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I’ve uploaded more candid pictures of Taylor Lautner shooting scenes for “Tracers” in New York yesterday afternoon (July 18th).

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» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – July 18th

38 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Films ‘Tracers’ in New York”

  1. marianne Says:

    I really love these pics!! He even looks good in a jumpsuit!

  2. Logan Says:

    Don’t know what kind of service he provides, but I’ll put him on speed dial! Come on over and fix me baby….

  3. Johanna Says:

    I dont think it would be a good idea if Taylor was my mechanic cuz God knows my car would never get fixed. :)

    btw George how come all of ur new posts keep getting put behind the other one?

  4. Emily Says:

    LOL, Logan! I second that!

  5. kia Says:

    Logan..Emily- I Third!

  6. Evelyn Says:

    @ Johanna The car will be a total heap because you know . . . .;)

  7. Johanna Says:

    @Evelyn mmmmmhmmmmm u noe it girl!!!!!!!

  8. Johanna Says:

  9. chanda w Says:

    If Taylor was a mechanic ? Yep, my car would stay broken too. I know I’m biased, but this movie is looking really interesting.

  10. Emily Says:

    Johanna–Thanks for the link. “He moves so elegantly..” Don’t we know it!!!!

    I love my car, but if I had the chance to take it to Taylor’s garage, I would go out right now and totally demolish the engine with a hammer…………………………… that weird??!??!!

  11. kia Says:

    Emily- Nope. Not at all.

    Its 100% degrees in NY.Geez I hope the cast & crew stay safe from all that heat.

  12. marianne Says:

    Emily…. Wonder what other things he does elegantly??

    kia…We could be in charge of wiping his brow or anything else on him that’s sweaty during filming.

  13. Emily Says:

    marianne–I would venture to guess “EVERYTHING” ……………………………..

    As far as being on “sweat patrol,” I would volunteer quicker than Katniss!

  14. kia Says:

    Marianne- We also could help him with a nice cool shower.

  15. Johanna Says:

    @Marianne @ Emily you guys take care of the sweat
    @Kia you can help with the shower

    And I can help Taylor with a nice long long massage after…..wink wink ;P

  16. joanie Says:

    Marie at comic-con promoting her new CW series “100” – mentioned she broke her ankle while working out at the hotel gym…..also that she did her first big love scene with Taylor (this was at 1 of the roundtable interviews). She does have a web site…
    Marie Avgeropoulos online

  17. annie Says:

    @joanie saw the interview on YouTube. She is very personable and her website (unofficial maintained by a fan) seems to indicate she has a strong following. Agree she seems very outgoing and can keep up with Taylor.

  18. Emily Says:

    joanie/annie–adjlsdhgadgjagka!! She mentions the “first big love scene with Taylor?!?!?! Do you have a link??????????????????????????????

  19. kia Says:

    LOVE SCENE!!!!!!????? Well I guess I should start my funeral plans right now..

  20. Logan Says:

    It’s ok girls don’t stress. We have a saying over here in Holland ” op een oude fiets moet je het leren ” roughly translated: you have to learn how to ride on an old bike. Just hope she shows him all the right moves and all the right places mmmmmm

  21. annie Says:

    not a lot but admits to doing a LOVE scene – go to almost the end 8.5

    also if you have access to facebook – check out Taylor Lautner Philippines photo page

  22. joanie Says:

    Another round of impressive pics & articles from The Daily Mail online

    On Taylor Lautner Philippines look for the pic of the “Lautner minion” it says photos – click on that to get the flood of pics

  23. chanda w Says:

    The Daily Mail keeps coming through with these beautiful pics of Tay.
    But, really what happened to his twin stunt double?…….or any stunt double at all?
    Yeah, he’s tough , but he still needs back-up.

  24. joanie Says:

    He’s still around…..(for example in some of the fight scenes when “real” contact is made) also when the cameras are being set up & in shots where you only get shots taken from behind (in all this NYC heat & humidity 90-100 degrees the less time standing around in it is important – I take it that Taylor went into this movie with the agreement he would do his own stunts (and now you can see why the delay in starting the film, he is doing things you don’t just do automatically there was an enormous amount of training & time involved (after what he did preparing for twilight I guess this shouldn’t surprise us) – and somehow it must have been agreeable to the insurance underwriters… movie is made if any of it’s major elements would be deemed uninsurable . The photo of him jumping off the ledge onto the truck – wow. If you notice Josh (Yadon) is leading the way and is with Taylor b4 most of the tricky runs giving him tips. If you checked out his video he routinely does stuff like this & it’s mild compared to other things he does. You can see in the pics where Taylor is running he is going full speed.

  25. annie Says:

    @joanie like in this picture.

  26. joanie Says:

    @annie YES

  27. chanda w Says:

    Just saw some more pics of Tay and stunt twin (Gabriel). Thanks for explaining@Joanie.
    I don’t why I get an extra kick out of seeng Tay and Gabriel together. Double yummy!!
    I’m so proud of Taylor and happy to be a fan. Not just the fact he is Super-human, but just how he has handled and is handling everything (his fame, fans, the stupid stuff). He’s just a classy guy all the way.

  28. joanie Says:

    @chanda He’s looking at you:

  29. annie Says:

    @J do you know who he’s been playing football with??

  30. joanie Says:

    like usual anybody & everybody….there should be some pics with him & his bodyguard (the Russian)

  31. chanda w Says:

    Thanks for the pic@Joanie. All of his body gaurds always looks so intense (the Russian, lol). I didn’t realize that his former bodygaurd (the bald guy) had been with Tay since pretty much the beginning…saw some pic of him with Taylor during the New Moon days.

  32. joanie Says:

    Football (Saturday 07/20)

  33. Logan Says:

    I love the bald body guard and the aura ( for lack of a better word ) he creates around Taylor. They must have a good relationship, spending that much time together for so many years.
    Is he not around anymore???? Too bad I really like him.

  34. vera Says:

    joanie..his bodyguard the Russian?! Oh my..Yes please!)))

  35. vera Says:

    Logan… yes, Randy was awesome, so sad, he now can not be seen.
    This Russian bodyguard sometimes works with Kristen too, I saw the photo..but
    okay ,it does not matter..

  36. joanie Says:

    The Daily Mail – keeping on top of it (Like the pic showing Taylor on top of Marie)

  37. chanda w Says:

    Glad, Tay is enjoying himself so much, on the set of Tracers. If I could switch bodies with Marie, just for a couple of days, while she is filming with Taylor , I would. I bet he smells delicious.

  38. joanie Says:

    If you get to see the full sequence of Josh & Taylor running & jumping full speed – it goes – bridge girders > to the top of cargo vans > to the tops of cars > in temperatures hovering in the 90 degree mark …that’s why they look like their in pain.