rock’s youngest—cuteness overload…..Adam’s daughter–pretty cute…I thought the scene with Adam in her room was pretty sweet……….. the middle son kicking the football..another good scene….I especially liked that the two oldest boys decided they “weren’t ready for beer yet” and just pretended to be drunk–that was a refreshing change from the majority of films/TV shows that just assume that EVERY teenager in the world drinks illegally…..I also thought that Urkel/gangster kid was pretty funny.

    3) The wives–I liked most of their scenes–I wish there had been more of them.

    4) Taylor——–That’s all I really need to say, but, you know me, I always say more than is necessary. I don’t know if this is just because I love him so, but I honestly thought he stole every scene he was in. Bill Condon was right when he says the camera loves him. He does have a very palpable “presence” when he’s on-screen. Again, don’t know if this is again just b/c I’m obsessed, but my eye went to him every time, even when he was in front of the huge group of people—he just stands out.

    First scene–on the rocks—(glad to see he didn’t have to take his shirt off……as much as I love seeing more of him, this proved that he doesn’t have to be shirtless to command attention)—He was so arrogant and rude and insulting—I loved it. The handshake was ridiculous and funny. My favorite part was also when he kept doing flip after flip and Adam said “the kid just did like 11 back flips for no reason.” I shivered a little when he said “Naked.”
    I loved his “BOOM! That just happened!” line.

    At the frat house scene–I don’t really know what else happened, b/c again, my eyes stayed on him the whole time….but he was very believable as the “leader” of the group.

    In the car–That glare he had when they first pulled up—-DEAD! WHY O WHY IS HIS ANGRY FACE SO IRRESISTIBLE? He was so rude again, but I LIKED it!

    Party scene–I wish we could have had more time to see the costumes. I was a very small kid in the 80s, but I got most of the references.

    The uncompleted handshake–funny again!

    Did anyone else have an Abduction flashback when he rolled off the car and when he did his round-house kick???? Anyway, I thought he looked the hottest (LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the blue plaid shirt, BTW) when he and Adam were starting to fight and he was just jumping around with that smirk on his face taunting him—-GAH!!!!!!

    The monkey/deer stuff at the end really surprised me—he really went there. Did anyone else feel bad for him, like I did? I felt myself being mad at the little girl and the deer!!! What’s wrong with me?

    All in all, Taylor made the movie for me. Of course I’ll buy it when it comes out, b/c I am determined to own every movie he makes, but I’ll just be watching his scenes again. I was proud of him doing something completely different and I thought he did a great job being exactly what he was supposed to be….an arrogant, mean, smart-a$$ who you couldn’t completely hate.

    I’m sure I’ve left out something, but that’s all I can think of right now.

  133. Johanna Says:

    @Kia just voted for him right now.

    RE MOVIE: To be honest i cant really remember much of the movie cuz the entire time i was just waiting to see Taylor come up on the screen and wen he did i had the biggest smile on my face.

    I loved the lake/party scene wen he gets all mad and starts shaking. I love that he not shy and will really commit to the role even though he was a bit nervous i thought he did amazing. I loved is “Boom, That just happened” line

    Frathouse scene was cute i agree i could really pay much attention to wat happened cuz i was just standing there but he does have a leader type vibe but he always has. Even with twilight he was always kind of leading rob/kris like were to take pics and stuff if u see some of the premier footage he in the front most of the time.

    Fight scene i loved how he was being all cocky and stuff and being rude (so HOT!!!) i too loved the unfinished hand shake i also loved his little cocky speech before the fight happened. And @Mystique the fight scene did seem to mirror the fight in BD2 i think if it was its great. Kind of a type of parody.

    I dont remember who said his but Taylor does seem to be more relaxed and confident in this movie and i think its great and this might just be me but maybe its cuz he wasnt carrying the weight of this movie and it is the first post-twi thing he has done so that could be something and i also think it was a smart move cuz this way it will be better to ease into Tracers if ppl see him in this and realize that he is talented they may want to see wat else he can do because he is getting better and i do agree that he showed more range here with his face. And of course with Abduction it was his first movie after twilight and he had many ppl on the cast and every one said he had so much to prove and i think by doing GU2 he did. It proves that he can act and is hard working and is willing to step out of his comfort zone so im really happy he did this just to get his face out there.

    And yes if this reflects anything on Tracers then im very positive it will be great. :)

    Sorry for the rant

  134. Mystique Says:

    Emily—Thanks for the pics! Niiice arrrrm muscles….. :-P I just wanna lick ‘em like David Spade did in GUPS2 LOL! IF you saw the movie, you know what I mean!! ROTFL!

    LOVED your review by the way! You reminded me of some scene highlights I had almost forgotten lol.

    Yea Taylor definitely commanded attention in every scene. My eyes went STRAIGHT to him lol! In fact, aside from Milo, I don’t even remember most of the other frat boys at all rotfl. Even Patrick S’s part was so miniscule that I didn’t even realize he had a line in the movie! O_o haha! I didn’t expect Taylor to take ALL of my attention away lol! In fact, I’m pretty sure I probably missed a ton of jokes and a lot of dialogue during Taylor’s scenes, because my mind was in a daze lol. I didn’t even hear Adam say: “that kid just did 11 backflips for no good reason..”! LOL!

    I definitely need to watch a second viewing without such a large crowd. I think I just need some alone time lol…. Maybe then I’ll be able to “focus” lol.

    Oh and I LOOOOVED that blue plaid shirt he was wearing at the end! So hot… I liked the taunting jump back and forth with Adam’s character too lol.

    You know what? I vaguely remember him jumping off the car! Haha….talk about “Abduction” flashback lol :) The audience was quiet…lol. Again, I don’t think they know how to take/handle Taylor rotfl. I think they were just awed I guess lol. WE already knew he was *special*. ;-)

    Again, when I look back at Taylor’s appearances in his other recent films (aside from Twilight), like Valentines Day, Abduction, etc. I can DEFINITELY see a stark contrast with his character in GUPS2. He has come LIGHTYEARS from those other characters! Maybe comedy is more his strong suit?? OR…maybe he’s just older now and is more confident. He just has more confidence now onscreen. I always knew he was confident OFF-screen, but now it seems as though it’s finally being able to show ONscreen.

    Either that, or he just plays a very convincing bully lol. ^_^

    Btw, I don’t get why they drove around in that bus all day either. It’s not like they were picking up kids rotfl. I don’t get the trip to KMart either. Were they trying to get some merchandise for some reason?? Maybe I missed a line or something lol. The plot for GUPS was waaay better imo. If you haven’t yet seen GUPS part 1, you should definitely watch and compare.

  135. vera Says:

    marianne..ohh,you are right about the crazy fandom.. in any case,i think KS & RP continue to play with their fandom into some intricate games, and I’m happy that Taylor does not take part in it,and I finally calm down when his name not be mentioned in articles about them.
    @Mystique @Emily @Johanna wow, great reviews, full of expression, I love it!!
    I read the various reviews on others websites too, and I catch myself thinking that Taylor really did a great job – comic side of acting, it’s so damn hard, and not everyone’s strength, but I’ve believed in him, he’s hard worker and he certainly worked over himself, he with the immense responsibility was working on this cameo…
    audience and critics..they liked what he did ..and thanks for the comparison with Leo, I admire him, and it’s an amazing compliment to Taylor!

    Emily, thanks for the pictures … I think he really enjoys time in NYC,it’s great!

  136. *Vickey* Says:

    Damn @Mystique you covered everything LOL. I enjoyed reading your review of the movie! You to @Em!

    @Johanna- Yes, I definitely agree with you his confidence level in this film was just beautiful to watch! :D

    I’ll start with my Favorites Part and Pros:
    -I LOVE the kids in this film, hands down, didn’t have a problem with any of the kids. They were all so adorable. I thought it was sooooo cute how Chris Rock’s youngest son acted! I also loved Kevin’s daughter and her lightup shoes and Adam’s son was just so freakin’ cute! :D

    -I loved the family dinner sequences after Adam’s son’s leg was broken. It kind of sets up the whole idea that although this film is about a ridiculous weekend, family is what ultimately ties everything together. I’ll give Adam that with no shame.

    -I think the cameos really worked for this film. Aly M. from the band Aly and AJ, loved seeing her play the first drunk college girl the boys ran into at the rock drop. She had such a small part, but I loved it! Haha. I also enjoyed Halston Sage, I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with her, but she’s so sweet! I loved her small role as Adam’s oldest son’s crush, she was enjoyable to watch. Which brings me to my next cameo STEVEN AUSTIN! Those of you who are at least a tiny bit familiar with wrestling before John Cena know this man! He was great to see on screen, his presence was very strong and it brought sort of balance in the film that kind of made our main character— Adam very weak. Bringing Austin’s character on screen also brought up one of the external conflict’s Adam’s character had to face because before then, no offense to Adam and the script, I didn’t see that much of an driving force aside from the frat boys that stood as an obstacle that he had to overcome. Also in a way that conflict was also internal because of his deep fears of looking like a coward in front of his son.

    – And then had Taylor of course, he did a phenomenal job. He brought something fiery, sexy, and in a way douche-like to the table. Which added another layer to the film in regard to it’s characters. I applaud Taylor because he definitely didn’t hold back and he committed to the role. I had friends who were with me and weren’t Taylor fans who LEFT TAYLOR FANS because of his performance. I agree with @Mystique, I honestly believe comedy might be Taylor’s genre. I know he probably wants to do more and get his feet wet with other genres though. :) I am really proud of him because seeing the trailer was one thing, but seeing the film and him and all of his glory, I lose my train of thought several times. His face expressions!

    – I really enjoyed the fight sequence at the end. He just kicked Adam’s ass and the line,” What were you. raised by ninjas?” Great and he was so cocky about how he’d just beaten him. The stuffed monkey and Taylor’s victory dance, just threw me for a loop, I honestly didn’t see it coming and that’s what I loved about it! And I WAS jealous of that monkey and the deer! Haha. Taylor’s character definitely had it coming and I’m glad he got what he deserved though. :P Last, IDK if anyone noticed, but I enjoyed when he was gonna do the handshake again and then he stops and grabs the guys face and he’s like,” We’ll finish later, I promise.” Perfect.

    -And the Drivers Ed scene, Taylor was so funny, I was surprised at how he carried that scene. :)

    -Last of PROS/FAV PARTS- Having the women in the film was beneficial because it gave it a balance, BUT I feel like I could’ve seen more from them. I really loved the drugged up bus driver riding the raft on top of the bus, it was just entirely too much!! Haha. I also enjoyed the gag of the raft being used about 3 times, it was nice. It’s minor, but I also enjoyed the car wash, Andy Samburg, I just, I can’t! Haha.

    The dance teacher how the guys were sort of drooling over her, I just don’t feel it was needed. The reactions were kinda funny, but I feel they could’ve down without it.

    -The Burp Snart: It was funny the first time, but then the joke returned more than 3
    times and then I was just kinda like,” Ehhhhh.” Lol.

    -In a way, I feel kinda robbed in regard to some of the meat of the story, I felt like the meat of the sandwich (the story) could’ve been more organized. And like @Emily I didn’t understand why it was the last day of school either.

    -I wish I could’ve seen more of Chris Rock and his family. I also WISH ROB SCHNEIDER was in this film! He always brings something to the table that sort of balances Adam out! Haha.

    All in all I think this one did not top the first Grown Ups, but REALLY ENJOYED some aspects of the film and Tay! :D

  137. *Vickey* Says:

    Vera— I agree with you he really did out do himself and I think that’s why people who didn’t take him as serious at first are starting to have an open mind to him as a great actor.

    Emily— I thought of Abduction when he did his round kick too! Haha. Also thank you for the pictures!! @Vera said it best I think he is enjoying NYC! I’m jealous of him, I’ve always wanted to go to New York! :P

    Mystique- He did have a different level of confidence in Abduction, but I feel it was a little higher in GUP2 only because he’s already dealing with these comedy veterans you know? So I feel he knew he had to step it up a bit because he’s making jokes around these older men who are known for nothing, but funny. I do feel it also has to do with the genre because as we know Abduction was an action-drama and GUP2 was a witty summer-family comedy. Maybe a different level of confidence is needed for each? I’m not sure haha. I do agree with you about his facial expressions he did quite a few I’d never seen him to before. He is really progressing as an actor and I love it!

    I finally feel caught up! Haha, that was alot of reading, but well worth it! That’s what I get for skipping out for a few days. :P

  138. accv Says:

    this is for George… i took it upon myself to give condolences from us here at on two major cory monteith sites. i hope that’s ok with you :)

  139. George Says:

    @accv It’s ok.

  140. Mystique Says:

    Nice Review @Vickey! :-D

    My review WAS pretty in-depth lol..I just didn’t want to forget anything! I wanted to cover all the bases haha.

    @Emily, @Vickey—I agree, I kinda wish I would have seen the WOMEN more in this movie too. At one point, (maybe it was the “Ballet Scene”), I started getting the impression that this was more like a “dude movie” HA! I agree @Vickey…that scene did NOT need to go on for as long as it did. They didn’t really need that scene at all HONESTLY. But….again, this IS Adam Sandler here….I guess he knows his audience… ha… >_>

    I agree too that the BurpSnart or whatever it was called was OVERdone….just a tad lol. After the second time I was like….”ummm….okaaay”.

    I also agree @Johanna that Taylor DOES seem to have a more “leader” vibe. I didn’t notice that he was always the “leader” in the KS/RP trio, but I’m not surprised that he does have a leader presence. I think it stems from all of his years in Martial arts. It gives you a quiet confindence about yourself. A measure of poise and control I think. :)

    You don’t have to flaunt your skills because you’re already so confident and comfortable in who you are naturally.

    I forget who said it (was it @Em?), but a few miles up the thread (lol), someone mentioned that although there are OTHER guys in Hollywood as buff (or even MORE so) as Taylor, most of them just don’t give me the same feeling of REALNESS that Taylor does. Most of them just don’t. They don’t have that extra “Je ne sais quoi” that Taylor has. Even Henry Cavill (Man of Steel), who is GORGEOUS by the way…is a nice-looking guy, and a GREAT actor (imo), but although I drooled over him in MOS, after that movie, it’s like….he didn’t do anything ELSE for me…it’s weird! Idk…maybe it’s because he comes off as being a little TOO serious in interviews or something lol! I LIKE him as an actor (I have ever since “Count of Monte Cristo”!), but I just don’t get that same warm fuzzy feeling with him like I do with Taylor. ^_^

    Btw…have you guys seen this cute short video? Maybe it was already posted on here, but here’s a clip a fan took of Taylor leaving the Grown Ups 2 set! ^_^
    Oh he’s SOO ADORABLE!!! *_*
    “Taylor Lautner Leaving ‘Grown Ups 2′ Set 7/9/12 .”

  141. Meh Says:

    @accv thank you

  142. Meh Says:

    Loving the reviews ladies :)

  143. Logan Says:

    Yep me too, I’ m loving the reviews you all shared. So detailed and it’s funny to read that all of you try your hardest to balance the: do I just love him too much or is he really that good! thing. The guy from the Huffington Post says very nice things about Taylor, really sweet.

  144. *Vickey* Says:

    Thanks @Mystique! ^.^ Your review was really good, I enjoyed it as well!
    That’s so cute! He’s so loving! Thanks for posting that video, I don’t think I’ve seen it before!

    Awww that’s so sweet of you @accv :) Thanks.

    Thanks!! @Meh

  145. *Vickey* Says:

    Logan— Really? do you have a link? :)

  146. firereign Says:

    MLB – All-Star Game NYC tonight.

  147. Emily Says:

    I am assuming you mean Taylor might be there–Everyone, it comes on Fox in just a few minutes, I think.

  148. Emily Says:

    Vickey–I knew I would forget something!

    Steve Austin–Growing up with a brother who loved watching wrestling and one TV in the house, I became a begrudging expert on lots of wrestlers. Then, when I lived in a CO-ED dorm in college, all the guys on my floor would leave their doors open on Monday nights and it was like it was in stereo and you heard it whether you wanted to or not. He has always had the persona of being tough, mean…..someone you don’t mess with. I like that they gave him a pretty touching moment in the movie. I like that he let Adam save face in front of his son.

    Logan–Ha! I do try to be diplomatic and unbiased in my reviews and reactions, but, I’m afraid my overriding love for Taylor will always tilt the scales in his direction. :)

  149. Emily Says:

    Logan–I couldn’t find that Huffington Post article either. I’d love to read it if you can make a link.

    Well, so far, I haven’t spotted Taylor in the stands of the All-Star game. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, though.

  150. marianne Says:

    I loved reading all these reviews. You ladies have covered everything so well, that I have little to add. Vickey reminded me of one of my favorite scenes… when he was going to do the handshake again and then stops and grabs the guys face and says ” We’ll finish later, I promise.” I don’t know why but I loved it. I guess because I have relatives who were in fraternities when they were young and they joke about the crazy handshakes. Seeing Taylor introduced to a different audience who only heard about him in re Twilight was such a good move. Different directors will bring out different qualities in our guy. I always thought Chris Weitz and David Slade saw things in Taylor that we see.

    Don’t know if anyone else saw that an indie clothing company made a tshirt with a list of all the guys TS has dated on it Of course, our guy is on it. Her fans are going nuts. UGH.

  151. accv Says:

    Honestly, I was expecting more from these spoilers… I was almost certain ya’ll would give like a really DETAILED review… as in, I wouldn’t be surprised anymore or something. Thank GOD that’s not the case :p Yah, I haven’t watched yet but it’s ok. Anything with Taylor, I’d likely watch time and time again. And everytime, sometimes it’s like watching him for the first time in the project. :p I remember when New Moon came out… I was like, OMG. And then I ended up watching it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER online. I’d even pause it before quitting the browser and shutting down the laptop so then I’d be able to resume from where I left off. Once, my bf (ish… it’s complicated right now) came over and opened up my laptop to use the Internet… I had forgotten to close the browser the night before and he saw it open to New Moon. All he could do was say, “Really? So how many times have you seen this now?” Then he finally opened up about how he wishes he had all my attention instead of sharing it with Taylor. Pathetic? *sigh* So sorry. I really did feel bad for that… and that’s not why it’s complicated right now. That happened a couple of years ago :p Anyhow, just illustrates how addicted I am… bleh :p! “#SorryNotSorry”

    @George, Meh & Vickey — you’re welcome :) And thanks to you, too, Vickey. Least I could do. Really is a loss for Hollywood… seems like another Taylor personality-wise, just more open about his problems. Tragic he couldn’t fight his demons in the end, though.

    And it seems a lot of the movie’s appeal is carried by our guy, eh? Judging from these reviews, at least. Then again, you ladies ARE a tad biased because of Tay :p But if the audience is to judge (as mentioned in your reviews), if he wasn’t booed or snide remarks weren’t heard or groans weren’t emitted… then he must be off to a good start so far. Woot!

  152. accv Says:

    @marianne… of COURSE they would. anything with taylor lautner mentioned next to taylor swift is a trigger for the swifter fandom. i mean, it’s just a tshirt (and one MOCKING their idol, at that… teehee) and they’re going ballistic. then again, it’s the swifter fandom… they’re all juvenile. :p ok, not all… but a majority of them are. i don’t know why that’s something to go nuts over (in a good way), especially when this article of clothing is making a mockery out of their idol. but any publicity is good publicity, right? she’s getting attention… that’s all they care about. :p

  153. accv Says:

    WOOPS! i take that back @marianne. thought you meant they were going nuts in a good way. hahaha! poor clothing designers… they’re receiving the wrath already… phone calls, emails. and they’re not even the only ones poking fun at Swifter. apparently abercrombie has, as well! bahahah! supposedly there’s a shirt from them saying “more boyfriends than t.s.” *snicker*

  154. accv Says:

    BAHAHAHAH! just READ this —

    the part about PETITIONING against abercrombie?! *face palms*

    anyways. that’s out of my system. hello! :))))

  155. accv Says:

    one last thing — Swifter fans obviously don’t know the meaning of the word “bully.” just read some of the latest comments on the article above and this one Swifter is really at it with her replies. sadly, what does this fandom categorize death threats as, then? smh…. bullying is one thing, but death threats are another. they all need to take breaks from listening to Swifter’s poison on their mp3 players and whatnot, and go back to studying… maybe then they’ll realize they’re worse than they think. hypocrites annoy me. sorry… couldn’t resist. *eye roll*

  156. accv Says:

    sooo was reading the comments on that taylor video leaving the set of GU2 and noticed someone saying that “this generation’s shit heads come in and ruin it… nice job people.” hmmmm… i think these “shit heads” this person speaks of actually MADE the film better, but thanks for the support. it only makes our guy stronger ;)

  157. Johanna Says:

    So apparently Taylor was at the gym like an hour ago ppl need to post pics

  158. Emily Says:

    You mean I’ve been watching this baseball game all this time for NOTHING?!?!

  159. Johanna Says:

    @Emily to be honest i really dont noe because my computer wont tell me exactly wen the person tweets something i can just estimate wen i see them

  160. Johanna Says:

    never mind emily it was like 10 minutes ago

  161. accv Says:

    totally OT: anyone own a LinkedIn profile? It’d be cool to connect through there too :)

  162. Emily Says:

    They showed celebrities in the stands a while ago, and he wasn’t one of them. I’ve quit watching now. If he IS there, I’ll just have to see it on YouTube later. :(

  163. Lexi Says:

    Hey guys, you all might as well stop watching, or i dont know if its over or not right now since im not watching LOL…..but tay was spotted at a gym earlier. Like 3-5 people tweeted saying they were at the same gym as taylor. Pictures? Not yet, but will see…….

  164. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Your posts are hilarious!!! LOL! ^_^ So we weren’t “detailed enough” in our reviews eh? Lol…well, we can always ADD more lol! :)

    You still haven’t seen GUPS2?? I suggest you get thee to thy nearest movie theater STAT! rotfl… I’m just kidding. Seriously though, were you one of the ones who said they weren’t going to see the movie? OR was that @Catherine? I know there was one member on here who specifically mentioned that they were NOT going to see the movie. Can’t remember exactly who though…

    Anyway…… If you see it, please come back and review! ^_^

    Btw….those “Swifters” really ARE crazy. I WANT to like her….honest I do….but her antics with guys, and her writing that song about Taylor, along with her rabid fans turn me off! :-/ I like her music, and I think she has awesome fashion-sense, but Taylor just kind of rubs me the wrong way sometimes. She comes off as being a little arrogant to me. Almost like Miley Cyrus. Idk…I just get a vibe from them (especially Miley) that rubs me the wrong way at times. I think Taylor is harmless in the long run, but I just feel like she definitely needs to GROW UP in the relationship/dating/guy dept.

    Johanna, Lexi—-OMG! Taylor at the gym?? OMG…. would DIE if he was ever spotted at my gym! I hope and pray someone posts pics! I haven’t seen any “gym” pics of him since he was buffing up for the Twi days lol.

    I would NOT get a workout done if he were working out near me in my gym lol. I would probably have my cell phone out trying to tweet, facebook, text, and instagram pictures of him discretely!! LOL! *_* #don’tjudgeme! lol!

    @Meh—I kow this is so belaed, but I meant to tell you how COOL that is that you were able to have lunch with Cory Monteith before his unfortunate death. :-/ I didn’t know too much about him (except what I would glance and see on “Glee”, but from how you (and others) describe him, he seems like he was real cool, and a pleasant guy to be around. :) He will be sorely missed.

    @GEORGE—Btw, I meant to THANK YOU for keeping this photo thread up at the top, even though new pictures have surfaced! I just knew that this post would sink down further as soon as newer pictures started coming in, but THANKS for keeping it on TOP for a little longer! ^_^

  165. Evelyn Says:

    My total review
    I will try to make this quick and plausible. I don’t know about that.

    Firstly, the entire cast was a comic genius. Sandler, Spade, James, and Rock were completely hilarious. I really love how they all had their special bond with their kids. Even Spade with his thug of a son, lol. Kurt’s baby was the cutest kid in the film was his funny one liners, dances, and ankle biting. I went to see it again this afternoon, and this time I really wanted to study everything. That was itself was hard because my focus was all on Taylor again. I did study the whole movie though.

    Okay, every event in the film occured in a 12 hour timeline. While this may sound feasible to some, there is no way to plan a party that fast, get everything together, the people attending, the band, costumes, etc, it is not logical. But hey, what is logical?

    TAYLOR: Yes, I realize his name is all in capitals, but he really did steal the whole film for me. All of his scenes were great, sexy, funny, bad@ss, and got my heart doing his backfilps, lol. He takes the role of the leader (and the only frat boy with brains) really into belief. His expressions were mouthwatering too. Yet, he look really mean to Becky, but sweet at the same time. Now, I am even more envious of the deer because he had him before I did. WHAT?!

    The film was not at all inappropriate, but there were some raw scenes, such as the ice cream poop, Higgens eating the muscle lady’s arm, and the infamous ballet teacher. Shaq’s character was hilarious, especially when he is afraid of his ‘big’ brother. The carwash part was funny too, I wish that they didn’t cut out Andy Samburg’s ‘Your car is filthy,’ line because in the trailers, it was hilarious.

    I really laughed through out, and there wasn’t any cursing or even driking that much. I think that this was mostly aimed at families, because it was pretty clean.

    I am definately going to get the dvd. It was a really cute movie, and Taylor, well he is another story. lol

  166. Logan Says:

    @ Emily and Vickey, this reporter is in the pocket

  167. Logan Says:

    Some trivia about Steve Austin….he worked with non-other than Marie, yes our Marie, in the movie Hunt to Kill. Which is a nice B-movie. It shows Marie doing some kick-a.. moves. At least she’s not playing your typical: ” I can only scream and not be helpfull in any other way” kind off spoiled brat. I hate those scripts. And with Marie having the skills already from childhood on it is nice that she gets to show them off. That’s another thing I love to see Taylor do, using his martial arts. Even the simplest thing like kicking Adam’s legs from underneath him with one very swift move. I melt everytime he gets physical…..

  168. Nicole Says:

    Can’t sleep trolling for new pics and video of our boy in New York. There are some new shots of taylor returning to his hotel I haven’t seen. Check just jared. I’m too tired to to cut and paste from this iPod. Big hassle. Lol he looks cute new leather cuff on his right wrist and of course wearing the ny baseball cap a fan gave him.

    I heart that so much.

  169. Nicole Says:

    Never saw these before either. My trolling is really paying off tonight. Lol

    Sexy working man. I’ll take it!!!

  170. Meh Says:

    @mystique thank you :) It was one of those ‘did that just happen days’ at the lunch that I will never forget. He was a lovely guy and very talented. He will be missed by many I am sure. And am honoured to have met him, even more so now he has passed. I hope that others who think of trying drugs such as that will stop and think about the consequences.

    I watched the last 15 min clip on GU2 that someone pointed too on youtube. Lol that moose!

  171. Logan Says:

    More fanvids from the premier, he gets really close up in one of them. and also

  172. Logan Says:

    Look at these ( instead of some fan videos awaiting moderation )
    You can tell he has been hitting the gym at some point because those arms seem to get bigger by the minute, loving it!

  173. Emily Says:

    Logan–Thanks so much for the link. I had actually already read that article—just didn’t realize it was from there. The part about the girl and the wheelchair almost made me cry.

    Thanks, also for the picture links. I love his arms, especially when they’re muscle-y!

  174. Msytique Says:

    Nice review @Evelyn… :)
    I loved Taylor’s facial expressions in the movie too lol! He went from angry, to mean, to upset, to snarky, to cocky, and smirking all in one film lol! I loved it! Nobody saw the quick eyebrow raises he was doing in one scene? I SWEAR he did that! Like really quick! It was so sexy! I know I didn’t just imagine it….did I?? *looks around* Lol…. O_o

    Meh—Yeah that has to be so surreal to know that you met someone a while back and then later on you find out that they JUST died. That is definitely an eerie feeling. :-/ Sort of like when you’ve just spent a weekend out with a friend, and then a few days later you hear that they have suddenly died due to a car crash or something. :(

    I sort of got that feeling myself when I went to the premiere of “Lords of Dogtown” and saw actor Heath Ledger in person waaay back around 2005/2006. I saw him in person for the first time and was so excited! But then, a few years later down the line…I hear he has died of a drug overdose after filming “Batman: The Dark Knight”. It was so SURREAL! So sad…. :-/ I still have a hard time with that one. :-/ I grew up watching Heath in teen comedies and stuff. Smh…. :(

    I’m just LOVING these new pics!!! ^_^
    I especially love THIS one…. Look at the arrrrms………… O_O :) *_* #DEAD

  175. Meh Says:

    Aww Heath!!! :( I too saw him once in person. At the Venice film fest! And he was SO amazing in Batman, plus 10 things I hate about you is like one of my fav movies (just cause it’s easy watching)

  176. Johanna Says:

    Taylor is going to the Philippians to promote bench sometime in august according to TL-life

  177. Johanna Says:

    here is the vid

  178. chanda w. Says:

    O.K. my review,

    First I like that reporter from Huffington Post. He was so funny , but you could tell he enjoyed hanging out with Tay. Even if Taylor was wearing hot clothing, leather in summer, oh my baby boy. Yeah, he looks good in it, but it is too hot and he can’t keep wearing the same stuff over and over. There are so many more outfits and colors his fans need to see him in. So set in his

    Like, I said before, I enjoyed Grown Ups 2 more than I thought I would.
    Sandler, Rock, Spade, and James make a great team, but I thought Spade was the funniest out of the main cast and all of the wives, Hayek, Maya and the other one, were barely needed. The kids on the other hand were good. Sandler kids were the best, all of them were funny in their own right. Adored Rock’s youngest son and the daughter had a great voice. The budding romance between , Sandler’s oldest son and his crush was sweet.
    Out of the cameos, Taylor hit it out of the park, he was overly aggressive and obnoxious, perfect bully. He and Milo blended well. I enjoyed that they did show his athlectic skills. He is such a ninja. The funniest part Tay had was at the end, when he was violated by the deer/moose. His banter with the little girl was priceless. I am biased , but he did a great job.

    I also like Alexander Ludwig, he was so believable as an angry son. I kept thinking he was going to physically hurt David Spade. The best part, when he cut the head off the teddy bear with his knife. I was howling.
    The wrestler was good as Sandler’s high school bully. The fact that he was still able to make Sandler shake…funny.
    Some parts and humor was really almost elementary school level. And the one guy that was using the bathroom at K-mart and peeing on himself and getting tied up………..was too stupid for me……and they could have done with the obsessive ex girlfriend……..not funny, annoying………her husband was funny though.
    Shaq was over the top , but not really entertaining, he was hardly able to get his lines out.
    I thought the guy that was pursuing Rock’s daughter was a riot, and his family, the fake noses and snotty attitude made them memorable for me.
    The aerobics instructor was cute, but the obvious storyline for him was…… really!
    None of the other frat boys really stood out, they just seemed like props. Patrick made a lot of interesting facial expressions and doing chest bumps. He was sorta funny, even though I can’t remember if he had a line or not.
    I sorta thought we’d see more of him in the movie.
    Tay’s secret towards the end was a little unexpected, but brave of him to do , considering, The fake People magazine cover, came out some months before he began filming. Timely.
    I don’t think they need a 3rd one either. They should be thankful this one is doing so well.

  179. Evelyn Says:

    I recorded the deer eating Taylor’s crotch scene yesterday in the cinema. I am gonna to upload it onto youtube. I put my name it because dumb people tend to steal my stuff. I am so envious of that deer!

  180. Msytique Says:

    @Meh—Awwww! Yeah I LOVED “10 Things I Hate About You”! It helped further launch the careers of quite a few young stars back then….Joseph Gordon Levitt, Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles (btw…what’s happened to her??), Gabrielle Union, etc. I also LOVED “A Knight’s Tale”!! ^_^ That’s where I first saw Heath, and back then I thought he was so hot! :)

    @Johanna—I chuckled a little when I saw your post about Taylor going to the Phillipians LOL!!! ^_^ I’m sure you meant Philippines? Correct me if I’m wrong lol…. Looks like you’re a bible reader! lol… :)

  181. johanna Says:

    @msytique no I was on my phone and auto correct did it I didn’t even notice and no I actually don’t read the bible I’m not even Christian wat I wrote wat does it mean?

  182. Logan Says:

    Julia Stiles ( love her ) went on to play in the Bourne Identity movies….

  183. Evelyn Says:

    Aww, Taylor holding and kissing the girl in the wheelchair made me cry too. I bet he has a special affection for disabled people. This makes me love Taylor even more because he a heart of pure gold. I am disabled too, though not in a wheelchair, but seeing him just going out of his way to make others happy, makes my heart melt.

    Before I forget, the link to the vid I’ve uploaded:

  184. johanna Says:

    Just re- read my comment and I feel like I came of kinda mean that was not my intention I was just stating that I have not read the bible I hope that does not offend anyone and I just meant to say that I am not a Christian but I respect anyone who is it was just a personal choice I apologize if I did offend anyone with wat I said I did not mean for it to come across as negative very sorry

  185. Msytique Says:

    Logan—Yeah Julia was good in the Bourne Identity Franchise. But I haven’t seen her since that! O_o I’m just wondering if she’s even doing anything in the industry lately, because ever since the Bourne Franchise ended, it’s like she almost disappeared… :-/

    Johanna—Hey….it’s cool. I’m Christian, but I know not everyone is, so it is what it is… I was just chuckling because your phone autocorrected and wrote “Philippians”, and Philippians is actually one of the books of the bible! :) That’s why I was laughing lol…

    Evelyn—Awww….Where is the video of Taylor kissing the handicapped girl??

  186. Msytique Says:

    Evelyn—nevermind lol..I saw the videos @Logan posted. :)

    Awwwww!!! Taylor is SO adorable! He’s so sweet! GUHH!!!! Why?? WHYYYYYYYY???

    Is it possible to go crazy from wanting someone so bad?? :-/

  187. Evelyn Says:

    @ Mystique: Yes, it is possible to go insane from wanting someone so much. Especially when Taylor’s nearly perfect.

  188. Msytique Says:

    Evelyn—-Oh okay GOOD!! *Whew* That has calmed my fears. At least I know the cause of my slow decent into insanity lol. Glad to know that I’m not the ONLY one going crrrazy over here lol! ^_^ Maybe we can share the same cell when we’re in the assylum together rotfl! O_o haha!

    I think I better go rock back and forth in a corner somewhere and sit down and tape my mouth shut lol. I’m afraid I’ll start posting the Taylor thoughts running through my mind right now lol.

    Ugh! Is it weird that I find him even MORE sexy when he’s being NICE??? O_o UGH! WHAT IS THIS?!?! Lol! :D

  189. accv Says:

    @Mystique… I chuckled too @Johanna’s spelling of my country, but loads of people spell it wrong everyday so that’s why I just let it pass. And yes, it’s Philippines. People tend to spell it with two “l’s” sometimes or one “p” or what Johanna just did, but overall, it’s like whatever to me now. To me.. it’s like, they’ll figure it out eventually or it’s their loss to not want to know the real spelling. Not that I’m saying anything about you @Johanna. I’m sure your an educated young lady ;)

    Also @Mystique… glad to know my posts amuse you, but no thanks on the extra details. I can do without since I haven’t seen the movie yet. And no, I wasn’t one of the people who said I wouldn’t see the movie. I saw the first one… it was very amusing. I may be in the minority… but I actually like Sandler’s humor. :p Anyhow, even if Taylor wasn’t in it, I’d watch it… but only when it’s available on Comcast. The only way I’d watch it in the theatres if I were with a group of friends that really wanted to see it or well, since Taylor babe is there… yahhhhh ;p Anyhow, I’ll watch it once my bro and sis-in-law decide to… I’d go alone, but I’d prefer to go with someone else or others. But if I’m alone, oh my… the fangirl in me will DEFINITELY come out. I don’t think anyone around me that’s not a Taylor fan needs to witness that :p My younger cousin is an exception though because she knows how much I adore Taylor (haha… although that’s an understatement). However she hasn’t seen the first GU, so I doubt she’d care to watch this one. Oh well.

  190. accv Says:

    wow… fail… YOU’RE*, not your -_- and “theatres IS if…” sorry i have a pet peeve with bad grammar. i can be such a grammar nazi. :p

  191. accv Says:

    @Mystique… I actually REALLY liked Heath and Julia’s chemistry in 10 Things.. I thought the whole, turning him into someone romantic was sweet. He didn’t believe in love apparently in the beginning but then fell for Julia’s character after that bet or whatever. It’s like She’s All That… well, the premise. They bet on the girl in both films, but ended up falling for them in the end. Heath was this bad boy that couldn’t care less… and Freddie was the most wanted guy in school and fell for a girl that was barely noticed. And I also liked that Julia had a wall up and how it eventually fell after getting to know Heath’s character. Interesting what love can do, eh? Can turn even the most cynical into a lovesick puppy :p Kidding… but you know what I mean.

  192. Johanna Says:

    @accv i have always been a horrible speller and combine that with auto correct i can come up with pretty funny words. Sorry for spelling it wrong but yeah he going sometime in August.

    @Mystique i have already lost my insanity wen it come to Taylor and thank you for explaining what Philippians is :)

  193. accv Says:

    Ok, just saw the vids Logan posted. Bleh. He was being completely covered in the one with the disabled girl :/ I only saw the side of his arm hugging her! I wanted to see the entire interaction. Ugh. But it’s w/e. I take ya’lls word for it about how sweet he was with her. And @Mystique… you’re not the only one going bonkers wondering why he can’t be ours. Ok well, technically he can’t be ours because there’s only one him… but you get what I mean. Ughhhhhh. Just gotta remind myself that he has flaws and he’s not perfect :p ADLFKDJAKFJAL. lol!

  194. accv Says:

    @Johanna… don’t even worry about it :) Many have done it and I’ve become immune to it mostly because it gets tiring correcting people… and sometimes they’ll have this dismissive attitude about it, so it’s annoying. And yah, I’m SUPER jelly of the Philippines. They’ll meet him before I do! That’s if I ever get to…. *sigh* I should probably make it a point in the future to actually try meeting him. lol :p

  195. chanda w. Says:

    If you really want to meet Tay you can. I’m gonna make a point to try to. Hopefully in the next two years. I didn’t think I would start traveling any time soon, but I did. Las Vegaswas great. Next will be Seattle , don’t know when , but I will get there. We can truly do whatever we want.
    Wish we could do something special for Tay, as a group. I want so badly to send him some T-shirts. Anything, just because.

  196. marianne Says:

    chanda w…we could send him one of those Taylor S. tshirts that has the names of all the guys she’s dated. LOL Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  197. Emily Says:

    accv–Ha, ha, ha! I’m glad you caught your mistake!! Grammar mistakes are one of my biggest pet peeves, too! I get so mad at myself when I make a mistake. I read my messages several times before I submit, but sometimes, something still gets through. I wish it didn’t bother me so much. My life would be so much easier if I didn’t notice them everywhere on the internet AND out in the world–and you don’t know how hard it is for me to keep myself from correcting people in conversations! That’s what comes from having a grandmother and mom who were English majors!

    Mystique–No, not the corner again!!! I haven’t had to go there for a while!

    chanda–I would love it if we sent him something and then he actually used and/or wore it, like the Yankees cap!

  198. Emily Says:

    Look at the expression on the little girl’s face!! Classic! I’m sure my face would look similar if I were that close to him…..that is, if I hadn’t already face-planted from the heart attack I would inevitably have……

  199. Evelyn Says:

    Sending Taylor a ‘special gift’ sounds awesome. However, it is kinda impossible to ship myself in the mail, lol.

  200. Meh Says:

    hahaha like your thinking Evelyn!

  201. Meh Says:

    @Accv 10 things was based on Shakespeares ‘Taming of the Shrew’ I saw it live at the Shakespeare theatre in Straford. If you liked the modern version you should give the original a try. It really good (if you like Shakespeare that is) – I am a bit a cultral geek

    @Chanda – aww that’s a really sweet idea!

    @Mystique, I think Julia was in somthing resently. I remember seeing premier pictures for a film and she was heavily pregnant…either that or she had put on a few lb. I remember thinking ‘wow what happend to her!’ – but I can’t for the lift of me remember what film it was. I will have to IMDB her.

    So I just watched the last 15 mins of GU2 again (first time I watched it there was no sound lol) and I have to say, it really doesn’t seem like my kind of film. I could hear on the audio people laughing and was thinking ‘why are they laughing…this isn’t funny’. IDK It was all kinda a bit slap stick for me, and I don’t mean this in a horrible way. But very Americanised. It will be intresting to see how well it does when it finaly gets released in the UK. But I suppose I shouldn’t really judge just from the last 15 mins!

    Whoever gave him that Yankees cap must be loving it! He is in it all the time. That was such a good shout

  202. Catherine Says:

    @Meh – we really are on the same wavelength!!!!! I felt AWFUL for saying GU2 wasn’t for me, despite wanting to support him. @Firereign made me feel better by saying it was done for a reason, to reel in new fans that wouldn’t have been interested before.

    (Oh, and I live very, VERY near the RSC in Stratford. Lovely, lovely place!)

    The reviews do give the impression he has a real knack for comedy though – maybe a darker, edgier comedy next? I’ve seen a few reviews slating the film, yet talking Taylor up. Very satisfying!

    @Emily – it’s not just you. My husband calls me a grammar bully because I constantly correct him :-/

  203. Catherine Says:

    Oh, and co-star Johnny Wu is saying on twitter that they were filming the final showdown scene very early this morning, an ambitious long single take, while Marie is moaning about getting man muscles in her arms after using crutches.

    I like his colleagues, they give a bit, but not too much :)

  204. marianne Says:

    Final showdown scene…um… wondering if Taylor might get shot and not survive? Would be quite an ending.

  205. Msytique Says:

    Accv, Emily—Awww…don’t beat yourselves up for grammar mistakes! Lol…we ALL make them lol. I know my posts and other writings are probably chock full of them rotfl! My mom and grandmother are sticklers for “perfect grammar”, but I’m not as rigid. The internet has made us ALL a little lazy with regards to writing techniques lol, but as long as there aren’t TOO many spelling mistakes or shortened accronyms for every single little thing, then I’m cool.

    I have even caught grammar AND spelling mistakes in many published books that I’ve read….I just figured that the editor must have missed them, but it didn’t deter from the overall book. I just noticed it and continued on with the story lol. It happens :)

    Chanda, Evelyn—I like the idea of sending Taylor a gift too! Giving it to him personally in PERSON (like the other fan did) would be AWESOME! One of us could become an ambassador and be “designated” to meet him and give him our gift on behalf of this site whenever it’s feasible that one of us could meet him in person during a premiere, an interview, or whatever! I like the gift Idea! ^_^

    I also think that this site should officially give him a REAL “Fan” name. I don’t really like the term “Lauties”….sorry… :( Other celebs have really cool “fan names” (ie.–“Beliebers”= Justin Bieber, “Bale Heads” = Christian Bale, “Block Heads”= NKOTB, “Swifters” = Taylor Swift, “BeeHive” = Beyonce, etc.) I think we should create one for Taylor too! ^_^ That would be SO cool if it started on this site and then went “viral” and got picked up on Twitter and other media outlets lol.

    RE: A Gift…
    As far as a gift, I WAS going to say, why not just get him another cap (since he seems to LOVE them lol!!) that is different so that we can distinguish between ours lol, butttt…then I thought that maybe that would sort of be “copying” the other fan’s idea lol.

    Then, I thought about maybe us getting him perhaps another shirt. Lol…maybe a different colored plaid one so he doesn’t always have to wear the red plaid shirt all the time rotfl! ^_^ Maybe blue plaid?? Isn’t blue his fave color? Idk….I’m just helping with the brainstorming here lol.

    But I definitely like the gift idea! Something he can WEAR so that we can see it on him lol. Does he like/wear neck chains? Watches?

  206. Logan Says:

    How about some underwear!!!!!! And then it can say something like: too hot to handle…..LOL

  207. Emily Says:

    Here’s an article that has more answers, I think from the press conference in Cancun, where the cast talks more about Taylor. The translation is not the best, so some of it doesn’t quite make sense, and I don’t know if it will even show up translated or not, but, here it is:

  208. Emily Says:

    I’m trying to add the director’s quote, but I don’t know if it will work, because I had to copy it as an image:

  209. Emily Says:

    WE have known forever how great he is. It’s just nice to hear others say nice things about him.

  210. joanie Says:

    Anybody good @ leather tooling – a hand made leather cuff bracelet (nothing too flashy or ornate) – I’ve seen him wearing one in recent photos.

    I would love to see a picture of him hauling Marie on his back up the stairs after a meet & greet with the Blue Men (reportedly she couldn’t negotiate going up the stairs with her crutches after meeting them & T came back down, she hopped on his back & up they went.

  211. Mystique Says:

    @Joanie– I have seen him wearing a new leather cuff bracelet too! I like it! ^_^ That would be cool if a fan gave it to him :)

  212. Evelyn Says:

    I am good @ jewelry making, but never tried leather tooling. However, I love a challenge. I am sure it isn’t hard, but the difficult thing would be determining Taylor’s wrist size. I figure he’d be bigger than average, since he is muscular, but not too large. I’d put his initials on it, or a Fleur de Lis .

  213. chanda w. Says:

    I personally think we can each get something for him on our own, and designate a certain person to give it to his management team. If someone could actually get it to him that would be cool too. So we need to choose someone that we could send all the items to, they can put all the gifts in a big package and send it to his team or him personally. Maybe George, like he doesn’t have enough to do. lol

    Well it’s up to us to pick someone that can actually get the items to him or his team. So let’s choose.

  214. chanda w. Says:

    OMG, Marianne,
    The TS shirt……lol. But, I’m sure Tay wants to forget even being with Swift.
    @Evelyn, make that bracelet , girl, it’s coming from the heart , Taylor is such a sweetie, he’ll luv it.

    Not surprised he gave Marie , a piggyback ride Tay, forever the gentleman.
    We should think of a name for our group. I can’t think of anything, well they aren’t appropriate names to share….lol.

  215. Evelyn Says:

    I will then, and now I really need need to study his wrists, lmao. And for the name, wait never mind, lol. The ones I came up with are not ‘safe’ and inappropriate. X-D

  216. Evelyn Says:

    I will then, and now I really need need to study his wrists, lmao. And for the name, wait never mind, lol.

  217. Msytique Says:

    Evelyn–Wow! A nice leather bracelet would be so cool! What would you use to embroid the initials with? Would it be thread? Cloth? Beads? I’m sorry, I only know how to make bead necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I’ve NEVER done leather!

    I was just wondering, because I sort of like @Chanda’s idea… It would be really cool if the bracelet had something from each of us on it. Maybe each of us could buy a little diamond stud or something to make the initials. Idk….I’m just brainstorming here! It should definitely be something we ALL can take a part in…either we each send in money/donation for something to be BOUGHT…OR, maybe we could “help out” in making something that we each have added in the “making” of a gift. Does that make sense?

    Idk….those are just my two cents lol. ^_^

    Hmmm…how could we get his wrist size?? Good question! Well, one thing you could do (not sure how well-versed you are in making bracelets lol), is make the leather bracelet adjustable (almost like a watch), so that he could fit it to his wrist to his liking. :)

    I also prefer the idea of one of us HAND-delivering it to him if they know he’s going to be at a premiere or an event where they can get it to him. Right now he’s filming, so who knows….maybe he signs autographs on set during different intervals of the day?? I say it should be in PERSON! My vote is for in person. Goodness knows tons of fan mail and gifts probably get lost, unopened, or (heaven-forbid like Taylor Swift) thrown AWAY with the trash! :-/ It should be something hand-delivered…that way we would know for SURE that he got it!

    Okay! I’m off my soap box for now lol….

    IF anyone else has any other ideas, by all means please chime in! ^_^

    Chanda, Evelyn—lol…YES, we definitely need a new “fan” name for Taylor. I can’t think of anything though! It would be nice if we could find a fan-name that not only encompasses how great his fans are, but also encompasses his personality and greatness somehow. :) My mind is drawing a blank though! “Lauties” just sounds so corny to me for some reason! Lol Although I DO like “Team Jacob”, it seems to FOREVER lock him in to that role of Jacob and Twilight. We need something that is solely TAYLOR.

  218. johanna Says:

    I think sending him something would be nice the only thing I noe how to do is print designs on a t-shirt I would just have to get the tools I needed first. I’m sure he would really like it but the real problem is getting it to him have you guys ever seen or heard of where his fan mail goes? Cuz we could send it there if we found the right one

  219. Evelyn Says:

    I was thinking of studs, and perhaps something to bring out his Native American heritage. And a cuff with an adjustable buckle.

    I can see the design in my mind so vividly now, lol. Yay! Meant to be!

  220. Msytique Says:

    Sounds GOOD @Evelyn! You must be very talented! Do you have a sample of any of your work? Any pictures?

    If you truly are SERIOUS…. Let us know how you would like for us to contribute! I’m up for donating some money for any supplies that you need, OR for buying a diamond stud or any native american items that you need. Please let us know how we can help!

    Let me know fairly soon though, because I’ll be moving out of state to CA in a few weeks! AAARRRGGHH!! So much to do, and so LITTLE time smh…. O_o I won’t have access to a lot of things (online) for a couple of weeks after the end of July. :-/

  221. accv Says:

    Ahhh, I love you ladies. So amusing. @Mystique… I chuckled when you put “Swifters” as the fandom name. It’s actually “Swifties”… lol! I just use “Swifters” as a negative connotation toward her and her fandom… derived from the Swiffer mop. :p I think you’re smart enough to figure out why, now.

    Anyhow, how sweet of Taylor to be of assistance to Marie. I’d expect nothing less from our guy. And hopefully her ankle (?) recovers quickly.

    RE: that leather cuff bracelet… such a cute idea. Those are all the rage these days, especially customized/engraved ones. I’ve looked them up on Such talented people on that site. :) Anyways, I agree with chanda @Evelyn… anything handmade is special. I love doing personalized gifts for people. In regards to other gifts… I think there should be something from each of us, PLUS a gift that’s like a collective present. One that represents this site/George/our community. Like a guy necklace? I mean a shirt would be cool… I know Mystique mentioned the hat but isn’t sure because it’s like knocking off the other fan’s idea. Just something representative of

    @Evelyn… you should try selling your stuff on Etsy! ;) Unless it’s just a hobby and don’t really care about making a profit from it. :p

    @Mystique… RE: my grammar pet peeve, yah, it’s habitual. It just happens. I guess it comes but after graduating, it’s become a part of me. :p However, I’m a bit more lenient online. Although I’ve seen so many grammar mistakes on FB, I’ve just let it go. I’d get annoyed, for sure… but soon after, I’ll be like, “Whatever.” :p Then again, it may also be from my Dad’s side of the family. My younger cousin can also get annoyed with bad grammar. Pretty funny. She grew up to be pretty talented at writing and I never saw that coming, but I’m definitely proud of her. She’s going to be a junior at UC Irvine in the fall. Gahhh, I feel old! Although I know some of you will probably be like, “Child, YOU’RE old?! I’m TWICE your age!” Yah, I know. I get that a lot… but I still feel old because time flies so quickly. *le sigh*

    BTW, was able to get Firefox to translate that article on TLMania (oddly translated, too, mind you) and I love how Kevin James says that they were all wondering how Taylor would be on the set and then suddenly they’re surprised with him because there’s this good-looking guy (honestly, they’re all quite self-deprecating in that dept… those guys are not bad looking, even if K. James is hefty… they’re not bad looking at all, but yes, obviously not near Taylor’s status :p) and he’s actually very good at comedy… “I did not know he was so good. Why is he so good?” :p Don’t you love when someone is taken aback by another’s ability to do something he/she thought wouldn’t be that good at? YAY Taylor!

  222. Evelyn Says:

    I am serious. I’ll design it tonight, and figure out what supplies I need. This is my first leather craft, well second. I will let you know for sure. I usually make glass beaded jewelry, and stuff.

  223. accv Says:

    Oooo… @Mystique, you’re moving ova’ here?? Yay! What city? Don’t worry… I won’t stalk you :p Just curious what area you’ll be in.

    Also, I don’t mean to be stereotypical… but I think a dream catcher of some sort would look good on the bracelet. Like a charm. Or something bigger that can be threaded onto it? Dream catchers ARE native to them, right? If not, scratch that. LOL. But if need be… I’m totally for purchasing a dream catcher charm or something like it for the bracelet online somewhere (like Etsy, maybe) and having it sent to you @Evelyn. Or I could even just order a dream catcher charm necklace (nothing too big of course… unless the pendant/charm is very masculine [like those dog tags], it shouldn’t be too big) and send it to whoever is going to give it to him in person. OMG… in fact, a dog tag necklace could be personalized enough to include anything on it — a phrase, words of wisdom/support/love, names, whatever! But the question is… would it be odd? I mean, a dog tag… Jake… :p But I dunno, now you’ve got my mind running with ideas :p

    This gift idea is super sweet @chanda. It’d definitely amp up our existence/presence (especially George since he’s 50% of the reason why we’re able to have this community in the first place — the other half is Taylor :p) to him and other fans if he ends up wearing the stuff (I would hope he does!) or thing we give him. Of course, it ultimately shows our love/support/appreciation for all that he is and has given to us as an artist/actor.

  224. Evelyn Says:

    Here is a good pic of the wrist with the cuff. I am guessing he has an 9-10 inch wrist. I will use that as a study.

  225. chanda w Says:

    We could send one gift as a group or get him something individually. Nothing too expensive, cause I’m on a budget and he’s rich. It’s not like he really needs anything, but we’re just showing our love and support RE: @Accv.

    @Mystique , I think it should be in person too. I’m sure he has tons of gifts that he never gets. So who wants to volunteer?

  226. Johanna Says:

    I really like that idea of the bracelet. Idk who said it but someone mentioned maybe putting a charm on there from all of us that would be cool if its possible. I also would love to get him something but again im also on a budget so i cant send that much on something

    @Chanda omg i would volunteer if i could but i think someone who isnt almost completely shy should do it. someone who can get to him and actually say something before passing out. (cuz i would probably die)

  227. *Vickey* Says:

    Trying to catch up! Haha. I apologize in advance for any typos, typed this up really fast.

    I LOVE your comment @accv :” hmmmm… i think these “shit heads” this person speaks of actually MADE the film better, but thanks for the support. it only makes our guy stronger ;)” <— Whoever posted that comment on the video sounds like a jealous ass. It makes no sense! Haha.

    Marianne— " I always thought Chris Weitz and David Slade saw things in Taylor that we see." <— I completely agree with this statement. Different directors really do bring out different qualities in Taylor, I remember Jackson Rathbone actually saying that was one thing he appreciated about having different directors each Twilight film. :) LOL, there are shirts with the names of the guys Swift has dated? Haha

    Emily—- *so late*, but I'm glad they gave Steve Austin that soft side near the end o the film too, it was sweet! RE GRAMMAR: Me too, whenever I say something grammatically incorrect out loud I literally slap my own hand and ask if anyone caught the mistake? xD

    @Evelyn/Chanda Just read your reviews I really enjoyed them girls! Takes me back to the seeing the movie! Lol. My friend called me the other night and she kept going on and on about how she really enjoyed Taylor in the film and that it really not only showed off his acting, but his athletic abilities as well! Haha.

    Logan— Thanks!!! I love how he saw the same thing we did, Taylor did seem really natural and comfortable in the role! And the part about the girl young girl in the wheel chair, I'm like Em, I was close to tears. He's such a great guy— I want one or him, either is fine! Lol

    JULIA— I completely agree, she was pretty good in the Bourne series! ^.^

    @Chanda w.— Awww that would be so sweet and awesome if we were to send him something.

    @Mystique— That would be great if one of us was designated to meet him and give him the gift on behalf of everyone on the site. :)

    Re: Gift Ideas: 1) A cap would be great! He'd get a kick out of the fact we know him so well. 2) A sexy blue plaid shirt like @Mystique mentioned. 3)Or even order him an award specifically from this site, to say thank you for the love he shows his fans. 4) I REALLY love Evelyn's idea about the bracelet, I would die if he wore it everywhere. haha. :)

    I would REALLY love to volunteer, but seeing that I live in TX, the south of the south, it'd be pretty difficult for me to give it to him. :(

    Evelyn— That sounds about right! So cool! If you're able to draw out the design, I'd love to see it!

  228. Emily Says:

    Well, I don’t think it would do me any good to volunteer to present him with anything, since the chances of Taylor ever happening to pop in anywhere close to my neck of the woods is slimmer than none. What about one of you girls who live in California?? I think you’d have the best chance.

    The gift itself–hat or shirt would be fine with me. Bracelet sounds good too—let’s just remember that he’s a guy who doesn’t seem to wear jewelry or accessories (except sunglasses) very often, so I wouldn’t make it too blingy or busy. A leather cuff with maybe his initials or something like Evelyn is planning sounds good to me. I’d be glad to contribute somehow for supplies, but I don’t feel like my name or something specific from me HAS to be on it.

    I’ve been thinking about fan names all day. How about “the triple-L’s” for “Ladies who Love Lautner” or “Lautner’s Lusty Ladies”…………..or “Ladies who Lust for Lautner”…………please know that I’m being completely idiotic and not serious at all……….I couldn’t come up with anything remotely right, but I agree that I hate “Lauties!”

  229. Emily Says:

    Looks like he was filming in the jumpsuit again today—-yay!!!!!!!!!! Why am I such a fan of that look?????

  230. Evelyn Says:

    @ Emily….that is because he is so HOT in that look. And with the tattoo, *DIES*

  231. Johanna Says:

    @Emily @Evelyn I wanna stick my tongue down his throat :P

  232. Nicole Says:

    Personalize football jersey? Nothing Twilight related, just sports awesomeness? I dunno I suck at gift giving. The cuff idea is great too. My son makes them, he loves wearing them.

  233. Evelyn Says:

    I am not gonna say it, but I think you gals know what I mean. ;)

  234. accv Says:

    Sooo there’s this new show hosted by Jane Lynch called “Hollywood Game Night” and I think it’s totally amusing watching these Hollywood people go up against each other in this show. I can so see Taylor guesting on this show with others and whatnot. It’d be fun to see his “intellectual” competitive side, doncha think? ;)

  235. Evelyn Says:

    I heard he is very smart. Had a 4.25 GPA in high school. Better than me, lol.

  236. Logan Says:

    Group names: taysters ( as in we would like to taste some) tayligs ( lig: ladies in the gutter ) taygirls, tayladies, taystars ( we know you are ) Lautner’s ( short for Lautner’s ladies )
    Digging the gift ideas specially the leather, a bracelet could have the design of the ‘ tatoo’ he has on his lower arm. And in case we do something with leather, add a matching dog collar for his dog. He loves his dog, another reason why we love Taylor. And Taylor also loves his cars, well why not make him a matching key chain. I’ll stop now before I suggest shipping a matching leather whip with all that….

  237. Msytique Says:

    Accv—Yup! I’m moving to CA! ^_^ Actually, my mom and I are. :) I’ll be moving to Southern CA….waaay south lol….I’m going to start out living in a town called Escondido, which is not TOO too far from San Diego. :) But eventually I want to move further up North to the Orange County area, since I have quite a few friends who live in Orange County. Plus, I’m just more familiar with the Orange County/LA area. Where are you in CA??

    RE: “The Gift”

    Sooo many choices…so many decisions guys! lol…. I think it’s a GREAT idea though. ^_^

    My thoughts….
    I think a dream catcher might be a little too big? Idk…. that may be a little bit too ornate?? You think? Idk…I don’t usually see them on bracelets. Aren’t they supposed to hang over your bed?? lol…Don’t mind me…lol. I think maybe tiny feathers or a tiny feather hanging from the leeather might be pretty cool though! :)

    Then again…I think I also like the dog tag idea! I never thought about that. It could even be engraved.

    I like the “new plaid shirt” idea too, because you could even engrave or stitch something to the tag of the inside of his shirt…maybe saying something like: “From your loyal fans at… We love you!” Or Idk….something like that. Again, this is just brainstorming!

    So many ideas! lol

    I originally said a baseball cap only because he seems to LOVE wearing them lol, AND also I get the impression that it’s something “practical” since he probably wears it out in order to deter TOO much attention…he can always kind of hide underneath a cap….although, I don’t know how he thinks he’s not noticeable even WITH the cap on rotfl! Even if he weren’t famous I would STILL take notice of him simply because he’s just so gorgeous! lol! ^_^

    I thought about a football jersey too with something from us engraved/stitched on the inside of his tag/collar…(isn’t he a Detroit Lions fan?), BUTTT…then I thought back and realized…I NEVER see him wearing football jerseys, or any type of sports paraphernalia at all! O_o It’s VERY rare… :-/ I would want our gift to be something he would actually WEAR lol… BUT….at the same time something unique enough so that whenever he wore it, “WE” would know lol!

    Regarding the “Delivery”….
    I think the gift should DEFINITELY be given IN-PERSON if possible. :) Also, I think that once the gift is made/ready, we as a group should just be really diligent in finding out where and WHEN Taylor is going to be at an “appearance”/interview, etc…. and THEN once we “huddle” together, we can see who would have the most flexibility or promise in getting over to that “event” to give it to him! ^_^ I say we keep a close watch on the next premiere, event, or (better) INTERVIEW he’s going to be doing, and THEN try to figure out who would be able to meet him and give him his gift then. :) It was pretty easy for me to meet him outside of his interview with Kelly and Michael in NYC. It was JUST HIM (not a premiere) so he knew that most of the people out there to see him were there for HIM. But I’m sure even some premieres can be a cool way to get to meet him too.

    I say we can DO IT! We just have to figure out the particulars of the gift, make it/buy it, and voila! ^_^

    We can do it ladies! ^_^

    My mind is still drawing a blank on the “Fan name” lol… It’s cool reading everyone’s suggestions though. :)

  238. Msytique Says:

    Evelyn—Oh WOW! 4.25 GPA?? So, let me get this straight..Taylor is not only hot and athletic, but he’s also SMART too?? GUH!

    #DEAD….. I can’t…. lol

    *Goes back to cell in the insane assylum and rocks back and forth in a corner…*

  239. Msytique Says:

    Also, I meant to add too…. If I’m not mistaken, outside of that Kelly & Michael show (where I met Taylor last year), I believe that is where the fan gave him is baseball hat. Some fan DEFINITELY gave him something…I saw it with my own two eyes lol…. I don’t know if this is any consolation lol. He was like: “Oh wow cool!” ^_^

    Does anyone know when/where he got that hat from the fan? I could have sworn it was at the Kelly/Michael show. I could be wrong though. But I DO know a fan gave him something that day I was there, because the rest of us fans standing there were all like: “Awww man! Why didn’t WE think of that??” O_o lol!

  240. Meh Says:

    ooooo I like the dog tag idea cos it could be engraved!

  241. Msytique Says:

    @Meh—YES!!! I like that idea too…. Plus, I don’t see him wearing one often, so it would definitely be something that would “stand out” as being “different’. Plus, the colar would wrap around his neck…that lovely area right by his clavicle that I’m so fond of….heehee…. :) lol :-P

  242. Msytique Says:

    ooooops…did I say Collar?? O_o Hahah! Talk about a Freudian slip! :-P :D I mean, the dog tag lol……not “collar” hahaha….. Wow..ummm….gee…guess I saw where MY mind was going!! O_O rotfl!

  243. Johanna Says:

    Entertainment tonight is on the set of tracers today looks like we will be getting some interviews soon.

    I really like that bracelet idea the best cuz i dont think anyone has gotten him on of those yet. Plus who will make it? And who ever does im willing to help out with any supplies that is needed.

    And yes it should be in person that way we noe he gets its. I dont noe if u guys think this is cheesy put maybe we can write something just telling him who much we really love and care for him.

  244. Johanna Says:

    @Mystique Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

  245. Meh Says:

    @ Msytique !!!!!!! ahaha that really made me laugh. I so needed that. We are undergoing a heatwave and it’s 32 degrees in my office and we have no aircon so that defiantly cheered me up!!!!

  246. Emily Says:

    I had read that Taylor was smart and made A’s in school a long time ago, but never knew his GPA. You can tell he’s intelligent because of how he speaks. OF COURSE he would be smart on top of everything else………………..I am well aware he is not perfect and I’m sure he has quirks and flaws like everyone else, but he seems to come darn close to it!!!

    I really like the dog tag idea. They look really great on military men (He MUST play a military character one day—just imagine it…………), but do regular guys wear them often??? I’m just asking—I am in no way a fashion expert…I’ve just never really noticed them on men who aren’t actually soldiers.

    Mystique–I don’t know if I could stand it if any MORE attention were drawn to that area on him. My eyes go straight there every time I see him!

    I wonder when the ET coverage will be on? Also, has anyone seen anything else about Entertainment Weekly? Didn’t they visit the set last week? I want to be sure to buy that issue when it comes out.

  247. Emily Says:

    I haven’t seen either of these movies, but I thought these were too cute!

  248. Meh Says:

    @Emily that is amazing. I love Dispicable Me

  249. Msytique Says:

    @Johanna—lol! Sorry!! *blush* Gosh, that did NOT come out right at ALL did it?? haha….don’t ask me why I said “collar”. I was THINKING dog tag, but my fingers typed out “collar” rotfl! Ahhhh….I don’t think this insane assylum is working all that well for me hahahahaaaa! ^_^

    Ooo…ET on the set of Tracers?? AWESOME! When?? Tonight?? Or…on Monday? I haven’t watched ET in ages since I don’t really have “cable TV” right about now anymore. :-/ Someone find out when it airs! I would LOVE to see an interview…. *_*

    Oh, and I don’t think a little msg engraved on the gift letting him know how much we love him is cheesy at all! It’s pretty sweet actually. :) As long as it’s not over the top I think it would be fine lol. We won’t tell him how we REALLY feel! ROTFL! ^_^ *wink* ;-) Maybe just a nice message of support. :D

    @Meh—Rotfl! Glad I was able to provide comic relief lol! We’re undergoing a heat wave over here as well…. it’s in the 90’s (F) today lol. Whew! I hope you hang in there! No AC?? At all? Wow! Is it broken? Or is the building just not equipped w/AC?

    Emily—I know, I think I would die if he ever wore something we contributed to around his neck. I LOVE that area too! ^_^ I’ve seen guys who are not in the military service wear it, but idk….would Taylor wear it?? I’ve seen him wear one BEFORE in the past, but he doesn’t usually wear a lot of “jewelry” I notice lol. I was even surprised to see the leather cuff on his wrist the other day! I wonder who got that for him? It doesn’t look like something he would buy for himself but I could be wrong. You think some other fans have beaten us to it?? ROTFL!

    Hmmm……. :-/

  250. Meh Says:

    @Mystique whoops I put centigrade which is 91 F! That’s HOT for the UK hense why no air con, this is the warmest it has been in 7 years.

    Defo think we should put a message with gift including website and our usernames? Yeah I’ve never really seen him wear much jewellery before but have seen him in a dog tag before…..I have a suspicion that o e of his exes gave it to him though….think it may have been Swift :(

  251. joanie Says:

    @mystique – it was the kelly & michael show – and he has worn that hat extensively
    (now there are stories out there about recent “fans” getting a hat just like it (with the name Lautner on the side)…..but we all know he’s been wearing the original “gift” for a long while…..I’m sorry I don’t remember her name but she admitted on twitter to being the person who gave it to him & she had pics (she said his name embroidered on the side that someone went over it with maybe a marker to make the name standout)

  252. chanda w. Says:

    @Vickey , the award/plaque… a gift… a great idea. Honestly all of the ideas are good. Dog tags, leather bracelet, sports related caps/shirts……..goodness.
    Really like the award idea. Once we settle on a name for the group, we might be able to get him a shirt, cap, bracelet and a dog tag to go along with it.
    I stay in Texas so I can’t. We might need to get the address of his management, as a back up, just in case no one is able to get to him personally.
    I think someone who stays in California might have better luck than those of us that live in a different state too.

    One gift from all of us makes the most sense. Just need to pick which gift and our name.

  253. accv Says:

    OK. Hold your horses… 4.25 GPA?! Daaaayyymmmm… talk about honors! So straight A’s all throughout high school? Now I feel like a dumbass -_- I graduated from high school barely above average and here’s this insanely GORGEOUS, talented and really nice guy whose profession is an actor and just absolutely amazing in every way… WITH crazy brains too! BLEHHHHHHH. Now I’M gonna rock back and forth in a corner myself! WAH WAHHHHH… I love and hate him now at the same time. *sigh*

    @Mystique I’m up further north around the Bay Area, San Jose to be exact… and I’ve definitely heard of Escondido. And of course, you’re closer to Taylor’s area than I am… lucky lady ;) Who knows… you may bump into him again when he’s NOT at an event ;) I’ve only been down south to visit my aunt’s family in Mission Viejo and the most we’ve gone anywhere was Disneyland, Six Flags and malls around the area but we’ve NEVER been to the Hollywood area. I’m guessing they wanna avoid the craziness around there.

  254. Evelyn Says:

    Everytime you guys say ‘collar’ I get the slave collar image in my mind. lol

  255. Evelyn Says:

    I live near Chicago, so I am hoping that Taylor will come here.

  256. chanda w Says:

    @Emily, those minions were too cute. So did Taylor not go to the baseball game the other night? Was he at the gym? Just wondering.

  257. Emily Says:

    chanda–I really don’t think he was at the game. They never showed him and they DID show quite a few shots of celebrities in the crowd. I only watched b/c I thought firereign’s mention of it meant he’d be there.

    I’ll watch Entertainment Tonight this evening, just in case he’s on, but I doubt they would broadcast something they just shot today.

  258. Lexi Says:

    DAAANNNG 4.25??????? LOLLLL you dont even wanna know what my GPA was in high school x,D
    @chanda he wasnt at the baseball game. he was at the gym the whole time :)
    its kinda funny, because everybody was watching the baseball game, just trying SO HARD to find him there……and the whole time he was at a gym hahahahaha

  259. accv Says:

    Well, well, well… if anyone’s still interested in the thought processes of Hollywood, here’s the scoop on Stretch Armstrong. Now we know :p

  260. Emily Says:

    Lexi–I was glued to that screen every time they did a crowd shot!!! Grrrr!

    accv–That’s really interesting…………so they’ve been trying to make this movie since Taylor was born!!!! I’m glad he didn’t get to do it. Taylor as a superhero one day—yes please!! Taylor as a guy who’s superpower is that he “stretches?” No thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, depending on what parts of him “stretched”…………………………….bah, ha, ha—HAD to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Oh awesome! I have friends in Northern CA…the Bay area….Marin county to be exact. :) How far is that from the LA area? Just curious….I’m still not 100% CA savvy as far as distance is concerned.

    Accv, Lexi–ooh I know…..4.25 GPA? That is ridiculous! I don’t even care to mention what grades I got in.high school lol. Ironically, I still ended up getting into a pretty good University, and I actually did better in college than I did in high school….go figure! O_o I think I was more disciplined and was majoring in a subject that actually.interested me lol.

    @Em–you naughty girl you! In the “Gutter Cell” you go lol! :) Honestly though, I agree with you…Stretch Armstrong = bad idea to me too, and I don’t know why! Did people even care for the toy all that much? It just seems like a VERY bad idea…no matter WHO would play in.the film. I just don’t see the point! Honestly….lol…..BUTTT….if it’s a movie Taylor really wants to do, then I’ll support him of course…I just don’t see it being the best decision in his career right now.

  262. Evelyn Says:

    I gotten good grades in high school, but nowhere near Taylor’s GPA.

  263. Emily Says:

    I’ll admit that I loved school and got A’s all the way through, except for one B in Calculus my senior year —another reason for me to love him (like I needed one)—-I like smart guys!

    Mystique–Please come visit me through the glass while I’m in the “Gutter Cell.” I just couldn’t resist. Re: The Stretch Armstrong toy was before my time, so I’m not sure how popular it was. The only way I knew about it was from the “I Love the 70’s” marathon shows they used to have on VH1—The movie–I just meant I’m glad he’s not involved, but, if he were to do it, I’d be in line on opening day to see it, just like anything else he ever decides to make.

  264. Evelyn Says:

    My brothers had a stretch armstrong doll. He had the funniest and weirdest feel to him. Sticky rubber, if I recall correctly.

    I still have my care bears and popples, and my little pony, lol. the very first generation, lol.

  265. Evelyn Says:

    And to be honest, I think Taylor is too old for the Stretch Armstrong role.

  266. joanie Says:

    @emily Taylor was not at the all star game. He was at NYU’s Palladium gym working out & also took part in a pickup basketball game. No filming that day, but the next day they were filming a long heavy duty scene – basically rain or shine filming or not he has to work out to stay sharp. Also it keeps you loose & limber & helps prevent your leg & back muscles from spasming . Hearing that he is impressing the parkour heavies with his ability – (heard he received some good pointers from cirque performers in preparing for this movie the past year) they say he not only is accomplishing the moves but looks mighty graceful doing them.

  267. *Vickey* Says:

    Evelyn— That is a high GPA!!! Must’ve had alot of students at his school seeing the GPA exceeded 4.0. Lol. I mean my school held about 2000 students. We were on a 4.0 scale. I got a 4.0 in high school and graduated Summa Cum Laude and keeping up with the same in college *that’s my only time I’ll brag ever*—- BRING IN ON TAY. Haha. :) God love the fact he’s intelligent and handsome.

    I am loving this fan names, I saw Taysters, Lautner’s Lusy Ladies, so many! Haha. I’m brainstorming for us because like @Mystique said I do know a few fans that go with the who Lauties thing.

    By the way @accv and @Mystique insanely jealous about you guys and Cali! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Texas. :) It’s my baby, but with my career choice, I’d like to try to stay in Cali. Haha. I won’t head that way until, let’s see I graduate college 2015, I need to save money so I say a few years from now, 2017 is my goal! Haha.

    I agree, I feel if we plan everything our and we’re able to figure out where he’ll be someone who can be at said place can hand off to gift to Taylor! We got this! ^.^
    Back to the gift ideas, everyone has so many great ones! @Nicole, I think a personalize Jersey sounds cool, and the dog tag idea @chanda w. threw out is really nice too!

    “We might need to get the address of his management, as a back up, just in case no one is able to get to him personally.”- @Chanda —-> Yeah, in the event none of us can’t get it to Taylor, I think it’d be a great idea to get that information. :)

    Emily— “Well, depending on what parts of him “stretched”…………………………….bah, ha, ha—HAD to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Someone had to say it! LOL. I was thinking it!

    Thanks for the info on “Stretch” @accv. Was wondering what was ultimately gonna happen with that film. There are many other superheros who Taylor could play! :D I would love to see him play someone who’s specifically a Marvel superhero, I have a few bones to pick with DC. Lol.

  268. Logan Says:

    OK here’s what I think….Taylor must be….FROM ANOTHER PLANET!!!! OMG is there anything he suck’s at ~$}£*~4.25£{}>~%~>

  269. Logan Says:

    Sooooo something I didn’t pick up on before I saw footage of Marie at comic con, her character’s name in the 100 is Octavia BLACK as in Jacob BLACK whoaaa…made for eachother ( I’m being lame right now aren’t I )
    She sounds really nice in that interview, no mention of her injury. I really hope it’s not affecting shooting Tracers in any way.

  270. Mystique Says:

    Em–Awww…..sure, I’ll come visit you on the gutter cell lol…as long as you come visit me when I’ve had to go back in the insane asylum lol!

    Yea, idk much about stretch Armstrong either lol…it was before my time. I wasn’t even born yet lol.

    I think a super hero film where he is on a supporting ensemble cat would be best. I even like thehe FF7 idea…especially after seeing GUPS2

    Vickey–wow! Summa cum laude? Wow… go girl! :)

  271. Emily Says:

    joanie–I made it through the fifth inning before giving up. I didn’t think he was much of a baseball fan anyway. Aside from the one time with Maika, I don’t ever remember seeing him at a baseball game.

    Maybe THAT’S why Taylor went to so many Cirque performances—research and inspiration for his moves in Tracers! I’m not surprised that he’s doing a great job and is impressing others. I can’t wait to see this movie! I love watching him in motion anyway.

    Vickey–Great minds think alike!! I’ve tried to tone down my comments some since George’s recent bombshell, but sometimes I just can’t resist!

    Logan–I don’t think so. I’m sure that he would say “yes,” but I don’t think I’d believe him. Remember when he and K and R were in Germany and he was taking them bowling? Taylor was telling a reporter that he was awful at it and Kristen interrupted him and said something to the effect of “No he’s not. He’s good at everything.” I really liked her in that moment.

  272. Emily Says:

    Forgot to say—no mention of Taylor or Tracers on Entertainment Tonight last night. No idea when it might air, but I did see on taylorlautnermania that he WAS interviewed by them—there’s a picture. So, he’ll be on eventually.

  273. marianne Says:

    Emily….He used to go to baseball games in the early days of Twilight. There is one where he is with Sara and some other people. Apparently, the only thing Taylor is not good at is picking a girl that all his fans like. Hehe

    Marie said at comic con that she and Taylor have already filmed a love scene together. Did anyone else see that? My mind is going to be in the gutter the rest of the day.

  274. Logan Says:

    @ Emily, I believe he is friends with a few cirque performers and maybe that’s the reason he goes to so many cirque shows. Some of them train or trained at XMA headquarters that’s how he knows them and we all know he’s very supportive of his friends. They should invite him to do a cameo on their show! That would attract hords of fans…
    I am trying to locate an article I read featuring Chris Morgan ( writer of FF1234567 ) in which he talks about a script much like FF but based on the water, a nautical version. Now that’s a movie I would like to see Taylor doing. Fast boats not much clothing, aviator sunglasses and offcourse wet for at least half the movie. He can do this Fast & Wet thing untill he starts filming Top Gun 2. Can’t wait to see him in a uniform of some sort…..sighhhh

  275. vera Says:

    marianne..yes,here a link.

  276. vera Says:

    it just me Marie look-a-like KS? and even this flaky & bitten black nail polish ..O_o
    I hope in the love scene her nails will be ok, though..

  277. Mystique Says:

    Marianne–GASP! Ooh my! They’ve already filmed a love scene together? Ohemgee!! O_O Wow! I sure hope they filmed it before Marie broke her foot/ankle lol! Wow!! Ooh my…..I can’t wait to see this movie lol

    Logan–“He can do this Fast & Wet thing until he starts filming Top Gun 2.” ROTFL!!
    OK, FIRST OF ALL…..your comment cracked me up silly! Talk about a double entendre! Lol! ^_^ And second…..Taylor its filming TG2? Really? O_O

  278. Emily Says:

    vera–Thanks so much for posting that link. I think she’s prettier, more articulate, and more relaxed than KS. I really like her.

    I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to “block everyone else out” during the love scene with Taylor (Why did I get a little giddy when I just typed that?). If I were her, I think I would have totally ignored the director yelling “Cut!” and just let things keep happening! Ha! Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky woman!!!!!!!

    I can not WAIT for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. chanda w. Says:

    Oh Yeah, Tay and Marie’s love scene was already filmed. I said, Taylor and Marie’s LOVE SCENE was already filmed!! Why do I want Tracers out already? Lol. I saw that clip on another site and I almost went into shock when I heard what Marie said. She was so casual about it, they must be hitting it up for real. (Me and my thoughts) @Vera , I don’t think Marie looks like KS, but they are both pretty. I think Marie has more stunning features.
    Whatever Taylor’s new project is , I’m all in. Already waiting for GUPS2 on DVD.
    I heard that Tay’s management team pulled his name from the credits and the promos. So it was his choice to be uncredited in the role. He was not a cameo…he had a lot of lines. Hmm.
    @Marianne, you crack me up! Tay and his choices in girls. Don’t know what to say. I think he has yet to find someone that really compliments him. But, he is only 21, he’s got plenty of time.
    @Evelyn, Taylor was the youngest one considered……..out of the other choices, Mel Gibson, Danny Devito (really), Jackie Chan and so on.
    But , I don’t think he’s interested anymore anyway.
    For whatever reason , alot of these older actors don’t want to exit the stage/or share it. So the younger ones are having a harder time.
    I remember when Stallone insulted Orlando Bloom, who was trying to get into the action hero thing, some years back. What is the purpose of hating on a younger actor? So much jealousy in Hollywood.
    I’m glad Tay has his dad/family and his cray cray fans.
    I like the name Taysters, (Hot 4 Tay-Laut)lol

  280. marianne Says:

    vera…thank you for the link.

    Emily….LOL…they’d have to use the “jaws of life” to remove any of us at the end of that scene!!

  281. Emily Says:

    marianne–They probably wouldn’t even need them because I would have already died. What a way to go!

  282. Lexi Says:

    omfg so its true that the movie has a love scene?? ashakdhkshdkshkdhakshdak!!!

    @marianne LOL that is so true about tay’s choice of girls, but like chanda said, hes got pleenty of time ;)

    Did you guys know that tyler posey is engaged now??? :D

  283. kia Says:

    Marianne..Emily – I’m already planing my funeral . This movie will be the death of me!

    Marie is so cute in that video. check out those ARMS! I seriously have a girl crush on her.

  284. Emily Says:

    Lexi–Yes, I saw that yesterday. I like him—nothing to Taylor, of course, but he seemsike a pretty good guy. I will sheepishly admit that Teen Wolf is one of my guilty pleasure shows.

    If I survive my first viewing, kia, I’ll send you a nice flower arrangement.

  285. Emily Says:

    Gah! I meant “seems like.”

  286. kia Says:

    Emily- Deal. And if I survive the first viewing I’ll also send you a nice flower arrangement but I have a feeling we both won’t SURVIVE!!

  287. Emily Says:

    Maybe we can do some cardio work. between now and then to strengthen our hearts!

  288. Logan Says:

    @ Vera, are you seriously concerned about her nail polish or just trying to avoid thinking about her nails going down Taylor’s back hihihihi. @ Marie, you better not leave any marks on that body, you hear!

  289. Logan Says:

    @ Mystique, i don’t know if there will be a sequel to Top Gun but he better be in it. This idea was mentioned in an earlier thread and I really really liked the idea of him stepping into Cruise’s shoes.

  290. Johanna Says:

    OMG She is so cute i love her.
    But she did say “BIG LOVE SCENE” all i noe is that if they show any part of him below the waist i wont be able to take. OMG im already fearing this not because i dont want to see it but i have no idea how im gonna react.

    O God guess we are just gonna have to man up tie them legs together and hope for the best. ( If the day after the premier you hear of a small latin girl raped Taylor please help me get a good lawyer)

  291. accv Says:

    RE: Taylor and getting a girl that everyone will like for him — HAH! That’ll happen when pigs fly. Especially when we insert the Swifters in the equation… it’ll be Swifter and him ONLY. They’ve gotten on every girl he’s been with BUT her. Soooo good luck with that Tay! :p Kidding. It’s his life, so once he settles for someone else that ultimately isn’t Swifter, they’re just gonna have to deal with it. *tsk tsk*

    I actually prefer the name Taysters, too. It reflects on ALL Taylor fans, not just the girls. It’s unisex, so to speak. lol :p Then again, I DO remember Taylor mentioning that he doesn’t like being called Tay or something sooo… I wonder if “Lautsters” or “Lautnies”… I dunno, something with Lautner. Like, it’s so funny looking at his name… I never expected to become so into him. Looking back, never occurred to me that I’d end up being addicted to this guy, especially after seeing him in Twilight… I was honestly turned off by him. Haha! Sounds so shallow, but true. And I’m like… who’s this foo?? :p

    OK, so love scene can have so many meanings… err… sorta. Makes me wonder how far it went. I mean, he’s already grabbed Lily’s butt in Abduction and lifted her up and practically made out with her neck :p… soooo what’s gonna elevate this love scene? He went from making out with Kristen in Eclipse to making out and groping in Abduction… oh GOD. My mind… ok, stopping! And his face the whole time while doing it… UNFFFF!!!! He was so hot and heavy in the face, too! I was like…. good Lord… ALDFAFJAKFALK. Ok, ok, for real… I’m stopping. lol!

    And what is WITH these girls and the unkempt look? lol. Good thing Marie’s hair is naturally beautiful even WITHOUT combing it. But geez! All of his leading ladies/linked girl friends barely comb their hair… Kristen for starters, Lily is actually one of three that has a polished look most of the time, Maika’s hair looked unkempt too at that baseball game… and well, hard as it is to admit, Swifter’s hair was fine and same with Selena… oh and Sara. Even though she usually left it down, her hair had that nice beachy look to it. But wow… Marie’s gorgeous… I’m jealous. And since Marie said it was Taylor’s first… are you meaning to tell me that he gets more revealing than his scene on the train with Lily? Oh God… I’m gonna die watching that. He’s likely going to have his shirt off this time… and her, if she’s going to be “naked,” then she’ll likely have something on to cover up her privates. Oh goodness… I can’t. I’m going to be writhing in my seat in utter PAIN. Or… here at home writing in pain… oh whatever… both! I’m anxious for this scene… ok, ok. Need to calm down. *squeals really quick in her pillow*

    @Mystique.. I know, right?! As soon as I read what Logan wrote, I started laughing out loud. “He can do this Fast & Wet thing until he starts filming Top Gun 2..” HAHAHAHAHA! And no, I’m sure she just meant to joke around… there’s no Top Gun 2 in negotiations right now. I highly doubt it. If ever, Taylor will be on his own with that alongside some other actors his age. I really don’t know if Tom Cruise will like sharing the spotlight with his protégé. :p It’d be AWESOME to see Taylor in a pilot suit, like… oooooooo LAWDY, but no, wishful thinking! And I REALLY hope FF7 is a serious consideration for one of his next projects. It’d just amp the movie to stratosphere level :p

    @Logan… she certainly sounds lovely indeed. Seems like a silly girl. I like that her answers aren’t like… typical? She sounds like she really knows her stuff. And she’s STUNNING. And athletic… and… sounds perfect for Taylor. LOL! For the billionth time, oh my… SUPER jealous. Those eyes are mesmerizing. I wish I had brighter eyes. Also, she did mention her injury because I think they asked about crutches… she even said that she feels like she has man arms now or whatever. lol!

    Also, I know I asked this already… but anyone have a LinkedIn profile? Anyone? I’d love to “link up” with my ladies here ;)

  292. accv Says:

    @chanda… I may be developing a girl crush on her myself. I mean, honestly… I’m loving and hating her at the same time. :p She’s gorgeous and seems to have a great personality… but I also hate her for it, too. lol!

  293. Johanna Says:



    (Second pic)

  294. accv Says:

    @Johanna… I don’t know WHY but I thought you were referring to his naked ass. HAHAHAHA. Buutttt that’s as good as it gets for now ;) MmmmmmmmmMmMmmmm…

  295. Johanna Says:

    @accv HAHAHAHAHA hey if u want a pic of that i am more then willing to get it for u cuz that the type of friend i am

    I will seriously punch who ever wrote this just cuz u give someone a piggy back ride doesnt mean u are automatically dating. It means u decided to help a friend u bitch!

  296. accv Says:

    @Johanna… use your FBI skills girl! ;) Go find that pic! lol!

    And just ignore that stupid article. I couldn’t help but laugh because of some obvious errors and for outdated info… “allegedly dating Selena Gomez.” YAH. That was like… 2009?! Puh-leeze. :p Then again, I kinda don’t mind because it doesn’t make him look as saintly anymore. :p

  297. chanda w. Says:

    That article from Kpop or whatever is so silly. Lately they have done several articles on Tay and they are all the same. They just add more stuff to each one. They rarely make any sense.
    @Lexi, Tyler P. once stated how similar his and Taylor’s lives were and the fact they both became known for being werewolves. Interesting. I think at one time he was into Sara too. Tyler’s gf doesn’t look like someone he would be with, but they do look cute together, wish them the best.
    @Accv, I still think about when Taylor and Lily made out on that train and when he got to her neck , it was so sexy. He was only 18 when he filmed that. I really don’t know how I’m gonna handle him in a real love scene…………but that’s a problem I’ll just have to deal with, lol.
    Did anyone think it was weird that Taylor didn’t take any pics with Patrick or any of the frat boys at the GUPS2 premiere? Hope they are all still friends. I sorta liked seeing Tay and Patrick hang out. No green eyed monsters, please.
    So what name are we settling on? @Accv, Lautsters, different, we do need something more focused on Lautner, I keep forgetting there is another Taylor. Ha , ha.
    I think FF is a go and it will be a great move for Tay, with the success of GUPS2 and the praise he’s receiving for playing a frat boy.

  298. Mystique Says:

    Chanda—You know what?? I actually LOVE the name “Taysters”! Not only because it’s “unisex” (so it can reflect MANY fans of Taylor–female OR male), but ALSO, because it’s also a play on the word “Tasters”. Lol…yeah, we’d like to “taste” him alright rotfl! ^_^

    But anyway, I kinda like the ring to that! That one definitely sticks out to me. Are you a “Tayster”? lol :-P

    Although, something with his last name would be kinda cool too just as long as it sounds good. His last name is pronounced “L- OWWW -T – NER” (even though people on TV tend to pronounce his name wrong ALL the time lol), so it sounds kind of hard to make a fan name out of it. But, if someone can come up with something….by all means….share it! I just can’t stand “Lauties” or “Lautnies” or whatever…. :-/

    Logan–Thanks for clarifying with Top Gun. (Omg…I almost wrote “Top BUN”….seriously, I kid you NOT! ROTFL! What is WRONG with me??? lol ) O_o I would love to see Taylor in a uniform. Uniforms on a guy are my weeeaaaakness!

    Emily—Yeah, Idk how I’m going to survive “The Love Scene” in Tracers either. My goodness…..I can’t even think too hard about it right now…..I get too giddy lol. I’m just not even going to think about it, because if I can’t even handle it in my BRAIN right now, I definitely wont’ be able to handle it on screen. My goodness……No. I have to go to the movie theater ALONE for that one. You know how embarrassing it is to watch “Love Scenes” with your friends/family by an actor EVERYONE knows you have a crush on? OMg….talk about EMBARRASSING! rotlf! Yea…I think I’ll go solo for this one lol. Hahaha! :-D I don’t want all heads turning to look at me during that scene rotfl. I’d be NO good! *_* #DEAD!!!

    I like the idea of getting cardio-fit at the gym @Emily. That’s good preperation, because I don’t know if my heart can take it lol. I need to start going back to the gym more regularly anyway lol. :-P

    Accv–Okay I’m glad it wasn’t just ME who noticed the double entendre! LOL! :D Yeah, idk what’s up with the “unkempt” look 24/7 these days either. That seems to be the style I guess. I don’t think Marie looked bad though…she just looked REALLY casual. Her hair looks 10x better than Kristen’s imo though.

    I think too that there is something going on with them lol. I mean….come on….the girl looks like THIS:

    You’re trying to tell me that Taylor has absolutely NOOO attraction to her WHATSOEVER?? O_o Yeah….riiiiiight….. Lol!
    I don’t mind…. He’s young! Let him “explore” lol. I still don’t think he’s found the perfect girl for him…..YET… but he’s getting close I feel. I liked her interview…she seemed real chilll. She seemed a lot older too when she was speaking. Maybe slightly older than Taylor? She doesn’t LOOK older when I see her in pics w/him, but when I heard her speak I was like oh yeah I can definitely tell she’s more mature than some of the OTHER girls he’s been linked with. Maybe that’s a good thing? lol…. Idk….I’d have to see them interact TOGETHER (not just pics) to see if they have good chemistry. The chemistry between them so far looks pretty good in pics. :)

  299. Emily Says:

    I have been distracted all day since I read that a love scene has been shot and ACTUALLY EXISTS!!! I am just praying that there was some filming going on for the DVD extras when it comes out. That is something I definitely want, nay NEED to see!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got to quit thinking about it though, or I’ll never make it until……………have they even set a release date for Tracers yet?

    All those pictures of him doing the stunts are oh so nice, but they still scare me—-the one where it looks like he’s falling down that wall……………………I just don’t want him to hurt one hair on his perfect head……….I’m sure he’s having a blast, though.

    I noticed Marie mispronounced his last name, like just about every other person on the planet! If I knew him personally, I would make it my mission to say it the right way in every interview. Whether or not there is anything going on off-screen, I don’t know, but if she has any sense at all, she should be trying to get with THAT!! I repeat again—-LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY WOMAN………………

  300. Mystique Says:

    Emily–I know what you mean… Seeing him do those scenes scare me too. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. :-/ Speaking of anything “bad” happening to him….who’s looking out for him? Has anyone seen his dad onset? Btw…speaking of family, how come it’s so rare that I see him with his mom? I feel like I always see Taylor’s dad w/him. But it’s so RARE that I see him w/his mom.

    Is it just me?

    Wow….I didn’t know Marie mispronounced his name lol. I guess she can join the other thousands of people that do.

    His name is pronounced “L-OUT-NER” lol. If people were to just pronounce his name like they do Matt “LAUER”, then they would be fine. Their names are basically pronounced the same exact way. It’s just that Taylor has a “T” and an “N” in his last name.

  301. Johanna Says:

    WOOOHOOO 300 comments!!!!!!

    @mystique it is rare that he is with his mom but she has to work i noe she work for some type to tech company or something and plus she has to stay with his sister so she really doesnt have the freedom to travel and much as papa Lautner. But she has gone to all his premiers.
    And lets not forget Taylor is 21 i dont think he wants his dad with him all the time i think his dad probably goes for the beginning but once thing start to go on a roll maybe he leaves so Taylor can focus but idk thats just my opinion

  302. Emily Says:

    I’ve only seen him with his mom in a photo twice—once on Mother’s Day in ’09, I think, and then at one of Makena’s games last year. Maybe she stays home for her to give her stability. It does seem a little odd. I’m sure there is visiting that goes on that we just don’t see.

  303. Evelyn Says:

    I have a girl crush on Ashley Green. She is really pretty, and sweet.

    I saw Marie before in a few lifetime movies, and I really don’t credit acting skills on those, because they are very mediocre, but Marie did really well in them.

  304. annie Says:

    you all know how the gutter mouths love to trash people even when they don’t know who they are……so it’s by design I believe that his mom & sister & for that matter the rest of his family which is quite large (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents) are kept out of the limelight ( it was mentioned b4 that his mom was at the Golden Globes with him & at the afterparty & that especially in those first few twilight years family members like grandma etc were at the awards shows (but not sitting right next to him – that was always Thor. there were rumors that there were some pretty serious stalker issues going on during that time (that’s when he had so many bodyguards surrounding him)….I’m pretty sure she was at the Grauman’s Theater when the trio imprinted their hands & feet

  305. Emily Says:

    A stalker!?!? OK, fess up, which one of us was it???? Just kidding. Poor thing! Like I said, I’m sure lots of his family members have been around behind the scenes. However, I would really like to see him interacting with his parents and sister–just once—just to see if he is like his dad or mom or both and how he and Makena are with each other. Ahhh, wishful thinking, I know.

  306. chanda w Says:

    What happened to Tay’s twin stunt double?? I see Taylor doing all of these crazy stunts on his own. A couple o.k., but the stunt guys are there for a reason Mr. Lautner. Let them earn their paycheck.
    @Mystique, Taysters (cause he is tasty) I just don’t want it confused with Miss Velvetta Cheese (lol).
    Taylor’s mom is at most of Makena’s games. She was at the last game Tay went to (the one with the blurry pic of him).
    So funny both of his parents are fair skinned, but he and his sister are dark, well very tanned. But he looks like his dad by the eyes.
    I didn’t notice that Marie mispronounced his name. She said it the way that I would. Maybe she was trying to throw the fans off track.
    We know the two of them are going at it like rabbits (spelling).
    Well maybe , maybe not. Who knows? Maybe Maika is still in the picture. LOL!

  307. Logan Says:

    Wow, his double even has the same amount of junk in the trunk LOL.
    Top Bun as a sequel to Top Gun… mmmm…. then Taylor could be like a top pastry chef. He would be kneeding that dough…..working them biceps….all flowered up. It being hot in that kitchen he would only be wearing an apron. Yep, I can see that one happening too. Excuse me while I go write this script…..

  308. Logan Says:

    And I think Marie meant love scene as in yes we were going at it like….because why else would she say that it was both their first time and being an awkward scene to shoot having all the crew around. Has she been linked to anyone in the past? I found a picture of her walking with Chris Evans ( what’s your number ) but that could be from a movie they did together? Just curious to see what kind of man she likes.

  309. Logan Says:

    Sorry, had to leave you with this one…..

  310. johanna Says:

    @Emily I confess it was me I just couldn’t help myself :) no just kidding
    Um I’m sure his mom goes to all of the really important stuff and calls while he is on set but I’m sure he doesn’t want his family in the spotlight so they have a chance at a normal life.

  311. vera Says:

    @ Logan LOL you insightful!
    not just Taylor’s back deserves so close attention, all the parts of his perfect body are amazing, but what about his chin, lady? :)

  312. Vanusa Says:

    Taylor is crazy, or possesses wings? My little heart is when I see these photos.
    sorry the english, I’m Brazilian and do not speak this language. ahhhhhhh

  313. Vanusa Says:

  314. Emily Says:

    Oh, Good Lord! What did he jump FROM?!?! That other truck?!?!?

    Maybe another reason we don’t see his mom on set is because she would have a stroke seeing her baby boy do things like that all the time! I know I come close to having one when I see stuff like this.

    Have I mentioned that I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE?!?!?!?

  315. Logan Says:

    @ Vera, I had to grab a tissue while typing this. That is soooo funny!!!! Every piece of his anatomy deserves its own fansite, no doubt about that. Why not start with his chin ( still laughing while tears stream down my face )
    @ Vanusa, bemvindo! Nao precisamos de muitas palavras falando do Taylor….. We totally understand, sometimes we don’t even use words ;)
    @ Emily, I flipped through those pictures faster than Taylor is running. Not wanting to see one where he doesn’t make it….fortunately he’ s superman.

  316. accv Says:

    Dear God, what other action stars do their own stunts? Like, seriously… tell me. As of the moment, I don’t think any other actor of his age can do stunts like he does… another reason why we love him. He’s SO FIT! Athletic, agile, what have you. Goodness. Wonder how he’d be in the…. nevermind. *blushes* Not that I need that in the room… just curious. And ya’ll may say.. “Not that you need it?!” No, really… I’m pretty reserved when it comes to that aspect of relationships. I’m actually more about the bonding through conversation and other nonsexual activities. I’m boring, huh? #SorryNotSorry :p

    ANYHOW… that’s one hell of a stunt jumping from truck to truck… IF that’s what he’s actually doing. Geez. Seriously, I agree with chanda… where the hell is his stunt double??? I’m sorry but our guy’s face needs to stay unscathed. It’s too precious :p But what the hell… perhaps doing all his stunts himself will grant him more respect in the industry and the public. He’s already got more guys on his side from being a douche bag in GU2. Apparently being good in movies makes you lame :p Kidding. I don’t get it… how does he do bad and get praised but when he’s being a bit nicer, he gets the backlash… seriously people? -_-

    WELL… I see new Taysters on here :p Welcome @annie and @Vanusa! Were you lurkers before posting???? ;p

    @Logan… I get what you mean. I figured when she said “first time,” it had to be something steamier than what he did in Abduction. Oh gosh I’m gonnnnaaa dieeee.

    Had to link this —

    Her hair makes me laugh! But she still looks pretty. :)

  317. Vanusa Says:

    visit this site every day and I love the comments, but I have always put it in google translator ahhhh
    I look forward to traces!
    Taylor is the hottest guy in hollywood.
    who do their own stunts, despite being dangerous and I fear for their whole bones!

  318. chanda w Says:

    His stunt double is back on the scene. Thank goodness. Sexy duo is back.
    @Accv, that’s hollywood, the meaner or more perverse a character is…..they seem to praise it. But, Taylor did do a great job. He deserves the praise.
    So is Taysters, our name? Have we decided on a gift?

  319. accv Says:

    never fails to amuse me. despite the obvious cheating on his part, he’s still adorable! how the hell does he make cheating ADORABLE? lol! i can’t decide which one was funnier… this or the bike one. and i realize people don’t find jimmy fallon funny or whatever, but he seems to have the best things for taylor to do on the show. you really get to see taylor’s fun side… not just him sitting down and talking like typical interviews. fallon gets him moving and i really appreciate that.

    @Vanusa… it’s fine. let’s put it this way… we’ll take your comments like poetry. poetry makes more sense on a deeper level because of its prose. they’re not grammatically correct, but we read between the lines, so to speak ;) and you certainly got that right… taylor IS the hottest guy in hollywood because he’s the total package. honestly, if his personality and attitude weren’t as great, he wouldn’t be anything special.

    @chanda… seriously, stupid Hollyweird. The public seems to be such an oxymoron — wanting peace and whatnot but only entertain or praise the bad. o.O I guess because if you’re portrayed as this totally nice person… people don’t see your flaws so it’s like, you’re unrelatable. If they can’t relate, it’s either completely overlooked or people bash. I dunno. Wack. As for our name… I just used Taysters because I liked it better than other ones I saw and we can’t seem to figure out a good name with “Lautner.” I tried, but I don’t think anyone likes them. As for the gift… well Evelyn seems to be planning out the leather cuff/bracelet… otherwise, dunno what else is going on with that.

    @Evelyn… how’s the design coming along? Need any help with supplies? Just let us know :)

    Also, @chanda… I remember seeing a post from you about getting a matching hat, jersey and dog tag for him? But then again, you were probably just putting that out there.

    I know everyone’s on a budget… but like what chanda said, we should really decide on what to give and who will give it. Evelyn’s set on that leather cuff already… she’s in the design process… but is that all we’ll give and we can all possibly contribute somehow or should we add something else that could be engraved more and be more personalized from us here at If, let’s say, there’s a necklace involved of some sorts… I say personalized dog tag on a black cord maybe? Or even a necklace with a small (and I mean SMALL — no bigger than 2″ hopefully) dream catcher on it in connection with his Native American heritage.

  320. *Vickey* Says:

    God! LOVE SCENE?! I don’t think I’m gonna make it all the way through Tracers, I’ll force myself so I can see the entire thing. Taylor’s gonna be the death of me! Lol.

    Johanna— Like @accv said, I just laughed at the article, that’s ridiculous. And I agree with you “piggy back”— they’re just making a big ordeal out of nothing honestly.

    Marie is gorgeous! I love her! :) I’m sure Taylor finds her attractive! Lol. She does sound intelligent and seems really laid back. :) Where is this movie, I can’t wait to see! *folds arms*

    Emily— I would have a stroke if I was his Mom and I was on set! Every time he jumped off of something, ran and flipped off of something. Lol. They’d have to revive me a few times. Good thing he’s agile and fit like @accv mentioned. :P

    Accv- LOVE that video! :) He does make cheating so cute!!! Gahhh.

  321. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique “You know how embarrassing it is to watch “Love Scenes” with your friends/family by an actor EVERYONE knows you have a crush on?” ——-> Just saw this and it’s so TRUE! When Abduction came out, (it came out a few days after my birthday) my friends and I went to go see it before dinner. The make out scene between Lily and Taylor commenced my friend Jacob leans forward dramatically and looks over at me the entire time to see my reaction. -_- LOL

  322. Emily Says:

    accv–I actually like Jimmy Fallon. I think he’s funny (he can get really goofy sometimes, though) and really talented musically. I like the bikes and the alligator race, but, I have to say, my favorite, HANDS DOWN, was getting Taylor to ride the mechanical bull. The hat, the chaps, the way he vaulted right up there, the arm muscles………….shivering just thinking about it!!! I will forever be indebted to Jimmy for making that happen and for YouTube for allowing it to live on forever!!

    Vickey–I saw Abduction with MY MOM!! Talk about embarrassing! I definitely couldn’t say what I was thinking while watching that! (Ohh, you have a friend “Jacob!” Is he as sweet as “our” Jacob?)

  323. Johanna Says:

    hopefully u guys can see this if not got to TL-life journal there are some pics of Taylor looking at something on a phone a giggling i wonder wat hes looking at?

    also some pic of him playing football with some bald guy
    and ones where he is running he looks kinda funny but still really hot.

  324. Johanna Says:

    his smile just makes u melt :)

  325. Nicole Says:

    The official taylor lautner fan page has a video up from today of taylor filming in Manhattan. I can’t get it to play, but someone here might be able to and post a youtube link maybe? Please?

    Sorry I’m so MIA lately guys, my sister and her family are visiting from Michigan for two weeks and we usually do our whole family vacation around this time, so I’m outta here for a while. Going to DC (Washington) tomorrow then off to the beach until Sunday. I can check in but I’ll likely not comment that much.

    TTYL girls!!

    Happy Taywatching

  326. Johanna Says:

    @nicole which fan page i will try and find it was it one facebook?

  327. Johanna Says:

    here it is if its the same one Nicole is talking about

  328. *Vickey* Says:

    accv— I’m still on board with @Evelyn’s idea as well as the dog tag idea @chanda tossed out. The dream catcher would be so cute! I think I’d die if I saw him wear it. I’m willing to contribute something if everyone else is. ^.^

    Emily— LOL! Oh man, that is awkward, I can’t even imagine! Jacob… get ready his full name is Jacob Edward Sanchez. xDD So when Twilight first surfaced he got teased alot while we were in high school. lol. He’s one my closest friends and he is really sweet, but he’s not a fan of Twilight at all. I think he’s “somewhat” of a Taylor fan. :P

    Nicole— Busy! Sounds nice though! :) Have a good time! We’ll miss you!

  329. Johanna Says:

    Our Love he’s so perfect (or at least very close)

  330. Emily Says:

    Vickey–“Jacob Edward”……LOL….poor guy!

  331. Logan Says:

    @ AC, there will always be doubters and haters nothing you can do about that. What I would love to see Taylor do is finish college? just so they cannot hold that against him. We already established that he has the brain for it….
    College? = we don’t have the same system as in the U.S. I remember Letterman making a big fuss about him having to finish college and Taylor mentioning that he got 12 credits out of the way before filming Twilight.
    @ all my Taysters, do we have any info about his production company ( Quick Six entertainment ) and it being involved in anything besides Abduction? Maybe we could even send our gift there….

  332. Logan Says:

    Here’s the article I mentioned in a previous thread somewhere, a director has already been linked to the project. Somebody at Sony should be convinced to cast Taylor….
    @ Taysters: search your networks for any connection with the Sony studios and get the word out there!

  333. accv Says:

    @Vickey… no way! His name is JACOB EDWARD?! Hahahahaha! Remember when Bella considered Edward Jacob (EJ) for the hybrid spawn in BD P. 1? I was like… you’ve gotta be kidding me. But your poor guy friend :p It’s ok… seems like he’s survived/surviving the teasing. But yah, crazy coincidence. lol!

    @Johanna… you and your researching talents! ;) and we are yet to get a bad pic of him. unless you wanna find one for us? although we’re fans and biased, so that’d be hard to gauge. is it possible for us to be more objective and find a bad pic of him? lol! actually, if i am to be TOTALLY honest… one of the pics of him running (recent tracers pic… gray shirt, the overalls) has his face frozen in a funny expression… closest to being a bad pic and that’s not saying much AT ALL.

    @Logan… yes, no person in this world is liked by everyone… very true. And like you, it’d be wonderful for Taylor to finish school… get a degree in whatever he desires… I can see him doing psych, sociology, business, marketing, perhaps something in sports? As for him getting 12 credits out of the way… I think we can all say that 12 credits isn’t so bad. I’ve done 18 credits in two consecutive semester terms and I killed myself. Well, more like lost focus and barely graduated. i dunno… i got sidetracked so easily those two last semesters and it was like, uugghhh. ORRRR i knew i’d be graduating soon and lost focus because it meant i was on the cusp of the real world and i knew i wasn’t ready… *sigh* suppose the pressure got to me :p

  334. Meh Says:

    @johanna thanks for the link to that vid. It made me laugh, I was looking at all the people standing around and then Tay on his bike just zooms by! How random!

  335. Meh Says:

    oh my!–just-scene-new-film.html

  336. Meh Says:

    Also THIS:

    (I hope that link works?!) Its a pic of Tay and Marie looking like they are about to kiss!

  337. Logan Says:

    They’re totally about to kiss! Or else their chemistry is off the charts HOT.
    @ Marie just so you know, we’re living vicariously through you, so you’re allowed to grab him….kiss and squeeze him where ever…..
    Thanks in advance!

  338. Emily Says:

    This is not helping me!!!!!!!

    Can we just all take a moment to appreciate with wonderment the perfection that is his a$$ in the first picture???

    Well, the hopes of being able to function and do something productive today are quickly going down the drain………………………………

  339. Msytique Says:

    Good morning Fellow Taysters! _< But yes, so you KNOW what I mean about that "awkward moment" when you're watching a love scene with an actor you have a crush on?? Lol…then everyone turns to look at you rotfl! ^_^ I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

    Emily—I saw "Abduction" with my mom too! My mom AND sister! It was just supposed to be my sister and I going to the movies to see it, but then my mom wanted to come too lol…. Talk about AWKWARRRRD! O_O I didn't even like Taylor "like that" before seeing "Abduction", but after that train scene I think I started liking him a little MORE than just a "cool, nice young actor" lol… *blush*

    Venusa–WELCOME to! ^_^ Glad to have another fan on board! Another "Tayster" maybe?? :) Don't worry about the language barrier….we are all "Tayologists" on here lol, no matter WHERE we reside. ;-)

    @Emily—I actually love Jimmy Fallon too! He's so hilarious to me! ^_^ Maybe because he's so goofy lol. Plus, he always has the most FUN Taylor interviews! :) Oh, and I would like to send Jimmy Fallon a personalized letter thanking him profusely for that Taylor/Mechanical Bull interview. OMG! O_O #THUD Talk about HOTTT!!! :D

    Lol…..those photos of Taylor running look funny to me too lol…..Hahaha…. Was he playing football? lol…. Anyway, he's still adorable. ^_^

  340. Emily Says:

    More pics of him with Marie—Look at him opening the car door for her!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go cry into my pillow for a while………….

    Also–look at close-ups of those where he’s just sitting on the construction barriers. Saw somewhere else someone said “Is it a photo shoot or just candids?” Does he have ANY idea how photogenic he is??????

  341. Msytique Says:

    @Meh—oh MYYYYYYY!!!!! O_O WOW! Okaaaaaay……. *splash water on the face* That ummmm position is something else lol! I’m like you @Emily…I don’t think I’m going to be able to get much work done today rotfl!

    UGH! No no no…. #greeneyedmostercomingthrough lol…. *screams in pillow* Okay….I’m better now. :)

    Why do I get the distinct impression that after filming for “Tracers” wraps, this won’t be the end of Taylor and Marie?? Lol….Idk why, but I just get that impression lol……

  342. joanie Says:

    The cars Taylor was riding between were part of the movie set – watch when they start up – they are spaced & moving at the same speed….same with people in the foreground…..this was staged, however people in the background are ordinary people going about their routine day. (the light is controlled & everything moves on cue)

    The encounter between Marie & Taylor is the scene when/how they first meet (him running into her on the street)

    Remember the scenes of a movie are part of a story board & are shot totally out of order….the scenes are then edited and put together (that’s why it’s so important to have a storyboard….once filming is wrapped & it’s discovered there’s no film to provide continuity to the story and you must reshoot (very expensive to do) or even worse there is no way to reshoot, the film editors have a real problem on their hands. Typically (depending on the director) intimate scenes are shot early in filming, because often difficulties arise later in production between cast that makes shooting these scenes particularly painful & unsettling. So you can have a particularly intimate scene shot on the first day (that’s one reason primary cast often meet up ahead of time to get familiar with each other so they can pull these scenes.
    off) Preliminary reads (auditions) & table reads are good indications as to whether there is “good” chemistry between cast members (often this can make or break a movie)….fan boys/girls often are all about CGI, but mainstream audiences are about people interaction…..mediocre story lines often become compelling if the chemistry between the characters is top notch….and good storylines with charismatic actors is a godsend.

  343. Msytique Says:

    Good lord….if I can’t even handle these pics…how on EARTH am I going to be able to handle a Love SCENE??? O_o

  344. Msytique Says:

    Thanks for the background info on Filming 101 Joanie! I always knew that movie scenes were shot “out of order”, but I never knew the reasons for this. This makes TOTAL sense! I always wondered why usually intimate scenes are shot first, because in MY mind I was thinking that it would hard since you barely KNOW the person on set. Wouldn’t there be more chemistry as you’ve been working together for a long time on set?? But you’re SO right! It’s best that those close scenes are shot early on so that IF there ARE problems on set eventually between the cast (ie. grudges, failed romance, don’t get along on set, etc), then at least the “intimate” scenes would have been shot FIRST.

    Very very interesting! ^_^

  345. Msytique Says:

    Goodness….his back is delicious…

  346. Msytique Says:

    Wow…Just realized that parts of my post in Post #339 have been cut out! O_o Wonder how that happened?? Weird…

    Oh well…. :-/

  347. Lexi Says:

    omg……i REAAALLLLYYYY hope taylor and marie actually start dating for real. I mean…….just LOOK at them together? Him opening the car door for her….and the way they are looking at each other and………UHHGG!

    By the way……… what the crap happened to maika????? LOL XD

  348. Meh Says:

    Who knows what happened to Maika other than she was ‘no one serious’ at the time. I didn’t like her much but LOVE Marie!

  349. Msytique Says:

    Lexi–Ha! No offense, but at this point…I really don’t care about Maika haha. Looking at them is like a snooze-fest. But now Taylor and Marie?? HOTTT!!!

    I honestly think Maika was just a diversion really from the whole Robsten nonsense that was going on at the time. I think he didn’t want the critics/fans/media claiming that HE was the reason for their split up. I think he just wanted to show that he has a life separate from the “Trinity” lol. The timing of everything was just so odd, and also so SHORT-lived that I’m thinking it may have been a PR stunt.

    I mean, come on….He had an upcoming movie to promote (GUPS2), AND a new movie to start filming (Tracers). He couldn’t do with negative press at that time.

    I wouldn’t blame him one bit if my “Theory” is correct. Lol…. #don’tjudgeme!

  350. joanie Says:

    @Mystique getting permits & plunking down cash reserving streets, buildings, parks, stores etc also dictate when you will be able to shoot (time & day)……and also why come rain or shine, broken ankles or the flu that shoot will take place (or there will be major hell to pay) with todays great techniques you can make a sunny day cloudy, a cloudy day sunny & erase the rain but it’s hard to change a dress into panties and a cammi); also why so much extra footage is taken, in case the film has a flaw and you need to find another shot to splice in (like they’re by the pool & it’s night and then the next shot an important scene takes place behind patio doors showing the pool ( and wallah! all the scenes which were shot were daytime no night views of the pool – that’s why storyboards are so important – so you can tic off all the important scenes when you shoot them with extra shots to cover your fannie in case something is wrong with the primary shot like (the clothes don’t match or the shot is blurred). That’s why often major cast who have important scenes together meet up & discuss how they would like to handle it (especially young actors). & things do happen particularly if there is a long shoot or sequels where relationships begin & then fall apart (dicey dicey) – professionals will and can work their way through it but it puts the rest of the cast & crew in a position of walking on the edge of a volcano ready to blow… get those intimate scenes out of the way quick like a bunny (some but not all directors think that way)
    case in point – City of Bones – getting ready to film #2 City of Ashes – and 2 major cast members were all lovey dovey; but one was photographed in public in Spain the past week playing don’t squeeze the Charmin & smooching a new boo. That should be interesting with all the big premiers & promotion scheduled to begin now. My view – try to keep things on a “friendship” level save the “relationship” till after filming is complete -a broken friendship is sad, a broken relationship is much much worse for everybody involved in the production.

  351. chanda w Says:

    Luv , all the info on filming @Joanie. That does make sense about the love scenes being filmed early. I sorta think cast members should keep it professional, most relationships between actors on set won’t last.
    Except when it comes to Taylor, who can resist him?
    @Joanie, if you are talking about the two that I think you are…….oh my…DRAMA!LOL.

    Yeah, Maika disappeared quicker than one of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends.
    Sorta think Tay likes saying he’s single, cause he likes to “get around”.
    He is a 21 yr old fella.
    Taysters, do we let anyone how we came up with this name, Because we want to taste Taylor from head to toe……..ha, ha. Maybe we won’t share that……….oops just did.
    I wasn’t the one who orignally though of the dog tag, but I was just throwing ideas out that others had said.
    I personally think a cap would be cool. One with the Michigan Logo and the name Taysters on the side. So, Evelyn is doing the bracelet, then everyone else should pitch in on the other gift we settle on. We just need the designated person, amount , and the backup address of Tay’s management team.

  352. Emily Says:

    chanda–I DO like the way you think! If we go with that name, I don’t know if we should share that with HIM……………….he might become frightened! On the other hand, he may just laugh!

    So, Will and Kate’s baby is here! I know Meh and Catherine probably aren’t that excited, but I am. I’m so hoping this will take some media attention away from Baby Kimye here in the US…GAG!

    Since royal babies have several first names, I think they should call him “Taylor Daniel Jacob Nathan.” Just sayin’.

    Let’s aim for 400 comments! It would be a new record.

  353. Mystique Says:

    Joanie–Wow…all of this background info about filming is very interesting! I’ve always been interested in filming/working on a set. I know it’s a LOT of HARD work. I know Time is money, and money is time! Whew! I used to work in a law firm, and it was the same mentality lol! You gotta get things done quickly! :)

    I”m really digging the new name: “Taysters” lol.. ^_^ I think it’s cute. :) I’m glad it’s also “fan-made” and not something the media or the public came up with. :)

    Chanda—LOL…yeah, I’m sure Taylor wants to have company with lots of ladies right about now…lol…I mean, he’s young. I say let him have fun. :)

    Emily—I agree, I don’t think we should have OUR “fan name” Taysters on his hat. OMG! I’d be so embarrassed! LOL! But HIS name embroidered on the outside with a message stitched on the inside saying: “From your fans on” or something like that would be really cool! :) Something personalized. I like the Michigan cap idea. I don’t usually see him wearing Michigan logo wear. I’m sure he has before, but I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of him wearing it. Go Blue! LOL!

  354. Mystique Says:

    OH! And I also meant to add….yes, let’s aim for 400 posts! ^_^ That would definitely be a new record lol!

    I remember back when I FIRST started lurking on this site, there used to be only maybe about 10, 15 or maybe 20 (at the most) posts per picture thread. NOW there are like 300+!! WOW! O_O What has changed? Has Taylor gotten new fans?? OR are more people just starting to see how awesome he is?? lol… Whatever it is, I love it! ^_^

    It’s amazing how far this board has come! :)

  355. accv Says:

    ha… ha… ha… what if he and maika really ARE dating and she shows up with him to the premieres? :p kidding! i mean, she can show up, of course… but hopefully not with him :p i’m so mean… we should technically accept whoever taylor falls for eventually but i dunno, i just don’t see it with maika.

    anyhow, we’ll just have to wait and see after promos are done.

  356. Lexi Says:

    And look at this photo

    Its just……………… #BYE

    @Mystique- none taken. I honestly am not that upset that it wasnt that serious. I was just glad that he wasnt still ATTACHED to sara :/ he needed to date other girls before being serious with your high school sweetheart is what im trying to say…..

    @chanda- Yea i think a cap would be awesome! He loves wearing them :)

  357. marianne Says:

    Mystique…Yes…I’m so glad I’m not the only one that thinks the Maika thing was all pr. I thought it
    shut up all the Robstens and Taylor went into filming with people talking about his relationship with Maika and not one with Marie. Personally, I think you can pair Taylor with anyone and the hotness factor is upped.

    Really like the idea of a cap with Taysters on it but whatever the majority wants and I’ll pitch in.

    Emily….What I don’t understand about the Kartrashians is who watches them and who in their right mind names a child North West?
    I’m doing my part toward 400 comments!

  358. Lexi Says:

    omg my grammar was so bad on the other post LOL! I hope everyone can understand it :P

    @accv LOL it’s ok! I think everyone who has posted on this website has been mean at least ONCE. I know i have xD

  359. marianne Says:

    Anyone know what the gossip sites are saying about Marie and Taylor?

  360. Mystique Says:

    Accv—YEa I don’t see it with Maika either… offense lol.

    Lexi–Ugh….that picture! I can’t view it! I’m sitting here in the Library (I don’t have internet access at home anymore really lol—still in move transition), and they have “Restricted” that site IMageBam. I guess they classify it under “Porn”….that’s what their message said! LOL! Can you please tell me what the picture is??? Pretty pleeeeaase? ^_^

    Oh, and I’m not too upset about the Maika thing either lol. I mean, I would have been okay with it if Taylor really liked her, but something about her just seemed sooo nonchalant. She didn’t seem like a girl who was crushing on a guy. Maybe it’s because it was all a sham lol? Even Marie seems more like a girl who is INTERESTED in Taylor….if only as a PERSON sheeesh! Maika seemed bored to death most of that night in pics to me lol.

    Re: The New Royal Baby…..
    Yay!! Happy for Will and Kate! I could have SWORN the new baby would be a GIRL, but I guess I”m glad it’s a boy. That’s what they were hoping for I’m sure. She can now rest easy lol…..

    Marianne—Yeah, at first I wasn’t too sure, but now…the longer time goes by without a peep about them…I’m thinking it was more PR with Maika. Like @Lexi, I’m also glad that he’s not with Sara while filming Tracers. There’s just too much chemistry with Marie. And, maybe he knew that ahead of time…idk… I REALLY prefer him with Sara as opposed to Maika or whatever….call me a hopeless romantic lol…but I don’t mind him with Marie at all. She’s my 2nd choice after Sara. :)

  361. Mystique Says:

    Btw…In case anyone was interested or had some free time on their hands to read….I’ve added a *NEW* Chapter to my Taylor fanfic!! ^_^

    Let’s just say…it’s getting harder and harder to write this thing and keep it “clean” and “subtle”…..especially when I’ve been seeing all of these nice pics on this board rotfl! ^_^

    I know where it’s going eventually…but I”m TRYING to go slow lol! These pictures are making it hard though! LOL! #confessioncorner

  362. *Vickey* Says:

    Oh God! Their chemistry! I wonder how we’re gonna survive this! LOL. He’s such a gentleman opening the door for her. :)

    @accv Lol. When she (Bella) suggested naming the baby EJ, I died of laughter. It’s terrible! Lol. Yeah Jake (my friend) survived and has owned his name, he usually doesn’t tell everyone for the simple fact of Twilight. Haha.

    chanda– Oh it wasn’t you who threw out the idea? My bad. Lol. Maybe it was @Mystique or @accv? So we’re going with Evelyn’s idea and a cap? Or Evelyn’s idea and a dog tag? Also if we do put Taysters on the side of the cap or on the back of the dog tag, it’s constant reminder of where it came from. Haha. :)

    Emily— 400 comments we go! :) Eh, I agree, I feel so sorry for that child, North West? Are you serious. I do love how Drake Bell said in honor of Kim and Kanye’s baby his first son’s name was gonna be Taco. Lol!! Anywho, yeah the talk of Will and Kate’s baby is just all over the place, it should overshadow Kimye’s baby.

  363. Emily Says:

    marianne–Apparently, lots of people watch them, or there wouldn’t be about 10 spin-offs on E Network! Thanks A LOT, Ryan Seacrest, for introducing that blight on American culture!

    joanie–You’re sounding more and more like an industry “insider.” Anything you want to tell us???????? :)

    Has anyone else seen the show “American Ninja Warrior?” It’s on NBC right now. The contestants have to cross this obstacle course. It looks like that “WipeOut” show, but the obstacles require insane amounts of strength and physical skill. Of course, it has me thinking of our boy. I bet he could cross it with no problem. Some of the contestants say they have trained for months or years………………..It just reminded me of him, as most things do in some way………..

  364. accv Says:

    @Mystique… it’s this community AND Taylor that has this site blowing up. Honestly, if you ladies weren’t here to keep things interesting… discussion about everything and anything Taylor as well as one another, I don’t think this site would be as successful. Technically, George has that other Taylor site but I don’t see any comments on those. also, i noticed… many fansites i’ve lurked through… HAVE NOTHING ON US!!!!! we’re just blowing up in the comments section and i don’t see didly on their posts. oh my. WOOHOO US!

    @joanie, chanda… HA. HA. i definitely think i know who you’re referring to from the city of bones movie… AKA the mortal instruments. hmmm let’s see… one of tay’s “exes” and the other one of tay’s former castmates. ding, ding, ding?? :p!!! it’s just too bad… she’s such a beauty and i really liked her with taylor. annddd my suspicions are confirmed. looked it up and saw something about the pics on lainey gossip. oh my! WELP… that sucks.

    i do notice that it’s around the time of premieres and promos for the movie and this happens. taylor and her “break-up” was the same… around the time of premieres and promos. but w/e. it’s in the past… and one other thing, i don’t know what any girl would see in JCB other than his personality maybe. eh…. :p

  365. Mystique Says:

    Emily—YES! I’ve watched American Ninja Warrior or whatever it is on TV too! Lol! I of course thought of Taylor too. :) It would be cool to see him on that show. Of course, I know he would never do it, but it would be cool nonetheless! Maybe he could do it for charity?? Lol…. ;)

    He looks like he would probably get far…if not all the way to the end. ^_^

    Accv–Yea, I think it’s US blowing up this site! Maybe more fans have joined, and we’ve just grown to have such a good rapport on here, that it’s so much more inviting than other fan sites. I used to frequent the site before really getting into this site here, but it has NOTHING (and I do mean NOTHING) on this site here… No offense…. (sorry if there are any lurkers from the Fanforum site on here lol).

    Oh, and I don’t see what anyone would see in JCB other than his personality either. He looks a little TOO odd to me. He’s probably better looking in person, but something about him just looks a little alien-ish…no offense to JCB fans! Gosh, I’m just offending everyone on here tonight aren’t I?? lol… Sorry. :-P To each his/her own. Some may find him attractive.

  366. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique– Headed to read that new chapter! :D I’m with you, just don’t kill me with the new chapter because I’ve already died several times from the pictures from Tracers lol.

    RE: Maika and Sara:
    I agree about Maika vs. Sara. I like Sara better. I mean I don’t have anything against Maika she seemed like a nice girl, plus honestly I don’t know a thing about her to disklike her. I just didn’t sense anything real between them I guess. If something does happen between him and Marie, I wouldn’t mind at all. Lol. Just like @accv said we’ll have to wait until promos are over to see exactly what’s going on. :)

    Logan— She (Marie) should know we’re living vicariously through her while they’re filming Tracers! LOL.

  367. Evelyn Says:

    I finally drew up the leather cuff. Had a busy weekend. I know the drawinging is not that well, but it is a rough idea of the design. I want it to keep it simple, and I think I am just going to make the custom decoration on an already made leather buckle cuff.

    Here is the design:

  368. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— A friend of mine loves American Ninja Warrior and has been trying to get me to watch it, but I just haven’t had the chance yet. Lol. I think I’ll check it out. :)

    Wait, I’m a little lost who are we referring to as JCB? *dumb me haha*

    Accv- I agree! I’m glad we’re all so active on this site. Gives me some place to go when I have some kind of free time haha. :) We’ll get to 400 comments on this post before the night is over with I bet.

  369. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique uuuhg! This whole time i was trying to see if i could find an exact picture of what i just posted on some other website….but i couldnt *drats*
    But it’s similar to the other set of pictures that were posted but tay and marie are looking at each other. And i dont mean one person looking at the other, and the other is looking elsewhere. And marie was smiling…. awwww! When you get out of the library, or wherever you are, you’ll see what i mean ^^

  370. marianne Says:

    Mystique…accv… JCB has the strangest taste in clothes for a guy. We may all fuss about Taylor’s repeats (which I kind of find endearing) but all the jewelry, scarves, tight jeans on really skinny legs etc. that JCB wears isn’t appealing to me. When a guy wears more jewelry than I do, it’s a problem.

  371. Lexi Says:

    @Emily i watch american ninja warrior ALL the time ^^
    But I actually like the JAPANESE one better (the original one). They all talk in japanese but they have subtitles so us english speakers can understand what they are talking about hahahaha

  372. Emily Says:

    Vickey–JCB = Jamie Campbell Bower
    I only happened on that show tonight when nothing else was on. It was pretty entertaining.

    Evelyn–Looks good so far!

    Mystique–Just read and reviewed your new chapter and figured out what you meant by PM-ing you!

    Have to go now and get ready for my Monday night “guilty pleasure” show–Teen Wolf! However, I think I feel a lot of guilt about the pleasure I’ve gotten on here today! Ha! Still not checking the next thread until tomorrow!!

    400 messages, HERE WE COME!

  373. Emily Says:

    Lexi–I’ve never seen that, but I used to love the Japanese version of the “Iron Chef!” It was much more entertaining than the American one!

  374. joanie Says:

    3 pictures – separate or it’ll go to moderation.

    Ever the gentleman he helps her up after the shot…..

  375. joanie Says:

    He makes her smile…..

  376. joanie Says:

    Sorry this is the smily one….the one above I just liked it…..

  377. joanie Says:

    Sorry that wasn’t the smily one as you found out just something that should have been tossed in the circular file (wastebasket)…..screw it….don’t ever let anyone help you by reading off the address……This picture isn’t worth all this ….but here it is –

    (there’s a cool one of them sitting next to each other & looking at each other, but somebody has loaded it with a bunch of spam so be careful if you retweet it or hand it out – your security should warn you if it’s up to date)

  378. joanie Says:

    should have mentioned that’s why I won’t send it nobody needs a bunch of garbage cluttering their computer or phone…..I’m on a friggin roll & will get to 400 messages with all my screwups……time to shut down for the night….adios

  379. accv Says:

    @Emily… omg! YES! American Ninja Warrior would be PERFECT for Taylor. I used to watch some episodes of that and those guys… seem like all talk. then again, it’s timed… but with Taylor doing parkour and all that… that “obstacle course” shouldn’t be a problem for him.

    @Vickey… actualllyyyy, it was me who suggested the dog tag. i just didn’t want to look like a credit hog, so i didn’t say anything. lol! :p i just thought… it’s one of the most (if not THE) masculine type of accessory (necklace-wise) out there and it’s definitely customizable. i’ve already found great-looking ones on (online handmade goods marketplace) that are completely customizable and considered doing a design reflecting on all of us here at then have it put on the dog tag.

    the hat idea is good too considering he wears them so much… just have to do a design for it :) so it should be a michigan hat, then?

  380. *Vickey* Says:

    Evelyn— Ooh looks good so far! What color is the leather you already have? Just curious. Thanks for drawing that up btw!!

    Emily— Ahhh Jamie! Gotcha, thanks! Lol. :) Yeah, IDK, I just don’t think he’s all that cute either to the girls who said they don’t know what drives girls crazy about him. Haha.

    ||Re: American Ninja Warrior: I think I’ll give it a watch tomorrow! I’ve been convinced!

    Accv- Oh okay! Lol. I understand. :) I just checked out the tags on and they’re affordable and like you said we have the option to completely customize it. A design for would be nice!

    ||Re: Cap: I think it should be a Michigan hat with TL.Net on the back or something.

  381. Layfan Says:

    Wow haven’t been on for a while and had to read over 300 comments! Good work! Love the dog tag idea with engraving. Maybe if he recieved it then he would post on here saying thanks!!!

    Got to see the film which was good….well the parts with Tay in….me and by bestie went to see it as a break-up cure for me and it defo worked! Think my obsession with Tay may have had something to do with that tho…my poor ex wasn’t given as much of my sexual attention as I give stairing at Tay on this site!!! Dam Mr Lautner! : (

    Think Tay and Marie look fab together, hopefully it becomes the real thing.

  382. Meh Says:

    Emily – your right! So bored of all the baby news already…it’s going to continue forever now too. I don’t dislike Kate, so pleased for her and Will but I’m not really into the Royal family, considering that us UK tax payers just spent £1 Million doing up their new flat!

    Layfan – your boyfriend broke up with you over a website? hmmm better without him then I say.

  383. Msytique Says:

    Emily, Vickey—Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support! Can’t wait to read your reviews to my story! ^_^

    Evelyn—Awww…thanks for the drawn rough draft of the cuff! I like it! :) I like that it’s adjustable too. Something hand-made would DEFINITELY be really cool.

    Accv, Vickey–I like the dog tag idea too. :) I like the fact that we can engrave it and send him a little message of support.

    Layfan—Awww…you and your bf broke up?? Awww…. Sorry to hear that. :( Break-ups are never easy. Was it over Taylor?? O_o Are you SERIOUS?? lol…. Wow…. :-/

  384. joanie Says:

    What are they thinking?

  385. Lexi Says:

    @Mystique you see joanie’s picture above?? That’s the pic i was talking about except she’s slightly smiling :)

    @joanie- isnt that pic cute ^^ ???

  386. joanie Says:

    @Lexi yes it is. Your picture>>>

  387. Lexi Says:

    @joanie- I found the pic!!!! (finally) your pic was close but i was looking at this one :))
    i hope the link works….

  388. Lexi Says:

    And honestly they are the same set of pics but you know… gotta find THE picture hahaha :P

  389. chanda w. Says:

    @Evelyn, how long will it take you to finish? Such a great talent to have.
    Are we putting Taysters on any of these gift ideas?
    Can’t wait for him to get his gifts. Wonder when filming will end for Tracers?
    Luv all the candids. Marie and Tay probably really aren’t dating, but they do have chemistry. Not hard to have an attraction to Taylor.
    Seems Taylor got a whole new crew, bodygaurds, personal assistant, …keep it moving Tay.
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one already over the Royal stuff. I went out of my way not to watch the wedding. There was no reason for that to have been on nearly every station. Noone should be forced to watch. We barely show that kind of respect to Obama. I do hope their child is healthy and blessed. I just don’t want to hear about it 24/7. Esp. when it seems the People are footing the bill .
    I think @Catherine had stated that she didn’t want Tay to disappear again after Tracers filming wraps. I’m so use to seeing more and more of him , I don’t want to go back to him in Ninja mode either. So I’m ready for that new movie announcement. I like seeing my cutie on a regular basis.
    I still want to get the Michigan cap, with either, Lautner, Taysters, or TL.Net on the side.

  390. Meh Says:

    Ok, the pics there is a bottle of water in it! I don’t think the cameras were rolling when the pics above we’re taken….defo something gong on (hope so!) hehe.

    There was one benefit to the royal wedding….we all got a days public holiday (think we earnt it considering how much they cost us!)

  391. Msytique Says:

    Lexi—Yes! I see the picture now. Awww!!! They’re so cute together lol. ^_^ At least she looks INTO him…. And he looks into her too. :D

    Chanda–You know what?? Something tells me (*crosses fingers*) that now that Taylor is away from the whole Twlight phenomenon (and away from the grasp of Summit lol), he probably won’t go into “Ninja Mode” THAT much. He might not be as easily seen every single day like when he’s filming, but something tells me that he won’t completely disappear for months at a time like we were once used to lol. He’s got too much on his plate right about now to just COMPLETELY disappear lol. Although, if he felt like he needed a break and needed to be out of the limelight for a little bit, I’d be sad..but of course I’d be okay with it. Everyone needs a little privacy/ “me time” every once in a while. I wouldn’t blame him. :)

  392. vera Says:

    anyone has seen the new photo from Maika on instagram *bang bang*?
    this girl have plenty of fight in one :))

  393. Msytique Says:

    Vera—Have not seen that pic of Maika! Is it for a role?? Or did she go to the shooting range?? :-/

  394. Msytique Says:

    Hahaha….Taylor dancing….

    I’ve never seen this…. too cute!

  395. Msytique Says:

    He’s like saying: “Come on….hit me…” LOL!! ^_^

    He looks like he’d be fun to be around while working on set lol.

    Honorable Mention: Good lord, look at the size of those arrrrrrrms…… *droool* *_*

  396. marianne Says:

    Mystique…Aww..that is a cute gif. He’s still such a kid at times. Love that about him.
    We are so close to 400!!

  397. Msytique Says:

    Marianne—Yes, he IS! I don’t think men ever completely grow up really lol! I still know grown men in their 40’s who act like kids sometimes lol!

    It’s so cute. ^_^

    Yes, we are so CLOSE to 400 posts! A new record right?? :D

  398. Catherine Says:

    HOW MANY COMMENTS?!!! Flippin’ heck, girls!!!

    The recent set photos are great. I can’t wait to see interviews, hopefully we’ll see a more relaxed, open, Taylor. I’d like to see joint interviews with him and Marie too.

    So, the Royal baby. I love a newborn, and I think Kate looks great. I have time for William, despite me not being her biggest fan!!! It’s the wall-to-wall coverage here that bugs me…ALL the channels broke to concentrate on the announcement, and the news channels are covering it 24 hrs a day, despite having only a couple of facts to go on :-/

    Help, we’re drowning ;)

  399. Emily Says:

    399! Can’t stay right now, but come on, just one more!!!

  400. chanda w Says:

    @Mystique, you might be right about Taylor staying …out o NINJA mode. He enjoys being out and about and having a good time. I luv it. Guess I have gotten use to seeing pics everyday. I don’t want to go away. He better not take a break. His break time is over LOL. He can’t spoil us and then hide……, no. I think Incarceron is still on the table. There are so many roles he’d be perfect for. And he’s so easy to get along with.
    I like that he likes to laugh and joke so much. So full of life and positive energy.

  401. Emily Says:

    Woo hoo! Confetti shower, horns blaring, standing ovation for us! We made it to 400!

    In celebration, look at the pretty……………………..

  402. Emily Says:

    More acting like a goofy little boy!!! We forget sometimes how young he really IS!!!

  403. Lilome Says:

    Wow, I’m getting dizzy crawling to the bottom of this list. Please George -for give us a new set of pics so we can start a new thread that sits at the top of the list.

  404. *Vickey* Says:

    Yayyyy! 400+ posts! @Emily that’s a way to celebrate! Love that collage!

    @chanda w. I’m down for something like that or something similar being engraved. Or maybe something that’ll have him think of us each time he looks at it. :)

    Oh those gifs were so cute! I bet it’s a blast with him on set! He seems so fun to be around ^.^ @Mystique I agree thooooossse arms! :P

  405. accv Says:

    @chanda… I’m considering a michigan wolverines hat with something RE: us somewhere in there. there’s this site that i’ve ordered from and it’s pretty great quality so far. i’ll see though.

    @Evelyn… i’m so sorry. i completely forgot to comment on your drawing. i think it’s great so far :) and yes, simpler is better… especially for taylor. are you planning on stitching his initials on there or using gems? otherwise, 2 thumbs up! i’d give you 4, but i don’t have that many :p

    and i wonder if those pics are on-set yet off camera? like… does it matter? *shrugs* i realize they’re filming scenes, but are they still in-character when the cameras turn off or are they on down time and this was a candid shot of them really bonding ;)?

    RE: the royal family… i hope no one takes offense to this but i’m not really interested in that family. overexposed perhaps? i dunno… but eh. they’re ok. if anything, it’d be princess diana. i’ve heard a lot about her when she died and it appears she was so loved by many. to those in the UK… what’s her charm? i know she’s gone now, but were you part of the majority that loved her?

    oh and marie’s dimples make her smile all the more charming. ;)

  406. accv Says:

    ARGH!!!!! he needs to stop being so close to perfect. it’s driving me crazy. those gifs… don’t… help. ay…

  407. Lexi Says:

    HEY GUYS!! NEW PICS!!! Marie and Taylor riding a bicycle together…..and i think taylor is doing all the pedaling and marie is just sitting there because of her broken ankle :)))

  408. Lexi Says:

    WOOPS i forgot to post link LOL i hope the link works :)))

  409. Msytique Says:

    Lexi—-SAY WHAAAA??!?!?! O_O Wow…… I see something brewing! ^_^

    Ugh…..Trying HARD not to be jealous…

    She gets to have THIS VIEW??!

    Ugh……lucky stiff. :(


    Okay….I’m better now…. :)

  410. Emily Says:

    Does she realize the depth of this tremendous opportunity she has been given???? Sigh………..

  411. marianne Says:

    Emily…Mystique…LOL…. She probably touched it during the love scene!!

  412. Msytique Says:

    MARIANNEEEEEE!!!!!——STOP IT! Omg…… That’s it….I’m going to be NO GOOD for the rest of the day…. Lol…. ^_^


    Goodness….. I don’t know how much more of this I can take! O_o

    It’s funny, because, I never saw him being even THIS chilvalrous with Sara! O_O Lol…now it’s true, Marie IS “injured” (come to think of it…wonder if she faked this whole injury thing just to get special attention?? I know I sure would….#don’tjudgeme! Lol! ) I kid of course, but seriously….have you ever thought about that?? LOL >_<

    But yeah anyway, it's funny because I never saw him being this chilvalrous even with Sara! He always looked happy with her (definitely), but opening car doors? Giving her bike rides? Carrying her on his BACK?? Lol! Naaah….. Never saw that. Maybe it happened…but I never heard about it.

    I hope Sara didn't just become the "fall back girl"…. I hate to say it but….. :-/ There is some truth to "The Rules"….. lol…. That book may sound crazy to some, but I think there is some truth to it… Guys like a CHALLENGE.

  413. Emily Says:

    Ha, ha, Marianne! While that would be thrilling and the thought will distract me the rest of the day, I actually meant that the “opportunity” was being cast in this movie and getting to spend so much time with him and being able to get to know him and seeing a side of him fans will probably never see………….(and doing the love scene with him, obviously…).

  414. joanie Says:

    @marianne “she probably touched it…….” and which “it” are you speaking of…..there are quite a few to choose from.

    Yeah, he has control & is doing all the peddling (looks like her ankle fracture wasn’t a clean break – no cast- in those cases it’s wrapped to keep bone(s) in alignment & wearing an inflatable cast or a splint to prevent it from getting banged around with x-rays to keep check if it’s knitting back together properly – no weight on it for about 6 weeks or you could really damage the bones & ligaments further (then it’s a cast and/or surgery) and it throbs & hurts like heck – need to keep it elevated to prevent swelling…fact – .there are about 25 bones in the human foot….

    and I’m willing to bet marianne wasn’t talking about his foot when she said “IT”

  415. Msytique Says:

    Lol…I thought @Marianne was referring to the picture I posted and the “view” I was referring to when she said she probably “touched IT” during the love scnee lol…

    That’s why I was going so crazy lol! O_o

    Okay….I’m #throwinginthetowel….

    I can’t take it anymore lol…

  416. joanie Says:

    @mystique Ahhhhhh got it….
    but I go with the view…”anything is fair game if it is within reach…and from where she’s sitting just about everything is within reach” so Marie “grab “IT” while you can” and I don’t mean his foot (does he have a foot???? wow!)

  417. marianne Says:

    Emily….I understood what you meant but I couldn’t resist. I’m a bad girl.

    Mystique…You’re right…I was referring to the pic you posted and his butt that Marie had such a good view of. Hehehe I’ve thought the reason we don’t see him being chivalrous i.e.opening doors etc with Sara is that it’s so much quicker to open your own door to get away from the paps. Also, they can appear like “old friends” just hanging out. I’m not into shipping them or anyone he is seen with but the realist in me thinks she has a presence in his life and one which they are able to keep behind the scenes. My hope for him is that he finds the love of his life and she isn’t shy about expressing her affection for him all the time..even on a bike!!!

  418. Logan Says:

    I think we need a reminder of what his back looks like….

  419. Logan Says:

    But then again we also don’t wanna forget his chest, now do we….

  420. chanda w Says:

    Guys do like a challenge. So I’m sure like most guys Tay will get bored with a girl that seems too in awe of him. I also hope he finds someone that he can kiss, hold hands and adore in public (once in awhile) too much PDA is a sign of trouble. Why am I thinking he and Maika might still be on?
    Not sure, but I think Tay has a new film with Samuel L. Jackson on the horizon.
    Hope it is true.

  421. vera Says:

    chanda are not alone, I also think that Tay & Maika rs as yet not over, I hope so,be honest..
    Samuel L. Jackson?! Wow!!Wonderful news!
    it would be amazing!

  422. Mystique Says:

    Marianne—Lol….I THOUGHT I was reading your mind correctly lol! *wink* ;-)

    I definitely think that Sara is still “in the picture’ SOMEHOW….if anything, as just a “friend” to him. I don’t think that bond will ever really go away so much. But, you think Sara’s afraid to show Taylor PDA in public? You think that’s why they broke up?

    Idk…I just wish he could find a girl that he didn’t MIND parading around and expressing that THIS girl is indeed his gf. I don’t mind a little PDA either….. I think it’s natural when you’re DATING someone seriously. But if nobody is really “serious” with you, then of course you probably wouldn’t want to engage in PDA.

    Logan–OMG…his back is my WEAKNESS! *_* I’m always fond of guys’ chests too for some reason. Maybe that’s my favorite part of a guy….Idk….lol.

    Chanda—I’m glad you agree! Guys will DEFINITELY get bored of a girl who is TOO clingy, needy, or even TOO “available”. If you’re always ready to be there again right after he breaks up with you, then you’re not really a challege. Taylor definitely strikes me as that type of guy who loves a challenge, so it’s no surprise to me that he would probably want a girl who’s more of a challenge.

    Re: Samuel L. Jackson….
    OMG is this TRUE?? Where did you hear this @Chanda?? Omg that would be so AWESOME if Taylor does a movie with Samuel L. Jackson in the cast. Is it Avengers 3?? lol…. J/K. But anyway, that would be so awesome. I hope this rumor is true lol. I like Samuel L. Taylor’s starting to work with more and more of the “big names” in Hollywood! That’s AWESOME! ^_^

  423. accv Says:

    @chanda… whhhaaa??? new film with THE samuel l. jackson?? where’d you find that out???

    also, it’s reported that kellan lutz is in early talks to be in the third “the expendables” movie. can anyone see taylor in a movie like that? i think i’d prefer FF7, but the action big whigs are all over the expendables franchise. makes me wonder then… if jason statham is supposed to be in this film, how will he be in FF7? not that it matters or w/e. :p expendables starts shooting next month… sooo then after will be ff7? i’d really like some news on FF7 if taylor is really attached to it or not.

    RE: those pics of taylor and marie… are those off set pics or them filming?

    as for sara… i think the difference between sara and these ladies are that sara isn’t in the business. the closest thing you can get to her being part of the “business” is getting on TV for being a clippers girl/dancer, but she’s not exactly a public figure in the sense that taylor’s costars are, of course. she only go the public attention that she received BECAUSE of public knowledge that she used to date taylor before his twilight days. this could possibly serve as an explanation as to why we haven’t really seen taylor being chivalrous with her in public. and i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing… he’s likely just wanting to help keep her life private. that being said… marie, REPRESENT! :p she’s his only leading lady/linked friend that is closest to all the older ladies (although, really, we’re not that old… aren’t the 20’s the new teen years now? :p hah, wishful thinking…) this way, we’ll know how he’d get along with a woman our age and see if it could lead to something ;) so far, so good ;p teehee…

  424. accv Says:

    ok, pardon my mistakes -_- at least this isn’t an online class! :p

  425. Lexi Says:

    @Logan hahahahaha ooooooooooooh his back, its always the baaacckk *_* !!!

    @Mystique- yea i agree with you on sara. I think she’s a afraid of showing pda with taylor…and that’s why they are always off and on :/……….I mean there are pics of them in high school showing pda, so she wasnt afraid then…….. so why not show a little pda now? At this point, yes, he’s famous, but does that necessarily mean you two can’t be together together? I seen ALOT of actors/celebrities who dated people who are not famous….shooooot just recently Tyler posey is engaged to his highschool sweetheart :) (and tay, sara, tyler, and his fiancee went to the same school). Soooo I dont know….but i agree with you @Mystiqe, tay needs to find a girl who wouldnt mind showing a SMIDGE of pda in public……….and i mean just a wee bit ;)

    You know what guys? Im still curious if taylor is going to be in FF7…..orrrrr what his next project will be :))

  426. Johanna Says:

    re: Sara i do think its strange that Sara never really showed pda before but it may not just be her i mean maybe she is scared of what ppl will say cuz u have seen the tweets and to be honest if i was her i would a little scared too. Now we are a bit biased her because we all love Taylor but lets not forget he may not want to show pda with her it can go both ways.

    And yes i agree guys like a challenge and its not fair to herself to make herself too available its like she waits until he come back to her and thats not good for either of them. Like i said before they need to see wat life is like without each other and see if they like it and then make there decision i mean they are both still young and by the looks of it it seems Tay is the only one willing to move on.

  427. Evelyn Says:

    @ everyone lol

    The cuff will take a week or so to make. And for the initials, it will be studded in silver and turquoise, keeping it with his Native American heritage. It will have dark brown leather stitching around the edges, and the body will be a light camel color.

  428. joanie Says:

    They’re having fun…..and enjoying themselves with their time off…..better than cooped in a hotel room scoped in on a video game or tv or turning into lounge lizards who have nothing better to do then guzzle their perrier . and I’m assuming they were on the bike path ( the highway section named after great NY playerJoe Dimaggio) that gives great view of the Hudson & is a top notch runner/bike path in Manhattan> only thing to be careful about are runners on the path who might be so zoned out that when you go to pass them on the left they turn into your path & you both hit the ground (make sure & wear your helmut)

    It’ can be fun to speculate but gotta remember that’s all it is (for the outsiders looking in)… his life handing someone a tissue to blow their nose makes headlines of flirting or “action with HIs lady love”. What he (or legal rep) says on the record is what counts…

    I hear filming in NYC is scheduled to wrap this week.

  429. joanie Says:

    Evelyn that sounds brilliant…..i

  430. Emily Says:

    Joanie—Will there be more filming in another city? They couldn’t be completely done shooting yet, could they?

  431. Lexi Says:

    @joanie yeaaa your right…….but you just cant help but imagine them being together :) eeeecckss! =^_^=

    I dont know why, but out of all the girls taylor has been linked/rumoured, marie is my favorite one :) she’s pretty, has that sexy look, older…..and i guess mature? I dont know, i cant really say mature since i dont know her personally, but yeaa ^^

  432. Mystique Says:

    Accv—I’m kinda anxious to know if Taylor will be doing FF7 also! ^_^ That would be so cool if he does.

    You bring up a good point @Accv…. The other girls Taylor has been linked with are in the biz, whereas Sara is not. Perhaps Taylor DOES want to give her a little more privacy and “breathing room” I guess so that’s why they aren’t as “affectionate” or “out there” with their relationship. Buttt….at the same time, I can’t help but agree with @Lexi…. I mean, Taylor and Sara showed a LOT of PDA back in High school, and as I recall…he was still acting back then. True, his stardom didn’t hit the stratosphere until the Twi films came out, but still…..

    Idk… I think @Lexi has a point in that if they weren’t afraid back then…why be so afraid now? Sometimes it gets to the point where you just have to say “Forget YOU” (the clean version) to the public and go about your business with the man/woman that you love. Ykwim?? There are plenty of people in the biz that date (even MARRY!) regular, everyday people like us, and they go about their lives. I mean true, the media AND “fans” can sometimes be a little harsh…especially in this day and age of technology. But I think that at the end of the day, you really just have to live your life! :-/

    Easier said than done, I know….. :(

    @Johanna–You know, it never really occured to me that maybe Sara was a little afraid to show some PDA with Taylor when she’s out with him. That never crossed my mind at all. OR….it could be that they’re not really romantically linked together anymore and they’re just “friends”. Idk! I do agree however that you brought up a good point….. I don’t see Taylor really engaging in PDA with HER either…. :-S So…it has to go both ways imo. Two people have to be on the SAME page I think.

    Joanie—Good point too…. A lot of times the press can make a mountain out of a mole hill when it comes to any actor spending time with his co-star….or ANYONE for that matter. I guess we’ll see when Tracers stops filming!

    @Johanna you brought up a good point which goes along with my “Guys Like a Challenge” theory…. Sara shouldn’t still be waiting afterwards. :-/ It seems like maybe they break up a lot…..but yet, they still hang out together after he finishes filming. At this point…who really knows WHAT they are to each other? Lol…

    Idk… I just hope he will eventually find a nice person to be with that he LIKES enough to want to be “Official” with. :) Because honestly, when you’ve found “The One”, you eventually stop caring about what the fans/media/press think, and you just do YOU. Even Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears had to come clean with their relationship eventually lol! ^_^

  433. *Vickey* Says:

    @Evelyn— Sounds good! Like the color scheme of it! :)) How do we need to contribute to what you’re doing?

    @Chanda w.— WHAT?? I love Samuel L. Jackson! :) I hope it’s true, Taylor can learn ALOT from him. He has so much experience and he is an actor who never really keeps the same roles! :) Where did you hear that from btw?

    @Mystique- Yeah the fall back girl thing, yeah I agree unfortunately lol. RE: PDA, I didn’t really see any PDA with Tay and Sara either. He does alot of it with Marie. So that’s what makes me think, it’s not that she didn’t want to, but maybe she was trying to stay as far out of his spot light as she could. Like @Johanna said it could’ve went both ways which ALSO ties into what @accv said seeing that Taylor has known Sara for several years (before he even blew up) could be the reason he doesn’t want to drag her into the public too much? I’m a little confused by it all honestly. Haha, but who knows. I’m pretty sure they have their reasons.

    Marie really did hurt herself? Ouch lol. Well she is getting all that attention from Taylor. :P

    AND @MARIANNE “she’s probably touching it during the love scene” <—— My mind is now clouded with thoughts! xD

    I'm pretty sure George has posted this on here and I may have missed it, but I ran across it last night. :)

  434. *Vickey* Says:

    I am still dying because of the idea of him doing FF7! :D

  435. joanie Says:

    @Emily possibly some soundstage and reshoots if necessary – but filming will be complete. For an average 2 hour movie (and most movies are now in that time frame – 105-120 minutes long), rule of thumb is a on site film shoot of approx 20 days with an average of 10-16 hours per day (this does not count the time for set up, weather delays, and time between shoots). This is not a special effects (CGI), historical setting, huge background effect movie….it is people oriented, modern day urban area setting…that is also why as long as there is financial backing it will not take long to get it to the screen. It is quite common from filming to the screen to take 1 1/2+ years, this movie as long as there is a demand from the distributors should be about a year, we’ll see.

  436. chanda w Says:

    A New York Times article, well not really an article, it went to a site that had actor credits and Samuel L. Jackson and Taylor’s name were the only two attached to the remake of a movie called The Last Dragon. The Last Dragon was a cult classic in the African American community. The main character’s name was Bruce Leroy, he was into martial arts , very sweet and sorta shy. This guy Sho’Nuff, who was also into marital arts,was the neighbor hood bully and gives him a hard time through out the film. There was also a girl involved who was orignally played by an actress called Vanity (Prince protegee’) Bruce Leroy has a crush on her.
    Apparently this has been in the works for some years. But a comic fan tweeted the info today, so I’m assuming they are going ahead with the project. If anyone decides to watch the original, you’d see how Taylor would be a perfect fit, yeah he’s not a brotha, but his features can blend, just like Jessica Alba did with Honey.

  437. chanda w Says:

    @Accv, Taylor was suppose to be in Expendables 2, but he dropped out of a couple of movies to do Abduction. Someone wrote how bad of a choice Lutz was and asked was Taylor not available for part 3? I agree, but maybe Tay was no longer interested. For some reason , not a big Lutz fan. He did a good job in the Twilight movies. Seems he likes to shadow. lol (whatever that means).
    I’m just hoping Fast and Furious is a go for Tay and the other movies he had on the sideline because of Twilight are a go now.
    I just know that FF starts filming in Sept. so in a couple of weeks, they are gonna have to stop teasing and confirm who is in the movie. Already sad Tracers is about to end filming. I liked the set pics and trying to decide if Tay and Marie are really together, which I sorta doubt now. The fan pics. Seeing Tay act so silly . Luved it! Oh well on to the next Mr. Lautner.

  438. accv Says:

    @Mystique… a challenge is s different than playing games, right? what’s the difference between posing as a challenge to a guy and playing games? won’t they get turned off eventually either way?

  439. marianne Says:

    chanda w…I like The Last Dragon for Taylor! That sounds like such a good fit for him. I’m not really a Lutz fan. I remember when he talked about losing his virginity and that did it for me…not a classy thing imo.

  440. *Vickey* Says:

    Chanda and Marianne—-I agree the Last Dragon would be great for Taylor. :)

    Chanda— I’m with the minority, I adore Kellan Lutz. :) I mean I’m not a HUGE fan, but I enjoyed him in Twilight and two more films I can’t think of at the moment. Lol. I do agree with you @Marianne about him and his virginity story though.
    I also agree that Taylor would’ve been a better choice for Expendables 3, but for some reason I just don’t think he’d be all that into it which is probably why he passed on 2, aside from Abduction. Now I am with you, I really am hoping they’ll stop teasing soon and tell us if he’s gonna be apart of FF7 or not! :P

  441. Johanna Says:

    @accv i think with the challenge it just means a girl that isnt so willing and available she has her own mind and wont just do wat ever he wants she will have her own opinions. You noe she wont be easy to maintain i guess u can say vs. a girl who wont decided if she want to be with u a keeps teasing thats playing games and is a turn off. But he has always said that he wants a girl that is not afraid to be herself so i think that wat the challenge is in my opinion.

    cuz u noe for us girls we dont want a man that is a push-over we want a guys that has his own mind but will still do things that make us happy i guess that would be for him too. its the best way i can explain

  442. accv Says:

    sorry for the extra “s” there, mystique. and btw, that’s a general question… since you guys brought up guys and challenges because of taylor, i just thought i’d throw it out there since you worked in the psychology field before. am i right? if not, i’m sorry :/

    anyways… oooo FF starts filming in sept??? if he’s set to finish filming by the end of this month… he has a month off before FF! seriously, he just HAS to get on board. not that i wouldn’t NOT watch FF7 anyways… i have yet to watch FF6, but it’d just make FF7 better to watch! and we know, anything taylor is in, he makes better ;))))

    @chanda… i totally agree about the movie honey with jessica alba. honestly, one of her best films… although likely what she’s most known for aside from fantastic four. but i had no idea she had those moves or that she COULD move like that (if she’s not really a dancer). but i totally developed a girl crush on her from that movie. taylor certainly has good taste in the ladies ;p and when you said “like jessica alba in honey,” do you mean that was supposed to be a black actress portraying honey? was honey originally black?

    and that “The Last Dragon” movie sounds promising. it’d be great if he could get reattached or w/e.

  443. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the info, joanie. I guess I just didn’t realize they would be done so quickly. I’m going to miss new pictures so often. I didn’t want Taylor to leave NYC without popping by Jimmy Fallon’s show….oh, well. I can’t wait until we get a release date for Tracers.

    I don’t really care what role Taylor does next, as long as it’s something he’s interested in. I will go see it, regardless of what it is. :)

  444. joanie Says:

    F&F 7 is scheduled to begin filming in September – more casting to be revealed
    It will film in different locations, 1 location already confirmed Dubai

  445. accv Says:

    awwww @johanna… thanks for your 2 cents :) i’m just wondering though if being a challenge for a guy can still be a turn off eventually? you know, like… maybe she comes off too strong for the guy and thus, the guy is unable to communicate with her so he gets turned off and moves on? i dunno. i definitely get annoyed with people that play games — it’s like, seriously, you either like me and want me or not, it’s not cute to be leading people on. and if you like me, but not sure you can handle being in a commitment, communicate that to me, too.

    speaking of this “The Last Dragon” movie, who can you see as Taylor’s love interest? the girl in the original seemed to be this glamorous girl… perhaps selena can play the part for once? we have yet to see them ACTUALLY work together.

  446. accv Says:

    you know what, if samuel l. jackson is going to be in it, mayyybeeee another girl should play the part. lol! no offense to selena… :p

  447. Evelyn Says:

    I am looking for supplies right now online. The hardest thing to find is the cuff.

    Did anyone else see how sexy Taylor’ looked on the bike in that tank.??? Plus, the tattoos. I am just fantasizing myself clinging to dear life on to him as wee ride. *Dies from cardiac arrest.*

  448. Logan Says:

    @ AC, yes they should do something together! Look at this manip
    Don’t know if I really want them to GET together ( haven’ t forgiven Selena yet for the biebs thing ) but they definitely LOOK good together.

  449. Mystique Says:

    Chanda–Thanks for the background info on The Last Dragon. Sounds pretty interesting! I’ve never heard of it (at first I thought it was originally a Bruce Lee film), but it sounds pretty cool! Plus, if Taylor could utilize his martial arts skills that he has already, I think that’s a GOOD thing! ^_^

    Idk the future, so I’m not sure how fans of this cult classic will react with Taylor playing one of the leads as opposed to an AA actor, but I think that if the story is done right, and the supporting cast is good, I think he should be just fine. Taylor is very versatile, and like you all already mentioned, he’s got a multi-cultural look in a way.

    This movie would definitely bring in more male viewers too. I think most of the general public like him and think he’s a cool respectable guy….it’s only jealous fan-boys and Twilight-haters that seem to have some type of vendetta against him lol. The majority of people think he’s a cool guy. You can tell by some of the comments the guys make in videos where they are meeting him. The responses are always good. :) Even grown men lol!

    Working with Samuel L. Jackson is a plus! I love him! He’s just so darn cool lol. Plus, he’s not afraid to do a VARIETY of different roles. I think he has the largest filmography on lol…He’s been in a LOT of films, playing MANY different characters.

    Wow….FF7 Starts filming in SEPTEMBER?? O_o Why do I feel like like the last movie JUST came out!? Wow! Yeah….they need to start spilling out more of the cast.

    Vickey–I actually like Kellan Lutz too! lol! He’s not the GREATEST actor in the world, but he seems like a nice guy, and he’s hot lol…. :-P

    Accv—Just to clarify…..being a “challenge” is NOT about playing games or “playing hard to get” lol. And it’s not about being so “tough to crack” that you’re turning a guy off lol.

    @Johanna hit the nail on the head with her description. It’s more about a girl or a woman being happy, care-free and so comfortable with herself that she is out having fun, living her own LIFE, and not pining after a man. SInce she’s so busy and out having fun, she doesn’t just drop everything to cater to a man. She’s not just available or “easy” ALL the time. It’s definitely NOT about playing games, or PRETENDING to be “busy”. The woman really IS busy because she’s got so much going on in her life. She’s also not looking for approval from a guy, so she’s not afraid to speak her mind or have her own opinion. She’s sweet, but she’s not a doormat. Does that make sense? It’s DEFINITELY the type of girl I think Taylor would be interested in. It’s the type of girl I think most guys would be interested in actually. Most guys love women who seem confident and comfortable in their own skin.

    And yes, you’re right! My major was Psychology. (good memory!) ;) It all ties in lol. It’s amazing how guys are so different from girls. You would THINK a girl being SUPER nice, agreeable all the time, and ready to drop everything for a guy would be what a guy would WANT in a woman, but it’s so interesting how that’s not always the case. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience lol! :-/ It’s not fair, but…..I’ve come to realize that most men like a little bit of a challenge!

    Evelyn—Thanks so much for making the leather cuff! Please let us know which way we can help. If you need us to donate some money for your supplies let us know! I have a Paypal account. Just let us know how we can help. We can even help buy some materials too if you need us to.

    Accv—Eh…Idk about Selena….. Like @Logan said….the Biebs thing lol…. But they DO look cute together lol.

    I’m still rooting for Taylor and Keke to eventually play in a film together one day. Maybe I’m a little bit biased because of the Fanfic I’m writing though lol!! ^_^

    I’m sure just about ANY actress would be fine though. I didn’t even know about Marie before Tracers….so his next on-screen love interest could be someone completely unknown in the business. :)

  450. vera Says: he is ..just..^^

  451. Mystique Says:

    Ugh….bummer I can’t see the pic @Vera! It says “Error”. :(

  452. accv Says:

    @mystique… yup :) it makes sense. just trying to get clarification. i figured that was what it was. i just wondered if being a “challenge” would also turn off guys — especially ones that, i guess, come off trying to be controlling? but i would just think that’s because the guy isn’t confident enough with himself in the first place so he’s gotta compensate by making sure he doesn’t get upstaged by this lady who actually has goals/dreams, whatnot. but i suppose that’s already going off point :p

    i actually think i’m one of them ladies who also likes a guy that’s balanced. one that has goals/dreams… but still wants love in his life and doesn’t feel the need to become controlling because he’s already comfortable with himself. *sigh* love, eh?

    RE: taylor and selena… i just want to see them work together for once. they were linked back during new moon because they were both at the same place at the same time… hung out, voila. she’s the only “ex-link” that was never a co-star and i’d like to see their chemistry on screen. but i agree with you… her and the Biebs… never saw that coming and i never liked it. oh well. i don’t hate Bieber… rather indifferent. i honestly think he doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets, though. he’s a talented kid… other than that, eh. lol!

    @Evelyn… i agree with mystique… just let us know if you need help with expenses. i have a PayPal account, too.

  453. accv Says:

    just for the record… someone commented on that girl’s photo with a “he looks way better with facial hair.” i would gladly disagree… he looks gorgeous with and without. sorry! i had to. in new moon, eclipse and BD…. yahhhhhhh…. :p oh! and abduction, of course. ;)

  454. chanda w Says:

    @Accv, Im sorta hoping Tay stays clear of Selena and Swift. They seem to like drama. Wouldn’t mind him working with Lily again, they had great chemistry too. But for the Last Dragon, the girl should have exotic features, Vanity was drop dead gorgeous , so I hope they find someone who is both striking and classy. Rhianna’s name has been tossed around…….HELL NO!! She is too tacky. Paula Patton, Robin Thicke’s wife, she might be too old. Maybe someone totally new .
    There are so many projects Taylor would blend into . I think Tracers really showed off some of his physical skills.
    @Evelyn, let us know your progress. I still want to do the hat too, I’ll look around next week.
    Think this thread might be long enough, lol.

  455. Logan Says:

    @ Chanda and AC, look closely at each picture. I so want them to do something together.
    They are both lost for words. Selena totally ignores JJ. Taylor is nervous, you can tell. He is also checking her out.
    When these two star in a movie together the box offices will explode…..

  456. accv Says:

    alright, this IS long. like WOAAA. so please refer to “taylor continues shooting “tracers” in new york” thread for my added comments. ;)

  457. Mystique Says:

    WOW ladies! I think we might break the 500+ posts mark pretty soon! Wowzers! Talk about a NEW all-time record!.O_O

  458. accv Says:

    hey mystique :) i think the ladies are getting too dizzy from scrolling all the way down, now. so i’ve moved discussion on the “taylor continues shooting ‘tracers’ in new york” thread. hope that’s ok!

  459. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique I’m still behind Keke and Taylor working together too so you’re not being bias! :P. They’d be great together, plus it’s different because they just haven’t worked together before. I would like to see him work with someone new, like me… JK! Haha. Seeing a new face on screen with Taylor would be cool. I saw Lily was mentioned, I wouldn’t be opposed to her either. ||Re: About 500+, I feel we’ll get there! Lol

    @accv Hmm, I guess I wouldn’t mind them working together either seeing has they do (did?) have a great friendship after the breakup. Plus I haven’t seen them do anything together. :)

    I’m honestly indifferent when it comes to Bieber too, I just don’t really care for him. He does get alot of hate xD, but it’s not his fault his fans are insane. Lol. I’ve experienced some lashes from SOME of them firsthand (emphasis on some because not all of them are crazy). Very off topic, but IDK if anyone saw, but when Bieber got busted for smoking weed, an internet troll made a fake flyer online that said “If we cut for Bieber he’ll stop smoking,” and posted fake photos of someone who had cut themselves. They called it a “prank.” -_- The problem with it was that some fans took it serious and actually started to cut Bieber’s name into their arms and saying they were doing it for him. So yeah, off topic, but IDK talking about the hate he gets kinda brought that up.

    Oh definitely! @Evelyn, just keep us posted about everything! I have PayPal as well. :)

  460. Logan Says:

    About the biebs, he can sing that’s obvious. You might not like his songs but he can definitely sing. It’s the added drama, the over exposure that makes me want to throw up….
    But it is as they say, what goes around comes around. He put himself out there 24/7 and now he seems to have enough. Good luck going into hiding Justin. Need advice on going ninja, call Taylor.
    He’s the expert.
    ( switching to the other thread, over and out )

  461. Meh Says:

    We can’t swtich now. Only another 40 (well now 39 posts till we are at 500). Do you think George kept this post *sticky* to keep all us ladies lock up in here and stop spamming the other threds? hehe

  462. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Lol! I understand….. This thread IS getting pretty long lol….I don’t mind going over to the other thread to continue.

    Vickey—YAY! I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind seeing a Taylor/Keke collaboration! ^_^ I’m just putting that out there into the universe. It would definitely be different that’s for sure. I just love her bubbly personality. I think they would probably have cute chemistry together. :) I heard Lily’s name mentioned too, and while I don’t really have anything against Lily per se, I think Taylor should work with some NEW leading ladies. Besides, judging from how she behaved and treated him at the Abduction premiere and during some interviews (this is AFTER they broke up), something tells me that she probably wouldn’t be too keen on working w/him again. Idk….when two people have dated on/off screen before, it just makes for a very TENSE working environment. Especially if you’re going into the set knowing all of this past drama beforehand…don’t you think???? :-/

    Re: Justin Bieber…..
    Oh lord….those Beliebers are something else! I don’t care WHO I had a fan-girl crush on, I would NOT resort to cutting myself for ANYONE! ARe they nuts??? O_o

  463. Mystique Says:

    @Meh—lol….we ARE close to 500 aren’t we? lol… ^_^ I don’t think we’ll get this close again…. Well, maybe when “Tracers” comes out to theaters.. *wink* ;-)

  464. joanie Says:

    That’s the Target
    everybody needs to add a comment or 2 so we hit 500 by the end of the month
    5 days left – and counting
    What to say – what to say
    Will he or will he not show up at the “can’t remember what awards” b4 heading to Manila????
    New category for awards show – “the hairiest legs:” winner gets to have them shaved on camera (sponsored by Gilette) with a hefty amt of $$ going to the charity of their choice….Do you think this would work?????

  465. annie Says:

    Well our boy from what I’ve seen has a good chance of grabbing that coveted win.
    and get the sponsor right (G i l l e t t e)
    You know what they say the higher the testosterone the hairier
    and who would get to spread the Gillette foamy on those “gams”???? (time for another contest – How would you like to run your hands up & down the legs of an A celebrity at the classy “Blankety Blank Awards – submit name address and 20 proof of purchase receipts from your local “Starbucks” and you may be the lucky winner (if I won, my luck would guarantee Gary Busey would be the leggy champ) – I’m not playing

    500 here we come>>>>

  466. janet Says:

    OK – here’s my contribution to the 500

    Jimmy Kimmel are you paying attention?

    @joanie would you give him permission to use your idea in one of his skits?

  467. joanie Says:

    Of course, but
    Only if Taylor was part of it..
    and that would be a lot better show than another awards snoozer…..

  468. marianne Says:

    joanie…janet….You girls made my day with those comments!!

  469. Johanna Says:

    joanie ur so funny

  470. Johanna Says:

    ummmmm look at the SEX GOD yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  471. Emily Says:

    I liked the comment under the picture–“I’m hopelessly in love with Taylor Lautner.”

    Ha, ha! Aren’t we all??

    I can’t believe we’re closing in on 500 comments!!

  472. Emily Says:

    Forgot to say—Taylor made it into People magazine again. They showed that really scary picture of him jumping from truck to truck and a smaller one of him jumping from car to car.

  473. Emily Says:

    OK, I’ve done my part for today on here.


  474. Mystique Says:

    Johanna–mmmmm…nice pic! Does he realize that he can be doing the most mundane things and STILL look like a model?


  475. Emily Says:

    He looks so tired in those pics with the delectable striped shirt. Poor thing, I’m sure he’s exhausted, but still takes time to take pictures and sign things. Has anyone else noticed the wide variety of people who he’s posed with during this shoot? They are DEFINITELY not just teen-aged girls!

    I’m so sad filming is over…………………….I still haven’t seen him on Entertainment Tonight. Guess something is happening with MTV now, too. I wish his “people” would put out a “Taylor TV Guide” so we wouldn’t miss anything……………..or have to watch on youtube ’cause we didn’t know he was going to be on something……………….

    Just 25 more comments to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  476. *Vickey* Says:

    Yayy on him making it to People Magazine!
    Emily— I wonder what was going through his mind when he made that jump? Lol.
    Yesss! Older women, younger kids, teens, everyone! :) Go Tay, nice diverse fanbase! Haha. I would petition for the “Taylor TV Guide!”

    Awe man I can’t believe filming is over either. I think we were getting so spoiled with the constant pictures and videos. Lol. I hope he doesn’t go ninja on us though! :P

  477. Kathy Says:

    I thought it takes three months to film a movie? How can filming be over so soon?

  478. Logan Says:

    Ok ok, I’ll do my part of hitting the 500….

  479. Logan Says:

    Can’t wait for the promotional tour, will there be one?
    Taylor always looks like a million bucks ( which list did he make? LOL )
    This is what a sex god looks like in a suit.
    Oh lord, he can go straight to a cat walk and steal the show.

  480. Logan Says:

    @ Kathy, you know what they say: ‘ Time flies when you’re having fun ‘
    And boy, are we having fun…..

  481. vera Says:

  482. Emily Says:

    Logan–That was funny. We are “all worked up,” aren’t we? I’m kind of hoping though, that they don’t release any clips or stills of it before the movie. I want to be COMPLETELY surprised.

    vera–Thanks for the video! I love watching him interact with fans. He’s ALWAYS so sweet!!!

  483. joanie Says:

    ( 2 seperate clothing companies)

    Bench/ Philippines (established 1987)

    Bench England (established 1989)

  484. vera Says:

  485. Mystique Says:

    Awww….no more filming…. *sniff sniff*
    Emily–Yes….I agree with you….nobody better leak out clips or video of the love scene BEFORE the movie comes out! I want to be COMPLETELY surprised as well! I’m just weird like that I guess lol.
    Something tells me though, something is gonna get leaked. I don’t think we’re the only ones who wouldn’t mind seeing him do a love scene lol…. *giggle*

    Vera–omg that pic! I’m sensing something brewing! Look at the way he’s looking at her! Omg….the chemistry in this movie is going to be off the chain! I see more chemistry here in these two pics than I ever saw in the video, and pics of he and Maika combined!! Lol! Sorry Maika fans lol….

    That’s another reason why I’m not TOO sorry that they have stopped filming. Now we can see ifa

  486. Mystique Says:

    Oops, hit enter too fast lol. I was saying that now we can see if anything develops OFF camera between Taylor and Marie! ^_^ If we see them out together post filming, I think it will be obvious that smthg developed while on set! :)

    Emily–I agree! I love the fact that Taylor has such a wide diverse group of fans! Thats so nice! Hes so gracious to be photograohed with all of them too…that’s so.sweet. ^_^

  487. Logan Says:

    Aaaahhh @ Vera, that fan vid is so awesome! Thank you

  488. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— I hope not! I have this thing about no spoilers xD
    I do have a feeling someone will try to leak it. Lol.

    Logan— Yes! Love him in suits! :)
    Haha, just liked the tumblr post you posted the link to.

  489. Lexi Says:

    @vera or anybody who knows—was that picture was snapped when the camera was rolling or was it off camera??? :)

  490. Lexi Says:

    I dont know if its on screen or not, but look what i found !!!

  491. Lexi Says:

  492. Lexi Says:

  493. Logan Says:

    Aaaahhhhhh @ Lexi, just saw those on the other thread, you’re killing me with those adorable pics…..

  494. Mystique Says:

    Omg just 6 more posts to go….and we would have hit the 500 mark! Wooo hooo!! ^_^


  495. Logan Says:

    Just to get to 500 I’m posting here instead of the almost 100 on the other thread.
    Guilty! Not in binders but in posters.
    My room ( when I was in my teens ) was wall to wall covered in posters of Rob Lowe ( exclusively )
    That’s why I completely freaked out when I saw the pic of Taylor with Rob at a football game.
    My two favourite guys together aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  496. Logan Says:

    @ Vickey, I opened a Tumblr account just so I could store my favourite pics of Taylor. Still figuring out how it all works though. Some pictures I will use for the story I’m writing. When Taylor goes ninja on us we’ll something to read, we’re all in it LOL….I will post a little sometin’ somethin’ , hope it will pass George his rating system….

  497. marianne Says:

    Lexi…Like the chemistry on screen of Taylor and Marie. I think these pics will make fans want to see the finished product.

    Logan…I thought Rob Lowe asking Taylor to that football game was so nice. He saw how overwhelmed with the sudden fame Taylor was experiencing since it was what he went through when he was young. He said that girls were coming up to the box where they were sitting and just staring at him. Nice when established stars reach out to the younger ones. Off to church…only 4 more comments to go!!!

  498. vera Says:

    finally ;)

  499. Logan Says:

    ….I could go for some ice cream, Selena says. Mmmmm, Taylor wipes the corners of his mouth and walks over to get some. Do you mean my cookie dough ice cream? Taylor emphasizes the word: my.
    ….I think I deserve at least half of the cup you’re holding since I made you a delicious sandwich, Selena is saying. Half of my cup! Are you kidding me! Taylor exclaimes, holding the cup with two hands to his chest….Selena sprints….Taylor runs and jumps the couch….Selena crashes into him….both falling…Taylor grabs her hips, securing her to him to prevent her from hurting herself as they land on the pillows. Selena lifts her head from Taylor’s chest. Stradling him she holds the cup of ice cream in the air and shouts, I win! She looks down to a smirking Taylor and starts blushing. Not only is she stradling him, during the fall, gravity made her boobs almost topple out of her tight tank top. Taylor looks into her eyes and before the can say or do anything the lights come on.
    What’s going on here, Vickey asks them……to be continued…..

    Ok, it’sTaylena based ( boring to some) but we are all in it. Vickey f.e. is Taylor’s little sister….LOL
    I plan to post in on Tumblr but I want to finish it first.

  500. Logan Says:

    Can I make it 500!
    Is the twitter account real…..
    I am seriously thinking about changing my leading lady to be Marie, loads of chem there, perfect!

  501. Emily Says:

    Logan–Can’t wait to read your story!

    The reason I went with the “notebook” route with his pictures is b/c of my organizational system at school–I put EVERYTHING in notebooks… just makes it easier to find things…..and, at the time, I didn’t know about tumblr or how it works… I do have a folder of his pics (along with a few other people) on a board in my Pinterest account….

    marianne–I didn’t know Rob Lowe asked Taylor to that game. How did they meet each other? I’m off to church as well. I can’t have a repeat of last week’s Gutter SUNDAY……………..

  502. Emily Says:

    Logan–I saw somewhere else that the twitter is fake.

  503. marianne Says:

    Emily…If I remember correctly, I think Rob Lowe said his wife was into Twilight and they have a son near Taylor’s age. Probably wouldn’t be hard for Rob L to get in touch with respective reps etc. He said he knew Taylor liked football.

  504. vera Says:

    Emily..oh..really? so sorry.

  505. Logan Says:

    Ok, it’s done, I’ve shipped Taylena…never gonna happen anyway ( just saw pics of the biebs car at her B- day party )
    @ Selena, girl grow up, stop being a nanny to this boy.
    So the ” when Taylor goes ninja on us ” story will be Taylor & Marie based.
    TAYSTERS, I have a serious girl crush on Marie. Just finished reading her imdb page and learned that she also writes and produces, HELLO. I love a woman that’s independant like that!
    @ Marianne, I knew it! I have great taste in men LOL. I should let my hubby read this entry….
    @ Emily, in my story you’re Taylor’s PA…..
    I was going to post it on but they don’t allow R rated stories. I’m just teasing….no I’m not hahaha

  506. Emily Says:

    Logan–Now I REALLY can’t wait to read your story!! I would be more than happy to “assist” him with ANYTHING he would need—on-call 24/7!!

  507. *Vickey* Says:

    Loving that snippet you posted @Logan! So Taylor and Marie based, perfect. Lol. When is saw Vickey, I was like “Wait what?” Taylor’s younger sister? I’ll take it. ^.^
    Wait so in reality Taylor and I are the exact same age, so how old am I in your story? Lol.

  508. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily— Lol! It’s true, Taylor will need you. :P
    Oh and realized we passed our 500 Comment goal! :)

  509. Emily Says:

    Vickey—I’M READY!!!!

  510. joanie Says:

    500 & counting – need a new thread Georgie

    Taylor filming more high up in the parking garage stunts today
    (Like yesterday Stunt Co-ordinator stunt doubles (Taylor & Marie) & Taylor are on set

    Taylor DOES NOT & NEVER has had a public Twitter Acct …..NEVER – if you’re communicating it could be a 45 year old pervert, a 70 year old grandma, a 13 year giggly girl but it is NOT Taylor – (not just because of receiving Junk but also if you twitter something it’s out there (delete all you want) it will be out there especially if you’re “famous” retweet retweet – it won’t go away (ask Ashley Benson with her very distasteful tweet on Amanda Bynes) – not saying Tl would tweet crap but things are sometime taken the wrong way and can cause big big headaches – NO (public) TWITTER for TAYLOR

    Re: Rob Lowe – He and his son met Taylor at the game. The tickets came from the Colts front office to people with connections who in turn give them to high profile people who in turn give them to – get the picture (Lowe mentions all this in his book)

    Just found out the hard way some of the photo/video albums are on timed URL’s after a given amount of time the URL changes so no one can get in with the previous URL – that’s why you can get to the site and the next time you can’t

  511. *Vickey* Says:

    Joanie– Yeah, definitely all those Taylor Twitter pages out there are fake! lol. There a few people I know who are convinced he does, but he’s said all he has is his Fan Facebook page. :)

  512. *Vickey* Says:

    Said it in another thread, but decided to say it here I got the 100 Tandy Leather Gunmetal Black Plated Steel Rivets for Evelyn. :)

    Thanks again Evelyn for making the cuff!

  513. accv Says:

    @Logan… AWESOME. what’s my role in your story? ;)

    RE: Selena and Biebs… I always thought it was an awkward pairing, especially when they finally came out about it. I remember Selena denying it and emphasizing that he’s like a brother to her… gross :p (I say gross because repeatedly saying that then giving off slightly different body language is wack) And she would say it so casually… she said this on Ellen when she was asked about him again. I was like.. ok… I’ll believe it, I guess… then a few days later or so… the cat’s outta the bag. And then I’m like… ok, THAT’s weird — you claim he’s like your brother and then NOW you admit he’s actually your boyfriend? Woooaa now! But ANYWAYS, eversince… I’ve been indifferent to them as a couple, although sometimes I’d get a little weirded out by how they’re practically the same height :p! For me, the most striking couples are with taller men and shorter women. Not particularly really tall and really short, but in general. I suppose because seeing a taller guy with a shorter woman kinda shows this protectiveness of the guy over his lady. Then again, at least Selena doesn’t have to worry about her BFF Swifter dating Bieber… like, ever. :p I highly doubt he’s her type. It just felt a little messed up for Selena to date Taylor and then Swifter grabs a hold of him. It’s like… DUDE, that was your best friend’s ex. NO TOUCH! :p Ok, ’nuff of them.

    And awwww to those pics of Taylor and Marie.

    @joanie… honestly, I don’t blame Ashley Benson for mocking Bynes. That girl is such a waste… she had so much potential and then suddenly, she goes kookoo. What I wasn’t impressed with the most was her taking her frustration out on others on Twitter… totally unnecessary. But w/e. I supposed I can’t entirely blame her… her lack of support is to blame, too.

  514. *Vickey* Says:

    Accv— Swift’s is friend’s with him I believe, but there’s footage of her walking by them while they were kissing and she made this face like she was puking or something. xD She stuck her tongue out and everything. So I take that as she’s not interested in him.

  515. *Vickey* Says:

    Re: My post: *friends not friend’s xP

  516. *Vickey* Says:

    I promise I’m done now, but *Swift not Swift’s— I go crazy when I notice my grammar mistakes afterwards. Haha.

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