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Here are more photos of Taylor Lautner shooting scenes for “Tracers” in New York Friday and Saturday.

Filming in New York – July 19th

Filming in New York – July 20th

Gallery Links:
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – July 19th
» On Set » Tracers: Filming in New York – July 20th

204 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Continues Shooting ‘Tracers’ in New York”

  1. Logan Says:

    In case you’re wondering….

  2. accv Says:

    Woa. Is that part of his tattoo… the writing on his bicep? I just see.. “until I’m done.”

  3. vera Says:

    accv..”No sleep until I’m done” ;)

    these jumps and stunts without a safety cable …
    it’s scary and at the same time soo admirable.

  4. chanda w Says:

    Damn, that’s a good looking boy! Not a fan of tats, but his look hot on him.
    @Accv. I think the full saying is “No Sleep Until I’m Done”. Today is the Lord’s day, so I will not say what I am really thinking. lol.

  5. Emily Says:

    chanda–I KNOW!!! I feel like a broken record, but I have to say it again. Normally, I actually DESPISE tattoos. While I hope he never really defaces his perfect skin with a real one, if he did, I’m pretty sure I’d forgive him very quickly if it looked like one of these fake ones.

    Now, come on, I’m sure “no sleep until I’m done” could have quite a few completely innocent meanings………….. ;)))))))))))))))))

    I am so scared that he’s going to hurt himself, but I admire him all the more for doing all these stunts himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Emily Says:

    Goodness…………I just looked at the pictures from yesterday. It was like watching him run in slow motion. Now I understand why so many guys used to love watching the women lifeguards run in slow motion on Baywatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily Says:

    How is my computer screen not spontaneously combusting from this hotness overload?

  8. Emily Says:

    Like seriously?!?!?!

    His arms and chest seem to be growing bigger by the day! That makes me intensely happy! Since it IS the “Lord’s day,” as chanda mentioned, I’m going to stop now. :)

  9. kia Says:

    Taylor there’s a reason why there’s a such thing called a stunt double! I’m sorry that’s the Motherkia speaking not the GutterKia. I agree with Emily about doing his own stunts but I just want him to be so careful.

    Chanda..Emily- There so much I wanna say right now but like you guys said “its the lords day” so I’ll just wait until tomorrow. All I can do is fan myself right now looking at these pics.

  10. Emily Says:

    OK, last one, I promise……………

    Now I have to go pray or something…………………………….

  11. marianne Says:

    Chanda…Emily…kia…I keep imagining him doing a love scene….Thud….

  12. *Vickey* Says:

    Re Praying: Wayyyy a head of you @Emily, went to Sunday School and church today (both were great by the way), now praying at home! LOL. God! I love those tattoos on him!

    *fans Marianne*— Oh no, it’s in my head now. Lol.

  13. Emily Says:

    MARIANNE!!!!! That’s been my problem the last two days……………….darn you!

    I skipped church today b/c of a family plan—BIG MISTAKE!!!!

    How does a prayer for forgiveness for my inappropriate thoughts usually turn into a prayer of thanksgiving to God for creating such a beautiful being?????

  14. kia Says:

    Oh Thank You Marianne! Now I guess I’ll go back in the corner and rock myself back & forth. love scene,love scene LOVE SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Evelyn Says:

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. My repents will be very harsh I am afraid.

  16. Johanna Says:

    At this point i have given in to sin cuz there is no way i am going back Taylor just has that affect i guess

  17. Johanna Says:

    please listen to this song and tell me that most of those lyrics don’t remind u of the way Taylor makes us feel

  18. Logan Says:

    Johanna, you’re right. I like it when she sings: I blame it all on the one who made you irresistable

  19. Evelyn Says:

    Taylor must think we are all criminally insane by now. poor guy. I still want him, and well, cannot say because it is erotic. Very erotic.

  20. Logan Says:

    Check out the Daily Mail…. Caught in compromising position…..ooooohhhhh

  21. Catherine Says:

    This photo. Oh my God. Best on-set pic so far, I reckon :)

    Love scene? Glad it’s with an actress we all seem to like! I’m trying for ‘begrudging admiration’ rather than outright jealousy. Honest ;)

    Hope the air con works in our cinema….

    Am I the only wondering what will happen when Tracers filming winds up? Don’t disappear again Taylor, that would just be mean! I’d REALLY like a couple of movie announcements…please?

    Been a bit absent lately, lots of family stuff going on. We have sunshine too, actual sunshine!!!

  22. Msytique Says:

    Emily, Vickey, Kia—-lol…I didn’ teven comment on this thread yesterday (Sunday) because I just KNEW it would send my mind straight to the gutter lol. I TRY to keep Sundays pure. I had my spiritual feeding in the morning at my place of worship, but goodness…I think I’m going to need much more than that pretty soon! O_o

    I need a STEADY diet of prayer I think.

    @Emily—Oh gosh I know…he’s getting so BUFF now! Wowzers! O_O Is it bad that I actually WANT to see him topless now?? lol….. I know he hates doing the “topless” thing, but GOSH….I just want a PEEK! LOL!! #soselfish

    @Catherine—I’m trying to be NON-jealous of Marie too, but it’s starting to get hard! I’ll admit! I’m not even a person who is naturally prone to jealousy, but these pics lately have the #greeneyedmonster raising up…..slightly……. :D Okay, there’s my confession lol.

    We need to have “Confession Corner” on a certain day or something on here lol….

  23. Emily Says:

    Mystique–YES, you’re not the only one……………I’ll confess right now that I want to see him shirtless again………’s going to be a different experience with the tattoos and the lack of “manscaping” that we’re used to……………..I want to see and compare the muscles vs. the muscles and bulk he used to have…………CAN’T WAIT!

    I’m sorry Taylor–I know you hate it, but you gave us too much to remember and long for during the Twilight days… withhold forever would be cruel and unusual punishment toward your fans!!!!!!

  24. chanda w Says:

    Can’t wait for new info on another movie too. Even though GUPS2 is out and he is still filming Tracers, I already want more……..greedy.
    Daily Mail again with these cool set pics, when I saw the words “compromising position ” and “he was laying on top of her”, I might have mentally blanked out for a few seconds. LOL! My goodness , this boy , has me going like we are in a real relationship……pathetic, but true…ha, ha.
    I can’t imagine what their actual love scene looked like. But, until I see it onscreen, I’m gonna enjoy the scenarios in my head.

  25. Msytique Says:

    Emily—-“lack of manscaping”…..LORRRRD!! I just about DIED at that comment! O_O OMG…. *fans self* Wow….. goodness…I just had visions lol. You’re right….he’ll be au naturel…lol… I actually don’t mind his chest hair. It’s so manly lol. I don’t mind chest hair on guys as long as they don’t look like a wooly mammoth lol! Just a little bit is fine. I can do the bare-chest look all day everyday of course, but sometimes a LITTLE hair is nice too. :) Don’t even get me started on the “treasure trail”…!

    See….that’s why I need to be locked up in a “prayer box” lol.

    I agree though…I want to “compare” the difference as well. Oooops….did I say that outloud?? :-X I think there will definitely be a difference lol. For one, he’s older ^_^

  26. kia Says:

    Mystique..Emily- I’m now imaging Marie stroking his chest hair after there “Love Scene” ASDFGHJKL!! Screaming in my pillow right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Msytique Says:

    STOP IT @Kia….just….STOP it! lol! Do you want to send me back into the Insane Asylum?? O_o I’m having enough trouble with my OWN thoughts lol!

  28. Emily Says:

    kia and Mystique–I certainly didn’t intend to set off a wave of hysteria with my comment! Sorry! ;)

    kia–That was just MEAN of you! I CAN’T cope with these “feelings” I’m having every day until this movie comes out–I just can’t! Being off from work, my mind has nothing else to occupy itself with!

    Mystique–I didn’t say I MINDED–that’s why I want to see it. I am quite confident that I will be extremely pleased with what I see. :)

  29. kia Says:

    Emily..Mystique- I’m Sorry but I couldn’t help it!! This been driving me crazy since Saturday!!

  30. Emily Says:

    kia–BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!!!

  31. kia Says:

    Emily- we should have an emergency meeting after the first Tracers trailer comes out!

  32. marianne Says:

    Emily…kia…Mystique….I’m at work and check on this site and find “stroking”, “manscaping”…. I’m finished for the day!!

  33. Evelyn Says:

    I actually love Taylor’s chest hair. And I am not big on hair, lol. I just wanna lick it, and entwine my fingers in it. And do not get me started on his ‘private peninsula.’ My brain just shattered just having these erotic, exotic mind films. #DIES

  34. Emily Says:


  35. johanna Says:

    Do u guys honestly think ur comments will not spiral us out of control I’m on vacation with my family I can NOT have these images in my head

    And u @mystique u think that if u mention the treasure trail will not make us imagine it then imagine wat little Taylor will look like!!!!

    I’m going back into the corner and staying there cuz it looks like I will not be sleeping tonight

    Alright ladies I hope u guys have a good night if u can ;)

  36. Msytique Says:


    “Here Lies Mystique”
    Time of Death: 4:52pm ET

    Evelyn, Johanna—-I AM DONE! IN the Gutter Cell you both go! LOL!!! Yes, I AM the “Gutter Police” in case you were wondering lol……. ^_^

    Seriously though…… I AM OUT! LOL!

    #can’ttakeitanymore #goingcrazy


    ROTFL! :-D

  37. Mystique Says:

    Hey….is it just me? Or does it look like Taylor has an ear piercing on his right ear lobe in this picture? Lol

  38. Logan Says:

    Me think it’s a freckle but I could take an earring….no the ink gives just the right amount of grit.

  39. vera Says:

    Mystique…Logan..i think it’s a mole on the earlobe, it can be clearly seen on the Taylor portraits of Cancun, check…

  40. Msytique Says:

    Vera—Ohhhh…a mole on his earlobe? Wow! How come I’ve never noticed it before? Hmmmm…..a mole……on the earlobe……hmmmm……*scratches chin*

    Lol…let me stop! :D

  41. accv Says:

    oh my…. you ladies… lol! is it bad of me that i would prefer kissing his beautiful lips forever and not go any further? actually, i may take that back a bit now that i think about it. lol!

  42. Msytique Says:

    Accv—You wouldn’t want to go any FURTHER?? O_o Are you SERIO— ummm….

    *ahem* I’m sorry…..Let me not try force MY opinions onto anyone else lol….. Proceed! Yes…a kiss alone would be nice.. :)

  43. chanda w Says:

    I understand what you mean @Accv. Sometimes a kiss is enough.
    But, with Tay, I’d be tempted to go a little further………lol. You can tell he is just the best kisser.

  44. Mystique Says:

    Emily, Accv—-Yes….it’s the LITTLE things…… ^_^

    I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted though….. #straighttalk lol

  45. Johanna Says:

    so i am some what caught up in what happens in that last couple of days and that nice that Taylor is giving Marie a ride since she cant really do to much cuz of her leg
    And yes im jelly of her cuz she just gets to be near him and talk to him. I really like that they have become good friends and have good chemistry i still dont noe if there dating they could be but Taylor did say he wanted to focus on work so i guess we will see wat happens wen filming stops

  46. Johanna Says:

    by the way has anyone looked closely of the tattoo on his upper arm i thinks its some sort of lion

  47. accv Says:

    HAHAHA @Mystique. hence why i put that i may take that back a bit. but ultimately, i can kiss a guy forever without doing anything more. it’s truly personal preference. some people are just wired like that? :p i mean, true… i’d likely get tempted to do more, but i can make out forever. ok. sorry if that was TMI, but it’s true. like you said, it’s the little things…

  48. Logan Says:

    @ AC, when you have a partner that CAN kiss, kissing is heavenly. Wishing I was 20 again. If I knew then what I know now, I would have definitely kissed more guys. Nothing else, just kiss.

  49. accv Says:

    @Logan… you hit the nail on the head! ;) don’t get me wrong… getting more intimate than that is great, it’s just… i get the feel of love and “lust” when i kiss someone slowly but passionately. it’s just REALLY nice.

    @chanda… i can help with the hat. i was considering getting it designed with the michigan wolverines logo and either a design with the word “Taysters” or just “” to denote that it’s from us here.

    and WOW those gifs. i don’t know whether or not to feel bad that selena just acknowledges joe jonas (ok, i laughed… i will admit) and immediately turns to taylor to hug him and proceeds to communicate with him while joe just stands there like, “yuuuppp… i’m being ignored”. and honestly, they both look nervous. i saw selena kinda give that “ok, yikes… ALRIGHTTTT, let’s just get this over with” face. :p she kinda heaved a sigh too. and do notice taylor glancing down at her ass for a few while they head out to present. lol! well, what can i say? he’s a guy. selena has a lovely body. can you blame him? ;p

  50. *Vickey* Says:

    @Mystique “Yes….it’s the LITTLE things…… ^_^” ——> YES! Lol.

    @accv Lol. No you’re not weird about just wanting to kiss. I’m 20-21 and I haven’t kiss anyone in ages, so being 20 doesn’t mean I’m on top of my game. I’m super single, it’s ridiculous xD

    So we’re going with the cap and Evelyn’s leather piece? :)

  51. *Vickey* Says:

    ||Re GIFs in maxed out thread: @accv I noticed that too! LOL. I was like,” Is Taylor?? Yep he’s checking out Selena!” Haha. She is gorgeous. :)

  52. Evelyn Says:

    I think he should get a tattoo. I love tattoos, I have a few myself. OMG, can my mind get any guttier? Just thinking of Taylor in a tattoo parlor chair, getting inked, makes me want to wreck the chair doing things with him that make even Satan question and scratch his chin.

  53. accv Says:

    @Vickey… welp, Evelyn’s leather piece is a definite go. just don’t know yet how we can contribute to it… or if she needs/wants us to contribute to it. chanda is still considering the hat… i don’t mind the hat and i can definitely find a place to get a customized one done online. i’ve used the site before for my soon-to-be niece’s gifts i bought her, so i’m confident they’ll pull through for a hat. i’m still considering the dog tag and dream catcher necklace. not so sure yet. but the dog tag is customizable too, so i could totally do a design for that as well. there are really nice, customizable and affordable ones on a site i mentioned before. i’ve ordered several products from the site already and loved every single one ;) most were gifts though. lol! bahhh, our love for taylor, right? ;p i admit, if i were as rich as him, i’d buy him the world. i’m such a sap. haha… i usually have a thing for buying stuff for loved ones. it’s just great seeing the bright eyes and smiles on their faces when they receive it (ESPECIALLY when the item(s) is/are personalized)

    RE: not kissing anyone in ages… not a big deal at all :) you’ve got your whole life ahead of you to kiss. lol! that sounds funny. i mean… i’m 26 and i’ve kissed only 3 guys in my entire life (although 2 of the 3 were terrible, terrible situations… bleh). true, it’s more than you but i’m picky about who i “hook” up with or get into a relationship with… i don’t have ridiculously high standards (if i could have taylor, i’d die happy… as with anyone on this site can say :p), but you better have an awesome personality and attitude… and number one, respect me and my family. looks… well, ok, i admit… you better be good-looking. no need to be taylor lautner-status, but i HAVE to be attracted to you physically.

    as for selena… she’s certainly a beauty, but to be honest… i think her mom is actually prettier than her. lol! i also get a weird vibe from her when she goes sensual/sexy in performances and videos… i kinda agree with people that her body doesn’t seem to match her face. she still has that face she’s had from when she started wizards of waverly place on disney channel but then she’s already 21 and has the body of a 21yo. sorta. it’s just… weird. LOL! baby face, true… but i dunno. still. kinda weird looking at her getting sexy. o.O :p

  54. accv Says:

    HAHAHA @Evelyn. really? the devil? the devil is the god of evil… i don’t think there’s anything such as “too much” for him. he is THE lord of sin, afterall. hahahaha! but darn you for making me go into gutter world now too. :p

  55. Logan Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I kissed maybe 10 guys in my 40+ years, to my standards that’s not a whole lot. And I don’t regret anything but looking back I could’ve had a few, just a few, more yolo moments. Being in the spotlight like Taylor it has to be difficult just going out on a date, not actually seriously dating. I’m relieved to see him having a good time, so much so I don’t even care who the girl is. He has proven to do right by his dates since they all speak with love about him and more then one actually wants him back.
    @ Taylor, work hard but also don’t forget to play!

  56. Logan Says:

    Ok guys, I just saw pics of Taylor on TLMania and he has been reading our threads, I’m sure….
    Go check out the shirt he’s wearing LOL!
    One fan is holding on to him for dear life hihihi, you go girl!

  57. Logan Says:

    His tats seem to be fading and do I see our boy bleeding, MEDIC!

  58. *Vickey* Says:

    Ooh okay! I’m sure Evelyn will let us know! :) As for the hat, yeah I agree, I’m sure it can be easily customized. Our for him is crazy! Haha. I feel the same way, I love putting smiles on my loved ones faces! :D Personalized gifts really are the best because it just shows that person how much you care for and know them.

    ||Re: My whole life ahead of me: I know lol. I make it sound like it’s the end of the world, but I know it’s not. Haha. I think the last guy I kissed, I was in 3rd grade xD He was my little boyfriend until like 5th grade. Turns out we went to middle school and high school together and didn’t realize until senior year. Hmm I guess in a sense, I was too busy for a relationship.

    Yeah! I guess I’m careful about who I “hook” up with too, but like you said my standards aren’t impossibly high, but there are things you expect. Hahah. God, I think any of us would be happy to have Taylor ;)

    Re: Selena sexy performances: Yeah! Lol. It is kinda weird because her face hasn’t aged. She did slowly shed the disney image though. :P

    Evelyn— LOL! I wonder what kind of tattoo he would get if he ever got one?

    Logan— No regrets are good! Haha, loved that ” few more yolo moments.” :) Yeah I can only imagine how hard it is to just hangout with someone or link up without being attacked by paps, but it’s that life style. He really is a great guy, none of his exes have ever said anything negative about him.

    Wait, what?? LOL. What post is it? I’m on there right now. @Logan

  59. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Lol…I sort of saw Taylor glancing at Selena in that gif! I think I actually saw him sort of give her the once over in the first gif when she first comes up to them. It’s something in the eyes…. Guys do it…but they’re usually doing it with a smile on their face. It’s a nice (appreciative) look…not a creepy (eww) type of look. I don’t think guys can help it lol! ^_^ Hahaha….he was checking her out lol!

    I like the cap idea….I think it should have something from George’s site here on it. Maybe also a message engraved on the inside saying that it’s from his fans. I mean, it’s up to the majority if we want to add our “fan name” Taysters on it though. Do we want HIM knowing our fan name? Do we want it out there? lol…. I mean, it’s one thing if the media gets wind of it and runs with it, but for HIM to have it on his cap?? Idk…it’s up to the majority I guess! Lol :D I wouldn’t mind, I just don’t know how he would feel about it?

    Again, let us know how we can contribute to this! I wanna get involved! :)

    Vickey—I join you in the “Super Single” club :( I’m not upset about it so much, but I WOULD like a bf soon! I broke up with my last serious bf 3 years ago! O_o So far, it’s been nothing but little things here and there, but not really “THE ONE” ykwim?? So, I’m still out having fun and living my life regardless, but I would LOVE to meet a guy as nice (and as hot lol) as Taylor…. A guy who was truly into ME like I am into him. MY last bf was awesome and treated me like a queen lol, but he had issues unfortunately…. :-/ It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore the red flags. *sigh* Maybe I”m not 100% over that….idk…. :-/ Okay, enough of my #confessioncorner lol!

  60. Mystique Says:

    Logan–Omg…you think Taylor has been reading this site?? O_O Omg….what makes you say that?!?! lol! *nervous*

    Also, I agree w/you….it must be hard living in the limelight and having your whole life scrutinized at every turn. :-/ I’m glad Taylor is taking it in stride though. He still looks happy regardless, so I’m happy. :) It’s good that he’s taking his work so seriously too. But I agree with you, I wouldn’t mind if he had a little “fun” on the side too. He’s so studious and dedicated, so him venturing out and doing some “exploring” wouldn’t be too much of a bad thing imo. Just don’t go crazy with it and become a mockery in Hollywood. :-/ That’s why I”m happy with any girl he’s with right now at the moment to be honest. As long as she makes HIM happy, I’m cool w/it. I still can’t help wondering what happened w/Sara though…. :-/

    Evelyn—OMG! WOW! Let me splash you with some cold water girl! Making that leather cuff is making your imagination run wild isn’t it?? LOL!! ^_^ *fans self* I’m not even one who really likes tattoos on guys (I’m just being honest), but a FEW tattoos on Taylor don’t look bad at all. I don’t like guys who are inked up to the point where you can’t even tell what their REAL skin color is like…. But a little is okay on Taylor. He tends to look hot with any look so I don’t even know why I even bother. I don’t usually like a lot of facial hair on guys either lol, but on Taylor?? HOTT! lol…. I’m not really a girl for beards. But on him it doesn’t look bad at all. Taylor must be the “exception” I guess. :-P

  61. accv Says:

    first off, holy heck on the bieber situation (sticky post thread)… i’m opposed to ANY form of self-harm, so that’s just… no. not even if it’s someone i absolutely adore. i’d only do it if it was one of those life or death situations — like, you have to cut yourself in order to save someone you love? NOT in the sense of bieber… doesn’t even know me, but an actual loved one.

    RE: keke and taylor… she actually played a young, single mother in this lifetime movie “abducted: the carlina/carolina white story.” she did quite well! she’s definitely grown prettier. but yah… i’d still have to see about her and taylor paired together, though. i’d also consider lucy hale from PLL. and although you may be opposed to this, ashley benson… but ONLY as a working partner, not to be linked to in real life, of course. just wanna see how they pan out in a project. it’d be interesting. there are definitely more girls out there, but i can’t seem to think of them right now. ORRR WAIT. there’s this one girl that has been compared to selena on her IMDB boards… name is stephanie hunt. apparently she’s mexican-american. but she’s super cute AND can sing. haven’t seen her act but i heard her sing… cool voice :) she’s a “newcomer” i guess if you haven’t heard of her. she guested on one of the talk shows at night (forgot which already) with megan mullally from will & grace. anyhow, i’d consider her, too.

    and haha! that fanpic with the girl holding him so tightly… dude, that’s like, how a girl would hold her bf. lucky biatch… but if i had the chance, i’d do it, too… shoooooot. anndddd looks like ms. avgeropoulos is no longer on los crutches. good for her :)

    @Vickey… yah, she at least shed the disney image. took a bit, but she was able to… then she started dating bieber and things started to fluctuate for her. :p

    @Mystique… bahaha! did he do the once over? i didn’t notice because i was focused on seeing joe jonas get ignored by selena. i’m sorry but it certainly looked like a blow to him. she smiles at him and says hi but totally ignores him the rest of the time. and joe is just… yah… HAHAHA.

    RE: the cap, yah. i think i’d prefer putting “” on it somewhere. taysters can be for us for the meantime. haha!

  62. accv Says:

    bahaha @mystique. taylor IS the exception. i don’t like tats nor long hair nor much facial hair but taylor pulls them off. welllll the long hair part, still not sure about that and that says a lot if i’m having a hard time picturing taylor with long hair. the length he has now is the longest i can handle on a guy… otherwise, nope. dislike long hair. EXCEPT the guy in the movie selena? the guitar dude who became selena’s husband? the guy who played him… HOT. :p

  63. Mystique Says:

    Accv—Yup! I think he did the once over rotfl! Of course….I wasn’t there in PERSON, but that’s what it looked like to me from far away lol.

    I’ve never heard of Stephanie Hunt. Hmmmm….I may have to look her up!

    Oh yes, I remember the guy from Selena! (One of my fave. movies btw!) It’s been a while since I”ve seen that movie, but I DO remember him lol. :) He was kinda cute! I own the movie lol. I just can’t believe something so horrible happened to such a lovely person. Just goes to show, you REALLY have to know the people you surround yourself with. :( People can be jealous of you and not even know it. Smh… what a tragic way to die for a pop star. :-/

  64. Evelyn Says:

    Okay, I can be his medic. I can be more then his medic, tehehe. ;)

    As for the cuff, I am going to get the the cuff, and you gals can contribute to the studs and tools. I will need round silver and turquoise studs, a leather needle, leather studding tool, dark brown leather string, and medium size star studs.

    I am going to safely guess that Taylor has an 8 inch wrist. But, I am going to get the 8.5 size, just to be safe.

  65. Logan Says:

    This movie keeps looking better and better, nice action scene here
    I hope that’s his stunt double….MEDICS on stand-by please

  66. accv Says:

    @Evelyn.. did you mean rivets? I’m used to rivets being used as studs. Or whatever they are :p

  67. Evelyn Says:

    Yes, rivets. lol. I am getting everything (except the cuff) on Amazon. High quality stuff at low prices. I am trying to make it easy for you girls because I know how tight money is.

    Let me review everything I am getting for this cuff (and he better love and worship it because me and the contributions are putting all their effort in this), and you could pay me for the item that you want to contribute with through Paypal.

    I hoped to God this made sense. I will post the prices when I go through everything.

  68. accv Says:

    Funny you mention Amazon. That’s where I was looking for the rivets, too. Hah… I’m an Amazon lady ;) Anyhow, sounds like a good plan and I’m sure Taylor will absolutely cherish it. That other fan’s gift has been used quite a bit so I’m sure our gift will pay off. Thanks SO much for doing this for us, Evelyn!

  69. *Vickey* Says:

    Mystique— I’m not upset about being single, but a guy as nice and attractive by Taylor Lol! I’ll stop with my confession corner too. Haha.

    You make a good point so are we gonna put Taysters or something with TL.Net?

    Accv— (Bieber Sticky Post Convo) Yeah self harm, I can’t. Lol. It really is a serious thing. Hate that some of them put themselves through that. And IDK why I laughed because it’s not funny but your comment “bieber doesn’t even know me,” Haha.

    RE: Taylor’s Potention Costar: I wouldn’t be opposed to Lucy Hale or Ashley Benson, maybe even Shay Mitchell! I love all the ladies from PLL. :)

    RE: Taylor and the fan photo: Yes!! I am jealous of her! He even leaned his head against hers a bit! :P

    Evelyn— Okay! It definitely makes sense, what brand of rivets do we look for on Amazon? Oh and how many of us are contributing? :)

  70. *Vickey* Says:

    And Taylor will love it Evelyn because its coming from the heart! I LOVE Amazon @accv! :)

  71. Logan Says:

    I was contributing to the 500, just doing my part ( my head is still going in circles, feel dizzy )
    @ Evelyn..and I would also like to contribute to our gift. Maybe I can post you a bank cheque, I have relatives in the US.

  72. chanda w Says:

    So are we putting Taysters on the cap or just T.L.Net ….and is that cool with George? I also want to contribute to the bracelet @Evelyn, but I don’t do Paypal.
    Ready to see Taylor on the COVER of mags.
    Kat Graham , I could see her and Tay doing something together. I can’t get really into VD because of the violence, but she has good chemistry with the guy who plays Jeremy. He’s sorta buff and has somewhat dark features like Tay.

  73. chanda w Says:

    @Evelyn, MICHAELS or HOBBY LOBBY would have whatever you needed.

  74. accv Says:

    @Vickey… YEP. LOOVEEE Pretty Little Liars and its cast. Great bunch and awesome, addictive show. I started watching it in the middle of the series and I’m like… WELL… I think I need to start this from the beginning. Annndd VOILA! :p

    As for what to put on the gift… most likely Taylor mayyy not like “Tay” as a nickname so we’ll just leave that name for us in the meantime.

    RE: Bieber and the whole self-harming thing… welllll… he DOESN’T know me. If I were a Belieber (x.x), I’d be one out of how many of them? Soooo yah. :p

    And for the cuff, I think she’s just gonna post prices up (and maybe links, too) to the stuff she finds on Amazon and we just figure out which ones we want to help pay for. I actually already put something in my cart RE: the rivets, but I’ll wait to see what Evelyn comes up with.

    And yes… Amazon and Ebay for me @Vickey :) Love how you can get almost anything on those sites. It’s ridic! I usually have to practice MAJOR self control or else I’ll end up buying everything I put in my cart. It’s horrible :p

  75. Evelyn Says:

    Of course! :) I will give a list of materials that I will need. This is all on Awesome site.

    1 package of these: Tandy Leather Gunmetal Black Plated Steel Double Cap Rivets Small 100 pack 1371-13 –

    2 packages of these: 20 Blue Turquoise Rapid Rivets Studs DIY for Bag Shoes Bracelet

    1 of this tool: Tandy Leather Craftool Rivet Setter 8100-00

    1 of this tool: Super-Power Revolving Leather Hole Punch Tool – 6 Sizes 2.0 to 4.5mm – Taiwan – Compound Handle Leverages Effort

    1 package of these: Adored Strike On Star-Shaped Studs 20pcs 15MM SILVER Metal Punk Stud Rivet Spike CellPhone Decoration Leathercraft

    I have left over chocolate brown leather lacing string, and the most expensive thing is the punch. So, whoever wants to contribute feel free. I have to practice setting rivets, before I can start, lol.

  76. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn–here’s an idea! You could make a gift registry or wish list on Amazon or Michaels like they do for weddings and baby showers and stuff, and just give us the link and that way each of us can buy the items that you need in order to make the cuff, and have them shipped to you! That may be easier than handling paypal accounts (not everyone has one), and that way we would each know what WE each personally contributed to!

    Idk how comfy you feel with having ppl know your home address lol, but if I’m not mistaken I think there are gift registries you can make where the people buying can’t even see Tylor address.

    Just a thought! ^_^

    Oh and I’m fine with just being on the cuff and hat instead of “Taysters” lol. That is….of course….if George is okay with his website being out out there like that. That’s not copywriting infringement is it lol?

  77. accv Says:

    @chanda… OMG. Totally forgot about VD people. Nina Dobrev also! She’s always mistaken for Victoria Justice… so they could possibly work together, too.

    Also, the hat… are you going to go ahead with that or would you like me to find something? I don’t mind either way. I say we put so then perhaps Taylor will remember us better.

  78. Mystique Says:

    Ooops….yet another “auto-correct” error on my phone smh….. I meant YOUR address, not Tylor lol! I guess my phone is so used to me typing “Taylor” that if I even swype to text any word that remotely looks like his name, it automatically types it lol! Rotfl :D

  79. Evelyn Says:

    I don’t care if you know my address. Just don’t stalk me, lol.

  80. Evelyn Says:

    Okay, here is the link for the wish list! EXCITED!

  81. accv Says:

    Mystique, looks like your phone has become addicted to Taylor, too :p

    @Evelyn… no worries, I’ll be at your doorstep next week to personally deliver whatever I contribute to you ;p Lol… kidding. But yah… stalking is just creepy… UNLESS it’s Taylor. Actually, I don’t know how I’d react to Taylor stalking me… creeped out or jumping for joy? Perhaps if he’s there to harm me, creeped out… but if he’s there out of wanting me, welllll…. chika chika bow wow…. :p!

  82. accv Says:

    HEADS UP LADIES: purchased the turquoise rivets :)

  83. accv Says:

    @Evelyn… didn’t you say you needed string? I didn’t see that on the list. Are you getting that yourself?

  84. Evelyn Says:

    I have left over string from a previous piece I made. And, I got the cuff. So hard to find the right one.

  85. *Vickey* Says:

    Chanda— I adore Kat Graham! She’s gorgeous! She did have amazing chemistry with Steven McQueen who played Jeremy and he does remind me alot of Taylor in regard to the way he’s built! :)

    accv- Same thing happened with me, I started in the middle of season 2, went back and caught myself up and every since then I’ve been hooked! Haha. I wish they’d get on with A! Every time they are close to figuring it out they have a huge set back or someone comes back. It’s crazy, love that show though!

    ||Re: Amazon, Yes!! You have to have self control because there so many affordable deals. :)

    Evelyn– Working on getting something over the weekend. :)

    Mystique– Smart thinking! Shipping it to her is better. LOL! Your phone wants Taylor’s address. :P

  86. Evelyn Says:

    Thanks! : P

  87. Johanna Says:

    i just have a quick question do u have to have an amazon account to buy things from the wish list or can i just do it

  88. Mystique Says:

    ATTN: Evelyn…..ATTN: Ladies….. I just bought the Super-Power Revolving Leather Hole Punch Tool on! You should be receiving it in about a week @Evelyn. ^_^

    I can’t wait to see how this all comes together! :) What a cool idea! You’ve gotta take pics of it and post here when you’re finished @Evelyn! After all, we have to be able to recognize which cuff is “ours” when her wears it! (wishful thinking)

    I’m excited! ^_^

  89. Mystique Says:

    Accv, Vickey–lol I think my phone IS addicted to Taylor! Lol :) It subconsciously wants his address lol

  90. Evelyn Says:

    I cannot wait to get started on it! I am really hoping I do a good job on it.

    And think of this, this will be a one of a kind piece, and original. Anyone can get him a hat, but I really think this cuff will go well with him. I want to bring out the NA in him, since he is about a quarter (so I heard). So, yay! ^o^

  91. Evelyn Says:

    And just a crazy question here because I do not want to feel like a teeny bopper.

    Who else saves TL pics on their computer, tablet and phone? And prints them off?

    Please tell me that I am not the only one that does. *Goes back into padded asylum room, locks the door and eats the key.* MMMMmmm……pointy.

  92. Emily Says:

    Evelyn–FEAR NOT!! I have an entire notebook of pics of him I’ve printed off AND PUT IN PLASTIC SLEEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not!! I’ve used up quite a bit of ink on him.

    Also, since I’m confessing that, I have a special folder I keep at school that has several “choice” pictures of him in it. From the outside, it just looks like a regular folder. When I’m having a really bad or stressful day at work, I just pretend I’m working on something and stare at his pictures until I feel happy again. It works really well!!!! I even made one of Gerard Butler for a co-worker when she caught me looking at mine! She was most appreciative. :)

  93. *Vickey* Says:

    Yayy! Thanks Mystique! I know Accv said she got some of the rivets! I plan on getting the rivet setter tomorrow. :)

    Evelyn— No you’re not crazy, we might as well be in that padded room with you. I have pictures of him! :P

  94. Logan Says:

    @ Evelyn, I just purchased the Tandy Leather Craftool…it should arrive the 1st of August. Let me know if it doesn’t. I’m ordering this from the Netherlands, using my credit card. Now if this works I’ll be on Amazon 24/7 LOL.

    And I don’t print anything but I have a Tumblr account just to put my favourite pics there and I have about 3 pics on my iPhone. I do like your idea and this makes me wonder how many of my teachers were doing this.

  95. Mystique Says:

    Evelyn–thanks again for making.the cuff for us!

    In answer to your question…..YES! I DO have a Taylor photo album lol! I save pics of him all the time! I don’t think I’ve ever actually printed out a pic of him like @Emily does. @Emily, I’m telling you, when I was younger, I used to.have like 3 binders dedicated to “hot guys” or actors I had a crush on at the time, and yep….they would be filled with printed out pics, magazine pics, posters and pictures from everything I could find, all in.plastic sleeves lol. That way I could just flip thru the pages drooling lol. I still have those binders lol!

    Idk if it’s just because I’m older and don’t have as much time, or if I’m trying to be more “green” these days or what lol, but I’ve never printed out pics of Taylor! Maybe cuz the only printer I have now is at work? How embarrassing!? Lol! When I was still living with my parents 2 years ago, I had easier (and private) access to a printer. Now days? Not so much lol.

    I keep most of my Taylor pics on my phone, my iPod, and online on my Photobucket account. That way it’s always private (if I want it to be lol) and I can also keep gifs too :). Every once in a while I have to hide my pics on my phone so ppl won’t see them lol…. Hahaha!

    But yes, looking at his pics and interviews make the day so much better lol…..I think it’s because he just seems to have such a happy, positive energy about him, so watching him always puts a smile to my face ! :)

  96. Emily Says:

    Evelyn–I just bought something to do with the rivets. You should receive it August 1st.

  97. *Vickey* Says:

    Aw man! LOL @Logan you got to it before me, I was literally just about to purchase that. So I got the 100 Tandy Leather Gunmetal Black Plated Steel Rivets instead! :) You should be receiving them by Friday, the 2nd of August.

    Emily— Which rivets??

    Logan— I have a Tumblr account to and I’ll go through and like and reblog some Taylor photos I really like or videos. :) I use to print photos, but I have photos on my laptop and I’ll have a poster or two. My current Taylor poster is the one where he’s lying down in that red plaid shirt we all love so much. Lol.

    Mystique– His interviews make my day too! Haha.

  98. Emily Says:

    Vickey–Sorry–I was in a hurry b/c I was ordering from church between Sunday School and the service–my home internet went down this morning.

    I got the Tandy Leather Line 20, 24 Snap & Rivet Anvil. I just clicked on the item that was listed first on the wish list.

  99. *Vickey* Says:

    Emily- It’s okay! Haha. My phone died between Sunday School and church so I had to wait until I got home. Oh okay! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally purchase an item that was already taken care of. :)

  100. chanda w Says:

    I have large poster of a Taylor in my closet. I also had an I love Taylor Lautner keychain……..until it fell off. I am a mother of a teenager, as I said before, so nice to know we adore him I proudly wore my Team Jacob shirt to see GUPS2 and I wore it in Las Vegas two weeks ago. That’s my cutie.

    @Evelyn, I can do the hat, you know get the hat. I just need a couple of weeks and for us to agree on what we want on it. Michigan hat……………Taysters?

  101. Evelyn Says:

    ROTFLMAO. I have a standard sized metal cabinet, and half of it is covered in Taylor pictures. I call it the ‘Tay-lage.’ lol. I add to it almost everyday. lol. I think Taylor is only the 2nd guy that I have printed and collected pictures of. He beats the first one with the most photos, lol. And I cannot recall who the other one was. lol. I have a whole folder on my computer that is password protected, along on my phone, and tablet.

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